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#Immortal Soul
Hyejin:(reading a paper intently) What do you think, Zahir?
(Zahir keeps eating from a bag of popcorn, saying nothing.)
JP:(shoves his hand into it and grabs some popcorn) This has way too much salt.
Cathy:(still eating a bit of his popcorn that she grabbed earlier) Really? I thought it was undersalted.
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Mai:Adri, why is there a giant lit candle in your room?
Adriana:Giant lit candle? Hmmmmmm.... Ooh! Do you mean my pet fire?
Mai:Your what?
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Shoichi:Throwback to when I told Arda “they’re making another planet earth” and he raised an eyebrow, and said in a deadpan condescending tone, “and where are they getting the dirt for it?”
Shoichi:I had to specify that I meant Planet Earth, the nature documentary, not the celestial body.
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Luke:(DMing an RPG session) You notice that this is a Tetris game machine. It’s free to play.
Eva:Hmhmm~ Can I play a match while I wait for everyone to arrive?
Luke:Sure. When you press the start button- can you give me a perception roll?
Eva:Alright. (She rolls a D20, landing on a 5.) Well.
Luke:(laughing) That’s a failure. Okay, you start playing Tetris, you get a bit distracted... out of curiosity, I’d like you to roll dexterity so we can know how good you are at Tetris?
(Eva rolls a D20, landing on a 1.)
Eva:(holding back laughter) Oh my god, a disaster! I’m so good at this!
Luke:You start playing but you don’t really know the rules of Tetris! So you start stacking the pieces, and think “huh, am I not supposed to get them to the top? I thought I won!”
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Silvia:(whispering to Li Dailin, who’s on the phone with Sua) Ask her something!~
Li Dailin:How are you feeling?
Sua:I’m doing fine.
Silvia:Something personal!
Li Dailin:At what age did you first get your period?
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ghostly-sylvie · 3 days ago
tag dump
· ˖  ✦ ⋄ . to be written in ink is to be immortal. ❝ musings ❞
· ˖  ✦ ⋄ . like artwork i could admire you forever. ❝ vanity ❞
· ˖  ✦ ⋄ . show me a hero and i’ll write you a tragedy. ❝ convos ❞
· ˖  ✦ ⋄ . be my muse and you can have my soul.  ❝ playlist ❞
· ˖  ✦ ⋄ . i write what i could never say. ❝ texts ❞
· ˖  ✦ ⋄ .  she wishes she could make decisions the way she picked her clothes ; from a catalogue. ❝ closet ❞
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Jackie:About to get stabbed? No problem! You only need to say “I have too much swagger for the dagger”, and they’re sure to leave you alone!
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Lenox:Eat healthy! Get a chicken caesar with the caesar sauce and chicken only. Remove the greens, less bites to eat!
William:A caesar salad without the salad?
Lenox:Well, when you say it like that I sound like a moron.
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Magnus:You into cars?
Celine:Yes, it was truly a masterpiece of film.
Magnus:No, are you a car person?
Celine:I’m a human.
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Eleven:Aww, we got the same quiz result~
Nicky:Aw, dang it! I didn’t want this one!
Eleven:”you’re always ready to fight but you hate confrontation” ....i’m never ready to fight?
Nicky:I don’t hate confrontation.
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Hyejin:We defeated everyone using our bravery, cunning, courage, honor, the magic of friendship...
Hyejin:....and Isol's AK-47.
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wanderlust-songbird · 5 days ago
Genshin Impact Isekai
(I was close to forgetting earlier)
Alaric's first encounter happens to be with Diluc.
Diluc shows Alaric around Teyvat, only to eventually be interrupted by Noelle, Diluc's best friend.
Diluc immediately falls in love with you, while playing with their hair. Noelle is a criminal. After a long day around Teyvat, Ningguang and Xiangling greet you. They tell you some interesting things about your future in Teyvat.
You end up marrying Signora.
Your best friend is Timmie.
Eula invites you to their home.
Fischl made a hate cult against you.
Lisa wanted to date you, but got too scared and never confessed.
In the end, you found out the most important thing that ever happened during your trip was:
"Ganyu starts talking about ducks" - Third person diary.
Your party is made of Albedo, Rosaria, Kaeya and Signora.
Your vision is geo.
Keqing is your acquaintance.
A famous couple you met during your travels was:
Sucrose and Beidou.
Tumblr media
“I’m not one to really let others touch my hair, much less play with it. But I was willing to make an exception this once. As for the conversation about ducks, I know too much & wish to unlearn some of it.”
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Eva:Ao3 writers keep trying to squeeze in every member in the narrative like their life depends on it....
Eva:Like, why’s Hoseok the driver all of a sudden?
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Li Dailin:So glad we as a culture got over ironically liking Shrek as a meme and went back to liking Shrek as a good movie~
Barbara:Studies show that documentaries are now more popular than ever.
Li Dailin:I don't give a fuck, I'm watching Shrek.
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