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claymendrown4 days ago
Tumblr media
Roth walk cycle in the moon light.
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aceademic6 days ago
the raven cycle 馃 the secret history 馃 if we were villains
giving me an unrealistic expectation of a tight-knit academic friend group
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corrchoigilt6 days ago
聽((Another note as I finish up a few drafts. I鈥檓 not sure where I鈥檇 ever put or use this but, I really like the idea that if聽C煤 hadn鈥檛 died that day he would have taken up聽Sc谩thach鈥檚 place. If Conall had arrived in time. Weakened by the numerous broken geas鈥 and injuries he sustained, he chose to settle as a mentor in place of a warrior. It鈥檚 a聽鈥榳hat if鈥 that could never really be... but there鈥檚 something comforting in thinking he could still be like his own mentor even if it鈥檚 in a different way.
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an-earwig12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Had to do some more Worm Skelter stuff, so here is a full-body ref, disc design, and probably the closest thing he could get to a skateboard.
Also since he鈥檚 in TRON now I replaced his usual centipede 鈥渢ail鈥 with something that looks like....well, a code worm. I鈥檓 imagining he can copy his worminess into gridbugs and have them act as little extensions of himself? Maybe they are just his buddies? Who knows
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snowherz14 days ago
I have some thoughts on how Evie was raised to be something of a black widow. Literally made to ensnare, entrap, and steal the wealth and life out of men. Not for her own glorification nor gains, nor out of a desire for seeing vengeance done. Simply just as na茂ve pawn for her mother. She has some similarities between herself and the character of Thomas in Crimson Peak. However, he鈥檚 a much more willing and aware of his own acts and is far more... guilty than Evie is. Evie, perhaps, if left to grow older and to continue on is left with anger towards men and her acts feel like some kind of retribution but the hand of her mother is still there guiding things unseen ya know.聽
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