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#I'm trying to read it
cupidluvstarrz · 2 hours ago
hi @mairahcore (or @jaykayblr idk which one you're active on right now) so uhm- happy birthday, saying I wish you'll have the most amazing birthday and all that feels too formal and well- we're never formal it's always you roasting me and- okay wait this is supposed to be a birthday wishes post right, no complaining. happy birthday and congratulations !! you're now one year more closer to old-age and responsibilities achieving all your dreams- i guess-
okay so i kinda wanna compliment *cough* you *cough* because you deserve it and it's the least i can do forgive me- (warnings: compliments meant to be taken seriously and not be found cringe because i'm a sexc person and sexc people aren't cringe)
i have to start with mentioning how beautiful you are i mean you're beautiful- like i mentioned 2 seconds ago- despite of much i ramble about you roasting me- i lowkey envy you for your savage and sassy attitude, how you're so stern and know what you want and aren't afraid to say what you mean but that doesn't make you any less of a kind person. you're so intelligent and talented and amazing, i believe you're the kind of person who believes in “actions speak more than words” and i really love that about you <3
I really hope you'll have an amazing day, and an amazing year and live your life and do what you want to and- BYE IDK WHAT ELSE TO SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN
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fictionadventurer · 5 hours ago
The more I try to write romance, the more I come to the terrifying conclusion that Hallmark relies on all the cheesy tropes because they work.
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13thwitch · 7 hours ago
my heart is still broken. like actually he broke me.
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intyalote · 8 hours ago
five things tag game
tagged by @i-am-just-a-kiddo​ ! I’ll tag @circumference-pie​ @not-saying-revolution-but ​ (no pressure) and anyone else who feels like it!
five things you’ll find in my backpack:
notepad and pencil, in case I need to write/sketch some ideas unexpectedly - when I’m coding I like to draw the flow out first, and for math stuff I tend to think pretty geometrically, so it comes in handy
water bottle (though it usually contains tea or juice)
teabags, for use at places with hot water but no decent tea (like labs or lectures/conferences)
important documents - vaccine card, state ID (passport if I’m out of the country), etc
a little bag with useless travel mementos that just hangs out there because I don’t know what else to do with it and am too sentimental to get rid of it - has my IC card and uni ID from kyoto, various foreign currency coins, ticket stubs, and other such things.
five of my favorite things (at the moment):
one-hour cold brew mugicha. I developed a taste for it in japan, and it’s nice to not have to remember to leave it overnight like with normal cold brew tea.
sunsets over bodies of water - at uni I have the view over our lake, and at home I have the view over the river, and both are gorgeous
fun earrings, which are probably the only place where my fashion choices are at all interesting. the latest is a pair of bi flag rainbows.
the supermarket had discounts on some european imports so I got fancy cheese and dried fruit and jam, which I’m enjoying as rewards if I actually manage to make progress with my code
my (slightly illegal) rice cooker, which is a lifesaver now that I need to make meals without having an actual kitchen to work with.
five things on my to-do list:
work on the paper I’m writing based on some work I did last semester on mathematically modeling political power structures
formally reapply for my grading job (why I need to write a cover letter and everything when I’m already hired, I don’t know... I hate admin regulations)
clean up and update my linkedin profile
study for the GRE (at least I’m 90% sure I won’t have to take the physics subject GRE... the one good thing to come out of covid)
a super long list of little things I’d like to improve in the function I’ve been writing for the past week and a half (and one big thing I need to fix but have no idea what to do about) so it’s going to be fun trying to figure everything out before next week when I need to move on.
Sorry that this is so boring, my life right now is just trying to balance research, uni stuff, and grad school apps while remembering to eat and sleep, so I’m not doing anything interesting, but it was fun to answer anyway!
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minimoefoe · 14 hours ago
On one hand I can see how Doctor Who does shipping/potential relationships in a way that makes it so that if you aren’t one to ship the Doctor with a companion then you may not notice it or if you do notice it, you can just Pretend You Do Not See It but on the other hand I’m like how can you look at Rose/10 or Clara/12 or Yaz/13 and not see that there is something more than friendship going on??
I really do try and just let people live and believe whatever they want because if you can’t do that with DW then when can you do it but this is defo one of those things that drives me crazy cuz I just wanna scream about how 12 and Clara clearly love each other and how Yaz clearly loves or at least has a crush on 13.
Like I absolutely agree that not everything should be about shipping but in the cases of these three ships, people aren’t just pulling things out of their ass and claiming these characters feel something for each other. It is all in the episodes pretty clearly. It’s up to you if you’re interested in it or not but I think it’s wild for people to outright just say it’s not there.
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hotgirldabi · a day ago
again i ask... what was the point in deku going “vigilante” when he’s just doing the same thing under a different title. mister “i can tell everything’s not black and white! there’s shades of gray!” sorry to break it to u but actually abuse is actually very much black and white. idk why he was thinking about dabi n endeavor n tomura as if there’s really a “gray” area there. 
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