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0ctaslash8 days ago
im so mad grimmsnarl can't even learn payback. that'd be the perfect move to put on my brave nature shiny lad alongside taunt and his pickpocket ability but NOOOO
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nintendyke2 months ago
the treatment of female chars in genshin ...
#馃崁.txt#like it was already seen n ig recognized before w like jean quest vs venti quest#but now w ganyu n xiao coming out back to back like . its Rly visible now 馃槶#i looove xiao like dont get me wrong but mf is rly getting 3 separate quests for himself like that happened#(the archon story one the one that just came out And the one that will come out for the lantern rite)#while ganyu got her story quest nd bc he appeared in it for a sec its like the entire fandom decided her story isnt important 馃槶馃槶#like genuinely 3/4 of the posts i saw abt it were like 鈥榦mg look at this pic i took w xiao <3鈥#LIKE CAN U JUST GIVE XIAO A BREAK FR 鈥硷笍 LET HIM GO ON A VACATION INSTEAD OF PUTTING HIM IN EVERY SINGLE QUEST I KNOW HES TIRED 鈽濓笍鈥硷笍#nd like its rly funny 馃お how everyone had an issue w ganyu being the strongest dps in game n demanded that she gets nerfed#but xiao doing like 20k or more per attack in his ult is 馃憤鈥硷笍 Absolutely perfect understandable have a nice day !#like -_- theyre Both adepti ofc theyre both insanely powerful so why is that power an issue w one but not the other ..... rolls eyes#ANYWAYS . i dont think im making much sense i just saw smth abt it on tiktok n it made me annoyed LOL#like chars in genshin rly arent allowed to be powerful OR to have personalities . like man both ganyu n jean could be just OverworkedTM#like thats their only description their struggles r Barely explored#n thats the case w like alllll fem chars#even lumine is shat at by most of the fandom despite having literally the same traits literally the same Voicelines . as aether
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onehithero3 months ago
yes i am stil pain & suffer everyday over think of how much more i culd draw with ipad ..... scree n scren gimme a screen eehehehe. bwebewwbewbe. bwebbewbebbeebwbebewbawbwa.
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slnnohan4 months ago
>:( i dont wanna be a victorian bedridden child i wanna draw
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violcnt6 months ago
the moefication of ares starts today
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awkward-radar-tech8 months ago
It is depresso hours, my dudes.... because at this point, idk when I'll be able to finally get my certificate to be a lab assistant... all I need is one damn chemistry class, but I refuse to take it rn when it is online because I need the experience of measuring and pouring and working out the equations (something I currently somewhat struggle with) and since CSUs have announced spring is going to be online, it is a matter of weeks before my community college district annouces the same... and then even after that, idk when I'll move on to UCI because of how the rest of the classes I need work out, and I'll also be working, and with work I can only currently handle one class at a time... so I don't even know if I'd be able to go to UCI and get to where I want to be. And I'm afraid if I say I want to start going to therapy again (which I've been wanting to for like a year now desperately) I'm going to be told I have to pay for any extra co-pays, which I can't possibly do without a second job... money is stupid and all the important shit should be free....
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