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chamomile-crow · an hour ago
pro tip to all physical world enjoyers, do not wear long pants in 85F degree heat while you walk 5.8km to and from public transport
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sith-nb · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Commission for @revanchxst of their and @ipreferfiction Chiss, Elshe'reth and Riisa!
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drmonkeysetroscans · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Child killers.
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holdharmonysacred · 4 hours ago
I want to read the Something Awful LP of FE3H but the fact that OP is doing Crimson Flower last combined with this one person in the thread having to constantly speak up in Azure Moon’s defense combined with several other weird comments about Edelgard and Rhea gives me super bad vibes. I’ve heard too many horror stories about hardcore edelgard stans, I won’t want to binge read the thread and get punched with extreme turbo ableism towards Dimitri or people being horrible about Rhea the literal genocide survivor.
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glitterofthepast · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia of Russia on their last formal photo session, 1916. Photo colored by me, the background comes from an enhanced verssion of delicateflowersofthepast. ♥
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bauliya · 6 hours ago
to be fair I don't care about tfatws, the heavy handed military propaganda and bucky brutally murdering asians for his manpain was too much for me, I just think this situation is super funny
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latinashepard · 6 hours ago
ok girlboss! thanks for the heads-up
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commievoltie · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
From the wonderful Proletarian Pocketbook. Do support them by ordering the book if you can as they bring valuable knowledge to people.
Here is a free pdf link shared by them.
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hello-yue-here · 7 hours ago
up next: jet my beloved.
the freedom fighters origin story that we deserve.
ft. trans girl smellerbee (ik its kinda implied in canon but i rlly do not know if thats confirmed by anyone so here i am confirming it), found family, and lots of hurt and i guess a little comfort (yk. as a treat.)
jet was a happy kid. he had a baby sister. he had two parents that loved him. he had friends. he had a house. he had a lake near his town that was safe to play in. he had everything a ten year old boy could want in life.
but the fire nation took all of that away from him.
he and the other kids of the town were playing in the lake when suddenly they heard a thundering noise. a muffler voice. burning. screaming.
they kids ran through the forest by the lake to see what was happening in the town. they saw the fire nation coming to take over. they hid behind the trees like they were told to do if this ever happened to them.
jet was scared, but when he saw the village on fire he didnt want to hide. he had a baby sister and a mother and a father in his house. he ran through the streets trying to find them: but his house was burning. his house had collapsed. he started yelling for his family, hoping that they had made it out.
someone grab him and ran with him. it was one of the old men who came by once a week to deliver fresh goods to the marketplace, today mustve been delivery day.
the man ran with jet and they escaped the village together.
jet never knew what happened to his family.
the man takes jet in and lets him live with him until he dies. the man is old but he gave jet everything he needed. jet was 11 when he died. and now he was alone again. the man was a bright spot for jet for the one short year they had together, and jet would remember him throughout his journey (im sorry he doesnt have a name i havent done research for this bad boy yet)
jet begins to wander the earth kingdom, he comes across different people who let him stay for a few nights before he leaves again. he begins to see even more of the damage created by the fire nation and gets angry. they took his family and now they try and take everyone else too?
jet is 12 when he tries joining the earth kingdom army. they laugh in his face. hes a nonbender! hes twelve! hes a weak runt of a boy! no one wants him.
fine he doesnt need the stuck up army anyways.
hes in the woods late one night trying to find some berries to eat. suddenly hes struck in the arm with a bow n arrow. a boy his age comes running out, hes covered in mud and leaves and almost blends into the woods entirely.
the boy helps jets wound and apologizes for shooting him, he saw movement and thought it was a deercat.
this is how jet meets longshot.
the two stick together and meet new friends on the way. they meet pipsqueak when trying to rob a cruel and wealthy mayor of a struggling earth kingdom town. they meet smellerbee when fighting yhe fire nation troops in a town close to his own home. they find the duke when stealing clothes for smellerbee.
yeah. found family. lots of character study type writing would go into this one but if i were to ever write this i would want it done right and idk if i could pull that off. this would be a BEAST.
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У России ничего своего нет? ОНА АБСОЛЮТНО ВСЕ УКРАЛА и присвоила СЕБЕ ЧУЖОЕ — Гражданская оборона (Russia hasn’t nothing of its own? SHE HAS ABSOLUTELY STEALED EVERYTHING and appropriated to HIMSELF - Civil Defense)
Телеканал ICTV
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tomorrowusa · 8 hours ago
China’s crackdown on freedom of speech in Hong Kong continues. It’s yet another direct violation of the treaty with the UK which was supposed to guarantee the concept of one country, two systems.
The blatant raid on a pro-democracy newspaper is just the latest violation of the Sino-British Joint Declaration which was confirmed in 1985 and went into effect in 1997.
Chinese Communist Party boss and President Xi Jinping has made a hobby out of violating the Sino-British agreement and committing abuses of human rights elsewhere. Under Xi, China has entered a new age of imperialism which threatens international stability.
If China does not respect the agreements it makes, fewer countries are going to trust it by making new agreements with the régime.
On January 31st, the UK introduced a new visa giving over five million Hong Kong residents the right to settle in the UK. You can get details here.
If you are in Hong Kong and value human rights and freedom, the best thing you can do, in the words of a 2017 film, is GET OUT!
Xi is not going to suddenly change his mind and become democratic. While he will eventually die, it probably won’t happen soon. And no international armada will come to the rescue of Hong Kong. Things will only get worse – not better.
The Beijing régime may decide to ignore the visas down the line; it doesn’t care if a major violation of international law is taking place. So get one and use it while you can. If you leave, you can always return in the unlikely event that things improve. But if you are in Hong Kong when the door slams shut, it may become impossible to leave.
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blitzindite · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
I was tagged by @thedinalixlegacy - thank you, Dina! 💚💜 I haven't been creating much lately, but I do have a kinda messy WIP for post-Dark Descent V'ehsz Legacy Canon (specifically, for Xaerez)
warning for some (non-explicit) violence
The sensors scattered throughout the hideout never alerted him. The hidden entrance made naught a sound. The shadows gave no clues.
No. He hadn’t known until he reached for the terminal to transmit the data.
He first saw the weapon: A long staff, with what he could only describe as a fanged maw on the end. The wielder’s black robes seemed to manifest from the shadows themselves. Their face, shrouded by a skull-like mask as dark as their robes.
The staff’s teeth closed on his wrists.
He wasn’t sure if the noise was its jaws snapping together, or the crunching of bone.
Theron’s cry of alarm was cut short as the wielder proceeded to smash their now-bloodied staff against the holoterminal.
-----I'll leave it as an open tag since I'm late getting to it!
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astralglam · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
hiiiiiii something happened the chemicals in the tap water parasites in my food ... i made weyoun his own blog so i can follow ppl independently pls come talk to the funny evil alien clone ambassador who loves poison genocide and dying every 4 months ill be drawing him some  icons soon
pelaelse.please please scifi blogs scifi gblogs sscigisighkbgbdsaj
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