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#Kakagai is the childhood friends to lovers feel
depressedhatakekakashi · a month ago
Can we get some modern AU kakagai and kakairu HCs :^) i just love your HCs theyre so nice its easy ti start imaginging other stories and scenes with how you do them
Modern Au
Kakashi is a coffee shop owner and Gai is a dojo owner. Both of them have had other jobs to help save up the money for their little places, but a lot of money also came from Kakashi’s father who’s an astronaut and always had money saved up for Kakashi.
Kakashi buys Gai a dojo as a birthday present one year, just a little while after they graduate from University. He says it’s no big deal, but Gai knows it’s a big deal. Kakashi also has a degree in financing so he takes care of all of the finances for both of their business while Gai focuses on PR. Because we do not leave Kakashi to PR. that does not end well.
Kakashi’s coffee shop is a very old-style place. It has that ‘family-owned feeling that people love and he’s always making sure to be as personable as possible with his guests. It’s draining, but this man is good at faking it so he gets by just fine. He even takes suggestions from Customers on how to improve the place. Like adding easily accessible newspapers, and having a jukebox for people to play the music they like. 
The two of them have eight dogs, all of which they adopted together. The only one that came with Kakashi into the relationship is Pakkun, and Gai adores the little pug more than anything. He’s really chill and just likes to sit on Kakashi or Gai’s lap while they watch movies or play video games.
Kakashi hires most of his workers from the university nearby, but also has a few older staff for the daytime when all of the university kids are busy. Everyone gets paid a decent wage and gets free food and coffee on their shift. Because of this, they’re more than happy to put their all into the job and Kakashi’s business is booming. 
The two of them buy their first house about three years after Gai gets his Dojo (one year after Kakashi opens the coffee shop) and it’s a really nice place with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a decent-sized yard, and a basement. As soon as they by the place Kakashi drags his best friend Yamato to move in with them so that he can get away from his shitty adopted dad and focus on finishing his own university studies that haven’t been going so well while he was living at Danzo’s.
Gai’s three favorite students, Lee, Neji and Tenten, all end up working at the Dojo with him. With Tenten training people to use various weapons, Neji focused on Tai chi, and Lee teaching Tae Kwon do. Gai himself is versed in a few different styles and likes to lead classes in different styles of martial arts.
The two of them love to spend their Thursdays together going for runs in the park with the dogs and having spars. Kakashi’s not as good at martial arts as Gai, but he can at least survive for a little while. Neji, Lee and Tenten are actually surprised the first time their Sensei’s husband comes in and doesn’t get thrown into the floor right away.
Iruka is an elementary school teacher while Kakashi is a high school literature teacher. 
The two of them met when Iruka’s adopted son Naruto got into trouble in Kakashi’s class one day, and Iruka had to go pick him up and talk to the poor suffering teacher dealing with this shit.
they hated each other at first. 
Iruka thought that Kakashi was arrogant (he’s not wrong) and Kakashi thought that Iruka was coddling Naruto (also not wrong but shut up Kakashi)
Unfortunately, Naruto loves to get into trouble and it’s usually Kakashi who has to deal with him. So the two of them end up seeing a lot of each other.
And then one day Iruka’s out just enjoying a nice Saturday off at the park when he sees none other than Naruto’s arrogant teacher there, with eight dogs.
Not only is Kakashi arrogant in Iruka’s mind now, but he’s also a little bit insane. That’s the only way he can explain a man who has nine dogs.
He ends up bringing it up to Kakashi the next time he gets called into a meeting over Narutos’ behavior and is surprised to hear Kakashi tell him that all of those dogs are adopted and were on the shortlist for being killed because no one would take him in.
Now Iruka’s struggling between ‘he's arrogant and ‘damn it he’s actually really sweet and he’s not sure how to handle this.
It’s ok though because the next time they see each other it’s at Iruka’s favorite coffee shop. Kakashi’s in line in front of him and for a second Iruka thinks about talking to him, but decides against it. He gets the counter and orders his drink, but when he goes to pay the barista tells him that the gentleman in front of him already paid for him.
Iruka, not wanting to owe his adopted son’s teacher for his coffee, chases after Kakashi and tries to pay him back. But Kakashi refuses. When Iruka won’t give up Kakashi actually laughs and tells him that he can pay him back with a coffee date.
Iruka’s certain this is not how someone’s supposed to ask another person out, but he’s also really not complaining. 
Of course, Iruka doesn’t expect anything to come out of it. The two of them are always insulting each other and bickering. How could they make a good couple? this will just be a quick date and then it’ll go back to arguing.
Except, they go on their date and Kakashi is actually really sweet and attentive. He lets Iruka gush about anything he wants and just sits there and listens. Doesn’t interrupt him at all.
And then at the end of the night, he has the audacity to ask Iruka out on a second date, and how is Iruka supposed to say no to that? He looks so adorable with that closed eye smile and he was so sweet during the whole night. 
Naruto is not doing ok when he finds out that his dad and teacher might be dating. He is not doing ok at all.
Iruka can’t be fussed to care though. All he can think of is Kakashi’s sweet smile.
And their interactions change so much. Now every time Iruka has to go into the school they’re always joking with each other and laughing. Kakashi also always makes sure to compliment Iruka just so he can see him blush.
Iruka calls them a ‘Enemies to friends love story’. Kakashi thinks they’re a ‘slow burn’ because he’s a romance dork.
One of their favorite activities to do when they start dating is laying on a couch with Iruka cuddled up in Kakashi’s arms while Kakashi reads him whatever romance novel he’s on this week. 
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bluis-m · a year ago
I was tagged by @mezzy303 <3<3
Tag ppl you wanna get to know better!
Top 3 ships:
Kakagai. I felt they had the best dynamic and they had such a long history with each other. Literally the trope childhood friends to lovers (and one of my favorite tropes).. 
Yulma. Seeing Kanda and Alma’s past in the Alma arc felt like putting my heart into a meat shredder. It’s probably my longest standing ship ever too. Just..... everything about Yulma is so beautiful and tragic???? Just ow
Yatobisha. I just think they’re neat.
Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick. I really hate how lipstick feels plus I get paranoid that I need to reapply it all the time.
Last song: Flaco by Mon Laferte
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Reading: ..........I haven’t read any books in years ndfkjndfkjfnsdkjf. All my recent reading consists of random articles and manga like BNHA, Noragami, and KNY.  
I tag @carrotcouple, @xxwolfpupxx, @paperypiper, @starrycereal, @themusicalbookworm, @winterscarf, @kurisuumakise
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