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#I'm not sure what instrument she's playing in the second one but
daydreambts · 8 days ago
"Oh, Prince Jeon, you're so eloquently spoken." My mother cooed, eating it all up. I was annoyed because I could tell what he was doing and I knew instantly my mother wasn't going to make me look as well as Jungkook's mother has.
"Unfortunately she is rather focused on the arts. More than anything. And of course there's nothing wrong with that but I did hope she would learn an instrument or be better at her scholarly stuff. She excels beautifully in media of the arts though. For what is worth." She scrunched her nose in distaste, wishing I was more princess like instead of being covered in paint or ink or watercolor all the time.
I frowned slightly but hide it quickly behind my cup. I must stay calm and get through this without ruining it for them or else my parents won't let it go.
"I-i like poetry too." I added as if it would make it any better but I sounded less confident now. What's the point when my mother showed her disappointment in front of the enemy.
"Oh that's true. She reads a lot but not really anything useful." My mother continued and my father shot her a glare. "She reads more things like romance or adventure. Somethings things involving magical creatures such as dragons." My mother chuckled. "That'll of course come to an end now that she is going to be married off to such an eloquent and charming prince. It's time to grow up dont you agree Mina?"
I've had this conversation many time before with her.
But never did I think she would bring any of this up in front of the enemy.
"Yes mother." I replied quietly and took another sip of my tea to hide the tears forming in my eyes. I kept my head low as well.
"Oh, honey, im sure it's not all bad for her to be interested in these things. It's great to be creative.. Not everyone is the same and she's talented." My father tried to defend.
"Sure she's talented but it's not at dancing or playing an instrument at least. If she wanted to stay within her love of the arts I mean. Etiquette and education are more important to me still." She continued and set her empty cup down.
I quietly grab the jug and pour some more tea into her cup.
He probably got what he wanted now. I'm embarsssed. - 👑
Jungkook found his face growing warm for two reasons. One, his battle plan worked a little bit too well and it didn't feel as good as he thought it would. It was both second-hand embarrassment and knowing that he had instigated your mother into declaring her disappointment.
Two, while Jungkook was stellar in poetry, music, and dance, on top of his academic and martial skills, he was also as guilty of enjoying painting and reading fanciful stories--he was especially obsessed with dragons. It was as if the Lee Queen had reprimanded him.
His Royal Mother was watching you with an unreadable expression--and he wasn't sure why she hadn't spoken up when she did appreciate the visual arts, as did any other learned individual from Silla. She was the one who suggested this engagement in the first place. Nodding at the Lee Queen, she said, "Since my son seemed to miss entertainment, he should provide it himself. A sweet song best chases away gloomy clouds." She could've referred to the overcast weather or the mood. "If it so pleases your household." Of course, the Lee Queen agreed enthusiastically enough for her entire family.
Hoseok readily handed over Jungkook's hyeongum, and the latter stepped a small ways from the table to make space. Then, he played and sang a classic from the Book of Songs:
"Outside the Eastern Gate/ Are girls many as the clouds/ But though they are many as clouds/ There is none on whom my heart dwells/ One in white top and lilac skirt/ Alone could catch my heart..." He naturally changed the lyrics to fit your outfit. 
He sang with a smile; this was no longer about asserting his skills, but for his pure enjoyment of music. The chorus repeated and he referenced the Lee Queen's dress this time.
As the song ended, there was no time for silent contemplation as his Royal Father quipped, "My darling, Jungkook has left you out of his song, but I'll sing one for you later." His Royal Mother couldn't help but laugh, "Thank you, Royal Husband, the thought alone is enough."
Hoping that his little song had successfully lightened the mood, Jungkook bowed respectfully at the happy Lee Queen, then at you, fully meeting your eyes for the first time. 
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bookjoyworm · 9 days ago
Get To Know Me!
thanks for the tag, @s1utspeare and @jockvillagersonly! 🥰🥰 name: Joy (at least on tumblr :) ) pronouns: she/her star sign: Taurus (ayyy Sierra!) height: 5'7″ : tallest woman who's related to me by blood on my mom's die of the fam lol time: 4:54 pm
Birthday: May 1st, aka Saturday!
nationality: American
fave bands/groups/solo artists: this question is just mean, ugh. Like, how am I supposed to choose? Off the top of my head, I'll go with...hmm...the Amazing Devil, Celtic Thunder (specifically the Take Me Home album) the Oh Hello's, Queen, Panic! at the Disco, Imagine Dragons and I'm gonna just stop there before I wind up with enough to need to put most of this under a cut 😅
song stuck in your head: In a really odd turn of events, none! Which is hardly ever the case lol, I perpetually have a song stuck in my head
last movie you watched: 4 Weddings and a Funeral, just the first half or so. I was really enjoying it though, so I'll probably watch the rest later!
last show you binged: well, I'm more or less being forced to watch the rest of it at a normal pace (*shakes fist* curse you Vicki uploading times!!) but the first, like, 16 or so eps of Word of Honor
when you created your blog: 2020
the last thing you googled: a recipe for carrot ginger soup! that I haven't made (yet) bc we have a bunch of carrots and ginger rn
other blogs: none! I bring all of my inconsistency to the same place lol
why i chose my url: bc I wanted smth different from my ao3 username (middleschool me was not the best at naming stuff) and it's also and inside joke with myself :)
how many people are you following: 158
how many followers do you have: 55 :)
average hours of sleep: eh, it ranges from, like, 6 or 7 to 10 depending on how sucked into fanfics i get while I'm supposed to be sleeping lol
lucky numbers: I'm not sure about lucky, but my favorite number is 12!
instruments: piano, a little bit. I had brief dalliances with the violin, french horn, and the ukulele, and I want to learn how to play my guitar
what i'm currently wearing: A red, long sleeved...lounge top? I guess? black leggings and purple and white striped socks
dream job: being a full time novelist would be awesome, but also recently I've been thinking about becoming a kindergarten teacher! (incorporates a lot of different stuff I really like to do, plus time during the summer for writing!)
dream trip: Ireland, again, (It was so fun, I want to go back and explore more so much) or Istanbul so I can see the Hagia Sophia and the Basilica Cistern
fave food: hmm, well, right now I'm craving a cajun turkey burger or Irish stew, so we'll go with that!
top three fictional universe you'd like to live in: oh god, umm...I guess Star Wars when there's not, yk, a war on, Middle Earth would be pretty cool, esp the Shire (give me ALL the second breakfasts please) or...idk, one where I get to have magic powers but also don't almost die/get murdered every three seconds
Part II
last song: Take Me to Church by Hozier
last stream: um, if this is about livestreams, i...don't lol
currently reading: currently rereading deadcatwithaflamethrower's Re-Entry series, which is long and excellent while ignoring the pile of books that want my attention
currently watching: Word of Honor! I love this dumb assholes so much! Also, just started on Shadow and Bone, which I'm looking forward to getting more into :))
what is antipoetry to you: I'm...not sure? I'd never seen the term before, so I'd have to spend more time thinking about this one
currently craving: ice cream. always. No pressure tags for anyone in the dmbj game who haven't been already, @rhea-imagined, @flaim-ita, and anyone else who wants to!!!
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nereol · 21 days ago
Cyberpunk 2077 Prompt Event (17/30)
As usual you can read this on AO3.
Daily Prompt: April 17 - sitch - Johnny finds out V is actually a talented musician
Technical Prompt: none
It's the first time Val drives a car since Johnny is... well... whatever. No, actually it's the second time - first time they didn't even make it out of the garage because of this psycho Delamain cab. Later that day Mama Welles has given her the keys for Jackie's Arch and Val drives this thing all the time.
Johnny gets it - you're way more flexible with a bike in traffic. But he doesn't like the fact that he can only speak to her in their minds when she's on a bike. So when Val enters her old Hella this morning, because she needs an actual car for a gig today, Johnny sits down on the passenger seat with a glitch before she's even started the engine.
Val turns on the radio, and it's his own voice sounds out of it. He groans, and Val looks over at him. "Should I switch station?" "No, no. It's fine." Johnny avoids her gaze. "It's still... weird. But I'll get used to it..."
His songs on the radio, over fifty years later. It is weird. Like the fact that Val can sing along to all of them. But she sings along to basically everything, seems to know all the songs by heart - not just his songs.
Johnny watches her from the side, while she pays attention to the traffic. She hums to the music - interrupted by swearing about the traffic - and her fingers on the steering wheel, tapping to the beat.
The fingers of one hand along with the main beat, the others switching between different melodies and rhythms. When the music's interrupted by news, Val switches from Morro Rock to Body Heat, happy with the fact that there's no news at the moment.
Johnny says nothing, still just watching her from the side, even when she starts to sing along to different songs - Circus Minimus, Night City, Hole in the Sun - again with some breaks, when she swears about something.
"What's your point of view? I'm on top of you. I don't wanna go... I really wanna stay at your house..." It's the fourth song in a row that she knows completely from memory and sings along with. Johnny snorts while still looking at her.
"What?" Val speaks out loud, asking him. Johnny can't help but smile a little. He just discovered another benefit of cars compared to bikes - Val actually speaks to him. Something she usually only does when they are alone in her apartment. "Nothin'..." He shakes his head and looks out of the window when Val looks at him, frowning.
"You've got rhythm." Johnny says another song later. "Hmm?" She takes a turn and honks at a pedestrian who is crossing the street. "Sure, I was a dancer." Johnny's gaze is back on her hands and the drumming fingers. "And your voice isn't that bad." She chuckles and shakes her head a little. "Thanks... I guess." She's still not looking at him, eyes ahead on the street.
"Ever played an instrument?" "Yeah..." She stops at a red light and looks over at him. "Acoustic guitar. But that's..." She thinks about it, looking ahead again. Green. "...maybe 10 years ago?" Johnny looks at her fingers and tries to imagine Val with a guitar in her hands - small hands with fine fingers.
Either she can feel his gaze or his thoughts, because Val raises her right hand to show him her fingers. "With these..." And she wiggles her fingers, back of her hand to him. "...not gonna work." Johnny looks at her long purple fingernails, sparkling in different colors while she moves her fingers. "So?"
"So?" Val looks at him with raised eyebrows, just for a second, before she looks back at the street. "Since you've stuck in my head, have you ever seen me doing my fingernails?" Thinking about it... she's right. Either it was a rhetorical question or Val can sense that he knows the answer - or she simply doesn't care if he answers.
She continues before Johnny says something. "It's chrome. My 'ganic fingernails were removed for it." She turns into another street. "I'll spare ya the deets 'bout how that's done." Johnny frowns, trying not to think about whole fingernails, pulled out with some kind of pliers. "Thanks..."
They arrive at the gig location and Val parks the car. "Anyway, they were expensive and I can not cut or file them." "You could ask a ripper to make 'em shorter." His eyes are on her fingers while she turns of the engine.
"I could - if I wanna..." She looks at him with a frown. "Okay, I get it." Johnny interrupts her. "You don't want it." He leans back at his seat while Val opens the door. "I'll think about it." She gets out of the car.
I'll think about it, too... maybe we'll buy a guitar for Val (and Johnny).
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sleeping-kyo · 26 days ago
𝙹𝙹𝙺 𝚑𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚌𝚊𝚗𝚘𝚗𝚜 𝚊𝚋𝚘𝚞𝚝 𝚖𝚊𝚔𝚒, 𝚜𝚞𝚔𝚞𝚗𝚊 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚢𝚞𝚝𝚊
warnings: mentions of torture, death and cannibalism? sukuna, swearing
𝙰/𝙽: thinking about continuing writing.... maybe lol
♥︎ the most savage one of the second-years
♥︎ has a bad habit of chewing her nails and doesn't know how to stop
♥︎ likes wood carving, has made countless of Fushiguro's shikigami figurines
♥︎ her favourite shampoo is coconut
♥︎ can't help but laugh when she sees a child trip and fall over in public, it's her natural reaction
♥︎ hates tomatoes and will flip the table if her creamy salmon pasta has that single red blob of shit in it
♥︎ ​opens the fridge door with her foot because why not
♥︎ plays those horrible pregnant elsa and hairdressing games for shits and giggles and wastes too much time on them
♥︎ was lowkey a hello kitty fan as a child
☁︎ i'm sorry but i honestly don't know what to write for that dude. i mean is there anything he enjoys other than torturing, death and eating humans? probs not(but i'll try anyway)
☁︎ unlike maki, he is the reason that child trips and falls
☁︎ ​can't handle sweets and will die when itadori eats literally any type of candy(sour gummies are his natural enemy)
☁︎ ​the dude is so bored in his domain that he learned how to cartwheel
☁︎ takes good care of his nails💅💅
☁︎ ​when itadori gets comfortable, he screams VERY loudly for no reason
☁︎ ​gets a tad bit excited and loud when Itadori plays fighting games, will demand to switch so he can beat up the yakuza himself
☁︎ hates tall people
☁︎ played the koto(a traditional japanese instrument) in his human days and was damn good at it
♧︎︎︎ lowkey terrified of being awake at 3 AM because of one onigiri chad
♧︎︎︎ enjoys stargazing and astrology, has everyone's birth chart memorized
♧︎︎︎ very self-conscious about his smell so he always carries a deodorant or a perfume around
♧︎︎︎ likes oatmeal cookies
♧︎︎︎ is surprisingly good at mario kart and smash and that's another reason why kugisaki hates him
♧︎︎︎ homeboy has the sweatiest palms, so don't expect him to shake hands with anybody
♧︎︎︎ he has dimples :)
♧︎︎︎ one time in a supermarket he accidentally bumped into a shelf and it fell over
♧︎︎︎ everybody stared at him and homeboy felt like crying
♧︎︎︎ when he goes overseas he makes sure to try a lot of different kinds of foods(when he went to south korea, he LOVED bulgogi and samgyeopsal)
♧︎︎︎ buys his classmates cute matching keychains :)
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galaxy-mermaid-musi · a month ago
It wasn't supposed to go like this.
"You know you'll never really catch me." Void teased Techtonic as she dashed to a shadow- and didn't go through.
I didn't know.
She looked back at him with surprise that turned to fear when she realized he was surprised too. "Why-"
I Didn't Know.
Her gaze turned icy when another hero stepped out of the shadows.
"Why are you hesitating?" Null asked Techtonic, "You have her cornered, and I have her escape route blocked. Arrest her already."
I couldn't protect you.
The two stared eachother in the eyes. Void's were begging for a chance, knowing her usual weapon was stashed in the shadow she couldn't access. Techtonic's indecisive and pained, weighing his options.
Null, impatient as ever, pushed past Techtonic and put the cuffs on her himself. He spared a glance at the other hero before dragging her along.
"No, I have it. Probably better anyway so I can make sure she stays in custody this time..." Null stated, "Besides, I know her mother will want to have a talk with each of you."
I should've protected you.
Techtonic couldn't believe his eyes.
"Rita, this is Hunter. He used to be assigned to catching you when you had your petty theft phase, but he's been instrumental in your redemption." Lady Shade, Rita's mother and leader of the hero team introduced.
"Oh!" Void, Rita, responded, "I'm sorry I forgot you! But it's nice to meet you again!"
Her smile seemed genuine, not sarcastic, not snarky, not her. This couldn't be happening.
Seeing his reaction, she frowned, "I'm sorry. I'm really really sorry. I know the accident was my fault, but please don't be too mad at me."
'Sorry.' 'Please.' She was never this polite.
He shook his head, "I'm not mad at you." Glancing at Lady Shade he knew he had to choose his words carefully. "My mind's just a bit preoccupied with my next assignment! It's going to be a tough one, so my worries may have shown through a bit."
Lady Shade gave a slight nod. He was inthe clear.. for now.
"Ah, alright!" Rita looked relieved, "Mom said you're really smart, so I'm sure you'll figure it out!"
" Indeed he is!" She gave a pointed look to him again, "But he needs time to plan. You know Chris hasn't seen you since you got back. Why don't you go train with him?"
Rita beamed, "That's a great idea!"
"Second door to the left in the west hallway." She said.
"Got it!"
And with that, Mrs. Red and Hunter were alone.
She cut him off, "Raven told me you couldn't bring yourself to bring her in."
"I don't know what your exact feelings are towards my daughter, Garrison. I know you obviously care for her..." she stepped closer, "But I'll let it slide this once. After all, I know you're a good person. You wouldn't want to hurt her."
"With all due respect, what did you do to her?" He asked.
She smiled like a snake that had just caught a mouse, "I redeemed her, of course! Now she can make up for her mistakes and bring more light to the family legacy! Isn't it wonderful?"
"How what? You know specificity is key."
It felt like a trap but he had to know.
"How did you 'redeem' her?"
She hummed, "When I said you were instrumental in the process, I wasn't lying."
He felt a pit form in his stomach, "I never made anything that would-"
Her expression stopped him mid sentence.
"No, you never made anything for that specific purpose." She agreed, "Though it does turn out that when you tinker with the device used to keep out telepaths it can also be used to keep in.. well.. let's call them suggestions. Ideas that you want in someone's mind even if they wouldn't consider them themselves."
"You can't really believe this will stick!"
"Maybe not." She shrugged, "It will certainly last longer if we all play along. You'll do that for me, right?"
He knew his expression gave him away.
She frowned, "We really have to work on your acting." With a sigh she added, "Fine. A bit of a motivator then... If I find you trying to break her back to what she was in any way you'll never work as a hero again. In this city or any."
He knew she was serious. Looking down he said, "I understand."
She put a hand on his shoulder and gave a caring look, "You're doing the right thing."
He gave a shaky nod, "...Right."
With that she left.
And Hunter began planning how to break the brainwashing without her knowing.
@givethispromptatry @sebsterianart @holygoddessofvictory Hi! New installment in that Neverending Heights role reversal AU I started ages ago! It is now known by me as the Neverending Depths au if the tags didn't already give that away.... Sometimes you just have an idea that won't stop yelling at you until you get it written.
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corpsedontlookhere · a month ago
Siren Song
A/N: hi guys! Please accept my first attempt at youtuber fanfic since I was 15 and a now-popular youtuber saw my fic and I proceeded to delete my blog (: as you can see from my name, I've now taken precautions.
This could be a one shot, or it could be a series! I haven't decided yet. You (reader) are a small singer/songwriter in San Diego. Enjoy!
Word count: around 1.2k
The sun was low in the sky and warm on your fingers as you began to strum a few stray chords on your guitar. It was a late summer afternoon, almost evening, and you'd be heading back home soon. Before that, however, you'd play one more song for this sun-drenched street corner, even if no one was listening.
Shifting on the low stool you're perched on, you fell into the familiar chords of your current favorite song. You hummed a harmony throughout the intro. Then, taking a breath, you began to sing.
"cause...I can't do stuff right I can't learn my lesson,
I can't do stuff right take antidepressants
Illness and welfare robbed my adolescence
My friends pro'lly hate me, can't answer a message, yeah"
You felt bad censoring the words, but there was a grocery store just a few doors down and you'd feel worse if any young ears heard profanity because of you.
Eyes half-closed and tapping your foot to the beat of the song, you finished the second verse with a small smile on your lips. Your fingers continued to play on muscle memory during the instrumental break, and you opened your eyes to people-watch. Busking gave you a great opportunity to watch the hustle and bustle of San Diego. However, one figure caught your attention.
Even in the middle of summer, he was dressed in all black, a black mask obscuring most of his face and two grocery bags hanging heavy from each hand. What made you do a double-take, though, wasn't his clothing or the way he was stopped in the middle of the sidewalk outside the grocery store. It was the intense energy with which he was watching you perform. You felt your heart skip a beat, but you refused to let it interrupt your music, and it was time for you to sing again.
"Alright, be easy, this is the last one you'll get
I'm not okay, I'm not okay
I'm not okay, I'm not okay
What's the point? I'm not okay
What's the point? I'm not okay."
You let the final notes hover in the air like bubbles floating on the breeze before releasing them into the orange-tinted sky. The man was still there, staring.
You had an inkling, of course, of who it might be. You knew he lived in the city, and he had such a strong reaction to the song. However, you had also just completed singing an entire song about how important his privacy is to him. So instead of trying to approach him you simply incline your head in a nod and begin packing away your guitar. When you next look up, tucking your folded-up stool under your arm, he's gone. You shrug and turn towards home. It probably wasn't him after all.
— — —
Corpse firmly shut the door behind him, sagging against the doorframe in relief as the lock clicked into place.
Stupid, he thought harshly at himself.
A COVID case caused his closest grocery story to shut down and cease delivery, so he had to walk a few blocks away to grab some food. In and out, no issue, right? Except there had been a girl sitting outside, playing on her guitar. He had barely noticed her as he hurried in, focused on getting back home as soon as possible. On his way out, though, familiar words in a sweet, strong voice had drifted over him.
She had been singing his song. Not just singing it, but molding it, making it her own. He had been transfixed.
Sure, people had covered his music before, quite talented people too. But something about her, the way her fingers danced over the strings on her guitar, the way her eyes half-closed when she sang, the way her voice sounded above the chatter of the city…
Corpse let out a harsh sigh, shaking his head and moving a few steps to his kitchen to put away the frozen meals and milk he had grabbed from the store.
She could have caught you.
He berated himself more as he dumped a whole bag into the empty freezer, shutting the door with a rattling intensity.
Usually such an encounter wouldn't shake him so badly, but the unexpected trip out on an already bad day had left his hands trembling and mind racing.
What if someone else saw?
A couple long strides carried him to his computer, glowing dimly behind the filters and color adjustments he had installed. He quickly pulled up twitter.
Not trending, good sign.
Just to be safe, Corpse checked his own tag, filtering by recent.
@UndeadSpouseFan replied
hope ur drinking lots of water and resting, corpse! we love u!!
Is this the corpse husband you're all wilding for?
Beneath was attached a picture of a minecraft zombie in a suit. Corpse felt a shadow of a smile tug at his lips, but his anxiety pulled it away. He kept scrolling.
Some of his fans were arguing with antis (he tried not to read anything they wrote) and a few were posting pictures in his merch. Finally, the tightness in his chest started to fade a little. Settling into a more comfortable position, he scrolled one more time.
A video caught his eye. The thumbnail was a silhouette of a girl with a guitar balanced on her lap and rain trickling down the window behind her.
When it rained the other day I couldn't resist filming a quick cover of Corpse Husband's agoraphobic. Love this song so much, enjoy!
Corpse clicked play, and the sounds of gentle rain washed over him for a moment before the girl began to play her guitar.
He sat through the entire song. As soon as she had opened her mouth and started to sing he knew she was the busker from the street corner. Her voice wasn't as high as most women, but she owned it, the soothing tones of her contralto washing over him as she sang. She didn't try and mimic his growly bass, instead, she adjusted the tempo and pitch of the song to fit her voice. It sounded different from her, but it was beautiful all the same.
At the end she allowed the final notes to fade away as she tested a hand on her guitar, turning to look out the window. The rain continued outside, and Corpse almost scrolled away, but something stopped him.
A soft sigh, and a whispered phrase, full of vulnerability and earnestness.
"This shit is fucking difficult."
The video rolled to a stop, leaving Corpse in sudden silence. He felt almost... embarrassed. Like he had intruded on a private moment, a personal admission. Intrigued, he clicked on her profile.
Tumblr media
He scrolled her profile for a little bit, not even really paying attention to what he was doing, just intrigued by the girl on the street corner with the magical voice. From what he could gather it was just her and her guitar. Her tweets were sporadic at best, half of them read like genuine diary entries, half like streams of consciousness, and half like she just remembered she was trying to promote her music. She interacted with her fans like they were her friends, bubbly and caring with every word. There was no front or persona to her, it was so raw it almost scared him. She was unabashedly herself, and he envied her for it.
Before he even really registered what he was doing, Corpse had her song, waterfall walker, pulled up on spotify.
I'd follow you to the river
Race your stick against mine in the current
Try and just be kids again
Memories buried and habits unlearnt
I'd follow you to the river
Trace it back if you disappear
Trek up into the mountains
Make sure you won't
Shed another tear
I'll be your waterfall walker and ocean aid
Keep your hand in mine
Don't listen to a single word they say
I'd swim upstream for you, I would sing for you, every single day
I'll be your waterfall walker, boy… Just don't send me away
By the time the song ended, Corpse had made up his mind. Despite having only a few rough ideas in the works, he was sure of one thing: he needed Siren to feature on his next song.
Pulling up her Twitter once more, he began to type.
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angeltw · a month ago
Oh oh wow yeah i didn't think that like, would i count? Ya knwo i like. Idk if they'd think im like, sick enough idk if thats the word but like, yeah to warrant a year off and stuff. Tbh id probably be scared to put school of for a year as well but that's kinda a whole other story. Hm. Oh yeah i did hear about the 20 sessions thing. But im pretty sure that ends next year and goes back to 10. I will say I've never heard if a bulk-bill therapist before though! Damn, they really exsist. Ive asked so many times if theirs a bulkbill place for therapy or something and people just blatantly ignore the question so i assumed not. Yeah i. I had been intending on asking her about what im gonna do when i finish with the team i'm currently with. I'll remember those both and maybe ask her opinion. Thanks. They're at least possibilities i hope.
Mm fair okay. Yeah im. it's hard and i don't get it tbh. Probably doesnt help not having time to practice it cause of school lol. Thanks, I hope it does if i can actually figure out how to manage to do it.
Oh... control huh... yeah. Idk. Feel a lot of guilt and recently a lot of i guess kinda survivors guilt. I'm the only one of my siblings to have realised the situation and gotten out and like been trying to i guess break the cycle and not continue it. But thats dhdidsj a whole other story. Guilt just be a big feels is what im trying it say. Guilt and yeah idk just makes sense that it was my fault. But tbh you're not the first person to argue against that... therapist has noted before she disagrees but hasn't pushed it yet. Hng. Idk feel like if she knew the whole story she'd probably agree with me, but who knows. Maybe I really just more of a mess then I wanna admit to myself hm. Idk.
It's okay. They were rough growing up and im just, is going to take some time to like. Take them back as a good thing if that makes sense. Really? It's good? Fjfjfjfjfj okay. Idk if i did but j appreciate that tbh thanks. Oh ah fjfjjd i um. I bought a guitar... fhhff. I know it's kinda expensive and stuff and I like idk jffjdj just missed learning instruments and stuff and yeah fhfhd you um you ever played an instrument before?
But if i get burn out i can't work properly and if i can't work i fail the class and fail the semester. Or at least have the chance at failing it. Several times I've almost not been able to do an essay or something because of it. Just last year I almost fucked up my second semester because i had it so bad for like half the entire semester. Still not sure how i passed tbh. Especially not with the fairly good grades i got. Hng. Idk. Just burn out makes me feel so lazy and scared man. Didn't realise burn out was a thing until last year when someone explained it to me.
Oh i have? I thought i was kinda a bit of a mess tbh fbffjfj yeah fair. yeah i really clam up when i speak to therapists and i mean even more si doctors and stuff but yeah. Guard goes up and brain shuts off into very fight, flight, freeze and fawn kinda thing. Jdjdjd so i never manage ti figure out what to way to therapists or how therapy works and stuff is hard. Si yeah might be smart to at least write down some of what i sent so i have the option if i can convince myself to. Thanks fjfjjf
Jfjfjfjf tbh i care about you guys as well. Hfhfhh I really do wish you all kindness and peace.
It's okay. I've dealt with it for well, 20 years now i guess, Mm kinda used to things being shit honestly. Besides, better me then someone else lmao....
you definitely count mate haha just you just need a GP that’s versed with mental health. you can find one by calling the mental healthline! they’ll help you find a GP in your area and even a therapist that has a record of bulkbilling patients. it’s alway up to the therapist if they’re willing to bulkbill their patient. another option is if you’ve been a victim of crime (by legal standards, not by your persona opinion) there’s free indefinite counselling/therapy from Victims of Crime Assistance . that’s what i’m on and i’ve been on it since july 2019. you  can check it out!
proud of you for working to break the cycle. that’s not easy. i was the first in my family to realise my parent’s abusive cycle too and my family didn’t believe me either until they got therapy themselves and realised for themselves. it’s hard to wait it out. but you’re doing the right thing looking out for your wellbeing <3  no one wants to admit they’re a mess aha but “messes” can always be cleaned up and get better. you can get better, even if it takes a while, it’ll be more worth it than anything else. honesty with yourself is the first step.  a guitar!!! that’s so cool!!! do you already know how to play??  i have jsflkd no musical talent ahah i’ve tried many instruments but all the musical talent inherited by my parents went to my brother  does your uni have a counsellor? it might be worthwhile going to see them and telling them what you just told me! burn out is really common in uni and there’s usually ways counsellors can help you navigate that so that you don’t fail and get what you need.  that’s a really normal way to begin therapy. especially when you’ve been through trauma/abuse. it could take a while to build rapport but it’s worth it to stick it out. maybe start simply, something like “it’s really hard for me to trust therapists or medical professionals and i’m worried i wont be able to open up the way i need to, to get the help i need, with only the limited amount of sessions i have.” and see if that opens a dialogue with your therapist about bulkbilling when the medicare sessions run out, or they can refer you to someone who they know can bulkbill so you wont feel the pressure, and can take your time opening up <3  not better you than someone else. that’s not how the world works mate. it’s not an exchange. no one deserves it. someone else doesn’t have a better life because you’ve had a worse one. you and everyone else deserves a better life. you haven’t been through the shit you’ve been through because you deserve it. you went through it because people did those things to you. and you didn’t deserve it. they should have NOT done those things. you should have had the support you needed. and it’s not at all your fault that you didn’t have that. 
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delias-bitch-craft · a month ago
ℂ𝕠𝕣𝕕𝕖𝕝𝕚𝕒 𝔾𝕠𝕠𝕕𝕖 | 𝕃𝕠𝕧𝕖 𝕚𝕤 𝔹𝕝𝕚𝕟𝕕 | ℙ𝕥 𝟡
only this and then one more chapter left 😔😃
story playlist
warnings: swearing
word count: 2.2K
taglist: @pearplate, @sapphicsarahpaulson, @rainbow-hedgehog, @sarahp-stan, @dreamer-queen, @lostlastsforever756, @lilypadscoven, @waverlysdump, @ninaahs, @legendsofwholock, @msvenablezcane, @angelxsarahp, @winters-witch-bitch, @fand0m-obsess3d-g33k, @paulawand​, @thebijesus​, @sassicaismysupreme​​
if you want to be added to the taglist, just message/ask me and i’ll be sure to do so :)
enjoy xx
Tumblr media
i didn’t know what picture to use lmao
Everything was spinning in your head as you paced back and forth in your room. Cordelia could see again. Fiona was dying. She knew you loved her daughter. Who, speaking of which, hadn't properly talked to you for three, almost four, days, which only made things worse. And you had a migraine.
Everything was so overwhelming, and you could barely even sleep at night. You'd probably only gotten eight hours at most in the last three days, and you were feeling the effects of the sleep deprivation pretty hard. But when you laid down, even though you were tired, your thoughts were racing too much for you to fall asleep. So you took to pacing, and learning a new hobby. If Cordelia wouldn't talk to you, then you didn't really have anything to do on the weekends. So you left the Academy one day, heading into town and to the music store. You'd saved some money for a rainy day, so you got some advice from the worker there, and bought yourself an acoustic guitar. Said guitar now sat propped up in one corner of your room, and you used it pretty often.
It took a bit for you to get the idea down, you hadn't had to tune it, luckily, since when you bought it the worker offered to do it for you and let you watch, since you'd never done it before. So you didn't have to worry about that, and after some practice, you'd gotten used to it. Once you had the chords learned, could move your fingers smoothly up and down the neck, and were confident, you started learning a song, which you dedicated your time to, practicing over and over until you had memorized the chords, then moving on to making sure you could actually sing in time with the playing. The work distracted you from the looming sense of dread that was caused by being apart from Cordelia for so long, and kept you from going crazy in your room. So, technically, you were winning.
And so that's just what you did, walking over to the instrument and picking it up by the neck, snatching the pick from off your dresser before sitting down on your bed, sitting cross-legged and placing your fingers over the frets and strings, setting the side of the guitar on your legs. Taking a deep breath, you closed your eyes and started to play, zoning out and losing yourself in the tune. ~
I like Coke, but only if you're mixing it with Jack Then it's dope Put it in my cup then hand me the smoke I ain't tryna think about the world I got too many problems
You know, you and I have something no one can deny You know it's true, oh, oh, so how about you don't go We've been here before I see the lies within your words And how you're trying to keep me blinded
Wonder why, when we both got problems Why won't you help me solve them? I love you, but you don't and this is how I cope
I like Coke, but only if you're mixing it with Jack Then it's dope Put it in my cup then hand me the smoke I ain't tryna think about the world I got too many problems
I'm like, nope You can keep the posts faking smiles with the quotes I could walk around talkin' cheap, but I don't I ain't tryna think about the world I got too many problems for all the world's problems ~
You got so absorbed in the music that you never heard or felt the person walking up to your door. Nor did you hear your door open silently, and a certain person step inside, looking at you in shock.   That person was Cordelia, who had come to talk to you, apologize for ignoring and avoiding you for so long. But she didn't expect to find you like this. She watched you silently, even more thankful for her new sight that she could actually watch you play.
You were wonderful, never hitting a bad note, voice steady and even and melodic. Cordelia leaned on your door frame after closing the door, just observing. You had yet to notice her, still continuing to be lost in your own little world of song. You gradually got more and more into it, unshed tears growing behind your closed eyelids. ~
All my life, I've been on my own waiting for the one To call my home, oh but The front door was stuck shut And now I pitter-patter back and forth Think my mind thinks it's run its course It's tired, now it needs to settle down
Wonder why, when we both got problems Why won't you help me solve them? I love you, but you don't and this is how I cope
I like Coke, but only if you're mixing it with Jack Then it's dope Put it in my cup then hand me the smoke I ain't tryna think about the world I got too many problems
I'm like, nope You can keep the posts faking smiles with the quotes I could walk around talkin' cheap, but I don't I ain't tryna think about the world I got too many problems for all the world's problem ~
You finished the song with one last flick of your fingers against the strings, gently placing your hand against them after a second to stop them from vibrating. As you opened your eyes you sighed, a small smile on your face, even as the few tears fell onto your cheeks as you quickly swiped them away. You were getting better and better each time you played, which made sense. The more you practiced the easier it would become, until eventually it would be as easy as anything else. You drummed your fingers lightly on the wooden body of the guitar, dragging your fingers casually over the bridge, feeling the twisted metal strings beneath your touch. But you were broken out of your silent pondering by a soft voice floating through your room; "That was wonderful."
Your head snapped up to face whoever it was that spoke, and you felt your face light up in a bright blush when you saw Cordelia standing by your door, watching you carefully. You bit your lip and broke your eyes away from her, no matter how much you wanted to run to her. "Th-Thanks..." you mumbled, placing your guitar down on the bed next to you and then rubbing your hands nervously on your legs. You heard Cordelia walk closer, heels clicking. Your mattress dipped from her weight settling down on it after a moment, and you finally risked lifting your eyes to meet hers. The shock of seeing the mismatched colors still had yet to fade, every time you saw them bringing another wave of emotion.
"How long have you been playing?" Cordelia's voice was still soft, like if she talked too loudly you'd run, which was entirely possible. "Two days. I just bought the thing." you responded, rubbing your neck awkwardly as the other witch looked at you in shock. "You can do that well, after two days? That's amazing, y/n! And your voice is...I can't even explain. Beautiful." She said, her eyes shining with pride and smile wide even as she bit her lip. You smiled then, too, blush getting darker at her praise. "I-It's really nothing, Cordelia. I'm just a fast learner, I guess." you murmured, but Cordelia shook her head and shoved your shoulder gently as she chided you; "Nonsense. Learning an instrument isn't an easy task, I should know. Fiona made me take piano lessons for years. I don't know why, but it's been ingrained into my head so far that I don't think I'll ever forget how to play. But it still took me months to get it down as well as you've done with the guitar."
You were sure you'd combust if she continued like this, so you simply nodded and thanked her again. You quickly changed the topic after, doing your best to ignore the tightening in your chest you felt when she smiled at you. "So, what have you been up to? You know, since you've ignored me for four days." You didn't really mean to make it sound so bitter, but you couldn't help it. You missed the woman, and all you wanted was to be near her, and you wanted to give her space but after being with her almost everyday to suddenly not at all for days was too much. Cordelia's smile fell instantly and she frowned, looking away guiltily. "I'm sorry, y/n. I've just been confused is all. I'm not upset at you, I didn't mean to ignore you, just...a lot's happened, you know?" You nodded, no longer looking at her directly, instead choosing to stare at your wall intently, even after the blonde looked back to you.
Your voice was weak and shaky when you replied; "I missed you." And that's all it took for Cordelia to bite her lip and surge forward and take you into her arms, holding you close to her. Even if you wanted to be angry at her, to push her away, your body automatically responded to her touch by mimicking her actions and wrapping your arms tightly around her shoulders. You inhaled her scent deeply, inadvertently whimpering at the familiar comfort it provided, and Cordelia tightened her hold on you, burying her own face in your hair as you crawled a bit closer to her until you were essentially in her lap, trying to get as much contact with her as you could. Being apart for days had apparently had more of an effect on you than you realized as you felt tears begin to prick in your eyes the longer you stayed with the witch. "Never do that to me again, you hear me?" "Never. I won't, I swear." "Good." Your words were muffled in each other's hair and neck, but you could still both hear the other enough, as neither of you were willing to separate.
And you didn't, staying wrapped up in each other's embraces for god knows how long, eventually falling back onto your bed so that your head was rested on Cordelia's chest and her lips pressed to your hair and forehead, placing kisses there every so often. Your legs tangled together and the hands that weren't around each other were clasped together, fingers interlocked. Eventually, you spoke; "Lia?" "Hm?" "Are we okay?" "Yeah. Yeah, we're okay." You smiled against her skin, pressing your lips to her collarbone gently, still trying to show her as much affection as you could within the limits of your current standing with the woman. Your breathing matched up to hers, steady and even, eyes fluttering shut as you relaxed completely against her body, her perfume still strong in your head, even as you drifted to sleep.
Cordelia stayed awake a while longer than you did, brushing her fingers through your hair like you had hers those many weeks before. She had missed you as much as you missed her, and it killed her to ignore you for so long. But her feelings were confusing. She didn't know how she felt, honestly. She was conflicted and her only idea was to simply avoid you completely. But she didn't realize just how influential your presence was until it wasn't with her anymore. She knew you mattered very much to her, and that she loved being around you, but it wasn't until then, when she could finally see you again, that she figured out that you were like the air she breathed. She craved you, craved your voice, your presence, your smell. Everything about you was intoxicating and she could no longer keep herself away from you lest she go crazy.
But now she was with you again, and she wanted to hold you forever, never let you go no matter what happened. And she would, if she could. But she knew she'd have to go sometime, so she took her chance to just be with you. She felt you relax completely, breathing slower, and knew you'd fallen asleep. She didn't mind that, as she continued stroking your hair and pressing her lips to your skin. Cordelia couldn't be more happy now that she had her eyes back, because she was able to watch you again, actually see you when you talked to her, when you touched her, she got to see your smile again, and the way you'd blush when she complimented you. The fact that she didn't have to rely on anyone at all anymore was an added bonus, of course.
The woman was extremely self conscious of the whole mismatching colors situation at first, but she got used to it eventually, especially after you insisted that they looked good on her. She'd never imagined having blue eyes, or rather blue eye. But it was better than being blind, and she was thankful for Myrtle getting her them, even if she used...inhumane deeds to do so. Eventually, even while she tried her best to stay awake, Cordelia began to feel tired, the warmth from your body and simply being beside you taking it's toll on her and finally forcing her under and into the arms of Morpheus.
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hazbbyhaz · 2 months ago
sleepless I harry styles
synopsis: he finds out the truth
disclaimer: nightmares, mentions of blood, mentions of head injury, talk of scars
Tumblr media
All I do is mend to break you free
When he was twelve, Harry had attended his first piano lesson. He had heard the melody on the radio on the car ride back from school, and even though he couldn't recall its name, the melody was stuck in his head the entire day.
The sound of the keys, soft in the beginning but growing more desperate as the song went on amazed him. It made him want to learn how to do that, how to convey your emotions without using a single word.
At dinner, he had told his parents, upon first listen they were skeptical. Maybe it was because he had previously taken recorder lessons and violin lessons, neither sticking with him for long, but in the end, they decided to give it a try.
Harry never got good at the piano. He tried and he tried, he did. He tried so hard, but he never got where he had wanted to be. Somewhen he had forgotten the melody that had made him want to learn in the first place, and along with the melody, his ambitions vanished as well. Now he was able to play some things, just enough to fool someone who couldn’t play at all.
You didn’t need to know anything about the instrument to notice that Avery’s piano was completely out of tune. It was a beautiful instrument, a black sohmar, a decent brand that doesn't age well.
Harry made himself another tea at midnight, not a single noise had come from the bedroom and he had checked in Avery several times. Each time she had been curled up into a tight ball, as if she had been trying to attain the smallest ounce of warmth, and she had a small frown on her face. She looked like a small child.
While he waited for the kettle to boil, he called Francis. Francis was staying at his parent’s house for a couple of weeks, and knowing how he felt about being there, Harry called often. He picked up after the first ring.
“Hello?” Francis’s groggy voice answered, the sound made a small smile appear on Harry's face.
“Hey Fran, how are you?” Harry opened the cabinet to look for anything other than the bitter peppermint tea, only seeking out a single bag of earl grey. With a shrug, he dropped it into his cup.
“I’m okay,” Francis replied, and he could hear him chuckle at the usage of his old nickname, one that hadn’t been used in a while. “My parents are watching me 24/7, I feel like I’m in a zoo with the word fragile written all over me.”
“But your mom makes that amazing lasagna, so you have no choice but to forgive them.”
“She’s on a health kick now, so all my dad and I are getting is salads and stirred vegetables.”
“We should get takeout when you’re back, from that restaurant we both like,” Harry suggested, pouring the hot water over the questionable tea bag.
“Yeah, we should do that…”
“When are you coming back?”
“Three weeks maybe? My parents want to drive up to my cousin's bar mitzvah next week.” Harry knew how much Francis hated family gatherings, and hoped that his change of tone was because of the bar mitzvah and not the usual thoughts that lurked in the back of his mind.
They talked for a few more minutes. “Are you okay?”
“Of course, sorry I don't feel well. Must be all the healthy stuff…” His reply comes a little too fast, and in his head, all that Francis hears is his usual desperate pleas. Harry, I wish you were here. They make me sick, all of them. Please. Please, just take me home.
“Okay.” It comes out more of a whisper. “Three weeks.”
“Three weeks.”
After the call had ended, Harry layed down on the sofa. Earlier that evening he had let in Oliver, who had been scratching on the window. The feline was now sitting opposite of him on the sofa, watching his every movement. “What're you looking at?” Oliver lets out a meow before licking his paw.
“You’re a bit of a twat, you know that? Leaving your owner all of the time to find shelter here. That's a bit rude. But, I think you make Ave happy, so please keep coming.” Oliver jumps up onto the coffee table.
“Except if there are other people you visit. That would be cheating, and we don’t tolerate that here. We should-”
The ear-piercing, agony filled NO that echoed through the small apartment made both Harry and the cat jump.
“Please! Please stop! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! It won't happen again…”
Don’t wake me if I have a nightmare, okay?
What? Why?
Just please don’t wake me. You have to promise me.
Okay, I promise.
As soon as he heard her desperate cries, he knew that he would be breaking his promise. How is possible that the small, introverted, quiet Avery could scream like that? Her voice filled with so much pain, agony, and pure terror. She sounded like she was dying. It was absolutely horrible.
He felt helpless and for a moment he wasn’t able to move. He could only listen to her cries and his entire body went completely numb.
After taking a deep breath, he quickly made his way into her bedroom, and what he saw made his heart physically hurt. Avery was curled up, gripping her sheets, knuckles long-gone white, her cheeks were completely soaked in tears, and she was biting her lip so hard that it drew blood. Her screams never lessened, still filling the small space with agonizing cries.
“Avery…” Harry mumbles, trying so desperately to find his voice, just to speak louder. Just to help her. He needed to help her. “Avery please… please wake up.” His shaking hand carefully reached out to touch her shoulder, gaining no reaction from her. “Ave… don’t- you need to wake up…”
“Avery!” He finally managed to gain some control over his voice. The sound of her name made the girl jump back. For a second, she looked completely and utterly lost. Harry watched as her troubled mind slowly made its way back.
“Harry,” She whispered, lips quivering. “I’m bleeding… Harry, it hurts… it really hurts.” Her voice breaks like delicate glass, she brings the sheets even closer to her, her grip on them only growing tighter.
“Where Ave? Where are you bleeding? Where does it hurt?” He carefully sits down on the edge of her bed, leaving a small distance between them.
“The back of my head… I-I smashed it… It's bleeding.”
“Should I look?”
Her shaking halts for a small moment before nodding her head, turning around so Harry could examine the back of her head. He slowly moved closer, carefully parting her soft hair, but he found nothing. There was no blood, no wound, only a sizable scar that had healed long ago.
“You’re not bleeding Ave…”
The girl turns back around. “No, there has to be! I hit my head, Harry. I hit my head super hard and there was blood. It hurts, It hurt so bad!”
“There’s no blood Avery. Everything is okay… come here.” He opens his arms as her exhausted body almost falls into his embrace. “It hurts…”
“I know, Love, I know… but it's going to pass.”
“Is it?”
What was he supposed to say? What the fuck was he supposed to say? Nothing would ever be correct. Nothing. There was nothing that he could say that would make this right. Nothing that he could say that would make this go away.
How often does she wake up like this? How often does she wake up screaming because something horrible happened behind her closed eyes? How long had she been doing this alone?
What could he do? He wanted to make it stop. He did. He never wanted to hear her scream like that ever again. This was a sight so absolutely heartbreaking. To see her so utterly helpless. Harry wished that it was him that had to go through whatever she had to every time she tried to catch even a small moment of rest. There was nothing she could have possibly done to deserve this. Nothing.
So, he said the only thing that seemed right. It didn’t matter that it was a lie, not now anyway. That was a problem for the future. Right now, all that matters is the crying girl in his arms.
“Yes.” He said, because if he has any say in it at all, it will pass. He will make sure of it.
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first-class-yandere · 2 months ago
Hello valentine day is coming up so ig that counts as a seasonal special (?) and I was hoping to get a matchup! I would like to get matched with a male jjba character and I use she/they pronouns. I'm 4'9 and have shoulder length brown/ brown eyes. I'm quiet and more of a wallflower around people I don't know. People have also told me I give off a mysterious and anti social vibe when we first meet but its not on purpose lol. When I open up I'm a lot more lively and talkative. (1🌸)
I enjoy making jokes and my sense of humor is sarcastic and loaded with references to my fav media. I can be stubborn but I’m loyal to those I love. That being said just because I love someone won’t mean I won’t confront them if I think they are doing something bad and I do it out of love anyways kinda like a tough love situation- also mentioning confrontations, I’m confrontational and curious. I have major sweet tooth and love animals sm! My hobbies include talking about anything that comes to mind, drawing (more so people and animals than scenery), writing/reading (I not only like to read normal books but I read manga/comics too), watching tv/ be on the internet, and I been learning the electric guitar (I also used to play violin in the past but not so much anymore) Hm as for extra stuff something I wanna learn to do is fight. Thank u and sorry if its long ^^ (also I wouldn’t like to be matched Pesci, Cioccolata, or Secco.)
It’s not too much at all, it’s perfect! Thank you for the first matchup on this blog, anon, I hope you enjoy! This is also the first matchup I’ve ever written in my life, so I’m sorry if it’s not done in a “traditional” fashion or future requests drift from the same formatting as this. If you are someone who has experience writing these, let me know how I can improve and what your methods are! small warning for fugo slander sigh
Note: Please remember that all matchups are a matter of opinion and personal analysis of how the writer views the requester and the character(s) themselves. If you weren’t matched with a comfort character or one you adore, they would still love you, but so will this one! :)
Tumblr media
I match you with...
Tumblr media
Giorno Giovanna
The second that I read your submission, all I could think of was our beloved ladybug boy.
Giorno is similar when it comes to people he has yet to know, so he understands being withdrawn and a bit of a wallflower. Though he has grown out of that around his team, he can’t help but see himself from you, hoping that you aren’t like that from trauma or a bad history. He finds the air of mystery that surrounds you entrancing in such a way that he can’t help but find it odd, mostly due to his unfamiliarity with romance. Still, he’s charmed and a little surprised when you’re much more open with him upon getting to know one another. He can’t help but drown out the world around him in favor of listening to you no matter who you’re speaking to or the topic itself. He doesn’t really care if it upsets Abbacchio, he’ll catch up in just a moment. Can’t he see that he was busy listening to you?
Giorno, for the most part, has been surrounded by negativity almost all of his life, so finding himself laughing when you crack a joke catches him off-guard. Normally he’d ask to keep things serious, but he can’t do that himself when his lips were formed into a smile. It could be something rather silly or one that falls flat, but he’ll laugh either way and compliment you, asking to hear another one and if you came up with it yourself. He may even use it in hopes of pleasing you! He doesn’t know why, but there’s an odd feeling forming in his chest the longer the others join in on the laughter, but he tries to brush it off as much as possible. There’s no need to become so irritated when the point of a joke is to laugh, he reminds himself, but the feeling barely fades.
He knows you’ll confront him if he does something you don’t like, so he’s very careful to make sure that you don’t see whatever plan he’s up to if it involves any rivals. Because of your confrontation side, he worries that you may find yourself in trouble, and while he is sure that he can take care of the situation if necessary, he does get a little paranoid. What if I don’t make it in time? What if something bad happens? What if Gold Experience can’t do anything to solve the problem? But he does appreciate how much you can hold your own and the bravery that comes up with confronting someone. He finds that extremely admirable and praises you for it. And your curiosity. He could go on for days about that, and how he loves the look in your eyes when you catch sight of something that intrigues you or feeds your need to know more. Honestly, he can’t blame you, he’s the same way sometimes.
It should go without saying that Giorno loves animals, too, and knowing that you do too makes his heart skip a beat. The way he lights up when the conversation shifts into something about the creatures he adores so much, it may be the lighting but he seems to glow. Of course, you’re the only one above them in terms of his favorite beings, so don’t worry! If you’re not a Stand user, expect to find animals inexplicably appearing where your belongings were. He’ll brush it off in favor of examining whatever Gold Experience has brought to life this time and gifting it to you. And if you are, the ghostly-being itself will not hesitate to reveal Giorno’s pride and excitement, even if it’s through actions rather than facial expressions. He’s sure to learn what your favorite animal is, what you’re not a fan of, what you’re scared of. He takes in everything you say, and promises that he’ll keep you safe and that nothing will ever lay a hand, paw, or scale on you.
"Frogs are among my favorites. It’s truly despicable to see people harm them without a care in the world. They do nothing but try and live, and yet they’re killed without even a second thought. There’s something so comforting about them that reminds me of you...Oh, forgive me. It was so rude of me to speak so much about myself. What about you, cara? What’s your favorite animal?”
When Giorno learns that you want to learn to fight, he’s all on board. He thinks its a wonderful idea, given how much he’s surrounded with fighting and enemy Stand users after him. Knowing you can hold your own until he can get there brings him a sense of security. He has a lot more experience with his Stand than with his actual fists, but if you asked him to teach you, he’ll almost immediately agree. He has confidence in his own abilities to keep you safe, but being able to do that yourself if you’re separated would come in handy. He’s very patient and calm, giving you as much time as you need to learn and adjust to the movements. There will be times where he’ll have his chest to your back and guide your fists and body to give you an idea of the proper form. He won’t stay so close if he notices you become uncomfortable, but he will hold you a little tightly if he’s given the chance. If anyone gets too close, he’ll pull you a little closer but say that he needs to be this close to correct your movements.
“Keep your shoulders square and relax, just like that. Now go for a punch and twist your body as you extend your fist. Don’t tuck your thumb under your fingers like that, you could hurt yourself in a real fight. Good. You’re doing perfect, amore mio.”
But if you want to try some other methods, he wouldn’t mind if you took some lessons from someone else in their little team. Want to learn how to use a gun? He’ll have Mista help you out with that. There’s no one better with a firearm than him. If you want to know how to use a pocket knife or some other bladed weapon, he’ll rope Narancia into helping. He may not be as smart as the others, but he was certainly good with blades and there was no denying that. But he’ll be watching the entire time, regardless of his current state. Tired? He’ll sleep after. Hungry? He can wait. Four people in the room so Mista won’t comply? You can go, Fugo. He trusts his teammates, but he doesn’t like how they’re so close to you and chatting up a storm like that. He will definitely say something about it and look them straight in the eye, as if warning them to get any closer than they need to be.
Giorno would be so supportive in helping you learn how to play the electric guitar, or really any instrument you put your mind to. If you decided to get back into the violin, he’d be more than happy to help with that. Anything that you desire will be yours. Want to get into a wind instrument? He’ll get you lessons. Want to take up the piano? Consider it done. He may even ask you to show him how to play your guitar, requesting that you guide his hands in the proper places. Eventually, it becomes obvious that he can do it himself and is just trying to get you to hold his hands, but he’ll continue to politely ask you anyways with a smooth smile that makes him almost undeniable.
“I’m so glad you’re here with me, cara. Without you, I don’t know what I would do with myself. Please, stay just like this for a little longer.”
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deans-baby-momma · 2 months ago
Truth or Dare-Part 10/20
Tumblr media
Summary: The Winchester sibling trio has been through so much in the last decade. From the night of their parents’ 30th wedding anniversary party where Sam and Dean eased Y/N from her innocence to Sam becoming a happily married lawyer with a kickass nurse of wife to the three of them now living in the same town they grew up in under the same roof where each of them came of age.  Y/N is a working mother of three,  her days spent helping the townsfolk make proper and suitable financial decisions while bustling about escorting her two oldest to school and her youngest, Mary Ellen, to daycare; Dean’s garage is the premiere body shop for classic restorations and  car maintenance; people from other state’s bring their vehicles to them to be repaired. Business at Winchester Wheels  is booming; Sam is the legal council for Winchester Wheels and has been since he moved back home almost 5 years ago. He has his work cut out for him dealing with the people Dean pisses off and threatens to sue the garage on at least a monthly basis.
After one lust-filled night, the siblings become more than family.  They become lovers. The three of them, together and separately.
One big loving family.
So when Y/N’s boss calls for her to take a much needed vacation, the six of them hit the road. What will happen? Will it bring them closer together or break them apart?
W/C: 1524
Warnings: fluff
The next day, the Winchester 'gang' has some more aquatic, fun-filled time at the waterpark before an evening of playing in the arcade. Sam and Dean are as excited-maybe even more-than the kids at the extensive amount of old-school and modern arcade games.
Dean beats Sam in a game of air hockey but Sam takes bragging rights when they battle it out on Silent Scope,  a shoot-em-up game that uses concentration and focus to win.
Everyone is asleep by midnight and up and on the road by 9 am the next morning; Beaver Creek, Colorado is a good 7 hours away, barring many bathroom and meal breaks. 
The 'Winchester Wagon', as Dean had playfully called the rented SUV, pulls into the mountain village a little after 6 p.m with 3 extremely tired and cranky children and 3 annoyed adults.
While Dean goes to check-in, Sam and Y/N work together to wrangle the kids. While they are unloading, Sam takes the opportunity to talk to his baby sister.
"So, I had an interesting conversation with Dean."
"Yes, Sammy, you are bigger than him but not by much," Y/N snickers and full out laughs at the bitchface Sam gives her.
"I already knew that, smarty-pants. No, this was about you. And him, specifically."
"Oh," Y/N responds, wondering where Sam is headed with this conversation.
"He told me you know me and him discuss our times with you. Of course never in explicit detail, but I just wanted to let you know, I've known how Dean feels about you for a while now."
"Oh? And how does he feel?" Y/N is extremely curious now. What had her two older brothers been talking about.
"I know he loves you and wishes you two could be husband and wife."
"It's crazy, isn't it?" She asks as she settles Mary Ellen on her hip and reaches in to help RJ step out. "I mean, we're brother and sister. We shouldn't feel like that toward one another but Sam, I'd be lying if I said it would be a dream come true.
"And I know.  It's completely unrealistic and ludicrous because Hello, we practically already live together, we have kids together. But to know that he wants to be tied to me in such a way….Sammy. I want that too."
Y/N eyes fill with tears at her admission and Sam hugs her to him as best he can with the baby on her side and RJ standing between them.
"Then we'll make it happen," Sam whispers in her ear. "Just leave it up to me, okay princess?"
Y/N nods against his chest and then pulls away, sniffing and wipes her eyes. 
"God, I'm such a girl!" she jokes and they both chuckle as Dean comes back to the parking lot with two keycards.
Tumblr media
Beaver Creek,  as part of the White River National Forest, is best known for their ski resort. But in the summer months, the town offers hiking and exploring, along with a children's museum and the theatre troupe consisting of all children actually presents a variety of shows, from acting in plays to concerts and even comedy.
For the three days that they are visiting, the Winchesters enjoy all the amenities that are offered. 
When it is time to load up for their next destination, Y/N secretly books a room at the resort for the winter so they can test out their skiing abilities.
Their next stop is the Sundance Mountain Resort in Utah, a 6 ½ hour drive away. Dean seems to be as excited about this destination as he was Dodge City.  On the road, he lists all the luxuries and comforts and activities the lodge offers. 
As soon as Y/N hears him mention horseback riding, she understands; Dean has always dreamed of riding a horse. He had revealed that secret one of the many nights they lay in bed cuddled up, just talking.  Long before the kids were born, back when she was in college and he’d come spend the weekend. Y/N had vowed to make that dream come true but the idea had been forgotten.
The first full day at the resort, Y/N and Dean and the kids explore the area. They finally unload and use the baby stroller when they take the kids on a youth hike; they allow Isabella and RJ to join other children their age in a day camp set up by volunteers at the lodge, where they play games, learn about nature and get to paint or color printed pictures. 
While the two older kids are involved with camp, Dean keeps Mary Ellen and signs Y/N up for an hour-massage, followed by a facial and a mani/pedi. She is being fucking pampered and loving every second of it.
She doesn’t even realize that Sam had yet to meet up with them as planned when he left to “go check out the local library”. 
That night they all dress up and visit the hotel’s 4-star restaurant, where each of them eat too much but laugh and have a good time with the other guests. 
By 9 p.m. Mary Ellen is asleep on Dean’s shoulder and Isabella and RJ aren’t far behind. 
“Okay, I’m taking the kids up. You two enjoy the evening,” he says as he stands, careful not to jostle the baby girl too much. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t.” 
Y/N rolls her eyes at his advice and bids him and the kids all a good night. As soon as they are out of earshot, Sam leans over and plants a kiss on her exposed shoulder. “Wanna join me in the bar?” he asks.
“Sure,” Y/N responds with a smile before they stand, making sure that there is nothing left behind. 
Tumblr media
The bar area is nice and laid back, tables scattered around the room and the bar is at the back of the place, expensive stools line the front of it. Sam walks up to an empty table and pulls out a seat for his sister, which she accepts.
“Be right back,” he says as he leans down and kisses her.
While waiting on Sam’s return Y/N looks around at the place. The floor is a nice wood, polished and glimmering under the low light. Across the room from the table is a small stage with a drum set and other instruments sitting on stands, along with a microphone standing front and center. Y/’N wonders if there will be live music tonight. 
The dance floor in front of the stage is a good size, inviting the bar patrons out to shake their bodies or nestle into one another during slow songs. She smiles as she thinks of swaying back and forth with Sam’s strong arms holding her to his fit and toned body.
Sam sits a drink with an umbrella in it on the table in front of her, bringing her back to the present. 
“Thanks?” she laughs as she takes in the drink. “What is it?
“Bartender called it a ‘Leviathan’,” Sam says. “He says enough of these and you’ll feel like you are floating on air, hence the name; levitate.”
She takes a sip and her eyes widen. The drink is actually pretty tasty and she knows it wouldn’t take long to down this one and need another. 
Sam takes a swig of his beer and sits the bottle on the tabletop, peeling at the label. 
“Can I ask a favor?” he asks, lowly.
“Of course Sammy.”
“Can you maybe not get too drunk? I plan on fucking worshipping you tonight and I want you to remember it.”
Y/N can’t deny the effect Sam’s words have on her. Heat courses through her body, pooling at her core; her panties soaked already. 
The band takes this moment to come on stage and the music immediately starts. It isn’t long before a slow song comes on and as she watches other guests get up and head to the floor, she sees Sam stand in her peripheral and hold out his hand.
“Dance with me, Princess?”
Sometimes her morning coffee's way too strong
And sometimes what she says she says all wrong
But right or wrong she's there beside me
Like only a friend would be
And that's close enough to perfect for me
Now she's been known to wear her pants too tight
And drinking puts her out just like a light
Heaven knows she's not an angel, but she'd really like to be
And that's close enough to perfect for me
She kisses me each morning
And smiles her sleepy smile
And she don't have to say it
I can see it in her eyes
Don't you worry about my woman
Or what you think she ought to be
'Cause she's close enough to perfect for me
Well sometimes she gets down and starts to cry
But then again a lady has a right
She's everything I ever wanted, she's all I'll ever need
She's close enough to perfect for me
Oh, she's close enough to perfect for me
A/N: Anyone recognize the song???
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h2bakugou · 3 months ago
Hi there. I want to make a request about Bakugou x Kind! Reader (they're not a couple yet). It's about the Cultural Festtival arc and I was thinking that Reader has talent with singing and dancing ballet, showing everyone what she can do for the festival. Some moves and everybody is choosing who's gonna the music part, Bakugou doesn't wanna be the drummer so she says with a sweet voice while holding his hand: "I know you can do it Katsuki-kun, so give it your best. I'm your biggest cheerleader" making him blush accepting to be the drummer. Also, she gives them a little demostration of her singing but she decides sing along with Jirou and maybe help the ones who are gonna dance.
Practicing was kind of easy 'cause she was cheering up everyone. Especially Bakugou talent with the drum. The beat was so tentative at the point that she wanted to dance.
I'm runing out of ideas at this point :( . The rest is up to you. I'll know it'll amazing
a/n: hi!! ooo this is cute! i love flustered bakugou so much omg
summary: the cultural festival is rapidly approaching and you’re excited to show what you have to offer. but you also help bakugou decide what he’s going to do.
key: (y/n) - your name / (f/n) - first name / (l/n) - last name / (e/c) - eye color / (h/c) - hair color / (y/q) - your quirk
warnings: swearing, fluff
word count: 795
»»————- ★ ————-««
Tumblr media
»»————- ★ ————-««
The Cultural Festival was quickly approaching as your class prepared what they were going to do. And when it had been decided that a song and dance with super cool special effects was going to be what you were all doing, you were among the many that were excited.
You had a few talents you wanted to showcase, some that would work well with your classmates, especially Mina, who was looking for someone else with a dance background. You had some ballet experience and you amazed her with some of your moves.
Even more so, when looking for someone to sing, you decided to also showcase some of your singing, which shocked everyone.
“Who knew you could sing so good!” Mina cheered, admiring the talent you had. Jiro was also super excited, deciding that maybe a duet of sorts could be worked out for the two of you to sing together.
But when it came to deciding who was going to play what instrument, there was really only one choice for the drums. 
Bakugou Katsuki.
Kaminari teased him about it seeming to be really hard, but it wasn’t until you used a bit of your own persuasion that got him to play a little drum solo.
“I know you can do it Katsuki-Kun, so give it your best! I’m your biggest cheerleader!” You smiled, encouraging him to do his best. The tips of his ears along with his cheeks burned a bright red color at your statement, as well as the warm feeling of your hand cupping his. He was so madly in love with you, he was begging to wish you’d say how you felt already. He wasn’t going to confess to you unless he knew for sure that you liked him back.
He was still waiting. He could assume how you felt, based on your actions, but he needed solid proof. He wasn’t about to embarrass himself by asking you out and you had just been friendly the whole time. 
During practices, you would help out as much as you could, always finding a way to trail back to Bakugou and listen to him play. He was always doing his best, and it always sounded great, even when they were ‘struggling’ to come up with the right rhythm and beat for the song.
When the day came to get on stage, you were a little nervous. But this time, it was Bakugou who encouraged you to loosen up.
“You’ll do fine dumbass.” Bakugou had pulled you aside, resting his hand on your shoulder. You smiled and sucked in a breath before letting it out.
“Thank you.” You hugged him, wrapping your arms around him. It was sudden, and Bakugou stood frozen for a few seconds before hugging you back. Kirishima caught a glimpse of it and smiled to himself, watching as a relationship slowly formed between the two of you.
He’d placed a small bet that Bakugou was going to ask you out soon.
On stage and during your performance, you sang along with Jiro and then joined the dancers, creating a wonderful performance. It was amazing, and when you looked out at the crowd who were dancing and jumping with happiness, it made you feel good.
You knew everyone was enjoying it, even those who had tested you before the show had even been thought of. It was truly magical.
Cleanup was fun, even more so when you got to hang out with Bakugou a little more. 
“We did so good.” You smiled, carrying some trash to the dumpster beside Bakugou.
“I told you we would, I don’t know why you were so nervous, dumbass.” Bakugou tossed his trash over the side before taking yours and tossing it. You bit your bottom lip and shoved your nerves aside, leaning and planting a small kiss on his cheek.
Bakugou blushed and groaned.
“Come on. We’ve got more to clean up.” Bakugou huffed, holding your hand for a few seconds on the walk back to the gym. 
Kirishima eyed the two of you as you returned, noting how close you had been walking beside each other. More so, he watched your pinky leave Bakugou’s, almost like you had been holding his hand. Kirishima was getting closer to the truth, he had to tell someone.
He turned to Kaminari and began explaining.
“I think Bakugou and (Y/n) might be some sort of thing.” Kirishima whispered.
“Bakugou totally likes her, it’s so obvious.” Kaminari groaned, hanging his arms by his sides, tired from moving so much ice.
“You knew!?” Kirishima whisper-yelled.
“It’s obvious!” Mina and Sero joined. Bakugou gave the group a glare who in turn smiled and waved at him.
The group started laughing as Bakugou approached, it was going to be a long day.
»»————- ★ ————-««
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slashersimpwriter · 3 months ago
Sammy Lawrence X Depressed Reader Songfic 🐑
Tumblr media
Note-What do I live for (by Fabian Secon) Lyrics- I listened to this while writing this.
 P.S. This oneshot will be sad.
Word count - 1489
        I was walking home from school when I saw the girl from school who would bully me. I didn’t like to call it that because it made me sould childish. But that’s what this is. If they see me I’m done for. When they get me at school it’s usually a hit and bad word here and there. Nothing to dreadful. But any time they get me out of school it’s worse. They beat me until I can barely stand up. They always walk away laughing. It was haunting. I hated it. No one was ever there to help me. They were all kids of rich parents. So my parents wouldn’t do anything. They were scared of there money and power. They would blame me for it. One of the girls said that I messed up one of their expensive jackets. Witch she messes up beating me with a schoolbook. Like I’m sorry I was on the ground getting beat. I didn’t have the time to warn her about messing it up. 
No one ever tried to help me. They ignore me. My injuries are visible, I can’t hide them. Yet no one says anything. Kids are scared of me. People who don’t know me assume the worst. Some people think I’m in a gang. I’ve become cold. Now when people say that I threaten them. 
I was so close to getting home. I was still in town but I was so close. I just wanted to go home and read a book, not being bothered. I knew they saw me. I could hear their snickering. They were a few years between up, and a few people going home from work. Maybe that will stop them. But It didn’t. They started running to me. I quickly ran looking for a place to hide. But I had to find a really good hiding place. Dang rich kids will never let up thay have too much time to kill. (I have nothing against rich people. But if your like this shame on you) I was running out of breath. I saw an old run down building. I knew it would be dumb to this this place is unlocked but I tryed it anyways. To my surprise it was unlocked. I rushed in. I kept running. But I almost had a heart attack when the door slammed behind me. I knew they would of heard that.
I ran down halls and found a large room. I just now looked to see ink stained walls. But there were papers scattered everywhere. I picked up a pice. It was sheet music. I noticed some old instruments lying about as well. The thought of running for my life almost left my mind. 
But I soon heard footsteps. I hid in a closet. I heard the door open and the three girls walk in. I looked up to see a pipe. I kept looking up praying that they would leave. 
“Lets go this place is creeping me out.” I heard one of them say. 
I took a deep breath and exhaled. It was a relief. But I waited a few moments to open the door again. But as soon as I did, I heard a loud scream. I jumped in fright and surprise. I shook my head, there just trying to mess with me. 
I saw a piano in the corner of the room. I loved to play. I used to play at school. Until they got rid of the music department due to lack of cash. I was always happy when I played. I loved to sing to. But since my life came to me getting beat and me hating myself, I didn’t sing or play as much. I thought since no one cared if I came home I could play for a bit. It doesn't look like there's anyone who will stop me. Unless the those girls called the cops on me for being on private property. But who cares. 
I slowly walked over and sat down on the weathered chair. I ran my hand over the keys taking the dust with me. The keys were now clean and looked new. And better than anything else in this building. I placed both my hand into the right places and began to play. I was a bit rusty at first but then I got the hang of it. And after a few moments of playing I started to sine. It felt like a million years of my life I’ve waited to sing again. Like a caged bird who couldn’t sing it’s morning song. Until someone let them free.
So alone
It's like a hold
Wrapped around your throat
You can't talk
Afraid to go
Confront it all
Soon I'm getting old
I feel as though
I'm left to die
I feel as though
Life's passed me by
I feel as though
What do I live for
I can't take much more
I shouldn’t have been born
It's so hard
I know what I’ve got
Know this ain't my fault
I live in my thoughts all day
What do I live for
It should have been more
Was getting so sure
It's so hard
I know what I’ve got
Know this ain't my fault
I live in my thoughts all day
Hit the Road
Which way to go
I don't even know
Feel the cold
The pain is slow
Need a ray of hope
I feel as though
I'm left to die
I feel as though
Life's passed me by 
I feel as though
What do I live for
I can't take much more
I shouldn’t have been born
It's so hard
I know what I’ve got
Know this ain't my fault
I live in my thoughts all day
What do I live for
It should have been more
Was getting so sure
It's so hard
I know what I’ve got
Know this ain't my fault
I live in my thoughts all day
I see all the struggles you and I
We all see all the struggles you and I
What do I live for
I can't take much more
It’s so hard
I know what I’ve got
I can’t take much more
What do I live for
What do I live for
I felt happy. I haven't felt happy in such a long time. But I felt like someone was watching me. I quickly turned towards the door to see a quick flash of black. I fell back a bit almost hitting my head. I quickly got up.
“H-hello. Um please come out.” I say stuttering. 
I see someone walk in. He didn’t look so human or friendly. I mean it was human. You could tell by the body structure. But they were covered in something black. I could smell the thickness of ink. What happened to him? And why was he wearing as little as he was?
He just stood there looking at me for a few seconds, not saying anything. I didn’t say anything either. I was worried he’d do something. But I didn’t feel scared or threatened. He tilted his head. He pointed to my neck. There was bruises. 
“Oh these. It’s nothing you don’t need to worry.” I say looking down.
“Was it those girls?” He asks walking towards me.
I backed up a bit running into the piano seat. “You don’t need to worry. I won't hurt you.” He says backing up a steep.
“Yeah It was those girls.” I say answering him.
“How much does it happen?” He asks.
“All the time. But why do you care.” I ask holding back a few tears.
“Hearing you sing filled me with your sadness. Your voice cried out to me. It was like I could tell what you’ve been through.” He says sitting next to me. 
I didn’t stop him. I looked down my hair covering my face as a few tears fell to the ground. He lifted my face so he could see me. He wiped the tears from my eyes and gave me a hug. I was surprised. I didn’t know what to do. I started to cry into his shoulder. No one has ever treated me like this. Like they cared. It was a new feeling.
“I won't let them hurt you again my little sheep.” He says rubbing my back.
I look up at him and give him a smile. The first one in ages. I believed him. I knew he wasn't lying to me. I Looked into his eyes. He looked into mine. It was breathtaking. I could feel the love coming from him. And for the first time in my life I felt safe.
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anime-shipper22 · 3 months ago
The book is so close to being finished...
What will I do with my life?
Make a second one!
That’s right! If you don’t know yet, there will be a second book. Because(⚠️) there’s going to be a major cliff hanger. I wanna make sure you all are gonna read it, lol.
But do not fret, for I will begin working on the second book within a week or two. My ideal number of chapter for this is a solid 32-35. I will post them on my AO3 account before I lost them here.
Anyways, it is
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Domestic Violence
Chapter 20: Can’t make up my mind
     "Reggie," Luke questioned opening his bedroom door. He looked at his bed and raised an eyebrow. Alex put a finger to his lips as he gently stroked Reggie's hair.
     Luke immediately took out his phone and snapped a photo. "What happened," he asked sliding his phone back into his pocket. "He fell asleep while we were talking. Poor guy must've been exhausted," Alex whispered.
     Luke thought for a minute...Reggie was definitely asleep when he woke him up this morning. But how long had he been asleep before that?
     Luke sighed, "Come help me entertain Julie and Flynn until practice?" Alex nodded and carefully laid Reggie's head on the mattress. Luke tossed him the blanket he kept on the back of his chair. Alex caught it and laid it over Reggie. "Good morning Reggie, sleep tight," he whispered.
Luke laughed quietly and walked over to Reggie. He bent down and smiled, "You're a handful, you know that?" Alex smiled, "It's okay." Luke raised an eyebrow and turned his head, "What is?" "He told you two were together. I don't mind. I'm happy for you guys," Alex smiled.
Luke kissed Reggie's forehead and stood up. "Just...don't tell Julie," Luke said. A small amount of anger flared in Alexs' gut, "Why?" "I already don't hear the end of it before she knew we weren't together, I don't want to imagine what it's like now," Luke we planned.
     Alex sighed, "Yeah okay. And Flynn?" Luke shrugged, "She's not bad. So...I don't care." "Well let's go, shall we? I'm sure they're impatient," Alex said. Luke nodded and placed Reggie's shirt on his nightstand, "Alright."
Julie smiled, "Everything okay?" "Yeah, hope we weren't," Flynn began to wiggle her eyebrows, "Interrupting anything." Luke laughed, "No. Alex is here too." "Oh a three-..."
     "No! Stop! Do not finish that sentence," Alex shouted, his face flushing a dark shade of red. Flynn bursted out laughing, "I...I can't...I'm not...sorry." Luke rolled his eyes as him and Alex sat down. "So, why is my house the hotspot today," Luke asked.
     "Oh...well Uhm, we just wanted to, Uhm, I guess spend a little more time with you guys before practice," Julie said. Flynn put her head on Julies should and whispered, "Turn it down a notch." "Okay," Julie said through gritted teeth.
     Luke laughed, "Just little ol' me? Why am I so special?" Alex started at Julie, Luke is so...dense. How did him and Reggie ever get...together?
     He pulled out his phone and went to messages, pulling up the photos of the song Luke sent him. He read over it, eyes wide. This has to be his best work yet...but...I just...let's see, he thought. "Watcha reading, Alex," Flynn asked.
     His head shot up and he turned off his screen, "Nothing. Just...a message." "Hey, that reminds me...wasn't Willie supposed to come over this weekend," Julie asked. "So," Luke shouted, "Haha...what do you guys wanna do?"
     Julie and Flynn raised an eyebrow and looked at each other. "We didn't really have anything in mind," Julie shrugged. "We could watch a movie," Flynn suggested, quickly covering up for Julie. Luke nodded, "One movie before practice. Alright."
He stood up and walked over to the stack of movies underneath the television. "Anything specific," he asked. "Action," Flynn shouted. "Adventure," Julie smiled. "Sc-Fi," Alex added. "Uhm...alright. Let me see if we have something like that," he mumbled scanning through the DVD's.
"Okay...does anyone know what Marvel is? Besides me and Alex," Luke asked. Flynn nodded, "Duh, dude." Julie raised an eyebrow, "Whats tha-..." Flynn covered her mouth, "Everyone does." Luke nodded and slid in the DVD, turning on the TV.
Reggie slowly opened his eyes, "What time is it?" He reached around for his phone; and when he found it brought it to him. He turned on the screen, 11:30. "Okay," he said to himself as he sat up, "Guess we should get to practice soon."
He fond his shirt on Luke's nightstand and slipped it on. He grabbed his red plaided jacket, turns out he did leave it with Hayley and she had washed it than returned it, slipped it on. He yawned as stretched his arms, grabbing his Bass and Luke's Guitar.
He set the guitar down, opened the door, picked it back up, walked out, and shut the door with his foot. "Guys," he called out. Alex shot up and smiled, "Yes! Reggie's up! Let's get to practice!"
He walked over and grabbed Luke's guitar; he leaned in and whispered, "I kept her away from him." Reggie smiled sympathetically and whispered, "Thank you. But you really didn't have to."
    "What Spicy gossip is happening over here," Flynn asked, pulling Alex and Reggie down to her. "Nothing. Just discussing Christmas presents," Alex winked. Reggie smiled, "So nothing you need to know." Flynn pouted and ruffled their hair, letting them go, "Alright I'll meet you there."
     Julie raised an eyebrow, "Your not hitching a ride?" " one hear has a car at the moment," Luke said. "Your kidding," she asked. "Parents are out of town," Luke nodded. "Oh," Julie mumbled.
     Alex handed Luke his guitar and sighed, "Alright. See you there, Flynn. Let's go, shall we?"
     Julie began to play her keyboard, "Hearts on fire, were no liars. So we say what we wanna say."
     She looked at Luke, gulped and continued to sing, "I'm awakened, no more faking. So we push all our fears away." She looked at Alex and smiled, "Don't know if I'll make it, cause I'm falling under. I close my eyes and feel my chest, beating like thunder."
    Finally, she looked at Reggie; who seemed lost in thought, "I wanna Fly-y. Come a-live," she got increasingly louder, "Watch me shine!"
    They all began to play their instruments and Luke began to sing with Julie, "I got a spark in me, hands up if you can see! And your a part of me! Hands up if your with me! Now till eternity, hands up if you believe! Been so long and now I'm finally free."
     Julie began to play the tambourine, "Were all bright now, what a sight now. Coming out like we're fire works. Marching on proud, turn it up loud, cause now we know what we're worth."
     Luke joined in once again, "We know we can make it, we're not falling down under. Close my eyes and feel my chest, beating like thunder. I-I wanna Fly-y come a-live. Watch me shine!"
     "Ohhhhhh," Alex and Reggie sang in the background.
     "I got a spark in me, hands up if you can see! And your a part of me, hands up if your with me! Now till eternity, hands up if you believe."
     Julie and Luke began to sing, "Been so long and now we're finally free."
    Reggie hopped over to Luke's microphone, and Luke happily moved out of the way to allow each of them more room. "Ohhhhh," Reggie continued. Alex looked at the two and smiled, good for them.
    "I got a spark in me, hands up if you can see. And your a part of me, hands up if your with me. Now till eternity! Hands up if you believe! Been so long and now I'm finally free!"
     Reggie turned away and began to walk back to his microphone as Julie and Luke sang together again.
     "I got a spark in me."
     "I got a spark in me."
     "And your a part of me."
     "You're a part of me."
      "Now till eternity."
      "Now till eternity."
     Julie turned back to the empty audience seats, "Been so long and now I'm finally free! I got a spark in me! Hands up if you can see!"
     "And your a part of me, hands up if your with me," Julie held out the next word, "Yeahhhhh."
     "Now till eternity, hands up if you believe," Luke and Reggie sang. "Been so long and now I'm finally free," Julie joined back in, "Yeahhh."
     "Finally Free, yeahhhh."
     "Been so long and now I'm finally free," Luke and Julie sang. Luke backed up from his microphone to let Julie finish the song out, "Finally Free-e."
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sofi-yeager · 3 months ago
eren yeager x reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
word count: 3.3k
i wrote this about a year ago, i apologize for it being awkward lol
this isn’t the one I was planning on doing in my recent post, but I simply pasted this from my wattpad account and I think it’s kinda cool! This will mainly be set in 2nd person P.O.V. but your thoughts will be included as well.
Eren’s kinda OC... but who cares:)
• just a lil spicy👀 *Eren’s fault not mine*
• mentions/spoilers of season 3 part 2
Members of every Regiment appeared for what was planned as one special, social occasion, honoring the Scouting Regiment for their success in reclaiming Wall Maria, one of humanities' biggest comebacks. The take-back had caused so much pressure on the people, Historia, who had recently been enthroned as Queen a few months prior, had obliged an event to settle the scouts, and release any frustrations they had felt in the past.
Entering the large ballroom, each of your eyes gleamed in excitement at the sight before you. Captain even widened his eyes in amusement. Hundreds of formally looking pairs were painted across the spacious room. Many gathered in clumps around the perimeter of the ballroom, discussing each other's wear and significant ones, others casually seated at the tables, enjoying the fresh cuisine that had miraculously increased in supply thanks to the farmlands of Maria reopening.
Yet your eyes focused on one thing only. The dance floor, fully covered in couples flowing effortlessly in patterns like words written into poetry. As you began to step forward, lifting your dress in courtesy, a hand had gently tugged on your sleeveless arm. "Don't you think it's best we start the night off with conversation?" Armin gave you a gentle smile, despite his attempts to hold Connie and Sasha back from the royal buffet.
Inviting Captain Levi's Special operations squad as her guests of honor, discussions between your group and the rest of the Soldiers  from each wall had been intense. The 10 members including yourself felt too uncomfortable thinking about the subject again, specifically the losses you each endured.
As the late evening began to set, and the population of the room increasingly drunkened themselves, the cadets and yourself had had enough of the boring conversations. "That's it", Connie interrupted the group, "LET'S PARTY!!". He chugged a small shot glass of alcohol, receiving a few cheers from random guests and shocked faces from you and the rest of your squad, before pulling on your wrist, leading you to the dance floor. Excited to start dancing, a single thought held you back, and eventually another wrist.
You turned your head, viewing a surprisingly timid brunette holding your hand. "Eren?" you questioned. "Is something wrong?". He finally made contact with you, and seemingly blushed? Eren was never one to make such emotional faces but it seemed the view of something had changed his thoughts.
Or someone.
"Y-You..." he stuttered. By this time Mikasa had placed a hand on his shoulder. "What's wrong Eren?" she comforted.
Still keeping his gaze upon you, he mustered the words "You promised me a dance, don't you remember?" Your eyes widened at the question you answered only a day ago~
☼ ☼ ☼
"[Nameee]" Eren called, a day earlier. Finishing up the last of your chores, you hadn't turned in time for him to hold you in his arms, lifting you up and spinning you in surprise. "Eren?!" you laughed. "Enough with the sweetness, I'm not finished yet!" Placing you down, he reached for another broom and assisted you in your cleanings.
After a few moments,  you broke the silence, yet Eren was much more into physical showings than verbal. "I'm excited for the party tomorrow" You smiled. Turning to look at him, he kept his focus on the task at hand, sighing in what seems like half content, half dissatisfaction. "Oh, don't be so mopey Eren. Especially not around me!" He leveled to your eyes, a saddened look still present on his face.
"Er, what's wrong?"
"Taking a break doesn't sound very soldier-like to me"
"Don't you think we deserve a break?" you questioned. No matter how hard you tried it seemed you could never understand him and his motives.
"We're supposed to be fighting. Staying on the front lines until everything has been settled. What's the point in taking a rest?"
"Well let's maintain our sanity?" You both chuckled. After another quick moment of silence, Eren considered your thought. "I guess it won't be too bad" he laughed. "Just don't expect me to be the life of the party"
"Oh you most certainly will be" you answered. "You HAVE to dance at least once".
"What? No way!"
"Despite what you may think, you've got some of the best rhythm i've ever seen. I promise you one dance won't hurt" you told. Eren looked into your eyes, the same eyes you'd fallen for not so long ago. "Will it be with you?" He spoke in almost a whisper, unknowingly moving closer to you. Your breath jumped before you could answer with a grateful smile.
"I promise".
☼ ☼ ☼
"I had her first, Titan boy!" Connie shouted, taking your hand again. Jean seemed to stand in disbelief. "Hey, I want to dance with her too!" He argued. Mikasa quietly giggled, sneaking you a shot glass before you approached the floor. Captain Levi was careless over the boys behavior but was quite concerned for the ladies, making sure they were safe was one of his priorities, almost making him seem father-like. As Historia from the other side of the ballroom instructed the musicians to mature the theme of the night, you took a few final sips of the beverage, seeing a few shocked looks from your comrades. Before accepting Connies proposal and making your way to the floor.
Almost immediately as the two of you stepped out, the music began to play. You were glad you had such great friends to dance with, but there was one problem.
Connie surprisingly had no rhythm.
He seemed to be enjoying himself as the instruments strummed in complexity, but his steps rather than reaching the floor stepped onto your small feet. You couldn't last more than 8 seconds with him. Jean suddenly tapped your shoulder and you accepted his offer to dance. "You understand, don't you Connie?" You cheekily smiled before walking away with Jean.
When Marimba rhythms start to play, Dance with me...
"Make me sway" The two-tone haired boy sang to you, making you laugh as you attempted to assist him in his dance steps. Jean was a good dancer, it was well known between the scouts, but it seemed no one could match your skill or competitiveness. "Jesus, Jean you really are a horse!" you critiqued. Your laugh though soon became more of a worry. Where was Eren? In all honesty you just wanted to spend time with him. Where could he have gone to?
What you hadn't observed was the turquoise-eyed boy on the side of the ballroom, who was very skeptical of your time spent with the others. No matter how often he denied it, seeing you happy with Jean pissed him off.
"I'd step in if I were you." a smaller man suggested, stepping towards Eren and Armin, who was trying to comfort his friend in the process of being extremely possessive over a girl who wasn't even his.
"Really, Captain?" Eren responded. Levi nodded, adjusting his tuxedo before shoving him to stumble closer to you and the horse.
Jean's face showed an apologetic frown for his clumsy footwork, before he noticed something over your shoulder. Jean smirked, then used his shoe to tangle you into your tight dress. You gave him a look that meant none else than 'are you kidding', leaving you no choice but to twirl yourself out of your tangled attire.
Immediately as you settled yourself out of your entwined dress, the hands of your partner were reapplied to your form, less tense.
You look up, only to notice your partner grabbing your hand and swerving you in a circle, beginning your dance again. You couldn't turn your head quick enough to meet his face, and it was quite a sharp twirl, one you never thought would've come from Jean.
And that’s when you realized you weren’t dancing with Jean anymore.
The male then began challenging footwork, something you could easily tag along to since it was...
At a quick tempo?
Just who am I dancing with?!
Again, before you could turn your head to make eye contact with your partner, he spun you once more, so that your backside was facing his chest. One hand of his sliding over your stomach, the other gently tracing down your arm to grab your hand again. Your breath hitched, and your feet continued to move in a pattern so insync, it was quite hard to understand how you were keeping time with him.
This guy is better than me! 
Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore, pull me close, sway me more.
Spinning you back around so you were held in a standard partner position, this boy held you so close your head was practically leaning on his shoulder. He didn't want you to see the reactions of the hundreds of people, now stepping off the floor to give their attention to you two. He wanted you to feel the moment with him, as if you were the only two in the world.
You were his world, that was for sure.
Like a flower bending in the breeze, bend with me, sway with ease...
The two of you continued to move in a circular motion across the center of the floor, stopping only for improvised footwork or him lifting you off the floor as you two spun.  From afar, you met Mikasa's eyes as she and a few other couples danced around you. She was with Jean, as he held her waist with a grin, but she didn't seem to happy about it. Chuckling at her facials, You were twirled again by your mysterious partner, his chocolate tussles brushing over your cheek.
When you dance you have a way with me, Stay with me,
The male hugged your form, pressing your entire body so close to his, slipping one finger into the cut of your dress so he was now tickling the bare skin of your lower back. The music timed perfect with this words:
"...sway with me"
Eren sang into your ear.
Your jaw dropped open, as the male longingly looked to your gorgeous complexion. Finally, you had the chance to meet Eren's eyes, but you didn't want to anymore. He had left you a beet-red mess.
God, you loved him.
Other dancers may be on the floor
Dear, but my eyes will see only you
Only you have that magic technique
When we sway I go weak.
It truly was an odd moment for everyone. The other scouts who had become your family had noticed your reaction in this very moment, as well as your emotions around him in the last few years. You were stubborn, but you'd always allow your temperamental, boss-like exterior to subside whenever you were with, him.
You had no choice than to wrap your arms around Eren's neck, to avoid any hints of your already blushing self. Dammit, what the hell is wrong with me?! you thought to yourself.
Eren chuckled in surprise, taking his far hand to support your upper back. "What?" he flirtatiously questioned, sending breathed heat to your neck where his mouth spoke. "You did say 'enough with the sweetness'". Eren used his index finger that had already been under the waistline of your dress to titillate your lower back once again. You whimpered in what you both knew was pleasure, and placed your head snug into the crook of his neck, your heavy breaths making his smug look even greater.
He took pride in how he was making you feel,
I can hear the sounds of violins, long before it begins
Make me thrill as only you know how, sway me smooth, sway me now
He slyly kissed the side of your upper half, from your warm cheek down to your collarbone over and over, continuing to sway as to not make a scene. You couldn't do anything but grit your teeth, for Eren had never pulled any sort of loving move to this extent. It was obvious he wanted to please you. And it was working, because you were furious.
No person could ever come close to making you feel this way, so why Eren? What about his sincerity and allurement made its way into you? Why did he make my heart race? It may have been his eyes, which caught you by surprise from the first day of Cadet training. You remembered thinking how you've never seen green eyes so bright, or how they could easily pass as turquoise from the blue and yellow flecks scattered in them. Maybe it was his confidence? An emotion he let out so effortlessly, even when he felt hopeless. It made you feel warm, like a true savior was guiding you.
As you pondered stressfully between your thoughts, so much frustration had caused you to gather a small tear in your eyes, and if you hadn't blinked, it wouldn't have trickled onto Eren, butterfly kissing his now damp neck.
Eren widened his eyes at your reaction, and immediately supported your head in his hand. "[Name?]" he worriedly whispered, burying his nose into your hair to shield your emotions from any eyeing guests. A minute passed with no response, he desperately tried to get an answer from you.
"Are you?... I didn't mean for you to-"
"It's not that" you whispered back.
"It had to have been something I did-".
"Yes-" was all you could muster before Eren spun the two of you in between couples, exiting the hall in an elegant fashion. He let go of your form, only holding on by your hand as he led you out to one of the many balconies the castle held, away from all the people.
Coming to a stop by the balustrade, Eren quickly turned around to see your almost dizzied form. Head down and sniffing back tears you most certainly didn't want to release in front of him. He took one step, wrapped his arms around you, less provocative than before, and held you for quite a while in silence. That is until he gained the courage to speak.
"I'm sorry, I really am." he cooed. "I never intended to make you feel uncomfortable. Please, know it was just a joke if I hurt your feelings in any way..." He placed a hand back over your head, softly rubbing it as you stood in his embrace. You wanted to cry right then and there. Cry out all the emotions youd held in these past years. He confused you so much you didn't know how to think or act around him. If that wasn't enough for you to begin crying again, the kiss he gave onto your forehead did the trick.
"I don't understand. " you whispered.
"I don't understand you!" you shouted. Eren's face paled as you shoved out of his embrace, crossing your chilled arms. Wary of being too loud, you stuttered your next words.
"How come... you always know what to say. Is that another perfect quality of yours?".
Holding back your feelings wasn't an option anymore.
You had to let him know.
You wanted to let him know.
"No matter how hard I try I can never understand you! One minute your completely focused on what you have in mind, and the next your smiling without a worry in the world. I don't get it! You never give up on me, or never fail to make me beam, even in the darkest of times. How can you do that to me?! How can you make me nervous and excited at the same time? What is it about you that makes me want to fall harder for you?!"
Eren stood at you bug-eyed. How in the world was he supposed to respond to something so heartfelt? Words he conveyed so mutually? Luckily, you gave him more time as you continued to confess in your confusing way.
"Maybe... it's that your so loving towards your goals" you calmed down,"Yea...That's it." confirming with yourself out loud."Goals I find so astonishing, though I can barely understand how you approach them. It makes me want to stand by you, all the time, defeating all the challenges you face”.
You grabbed each of his clammy hands that hung beside his limpish figure.
“I want you to achieve the greatest happiness imaginable Eren." You looked up at him, and there was that blush you'd seen on him from before. Darker this time, even in the illuminated sky.
"It's a distinct feeling, I think of admiration? No, more than that. One I can't help, so rather than trying to fight it, I can't do anything but surrender to it. I sound absolutely crazy but I can't help it because-"
“I’m in love with you” Eren finished your sentence.
"Yes, that's exactly how I feel Eren! Wait, come again?"
By the time you could process his words, Eren had pulled you into a deep first kiss. His lips were warmer than you expected. The boy had wanted to hold you like this for as long as he could remember, his own hands couldn't bring you closer to him. He slid his hand through your hair, the other around your waist, finding its way back to that sweet spot underneath your waistline hem.
You quiet moan from his action was enough permission to passionate the bond between you two, as you grabbed him around the neck.
Eren was so immensely happy. He'd had never felt this kind of love.
A love he felt so rawly, he was completely lost in his dreams when he was with you.
You couldn't contain your breath much longer, forcing yourself to break away in a gasp, yet your noses still connected, Eren blindly searching for your lips again.
"[Name]" he whispered , touching his forehead with yours.
"I didn't know how to explain it, how you complete me when I thought no one could, but you do understand me, that's why I-" He stared into your tired eyes, gesturing his confession. "I-I can't contain myself around you. As soon as I see you each morning, I feel every urge in my body to tell you every detail about me, knowing you'll listen and genuinely care. I want... to kiss you every single time I look at you." His breath carried him into a few peppered kisses to your lips.
"Never in a thousand years could this event, or any person i've met be the source of my sanity. It's you, [Name], it always has been".
Your mind couldn't process what exactly had just happened, so you continued to stare down at his shoes, Your foreheads still connected as Eren once again attempted to get a response out of you.
"Was that too much?" Eren asked. His hand had made its way to hold yours, his other against your dry, tear-stained cheek, stroking it with upmost sympathy. "What I did back in the ballroom?"
You smirked, meeting his eyes with pure confidence and shook your head 'no'.
"I never said I didn't like it, Eren".
Eren smiled, wiping your damp under-eyes with his finger as he lead you back into the ballroom. There, you'd met the rest of your squad who was seated at your reserved table.
"Oi, that was some dance you two did" Connie raised his eyebrows up and down in amusement. "I got... lost in the moment." Eren nervously claimed. Connie seemed to notice the two of you still holding hands just as Jean had. "Someone confessed" Jean confirmed, but you could only smile.
"That's enough with the chatting. Get the last of your fun in now, because you won't have another chance like this for a while." Captain Levi broke in. The 10 of you ran back out to the dance floor, enjoying every bit of yourselves into the late night.
In all of your losses, all your tragedies, you'd found true happiness. And it seemed Eren had as well, turning to you with an even greater smile than he had ever made before.
Tumblr media
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jrmytxt · 3 months ago
Characters: Della Duck, Louie Duck, Donald Duck (mentioned)
Relationships: Della Duck & Louie Duck, Donald Duck & Louie Duck (implied)
Word Count: 844
Tags: Family Bonding, Mother-Son Bonding, Della Duck Tries To Be A Mom, 
Warnings: No Warnings Apply
Read on Ao3
For a long while Della had wondered on how to connect with Louie. Sure, they had that whole bonding scenario with death and all, but it didn't feel all that genuine. She didn't know much about him as a person, other than the parts he showed her or what little his brothers told her about the youngest triplet.
And that sucked! She didn't want a relationship with her kid that felt more formal than when she was talking to Beakley! She wanted to adventure with him, talk to him, be his mom! But she had no idea how to go about it. They were different, incredibly so. As much as Della had in common with Huey and Dewey, as little did she share with Louie. She always wondered how her own flesh and blood could be so different from her.
It took her long to figure out the solution. But when she realized what she could do she felt like the smartest duck in the world.
"That's IT!" she exclaimed joyfully, startling Dewey Jr., the cat that followed the triplets home a while ago. It had a strange tiger-like striping, and an unnatural turqoise hue, though unnatural was just normal for this family. "Oh I hope Uncle Scrooge kept Donnie's guitar."
And, lo and behold, Scrooge did. Scrooge seemed to have kept a lot of the twins belongings, probably everything Donald didn't take when he had left. She figured Scrooge had always been this sentimental, but she also knew he would never actually let them know. With determination and a goal she grabbed it before running off to find Louie.
Of course she found him in front of the TV, where else would he be. Ottoman Empire was running, but Louie's eyes were glued to his phone, and once again Della wondered how this was her kid. Whatever. She plopped down next to him.
"Hey bud." "Hey mom." Didn't even look up. Of course he didn't, he never did. But nothing to fret over! Louie never really looked up from his phone anyway. Just stay cool, Della. "So... Lou, say, how do you feel about music? It's pretty cool right? I never really got into it more than jamming out to some cool tunes but you seem skilled, you probably play an instrument, right?"
Louie did glance at her at her words, and Della could recognize the look he gave her, it was what Dewey had called 'cringe' and she tried hard not to deflate. Louie looked her over before shrugging and putting down his phone. "Eh, I don't really play. Dewey's the musician, not a good one, but he does music anyway. I can play a few chords on the guitar, but really that's it."
"Oh what a coincidence you mentioned guitars," Della grinned, glad she was right with her intution. "Because I have a guitar right here!" With that she pulled out Donald's old guitar, looking much the same as it did when they were kids, just a lot more beaten down. Most of the dust had blown off when she grabbed it and ran with it, though some certainly remained. The wood looked bleached and aged, and a few of the stickers she had put on it (much to Donald's dismay, though he never made any attempts to remove them. Claimed it was bad for the wood, but she knew better) started to peel off. Though, overall, it was still the same instrument as when they were kids.
Louie looked a bit bewildered at that, obviously unsure how to react. After a second or two he reached out and took the guitar, obviously too big for him, much like it had been for Donald. "Um... thanks mom?" He strummed it once, twice, a satisfied smile setting on his beak. "It has really good sound."
Della grinned at that. "I know right? It belonged to your uncle when we were kids, he was veeery proud of its quality. I'm not really sure how to tell but I trusted him on knowing what he was talking about." Della lit up at the way Louie's eyes seemed to sparkle just a bit at that and he looked back towards the guitar, kind of an awed expression on his face.
"This belonged to Uncle Donald? Am I even allowed to have it?"
Della smiled softly and kissed Louie's forehead, reassuring. "I promise you he'll love if you learn how to play it, sweetie." Louie seemed reassured at that and cleared his throat to shake off the awe. "Okay, yeah, well, whatever I can try and play. You can judge me if I'm better than him, I'm sure you know how he played, right?"
And so most of the afternoon was spent with Louie trying out different chord progressions and easy songs, most of which sounded just a bit off, but Della didn't care. She was proud of her boy, and very much happy she found a way to bond with him. And after all, Louie had always been the one that resembled Donald the most.
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kaiparker-avengerssmut · 4 months ago
Their Doll 9
You Love Him
B.Barnes x Stark!Reader, S.Rogers x Stark!Reader
series synopsis:  y/n Stark, all records of her non existent, and yet Hydra still find her. When she is kidnapped by a certain super-soldier and no one believes her, she finds herself searching for unexpected familiarity in her not-so-distant past.
Series Warnings: smut, violence, torture, swearing
Chapter Summary: bucky is consolingly, y/n feels shit
Warnings: implied NON CON, smut (the whole chapter is basically smut, you’re welcome), feelings and shit, blood, death of unnamed character, swearing
A/n: The timeline in this has been altered, as there I things I wanted to include but I also wanted this fic to follow the storyline/timeline of Winter Soldier and Civil war.So for purposes of this fanfic, Peter Parker was discovered by Tony at a much younger age - when he was bitten - and has been an intern with him since, almost like a protégée.(For the purposes of this story Peter was bitten much younger too - more like when he was 9 or ten rather than 14/15)
Masterlist | Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
I flinched as the blood sprayed, splattering across my face sickeningly as the dagger plunged into his neck. The body fell limp, collapsing to the floor with a hollow thud, a sound that barred me from ever going to heaven.
Of course, I wasn't the one who was holding the knife. In fact, the whole scene could be seen as rather comical if a man hadn't lost his life. The melodic tune I'd hummed as he'd lifted the knife to his own neck, the fear in his features as the jagged point pressed to his skin. But it was the sight of the life leaving his eyes, the splattered blood that made the whole thing so...sinister.
I stopped humming the little tune, checking over my make-shift scene before swiftly exiting the building through a back window - making sure not to remove my gloves until I reached my bike.
That was the true beauty of my power, or at least in HYDRA's eyes it was. The fact that I could simply stand by, and make my victims - their victims - do all the dirty work for me, and when all is said and done to everyone around them it looks like they'd killed themselves.
Id made the man scrawl a quick little note first, as to try and convince his family and friends it was a suicide and someone didn't hold him at gun point or something.
I can't live like this anymore
That's all the note said. Not too short, but also not so long it instantly because unconvincing and obviously forced. I mean let's be honest, if you were to off yourself would you really drag it out or would you be so desperate to go already that you'd find the quickest way out? I know what I'd do. It's not like I'd thought about it since joining HYDRA...but let's just say the thought hasn't entirely avoided me.
It was almost like my ritual, every time someone died at my hands. I would arrive back at the compound - where two guards would search me (arguably much too thoroughly to the point that every time it happened I seemed to feel nauseous after) and I'd be sent straight off the the shower room.
From there, I'd let the cold water wash over me, usually spiking my skin into goose bumps before my eyes would become shellacked with tears and my mind would start to numb. That's when I'd slowly sink to the floor, head held in my hands as sobs wracked my frame.
If we're still being honest, I never actually new how long this lasted. It could be minutes, that only seemed to stretch for hours, or it could in truth be hours that were just as long as they felt.
There is one thing I know, though. It's always the soldier who brings me out of it. The warm touch of his flesh hand against my shoulder, the shivering cold brush of his metal one before he's pulling me to my feet and engulfing me in his beefy, yet welcoming, arms. Again, I have no idea how long this lasts, but I sure hope it lasts for hours.
When he'd pull away, my eyes would remain glued to his plump lips, my tongue trailing along my own as my eyes would burn with a hunger. If I'd looked up into his eyes too, I'd find a similar hunger blazing there.
He initiated the kiss, as he always did, lips desperate and hard against mine, almost bruising as his teeth nipped at my bottom lip to beg for entrance. And I always grants it to him, moaning at the feeling of his tongue curling over mine, his hands tangling in my hair, roaming my body, playing me like an instrument he'd been practicing for years.
The soldier pushed me against the wall, lips sucking and kissing along my neck - sure to leave a mark but neither of us cared. In fact, I'm sure he rather liked it, having me marked as his.
I let out a long moan as his fingers - the metal ones - found their way to my core, tracing over my slit and up to my clit to collect some of the wetness there before they were plunging into my heat.
"Fuck! Soldier!" I cried, heat thrown back against the old tiled wall as he worked his fingers at a punishing pace inside me, working me open so I could take him. He was curling his fingers just right, hitting that one spot inside of me that sent shivers down my spine and made white spots form over my vision when I came apart. The soldier smirked at me, detaching his lips from my neck and bringing his digits to his lips before sucking my juices off them right in front of me.
The sight was sinful, really, and all I could do was keep myself standing as my legs shook with arousal and the remnants of my previous orgasm.
"Delicious." Was all he said, before the soldier's lips were back on mine is a bruising kiss and him large hands were cupping my ass and pulling my legs up around his waist. I moaned against his mouth, tasting myself as his tongue swept its way into my own mouth before stroking over my tongue. There would surely be bruises decorating me whole body when this was done - not an unusual occurrence - from how hard the soldier was gripping me, but the pain only amounted to the pleasurable sparks setting my body alight at that very moment.
I reached down blindly, not wanting to break the searing kiss as I felt around for his aching cock. Of course, it wasn't very hard to find, and once I felt it I took ahold of it with a hand wrapped delicately around him. I pumped the soldier's length a few times, a long, low groan slipping into our kiss as I lined him up with my entrance. My head was once again thrown back when his tip nudged my clit, sending my eyes rolling back in my skull and forcing a scream from me when he plunged in in one thrust.
"S'tight." He grunted against my neck, pulling his hips back slowly before snapping them forwards with enough force to make me thick there could be cracks in the stone wall behind us. It was torturous, his pace, so slow yet so hard I felt as if the air was being punched from my lungs with every thrust.
"F-faster." I moaned, hands holding onto his muscly shoulders for dear life as he begun to fail into me. My cunt was stretched to its limit around the soldier's girth, yet the sinful burn just felt like more pleasure as the pace of his thrusts distracted me. My eyes were constantly rolled back into my skull, legs jelly around his waist and if it weren't for his hands holding me up my my ass I would be sprawled on the floor in that moment.
My brain turned to mush, and I could even remember my own name, let alone enough words to tell the soldier how good he was making me feel. So instead I opted for a long, drawn-out moan as his tip kissed my cervix with ever pump inside of me. The soldier looked down to see where our bodies were connected, his eyes glittering with lust at the slight of my wetness dripping from his cock and liger coating both our thighs and most probably the floor in my slick. What made him smirk even wider, though, was the bulge in my stomach every time he thrusted, his cock so deep in my you could see it.
The soldier pressed down on that point, a new wave of arousal flooding through me at the thought of taking something so big.
I could feel myself clenching down on him like a vice, my second realise so close I could almost feel it. From the way his hips faltered and his thrusts stuttered to the guttural, wanton string of moans that escaped his lips like a symphony, I could sense he was close too. I reached down, rubbing furious circles over my swollen clit, trying to push myself over the edge at the same time as the soldier.
I don't know who's orgasm triggered whose, but from the way they ripped through us, it was apparent that one caused the other.
I sat mindlessly in my cell, the only thing I was able to do was stare back into the blue eyes already trained on my own body. I didn't want to admit it. I couldn't admit it.
I shook my head, trying to shake the thoughts creeping through my mind, clawing at me and begging me to accept them. But the idea made me feel slightly sick, I think. Well, it could be more that it should make me feel sick, but try as I might, it wouldn't.
I couldn't stop that little voice, the one literally screaming the words at me every time my eyes slid over him, every time the soldier was in my sight: you love him.
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sunsetcurbed · 4 months ago
i’ll keep us together (whatever it takes)
Pairing: Alex/Willie  Words: 9,237 Rating: T  Warnings: none read on AO3 
Summary:  “Willie,” Julie’s voice sounds.  “Hey, Julie,” Willie greets. “I—uh—“ “Can Alex not see you?” she whispers. Okay, so… right. Right. This is a thing. (*) (or: alex has changed, and he's all but taken away from willie. willie doesn't settle for that.) I found out that apparently tumblr doesn’t post link posts in the tags unless they get a lot of notes so I’m reposting this as a text post and also posting the fic here on tumblr as well! Fic under the read more. :) 
"Hey," Willie cheers, watching as Alex walks into the garage, head hanging down. Alex doesn't look up, just walks over and flops dramatically on the couch. Willie laughs at his boyfriend, and follows over. "Hey, hot dog," he calls again. Alex still doesn't look up. Furrowing his eyebrows, Willie crouches down next to him and reaches out to shake Alex's shoulder.
His hand passes through.
Willie draws his hand back quickly in surprise, and stares down at it. He reaches again, and again, his hand passes through Alex.
He scrambles to his feet and looks around. Something's wrong. Something—he's not sure what's going on, but something…
He steps back, and back, and back, until he's standing in the middle of the studio, and rushes through the open door. He stands in the driveway for a minute, struggling with his thoughts, until—
"Willie," Julie's voice whispers.
His head snaps up and he sees her walking down the pathway from her house. They found out last year that Julie could see all ghosts, and that her power extended beyond they band in that aspect. Unfortunately, Willie didn't share their powers in becoming visible when playing an instrument, which was one of the first things they tried, right after trying to rid Willie of Caleb's stamp. Neither had worked.
"Hey, Julie," Willie greets. "I—uh—"
"Can he not see you?" she whispers.
Okay, so… right. Right. This is a thing. She already knew about it, which—
"No. Why can't he?"
Julie walks towards him and offers a smile. But it's—it's a sad smile, one that Willie knows is accompanied by bad news. Suddenly, he regrets asking. "He's alive."
No, seriously, what?
"What do you mean?"
"Do you know… unfinished business. Does… do you know if 'crossing over' means back to the world of the living?"
"I—I-I don't know? I wouldn't think so? I've never see someone cross over. I just thought…"
"We did, too," Julie says. "But the guys… we signed today. With a record label."
"What? That's awesome!" Alex had mentioned Destiny Management but he hadn't said they were officially signing.
"It is," she says, but her voice doesn't sound like it. "After each one of them signed, they came back to life, though. Heart, blood, eating, sleeping, everything."
Willie shakes his head. "But they should have…"
"We always thought that when they did their unfinished business, they'd… go to heaven, or whatever. But apparently crossing over, at least for them, meant crossing over back to the living."
"So Alex…"
"He's not like me," Julie frowns. "He can't see you."
"Fuck," Willie curses. There's a noise in the studio, and Willie turns around and sees Alex through the window, walking towards the driveway. "I—I gotta go," he stammers, and then he's gone from there and landing in the sand on the beach, where he had thought he and Alex would spend their time tonight.
Fuck, he thinks. All the pain the last year and a half has brought—the battle with Caleb for his soul, the fight between them all with Caleb, defeating the man who'd held him captive for years, and finally getting to be with Alex, stress free—all that pain and stress were for nothing, weren't they? Because Willie doesn't even have Alex anymore, the person who inspired him to fight back. The person who made it worth it. The person who was there to hold him after Caleb's hold on him broke will never be able to hold him again.
Not unless—
Willie's got work to do.
The next time Willie sees Alex is at the skate park, three months after it happened. Alex is leaning on the fence, staring at the bowl with sad eyes. He watches the people in the park fly up and down the ramps, and clings to the fence with a tight fist. Willie skates out of the park and passes through the fence to stand next to Alex.
"I miss you, too," he says, knowing that Alex can't hear him. "I mean, I haven't gone to Julie's studio looking for you like you're here, but. It's different when I can see you. You're living with the memory of me. I'm living with the reality of seeing you and hearing you, but not being able to interact."
Alex looks away from the skate park and towards the beach. His fingers curl tighter around the chain link fence until his knuckles turn white.
"I'm trying for you, man," Willie says, his voice high and tight. "I don't even know if I'll become human again like you did, but it's worth a shot. Even if I don't become human, at least I'll cross over and I won't have to be alone anymore. Maybe? I don't actually know where I'd go if I didn't become human again. I might still be alone. There might not be anything waiting for me. That's not as scary as having to live for an eternity without you, though. Or, not without you, but. Like this. Having you but… not really."
Alex draws in a shaky breath, and Willie poofs to his other side to get a glimpse of his face. His eyes are wet and he's chewing his bottom lip. He's doing everything he can not to cry, and that breaks Willie.
"I'm sorry," Willie whimpers. "I know I meant it way back when, when I said we never should have met, but that was because I almost got you guys killed. Once you were better, I didn't think I could ever feel that way again. But maybe I was right, even beyond that. Maybe it would be better if we'd never met. It'd be better for you." He reaches out a hand for Alex, but quickly drops it back to his side when he remembers he can't make contact anymore. He draws in a deep breath, but it hitches involuntarily. "But we did meet. We did, and now you have to live with the consequences of that. Is that what they are? Consequences? I guess so. I wish I could undo this all. Not—not you getting a second chance at life. You deserve it. But… I wish I could undo us."
Alex releases his grip on the fence and walks forward, right through Willie. Willie spins on his heel and watches Alex take a seat on a bench a few feet away. He looks up and around and finally, the tears fall from his eyes. Willie feels sick.
"No, I don't," he says in a rush. "God, I wish I wished I could undo us but I could never willingly give you up, Alex. No matter how much it hurts. Even though you're hurting I know you'll move on. That's how it works, right? God, we were only together for a little over a year, we only knew each other for a year and a half. That's hardly a lifetime love story, right? You'll find someone better—someone alive, and… and…"
And Willie can't do this anymore.
"I'm sorry," he whispers, taking in one last look at Alex's tearful face before poofing away.
The next time, he finds Alex at his grave. At Alex's grave.
See, Alex had asked him to go with him back in January. He'd needed to see what his tombstone said (Alex Mercer / December 18th 1978 – July 21st 1995 / Your song will live on forever.) and come to terms, fully, with his death. Willie had been more than happy to go with him, to hold him through his tears as he saw that his parents had actually put something dedicated to him, even if it was as small as an acknowledgment to his music. Ever since Alex crossed over, Willie has come here a few times a month to talk to the boy, because it's easier talking to a grave than it is to a person who won't respond.
When Willie reaches the grave, Alex is just standing there, staring at the headstone. He doesn't say anything, and neither does Willie. Instead, Willie looks around for another tomb with flowers on it. When he finds one, he plucks a single flower from the bouquet and walks over to Alex's grave again, and lays the flower down on the headstone.
Alex gasps. "Hello?" he murmurs. "Is… Willie?" he asks hopefully.
Willie doesn't have the heart to ignore him, so he picks the flower up again and hands it to the boy. Alex takes it reluctantly. "I miss you," Willie says, even though he knows Alex won't hear him.
"I miss you," Alex says, and Willie blinks. "God, I—I'm not even allowed to be upset about crossing over because I… I get to be with my band, and I'm, Willie, we're fucking going on tour. We're only opening, but we're touring. They think we'll be headlining our own tour in the next year or two. How am I supposed to be upset about that, right? But I—but I am. Because I have to do it without you and that's—that's not fair. That wasn't part of the deal, right? We were supposed to be fucking ghosts together. Not… God, I feel so ripped off. Julie said she could still see you, she didn't want to tell me but didn't think it was fair to keep it from me. Why can't I? Why the fuck can't I? I was a ghost and I can't see you anymore? Just because—just because I have blood in my veins again? You made me feel alive. You brought me back to life. And now I'm in this weird pseudo life phase where I'm actually alive but I feel just like I did when I came back as a ghost. Before I met you."
He shakes his head and Willie takes a step closer. He reaches out, but before he can try to lay a hand on Alex's arm, he remembers. He drops his hand.
"Reg says I'll move on, used that stupid 'you'll never forget your first ghost' line again, but that only worked when we'd known each other for two weeks. Two weeks and I was already moping over you, and then you were taken away after an entire year, after I—after I—it's not fair," Alex huffs. "I sound like such a child but it's not. Julie and Luke got their happy ending. Fuck, even Reg has someone now. Of course it probably won't last—after all it's his third relationship in five months, but. But he has that option. And I—Ray's making us go to school to finish off senior year and this kid from chemistry asked me out but—I'm not ready for that. God, I'm scared I'll never be ready for that. Luke told me to go for it, that maybe I need to be with someone to get my mind off of you, but I know that all I'll do is compare the two of you."
Tears are falling freely from Alex's eyes, and Willie wants nothing more than to reach up and brush them away, just like he did the last time they were at this grave together. He takes the flower from Alex's hand, plucks a petal off, and uses it as a towel to wipe Alex's face dry. Alex tosses his head back and laughs.
"Thank you," he says. He's quiet for a long moment, and Willie thinks he said everything that needed to be said. But then he draws in a deep breath. "I… I think one of the worst parts is that I never got to say goodbye. That I'll never get closure. Did you get as much out of our relationship as I did? Was it worth it to you? Are you hurting, too?" He pauses. His voice drops in to a whisper as he asks, "did you love me like I loved you?"
Willie frowns, and hands the flower back to Alex. Alex wraps his fingers around the stem, and toys with the petals with his other hand.
"See, I don't even know what you're trying to say, here," Alex admits. "I'm hoping you're saying yes, but maybe you're not. What if you're not even Willie, just a kind ghost who noticed I needed someone?" Willie grabs the flower out of Alex's hand, raises it up, and bonks Alex's forehead with it. "Okay, maybe not," he says, and there's a laugh in his voice, but there are tears in his eyes. He laughs then, but it comes out as a sob instead and he stumbles back. "Fuck," he says slowly.
Willie twirls the flower between his fingers and watches as Alex just… stares. He's just staring at the flower, disbelieving.
"I… God, I'm so relieved you're here, but it hurts so bad that I can't see you, you know? But—do you have it any easier? Being able to see me and hear me but knowing I can't see or hear or feel you? I feel like that'd be just as hard. I remember how helpless I felt when I was a ghost. This isn't—this isn't fair. Last year we had eternity together. And—that just gets ripped away? Do you even care—" Willie hits him with the flower again. "—okay. So you do. We both cared. So much. And… now look at us. I'm essentially talking to myself, on the verge of a panic attack, and you're… You're visiting my grave. I'm visiting my grave. Fuck this is all so fucked. I miss you."
Willie hands the flower back to Alex, hoping that he'll pick up that Willie misses him too.
Alex stares at the petals and draws in a breath. "I just wish—"
"Hey, mijo," a new voice comes in. Willie whips around to see the approaching figure, a tall, slim man with greying hair. He recognizes him as Julie's dad, and while he's never directly interacted with the man, hanging around with Alex and the band so much last year meant he could at least pick him out of a crowd. Julie's dad walks up beside Alex and looks down at the head stone. "Wow, that's really you."
Alex laughs. "Yeah. I really died. That's why I come here. To remind myself my entire experience as a ghost wasn't some weird fever dream. That it…" he looks down at the flower and holds it up to Julie's dad. "That it was all real."
"That'd be some fever dream," Julie's dad chuckles, clapping a hand on Alex's shoulder. For a moment, Willie expects the man's hand to pass right through, but when it doesn't, he cringes. Yet another reminder. "Are you ready to go, then?"
"Yeah, thanks for coming to get me. Can I just have one more minute? I'll meet you at the car?"
"Of course, mijo."
Julie's dad walks away and Alex stares at his headstone. "I miss you, Willie. I hope you run into me again," he says with a light in his voice, and Willie is taken back to their very first meeting. He reaches for the flower and takes it from Alex, bopping his face one more time. Then he passes the flower back, and Alex looks at it with wonderment on his face. "Bye," he murmurs, and then turns to walk towards the parked car waiting for him.
Willie waits until Alex slides into the passenger seat and shuts the door before drawing in a shaky breath and poofing away.
He can't stay away after that.
He knows Alex is living with Julie now (the Molinas, according to the painted stone next to their porch) so he stops by after school hours to just… see him. Alex, of course, has no idea that he's there, at least not at first. But then Willie starts to get bolder.
Alex will be sat at the dining room table doing his homework and Willie will see him answer a calculus problem wrong. When Alex walks away for a snack, Willie will take a piece of notebook paper out and redo the problem(s). When Alex gets back he looks around with a frown. He clearly isn't sure if it's Willie or not, and Willie's not sure he wants him to know, not until a few weeks in when he finds Alex crying in the studio. He's clearly on the verge of a panic attack, something that Willie'd seen many times, and helped him through multiple times. He's never felt so helpless, watching Alex breaking down and not being able to do anything.
He can, though, he realizes.
He goes into Alex's notebook and grabs a pen.
Hey, hot dog.
Alex drags in a shaky breath when the pen starts moving by itself, and once he reads the message he lets out a laugh that sounds more like a sob. "Willie," he whispers.
What can I do to help?
Alex smiles at the paper. "Nothing, you're—you being here helps."
Do you need to do breathing exercises? You can follow the pen.
"No," Alex shakes his head. "No, I'm good. Just—just talk to me?"
Can't talk. How's writing?
He rolls his eyes. "You know what I meant, asshole."
"How have you been? Where have you been? Why is this the first time you're—that you've actually contacted me?"
I've been around. I'd say correcting your calc homework counts as contacting you. It's me saying "wow you suck at math, which you've told me in the past but now I have hardcore proof."
He can't tell him that he's been trying to work out his unfinished business. He can't give Alex hope where there might not be any—not when there's no promise that Willie will figure out his unfinished business, and not when there's no promise he'll come back to life. He wants Alex to know he's trying—trying for him, but it's not fair. None of this is fair, but that'd be… really unfair to Alex. Especially if he's sitting here hoping for Willie to come back to life and one day he realizes it's been months since he's heard from Willie and Willie has no way to tell him that he's crossed over, but not to the living. It's all… it's too complicated. Willie doesn't even think he'd be able to put it into words.
"Hey, I've been doing pretty good in calc!" Alex yells. "I have a B, thanks."
"Thanks." You're welcome. I'm the reason you have a B.
Alex opens his mouth, then shuts it. "You know, you're probably right. You working out those problems is actually really helpful and helps me understand what I did wrong."
I've always needed to see someone do the math before I got it, maybe you're the same.
"Probably." Alex sighs, running his hands through his hair. He's stopped crying, but his face is still red and puffy, and his breathing is still labored. "How have you been though? I… you can see me, I can't see you. Are you okay?"
I miss you, but that's to be expected.  Life  Death has been a lot lately. I'm  surviving  okay though.
"Is there anything I can do for you?" Alex asks, voice genuine. Willie bites his lip. God, he—this is why he fell in love with this boy. Even on the verge of a panic attack he wants to help someone else.
No. You being here helps.
"Hey, that's my line."
I'm stealing it.
Alex laughs, and his breath evens out a little bit. "Should have known, you can't be as smooth as me."
I'm sorry, who had the gay panic when we met? And every time we saw each other for literally the next four months? Who RAN AWAY after kissing me? You want to talk about smooth?
"Those were very weak moments in my life, I ask you to forget everything before we started dating and only remember me as charming."
Oh, trust me, the gay panic was very charming, too.
"See, maybe it was all a ploy. My gay panic was me being smooth."
I wouldn't take it that far.
"Too late you already admitted it."
Willie laughs and reaches for Alex's hand, forgetting for just a moment. It passes through the other boy and he grimaces. He draws his hand back and tucks his hair behind his ear, and stares at the paper in front of him.
So what's it like recording an album? Everything you ever dreamed of?
"Oh, man, it's so cool," Alex gushes. Words fly out his mouth so fast that Willie struggles to keep up, but he just lets Alex's voice wash over him. The switch has been flipped—Alex is no longer panicking, and Willie's loneliness has ebbed.
It carries on like this for nearly an hour, Willie fills up two and a half sheets of paper, and Alex is careful to fold each one and stick it in his pocket. Willie knows he'll be storing them somewhere in his room. It's what Willie would do, anyways, and in certain regards, Alex and Willie are very similar. He's careful not to reveal too much to Alex, though. He doesn't want Alex to feel guilty, or to cling to hope, or…
He doesn't want to tell Alex he loves him on a sheet of paper. He can't do that to either of them—that'd be giving Alex too much to cling to, and it'd be taking away Willie's dream of telling him face to face. So when it's time for them to say goodbye (Alex looks at the clock, frowning. "The band is gonna be here in ten minutes for practice.") Willie simply scribbles down I'll see you around, hot dog. Alex's face goes soft, and Willie can't stop staring at it.
He wishes he could stay for band practice, but he can't face Julie. He can't, not when it'd break him to be able to talk with her and not the one person he really wants to talk to. He also thinks it might be too hard on Alex, to see Julie see Willie, and know that he can't. It'd be too hard on both of them, so once Alex says goodbye, he poofs away. He ends up on the streets of Hollywood and looks around. He sets his skateboard on the ground and skates off, aimlessly.
He has nowhere to go, nowhere to be.
Willie keeps correcting his calc homework, but now Alex knows who it is and starts thanking him. They have a few more half-written, half-spoken conversations over the next few months, but Willie tries to limit them so Alex doesn't get too attached.
(He laughs as he thinks that, understanding that Alex has always been attached, and interacting with him is only encouraging that. But Willie can't stay away, okay?)
He sees Luke and Reggie some, after all, the boys spend a lot of time in the studio together, especially when Julie is hanging out with Flynn. Willie never talks to Alex at these times, but sometimes he'll speak out loud, answer parts of the conversation that the guys are having, even though he knows they can't hear him.
(Yeah, okay, he's dangerously attached, too.)
He avoids Julie at all costs, he doesn't want her to know, and he knows Alex hasn't told any of them because Alex has said he hasn't told any of them, so. Willie believes him and knows why. Because Alex knows Julie would ask Willie to let Alex move on, and… honestly, neither Alex or Willie are ready for that.
"Technically you're still my boyfriend," Alex says one day. "We never broke up."
It's almost our two year anniversary.
"Yeah," Alex nods. "Two more months. God, it's been nine months without you?"
Not technically without me. I've been around a lot.
"It's been nine months since I last saw you," he amends. He rubs his eyes. "That's too damn long."
It's been nine months since I've held your hand. :(
Alex shakes his head. "I always felt bad for Julie and Luke, but… I never… it never clicked how hard it must have been before she could touch us. At least she could see and talk to us, though. Why can't I have her powers?"
Would her powers really be worth it? Because I can tell you that it SUCKS being able to see you but not being able to touch you. It's torture.
"Maybe you only say that because you've never had to sit alone talking to a piece of notebook paper before," Alex shoots back, but he's smiling.
He's been doing that a lot lately. Smiling. Willie knows it's because of him—he knows Alex and it's not hard to put two and two together. It's hard to miss the way Alex physically brightens every time he knows Willie is there, and the way he reaches for calculus homework before anything else, and leaves his calculus out sitting next to him when he's working on all of his other homework, as if calling for Willie. It works, too, most of the time. When Willie's not out trying to resolve his unfinished business, he's around the Molina household, avoiding Julie.
That had created an issue—Alex quickly realized that Willie disappeared whenever Julie came around, so he stopped hanging around Julie as much. Julie had tried apologizing for "whatever I did, Alex, I'm so sorry." Alex had to patiently tell her that it was nothing—he was just dealing with some personal problems and he ran away from the guys, too. She had tried to offer help, but he said he dealt better with problems on his own, which Willie laughed at when Alex recounted the conversation because Alex was helpless dealing with his issues alone. He told him as much and Alex flipped off the air in front of him.
This piece of notebook paper is offended. What's so bad about talking to notebook paper?
"I can't kiss a sheet of notebook paper," Alex points out. "Well—technically I could. Don't think it'd measure up to kissing my boyfriend, though."
Willie grins. It's impossible, and he knows he can't let it go on like this for much longer—it's been nine months of trying to figure out his unfinished business and he feels no closer than when he started—but it feels so good to be Alex's boyfriend still. He puts the pen to the piece of paper, and then picks it back up because—no. He still can't tell Alex he loves him. He's planning to leave Alex a note once it hits a year, telling him goodbye and asking him to move on. He'll be doubling his efforts to try and solve his unfinished business in the mean time, but he thinks—how cruel would it be to leave Alex with the knowledge that he lost someone who loved him, too? Because Alex has said he loved Willie—back Alex's grave he had asked if Willie loved him too and.
You wouldn't be able to kiss air, either.
"I could certainly try."
Willie shakes his head fondly, and then hears the studio door open. Alex lunges forward and grabs the pen out of the air, but it's pointless because when Willie turns around, it's Julie standing there. Her eyes are wide and her jaw is dropped.
"Hey, Julie," Alex greets. "What're you doing?"
"I left a song out here that I wanted to show Flynn," she says. "What are you doing?" She aims her voice like she's talking to Alex, but she's staring at Willie.
"Homework," Alex answers.
"Really?" she quirks an eyebrow.
"What else would I be doing?"
"I don't know, care to tell me?" This time, it's one hundred percent directed at Willie, and he flinches.
Alex frowns, still playing the part. "I don't—"
"Not you," Julie cuts Alex off.
"Julie…" Alex sighs. "Just leave him be."
"Can I talk to you outside?" There's no question who she's talking to.
Willie gets to his feet and walks out the door. Alex glares at her from where he's sitting on the couch, and flops back on to the cushions, crossing his arms in a pout.
Julie turns around and marches out to the driveway and whirls on Willie when he gets out there. "This isn't fair to him."
"None of this is fair, Julie," Willie says. "We're dealing the only way we know how."
"He—he said he was moving on. He said he was doing better!"
"He… technically is doing better," Willie says. "Maybe not moving on, but—"
"Willie, you need to let him go," Julie frowns.
"That's not your choice to make," Alex's voice comes from the studio doors. He pushes the door open and steps out. "I get you want to help, but leaving me and Willie be would be the best thing you could do to help."
"Alex…" Julie whispers. "It's not fair to you."
"You think I don't know that? You think the fact that Willie is dead and I'm alive has escaped my notice? Because it hasn't. I have to talk to a sheet of notebook paper to have a conversation with him. I have to guess when he'll appear, and hope each day that he will. I don't get to see him smile, or look at me, and I can't hold his hand, and I can't feel him against me. But despite that, I'm happy with him. Isn't that what you should be focusing on?"
Julie sucks in a breath. "Alex—"
"Julie," Alex cuts her off. "I understand where you're coming from. The amount of times I told Luke falling for you was a horrible decision, but he reminded me it wasn't a decision. You can't pick and choose who you love, and… I'm willing to go through this for Willie, okay? You can't protect me from everything, and I'd never ask you to. I am asking you to leave this be."
She looks away from Alex, and turns to Willie. "Are you really okay with how this is going?"
"I… For now," Willie answers. "I've been trying to figure out my unfinished business to see if I'll come back to life, too. It's all I've been doing when I'm not with Alex for the last nine months. If I can't figure it out within the year since Alex came back to life I am going to stop this, okay Julie? I don't want him to hurt. I'll tell him to move on, I'll tell him that I can't do it anymore, but until then, I want to be there for him. These may be our last months together," Willie whispers. "Please don't take that from us."
Julie sighs, long and loud, but her shoulders drop. "Fine," she says, throwing her hands up. "Whatever. I—I just don't want you guys hurting."
"If you think Willie being here hurts me, clearly you don't remember you and Luke in the early days."
"I do, though. I remember how much it sucked when I reached out and my hand went right through him. I remember thinking that we could never be together—even once I could touch you guys, it still… sucked. Alex, I do remember the early days, and that's why I just… I just don't want you hurting. And… falling in love with a ghost when you're human… it hurts."
"But it's also worth it," Alex reminds her. "You turned down Nick, even when you couldn't touch Luke. Because you knew it was worth it. Even thinking you were going to lose Luke, you still chose him. And I'm choosing Willie, even though I know I could lose him. Even though it sucks that he's a ghost. Willie is worth it."
Julie looks at Willie. "Is this worth it?"
Willie nods. "I might have to say goodbye soon, but it's not like we're making bad memories. Alex and I won't live to regret the time we had together if this doesn't work out. And it might take us time to move on, but this will never not be worth it."
Julie narrows her eyes. "Does he know?"
"Know? About the unfinished business?" Willie asks. "No. I don't want to get his hopes up."
"Good. Keep it that way."
"Keep what, what way?" Alex demands, looking between Julie and the space of air she's looking at.
"Something I can't tell you," Julie says, still looking at Willie. "Willie wants to keep it quiet, too. Hopefully I can tell you one day, but until that day comes, it's mine and Willie's secret. It's for the better."
"Didn't we just decide you don't know what's best for me?" Alex huffs.
"Not in this case," Willie says.
"Willie says 'not in this case,'" Julie translates. "Just… be careful both of you, alright? You know I love you both, right?"
Alex leans back against the studio door and crosses his arms, frowning. "I know, Jules. I love you, too. And I appreciate your thoughts and wanting me to be okay, but, really. We're fine."
"Yeah," Willie says. "If I can't figure out my unfinished business I'll stop by and say goodbye to you, too."
"Alright," Julie nods. "Let me just grab that song and then you two can get back to your… date."
Willie smiles at her. He can feel on his face that it's not a full smile, that it's sad, and that it's not reaching his eyes, but… he is sad. Vocalizing his plan, to Julie no less, has made it permanent. He really only has three months to figure out his unfinished business.
It doesn't feel like enough time. Looking back to Alex, he knows it's not.
He'll never be ready to say goodbye.
His time is up.
It's been an entire year, almost to the day (he gave himself one extra week) since Alex came back to life, and Willie is here to leave Alex. He's kneeling next to where Alex is sleeping on the studio's couch, looking so relaxed and content, and Willie… he's glad he prepared beforehand. He pulls the piece of notebook paper out of his pocked and places it on the table, Alex's name in bold pen on the top.
He wrote his note before he came to see Alex, knowing that he won't have the courage to write it down when he's looking at the other boy. Especially not if Alex is watching him. No, that's… he could never do that, not when he could see the look on Alex's face. So, the idea is, in and out, leave the note somewhere for Alex to find, and never look back.
The last part is going to be the hardest.
However, he's promised himself that he won't go looking for Alex or the others anymore. Not after tonight. He's letting Alex move on, but he needs to let himself move on, too. Alex will find someone else to love, and Willie… if nothing else, he should give himself the chance to find someone else to love. Not that he'll ever really feel confident again, knowing that one of them could cross over at any minute, leaving him just as heartbroken as he is now. But… it was worth it with Alex. He can't imagine how it ever wouldn't be worth it, even as he has to say goodbye now. Alex will always be worth it, and he can't be sorry for holding on as long as he did. The time he got to spend with him has given him enough courage to say goodbye… just… there's one more thing he wants to say, that he couldn't say in his note.
"I love you," Willie whispers, reaching down to stroke Alex's hair, but freezing before he could. He's not in the right mindset to have his hand pass through Alex, not again, not right now, when he feels the cramping in his chest from the pain of this moment. Not when it's been over a year and he still hasn't figured out his unfinished business. Not when he doesn't think he ever will. There's so much he's tried, so much he's done, and he's not sure what more there is to do. He's held on to this for far too long, and he thinks it's time to let go. He doesn't want his last memory of Alex to be his hand disappearing through the boy's body. "I'm so sorry I couldn't do better for you."
There's a clench in his stomach as he thinks about all he's gone through this past year. Practicing all the moves he wanted to perfect before he died. Returning to his childhood home and making connections with his family, apologizing for leaving them, apologizing for not being a better son. Visiting his older sister who ran away when he was younger. Tracking down the person who killed him from all of the newspaper articles and forgiving them. Going to his college and sitting in on all of the classes that he skipped out on when he was a student. Going back to Caleb's club and apologizing to all those he led there. Visiting the graves of all of his family members that he never got to say goodbye to. Visiting his grave and forgiving himself for his mistake.
Yet here he stands, still a ghost.
Truthfully, he didn't care if he crossed over to the living or crossed over to heaven. He just… didn't want to be here anymore. In this limbo between the living and the dead. Skating the streets of Hollywood was fun, but with Caleb gone, with the Ghost Club in his past, with Alex living… skating was all he had, and it wasn't enough to hold him to this… "life" that he was living. He just wanted it to be over—he just wanted to move on. He doesn't care what that means anymore. Just… not like this. Not this. He can't be stuck like this for eternity. He can't.
He shoves himself to his feet in a rush and walks to the door, forcing himself to not look back. It's time to move on—time to let Alex move on. Like Alex says, it's not fair, and Willie's just making it harder on both of them. If he hasn't figured out his unfinished business by now, he's not going to. Maybe he already missed his opportunity, maybe it's something that's waiting for him in the future, maybe it's—
Willie looks up from where he landed on the floor, and sends a glare at the door. There's a noise from up in the loft and Reggie's laugh sounds through the studio. "Dude, did you just walk into the door? I know you can do dumb things when you just wake up, but come on."
Willie looks up at the loft and blinks.
He walked into the door.
"Reggie?" he calls tentatively.
The boy pops his head out of the fence in the loft, jaw dropped. "Willie?"
"You can—you can see me?" Willie breathes, turning around on the floor and looking between Alex and Reggie. Thing one: he couldn't walk through the door. Thing two: Reggie could hear him walk into the door. Thing three: Reggie could see him.
"Alex!" Reggie screeches, throwing a box of picks down from the loft and at the couch. "Alex!"
Alex flinches when the box of picks lands right next to his head and groans. "Dude, what the fuck?" he asks, picking up the box and looking at it. "Why the fuck?"
"I'm sorry, but you're going to love me in a second because sit your butt up and look at the door."
"What are you talking about?" Alex demands as he sits up and rubs at his eyes. He looks up at the loft first, but Reggie's head peaking down at the door must interest him, because Willie looks away from Reggie at the same time Alex does, and their eyes meet. "Willie?" he whispers.
"Alex," he breathes out with a laugh. Alex is up and off the couch and striding towards him in one motion, dropping next to him with a loud thud of his knees hitting the concrete. Willie reaches towards him cautiously. He curls a hand around Alex's face, tracing his cheekbone with his thumb and laughs. "Oh my god."
Alex lunges forward and tackles Willie into a hug, holding him tight as they both start to cry.
"Hold on, hold on!" Reggie wails, footsteps thundering as he rushes down the loft stairs. "Remember, I can't poof out anymore, and I don't want to see what's going to happen next, just give me a minute to—okay, carry on," he finishes, and then the studio door clicks shut and Alex crashes his mouth to Willie's with no hesitance.
Willie gasps, and takes a moment to adjust to the feeling of Alex's mouth on his again, but after a moment, he pushes back into Alex and gives back as good as he's getting. It's easy to fall back into this, really. It's not like Willie forgot how Alex kisses, and he highly doubts Alex has forgotten how Willie kisses, so it's easy for the two of them to give and take, to push and pull. There's no learning involved, just coming home.
Alex's breath hitches and he pulls away quickly, shoving his face into Willie's neck. "Oh my god," Willie hears him whisper. "Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit. Please tell me I'm not dreaming?" he begs.
"You're not dreaming," Willie grins, holding Alex tighter.
"Yeah, but that's something dream you would say," Alex says, pulling away from Willie's neck and looking into his eyes. Alex's eyes are red and the area around them is swelling, and Willie swears he's never looked more beautiful. He lifts a hand and cups Alex's face. "Punch me."
"Wh—babe, no," he laughs, wiping the tears from Alex's face. "Punch yourself."
He's not expecting Alex to pull back and smash his fist into his forearm. "That wasn't hard enough, you've gotta—wait. My knees. The concrete hurt them. Can you dream pain? Is that a thing? Oh my god, I don't know enough about dreams, I—"
"Alex," Willie murmurs, leaning forward. "You're not dreaming. You've always trusted me, yeah? Trust me now." He presses his lips gently to Alex's, and feels Alex's lips quirk up in a smile.
He pulls back. "If I wake up from this you're so dead."
"Well, technically, if this was a dream, you'd be completely right. But right now I'm so alive." Willie pauses. "I think? I couldn't walk through the door and now you guys can see me and touch me and—"
Alex cuts him off with a kiss. After a few seconds he releases Willie's lips and sits back and closes a hand around Willie's wrist, pressing two fingers to where Willie's pulse point would be. Alex stares at his hand in amazement, and another smile spreads on his face. "You're alive."
"I am?" he asks, breathless.
"Yes, dude. What was? What was your unfinished business?"
"I don't—I don't know. The last thing I did was visit you. I've been trying to figure it out for the last year but nothing worked. Then… Wait."
Willie feels blood rush to his face and wow isn't that a feeling. But, no. Not the point right now. He twists his wrist in Alex's hold and slips his hand down to hold Alex's. "The last thing I did was, um, tell you I love you."
"Falling in love was your unfinished business?"
"No," Willie shakes his head. "Otherwise I would have come back like, two years ago. Unless—did I really have to say it?"
"Unfinished business is weird, we were technically signed with Destiny Management for two months before we actually signed the papers, but I didn't actually come back until I signed the legit contract," Alex explains. He smiles at Willie, and then his expression drops. "Wait. You're in love with me?"
Willie feels his face soften. "I've been in love with you."
"Was it—was it you at my grave? A few months ago I—I know I could have asked you when you started writing to me but I was so scared—"
"It was me," Willie nods. "I can't believe you tried to suggest I didn't care—"
"I didn't—I couldn't—I just—everything sucked, I was doubting everything and the further I got away from you the more I was convinced that you didn't feel the same. I mean, you hadn't come to visit once—"
"I saw you at the skate park before that." He squeezes Alex hand. He lifts up their entwined fingers and presses a kiss to the back of Alex's hand. "You looked… you were so sad, and it hurt so much to talk to you. At first I thought it was better for both of us if I didn't… encourage it. I lost that plan, though. I was trying to figure out my unfinished business but I just wanted you to be happy."
"You make me happy."
Willie grins. "You make me happy too, hot dog."
Alex blushes and goes back to hiding his face in Willie's shoulder.
"Hey, have you tried hot dogs since you came back to life?"
"No," Alex laughs, then moves his head up to press a kiss to Willie's collarbone. He leans back, away from Willie's body so he can look him in the eyes. "I don't think I ever will."
"Yeah, well I'm stopping at every cross walk, even if the walk sign is on," Willie says. "What kills you makes you reevaluate your life choices."
"What kills you makes you smarter," Alex grins.
"Then why did you need me to help you pass calculus?" Willie teases.
Alex rolls his eyes and shoves at Willie, who reaches forward to grab Alex's bicep to stabilize him. "What are you doing here, man? You haven't been here in almost a month. I've been waiting for you."
Willie bites his lip and looks at the ground. "I was here to say goodbye. I gave myself one year to figure out my unfinished business and then I'd let us both move on. That—that's what I told Julie that night. That's what you couldn't know."
Alex breathes out, staring at Willie without blinking. His eyes start filling with tears and he lets out a mirthless laugh. "Well thank fuck you decided to tell me you loved me."
"Yeah," Willie nods. "Thank fuck."
They walk into the Molina household hand in hand, Alex murmuring things along the way, and Willie just listening, but mostly reveling in the feel of Alex's hand in his again.
"Ah, mijo!" Julie's dad exclaims happily. "Just in time, I was about to send Reggie out—who's this?"
Alex shifts, squeezes Willie's hand, and draws in a breath. "Ray, this is Willie. He's—do you remember how we told you I was dating a ghost before I came back to life?"
Ray (apparently) nods. "I do."
"This is him."
Ray's eyes narrow. "He came back to life, too?"
"He did. And he doesn't have anywhere to go right now, could he stay, at least in the studio? We'll find his family soon, but—"
"Alex," Ray cuts the boy off. "Of course." He looks to Willie. "Do you like tacos?"
Willie nods slowly. "Yes, sir."
Ray shakes his head. "None of that 'sir' stuff, Willie. Just Ray works. Let me go find another chair, and you can join us for dinner, bueno?"
"I—thank you," Willie says, genuinely taken aback by Ray's openness.
"Alright, the rest of the family is in the dining room, why don't you two go join them, I'm just going to grab a chair out of my office," he tells them, and then disappears around the corner.
Alex squeezes Willie's hand and smiles down at him. "Ready?"
Willie laughs. "For what?"
Alex grins and walks forward, tugging Willie along behind him. They walk through the kitchen and Willie can see the entire group as they make their way to the table—Julie's little brother (Carlos, he thinks) is sitting at the head of the table, talking rapidly with Reggie, who is sitting with his back to Willie and Alex. Julie's friend (Flynn, he's sure of that one) is sitting next to Reggie and he can tell from her posture that she's bent over her phone. Beside her, there's an open chair squeezed into the small space which Willie assumes is meant for Alex. Across the table, with their heads ducked together and talking in quiet tones are Julie and Luke, completely unaware to their presence. At least until Alex clears his throat.
Everyone looks at them, then. Reggie and Flynn turn in their seats, and Julie and Luke look up, confused. Carlos stares at Willie with a calculating look, and—
"Oh my god!" Julie screeches, shoving out of her chair so fast that she knocks it back into the window. She runs around the table and into the kitchen before launching herself at Willie. "You did it!"
Willie laughs but once Alex drops his hand, he holds on to her tightly. Despite being able to interact with her face to face for the last two and a half years, he's never got to touch her. She became one of his closest friends, but he'd never been able to give her a hug, and they're both tactile people. The entire group is, really. So he squeezes her tighter and breathes in her scent and savors in the feeling of being hugged by her. "I did," he says into her hair. "Thank you for giving me the chance."
"Of course," she says as she pulls away, but her hands don't leave him, just slide down to hold on to his forearms. "What was it?"
Alex grins from next to Willie and leans in to Julie's view. "He had to tell me he loved me."
"It took you guys two years to say I love you?" Luke says, and Willie notices him standing a few feet behind Julie. "Dude—"
"Not all of us say 'I love you' after the first date, Luke," Alex shoots back.
"But two years?"
"We were separated for one of those."
"But two years?"
"Leave them be," Julie tells him, finally dropping Willie's arms and spinning around to face her boyfriend. "It still took you months to work up the courage to ask me out. Willie asked Alex out as soon as he was free from Caleb." Willie wants to tell her that Alex had actually kissed him and ran away before Willie asked the boy out, but with a glance at Alex, who was glaring at him knowingly, he decides to save the story for another time. "At least they've got that sorted out."
Luke rolls his eyes and steps around Julie to clap a hand into Willie's. He bumps their shoulders together and grins, a trademark lopsided Luke grin. "I'm glad to see you, man."
"Me too!" Reggie cries from in back of the group. "Sorry I ran out of the studio on you guys, but I didn't—"
"You knew?" Julie gasps.
"Well, yeah? Why'd you think I ran in from the studio?"
"Considering you grabbed food, we thought you wanted a snack," Flynn says, and Reggie looks like he's considering her words before he shrugs. She turns to Willie. "I'm Flynn. Nice to meet you. I've heard a lot about you."
"Same," Willie says, leaning forward to shake her hand. "We've technically met, but you never got to see me."
"So you were a ghost, too?" Carlos calls from where he's still sitting at the dining room table. Ray is sitting at the other end now, too, having squeezed in another chair on the side where Julie and Luke had been sitting. It was a wheelie computer chair and as soon as Flynn saw it she dove for it with a cry of 'dibs,' sending her and the chair flying back into the wall.
"I was," Willie confirms, following the rest of the group as they make their way back to the dining room.
"Cool," Carlos breathes.
"Yeah, super cool," Julie rolls her eyes, ruffling her brother's hair. "Dying is so cool."
"Hey, he's alive again," Carlos shoots back. "So I can say it's cool."
"Can't argue that logic," Reggie grins.
"I also agree it's cool," Alex says, and sends Willie a soft smile.
"Yeah, yeah, we know, you're happy to have your boyfriend back," Flynn waves her hand through the air as she scooches back to the table. "But can we get to the tacos now?"
"I hope you like tacos," Luke says, reaching for a hard shell with one hand and the taco meat with the other. "Because they're gonna be your first taste of food in—wait, when did you die?"
"Seven, eight years ago. 2015."
"How old are you?" Julie asks.
"With or without the ghost years?"
"Without. That's what's going on your birth certificate."
"I was a month shy of turning twenty. I was born a month before you three," he says, nodding at each of the boys individually, "died in '95."
"It's a good thing we died, then," Alex says, waiting patiently for the rest of the table to make their tacos before he makes his own. "Never would have met you, otherwise. Or if I did…"
"We don't think about that," Luke says. "Otherwise we have to talk about how much older I am that Julie and that—that doesn't work."
"How much older than Julie are you?" Carlos asks.
Luke turns a mock glare on the kid. "Did you not hear what I just said? We don't think about that."
Reggie leans towards Carlos and stage whispers, "twenty six years."
Carlos looks absolutely gleeful. "Ha! Dad, did you know that?"
Ray sighs. "I did, Carlos. Eat your food."
"You're old," Carlos hisses at Luke.
"You're a child," Luke taunts back. Even through their tones, Willie can tell this group is a family. Luke is Carlos' older sister's boyfriend, yes, but his role as a pseudo brother to Carlos is just as important as his role as Julie's boyfriend. Reggie clearly adores the kid and Willie's sure their relationship is even closer than that of Carlos and Luke's. He looks at Alex, who is looking down the table at Carlos with fond eyes, and realizes that even Alex is this kid's brother. Alex is Julie's brother. He's Ray's son. He's not just living here, he's a piece of this family, and Willie is at a meet the family dinner, even if he already knew more than half of them. His eyes flick to Ray and suddenly he wants to make a good impression.
Alex must be able to feel him tense up, so he reaches over and lays a hand on Willie's thigh. He leans in. "What's wrong?"
Willie looks at him, looks around the table again, and settles on Ray again, who is giving him a look that's nearly as concerned as the one on Alex's face.
It's been ten minutes and he thinks he's a part of this family, too.
He smiles at Ray, who returns it, and then Willie turns to Alex. "Nothing. I'm good. But hey, I love you."
Alex smiles. He presses a kiss to Willie's cheek. "I love you, too."
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Everybody Talks ~ Iwaizumi Hajime (Haikyuu) pt 2
requested by: --
a/n: holy shit— i had to break this one shot into three parts?!?
ugh, this is why i prefer wattpad and quotev bruuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh
you gremlins better enjoy this
Tumblr media
part one | part two | part three
"Hey sugar show me all your love?
All you're giving me is friction,"
It had been already a week and a half and his soulmate finally stopped listening to the song like it was god or something. Well, his soulmate never fully stopped as his soulmate seemed to play on it occasionally from time to time but it wasn't like earlier in the week where Hajime could barely sleep or focus on anything since the song was blasting on his ears in full volume.
Hajime was thankful that his soulmate finally regained their sanity back to not blast the song on a loop twenty-four seven like a maniac.
Still though, instead of the song "Everybody Talks" by Neon Trees on loop, it was replaced by an instrumental of the said song. Not really much of a change but hey, it was more bearable with out the singer singing the lyrics so loud Hajime was sure he'll go deaf.
And yes, Hajime knows the name of the song and the band. How can he not be though when he had been hearing this one particular song again and again for a week and a half. It seemed like his soulmate changed their taste again. More or less. It was a common occurrence as the dark haired male seemed to noticed that his soulmate enjoyed listening to music a lot.
Hajime liked to think his soulmate was perhaps an aspiring musician as the dark haired male sometimes hear some songs he never heard of, even if he searched it in online as best as he could.
"Hey sugar what you gotta say?
It started with a whisper!"
Snapping out of his thoughts. Hajime sighed again when he heard the familiar song... again. It seemed like his soulmate was listening to the song again. Actually, his soulmate had been listening for it for awhile now but had had the volume down that the dark haired male could easily tune it out. But it seemed like his soulmate was trying to have their eardrums bursting again.
"And that was when I kissed her!
And then she made my lips hurt!"
Shaking his head, Hajime reminded himself to focus. Currently, he had been asked by a teacher of his to deliver a box. Having nothing to do as Mondays he doesn't have any volleyball practice, Hajime agreed to take the box towards the light music club.
"I could hear the chit chat!
Take me to your love shack!"
The dark haired male had a bit trouble locating the club room of the light music club though. Hajime wasn't one to be interested in other extra curricular activities and other clubs as he was busy with his own club to manage. Being the vice captain of the volleyball club full of raging testosterone and hormonal boys, and having to deal with their bullshit was enough already. Hell, he even had to deal with Oikawa Tōru and that guy was the president! You could tell the stress the dark haired male had to deal with every single day.
"Mamas always gotta back track!
When everybody talks back!"
Hajime shakes his head again as he turned his attention the the box on his hands. The box wasn't that huge nor heavy. Maybe a bit heavy and the dark haired male assumed it was some music instrument or some sheets of music notes. Either way, he has to be careful since who know what was inside and how he'll be in trouble if he messed whatever is inside the box.
"Everybody talks, everybody talks,
Everybody talks, everybody talks,
Everybody talks, everybody talks back!"
Shifting his gaze from the box to the doors he was passing by. Hajime made sure to read the signs of the door to find the light music club he had to deliver the box too.
"It started with a whisper!
And that was when I kissed her!
Everybody talks, everybody talks back!"
It took awhile for the dark haired male the light music club room. Turns out the club room of the light music club was on the third floor, the third to the last room of the end of the building. Looking at the door of the room, it was the same as the rest of the doors of the rooms in the school. The only thing new about it was the sign on top of the door said "LIGHT MUSIC CLUB" in a very neat, bolded writing. Hajime almost passed the room for a second as everything was the same if he wasn't looking for it.
Sighing, the dark haired male noticed his soulmate was rather quite. They had been for awhile and Hajime didn't know whether to be overjoyed or not. He had noticed that his soulmate was also going silent for awhile and would normally just listen to music late at night or around the end of classes. Maybe sometimes listening in classes but mostly skipped unlike what they used to.
This really made Hajime curious on why the change of schedule his soulmate is currently doing as his soulmate was relentless and would always jam out to their song. But right now, Hajime should focusing on the task at hand. Going back to reality and cursing his soulmate— even when they are not annoying him with their music blasting in full volume inside his mind, Hajime is still getting distracted by them. Cute but also, how annoying.
Looking at the door again then at the box in his hand. Hajime breathed in and out. He did not know why but oddly enough, he felt a bit nervous. Maybe he was just stressed out? Perhaps. The dark haired male really doesn't have a single clue.
The dark haired male decided to just get this over with. Swallowing the anxiety that just appeared out of nowhere, Hajime was about to knock on the door when the familiar song came inside his mind again, but this time... more louder...?
"Hey baby won't you look my way?
I can be your new addiction."
"What the hell...?" Hajime muttered, confused and bewildered. The dark haired male swore he was hallucinating the song his soulmate was playing all the time. He had to be right or perhaps he was having auditory problems? Maybe he finally lost it with his soulmate's non-stop jamming to the song that it made him finally gone insane.
"Hey baby what you gotta say?
All you're giving me is fiction."
It took a second or two for Hajime to realized he wasn't going insane for listening on a song for almost a week and a half non-stop. No, the dark haired male realized the song wasn't only playing inside his mind, but also somewhere in front of him. And Hajime looked at the door in front of him, he knows the sound was coming inside the light music club room.
"I'm a sorry sucker and this happens all the time,
I found out that everybody talks,
Everybody talks, everybody talks—"
The dark haired male didn't know what had came over him or what had possessed him to do such a thing, but he, Iwaizumi Hajime grabbed the handle of the door and hastily opened it.
"It started with a whisper!
And that was when I kissed her!
And then she made my lips hurt!"
The room had a cozy feel to it. It was like any room of the building in size but it had its own personality than the other rooms aswell. The window were covered with thick, black colored curtains that were shut tight at the moment. The walls were painted darker shade than the other room, a color of maroon.
Inside the room were chairs and some table on the side and most important of all, many different instrument raging from percussion to stringed and woodwinds instruments. There are mic stands and even a small podium inside the room. But Hajime wasn't focused on the room though. No, he was more focused on the person inside the room.
Inside the club room of the light music club was a lone male. This was [Last name] [Name]. Hajime only knew him because the male was the president of the light music club and had classes with his chocolate brown haired best friend.
[Name] had [Hair color] hair that was rather messy and wild looking and had its tips bleached white. [Skin color] skin that maybe held some imperfections that Hajime couldn't tell from the distance the two were in but the dark haired male noticed the [Hair color] haired male was wearing the Aoba Johsai school uniform.
Well, of course he was. [Name] was a student of the school after all, but the [Hair color] haired student seemed to had his white jacket discarded and put on a chair that was inside the room along with his bag. [Name] was standing in the small podium in the center of the room, two large speakers beside him that was blasting the rifts of the bass guitar that he was playing in his hands.
[Name] was wearing white headphones over his ears and had his eyes closed as he sang onto the microphone in front of his. His eyes closed, clueless to his own surroundings and was only lost to the music he was listening and singing too.
"I could hear the chit chat!
Take me to your love shack!"
Hajime felt his heart beating so fast inside his ribcage. He swore his heart would escape as he stood on the doorway of the room, frozen and gaping like a fish out of the water as his eyes widened in shock.
"Mamas always gotta back track!
When everybody talks back!"
Was this real? This had to be a joke, right?
Holy shit. His soulmate— his fucking soulmate wasn't farther away than he had thought. His soulmate was [Last name] [Name], the president of the light music club and they were only a few steps away from each other. Not the miles and miles apart Hajime had admitted to himself a long time ago.
"Hey honey you could be my drug?
You could be my new prescription."
Was this the reason he had been hearing the song "Everybody Talks" for a week and a half now? Because his soulmate was truly an aspiring musician?
"Too much could be an overdose!
All this trash talk make me itchin'!"
It seemed like Hajime wasn't wrong about his thoughts on his soulmate enjoying music because they had a passion for it. His soulmate, [Name], was literally the president of a club dedicated to music making!
"Oh my, my,
Everybody talks, everybody talks,
Everybody talks, too much..."
As Hajime continuously stood there like a statue, the [Hair color] haired male finally noticed him when he had opened his eyes to see the dark haired male.
"It started with a whisper..." [Name] softly sang as he then stopped strumming the bass guitar on his hands and took his headphones off his ears. Instead, he let the white headphones hang loosely on his neck as he jumped of the mini podium and went towards the frozen male.
"Uh, hey?" [Name] awkwardly greeted Hajime as he stood in front of the dark haired male. "Do you need something?" The [Hair color] haired male asked as he looked at the volleyball player up and down.
[Name] knew who this was. This was the infamous ace of the males volleyball club of Aoba Johsai. The pride and joy of the school, the volleyball club was. Iwaizumi Hajime may not be popular like Oikawa Tōru (who he share homeroom with) like the rest of the other members of the club, but the dark haired ace still garnered recognition from others. He was, after all, the ace of the sport.
Now this brings the question on why the ace of the volleyball club was in his club's doorstep. Normally, no one comes into the light music club except members (who already went home as everyone Mondays are no club time for them) or close friends of the said members to watch them goof off and perform. And [Name] was pretty sure that Hajime wasn't a close friend of his members as he prided himself to actually known his fellow members in the light music club. After all, what kind a president would he be if wasn't close with his members and his members friends?
So, if it isn't any if those two, this leads to only one conclusion.
Snapping his fingers in a "hurrah" moment. The [Hair color] haired male did not paid mind on Hajime flinching a bit on the snap of his fingers as he sent the dark haired ace an apologetic grin.
"If you're here because of how loud I'm playing again, I promise I'll keep it down!" [Name] had awkwardly said as he grinned. This wasn't the first time people actually visited the club to complain how loud they were playing, or more specifically, how he was playing. [Name] was a passionate guy and it his passion also shows in his playing. And so, he sometimes gets too into his music.
"So, uhhh, don't worry!" The [Hair color] haired male chuckled but his relief was immediately washed away and was replaced with confusion when he saw the dark haired male shakes his head and avoided eye contact with him. Did he do something wrong?
"No, that's not it," Hajime had said as he awkwardly coughed and avoided looking at [Name] in his [Eye color] eyes. Why was he feeling embarrassed again? He wasn't the one getting caught singing their heart out for goodness sake! Yet, Hajime felt a bit shy which was uncharacteristic of him.
This was his soulmate though. Iwaizumi Hajime may be jumping on the gun here and was probably wrong but the inner hopeless romantic he denied that he had was desperately screaming at him that this was no coincidence.
The light music club president was singing the fucking song his soulmate was listening to and Hajime could still hear the song playing even just a tiny bit and the dark haired male could practically hear [Name]'s music on the headphones hanging lazily on his neck. And it was the same fucking song.
Clearing his throat. Hajime reminded himself to focus. He could tell [Name] about them both being soulmates after he delivered the box that he was asked to give.
"Tōrasu-sensei asked me to deliver this," Hajime had said as he finally looked at the other male and saw the [Hair color] haired male just noticed the box he was carrying. Hajime had to bite back the nerves coming back when he made brief eye contact with [Name].
Fuck, he had been waiting for this moment his whole life, so why did he feel so nervous?!?
Hajime didn't expect his soulmate to be so closer to him and be a male. Yes, the dark haired male knew the possibility of having the same sex soulmate as it wasn't a new thing really. In fact, having same sex partners are more common than what other people would think. Still, Hajime never expected this and he was having mix feelings about it.
"Oh," Hajime was dragged out of his thoughts again by [Name] with the male sporting a dumbfounded look for a second as his lips was in a "o" form. The [Hair color] haired male seemed to realized what he was here for and had flashed him a large smile. The dark haired male just noticed that [Name] actually had a few piercing in his ears and that he had really nice [Eye color] eyes that shined with energy.
"Thanks for delivering!" [Name] thanked as he carefully took the box from the dark haired male when Hajime was too busy looking at him. The [Hair color] haired male was a bit amused when he noticed Hajime blinked a couple of times when he took the box away from him. Looks like the volleyball player was lost in his thoughts.
"I had been waiting for this baby for awhile now," [Name] said as he patted the top of the box and sent Hajime a grateful smile. "So, thanks, really."
"No problem," Hajime shrugged as he nodded his head at the [Hair color] haired male. It seemed like the dark haired male was back and acting normal again. Not that [Name] would know really as he wasn't closed with the volleyball player.
"Not to be a bother but, what's inside the box?" Hajime had asked as he rubbed his hands, eying the box he just delivered. Hajime had his guesses earlier ago but he couldn't tell which of his guesses were correct really. The dark haired male noticed the male in front of him seemed to light up and beamed at him.
"Oh! It's supposed to be a surprise," [Name] had said. This caused Hajime to be more curious on what's inside the box, and [Name] seemed to actually be eager to tell as he sent Hajime a grin. "It's some stuff we'll be using in the school's festival next week!"
"Ah, is it some new instrument or something?" The volleyball player asked as he saw the light music club president chuckle while shaking his head. Hajime had to force himself to calm himself down when he saw the [Hair color] haired male sent him a wink with a cheeky grin on his lips.
"Now, I can't tell you about that!" [Name] had said with a laugh as he went to the nearest table and placed the box down. He then turned and gave Hajime another grateful smile. "It would ruin the surprise if I do."
"I see," Hajime muttered as he can't stop the small smile creeping onto his lips. "Then I'm sure it'll be a great surprise then!" Hajime said. The dark haired male didn't noticed how the [Hair color] haired male seemed to be a bit surprised with his words but he immediately grinned happily by Hajime's words.
"Oh, you bet!" [Name] said as he went back to stand in front of Hajime, holding his hand on to shake the dark haired male's hand. "Name's [Name] by the way! [Last name] [Name]!" He introduced.
"Iwaizumi Hajime," Hajime introduced himself aswell as he took the [Skin color] hand that [Name] outstretched for him to shake. A small smile on his lips as he shook hands with the light music club president.
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