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#Kit Fisto
birdmom-for-kh · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Wait is that member of the council Kit Fisto?
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sarins-stuff · 13 hours ago
Notes: Occurs right after Season 1 Ep. 10 so spoilers there, I guess. Platonic, gender neutral Jedi reader. Grief, mention of death, comfort. 
This is sad, but I wrote it anyways
Word traveled quickly around the Jedi Temple, especially after one of your own had been lost. You could feel the near aura of the force shifting to a state of grief and it would settle heavily in your own heart as you returned to your quarters from the training session you had just completed. Normally you would spend this time in the evening walking the temple, conversing with others you may come across, but tonight you just knew it was best to retire early.
As you turn the corner into the correct hall your thoughts would be proven to be right as you would find there was someone waiting at your door. Leaning against the wall seeming casually, but you could feel the turmoil near rolling off of him as you drew close and his usual smile did not quite meet those dark eyes as his gaze turn up to meet your own. He would almost seem to falter as he opened his mouth to speak, but suddenly unsure what to say…though you both knew why he was there.
“Evening Kit” you greet kindly, breaking the silence as you get close enough to open your door and nodding for the male to follow you inside. Sensing a slight relief from him that you were not turning him away you would have the lights turn on and ere moving to the familiar sitting space you had that consisted of a couple large and comfortable cushions. Watching him settle onto one you would shift the other to be in front of him before settling yourself.
It was silent for a while, the unspoken topic heavy in the air, until he spoke “Nahdar is dead.” You could hear the pain in his tone, feel the grief swelling inside him as you could tell the event was truly beginning to sink in and it had your own heart cracking for him. Hands reaching out you would take his own gently, not missing as his grip tightened in moments, needing an anchor and you would gladly give it to him.
“I am sorry, my friend, though I know words can do nothing to change what happened.” Your tone was even and gentle, not going to ask for details as you knew he would tell you in time. “Are you alright, physically?” you ask as well, wanting to be certain he had not been injured and were relieved when he nodded to confirm he was fine, though his head remained dipped now not letting you see his face.
Silence would return then, it a strange thing to witness with the usually happy Nautolan, but grief was a powerful force in itself. You did not miss as you felt and saw him begin to slightly shake, a hiccup of sound reaching your ears and you realized quickly he had begun to weep. Not even hesitating you would shift, releasing his hands as you moved to sit next to him now your arms would wrap around him. Kit not resisting at all as you draw him into an embrace and wrapping his arms around you in return, his face pressing into your shoulder.
You could feel his tears seeping into your shirt as the pain and anger rolled off of him. Mentally cursing this war once again as your rubbed his back with one hand, the other coming to the back of his head and gently caressing over the tendrils in a way you knew comforted him. As much as Jedi were not supposed to form attachments, you weren’t machines, it would always happen and the bond between Master and Padawan was one that ran deep even after that Padawan had become a Knight.
You knew this loss would hurt him for some time, possibly forever, though it would become more bearable as time passed. For now all you could do was be there for him and you were content to hold him as long as he needed, glad at least he was not holding it all inside.
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nicodemuslily · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
The Jedi Council strikes back (AU)
Cody: IT’S A GIRL!
Kit: What?
Cody: The General Secura gave birth. 
Wolffe: And it’s a girl!
Cody: But we may had interrupted another important meeting again?
Mace: No. Everything is fine. 
In my alternate universe, the Jedi survived the Order 66 plot and Aayla gives birth to her first daughter two months before the official end of the war against the Separatists (Palpatine is known as a traitor and a Lord Sith, but he run away for quite some time before the Jedi and the clones finally find him, and the Separatists try to fight back a little). 
Well, clones are still closed to the Jedi when Bly’s daughter is born. :)
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Plo: So what’s the tea?
Mace: Well apparently Agen got lost again, Depa is chasing Kit because he called her a diva, and Obi-Wan is crying to the rhythm of an opera song again.
Plo: I meant what flavor is your tea but I think you need some alcohol, my friend.
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sarins-stuff · a day ago
Ok just want to say that Phil LaMarr was a perfect choice to play this wonderful character, in my opinion.
Love Kit Fisto, that’s the post really
Tumblr media
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penguinkiwi · a day ago
Sheev Palpatine is a lying liar man who does nothing but lie because that’s what liars do and it’s up to Kit Fisto and Plo Koon to stop him
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scary-crow · 2 days ago
Okay so I just started taking German longsword lessons and Kit Fisto in The Clone Wars uses legitimate longsword stances and guards. I know he was an expert swordsman but like damn the animators knew what they were doing!!
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No matter who's drawing him Kit Fisto is too hot for words. "like sir, you are making me uncomfortable. Please stop smiling, for the love of the force please stop wearing the best fitting Jedi robe in the order, you need more layers."
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penguinkiwi-writes · 2 days ago
The Sith Detection Method Progress/Draft Update 1
I figured that each chapter, if I do full length chapters, which is likely, will be roughly 1-2k words each. I have no idea whats going on but I’ve accepted that this is my life now
I don’t plan on doing one of these regularly, but I did want y’all to know I am writing
Sometimes, Mace Windu wondered if there was something wrong with his friends.
Specifically, if there was something wrong with Kit Fisto— Master Jedi, member of the Council, part of the reason why almost everyone’s Lightsabers had duel crystals to work under water, and duelist protégé just like his two Lineage Brothers, Yan Dooku and Cin Drallig.
“Run that by me again, Master Fisto?” He asked, arms crossed. The Nautolan just grinned a bit, tresses curling.
“I have a full proof plan on figuring out who the Sith behind Dooku is,” he said again, “It’s actually really simple too.”
Mace was two parts exasperated and one part curious, because often when Kit said “really simple” it was either much more difficult than he meant or it was actually rather asinine.
But still he closed his eyes, took a breath, and then looked back at the other Councilor. 
“Very well. What is it? And it better not be the same as Adi and Stass’ ‘taunting them on the holonet’ plan, Master Fisto.”
He just laughed. “Relax, Mace, it’s not that bad.”
That gave him zero clues on what his so-called plan was.
Kit’s grin was just widening now. “So we all know how, like, everyone in the Temple loves Plo, right? I mean, obviously, I do, I had to fight six different people when we first filed for Union in the Order.”
“Where is this going, Master Fisto?” Mace asked, feeling a headache coming on.
“Look all I’m saying is that he’s decently liked outside the Order too right, I mean not like Kenobi and Skywalker are, but that’s just the whole human thing—“
“Please get to the point.”
“— and so basically, I’ve concluded that if someone doesn’t like Plo, they’re super shady, if not flat out evil.”
There was silence as Mace just stared at Kit.
He had hoped too much that this plan of Kit’s — it wasn’t really a plan, just a theory— wouldn’t be absolutely insane.
He would humor the other Master for a bit— after all, this was probably just Kit’s way of shaking off emotion from a rather rough campaign. Though he wasn’t far off the mark, Plo Koon was rather well liked among the Order (a beloved figure, really) and a good chunk of the Republic Worlds.
“I assume you have someone in mind, Kit Fisto? Because this sounds more like a theory than a plan to me.”
Kit waved him off. “Of course I have someone in mind, I’m not stupid— don’t comment on that.”
Mace wisely kept his mouth shut, raising a brow in a ‘well, get on with it’ sort of way.
“The Chancellor.”
“The Chancellor, former senator of Naboo? Sheev Palpatine? The one we keep meeting with for some reason?”
Mace rubbed his eyes. Yep, this was it. Kit Fisto had officially lost it. The War had officially driven the Nautolan to madness.
He sighed. “Fisto, how did you even come to the conclusion that the Chancellor dislikes Master Plo in the first place.”
The Nautolan raised a brow at him, tresses curling and flicking. “I know you’re overly tired like ninety percent of the time, but have you seriously not noticed?”
“Are you sure you’re not just being biased over this?”
Kit gave him a flat look. “Mace. I know I have a reputation as a loving husband who would give Plo anything he asked for and also as the resident Council idiot, but I’m not that stupid, and you know this.”
“Yes, apologies, but still… are you certain you’re not reading too much into it?” Mace asks. Kit hums, shaking his head. 
“No,” he tells him. “I talked to a few others, Shaak, Saesee, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka—“
“Padawan Tano has bias as well, she’s your child.” “She’s Plo’s kid, but good points! Depa agrees with me, right Depa?” 
The Nautolan turned, calling out into the hall as he asked Mace’s former Padawan. Mace rubbed his temples again as his former Padawan poked her head into Mace’s office.
“Is this about the Chancellor being a Sith Lord because he obviously doesn’t like Master Plo and how Dooku totally isn’t a true Sith because he definitely spared Master Plo’s life on Geonosis?” she asked and Kit nodded.
“Well, the Chancellor part, I’m still not on board for Master Kcaj’s Dooku theory because I don’t like Dooku.”
“Fair enough, I don’t either.”
Just some notes: 
If you’re new here:  Obviously, I’m the local PloKit writer apparently. Therefore, biased Kit is biased but also the biggest dork of a husband. Also, I herded Cin into the Yoda lineage with the rest of em because Yoda is listed as his teacher in saber training so like. why not. 
This is crack taken seriously, so it’s not how I normally write Kit (mostly) but either way. I might change some things up in final post depending on how it goes
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general-grevious · 2 days ago
Hi yes, Kit Fisto may be a "civilized Jedi" but you can't tell me that he won't dive into the water and come back out with a whole fish and be like "hey nice I found lunch."
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Obi-Wan: Shapeshifting is the best ability because you can have any haircut any time you want, you can turn into a hotter version of yourself, you can turn into a dragon, you can turn into an bantha, you can turn into a shambling mound of abstract shapes and sulk outside your Grandmaster's house at night while chanting ominously about his sins-
Kit: This took a strange turn but I’m still on board.
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Kit: *Ordering a cake over the phone*
Employee: Alright! What would you like your cake to say?
Kit: *Covers the phone and looks at Plo* Do we want a talking cake?
Submitted by: @decodedsstuff
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aesnawan · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
It's him! The galactic merman himself, Kit Fisto!
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