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#Kibutsuji Muzan
phantasmiafxndom · a day ago
For Kny, you don't have to if ya don't want to but
Pegging muzan.
Thank you for your time lolol
P.s I love your writing and I'm so excited for this small little bit your doing for the fandom. (◕ᴗ◕✿)
It has been done. >:Dc
I kinda lost it with this one tbh. Like, I wrote almost 6,000 words in a little under nine hours, including breaks. I don’t know what the fuck happened, but this hyperfocus is serious business I guess?? 
Please comment. Please tell me what y’all think. My wrists are killing me. Don’t waste my suffering. XD
And yes!! Thank you!!! I think it’s gonna be more than a small bit soon though... 
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Kibutsuji Muzan x GN! Reader - Ukiyo
Floating/fleeting/transient world, Living in the moment.
⊱✙⊰ Synopsis : For your anniversary, you have a special request. That is to learn how to cook from your long term partner, Kibutsuji Muzan as he wears a pink apron around his waist. 
A/N : Special thanks to @0w0whatsth15​ for the cooking idea and that one anon for an apron idea! 
Trigger warning : None. What a surprise. 
Tumblr media
Why do I have to wear this? ”
The demon lord questioned as he pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance, his index finger pointing at the unassuming piece of clothing on the table. Today was the day. It was him and [Y/N]’s “ don't know how many years they have been together because they have been together since the start of their time.” anniversary. Pouting their lips as they crossed their arms while leaning against the kitchen counter, [Y/N] replied with their eyes shooting a playful glare at the dark-haired man. 
“ You said you will give or do anything I want for our anniversary.”
“ And this is what I want you to do.”
[Y/N] declared as they pointed a harmless pink apron decorated with a red lace around the edges laying on the kitchen counter. Staring straight into his crimson orbs, they grinned as their [eye color] orbs glimmered with mischief.
“ So you just want me to wear this thing for the day? ”
Kibutsuji Muzan, the lord of all man-eating demons walking on this earth sighed as he picked up the fabrics from the tables. Picking up as he examined the pink apron in his hand, he frowned as he realized how the little bows on the waistline have a dash of glitter all over them. The thought of him, the notorious and cruel demon king, who is known for being ruthless and intimidating, wearing this “cute” piece of clothing he bought for his significant other ages ago would be a blasphemy.
If anyone else would have suggested such a profane thing to him, Muzan would have chopped their head off for the audacity for even bringing it up to him. But when that person happened to be his beloved darling of many years, he could not do that or just simply say no. After all, Muzan told [Y/N] that he will let them do whatever they want to him or that he will do whatever they want him to do for the day. And Kibutsuji Muzan is a man of his words. He is not going to back down from his promises. Especially the promise he made to his one and only, [Y/N] [L/N].  
“ And I want you to teach me how to cook while wearing it.”
Muzan raised his eyebrows at [Y/N]’s statement. Blinking a few times to fully process that he heard what they said correctly, he asked with a visibly confused look on his face. 
“ Teach you how to cook? What for? ”
Slipping the pink apron over his usual silk black shirt and signature grey pants, he continued as he tied the string of it around his waist.
“ [Y/N], we are literally demons. We do not need to know how to cook.”
Nodding their head a few times in agreement with what the demon lord had just said, [Y/N] huffed in response as they made their way towards Muzan. 
“ I know we don’t have to but it is good to know, right? ”
[Y/N] stopped and stood beside the demon lord who was struggling with the string around the nape of his neck. It seemed that he had trouble putting the apron on. Could anyone blame him? Kibutsuji Muzan is not the one to be familiar with a piece of clothing that required tying it around the back of his neck. His aesthetic is of high class and pink aprons do not belong in his wardrobe. Tiptoeing slightly to reach for the apron strings to help out, they whispered softly as they referred to the time where they both were humans.
“ And sometimes, I want to make something for you, you know. For nostalgic sake.”
A sigh escaped his lips at [Y/N]’s statement. How could he say no to his beloved another half, wanting to learn how to cook so they could pamper him? Even though they have been together for many years, words like these never failed to warm his cold dead heart. Before he could say anything, [Y/N], finally done tying a knot, wrapped their arms around Muzan’s neck and pressed a quick peck on his rough lips, and mumbled with a soft smile on their lips. 
“ So, are you going to teach me or not? ”
Returning the hug by placing his arms around their waist, the demon king replied as he reciprocates a tender kiss on their forehead. 
“ I cannot say no now, can I? ”
[Y/N] giggled at the demon lord’s response, satisfied with how they get what they want from the “oh so scary” partner of theirs. Reaching one of their hands to play with the red lace of the pink apron at the end of the apron, they laughed, 
“ And I have to say, you look really good in this apron. Maybe, you should wear it more often.”
“ Do not make me change my mind, [L/N]. ”
Muzan groaned as he rolled his eyes while he broke away from the hug. Turning around to face the stove, he spoke, 
“ Shall we start then? ”
Excited, [Y/N] nodded enthusiastically. Yes, they wanted to learn how to cook but the most important thing about this whole thing was to spend some quality time with their beloved demon king. Sure, they could have spent the whole day being intimate on the shared bed like they did all the time, but this was even better because it was a whole new experience. Sometimes, a domestic moment can be better than any raunchy.
Placing the non-stick pan they bought very recently, [Y/N] quickly turned the knob on the stove. And to their surprise, a giant flame reaching the ceiling ascended from the stove. Panicked, [Y/N] quickly switched the stove off. Shaking their head to comprehend what just happened, [Y/N] turned to their side to look at Muzan as they let out a sheepish laugh in the hope to lighten the mood. 
Alas, it did not work. 
With a deadpan expression on his face, Muzan uttered as he turned his heels, ready to leave the kitchen.
“ Actually, you know what. You do not need to know how to cook. ”
“ Wait, what, no. C’mon! ”
[Y/N] quickly followed suit after the demon in a pink apron, hoping that they could somehow convince him otherwise. At this point, the couple should indulge in other activities to spend their anniversary than cooking.
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4ugk · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Kibutsuji Muzan Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Resin Statues Anime
G5 Studios
PU + Resin
Muzan’s Height 8cm Estimated
Total Environment Height 12cm Estimated
The diameter of the base:7cm Estimated
Shipping Date:Q1 (March) 2022 Estimated  
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demonslayedher · 3 days ago
Is there a reason why Muzan specifically made Tamayo his aide? He goes solo in Tanjiro's era, but back when he met Yoriichi, he was with Tamayo. I binge-read the manga so I probably missed the details
Dude likes having other demons around to make himself feel important, my guess. xD Long before he had his board room of Twelve Moons, just having a secretary probably got to his head. I'll bet Tamayo wasn't unique, though, he was old enough by then that he had probably cycled through many demons that he had at some point taken a liking to.
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thegardenofautumn · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Lady Muzan @tsuiho
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misskiku · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Demon Slayer Art Cards: Tanjiro Kamado and Muzan Kibutsuji
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demonslayedher · 4 days ago
Introducing some new official merch...
Tumblr media
The perfect item for you Girl Bosses who would like to keep your demonic style subtle. A little difficult to get selfies in, better to enlist the help of an underling.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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[Dark Fic] Kibutsuji Muzan x Fem! Hashira! Reader - Epicaricacy
Rejoicing at or deriving pleasure from the misfortunes of others.
⊱✙⊰ Synopsis : Your goal was to eliminate the demons to put humanity at ease. What you did not expect was to become the outlet of sadism to the creator demon, Kibutsuji Muzan. 
Trigger warning : NSFW, Rape/ Non Con, cumflation, stomach bulge, degradation, Dark fics, Dead dove do not eat !
Tumblr media
“ Ple-please, let me re-rest, ju-just a few minutes. Please! ”
The [H/C] haired girl cried as she clenched her fist on the cover of the mattress, both her mind and body exhausted from the series of sinful activities she was forced to partake in. Crawling herself towards the headboard of the giant bed she had spent hours on, she blinked away the droplets of tears dwelling in her eyes. There was no use crying now. It was not like the person in her company would feel pity for her. After all, he was an unempathetic cruel man who only cared about his wants and needs, even if that meant at the expense of the others. This should not be a surprise considering the man in question is the spoiled rich kid of the Heian period turned lord of all the man-eating demons roaming around on this earth. 
The man was none other than the great Kibutsuji Muzan, the notorious creator demon.
“ You will rest when I tell you to do so. ”
Kibutsuji Muzan spoke as he pulled [Y/N] by her waist, successfully stopping her from “escaping” him. Not like she was going to succeed though. He possesses an inhumane strength and she was this fragile little human, severely weak with patches of bite marks and bruises decorating her frame. If it was not for adrenaline, the poor girl would have collapsed by now. Limited food, limited water, limited sleep from having to constantly entertain the demon lord, and being the object of his sadism for day and night was wearing her down since the very first day of her captivity. 
Who would have thought that this pitiful girl used to be a highly respected demon slayer, a Hashira to be exact? 
Just a year ago, [Y/N] was this talented, diligent, and strong-willed young woman, who was recently awarded the title of the [breathing style] pillar. Back then, she was doing so well. Her kill count for demons was through the roof and she was praised by many. Ambitious and confident with her ability as a demon slayer, she made it her life goal to find the creator demon so that she can end everything and bring peace to humanity at once. 
As little did she know that this little decision of hers would turn her life upside down.  
Just a few minutes into the unfortunate meeting with the demon lord, [Y/N] quickly realized that she was no match for the evil being who stood in front of her. Even then, she fought tooth and nail just so she could lay some damages on him. When all of her attempts failed, she accepted her fate and gave up, ready for his lethal sharp claw to land on her body and end her life for good.
And yet, he did not. 
Instead, the demon broke her nichirin blade and dragged her to his hiding place. For what? He could have just eaten her or kill her mercilessly for his own entertainment. But instead, Kibutsuji Muzan, remaining true to his sadistic nature, chose to utilize the defeated enemy to feed on his twisted side. That was to keep her captive and torture her in every possible way. 
A pretty [eye color] eyed girl who once was filled with hope, confident, and somewhat powerful, now in despair, helpless, deprived of everything, unable to resist or defend for herself in his presence. To the demon lord, it was the best form of amusement he could get. A hashira who swore to take his life once was now at his mercy, begging him to go easy on her. Yes, [Y/N] would have been a nice meal to satiate his hunger but seeing her in constant distraught was a far better deal. Therefore, he chose to indulge in her. No, ravish her frail little body for himself. Morning, night, and day as he pleased, just as he was doing right now. 
“ Pl-please. Just a few mi-minutes. I rea-really cannot take the-mph.”
 Before she could even finish her sentence, her words of complaints were quickly muffled due to the demon’s hand pushing her head down onto the pillow. With an iron grip to pin the girl down, the demon snarled as he slapped her rear a few more times.
“ Quiet now. You are such a nuisance.” 
Distressed, [Y/N] let out a soft muffled cry as she slowly realized that no matter how hard she begged or pleaded, the raven-haired demon was not going to go easy on her. Groggy from the lack of oxygen, dizziness started to set into her head. The soft pillow was on the way of her nostril, thus making it difficult for her to breathe. If it were to continue. She is going to pass out any moment. It would have been better that way though. At least, she would be unconscious and would not have to deal with what was about to come next. 
Just when she was about to slip into the deep state of unconsciousness, she felt a tug on her [H/C] locks, pulling her head up. As a reflex, [Y/N] quickly inhaled a gush of air as she desperately gasps for all the oxygen she was missing. 
“ Do not pass out on me, I am not done with you yet. ”
Muzan hissed as he tightened the grip on her hair making the former demon slayer whimpered softly as she felt a sharp burning sensation coming from her scalp. Inside her mind, she thought to herself bitterly. 
Would it hurt for you to be a little bit gentle? 
Before she could process her thoughts anymore further, the demon grabbed the girl by her rear. Giving the delicate flesh of her butt a quick smack, he slipped his hard member onto her folds, forcing a small screech to escape her throat.  It would have been a nice experience if her little pink pearl was not ravaged savagely just a few minutes ago. Her tummy, slightly inflated from the presence of his liquid, being disposed of inside of her serves as proof that the demon has fucked her too much for the day. [Y/N] could no longer take it anymore. Her butt was red from being smacked again and again. Her breasts were sore from the demon’s inconsiderate man-handling and her cunt was literally aching from being penetrated roughly so many times in such a short time that she lost count. 
“ Pl-please, no-not there. I just c-came. It is still very sensit-uwah.”
The former hashira broke into a small cry as she felt the demon’s cock penetrate her aching walls. 
Again? Really? Just how much stamina do you have?
[Y/N] thought to herself as she bit her lips as a coping mechanism to deal with the pain in her womanhood. Yes, it was still somewhat pleasurable. After all, the demon was an experienced man who lived for more than 1000 years and knew exactly what to do to please his partner. Even then, this was too much. A human body was not a match to fulfill the demon’s lust. There was so much that [Y/N] could handle before she fell apart and became broken, well, fully at least. She was already halfway there. Kibutsuji Muzan’s tactics were already getting to her. Instead of fighting back or spitting hateful words at him like she used to do whenever he lays his finger on her, now, she either cries softly or begs for his mercy. It is only a matter of time until she becomes an empty shell, a complete submissive little doll, carrying his orders as he commanded her to do so. 
“ Slow do-down, plea-please. It hurts.” 
[Y/N] sobbed quietly as she gripped the bedsheet until her knuckles turned white. Despite her pleas, Muzan continued to pound himself into her clenching hole over and over again with occasional soft sighs escaping his lips now and then. From the fateful day where the demon king ripped away from her virginity, she was very well aware of the fact that he was above average in the manhood department, be it the length, the grit, and the shape. In every aspect, he was bigger, larger, and different from normal humans. 
Yes, the first time she experienced the demon’s cock was excruciatingly painful and felt like it was going to split her into half, considering how [Y/N] has never been intruded on by another person in such an intimate area.  But after some time, her body, in a desperate attempt to protect itself and to make the process as painless as possible, learned to adapt to the demon’s massive cock, even if it meant stretching her body accordingly to accommodate the inhumane penis. Therefore, the sight of her stomach with Kibutsuji Muzan’s cock bulging on it has become a sight she has become so accustomed to. 
Averting her eyes from her tummy protruding with the demon's cock, she gritted her teeth to stop a bunch of moans from escaping her lips. She did not like the fact the mixture of pain and pleasure that every thrust of the demon’s cock towards her abused cervix was making her feel good. And yet, she could help but feel herself approaching closer and closer towards the sinful release, once again. A sense of shame and anger crept onto her mind. She did not like the fact that this evil demon, who took her away from everyone and everything she loves was making her body react like that. She was being obliterated for fuck sake. 
“ Hmmm, your hole tightened again. Perhaps, that means you are close again.”
He mocked as he slammed his rock-hard member inside the girl while his hands groped her breast. Roughly fondling her mound, he continued as he pulled his cock out until the tip of it was buried inside her abused cunt.
“ To think that you are so turned on from being treated like this, how shameless.”
“ No, I do-don't like thi-hnghh!”
She yelped before she could finish her sentence. The mind-numbing wave of pleasure from her g spot being slammed into by his manhood was enough to send the poor girl to the point of no return. Yes, she was in a horrible situation. Her body was being violated by the very man who captured her solely for his own entertainment. Everything about her or her life was depressing and hopeless. Wanting to forget everything, the [H/C] haired girl closed her eyes and focused on the electrifying pleasure between her legs, hoping that the exhilarating pleasure that was about to come would somehow make her pleased, even if it was only for a while. Biting her lips tightly, she tried her best to remain sane as she forced herself to enjoy the overwhelming amount of pleasure that every single thrust from the demon in the room filled with a strong stench of sex, the constant creaking of the bed, and as well as the demon’s low pants and occasional pants. 
Without uttering a single word, the demon lord grabbed the girl by her hair and slammed himself into her for one last time just before he broke into a lustful groan as he spilled his seeds into her already cum-filled womb. An intense wave of pleasure, together with the warm semen splashing her cervix caused [Y/N] to roll her eyes backward in pleasure as she let out the tiniest whine, her core muscle clenched on the demon’s cock milking it for every droplet of his essence. 
Finally, the demon lord let go of her body as he panted for air. As a result, [Y/N] dropped on the mattress face first. Slowly rolling herself onto the side, she cradled her slightly swelling tummy, filled with demon’s cum inside of her. Even though she was deeply distressed, she was too tired to sob or complain. All she wanted to do was fall into a deep sleep right now to replenish the energy she had lost from having to satisfy the inhumane creature. 
Unfortunately for her, before she could shut her eyes, she felt a familiar pair of hands grabbing her by the arms. Flipping her over so that she was laying on her back, she was immediately greeted with the sight of lustful crimson orbs staring down at her. The raven-haired demon then climbed over her as his hands pinned her wrist down to prevent her from resisting. Panicked, [Y/N] looked down and she was immediately greeted with the sight of his once again fully hardened cock so closed to her private area. Rocking his hips against her leaking as the tip of his erected sex reaching to her bellybutton with grit to match, he smirked,
“ Let’s try in this position, shall we? ”
It seemed like this nightmare of [Y/N] was never going to end. 
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Professor! Kibutsuji Muzan x Female! Reader - Dearie
A/N : I finished early so I mma just post now. By the way, [Y/N] is in her early 20s and she is in university so she is very legal.
⊱✙⊰ Synopsis : Dating your handsome professor you have a crush on is a dream come true for some students. But whether or not they could deal with the realistic aspect of it is well, questionable. 
Trigger warning : Slight NSFW, Relationship with an age gap
Tumblr media
。・:*:・゚★ Teacher's pet. If I'm so special, why am I secret?
 “ We need to stop doing this. This is wrong” 
 [Y/N] whimpered as she snaked her hands around the dark-haired man’s neck. Her back pressed against the hard surface of the instructor’s desk she and her classmates so frequently did not really provide the nicest experience. The girl could not complain though, little strain on her tendons is worth neglecting when compared to the passionate kiss from the rough lips of the and only Professor Kibutsuji. Wrapping his arms around her waist to keep the [H/C] girl from moving away, he grunted a reply in between his kisses, his hot breath tickling the flesh of her cheeks. 
 “ Hmmm, is that a complaint I hear? ”
 The girl let out an exasperated sigh as she leaned back to stretch her neck further, eager for more of his passionate kisses. If she were to tell herself in the past that she would somehow end up as a sneaky little secret of the most popular man of this [University Name], she would laugh at themselves. No, it was not that one jock who sat beside her during lectures. And no, it was not that senior who had the most dashing smile. It was that drop-dead gorgeous professor who teaches forensic biology at 9 am every Wednesday.  
You might be thinking that the professor might have been some creepy man in his late 50s, salivating at the sight of young girls in their early twenties. And you could not have been more wrong. Professor Kibutsuji was a beautiful man, only a few years older than [Y/N] herself. For a young man, he was definitely successful for age. And [Y/N] would be lying if she were to say that her ego is inflated indefinitely having the heartthrob of many students and staff, including her, putting his successful career and reputation on the line, just for some make out actions and occasional sinful indulgence here and there. Yes, it is not illegal but it is definitely unethical, on the professor’s side, obviously. But still. 
Too good to be true. It must be a dream, right? 
“Don’t tell me to stop now. You started all of this.”
[Y/N] felt her face heat up at his words. She hated the fact that his words are so damn true. Professor Kibutsuji has always been [Y/N]’s secret little crush ever since the moment she set foot onto this campus. Even though she has her eyes on the very first day, to the raven-haired professor, [Y/N] [L/N] was his top student, so dedicated and eager to learn, considering how she would always stay back to ask him questions or how she would always attend his lectures. Yes, even the one outside her curriculum. Well, at least that is what she thought from what she knows. 
Initially, [Y/N] thought it was just some dumb little puppy love. Could you blame her though? Back then, having a crush on the handsome professor was the norm. The legend said that at least 8 out 10 students have a crush on Professor Kibutsuji. At one point in your academic career at [University Name], you are destined to fall for a particular strict professor with luscious raven locks. His breathtakingly gorgeous face, his charisma, his raspy voice, his confidence, his piercing crimson orbs, and the way he carries himself as he paced around the lecture hall. Everything about the professor was too irresistible. So, just like everyone else on campus, she kind of fancied him. In addition to just admiring the older man, [Y/N] actually took an extra step. Just a single step really.  On a fateful day, she slipped an unassuming note declaring her attraction for him. It was nothing serious. [Y/N] actually did not expect the stern professor to react to her sneaky little act. In fact, she actually thought he would have just tossed the tiny piece of paper and brushed it off like it was nothing of an important matter. Probably, he would have tossed it in the pile of many confession letters he is known for receiving. 
But alas, it was not the case. Not only Professor Kibutsuji confronted her about the note, somehow, for some reason, but it also ended with [Y/N] pinned underneath the very same man who was explaining the final project for the modules just a few minutes ago. Before she could even comprehend what the hell was going on, she found herself disheveled in his arms, panting desperately for air as they shared a vehement kiss.
“ Ah, Ms. [L/N]. Stay back for a while. I have to talk to you about your latest assignment.”
“ Ms. [L/N]. Could you help me bring these files to my office?”
“ I have marked your assignment. Here. Amend this accordingly and hand it in person.”
Those were the excuses he would use to pull [Y/N] out of the crowd full of his students by not making it not obvious so that both [Y/N] and he would indulge in each other, away from everyone, in their own little secluded world. 
“ What are we? ”
[Y/N] once asked as she sat in between his legs, her [lip color] lips dripping wet with his essence. She really wanted to know. What is all of this? What is all of this about? What does all of these sneaking around and messing with each other mean? 
“ What do you want us to be?”
She remembered him asking the same question back to her as he zipped up his pants. Staring straight into his crimson orbs, she muttered her deepest desire ever so bravely. She was tired of sneaking around, constantly being on edge, and having to hide and act like everything was as usual. She wanted to be the handsome professor’s significant other, the one which everyone knows to be the lucky lady who owns the one and only Professor Kibutsuji’s heart. She just wanted to make it known to everyone that she was the winner in this game of chasing Kibutsuji Muzan. It is not like he is going to lose his job if everyone found out about that. It is not like she is asking for too much.
“ I want you to be my boyfriend.”
For all the longest she lives, she will never forget the look he has on his face. The expression was hard to decipher. Half surprised, half disappointed and there was definitely a hint of sadness in his eyes. Regardless of that, what he was going to say next to her definitely shattered her heart. 
“ Trust me, you do not want me as your partner.”
Of course, she was very furious. She remembered storming out of his office after that. She even stayed away from him for approximately two weeks. She felt like she had been wronged by the professor. She felt taken advantage of and she hated it. Was he that ashamed of being with her? Was she just one of his secret lovers? Maybe, she is. Now that she thinks of it, it would be impossible for him to involve himself with his admirer. After all, he is still a young man in his 20s who has the liberty to date whoever the fuck he wants as long as they are of legal age. With the campus filled with girls and boys in their 20s, it only increased his dating options and probability of dating them considering how popular he is. 
Yes. She knows that she initiated it. She willingly submitted herself to her but still. It stings so bad knowing that the man she is obsessed with was not interested in her enough to be in a committed relationship.
Alas, her willpower is not strong enough. Even though she tried her hardest to cut things out and forget everything that existed between the two of them, the moment he commanded that she stayed back to talk about her latest “assignment”, she found herself crawling back towards him as a moth does to flame. She knows that it will harm her, hurt her emotionally and wear her out but she found herself going back to the older man, again and again, letting him take care of her in a very special way, just like she is doing right now. 
“ What if we get caught? ”
[Y/N] whispered as she inhaled sharply, the warmth growing in between her legs was too much for her to ignore. 
“ Is it worth it? Putting your job on the line like this? I thought you do not want us to be serious?”
Gliding her lips along with his much rougher ones, she questioned, this time in broken words as she busied herself by reciprocating the professor’s kisses.
“ Am I really that special? Or am I just one of your little playthings, desperate for some extra credits?”
Pulling away from the kiss, Professor Kibutsuji rested his forehead against theirs and snickered as the tips of his fingertips gliding up and down her chest.
“ Why do you want to know? Are you jealous or something?”
“ I think I have the right to know. After all, I am reserving myself for you.”
[Y/N] replied as she landed a quick peck on the professor’s lips, earning herself another raspy chuckle from the man. Furrowing her eyebrows as she pouted her lips slightly, [Y/N] scoffed, 
“ Hey, don’t laugh. I am serious here.”
Moving away to pull himself away from [Y/N], he smirked with his hands placed on each side of her body. 
“ If you must know, you are the only one I am doing all of this with.” 
Hearing his words, [Y/N] raised her eyebrows and asked, a hint of curiosity glimmering in her eyes. 
“ Like right now? Or like ever? ”
“ Like ever, you are the only one I am risking everything for. ”
Muzan retorted as he rolled his eyes. Never removing his piercing gaze from his student, he leaned and teased, his face, once again, only a few inches away from hers. 
“ You are so special to me. Are you happy now? ”
Giggling slightly under his watchful gaze, she tugged the maroon color tie around his neck, pulling him closer to her. Staring straight into his crimson orbs with a mischievous smirk on her  face, she replied, 
“ Hmm really? That is new. Now I want to know why I am so special. ”
A small tch escaped from his scowling lips. Shaking his head slightly in annoyance, he muttered as his index finger flicked her forehead playfully. 
“ That would be a task for you to complete and find out. ”
“ Ow. What was that for hmph-”
Before she could complain even further, Professor Kibutsuji cut her off by crashing his lips against hers. Almost as a reflex, the [H/C] haired girl wrapped her arms around the older man, deepening the intimate gesture even further as she allowed him to explore each and every inch of her cavity. Yes, she has kissed this man many times before. She has done more than sharing a heated kiss with him. And yet, every time she does, it was like a first-time experience for her. So magical, heartwarming, and of course, agonizingly intoxicating. So much so that she could forget about all the unhappy feelings she held deep in her heart from being his dirty little secret. 
Breaking away from the fervent kiss, he moved to kiss her temples. Moving onto nibble on the shell of her ears, he whispered as his hands slowly fondled her soft breast. 
“ Now, stop getting distracted, and let’s get back to what are we supposed to be doing, shall we? ”
It seemed that the poor little girl could never get away from Professor Kibutsuji. It does not matter how unethical their relationship is or that she was unhappy about him acting like she was just his student in public and nothing more, or how she dies from jealousy every time she had to witness other students try to flirt with a man who was supposedly hers and hers only.  
[Y/N] could not say no or complain because she was in too deep. 
Because Professor Kibutsuji had cast a spell on his beloved student and she cannot seem to get enough of it. 
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tinaotaku · 11 days ago
Muzan as a Cat Hybrid / Neko Headcannons
He will have red bloody eyes with a black tail
Short, maybe like a shota. 
His tail is sensitive, so please don’t touch it unless you wanted to get scratches 
he loved it when you rub his ears. 
Wanted your attention more than anything, but will ignore you as soon as you are free from work
He will not eat his food unless it’s a very expensive canned tuna
Random nap time, and you must be there for him.
Whenever he wakes up, give him a glass of warm milk. It’s the only thing that will fuel his energy
Whenever you had guests, he will hiss and shoo them away. He hates everyone but you.
He is the typical person who will correct your work. Fight me, 
“Mistress, can you pet my head?”
“Good morning.... is... THAT MY GLASS OF MILK?”
“This tuna is bland... I DON’T WAT TO EAT,”
“Cuddles... please?” 
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A/N : Not @ the way I have to google the words I picked LOLOLOL. 
Previous parts : A-F G-K
Trigger warning: NSFW, Kinky shit, Fetishes
Tumblr media
Kibutsuji Muzan loves anything that is considered refined and exquisite. Anything that screams fancy and high class is something he really enjoys indulging in. One of the things he loves giving himself as a treat would be you, all dolled up, with your curves hugged in lacy lingerie he bought for special occasions. Yes, he loves seeing your body naked. But the sight of you, naked but only in a lace stocking or socks, is just too good for him to look away. 
" Keep them on." 
He would order as his hands roam all over your body, caressing your thighs wrapped around the lacy piece of fabric while he assaulted the exposed skin of your neck with his tongue.
Micro Fetish : A fetish for tiny people.
Kibutsuji Muzan is all about power. He loves the way his underlings tremble underneath his every word. The way their voices shake as they explain themselves to him for their failures, the way they desperately beg for his mercy send a wave of exhilaration to his cold dead hearts. 
And this is definitely going to continue while choosing a partner as well. You, who is much smaller in size when compared to him, clinging onto his arms as a cute little decoration filled him with a sense of accomplishment that he craves. This dainty little thing, so small that it would break if he manhandled them too much, nuzzled close to his body, purring his name over and over again like it was some sort of mantra as he cruelly stretch their tiny hole and fill them up to the brim with his essence is brain damagingly divine.
Narratophilia : a sexual fetish in which words and stories are sexually arousing, usually by the telling of dirty and obscene words or stories to a partner.
Is Kibutsuji Muzan good at the art of dirty talk? The answer is always yes. You see, Muzan carries himself as a suave man, who knows exactly what to say, which facial expression to give, and as well as what tone of voice he should use to deliver his point across. Therefore, when it comes to foreplay with his partner, seductive words automatically roll off his tongue like he has a script prepared beforehand. 
" you really enjoy being my little sex slave, do you not? " 
" but it is ok though. I have the deepest desire to figure out how well you can take me." 
" So that makes the two of us." 
Those are the words he would say to you as his fingers slowly fondle the flesh of your inner thigh, so dangerously close to your heated core.
Odaxelagnia : A paraphilia in which biting or being bitten leads to sexual arousal.
Being a demon who consumes human flesh to satiate his hunger, Muzan has to control himself around you, a mortal being who could get hurt and bruise very easily. Therefore, as much as he enjoys the most intense form of sex, he will lay off on activities that involved you being injured. Spanking, choking, and gagging are all good and all but he is a little bit hesitant to go further than that because he does not want to hurt you too much.
However, if you happened to be a little freak and want to add more spice by asking him to bite you, mark you, or claw you, he would be very down to oblige to your request. 
He loves the fact that he has a crazy amount of self-control to not give in to the urge to just tear off your delicate skin and swallow it. That proves that he is unlike his brainless, blood-thirsty underlings, and that he is indeed a special being.
Phalloorchoalgolagnia : Attraction from being hit in the genital area 
It is already a known fact that the demon lord enjoys inflicting pain on others, including you as well. People's and demons' squirming in pain from all of his doing simply filled his hearts with an overwhelming amount of joy. Even though he wants to have the same level of satisfaction with you, he is not going to cause you pain, well, at least pain that you will not enjoy. 
So, introducing genital slapping. Sometimes, in between fingering or jerking you off, he would give your heat zone a firm yet gentle smack on it, enough to send a wave of painful pleasure in your body. The way your body trembles as a mixture of painful yet pleasure-filled whimpers escapes your lips, the demon could feel the blood rushing down there. It doesn't matter how many times he has cummed for the night, once your lewd noise hits his ears, he will be hard again in a minute and ready to pound you senseless.
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❝ I’m dismantling the Lower Moons. ❞
Tumblr media
i didnt group any of the layers properly and so here we are
watch as the origin of the dude’s blood doesn’t even connect to his head HAHA
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la douler exquise
・:*:・⊰❦⊱ : The heart-wrenching pain of wanting the affection of someone unattainable.
Link to master list → here
Trigger warning : alcohol consumption
Tumblr media
“ Hang on, I need to open the door. ”
A familiar voice spoke into [Y/N]’s ear. It was almost painful to concentrate. Everything felt weird. The atmosphere was off. The air surrounding the hotel lounge was hot. The clothes she was wearing were too tight, making it hard for the poor girl to breathe. The beeping noise from the door lock being opened sounded like a ringing ambulance siren to her. Has it always been this noisy? [Y/N] could not tell. Her head was spinning too much for her to think straight. It is all thanks to the sweet liquor she just consumed just a few hours ago, the female idol could not even stand still to maintain her posture or balance.
Yes, the live concert indeed ended just a while. [Y/N], the beloved idol of many, was full of energy, jumping up and down, nailing every single one of her choreography, and singing her heart out in front of millions of adoring fans. After that, she was escorted to a high-end restaurant by none other than her boss. Even though she was ready to go straight to bed afterward, when the CEO of the agency she was under, who also happened to be the man of her dreams since she was a teenager, suggested that they should celebrate the end of her very first world tour, she just simply could not say no.
It would be foolish to not take up any offer that involves spending time with the retired idol after all of the work she put into.
“ Let’s just take a few sips each. I do not want you passing out on me.”
She remembered seeing him chuckled as he poured a glass of wine for her. Even though she was given such an exorbitant beverage, she could not help but put all of her attention onto the gorgeous man in front of her. Whether because she was tired or it was the fact that she had been pining over him for many years, under the dim light of the chandelier, accompanied by a faint melody of a violin playing in the background, made the atmosphere somewhat romantic. It almost felt like she was on a date with him.
But when the reality check. accompanied with years of suppressed feelings came flying into her head, her mood turned from ecstatic to sour in a blink of an eye.
He is just doing all of this because I am the most popular idol of the company at this moment.
He probably did the same for many others before me too.
[Y/N] thought to herself as she brought the wine glass close to her lips. Of course, that was the only explanation. Why else would he be so nice to her? And only her. The Kibutsuji Muzan she knows, the intellectual businessman, infamous for being two-faced and as well as someone who mastered the art of adaptation and lying to get what he wants? He is a smart man. Even a naive child could tell that he was only giving [Y/N] the special attention just so she could stay signed to his agency. After all, she was a precious asset to his company. He literally told her that she was special because she was his treasured idol an hour ago. Nothing else.Nothing more. Nothing less.
And, It was painful to know that she was just a cash cow to him when she wants to be anything else but that.
Bittered, [Y/N] chugged the whole glass of maroon-colored liquid, swooshing her tongue with the sharp aftertaste of the alcohol. The moment the strong liquor entered her body, she regretted it immediately. It was a mistake. A few minutes in and the whole place started to spin. Yes, she was taking bites of the [favorite food] from the plate in front of her but she could not taste anything. The light-headedness was too overbearing for her to enjoy the moment.
And before she knew it, with a blink of an eye, she found herself by the door of her hotel room, her body leaned against the raven-haired ex-idol with his hand on her waist as the other available one unlocked. As if she somehow developed an ability to teleport. Even in her half-conscious state, when a strong musk of his signature cologne entered her nose, she felt her face heat up immediately. He was too close. Too damn close.
“ There we go. ”
Muzan muttered as he twisted the doorknob. Tightening his grip on her body, he led both of them into the room. Sitting the [H/C] haired girl down on her bed, he whispered as he guided her to lay down on the mattress.
“ Let me get some water for you."
The retired idol spoke softly as he stood up. Feeling extra needy and emotional due to the awful combination of exhaustion and intoxication, she grabbed his arms. Tugging the sleeve of his shirt, she mumbled as she stared back at his questioning gaze, a small pout painted across her exhausted face.
" Don't go. Stay."
" I am not going anywhere. I am just going to fetch a glass of water for you."
Muzan chuckled as he pointed to bottles of distilled water by the nightstand. She stared blankly at the direction he was pointing. The presence of liquor in the system was somehow causing her throat to dry up. Therefore, she let go of her grip on the fabric of his shirt. After all, she could really take a cold glass of water, right now.
" Here you go."
The dark-haired man spoke as he handed her some water. Wanting to quench the extreme thirst, she once again chugged the entire glass at one shot. The sudden presence of the overwhelming amount of liquid in a short period in her throat caused her to choke a little, spilling some droplets of water from the side of her lips.
" You need to stop chugging everything you were handed to. "
Muzan let out an exasperated sigh as he took out a packet of tissues from his chest pocket. Bringing a piece of napkin closed to her face as he leaned forward, he wiped her lips, his face dangerously close to hers. So much so that she could feel his hot breath against her delicate flesh. At that moment, [Y/N] could feel her heart, pounding so fast that as if it was going to jump out of her chest. Unsure of what to do or what to say, she stayed still and silently admired his perfect feature. His rough lips, his luscious curls, his piercing eyes, and the signature chiseled jawline. Everything about Kibutsuji Muzan was too mesmerizing for her to look away.
" Why are you staring at me? Is there something on my face? "
He asked jokingly as he looked up, his crimson orbs staring straight into her [eye color] one. Embarrassed, [Y/N] immediately looked away and tried to come up with a reasonable excuse to explain her actions.
" Nothing. I was just-just Ummm."
And that was a failed attempt. If she was not already intoxicated, the presence of the man she had been pining over for years was making her flustered, thus stopping her from generating convincing lies or her brain to function properly. Laughing lightly at her panicked state, Muzan patted her head gently.
" You really are adorable. Do you know that? "
He muttered as he caressed her [H/C] soft locks, a small smile visible on his usually stoic face. Bringing his hand down cup her cheeks, he kept quiet, thus filling the cozy hotel room with nothing but the sound of rhythmic breathing from both of them.
" [Y/N] "
He called out under his breath as his thumb brushed over her quivering lips, her eyes widened with anticipation of what was going to happen next. Watching the man's eyes glimmered with a mixture of hunger and lust, fixated on her [lip color] flesh, she inhaled sharply. Her heart was pounding like crazy as she watched him inching closer and closer. It was as if she sobered up in a couple of seconds. This was it. It was finally going to happen. Today was the day [Y/N] got to live out her dream of many years.
He was going to kiss her, wasn't he?
Just when he was an inch away from capturing her lips against his, Muzan paused. Immediately backing away as if he caught himself doing something he should not have been doing, he shook his head in disapproval, with a couple of this is not right escaping his tightly pursed lips.
Dumbfounded with what just happened, [Y/N] stayed still in silence. A wave of disappointment rushed through her body as she looked at the man standing up.
“ Get some rest, today has been a long day for you. ”
Muzan uttered as he turned his heels, ready for his departure. Making his way towards the door, the CEO spared a quick glance at the [H/C] haired girl. Flashing a small smile, he mouthed a quick goodbye and left the room with an expression on his face which she could neither comprehend nor decipher. With the sound of the door being closed, she was left onto her own accord in the room filled with nothing deafening silence. Frustrated, she grabbed the pillow by her side, threw it across the room.
“ Damn it, Kibutsuji Muzan! What was that about! ”
She yelled as she covered her heated face with her hands.
It seemed that the rising star of the century would be having a hard time sleeping tonight.
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Tumblr media
If u are having a bad day, remember that Muzan stans were starved of a whole ass nude by A FREAKING TEXT BUBBLE.
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Kibutsuji Muzan x Fem! Reader - Uitwaaien
(idiomatic) to go out in windy weather, particularly into nature or a park, as a means of refreshing oneself and clearing one's mind.
╰┈➤ Synopsis : Busy with work, Muzan was not paying attention to [Y/N]. To get what she wanted, she came up with something. That was to fondle his man tiddies. 
Trigger warning : Muzan’s tiddies 
Tumblr media
[Y/N] [L/N] was very restless. 
" Be a good girl and sit there. " 
Those were exact words that were told to her by the demon lord before he left her on her own accord to continue with his research. To think that it was the very same man who requested her presence, only to ask her to sit on a little chair of his personal lab was, well, strange to say the least. The room was completely silent since not a single word has been exchanged between the two of them. The only sound that could be heard was an occasional clink of test tubes and flipping of paper here and there.
[Y/N] did not understand why he would bring her to his private study if he is not going to say or do anything. Well, actually, she could guess the reason why. Perhaps, he just enjoyed her company. If she has to be honest, that thought flattered her quite a little bit, thus making her face quickly heat up. Looking down to her feet, she thought to herself. The great Kibutsuji Muzan, the person notorious for being ill-tempered and as well as known for disliking almost everyone, favor her enough to keep her by his side. [Y/N] was truly honored. 
Well, as if, she was not already aware of the fact that she was the favorite of the demon king.
Not a favorite in terms of someone whose blood demon art is so useful that he can depend on their superpower. After all, she is not even a demon moon. She was not even a lower moon. Even then, she is THE favorite. She is the one he seeks out during the lonely day. She is the one he loves to embrace after he has been disappointed by his useless underlings. She is the one he loves to shower with kisses. And obviously, she is the only one he would summon to make his day somewhat eventful by indulging in her. 
Needless, to say [Y/N] loves being the only one who is on the receiving end of all those affectionate gestures from the feared demon lord. She was indeed a special one.  
Not wanting to disappoint, for a few minutes, she tried to oblige his request. Sitting by the little chair a few feet away, she pretended to read a book as she occasionally glanced at the demon by the counter. His luscious raven locks, his well-built body tightly hugged by the signature silk black shirt he always wears, as well as his glimmering crimson orbs fully concentrating on the glass apparatus in his hands. All of it was too hard for her to look away from. The book in her hand may be interesting but it was not that interesting compared to the man in front of her. He was too beautiful for his own good.
Sighing softly, she closed the book and put it aside. Staring at the demon lord as she cleared her throat, she waited for him to pay attention. Hoping that maybe, he would look at her. Even a glance would have been enough. But alas, there were none. Deciding to seek the attention she craved so much, [Y/N] stood up and made her way toward the busy man.
" What are you doing? " 
She asked softly, as she stood behind him. Instead of giving her a proper reply, Muzan hummed as he continued to mix the chemical concoction in his hands. Disappointed with the lack of response, [Y/N] thought of something. And, that was to pull the demon lord into a tight embrace. Snaking her arms around his waist, [Y/N] rest her head against his back, the faint smell of his cologne entering in her nostrils. Pressing her lips against the piece of fabric on his back, she whined, 
" Lord Kibutsuji. Stop ignoring me."
A sigh escaped his lips as he shook his head in disapproval. Swirling the test tube in his hands, he scolded, but the lack of the usual malicious tone in his voice proves that he was not that annoyed.
" [Y/N], I am working. Did I not tell you to stay still? " 
Nuzzling her head against his back, [Y/N] mumbled again, this time, her voice needier than ever. 
“ I know but it would not hurt to pay attention to me for a little bit. ”
The demon lord sighed as a response, clearly showing that he was a tad irritated. Even then, he did not move away or told the girl to not disturb him. Instead, he chose to remain unmoved, yet, still refusing to give in to the [H/C] haired girl’s demand for attention.  Feeling confident with how things were going since the usual sharp-tongued demon lord had yet to yell at her, [Y/N] traveled her hands up from his waist, then to his abdomen, and then to his chest. Resting them on his pecs, she inhaled sharply, bracing herself for what she was going to do next. 
Then, she gave his firm muscle a quick squeeze. 
The moment her fingers came into contact with his firm chest, [Y/N] could feel his body tensed up. Putting away the fragile apparatus in his hands, he asked, this time, his raspy voice filled with slight annoyance. 
“ [Y/N], what are you doing? ”
“ Hmm? I am just hugging you. ”
[Y/N] hummed a reply, as a matter of fact, acting like she did not know why he would ask such a question in the first place. However, the presence of a mischievous smirk on her face was evident that she knew exactly what she was doing. It was her witty little tactics to get what she wants. Before she could pull any more of her playful stunt, the demon lord quickly turned around and engulfed her frame into his arms. 
Pulling her closer by her waist, Muzan snarled, his glowing crimson orbs staring straight into her [eye color] orbs. 
“ You know exactly what you are doing, [L/N] ”
[Y/N] giggled as a response, finally satisfied with the fact that she got his full attention. But her melodic giggle broke into a soft gasp when she felt a familiar pair of hands fondling the soft flesh of her chest. 
“ N-no, Lo-lord Kibutsuji, no-not there-hmph.”
Before [Y/N] could finish complaining, she felt his rough lips crashed against her delicate [lip color] ones. Gliding his finger all over her mounds, the demon lord deepened the kiss even further by slipping his tongue through [Y/N]’s trembling luscious lips. 
“ Oh, so this is how it is. ”
Muzan smirked as he pulled away, his lips parted slightly to slowly catch up on the oxygen he was lacking previously. Resting his forehead against hers, he continued, this time, his hands occupying her waist instead of her breasts. 
“ When you do it, it is all good. But when I do the same to you, I am not allowed.”
“ I was just trying to get your attention.” 
[Y/N] replied with a small pout on her face as she wrapped her arms around his neck, her facial expression too adorable for Muzan to look away. After all, her childish acts and naive personality are the reason why he was so drawn to her. Snickering lightly at the girl in his embrace, he pressed a quick peck on her nose and spoke,
“ Now, you have all of my attention.” 
Well, seems like it is, Work- 0, [Y/N] - 1 for the day. 
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