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#Kingdom Of the wicked
kingandfirehearta day ago
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@merwildandco (@merwild) commissioned by @acobaf on Instagram
"A charge of magic filled the air. Something crackled and a gown appeared. It hung from an invisible source, skirts fluttering. The top was a metal corset covered entirely with thorny vines. Layers of black panels gathered at the hips, and flowed to the ground in frothy midnight waves. Every other layer had tiny smoky gems sewn into it, reminding me of crushed hematite. Glittering black snakes twined together in intricate knots at the waist like a belt."
"He wore a suit befitting his royal station, hands casually tucked into his pockets. A black crown with ruby-tipped thorns sat upon his head. If turned upside down, it would appear to be dripping blood. His clothing was layered charcoal and obsidian with gold stitching. Silk and velvet. If I didn鈥檛 look too closely, he appeared more angel than dark prince."
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whoreschacha day ago
omg I followed u recently & 馃憖 I am looking respectfully at 'john wick joe au' lmfaoo
Hello and welcome to whatever this is, dear nonners! And please feel free to look as often and as respectfully (or disrespectfully) as you please, I leer at assassin Joe on the daily! I have about 5K of this AU written and it鈥檚 nowhere near finished, I鈥檓 hoping to circle back to it as soon as some more space frees up in my schedule and my brain (I also may or may not have gotten distracted by two short-ish PWPs that are almost ready to post, one for Mr Wick and one for Joe & Nicky, so perhaps those will provide some amusement as I take one thousand calendar years to write this AU). But! I am very excited to see that you鈥檙e interested in the concept, it seems like such a natural crossover - maybe that鈥檚 only because I rabidly love both John Wick & The Old Guard, but, whatever, it works, hashtag cinematic parallels!
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booksandbeansa day ago
Alright, could we all just agree that Valerie Broussard is the queen of creating songs that could easily be theme soulmates of almost all books and shows out there?
Yes? Thanks, Bye.
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cruelkoscheia day ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sometimes when he looked at me, I swore I sensed a beast hiding beneath the mask of skin he wore. It was restless, feral. I had a feeling he kept the monster locked away, but it was never far.
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hcrrora day ago
It鈥檚 been a while since I鈥檝e fully read a book in one day and ITS HAPPENING TODAY.
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Kingdom of the wicked
I feel like I should have started this book in October because it gives me Halloween vibes 馃鈥嶁檧锔
My thread won鈥檛 be as funny as @sirendeepity 鈥榮 but I鈥檝e made my peace with the fact that she鈥檚 the funny friend and I鈥檓 the serious boring one
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sirendeepity2 days ago
16062021 鈥 13:07; Kingdom of the Wicked by K. Maniscalco
Tumblr media
The time has come. And a new thread as well.
@simpingfornestaarcheron with me, soldier.
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kingandfireheart2 days ago
Friendly reminder that Emilia may be walking into Hell in Pride鈥檚 dress, but she鈥檚 also wearing: Wrath鈥檚 red velvet cloak, Wrath鈥檚 gold ring, Wrath鈥檚 diamond encrusted clips, and a marriage bond tattoo matching... you guessed it! Wrath.
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kingandfireheart4 days ago
i just want to say super kudos to those of you who write KOTW and TFOTA because writing a character who literally cannot lie but is a freaking wordsmith when it comes to deceptions is so fucking difficult and as a reader I super appreciate the amount of thought that goes into each line. I literally spent a few hours rereading interactions to see what truths and lies were being avoided because this restriction is so intriguing and so fucking compelling to read
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daneer4 days ago
can't believe that no one wrote an wrathemilia/emiliawrath smut yet, i can't wait more for kingdom of the cursed
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rhysandswingspan5 days ago
Fanfic Scavenger Hunt
Find all/some of the following fanfics! When you do, reblog with the link!聽
Fandoms: ACOTAR, Throne of Glass, Folk of the Air, Six of Crows
1. A smut fic that is rated M
2. A high school AU聽
3. A way out of character fanfic聽
4. A four/five-some fic聽
5. A fic with a couple that you just can鈥檛 see working聽
6. A fic that is just *chefs kiss*
7. A fic that is just *chefs kiss* but with NO smut聽
Link the fanfic and explain which one it is!
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helloyellow325 days ago
Question of the day: Can Wrath physically not lie to Emilia or does he just choose not to?
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kingandfireheart5 days ago
Emilia and Wrath's bond tattoos
Photos are from @kerrimaniscalco鈥檚 Instagram post.
Chapter 10: Out of nowhere, gold light flashed over my arm before disintegrating into pale lavender. A tattoo in the same shade of purple鈥攖win crescent moons laying sideways within a ring of stars鈥攁ppeared on my outer forearm, burning almost as violently as my wrath.
A pale tattoo had appeared on his formerly bare left forearm. Double crescent moons laying in a circle of stars.
Tumblr media
Chapter 13: Before I went to bed, I inspected the two crescent moons within the circle of stars. The ink shimmered like moonlight. Despite the fact it bound me to Wrath, I didn鈥檛 mind it all that much. It was delicate and pretty.
Chapter 15: I glanced down at my tattoo, startled to see snakes now twined around the crescent moons, forming a larger circle around them. I鈥檇 been so distracted by fear, I hadn鈥檛 felt the burning in my forearm
Chapter 20: It seemed our tattoos were transforming once again. Winding around the serpents鈥攚hich I noted Wrath now sported around his twin crescent moons, too鈥攚ere wildflowers.
Before my eyes, my snakes were given shimmering, even scales. I didn鈥檛 want to think it was beautiful, but it was. Undeniably so. Wrath curled his hand into a fist. I couldn鈥檛 tell if it was because of the pain, or because of our strange, ever-changing ink. I decided not to press the issue; I had one more question for the demon before I left on my mission.
Chapter 24: His attention moved across my face, and he took his time shifting it to my eyes, my lips, tracing each curve and whirl of the tattoo my fluttering sleeves couldn鈥檛 hide. Wildflowers continued to bloom across each of our arms along with vibrant frangipani blossoms. It must have happened after the spell he鈥檇 used to save me
Chapter 25: I was seriously reconsidering my choice to wear white as I tied an apron over my sleeveless dress. I would have prefered to keep my magical tattoo hidden, but there was no way I鈥檇 survive the heat, even with sheer sleeves. Hopefully, no one in my family would notice the pale ink, especially if I angled my arm away.
Chapter 26: Wrath tracked the movement, his attention focused on my forearm. Wildflowers twisted and tangled all the way up to my elbow now. I didn鈥檛 have to see his arm to know his tattoo was the same.
Tumblr media
Chapter 38: I really hated the stupid magical ink that connected us, letting him find me when I didn鈥檛 wish to be found. I鈥檇 assumed when I broke the spell that bound us together, the tattoo would fade. Apparently some gifts couldn鈥檛 be returned.
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kingandfireheart5 days ago
鈥淚 know you won鈥檛 tell me your true name.鈥 I trailed my hands down his chest. His intense gaze tracked each of my movements. 鈥淏ut it feels a little odd, murmuring 鈥榃rath鈥 at a time like this.鈥
- Posted on Instagram by @kerrimaniscalco on December 29, 2020
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blackreaders-assemble5 days ago
Emilia and Wrath calling each other Demon and Witch has the same energy as Manon and Dorian calling each other Witchling and Princeling
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kingandfireheart5 days ago
Tumblr media
Emilia that is totally loathing. And nothing else. Good luck babes you have it baaaaad
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kingandfireheart5 days ago
for those of y'all who are used to JLA's teaser master files, you can find all of the teasers for Kingdom of the Cursed here
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