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#Jimmy got his first credit card ever a couple years ago and right off the bat he got a $25k limit
ablogforblogging · 14 days ago
I’m off work today and have a bunch of little things to get done. I’m pretty impressed with myself- it’s not even 10 am yet and I spent a good portion of the morning on the phone with my sister but still managed to make two phone calls I’ve been putting off. I scheduled my hospital pre-op appointment and got my credit limit increased finally. I had a $1k limit starter card in college and never bothered to request an increase- I really only use it for a couple bills to earn points but now I can pay those without hitting 80% credit usage.
Jimmy gets his 2nd vaccine today. He’s going to try to go a little early so we can go down to the river walk afterwards and walk the trails/have a picnic. In the mean time I need to return a couple things to Target & clean my house.
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