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saadiaaf10 hours ago
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Jenin, Jenin (Mohammad Bakri, 2002)
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neetstudyblr11 hours ago
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Day 95 // Soul mates are not just lovers
I started off late today, I did topics from organic chem and by tommorow, hopefully, I'll be able to complete the Organic's fantaeasy four chapters . Today was nice&fine , I had some cake and I also met the cat dost and, yk I miss reading the newspaper, so hoping they'd be back soon.
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welcome2mytwistedminda day ago
i dont want ao3 canceled but i wish certain content posters would drop dead :) the slippery slope of censorship is real but my GOD i dont want to see this in any main tags and i cant block everything perfectly always
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orienta1isma day ago
i鈥檝e been feeling so under the weather this week... i don鈥檛 think i鈥檓 at risk of covid as i鈥檝e been fully vaccinated for some time, but my throat鈥檚 been sore for days & i鈥檓 all sniffly and exhausted. it def isn鈥檛 helping that the rainy season鈥檚 started & it鈥檚 been overcast and storming for four days straight here. all i want to do is curl up with some tea & doze off
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arsenalmaroc9a day ago
Pass the happy! 馃А When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and send this to the last 10 people in your notifications! <3!
Five things that make me happy...
1. Reading Quran with tafseer ( ibn Katheer is clear but Jalalain is good too) i don't do this nearly as much as a should btw.
2. Reading and studying basics of Aqeedah. Its just perfect mashallah.
3. Eating and gaming
4. Eating and watching anime at same time
5. Sleeeeeping
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the-iron-orchida day ago
Just another Muslim-heritage-coding headcanon for Asra...
He still occasionally uses phrases like Inshallah, Mashallah, and Alhamdulillah, particularly when his emotions are running high.
And when he really, really wants something to go well, he鈥檒l start the task with a whispered Bismillah under his breath.
(Usage notes under the cut - again, I am not Muslim myself, and additions and suggestions are welcome!)
Inshallah means聽鈥榠f Allah wills it鈥 or 鈥楪od willing鈥, and is used in the same way - to speak of things that one hopes will come to pass, acknowledging that Allah鈥檚 will supersedes all else. (It is also used to politely or obliquely refuse a request, and I 100% see Asra being sassy enough to do this...)
Mashallah means聽鈥楢llah has willed it鈥, and is used to invoke protection from envy and the Evil Eye when someone speaks of their good fortune or is praised - the implication is that this is a thing that God has willed, so nothing else can interfere or take it away. A person can say this for themself, or another may say it for them, but someone will absolutely say it!
Alhamdulillah聽means聽鈥淧raise be to Allah鈥 or聽鈥淭hank God!鈥 It is used when someone has achieved something difficult, or when a difficult situation turns out well. (It is also used when people sneeze, with specific responses outlined in the Qur鈥檃n.) Again, the implication is that all praise for good things that happen is due to Allah alone - a way of keeping the ego in check and practicing gratitude.
Bismillah means聽鈥榠n the name of Allah鈥 and acts as a blessing upon the undertaking one starts it with. It is the very first word in the Qur鈥檃n.
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transiconlink3 days ago
I鈥檓 reading kite runner for the first time (which is beautiful and tragic and AMAZING) but all I can think of whenever a character says 鈥渋nshallah鈥 is that one poster that says 鈥渢oday we鈥檒l be watching finding Nemo! Inshallah he finds him鈥 and I can鈥檛 stop laughing, send help
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orienta1ism4 days ago
i feel like . u don鈥檛 ever forget how u received the news of someone鈥檚 death. like i think that the moment sticks with u, in sickeningly clear detail, forever
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chaandajaan5 days ago
馃悇 meow
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h-isforhome6 days ago
i hope its okay for me to reply to your posts about your mom! i just wanted to say i understand those emotions because i've felt them myself and its difficult to deal with the guilt of not being able to solve all the issues for our parents. i think the best thing i did for my mom was find her a therapist and force her to go lol. i was tired of being that for her. she has an abusive childhood and a rough upbringing but instead of feeling pity for her, i always reminded her that her life was whatever she made it and for her to take control. now, i just listen without offering advice and tell her im proud of her all the time. mother-daughter relationships are so painful to navigate. we can't change their lives, we can only love them. hope it gets better <3
aw waittttt this is v kind of u :-( 鈥硷笍 [sorry i started writing i鈥檓 the tags after the first sentence & didn鈥檛 notice & can鈥檛 copy them here sksbks] but yes !!!! everything u said abt just listening & stuff and also rmbr鈥檊 she has a chance to change herself is very true & i will try to rmbr it :鈥)
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petrosapian6 days ago
it's midnight and i have successfully spent a whole day avoid chores. im gonna cook some cauliflower now.
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neneldi6 days ago
failed my paper <33 have to rework it from the ground up on a weeks notice <33 it literally never ends <33
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wolfsena6 days ago
There鈥檚 no pain in jannah
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azzylon6 days ago
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petrosapian7 days ago
Season three final send mixed signals on the whole Antigone and Chapman for season three (at least I think so I鈥檓 nuts) Antigone says she won鈥檛 let anyone else waste her time and then she hangs back before the air below to talk to him and sets a guide line for the relationship and I鈥檓 sorry but competitor is a sexy thing to call your ex crush
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