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darthbloodorange · 10 hours ago
Rating: Teens and Up Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark Pairings: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark Universe: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Warnings: None Major Tags: Humour, Artist Steve Rogers, Drabble
Summery: Steve takes Jan's advice and tries pottery. (Tony isn't helping)
For the Steve|Tony|Bucky Bingo prompt “Pottery Wheel” [G5] (Link to Card)
Read below or on AO3 >HERE<
Steve leans over the wheel, fully focused on his task as he attempts the shape the mound of clay in front of him. He’d taken Jan’s advice and decided to take up a new hobby.
He enjoyed art. Back before the war, he’d only been able to explore as far as sketching and ink. Paints were far too expensive, let alone something like pottery. But he’d always wanted to try it, now he could.
Familiar arms encircle him from behind, slowly travelling down his arms towards his clay.
“Ghost me, and there’ll be no sex for a week,”
Tony sighs.
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darthbloodorange · 10 hours ago
Morning Discovery
Rating: Teens and Up Characters: Edwin Jarvis, Steve Rogers (Asleep) Pairings: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark Universe: Marvel Ultimates Warnings: Implied/Referenced Internalized Biphobia (Tony) Major Tags: Morning After, Gay Edwin Jarvis, America's Ass, Nudity, Drabble
Summery: Jarvis brings Tony his breakfast and gets a shock...
For the Steve|Tony|Bucky Bingo prompt “Edwin Jarvis” [I5] (Link to Card)
Read below or on AO3 >HERE<
Jarvis walks into Tony’s room, breakfast in hand. He doesn’t bat an eye at the other figure in Tony’s bed, it wasn’t the first time the man had brought someone home. A man, however, was unexpected. Tony, far as he could tell, loathed the idea of appearing anything less than straight.
He allows himself a short second to ogle the naked man’s toned ass, appreciating its splendour.
Then it hits him.
He recognises that ass. Its curve and fullness. He’s ogled it before.
Jarvis sets the breakfast tray down on the bedside table, wide-eyed.
Captain America was in Tony’s bed.
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darthbloodorange · 11 hours ago
Late Night Fun in the Security Room
Rating: Teens and Up Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark Pairings: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark Universe: Marvel 616 Warnings: Implied Sexual Content Major Tags: Artist Steve Rogers, Established Relationship, Implied Bottom Steve Rogers, Drabble
Summery: Steve really doesn't mind the security graveyard shift.
For the Steve|Tony|Bucky Bingo prompt “Graveyard Shift” [G1] (Link to Card)
Read below or on AO3 >HERE<
Honestly, Steve didn't mind the security graveyard shift. It's quiet and peaceful. Gave him time to think.
And if he happened to use that time to work on some of his art, well, no one needed to know.
Steve leans back in his chair, sketching out the basic idea for one of his commissions. Completely immersed in his task.
A sudden knock at the door startles him.
He rushes to hide his sketchbook. Who was up this late?
Tony walks in.
Steve sighs, relieved. "You're back."
"Mhm," Tony mumbles, slipping himself between Steve's legs. "How about you welcome me home?"
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darthbloodorange · a day ago
A Bright, Wonderful Day for a Picnic
Rating: Pg Characters: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers Pairings: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark Universe: Avengers Academy  Warnings: None Major Tags: Fluff, Picnics, Sleepy Steve Rogers, Comfort No Hurt, Everything is Beautiful and Nothing Hurts, Drabble
Summery: Steve and Tony have a picnic.
For the @cap-ironman Universe Medley, “Avengers Academy” Month
Read below or on AO3 >HERE<
It was a beautiful day.
The sun was shining and there was not a single cloud in the sky. The wind was light and soothing. Overhead in the trees, birds sang.
Tony doesn't think they could have picked out a more perfect day for a picnic. It was nice to get away from the Academy.
They had laid out a blanket on the sun-warmed grass and settled in for the afternoon.
Steve lay in Tony's lap, asleep after eating his way through their six picnic baskets.
He ran his fingers through Steve's blond hair, smiling softly at his sleeping boyfriend.
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darthbloodorange · 7 days ago
Not a Stray (I'll Always Come Back to You)
Rating: Mature Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark Pairings: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark Universe: Marvel Ultimates Warnings: Graphic Violence, Blood and Gore, Injury, Body Horror, Self-Harm, Swearing, Panic Attacks, Internalized Ableism Major Tags: Non-Consensual Body Modification, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Hurt Steve Rogers, Steve Rogers Needs a Hug, Cat/Human Hybrids, Pining Steve Rogers, Pre-Relationship, Happy Ending, Medical Inaccuracies
Summery: Steve's stomach churns as he peers at his reflection in the mirror, barely able to meet his own gaze. He looked ridiculous, a fucking monstrosity. Sat atop his head were a pair of blond cat ears.
For the Steve|Tony|Bucky Bingo prompt “Non-Consensual Body Modification” [N1] (Link to Card)
Read below or on AO3 >HERE<
Steve's stomach churns as he peers at his reflection in the mirror, barely able to meet his own gaze.
He looked ridiculous. He was a fucking monstrosity.
Sat atop his head were a pair of blond cat ears.
He feels them move; like something was crawling through his hair, burrowing deep into his spine. Screaming wrong. His tail brushes against his thighs, trying to curl between his legs. Be he doesn't let the damn thing. He stands up straight, legs pressed tight together.
There was no way he was going to let this thing beat him. He wasn't going to let the bastard who did this to him win, he won't give him the satisfaction of making him fall.
Steve raises his gaze, meeting his eyes in the mirror, glaring at the sight he sees staring back at him. Watching with disgust as his ears fold back against his head.
Tumblr media
Tentatively he raises his hands to touch his ears, but he can't bring himself to. He wasn't strong enough. He couldn't.
Steve brings his fist down against the bathroom counter with an enraged shout. The counter shatters, a large portion breaking off and tumbling to the floor. Water sprays out from the damaged sink, soaking Steve's pants and the floor.
"FUCK!" He gives the cabinet a sharp kick, shattering it. "GODDAMN ASSHOLE! FUCKING-!"
With a sharp tug, the sink comes free of the counter. Steve throws it into the shower door with an almighty crash, sending glass flying across the small space of the bathroom.
His breath catches in his throat, choking him. Steve collapses to the bathroom floor. Vision swimming, gasping for breath, he tugs at his shirt collar. Everything was too bright. Too loud. Too cold and- He couldn't breathe.
Steve raises his free hand, pressed against the cold, wet, tiled floor, and reaches for the top draw of the bathroom cabinet. Pulling out a pair of scissors.
He raises the scissors to his collar, intending to free himself but stops. It wasn't the shirt that was causing this. It was those bloody ears. They had to go. He needed to get rid of them. They weren't part of him.
Steve pries the scissors apart, leaving him with two blades. He drops one to the ground and gets up off the floor. He meets his gaze head-on in the mirror, his expression hard and unflinching. Determined.
With his free hand he grabs the right ear, holding it out, with the other he raises the blade.
Steve takes a deep breath in, preparing himself, reading himself for the pain that would no doubt follow. Gritting his teeth, he brings the knife down, cutting away the flesh.
He bites down hard on his lip, trying fruitlessly to muffle his cries. He hadn't been under the impression that the task would be painless, he'd injured his ears before, but he hadn't realized just how painful it would be. They were unbelievably sensitive.
He breathes through the pain. He could do this. He knew pain, understood it. That he could handle.
When he finishes with the first ear, he tosses down to the floor by his feet and moves on to the next.
Soon both ears are laying by his feet. He leans against the broken counter, breathing heavily, eyes squeezed shut. His ears ringing loudly over the throbbing pain. He takes a moment to just breathe through the pain, the blade still grasped tightly in his grip.
All's that's left for him to take care of now is the tail. Then he'll be done and he can put all of this behind him.
He turns around to grab his tail and is struck with an intense wave of vertigo, the world spinning around him too fast. He feels himself listing forward, so he leans back. Too far. Steve tries to grip the bathroom counter but slips, tumbling hard to the floor.
Steve sucks in a pained breath and just takes a moment to lay there on the floor, waiting for the spinning to stop. But every breath he takes shifts him and seems to set the world spinning again.
Something wasn't quite right.
He gets up onto his knees, leaning his back against the cabinet to stop himself from tipping over.
Steve grabs the discarded blade off the floor, and with shaking hands, drags it against the tiled floor.
The sound was muffled. Distorted.
He could barely hear it.
Steve digs the blade harder into the tile. The mental bends under his strength, digging into his flesh. The tile cracks.
The tile cracks and he couldn't hear it. Like a pin falling against a carpeted floor, cushioned and barely there. He couldn't hear it.
"Oh god," he chokes out.
What has he done?
He couldn't... He can't hear.
Bile burns its way up his throat. He swallows it down.
Grabbing his ears and shoving them in his pockets, Steve pulls himself up onto his feet, using the remains of the bathroom counter for support. His legs, trembling, barely support his weight.
He stumbles towards the bathroom door, reaching for the handle with wet, blood-soaked hands.
Help. He needed help.
 He needed Tony.
With his balance thrown off completely, it wasn't his most stealthy attempt of sneaking into Tony's mansion. But he managed.
Steve leaned his weight against the wall as he makes his way down the hallway to Tony's room.
He turns the doorknob, finding it unlocked.
Steve lets out a relieved huff as he slips into the dark room. He shuts the door and rests against the door frame, eyeing the distance to Tony's bed. Taking a moment to weigh up his options, trying to find the few that wouldn't leave him face-first on Tony's floor.
At this point, however, he doesn't think he could find it in him to care. The world was still spinning, he could barely hear anything, and- and everything just hurt too much to care.
Carefully he makes his way over to Tony's sleeping form.
"Tony...?" he whispers, shaking the man's shoulder lightly. "Tony, wake up."
Tony groans and rolls over, mumbling into his silk pillow.
Steve bites his lip, trying to keep himself composed. "Tony. Please," He tries to raise his voice but finds that he can't. His voice sounded like he felt right now: weak, shaky and hurt.
Steve sucks in a wobbly breath. "Please?" he begs, leaning more against the bed. "Tony, please, I need you."
The edge of the mattress gives under Steve's weight, letting him drop to the floor with a heavy thump. He lets out a tired sigh and just lays there on the cold floor.
The noise must have woken Tony because soon the man is leaning over the edge of the bed and staring down at him.
"Steve!" Tony says, quickly throwing aside the covers. "Steve, you're meant to be in medical. What are you doing here?"
"I-I fucked up," Steve chokes out, desperately trying to blink back the tears he doesn't want to fall. Biting back the pleas waiting on the tip of his tongue for Tony to fix this. Fix him. Fears of being a burden, like he had been before... all this, run wild in his head. Of being kicked off the team. Despite how much he's been trying, he doesn't know how to make it in this crazy world he woke up in. He doesn't know what he'll do. Aside from SHIELD and the Ultimates, all Steve had were Bucky and Gail.
Tony turns the lights on, gasping when he sees Steve and the mess he was. "What did you do?" the man asks, quickly getting out of bed. He helps Steve up off the floor and leads him towards the bathroom, setting him down on the toilet seat.
Steve watches as Tony rushes about the room, gathering supplies.
"Now, I'm always happy to see you, Steve," Tony says, pulling a chair over to sit in front of Steve. "You should visit more. But I'd like to know what brings you to my bedside in the middle of the night covered in blood?"
Steve sighs, pulling the damn cat ears out of his pocket. "I cut 'em off," he says quietly.
Tony draws in a long breath, staring wide at the ears, and lets it out slowly.
"I didn't want them," he mumbles. "Turns out, they may be important." He shrugs and looks away, unable to meet Tony's eyes.
"Yeah, ears... ears do tend to be important..." Tony says, still staring at the ears.
Steve draws in on himself, pulling back the ears. A sharp pang of pain spears through his heart. "If you're just gonna-..." he trails off, too tired to fight. "Maybe I should just go," he says.
Tony grabs his shoulder, keeping Steve seated. "No, stay. Sorry," the man says. "I'll help you,"
Steve feels himself sag in relief. "Thank you," he breathes. "Do you...?" Steve stops himself, it was probably a ridiculous question.
"Do I...?" Tony prompts, a brow raised.
Steve swallows down the lump sitting in his throat. "You think they could be reattached?" he asks.
"Maybe? I'm not sure. They might not be salvageable, but, with the serum... you might be in luck," Tony says. "Really, I should be driving you to medical right now, but I've got the feeling you're gone through enough stress tonight, so I'm going to try reattaching them myself."
Steve nods.
He sits quietly as Tony works to stitch his ears back on.
"There we go," Tony says, turning Steve's head to inspect his work. "That will do for now. Tomorrow you are going back to medical and getting them checked out."
"Will you come with me? to medical?" he asks.
"Of course," Tony says softly, brushing his hand down the back of Steve's neck soothingly.
With gentle hands, Tony cleans Steve up, washing away all the blood from his face and hair with a damp cloth. He leans forward into Tony's touch, socking in the comfort to be found there.
Tony helps Steve slip into the spare pants and leads him to his bed.
"You sure?" he asks, eyeing the man's fancy bedding. "I wouldn't want to make a mess."
"Nonsense," Tony says, "It will be fine."
Despite the reassurance, Steve still pauses before getting into Tony's bed.
Tony raises the covers and slides in, leaving room for Steve to get in beside him. "You can sleep wherever you like, Darling." The man says, rubbing the space beside him invitingly, "But I'm sure you'll be more comfortable sleeping here with me,"
He gazes longingly at the spot. Right where Tony was laying before he woke him. It'd be warm. And safe. It'd probably also smell of the man's aftershave.
He wants it so much.
And he could have it. Tony had offered it to him. He probably wouldn't mind if he curled up close beside him.
"Steve?" Tony calls softly.
He grabs the edge of the blankets, left open for him, and pulls them back up. Tony's face falls, he recovers quickly with a smile, but not fast enough for Steve to miss, even in the state he was.
Letting out a breath he hadn't known he'd been holding he hops up onto the bed, crawling across the covers towards Tony.
"What?" Tony asks, confusion clear in his voice.
He was a little unsure too, but it felt... right? maybe that wasn't quite it. But he knew he wanted to be closer to Tony, and this felt like the most natural way to go about that.
Steve lays himself across Tony's lap, his back pressed against the man's warm chest. He curls himself up tight, trying to take as little space as possible, tail tucked up over his hip and around his belly.
A soft laugh falls from Tony's lips, lifting a little of the weight resting on Steve's chest. A warm hand comes to rest on his back, rubbing in slow, comforting circles.
Steve closes his eyes and falls asleep.
Tumblr media
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ampmiscfiles · 7 days ago
The Webs We Weave
Eight years ago Tony Stark tracked down Peter Parker to come to Germany.
Eight years, a fight with The Avengers and a personal battle with a man that went by Vulture passed.
Peter Parker had put a lot of thought into his decision and left Tony Stark behind. Who wanted to be involved with someone who blackmailed him into a battle he was unprepared for and then wanted to control every task he got involved with.
A collapsed building would never leave Peter’s mind.
Eight years and Tony hasn’t given up the pursuit to reunite with him.
Peter has no interest is reconnecting.
Relationships: Spiderpool, minor Spideycat, VERY minor Ironshield
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ad1thi · 9 days ago
hear me out hear me out hear me out i have a new idea (that can work for any tony ship tbh but im thinking stevetony thoughts today):
AU where Steve is Captain America but like, a viligante/masked hero type Captain America where nobody knows who he is and he has a very separate life as Steve Rogers: Art Professor and he’s dating Tony Stark: Physics Professor but the pressure of keeping his superhero identity secret takes its toll on his relationship (missed dates, unexplained absences because he’s recovering from injuries etc) and finally Tony can’t take it so he breaks up w Steve — and Steve is heartbroken but he can’t say anything without giving up his identity and he can no longer see Tony as Steve so he starts spending time around Tony as Cap (little things like walking him to class and bringing him coffee but also big things like saving him from super-villains a la Superman and Lois Lane) and Tony and Cap get close (which is hella conflicting for Steve because on the one hand Tony’s still falling for him but Tony doesn’t know it’s him so actually Tony’s moving on from their breakup and isn’t that a mindfuck?) BUT BUT BUT Cap’s newfound interest in Tony doesn’t go unnoticed and Tony gets kidnapped and Steve almost goes mad trying to find him and when he finally does he doesn’t even think he just pulls Tony in for a kiss - desperate to reassure himself that Tony is alive and safe but reality catches up with him, and with supreme effort he pulls away, and apologizes to Tony for kissing him because that was out of line and Tony’s looking at him with an inscrutable expression, letting him fumble through an apology until he stops talking and Tony’s just like: Do you truly think that little of me? I’ve kissed you a thousand times in a thousand different ways, did you truly not expect me to recognize the taste of your lips Steve?
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honeyybunnies · 13 days ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark Characters: Tiberius Stone Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - High School, Childhood Friends, Best Friends, Friends to Lovers, Fluff, Tooth-Rotting Fluff, First Kiss, Getting Together, Feelings Realization, Love Confessions, Falling In Love, Attempt at Humor, inspired by a song, legit 80 percent dialogue oops, Not Beta Read Series: Part 2 of first kiss mwah! Summary:
Oh no. His brain said.
But his heart said, oh yes.
 or, tony and steve are best friends and they realize that they've actually been in love this entire time.
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darthbloodorange · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My artwork for the @cap-ironman​ Reverse Bang 2021, Team Winghead.
Check out the two wonderful stories written for the art.
‘When the Flowers Bloom’ by UisceOneLove and ‘You And I Will Use A Little Patience’ by Shadowolf19
Tumblr media
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iwasnotaslasher · 24 days ago
Chapters: 7/12 Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Captain America (Movies) Rating: Explicit Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Minor or Background Relationship(s) Characters: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanov (Marvel), Bruce Banner, Thor (Marvel), Clint Barton, Nick Fury, James "Rhodey" Rhodes, James "Bucky" Barnes, Pepper Potts, Peter Parker, Sam Wilson (Marvel) Additional Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Omega Tony Stark, Alpha Steve Rogers, Past Pepper Potts/Tony Stark, Minor Bruce Banner/Natasha Romanov, Minor Bucky Barnes/Sam Wilson, Minor Pepper Pots/James "Rhodey" Rhodes, Howard Stark's A+ Parenting, Tony Stark Has Issues, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Past Child Abuse, Tony Stark Needs a Hug, Steve Rogers Feels, Protective Steve Rogers, Nightmares, Sharing a Bed, Nesting, Scenting, Courting Rituals, Claiming Bites, Scent Marking, Mating Rituals, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Self-Lubrication, Tony Stark Has Self-Esteem Issues, Artist Steve Rogers, Knotting, Rimming, Awkward Flirting, Awkward First Times, Cuddling & Snuggling, Friends to Lovers, Enthusiastic Consent, Miscarriage, Mpreg, Dorks in Love, Emotional Baggage, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Tony Stark Acting as Peter Parker's Parental Figure, Domestic Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, no beta we die like men, Slow Burn Summary:
Tony Stark is an Omega and he hates it. Plain and simple. He takes suppressants and blockers and every exsisting chemical that can help him hide his sub-genre. He avoids Alphas like his life depends on it. Needless to say, he never shared a heat with an Alpha. All his life he went on pretenging to be a Beta, and nobody knows the truth nor the reasons about his issues with his sub-genre. Nobody still alive, at least. But then - Then they thawed out from arctic ice an old war hero. Steve Rogers was an Omega, then the serum turned him into an Alpha. And into a super-soldier with an enhanced sense of smell. He can smell the lie on Tony - quiet litterally. But you know, Steve Rogers belong to an era where Alphas were real gentlemen. So, without really know what he's doing, he start courting Tony. And he do it like a good Alpha would do back in his days - like omega!Steve dreamed to be courted. But how will the elusive Omega react to this?
[A.K.A. the A/B/O toothrooting Stony nobody asked for, but I'm obsessed with it from years, so I have to get it out from my head.]
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darthbloodorange · 27 days ago
Rating: Pg Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark Pairings: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark Universe: Marvel Cinematic Universe Warnings: None Major Tags: Fluff, Sleepy Steve Rogers
Summery: Tony gifts Steve a nice, warm blanket.
For the TonyStarkBingo's May Flash Bingo prompt  “Alpaca” [Card 1 prompt #4] (Link to Card)
Read below or on AO3 >HERE<
Steve sighs happily, drawing the soft, grey blanket tighter around himself. "It's so soft... and warm," Steve mumbles into the fabric.
Tony smiles, pleased. "It's made from Alpaca wool," he says, rubbing his hand over Steve's blanketed shoulder. "I take it that you like it then?" he asks, already knowing the answer.
Steve nods, his eyes slowly falling shut.
Tony runs his fingers through Steve's short blond hair, pressing a soft kiss to his forehead.
'He looks so happy and content'  Tony thinks to himself.
Stepping away, he decides that he won't tell Steve how much the Alpaca blanket cost...
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darthbloodorange · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
It is hard to get any sleep them your housemates seem intent on having the loudest sex humanly possible. Clint tries sabotages their bed, just to send a message. But the message doesn't seem to get through and Steve and Tony just keep buying new beds.
For the Banned Together Bingo 2020 (Gen Card) prompt “Violent Sex” [G2]
Interpretation of Prompt: Steve and Tony break the bed with some 'violent sex'.
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darthbloodorange · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Steve doesn't think he is worthy of someone like Tony.
For the Banned Together Bingo 2020 (Gen Card) prompt “Low Self-Esteem” [O3]
Interpretation of Prompt: A Steve Rogers with Self-Esteem issues and insecurity.
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darthbloodorange · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Bucky is sick and tired of Steve and Tony dancing around each other and both too nervous to make the first move. If he has to deal with even a single moment more of their mopping, he will take matters into he own hands.
"So when are you going to ask Steve out, Stark?" Bucky asks.
Tony freezes. "I... uh... I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about," he says, digging around in his toolbox as an excuse not to meet Bucky's steely gaze.
Bucky shrugs, looking away. "Whatever," he scoffs. "But someone like Steve? Just know I told you so when some other Alpha comes along and steals him away. He's not going to wait forever, and heaven knows he's too useless to make a move himself."
Tony almost lets himself imagine it, but no, there's no way Steve's interested in him.
For the Tony Stark Bingo Mark IV prompt "IMAGE: Tony and Bucky in the lab" [K3]
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darthbloodorange · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Steve and Tony at Pride together.
For the Marvellous Aces prompt “Free Space/Get out Jail Free” for square [C2]
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darthbloodorange · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tony loves his knew pet, he travelled through the multiverse just to find him. Tony deserves the best of the best, of course.
For the Stony Bingo 2020 Round 2 prompt “Superior Iron Man” [S5]
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darthbloodorange · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Draw him like one of your French Girls Tsums
For the Banned Together Bingo 2020 (Gen Card) prompt “Sexy Posture Art” [G5]
Interpretation of Prompt: Tony-Tsum poses for Steve-Tsum’s art
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darthbloodorange · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tony cuddles a mortally wounded Steve.
(He stepped on Lego)
For the Banned Together Bingo 2020 (Gen Card) prompt “Physical Agony” [B4]
Interpretation of Prompt: Stepping on Lego = Physical Agony 😂
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darthbloodorange · a month ago
Rating: Mature Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark Pairings: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark Universe: Marvel Cinematic Universe Warnings: Blood and Injury, Major Tags: Firefighters AU, Firefighter Steve Rogers, Fire. Concussions. Smoke inhalation, Rescue, Building Collapse, burning building, Hurt Steve Rogers
Summery: Captain Rogers is trapped within a burning building. Iron Man comes to the rescue.
For the Steve|Tony|Bucky Bingo prompt “Firefighter” [G5] (Link to Card)
And for the Fan Flashwork challenge “Smoke"
Remix of my Artwork “Rescuing a Hero” => Tumblr Link | AO3 Link
Read below or on AO3 >HERE<
"Engine A1943 to New York Command."
"New York Command. Ready to receive."
"Mayday. Mayday. Mayday. A1943 Captain down."
"Copy, Engine A1943. Mayday."
"Affirmative, Command."
"All Units advised. Engine A1943 calling Mayday. FAST on route. Clear traffic. Fireground radio traffic to channel 16."
Tony makes a sharp turn, putting everything he's got into the thrusters.
His stomach feels like a lead weight, his heart was in his throat. He doesn't allow himself to think. There was no room for that.
The first thing he sees as he approaches is the huge mass of black smoke rising above the rooftops. Then he sees the massive flames eating away at the house. The situation didn't look good.
He lands beside who he assumes is the Incident Commander, "Where is he?" he asks.
The firefighter stares at him in shock for half a second before responding. "Towards the back, right side. Pinned somewhere between the 1st and 2nd floor."
Tony takes off towards the burning building, entering through a broken window on the 2nd floor.
Warnings flash across his HUD about the heat and oxygen levels. Tony quickly pushes them aside. The Iron Man armour could withstand it.
The roof above him creaks loudly, threatening to cave in. To his right, something crackling wildly, some sort of electronic or wiring. There wasn't much time.
"JARVIS? Scan the building. Find him." he orders as he rushes forward, deeper into the building. He leaves the room and heads down the hallway.
His foot connects with something thick and rubbery. Too heavy to be a mat, and too thick.
He crouches down to investigate, but visibility is poor. Cautiously he grabs it.
It was a fire-hose.
Chances were if he followed it, it could lead him to Steve. That is if he went in the right direction. And if Steve hadn't be separated too far from his hose.
He tries to picture the floor plan of the house. But it was no use. There was no way to tell, and getting JARVIS to find the plans in the local council's systems would probably waste too much time.
Tony takes a deep breath and goes right. He holds the hose loosely, letting it slide through his fingers.
Instincts tell him to go slow. The smoke filling the room was thick, too thick to really see through. The floor was littered with debris, threatening to trip him.
But he doesn't let it slow his steps.
Every second, every single breath he took, was one less Steve had. Steve didn't have time for Tony to spare.
Tony reaches the end of the hallway. His armoured book meets air suddenly. He grabs the handrails before he could tumble down the stairs.
"Shit!" He'd gone the wrong way.
He turns to go back down the hallway but the floor crumbles beneath his feet, taking him with it.
Tony lands hard on his side, flames dancing around him. He quickly pushes himself up onto his feet and out of the burning rubble, thankful for the fire protection the armour provided him.
The hallway was likely completely unstable now. As was the rest of the house. It probably won't be too long before the whole thing would be coming down. Whatever time he'd hoped he had? well, he had less than that.
Without a glance back, he continues on his search.
"Any luck yet on the scans, J?" he asks.
"I'm afraid not, Sir," JARVIS responds. "The smoke and extreme temperatures within the building are causing some difficulty,"
Tony takes a couple of deep breaths, trying to calm himself down. Panicking wasn't going to save Steve.
"Have FAST arrived yet?" he asks. Maybe the Firefighter Assist and Search Team would have an easier time finding Steve. It was what they were specialized in, after all.
"They have not, Sir," JARVIS says, "I believe FAST have been delayed by the New York traffic."
"Fuck!" Was it too much to ask that people pull over for emergency services?
Over the roaring fire, the creaking and groaning of the house, he hears it. An oddly rhythmic, tinny tapping. Not unlike an old washing machine on its last legs, stubbornly hanging on as it works away. Completely out of place amongst the other sounds, loud, chaotic, and arrhythmic.
Tony rushes towards the sound, breaking through doors. Then, across the room, he spots the light of a torch, eliminating the thick smoke.
It had to be him.
He quickly makes his way over. And sure enough, it was Steve.
The man was trapped, pinned awkwardly on his side against the wall. Two large wooden beams that looked to be from the roof rested against the man's chest and abdomen, crushing him. In his hand was a crowbar that he was banging against a strip of metal that was sticking out from the wall.
Steve's suit was singed, torn in places revealing weeping burns and deep wounds that bleed into the fabric of the uniform. His helmet looked to be intact and undamaged. The protective visor was still drawn but split down the right side, smeared with its wearer's blood. His suit's SCBA mask was cracked, digging into his face.
"Oh, ...hey," Steve croaks, his half-lidded eyes pulling over to look at him, slow and dazed. Underneath the mask, the man flashes him what he expects to be a bloody grin. "Ya'here," the man mumbles, his words slow and slurred, "Thas'cool,"
"You are always getting into trouble," Tony grumbles, stepping forward. "Let's get you out of here." He grabs hold of one of the beams. He tugs it, trying to pull it away, but it was really wedged in there. Looking up, he tries to see if anything was resting on it above them, but the smoke obscured everything.
"Probably a bad idea with all the fire," he mutters to himself, "But I would be hard-pressed to make things worse." Tony aims his laser cutter at the wooden beam, cutting through it like warm butter.
But things do get worse. The beams quickly catch alight. Just like he hoped they wouldn't.
"Shit!" He says, quickly shooting CO2 over the fast-spreading fire.
When he's finished putting out the first fire, another has already taken its place. The house was already too hot, small chunks of burning debris rain from the ceiling like molten snowflakes. The force of the CO2 only seems to push the air around, the surrounding fires.
This wasn't working. There wasn't enough time to worry about the small fires when the building was about to collapse and become one big fire.
Tony grabs hold of one of the beams and pulls as hard as he could to the side.
With a loud clang, Steve's crowbar his the floor as the man claws desperately at the remaining beam holding him in place against the wall. Steve lets out a choked-off scream, his voice broken and raw. He bucks against the beam, digging his heels into the wall.
"Fuck! Steve!" Tony shout. "Steve, listen to me. CAPTAIN! C'mon, Rogers! Stop!" He grabs the man's shoulder, giving it a shake to get the man's attention. "STEVE!"
Steve stills and looks up at Tony. "St'k," he mumbles, pawing at the beam.
"I'm going to get you out," he promises. "You have to stay still for me though, okay?"
Steve doesn't respond but is calmer than he was before. Tony wasn't sure if Steve had understood what he had said, or was calmer knowing that someone was by his side trying to help him.
Shaking his head, Tony cuts through the last beam with the laser cutter, holding it in place so that Steve wouldn't just fall.
With his hands holding Steve firmly in place by his hips, Tony kicks away the beam, shielding Steve with his armoured body.
The beam hits the ground with a loud bang, lighting up dirt and dust into the smoke around them. Tony watches the ceiling, hoping that beam wasn't supporting anything. But nothing shifts or comes free.
Carefully he lowers Steve onto his feet, mindful to make sure he wasn't impaled on anything.
Now that he was free, they could get out of this place.
Steve steps away from the wall and drops to the ground, his breath coming in ragged coughs and wheezes. The man gags hard after a particularly vicious cough. His hand raises to pull at the neck of his uniform, tagging at it.
Tony quickly realizes that Steve was trying to remove his mask.
He quickly drops down beside him and pulls his hand away. As broken as the mask was, it was hopefully still doing the man some good. He doesn't know if it was still providing oxygen, but it was, as least, shielding his face. "Leave it!" he says as Steve raises his hand back to his mask again.
Steve looks up at him with glazed eyes, his expression puzzled.
Getting up, he pulls Steve to his feet. "We got to get out of here. C'mon," he says, leading Steve forward by his arm. "Can you walk?"
Steve takes four wobbly steps before he is down on his knees. His eyes squeezed shut. Mumbling something that Tony couldn't understand, the man pitches forward onto the ground with a groan.
"STEVE!" Tony cries.
He shakes the man's shoulder but receives no response.
A huge crack comes from above them.
Not waiting any longer, Tony hooks his hands underneath Steve's arms and lifts him up.
What remains of the second-story floor starts caving in just as takes off. With the aid of JARVIS, he flies them through the burning building and out through a part of the exterior wall that had collapsed, into the back garden.
He lets out a relieved breath as they clear the building and all the smoke. With Steve still limp in his arms, he flies around the front of the building.
The Fire-crew cheer as they see them, relieved to see their Captain.
Tony lays Steve down on the grass. Within moments EMTs surround Steve. Tony steps back, letting them do their work.
He walks over to the fire-crew, ignoring the way his hands were beginning to shake. Everything was fine. Steve was going to be okay.
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