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#I’ve missed sillies!!!!
citrussweetie · 7 hours ago
I’ve always wanted to relearn piano and guitar! I used to know the basics and forgot
I can see Hanamaki downloading a piano app just to make up silly lyrics to popular songs LMAO I think Kenma would pick up on it quickly; maybe it starts with him looking for original music for his channel? Akaashi might also try; I know some people headcanon that he used to play piano or violin as a very young child but didn’t have the time for it as the years went on. I think he’d be extremely bashful about it though. I imagine he’s the type to hum or sing unconsciously while he’s analyzing the notes, and if you catch him he’d act a little jittery around you for a while :3c
One of my friends and I already wholeheartedly believe that Iwaizumi took up acoustic guitar while he was in California, and maybe Oikawa didn’t want to miss out on it either. Can’t tell if Semi would be an expert, given that he’s in a band, but if he isn’t at least you’ll learn together! Oh! And I think Hinata might know some guitar basics. I think that because of the language barrier he had to overcome in Brazil, he might have opted to communicate through other means—like music!
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belphies-wife · 17 hours ago
Hello! I was wondering if you could do the brothers (+Undatables of you can) reacting to MC turning into a troll. Idk how or why. But a troll (like from the movie trolls). I just need a good laugh, thank you. Have a great day.
I apologize for disappearing :( I’ve been really busy with schoolwork lately and Ramadan. The school year will end in a little less than two months, so work should be calming soon after we finish wrapping up our current units and doing our exams <3. Ramadan is over now, so I do have a bit of extra time on my hands. Hopefully, I’ll become more active soon <3. I probably won’t be back on my regular posting schedule for a while, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Here’s a study help carrd if you’re struggling with school/schoolwork or just want to check it out. I love you guys <3. Take care of yourselves <3
Now, without further ado, I present to you:
The Demon Brother’s Reacting to MC turning into a troll
»»————- ♔ -————««
➼ Now, you might be wondering: How and why did you end up in this situation?
➼ Well, to put it simply, you had realized that the demon brothers hadn’t watched many human world movies and were really missing out on some classics.
➼ So, it had become a habit for you to choose a movie for them to watch every Friday night.
➼ Eventually, your movie nights had turned into sleepovers in the family room.
➼ You started incorporating games and snacks.
➼ It became more of an organized event, and everyone took turns choosing the week’s game.
➼ It had been Satan’s turn, and he had made multiple batches of a potion that would cause the first that thought popped into your head two minutes after the potion’s ingestion to come to life.
➼ Well, not come to life. Basically, something would happen to you that had to do with that thought that popped into your head.
➼ The challenge was to keep your mind completely blank for two whole minutes.
➼ And it just to happened the movie you had picked was Trolls.
➼ So, as you can imagine, you drank the potion and attempted to keep your mind blank. You managed to get through about thirty seconds before thinking of the movie you had just watched.
➼ Poof, you were a troll.
➼ Your troll form still resembled you. Your skin tone remained the same, and your hair colour and texture hadn’t changed, other than the fact that it stood straight up.
➼ Humans were fragile enough as is, but now you were tiny?
➼ Do you know how close this man was to strangling Satan? How long until it wears off, anyway?
➼ Once he managed to calm down, he realizes how silly the situation is.
➼ He carried you around in his breast pocket and kept you on his desk while he worked, letting you entertain yourself by watching Devilflix on his D.D.D. If you got hungry, he would sleep you a small cookie and allow you to have a few sips of his tea.
➼ Honestly, he’s probably the most mature about it. He does occasionally tease you for your tiny size, though. And how ridiculous your hair looks.
»»————- ♔ -————««
➼ He probably panicked the most out of everyone.
➼ He was full-on yelling at Satan to change you back or figure something out.
➼ When he eventually calmed down and insisted on picking you up.
➼ He refused to let you down on the ground because he was afraid that someone would step on you.
➼ He let you sit on his shoulder and took you wherever you needed to go.
➼ Unfortunately, he tended to forget that you were there and that he had to be careful with you. Otherwise, you might fall off.
➼ He caught you every time you did fall, though, and then apologized a couple hundred times. You’re not getting hurt under his watch.
➼ He tried to cook tiny, you-sized food, but it didn’t turn out well, so he just gave you some of his food and attempted to hide his disappointment.
➼ He found a small box and put towels and tiny pillows in there so that you could sleep comfortably.
➼ Of course, he put the box in his room, so if you needed anything, he’d be right there for you.
➼ The absolute relief he felt when you turned back
➼ It took a lot of convincing to get him to let you play the game again.
➼ Protective Mammon™
»»————- ♔ -————««
➼ If Mammon panicked most, then Levi was in second place.
➼ He wouldn’t let anyone else touch you or pick you up. He’d get jealous if someone so much as looked at you.
➼ “This is just like this one anime I watched called ‘My Best Friend Shrunk and Now I Have to Take Care of Them Until They Turn Back to Normal!’”
➼ He just kind of kept you in his room while he played games. He let you play on his DS when you got bored of watching him.
➼ He got you whatever you asked for and make sure you’re comfy the whole time too
➼ He even shared his special Ruri-Chan snacks with you because he cares about you that much <3
»»————- ♔ -————««
➼ He thought it was  h i l a r i o u s.
➼ He probably knew how to reverse your situation, but thought it was too funny, so he decided not to tell you until it wore off.
➼ Ohohoho the  s m a c c  that he got-
➼ But seriously, if your troll issue was genuinely bothering or upsetting you, he would have turned you back in a heartbeat.
➼ He also made fun of your hair.
»»————- ♔ -————««
➼ Oh, this man gets you so many tiny clothes.
➼ Where did he even get them from? No idea. What store even sells clothes in troll sizes?
➼ Anyways, you were probably the most fashionably dressed troll in the Devildom. You were also the only troll in the Devildom.
➼ He absolutely adored your hair.
➼ Also, somehow got his hands on miniature hair accessories?
➼ Seriously, where is he getting this stuff from? And on such short notice?
➼ He takes a million pictures of you and posts them. You go viral on Devilgram.
➼ When you change back, you just have all these tiny clothes and accessories and have no idea what to do with them.
»»————- ♔ -————««
➼ He was pretty worried about you.
➼ How couldn’t he be? You were so tiny! What if someone squished you? He would never forgive himself if you got hurt, even if he didn’t have anything to do with it.
➼ He was terrified of holding you at first because he was scared of doing something wrong and dropping you or crushing you as a result.
➼ You had to assure him a million times that you trusted him and that you were sure that he would never harm you.
➼ Even then, he was so careful with you that you’d think you were made of thin ice.
➼ Like Mammon, Beel also refused to let you out of his sight and panicked when he lost track of you.
➼ He thought you were adorable while you were little, though.
»»————- ♔ -————««
➼ Does not give a crap™ 
➼ Seriously. He was asleep when it happened and had to have everything explained to him when he woke up.
➼ He also thought it was hilarious and used it as an opportunity to bother you.
➼ “Holy crap, your hair looks like a skinny pyramid.”
➼ He gave you rainbow food and played overly-cheery music, along with the Trolls soundtrack, just to bother you.
➼ He played “Can’t Stop the Feeling” so much that Lucifer threatened to hang him from the ceiling multiple times.
➼ The fact that he was bothering Lucifer just egged him on.
➼ The entire House of Lamentation had that song memorized by the time you turned back.
➼ He probably also made you a little bed because even though he’s a piece of crap, he really loves you and wants you to be comfortable.
»»————- ♔ -————««
Thank you so much for reading! <3
Request a Fic/Headcanon || Obey Me Masterlist
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graysistance · 18 hours ago
🖊️  —————  @aniimvs​
                                                                                                     may 13, 1941
hullo ben,
how are you faring so far?
i tried to wait a bit before writing, but then i realized this letter would take an eternity to get to you anyhow. so, here goes. 
assuming you’ve arrived safely on asian soil, which i hope you have, what is china like?? i’m so curious to hear. where are you and what on earth do they have you doing? this seems like the sort of situation where as soon as you disembark whatever plane you flew in on, you’d be rustled on to another one just as soon. are the skies any different in china? i know, i know, it’s a silly question, but it might feel different to be flying above one continent instead of another. the view would be a definite change. i also hope your plane is performing magnificently. she’d better, because it’s half her job and half yours to get you home safely when this is over, so keep an eye on each other, would you?
we’re all fine here, for the most part. when your mum and dad and i aren’t wondering what you and jaina are up to, that is. anakin will be flinging himself into service soon if his bouncing around and yammering about planes enough for the two of you is anything to go by. who knows when, but it won’t be much longer. of that i have no doubt. you’d easily mistake him for someone more my age, what with all his excitement. pray he finishes school in one piece and hasn’t driven his teachers batty by the end. although, now that i think about it, that sound bloody hilarious. i think he wants to be near you, if he can swing such a thing. how lovely would that be!
i’ve not done much that’s horribly interesting apart from spend a fair bit of time with the yank and listening to what news your mother brings home with her. it’s a bit more thorns than roses from the looks of things, but i’m sure she’ll tell you all about it as well. jacen i haven’t seen neither hide nor hair of, but i hear he’s very busy and doing quite well. he’ll be a magnificent surgeon. 
oh, anakin and i were ousted from the house last weekend and told under no uncertain terms to see a film. one called citizen kane is all the rage at the moment and so, of course, with a title like that, anakin bundled me into a showing. i rather liked the music, but the citizen kane at the center of it was a miserable bloke. if i tell you what happened, will you be cross? it’s just that i have mixed feelings and i expected far better out of a film where the titular character died right at the beginning. you’d have thought the rest would be FAR more promising after such an introduction. after the films we saw last fall and this spring, i might almost call it a let-down. don’t tell anyone i said such a thing, though. anakin has sung its praises to distraction.
but enough of doldrums. i look forward to hearing anything you’ve got to share about what you’re doing so far away. meanwhile, i’ve been trying to take care of the comet. it’s more than a little discomfiting sitting on her by myself. my books have gone in the saddle bags several times but nothing else save that. nearly made myself late for school once or twice sitting there with all of my nerves about it. i suppose i’ll have to work up better courage to go it alone. she deserves the use, being as nice as she is. of course, i’ll do my best. 
in the meantime, i’ll be trying to think of silly little stories to pass on about any new knick-knacks i find out and about. there’s bound to be a good one sooner or later. now, it won’t be the same as doing it all together or having you fill in my gaps, but i’ll have been practicing for when you can contribute again. who knows, i might get worlds better at it. 
i’m sorry, i hadn’t meant to whinge on and on about so much. at the least, maybe this will be an entertaining read. if it made you laugh, excellent. if not, i shall simply have to come up with more ridiculous stories for the next go round.
please stay safe, ben. we all miss you very much. and we’re all very proud.
                                                                        rey a.
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babypedrito · a day ago
qfsgdkdga princess kanya you hath returned!! i missed you 🥺 and thank you for rbing my silly lil blurb aaaa you didn't have to do that but you did 💕 i hope you're feeling swell, or at least ok, and just know you're loved and adored! by me specifically! 😇
baby baby baby i wuv wuv wuv you so much!!!
please your little blurb literally made coochie 🦋🦋 your talent has no end !!
i’m feeling a little better, i’ve been trying to keep busy and all but trying to find some time to come onto tum tum to see my babies as well <333
love you so much, always always ALWAYS!!!!
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addiesagenoise · a day ago
In-Depth Sherlock Review: It’s worth watching, but...
So, full disclosure: I am speaking as an demisexual, cisgender girl. Also, this essay is very long, so please bear with me.
On first watch, I really liked the Sherlock BBC show. I watched it with my parents, and it was great for that: the humor was just ridiculous and mature enough that we all enjoyed it despite having very different tastes. My mom liked the mystery bits, my dad liked the humor, and I loved the characters. We watched all the episodes during quarantine, then moved onto another show. Sherlock was probably in my top 5 TV shows I’d seen.
However, I went back and watched it recently, and much like other TV shows and movies I used to love like Harry Potter and NCIS, I realized I had some problems with it that I missed originally. I guess I had been caught up in the humor and mystery the first time I watched it. Don’t get me wrong, I still think its better than other things I’ve watched, it just seems like it made some sloppy missteps.
First of all: it isn’t very diverse. I’m willing to give it a slight pass since it takes place in London, but the only black character (Sergeant Sally Donovan) definitely falls into the “unreasonable black woman” cliché. She’s rather one-dimensional, and could have been much better written. The other female characters are okay: I liked Mrs. Hudson, Mary, Molly, and Irene, but Irene and Mary could especially use a less “convenient action for plot” personality. Irene seems to revolve around making people uncomfortable, and Mary seemed like a different character in every episode. And don’t even get me started on Eurus...
On the other hand, the male characters were great: Greg Lestrade is great comedic relief and you get the sense he’s much smarter than he lets on. Anderson’s arc was funny and unexpected. Mycroft is the perfect snarky older brother and has great chemistry with Sherlock, and Moriarty insane, he’s an excellent villain.
Then we get to John Watson and Sherlock Holmes. 
Don’t get me wrong, I love both characters. Both are very flawed, but in a way that’s well developed. They also act differently around each other, and it shows they are outsiders who are more comfortable around each other than the “goldfish” they’re surrounded by. It’s good writing. They have sweet, silly moments like the Buckingham Palace scene, and more serious ones later in the show. But, then they sit down for dinner and John asks if Sherlock has a boyfriend. Let the queerbaiting begin.
I appreciate that the show does not shy away from the word “gay”. However, it does about every wrong thing you can do with gay characters. Let’s put aside John and Sherlock for a moment and look at Irene.
Irene is hyper-sexual. She’s supposed to be a shocking woman, so her being a dominatrix makes sense. However, the way she’s framed is painfully close to the male gaze, her only “love interest” (which feels forced) is male, and she definitely falls under the “let’s hyper-sexualize the lesbian” trope. I’d rather she had been straight or ambiguous, to be honest. If you wanted to have a lesbian/bisexual woman in the show, why not make it Molly or Sally? Why did it have to be Irene? The only other woman who admits to liking women is Eurus, and she falls under the “psychotic queer woman” trope seen too often in crime shows. 
Let’s come back to Sherlock. He’s always been queer-coded, and whether or not he is gay has been debated since the first book was released in 1887. This show is no different. Sherlock is queer coded as soon as he says women are “not his area.”
I understand not making Sherlock and John gay. But did the writers really need to make so many will-they-won’t-they jokes? Men are allowed to be unattached without being gay, and gay men are allowed to have other platonic male friends. But that isn’t how this is written. We are constantly reminded of the potential of a relationship, and honestly it just sours their friendship (if that’s what it is supposed to be.) Additionally: why is John so defensive that he’s “not actually gay?” He says it’s “all fine.” He doesn’t strike me as the type so insecure he can’t stand the thought of even being mistaken as a gay man.  
Additionally, Irene and Eurus’s apparent sexual fluidity and the jokes made about John, Sherlock, and Moriarty’s orientation are really the only “representation” in the show. That’s it. There are no transgender and/or nonbinary characters, confirmed asexual characters, or even openly gay characters to make up for all the jokes.
Lastly...what the hell happened in the last three episodes? All of it was essentially drawn-out drama that could have easily been avoided. Eurus and Magnussen are just confusing and one-dimensional, and what was the deal with Wiggins? All of the issues encountered in the last season could have been avoided if John and Sherlock had been slightly more (realistically) rational during the Reichenbach Falls and Empty Hearse.
This essay is getting a bit long, so I’ll sum up. What would I do that I think would fix these blunders that the show made?
First of all, I’d rewrite Sally, Irene, and Mary to be less...convenient. These women are purely written to be challenges to the main characters rather than have any developed personality.
I’d do away with the majority of the gay jokes and either make Sherlock and John’s relationship actual friendship or an actual relationship. Additionally, I’d incorporate other characters that fell into different categories of “gay.” Writers: you have to earn the gay jokes and audience with actual representation. You don’t have to give up a character’s personality to make then confirmed lgbtqa. Queerbaiting is insulting.
I liked this show, and I think it’s worth watching. It was just so close to being fantastic. It was an interesting premise, the characters were solid, the actors were great, then the follow-through just fell flat. 
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earthlingeliott · a day ago
fanfiction writer appreciation: skamverse edition
thank you @yasminaselamrani for starting this lil tag 🥺 i read and write elu so that’s what you’re in for here but i’m sending a kiss on the forehead to any writer or reader of anything for being the best 🥺💛
if you’re a writer:
a fic that you’re really proud of:
i know i’m sitting here while i haven’t even finished the fic but close to you just makes me really happy 🥺 it’s obviously not oscar winning movie adaptation worthy in the slightest but i think it’s turned out to be a really fun story and i’ve enjoyed writing it and messing around with social media 🤪
a fic that you were nervous to post:
my lil mental health oneshots rotten work and not to me, not if it’s you (incredibly original titles i know skfjfj) were literally . an excuse for a cathartic feelings dump via my emotional support projection character monsieur lucas lallemant and i felt like i was being to dramatic or insensitive or portraying things badly (even though it was literally my own experiences adskljg idk don’t ask what i was thinking) or being too personal so i was kind of nervous 🥺 but i got a lovely response and being able to share them was really healing for me so i’m so glad i did it 🥺
a fic you wished got more hits/kudos/comments:
i’m super happy with every bit of response i’ve gotten from my writing 🥺 i love all of my comments so so much and all i want to use this space for is to say thank you guys for being the best 🥺
one of your favorite tropes to write:
i think it’s obvious that it’s childhood best friends because both of my chaptered fics have been that sjdjfjsj but i also love myself some fake dating hence my current best friends fake dating au akdjfj
another ship that you don’t write but you’d like to write:
i wish i could write kieutou but i struggle to relate to kieu my’s perspective to be able to write her from an honest and accurate place bc as much as i adore her she is so so different from me and i feel like i can’t get in her head 🤧🤧
one of your abandoned wip you never wrote but wish you did:
i only ever abandoned one thing and it was gonna be a long oneshot where they met in the laundry room of their dorm and then dumbassery ensued and it was gonna be very silly but then i forgot about it so akdjfj mayhaps i should return to her this summer if i have the time
another writer you would love to collaborate with:
@luxandobscurus @lucasotteli and i have literally. planned to collab before and just never made it happen .... besties let’s get on that summer 2021
i would LOVE to do some sort of sm au or something with a cool unique format with miss @vexedtonightmares the queen of sm and galaxy brain concepts!!!!! i would basically be dead weight but i would be like beyond honored to assist her in making magic with her big beautiful brain
if you’re a reader:
a fic (or more) that you love to reread:
i looooove rereading if i can recognize real by @tawmlinsun (i’m linking part two i think oops) i have said it before but it gives me butterflies every time it is the peeeeerfect lil first kiss/getting together fic omg omg
the reread value of all mixed up by @lucasotteli and online love by @vexedtonightmares !!!!! unmatched !!!!! social media au supremacy lichrally go tos when i need a Laff
tag an author you always love reading:
@clairdelalune i know ur movin away from the fandom queen so soz to bring u into this but everything you’ve ever written makes me happy 🥺🥺 ur style and vibes are so . good and heartwarming
@lumierelovers is just an absolutely gorgeous writer and everything she touches is magical 🥺
recommend a story to your followers:
i will recommend lots 😌 (vaguely in order of length from like 1k to like 100k+)
when you kill the lights (and kiss my eyes) by @blanxkey (zaira i frickin miss u pls write more pure poetry 🤧)
thoughts of you aren’t enough by cgsf on ao3 (i think they might be on tumblr but it didn’t let me tag 😔)
open your heart (and let me know you want me here) by @demaury
save us by @luxandobscurus
last dance by @vexedtonightmares (i linked the chap 2 post bc it has the ao3 link but 😌)
maybe it starts now by @lepetitepeach (first part of the series is linked on ao3 bc i don’t think there’s a ficpost)
tag an author you discovered recently:
@fireflysxx is kinda new to writing and i’m so proud of herrrrrr 🤧🤧🤧 i would like to direct your attention to the fic she wrote for me about eliott basically being grumpy lucas’s personal shopper for the day akdjdh: new style
spread the love!
tag someone who inspires you to write:
@yasminaselamrani you literally never stop like i am so impressed you just always have new stories to tell i admire that so much even if i don’t read wtfock i’m sorry 🤧🤧🤧
tag someone who you’ve admired forever:
i don’t want to bother people and i feel like many of the people i’ve had longstanding Big Admiration for i already tagged or isn’t really here anymore 🥺 so just like . everyone i’ve mentioned i admire so much? that’s cheating but idc
tag your writing support:
@luxandobscurus and @lucasotteli the only ones who care as much about elu in 2021 as me and i don’t feel guilty making them help me with my fics KAJDJDJD and @fireflysxx my biggest cheerleader and self proclaimed number one fan you’re always there wanting to see what i’ve made and it’s so encouraging 🥺💛 also @thenerd10 bc u always leave me the sweetest comments EVER and you literally singlehandedly make posting worth it 🤧🤧💛💓💗💓
ok i’m tagging everyone i mentioned 🥺 and i would tag more people but i haven’t seen a lot of my writer friends around in a while and i don’t want to be bothering anyone so please just do this if you see it and want to!!!
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quirrrky · a day ago
If request are open
I don’t know how to request
But like could you do for the rengokou ,Giyuu, and any other character u want or these r fine ?!
They come back after a long mission so the reader says “Welcome home, dear! Would you like dinner? A bath? Or" phrase?”
DINNER, BATH OR ME? w/ the KNY BOYS —» scenarios —» ft. tanjirou, zenitsu, inosuke, giyuu, kyojurou, sanemi —» mildly suggestive; super mild tho idk —» A/N: I love this request sm! 💖 Don’t worry anon! You did it right and I completely adore this 😍 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I’m home, dear!” He happily announced and was already about to approach you when he smelled something very delicious. A smile appeared on his face yet he suddenly blushed profusely. He’s sensing something more.
D-Did Y/N- And when he sensed that you were coming closer to greet him, he straightened his back and tried to appear as calm as possible though he was excited and nervous at the same time.
“Welcome home!” You greeted. Your eyes were glued on the floor as you fiddled with your fingers. “Do you perhaps...”
Tanjirou gulped. He was trying his best to keep his composure but you looked so cute and he missed you so much that he lose it.
“I-I’ll have whatever you want, Y/N!” He blurted out and scrambled. “Just tell me! If you want, you can have it all. Dinner, bath and me!”
“Y/N-chaaan~” Zenitsu chirped and the moment you heard him you immediately shot up and went after to greet him.
“Zenitsu-kun, w-welcome home, uh...Are you tired?” However, you couldn’t deny that you were kind of nervous as hell. You stopped for a while and squirmed in your place while blushing. “Perhaps...would you like-”
“I’ll have you, Y/N-chan! There’s no need to ask!” Zenitsu already engulfed you in an embrace. You felt a warm blush across your cheeks as he showered you with kisses. “I just miss you so much! It’s been so long and all I can think of is you!”
“This is the best!” He said in between of chewing his food. You just watched him in awe slightly touched that he loved what you cooked though he didn’t entirely understand your offer.
You should’ve known that Inosuke would choose food over you. You sighed, however you were surprised when he directed a spoonful of meal into your mouth.
“Eat. Go eat. What’re you even thinking about?” He slightly reprimanded you.
You pouted a little and murmured. “I just can’t believe that you’ll choose food over me.”
“Ha?” He reacted and stared at you for a while, until he sighed and gave out a knowing grin. “Just as I’ve’re in heat.”
“Welcome home, love.” You asked hiding away your nervousness as you helped him take off his haori. “Would you like to have dinner, a bath
He laughed. “Of course, I’ll have- What?” He paused realizing the entirety of what you said. He blinked at you his bright smile not faltering despite the confusion. “”Me?’ Did you just say ‘me’?”
Clutching his haori into your arms, you nodded your head ‘yes’ while avoiding his gaze.
Seeing your embarrassed face, he finally got the gist of what you’re talking about. His eyes widened momentarily until he blushed too. He chuckled trying hard to hide his half-excitement and half-nervousness.
“Oh, silly me.” Kyojuro walked towards you and tucked few strands of your hair to your ear as he drew you closer. “Well, it has been so long. I can’t help it. I guess I have to take you first!”
Your face got even redder making you hide on his chest. He laughed as put his arms around you.
It had been quite a while since you’ve last seen each other and Giyuu instantly greeted you with a hug as soon as you welcomed him home. His embrace truly made you feel warmer.
You pulled away and helped him take off his haori and black top uniform. Taking a deep breath, you mustered the courage to pop up the question.
“Would you like some dinner?” You asked taking your time since you were embarrassed. Giyuu, on the other hand, just blinked at your question. You added. “A bath? Or-”
“Yes, I think a bath would be nice.” He flatly answered walking past you and heading out to your bath area.
You couldn’t believe it! He didn’t even let you finish. Well, it’s your fault since you kept on stalling, but you doubted he’d even understand what you meant which was awfully more embarrassing.
He stopped at the bathroom door then he shifted his gaze at you while unbuttoning his white shirt. “Why’re you standing there?”
“Aren’t you going to join me?”
 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
“Would you...” You started and swallowed thickly. Anxiously, you asked him in one full sentence. “Would you like to have dinner bath or me?”
“Ha?” Sanemi asked twice making sure he heard you right, because he couldn’t believe it.
“D-Dinner, bath or me?”
His expression changed from surprised to embarrassed then to irritated. However, you became a bit nervous when he finally grinned. Without a word, he caught you in his arms and draped you over his shoulder.
“S-Sane...What’re you doing?” You questioned.
He answered. “I’ll have you as my dinner in the bath.”
Tumblr media
REBLOGS ARE DEEPLY APPRECIATED ♡ Please help me reach other viewers as tumblr tags often don’t work on me. Thank you so so much!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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heturnedleft · a day ago
My dog was right
My dog chews sticks. I always thought it was weird and silly. But I just found myself chewing a popsicle stick after finishing a popsicle, and wow I’ve been missing out.
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huntersocial421 · a day ago
Nightclub City Free Online Game
Tumblr media
About us and our game
While watching the football manager scene evolve over the past few years at GamoVation, we’ve noticed a recurring theme; there are many free football manager games but with very little up-to-date content.
Instantly play free online games, including solitaire, mahjong, hidden object, word, casino, card and puzzle games. Play on your computer, tablet or phone. 3D Night City: 2 Player Racing 1,023,567 play times. Add this game to your profile’s TOP 3 loved list. Add to favourite.
Furthermore, such online football manager games are often too difficult to master, so much that they discourage players. We at GamoVation have however sought to disrupt this unforgiving norm by launching Club Manager.
Nightclub City Facebook Game
We always put the player first when developing our games at GamoVation. This player-oriented approach has seen us successfully launch a number of games over the last decade, growing a player fan base of well over 12 million unique registered users.
Tumblr media
Through our vast wealth of experience, we assembled the necessary tools and creative integrity, and developed a free-to-play football management game that delivers for the player.
Tumblr media
What we have produced is a football management game that won’t befuddle you, but will rather test your skills without being unbalanced or unjust. The UI has received particular attention and the game is easily accessible; providing you with the necessary challenge to master it.
So the day has finally come.  I admit that it lasted a little longer than I expected, but this day was honestly inevitable.  Yesterday, Zynga’s Cafe World finally closed its doors, much to the sadness of its remaining players.
Cafe World had a rich and diverse game with many, many things that a player could do – whether it was repeatedly cook a dish in order to master it, participate in multi-person catering jobs, decorate a cafe – it had something for everyone. Â Maybe too much something because it was hard to participate in everything without needing to spend large amounts of real cash. Â This was very frustrating on players, and contributed largely to its decline.
As with the closing of any game – those who “survive” its death have to face many complicated feelings, and even the Five Stages of Loss and Grief could be applied, even though “it’s just a game”.  These are some of the things I’ve heard around Facebook over the last few days:
Denial– “Surely it’s not closing because surely Big Viking Games (saviors of Yoville) or RockYou! (makers of Zoo World) will save it.”
Anger– “If Zynga closes Cafe World, I will never play another Zynga game again. Boycot Zynga!”
Tumblr media
Bargaining– “Sign this Petition to save Cafe World!” (Even though it won’t make a difference!)
Depression– “I don’t know what I’m going to do without Cafe World. It was my only fun. :(”
and finally, Acceptance.
It’s on this final point that I wish to help. Â Cafe World is not going to come back, so one option is to fill the void with another game, one more deserving of your attention. Â There are numerous restaurant type games all over Facebook, and many of the developers are still humble enough to care about what you think of them. Â One of the nice thing about supporting lesser-known games is that you can shape the change you wish to see by supporting them, either financially through in-game purchases, but ALSO by providing constructive feedback. Â I urge you try them all and see what you enjoy the most. Â If you know of a restaurant game that I’ve missed, please comment below and let everyone know.
In no particular order:
Tea 4 Friends: Â This game has the basic concept of Cafe World – interior design and keeping food stocked. Â The colorful and silly artwork makes for an interesting time-sink.
Nightclub City
Nightclub City: Totally cute and fun game that is more about a nightclub than a restaurant. Â Features real music that you can play for your guests to dance to. Have a posse, own multiple clubs around the world. Bounce poorly behaving characters (they drank too much juice. I swear it’s juice).
Cafe Mania: Â This game is not in English, but Portugese. Despite that, with a little poking around, it’s easy to figure out that this game is a very advanced Cafe World clone, and very fun! Â If this game had an english translation, I could easily see it becoming a very popular restaurant game.
Nightclub City Game Online
Cafe Land
Cafe Land: This seems to be the current favorite among ex CW players right now. Â The developers seem engaging and open to ideas and criticism, which are definitely signs of a lasting game. Â Definitely give it a look.
Gourmet Ranch: Â Personally, I’d play this to fill the void only because it has a lot of content to do, so it’s hard to really be bored, at least at first. Â It has a restaurant component, but also a gardening/farming game where you have to gather up the ingredients you use to serve in your restaurant – similar to another Zynga cooking game that I won’t mention except to say that this one was around first.
Free Online Game For Girls
Last time I wrote about cooking games, there were a lot more than these meager selection. Â It saddens me to see so many games disappearing along side Cafe World, but unfortunately that’s the business. Â There ARE a number of mobile cooking games. Â I wasn’t sure if anyone’d be interested to hear about them, but if you are, please let me know in the comments!
Tumblr media
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loxbbg · a day ago
Chapter 2
Tumblr media
Ethereal: extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.
Its been 3 month since Y/N left with Voldemort. The last time I saw her was when I got my dark mark 2 weeks after she left. She looked tired from the dark circles under her eyes and the bruises from her training and overusing her magic.  When her and Voldemort appeared she was surrounded by all the adults asking her to show them what she had learned so far. After about 5 new spells she learned including the killing curse on a random bird outside she had an obvious look of annoyance on her face she flashed out of the room surprising everyone at the sudden flash. I wasn't surprised she did it. She never was much of a people person unless it was at Hogwarts where she had to be. She didn't use her becen in the 3 months I didn't blame her she was busy.  During the time I went through my own training with Bellatrix I felt worn out with every spell thrown at me. I was expected to do what my father couldn't. I held the Malfoy name and legacy on my back. How was I supposed to do this?
My mothers hands rested on my shoulder as I was hunched over in the chair. Opening my eyes my mother sat below me looking up at me removing my hands from my face.
“Draco my Draco, my beautiful boy I see the turmoil going on in your beautiful eyes.” She looked up at me with worried eyes
“Mother I don't think I can do this. I know I have to but what if I can. I'll be on my own. What if I get caught? I cannot go to Azkaban, he will kill me. This wasn't supposed to happen till after Y/N and I… we were supposed to marry.”
“And It can still happen to Draco. Y/N just has a bigger play in life sooner than we expected but so do you. How do you think Y/n would react to seeing you this way.” She would probably tell me that I'm better than this that I was “The Draco Malfoy” and could do anything with or without her. She was dreadfully silly around me different than what anyone whether it be a death eater or schoolmate she was just my Y/N not “Y/n Wayne” or “The Cursed Godchild” just Y/n.
“Draco If you need me I will be here and even if she isn't here you know Y/N would be here helping you. Trust me you'll see her soon just focus on what has to be done now.” Draco inhaled.
It's been three months. Three months since I last spoke to her. Our 6th year of Hogwarts is supposed to start. My bags were already on the train. My mother and Estrella stood on the platform waiting for me to say goodbye. It was a tradition for them to send us off but today, this year of all years we needed them to be here. I needed her to be here.
“Watch where you're going.” Someone bumped into me almost knocking me off my balance.
“Sorry love I’ve just been so dazed my summer has been crazy.”  That voice sounds so familiar. Looking down at the short black haired girl I haven't seen the entire vacation in her Slytherin robes but, how? She couldn't be done with training.
“Bloody Hell” I pull her body into mine holding her close in the hug.
“Hello darling I’ve missed you. Summer has been one hell of a ride.” She looks up at me smirking.
“Beautiful  you have no idea.” I pressed my lips onto her forehead pulling her further into me. Months felt like years after not seeing her. She moved from under my lips looking up at me, she wraps her arms around my neck pulling me closer to her.
“I've been wanting to do this for a while now.” Our lips meet melting into each other. If the train had not blown its horn we might have missed it.
“They knew by the way.” She whispered after pulling away looking at our parents.
“I finished my training and my mother had already packed my bags so I came early and saved us a seat but we should really go before they leave without us. The faster we get to Hogwarts the faster we can be alone.” She whispers the last line for only me to hear. We wave to our parents running into the train at the final bell of the train. No one knew what we really went through this summer but they will know after what’s coming this year.
(blah blah blah pov switch)
Walking into the cart we walked into the booth with our stuff Pansy and Blaise sitting opposite of where we would sit. Slipping into the booth I link my hands with Draco, I have so much to tell him, to show him. Godfather has shown me things, things near muggles couldn't  fathom.
“ How was your summer?” Parkinson asked, looking down and Dracos and I linked hands. She's always had a crush on Draco. I knew she felt threatened by me always asking me if Draco and I were together? Why did we spend so much time together? What part of us being childhood friends did she not understand? This was meant to happen, sad she had so much hope. Kinda pathetic really.
“Well it wasn't really that eventful. We took some trips together with both our families. It was a shame our fathers couldn't be there but besides for that nothing much happened.” I kept eye contact with Pansy smiling as I brushed my thumb on Draco’s. He breaks away from his conversation with Blaise looking in my direction he leans close to my ear
“You know you're making it obvious.” I smirked against his ear, glancing over at Pansy who looked annoyed and uncomfortable.
“ I know, that's the point” Pulling away I put a small peck on his lips before leaning my head onto his shoulder.
“Oh yeah and that too.”I shrug. Pansy thinks everything outside the window looks more interesting than looking at us, Blaise just looked at smirking at Draco continuing their conversation, Draco wraps his arm around my waist. I unintentionally fell asleep on his shoulder.
“What just happened? Blaise? “ My eyes quickly fluttered open hearing Draco who was looking around the cart
“Don't know,” Blaise responded. Just then, a small bag teeters, then tumbles from a luggage rack. It was Draco's wheels.
“Relax guys. The lights went out is all. Come on Draco we’ll be at Hogwarts before you know it.” She bats her non-existent eye lashes at her. Her flirting couldn't be anymore obvious its getting desperate at this point.
Draco eyes the bag, slinging it back onto the luggage rack and plops down. I run my hands through his hair looking up at the bag, It's never happened before.
“Hogwarts. What a pathetic excuse for a school. I think I’d pitch myself off the Astronomy Tower if I thought I had to continue on for another two years.” I continue twisting my fingers through his hair. It truly was pathetic it could've been a great school centuries ago.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Pansy asked.
“Let’s just say I don’t think you’ll be seeing Y/N and I, wasting our time in Charms Class next year.” Pansy Glances over at Blaise who just snorts. Looking over at me I just shrug agreeing with what Draco said.
“Are you amused Blaise? We’ll see just who’s laughing in the end.”  I chuckled to myself, if things were different maybe he would tell Blaise, I could care less about Pansy and her wondering little hands. I saw how she reached out for Darco when she thought I was asleep.
Blaise shakes his head, smiling as he looks out the window at the darkness of the tunnel. Just then the small bag in the upper rack shifts. Dracos and I look up to it. Draco reached for his wand still looking up to the bag, I have a clue to what or who might be in the rack and I think Draco does as well. I reached for his hand shaking my head ‘no’ now wasn't the time with all these people around.
“Later.” I whispered, not moving my head from his shoulder. If Potter wasn't so obvious he might have heard. The rest of the ride was met in silence as Draco refused to say anything unless it was small talk.
As the Hogwarts express pulled into the station Draco and I stayed behind. Draco pulled down our bags gripping onto the handle.
“Go guys, we'll meet up in a bit. I think I left something in the bathroom.” I shooed Pansy and Blaise away. They know Draco and I are like glue so they didn't expect him to leave me alone. Walking out the train cart Draco lets the blinds down with a spell closing the door in the process.
“Didn’t mummy ever tell you it’s bad manners to eavesdrop, Potter? Petrificus Totalus!” Draco points his wand to the luggage rack. Harry hits the floor with a thump. I moved Harry's Invisibility cloak revealing him paralized to the floor.
“She can't remember she's been dead before he could wipe the drool off his face.” I smirk looking bored at Harry’s shocked expression at my response. Unusually I would just watch ‘helplessly’ as Draco made fun of him but never participated.
Draco brought his foot down onto Harry’s face snapping his nose blood pooling from it. I move the invisibility cloak onto Harry faking a pout.
“Enjoy the ride back to London.” Draco spat.
“Goodbye Harry” I fully covered his face, Draco already at the door with the rest of our bags to the carriages. Walking up you our carriage of course there needed to be an issue
“It's not a cane, you cretin.It’s a walking stick.” Flinched passed a metal detector over the stick in question. If I could I would flash us into hogwart by now but ‘no’ that's gonna raise suspicion.
“And what exactly would you be wanting with a walking stick?” Aren't these muggle lovers supposed to be sensitive?
“It's his Fathers you insensitive bastard.” I sneered leaning on the carriage.
“Was his fathers.” Snape separated himself from the shadows. Draco, eyeing him warily, snatching the stick from Filch.
“Is my father’s. He’s not dead.” He was sent to Alatraz and all of a sudden they don't even mention him in the present no wonder Draco hates it here.  Draco carefully wraps the stick in felt, laying it back inside his trunk.
“It’s alright, Mr. Filch. I can vouch for Mr. Malfoy and Mrs. Wayne.” Snape says putting the last of the things into the carriage. Instead of coming in with me Snape and Draco walked besides it while it moved. Turning around Draco caught Harry looking at him. I followed his gaze at Potter with a crooked nose.
“Nice face, Potter.” Draco called out as Potter was no longer in sight.
“My mother told me what you're doing for Draco. She also told me what you know. Are you sure you're willing to leave all of this. Betray the people you call your friends for the dark lord.” I turned my attention to snape. Is it really wise to have someone willing to betray the people he was around for so long.
“These people were never my friends, merely a cover until you godfather came back to make his claim.” I didn't want to question him too much in fear of others hearing but for now it satisfied my curiosity. Good to know someone on the inside was watching.  Glancing ast Draco who looked deep in thought I snapped my fingers at him.
“What are you thinking about, ferret?” I chuckled at the name given to him after he was changed to one a year ago. He wasn't too fond of it but I couldn't care.
“You know I hate when you call me that.” he snapped.
“Just answer.” I chuckled.
“Just thinking about father. Do you think that he will get out.” I hadn't even thought about it, both of our fathers were locked up. I hadn't had the time to really think about it. It was the first summer my father, both our fathers were not  home when we returned from Hogwarts. We hadn't been able to go on our family trip. Everything changed this summer.
“Draco, you don't trust godfather, trust me. I will do everything I can to get them out I swear.” He smiled up at me. I stepped out of the carriage wanting to walk with him. He pulled me close to him kissing the ring he gave to me during the triwizard games. Hogwarts was in our sights looking up. I let out a breath. Being here again made me realize this yeari will finally be doing something important and worthy rather than having these people suck up to me for my name.
“Are you ready.” Draco asked. Looking back Snape let out a breath looking like he's over this already.
“Born ready.”
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camariba · a day ago
I’ve been missing my friends since the beginning of this fucking pandemic but sometimes that emotion just spikes and right now I feel like I’m going NUTS. I want to sit on a couch with you guys, and hug you like it’s no big deal and have snacks and drinks and watch silly nonsense together and laugh and and and 
someone help me I want it so baaaaad I feel so lonely
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bisexualclarkkent · a day ago
I’ve been wanting to read a bsc book for a while, and I kept telling myself I’d treat myself to one or two once I finished whatever book i was in the middle of… but I really just like. Missed the girls, lol. Which sounds silly, I’m sure, but they’re like my oldest friends. Lol. So l started Jessi’s Babysitter last night. This is the book where Jessi’s aunt Cecelia comes to live with their family, and I’ve never read it before. (I haven’t started my chronological reread yet, we’re doing random books in random order… just like when I was a kid and I got most of the books from thrift stores and borrowed from the library lol.) Anyways, I’m like 1/3 of the way through the book and I’m very invested. Jessi and her sister Becca are responding to this situation exactly as children would, they don’t like the change and they don’t like her strictness. But as an adult, I find myself wanting to know more about aunt Cecelia. This is a really well written one.
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burnsoslow · 2 days ago
Wacky Drabble series shoutout!
Tumblr media
This week’s question: Declare your love to your favorite wacky drabble/drabble series by another author. Why is it your favorite? Why should those who follow you check it out?
Some people know that I’ve never missed submitting a Wacky Drabble, not once in 94 weeks and counting. 
Tumblr media
This also means I have read a lot, a lot of other people’s Wacky Drabbles. 
So this is hard for me, but I wanted to do a good job here. :) 
I have a couple categories and I couldn’t pick just one. This by no means an exhaustive list. Please accept my apologies if I didn’t include you; no omissions were purposeful. this is why I usually skip these “tag games”; excluding people is my least favorite thing on earth
Favorite Specifically-Drabble Series:
The Loft by @callmeellabella​: This series makes me laugh so fucking much. also DRAKE IS NICK FUCKING MILLER. What else could I want from life? brb going to watch New Girl
Kairos by @zaffrenotes​: Riley asks Liam to tell her a story from before they met. And he does. And we’re like “OH MY GOD” and can’t believe the story ended there ... and maybe it didn’t. God, this one is so good and I am so eager for resolution. 
On the Run by @ao719​: Liam and Reyna, my OTP of hers, take off the night of Liam’s Coronation when he can’t choose a bride bc Rey is all he wants. It’s sexy, it’s hilarious (Bastien, you incompetent chode), and there are heartwarming surprises. Plus it features Gideon’s HUGE HANDS. 
Acceleration by @kat-tia801​: I am not a Colt stan. I am not a Colt stan. I am not a Colt stan ... and somehow, I never remember that when I read Kat. Ever.  Acceleration is a fast-forward look at Colt and Ellie after she’s graduated college, and new assholes are out to ruin everything. Good thing they’ve got help from old “friends.” I am crazy about this series and squeal when it gets updated. 
Besties by @sirbeepsalot: Liam and Drake are the best friends in the world. Really, really, really good friends. And really, really, really dumb. So dumb it hurts. We love that for them. 
Price Checks and Squad Cars by @jessiembruno: Leo makes me laugh ‘til I choke, basically. Liam and Jessie are hilarious and hot and shenanigans abound. 
Downward Nobility by @queenrileyrose: Dude, I love Schitt’s Creek so much, and the idea that a profligate Liam and Riley bankrupted Cordonia and get sent to live on Walker Ranch in disgrace is ... well ... hilarious. Every chapter there are so many funny surprises, like Drake and Hana’s “sons” and so much more lmao. 
Pop’s Place by @bebepac: College summer AU!! Dreamy Drake and Mia even if they don’t last and my OC OTP. Plenty of silly and sexy shenanigans and Olivia gets taken down a peg. 
Favorite Series That Started As Drabbles and Then Went Full-Length: 
Fools Rush In by @bbrandy2002: Look, I love everything my BFF writes, but this one is special. Liam is about to have to marry shitass Mads, but a sweet, friendly Riley takes him out for a bachelor party in Las Vegas neither of them will ever forget ... bc they will be forever linked by what happens at it. ;) also Drake is hot as fuck here, even with the worst luck imaginable and some questionable sexual practices
Bad Timing by @axwalker: This Drake. This. Drake. He’s confident. He’s sexy. He’s gonna protect Lexie and the baby neither of them were expecting from whatever fuckery is coming, and I cannot effing wait!! brb going to message Ax asking for spoilers
Favorite One-Shot Drabbles: 
Fan Club by @dcbbw​: Riley’s got beef with Liam. And she’s not the only one. There’s a gathering ... with an airing of the grievances. I can’t even type bc I’m laughing so hard. I had to dig in the masterlists to find this one. I love it so much. 
Midwest Magic by @ofpixelsandscribbles​ and @callmeellabella​: Liam and @zaffrenotes​‘ Trina are having a romantic Christmas celebration in Michigan. But ... what happens once the story’s done? I AM ALREADY SWOONING REMEMBERING IT
Unicorn Wishes and Mermaid Kisses by @storyofmychoices​: Bryce, Keiki, and Olivia visit a very special ice cream shop that I wish was real. You should read ALL the Bryce x Olivia bc they are sweet, funny, fluffy, and flawless, but this one is special to me bc ICE CREAM and UNICORNS and MERMAIDS. 
All Wet by @janezillow​: Maxwell Beaumont picks up three hot girls and brings them back to the palace when he’s supposed to be palace-sitting. One of them has no interest in GQ pretty boys ... so he calls a very pissed-off Drake to accompany them to the pool party. I want to read this 100x, brb. Also EVERYTHING from the My Buddy AU and her Lance x Kiara fics sdfkjasfldsjfklsdjlk
The Devil Wears Denim by @bbrandy2002​: Technically this is Part 2 of a never-completed three-part miniseries, but it’s so goddamn funny and hot that I cannot leave it be. Nik is Liam and Riley’s weirdass little kid. He hates authority, Madeleine, and Drake most of all ... and Lyssa’s keeping him overnight. The way Drake and Nik play off each other murders me every. single. time. 
Finally a shoutout to the mother of Wacky Drabbles, my much-missed friend Enna @emceesynonymroll​. Her Prake series, with sweet Drake and feisty Texan Patti, was always a highlight of my week! Come baaaaaaack, my friend. Come back!! 
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Living With A Chronic Illness: Yuu Nishinoya, Tohru Oikawa
How our boys react to their s/o suffering a chronic illness?  This is the last post of this heading, and I’m going to miss it. Next Haikyuu stories will be “Body Switching” ❤
Characther: Yuu Nishinoya, Tohru Oikawa
Illness: PCOS, Hemolytic Anemia.
Warnings: Illness, Hospitalization, Bullism.
Living With A Chronic Illness: Atsumu Miya, Osamu Miya , Tetsuro Kuroo , Keiji Akaashi , Hajime Iwazumi
Tumblr media
Noya knew that your period was terrible for you, but when he discovered that you got hospitalized, from your mother, he runs to visit you. "Y/N!" he shouts seeing you with a flebo in the bed "Hey Yuu, you came to see me" you say with a very weak voice, "Y/N can you explain please?" you sigh and say "Look, it's just that something in my womb is making me suffer a lot, and this month was worse than the others, so I needed some treatments!". Noya shocked says "A-are you pregnant? I thought I've been careful and you were on the pill?", you can't help but laugh at his statement and answer "No silly, it's just polycistic ovaries, I have something that it shouldn't be there and sometimes pain makes me suffer a lot!" Yuu looks at you, proving  his head and says "Whatever it is, I'll always stay with you to get through these difficult moment! You're my girlfriend and I love you!".
Tumblr media
"Hemolytic anemia" your mother says when Oikawa asks her why you always pass out during your period. Oikawa promised to your mom to always take care of you despite the problem. The day he founds you outside the gym, lying on the floor, he knew why your mother asked him to always stay by your side. What he couldn't stand were his fangirls giggling on you and taking photos without shaming "She can't even stand by herself, and make this scene just for some period blood. You suck!" one of them says giving you kick on the stomach, "What the fuck do you think are you doing?" Oikawa says with a deadly gaze at the girl, and continues "You better not be the cause of her worsening, because you will have to face me, her family and everyone in the team. What kind of bitch shames someone because of an illness?", with that he takes you in his arms and asks his coach to bring you hospital to check on your condition. "Be strong Y/N-chan, I'm here to support you and I know that you'll get better after this. I love you!" he says to an unconscious version of you . Apparently stress and the bullying got a worsening of your condition, but Oikawa and Iwazumi teamed up with everyone in the school to stop this shameful events and thanks to the director, his fangirls got detention and a lesson they couldn't never forget. "Did you do everything for me Toohru?" you say, after some days of recovery you came back to school and everyone greeted you and asked you if you were doing better "Only the best for Y/N-chan, I love you as much as volleyball you know it!".
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inevitably-johnlocked · 2 days ago
Alright let's talk Canadian:
Favourite Canadian band/musical artist?
Mr. Dressup, Today's Special, or The Friendly Giant?
Do you eat your Kraft Dinner with ketchup?
Do you use the little cutter thing that comes with the milk jug or do you use scissors when cutting the milk bag?
Do you eat a Jos. Louis? I suggest you put it in them in the freezer first, it makes them taste even better.
Swiss Chalet or St Hubert ?
Did you know there was a Murdoch Mysteries episode where a dude who thinks he's Sherlock Holmes helps Murdoch solve a case Also an episode where Murdoch meets Arthur Conan Doyle?
Trudeau with or without a beard?
I sending this for fun, so no pressure to answer anything. I just thought you'd enjoy a break to answer some silly questions about our country.
Anonymous said to inevitably-johnlocked: Oh! I thought of one more Canadian question!
Which National Film Board of Canada song is better, Log Driver's Waltz or The Cat Came Back?
Hi Nonny!!
OOOOH THIS IS SO FUN!!! Oooof okay!
Favourite Canadian band/musical artist?: Aw, man this is tough because like all the ones I liked were one-hit-wonders hahah (like One Ton), but hmm this is a hard one. Shame me if you want, but I like Nickelback, and I like Rush as well. The Tragically Hip is great, and Great Big Sea! Fun fact: one of my profs in college designed one the Hip’s album covers and won a Juno for it. He brought the Juno into class one day and showed us since no one believed him haha. It was awesome.
Mr. Dressup, Today's Special, or The Friendly Giant? OH NO DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE THESE WERE THE SHOWS OF MY CHILDHOOD. I still remember the theme songs. I was GENUINELY scared of the mannequin when I was really young in Today’s Special, and I don’t remember much about TFG, so I’m gonna say Mr. Dressup. I saw him live as a kid, I barely remember it, but my Dad liked the show too so we watched it together. ALSO Polka Dot Door (I used to get SO INFURIATED that the dude ALWAYS missed Polkaroo); Sharon, Lois, & Bram/The Elephant Show (🎶one elephant went out to play 🎵); and Under the Umbrella Tree. LISTEN, kids today are missing out on all the greats.... these shows treated kids like people, and talked to us like people. Now it’s all “let’s stare creepily at the screen and repeat shit over and over again”. Oooof.
Do you eat your Kraft Dinner with ketchup? Oh, no no no, never. My dad did sometimes, and I tried it, but I’ve never been a fan of ketchup except on burgers. 
Do you use the little cutter thing that comes with the milk jug or do you use scissors when cutting the milk bag? Milk jugs don’t come with the snipper, at least not where I’m from. You have to buy it separate. I just use scissors, but I prefer the snipper.
Do you eat a Jos. Louis? I suggest you put it in them in the freezer first, it makes them taste even better. Ah used to as a kid, not so much anymore. I prefer to get my empty calories from Starbucks these days hahah. But that does sound delish.
Swiss Chalet or St Hubert ? Oh MAN. Don’t make me CHOOSE. AHHHHH before I moved to "on the Quebec border” I would’ve said Swiss Chalet since St-Hubert is hard to find outside of Quebec-area cities. But now, I’m gonna have to go with St-Hubert, I like their chicken sandwiches better and their fries aren’t soggy and they (BLASPHEMY) have better sauce. BUT I order more often from Swiss Chalet since they take Scene Points and I have like 25,000 of them since I’m not going to movies, so I get like 25$ meals for 5 bucks LOL. And they deliver cheaper LOL. Swiss Chalet, though, has more variety, so they have that.
Did you know there was a Murdoch Mysteries episode where a dude who thinks he's Sherlock Holmes helps Murdoch solve a case Also an episode where Murdoch meets Arthur Conan Doyle? Never seen Murdoch Mysteries, hahah. My parents were into Murder She Wrote so I saw that more often. Don’t remember any of it, just that I always thought it was sus that as SOON as Jessica showed up in a town, a murder happened LOL.
Trudeau with or without a beard? Beard, I think, but it aged him a lot. I dunno, LOL.
Which National Film Board of Canada song is better, Log Driver's Waltz or The Cat Came Back? OH NONNY NO DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE!! These were so iconic and I was always so excited to see the Film Board segments on TVO and CBC. UGGGGH gonna have to go with The Log Driver’s Waltz, I still to this day find myself humming this one. Both have charming animation for their time, but I love the music of the Waltz! <3 (and I watched both of these when I was looking for links, and had both a smile and a nostalgia hit from it, so thank you!)
This was fun, Nonny! Thank you!! <3
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chyrstis · 2 days ago
WIP Saturday!
Tagged by @shallow-gravy @chazz-anova @adelaidedrubman and @starsandskies thoughtout the week, and while I feel like I’m playing a bit of catch up right now, I didn’t want to miss out on this at all. Thank you all! <3
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I’ve been having fun dipping back into an earlier idea with Hana and Sharky, mostly because it was supposed to be a simple chat over a cigarette (and a silly exchange about tootsie roll pops), but it decided to get a little more serious than that, and I can’t be mad about that at all. 
“Now that’s impressive.”
“Huh? What is?”
“Hurk.” Sharky’s eyebrows rose, and she laughed. “I’ve had a few partners before that snored, but this? This would’ve had me on the couch in ten minutes flat. There’s no set of ear plugs strong enough to block that out, not that they’re selling anyway.”
“You’re fine, though,” she added quickly.
Sharky had been scratching his goatee, lost in thought, but snapped back to attention. “Wait? For real?”
“Yeah, you’ve never-I never noticed. Not enough to smack the pillow or poke you at least.”
There might’ve been a time shortly after they’d started traveling together where he’d rolled over during the night, all but snoring in her ear, but she’d dealt with it. Maybe even let him repeat it once or twice, and wasn’t about to bring that up now. 
“Never thought much of it before.” He went back to mulling it over, and jabbed a thumb towards Hurk. “I mean, Hurk’s always been like that, rattling blinds and shit once he really gets going.”
“You don’t say?” Hana winced, and it didn’t take much to imagine the sound. 
“Yeah, but that’s after we have a real rager. The kind everyone talks about, and it’s been way too fucking long since we’ve pulled one off.”
“’Cause of the cult?”
“’Cause of the cult. A few of them got real bent out of shape even at Nick’s barbeque a couple years back - which was one kick-ass place to be - and that didn’t even have half of the shit they say they have problems with. Just good food, good company, and some pretty all right tunes, short of whatever the hell the Seeds were trying to pass off as food.” He sighed, and his whole body sagged with it. “Cults, man. Ruining shit for everyone since day one. Ain’t that right, cuz?”
Hurk snorted almost in perfect time to agree, but stayed exactly as he was. Sleeping better than anyone had a right to out in the woods like this. 
Also, another excerpt from the John the jerk bonanza, maybe? Sorry, Han :( and part of me’s tempted to add just a bit more to it so I can go ahead and post it on its own b/c it’s still pretty far down the fic timeline
“Which should be first? Greed? Envy? Pride? Lust? We have some fine candidates to consider, but to choose…oh, to choose. ”
He kept on going. Kept talking, monologuing, raising his hands to add emphasis to every word, and it was all drowned out. All through the blood rushing through her ears.
But it eventually died down. Eased off just enough for her to breathe and be able to think again, catching a few scattered words of his that filtered through, even as John gesticulated for no other reason than he wanted to, and she made a promise to herself then and there.
She’d make it through this. Push past it and find a way to Joey somehow, because that was all that mattered.
So if he wanted to do this - and the sinking feeling in her gut told her that this was only the tip of the mindscrew - she’d do it on her own terms, dammit. Diving in feet first if she had to.
“….John, just get it over with.”
“-thout sin, and you-” John paused, and raised one eyebrow then the other at her. “Hmm?”
Canting her head at him, Hana blew at the bangs that had fallen into her eyes, scattering a handful of the dark red strands without really moving them, and settled as hard a stare on him as possible.
“Sure we could have a field day with the others, but you’re already getting off on this, so why not start with the old L-word. You know the one. Lust,” she breathed, letting her head fall back as she arched into it, only to snap another sharp look off at him. “Just go straight for the shameful shit and run right down the laundry list of people I’ve fucked, since you’re going to want every last dirty detail anyway.”
John opened his mouth, but slowly closed it, narrowing his eyes at her. “Deputy, what do you think I’m going to ask? How many partners you’ve had? Specific acts? Preferred positions?”
Yes. She bit the inside of her lip to keep from saying it, and hated how her face burned in response. “You’ve got to have something to judge, might as well. Direct demonstrations are right the fuck out, however.”
And just a short bit that I’ve added to an earlier John and Faith idea where I was trying to feel a potential intro out, and I think I can totally work with this. 
She was late.
John checked his watch. Could almost hear the seconds tick by as he stood out on the balcony, drumming his fingers along the wooden railing.
While not uncommon, it always dug in just enough. Being forced to wait when he’d already put everything else on hold for her, even if she promised him it would be worth it.
His dear sister tried, but very few things were worth that loss of time, and that was one of their most precious resources nowadays. The only thing he couldn’t measure, weigh, or record, and not even Joseph could give him more than an indeterminate soon at best in terms of when it would finally run out.
So, with soon weighing over all of them, the Collapse reduced to nothing else but that, he was left to stand here.
To wait.
To welcome his sister’s visit with open arms - and he would still, even now - when he’d been left idle long enough for anyone, not just the Deputy to take advantage of it.
The tapping stopped, and John let his fingers lay flat. Let them start to dig the slightest into the surface of the wood.
And where was she now? That deputy...
He’d lost track over the past day, with nothing useful coming in through the cameras or his Chosen. She didn’t disappear. Couldn’t, not with how she dressed, how she looked, or the company she kept, but she’d somehow managed it, and hadn’t headed north or to the east.
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nofingiegloves · 2 days ago
I think I might be in love.
Is that crazy?
What’s really crazy is… I’ve already been in love, so shouldn’t I know how it feels?
I was in love with a beautiful woman. She was the one who I thought I would marry. I met her on such short notice, we’d only got to spend time with each other for 2 months.
And I’m sure you’re thinking, how? That’s only 2 months!
Those 2 months were actually in boot camp, but we separated due to a quarantine.
The rest of the time I spent in boot camp, I only ever thought about her. She was the reason why I got through boot camp.
But that Christmas Eve? She broke up with me, saying that during boot camp she had met another girl. She said that she fell for her. And whatever she felt for me was gone.
She stopped talking to me after that.
I cried myself to sleep for a while after that.
I finally got over it 3 months afterwards. During that time, in school, I met a boy.
I thought he was a total idiot, and he was very obnoxious, and… charming… somehow.
I fell in love with him, right before I left the school so I could take leave at home.
The night before I left, he wrapped his arms around me, and kissed me as deeply as he could. He’d kissed me many times before that, but… that time was different and full of an emotion that I still can’t figure out.
And I realized my feelings for him ran deeper than I thought.
As we went back to our barracks, he held my hand and squeezed it before he let go. 
He wished me goodnight and told me that he would see me in the morning, and he did… but because we were in uniform, we didn’t get to hug and show our affection.
That’s the last time I saw him.
I won’t get to see him for a while still. 
He’s currently on leave now, at his home, visiting his family and friends. 
I won’t see him for another 4 weeks.
I really miss him, and he misses me, we talk about the silly things we did with each other all the time, and I wish he was here now, but he needs time to spend at home.
I just think it’s crazy that… I’ve fallen for someone else, and I’m scared, honestly.
I’m terrified for the future. 
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aristiaofwesteros · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
the darkling x f!reader (shadow & bone)
summary: reader is an inferni grisha who has a secret thing going on with the darkling and is feeling a little envious that he’s been giving such attention to alina starkov recently. // comfort content??
“Are you going to continue to be like this all day?” The Darkling let out a sigh as he adjusted his kefta as he stared out the window from his quarters.
When he heard no reply, he turned around and saw that the female he had been talking with was still on his bed, her back facing him.
Normally he would be irritated at such behaviour, but that was only the case should it have been someone else. Plus, he couldn’t necessarily blame her. He himself didn’t quite understand the feeling, but he can guess as to how she feels at the moment.
“(Y/N).” At the mention of her name, the lady moved her head just a bit as if to go look at him, but decided against it as she decided to face the wall once again.
“(Y/N),” The Darkling repeated in a softer voice as he walled up to her side of the bed where she laid, her eyes avoiding him completely as she stared at the wall instead.
“I’m sorry.” He said as he kneeled on the ground closer to her her head.
“Do you even know what you’re sorry for?”
He couldn’t answer right away and that’s what gave (Y/N) the confirmation she needed to know that he in fact, did not know what it was exactly he did wrong. She couldn’t blame him for that, she knew what kind of person he was and how he dealt with emotions and how he wasn’t too accustomed to it in the first place, but an emotion as trivial and simple as jealousy was something she believed he understood at the very least.
“Liar.” She said as he moved a bit when he saw she was to sit up, and that’s what she did. She furrowed her brows and glanced at him before averting her eyes.
She hated how petty she must seem to him right now.
In reality, it was quite the opposite. He admits that it did in fact confuse him earlier, but seeing her finally show some emotion on her face and speak words after what felt like a lifetime of silence gave him a sense of relief.
“No, I really do know.” He said as he sat down on the bed next to her. “You’re... you’re upset I’ve been spending a lot of time with—”
The Darkling watched her clench her fist and realized what he had to say.
“—with Miss Starkov recently.” He continued, “So I assume I’m correct, then?”
“She’s the Sun Summoner.” (Y/N) replied, her internal debate causing her to have a headache. “I’m just an inferni and it’s not like I own you. You can spend time with her if you want to.”
She thought he’d just reply by saying she was acting silly and childish, or say nothing in response, but she was taken by surprise when his hand grabbed her chin gently and made her turn her head to look at him in the eyes.
“You seem to be forgetting something important, moye svet.” The Darkling’s voice was deep and soft due to how close they both were to one another, and his eyes were mesmerizing. She felt she could get lost in them.
He was right. What made her think she was that special that he was exclusively hers alone? That was a stupid thought. The audacity she must be showing—
“You seem to be forgetting you’re the only one I’ll always have my eyes on, (Y/N).” She felt her cheeks heat up with what he said. Oh. I wasn’t... expecting that—
“I said it once and I’ll say it again;” He said as he released his hold on her chin and ran his other hand through her hair and cupped her cheek, “You’re the one I’m in my chambers with, aren’t I? You’re the one I bring with me to expeditions because I can’t take my eyes off you for even a second, and you’re the one I still see by my side in the future. Alina Starkov isn’t going to change that, and you know I don’t change my mind.”
She let out a small smile at his words, making his lips tug upwards as well. “There’s that smile.” He says.
The Darkling wasn’t known for his ability to make women swoon from his words, but it was the little acts of affection and simple words of affirmation that made (Y/N) remember that he was a man who showed his feelings through actions more than words, and being in his chambers as he held her in his hand gave her the reassurance she needed.
She was his and he was hers. 
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nancydfan · 3 days ago
I'm just going to say it... Ethan Winters has so much more personality and character than Chris Redfield. Who is Chris if not your basic, generic action hero? I still like Chris just fine, but he's always felt that way to me. You can gather SO much more about who Ethan is as a person in only 2 games. I'm truly baffled that people don't see that.
Tumblr media
For real, if you love Chris, I am happy for you. You do you, boo. But Chris is every major action hero I’ve ever seen and that’s fine. I have nothing against that which is why I won’t tag this in his tag because I’m not gonna be a dick to those who love him unlike some people who can’t see to leave Ethans name out of the tags of their shit posts.
We never see Ethans face and I feel like I absolutely know him as a character. There are so many nuances of his personality if people would be willing to look and listen. He’s actually pretty fleshed out for a game protagonist. No, I don’t know who is favorite baseball team (It’s the Dodgers.) but I know a lot of how he thinks and talks and what motivates him and how he responds. Just seeing his house gives us more like Ethan must be a tidy person because he thinks that one room was a mess 🤪
Ethan as a character and person is a mild mannered chill person unless you threaten his family then he starts talking shit using every action movie as source material. He cracks silly jokes and laughs at them. He studies and learns and adapts. He’s handy and practical. He never misses an appointment and probably never had to even write them down even tho he does for Mia. He’s kind hearted and will instantly lend a hand and he forgives quickly and easily.
I could go on and on and eventually it slides into headcanon territory. But people have to give Ethan a shot if they want to actually like him. He’s not your action hero. He’s your father, husband, and friend. That’s what makes him so real and wonderful.
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