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#Kitten In Car
sun512 · a day ago
Cat in the Car Engine
Cat in the Car Engine
Stray cats usually go inside the engine bay because they seek shelter to keep them warm. They do this to conserve energy while napping. Cat in the Car Engine
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afuejo · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Let’s travel! with a very special companion.”
makers and ink on tiger sketchbook.
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highqueenofelfhame · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the sMIZE!!! so sultry!!!!!!
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ofthesamewhole · 8 days ago
happy birthday!!! may you snuggle many cats, eat many delicious breads and enjoy infinite loveliness in this next year of your life 🐈🥖🌻
You have boiled me down to my bare essentials!!
Thank you kindly 🥰🥰🥰
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space-kitten-606 · 13 days ago
It's kinda sad to think about how Saeyoung doesn't own that many cars just for fun, but because they're actually his way of keeping his money together and safe instead of it just lying around somewhere and he really keeps buying more for that reason, but also to fill that dark whole in his heart that was left when he was separated from his brother even if the purchase will only give him happiness for a small moment. Not to mention he thinks his "greed" for owning all these cars (I.e. not being sad for like two minutes) makes him a person that does not deserve to be loved, because that in itself makes him a flawed person again. In this essay I will......
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oddisey · 14 days ago
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#kitten #kitty #car#pisic#bistriţa #romania🇹🇩 (la Bistrita)
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elouisemma · 21 days ago
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Just enjoyed the hot sun in the garden 🥰
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yandereheart · 23 days ago
My sisters had not been back a full day and they’re already stressing me out.
One sister kept making snide comments about me not going outside anywhere, and I told her that I got nowhere to go, then she went “Yeah you do, job applications” even though she KNOWS I’ve applied to every place available within walking distance, then she kept being loud af on purpose whenever I was in the kitchen and always quietened as soon as I left the kitchen. THEN we found out the second sister is allergic to cats. Apparently Mom got her tested + she was breathing easier over at Mom’s place. Gran made a mention of getting rid of the cats if we can’t find an optimal solution and I damn near had a panic attack in the sitting room over it. Also, she doesn’t believe in keeping both cats in my room because “Its cramped and not enough room for their litterboxes and food bowls”, I can’t lose Dobby and I am beyond shocked that she’s willing to get rid of Lucky, HER DEAD SISTER”S CAT THAT HER SISTER TRUSTED HER TO KEEP AND NOT GET RID OF LIKE THEIR BROTHERS WOULD HAVE.
Tonight’s solution is putting up a baby gate but I know that won’t stop Dobby from jumping over it, or Lucky. Dobby’s been my emotional support ever since Alice passed away and I don’t know what I’d do if I lost him, all because of my sister being allergic. I don’t know anyone irl who would take the cats and actually keep them, because everyone in this family either doesn’t want to, lives too far away or would sell them off like they did every other animal that they were entrusted to watch.
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deerskull-stuff · a month ago
Ozzy I dreamt that you adopted kittens but somehow they were like. Your biological siblings. And you came over to show us and I picked up one of the kittens and just totally accepted that you would be able to do that
I'm canonically a furry now huh /j
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miyuprincess · a month ago
For the ladies who follow me,
Yesterday I went into the city with my 2 year old, to get my nails done, visit my folks, and enjoy the day. But once I was trying to get home, my car wouldn't start back up.
All it took was a call, ONE, to my senpai, told him I was stuck and I could hear the man thru the phone getting his things together and he drove to get us girls❤❤ even tho he wasn't feeling good and throwing up just a couple of hours before.
I'm sharing this story so all of you know never to settle. A true partner and a true love always will come save the day when you truly need them.❤❤
I'm blessed to have you senpai.
10 year friendship and coming up on a year together faster than I realized lol. Watch 2021 fly by.
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