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#I'm not scared of the dark
flysafepapi · 5 days ago
Normally I’m okay with the fact my sister talks in her sleep. Most of the time it’s just random gibberish for a minute or two until she goes back to sleep properly.
But when it’s 4am, and everything is absolutely silent
And then you hear/see her sit up, look up towards the roof, sing-song whisper “Over here, over here, over here. I see you there,” and then laugh extremely deeply for several long seconds before laying back down and going back to sleeping?
I think that just shaved several years off my lifespan.
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deusidvult · 13 days ago
#「 alec lightwood 」 talking about feelings was the worst. once you did it everybody immediately wanted you to do it more.#「 alec lightwood / study 」 have each other's backs so we don't have to fight alone.#「 alec lightwood / visage 」 he's brave good and loyal: like all lightwood's he has cheekbones that could slice salami.#「 alec lightwood / headcanon 」 we can gloss over whatever you want just don’t kiss me again.#「 alec lightwood / answered ic 」 lightwoods; they always have to have the last word.#「 alec lightwood / vs: mortal instruments 」 silver though few people knew it was a rarer metal than gold.#「 alec lightwood / vs: eldest curses 」 alec keeps sending me annoying photos. lots of captions like wish you were here except not really.#「 alec lightwood / vs: shadowhunter academy 」 he approached the world with a tender wonder that made all things new.#「 alec lightwood / vs: dark artifices 」 outside the wards of idris we will fight on to protect the world.#「 alec lightwood / vs: shadow market 」 ready for another round of heroically defending the world? or if it's a slow night pranking simon?#「 alec lightwood / dyn: magnus bane 」 alec was a warrior who brought him peace.#「 alec lightwood / dyn: jace lightwood herondale 」 i don’t feel like i’m missing a part of me anymore.#「 alec lightwood / dyn: isabelle lightwood 」 she wasn't scared of much but alec was always fussing.#「 alec lightwood / dyn: clary fairchild 」 alec had come to love her after resenting her so much at first.#「 alec lightwood / dyn: simon lewis 」 don't talk. alec gestured at him with an expression of vague disgust.#「 alec lightwood / dyn: lily chen 」 thank you for coming with me. also you're the worst.
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dreamyaqua · a month ago
I related a lot to that, thank you 🙏🏻 astrology explains so much, and I love seeing people’s interpretations.
I also have a Leo stellium in my personal planets, and a Virgo Venus, (forgot if I mentioned this but I also have a 8th H stellium, with my sun in moon being in it 😅)
Everything I’ve read about having a 8th H stellium and having a Scorpio Mars has been accurate so far - 🦁❤️
Ohh I'm glad to hear that🥺 And I can only agree with you, I've learned so much about myself and others through astrology and whenever I find out a super random fact, I'm surprised all over again by how much astrology can really tell.... but also, the deeper I dive into it, the more painfully obvious it also is how little I know in comparison to all the knowledge that there is...but alas, that only makes me excited to learn and understand more.🥺
Oh wow, that 8th house stellium gives you even more Scorpio energy, I could definitely imagine you to have a very intense/powerful energy and on top of that pairing it up with Leo, that's just - wow. I personally really like mixing Leo and Scorpio energy but maybe that's because I've got both signs in my personal placements as well.😂 I'm really glad to hear the things you've read about these placements so far have resonated with you!!
Although, I always feel like it's also important to put everything into perspective and only take what resonates because in the end, astrology isn't supposed to force something upon us that we are not and maybe one person's interpretation doesn't resonate with you as well as someone else's.🥺 On that note, I'm also super happy that you could relate to the things I wrote🥺✨
#i'm saying this bc sometimes i read something about a certain placement and when i read about the same placement from another source#it might resonate a lot more than the previous source or vice versa#i also feel like sometimes the things you can read about certain placements project a lot of negative energy#that can make some people feel like they're 'doomed' with these placements when in fact someone else might talk about them#in a much more positive light#i get that a lot with scorpio and 8th house themes especially#i feel like those people who don't have this intense scorpio energy in their own chart might view it as too much too dark#too intense too destructive etc. but imo those people who embody this energy like the passion the mystery the darkness#so depending on who you're talking to you might get a very different response on a certain placement#bc in the end astrology is also very intuitive and therefore some subjective energies go into it as well#i've talked to people who've told me that reading about some of their placements - when it was negative - made them feel down or scared#and that's not what astrology is about#there's positives and negatives to everything and depending on how developed and mature we are#we exude the more positive or the more negative traits of a placement#in the end astrology is simply meant as a tool for growth self-improvement and fostering understanding#i do have to tell that to myself here and there as well bc reading something negative or scary about your own placement can definitely be#a shock#sorry omg i rambled so much just now#ask#🦁❤ anon#astro asks
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rabbitchief · a month ago
the first time I listene to meet the residents I had to sleep with the lights on
#SDHFSAFGJSDH#I'm not afraid of horror movies or lik#most things at all for that matter but music solely alone has the ability to scare me a lot#Ive noticed some people are more receptive to sounds some more to visuals#I am very effected and easily stirred by music#I was mainmly just scared of the basslines it reminded me of walking down a hallway#ahhhahha#and it just had a funny taste to it#it wasn't an unpleasant experience getting into them though I was happy while listening to them#but then later I was scared#but also I am scared of the dark anyway#I reallly want chicken noodle soup#I don't know how to explain it but certain combinations of notes like do something to me#like an epileptic seeing flashing lights but a lot more subtle than that#the bassline that starts like towards the end of a small plot of land by david bowie is another example of a sound that scares me#its hard to explain thoguh because when listening to it the weirder it became the happier I felt but afterwards I was so unsettled#I'm not easily weirded out at  all either?#I kind of go through life in a daze as it is#so I don't question a lot of things#that doesnt relate directly to music taste but I guess my mental processes do affect the way I listen to music#I find music like that album an enormous comfort though#lik I love it#the reason I was scared was not because it was different but just because my brain made certain associations when listening to itk#I am not sober lol#it is good music and it is doesnt feel out of my league or generally far away#it is good album#musique..#I hope I become really unhinged or something one day so that everyone will change the way they see me and realize they did me wrong LOL#or didnt appreciate me#I am rly happy lately and very much in love with life somehow but also I am sick of being myself I dont want to be some1 else but Im angry
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winepresswrath · a month ago
People are deeply invested in the relative morality of these fictional magical war criminals. I once got a TON of shit for suggesting that I don't think WWX's reaction to learning that JC uses corporal punishment with JL would necessarily be to flip out and end their relationship, or even necessarily be upset as long as JC wasn't whipping the kid with Zidian or whatever. (I do not think JC hits JL but it would be considered normal if he was. This is Ancient Fantasy China! No one's calling CPS!
Wei Wuxian seems perfectly happy to continue having a relationship with the cloud recesses, the place where corporal punishment is most explicitly normalized within the narrative. I don't think it's a coincidence that we don't see that form of punishment being used with the juniors, but I also really don't think they've reversed their stance on physical discipline in the last 13/16 years. Man, I don't know. I think the morality of these characters is so much fun to overanalyze! It drives both the plot and a big chunk of the character conflict! The various moral traps everyone is always falling into that force them to make choices with no good outcomes is one of the best and most fun parts of the whole story. "When there is no good outcome, what bad outcome do you choose " is a great question to make your characters answer. "This Character Is Bad and Everyone Who Likes Him is Wrong" is just not a way of engaging with this text that sparks joy in me, and I lose nothing when I put it in the trash.
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sapphic-theatre-fan · a month ago
It’s not fucking fair
No child should have to have conversations with their parents about how some people might verbally or physically attack you for the color of their skin. Or that there’s entire groups of people dedicated to hating your existence
There shouldn’t be flags that mean “if you come near here, you’ll have hell to pay because I hate you for something you can’t control”
No one should be scared to leave their house because their neighbors might try something
No one should be scared to exist
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thedreadvampy · 2 months ago
does Jonny know you're posting things about his personal life online where anyone can see them?
Ah yes wildly personal things such as 'Jonny has a personal life'
#go away from me please#like if I'm saying something that you really think is Exposing Something Personal then yeah that's shitty#I'm not though literally all I'm saying is 'some unidentified thing in this 200 ep podcast has commonalities with some real life event'#which. again. i feel you could probably guess that at least one (1) monster ghoul fear or horror has roots in a personal experience#because. that's how writing works#and for the record if you think you know what I'm talking about i promise you don't#because what i thought i recognised isn't on the nose it's entirely circumstantial and tangential#and maybe I'm right maybe I'm wrong#but besides saying 'Something Difficult Has Happened In Jonny's Life Ever' I'm not sure exactly how I'm ~spreading personal information~#literally all of us have had something shitty happen in our lives I'm?????#like when i say tangential i mean we're talking along the lines of a specific location or turn of phrase or mundane circumstance#not like HI MY NAME IS STEPHEN KING HERE'S MY 35TH STORY ABOUT HOW I'M VERY SCARED OF SPIDERS BECAUSE OF A SPIDERY CHILDHOOD TRAUMA#ok i swear it's a coincidence that that's exactly Jonathan Sims' backstory i just think King's spider thing is so hilariously overt#like he LITERALLY turns to the reader and says 'i#the author#am afraid of spiders that's why so many of my books involve spiders'#although also side note IS IT a coincidence that Jarchivist's deal is so King-y like we KNOW Jonny's referencing classic horror touchstones#is jonathan Jarchivist Sims just Author Insert Stephen King from DT?#oh dang GO THEN THERE ARE OTHER WORLDS THAN THESE#oh shit Jonny did you just write Dark Tower????#Annabelle cane is mordred I've cracked this thing wide open#what was i talking about? whatever
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skellfamily · 2 months ago
in the Japanese version of Deltarune, the ending song uses the first person pronoun “watashi” and the second person pronoun “kimi”...afaik, only a couple major characters in UT/DR use both watashi and kimi - Asgore and Gaster (in entry number seventeen he uses “kimitachi”)
i’ve entertained the idea that “Don’t Forget” could be a lullaby - what if it’s a song Gaster made for Sans or Papyrus cause they were scared of the dark?
now i dont wanna get too excited about this cause who knows, maybe the song could be using watashi to keep it neutral so that it could be seen from multiple perspectives. still interesting to note though.
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tranaformersareepic · 2 months ago
Not a single soul:
Me at 8Pm at the trashcan because I had to walk the dog and it’s dark outside: *SHRIEKS AND RUNS LIKE THERES NO TOMMORROW*
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