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#If this is episode one what will the rest be like!
milfgwen · 2 days ago
i haven’t listen to r&j but, other than silence in the library/forest of the dead, the only episode where i actually felt a connection to river was the husbands of river song in s9. finally i could actually believe her and the doctor’s relationship + chemistry, it was really good
o yeah ive heard a lot of good things abt that episode and im excited to get to it!!!! im sad that i have to wait 3 more seasons to have a chance to like this character but im willing to wait HBFSDHBFDHSF
#seen a lot of ppl say thats their favorite episode so like#perhaps ill like it! hopefully#im gonna ramble a bit here#so anyways what ive found from rewatching elevens era so far#is that i really hate the plot driven episodes. like. the Actual Main Plot ones#theyre always confusing and hard to follow and generally feels disconnected from the rest of the season???#like lets take ummmm#the bad wolf plot in s1#where all the lead up was in the fact that the words bad wolf were written and spoken everywhere around them#before the final lead up to the parting of the ways#it was really subtle but effective bc as the watcher ur like 'hey havent i seen this before?' but you never know whats gonna happen#and i really like writing like that!#but its like the exact opposite of how moffat writes#he will Scream the plot in ur face in episode 1 and then follow it with extremely hard to follow episodes that have Something? to do with#the plot#but you kind of dont know what the plot it or what the episode is trying to tell you because What The Fuck Is Happening#it just gets too complex for its own good until suddenly ur just completely lost#and moral of the story is this is why i like the silly little side plot episodes more#a lot of them arent even written by moffat which honestly shows bc. theyre fun to watch EFHSBHESBFHSDFHSDF#the lodger. im talking about the lodger#the van gogh episode wasnt written by moffat either! and it shows!!!!#ok the tags are gonna get cut off soon probably yall get the point.#asks#anon
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dirigibleplumbing · 4 days ago
I really enjoy season 8 and I like the tablet arcs and the stuff with Naomi (and yeah my name is Naomi and I’m pretty sure this is the only fictional Naomi I’ve ever encountered? definitely the only one with this large a role). I just wish they’d never tried to depict what Hell looks like in any extended way, or the parts of Heaven where angels hang out. I like them better when they’re more metaphysical and left to the imagination. 
I still like the episodes where they do this -- “Goodbye Stranger” being one of my faves -- but I think it kinda weakens the Heaven and Hell concepts by showing them so concretely. for Heaven I think there’s a kinda handwave of “this is how a human would perceive what’s happening, and the audience is human, of course this isn’t what it looks like to Cas and Naomi” but I don’t so much get that with Hell. 
also, what happened to Crowley’s endless queue? 
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niuxita21 · 28 days ago
If I wasn’t supposed to ship Gretchen and “Jeanette” on The Wilds, then the show did something very, very wrong.
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deansbestie · 28 days ago
every single day i think about the wasted potential of demon dean and i slam my little fists into the wall until they bleed. deanmon should’ve been a season long arc of dean hunting down and killing the fallen angels for sport until he finds cas. they have a 10x22 fight moment. dean just can’t kill him. when he turns his back to go cas knocks him out and uses his own human blood to purify him. dean is the one who taught him how to be a righteous man
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july-19th-club · a month ago
once again sucker punched by the absolute scale of the silm and middle-earth stories in general. it’s never really implied that elves experience time *differently* than shorter-lived species, just that they experience a lot of it. a day doesn’t feel like a minute to them, it feels like a day. a year feels like a year. a hundred years feels like a hundred years and that’s why sometimes after you’ve seen thousands of the motherfuckers you start to fade away out of the sheer ‘for real? a day? what’s next? another one?’-ness of it all. there was me sitting around getting all emotional over maedhros and fingon when those dudes had just shy of five hundred years together after thanogordrim happens and they start to repair the feud. and fingon was only king for about seventy of them! the siege of angband itself was four hundred years long. shit. i cant even comprehend trying to make an adaptation out of this that would accurately get the concept of all this time across. you’d have to invent new kinds of montages. have an unseen but everpresent mandos doing the ‘galadriel in the first couple minutes of fellowship’ thing and quietly pronouncing dooms and reminding us of the passage of time throughout every episode, just so we didn’t forget and start thinking it was taking place over a course of a couple of months
#i actually like the idea of mandos pronouncing dooms as a sort of background narration for the story#lotr#especially in the faenor-centric parts#at first he’s just telling us relevant information#then he starts to have a bit more opinion on it#then it starts to really sound like a prophecy#in the episode that details the battle of unnumbered tears this sense is REALLY heavy#and i think it's just one long continuous scene and it's just battle sequence after battle sequence from group to group until the end#we get the scenes where the forces of maedhros and turgon scatter and 'last of all hurin stood alone'#and we see the haudth-en-nirnaeth and the blue and silver livery streaked and torn and piled in heaps#and THEN. the first proper scene in the halls of mandos where he's not just a firm but distant voice as we watch other things happen#and we realize now as we move silently through the halls closer and closer to him that he's been telling the doom TO someone the whole time#and it's fingon. he starts off looking like he's just come off the field. still in his regalia. braids fraying and bloody. ashen; stunned#but as the doom is told and he rests in the halls he begins to look more substantial. he trades his battle dress for simpler clothes#his hair regains it shine. as he listens to mandos' voice he begins to look more expressive#but he is also party to everything that happens to the sons of feanor and those they meet and slay as the age wears to a close#he spends the rest of the relevant portions of the show like patroclus just sort of......ghosting through the narrative where it pertains to#what he finds important#after maedhros is dead and most of the feanorian stuff is over we get the resolution to their personal arc#fingon died without fault and we learn that he's had the opportunity to move back to valinor for a while now#we learn he’s been putting off his opportunity to move back to valinor . wants to make sure he isn’t going to be doing it alone#this is a real worrier for maedhros who did some shit in his day and died of Don’t Touch That Rock#but i think ultimately of course they get to go back#q
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arcane-palm · a month ago
There’s nothing funnier than seeing a ton of people describe a series as sad, somber, grave, etc. and then getting 10 episodes in and being like Hey Why Is This Thing Sad????
#Anyways it’s art and I’m genuinely impressed#I’m on episode 19 or 20 rn (depending on how you count it ig? I think it’s technically 19)#I am just sitting here#Ep 8 made me assume the rest was gonna be horror and while that’s somewhat true Ep 9 wasn’t anything like what I’d expected#Episode 9. mannnnnnnn#Also that one recurring section that keeps coming up (and will probably continue to do so)???? Heartbreaking#Especially the one in episode 11. oh man oh man oh man#But the end of the first season (?) was very joyous which was very nice#It has really good humor throughout too!!!#It’s just very human idk how to describe it#I had my doubts at one point (I still think that entire episode is tasteless—for lack of a better word—and just. terrible)#but the series as a whole is very good. haunting#Also I’ve heard complaints about pacing and stuff? But I thought it was kinda perfect#I probably won’t watch any more of it (this is a most likely lie) but like. SUPER quality#final note is that I’ll never look at soup the same way for at least a week thanks for reading goodbye#Whelp now I’m rewatching it. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes as of late so adding one more to the pile is essentially inconsequential#Trying to focus more on how the audio/OST impacts the way the ‘story’ is conveyed which is. interesting#Aside from being unsettling it seems like some tones/melodies show up during important revelations but who knows#Also one gave me a headache! that was almost fun#I was dreading rewatching Episode 7 but by the time I got to it I knew I couldn’t skip#I don’t know if I should comment on the one part in the middle or the ending part so I just. won’t#I’ll probably add another tag once I watch more. Dreading episode 11. Episodes 8-9 are very intense but one of the highlights of the series#Deleting older tags for more space•The first half of Ep 11 was rough (as expected ig) but the second half was more cheerful than I remembere#just realized I repeated some tags so. oops#ok that one guy that allegedly represents the inevitability of death is hilarious actually what a chill dude#‘Not even I could stop it.’ is that true bestie? is that true?#‘The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma. I believe Leonardo da Vinci said that.’ Help???????#I don’t want to watch ep 14 bc of the tasteless gimmicks but whatever. at least death guy is here (in really bad shape but here regardless)#Hmmm I find value in the ending of Ep 14. that’s all. also 15 was cool I think but I’m not ready for the rest of the tree segments 💔 pain
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star-trek-the-musical · a month ago
I literally see posts/comments on this site that are like: “Picard’s job was easy, unlike the other captains’. He would sell your soul for the prime directive. The TNG characters didn’t do anything, they just talked about the prime directive for 7 seasons. They were awful people and had it so easy. Did I mention Picard would kill Wesley for the prime directive?”
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scriptura-delirus · a month ago
okay after last week’s tfatws episode this one.... thank god for this is all I can say
#lina talks#nas#ik most of my followers probably aren't watching tfatws but just in case there are spoilers in the tags I just need to yell a bit#............................................................................................................................................#..........................................................................................................................................#that should do it#first of all. oh god. the shield#my brain is smooth as hell I didn't realize it before but a shield is not a weapon. it's meant for defense#and even when steve used it as a weapon it was more to you know. knock people unconscious throw them off their rhythm etc#it was never meant to be used as a sword or a killing weapon and the only time Steveever did was with tony in civil war#and even then he refrained#(for reference I'm team iron man the whole way - I'm not happy w what steve did but I'm going to recognize that)#but john walker only ever saw the shield as a symbol or as a weapon and more often the latter#his movements during the fight with bucky/sam were purely offensive - he just kept bringing down the edge to try and kill#the exact same way he did with that citizen (I don't remember his name)#several times he would've killed either bucky/sam if the other hadn't moved in time#idk idk idk the realizations are just hitting me one after another and I'm here for it#rest of the episode was nice. got a breather#got closure on a lot of things like the boat/bradley/bucky's long-awaited apology#and I cannot wait for the finale next week holy shit
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kalluberry · 2 months ago
with how pacing is going we should start seeing week two animated end of april beginning of may....... more anime joshuas only a month away
#I WANT TO SEE HIM. i want to quite badly#funimation better release the dub voice cast soon i need to know if aaron spann will be back. if yes i can die happily.#multiple episodes worth of his joshua? kills the man. his voice is literally perfect for him. they must get him back#i should be sleeping i have new classes starting today. oh well#many thoughts head full all joshua. and a bitty bitty bit of neku and the rest but it’s mostly him#i’d like to try my hand at writing fic for t.wewy i think. haven’t done it in ages but it’s clear that the market is lacking in many#good ones if my investigations are any indication. which they are. i have a great idea for a shiki and beat centric one and i’d like to try#writing jn at some point because while it has been done quite often it’s usually not great. like people really like to just skip over how#neku would react post game towards josh like. it gets brought up but only as a ‘oh i should probably mention this but it has no bearing on#dynamics outside of oh haha neku’s so pissed at josh for killing him twice. so funny.’ like that’s kinda how it goes in a lot of these fics#and well it isn’t good. any relationship between them would def be a very gradual thing considering all the circumstances. which is really#what makes their relationship so great#romantic or otherwise; they just play off of each other extremely well and their dynamic is so. well. dynamic. that it’s no wonder they’re#the ones people write about the most even if said writing tends to be reductive. anyway#joshneku good but only when done right which is hardly ever soooooo#i love talking in the tags can you tell. it’s almost four am#my post
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adamparis · 2 months ago
so we’re doing this again, huh?
Tumblr media
#hello and welcome this week on another episode of questioning my sexuality: am i actually attracted to men or am i convincing myself i am#because however awful it sounds if i'm bi there's still a chance i end up with a man meaning there is still a chance of not disappointing#my parents while if i'm a lesbian the option of not disappointing my parents is completely out the window#like. is it my parents' expectations and heteronormative standards that are making me convince myself i'm actually attracted to men?#because at this point i really don't know anymore#all those uquizzes where you have to pick a man i always pick the ones that look the prettiest but does that mean i pick the ones that i am#attracted to or does that mean i pick the ones i think are pretty but am not attracted to because i am not attracted to men#like the women quizzes are at the same time way more difficult because there are too many good options and almost all of the women on the#quiz are soooooooo attractive so it's hard to pick and then at the same time it's easier bc i am actually attracted to women and it's very#easy to pick one out of the 3-5 options while with men it's always harder. and not like in a / there are too many good options \ way but a#/ i don't know which one to pick \ way like genuinely a lot of the time i am literally just. not attracted to the men on the quiz but idk#if that's just me being particular and picky or if i'm just not attracted to men#then again i do think like. dev patel and manish dayal and jungkook and steven yeun and zayn are attractive. but like. is that me thinking#they are attractive or is it me being attracted to them like i never know which one it is#my attraction toward women feels different from my attraction toward men and i don't know what to make of that#i KNOW i'm attracted to women like that's crystal clear to me now but i'm SO doubtful about being attracted to men#like i think i'm attracted to men? but i'm really not sure???#anyway. i'll figure it out eventually i have the rest of my life to. just want to stop constantly doubting myself 😔#🔮.txt
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bastardmanvibes · 2 months ago
i miss country mac so damn much
i miss him every single day of my life. the feeling of wind blowing thru your hair is not worth your life, your beautiful, beautiful life, country mac. the world lost a good man that day. he’s smoking spliffs knocking back beers and greasing up dudes in heaven right now, so i’m consoled by that at least.
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