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#James Buchanan Bucky Barnes
mrs-mischief-209 · an hour ago
For a Shield
AN: This One short is based on the GIF of Bucky kneeling in front of the shield in TFATWS. I shared it in the Discord group and somewhat rifted into this idea of this one shot. No minors 18+ angst, depression, loss, smut, angry smut, and language. exhibition. Big shout out to my girl @agirlwhoisaphantom for helping me with the editing
You had been left broken and emotionally guarded. That is what Steve left you in his wake. Sure, who were you to honestly feel these feelings. His girlfriend? No. you just happen to be a work partner who ended up being his sketch model. It still didn’t hurt any less when he just left. You knew he wanted and needed his life with Peggy. It was engraved in your brain and heart.
Still it didn’t stop your longing or tears now that he was gone. You had worked with the Avengers since you finished your training at SHIELD. You got in because Maria Hill was your aunt, and your God Father was none other than Tony Stark. Which in turn made Fury trust you. You had worked behind the scenes. You had helped Steve during the dark days when they first found Bucky. That is how you ended up in the predicament. He had met you and was instantly reminded of Peggy. You looked nothing like her, but it was your attitude and drive that connected both you.
Sure, you were short like her and both dark haired. But that is where the similarity ended. You had a bigger frame than she did. Wider hips broader shoulders both accommodated to your coke bottle figure. When Steve first approached you to be his model you were intrigued. You had never done that before, but you knew he needed a way to lose some steam. So, you agreed. At first it was simple things leaning against trees, sitting on swings then he incorporated his shield. Also, slowly you lost more and more clothing as you had more sessions. He did take a few pictures if it was getting late and you needed to go home and sleep. But once Steve was ready to show you his sketches that is when you noticed it was your energy in the sketch, but the body and face was all Peggy. You are heartbroken but understood Steve. The ones he didn’t show you were the ones he allowed himself to sketch of you in all your glory and splendor on top of his shield resting with a sweet smile and the sun hitting your face at a perfectly that made you look like you were a fallen angel to help mankind through suffering. Sure, most of the sketches were done outside behind the Avenger Compound far away from the cameras because if Tony knew what Steve was doing with you it would have been his head on a pike.
Then all hell broke loose Thanos came half of the world was lost for 5 years including your aunt. You stayed with Tony and Pepper. Helped them out when Morgan was born. Steve did not know you survived the blimp, he thought you were like your aunt. Especially since he tried to reach out to you, and you never answered. While staying at the cabin you disconnected from everything and everyone except for your writing. You wrote your pain, sweat, tears, blood, heart, mind, and soul. You wrote until there were no more words left to write. Pepper had printed everything and bound everything you wrote those 5 years. Gave it to Tony to read. That is how he found out about your friendship with Steve. So when he came to ask for help he tried to keep you hidden. But when Morgan ran out of the house to go to him you followed her and just stood there then you went back into the cabin to your room. That was the one of last times you saw Steve as the Steve you knew. You stayed out of the fight because you stayed to take care of Morgan. Once everyone came back you went to the tower for when they went to return the stones. That is when you saw Sam and you first met Bucky.
“Hey Sam, welcome back missed you.” he gives you a hug. “Hey Valerie, you made it, Steve was worried you wouldn’t come.” You smile at him and hit his shoulder. “You know there are few things that I wouldn’t do for Steve no matter how angry I got.” That is when you see Steve come in dressed in the time travel suit. He hands Bucky his sketch journal. “Val, this is Bucky.” You nod to him “I am sorry for everything.” You shake your head “No Steve we are friends and always will be that just helped each other through a dark time. Be safe over there” you walk to the side letting them get on with it. You stayed by the trees when you saw Steve come back older. You saw Sam and Bucky go up to him. You walked away knowing he lived the life he wanted.
Sam calls you into a mission in Latvia. You make your way there knowing full well the new “Captain America” was there. Walking into the apartment where Sam told you to go, you see Zemo drinking and Sam on the couch. Your first reaction to seeing Zemo is to attack him. What he had done to you and Bucky was unforgivable. Sam stopped you before you could get Zemo. Sam yells at you “VAL CALM DOWN!” You make sure to keep him in your eyesight. He did let you know they were working together for now. Bucky walks in sees you and just ignores you. “What is she doing here Sam?” you get up and walk up to Bucky. “She was called in as a stand down soldier. Unless you want me to get pissed off.” You start walking away when you hear him groan in frustration, so you turn around pulling out a knife and you charge at him pushing next to the wall, knife to throat and gun to temple. “Don’t underestimate me, I am still an agent.” You walk away to sit on the couch. You were trying to ward off a headache when just like if to summon your headache this stupid mother fucker John Walker walked into the apartment. You see him carrying the shield and you are almost losing your shit. Bucky notices your aggression and pain trying to ignore it. You get up and walk into a room to relax before you can all go talk to the flag smasher. You hear a scuffle notice that it is the Dora Milaje. You just rest against the wall. Once the men have fallen Ayo makes eye contact with you and you just nod your head they leave. “you guys are really idiots for fighting them.” You walk back to the room.
Sam knocks on the door letting you know they are heading out. You hand Sam the files you had collected. “See you at the town square in half an hour.” Sam agreed. Buck just stared at you. You make eye contact with his steel blue eyes. Similar to Steve’s not as dark but still held the pain and longing that you always saw and felt. They went on the mission you got prepared. Thirty minutes later you are in the town plaza by a fountain. You are walking among the crowd when you see Walker fighting with a flag smasher. You are trying to make your way through the crowd gathered. When you see him kill him with Steve’s shield. Your mind goes blank. There is blood dripping down the shield. The shield that you had used many different ways that had your body and soul on. You felt violated in a sense. You also felt immense rage. You are about to attack Walker when Bucky grabs your arm. “We will get the shield back, don’t worry about it.” You look into his eyes, your brown ones full of anger and pain welling with tears. “let’s go” You motion him to walk and you follow. You stay in the shadows trying to control your rage. Killing him would serve no purpose and taint the shield anymore. Once you see Bucky just kneel in front of the shield winded. You walked to him, took off your shirt and climbed over his lap to try to remove the blood from the shield. While trying to clean the shield Bucky notices that you have an angel tattoo right above your right hip. He recognized the sketch. Steve’s sketch then he knew you were the angel that Steve has spoken about. He reached out to hold you to get off the shield. He felt something familiar like it is where you belong like it is a feeling of home. He can hear your murmuring through tears. You try to hold onto the shield but let it go once Sam approaches. “Sam please, take the shield. I can’t move on knowing it is with a man like Walker.” You turn to Bucky putting your hand on his shoulder. You try your hardest not to call him soldat your name for him not like how Zemo and Hydra called him but with love and gratitude. “Thank you and we need to talk as soon as you get back to the states.” You walk out of the warehouse in jeans and your bra not caring numb. You make your way home.
You made it back to the cabin. You didn’t go to your apartment. You needed to talk to Pepper and see Morgan. Climbing up the steps you hear the door open and it’s Pepper you just break down right there on the porch. “I don’t know what to do Pepper. You know why I ran to Steve when he was here and why I helped him. But what do I do now? What do I do when I need to face him alone?” Pepper just holds you soothing you. She knew well what had happened. Tony had known and he told her after reading the journal. Your relationship with Steve was complicated. You loved each other, yes. Would do anything for one another yes. Did you sleep together no. Did you guys try to date no. Did you both feel pain for loving other people while trying not to pursue a relationship together absolutely. It was a love and bond of the people you both had lost that forged your relationship together. Yours was there with you but did not know. He never got the memories of you two back. It was the hardest point in your life, and he protected you, loved you, taught you, and let you go. You were a shell of yourself after him. Never genuinely happy until you started your friendship with Steve. You had flashes at first when you saw the star on the uniform on the shield. A different color yes but still the star. A battle in your heart and on your skin of white vs red. Pepper got up and went inside and you followed her. She pulled out the journal and a USB. “You have to show him, let him know who you are, what you and Steve really were. That you both bonded in your love for him. Not for love for each other romantically.” You stayed a week with Pepper and Morgan building your courage. You were going to meet Sam and Bucky at his home. Once the time came you went to Louisiana.
Once at Sam’s house you stayed a few days and got to know his sister and nephews. When Bucky finally showed up. You kept away from him. Avoiding the pain that you knew you had to give to your soldat. You did not want to cause him more pain. You rather keep all the pain he had suffered enough to add to his pain. You were about to leave and going to go and never look back leaving you with the burden and everything. You picked up your journal but could not find the USB. You didn’t have time to look for it. You walked out the back door. You felt pain in your chest knowing he was just on the other side to leave him. You push it down and walk out the back. You did not know Sam had known about the USB and your journal Pepper had told him. Also told him Bucky needed to see the video in the USB and the journal. So that is what he did. He went into the room where you were sleeping, took the journal and USB left Steve’s sketch book. Bucky since seeing your tattoo and holding you has been confused. He didn’t understand why if he didn’t know you why his body felt like it knew you. He looked at the sketches. They all seem to be updated sketches of Peggy. A version of Peggy that would not have let Steve draw. Once he got to the back he understood. There was a sketch of you, the one titled Angel. You are laying on the shield with your back arched, your head back, eyes closed, your hair cascading back. Your mouth partly open and the sun illuminating you like if you had just fallen from heaven onto the shield. Bucky couldn’t understand the wonder and jealousy he felt of seeing you that way. It was a work of art but he was angry Steve saw you that way. It was also then that he had used you as a model and drawn Peggy except in this one.
Sam walked up to Bucky. “Hey Buck, I need you to watch something and read a journal.” “Why do I have to and where is Valerie? I have a few questions here about the sketches Steve did.” Sam nodded his head. “She is here somewhere but before you do that Buck, please watch the video and read the journal. If you still want to see her and talk to her you can after that.” He nods and they go inside, and Sam connects the USB into his laptop and opens the video file for Bucky. It is a video of you.
You were younger, thinner, your hair was shorter. You spoke in Spanish instead of English. The interrogation of what happened during the time she was captured. Gone for 3 years. When they pushed you. you shut down did not state anything except 3-2-5-5-7-0-3-8 she keeps repeating the number over and over. Steve’s voice is heard on the video stating to strip her of her clothing and to check for any bugs. She is and that is when they see a star carved under her left breast. Bucky seems like he is in trance just looking at the interrogation unfold. Once Val is given clothes Steve walks in. asks her for her name, she just stares at Steve’s uniform, that white star and his shield. She states while touching the vibranium shield “moi soldat” and breaks down crying. With that phrase Bucky gets flashbacks of you and him wrapped in each other’s embrace. The kisses the caresses how when he took your virginity how he carved the star below your left breast right next to your heart. While stating “Eres mía por toda la eternidad (you are mine for all eternity).” You respond in-between moans ``toda eternidad (all eternity)” He stops the video opening the journal getting to the part of the interview. How she felt so alone so empty, broken you had taken her out of the base to send her back home. To keep her and the baby safe. She spoke of how she lost the child not too long after leaving the base. By the time she was in the interrogation she was getting blood poisoning from retained products. How seeing Steve’s star on the shield hit her like a ton of bricks letting her she was safe and how she passed out. How her relationship with Steve developed with the roots of his love in them both. How modeling and speaking to Steve helped her to get a quasi existence of happiness. The pain of you coming back and not remembering her like she was nothing. Then losing you physically once again during the blimp. How seeing you there when Steve also left her broke her to the core. How she would not reach out to not cause you pain. Bucky finally lost it. He got up from the chair. “Sam where is Valeria?” Sam walks in “Who? Do you mean Valerie?” Bucky closes his eyes trying to breath in slowly to calm down. “Her name is Valeria. She goes by Valerie here in the US because it was easier for her aunt to pronounce.” Sam points to the room that she was sleeping at. Bucky walks to the door and opens it. He needs to hold you and breathe you into his soul. But you are not there. Your things have been picked up. His heart sank to the pit of his stomach. you had decided to run. To run away with all the knowledge and burden to keep him in ignorance in assumed happiness. He turns around and goes to Sam. “Where could she have gone?” Sam gets his phone and calls Pepper. “Hey Pepper, do you know where Val would go from my house if she decided to run away?” Pepper was quiet Sam heard Morgan yell for Pepper. “Mommy auntie Val is home.” Pepper hung up the phone. “Valerie how did you get here so fast and why didn’t you talk to Bucky.” You sat on the front steps. “I might have used Tony’s prototype for my suite to go there and back. I didn’t talk to Bucky because I didn’t know where to start: oh hey Bucky you know I was captured by Hydra while on a solo mission held captive with you for 3 years we got really close you took my virginity got me pregnant got me out and you don’t remember me but I promise I am telling you the truth.” You just picked at your nails as a nervous tick you had picked up. Pepper just held you. “I know it is hard having him not know you and not understating the loss you both have but you are the only one who has the burden of it.” You look at her eyes. “Pepper I feel most of the time I am just here numb to everything except to the pain in my heart and soul. But I can’t share that dark place with someone who was consumed by darkness for so long. He deserves his time in the sunlight.” Morgan comes running to the both of you. “Mommy can Auntie Val you and me watch a movie please.” You smile at Pepper and Morgan and stand up going into the cabin. You watch
the movie and fall asleep on the couch with Morgan. In the morning you head out to the dock and just sit looking out on the lake waiting for the sun to rise.
Bucky and Sam make it to the cabin. The go up the steps and knock on the door. Morgan answers the door. “Who are you and why are you here?” Pepper walks up to the door. “They are avengers honey. They are actually here to speak to your auntie Val.” Morgan went inside. Pepper let Sam and Bucky into the cabin. Bucky is scanning the home looking for her. Morgan comes up to him. “You are looking for auntie Val she is outside.” She points to the back. He walks towards the back door and sees her sitting on the edge of the deck looking out to the lake. He walks out to her. As he gets closer, the more he feels he needs to hurry. He is scared but he is also angry. You held on to everything by yourself for to long. He is scared that you could no longer let him in. Angry that you didn’t reach out. Also, jealous the one person who knew. You had gone to his best friend. But what is needed right now is to talk to you. as he approached your back, he got tongue tied. You knew it was him based on his footsteps barely making any noise if you had not memorized his footsteps, it could be easily fooled that no one was behind you. “Que haces aquí moi soldat. (What are you doing here my soldier).” Bucky shook his head he should have known you would know he was there. He sat next to you. “Valeria, I am here to talk to you I missed you mi princesa” (My princess). You hold back your tears when he calls you by your pet name. you both just sit in silence until Bucky can’t hold it back anymore. “Valeria, why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you try to fight for me to remember you? Did you think I wouldn’t want to remember you?” at the barrage of questions Bucky is throwing at you. You stand up and just start pacing the dock. “No, no you don’t get to judge how I decided to handle everything. You cannot sit there and demand now that I told you sooner.” You start walking away going into the woods next to the cabin. Bucky notices that you are just walking away again he gets up and runs after you. He stops by the car first and gets the shield. He throws it in your direction to the tree in front of you to stop you. you whip around and give him a death glare. “Oh, it is on Bucky you want to argue and fight then we will do it but you are the one who brought a weapon into it don’t get angry at me.” You grab the shield and pull it out and fling it at the tree behind Bucky to hit him in the back. He flings forward. You walk over to the shield and pick it up. “I have spent enough time with this shield to know how to use it Bucky.” He looks at you with rage. “Yes, you have spent enough time in front and behind the shield naked for Steve.” You walk up to Bucky and just slap him across the face. “I NEVER SLEPT WITH STEVE! He only sketched me to get my energy; it was always Peggy in the sketches.” He grabs your hand, takes the shield from you and places it on the ground. “All except one Valeria. The one he kept all the way in the back of the journal. He couldn’t help but be turned on by your anger before you could answer his statement, he pulls you close to him and captures your mouth in a heated kiss. Feeling Bucky’s lips against yours once again awakens your body. Your core becomes wet. This argument was a way to release the worries and now this is what is going to bring you closer. You wrap your around him he takes off his jacket and lays it below the shield. Before you both know it you are both naked. You are laying on top of the shield with Bucky between your legs slowly entering your velvet folds. He reaches below your left breast to the star that he carved in your skin to notice a red star tattoo. It makes him go ferral with need your reunion is now rough, possessive, anger, jealousy, and need all mixed in one. As you reach your peak you arch your back throwing your head back with the pleasure making you drunk off of him. Your abdomen tightens until it cannot anymore and then you explode around him gripping him like a vice until he paints your walls with his seed. He noticed then that Steve never knew you or had you. He could never actually capture you in the
bouts of passion with love and sunlight; you were not a fallen angel. You were a goddess who deserved to be worshiped. He would spend the rest of his
life worshipping you and being thankful to Steve for finding you for him.
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Sam: hugging Bucky
Bucky: "What was that?"
Sam: "It's called affection."
Bucky: "Disgusting."
Sam: ...
Bucky: "... Do it again."
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lyrachloezhang · 2 hours ago
Steve & Bucky | They Throw Your World Away
I tried my best to translate these beautiful lyrics so I hope you guys enjoy so please remember to turn on the subtitles
I have like 3 mental breakdown while editing this because the lyrics of these are just....totally sgr & jbb so basically this is my way of saying fuck you forever to homophobic marvel and tfatws's directors and writers for saying all the shits they said which to be honest I don't give a fuck anymore
thank you 八十八星引 for all your love and support for me this vid is for you.
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absolutelyfizzing · 3 hours ago
Luv Note (Bucky x reader)
Based on the song Luv Note by chloe moriondo
Bucky x fem!reader
Description - Bucky recently broke up with y/n. It was because he didn't want her to get hurt but she didn't believe that. Instead she felt that she must have just not been good enough. And in her self doubt, she felt like she understood.
Warning - ANGST! Not even good angst and it has no reason, it is just sad for the sake of being sad. Someone help. Also tw!! Self doubt and bad self talk are in this, don't read if that is triggering for you! If you are struggling with depression reach out to someone! Or me! My messages are always open!
Word count - about 1000
Sleeping has never been so easy Though I'll still toss and twitch my feet You occupy every one of my dreams Makes closing my eyes easier than it seems
She got ready for bed, a frown on her face as she saw Bucky's toothbrush next to the sink. It had been a week but she hadn't had the heart to move it in case he came back. She already knew that wouldn't happen though. Why would he come back when he didn't want her any more. Instead she got into her bed, under her covers and hoped that in her dreams she would see him again and he would love her like she thought he did.
And if it seems you don't feel the same That's alright with me I understand with me isn't quite the best place to be
She made her way to the coffee shop, already correcting herself so she didn't order 2 coffees instead of one. She hadn't been back here since the breakup. It felt like too much of their spot. She froze when she saw him. He was standing waiting for an order and looking at his phone, he didn't look up as she turned and sprinted out of that part of the city. How had he looked so unbothered. So okay. She felt tears well up at the thought but she knew how. He just was over her. She hadn't meant enough to him for him to be upset. She understood, she would have broken up with herself too if she could.
But your smile reminds me of a place that I can't put my finger on so Just say the word and I'm gone
She saw him again on the metro. He was holding on to the stability pole with his gloved hand and she wished she could say hello. It had been almost 2 weeks and while she wished desperately for him to love her, she debated trying to get him to just be her friend. That any contact was better than none. Just as she was thinking it he looked up and saw her. He made she contact and y/n felt herself blush out of embarrassment under his gaze. Before she could look away she saw him smile at her. It was a sad smile but just that look alone reminded her that she would do anything for him. Including not being in his life. That's what he wanted, she thought, as she rushed off the train. Bucky looked after her with regret
I linger on all the things that you've said to me Always wanna be your flower I wanna make you feel real easy I wanna hear you talk for hours
Y/N thought back to all of the time she spent with Bucky when he couldn't sleep. That was when they talked the most. During the day he didn't like to show public affection but at night, in the privacy of their own room, he constantly had his hands on her. She loved how he spoke. It was deliberate and honest. He often talked about their future together. How he would want their wedding to go or how their home would look. She could have listened to talk about that stuff all night long. Sometimes she did. She couldn't help but long to be back in his arms on one of those nights where he could lie to her and tell her he loved her more than life itself. She didn't care how much it would hurt the next day.
And baby love, if it's bad If it's not what you'd hoped for You can always take it back
She wished he would call. She would have picked up in a second. She wished he would show up at her door and have flowers and then confess that he made a mistake. That he wanted her back. She knew better though. Bucky was never one to make rash decisions. Not when it came to her. She knew he had to have thought about it for a while before he broke up with her. She still wished he knew that she would take him back in an instant.
I'd give you what I can afford 'Cause everything you do I adore So maybe you could let me hold your hand real tight And tell you why the sea reminds me of you
Bucky sat in his bed in his room. He had locked himself in there days ago. It had been 3 weeks, almost a month, since it happened. And then just a week ago he saw you on the train. He almost called out to you. He hated riding the train by himself. He felt like he was being watched. Instead he just looked at you and he smiled. You turned and ran. That's what he had done to you. He felt another wave of pain rush over him as he thought of all of things that she did that he loved and how he had to protect those things. He had to protect her. Even if it killed him to never talk to you again.
And then sleeping has never been so easy Though I wish that you could be near It feels like I've fallen for you completely Maybe it's best that you can't be here
They both fell asleep that night thinking of the other person. Wondering why he had done what he did. Still, he knew if he saw her again he would probably break down and beg her to take him back. But he couldn't. He had to stay away, even though it hurt. He fell asleep without nightmares that night, he felt like he was already living one.
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auroracalisto · 4 hours ago
forever too late
summary: a fight goes wrong, and the reader is there for bucky. 
pairing: bucky x reader
word count: 517 words
warnings: major character death, blood, cussing, everything is lowercase
a/n: ;) @hellotvshowtrash​ this is what i was talking about
Tumblr media
blood dribbled down his chin.  it had stained his white teeth pink as he smiled up at you.  “[your name]...”
you got to your knees beside of him, pressing a hand to the wound on his stomach.  you looked up at him, disbelief written on your face.  “what the fuck, bucky?  what the hell?  why didn’t you wait for someone?  why didn’t—”
“—just listen to me,” he coughed, attempting to move to a more comfortable position.  “i don’t... i don’t know if i’m gonna make it.”
“stop it,” you frowned.  “you will.  don’t talk like that.”
“yeah, yeah, doll, but if i don’t,” he groaned as you pressed harder on his bloody wound.  it seemed like the blood just wouldn’t stop.  worry creased your forehead as you looked back up at the super soldier.  
“please don’t say that,” you looked up at him, biting your lip.  “please.”
he chuckled softly, wincing as he did so.  “just listen to me, doll.  i just needed to tell you this.  i’ve... i’ve been meaning to say something for a while now.”
you looked around as you listened to him, hoping that someone would come and help you.  but it seemed as if everyone was in their own little battle, completely ignoring those around them.  even those who were bleeding out from a wound that seemed superficial until you got up close.  
“look at me, please,” bucky said, frowning.  you quickly turned your gaze back to his.  “it’s you.”
“it’s always been you, doll,” he weakly smiled up at you.  “you were the girl i always talked about.  the one i wanted to ask out, the one i wanted to... well, spend my life with...”
“bucky,” you started.  “what are you talking about?”
“i love you, [your name]...”
“bucky,” you said, a warning tone in your voice.  you couldn’t believe what he was saying.  you loved him back.  but he was going to make it.  he had to make it.  
“i just needed you to know, doll.”
“you’re being ridiculous.  you’re going to be fine,” you said, looking towards some of the others.  steve had finally gotten away from his fight and took off in your direction.  you kept your hand over his wound, and for a moment, you believed that he was fine.  
bucky took in a sharp breath, and then he was silent.  
your heart fell to your stomach.  turning to look at the man, you could feel your body growing cold.
“bucky?” your voice shook.  “bucky, oh my god,” you moved your hands.  despite the blood that covered them, you cupped his cheeks and gently shook him.  you knew it wouldn’t do anything—but you could hope.  “oh my god, no, bucky, please!”
steve came to your side, anger and sadness overtaking his features.  he bent down beside of you, placing a hand on your shoulder.  you didn’t push him away, tears beginning to roll down your cheeks.  this wasn’t fair—he was supposed to be okay.  he was going to be fine.  
letting out a sob, you pressed a kiss to his lips.  the words left your mouth far too late.  he would never hear them, now.  “i love you, too, bucky...”
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ask-the-a-team · 5 hours ago
Odd Thoughts I have...
Did Hydra take care of everything for Bucky?
-bathing/brushing teeth/brushing hair
-going to the bathroom
-sexual needs
-needing food
And once Bucky wasn't the asset anymore did he have to relearn how to take care of himself? Did he have to relearn what his body was telling him?
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malfoysreid · 5 hours ago
Wouldn’t Change a thing- B.B.
marvel cinematic universe
- pairing: bucky barnes x female!reader
- genre: smut
- word count: 2.6k
- summary: when you admit to bucky that you’ve never finished more then twice at one time, he see just how many times he can push you over the edge.
- warnings: smut, unprotected vaginal sex, oral!female receiving, choking, slight degradation, soft dom!bucky, sub!reader, praise!kink, orgasm denial, might be a spank or two,
-A/N: this is literally just porn, no plot. this is also the first time i have ever written smut, i’m trying to get used to it a bit and find out wether or not i’m going to write any for my bucky fic, other then that let me know what you think.
credit to the rightful owner of the gif!
Tumblr media
A choked gasp escaped your lips as Bucky pushed you up against the wall. His lips immediately attached to your neck, which had fallen back in pure bliss. His plump lips worked magic against the skin of your throat. The trailing of wet kisses and light nips of his teeth felt amazing. Blood rising to the top of the skin resulting in little bruises.
When you emitted to your boyfriend earlier in the night— curled against his side, you two in your own little bubble at one of Tony’s many ridiculous parties—that you had never come more than twice in one setting, that being with him. You definitely didn’t expect him to respond with a sly “I like a challenge.” and then proceed to drag your body, through the crowd and up the floors of the compound to his room. But then again, it’s not like you were complaining.
Bucky moved one hand to rest at the small of your back, pulling your body flush against his chest. Then moving his hands to the back of your thighs as he holsted your weight up as you wrap your legs around his hips.
His lips drifted back to yours, smashing together in a bruising kiss. The kiss was messy, spit mixing together, tongues wrestling for dominance. But it was as passionate as ever.
Bucky walked you back towards his bed, breaking the kiss and throwing your body onto the soft surface as if you were a doll. You waited for him to lay with you but he never did.
“Undress.” He demanded. His voice deep with lust.
Your eyes widened ever so slightly before you complied. Propping yourself up on your knees, you reach behind your back unzipping your dress. He watched as the silky material fell from your body, leaving you in a deep red and black strappy lingerie set.
Bucky eyed you for a moment before you went to unclasp your bra. “Don’t.” He stopped you. Your hands fell back to your side in obedience, just what he wanted.
You were always so good for him. An obedient little slut that does whatever he tells her to.
And looking at your lace covered form now, he knew you had planned this all along. You’d planned to bring up the topic of conversation earlier, you’d planned for him to absolutely demolish you tonight. And who was he to deny you that wish.
Bucky took slow steps towards the bed, crawling on and pushing your body flat onto the mattress. Like a predator about to devour its prey.
“So pretty for me.” He husked. Your eyes were wide and full of innocence as he finally met yours again. Despite him having taken every ounce of innocence from you a long time ago. Bucky loved it. The way you looked so stunning under him.
When he’d tie you up and have you screaming for him, your shaking form underneath him, the way he felt so protective over you.
“So, so pretty.” He held a contemplative look on his face. “Wanna fuck you in this.” He ran his fingertips over the straps of your panties. “But I also wanna rip it off you.” Both his hands grabbed your hips hard as he pulled them up to meet his own.
“Please, Bucky.” Your voice was pitiful. Weak and broken with need.
“Be patient, doll. I’ll make you feel good.” Bucky muttered as he placed a large hand over the expanse of your stomach and pushed your body flat onto the bed again.
You laid your head back against the pillows. Trying to relax and be a good girl.
Bucky’s hands danced along your skin, the cold vibranium of his left arm leaving goosebumps in its wake. Your body stuttered when you felt his metal fingers drag along your clothed slit, the material of your panties soaked completely in your arousal.
“You're dripping, sweetheart.” Bucky rubbed your sex through your panties, the touch so light, so teasing it was hardly there. “I told you I was in need of a challenge, but this, my love, this is no challenge.”
With his words he pushed your panties to the side and dipped two of his cold vibranium fingers into your soaked pussy. He spread your arousal around your slit before pulling his hand away, bringing his fingers to his mouth and licking every last drop from them. “You taste so good, doll.” He groaned.
You looked up at him, your irritation and arousal growing exponentially. “Please, Bucky.” You pleaded. He was teasing you, but he just couldn’t help it with the way you react to his touches.
Bucky slid a finger underneath one of the straps along your hip bone, pulling back then letting the elastic snap against your delicate skin. You jumped at the contact, but your body defied you with the desperate moan that escaped your parted lips.
“Keep count for me. Okay, sweet girl?” He trailed down your body, pressing your legs apart and settling in between them.
“Okay.” You mustered up the strongest voice you could.
The sight of Bucky’s eyes directly on your pussy still made you anxious, no matter how many times the two of you had been intimate. Every time was better than the last.
He licked his lips before using his fore and middle fingers to scoop up some of the arousal leaking out of your hole, lifting it up to your clit. The sight was erotic and he loved it. Your clit pulsating for his touch, the slow movements of his fingers causing your pussy lips to spread giving him the most beautiful view of your clit all the way down to your tight little whole.
You threw your head back in pleasure as Bucky began a slow and steady pace of rubbing your clit, just as you got used to the rhythm, allowing the pleasure to course through your body, he stopped. Replacing his forefinger with his thumb and using his middle finger to circle your entrance.
The tight circles around your sensitive bundle of nerves didn’t slow as Bucky plunged his middle finger into your little whole. Your walls clenching around him, before you relaxed, welcoming the intrusion. Your repetitive moans mixed with the wet and filthy sounds of your gushing pussy filled the room.
The familiar pressure was building in your stomach, your walls clenching around Bucky’s fingers as he added another. Your legs clenched shut around his hand, he quickly pried them apart.
“Be a good little slut and hold this up for me.” Bucky demanded grabbing one of your legs. You moaned at the degradative term but nonetheless grabbed your leg, holding it out of the way for him. He wanted a perfect view to watch that little pussy of your clench and quiver.
He began to rub your clit faster, messaging the nerves. The feeling of his cold metal fingers sliding in and out of you and the pleasure to your clit became too much. The knot in your stomach snapping as your leg shook in your grasp. Waves of pleasure raked through your body, your mind numbing over with ecstasy. Bucky fucked you through your orgasm with his fingers, prolonging it for as long as he could. Rubbing your sensitive little nub until you were pushing him away.
“Look at that sweetheart, it’s so easy.” Bucky husked as he pressed a kiss to your clit. Your body jolted at the contact, far too sensitive for his touch. “Look at me.” He demanded.
Your eyes were still glued shut, body numb and tired. But Bucky wasn’t having it, he brought his hand down, slapping you pussy. Just hard enough to send a sting to the area, which then spread throughout your whole body. Reluctantly you opened your eyes to meet his. Bucky sent you a look, as if he was asking you to do something, and then you remembered he’d asked you to count.
“One.” You choked.
“Good girl.” Was all Bucky said before he dove back into your pussy. His tongue lapping up all of your cum. The pain of the oversensitivity soon became pleasurable, you moaned loudly as Bucky licked up your slit to your clit. Circling the nub with his tongue before pulling it between his lips, sucking lightly. He brought his teeth around your clit, pulling back a bit.
“Bucky...” You moaned, you weren’t sure whether you were asking him to stop or for more. No matter, he didn’t stop. Licking back to your entrance, slipping his tongue in and fucking you.
Your next orgasm came much faster. The pleasure racking through you, your hips bucked up into his face.
Bucky grabbed your hips, holding you against his tongue as he took in all of your cum. “Two.” You breathed.
But Bucky didn’t even think about stopping, continuing to eat your pretty pussy. His tongue slipping in and out of you, his hands holding you legs wide. Tears welded in your eyes from how good it felt. You looked a mess when he lifted his pretty blue eyes up to your face. Head thrown back, lips parted as breathless screams escaped the pink flesh. Hair mussed and tangled.
“Such a mess baby. You gonna make a mess on my tongue again?” Bucky muttered against your pussy. His sinful words sent you over the edge again. A full scream leaving your mouth this time as your entire body spasmed. Walls clenching around nothing as Bucky’s tongue licked you clean. Messy tears flowed down your face, your makeup surely spread everywhere.
Once your body finally stopped shaking, Bucky trailed back up to your face. “So pretty when you cry for me.” He grabbed your chin softly, bringing your eyes to meet his. “What number was that, doll?”
“Three.” You whispered, your hips involuntarily bucking up to meet his. You whined when the rough fabric of his jeans brushed up against your abused clit. All you wanted was for him to fuck you. Fill you so good like he always did.
“Please, Bucky.” You cried, pulling on his shirt.
“What do you want, sweetheart?” Of course he knew exactly what you wanted, he just had to torture you.
“Please.” You pleaded. “Fuck me.” You pulled his shirt again.
“See, that’s all I needed.” Bucky reached his hand behind his back, pulling his shirt over his head and tossing it unceremoniously onto the floor. Your hands ran down his toned chest, too tired to do anymore.
Unzipping his pants and pulling out his hard cock. You took a second to admire him, thick and long, always fills you so well, before Bucky lined his tip up with your entrance. Rubbing his tip against your wetness, up your slit before circling your clit. You whined out again at the direct stimulation of your sensitive nerves. Bucky shushed you gently before lining up with your entrance and slowly pushing in. The feeling was unforgiving as he sick into you, inch by inch. He wanted you to feel every last bit of him, ever vein and curve. It drove you mad. He groaned when your tight whole clenched around his length. Once he was fully inside of you he took a second to just enjoy the feeling of your tight walls and wetness welcoming him. Then all gentle touches were lost as he set a bruising pace.
Each thrust harder then the last, your body tutted on the bed from the force of Bucky’s thrusts. It felt heavenly, your mouth opened in ecstasy. “Bucky, Bucky, Bucky!” You panted. He leaned down to take one of your hard nipples in his mouth. Sucking the bud, grabbing it gentle between his teeth and pulling back just a bit. One of his hands grabbed your right leg, hiking it up around his waist. The new angle allowed him to touch deeper within you. Every single touch sent your over sensitive body closer and closer to the edge.
Until he stopped. His mouth leaving your breast and his hard cock sliding out of your dripping core. You were just about to cry out when he flipped you onto your stomach. Pulling your hips up, your back arching and your ass in the air. You gasp at the sudden movement. And then he was back inside of you. His cock hitting deeper inside you from the improved angle.
“Cum!” Bucky demanded as he pounded into you. All it took was his command and you were being thrown off the cliff, body spasming for the fourth time in a row. He held your hips up to keep you from trying to get away from him. You moaned and cried more in pleasure.
“And that was four.” He didn’t stop once you had stopped shaking, chasing his own release. You gave up fighting, knowing it would do no good. Until only a few minutes later he was pulling you flush against his chest by your hair. His vibranium hand drifting down your body, landing right between were the two of you connected. Bucky circled your clit with his icy fingertips.
“No, no…” You shook your head tiredly. Your body is so over sensitive, and the way his cock felt as he slid almost all the way before slamming back into repeatedly.
“This is what you wanted, my love.” Bucky’s lips pressed against the tender skin behind your ear. His teeth biting down onto the skin before pulling back again. “Such a little slut. You planned all of this, little girl. Didn’t you?” His hot breath against your sweaty skin sent shivers up and down your spine.
“No, I didn’t.” You shook your head, struggling to keep your eyes open.
“Don’t try to lie to me.” Bucky punctuated every word with a thrust harder than the last. Every time he moved his cock brushed against your g spot, you shuddered at the pleasure. Your walls started clenching for the fifth time tonight, tears staining your checks farther as your orgasm was about to rack through you.
“Hold it.” Bucky could tell, but of course, you lied to him.
“Wha-no please! I can’t.” You cried.
“Yes you can, now hold it.” From the cold stimulation to your clit and the aggressive pounding into your body you couldn’t take it. “I’m sorry! Please, Buck… I’ll be good.” You pleaded.
A few moments later you felt his cock twitch inside of you, signaling he was close. He groaned deeply against your neck, “Cum.” He commanded.
It happened fast, your back arching off of his sweaty chest, a scream of pure bliss leaving your lips. Spark after spark of pleasure raked through your body as you came. Bucky followed, his hot seed shooting into you fast. Filling you even more than you already were. A mix of both of your cum dripped down your thighs as he pulled out, flipping your fucked out body over to lay on your back.
He hovered over you again, spreading your legs and scooping some of his cum off of you with his fingers and thrusting them back into you. Stuffing you full of him. Your eyes remained closed, too tired from your five orgasms to react. When Bucky thought that you’d had enough he pulled away, laying down next to you and pulling you into his chest.
“You did so good for me, doll.” He murmured into your hair, rubbing your back. You made a small noise of agreement. Bucky had been thoroughly surprised, he’d never been able to pull so many orgasms from you, not that he’d ever tried.
“M’gonna run you a bath, sweetheart. That sound good?” Bucky leaned his head down to kiss your cheek. You nodded against his chest. He then picked you up, bridal style and carried you into the bathroom.
It never ceased to amaze you how quickly Bucky’s demeanor changes with you, one second he could be fucking you incoherent and the next he’s back to gentle touches and sweet nothings.
No matter, you wouldn’t change a thing.
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Lessons in History
Part 6: Nightmares (Reprise)
Word count: 751
Pairing: History teacher Bucky Barnes x English teacher/former SHIELD agent reader
Warnings: Explicit language, violence, PTSD triggers, ANGST
A/N: Sorry this took so long!! Really wasn’t feeling it and work was tiring.
As you and Bucky started the school year, Bucky started spending more time in your classroom during lunch. He’d ask questions and tell you stories about some of the crazy things that your students said during class. You were finally starting to ease up around him, and you enjoyed his company. Better yet, your nightmares were becoming less vivid, even though they were still fairly frequent. You replaced the lamp you broke last month, and things were improving.
A few weeks later though, you’d have to return a favor.
You jolt awake for the first time in a month or so, awakened by a voice crying out in the dark. You sat completely still for a moment, making sure you weren’t just hearing things. A choked cry of “NO!” pierced through your bedroom wall. “Shit!” You whisper, scrambling for the spare key that Bucky had given you. “You probably won’t need this, but since you gave me yours, it only makes sense to give you mine,” he’d said. You flee down the hallway to your front door, then shove his key into his lock. After it jams up a couple of times, you fling the front door open, his cries growing louder as you step into his apartment.
His apartment looks sadly bare in comparison to yours. No couch, no tables, just a tv on an entertainment center in the living room. You shake your head. Mentally shopping for furniture for him will have to wait. As you open up his bedroom door, you blush at the sight of him in nothing but his boxers. It almost distracts you from the sound of him mumbling out, “Y/N, no…” as he rolls over. You freeze, not sure what to do next.
Slowly, you approach his bed. You take a deep breath. “Bucky. It’s me. It’s Y/N,” you whisper. You gently reach for his wrist, which you quickly realize is a mistake. In his sleep, his left hand reaches out to grab your throat. “Don’t you fucking touch her,” he says in his sleep, and you realize he’s still talking about you. You choke and manage to squawk, “Bucky! Wake up! Please! It’s me!” He stirs awake and sees you, then glances down at his hand around your throat. He withdraws his hand, as if he’d touched a hot stove. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry, Y/N…”
Tears fill your eyes as you finally gag and catch your breath. As you stand, you avoid his gaze and run out of his apartment as they stream down your face, Bucky calling after you. The nightmares start again for you that night.
For the next week, you avoid Bucky at all costs. You don’t let him into your classroom during lunch, and you ignore his text messages. Finally, at the end of the day on Friday, he knocks on your classroom door. “Please, Y/N. We need to talk about this.” Sighing, you open the door. Has he been crying? He looks at you with puppy dog eyes and asks, “Can I please come in?” You relent and motion him inside, picking at your nails. He sits at a student’s desk, which in a different situation would be comical for his six-foot frame. “We need to talk about the other night,” he says. “We were just becoming friends, but now I feel like we’ve taken steps back.”
You sniffle as you nod. “I know, but Bucky, I was trying to help you like you helped me. And when you choked me in your sleep you took me back to that day on the bridge all over again. Can you blame me for wanting to keep my distance?”
He shakes his head. “No, I can’t. But I also can’t be your friend and have you rebuild your walls once a month.” You avoid his gaze. He continues, “If you don’t want me around, just say that! I’ll keep myself cooped up in my classroom and I’ll ask Lauren to help me with everything! She doesn’t wince every time we make eye contact!”
“Well it sounds like you already have a backup plan, Barnes,” you say, not facing him to hide the tears burning behind your eyes. You sigh. “Okay. We’ve talked about it. Now get out.”
You hear the chair scrape the floor as Bucky gets up from the desk. “Should be your fuckin’ catchphrase at this point,” he mumbles as he walks out the door and closes it with a quiet “click.”
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jamess-bucky-barnes · 7 hours ago
Hey doll, honestly, I’d like to go to a diner with you and after we come home, drink some energy drinks and stay up all night watching YouTube together, your head on my chest, and my caressing your waist, a night full of kisses and cuddles, you can make it sexual if you want, but I just want to keep you relaxed baby
That sounds real nice. I wouldn't have ta drink any energy drinks, just cause m able ta stay up, but I'd really love to bury my face 'gainst your chest after a long day. But I might fall asleep if I get too comfortable...
But yeah, I'd love that a lot, darlin.
Tumblr media
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fangirldelusions · 8 hours ago
Bucky deserved better and I'm still bitter over Endgame. So this is a Stucky break up playlist from Bucky's perspective.
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jamess-bucky-barnes · 9 hours ago
I'm tempted to share experiences that I've had with the other teammates... Includin' Steve, Tony, Sam, n Nat... n some others
Would anyone be interested?
(Mod: Or, if anyone would like to send in asks as other characters, that is definitely welcome as well!!)
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misschris1412 · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fanfiction Winter Soldiers (Alexandra Johnson & James Buchanan Barnes “Lexie & Bucky”) 
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the-bonkers-one · 9 hours ago
I’m really not going to apologise for this one 😂😂 give my page a visit if you’re on TikTok 😎
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mercurysstars · 9 hours ago
All That Glitters Is Not Gold (part 4)
Summary: Y/n gets hired to be the avengers chief physician but also happens to be an ex assassin.
Word count: 3.2k
Warnings: Violence, one swear word?
A/N: my internet went out yesterday and my phone just didn’t want to post this :(
Tumblr media
𝘜𝘯𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘺 𝘭𝘪𝘦𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘥
𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘸𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘤𝘳𝘰𝘸𝘯.
They eyed each other intently, watching, waiting for their next move. The heated gaze of their stare still lingered when she glanced downward. She calculated her next strike like a cobra, her opponent watched fearfully. She looked back up and kicked half of her lip up in a predator-like smirk. Wordlessly she extended her arm and let the colorful card fall to the table.
"Plus 4."
"NOO!" Wanda screamed. She flailed her arms in the air like a madwoman, cursing her luck. She sat back down in her chair, crossed her arms angrily, and scowled as she watched Y/n do a victory dance.
"Not fair, we played 2 games of monopoly, 3 games of sorry, a game of Candy land AND shoots and ladders and you beat me in ALL OF THEM!" She shrieked.
"What can I say? I'm just competitive." Y/n joked. Wanda narrowed her eyes and huffed, blowing her auburn hair out of her face.
This was nice for Y/n, having friends to do silly things with and play games. Even though she longed for it when she was younger her father never allowed her or her brother to make friends, go to the mall, hang out. He said it was a waste of time or a distraction from training. So all she ever really had was herself, so the last couple of weeks for her have been 'therapeutic'.
Y/n might have never played most of the games, but to win a game you need to be competitive and have a strategy. Lucky for Y/n competitiveness and strategies are right up her alley.
"Oh come on Wands there's always Mancala." She grinned.
Wanda violently shook her head "Nope, no, not happening. Never again will I play a board game with you."
Y/n's grin turned into a large smile. "You know never is a long time."
Just as Wanda was about to reply FRIDAY interrupted. "Ms. Maximoff and Dr. Y/l/n Director Fury have requested your presence in the debriefing room."
"Ughhhh Another mission." Wanda groaned.
Nick Fury was another one of the small handful of people who knew Y/n's situation. Before she met Tony, Fury was actually the one that secretly helped her escape her old lifestyle. They kept in contact ever since. she occasionally helped with some things that he didn't want on record and in return he kept her off SHIELDS radar. 
Wanda furrowed her eyebrows. "I wonder why he wants you to come down, usually we just have FRIDAY inform the doctors."
Y/n just shrugged in response. The truth was she really didn't know why she had to go but she didn't mind. Contrary to popular belief sometimes Y/n missed all of the action so maybe going to the debriefing being a small bit helpful would fill the part of her that she felt was missing.
Y/n and Wanda were the last ones in the room. Everyone in the room was talking waiting for Fury to began. Wanda took a seat next to her boyfriend Vision and Y/n took the last free seat next to Tony and across from Bucky.
Fury got up from his seat and walked over to stand at the end of the long conference table. He cleared his throat and nodded toward Y/n.
She nodded back "Fury."
"We could use you out there."  Fury declared.
Bucky glanced at Y/n to see her grinning at Fury. She always seemed to be smiling, grinning, smirking and Bucky liked that about her. Just the thought caused him to smile like a psychopath.
"Oh come on Fury we both know that ain't my line of work." Y/n insisted.
They did this every time they met, Fury tried to get her to join the Avengers and Y/n declined. It was a ritual at this point, he never gave up and she never accepted, it was like a never-ending game of ping pong.
"Alright, we are going to need all hands on deck for this one." Fury began.
The middle of the table light up to holographic earth with a point marked on Norway.
"We've had some sources report that there are a couple of hydra bases active in Oslo Norway. There are three bases all about 5 miles apart from one another."
Bucky started to get fidgety and goosebumps at the mention of hydra, Y/n focused and she could hear his heartbeat getting faster and body temperature raise.
"There won't be many agents so this should be a relatively quick mission around a day and a half. Y/n since our regular guy isn't here you'll be on coms. Suit up we leave in 30."
Fury picked up the files off the table and left, his raincoat lifted slightly trailing behind him. Peter bounced up onto his feet and Tony stood up.
"Peter you can't go it's too dangerous for you." Tony stopped him.
"What WHY! I've gone on other ones worst than this." Peter cried.
"Because I said so and you have school tomorrow." Peter groaned, he didn't get why Tony wouldn't let him go. Just as he was about to argue Y/n interrupted.
"Come on Pete you can run coms with me."
Peter smiled at that "Ok!" He exclaimed happily.
"Alright go to the office I'll meet you up there." Peter walked out the door.
"Thank you for doing this really Sunshine." Tony breathed.
"Of course Tony you know I would do anything for you."
All of the rest of the avengers left to get ready besides leaving Y/n and Bucky in the room. "You're really good with him," Bucky stated. Y/n turned to Him.
"He's a sweet kid, well he's 16 so not much of a kid." She smiled but then her face got more serious.
"Good luck and be careful out there."
"Oh, you don't need to worry about me." Bucky looked everywhere but at Y/n, he felt as though she could see right through him.
Y/n frowned "I know what they did to you Bucky, I could feel you getting anxious during the meeting. I haven't known you for that long but I don't want to see you or anyone else get hurt."
He gave a small half-smile, Y/n tempted to lighten the mood "Plus you super soldiers smell when you guys sweat and I bet it would be unbearable after a mission."
At that Bucky gave a full belly laugh.
"Order of the Phoenix is DEFINITELY the best Harry Potter movie."
"Unt-uh no way, goblet of fire is the best and you can't tell me otherwise. It has the best character in all 8 movies Cedric." Y/n blinked dreamily.
Peter scrunched up his face in disgust and threw his napkin at Y/n. She balled it up and threw it right back.
Y/n and Peter sat with their feet up on the desk, leaning back in their chairs, eating ice cream, talking while waiting for FRIDAY to tell them when the Avengers land.
Y/n grabbed her napkin and wiped her face. She looked back at Peter "Hey so remember when you got your ass kicked not too long ago." She said with a toothy grin.
Peter scoffed "Oh yeah how could I forget."
She rolled her eyes "ANYWAYS I was talking to Tony." Peter raised his brows as a sign to continue.
"And I said I would train you because I know everyone is always busy."
Actually Tony was the one that came and asked her after the incident at the bank. She of course agreed happily, it would benefit her also keeping her sharp and in shape.
Peter shot up instantly with a wide smile. "Wait really? You'd actually do that? When do we start?"
"We can start as soon as we're done with coms."
"You're like the big sister I never had! Well if big sisters were like 10 years older than you."
"EW don't say that, it makes me feel old." Y/n shrieked.
"Mr.Stark and the Avengers are ready for you now," FRIDAY announced.
Y/n grabbed an earpiece and slipped it into her ear, Peter did the same while practically vibrating in his seat with excitement. The monitors turned on with cameras inside the facility's, Avengers body cams, and basic layouts of the buildings.
Y/n tapped on her earpiece "Can you hear me?" She got a variation of loud and clear and yes ma'am.
They split off into 3 groups; Steve, Bucky, and Sam in one. Tony, Rhodes, and Vision in another and Wanda, Natasha, and Clint in the last one. Each group taking one base to get it over with quicker.
Each group would have their own individual channel where they could talk amongst themselves and there was a group one where they could talk to the whole team. All Y/n and Peter had to do was keep watch of the cameras making sure they were all on track or if the team need directions/a way out they were there to help them.
The first half of the mission went smooth with the occasional chatter and jokes, for the most part, all she and Peter had to do were give directions now and again up until she looked at the heat sensor. She nudged Peter with her elbow.
"Hey Parker, do you see that." She pointed towards the screen, Peter moved closer to get a better look.
"It looks like bodies but not it's not warm enough." His brows furrowed.
Y/n began to type trying to open a motions sensor, she switched over to group one's channel.
"Hey Cap we picked up something on the heat sensor, 3 floor east wing it's shaped like a person but not warm enough to be one just warning you
in case you want to go check it out."
"Okay Bucky and I will check it out, can you possibly pull up the cameras in that room to give us an idea of what it is." 
"Already tried all of the cameras are out on that whole wing." Y/n began to chew on her nails and Peter ran his hand through his hair.
"Okay, thanks Y/n."
Y/n watched through Steve's body cam as he grabbed his shield off of his back putting it in front of him and Bucky. They walked into the room to see 4 super soldiers standing in a line and a bunch of cryo chambers behind them. Well, that explained the usual body temp they must be fresh out of cryo She thought.
Steve slowly lowered the shield, he looked at Bucky and he nodded. Steve threw the shield at the one on the left, it hit his stomach, then the wall, and back into Steve's arms. Bucky moves to the right punching the soldier straight in the face, bullets flew toward Bucky he threw his metal arm up, The bullets ricocheted off of the shiny metal and onto the floor.
"Sam they could really use some back up down there." Y/n breath. "On it doc."
Bucky kicked a soldier in the chest causing it to fly backward. The soldiers moved like machines, synchronized, no emotions evident on their faces, as they continued to assault Steve and Bucky. Steve threw the shield to Bucky while he swept the legs of another soldier.
Bucky threw it at the soldiers hitting his neck. The shield once again bounces off the wall, Sam broke through the window this time catching it and throwing it back to Steve. They continued to fight they moved around each other like a violent dance.
Sam landed on the ground and began to do fight hand to hand. The soldier got a couple of good hits in, Sam turned on his suit just enough where he could get up in the air a couple of feet. He turned his body and spun while opening his wing hitting the last soldier in the face.
"Tell Tony to bring the Quinjet over," Bucky said into the com while breathing heavily.
"Alright on it." Y/n sighed.
Y/n walked into the sparring room to see Peter hanging upside down on the pull-up bar. He noticed her and flipped off of it.
"So what are you going to teach me first? Show me how to do one of those cool takedowns, show me how to sneak around."
Y/n grabbed his wrist and slapped a gold bracelet on it, the bracelet made a dinging noise and she smiled "I'm going to teach you how to fight."
He lifted his wrist to his face to inspect it "Wha- what is this."
Y/n began to circle him around the mat "I've seen some videos of you fighting, you only rely on your powers, so I'm going to teach you to fight without them."
She paused and looked at him "Hit me."
Peter lifted his arm and threw a weak punch at her, she scrunched up her face "Yeah no that's not going to work."
She kicked his feet apart and angled his body so his left side was facing forward she lifted his hands so that his right one was almost covering his whole cheek and so that his left one was just under his nose. Y/n tilted his chin down a bit and took a step back.
"There that's better the problem I noticed is that when you throw a punch you don't keep a guard hand up and also you don't move your hips."
"Why do you have to move your hips?" Peter questioned.
"Well, when you rotate your hips when you punch you get more power I know you're already a strong kid but a better punch won't hurt." She stated.
"And you know all of that from one punch."
"I know that and more, you can tell a lot by the first hit someone throws. You can tell their first hit for example; their fighting style, how strong they are. Do you know who the taskmaster is?"
"Yeah he was once a SHIELD agent that got sent to infiltrate Hydra, I heard they messed him up really bad made him into a super-assassin."
"Exactly he got injected with a serum that made him be able to instantly memorize and copy any skill. He uses that to replicate fighting styles to predict his opponent's movements. The only way to beat him is to come up with a new fighting style on the spot, you have to be unpredictable and  I'm going to teach you how to be better."
Tony walked into the common room to see Y/n passed out on the couch slightly snoring with a dribble of drool running down her face and Peter laying face down on the floor with his blanket covering one leg. Tony shook Y/n awake.
"Hey Sunshine we're back, how was training?" Tony said in a quiet voice.
Y/n stretched her arms and tried to blink the sleep out of her eyes. "Oh hey Tony it went good he's probably a little sore he hit the mat a couple of times."
"I wouldn't expect anything less. Also, we are hanging out later for a job well done, and before you decline you're coming no matter what I don't care if I have to drag you here. I think Pepper still has some of your old clothes from the last time you visited."
"Alright fine." Y/n got up to go see Pepper.
"Thanks, Sunshine." She flicked him off and he chuckled.
Y/n was the last one to arrive, all of the avengers were sitting around the coffee table chatting. Wanda was the first one to notice her presence and waved her over.
"Hey, Y/n we were just talking about how the mission was a close call due to those super soldiers," Wanda informed her.
"Oh yeah, they definitely gave you guys a run for your money." Y/n chuckled.
"We're just lucky that you caught something before we went in," Steve added.
"We're going to have to have you replace our regular guy, man can't see a foot in front of him." Sam joked.
"How did you know how to run coms?" Natasha questioned.
"It wasn't hard I had some experience before college so I guessed that helped." Y/n shrugged.
"Understatement of the century," Peter muttered rubbing his side.
Natasha pushed off the couch and stood up "I'm getting another drink does anyone want one? Y/n?"
"No thanks I have to drive home my cat probably misses me."
"Why don't you just move in," Clint questioned.
Wanda gasped "Oh my god why don't you, that would be so fun then you wouldn't live so far."
"There's a free room on Bucky, Steve, and Sam's floor I think,"  Tony commented.
"Oh come on what will I do with my cat I can't just leave her."
"Bring her here." Tony grinned this was working out in his favor even though he hated animals he cared about Y/n more and wanted to make sure she was safe.
"Please Y/n PLEASE," Wanda begged.
Y/n took a deep breath "Fine I will, let me go get something to drink."
She got up and walked to the kitchen to see Natasha making her drink "Me, you, and Wanda should have a girl's day one day we haven't really got a chance to talk."
Y/n leaned against the counter and smiled "I'd really like that."
Natasha smiled back and walked back out to the living room. Y/n opened the fridge and grabbed a juice out, when she walked back out to the common she noticed Bucky wasn't there. She looked outside to see him leaning against the railing of the patio. She opens the door and walked next to him. They stared at the stars in quiet for a bit.
“So what are we doing out here?” Y/n asked
"Well I'm getting some air I don't know what you're doing."
"Well, I'm keeping you company." Y/n knew it wasn't good to be by yourself after a hard mission even if you think that's what you need.
Bucky hummed "Interesting drink of choice." He commented nodding toward her apple juice.
"I could say the same for you I thought super soldiers couldn't get drunk." She nodded back to his beer.
"We can't I drink it for the nostalgia."
"Hmm, you drink something that tastes like cat piss for memories interesting." 
Bucky chuckled but this time he was the one that got serious "I think you should move in working for the Avengers could put a target on your back and you'll be safe here."
"I'm not worried about that." She replied.
"You're different," Bucky commented.
"Oh yeah?" She raised an eyebrow.
"Yeah, everyone else would be lining up to move in to have the world's mightiest hero's protection but you shrug it off like you don't have a fear in the world. You're brave, fearless."
"One cannot be brave who has no fear." That was all she said when she turned to walk inside
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Hey doll, whatcha want me to do to you?
You want me to strip down and straddle you before I absolutely fuck you into a void full of dazed pleasure?
Or would you like me to go soft and slow and see your cute face bunch up into a face of pleasure?
Or would you like to take charge of me?
Hm, maybe on round two, round one is always the “hardest part”
Good lord... Yes please, ta all o' that
I'd be pretty damn good for ya, I promise 🤤😋 Maybe I take control in that second round n see how well ya take me?
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