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prettyboykatsuki · 2 hours ago
ari do you watch mob psycho!!! - kiri comfort anon
one of my first animes i fucking love mob psycho. reigen is so fine..
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hotelkdm · 2 hours ago
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sevensav--d · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
@resolutepath​ sent  ❛   tender .   kiss  my  muse  on  the  [ forehead ] . [ kiri & itoshi! ] ‘ my ’ muse  belongs  to  the  one who  posted  the  meme (Me, Bones)
This Meme 
It’s his favorite place to be, honestly.  Playing video games in his room with Eijirou.  They’re snuggled up in the blankets and pillow he keeps on the floor in front of his tv, itoshi resting his back against the other boy, slumpded down enough so Eijirou can rest his chin on the top of Itoshi’s head while he watches the purple haired boy play.
Itoshi had offered him a controller but Eijirou was just happy to have his arms around Itoshi and resting his chin on his head.
“You know, I’m always the one that get’s used as a pillow.  It’s nice to flip the script.”  He muses, peeking up a little which displaced Kirishima slightly.  As a response, the red haired boy turns his chin down and plants a kiss on his forehead as he looks up at him.
At this point, Eijirou has kissed him many times, all over his face.  This isn’t a new occurrence and yet he starts giggling like it is a new and rare thing.  He tosses his controller aside, suddenly not caring about the game.  He looks up at his partner and reaches up to pat his cheeks.  
“I’m gonna need a few more of those, thank you.” 
Tumblr media
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sobaluvr · 5 hours ago
Boxer! Kiri is the best in his weight class, always paired up with Bakugou bc they play off each other really well. He’s also gained a lot of attention from the others so he has his little fan group (mostly girls but yanno)
Boxer!Kiri making sure everyone knows who he belongs to by giving you each of the match kisses and helping him train. Sitting on his back while he does pushups and you’re just talking about your day.
Boxer! Kiri apologizing when he gets bruises because he knows that you’ll be worried about him
Boxer! Kiri <3
wait i just saw this i’m )): eiji ))):
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damischs · 7 hours ago
he's in your bed but im in your twitch chat
ive got the keys and he’s just a doormat !!
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simp-for-kiri · 7 hours ago
Kaminari [Gets bakugou mad infront of Mina,Kirishima and sero]- HAH! You can't hurt me. I've got witnesses!!
Bakugou-[Cracking his knuckles]Oi Sero,Mina and Kiri. Turn around
Kirishima-[Turns around quickly like a obedient puppy]
Mina-[Turns around] I just wanna know where this goes
Sero-[Turns around]
Kaminari- S-Sero..?
Sero-You put this upon yourself
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damischs · 7 hours ago
get your new boyfriend out of my head < / 3
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kirisong · 8 hours ago
i will take qpr sophitz and cradle them in my hands i love them <3
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samuslut · 8 hours ago
i think my fav genre of men are the ones who are just so in love/obsessed with their wives. very much gomez addams vibes
you’re right and you should say it. men who aren’t even remotely afraid to be transparent and open with their affection could get it!! they’d pick up lil gifts or something on the way home from work to surprise you and laugh off all the “you’re whipped” jokes bc they don’t care. just being next to you is enough to make them happy 🥺
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hideos · 11 hours ago
hiya!! I’m kimber! correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe I’ve seen you interact with one of my moots, kiri ( @/damischs ) before? :))
hiiii kimber yes kiri is one of my favorite people on this hellsite (affectionate)!!
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en-hi-pen · 11 hours ago
bloop; spirit animal?
...HMMM. i could go one of two ways-
my spirit animal is kevin moon
Tumblr media
but also if i had to pick an animal, it would be a puppy!! just ask @affectionaterainoflove!!
Tumblr media
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minikags · 11 hours ago
would just like to say that i am having massive thoughts about caregiver kirishima & little bakugou rn.
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simp-for-kiri · 11 hours ago
Some guy from kiris old school: Kirishima is a Coward and a dick
Bakugou: Fuck you! Kirishima is my Coward and has a wonderful-
Kirishima:Babe please no longer feel the need to defend me
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mindninjax · 11 hours ago
Oh! I just thought of another thing.
Kirishima talks Denki, Sero, and somehow, Katsu, into playing Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars on all the actual instruments while he sings to you and asks you out on your first date.
Bonus: they are all wearing matching shirts Kirishima literally had to beg Katsu to wear that spell out
U R A QT (You are a cutie).
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damischs · 12 hours ago
you what
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damischs · 12 hours ago
me: goodnight
also me: spider man tho 😔😔
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