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knifefather · a minute ago
I know I've said this before in other words but I'll say it again: See, the only time the "X is a minor, you freak." thing works is if that character is notably childlike and nowhere close to being an adult. Fugo or Narancia have perceivable adult selves that one could extrapolate and write. Someone like Anne or Hayato, however, are still so clearly children that the argument applies for them. I'm not one to say "X doesn't look like a kid" when it comes to my end of the argument for personal reasons, but you're right, a lot of these characters aren't stylized as children. Hell, I was almost a Fugo simp before I found out he was 16! (In my case these days I lose interest if they're not a canonical adult & I don't write non-canon adults in adult content, but that's just me.) Basically, I feel we're on the same page here. This is more than the anti/proship dichotomy, and people need to just block & move on if they don't like that you're dishing out. More content for the lot of us who understand nuance ig.
-💌/Luv Noat
On point as always, Luv Noat! I have nothing to add
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knifefather · 3 minutes ago
heyo‼ I just read your abandoned baby ficlet and I absolutely adored it!! It's just so adorable and i wanted to share a thought came into my mind with you! 😭☝️
"Hey Angie! Who am I?" asked Mista, holding Angela who's now a little over a year old. "Misa!" she replied. "Correct! And who's that?" he asked pointing to Giorno who was sitting at his desk across the room. "Das GioGio!!" she yelled and pointed at him. Giorno looked up from his paperwork and smiled at her which caused her to giggle and clap.
Narancia, who was sitting at the table across from Mista doing homework that Fugo assigned him, perked up at looked at them "Yo Angie! What's my name?" "Nara!" "Good girl! And who's that?" he pointed to Fugo next to him, "Panni!" Mista snorted and Narancia started laughing out loud which caused a flustered Fugo to almost stab him with a fork ("almost" because Narancia got good at dodging the fork attacks lmaooo). "I told you it's Fugo!" "Panni!" "Angie, no!"
"What's going on here?" inquired Abbachio who walked into the room with an amused Bruno by his side. "Abba!" Angela cheered while pointing at him. Abbachio smiled at her. He had the biggest soft spot for the baby. Mista snapped her attention back to him and said, "Okay, one more! who's that, Angie?" referring to Bucciarati. He knew what was coming, they all did. Angela stared at Bucciarati for only a second before she started squirming in Mista's hold and making grabby hands at Bucciarati, "papa!"
Angela's first word was "papa", which she used to refer to Bucciarati, as he was the one she felt connected to the most. It made sense considering he's the one that looked after her the most. Bucciarati gave up trying to correct her because she just refused to listen.
"Papa!" "No Angie. I'm Bruno. Can you say Bruno?" "Papa." "No-"
Now he just smiles fondly at her whenever she calls him that. She started squealing and clapping as he walked over to retrieve her from Mista. She clung onto him and buried her face into his shoulder as he placed a kiss on top of her head "that's right, baby. I'm papa."
(P.S. the gang teases Bruno mercilessly over the fact that Angela thinks he's her father, which he used to deny but now takes pride in. He's such a dad)
(Another P.S. Abbachio is lowkey highkey jealous of how Angela considers Bruno a father figure, but not him. He believes that they both looked after her equally. He doesn't make a big deal out of it at all, only Bruno knows about his feelings in fact - that's only because he's gotten good at reading Abbachio, not because Abbachio told him - and he's content with whatever his lil baby calls him. He does pout about it every now and then tho lmaooo)
"She clung onto him and buried her face into his shoulder as he placed a kiss on top of her head "that's right, baby. I'm papa.""
Tumblr media
I like how Angie calls Fugo Panni lol. I feel like once or twice, in a serious situation, a member of the gang calls him Pannacotta and she just. Latches onto it and loves it so much!!! Especially since her Uncle Panni is mostly responsible for her schooling and education ♡ They spend a lot of time together!!
I feel like after they brought lil Angela home, it became routine for Bruno and Abbacchio to trade off when they watch her! Especially since Bruno is a Capo and he really needs his rest so he can work. It took Abba a while to warm up to her, but eventually, he looked forward to tucking her into her crib every night and having her nearby when he went to sleep. Sometimes, she would cry even when she didn't need food or her diaper changed. As soon as Abbacchio would pick her up and cuddle her, she would hush down and almost fall back asleep immediately.
They all just... love her so much.... And when she gets older, like in her preteens, she's pretty casual about telling her friends "Yeah I have like six dads, it's awesome"
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falling-forever-upwards · 27 minutes ago
it always amuses me a bit when I see artists draw Jon's finale scar directly in the center of his chest, because a) if you're aiming for the heart, it's a bit to the left (right, if you're looking at someone else), and b) that is exactly where the breastbone is, and good fucking luck stabbing a knife at close range directly through solid bone.
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technothefruit · 31 minutes ago
Worst pwrt of being in public is eye contact like hate when ppl Look at me. Like how many seconds of eye contact until i gotta tell em i have a knife
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admiraltx · 53 minutes ago
Tumblr media
One of my knives hard at work
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tankcred · 56 minutes ago
this is still the best ffxiv meme out there y’all cannot convince me otherwise
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himbokut0 · an hour ago
was talking to an old friend of mine and he told me i was like a swiss army knife with a soul....legitimately think thats the best compliment and highest honor ive ever received
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sephicent13 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
I may as well share this here tooooo! A quick sketch I did on my stream of @moko.png s Sims yandere. I should do stream sketches more! I stream at ! Anyway hashtag time because I want attention #art #digitalart #sephicent13 #kawaii #kawaiiart #animemanga #yandere #sims #simsart #knife #blood #horror #witch #magic #magical #accessories #twitch #twitchartist
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knifefather · an hour ago
This might be the hottest take I've ever made but I just gotta say it. Jojo boys look like grown ass adults and not knowing each character's age isn't a crazy concept. I remember watching Part 1 thinking Jonathan and Dio were like 30, but they were both 19-20??? Part 3 Jotaro and Kakyoin literally tower over the other students and act like they're in their 20s or 30s (hell, P3 Jotaro smokes) The weirdest example has gotta be Giorno because he looks and acts like he's in his early 20's. He takes over a mafia gang the same year he left school at 15 and everyone's cool with it. Anime in general is notorious for making its protagonists either teens or early 20's, why? idk. But I could understand why people would like Jojo characters like Josuke, Narancia, Mista, etc. without knowing their age than say Koichi. I just don't like how you're getting harrassed for this
Honestly, I don't get as harassed over it anymore bc the people who like my writing know what they signed up for. But, I did see another writer I follow getting shit over this and it makes my blood boil. It makes me never want to be a popular writer so I don't have to deal with it any more than I already do!
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wafflesthedragonslayer · an hour ago
knife anon here: he didn’t get it into school, we were using them in class for a design project and he threatened me with one. honestly more worried by the fact that he didn’t get in trouble tbh
Yeah so am I tbh. Like if you are giving kids knives and they are in fact using them to do something like this then you should do at least something about it.
That's bad teacher right there
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charlottedabookworm · an hour ago
oh no he was talking about the tech that’s cool
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vm9pza · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
ever since i finished the corroded man i’ve been cultivating this idea in my mind of an illustration of zhukov’s journey from finding the twin-bladed knife to arriving in dunwall, shown through a broken mirror. i’m happy with the layout so now it’s just a matter of deciding on a style and finding the time to finish it.
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Tumblr media
If you're nice, I'll make it quick <3
(Mind Your Damn Manners.)
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monsternightfunkin · 2 hours ago
I have an angsty ask... So, when I grabbed the knife to cut the chicken, what was going through Minus' mind?
This was:
Tumblr media
Imagine being told that those are baby lemon monsters and the longer he doesn’t obey the more innocent lemons they will kill and it will be all his fault
He got a flash back to when he was very small and they would threaten him in the very same way
They would hold him down and place a blade to his head and press the metal into his skin until blood was drawn or until he would comply with his orders
They tortured him and conditioned him at such an early age he has like learned helplessness when it comes to the hunters
Despite being big and strong now he doesn’t actually know he can fight back
To this day he thinks regular lemons are monster babies and he considers any lemon monster to be his brother
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