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#I've been putting it off all day and I will continue to put it off by going to sleep <3
amjustagirl · 2 days ago
Nikkiiii hihiii how are you?? how was your week?? how was your day?? I hope you got enough sleep >:)
I read Love knows not its depth (until the hour of separation) and... woahh
Okay first off, it just made me appreciate my parents a whole lot more. Recently I've had some downs with them (me and my habit to get distracted with messaging friends being the one at fault primarily) and idk i just felt hurt and annoyed (more so a week ago but not so much now) and its just....when I read your fic i just instantly had a lot of flashbacks of me and my parents and what all they do for me and how not easy raising a fussy child like me was and i just felt so so grateful to have my parents yk.
And second, man the beginning was so painful yet so real. Like often when people write such scenarios they quickly make it fluffy by having one person forgive the other after they change their behavior for a period of time. However, the more likely scenario that i feel happens is that when someone feels cast aside and that hurt, only a week of acting better or helping them out more really isn't enough. It could honestly take years to heal. It hurts a LOT and makes you wish it didn't work that way but it does and I feel you captured that part of redeeming oneself -due to any reason- quite beautifully.
also, ma'am, YOU PLAY 5 INSTRUMENTS I-
(fun story, i picked up the guitar in 4th grade, learnt it for a few months and dropped it cuz my fingers ached💀 i started playing it again last year after i made some band friends [im quite a competitive being so really, all i thought when i wiped the dust from my ancient guitar was that i had to master it and play as good or even better than them...they had been playing the guitar for almost 4 years pls what eVEN] and i had to take a break for exams but i seriously started it again this year and i plan to continue it as much as i can...BUT
bruh sometimes you look at other people playing the same instrument and then you listen to yourself play it as a beginner and it just :( also, i have barely 3 more years until college and ig im just worried abt my profile and stuff too and just ajyfgetfege its all such a mess💀👌 im sorry for ranting a little ahdyfg i meant to express my awe for you KNOWING HOW TO PLAY 5 INSTRUMENTS OMG AND YOU WRITE LIKE A GODDESS TOO PLS AMAZING)
ahbyfg that will be all. Take care of yourself <333
Hello Nanini!!! it’s so nice to see you again! 
haha yes - i drew a LOT of inspiration from my mom when i was writing this story, her angst and the hardship she must have suffered bringing up two daughters along with a full time job (and a difficult mother in law) was something i really tapped on. i mean tbh i think a lot of people have fraught relationships with their parents (because parents are human, are some rly aren’t meant to be parents), so im grateful for mine and i’m glad to hear you have lovely parents too (we all go through some angst with our parents in our teenage years, don’t sweat it, it’s only normal)! 
redemption for kuroo was tricky to write. i definitely tried to build it up, show him put in a sustained effort, and show them fall in love and build their relationship again without either of them saying “i love you”. it’s...a very asian thing you know? to say i love you without saying i love you - again, something i drew on from seeing my chinese parents grow up yknow?  
i was worried at first, writing him as neglectful - was worried people might say i’ve mischaracterised him, but i feel like there’s the potential for him to lose sight of his family because he’s so ambitious. he doesn’t do it intentionally - he just has a bad case of tunnel vision imo. 
HAHA i’m not talented! my parents signed me up for piano lessons as a kid (again, very stereotypically asian), and i ended up studying music as a subject in high school so i had to pick up a second instrument (clarinet). then i joined the orchestra and picked up a few more instruments there, mostly out of necessity cos my main instrument sounds....most like a bagpipe so there are some songs that wouldn’t have a part for it! anw - practice the guitar if it makes YOU happy, and don’t compare yourself to others, its unhealthy and rly your only competition is yourself! 
as for college applications - breathe. take it one day at a time, albeit with an eye on your overall goal. i was such an anxious teenager, worrying about college exams and i sorta regret not giving myself the space to truly find myself and have fun. so i’d say, while you should work hard and work smart, don’t forget that you’re only young once, so live life and explore what makes you happy - it’ll stand you in good stead for happiness further down the road <3 
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czec-hoslo-vak-ians · 5 days ago
Michael and Maria 👽
Scene goes 💜
I like that this to be continued picks up right where we left off I've never seen a Max freaking out like this before. It seems like Tess is pushing Max to remember that he's the king of a different world. She definitely leaving breadcrumbs. I'm with Rath ho puts Mayo on pastrami? However I wouldn't take it to the extent that he did by yelling at the waiter. WT?? Nichols is back? House is possible when he was destroyed a few episodes back.
Nicholas seems like he's growing up a little bit doesn't seem like the punk little kid anymore. Nicholas is so correct Max Isabel Tess Michael are definitely not the rejects because they have granilith. You can tell the wheels in Rath head is spinning to understand that logic. Who knew that the Dupre were working with Nicholas. Max and Tess are so out of there element right now. I don't blame Tess for asking all these questions. I wonder how long they took to shoot that scene where Max catches the ball when Rath hits his way. Awkward Max and Tess just in there awhile Lonnie and Rath make out.
I don't blame Isabelle for not wanting to be around the humans right now. It totally sucks that with his lying to Maria about her sleeping with Kyle it sucks that she doesn't believe in her friend she can handle the truth and keep it a secret I don't blame Maria for being upset with Liz for not telling her she slept with Kyle. It's sad that Ava has no place to go that she has to sleep in the alley like that.
that look like what's a simple test that Max just passed the guy just needed to see if he was truly the King which means Zan would of maybe not of passed.
Maria is such a good friend to meet up with Liz at 3 in the morning. I'm glad that Liz finally told Maria the truth about everything I'm glad told somebody that it was really eating her up inside.
Maria being the perky self that she is with Brody lunch. Hopefully she remembers what Brody told her about being abducted if she doesn't see him for a few days. Yep Brody has been abducted cuz he's New York and he looks lost and confused. Tess looks so uncomfortable hearing them talk about Kivar just her demeanor and face expression looks like she's hiding something. I'm glad that Max is standing up for Michael and Isabel that he won't leave them behind. I'm so glad Max lied about knowing about the granilith. He's recalling to what Liz said about it getting into the wrong hands. Poor Ava living with this guilt of the murder of Zan. Eva knows something when Liz says Max brought her back to life.
I'm glad Max called is about to ask her if she wanted to go home however the conversation is not going so well he's getting annoyed for no reason. You see the wheels turning in his head he knows that Lonnie imprisoned her. I love it when Michael gets mad he just goes off the rails with his powers. I'm glad that Ava finally told the truth what happened to Zan.
Finally Max taking the lead and putting Rath in his place, however not a good idea to piss him off though because you don't need Max standing up like Zan. Lonnie is laying it on thick plane the long-lost sister card. It makes sense why Nicholas is back because technically that is Kivar. It's so loving up Isabel to put our anger for Max decide to see his life and warn him. It's a crappy deal that Max getting I'm surprised he's even considering any of this. He shoukd of said no the granilith isn't with him.
I don't even know why Max is contemplating this the answer should automatically just be no. I just can't handle the lies and deceit that's coming out of Tess mouth right now she's putting on too much of an act right now to be believable me to trying to oversell it. Lonnie and Nicholas deserve each other they're both sleeves balls. They are willing to throw anybody and everyone under the bus and get what they want.
I feel bad that Maria is left out of a little Pow to help to help warn Max. I knew Ava knew something was up when Liz told her that Max brought her back from the dead. Again laying it on thick Lonnie is to get Max to do what she wants him to. Isabel is so right Max would hear Liz's voice no matter what or where he is.
Max made the right choice by saying no. I really wish all this talk about history repeating itself we get to see it. I'm so glad that he saw Liz and took two steps towards. I don't believe that she doesn't remember how she fought that but I do believe that they did try to get her head or maybe the whole thing is just a lie. Something tells me not to believe her right now.
I'm so glad that they can become Max and Isabel again brother and sister as they were in season 1. I think this is going to make them stronger now. I can't believe that back was so close to taking the deal with Nicholas but his love for his sister and Michael one out in the end. I'm going to miss Ava she's cool. Maybe she's the only one left of the Dupre. Because we don't know what happened to Lonnie and Rath. Something is definitely Brewing between Brody and Maria. I'm glad that Max is willing to work on his friendship with Liz. Maxi tell that Liz wants to tell him the truth but he knows that she can't.
Quote of the episode" oh I hate this stupid rat-infested urine smoked butt ugly town"
Coming up next a Roswell Christmas Carol
Pic NOT mine
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melodramatic-fratboi · 12 days ago
By the way how exactly do I start to do things on time? It's 21.49 here and I have very little time tomorrow to do all the things I need to do and I haven't started some of them. I either get some stray motivation or maybe just a feeling of needing to get all my shit together just when I should go to sleep or at least start resting. The whole day I was like "hmmm, I really have to do this simple and important thing and I don'thave much time tomorrow. Why can't I start anything" and now it's quite late. I know I'm sometimes an efficient procrastinator but most of the time I actually want to do things on time.
Mag 200 anon
I have genuinely no idea how to give you any real advice here bc I do the exact same thing. The only time that I made any real to finish my work or do tasks without waiting till the last minute was when my depression peaked and I was hyperfocusing on getting shit done to keep my brain quiet. I still usually end up malfunctioning and pushing things until the deadline but when I was using my depression as motivation to work (keep in mind, I'm on a break from life right now so I don't have any real school/work stuff to focus on), I used to try and break things down so that they were essentially smaller tasks that I had to finish and in the end, they'd all add up to one big thing. It also helps so that you can move onto a different part if you get stuck and then come back to it later. I like making lists and crossing things off them so sometimes I'll do that to make myself finish things.
In terms of actually starting, it really doesn't happen for me unless I actually want to do it. Rewards and shit don't work because I've never been able to follow my own rules like that. Making plans or forcing myself doesn't help either, I just end up procrastinating harder, then. Executive dysfunction continues to fuck me up, rip.
My one trick is to just not give myself enough time to procrastinate at all, so I'll just sit down with what I have to do and then do that for like, an unhealthy amount of time and then die for 3 days straight afterwards.
None of these are particularly healthy and I wouldn't recommend any of them.
I know what you mean about getting the motivation to fix shit right before bed and I also know that rarely tends to carry over to the next day. Motivation, in general, will function by its own rules unless you gently bully it into abiding by you.
My brain seldom cooperates with me but when it does, it helps if I separate what needs to be done immediately from what can wait. And then I'll pair tasks from each category so that I can back and forth on both.
If you absolutely cannot get yourself to do anything, start small. Pick the easiest possible thing and finish that and move forward from there. Don't start with the most daunting task because you might end up chickening out. On the other hand, if you run on spite, then start with the scary thing just to out power move it.
If schedules are something that you can work with, you can try making one for yourself and giving yourself deadlines within which you need to complete things. Don't overwhelm yourself when you do this. If you're making a timetable, be generous with the breaks you give yourself. If you're worried that you'll take a break and won't come back to your work, put something that you enjoy as a task after your break and try and put something that isn't the same as the one you were working on before the break. You'll know what your own threshold for concentrating is so when you first make the schedule, try and stay below your limit. Don't immediately try to optimise because you'll get mad if you're unable to meet your own standards. Be gentle with yourself, it really does help.
If schedules are not your thing at all, then the moment you feel like doing something, do it and then make a plan for the very next step after that, not for something that'll happen far off into the future. If jumping from one thing to the next in a storm of choas is your thing, that's okay, too. It's about the pattern that works for you and stresses you out the least. You don't always need order.
It's okay if you have days where you fuck up and can't get things done because your mind needs time to rest and recuperate. Don't berate yourself for having off days. It's important that you remember that you can always get back to things and start again. As long as you know you have the capacity to do something, you'll be able do it. It'll take a while but that's alright, time isn't your enemy.
I can't really tell you much else without coming off as the preach, but don't practice kind. Whatever I mentioned here, those are things that actually work for me. It gets easier when you figure out a structure that works for you and I still don't know for sure what that is for me. Sometimes starting is like throwing a dart in the dark and hoping it hits the bullseye and sometimes it's making a complicated battle strategy and then following that to the letter. And sometimes, it's just being happy that you got somewhere in the vicinity of the dartboard. Either way, it's okay because you're taking the first step no matter what you do.
Not sure how but it feels like this answer kinda got away from me. the tldr really kinda boils down to fuck around and find out so honestly I'm not the right person to ask for help and I sincerely hope I didn't make it worse for you, rip
PS. I've read your other ask, I'll answer it tomorrow bc I have to go to bed now so that I can wake up at people times and not 3 in the afternoon
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haikyuu characters when the karasuno manager asks them to dye their hair pink with them
Basically, you're one of the 3 karasuno managers and you're in camp with nekoma, fukurodani and karasuno (obv) and you ask some of the characters to dye their hair with you. 💕
ft: nishinoya, bokuto & kenma
Tumblr media
-the team was having a break from all their matches and you were handing noya some water when you suddenly had the Best Idea
-"hey noya"
-"lets dye our hair pink"
-his eyes went big and started to literally ✨Sparkle✨
-"WE CAN MATCH!!!!!!!"
-you were both so excited and chaotic everyone started looking at you two like "???" and you both put your hands in each others mouths to shut the other down
-"shhhh. tonight, i'll find you at 11 pm"
-"got it"
-and you went your separate ways as if nothing had happened
-the next day everyone was like "what"
-"just how did you dye your hair Here" daichi was about to kill you two
-"mm? i've no idea what your talking about" you shrugged
-"y/n your hair is literally pink"
-"no??? it's brown" nishinoya joined the conversation and you smiled at him
-"anyways lets go to practice !!!!!"
-daichi will never leave you two alone since that day
Tumblr media
-you were so excited to go to camp for the first time, just thinking about all the cool people you could meet was So Amazing
-you literally had to warn the team that you would probably talk to everyone in there and that they should not be so overprotective (tanaka and nishinoya im looking at you two)
-"i swear i am Not replacing you guys i just like meeting new people"
-"noya pls dont cry"
-so it had been A Week
-And you'd gotten really close with some of the fukurodani students. Especially the ace-captain.
-He was too sweet, you couldnt resist
-Also he even let you play with his hair!!!! you braided his hair and did some pig tails that looked a d o r a b l e
-Which gave you a great idea
-"Bokuto. pssst. Bokuto, come here" you called with an evil grin
-he looks at you like 👁👁 "whats up"
-"i have pink dye and-"
-"OMG YOURE GONNA DYE YOUR-" you literally had to shut him up with your hands
-"We. We are gonna dye our hair pink. if you want" you whisper, gently removing your hand from his mouth. He nodded his head enthusiatically
-Let me tell you his smile was the most beautiful thing you'd seen in all your life. He's literally so precious.
-"Come find me in the bathrooms at 11 pm, i'll have everything ready"
-"Hell yeah, i'll be there and no one will ever realize i was gone"
-It was finally time and you were in the girl's bathrooms getting everything ready (no way you were going to the men's restrooms they're disgusting)
-And so the mess began
-Half the sinks were full on pink but thank god you two managed to clean it all before it stuck
-Next morning was chaos
-"Bokuto-san, what did you do" akaashi looked so tired man
-"DUDE YOU LEFT ME OUT OF THIS???" Kuroo was heartbroken
-"Aren't you supposed to be responsable? you're the manager"
-"Shut up Tsukishima, you're just mad because your hair doesnt look as cool as ours"
-Akaashi started sleeping with an eye open so he could make sure Bokuto wouldn't sneak out on him Ever Again.
Tumblr media
-you bonded over videogames and being friends with hinata
-also you are kind of similar to the tangerine so of course he likes you a little
-he will never admit it tho
-but the boy is still kenma
-so when you aproach hin with the idea his inmediate respone is a flat out "no"
-"Come onnnn it'll be fun" you were practically begging at this point
-"think of how much this will piss off kuroo"
-"so what color are we gonna use"
-even you were shocked at how quickly he changed his mind
-"um pink. its the best color !!" he nodded
-"is it okay at 2 am???" he didnt even look at you he was just looking at his switch
-"uh i think 12 am or even 11 pm is fine" he nodded in understanding, and you both continued doing whatever you needed to do.
-this was the least chaotic one cause our boy Knows how to apply the dye on your hair and the bathroom doesnt end up a total mess
-you took a bunch of selfies while having the dye on and it was the cutest thing ever
-"omg kenma you look so pretty 🥺🥺🥺"
-"uh thanks i guess" ALSKKSKS
-the next morning???? chaos
-"KUROO THERE ARE CHILDREN HERE" you yelled while covering hinata's ears
-Bokuto screamed
-"I dont think its a good idea, Bokuto-san"
-After yelling at kenma for "not being responsible at camp" he scolded you for leaving him out
-"i told you he'd be mad" you giggled at kenma
-"i have to admit it was a pretty good idea. Let's do it every camp"
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latte-fairytaekwoon · 25 days ago
𝐷𝑖𝑙𝑓!𝐴𝑡𝑒𝑒𝑧: 𝑊𝑎𝑛𝑡𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝐴𝑛𝑜𝑡ℎ𝑒𝑟 𝐵𝑎𝑏𝑦
Warnings: Aged up/Older Ateez but age differences are still within legal boundaries. Suggestive scenarios only, no actual NSFW content.
❥𝓚𝓲𝓶 𝓗𝓸𝓷𝓰𝓳𝓸𝓸𝓷𝓰
Tumblr media
"Hongjoong!" You continuously poked at his arm rather harshly, trying to get him to look away from the phone in his hands.
"What-what?!" He freaked out and accidentally dropped his phone on the floor.
When he saw you peeking over to see what had gotten him so interested, he quickly scrambled to pick it up before hiding it in his lap. That made you even more suspicious.
"What are you trying to hide?" You squinted your eyes at him.
Hongjoong gulped nervously, which made your anxiety rise up.
"No-nothing... " But obviously there was something if his eyes refused to look at you. The longer you stared at him, the more Hongjoong seemed to recoil back in his chair, looking like he was..... guilty? Ashamed?
Dropping your fork on the table, you held up an accusatory finger at him.
"I'm warning you right now Kim Hongjoong, if you're fucking cheating on me I will cut off your penis while you're sleeping!" You threatened him.
The color drained from Hongjoong's face but nonetheless he got up to go over and calm you down.
"No no babe! I'm not cheating on you! I swear." He promised you, even getting on his knees in front of you.
"Then what were you looking at that you didn't want me to see?"
Sighing softly, Hongjoong took out his phone and pulled up the picture that he was looking at: it was a really cute and girly crib with a pink bed setting. You had to admit you were surprised that it would be something he was so intently looking at.
"And tell me why you were so distracted by this? Who were you planning on buying this for? Our son is already 3 and I don't think he'll appreciate the frilly pink in his room." You tried reasoning with him.
"No it's not for him. I've just been seeing so many nursery ideas for baby girls and it kinda got me thinking...." He paused and layed a hand on your stomach as he bit down on his lip, hoping you'd catch on to what he was trying to say.
And you most certainly did.
"Hongjoong- are you telling me you actually want another baby?" You weren't put off by the idea but it was so sudden and unexpected that you didn't know how to react.
Standing upright, Hongjoong squeezed your cheeks and softly pecked your lips.
"I do. I want an adorable and beautiful little girl... just like you. " He chuckled adoringly as he pressed more kisses to your cheek, trying to coerce you into saying yes.
❥𝓟𝓪𝓻𝓴 𝓢𝓮𝓸𝓷𝓰𝓱𝔀𝓪
Tumblr media
"Dang, could you imagine raising 6 kids?" You asked Seonghwa as you cuddled up closer to him, your hand stroking the little patch of skin that was peeking out of his pajama shirt while you two watched the old sitcom The Brady Bunch play on your tv.
"Well you'd never have a boring day for sure." He chuckled, placing a kiss on the top of your head.
You hummed softly, eyes never leaving the screen in front of you.
"True...but to think how exhausting it must be. We only have two and they take up most of our time."
Seonghwa laughed at how true your words were, your twins already nearing 5 years of age and boy were they a handful. If you weren't making sure they were doing well in school, you almost always had to deal with the boy pranking his sister or causing all kinds of mischief or you had your daughter coming up to you with the darnest of questions, one after another.
"But you can't deny they're adorable and they make our life happier." He reminded you, and you had to agree. Like Seonghwa said, there was never a boring day with your two munchkins around.
Feeling Seonghwa's fingers idly tap along your hip, you knew his mind was elsewhere and not on the show playing on the tv.
"Penny for your thoughts?" You asked him.
Seonghwa wondered whether it would be a good idea to say something but ultimately decided 'screw it.' Turning off the tv, he sat up and looked you straight in the eye.
"How would you feel about adding another member to the family?" He straight out blurted it out.
Although you knew what he meant, you decided to play like you didn't understand.
"I thought you said no pets because they make a mess." You giggled which caused Seonghwa to flick your head.
"You know that's not what I meant." He huffed out.
"I know, I know love...."
Grabbing the collar of his shirt, your fingers slowly began undoing the buttons.
"So.... you want another baby?"
Seonghwa felt himself hardening when he looked at your suggestive eyes.
"Yes." He breathed out, tongue swiping over his lips when you brought your face close to his.
"Wanna fuck another baby into me?" You smirked as you layed down on the bed and pulled him on top of you.
"Hell yeah-"
Your moment was interrupted when you heard the screeching of your daughter as she called out for you, ratting out her brother in his new prank. Seonghwa sighed loudly as he got up.
"Guess we're trying this another night."
❥𝓙𝓮𝓸𝓷𝓰 𝓨𝓾𝓷𝓱𝓸
Tumblr media
Picking his son up from school, Yunho watched as the little boy waved goodbye to his friends who in turn ran to their respective parents. He noticed how the boy seemed to look with great curiosity at some of them, particularly when they would hug or mess around with the sibling that was accompanying their dad or mom. Even during the car ride home, Yunho would peer through the rear view mirror and saw the little boy fidgeting his tiny hands.
"What's up buddy? Something on your mind?" He asked.
His son looked around nervously before blurting out:
"Dad how come all of my friends have brothers or sisters but I don't?"
Yunho had to steady his grip on the steering wheel to keep from swerving onto the opposite lane. He was not prepared to be asked such a question by his son.
"I well umm..... mommy and I didn't know you'd want a sibling...."
Yunho looked back at his son through the rear view mirror, hesitating on his words.
"Do you want a brother or sister?"
The reaction on the boy's face was immediate, eyes growing big and sparkling.
"Yes! I want someone to play with every day too!" He squealed.
Yunho chuckled at his son's excitement. Getting out his phone, being careful not to take his eyes off the road, he made a quick call to Mingi and asked him if he could babysit for a couple hours, which his friend was more than happy to do. Yunho immensely thanked him and hung up.
"Well buddy, for today please settle for Mingi's daughter. Maybe this time you'll actually beat her in climbing up a tree faster."
Happy at getting his boy content and with entertained for a few hours, Yunho dropped him off at Mingi's place, the latter promising to take good care of him, which Yunho didn't doubt one bit. Getting back inside the car, he nearly drove over the speed limit just so he could get home as fast as possible. You were just finishing up setting up the table for lunch when Yunho came running inside.
"Hey, where's-"
You slightly gasped when Yunho cupped your face and began kissing you hungrily, his mouth devouring yours as his hands went to the back of your thighs so he could pick you up and wrap your legs around his waist.
"Yunho what has gotten into you? Where's my baby?" You finally asked when you were able to catch your breath.
"He's over with Mingi and he'll be there for a couple hours, perfect if you ask me."
You couldn't help the blush that spread across your cheeks when Yunho kicked open the door to your room and proceeded to lay you on the bed.
"Our son is lonely, he wants someone to play with and keep him company."
You giggled when you caught onto his meaning, tilting your head when he began peppering kisses along your jaw.
"So let's try and make him a sibling."
❥𝓚𝓪𝓷𝓰 𝓨𝓮𝓸𝓼𝓪𝓷𝓰
Tumblr media
Yeosang and you calmly laid out the food on top of the picnic blanket, one of you looking over every once in a while at the pair of kids running around the park, making sure neither of them got hurt, which they didn't. You two merely exchanged amused looks when you heard their playful bantering.
"Hey! No fair! You cheated!" Your son accused his older half sister, face frowning at having lost in their game of hide and seek.
"Did not! You're just a sore loser." Eunbin called out.
Huffing loudly, your son stomped his tiny 4 year old feet away from her, but stopping midway to turn around dramatically.
"I liked you better when you'd let me win!" He exclaimed.
"And I liked you better when you couldn't talk and still needed to be changed. You were a lot cuter back then!" Eunbin replied, half snorting at her statement.
You and Yeosang tried not to burst out laughing right then and there, preferring to keep quiet, knowing they'd be friends again in 5 minutes and forget they even got mad at each other. You went back to your task of peeling fruit, so engrossed that you almost didn't hear Yeosang start talking.
"He was incredibly adorable as a baby, Eunbin isn't lying." He commented.
"Yeah he was. He looked like a little cherub. Squishy cheeks and button nose." You faintly squealed as you recalled all the times you'd stay by his crib and watched him sleep.
Yeosang also began reminiscing about those times, his mind starting to get ideas.
"What if we had another one?" He asked so casually.
"Another baby?" You raised your head to look at him.
"Yeah.... I mean... I kinda miss all those sleepless nights of crying, endless feeding, rocking them to sleep and changing diapers." Yeosang admitted.
"I did most of it though." You reminded him.
"I mean.... I helped didn't I?" Yeosang tried to argue.
"Actually Damian helped out, even if he was grouchy about it." You rolled your eyes.
Yeosang huffed. "So I take it this means no baby?"
"Now hold on, I didn't say that. I'm very open to the idea, but you know this isn't a decision to make ourselves."
Calling for your children over, they speedily made their way to you two, each of them sitting next to their favorite parent, Eunbin next to her father while your son scooted over with you, resting his head on your lap.
"Hey kids, what do you guys think about mommy and I getting you guys a brother or sister?"
❥𝓒𝓱𝓸𝓲 𝓢𝓪𝓷
Tumblr media
"There you go princess. All nice and pretty like always. Remember to behave at school ok? And be nice...."
Looking over to make sure you weren't within earshot, San leaned in and whispered to his daughter.
"But if anyone is being mean to you, remember to do that thing I taught you."
The tiny pig tailed girl held up her tiny fists and proceeded to lift her foot up and kick the air, just like her father had secretly taught her to do when you weren't around.
"That's my girl! Love you."
Kissing the top of her head, he watched her get in the car that also contained Wooyoung's daughter, their mom waving from the driver's side before taking them both to school. As usual, San stayed by the doorstep and waited a couple minutes before heading back inside. He joined you in the kitchen, where you were busy washing dishes from breakfast. Feeling your husband hug you from behind, you looked over and pecked his cheek.
"What's wrong?" You asked when you saw his pouty face.
"I'm worried about our princess. What if something happens to her?" He was starting once more with his overprotective dad mode.
"San she's going to be fine." You assured him.
"How do we know for sure? We say that now but what about later in life? Soon she'll start growing up, start making her own decisions and- Oh my God! Boys! Some boy will try to take her away from me!" He screeched, pure panic on his face.
"And that's normal. She will attract boys, she will date, will get her heartbroken-"
"Oh no no no, anyone breaks her heart, I'll break their necks." He cracked his knuckles to get his point across.
"You can't spy on her 24/7 you know. You might not even know when someone is interested in her or if she's interested in someone." You tried explaining to him.
"Hmmm true....we need someone else to do the job.."
Turning you around, San had a mischievous look in his eyes as he began untying your robe.
"Maybe someone like a little brother to report to me anything that goes on in her life."
You scoffed at him. "Choi San, are you suggesting we have a kid merely so they'll become your little accomplice?"
San chuckled as he pulled your body against his.
"That and it's getting pretty gloomy in the house without our daughter. Another baby might cheer us up."
❥𝓢𝓸𝓷𝓰 𝓜𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓲
Tumblr media
Mingi and you cooed at the tiny baby that was in Yunho's arms.
"He's so adorable." You squeaked when he brought it closer to you so you could get a better look at his tiny face
"And big." Mingi pointed out
"Yep, his mom felt that too while pushing him out." Yunho grimaced as he recalled the excruciating hours inside the delivery room.
"But it was all worth it in the end. We brought another healthy precious boy into the world and our son won't be so lonely anymore." Yunho continued as he looked over towards his son and your daughter who were currently immersed in their favorite tv show.
"Here, wanna hold him?"
Of course you did. Carefully taking the baby from his arms, you rocked him in your embrace, your heart nearly bursting out of your chest from how cute he was.
"Oh my god Mingi! He's the cutest thing ever." You whisper yelled, not wanting to cause the baby to cry or anything.
"I know. Doesn't it make you want another one?"
You whipped your head over at Mingi, who looked shocked that he actually said that.
"I mean- if you don't want to that's fine. I understand. After all, we already have our lovely daughter and I wouldn't want you to go through another pregnancy if you weren't up to it..." His babbling started to trail off, throat clearing as he felt embarrassed about what he said.
"Well look at that, he needs to be fed. Maybe it'll give you two time to talk." Yunho laughed slightly as he took the baby away and went to go prepare a bottle.
When Mingi looked back, you had your arms crossed over your chest, foot tapping against the floor. Your stare made him nervous.
"Song you want another baby?" You raised an eyebrow.
"I mean....I would but if you don't, I won't-"
You silenced him by pressing a kiss on his lips.
"I do. I think it'd be nice to grow our tiny family a little more." Your reply brought a smile to his face.
"Really? You mean it?"
You nodded immediately, giggling when he pressed more kisses on your lips.
"Can we start trying tonight?"
❥𝓙𝓾𝓷𝓰 𝓦𝓸𝓸𝔂𝓸𝓾𝓷𝓰
Tumblr media
"Y/N, I need your opinion on something." Wooyoung called out for you.
Walking into the room, you saw him face deep on his laptop, scrolling the mouse down.
"What?" You asked as you came up behind him.
"You know how we've been talking about moving to a different area?" You nodded at his question. Indeed, you had both been discussing about moving to a neighborhood that was close to your daughter's school.
"Well I found a few options and I wanted to see if you liked any of them."
Hunching over slightly, you started looking at all the different houses Wooyoung found. They all looked pretty cozy and very spacious.. a little too big though.
"Ooh! That's the one I liked! It has this huge backyard and I was thinking maybe we could install a playground for our daughter out there. With swings and a slide. Or maybe a trampoline!" He excitedly poured out his ideas.
"Wooyoung these are all 4 bedroom houses though." You pointed out.
"Yeah. So?" He shrugged.
"It's literally just 3 of us, what on earth are we going to do with 2 spare rooms?" You questioned him.
"Well I mean....what wasn't just us 3? What if 3 became 4...or even more?" He looked up at you as he bit down on his lip, his hands coming up to caress your hips in a suggestive manner.
Smiling fondly at him, you cupped his cheeks and hummed.
"Are you saying what I think you're saying?" You smirked at him.
"Are you going to say yes?" He looked at you with a hopeful smile.
You pretended to think about it, but eventually sighed and gave in.
Wooyoung jumped up from his seat and crushed you in a tight embrace, his lips attacking your cheek with pecks that felt more aggresive than grateful.
"Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!" He repeated over and over again.
Running out of the room, he barged into your daughter's bedroom where he proceeded to pick her up and spin her around, the poor girl confused.
"Guess what babygirl?! We're moving to a new house and you're going to get a sibling!"
❥𝓒𝓱𝓸𝓲 𝓙𝓸𝓷𝓰𝓱𝓸
Tumblr media
Jongho steadied the tiny girl on his lap who was bouncing out of emotion while watching the soccer game.
"Ok ok honey, settle down. I don't want you falling off or something." He said as his strong hands kept her in place.
You and your daughter proudly cheered for Hongjoong's son and his team as they continued to score goal after goal, eventually winning over the other team which sent all of the spectators into a frenzy.
"Oh my god! They actually won!" You clapped.
Overflowing with excitement, your daughter hopped off her dad's lap and ran full speed into the field where she proceeded to latch onto Hongjoong's son, her tiny arms clinging to him while the poor boy was looking scared and nudged for someone to help him.
"Of course she'd run over to him." Jongho let out a sigh.
"Upset that your little girl already has her first crush?" You teased.
"No- well yes, but no actually."
Sensing that something was the matter with him, you inched yourself closer to Jongho, your hand reaching out to hold his.
"Is something wrong?"
It took a while for Jongho to muster his thoughts, but he eventually laid out his worries to you.
"No, it's just.... don't get me wrong, I love our daughter very much, she's my whole world along with you. But I can't help but feel jealous of my friends with their sons. Taking them to soccer matches every weekend, teaching them how to kick a ball, score a goal, you know, activities for father son bonding times."
You understood what he was talking about and although he could very well try to teach those things to your daughter, she was much too delicate and girly for such things, not to mention she didn't have much of an interest in sports. Resting your head on his shoulder, you smiled as you suggested:
"Maybe we should start trying for a boy then. I think it'd be nice don't you?"
Jongho whipped his head at you, questioning if you were being serious or not. You grinned and kissed his nose, effectively letting him know you were indeed being serious. Giggling, he pulled you against him and kissed your forehead.
"I love you so much."
Gifs not mine. Credit goes to their respective owners
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jardinsdeminuit · 28 days ago
New chapter of The Flower That Blooms in Adversity is up! This chapter marks the beginning of Part 3: Peony. I've posted an excerpt under the cut. Be aware that it's a little spicy (but not explicit). 😏
Pairing: Yang x OC
Chapter: 14/25
Rating: E (for sex and violence)
Read the full chapter here!
Yang's voice snapped me from my thoughts. I looked down at him, nestled between my legs, red hair fanning out across the pillow around him. On his back like this, the map of tattoos inked across his chest and upper arms was completely visible. Like usual, it was the flowering lotus on his right breast that caught my eye above all else.
“You spaced out again.” His thumb caressed small circles into my bare thigh. “Thinking about Dani, are you?”
As always, the sound of my sister's name on his lips made me scowl. “Don't pretend like you care.”
Yang shrugged. “You're right. I don't.” He lifted his hands from my leg to trace up my waist and pull me down, but I resisted.
“No?” he said, a hint of danger working its way into his tone.
I stared into his eyes. He'd been more feverish since his fight with Haoran two days ago, as if the violence had given a wave of energy he was still letting out. Refusing him was useless, but making him wait for a few seconds felt like a victory, no matter how insignificant it was in the long run.
Taking his face in my hands, I leaned down and kissed him. His breath hitched, and then he was moving his lips with mine, long fingers cupping the back of my head. I could feel him growing hard against my inner thigh. I shifted my hips back slightly. Yang responded with a deep groan.
I grabbed his wrist suddenly, breaking off the kiss. He stared at me, confusion in his eyes.
It's just like before, isn't it?
For some reason, my mind was returning to those words Dani had uttered again. Without thinking, I blurted out, “Do you remember what your life was like before you came here?”
I froze as I realised what a stupid question that was, but instead of getting angry like I'd expected, Yang smirked. “Naturally. It wasn't that long ago, after all.”
I stared at him, wondering if it was worth the risk taking this conversation further. But I was genuinely curious now, so I decided to push it a little. “Why Italy, then? Out of all the countries in the world.”
Yang brushed a strand of hair from my eyes. Our faces were close enough that I could feel his breath hot on my cheek. “Isn't it obvious? I enjoy your food, your women, your weather. I also like being by the sea. The breeze in the evening is pleasant.”
His answer felt rehearsed in a strange kind of way. I wanted to point out that since I'd been kidnapped, I hadn't actually seen him eat any food that wasn't of Chinese origin, but of course, I didn't bring it up. Every exchange I had with Yang felt like I was walking on thin ice, especially when my reunion with Dani was still fresh in my mind.
“But don't you have people back home you miss?”
Yang froze suddenly, his face falling a little. He grabbed me by the upper arm and pushed me to the mattress, then rolled so that his chest was pressed flush against my back.
“Wait,” I said, “you're not going to—”
The command was short, but absolute. I stared out into the room as he moulded his body to mine, his arm curling around my waist, chin resting in the crook of my neck. If he really wanted to sleep, then it would've been the first night I'd spent with him that he hadn't forcefully taken me.
I frowned. Normally, Yang only hinted at his emotions, but right now, he was taking little care to hide how annoyed he was. Had my question really put him off that much?
Or maybe, just maybe, he knew I was still thinking about Dani and given me space.
I stopped that line of thought before it could continue. There was no chance Yang would put my comfort before his desires. The moment I started to think of him as someone with rational feelings, I ran the risk of starting to see him as something less of a monster, and that, I knew, was the most dangerous path of all.
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pterodactylterrace · a month ago
Title: Guys Like You
Chapter: 18
Chapter Summary: We’ll get through this, I promise.
Rating: 18+
Warnings: Mentions of pregnancy, sickness, and as usual, too much fluff. This is more of a filler chapter until I can get my brain to work correctly again.
{Prologue} {Chapter 1} {Chapter 2} {Chapter 3} {Chapter 4} {Chapter 5} {Chapter 6} {Chapter 7} {Chapter 8} {Chapter 9} {Chapter 10} {Chapter 11} {Chapter 12} {Chapter 13} {Chapter 14} {Chapter 15} {Chapter 16} {Chapter 17}
"You, my darling, really need to get used to flying." Henry teased, brushing Faye's hair from her face as she slowly rose from her nap.
"What? A girl can't be tired anymore?" Faye grouched, pulling the throw blanket up over her head to block him out.
"Love, we've been home for almost a week now. The time period for blaming jet lag is over now."
"Your time period is over."
"Are you sure you're alright? Maybe it's time to see a doctor?"
"Doctor can suck a dick." Faye grumbled.
"Someone's grouchy."
"Hen, I just wanna sleep." Faye whined, peeking out from under the blanket.
"How long are you planning on sleeping? You've hardly been awake since we got back, and you're still barely eating. I can tell you're starting to lose weight."
"Then why don't my pants fit?" Faye sighed, sitting up and throwing the blanket off. "Please, tell me how I've lost so much weight when I can't even button my jeans anymore."
"Faye." Henry started, waiting for her to calm down before he continued. "I'm getting worried. You aren’t depressed, are you?"
"How is me being tired depression?" Faye scoffed.
"Sleeping all the time? Reduced appetite? Mood swings? When was the last time you even drew something? You used to draw every day, but you haven't touched your sketch pad in weeks."
"I'm not depressed, Hen." Faye sighed, curling in on herself. "I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm just exhausted."
"All I want is for you to feel better. I miss having you around."
"I'm right here. Can I just try to sleep away this headache? Half hour and then I'll keep myself up the rest of the day."
"I'll come back to check on you." Henry relented, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead. No fever at least. That narrowed down what could be going on.
"Love you."
"I love you too, darling."
Hen?" Faye whispered, gently shaking his shoulder. At first, she only received a grunt, but after a few more nudges she managed to pull him from his slumber.
"What?" Henry yawned, shaking his head and rubbing his eyes. "What's going on? Are you ok?"
"Mmhmm." Faye mumbled, pressing herself closer to his side, tracing gentle patterns through the smattering of hair covering his chest. "Fuzzy boy."
"Did... did you just wake me up to tell me that?"
"Then come on love, it's 2am. Try to get some sleep."
"But I'm not tired." Faye whined, resting her chin on his chest to pout up at him.
"So just because you're awake, I have to be too?" Henry groaned, running his fingers through her hair. "You know, I've let you sleep away the last two weeks. Can I at least get the rest of the night?"
"But I need you."
"Need me for what?" Henry sighed, his head flopping over to look at her more closely.
"Dunno. I could probably think of a few things." Faye mumbled, lightly scratching her nails over one of his nipples, earning a surprised groan from deep in his chest.
"That I think I can deal with." Henry chuckled, quickly rolling them over to pin her to the mattress, kissing her softly. "Does my poor baby need something from me?"
"How about you put that mouth of yours to good use?"
"Just remember, you asked for it." Henry chuckled darkly, sitting back to slide her panties down her legs, tossing them carelessly to the floor. He pushed against her inner thighs gently, her legs falling to the side to provide him enough room to work. "Wonder how many I can get out of you..."
His tongue started light and slow, barely parting her nether lips, adding a flick at the end just hard enough to catch her clit. Teasing kisses, taunting nibbles and cheeky suckles landing all over her folds - everywhere but where she wanted them most.
"Hen!" Faye whined, squirming beneath him, trying to get his mouth where she wanted it.
"What? I'm not allowed to have any fun?" Henry chuckled, finally working his tongue against her sensitive bundle of nerves, making her groan out loud. He relentlessly worked his tongue in tight circles and flicks, her hands twisting in his hair as her hips bucked, desperately trying to get him closer. She felt like her body was on fire, an inferno slowly radiating out from her core. She could feel her legs shaking as she gasped his name, lewdly thrusting her hips up to his mouth as she came apart, gently pushing his head away as the sensitivity set in.
Henry hummed softly to himself, his eyes flicking up to the debauched woman above him. God, he loved that woman. His tongue ventured out again, gathering up every drop of nectar from her swollen petals as he could, nuzzling at her inner thigh and waiting for her to relax before he made his next move, diving right back in, swirling his tongue softly around her clit, smirking at her gasping moan, her fingers clenching almost painfully at his hair.
"Fuck - Hen- wha?" Faye gasped, her back arching wildly as her legs shook. Whether in an attempt to escape his ever-teasing tongue or to chase after it, she wasn't sure. It felt like lightning was coursing through her veins as he made her come again, letting her push his head away as she came back down from her high.
"What the hell?" Faye panted, pushing her sweat soaked strands from her face.
"Oh, I'm not done yet." Henry chuckled, staring deep into her eyes as he leaned back in.
"Hen!" Faye whined, twitching sensitively and giving his head another halfhearted push.
"Uh uh." Henry tutted, tangling his fingers with hers and pinning her hands to the mattress. "I think you've got one more in you."
"You can't be serious!"
"Hmm?" Henry hummed, raising an eyebrow at her as his tongue flicked feather light licks against her hypersensitive nub, her back arching instantly. It took almost nothing for him to draw her third one from her, finally latching onto her clit and sucking gently as he swiped at it with his tongue, inadvertently pulling the fourth from her before she even came down from the third.
"S-stop." Faye gasped, Henry finally pulling away, kissing the backs of her hands and slowly crawling back over her.
"Are you ok?" He asked softly, gently cupping her jaw in one large palm.
"My soul left my body." Faye panted, reaching up to rest her hand on his neck. "Now are you gonna fuck me or what?"
"Good God woman, what's gotten into you?" Henry half laughed, kissing her softly.
"Hopefully it will be you dick getting into me in the next couple of seconds." Faye responded sweetly, reaching down to shove his boxers out of her way, eager fingers curling around his already engorged member and sweeping the head through her soaked petals.
"Fuck." Henry sighed softly, his eyes drifting closed as he let Faye guide him, bottoming out in one thrust from how wet she was.
"Fuck, yes." Faye moaned, her nails digging into his shoulders as she squirmed beneath him, desperate for more friction. He pulled almost all the way out and pushed back in, groaning softly at the feel of her around him. So soft, warm, wet and tight wrapped around him perfectly, the head of his cock bumping against the entrance of her womb with every thrust.
He could feel her arousal soaking him more and more with each thrust, only spurring him on to slam into her faster. He'd lost count of how many times he'd felt her finish around him, her walls clamping down as she chased after his cock. It was with her final release that Henry found his own high, pressing into her as far as he could, rocking against her as he rode the waves of pleasure.
"I think I can sleep now." Faye giggled, wiping the sweat from his brow.
"I would certainly hope so." Henry half laughed, carefully pulling out to lay beside her.
"Why is this so difficult?" Henry thought to himself, wiping his palms off on his jeans, trying to steel his nerves. They'd had such a good day. Faye was feeling better, for once not waking up nauseous. Briar had gotten to help make pancakes that morning after begging for them for a week. Her mother's stomach was feeling better for the time being and Henry didn't have to worry about the smell of food cooking setting her off. She had insisted on chocolate chip and banana pancakes. Good thing Henry was in his off season. He’d eaten more than his fair share.
Faye had even been in a better mood that morning; something he would like to attribute to the night before. That was another thing, she'd finally wanted to actually do something for the first time in weeks. Just a couple weeks after the letter they'd gotten about her ex wanting custody was the last time he could remember. A fun little tryst in the shower in an attempt to relieve some stress. It seemed whatever had been going on with her was finally getting better now.
They'd all gone out not long after Briar's nap, wanting to get some fresh air for the first time in what felt like forever. It had been months since they'd all gone out for a walk, actually. This time Henry only ended up having to carry Briar after the first fifteen minutes. Usually, his girls would have a debate over who got to be carried for the rest of the walk.
Now, only one question remained. Well... two actually. How to do this was the main priority. He'd had several different ideas knocking around his brain for a while now. He was almost to the point of just sending her a text message, his nerves absolutely fried even thinking about having to speak.
What if she said no? Was this too much, too fast? It had been over a year since they had gotten together. They lived together. Briar had decided he was her father now. He was absolutely crazy about both of them. It just made sense, didn't it?
So then why was it so damn hard to just ask? What if she didn't like him like that? Was he reading too much into everything? Sure, they had been together for a while and everything, but maybe she wasn't as serious as he was? No, no that can't be right. With everything going on she had to like him at least a little bit.
His brothers weren't helping either. Their group chat had been nothing but them making fun of him for over three weeks now. He never should have told them his plans. They had taken to giving him increasingly ridiculous ideas for what to do ever since. So much for family support.
"It's so pretty here." Faye sighed, stopping to overlook the pond they were walking by. Yup, his heart was in his throat. He was going to have a stroke and die, no way around it. Was it too late to abort the mission? No, no. He had to do this. His brothers were heavily suggesting he go to Van Gough route at this point. He had to do something before they started petitioning for him to throw himself into a wood chipper or something.
"Briar?" Henry whispered, looking down at the girl in his arms.
"Can you tell Mummy I want to ask her something?" Henry whispered in the child's ear as he crouched down to set her free. Perfect plan. It was now or never. The gears had been set into motion.
Oh shit, she was turning around. No, nope, can't do it. Time to think of something else to say and fast.
No, he could feel his phone going off again. That was probably one of his brothers suggesting he profess his love via some bodily harm again. He had to do this.
"Hen? Are you ok?" Faye asked, tilting her head as she took her daughter's hand.
"Yeah, yeah. I'm fine." Henry assured, shoving a hand through his curls.
"What's bothering you, Bear?" Faye questioned, stepping forward to where he was still crouched down, cupping his jaw and tilting his head up to look at her.
"Faye, I've been trying to figure out a way to say this for weeks now, and I'm honestly having trouble figuring it out." Henry admitted, slowly standing himself up and resting his hands on her hips.
There. That was his normal. Holding onto her was what felt natural and right.
"Is something wrong?"
"No, no. Everything is perfect." Henry sighed, hooking a gentle finger beneath her chin and tilting her face up to place a gentle kiss to her lips. He could feel Briar trying to climb his leg, wanting to be involved in whatever was going on. 
"I love you." Faye sighed softly, her hands sliding down his chest. 
"Marry me?" Henry requested softly, staring unsurely into her wide innocent eyes.
"What?" Faye whispered, her breath catching in her chest.
"I'm serious." Henry insisted, kissing her softly and slipping down onto one knee, pulling a ring from his pocket. "Please? I had some elaborate speech planned, but I can't even think right now. I want to be with you forever. Will you marry me?"
"I-I can't breathe." Faye gasped, her hands covering her mouth as she stared down at him. "I... yes! Yes!" She finally forced out, Henry visibly relaxing, rocketing back to his feet and kissing her deeply.
"I love you." Henry whispered, glancing away just long enough to slip the ring on her finger. "So damn much."
"I love you too." Faye half sobbed, Henry gently wiping the tears from her face.
"I love you!" Briar cut in, tugging on both of their shirts, desperate to be involved in whatever was going on.
"We love you too, princess." Henry chuckled, scooping her up and hugging her close.
“Hen?” Faye asked, slowly pulling her towel up over her chest to hide from his intense stare.
“No, no, hang on.” Henry insisted, gently pushing her hands away. “They’re… different.”
“What are you talking about?” Faye half laughed, pulling the towel back up.
“They’re bigger.” Henry explained, taking the towel again and tossing it aside, his eyes raking appreciatively over her naked frame.
“Well, I haven’t gotten implants while you were playing World of Warcraft if that’s what you’re thinking.”
“Thank goodness. I know we can go for a while, but missing an entire surgery would be a bit much. But they’re bigger.” Henry repeated, gently cupping her breasts and manipulating them in his large hands, his face contemplative. “Heavier too.”
“Are you enjoying yourself?” Faye sighed, rolling her eyes as he continued moving her breasts this way and that, his fingers occasionally pinching at a nipple. “At least be gentle, they’re sore as hell.” She chastised after a particularly firm squeeze.
“Faye?” Henry started slowly, realization seeming to wash over him. “When was your last cycle?”
“I don’t know. I already told you they’re irregular. It’s not weird for me to go a month or two without anything.”
“So, it’s been a month or two?”
“I don’t know.” Faye repeated, her brows furrowing as she wracked her brain. “Last one I remember was when you took us to meet your family.”
“That’s over two months.” Henry pointed out, his eyes locking on hers.
“Ok, no. We only agreed to stop using protection a few months ago. There’s no way you could knock me up that fast.” Faye scoffed, her face falling as she started connecting the dots. “No, no. No freaking way.” She insisted, squeezing past her fiancé and digging through her drawer in the bathroom.
“I’ll be out here.” Henry mumbled, stepping back and closing the door for her.
Like she’d said, they’d only stopped using protection a few months ago, opting to go the ‘whatever happens, happens’ route. That and they hadn’t been particularly active since the stress of the custody case made it seem almost impossible.
Then again, she’d been feeling sick and throwing up for weeks now. She was tired all the time. Her emotions were all over the place, not that he would ever tell her that, of course. Combine that with her growing bosom, and it made perfect sense.
Would she be ok with that, though? They hadn’t exactly been trying, they’d just decided to stop preventing. That didn’t mean she wanted this right now. In fact, her main reasoning was that she wanted to feel him inside of her. She’d just wanted to be closer. Should they have been taking more precautions?
She did know he was crazy about her, right? He wasn’t going anywhere. He was over the moon at the thought of having another child with her. He wanted to be there for everything. He wanted to show her how much better everything could be with the right partner.
What if she’d been wanting to wait until after the wedding, though? Granted, Briar was already around, but maybe she wanted to wait until they were married before having more kids? He couldn’t blame her if she did. It would make more sense to wait until then. Should they have waited?
Faye popped back out what felt like simultaneously felt like seconds, and years later, holding the plastic stick in her hand and staring at him in disbelief.
“It’s… it’s positive.” Faye breathed, the second line on the test growing darker by the second.
“It’s positive?” Henry asked, his face lighting up as he looked down at the test. “It’s positive!” He repeated, wrapping her up in his arms and resting his cheek on her head.
“How the hell did you do that so fast?” Faye asked in a small voice, tucking herself in closer to him.
“We’re gonna have another baby.” Henry breathed, peppering the top of her head in kisses.
“Like, seriously. You must have managed it on your first try or something!”
“Faye!” Henry half laughed, gripping her hips and taking a small step back to look at her. “Focus, darling. We’re having another baby!”
“We’re having another baby.” Faye repeated, slowly looking up at him, relaxing when she saw the elated grin splitting his face. “We’re having another baby.”
“We’re having another baby!” Henry laughed, dropping to his knees and kissing her belly. “Hi, baby! I’m your Papa! You also have a big sister! She’s gonna love you so much!” He gushed to her stomach, Faye giggling as she ran her fingers through his unruly curls.
“What if she doesn’t want to be a big sister?” Faye gasped, her eyes going wide.
“She’ll love having someone closer to her age to play with.” Henry assured, running his hands over her stomach, his face still split into a wide smile.
“Oh shit! What if it’s twins? I already conceived twins once! Almost everyone in my family is a twin! You’re not gonna know what to do with one newborn, let alone two!”
“I think we’ll manage.” Henry soothed, pressing another kiss to her stomach before standing himself up.
“No, newborns are hard!” Faye insisted. “They need to be fed and changed every two hours. They’re fragile and squirmy! One was hard enough; I don’t know what to do with two!”
“Faye.” Henry cut off her panicked ranting, cupping her jaw in his hands and tilting her face to look up at him. “You’re not alone this time. I’ll do everything I can to help you. That being said, I have no idea what to do with a pregnant fiancé.”
“Wait… Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill!”
“What?” He asked slowly, his eyes going wide as he shrunk back at her use of his full name. She’d only done that a handful of times, and each time it had spelled disaster for him.
“You did not just knock me up before our wedding!” Faye hissed, turning hard eyes up to him. “I’m gonna look like a blimp in our wedding photos!”
“Faye, we’ve never even picked a date.” Henry soothed, swiping a thumb under her eye. “No matter how badly I want to marry you right now, I’m willing to wait as long as you need to be comfortable.”
“I don’t want to wait either, though.” Faye whined. “Now I’m gonna be huge!”
“You’re going to be beautiful.”
“I’m going to be the most beautiful whale you’ve ever seen.” Faye pouted, thumping her head against his chest in a pout. “Stupid Super Sperm couldn’t just wait a few months.”
“But we’re having another baby.” Henry reminded.
“We’re having another baby.”
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g3ck0man · a month ago
I have decided to give a more in depth explanation of my Mycelium!Ranboo au. If you don't know what that is and wish to know more you can continue reading or look up Mycelium!Ranboo in the tags to see the art. Sorry in advance for any misspellings or grammar issues.
Few things to note before I go further in depth:
This au runs off the theory that Ranboo caused the explosion that made Tommy stuck in the prison.
I haven't watched every single hermit! I've only watched Zedaph, Grian and the first half of MumbJumbos! I joined the fandom pretty late so things may be inaccurate on my part but I'll try my best.
I also, sadly, joined the dsmp fandom a bit after Ranboo joined so, again, not everything will be perfect.
I have never watched Evo so my Watcher Grian is only based on the things my friend @kitkatcubed has told me about so sorry in advance if anything is incorrect on that part. I will watch Evo when I get the chance but for now the Grian is based off concept and not fact. In this au Grian only turns into Watcher Grian when he sleeps. He doesn't have memories of what he does during that time but he watches over parts of the after life.
And with that let's start:
During the explosion that caused Tommy to get stuck in prison with Dream, Ranboo had been actually caught by Awesamdude in the act. Ranboo didn't realize what he was doing (due to his blackouts) until it was too late. Due to the prison rules Awesamdude was allowed to take all 3 of Ranboo's cannon lives.
(This is when it gets VERY fueled by headcannons so I'll try my best to explain)
After being killed 3 times in a row by Sam, Ranboo had woken up in some sort of void (a similar place Tommy described about after his death in cannon) and it almost felt like there was no air but he could still breath.
After a small while, a glowing light approached him in in the void. An angel of sorts. One with two golden rings for a head with about 10 eyes along the rims of each ring.
Ranboo was afraid at first until a destorted voice of Grian spoke out to him. He told Ranboo of what he saw and how his death was unjust since he couldn't control it.
Grian then offered him another chance at life in a new home but Ranboo would have to restart life and that included his memory getting worse over time again. Grian couldn't change everything. Grian put his hand out and Ranboo hesitantly agreed, shaking his hand.
When he shook Grian's hand and before Ranboo could process what was happening he felt himself fall, the angel slowly disappearing from view.
As Grian said he had to restart life. So he woke up on the shore (as the child of course) of the S7 shopping district, confused with no memories and alone.
Over time Ranboo watched from afar as buildings in the shopping district we're built by the hermits. Until one day he saw a hermit with wings and a red shirt placed down a block of Mycelium by the Barge, pleased with himself. Ranboo walked over, picking up the block the hermit just placed. Right after they made eye contact and Grian let out a soft smile at the tiny little enderman, kneeling down to his hight and Grian laughed, saying hello to Ranboo.
After that Grian found himself liking the smol boy and decided to give him a little place to live in the mansion and also in the Barge. Ranboo almost immediately became a son to Grian and all of the other hermits.
They'd all take turns taking care of him and making fun little games for him in the shopping district. If there was a fight breaking out and Ranboo walked into the scene all fights would stop just so the hermits could say hi to the small one.
There were, of course, some moments that got the hermits worried. Ranboo seemed to forgot things often. The first instance happened when Grian walked over to pick him up one day and it seemed Ranboo did not recognize him.
Eventually Grian ended up giving Ranboo a small book to write in so he could remember some things. Ranboo used it for making cute drawings of him and the hermits after they did activities such as; Grian flying with him in his arms to take him to Mumbo's base to be baby sat or Zombiecleo showing Ranboo how armour stand magic works.
Overall the au is slice of life moments of Ranboo having a rather huge new family and this all because I'm a sucker for found family. Thank you so much for reading my ramble and have a lovely day <3
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bobsie · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tw: mention of anxiety attack
Tumblr media
If you said you're not nervous you'd be lying because today was the first step of making your dream come true
You had wasted a year in a school you never liked and one day you had enough you quit your school told you parents and travelled to tokyo to pursue your dream which is appearal design
And today was your first day and you knew no one
But it was fine it's going to be ok  that was what you told yourself
you took a deep breath walking around your new school  taking in the sight of friends walking and talking together and regret started to fill your head
Did you make a mistake? You already had friends there and your life was planned but you changed that now you have no friends and an unknown future your anxiety took the best of you now, you were worried you started to regret your decision your heart started beating two or maybe three beats faster
"Hey..hey" you blinked once then twice until you could finally focus on the person who was talking to you
"hey are you ok? Do you need water or something?" You finally saw him a man with a tanned skin his eyes were a beautiful shade of brown he had glasses on his jaw line looked so sharp and he had small facial hair that made him look so beautiful his hair was long in a low bun but there were some hairs that escaped his hair tie he was tall so tall and had very broad shoulders and he was dressed up so nicely looking at him and his face suddenly made all your worries and anxiety go away
"do you need to sit down?" Heat started to rise up your whole face when you realized you were drooling over him in your imagination while he was trying to help you
"I am fine i think i was having an anxiety attack but it's fine now thank you" the way he smiled at you after made you heart almost jump out from your chest you have never seen a smile so bright and beautiful
"oh i know how that feels let me buy you something to drink then it helps me relax a little my name is Asahi Azumane and I think you're new here or am I mistaken"
"Oh yeah it's my first day but please Azumane san it's fine I don't need anything"
"No please it's your first day here too and your nervous so let me help I didn't get your name though" he seemed embarrassed when he asked about your name because of the way his hand found it's way to his nape to rub it while his cheeks took the color of a light pink
"Oh it's y/n l/l but you can call me y/n"
"Y/n that's beautiful oh you can call me Asahi as well"
"Ok Asahi san"
"Now let's get you your drink y/n"
Maybe it's the way you say my name
Maybe it's the way you play your game
But it's so good, I've never known anybody like you
But it's so good, I've never dreamed of nobody like you
It's been few weeks since you met Asahi he was a year ahead of you in school but that didn't stop him from hanging out with you in all his free time and you never objected that because you already cought feelings for him since you met him you cursed yourself for that but I mean how can you help it when Asahi Azumane was like that the first time you met him so caring and kind with such great looks
And every since that day Asahi has never left your thoughts he was always on your mind happy, sad, anxious or even bored you wanted to tell him about anything and everything that's happened to you and in return you wanted to know anything and everything about him
You were so deep in thought already forgetting about the project that's laying in front of you it was already late but you needed to make it you had to get it done as you were about to pick it up and go back to it again but you heard a ding coming from your phone
From: Ace
Y/n good luck with your project but because i know you you're probably anxious now thinking you won't get it done but I am sure you will I believe in you, just remember you need breaks so go to sleep now and continue later goodnight y/n sweet dreams <3
The smile never left your face as you kept rereading that massage before you sent a reply
To: Ace
I will Asahi thank you goodnight sweet dreams I love you <3
But you erased your confession leaving it to another day
And I've heard of a love that comes once in a lifetime
And I'm pretty sure that you are that love of mine
From: Ace
Y/n remember that flower field I told you about let's meet there tomorrow at 10:30 in the morning you'll find me quickly <3
You got off the train looking at Asahi's second massage about the address but as soon as you looked away from your phone you say it a beautiful field with so many flowers and on a hill was Asahi
as you got closer to Asahi you started to get anxious you've been alone with Asahi so many times you can't even count it with both of your hands but this time it was different it felt different
When Asahi noticed that you got closer he stood up to meet you only for both of you to freeze for few seconds looking at each other as if you never saw the other before but then Asahi smiled and you felt like you were hit by a lightning his smile took your breath away and it was like all your worries were gone just by his beautiful smile
"I am confessing today" you thought to yourself as you put a smile on your face and walked to Asahi
I think that you are the one for me
'Cause it gets so hard to breathe
When you're looking at me
I've never felt so alive and free
When you're looking at me
I've never felt so happy
"Since we finally handed our projects and the stress us finally over I thought we could come here to relax"
"That's a great idea Asahi I already feel good" you said taking in a deep breath taking in the flower scent while Asahi's eyes never left you
"hey y/n I brought something too"
"Ooh what did you bring is it snacks?"
Asahi chuckled as he took things out of a bad "no not snacks but I thought we could make flower crowns"
"Flower crowns" you raised an eyebrow looking at Asahi while his face has the usual blush on it
"yeah I thought it would be cute to make each other a crown also I always wondered how would you look in one" immediately your face turned read and your heart skipped a beat
"Oh ok then so I'll make yours and you'll make mine?"
"Close your eyes and I'll put it on you and take a photo for you to see it"
"Ok" you smiled as you closed your eyes you felt Asahi's body closer to yours and it made your heart explode yeah you are sure it exploded when you felt Asahi's breath on you this his hand traveled to put few strands of hair behind your ear
"Ok now open your eyes so I can take a photo" you did as he said and you were amazed by how good it was and now it was your turn to put the crown on him
As you got closer to him your eyes started to analyze every detail on his face his eyebrows, the signs of tiredness under his eyes, his cheek bones, the hair that's growing on his face and his pink lips you were so mesmerized by him that you didn't notice Asahi had opened his eyes and started analysing your face as well until your eyes looked and that was the last straw for you because you quickly closed the little gab that was between you two and to your surprise Asahi kissed back
"Did I look this good with a flower crown?" Asahi said with a smirk on his face
"You're a dork I love you"
"I love you too"
'Cause I'm in a field of dandelions
Wishing on every one that you'll be mine, mine
And I see forever in your eyes
I feel okay when I see you smile, smile
Wishing on dandelions all of the time
Praying to God that one day you'll be mine
Wishing on dandelions all of the time, all of the time
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mxtcha-tea · a month ago
domestic shiratorizawa
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⊹summary; the life inside the dorms of shiratorizawa
⊹pilots; gn![y/n], ushijima, tendou, semi, yamagata, reon, kawanishi, shirabu, goshiki (pairings showed; yamagata x reader, goshiki x reader)
⊹genre; fluff, crack and some cursings (no proofread)
⊹flight details; i've once made a domestic imagines in my old blog so imma make a small reboot of it <3
Tumblr media
random shopping
normal day, normal life. you could've seen yourself laying or even napping in your room while a compilation of minecraft songs plays in the background. but no. instead, you're inside an antique shop with Yamagata, Ushijima and Tendou.
you have no idea when, or how did the process happened but you surely is done with getting dragged inside the shop by Tendou and Yamagata.
while Ushijima's stuck on a section, you don't know where, but he's definitely stuck there, "[y/n]! look at what i found,"
Yamagata called you as you turned around to see him holding up a pretty heavy doll. you raise your brow, "what the hell is that?" walking towards him and taking a closer look at the object in hand,
"i think it's a, um, i think a matryoska doll? matroyska? is that how you say it?" "why're you asking me, i don't know jack shit about russian stuff,"
"ah you mean, matryoshka doll?" Tendou butted in, startling you two, "it's also called a 'nesting doll' and did you actually know that it was actually originated from china?"
Yamagata's eyes practically sparkled at that with a surprised look, "from china? really?"
you can only roll your eyes, "and how can you even know all that?" Tendou snickered and put on a smug face, "i'm actually very smart, y'know. ya'll just don't know about it," "says the person in class 2,"
"i blame the mathematic old hags for adding letters in math, and the apple that fucking hit my man Isaac," you tsk'ed and walk towards the next section. Yamagata passive aggressively put the matryoshka doll down and follow after you along with Tendou,
"also, we need to find ushijima, i think he's stuck in some section between here...ah there," you stopped walking and turn to your right where you find Ushijima reading a book.
Tendou skipped towards him and smack his shoulder, "you okay, wakatoshi-kun? you sure did took longer to look at the stuff here," while Tendou chats with Ushijima, Yamagata look up at the shelves as something caught his eyes.
he tried to reach it while tip toing but due to his height, he can't reach it. then, he jumped from his spot to grab the object but end up hitting his head onto the board, "AGH, FUCK!" which causes you all to look at him, watching him hold his head while shivering from the pain,
"are you okay, yamagata?" ushijima ask, putting back the book on the shelves, "yeah, yeah, i'm just tryna get that," he shakes his head before pointing up.
you followed his finger and caught a glimpse of an old polaroid. it's a little bit dusty but other than that, it looks new. Ushijima reached it from his spot and managed to grab it, "here,"
he hands it to Yamagata as he instantly recovered from his recent pain and snatch it from Ushijima's hand, subtly thanking him with a grin, "why do you even need a polaroid?" Tendou asked, leaning his arm over Ushijima's shoulder with one brow up,
"pfft, for journaling of course,"
a gust of wind went through you while staring at him with a poker face, the same with Tendou with a small cat like smile. Ushijima just looked the same,
"okay," "WHAT'S WITH THE TONE??" you blinked and just knit your eyebrows, "i mean, since when you started journaling? you're not even the type of person to do something aesthetic,"
he pouted and just crosses his arms, "so what? that doesn't mean i can't do it, right? have faith in me god darn it. and honestly, my journal looks good so far," "well, fine,"
you waved your hand at him and continue going through the other section. and just like that, "hey wait!" Yamagata tailed after you.
Tendou snickered at the two and focus back on Ushijima, who's still watching the display yet again, "have you thought of what to buy wakatoshi-kun?" "i'm not sure, there's a lot of interesting stuff here," "well, you've only been in this section but okay~"
Tumblr media
"agh, why did those idiots really have to call me at this time...?"
you groaned, slowly walking through the halls with a slouched figure. tracing your fingers along the wall with a dejected look. you're suppose to sleep today.
an hour or two long sleep. it's finally the weekend which means the time for you to sleep all of your problems away. drifting into slumber with fluffy pillows and warm blankets, enjoying your dream as long as you can.
until your ringtone annoyingly rings next to your ear. you answer the call, and again greeted by the most annoying human in the planet,
"[y/n], we need you at the gym right now!"
"huh? oh fuck off Tendou, i need to sleep right now,"
"nuh uh, you can sleep later after you go to the gym,"
"why? are you, i don't know, practicing or something?"
"you have to find out. if you don't move your ass from that bed, we'll send Hayato to wake you up~"
". . ."
and now, you find yourself standing in front of the door of shiratorizawa's volleyball gym. not only that Tendou wakes you up from your sleep, you also had to WALK all the way from your dorm to the gym,
"i'm gonna add more time to their practices after this..."
sliding the door open, you expect them to be doing serves or maybe spikes.
but instead, you're seeing them—as in the 3rd years—all sitting down at the middle of the court, with books around them.
and what's even more confusing is that they somehow managed to bring a table inside. no, not the flip-able table.
literally a whole ass table.
Reon looks up from his book and notices your figure standing on the door way. he waves his hand at you, you did the same but still with a confused look.
Yamagata was next to see you as he abruptly stand up from his spot, shaking the table in the process,
"Hayato! stop shaking the table," "oops, sorry. ah, wait, [y/n]!"
that caught all of the boys attention as they look at you, "what taking you so long to arrive?" Tendou asked, a pen rested in between his upper lip and nose.
Semi smacked him in the face—earning an 'ow'—before shaking his head,
"their dorm is literally far from the gym, and why do you even proposed your idea of studying at the gym anyway?"
you make your way towards them, Reon patting the empty spot next to him. you sat down on your spot as Yamagata did the same. seemed like he was waiting for you.
Tendou rubbed his nose and pouted at Semi, "this was the best place to study anyway! it have much more room,"
"we should've gone to the cafeteria OR the LIBRARY," Semi groaned, looking back at his book before writing on it,
"pfft, the cafeteria's no fun. and i got banned from the library," Reon looks at Tendou with confusion, "well, it's not surprising,"
Tendou shrugged, "i was also banned from the library," Ushijima said, not looking up from his notes as you knit your eyebrows at that,
"you're also banned from the library? Satori, what did you and Ushijima did—" "anyways, um,"
he cut you off, fidgeting with his pen before pointing it at you, "right, you need to tutor us on this subject~!"
you blinked, looking down at the book they're studying about, "haven't the teacher covered this already?"
"well, i'm sorry, class 6. but we have no idea how this thing works. maybe only Reon, but look at Semi,"
Tendou wrapped his arm around Semi's neck, practically head locking him, "he's from class 1 and i think you should teach him about this the most," "I'll rip your fucking head off, Tendou!"
while both of them tried to strangle each other, Yamagata caught your attention next,
"and also, it won't be fun without you, y'know," Reon nodded, "and don't forget that you can't leave me alone in this,"
"oh right," "hm? what was that?" Yamagata asked. you just shake your head with a defeated smile, "nothing..."
after clearing your throat, you snatched Semi's book away before flipping through the pages,
"okay you scumbags, it's time to learn,"
Tumblr media
oblivious enough
the birds chirped from the tree, the hallway's as loud as ever. Semi and Tendou's leaning against the window, each of them drinking apple juice and eating yakisoba bread.
it was silence between them before Semi spoke, "hey, Tendou," "yes Semi-Semi?" "y'know,"
Semi turned his head to look at Tendou as the redhead did the same, "have you, noticed the relationship between [y/n] and Yamagata lately?"
the latter made a thinking face, before nodding, "hm, seems so,"
"do you think, either one of them ever noticed about it?" Tendou shakes his head at the question, "nope, i don't think they do. in fact, they might be completely oblivious to it,"
Semi snickered, "right, like that one time..."
"[y/n], do you think my lips are dry right now?"
you look up from your clipboard, seeing Yamagata pointing his lips, "hm, nah. they're fine, but if you want, i can but on some lip balm,"
his eyes sparkled at that as he nodded his head with excitement, "sure!" you walk towards your bag with Yamagata following you. opening the zipper and search inside it, you pull out your lip balm,
"here, hold still," you put a hand on his cheek while the other applies lip balm onto his lips. it was a slow process but he managed to not move at all while making eye contact with you.
once you finished applying, he pop his lips before humming, "mn, cherry," "let me know if you need anything else,"
he nodded with now flushed cheeks as he smile at you. you did the same, gently patting his arm.
from a distance, Shirabu looks at them with a disgusted look, "ugh, can't they be more subtle about it,"
Kawanishi shrugged, "just let them be,"
"how can i redo my memory? i don't need to see that this early," "well, what if it was us?" "i would be twice as grossed, i can put my own lip balm," "hm yeah, you're right, i honestly would be like that too," "good,"
"haha yeah, now that i think about it, they do it all the time right?" Tendou nodded at Semi's statement before hearing the all too familiar voice just a few meters away from them,
you turned your head around while still sipping your drink. Yamagata stood in front of you, holding out his visibly crumpled necktie with a small smile,
"my necktie!" "ah again? whatever," you give your drink to him as he hold it for you.
grabbing the necktie from his hand, looping it around his collar shirt and started tying it with a concentrated look,
"i can't say that it'll be clean when i finished tying it," "it's okay! that's why i'm asking you to do it, messy or not, at least i have it on," "hm, yeah,"
after you finished tying it and patting it a little, Yamagata hugged you, "thank you!" "yeah, you're welcome,"
the aura literally radiates on the slightly crowded hallway as some of the students who passed you talked among themselves.
Semi and Tendou stared at you two, expressionless eyes but with a small smile,
'ah, right,'
Tendou sighed, intertwining his fingers together and lifting it up to his cheeks, "ah, young love~"
"we're all the same age,"
"young love~"
Tumblr media
bonus; reliable kouhai
is what goshiki would say when he took a few glances at you from his book. you promised to tutor him about this subject he's struggling on. but didn't really expect to see your slouched form walking inside the library.
he's not even sure if you even hear anything you're saying right now, "get a shovel and two-" your head hit the table, creating a loud sound and catching the attention of almost everyone inside the library,
"[y/n]-senpai, um, are you okay??" you groaned and rapidly blink your eyes, covering your forehead, "yeah, 'm just..."
a yawn escaped from your mouth before you can even finish your sentence, "...tired. those stupid senpais of yours need help tutoring too even tho being grown ass men,"
goshiki closes his book and creating a small 'thump', snapping you out from your mind,
"well, if that so then you didn't have to come, you could've just tell me and i would be fine with it!" your hoarse laugh caught him off guard as a shade of red ran across his cheeks, "i can't break a promise, tsutomu. why do you even think i agree on tutoring you?"
"uh, cause you want to help me with my studies?" "one of it, and cause i enjoy tutoring you," he can feel his cheeks heating up more when you made eye contact with him, a small smile laced upon your face,
"and honestly, you're smarter than i thought. class 4 right? that's cool," he looked away, trying to calm his nerves down, "t-thanks! a lot of people thought i was in a lower class, so i, i appreciate it,"
goshiki took a peek at you, now burying your face onto your face, "also, senpai," "hm?"
"you should take a nap for now, i think i can start understanding this formula," you slightly look up at him, "you sure? i was prolly talking craps just now," "yeah! your health is more important anyway,"
you hum, offering him a warm smile, "thanks, i know i can count on you," you rested onto your side and close your eyes. lips slightly parted and just like that, you're deep in your dreams.
he pursed his lips, slowly leaning against the table to look at your face. it's calm, peaceful and beautiful, kissable lips. he wonder if he could lean in a little closer until you two-
goshiki instantly jolted up and hit himself on the head, face's covered in the color red, 'no! don't think about that, curse you Tendou-San for introducing me to those mangas...'
Tendou's faces ran across his mind as he grunted,
'why're they so pretty??'
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thedragonemperess · a month ago
What's your personal opinion on why Elite Force was so bad? Since I've ranted about that a lot and started the 'elite discourse' tag.
I don’t think it was really bad. Yes, it was terrible compared to Lab Rats and Mighty Med (of which both deserved more seasons since they both set up so much and than threw it all away), but it wasn’t too bad. Why it was bad, though? They undid all character development, overlooked some of the best characters, and so much more!
There’s a lot wrong with Chase. First of all, they undid all of his character development and reduced him to a self-centered smart guy. (I’m not gonna say a mini version of Donald because he’s really more like Douglas, but they really just threw away his character.) And for character archs. When AJ made his list, he put Chase at the bottom. A good thing to point out is that this list was based off of the number of powers each person has and the number of powers each person has alone. So lets count how many powers they all have:
Kaz: Pyrokinesis and Flight Oliver: Cryokinesis, Flight, and Super Strength Bree: Super Speed, Vocal Manipulation, Invisibility, and Super Agillity Chase: Molecular Kinesis, Force Fields, Super Intelligence, Super Senses, Laser Bo Generation, and the Commando App (technically Super Strength as well, but that’s only Spike) Skylar: Flight, Super Strength, Super Speed, Acid Spit, Regeneration, and 21 other abilities (10 after the whole thing with Bree, but that still leaves her with the most) CHASE SHOULD BE #2 ON THAT LIST!!
And even if this wasn’t based on only their powers, he’d still be at #2!!
Then we have the Arcturian. The Arcturian Space Rock will kill you if you make direct contact with it, key word being direct. So Bree, being NUMBER #3 on the list (did I mention they overlooked her abilities, too, with the exception of one throw away line?), decided to touch it. After a series of events, she gets superpowers from it.
Bree got superpowers.
Because she was insecure about her bionic powers.
And he wasn’t only insecure about his powers, he was insecure about his appearance, self-worth, and a ton of other things.
This arch was engineered for Chase, and they threw it away in favor of Bree.
Skylar and Oliver was the main romance of Mighty Med. Oliver had a crush on Skylar and Skylar was a lesbian didn’t reciprocate. This didn’t stop Oliver from trying to get with her, though. But the difference between Oliver persevering in Mighty Med and Olvier persevering in Elite Force is that in Mighty Med, he did it in a healthy, respectful way. In Elite Force, he became a stalker!
He watched her in her sleep, recorded her without permission, had a pretend version of her that he was dating, and more.
They turned a really nice thing from Mighty Med into something terrible just so that they could put less time into coming up with actual jokes. (The writers of these shows never really handled healthy relationships and comedy well, if Adam and Chase’s relationship says anything, but you would think [I’m only saying this because its Disney] they would put more effort into a romantic relationship.) The worst part about this is that they got together somewhat in the end of Elite Force.
Reese existed as a way to lead us to the finale of the show. She also existed as a love interest for Chase. She had the potential to be Elite Force’s Marcus or Experion, but they just didn’t do it right.
The Lab Rats’ relationship with Marcus was built over the course of two seasons, which let both the audience and the characters get to know him. Sure, we knew he was evil before everyone else, but how evil he truly was changed up until Douglas’ plan was finally revealed. He was also really close to a lot of the characters, so that makes it really painful.
Experion was one of Skylar’s close friends, almost like a brother, and we saw that play out on screen. He was only there for a short amount of time, just as Reese was, but he was already in a predetermined relationship with him. Reese had literally only met Chase that day, meaning that connection just wasn’t there.
(Also, was Reese just there to degay Chase? Because that’s what it seems like.)
Representation And Other Things Of The Sort
Lab Rats was a show that had a family in which half of it was married into. Shows have done this before, yes, but this showed the kids really just excepting it and not getting mad at their respective family. This was also a mixed family, which watching now that I’m older and really understand the importance of it, is really nice. Especially as a mixed person myself.
As for Mighty Med, and I’m starting with family again, it had a father figure who, more or less, actually cared about his kid(s) and was active in their life. It also showed him, a person of color, in a position of power. Skylar, who is a woman of color, was a badass who wasn’t boy crazy. She didn’t care about boys and the one time she did chase after someone, it was an introverted girl whom she wanted to be friends with which is pretty gay but whatever Disney. She was pretty freaking powerful, too, even without her powers.
Now for Oliver and Kaz, they were geeks. That’s a recurring fact in the show. It’s also something that is constantly saving all of their butts and was the main thing that got them their jobs. They weren’t picked on or made fun of for it, that was just who they were.
And unlike Lab Rats, Mighty Med showed a healthy relationship between brothers. Additionally, Gus was a really weird kid, but no one ever made fun of him, either. They treated him like they treated everyone else. He even ends up as one of the popular kids a few times.
Elite Force really just threw that all away in favor of (what became) a bunch of bratty kids in a pent house together.
Mighty Med ended off on a cliffhanger, with Mr. Terror escaping, Oliver and Kaz obtaining superpowers, Alan meeting his father for the first time, and Horace using his last revival. Not to mention, Mr. Terror is Oliver’s mother and was supposed to be Horace’s wife.
And then they completely forgot about all of that and destroyed Mighty Med, killing all of the people in it in the process while also forgetting about Mr. Terror completely?
As for Lab Rats’ ending, it was actually pretty fitting and satisfying, all things considered. Adam, Bree, Leo, and Chase split up after defeating Giselle, Adam and Leo going back to the island to help the students with the big change (an update that let them control their abilities, hence no need for them to be teachers anymore) while Bree and Chase joined the Elite Force.
But why Chase and Bree? Sure, I guess the fandom Chase, but we did care about Leo more than Bree if we’re looking at it from that stand point. Now if we’re looking at it from a logical, in-universe stand-point, it makes no sense. Bree and Chase were the smarter, more experienced of the four, so they should have gone back to the island, while letting Chase and Adam join the Elite force.
Also, Leo has just become a mentor, which was what he was striving for since the start of the season. He was always being overlooked, and now, when he finally gets his moment in the spot light, its taken away from. That just really bothers me.
What Was Good About Lab Rats: Elite Force?
Quite honestly, not a lot. But considering the target audience, it was pretty good. Having two well received shows come together into an, albeit poorly set up and attempted, spin-off where they can have their own battles and story lines together is pretty cool and different. There are some flaws, like how Mighty Med logic and Lab Rats logic really don’t intertwine, but you have to keep in mind that this is a kids show.
It also showed Douglas being a pretty good father, which is really nice. Sure, he’s their birth father and/or creator, but it also shows them mending their relationship.
There were some smaller things, too. AJ’s introduction, Skylar and Bree slowly become sisters, and Chase and Kaz becoming friends were all really fun to watch. (The characters growing relationships with each other, period, were fun to watch.) The villains had good motives, and the small cameos from other shows (Bob and Crossbow [she’s more of a piece of what Mighty Med used to be, but I’m counting it]) were really fun to see. The plot could definitely be better, but it was still pretty good. And, as much as I hate to admit it, the show was genuinely funny. The amount of times I’ve spit out my water while watching this show is surprising.
Was Lab Rats: Elite Force as great a show as the source material? No. Was it all we thought it would be at the time? That depends on how old you were when it came out. It was, and still is, a fun show to watch, though. Yes, it would have been better if it never happened and the shows continued separately, but I’m glad that we at least have an answer to what Mighty Med and Lab Rats alluded to in their finales. Am I upset about Elite Force’s finale? Yes, and I will probably die mad about it, but we didn’t have as much time to get to know the characters and connect to them, so is it really that much of a loss? That’s up to you. Is it a fun show to watch? Absolutely.
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justfangirlthingies · 2 months ago
Love >Distance (Spencer Reid x reader)
Soulmate AU: the distance between two soulmates is tattooed on their wrists
Word count: 3100 words
Warnings: cursing and I think that's it. A sprinkle of angst maybe, but only if you squint your eyes
If you have any requests lmk! I'd love to write them :)
(Especially Soulmate AU's cause you can never have enough of those!)
Also, this is originally from one of my Wattpad books
Tumblr media
It was a beautiful day outside, birds were chirping, the sun was shining. You had everything, but you still felt like you were missing something.
Your best friend Katherine and you had met up at a cafe for your weekly news update, just like you did every week. The two of you were seated outside and just rambled on about your week, drinking coffee and laughing, when suddenly you felt a tingling on your wrist and just stared at it as you saw the numbers change. Your friend noticed and gazed at your wrist, shaking her head giggling "They sure travel a lot."
"I guess they do..." you sighed, "Maybe they're a pilot or something"
Your mind wandered off, imagining your soulmate flying around the world and picking you up to travel with them. Sadly the numbers only grew bigger, suggesting they were going in the other direction...even further away from you.
You knew they probably didn't do it on purpose, but it still hurt you to see the numbers growing like they were running away. Away from you...
Meanwhile, a young doctor sat in a private jet, skimming through the file of his recent case over and over again. Something was off though. He just couldn't focus no matter how hard he tried.
"Reid? Reid whats going on?"
The young man looked up, his eyebrows furrowed as his eyes met those of his best friend.
"You never take that long to read. I know something's going on. So...are you gonna talk to me or just keep staring like that, pretty boy?" Morgan answered the questioning look on his colleague's face.
Spencer just sighed in response, looking at his wrist as the distance grew with every second, his heart desperately pulling him to go the other way...but he just could not fulfill his heart's desire.
"I..." he looked at Morgan again "I just don't this rate I will never meet them. We travel everywhere, but I still haven't got a chance to meet them. It's like I never even get remotely matter where I go."
"Okay (y/n), I've had enough now"
The pretty (h/c) woman just watched her friend in disbelief as the brunette waved a ticket in front of her face. "Oh no Katherine...please don't tell me you did what I think you di-"
But Katherine stopped you, a grin plastered on her face "We are going on an adventure (y/n)! And I won't rest until we find them and get you to the love of your life! The one and only made for you! The lover you deserve!"
You let out a long sigh in response, all the while contemplating whether it was worth to put up a fight against her. However, Katherine seemed determined. Let alone the fact that she already bought tickets for both of you made your decision easier. She had made up her mind and once that happened there was no way of stopping her.
Hesitantly you agreed to this little adventure. You didn't really show it, but you were overjoyed. You'd finally meet them, whoever they were...
Just like that, you packed your bags and got on a plane with Katherine a week later.
Honestly, you didn't even pay attention to where you were going, you just knew you'd land somewhere in America.
And the numbers were actually dropping. For the first time though, it was you who made the distance change, not was you.
Katherine ripped you from your thoughts as you noticed her grinning widely at you. "What?!" You asked irritated.
"Nothing, it's just...I don't think I've seen that look on your face in a long time, if ever." She laughed and then clapped her hands on her thighs before she took out a sheet of paper and a pen. "Now, let's continue our list of what job or hobbies they have, that makes them travel so much."
Dr. Reid and his team were on their way back to Quantico. Most of the agents were asleep after such an exhausting case. Spencer was one of them. He had fallen asleep of exhaustion as soon as the plane took off.
Agent Hotchner and JJ however, were the only ones still awake. They noticed Spencer's rapid sleep movements. Out of curiosity Aaron approached the sleeping agent, thinking he had a nightmare. As he got closer to the sleeping man he noticed the young genius was rubbing his wrist in his sleep. Curios and now positive that it was no bad dream that disturbed his sleep he peeked closer, as to see what was going on with Spencer and his soulmate.
Hotch's eyes went wide in surprise as he saw what was going on. He turned and gave the blonde woman in the jet a sign to come closer. Just like the previous person, JJ was stunned at what she saw.
The distance shrunk immensely with every second, it happened way faster than usual.
The young doctor jolted awake from his sleep, just to be startled by his colleagues staring at him in a dumbfounded manner, the weird sensation he was feeling on his wrist combined with his rapid heartbeat and the tugging of every fiber of his being to keep going exactly where he was going.
He immediately gazed at his wrists and just stared. Shocked. No, frozen. His eyes were just focused on the number. The number that stated the distance between him and his soulmate.
Between him and you...
Different thoughts and feelings were racing through his head at the same time.
Joy, anticipation, fear, shock, love, wonder and many many more.
It took him a while to tear himself away from his trance and to regain a grip on reality again.
Spencer slowly looked up to meet the faces of his partners who were smiling at him. JJ hugged the Doctor happily "I guess they're here somewhere. You have to find your soulmate as soon as we get back home! I'll help you Spence."
Her eyebrows furrowed as she thought for a moment. That look on her face was soon replaced with a smile and a shimmer in her eyes. "Garzia" she stated.
Spencer just looked at her confused "Excuse me, what?" He asked, unable to follow JJ's thought process.
The blonde let out a laugh "we can ask Garzia, to check if she can find out who is near you, like passengers on a plane or ship or something like that."
Dr. Reid sighed, a bright smile plastered on his face "Do I have a choice?"
JJ just shook her head laughing "Nope"
"Ok. What do we do now?" You asked your best friend as you sat your bags down next to your bed. "Now my dear (Y/N)" Katherine smirked "we go somewhere for dinner, reduce that distance and explore Virginia. But first, I need to get ready"
You giggled as your best friend vanished into the bathroom of your hotel room "Alright, but hurry! I'm hungry!" "Yeah, yeah!" She shouted back through the door.
Once again a sigh left your lips as you laid back on the bed and rested your head on your arms. Who could it be? Who was the one destined for you? And when would you meet them? Tonight? Tomorrow? In 3 weeks? In 2 months? Maybe next year?
About half an hour later you found yourself wandering through the streets with your bestie. You were searching for a restaurant, admiring the view of the city you were in during your walk.
"Look (y/n)! That place looks nice" your friend pulled your hand in the direction of the nearest restaurant.
You looked at the building and stopped dead in your tracks. Your grip on Katherine's hand tightened and you ran. "What the hell! (Y/N)!" She screamed as she tired to run with you in order to not be dragged behind.
You however, had no idea where you were going, but your entire being told you to run in a certain direction, to a certain restaurant and you couldn't do anything against it. The wind blew through your (h/c) hair as you sprinted down the street and came to a sudden halt in front of your destination.
Your dear friend stood next to you "What the fuck just happened (Y/n)?!" She managed to ask between pants.
"I have no idea? It was like something was pulling me" you answered, but your words left your lips in barely a whisper. Katherine just took your arm and looked at your wrist. You stared at it too. "No way..." you mumbled and Katherine interrupted you "Yes way! Looks like they're gonna eat here too!" She grinned happily and shoved you into the building.
2 kilometres
Your body froze. They were only 2 kilometres away. The feeling of fear and regret took over. What if they didn't want to meet you? After all whoever your soulmate is only ever went further away. Maybe they never intended on meeting you.
With those thoughts racing through your head you noticed the sweat on your hands, the thudding of your heart against your chest, the wobbling of your knees and your hitched breathing.
You only noticed that you were already seated at a table with Katherine when the waiter placed the menu on its surface. "Katherine..." you started, your voice shaken up as your gaze switched between the number on your wrist, your best friend and the entrance door of the restaurant. The brown haired woman you called your bestie smiled reassuringly as she squeezed your hand to comfort you "Yeah?"
You sighed "Can...can we leave please, I wanna go eat somewhere else?"
"Oh hell no. What are you worried about? You're going to meet your soulmate. Are you worried about your looks?" she questioned you "cause you look stunning. There's nothing to be afraid of, alright? I'll be by your side the whole time"
A slight smile spread across your lips as you squeezed her hand back and nodded your head lightly.
100 metres
"Pretty boy!" Morgan slapped his best friends shoulder happily. He really wanted Spencer to be happy after all the things that happend "Aren't you excited? After all you've been through you deserve a little happiness"
Spencer studied the man's face as the whole team stared at him. The group just wanted to grab dinner and have a fun time together in order to relax a bit.
"Well," Reid thought for a moment "define 'excited' are you talking about the excitement about going out with friends, food or do you mean about meeting my soulmate? For the later, I do know that the person I will meet tonight is destined for me and will accept me the way I am. They may share a few interests with me as well. So in that case there would be no physical or emotional need to be excited about meeti-"
"Hold it right there!" Penelope chimed in, "It was a simple question about your soulmate who you will meet any minute now."
"Technically it is more than just a minute with the speed of the car." He clarified.
"REID!" The group shouted all together, slightly agitated but also amused by his logic.
"Yes, sorry." Spencer apologized swiftly and got back to the topic at hand "To answer your question Garzia and Morgan, I am indeed excited about meeting them, but I don't know why, there's no need for this feeling is there?"
Derek just face palmed and laughed as the car came to a halt and the team got out and entered the restaurant.
The young doctor felt an intense urge to venture further into the restaurant. He was happy as he looked at the number on his skin.
7 metres
As he saw the ink on his wrist a hint of worry and fear washed over him along with more excitement and joy. He knew there was no reason to worry but his emotions acted on their own. The only reasonable feeling was a slight worry of them getting themselves in trouble or danger because of his job.
He tried to brush those thoughts off as his eyes scanned the restaurant and he walked to a nearby table with his colleagues.
5 metres
You glanced around the room when you noticed the rather big group of people that entered the restaurant. It had to be one of them.
Katherine noticed your, not so subtle, stare and looked through the group of people. "Is it one of them?" She whispered excitedly. You swallowed and nodded your head once again.
3 metres
Spencer's eyes skimmed through the room when he found another pair of eyes. He found himself gazing into a pair of beautiful, shining (e/c) eyes.
He slowly took a step forward, his friends obviously observing the scene which was unfolding before them.
"Which one do you think it is?" One of the members whispered. "Let's make a bet." Derek responded grinning. To his surprise all of them agreed and placed their bets.
2 metres
You gasped as your eyes locked with his. "That's him..." you breathed. Your friend just pat your hand reassuringly and gave you a small shove in order for your body to start moving.
However, Katherine just pushed the air because you already stood and took a step forward.
You had no control over your own body, it was just your heart pulling you towards the young man. You took in his features while you approached.
0.5 metres
Dr. Reid just looked at you dumbfounded as you reached your hand out for him to shake.
Hesitantly he took your hand and shook it. "Hello" he smiled, his voice came out as a whisper.
As soon as your fingers touched a spark went through both of your bodies at the same time. It was almost electrifying and apparently it also aligned the heartbeat of the young genius and you.
"Hi, nice to meet you...umm...?" You replied, giggling nervously
"Uh.. it's Spencer" he grinned, "Spencer Reid, it's nice to meet you too. And if I may ask, what's your name?"
"(Y/n) (L/n)."
As you exchanged names the distance meter vanished and left a tattoo of a compass needle in (f/c), with your names underneath it on the wrists of both of you.
Both of your eyes widened as you saw the spectacle unfold.
"And it seems that we are soulmates" you spoke with a little more confidence than previously in your voice.
"Apparently we are" he answered smiling. None of you had let go of each others hands. It was like you were in a trance, without time, just you and him.
You were ripped from your trance out of nowhere when the people around you started cheering and clapping for the two of you.
You looked around and were greeted with smiles. You also found Katherine at the table of the BAU, already making new friends.
Your destined soulmate and you approached the group of people. You only noticed that the two of you were still holding hands because everyone seemed to stare.
But as you tried to let go of his hand you noticed Spencer smiling at you and his grip on your hand was still there. So, you decided it didn't matter if they stared. You found each other and that was the important thing.
After dinner your soulmate and you strayed away from the others a bit to get to know each other better.
Time flew by, but you only noticed once Katherine went back to the hotel. You and Spencer decided to talk a little longer.
Turns out it was longer than you thought when you noticed the rising sun.
Dr. Reid was so kind as to accompany you to your hotel. It pained you to say goodbye for now, but you desperately needed sleep.
"So, (Y/n)...would you like to play chess tomorrow...with me?" he asked smiling nervously.
"Like a date?" you grinned.
"Supposedly" he chuckled.
You said your goodbyes and just as Reid turned around to make his own way home the hotel doors opened again. Causing him to turn on his heel. What he saw left him speechless.
He saw his dazzling soulmate sprinting towards him and hugging him out of nowhere.
Completely and utterly taken aback he stood there. It took him a moment to process what was happening and for him to hug you back.
"I know this is weird, but..." you started.
"But?" Was his question in response
"Umm..." you took a deep breath before continuing "could I maybe stay with you tonight?" A blush crept onto your face and Spencer thought that it was incredibly cute. "N-not like in a sexual way or anything" you tried to make yourself as clear as possible, which turned out to be quite a hard task when you felt your whole face flushing in a bright red and Spencer's confused, yet amused look in combination with his smile didn't exactly make it any easier.
"I just feel that urge to be with you. Don't you feel that too? I just want to be near you, you know? Like in one building at least."
Only then did he notice your bag. You had already planned this through in such little time.
"For a fact, I do feel the same way, I suppose it's a soulmate thing and I would be glad to bring you to my home if that is what you want." He smiled brightly, a slight blush showed itself on his cheeks. "But what about your friend?"
You just casually shrugged your shoulders and intertwined your fingers with his as you started walking. "She was the one who wanted me to travel around to find you. Besides, I woke her up and told her. Even if she had forgotten about it in the morning I left a note"
"I see." He smiled as he joined you. "But I do have another question." He chuckled "Where are you going? You wanted to come to my place didn't you?"
Your cheeks flushed once again as you looked up at his handsome face and you stopped walking once you realized you had absolutely no idea where he lives, nor did you know where you were even going. "Whoops" you giggled "you're right, sorry. Lead the way Doctor Reid!"
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fashionablyfailing12 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
▶BSD Boys Having A Crush
Tumblr media
Note: no one asked but I shall serve AHKASKHSSHH this popped into my head last night while writin' for ranpo and then I barely gotten sleep, now I just wrote it so that I can live in peace and read it to cope lmao AAAAAA my unfinished wips and homework are gonna bite me on the ass but there's a 50℅ chance it wont and im betting on it. Also these are kinda short AAAAA SORRY- also taglist for bsd is open! Just send an ask or somethin' to be added UwU.
Warnings: swearing, possible errors cuz my brain is fried n it's 3:50 am <3
Genre: fluff
Type: headcanon + drabble
Characters: Odasaku, Dazai, Chuuya, & Atsushi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The first one to realize but also the worst one with acceptance, he just tries to deny it with all he's got.
He is hopelessly split between “I want love” and “Fuck it.”
And if you think he'll be a little more mature about this since his feelings are involved, you are badly mistaken he is gonna be a big bundle of chaos.
Picks on you, a lot, he is desperate for your attention and basks in it when you give him some, and what better way to get it than teasing you?
It's his trademark and he's not ready to go full-affection nor is he ready to grab your attention in a positive not getting on your nerves typpa way.
And the little demons at the back of his head croon at him to fluster you even more once he gets an embarrassed reaction from you.
But it's a double-edged sword that makes him fall harder, and he isn't liking it one bit.
Though he knows he can't escape his own feelings, and he'll eventually come to terms with it.
Not a good thing for you, because he will make it his life purpose to flirt with you everyday and make the most annoying puns and dad jokes around you.
“You come here often?”
“Dazai I work here.”
He'll make a fool out of himself just to make you laugh, get in trouble with Kunikida or do embarrassing stuff in public like posing beside mannequins until you two get thrown out of the store.
Basically inseparable, he'll annoy your partner to switch places with him and come with you on the job instead, and it's 100℅ successful cuz he's a master at bribing and blackmail.
‘Accidentally’ gives you inconveniences, shutting the door right when you're about to enter it, tripping you so that he can hold your hand to stop you from kissing the ground.
And forgetting to mention that you have some important paperwork to hand in to Fukuzawa so that he can spend all night with you as you cram to get it done.
An asshole, but it's because he's emotionally constipated (1), and his confession is getting you to confess to him.
Again, asshole (affectionate)
“I've been thinking,” he said, plopping himself down on your desk as you hurriedly save your documents from getting crushed.
“That in itself is something to worry about,” you glanced over Kunikida's desk to see he was gone, before facing him with a sigh, “and shouldn't you be out on a job?”
“But I'm not.”
“No shit.”
Dazai smiled and turned off your laptop as he pressed a certain button, your hand not making it in time to stop him as you sent him a glare.
“I swear to God if this is one of your dad jokes I will push you down the stairs.”
“Pity you think I wouldn't like that,” he pointed out, crossing his legs as he glanced at you, “But this is something important.”
You folded your arms in front of you, cocking your head to the side as a signal for him to just say it.
“When is our next date?”
“Dazai we aren't dating.”
“Huh?” he pretended to be shocked, eyes widening, “but don't you remember what you said? When we had a drink last weekend?”
Now you were starting to doubt yourself, you did hang out with the agency to drink a little, and some things were a bit blurry.
Bitting your lip you tried to recall the events, “Wait, did- did I say anything weird?”
“It's fine,” he sighed, looking like he was about to burst into tears as removes himself from the table and walked away, “I guess you were just lying when you said you liked me-”
“And I thought you and I were dating,” he clutches his chest, “Ah! How naive of me-”
“WAIT- WAIT I MEAN,” you waved your hands frantically, a load of emotions running through you as you scrambled to find the right words, “I DO LIKE YOU BUT-”
“HAH!” he pointed at you, all the grief wiped off his face in an instant and replaced with a victorious grin. “I knew it.”
Silence filled the air with your face as blank as his bank records as he continues to grin at you, his scheme finally being apparent and your entire body burning in rage.
“Dazai I will end you.”
“But are we dating now-”
Tumblr media
Compared to everyone he is vastly more aware of his feelings, and how he handles them without having an inner meltdown.
Since Oda is a natural at making friendships, meaningful ones or just acquaintances, he takes it that he just wants to be friends with you.
He doesn't really have this ‘stage of denial,’ but he thinks of it as a platonic crush at first, that maybe you're just really cool and that's why it felt nice and cozy when you're hanging out together.
A certified “are we just joking around or are we flirting” victim, it's just a little complicated for him to figure out and differentiate friend crushes and romantic ones.
Until he realizes you don't really get the urge to kiss your friend while they're laughing and hold their hand each chance you get so-
He'll be honest with himself and be blunt about it, very blunt. Man is so brave he says has a crush on you like he's asking for you to pass the salt.
And he'll do it when you least expect it, but not before a few hints here and there, to have a little knowledge if it's unrequited or if you feel the same.
Sometimes when you two crash in each other's places to hang out, he'll go, “don't stand up, I'll get it” whenever you reach for the remote control or try to get something from the fridge.
It's usually through doing simple but kind things for you, opening doors and getting an extra bottle of your favorite drink when you go to convenience stores.
Telling you to find a seat while he waits in line, saying your order for you and always pays for it, and you can't really object cuz it's done before you can complain.
And he'll trust you with the kids when he won't be able to visit them during busy days in the mafia.
That alone says quite a lot.
Tonight was another one of those lucky times where both of your schedules are free, Oda taking the opportunity to crash by your place.
“Hey,” he suddenly spoke up from your couch, lighting another cigarette as he adjust his head on the pillow to face you, “I need to tell you something.”
You lowered the volume of the movie playing on your tv, placing down the remote to listen to him, “Yeah? What is it?”
He pushed himself up on the couch, putting out his previous cigarette on the ashtray near him as he pocketed his lighter.
“I like you.”
“Oh,” you said, still a bit occupied by the movie, “I guess that's cool- wait what?”
Until it hit you.
Turning off the television, you snapped your head quickly in his direction you could've broken a bone, mouth agape.
And he looked just as surprised as you are, probably thought nothing of it before letting the words slip him.
“What do you mean what Oda? You just literally said you like me.”
He frowned, confused as to why you were repeating what he said and looking incredibly shocked, “I did.”
“And?” you resisted the urge to tug at your hair, voice nearly cracking as you stood up, the remote that once rested on your lap dropping to the ground, “Just- I- Where did that even come from?”
He shrugged, “I don't know, I just realized I like you, more than just a friend.”
You opened your mouth, but the words would noy come out, nothing prepared you for this.
“So,” he began, making some space on the couch for you to sit on, “the movie was getting pretty good, can you switch back the tv-”
“How-” you scrunched your face with your palms, somewhere between a laugh and a sigh leaving your lips, “can you be so calm?”
He hummed, “Because it's true.”
Taking your hands away from your face, you raised your head to look at him with a fond smile, he might seem indifferent, but you're friends with him, you knew better than to mistake it as a lie.
You sat on the couch beside him and erupted into laughter, punching him lightly on the shoulder, “You seriously need to work on how you say things Oda.”
“People like honesty,” shrugging, he took the cigarette out of his mouth, “and I can tell you anything right?”
Laying your head on his shoulder, you grabbed a pillow to hug to your stomach, “Yeah, that won't change.”
A few minutes passed, and you began to get concerned at how Oda haven't spoken to you and lifted your head to look at him, only to see a faint blush on his cheeks.
“Does...this mean you like me too?”
This dork.
“Yes, of course,” you smiled, playfully reaching to prod him on the cheek, “I like you, Odasaku. More than just a friend.”
Tumblr media
Emotionally constipated (2)
Probably thinks you're conspiring against him and making him flustered on purpose.
Might even report you to Mori with his reason being “they might be a spy.” but when his boss asks him for evidence, they sounded more like suppressed, turbulent feelings and frustration than proof.
Anything you say can and will be taken as an offense, but he'll always try to strike up a conversation even though one compliment from you can make him jumpy the entire day.
Can be a little mean, but that's his roundabout way of showing endearment, and it's either he allows himself to lose to you during challenges, or he gets extremely aggressive.
Homo-erotic swordfight typpa aggressive, and he instantly curses at himself for letting it get that far and might avoid you at sight for days.
Chuuya is relatively confident once he accepts that he is, in fact, crushing on you and that you're not a double-agent sent to destroy his life and make it a living hell.
But he won't walk right into heartbreak as well, so he'll wait for you to send some signals that you at least find him attractive.
And one does not simply find THE Nakahara Chuuya unattractive.
So when he doesn't feel like being a 2013 edgy bad boy and mildly bully you, he flirts in a very subtle way to hint that he likes you.
Not waiting for you to text him first, and being the one who asks you to hang out and not the other way around, things to show that he's making an effort to talk to you and know more about you.
You'll notice him be a little more protective over you, when he'd usually try to rope you in with him on reckless missions because it was fun.
He'll tell you that he's not allowed to bring anyone with him but he's just worried you might get hurt.
Makes a shit ton of excuses just to be with you, his motorcycle suddenly runs out of gas no he has to ride with you, he forgot to get groceries the other day so why don't you two go there tomorrow?
This man is a hopeless romantic and his confession is nothing short of a proposal.
Where he took you today was quite a turn compared to where you'd usually spend your day-offs, and it didn't give the impression of a place you'd take a friend either.
“Chuuya,” you swirled the glass of wine, staring at the dark liquid, “I know you're fancy-”
“I am not-”
“You took hours to get ready because you couldn't find the right shade of red for your suit,” you placed the glass down, flashing him a grin as he scoffed.
Leaning back into his chair, he looked around the place to avoid eye-contact, “It didn't take an hour dumbass.”
You stifled a laugh, “Don't be grumpy about it, never said it was a bad thing, you look great.”
He glanced back to you, and despite the bitter look on his face, he was greatly mollified by your compliment, “Yeah yeah, whatever, what were you going to say anyway?”
Propping your elbows onto the table, you gave the place a once-over before looking at him, “Nothing important, this is just a bit different from where we usually go.”
“You don't like it?” He frowned.
“I wouldn't say that but I can't really challenge you to streetfighter here.” You smiled.
Chuuya bit back a grin as he raised his hand to get the server's attention and gestured for the bill, “Well, I didn't really bring you here with me to have another bet.”
“Then why did you bring me here?”
“If you laugh at me I will murder you.” He sent you a glare, fixing himself into a better posture.
You shrugged, “No promises but go ahead.”
“I want to be your boyfriend.”
“My boyfriend...”
“You're asking me out...”
“This is a date.”
“I see,” you said, out of habit, because your brain seemed to operate on autopilot at the moment.
Chuuya played with his gloves anxiously as he waited to get more words out of you—which didn't happen.
“Hey,” he waved in front of your face, to snap you out of it, “You kinda left me hanging.”
Blinking a couple of times, you stared at him before breaking into a quiet laugh. “Oh my God-”
Warmth rushed to his cheeks as he nearly grabs you by the collar out of annoyance, “What's so funny 'bout that huh?”
“Nothing- nothing I just-” you tipped his hat to cover his face, admiring his soft grumbles to fix it back “-think it's kinda cute for you to take me out before I even said I liked you back.”
He raised a brow, “So you do like me back?”
“The question is, how can I not?” You inch closer, faces barely apart.
“I take it we're dating now, then?” he smirked.
“On one condition,” you tilted your head to the exit, “we ditch this place and head to the arcade.”
“Fuck yeah.”
Tumblr media
Sweet dearest angel darling baby boy- he'll try to trick himself into thinking that he just likes you as a friend and the love he has for you is the same as the one he has for everyone in the agency.
His first instinct is to avoid you, but he feels guilty doing such a thing because of his uncertainty.
So he just becomes a little fidgety talking to you, and eye contact will grow scarcer and scarcer as he realizes it's not a friend crush. But a crush crush.
His nervousness scale shoots up to 1000 when you call his name out of nowhere, and he seriously wishes you can just pull an Akutagawa and call him jinko instead.
Cuz now his name sounds different and feels different when you say it, and he gets a mini heart attack.
Will most likely confide in the other agency members, mainly Dazai and Kunikida, because they're the first ones he met.
And maybe because Yosano's tips are too straightforward even tho she isn't straight and somehow still ends in blood, Ranpo is too busy with lollipops that take decades to unwrap, while Kenji-
He's a kid and the conversation is always sidetracked to cows.
Kyouka, who is also a kid, kindly offers to be his wing-woman, but her ideas are either smothering you with gifts aka crepes, or just texting you with a “I like you, you must like me back 🙂.”
Atsushi is kind to everyone, but he'll be extra angelic with you, always lending you a hand on paperwork and secretly switches the pens on the desk to give you the best ones.
She gets an A++ and more bunny keychains for trying.
The Tanizaki siblings? Well, he didn't date ask.
He'll ask more questions about you, and be more on the receiving end and listening to you, just offering bits of responses here and there.
And he'll take note of the things you say, mentioning them in other conversations and making you feel special for remembering it.
“Here you can have this,” he says, handing you your favorite flavor of soda.
“Oh, thanks, how'd you know I like it?”
Then he'll say a specific date and the conversation you had at that time before getting a little embarrassed because he was being obvious.
The type who'll send you “this reminded me of you” messages and smile at his screen if you seemed happy about it.
Will keysmash out of excitement if you message him first before erasing all of it and sending a “Hi!”
Now, the actual confessing? He's a stuttering mess, but everyone helps him out because they want Atsushi to succeed in everything he does and just be happy and loved.
Atsushi invited you to the park today, managing to squeeze in a little trip despite the agency having a rough schedule, even Kunikida encouraging you two to go out and get some fresh air.
Dazai tipped him on some cool places to visit, based on his previous dates with a certain someone, and that's where you and Atsushi were right now.
Tumblr media
“Sushi look!” You pointed at the foutain, tugging onto his sleeves, “Wanna make a wish?”
Atsushi looked over to the stall near you two and seemed to nod, immediately covering the view with his hands as he felt you follow his gaze, “Sure, you wanna take a picture first?”
“That sounds pretty nice,” you tried to look past him and see what he was nodding at but he was quick to block it again, “but who was that-”
“Oh nothing I just saw”
“A dog?”
“Yeah,” he rubbed at the back of his neck, an air of nervousness in his smile, “I think it went away so, uh, let's go to the fountain?”
Deciding to shrug it off, both of you headed to the fountain, watched some kids pour an entire wallet inside and birds flock at the top before flying away.
“How about we take it together instead?” you suggested as you and him looked through your phone, a handful of shots taken without a single one with him in it.“I mean, I kinda want to have one saved in my gallery.”
“But we already have pictures together.”
“Yeah but not here.”
His eyes slightly widened as a faint shade of red dusted his cheeks, “Alright, but is it okay if we make a wish first?”
You smiled, “Been waiting for you to say it.”
Taking a coin from your pocket you glanced at Atsushi, and the moment he gave you a nod you two threw it into the water, clapping your hands together as you quietly whisper your wishes.
“Sushi,” you cracked an eye open, “what did you wish for?”
Slowly he brought down his hands, looking at you with a fond smile.
“For the person I like to feel the same.”
“You're a great guy Sushi,” you said honestly, turning on your feet to face him, “I'm sure they do.”
“ you?”
Neither of you talked for a while, too shocked to process things and let what had been said sink in.
And just when you were about to speak, a familiar voice chimed in from afar.
You looked in the direction of the voice and saw Ranpo with the rest of the agency crammed inside a small stall as Dazai squeezed himself out to yell, “ATSUSHI-KUN, OUT OF ALL ANIMALS, A DOG!?”
“Cows are better.”
“Oni-sama let's go there too-”
Watching the chaos unfold inside the stall, you looked back at Atsushi, bursting into laughter together as you forgot the surge of embarrassment just a moment ago.
He sighed, “I didn't expect it to end this way.”
“But hey,” you smiled as you shrugged your shoulders, “at least we're dating now-”
“Wait so you really- We- We are-” he pointed at himself as he shifts his gaze from you to the agency members.
“Ranpo-san is always right Sushi, I feel the same way.”
And so the day ended with a picture of you and him, and a newfound relationship.
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twstidiot · 2 months ago
Chapter 8
Tumblr media
Little Match Maker
Summary: Your life motto is “I have the power of god and anime on my side, don’t mess with me,” and you stand by that with your life. No human, magician, or random creature could ever stop your firm belief in it.
However, getting transported to this world that seemed to turn your already bad luck worse was not what you wanted to be in your life story, but you made the most of it. Making friends, enemies, and disasters, you were in your prime in this world, and so you decided to help as many people as you could flourish, at least what you believed to be.
Prologue 19-20: *Mario Theme Song* *kid bangs head on desk*
Chapter Summary: Finally, a solid moment of calm.
Warnings: Curse words, jokes about death, jokes about coma
Words: 3.3k
Relationships: developing but future twstxreader
Chapters: Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6
The three of you began your journey back to the mirror. All of you are more damaged and much more of a mess than the cottage.
Grim was satisfied with whatever he ate, so much, in fact that he was situated on your shoulder, rubbing his belly and even burping in your ear.
As tired as you are, you still could not knock Grim off of your shoulder. Petting his head, however, did put more energy back into your energy bar. You could even hear the slightest pur coming from him.
Ace and Deuce both trudged behind you back to the mirror. Ace appeared remarkably more beat up than Deuce, but neither appeared put together.
Once all three of you finally stood before the mirror door, you could breathe a sigh of relief because there was no more spooky forest anymore.
After you got into the school, you allowed Ace and Deuce to lead the group because you had no clue where the Headmaster would be located. You three went up over four flights of stairs and through like ten hallways, and you finally arrived at a set of ginormous, old, brown double doors.
The three of you stopped in front of the door, and Ace held up his hand and knocked.
When nothing was heard or no one came, all three of you walked inside.
Headmaster Crowley was sitting at his desk, slouched over a stack of paper, writing and reading from the paper in front of him. Even when you, Deuce, Ace, and Grim walked in (even though Grim was on your hip), the headmaster did not even look up at you.
It was not until Ace coughed into his hand that the headmaster’s head popped up to stare in awe at your group. He could not even put words together as he was just lost staring at the three of you. His mouth even moved some as if it was trying to find some words to say. If you could see his eyes, you were sure that they would be bulging out of his head by now.
Grim flung his arms up in the air yelling, “Hey, we went into that scary mine and got you the crystal thing. At least, say something!”
The Headmaster flew up out of his seat, “Eh!? You really went to Dwarfs' Mine to find a magic crystal?”
“Eeeh?” The three idiots and you all jumped back.
The headmaster shot a look at all four of you idiots to let him speak and then shook his head, “I really didn't think… You'd not only go but then come back with a crystal in hand. I quietly completed the paperwork for your expulsion.”
“Are you fucking kidding me!?” As nothing was going your way, you may as well mess more up, so you began your lecture, “I have spent all of my afternoon and most of my night babying and taking care of these three imbeciles, so they stop whining about everything. I also had to actually get them to work together to defeat a monster that is against safety standards for a principal to let the students go up against. All without a decent meal, sleep, or a shower. I look like and feel like shit and now have more bruises and scratches on my body than your number of mistakes in the last twenty-four hours.” You quited down some If I could, “And if someone doesn’t try to cooperate and help me, I’ll start sobbing right here.”
The principal was left stunned, but quickly shook it off, “I apologize for your grievances, but what do you mean by ‘monster’. And more importantly what do you mean by ‘work together’?”
‘Did he not hear a word I just said??’ Your mind would not allow you to forget this moment.
Ace popped into the conversation now, “There was a monster there!
It was super gross and crazy strong, it was awful!” He stuck his tongue out in disgust.
The headmaster placed his hands on his desk and leaned forward, “Could you explain it in more detail? And also tell me how you worked together to defeat it?”
Ace, Deuce, and you started on your long, treacherous (As Grim described it) journey and battle to get the magic crystal which was still gripped in your hand.
The handmaster let out a chuckle, “hoh hooh. A mysterious monster living in the coal mine. The four of you worked together to defeat it and bring back a magic crystal?”
Deuce and Ace could beg to differ:
Ace crossed his arms and turned away, “We didn't really work together…”
Deuce could only look at his feet, “It was more like our goals were aligned…”
The Headmaster grabbed the clothes near his heart and slowly out of his mouth came booming sobs and howls.
Grim faced you and inquired, “What's with this guy? Why is an adult bursting into tears!?”
You shook your head, “To be honest, I don’t know nor do I care. I just want to go back home.”
The Headmaster shot back up from his slouched cry to gaze at all four of you, “In all these years that I've been Headmaster… For the day to come that students from Night Raven College go hand-in-hand to face and defeat their enemy!”
Deuce gave a shout of, “What?! I did not hold this guy’s hand!”
And that just would be the only thing that Deuce cared about.
Ace was the same as he scowled at Deuce, “I would never do that, gross! But Headmaster, how old are you!?”
The Headmaster dabbed his eyes on a random tissue he pulled out of thin air, “ I am overwhelmed with emotion. This incident confirms it.” He turned to you and spoke your name, “Without a doubt, you have talent as a beast tamer.”
And with you delusions of no sleep, no water, and almost no food, you heard that completely wrong.
“Headmaster, look I’m not one to judge, but that sounds too kinky to be school appropriate.” You signed and shook your hand that was not holding Grim.
Ace and Deuce made wide eyes at you, but the Headmaster just continued on.
He threw his hands out as if he was worshiping himself, “Students of Night Raven College are budding wizards called here by the Dark Mirror. However, they are of a superior class that makes them prideful and egotistical people that have not even the slightest inkling to work with others. Making many of them selfish and centered.”
Grim’s nose wrinkled, “You're really not saying anything good.”
Crowley (Since I finally realize that he does have a name) pointed a finger at you, “You cannot use magic. But, maybe, precisely because you cannot use magic means that you could give instructions to wizards and get them to cooperate. Perhaps that mediocrity is exactly what this school needs right now.”
Ace repeated Grim’s line with furrowed eyebrows, “He’s not saying anything nice, is he?”
Your smile lifted as you locked eyes with Ace, “It’s not like there is anything nice to say about you.”
Headmaster Crowley ignored your discussion but still had a finger pointed at you, “I have no doubt that your existence is essential to the future of this academy. So says my educator-senses. Trappola, Spade. Along with rescinding your expulsion I shall give you the qualifications to attend Night Raven College as a student!“
You paused from your glare of with Ace, “Wait.. what?” Your eyes widened, but Grim’s grip on your cloak tightened.
The other two boys threw in their own remarks and confusion about the situation.
You had gained eye contact with the man for a solid five seconds just to say, “You have gotta be kiddin’ me?” before he spun around with his hands in the same position to worship himself.
He chuckled and nodded, “Yes. For I am exceedingly gracious. But, there is one condition. You cannot use magic. Becoming a wizard is out of the question. You probably will not be able to complete all your lessons. That is why, Grim. You have proven to me that you possess enough talent to become a wizard. Therefore, I shall allow the two of you to enrol together, as one student.”
Grim skirted out of your arms onto the Headmaster’s desk, “I... I can go to this academy too...? Not as a handyman, but as a student?”
Headmaster Crowley turned back around to emphasize to Grim his next lecture topic, “Yes. Provided that! You don't ever let an incident like yesterday occur again! Do we have an agreement?“
Grim snatched the Headmaster’s hand and lobbed it up and down, “Yes, yes, yes.” All before leaping into your arms with a little speckle of a tear in his eyes, “We-we can.”
You ran your hand through the fur on his head, “Yes, we can.”
He sprung up while still in your hold with his hands held high, “I did it!”
The Headmaster opened a drawer and pulled out a piece of cloth, “Well then, I shall give the symbol of your status as a student of Night Raven College, a magic crystal, to Grim.”
Crowley walked over to the two of you and wrapped the collar around Grim’s neck.
Grim began pulling on it and observing all that he could, “Whoa! A magic crystal!?”
The Headmaster bobs his head, “It is the norm for students to have their magic crystals in the form of a 'magic pen' but, you wouldn't be able to grip it in your paws, right? It's a special custom. Aaah... I pay attention to even the smallest details! Aren't I too gracious?”
Grim rocked back and forth in your arms while waving his hands and hitting your face several times, “I did it!! I'm so cool! I got my own special magic crystal collar~”
The Headmaster shook his head and turned to you, “He isn't listening at all...Do you understand? As you can see, Grim is not accustomed to human society. It's up to you to take the rein and supervise him to prevent from causing any more trouble!”
You breathed in and out, “So now you are going to force onto me more responsibilities? Let’s just make me in charge of the country while we are at it”
Ace grabbed your shoulders and cackled, “Aha! Look at you. School's just started, but you're already a supervisor?”
Deuce verbalized his findings, “I see. There's only the two of you in your dorm… so if you've been entrusted with supervising Grim, that makes you a supervisor.”
Ace’s cackle burst through his lips again, “Pufft... Isn't that unheard of? For there to be a supervisor student who is unable to use magic. Nice. It's cool. A supervisor student who is unable to use magic!”
You squinted your eyes, scrunched up your nose, and frowned your lips, “Because this is exactly what I want to do with my life. Of course, not sleep 24/7 or” You tossed the hand not holding Grim up, “Or how about something even better: a coma.”
Ace let go of you and walked around you to get behind you, only to smack your back, “Good luck, supervisor!”
You glared at Ace and murmured, “I’ll steal all of your favorite snacks. I’d say hurt you, but eating your snacks will hurt you mentally.”
Headmaster Crowley snapped his fingers, “I see, a supervisor. I do have a work request, and having a title makes it very convenient... This is wonderful! Supervisor. I entrust you with this. ...This is nicknamed the ‘ghost camera’.”
This camera or whatever was an old camera thing, but you weren’t listening. Your lack of sleep was catching up to you once your brain realized that the stress of being kicked out was gone. Your eyes began to flutter close every couple of seconds and then snap open once you brain processed what was happening. Problem was that you did not understand anything that came out of anyone’s mouth until Ace elbowed you in the ribs.
You caught the headmaster's end of a speech, “Does my graciousness know no bounds?”
You stumbled over your words, “Uh...yeah. Thanks a lot.”
Crowley sat back down, “It is already late. Let's save the detailed conversation for tomorrow.
Return to your dormitories, everyone.”
Deuce bowed to the man, “Pardon our intrusion.”
All three of you just about sprinted out of that room.
Once in the hallway, a yawn came out of your mouth.
Deuce sighed, “Haaaaaah... Expulsion rescinded... I'm beat.”
Grim was the only one of you four who did not look like they were about to pass out right now with his singing and skipping, “I start as a student of Night Raven College tomorrow! I'm gonna leave you all in the dust and take the top spot!”
Ace snorted, “You talk big for someone who is only half a full student... Anyway, it's fine.”
“We're classmates tomorrow, Supervisor, Grim.” Deuce bowed to you two.
You just bob your head at the two who started a conversation about how they have to see each other every day even if they don’t want to.
Ace rolled his eyes, turned to you, and smiled somewhat, “Alright, see you tomorrow, Supervisor.”
Grim turned to face you, “We better get back to the dorm! Tomorrow, we aren't the handyman! Finally... Finally! Our bright and shiny academy life at Night Raven College begins!”
You could only throw a thumbs up to show you were listening to Grim as you followed him to your dorm.
Once at your dorm, Grim sprinted to bed and passed out before you even made it in the room.
You went into your bathroom to check if you had any running water, and what a sight it was when you realized that you still did not have any running water.
You just had to curse that man out, “Fuck that ignorant man! When I get my hands on him, I’ll strangle the bullshit out of him!”
You huffed out and decided that getting out of this cloak was the best option to at least be more comfortable. Taking off the cloak and placing it on the bathroom counter, all you saw was what a mess you had become: you were breaking out again as acne appeared from stress and lack of care, your eye bags could probably hold weights above what your arms could, your lips were in dire need of chapstick, and your hair was probably able to be a grill with all the grease on it.
You slapped your cheeks and struggled to walk downstairs because there was no way you were going to sleep in these conditions without a shower and without proper air conditioning or food for dinner.
You dumped your poor self on the almost destroyed couch and just tried to close your eyes. You only had your eyes close for a minute when you heard a rustling outside of your dorms.
You sat up and surveyed the area making sure no one was inside as if anything important or worth stealing was inside the house, and after you saw no one inside, you checked the window closest to you. All you could see was a cult like gathering of fire flies and a tall ass figure in view.
And in your haze of delusions you went outside to greet the being.
You stepped out the door and down a couple of stairs to get a clear view of the male, and from what you could assume he was not bad on the eyes. He looked familiar, but your mind was blacking for a minute there; The horns were an odd part, but I mean there were furries here.
The male finally noticed you when you tripped down the last step and almost fell on your face, but you didn’t, so you didn’t embarrass yourself in front of the male who looked like he could kill you which in your eyes is the one thing that makes a man.
The male and you finally locked eyes causing you to awkwardly smile at him while he just put on a confused face that you would see on a dog, and then, your brain connected the dots.
The horned puppy decided to start the conversation, “Child of man, why do you look sick?”
Kinda hurt, not gonna lie, but you have to hide it, “Wow, puppy, and to think I thought you liked me.”
The male’s face fell, “I never meant to offend you. Your appearance is concerning, however, and I do not want you to be facing any trouble here.”
“Nothing you can do, dude.” You shook your head, but you had an idea, “I mean, unless you can either let me borrow your shower or fix my water…” You threw in your sad eyes to make it more appealing.
The male was taken aback, “Your water is not working?”
“Nope.” You popped the ‘p.’
The male gazed at your house, “I hope to be of some use to you with your troubles.”
You snorted at his response and began to walk to the house, “Well, dude, I’ve always wanted a boyfriend…” You raised your eyebrows at him.
The male’s face contorted in confusion, “I do not believe that I could offer any help at finding another for you.”
You shook your head, “You know what, let’s just go fix my water.”
You two finally entered the dorm and headed to the basement where the water tank was.
You pointed at the water tank, “I don’t know what to do. Please work your magic, magic man.”
The horned male pulled out his pen from his pocket and murmured some words only for a bright green light to appear and fly onto the water tank.
After a couple of seconds, you could hear water flowing into and out of the water tank.
You jumped onto the tall male and squeezed his neck to both hold on and show your gratitude, “You are the absolute best person I have ever met. I could just kiss you right now!”
The male stood there in your arms waiting to be let go you guess, but since you have not had a hug in more than a day you were going to take full advantage of this. You squash his neck between your arms and finally, when you heard a cough, you slowly began to let go.
“Really, thanks dude. I don't know what I would do without you.” You smiled up at the male in your appreciation.
The male bowed to you, “It was not a problem, child of man. I do not need your gratitude.”
You slapped his arm, “Oh, shut up! You are amazing and definitely need my thanks.”
The male shook his head, “It is time for me to go back home, child of man. I hope you are blessed with a great night.”
You walked with the male back upstairs and out the door. He waved goodbye and headed to two figures in the distance. One reminded you of sleep beauty as you named him.
You also found this as a great time to embarrass the horned male, “Since you fixed my water, I’ll give you a free pass for whatever you want in the future. And I mean whenever. But thanks so muchhhhhhh!” You yelled at the males with your hands cupped to your mouth.
The taller of the two other boys, the one who you did not know and was not sleeping beauty, was being held back by sleeping beauty for some reason.
You just threw your shoulders up and walked back inside ready to take a shower.
And the shower was the best one you ever had. If only you could get a change of clothes.
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trikxx · 2 months ago
Hey besties im backkkk😙! Im trying to get another chapter of my Kenma story but I need some time so im just going to write for this one.
Songs for this chapter:
• losin control - russ
• first fuck - 6lack, jhene aiko
( ⚠️this chapter mainly contains smut(degrading & edging)⚠️)
Tumblr media
A few days later🧍🏽‍♀️
"Hey y/n are you awake?" Denki says. Y/n groans "now i am." Denki huffs and slowly opens the door and goes in the room. "I made breakfast. But I wanted to talk to you." He says looking at her pinging phone.
"You cant keep ignoring him y/n."
"Why should it matter Denki?"
"You should go and talk to him. No you are going to talk to him cause you can't keep locking yourself in here and not talking about your feelings. You both need to talk to each other and talk it out." Y/n lets his words sink in.
"No. Get dressed we are are going back so you can talk to him."
Y/n rolls out the bed after Denki leaves the room. 'Why?' Y/n thought to herself as she pulled out some clothes.
Y/n looks at her phone analyzing the messages sent by Shinsou and sees some from Shindo who she occasionally texted only cause he was being annoying.
Hitoshi☄️: y/n. You dont have to come back and stay can we at least just talk.
Hitoshi☄️: nvm take you time.
'That was the last message he sent huh?' Y/n thought
Shindo.: Hey just want to ask if you wanted to hang out today?
Shindo.: You there?
Shindo.: y/nnnnnnnn😃.
Shindo.: are to shleepingggg🙂
*1 missed call from Shindo.*
"Dude." Y/n said making a irritated face. 'Am i about to text him back....yes cause why not. Shinsou can be player why cant I. I mean just a little sum sum to get my mind off that douche Hitoshi.'
Y/n🌸🤍: sorry I was sleep.
Y/n🌸🤍: yea sure we can hang out. What time and where.
Shindo.: Heyyyyy!
Shindo.: Any time is good for me. Maybe at Venice😗?
Y/n🌸🤍: Cool! I'll text you the time when I figure it out.
Shindo.: Do you want me to pick you up?
Y/n🌸🤍: no its ok. I have to do a few things so ill meet you there.
Shindo.: ok see you later then😏.
Y/n🌸🤍: cant wait🤗
'Bitch what the fuck was "cant wait🤗"' y/n thought to herself as she did her hair.
"Falling in love now lossing control now~" y/n sang along with the lyrics 'damn a bitch really in her feels.'  Y/n giggled and went to get her outfit out
Y/n sat back down on the bed. 'Maybe i should take my truck. No Denki wouldn't let me.' Y/n thought
"Do we really have to go?" Y/n asked. "Yes." Denki responded bluntly. Y/n rolled her eyes and went back to the room and called Mina.
*incoming call from Y/n😃✨*
Mina picked up her phone and answered quick.
Mina: Hey babes! How are you feeling?
Y/n: Im feeling ok, Denki is making me go talk to him
Mina: I agree with Denki you should talk to Hitoshi before you go and.... ya know... pop ya pussy fa a grand
Y/n: Mina noo
Mina: Im kidding im kidding.... unless..
Y/n: Nope. Thats enough.
Mina: Put ya p*ssy lips on live i give ya a thousand dollas
Y/n: Bye Mina.
Mina: No waittt-
*call ended*
Y/n giggles and lays back on the bed. 'I wonder how this is gonna go' . "Lets go y/n im ready." Y/n grabs her phone and keys and follows Denki out the house.
"Can I take my-" "no." Denki said. "Well shit."
"Y/n. You've been ignoring him and sulking for too long. We need y/n back." Denki said keeping his eyes on the rode.
"Can I play some music at least?" Y/n asked "Yea. What ever floats your boat and gets you to talk to Shinsou."
"I'm ready." "Ok lets go." He responds. Denki and Y/n walk out to Denki's car and he pulls out the driveway and drives to Y/n and Shinsou's apartment.
"You go in ill wait out here for you." Denki said. "Tch. Ok" y/n said getting out the car.
Y/n walked into the lobby "Hello ms. Y/n." The woman at the desk says. "Hey." Y/n says walking past to the elevator and then pressing 5.
There was many thoughts going through y/n's head.
'Should I actually do this.'
'Why am i here.'
'I should have taken my car any way and went somewhere else'
'Fuck him i should leave'
'Is it my fault?'
"FUCK!" Y/n yelled right before the elevator stopped. There was someone waiting and they looked at her crazy. "Sorry." Y/n said walking past them soon putting her hands in her pockets.
Y/n was standing outside the apartment with the key in the door debating if she should go in or not.
Y/n takes the key out the door and turned to walk away. But the door opens "y/n ?" Shinsou says standing in the door way shirt less. His eyes puffy and his eyes looking more restless then usual.
Shinsou runs toward y/n immediately enclosing her in a hug dipping his head into the space between y/n shoulder and neck. "Y/n im sorry! I should have known! I- I wasn't thinking!" Shinsou said. "Please forgive me." He continued pulling away to look y/n in her eyes.
"Y/n?" He said again looking into her teary eyes. Y/n hugs Shinsou tightly. "I missed you." Y/n say crying on to Shinsou's chest. They walk in to the apartment and sit down on the couch.
"Soo what have you been doing Shinsou?" Y/n says looking at Shinsou while he scrambles around to pick up the stuff that was out of place. "I've been..." he stops. "Its ok to tell the truth. Im not gonna judge you Toshi."
Shinsou blushes cause he hadn't heard the nickname in a while. "Well.. crying and trying to get in contact with you." He says. "Sorry I wasn't answering i've kinda been ignoring everybody." Y/n says with a small chuckle while leaning onto Hitoshi's shoulder.
"I missed you y/n." Shinsou says. Y/n lifted her head up and looked at Shinsou he looked back. "You kn-"
⚠️ne noor ne noor mayday mayday⚠️
Y/n was cut off by Shinsou's lips crashing into hers. Y/n kissed back and moved closer to him deepening the kiss.
Shinsou grabbed her butt making y/n moan into the kiss. This turned him on more. He pulled y/n on to his lap. Y/n put her arms around his neck and closed the space between them.
Yes y/n and Shinsou were best friends but they fucked a little bit here and there. Shinsou had feeling for y/n and he really wanted her but he didn't want to ruin their relationship. Y/n had feelings but she didn't want a relationship because of what happened with Todoroki.
But theres only a matter of time before every ting becomes clear. Right?
Shinsou picks up y/n and carries her to her room and laying her on the bed not breaking the kiss. He tugs at the bottom of her shirt and she nods. Shinsou begins to pull y/n's shirt off breaking the kiss. He takes off his sweats and climbs on to the bed hovering over y/n's frame.
"Beautiful little fuck." Shinsou says with a smirk then taking off y/n's shorts.
He tosses the shorts to the floor then dips into y/n's neck immediately finding her sweat spot and starts leaving hickeys and love bites.
Shinsou starts kissing y/n again slowly brushing his fingers down her body stoping at the band of her underwear.
Shinsou begins to rub y/n's clothed clit "ahh~". He smirked and stop and started removing y/n's panties. Shinsou bit his lip at the sight. "So wet already." He said. Shinsou goes back to kissing y/n.
He inserts a finger into y/n. "Shinsou~" y/n moans. She feels Shinsou smirk on her lips as he adds another finger. "Like that? Fucking slut." Shinsou says breaking the kiss and speeding up his pace.
Y/n felt her core tighten up "im gonna cu-" Shinsou abruptly stopped. "What the fuck Shinsou?!" Y/n says. "Aw did I get your hopes up?" "Fuck you." Y/n spat. "Oops- wrong answer." Shinsou said smiling.
"What?" Y/n asks. "Shin- ah~" Shinsou dipped his fingers back into y/n going at a fast pace. "Fuck~"
Y/n relaxed her body knowing she was about to release but Shinsou stopped. "FUCKKKK! WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING THAT!" Y/n yells. "So I have to say it don't cum till I say so." Shinsou says.
"Ok." Y/n responds but Shinsou doesn't budge. "Ok what?" He said with a straight face. Y/n held back her smile "ok Shinsou." She said deciding to dance with the devil. "You little fuck." Shinsou said with a smile.
Shinsou puts both of y/n's legs on his shoulders and puts his arms around her legs keeping them in place. He lick a "mmm y/n you taste so good." Y/n threw her head back and slipped her hands into Shinsou's hair.
"Fuck! Ah~" y/n moaned. Shinsou started to go faster "SHIT SHIT SHIT!" Shinsou got harder at the sound of y/n's moans. He couldn't wait any longer. Shinsou wanted to break y/n. He wanted to feel her around him.
"I'm gonna-" "yes princess cum on my face" "cum for me!" Shinsou demanded and Y/n obeyed. "FUCK~"
Shinsou let y/n finish then he kissed her. He then pulled of his boxers and threw them with the rest of their clothes. Y/n sat up on the her elbows as Shinsou started kissing her again. He positioned himself at y/n's entrance.
"I want to hear you beg. Beg for me to fuck you senseless." Shinsou demanded "please" "please what." "Please fuck me!"
"I said beg bitch!"
Y/n let of a quiet groan when Shinsou yelled. He could way all night for her to beg just edging her for hours on in.
"Please fuck me! Ughh~ please!" Y/n whined out. "Good girl~" Shinsou purred as he put his hand on y/n's stomach to feel him self going in count each inch.
"2 fuck~"
Y/n threw her head back as he went further "cant take it?" Shinsou said voice laced in lust.
"8 ughhhh~" he said throwing his head back.
Shinsou pulled y/n closer to him and kissed her neck starting to stroke slowly at a gruesome pace for y/n. "Faster~" y/n moaned out. Shinsou smirked and pulled out. Y/n loudly groaned "stop fucking teasing~" she whined pulling Shinsou back on to the bed and getting on top.
"What do you think your doing." Shinsou says with a smirk. "Something you wouldn't."  Y/n said lowering herself down. Before she could get past tip Shinsou flipped over with him on top and went the way in and started going at a brutal inhuman pace.
"Is this what you wanted, fucking slut!"
'Y/n has been in there for a long time' Denki thinks getting out the car. " im gonna go check on them."
Denki walks into the apartment building. "Good evening sir. Is there anything you need help with?" The woman at the desk said.
"Uhh...actually yes do you know which apartment.. Hitoshi Shinsou stays in." "Yes apartment 503." "Thank you" Denki says walking away.
'503. 503. 503.' Denki repeated in his head while in the elevator and while walking to the door. Denki knock on the door but noticed it moved when he made contact. "Bitc- oh its open. Scary~" Denki slowly walks into the apartment. "Damn this is nice."
Denki goes to find Shinsou's room. As he gets closer to what he think is Shinsou's room he hears moans he decides to stop and just listen.
"What are you doing."
"Something you wouldn't."
Denki heard something hit the bed and then a loud whine.
"Is this what you wanted, fucking slut!"
Denki couldn't bare the screams. "Y/N ARE YO- oh~" "Looks like we have a guest Y/n." Shinsou says looking at Y/n. "You like this y/n?" Be continued with a smirk. "Ah~ please- s-slow down" Y/n whined
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xuxishortcake · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
ɴᴏᴡ ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ
John Mayer - Your body is a wonderland
¹:⁰³ ──♡──────³:³⁰
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 : your boyfriend, Taeyong has been worn out due to working hard on his latest comeback & you just wanna appreciate him & tell him how much you love him <3
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 | 𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐬 : sub!idol Dom!reader smut , angst ? some pretty cute fluff : 3, cursing , cream pie, cunninilingus, handjob , blowjob , praising
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 : 1.7k
hey everyone! this is my first official ff, so pardon me if there's Grammer errors, spelling mistakes, etc. I got inspired to write this while listening to "your body is a wonderland." I just love the soft, morning sex feel of the song & wanted to turn it into a ff. I'm not sure if I'll be an active poster , but I did have fun while writing this & making up stories is a hobby of mine so we'll see. feedback is very appreciated, & enjoy!! :3
♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥
it was a pleasant Sunday morning & you woke up a little earlier than usual to the sound of birds chirping. You rubbed your eyes to adjust to the light streaming through the semi transparent curtains. next to you, lay your peacefully asleep boyfriend, Taeyong. {damn,} you thought, {even while sleeping he's just breathtaking to look at. God really does have favorites huh.} it made you smile to see him look so tranquil.
the night before, he came in the apartment quite fatigued since he had been out all day, practicing for his group's newest comeback.
"hey bubu," you said as you stood up from the couch you were sat at. you walked over & you hugged him. "how was everything today? any new progress?"
"mmm, everything's going along well, just a little tired because the recording session was a bit hard. I'm just glad to be back home & hugging you." he said while putting his head in the crook of your neck.
"you seem tired, baby." you reply, moving your fingers through his hair "want me to make you some tea maybe?"
"yeah, that'd be great. I'm just gonna go lay down on the bed for a bit. " he smiled tiredly, putting his backpack & shoes next to the door.
you went into the kitchen to get a kettle onto the stove. once it started boiling, you poured it into two small mugs for the both of you, added the tea bags & stirred in some honey. you left for the bedroom & came in to see Tae curled up, fast asleep on the bed. you sighed, a bit sad & put down the cups onto the night stand next to the bed & sat down besides him. you glanced at the clock on top of the night stand, 9:55 PM. makes sense he was tired, he left pretty early in the morning. however, you wanted to talk to him at least for a little bit more since it felt like the two of you hadn't had a conversation or even really cuddled in so long for his job was keeping him very occupied. sure you both texted back & forth while you could, but it just didn't feel the same as actually being there together. it wasn't too long before his comeback would be present, but then again, he'd be busy with promotions. a bit crestfallen, you slipped out of your clothes, went to get washed & had gotten into bed.
back to the present, you were thinking of how nice it was just to be close to him & know you could finally have a day where you could both just enjoy each other's company. you knew you wanted to do some extra special caring for him. knowing how he's been so hard at work was a sign he's in need of some extra special lovin'. you felt like you hadn't been able to tell him how much you loved & appreciated him, & now, you felt like you could finally do it. you snuggled up closer to him, gently put your hand onto his face & started caressing him. Taeyong 's nose scrunched & his eyes fluttered open.
"good morning bubu. " you said, continually stroking his cheek with the tips of your fingers. "sleep well?"
taeyong smiled & stretched a bit. "yeah, I feel well rested. how about you?"
"same same. I'm just glad you don't have to go anywhere today. I've missed being able to be with you. "
"I'm sorry I fell asleep so quickly last night y/n. I just wanted to lie down since I felt so drowsy but I dozed off like an idiot & didn't get to talk to you while I had the chance. I feel so bad since I feel I've been terrible at spending time with you & actually being a boyfriend. " he looked down glumly.
"no, baby, it's fine. it's understandable since you've been going pretty hard lately, & we have all day today so : )" you assured him pressing a small kiss on his forehead.
you smiled & held his cheeks between your hands & kissed his lips ever so gently. he kissed back, & you started to kiss back a little bit harder. before you knew it, things were starting to get really heated. you had slid your tongue over his lips as an ask to come in, & he happily let you in. that cute little bubblegum tongue of his sure knew how to get you riled up, cause damn, was he a good kisser. tongues playing harmoniously while softly panting. you broke out of the deep kissing to kiss his cheek & then started to leave kisses all along his sharp jawline. you climbed on top of him & worked your way down his neck, leaving a plush trail of kisses with him sighing softly. your hands trailed down his stomach & onto his forming hard on. starting to slowly stroke his covered bulge, you now moved your lips to his nipple, giving a few light licks, giving you great joy to hear the sweet little whimpers that were coming out of his mouth. you started to work faster with your tongue & hand. you lightly dragged your tongue down his abdomen & hooked your fingers around the waistband of his boxers & pulled them off. his cock sprung up & slapped against his stomach. the tip was sore & red, glistening with precum, which made you lick your lips in anticipation. slowly, you started to stroke it,from the base & squeezing a bit once you came to the top. you began to pick up the pace, taking in your boyfriend's pretty flushed face, begging you to touch him more.
"fuck tae, your body is like a wonderland. you're so beautiful. "
he started blushing at the compliments, hand slightly against his mouth , & that just made you want to do more. you stopped stroking his length & he whined at the lack of friction, trying to buck his hips in the air. however, you had a firm grip on his left thigh & wouldn't let him. you moved further down his body, until your head was in between his thighs. you started leaving kisses & bites all along his inner thighs. reaching to his dick, you placed a quick kiss on the tip & started giving a few kitten licks.
"fuck y/n,you're such a tease. " taeyong panted out.
"I'm just trying to savor every moment of this baby ♡" you said smirking since you knew what you were doing to him.
finally, you took him whole & he groaned out loud. bobbing your head up & down, his tip sometimes reaching the back of your throat, making you moan & send out vibrations, which made him moan right back . chest heaving & eliciting pretty moans , his back was slightly arched & his hips were pushed up a bit, but you made sure he was held put. he practically melted by your hands, & it was amazing to feel you had this much power over him. you could tell he was reaching his limit, & you got off of him with a *pop*. you were about to position himself into your entrance when he grabbed your wrist.
"no....not yet. I want you to feel good too. please, sit on my face. "
"ok, I'll let you since you've been a pretty good boy." you say as you crawl up onto him. you lower yourself slowly above his face & he holds your thighs in place. he takes one long lick across your slit, savoring it as if it tastes like candy & starts eating you out like he'll never be able to do it again.
"you're so pretty, y/n" he says against you, nose deep into you.
"ah fuck, & you're so good at this tae." you say tugging onto his hair, trying tohold back moans.
the way he eats you out is unbearably good. his tongue, gliding along your vulva , up & down & making circle motions on your clit gets you feeling so high. you felt yourself coming to a reach, & taeyong could see it & started to go even faster. your thighs started to shake in the euphoric feeling & you held his hair as he continued lapping up your juices until you told him to stop. finally, you got down off of his face & positioned yourself. you lowered yourself down onto his firm cock. "ohhh" taeyong let out a deep groan, relieved he was finally getting attention on him again. you stretched your torso across to pin his hands above his head & slowly started to move, your hips going perpendicular. moving your head towards him, you went back in for more kissing. tongues entangling & beads of sweat falling down in between your foreheads. having a tight grip on both his hands, you started going at a quicker pace, drawing out more moans from tae.
"oh my god. I'm close, y/n." taeyong moaned out against your lips with his hands starting to tremble.
"ok baby. you can cum." you replied, increasing the movements of your hips & pushing your lips into a deeper kiss with his. you felt his thighs starting to quiver & his hips bucked up deeper into yours, warm cum spilling out from inside you. you both rode it out together until you started to pant. not moving anymore,you were still on him with a bit of cum dripping out of your pussy, creaminess covering his cock. you rose up & got some tissues to clean the both of you. after that, you laid down next to him. him turning to meet your face & his chest still rising.
"it doesn't matter how long we've been together, you still manage somehow to make my heart race with every breath you take." taeyong said, a bashful little smile creeping onto his face.
"well, you never fail to make me smile at your sappy commentary." you giggled, running your hands through his messy hair. "you're pretty cute too."
"I can't believe I get to date someone as angelic as you." he said, snuggling his head into your chest, arms wrapping around your waist.
"ha, you make my heart flutter, really. I'm so lucky to have you. " you cuddled him back, hands on the back of his head, gently caressing him.
"love you, y/n"
"love you too, yongie" you replied smiling, savoring the intimacy of the moment.
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theosbucky · 2 months ago
good enough - dean w.
Tumblr media
pairings : dean winchester x fem!bestfriend!reader.
summary : in which y/n was always the best at keeping her feelings for dean hidden. but, all of that comes flying out into the open when she sees him with another one of his daily hookups. 
warnings : angst, drunk!reader, soft!dean, fluff!
word count : 4.1k.
a/n : after seeing my best boy’s ending on the spn finale...let’s just say that my obsession and adoration for dean has gone up super high. anyways, enjoy this imagine about my best angel-hunter boy <3! gif creds to owner! 
“YOU KNOW, YOU COULD JUST tell him the truth, right?” sam asks, raising an eyebrow at the y/h/c woman, who sighs sadly at the pie-loving hunter that leans into his newest and most recent hookup’s face, a flirty grin placed on his lips.
y/n’s brows furrow in a matter of seconds, snapping her head in the brunette man’s direction. “w-what on earth are you talking about, sammy?” she questioningly asks, her voice raising up to an octave. without even realizing it, she becomes quickly defensive to the point where even dean stops what he’s doing, to look over at the two friends in concern. 
noticing this, y/n sighs, turning away from the feel of his burning gaze, now facing her friend instead. 
“i-i’m sorry, sam. i didn’t mean to get so defensive. i just...where did that even come from?” y/n asks, trying to act like it didn’t bother her at all. but, it’s all too incredibly obvious that it is bothering her. 
“i think we both know the answer to that, y/n.” sam states, sighing at the shocked look on the woman’s face. 
“w-what?” y/n asks in a whisper, brows knitting together, trying to stay calm. the feeling of dean’s glance is still completely burning into her body, making her sigh nervously, refusing to look in his direction.
“y/n, i know about your feelings for him.” he says quietly, knowing that if dean heard this conversation, he’d never let either of them live it down. 
her innocent y/e/c eyes widen at this, her breath hitching in her throat. “i-is it really that obvious?” she asks in a whisper, heart racing at the thought of her best friend ever finding out about her true feelings for him. that’s a day she wishes never comes.
“i’m afraid so.” he sighs, pausing as y/n’s entire body slumps in defeat. “you know, coming clean about it might make things a lot easier for the two of you.” he states, shrugging as she looks up at him like he’s grown two heads. 
“or, it could just make things a lot more fucking awkward and worse!” y/n exclaims quietly, raising her brows at him, as if challenging him to prove her wrong. sam knows this look; which, is why he slumps in his chair and swirls his drink around in it’s glass, refusing to look back up at his friend. 
sighing, she runs her fingers through her slightly-tangled hair. “sorry. i don’t know what’s wrong with me. it’s just, like, every time he’s involved, i lose all my rationality and cool.” she mumbles, exhaling and trying to remain calm. she didn’t mean to snap at sam. he’s too incredibly good of a man and totally like a big brother to her; someone that never judges her on her poorly-made decisions. she hates when she snaps at him, especially when he’s just trying to help her out. 
“it’s alright. i get it, i really do. but, i just hate seeing you torture yourself like this; pining after him.” sam says, sighing at the incredulous look that begins to form on her face. 
“i’m not pining after him! what in the hell makes you say that?” she exclaims, this time not caring who hears the conversation. 
sam sputters, confused on how to get himself out of this situation. no matter what he does, he seems to keep saying the wrong thing. 
“if i were pining after him, would i go and make out with some random stranger?” y/n asks, voice straining, becoming anxious at the thought of doing something, not only so out of character for her, but also, so rebellious. 
“what are you talking about, y/n/n? did you do that?” sam asks, his innocent puppy dog brown eyes looking at her with confusion and shock. 
“no. but...i’m about to.” y/n states, heaving in an anxious breath, standing up as she looks around the room for someone to be her victim of impulsiveness. her eyes fly around the room, ignoring dean’s gaze on her, until her eyes lock in on a gorgeous-looking brunette with ocean blue eyes. he’s not as attractive as dean, but he’ll do, she thinks to herself anxiously.
“and...i've found him.” she mutters, turning back around to down her drink for good luck and a push to do something a very much sober side of her would never do.
growing some newly-found confidence, she ignores the gaze of both winchester brothers and walks over to the brunette man, quickly catching his eye. 
“uh, hi...can i h-help you?” he stutters, confusion filling his body as his brows furrow. he looks at her, noticing how insanely gorgeous she is, as she steps in front of him. 
taking in a deep breath, she smirks, nodding, doing her best to hide her anxiety. “actually...yes, you can.” she states, raising her brows at him, before getting closer to him, lifting her hands up and gripping onto his flannel shirt’s collar. before either of them can think of what’s happening, y/n smashes her lips onto his as the stranger lets out a strangled sound of shock, almost about to lose all of his air supply. 
dean and sam both watch the exchange with different reactions; sam watches with the same confusion he’d felt only seconds ago, but he feels a, sort of, proudness towards his friend, for getting out of her comfort zone and doing something, anything, instead of moping around over his brother. 
now, dean’s reaction is much more different, but nonetheless, very expected by his brother. his eyes widen as y/n shamelessly makes out with the stranger, before a dark look crosses his eyes, jaw clenching. dean no longer is paying attention to his newest victim of a one-night stand, despite her continuously trying to get it. his entire reaction would be described as jealousy, if y/n was paying attention, but she’s too busy trying to prove a point to sam. why? maybe, because he’s right and she just doesn’t want to admit it. 
just as the kiss gets a lot more steamier, dean starts to see red, no longer having any control over his actions. just as dean starts to storm over to the two, preparing to rip y/n off of the poor guy, sam notices this and gets up to stop him. “dean, stop. don’t do something that you’re going to regret later on.” he tells his brother quietly as dean grunts, glaring at him. 
“why? he could take advantage of her! she’s completely wasted.” he exclaims, watching as the stranger starts to get more confident to the point of becoming a little handsy. sam’s brows furrow together as he turns and glances back at them, just in time to see y/n slap his hands away. she pulls away from him, just as he leans in for more. she smirks at this, before turning around to face the brothers. 
“what, dean? are you the only one that’s allowed to have some fun around here?” y/n asks incredulously, words slurring, when he looks at her like she’s turned into an entirely different person. 
his brows furrow in more of a frustrated way, shaking his head at her, not wanting to pay any more attention to the woman he barely recognized. 
scoffing, she rolls her eyes. “whatever. i’m going back to the hotel. have fun with your newest slut of the week.” she mutters, going to walk out of the bar, only to stumble into sam’s arms. 
sam looks up at his brother, dumb-founded, almost silently asking him if he’s the one who’s gotta deal with the drunk-as-hell woman for the night. 
sighing, dean motions for him to hand over the now barely functioning woman. “i’ll take her back. just remember to drive baby safely back to the hotel, yeah?” dean states, digging through his jean pockets to find his keys, before handing them to his brother, giving him a tense look. “i’m trusting you with my baby. don’t make me regret it.” he states all-too-seriously, not one joking notion in his voice. 
sam nods, trying not to find amusement in how serious his brother is acting as he carefully hands over the y/h/c woman into dean’s arms. “o-okay, dean. i promise.” he says, pausing, taking a glance at the now unconscious woman in his brother’s arms. “just get her to sleep. she’s been having a rough few days. my mistake was thinking she could handle some drinks.” he mutters, nodding to y/n, who seems to be drooling over one of dean’s wrists. dean glances down at her, not seeming to be bothered by it at all, but sam on the other hand, has a disgusted look on his face now from the discovery. 
dean nods, looking back up at his brother, before putting a hand on y/n’s back and his other arm going to move under her legs, lifting her up and into his chest, in the form of bridal style. 
a tired sigh leaves y/n’s lips as he carries her out of the bar and out into the cold air. a shiver rushes through her body, waking her up instantly. “it’s so cold...” she mumbles, keeping her eyes closed.
“don’t worry, sweetheart, you’ll be in your bed soon enough.” he murmurs as she instinctively pushes her head into his chest further. 
soon enough, dean’s making his way to the hotel room, pushing open the door and nudging it closed with his foot, before carrying the exhausted woman to her bed. as soon as he moves the blanket covers off of her designated sleeping spot, dean gently places her shivering body down on her side, before grabbing the edge of the covers and placing them over her shoulders. 
her shivering seems to slow down a bit as she tugs the covers closer to her face. “thanks, deano...i-i’m sorry for being so stupid tonight.” she mutters, refusing to look him in the eye, feeling so guilty for acting like a child. 
“don’t worry about it, princess. just rest, alright? we’ll talk tomorrow when we get back to the bunker.” he states, smiling softly at the peaceful look on her face. 
after that, it doesn’t take long for her to pass out into a blissful, deep sleep. 
guilt comes with a lot of more sensitivity, after making a bad decision. in y/n’s case, there’s too much guilt clouding her mind.
sure, kissing a random stranger may seem totally normal to you. but, to her, she not only kissed a random stranger; she got drunk off her ass and snapped at sam when he was just trying to help. then, she kissed the one and only random stranger, just to spite dean, and acted like a total psycho towards him.
all of those things are things that she’d never do in a million years. but, all that kept going through her head was, why didn’t he yell at me or ignore me?
in fact, he did the complete opposite.
instead, of being annoyed with her and ignoring her completely, he was a lot more nicer to her than usual.
at first, she’d thought maybe it was just because she was hungover. but, that couldn’t be the case. not when she started to feel much more sober a few hours later in the car. 
y/n continued to stay confused. and when she’d look over to sam in confusion, he’d shrug, trying to hide his smirk from knowing what she didn’t.
she’d furrowed her brows in confusion, still not understanding anything in this situation.
i mean, doesn’t dean seem like the type of man to lecture her or yell at her for acting so repulsively crazy?
well, in this case, i guess not. because why else would he be in an all-smiley mood, if he isn’t angry or frustrated with her?
no matter how many times she asked herself this question, she came up with no sensible answers. and to add onto all of this confusion, she only becomes more confused when he asks her to meet him in his room to ‘talk’, after she’d started towards her own room, to drop off her bag of things. 
y/n turns to sam, hoping he’ll just fess up and tell her what the hell is going on and why dean is acting extra nice and happier to her.
but, to no avail, he turns around and walks into the kitchen, refusing to tell her anything. 
groaning, y/n walks off into the hall and into the direction of her bedroom.
once she turns the knob and pushes the door open, she steps into the almost-empty bedroom and sets her bag on her nicely neat bed. 
before walking out of the room, she sets her hands on her hips, heart racing at the thought of talking to dean all alone. what does he want?
she can’t help but grow more anxious at the thought.
but, even though, she’d rather lock herself up in her room all night, she wouldn’t be able to avoid him all night.
and, even, if she could, it’d be way too obvious to him that she’s hiding something. and knowing dean, he’d never let it go, until he’d get an answer.
with that thought crossing her mind, y/n takes a deep breath and turns around.
without another thought, she anxiously begins to walk her way to dean’s bedroom. 
knocking her fist gently on the door, y/n holds her breath, anxiously worrying of what dean could possibly want to talk to her about. 
“come on in.” the sound of dean’s gruff voice causes her throat to tighten up, heart setting off into a erratic pace. 
with a trembling sigh, y/n encloses her hand around the door knob and twists it, before pushing the door open. 
dean’s figure is turned, his back facing y/n as she walks into the room. 
deciding to distract herself from saying anything, she turns around and closes the door gently, hearing it click shut. 
she wanted to turn and face him, to get the conversation started and over with. but, the anxiety and loud beating of her heart causes her to stay facing the door. 
with what happened the previous night and the way sam kept sending her hidden smirks, y/n was beginning to think that dean had figured out she was in love with him.
and knowing sam, it wasn’t that far of a stretch that he’d have told his brother what she wasn’t willing to. 
so, with a deep breath and a sigh, the woman musters up all the courage she needs to turn around, and does so. 
“took you long enough.” dean mumbles, still not turning from his position in front of his bed. 
“w-well, you can’t blame me for taking my time and being wary of what you wanna talk about. for all i know, you could be finally up to yelling at me for acting like a child last night.” y/n sassily states and crosses her arms onto her chest, after she grows some confidence.
things are usually easier, if you just act like you don’t care about anything and don’t give off any reactions, when it comes talking to dean winchester.
but, once he turns around with raised brows and arms crossed on his chest, her entire ‘i don’t care about anything’ attitude goes out the window. “you wanna say that again, sweetheart?” he asks in a tone that clearly says not to test him. 
her breath hitches in her throat, anxiety filling her completely.
he looked handsome as ever, as he always does; this was a normal reaction he’d get from her, every time he’d walk into a room.
and he’d usually think nothing of it, figuring that she was just stressed about something.
but, now, with sam revealing the truth behind her actions last night, it makes him smirk at her. 
this makes her brows furrow in confusion. “w-why are you lo-looking at me like that?” she asks in a confused and stuttering tone, feeling nervous under his gaze.
he chuckles at this. 
“princess, i just have a question for you. that’s all. you think you can answer honestly?” he asks gruffly as he moves to walk closer to her.
but, this just causes her y/e/c eyes to widen and gulp down the dryness in her throat.
god, she could just kill for a bottle of water right about now. damn dean winchester and his affect on her!
“i-um, wh-what kind of...question?” y/n stutters in a croaky voice, backing up all the way, until she’s pressed against the door as he continues to walk towards her, not missing the nervous look in her eyes. 
“now that you mention it...” he trails off casually, still smirking as he cocks his head to the side, not looking away from her. he’s now just mere inches away from her, their chests almost touching. 
y/n’s breath starts to come out in uneven pants, her heart beating so erratically fast against her chest, she could just faint.
dean could probably feel it, because of how close they were.  
she’d rather faint, than be in this situation. anything was better than this confrontation. because, she knew exactly what he wanted to ask; there’s no denying that. 
“did you act the way you did last night, because you were jealous that i was with another woman?” dean asks the question so slowly, that y/n begins to wonder if she’d even heard correctly.
but, with the stern expression he wears, she knows that she heard perfectly correct. 
“w-why?” she says in barely a broken whisper, looking away from his mesmerizing green eyes, knowing that the second she looks back into them, she’ll blurt out anything and everything. 
“sweetheart...” dean trails off, noticing the embarrassed and nervous look on her face. 
she clenches her eyes shut, trying to keep the now-surfacing tears from escaping.
y/n’s usually stronger and tougher than this.
but, what can she say? dean winchester just naturally has that effect on her.
but, no matter how hard she tries, the tears still spill down to her now red cheeks.
she doesn’t bother to wipe them away, though, because she already knows that he’ll notice them, sooner or later.
he sighs. “please, y/n. look at me.” he murmurs, waiting to give her the chance to look up herself.
but, she doesn’t. she just adamantly shakes her head, refusing to do anything but to look down at her now fidgeting hands. 
realizing of how stubborn she can get, he gently lifts up her chin with his thumb and forefinger.
his eyes instantly soften as he notices the tears on her cheeks. “princess...why didn’t you just tell me the truth?” he asks softly as he wipes away the tears. 
“a-are you fucking kidding me, dean?” she exclaims, snapping out of her humiliated state as she walks past him roughly.
he sputters, now being the one in shock. “w-what?” he stutters, becoming confused on how fast she went from nervous to pissed, in just seconds. 
“why in the hell, would i tell my best friend that i’m in love with him, when he could care fucking less? why would i go through all of that trouble, when he only sees me as a fucking sister?” she exclaims, turning towards him with an incredulous expression on her face, no longer even thinking about what she’s saying. 
y/n sighs as she heaves in a few breaths, running a shaking finger through her y/h/c hair in a stressed manor. 
dean’s mouth opens into an ‘o’ shape, not understanding the words coming out of his best friend’s mouth. “y-you’re in love with me?” he stutters, his own eyes tearing up at the thought. 
“w-what?” y/n stops instantly, realizing what she’d said.
how is she to find an excuse for this new mistake?
first she got jealous, which he knows. now, she’s impulsively blurted out her true feelings for him; two things she promised herself she’d never do. 
he shakes his head, to snap himself out of his shocked daze. “you said, and i quote, ‘why in the hell would i tell my best friend that i’m in love with him.’” he states, taking his time as he takes slow steps towards her, an unknown emotion flickering in his eyes. 
she sputters, mouth agape as she collapses into a sitting position on his bed, staying silent. what the hell did she just do? 
the heavy emotions in the room become even more suffocating as dean appears in front of his best friend, who refuses to look up at him. 
“i can’t believe i told you. i can’t believe i even said anything, when i swore that i’d never speak a word of any of this...” y/n trails off, tears clouding her y/e/c eyes in shock. 
“and...why is that, sweetheart?” dean quietly asks, feeling his heart ache at the pain she’s in. 
“because, you’re the best person i know. you’re kind and selfless and a genuinely good man. you’re also very attractive, which is obviously a given. but, you could have anyone else in the world. and there’s no way you’d ever feel the same for me. besides, i’m not what you need. i’m not good enough and you deserve better.” y/n states in a trembling tone as she dares to look up at him, the tears now streaming freely. 
the air nearly gets knocked out of him as he realizes what she thinks; she thinks that she’s not worthy enough for him. and most importantly, she thinks that he doesn’t reciprocate her feelings. 
without another thought, he sighs and kneels down in front of her, gently wiping away the remaining tears on her red-tinted cheeks. 
he looks down at her now-shaking fingers.
then, he grabs her hands, instantly calming the shaking movement they were just recently doing and brings them up to his lips, placing smooth and feathery kisses to her knuckles. 
“princess, i don’t know where you got the idea that i don’t feel the same. i mean, if you ask sammy, he’ll tell you about how i was incredibly pissed off when you were making out with that guy. i wanted to kill the bastard for touching you like that. i should’ve realized you were just upset i wasn’t giving you any attention, right?” he softly murmurs, sending her stomach into a frenzy of butterflies. 
she sniffles. “y-you were jealous?” she asks in a small voice, much more calm now as he nods. “of course, i was. i don’t know if you haven’t noticed, but you’re one of a kind, sweetheart. if anyone’s not good enough for the other, it’s me.” he states, raising his brows. 
“no. don’t say that. dean, you deserve the absolute world and i don’t know if i can give that to you.” she mumbles, tears resurfacing to her lids. 
“baby, stop talking like that. you’re perfect the way you are. all i want is you. and now, that i know you feel the same, i’m not letting this go.” he states as he pulls himself up, pulling her up with him.
“i know you won’t. that’s what you do when you find out newer things.” she mutters, causing him to chuckle. 
“oh, sweetheart. how right you are about that.” he states, biting his lip as a small smile surfaces to her own.
she sighs, giving him a pointed look. but, he just smirks. 
his hands wound to her cheeks, cupping them. “you’re perfect for me, y/n. no matter what you say. we’re destined for each other. and i’ll be damned if i can’t prove it to you.” he murmurs and before she can say anything, he pulls her in for a kiss.
she lets out a strangled noise of surprise, eyes widened in shock.
but, once she realizes what’s happening, she moans and closes her eyes, quickly wrapping her arms around his neck as she presses herself as close to him as possible.
before they can both lose air, he reluctantly pulls away from her, pressing his forehead to hers. “i could kiss you forever, if it were possible.” he murmurs and this causes her knees to go weak.
she would’ve fallen to her knees, if it weren’t for the fact that her arms are still wrapped around his neck. 
her eyes flutter open, still in a bliss of happiness. “and if i haven’t made it clear yet, i’m deeply in love with you too, y/n y/l/n.” he mumbles, before connecting their lips once more.
although, before they can continue, there’s a loud victorious cheering right outside of the room, sounding exactly like sam. 
the newly-official couple, pull away from each other, before they let out a bunch of laughs at dean’s match-making brother that got them together. 
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morganlbr · 2 months ago
I Thought You Hated Me Ch. 6
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~Monday, January 14th, 2019. 14/1/19~
Marinette had a good weekend, if you ignored all what Chat Noir did on that patrol that one night.
When her and Damian woke up, they had gotten ready for the day, and she managed to play UMS 3 with him. To her, he was the best competitor she had yet, since everyone else she played against lost easily.
Another thing she did was get him to try her parent's pastries. He made a comment about them being as adequate as Pennyworth's? Who was he?
But he did have to leave eventually, but she now had his number. She could and would text him as much as possible. There wasn't a moment at her home where her nose wasn't in her phone.
"Marinette! Get ready for school!" Tikki yelled at her.
Marinette looked at the time and saw she had an hour before school started. She thought that the sooner she got ready and went to school, the sooner she could stop being distracted by other things and text Damian.
She put on her outfit and went downstairs to get her breakfast. She greeted her parents and grabbed a bag and put some croissants in there.
Tumblr media
(Just imagine that it isn't shorts and actual jeans)
Closing the bag, she was on her way to school. She took some earphones out and put them into their spot in her phone. To save her some time, she called the person she had been texting for a while. When he answered, they continued their conversation from yesterday.
Marinette wasn't really paying attention to everyone around her at school, so when one of the girls in her class took her arm and dragged her somewhere. She was confused and voiced her confusion out loud, which had Damian asking if she was alright.
She reassured him, asking him to continue, wanting to know why Alix was dragging her somewhere in the school. Damian continued on, but wondered if she had ran into problems at school.
Suddenly, Alix stopped dragging her, and she figured she was somewhere where Alix wanted her to bed. Marinette, herself, kept listening to what Damian was saying, who was complaining how much of an insomniac Tim was.
Marinette noticed that she was in a room with the other girls in her class and they were talking, but she didn't think they were talking to her, so she ignored them and listened to the person she was on the phone with.
Suddenly, while the girls were talking, Marinette said something that had nothing to deal with what they were talking about.
"If that's him on a normal day, you should see how much I slept last night. Seeing as I made the outfit I'm wearing, texting you, and dealing with the idiot who thinks they can take away Tikki, I got about an hour of sleep."
She heard him say that he was going to help her get more sleep, while the girls in her class finally got her attention.
"Marinette!" The girl who was being called upon took an earbud out and looked at them. "Were you even listening? And who are you talking to?" Alya asked.
"I'm on the phone with a new friend I recently met." She told them. But saying that didn't feel right. "And before you ask, I'm not going to tell you who they are since I respect their privacy." She told them, seeing as they were about to open their mouths to ask who it was.
"Anyways," Alya continued. "Us girls wanted to know if you could go to our sleepover this weekend. It'll be us and Li-" Before she could finish, Marinette stopped her.
"Sorry I can't. I'm doing something all weekend." Marinette answered. It was true. They were going over their suspects for Hawkmoth that weekend, and she wanted to get his terrorism over with already.
"You just don't want to go because Lila is going to be there." Mylene accused.
"I didn't even know Lila was going to be there. And I really am busy. I have a sleepover at Kagami's place, which was planned weeks ago because her mother is allowing her to have one, then I have to help at the bakery until lunch the next day, and I have lunch at Chloe's, then I have to back to the bakery, and then later, my friend that's on the phone with me right now, insists that I get as much sleep that I possibly can." Marinette started.
"Angel, I don't need another Drake around." Damian said on the phone.
Marinette rolled her eyes and continued. "Then the last day I'm hanging out with him since I don't know how long he'll be in Paris since he doesn't live here." She finished.
The girls, mentally, thought that they would follow her to see if her story checks out. "Alright, but how about we do it next weekend?" Rose asked.
Marinette nodded, more interested in her phone call. "Yeah sure, if nothing comes up."
She turned around and put her other earbud in, ignoring anyone else who was talking to her. The only person she was actually interested in talking to wasn't even in her vision range.
"Marinette, I heard that you didn't want to come to the sleepover because I was going there. Do you not like me that much that you would make stuff up just to get away from me?" Lila asked, fake tears coming into her eyes.
Marinette looked at her with a bored look on her face. "I wouldn't go even if you didn't go. I've had my plans planned way before they even asked me. And I didn't make up my plans." She went back to the book in her hand, and started reading since they were in the middle of class.
"I can't believe you're still making stuff up just so you won't have to hang out with me." Lila exclaimed, full on crocodile crying.
Their classmates were trying to console Lila while glaring at Marinette. She just rolled her eyes.
"You don't have to believe me. Just know that I have things to do. I even offered to go on one next week, and it doesn't really matter if you come or not." She said,
Her class was starting to tell her some insulting words, while Marinette just ignored them, still reading her book.
"Marinette, go to the principal's office!" Mrs. Bustier told her.
"And why do I have to go?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Because of all the yelling everyone is doing because of you." Mrs. Bustier answered.
Marinette packed up her stuff and put on her backpack. She looked over at Chloe, not expecting to see her out later. "Do you want me to ask Tim to pick you up later?" Chloe nodded at her and she headed out the door. ;
Marinette stopped before going out. "They're yelling because you can't do your damn job right and the fact that Lila cries crocodile tears every time something doesn't go her way." She told her, looking her directly in the eye.
Mrs. Bustier stood out her seat and pointed to the door. "To the principal's office. Now!"
Marinette shrugged. "You can't say I'm not telling the truth." And with that, she walked out the door, leaving an enraged teacher and stunned classmates.
"Ms. Dupain-Cheng, you're suspended for a week." Principal Democles said when he saw her in his office. Mrs. Bustier had told him what had happened, well in her eyes, and he thought to suspend her.
"Fine with me." She said, shrugging her shoulders. She stood up and walked towards the door, ready to get a ride somewhere.
"This will also be going to the school board with this." He told her.
"Anything else?" She asked, looking over her shoulder. Not getting an answer, she left going to call a special friend to pick her up.
Fifteen minutes later, classes let out. Everyone came out and got ready to change their classes.
Everyone in Mrs. Bustier's class stayed in their groups and went to the front of the school since Alix and Kim wanted to have a race before their next class started.
Before they did that, they spotted Marinette sitting on the front bench in front of the school. She seemed to be looking in front of the school.
"What happened Marinette? Did you get expelled from school?" Lila asked, while everyone else started laughing.
Before Marinette answered, a guy on a motorcycle came in front of the school. No one could see who he was because of the helmet, but he was wearing a leather jacket with some black jeans. They couldn't see what shirt he was wearing because the jacket was covering it.
He took off his helmet and put it on the handle of the motorcycle. The guy had tan skin with green eyes. Anyone who saw him just stopped and stared at him. Some recognized him, while some just stopped and started because they thought he was handsome.
Marinette got up from her seat and went to the guy. He handed her a helmet and she placed it in her hands.
"Demon boy!" Chloe yelled out, causing all the attention to go on her while she went up to the duo. "Is Tim coming to pick me up later?" Chloe asked.
"I don't know about Drake's whereabouts Bourgeois." The guy, Damian, told her.
Chloe rolled her eyes and went on her phone to call someone. Marinette just put her helmet on and sat on the motorcycle. Damian sat in front of her and put his hand on the handle. Marinette held onto his waist. They drove off, moving far away from the bakery across the street.
"I can't believe she's cheating on Adrien." Alya said, when she saw the two driving by.
Lila just agreed, while she started some rumors about how she thinks they got together. Adrien, who was watching everything in the distance, was upset that ex moved on so quickly.
A/N: So, if you want to read the parts I haven’t posted yet, you could read it on my Wattpad since I had that there before posting it here. It has the first eight chapters of this story. The user is the same. @morganlbr The tag list are just people who have commented on this or asked about it.
@northernbluetongue @thecaptainthunder @our-preciousss @buginetye
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oki-writes · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Boke. Chapter 3
Word count: 1.4k
Summary: Family trip w/ kuroo and kenma to Tokyo
Warning: Slight angst, cursing, heartfelt moment
Characters: Kageyama Tobio, Kenma Kozuken, and Kuroo Tetsurō
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
3rd person:
“Kenma, when are you going to get here, Hiroto, looking for you” buckling your son down inside his car seat, you're waiting for your walking wallet to answer. “Umm I’ll say in two minutes. I had to stop and pick something up. Whose car are we talking to the amusement park?”
Yes you heard that right you guys are going to an amusement park, and not just any, you guys are going to TOKYO DISNEY!
Tetsurō wanted to spoil his nephew, so he called up his rich boyfriend knowing his sister and nephew is his weak spot. “Well Tobio’s parents heard where we’re going and let us take one of their cars. So rest assured you don’t have to buy a bigger car for the trip” you teased him.
“Okay anyways I’m about to pull up. I just need to put some stuff inside for when we come back on Sunday and we can leave.” You said bye after he said that and faced Hiroto to see him reaching for his bottle.
“You ready to gee oji-san and go to Tokyo” cooing to your son. You continue to play with him in the backseat waiting for everyone. After 5 mins you saw the guys lock the door and load the car up.
“Okay guys here’s the plan. Every hour we have to stop to let Hiroto get changed and have a break from his car seat. We’ll stop for breakfast and a snack along the way. At 2 I made a reservation to a restaurant in Tokyo for us, once we arrived. Okay that’s it I’m going to sleep. He kept me up all night. He didn't want Tobio at all.”
Tobio who was sitting on the opposite side of Hiroto mumbled under his breath.
Tumblr media
∞ 1 hours later
“Oi (n/n) wake up we’re at Lawson Kageyama changing Hiroto, so what do you want while I go in the store?” Kenma was slightly shaking you waiting for your answer.
“ I want two dorayakis, royal milk tea, and two cold georgia café au lait pls. And for Roto a yogurt and the calbee veggie fries.” Kenma just nodded and walked into the store.
“So Tes when you are going to propose? You guys have been together for almost 3 years. I want to know so I can keep my schedule open. I’ll let you know my photography skills are wanted by all.” Wiggling your eyebrows at your older brother.
“I actually planned to do it after you graduate. I want everyone to be free and I want Hiroto to be able to walk so he can be the ring bearer and maybe you can be a part of it.”
Before you could respond Tobio and Kenma walked out the door heading back. “We’ll talk about this later, Tes” you glared at him.
“We got the snacks. Which one do you want first, your coffee or tea. Also do you want both dorayakies or one?” Tobio was looking through the bag pulling his and Hiroto’s stuff out waiting for your answer.
“Um the tea and one dorayaki please Tobi”, he just nodded and started to pull your stuff out. “Oh shit I forgot to mention warm milk for Hiroto” you realize after fishing the bottle out of his bag.
“Sis don’t worry his daddy got it” Kuroo smirked. “Please never say that in front of me ever again” You groaned at your brother. “Why that’s you were saying the other night at the top of your lungs” he chanted back to you.
Tumblr media
∞ a few hours later
You guys finally reached Tokyo at around 1:30. After stopping at your father’s house to freshen up you guys got back in the car to go to Chano-Ma.
After hearing it was fine to bring your own baby food and special places for breastfeeding and diaper changing it was a mom’s dream restaurant. Also smoking was prohibited from 11-5pm..,best place to go.
“You guys are ready to go to the best restaurant around.” They all looked at you as if you were crazy. “(N/n) honey it’s just a restaurant. You used to live in Tokyo. Also I've been to the restaurant before and when I invited you to come you said this place sounded boring”.
” Well Kenma I’m a mom now that changes the game. The more child friendly the place is the better. Back me up Tobi”. Kageyama didn’t know what to do so he just pretended to sleep.
“Guys come on let go , it's 1:50 let’s check in” Kuroo stated. After Kageyama put Hiroto into his harness, you guys walked in and went to your seats.
“Tobi, you can sit him down. The mats are soft enough for him. Also order as much as you want Tes said it’s on him” exclaimed. Tetsurō just stopped and all the color drained from his face at those words.
Tumblr media
∞ after eating
After leaving the restaurant and deciding to explore parts of the city. “GUYS GO OVER THERE AND POSE. I have my camera on me to let me take some pictures. Hurry, the lighting is fading”.
Pushing everyone into position you got down and angled the camera and went to work. You probably looked crazy to others ,but the true photographer in you just loved the area you were in.
Bright lights and the calm atmosphere at that time of day gave off a perfect vibe. But, the one picture that you loved the most was when you took of Tobio and Hiroto by themselves.
Hiroto was settled into Kageyama’s arms looking up at the building. Kageyama was staring down at him. The light basked on them respectively, showing the pure love that was between them.
The second picture that took your breath away was one with Tetsurō and Kenma together. Kenma was on Tes’s back. They were smiling at each other. Kenma actually had a genuine smile. His hands were intertwined with your brother’s.
Just like Kageyama’s picture, this one the light was center stage and the background was fading. Making them stand out in their surroundings. You were definitely going to print these photos out later.
Tumblr media
∞ after the photo shoot
“Hey Tes remember this was the spot Dad told us he was going to remarry Mom?” Kageyama and Kenma decided to get some ice cream from the store where you were standing in front of. “Yeah I do. You cried and I still don’t know why”
“Well one was that I was happy he found someone. That’s pretty hard to do. Secondly I felt bad that I would have to replace my mother. But, once I found out it was Mom it got better. Since she helped raise me when my mother was in the hospital.” you turned to face him.
“Kiddo you know what, mom is super proud of you. She would love Hiroto.” Tetsurō laughed remembering his late step-mother.
“She’s your biological mother ,but when dad first left my mom back in the day. She was there for me and you know what...she said that if either of us wanted to have a child and it’s a boy to name them Hiroto. That's why I picked the name when you asked me.” You just stared at him in disbelief.
“Why didn’t you tell me Mom picked the name and not you.?” Kuroo thought about what to say for a moment. “Well I knew being pregnant and without your mother was already hard for you. As your older brother I didn’t want to make you even more depressed than you already was.
“Boke...even if mother is not here, I had you, father, and mom” you began. “Yeah my biological mother died, but I had you guys there for me. I know I’m the baby of the family ,but I’m a big girl now. I can take it” you laughed at him and punched his arm.
“Hey I was trying to have a heartfelt conversation with my little sister. But for real, if you need something talk to me. I hate that I live far from you. And also about the propo-“
“Hey guys we got the ice cream”
Tumblr media
A/n: so they order I put in for Kenma is actually what I usually get from Lawson when I live in Japan. Secondly the restaurant we went to is an actual restaurant.
A/n .2: I want to apologize for taking forever to get this out. My mental health just been all over the place and I couldn’t bring my self to write something that wouldn’t be good. But, now it’s stable so I’ll try to post quicker
Spanish word of the day: el helado (ice cream)
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Taglist: (open) @humanitysbiggestsimp ⋆ @french-girl-online ⋆ @yeehawslap ⋆ @avatarkyoshithewarrior ⋆ @littlemissendlessdreamer
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