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#I’ve been dyeing it red since I was 14
oncewasamadhouse · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I... don’t have any fearless merch 😔 but I did find a picture of myself from when I was 11 when Fearless came out ignore the tiara; it’s from a Dance recital... where I danced to Love Story IIRC actually so me then and me now, and I’m VERY excited to relive my childhood tonight, headfirst fearless 💛💛
I first became a fan of Taylor like... a month before Love Story was released so fearless is an album that really defined my childhood and I used to have this potable CD player and I’d just play the album over and over again often making up stories for my littlest pet shop toys to go with them so this just- it means A LOT to me.
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zheraa · a month ago
1. What’s your favorite birth stone? I don’t know any.
2. Would you rather get free lip gloss or free sunglasses? I don’t need either.
3. Do you call it icing or frosting? Idk.
4. Would you rather go to Spain or France? Both.
5. Have you ever been to a water park? Which one(s)? Yes, a lot of ones.
6. If you were going to buy a cat, what color would you like it to be? I don’t really care, any colour would do.
7. Do you like pomegranates? I’ve never had them.
8. Do you think mice are cute at all, or you you think they’re gross? They’re cute.
7. As a pet, would you rather have a gecko or a turtle? Turtle probably.
8. Did you ever (or will you have to) get your wisdom teeth removed? I haven’t gotten them removed and I don’t plan to unless there’s some problems with them.
9. What was the best 90’s TV show? I don’t know.
10. What’s the best flavor of gum? I don’t chew gum.
11. Is there a W anywhere in your full name? No, it’s a very rare letter in Finnish names anyway.
12. While on vacation, would you rather go shopping or sightseeing? I like to do both.
13. Are there any arcades around where you live? There are in the city centre I think?
14. Do you like freckles? I don’t like or dislike them.
15. Did you ever own a Gameboy Color? If so, what color was yours? No.
16. Have you ever had an animal poop on you before? No.
17. What did you do for your last birthday? Nothing specific but I remember watching hockey.
18. If you were going to go to the movies today, what would you want to see? I don’t like to go to movie theaters and I don’t even know if they’re open.
19. What’s the best thing you’ve ever won at a carnival? I don’t remember ever winning anything.
20. If you had the power to control any one of the elements, which would it be? Water.
21. What’s your favorite thing to do at the beach? Swim.
22. At what age do you consider people to be old? I don’t know, something like 70?
23. Do you own any clothing that is holiday-themed? No.
24. How old do you think you’ll be when you move out? Or if you already have, how old were you? I moved out when I was 24.
25. Lions or tigers? Tigers.
26. Do you ever wear scarves? Rarely.
27. Who do you know that was born in August? No one I know personally.
28. Where do you want to go on your honeymoon? Or where did you go? I don’t know.
29. Do you ever wear chokers? I used to wear them in middle school but haven’t since then.
30. Do you ever wear your camera around your neck? No.
31. If you had to, would you rather dye your hair pink, green or blue? Blue.
32. What do you think about cameos? Nothing.
33. What’s the best color for a rose? Red or pink I suppose.
34. Do bees scare you? No.
35. Do you have any sunglasses with colored lenses? No.
36. Would you ever have wall decals in your house? Yeah, why not.
37. Do you think platypuses are cute or weird-looking? Neither really.
38. If you went to Hogwarts, what classes would you take? I’d be interested in pretty much everything.
39. Would you rather get married in a church or outside? Not in church.
40. Do you prefer margaritas or martinis? Margaritas.
41. Would you ever like to learn Latin? Probably not, does anyone even speak it nowadays?
42. Would you rather have paint or wallpaper in your room? Either.
43. Do you eat any fruit with your pancakes or waffles? No.
44. What’s your favorite song by the Killers? Somebody told me but it’s probably the only one I’ve ever heard. But I like it a lot.
45. Do you like Zooey Deschanel? I don’t have an opinion on her.
46. What color is your luggage? I don’t have any.
47. Would you rather have brown eyes or gray eyes? Brown.
48. Am I the only one who eats meat and is not that big a fan of chicken? I don’t think you’re the only one, well even I could count, because I eat meat sometimes and I’m not a big fan of chicken.
49. Would you rather paint your room completely black or completely pink? Pink.
50. Are you a fan of mesh clothing? Mesh clothing?
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cowboisadness · a month ago
Hang ‘Em High {Arthur Morgan x OC} Chapter 14
Tumblr media
Pairing: Arthur Morgan x FemOC
Summery: Belle Hawthorne is high society looking to escape her mean husband. A robbery by the Van Der Linde gang could be her chance. Can she escape his cluches and possibly discover what love should feel like?
Warnings: None
Chapter 14
Walking back into camp from the river, dumping my belongings at my small tent then borrowing one of the girls pocket mirrors they keep by their bedrolls. The dye definitely did its job. My hair now a deep earthy red reminiscent of the red chestnut Arabian my mother used to own and spoil like it was her fourth child. Happy with the outcome I then set off in search of Hosea. I couldn’t see him anywhere in camp but as I was passing John I asked if he knew where he could be. Told me he was going to meet him at the moonshine wagon they had stolen yesterday. Following him out of camp to where it was hidden. Hosea was there, inspecting the many bottles of moonshine that filled the back of the small wagon. Both of us greeting him as we approached. 
“Ahh, Miss Bella, Just who I wanted to see. I have a little plan with this shine here and I was wondering if you want to join.” Hosea asked, climbing down from the wagon. He seemed to sense my hesitation, coming over to stand beside me and placing a hand on my arm in the hopes it would ease me. “Don’t worry, nothing dangerous and you won’t be left alone. I was just thinking, having a lady present would make us seem less threatening.” 
He looked at me expectantly, waiting for my answer.  
The chance to do something more than camp chores is something I wanted, not that doing chores wasn’t important but I desired to do something more to help. Maybe even bring in some money plus having a few dollars to myself. Growing up on a large farm I’ve never been one to shy away from hard work. Getting my hands dirty on a daily basis was normal, but getting them dirty on the kinda jobs the gang does will involve more than just soil under your nails and hay in your hair. But I’m sure I could trust Hosea seeing as he was one to avoid bloodshed and fights whenever possible, instead, running scams to take what they wanted from right under the noses of unsuspecting folks. “Okay. I’ll help if you think it will be of benefit.”
“Great! I'd suggest it would be better off if you wore something other than pants and equip your gun. Just in case,”
I nodded, feeling a bit more apprehensive about having to be armed. Better safe than sorry I thought as I turned to head back to camp.
“Oh, and Bella,” Hosea called back to me “Love the hair.”
 I changed into a plain baby blue skirt and a white blouse, donning a shawl to avoid the inevitable chill of the evening. Styling my hair into a loose bun allowing a few strands to fall around my face. Once I was ready and had my Cattleman holstered securely to my hip and the knife I still hadn’t returned sheathed beside it I made my way back to Hosea and John. Arthur was there too, asking Hosea what the plan was as they mounted up on the wagon. I sat at the back, feet dangling off the edge acting as the lookout. With this much moonshine just passing the wrong people could cause an unwanted interaction. Arthur called over to ask if I’m sure I’m okay coming along to help. Hosea butting in before I could speak to tell him Arthur will be just fine as I won’t be leaving their sides. Arthur looked over his shoulder at me either waiting for my confirmation or some words of worry. I just gave him a smile and a nod as we made our way along the roads in the direction of Rhodes.  The two men conversed on the plan. Returning the liquor to its owners for a ‘finder's fee’of sorts and to make a formal introduction to the Braithwaite family. In the back of my head, that name sounded familiar but I couldn’t place any faces to the name that dealt in the moonshine business. As they talked about the two apparent rival families in the area, Arthur mentioned a couple torn between both families that he has been helping keep in contact with one another. Imagine that, a big mean outlaw helping two young lovers. The ride wasn’t long, the historic plantation house sitting only a little further south to where we are situated along Flat Iron Lake. The men at the entrance let us go through to make our way towards the house, the grandness of it not being unfamiliar to me.
As we came to a stop the doors ahead opened revealing an older woman, Catherine Braithwaite, followed out by several men. “What you want?” She called out to us from the porch.
“Found something...out on the hills, thought...thought maybe you was in the market for it.” Hosea called back as he made his way to the steps.
“For what?”
“Some liquor.”
“I ain’t in the market for what’s already mine.”
“Way we see it, it’s ours,”  The three of us dismounted and made our way to the foot of the porch. I stood back a little and decided to stay near the horses.  “What with us possessing it, and i-i checked it all over for the life of me I couldn’t see your name on it.”
Now I could see the woman clearly, the faces to that name came flooding back to me. I had met Mrs Braithwaite months ago regarding a couple of horses Frank was wanting to buy. Surely she wouldn’t recognise me considering i had only met her once before and let’s face it, I looked a bit different then. She didn't seem to pay any mind to me. Looking me over once before returning to Hosea as their conversation continued.
“The alternative is you get shot.” a man stepped out behind Mrs Braithwaite, one of her sons I believe, shotgun in hand. Arthur instinctively going for his sidearm, hand hovering over the pistol just waiting for the word. Hosea quick to step in, “Now who wants to get shot over a bottle or two of liquor?” 
The man raised the gun but the woman was quick to stop him, pulling the weapon from his grasp. “Pay the man.”
“Pleasure doing business with ya,” Hosea said as he was handed a clip. “And, listen, we didnt take it, least not without orders from…”
“Oh, I know exactly who gave you your orders. Old sheriff Gray. You know what? I don’t want it. In fact, sir, now you can do me a favour, there’s an extra 10 bucks if you do. Drive the stuff into Rhodes head over to the tavern run by Mr Gray and give the stuff out for free,” She said, shushing one of the boys at her side. This feud between the two families ran deep for sure since she was willing to lose out on some business just out of spite.
“I believe they call that a promotional expense.”  Hosea huffed out a laugh, giving the woman a nod and turned to climb up on the wagon again. Mrs Braithwaite leaving us with parting words regarding playing a game of cribbage.
Heading into Rhodes was the last thing I wanted to do, especially so soon. I just had to make sure I kept my wits about me and to not leave their side for too long. Lord, I felt pathetic being as scared as I was. My pistol being the heavy presence at my side reminded me I could use that if need be.
“I ain’t playing dress-up. You know how I feel about that.”
“Of course you’re not...You’re a clowns.... idiot... brother.”
“Hosea, please…” Arthurs voice taking on a deep tone, one of irritation to whatever Hosea was proposing.
“I’m the clown. You’re the idiot. Just...look sad and keep quiet. Even you can do that, Arthur”
“Do I have to?”
“Put this hat on.” Arthur didn't have a choice in the matter. Hosea already removing his worn gambler hat and replacing it with a wide brim flop hat that was anything but attractive. Without missing a beat Hosea hands him a pipe to smoke and instructing him how to form his face. Despite Arthurs reluctance, he still followed whatever Hosea instructed, but he wasn’t happy in the slightest. I couldn’t help but giggle minutely as I watched. Arthur turned to me with a look of anger and disbelief before huffing out a quiet “shut up.” Covering my mouth to stifle my laughter. 
“What about you?” Arthur now turned his attention back to Hosea
“Shh. You can't speak. You’re turned idiot,” Hosea and I both started laughing now. “Quite broke poor mammy’s heart.” Hosea continued putting on a voice to get into the part causing Arthur to gruff in annoyance. He was hating this. We were loving it.
“There there, Fenton, there there. Don’t get mad now.” The humour had calmed me some. A warm sensation in my stomach overcoming the dread I was feeling the whole ride here. The ache on my cheeks a pleasant one. We pulled into Rhodes parlour house, Arthur dismounting and making his way to where I was sat. Hosea still spewing this little backstory he had created on a whim. 
“Okay, Fenton, stay calm now...for momma, she loved you so...just a shame you had to strangle her in a rage. Right, grab two cases of that stuff and follow me.”
Arthur held out his hand to help me down from the back of a wagon, his expression one of exasperation as he looked at me. Both of us reaching for a crate. 
“You, erm, gonna be okay?” He asked in a whisper.
“I’m sure I will be,” I replied with a smile
“Just stay near me. I’ll keep an eye out, make sure you’re safe.” “Thank you, Arthur - I mean, Fenton.” I couldn’t hold back the grin forming on my face, Arthur just looked at me deadpan as if to say ‘not you too’ as we followed Hosea towards the Parlours side entrance.
This was going to be fun.
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twilightmomentswithyou · 2 months ago
was tagged by @himbocalum and @i-like-5sos and @bandsanitizer to fill out this Get To Know Me tag game. thank you so much, lovelies!!
1. Name/Nickname(s): Shelbi, shelbs 2. Pronouns: she/her 3. Star Sign: Scorpio 4. Height: 5'7" 5. Time: 11:38AM 6. Birthday: October 30 7. Favorite Band(s): 5SOS, Mayday Parade, Def Leppard, Fall Out Boy, There for Tomorrow, Paramore, PVRIS, Little Mix 8. Favorite Solo Artist(s): Jessie J, Keith Urban, Halsey 9. Song Stuck in my Head: "Times Like These" by Foo Fighters 10. Last Movie: Burlesque, I think?? and that was like 2 weeks ago 11. Last Show: WandaVision RIP 12. When I Made This Blog: January 2020 13. What I Post: 5SOS bullshit, MCU bullshit, just a lot of bullshit nobody really asked for 14. Last Thing I Googled: "why was nick carter a pink crocodile" ayyyy 15. Other blogs: I have a "main" blog that I rarely use, i have a side blog that's 5sos-related but i haven't attributed my identity to it just yet, and then i have like 22 saved urls lmao 16. Do I Get Asks?: Not often, but occasionally! 17. Why I Chose This URL: well originally i think i was "youhadthoseeyes" which is an iydk reference but it wasn't very obviously 5sos-related so i changed my main url to that and made this one "twilightpromisedmeyou" which was what the lyrics of red desert were thought to be when all we had was the one G'Day USA performance of the song. then once we got an actual studio version of the song, i'd been exposed and had to switch to the actual correct lyrics 18. Following: 187 19. Followers: 806 20. Average Hours of Sleep: 8ish on weekdays and then closer to 10 on weekends 21. Favorite Number: 13 22. Instruments: I can play a very limited number of songs on guitar (such as Ice Box by Omarion, but don't ask why) and I know exactly one song on drums 23. What I am Wearing Right Now: black sweatpants, a white cut-off Def Leppard tank, and a tie-dye Pawz hoodie 24. Dream Trip: San Diego Zoo!!! or going back home to Illinois because I always love getting to go back and see all the things I miss 25. Favorite Foods: Pizza, bread, alfredo, CARBS 26. Nationality: American 27. Favorite Song: "Faithfully" by Journey and "Happy Endings Are Stories That Haven't Ended Yet" by Mayday Parade 28. Last Book I Read: i've been trying to finish Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer for the last year but i'm too lazy 29. Top Three Fictional Universes: MCU, Three Completes a Family (@notinthesameguey) aaaand Narnia? 30. Favorite Color: Grey
i'm not tagging anyone because it's been 2 days since I was tagged so I'm sure this gotten around already lmao
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ur-favorite-queer-queen · 2 months ago
The Titanides
Chapter 3 - Reveals  First Previous Next 
Master List
As Marinette sat in the alleyway at around 5 o'clock that night, she couldn’t help but think of how it all went wrong. After all it was only 2 years ago that things started to change. She laughed to herself, a bitter laugh, cause things really had changed. 
At 13 she became a superhero who fought against an emotional magical terrorist with the worst partner in superhero history. 
At 14 she defeated said supervillain with no help from her partner and took away his ring, revealing him to be the boy she so desperately had hoped would love her once upon a time. And when she returned home Master Fu was there ready to collect the miraculous before disappearing to an unknown location. Never to be seen again. 
At 15 she became a social pariah that no one could bear to look at. Her friends were gone, her parents acted like she didn’t exist, and when the blond boy she used to crush on acknowledged her it was either to bully her or hit on her (with no one around of course). She didn’t know which was worse at this point. 
And the worst part was that at 16 years old Lila was right, she had won. Marinette sometimes contemplated what life would be like if she could just disappear. To a few years in the future where none of this would matter and she was happy. Or maybe to the past, where she never had to worry about fake friends and neglectful parents. Probably because it wasn’t even her parents taking care of her back then.
How she longed to be back in the old but beautiful manor. Because that was where she truly felt at home. Richard teaching her gymnastics, Jason reading her literature, Tim helping her with schoolwork she had struggled with that past school year, and Damian. She missed him. Her first healthy crush, even if she didn’t know it at the time. Life was so much more simple back then. 
She didn’t even realize she was crying until a voice broke her out of her thoughts, “Hey, are you okay?” the voice asked. She looked up and saw a girl with honey colored skin, jet black hair with dark pink highlights, and concerned onyx brown eyes looking at her. ‘When was the last time someone was concerned for her?’
“Yeah, I-I’m fine.” She answered back, but the girl didn’t look convinced. Marinette didn’t blame her, she wasn’t either. 
“Yes because that totally explains why you're in an alley crying your eyes out and contemplating all your life choices.” The girl sarcastically teased, with her voice still sounding concerned. It was then that Marinette actually got a good look at her, she was wearing a pretty casual outfit save for a few accessories; light grey sweats, a white T-shirt could be seen underneath her light pink hoodie, black combat boots, black backpack, and she was pretty sure some black fishnet gloves and black choker, but she didn’t want to stare too long. And god was this girl pretty.
“Yeah just a bad day.” Marinette finally spoke up, still surprised that a stranger was so concerned over her well being. “You seem to have experience with crying your eyes out and contemplating all your life choices.” She tried to change the subject.
“I am a little familiar with it. Leto.” The girl, Leto, stuck her hand out to shake.
“Marinette.” She replied.
“Well Marinette, are you sure it was just a bad day?” Leto questioned, going back to the original subject. Marinette was about to reply when she saw where Leto’s eyes were looking. They were trained onto her bruised wrist. Before she could answer she continued, “Look I don’t really know what your situation is but if you ever feel unsafe here,” She handed the girl a note with a number on it, “Now I know this is probably really sketchy and you have no reason to trust me, but I do want to help. Just call the number and we can meet in this exact same spot.” 
All Marinette did was glance at the number scribbled down for a second. Yet, when she looked back up the girl was gone. The only evidence of their interaction being the small slip of paper in her hand. 
Any person with a brain or common sense would’ve thrown it away and forgot about it. Like she had said, it was really sketchy. But her gut told her not to. Her gut was telling her to keep the paper, because one day she would need it. And if she learned anything from her time as Ladybug, it was always listen to your gut. 
So tucking her pants into her jean pocket she hurried back home, wanting to eat dinner as quickly as she could so she could get back to her room. And hopefully avoid an interaction with her parents. 
Unknown to her 4 figures were watching her leave, before their eyes all turned to Leto, silently asking the same question. Leto was currently leaning on the wall of the building they were at, scrolling through her phone. More specifically, Marinette’s social media accounts. 
Finally, the miniature version of Leto except for her purple hair dye, asked the question they were all wondering, “Lee,” she waited for Leto to look at her, “How did it go?” 
Leto rolled her eyes, “Well Nyx, seeing as she didn’t throw the number away, I’d say that it went pretty well.” 
“You know that’s not what I was asking.” Nyx bit back, her voice having a slight edge that went unnoticed by both girls. The 3 other girls simply watched. It wasn’t often that the 2 girls fought, and none of them wanted to get in the middle of it. 
Leto sighed, not just sighed, but one of those exhausted mom sighs before tucking her phone in her bag, “Nyx, you know I love you right?” Nyx simply raised an eyebrow at the weird declaration, “I would say it went well, but I don’t know what she thinks of me, a stranger she hasn’t known for 5 minutes, giving her my number. We just have to be patient.” 
It was then that all the girls took a good look at their surrogate mother, despite the fact she was only a year or two older than them. She looked tired even though she was only 18. Guess being on the move for 4 years will do that to you. 
“Leto, Nyx,” Both girls turned towards a dark-skinned girl who’s hazel eyes glowed with understanding, “How about we drop the subject for now. I saw an ice cream cart not far from here. Andre’s I think.”
“That sounds like a wonderful idea Selene.” Leto smiled, “Oizys I know you're up for ice cream,” Said girl grinned, pulling her dark blue dyed hair in a ponytail, her grey eyes sparkling with mischief, “Erida are you up for it?” A girl with light brown eyes, light beige skin, and shoulder length brown hair stained with green simply nodded her approval, her eyes not focused on Leto but instead anything around them, almost waiting for something to jump out at them, “Nyx?”
Nyx finished pulling her purple stained hair into her own ponytail, looking up and meeting Leto’s eyes, she smirked, “You know I’ve always been up for ice cream sis.”
“Ever since we were kids.” Leto chuckled, “Well then lead the way Selene, it’s on me.”
“Isn’t always on you?” Oizys joked, but she was telling the truth.
“Oh hush you.” Leto shushed as they all made their way down the block. 
“Hey Lee,” Nyx began waiting for Leto to look her in the eyes, “Sorry about that, you know I’m just worried for her.” 
“I know, I am too. It didn’t look like she was in a good situation. But we can’t dwell on it, it’s all up to her now.” Leto gave a sad smile, “Besides even if she doesn’t contact me then hopefully she’ll get help another way. In the meantime I have you, Oizys, Erida, and Selene keeping my hands full.” 
“You were always such a momma bear. You and your horrible adoption habits.” Nyx teased.
“Hey! I didn’t adopt you, I was just stuck with you.” Leto countered. 
“Oh please, you love me!” 
“Yep, I do.” 
“Hey, Leto, Nyx, if you both could stop being sappy sisters who love each other to the moon and back for a second. Then you would see we have arrived.” Selene motioned to the cart that stood in front of them. 
“Yeah, yeah, here I am, coming with my money.” Leto retorted, rolling her eyes and pulling her wallet out of her bag. 
“Don’t bother, the guy said it’s free!” Oizys exclaimed, already stuffing her face with the oddly colored ice cream. There was purple, black, and red.
“You sure?” Leto questioned, free ice cream seemed a little too good to be true. 
“Yeah! He said the ice cream was supposed to help us find our true love or was it soulmate…” Oizys trailed off before realizing she needed to finish her explanation, “Anyways he said that his ice cream helps bring couples together. And love shouldn’t have a price. Then he went on this weird poem rant describing what the ice cream meant, like describing who the ice cream represented. I’m 50% sure that he’s a meta.” 
At Leto’s raised eyebrow Selene came in to reassure her, “Oizys is right, he said it’s free.” As she took a bite of her ice cream which was blue, red, and green.
“Horrible way to run a business.” Erida muttered just loud enough for them to hear even though there was a small smile on her face as she ate her ice cream, green and gold. 
“I hope platonic love counts because I can’t pass up free ice cream!” Nyx grinned as she went up to grab her ice cream, Leto stood behind her. 
“Why hello I haven’t seen you around! Say are you with the other girls as well!” The man, Andre, boasted, waving his ice cream scooper in the direction of the other girls. 
“That I am!” Nyx responded cheerfully. 
“Let’s see, the love you hold is not romantic but that’s okay, love is love! Coffee brown his favorite treat, electric blueberry eyes that are so sweet. Enjoy!” 
Nyx took the ice cream with a smile, despite the fact she disliked coffee. She stood off to the side as she waited for Leto to get her ice cream. 
“Hey are you sure it’s free. I can pay-” Leto was cut off by Andre’s happy cheer.
“But of course, love should not have a price! Black coconut ash for in the darkness she hides and chocolate brown for her loving eyes. Enjoy!”
Leto thanked him before joining up with Nyx and making her way back to the group. 
“So what were your ice cream descriptions?” Nyx asked the group. 
“I’m not gonna say, let it be a mystery.” Oizys smirked before taking a big bite of her ice cream and then proceeding to say, “Brain-freeze, brain-freeze. Shouldn’t have done that…”
“I am not gonna share mine either. My description is for my ears only.” Erida stated, opting to take a small bite of her ice cream. 
“Well if I’m going to follow the trend, then I won’t either.” Selene agreed, taking the last bite of her ice cream and throwing the trash away. 
“Then our lips are sealed too!” Nyx confirmed, already done with over half of her ice cream. Turns out coffee wasn’t that bad.
“Well for those of us who still have a lot of ice cream left,” Leto locked eyes with Erida, “let’s head to the Eiffel Tower to finish it up.”
“Onward!” Oizys shouted to no one in particular as she skipped ahead towards where she thought the Eiffel Tower was.
“Wrong way Oizys!” Erida yelled to Oizys as she skipped back towards them and passed them saying.
“I knew that!” 
The group followed her, Erida fast walking to keep an eye on her and make sure she didn’t accidentally get into trouble, while Selene took a picture on her phone of the 2 of them. 
All of them had high spirits, genuine smiles stuck on their faces. They were hopeful that soon they would be gaining a new member.
Another end notes. The names have been revealed! The mystery has been solved! not really You still don’t know what they mean and it will remain a mystery until next chapter! Unless you google them of course. But where’s the fun in that I say trying to convince you not to google them I was trying to subtly ship the girls at the end there, feel free to guess who I was trying to ship them with. Also sorry for the condensed version of Marinette’s life, I’ll go into more details later. Again if you wanna be tagged just ask me!
@dnsakina @animegirlweeb @maskedpainter  @erineagles @northernbluetongue 
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lovemesomesurveys · 2 months ago
01. Do you have a pool? Nope.
02. How many times have you been on a plane? A total of 4 times.
03. Favorite ice cream flavor? I like strawberry, mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream, and birthday cake. I haven’t had ice cream in years, though. I was never a big ice cream person to be honest.
04. The key to happiness is? I don’t know.
05. Favorite movie actress/actor? Alexander Skarsgard.
06. Last time you ordered fast food? I ordered breakfast takeout from one of my favorite local places this morning.
07. First CD you ever purchased? The first one I remember buying myself is Ashlee Simpson’s, “Autobiography.” Some of the first CDs I remember having are Britney Spears, Nsync, Backstreet Boys, and Aaron Carter. 08. Favorite book you read? I have many favorites.
09. Do you own anything from Tiffany&Co.? No.
10. Do you have a TikTok? Yeah. I’m definitely not posting TikToks, but I like watching ‘em.
11. Closest red object you see: There’s red on some of my throw pillows.
12. Last time you went to the zoo, year: 2016.
13. I made an extra grilled cheese, want it? Nah, I just ate but thank you.
14. Do you enjoy driving? I don’t drive.
15. First initial of your middle name; Nah.
16. How many TVs do you have in your home? 4.
17. Do you play TheSims4? It’s been a few years since I last played, but yeah.
18. Have you ever made your own bath bombs? No. I’ve never even used a bath bomb cause I don’t take baths. They have shower bombs, but eh just not my thing.
19. Your favorite store as a teen? Hot Topic and Macy’s are a couple of the stores I shopped at the most.
20. Favorite memory of 2020? My Disneyland trip in early February that ended up being just a few weeks before the pandemic hit and everything drastically changed.
21. Happy 21st Birthday, what is/was your first legal drink purchase? You’re 10 years late haha but thank you. The first thing I had was a tequila shot.
22. Do you wear socks to bed? Yeah, I wear socks all day.
23. Who do you know who enjoys sushi? It seems like most people do except for me.
24. You get 2 pizza toppings, what are they? Cheese and spinach. 
25. Ever dipped your pizza in ranch? I always eat my pizza with ranch. I’ve been doing that since I was a kid.
26. Ever dye your hair blonde? Not completely, but I had blonde highlights for years.
27. Do you know anyone famous? No.
28. Favorite YouTuber? I have several.
29. You can only listen to one genre of music for the rest of your life, you choose: Wow, I don’t knowww. That’s hard.
30. Name a Pokémon: Jigglypuff.
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slater-baby · 2 months ago
Care Package Inbound
(Frankie “Catfish” Morales x f!Reader)
Summary: In all his time in the military, Frankie’s never got a care package. Not from his mother during basic, not from his friends during his specialized training, and definitely not from any girlfriend he ever had during his deployment. But you just love to defy expectations.
Tags: New relationship, long distance relationship, Valentine’s Day shenanigans, pining, realization of feelings, fluff, tooth-rotting fluff, video games
Word count: 2.0K
Tumblr media
“They’ve got a sentry now,” Benny mumbles with a scoff, eyes almost unblinking as he studies the screen with a disbelieving look.
Pope shakes his head, arms crossed where he stands next to the TV, “You’ve really lost it now.”
“No--no, don’t say that. We’re only 7 kills behind; that’s nothing,” Will assures with a few determined jerks of his joysticks.
Santiago just laughs and points to Will’s half of the screen, “Yeah. Tell that to your grand kill streak of 3.”
Watching his friends miserably try to outdo a group of try-hard teenagers and angrily mash buttons on their controllers, Frankie just looks on with a smile. On base, there wasn’t much fun to be had aside from reading books or playing video games--and even then, those things quickly got old. Frankie had played a couple rounds earlier on, but he found himself more frustrated than entertained the longer the losing streak had gone on. Immature idiots they are, Will and Benny had insisted it was just a fluke on their part. However, 3 games later and with a combined K:D of about .35, their egos had melted away as quick as ice cubes under a blow torch.
Frankie throws a look at Santiago before shaking his head. Sticking his hands into the pockets of his fatigues, he turns to walk away, ignoring the damning sound of the video game’s voice actor scolding his soldiers for their poor performance.
“Cat, where you going? I thought you said you were stick around for a few more rounds,” Will throws over his shoulder, hardly turning from the screen as he absentmindedly starts another lobby.
Frankie pauses in his step with a chuckle or two, “Yeah, I did. But that was before I watched you two throw a dozen games just ‘cause a few preteens pulled you off your high horses.”
He doesn’t even need to look behind him to know there are a pair of middle fingers facing his turned back as he walks towards the barracks. They were currently deployed somewhere in eastern Ukraine for a few special-ops recon missions, nothing too major (yet with the current political climate, Frankie hardly has the mind to call it meaningless). Usually, they’d be working or training this time of day, but bad weather had left them grounded for the foreseeable future. The minute Frankie had crawled out of his horrifically inadequate, military issued blankets that morning, the frigid air turning his skin to ice almost at first contact, he knew they’d spend the day shooting virtual guns rather than real ones.
Not that he minded. Maybe he’d gone soft with age, or maybe he’d just lost his touch, but the old thrill of recon-piloting didn’t get him going like it used to. Probably something to do with how he’d spent his last period of leave sharing your dreamy double bed almost every evening, warm and soft and safe without the constant threat of violence or admonishment hanging over his head while he caught a few extra Zs.
He grins at the thought.
You hadn’t been his girlfriend for long--hell, you’d only made it official a couple weeks before he was set to be redeployed. But, even if there was only 14 or 15 days of real affection between the two of you, his feelings had stretched long beyond his stuttered confession or the quiet nights in you’d shared.
You’d worked at his mother’s flower shop for a few months the summer before, needing a little extra money to stay afloat between jobs. He’d thought you radiant then, a little patch of sunshine amidst the rows of ornate bouquets and sophisticated potted plants. You just had that effect on people: you could pull complete strangers under your spell the minute they walked through the front door, could get even the grumpiest old fools to foot you a generous tip without even batting an eye. You were a force of your own and unapologetically so. God help the people that fell in love with you, and Frankie was hardly an exception.
Now with his mother getting older, he’d made a habit of coming around the shop to do the heavy lifting for her, which usually entailed carrying ceramic flower pots and grow-lights back and forth between the crowded shelves. He’d seen you then, cradling the delicate petals of a daffodil between your fingers, a smile blooming softly on your lips.
And just like that, you had him.
The days moving forward from that moment were spent in a flurry of fluff and frills, memories washed over with rose-colored dye in his mind, where his fondness for you lived in unbothered luxury. He’d wasted August and September in a nervous stupor, October and November in unabashed admiration, and until up December, he’d been content with that.
You were set to leave his mother’s shop the day after the Christmas sale, since you’d finally found another position at a gardening company a few hours down the highway. He’d been crushed, understandably. The day of your farewell party, his mother had comforted him in the backroom, pinched his cheeks and hugged him a little too tight, assuring him a few of the cupcakes from the party would make him forget all about you.
And it goes without saying that she’d been dead wrong. He spent January throwing himself into his work at the flower shop, picking up the slack now that you weren’t around to handle the grouchy customers or heavy boxes. For the most part, it had been a good distraction.
But then February came, and with it, you.
You, in a snow-dusted puff jacket and a smile on your face, throwing your arms around his shoulders in a bear hug as you went on and on about how much you’d missed him between then and now. He’d about died of surprise that day, but held you nonetheless. It turns out that you’d be spending a few weeks in town to see your own parents, and figured you’d pay his mother a visit while you had the chance.
He’d asked you out a week later. And his heart exploded the minute you’d said yes.
So he’d gone back home with you, drove the hours it took to get to your new place in the next town over just to spend the night cuddled up on the couch, sharing lava cake and take-out from the restaurants around town.
When the letter came in, however, and he’d been called to service once again, he wasn’t expecting you to cry. His girlfriend of two weeks, a girl he really hardly knew. And yet you did. You held onto the sides of his shirt, tears hot against his neck, and begged him to stay, and as much as he wished he could, you both knew he didn’t have a choice.
And so now, here he was, knee-deep in Ukranian snowfall while you were comfy and cozy back home, probably lounging beneath that heated blanket he knew you couldn’t live without. It makes him smile bitterly, the image of you without him, but he holds in his feelings for another time.
If there were any perks that came with being in Delta force, it was the separate rooms. He’d made it through basic and beyond on those stiff, unforgiving slabs of metal the government dare call bunk beds. But after about two decades of that BS, his back couldn’t stand the abuse any longer. Needless to say, when he’d first been initiated and moved into his new quarters, he’d nearly cried with relief at the sight of the (still somewhat crappy) twin bed he was now afforded.
However, instead of relieved, now all he is is jaded. (You’re entirely to blame for that, by the way, spoiling him with your stupidly comfortable mattress and mounting pile of pillows).
He yanks open the door of his quarters with a sigh, a waft of stale air washing over with him at the intrusion. But he doesn’t find what he expects.
Instead of the pristine bed covers that topped the bed usually (the yelling he got from his drill sergeant during basic over not making his bed would never allow him to fold it to anything less than coin-bouncing perfection), a heavy cardboard box pushes into the comforter, sending wrinkles rippling through the fabric.
He walks up to it curiously, thumbing the white tag on the top that’s labeled plainly with his name and rank.
He settles himself on the bed next to the box, pulling out a pocket knife to deal with the tape at the top, before he’s tugging it open impatiently. The first thing that meets his eye is a folded piece of paper at the top of the pile of items stacked inside; he tugs it forward with eager fingers.
Upon opening the letter, red pen and loopy handwriting stare back at him.
Dear Frankie,
I’m not sure when you’ll get this package (seriously, I really don’t get the postal service--or the military for that matter), but hopefully it’s sometime close to Valentine’s day?? Regardless, I miss you more than the world right now. It’s been snowing since Tuesday and I’ve got no one to shovel my driveway for me or share the blanket with me at night (really, how dare you leave the night before a blizzard came and buried my car in three feet of ice). I’ve had to eat all the Oreos in the pantry all by myself since you’re not here to share them with me, and--even though I know you’ll be seething to hear it--I finished the last season of The Night Of without you (sorry not sorry; the cliffhanger from the last season was just too good to resist….I promise I won’t spoil it for you, though.) We can rewatch it when you get back :).
Anyways, I’ll try to keep it short, since I know you’re probably really busy with your military stuff right now. But, even though I like joking around and pushing your buttons, just know that I’m going crazy without you. I wish you were here. You spoiled me those two weeks you were around, and now every night I go to bed, I can’t help but think it’d be easier to fall asleep with you next to me. I’m sure it’s hard on your end, suddenly going to Ukraine and all that. But I hope you’re still thinking of me, because I know for sure I’m thinking of you :)
I’m eating lava cake right now. I’d have shipped you a piece if the military let me, but the government is kinda a pain the ass nowadays with the rules and whatnot. Regardless, I hope you like the gifts I sent!! It’s not much, but I hope it at least means something.
I miss you, Francisco. Stay safe while you’re gone!
You Know Who <3
He’s shocked still with something akin to surprise after reading through the letter--though, really, it’s not surprise at all. It’s something softer than that, underwhelming and insistent where it simmers underneath his skin, but with the same paralyzing qualities.
His eyes stay locked on the paper for a minute longer, not re-reading the letter, but not moving on from it either. Eventually, though, when he feels like he can breathe again, he sets the letter gently aside and peers into the box.
Frankie can’t help but feel like you’d been lying when you said it wasn’t much.
The box is brimming with different packages, heavy with weight and overflowing with sentimentality.
He can tell how much effort you put into it just from the way it’s arranged alone. Every piece is individually wrapped in sickeningly sweet pink wrapping paper, sparkly bows tacked onto the bigger parts, though they’ve been slightly crushed by the treatment of the postal service. It’s a monstrosity of red and pink, ugly and incomprehensible with clumsiness, since your hands couldn’t afford the same steadiness to gift-wrapping as they did to bouquet-making, apparently.
But even so, tears well up nonetheless.
His throat hurts as he looks down at it, vision blurry with water as your affection stares back at him from inside the box. It’s mushy and loud and unsightly, but so obvious and comforting that he has to put a hand over his mouth to muffle the sob that spills forth.
He’s never gotten a care package before--not from his parents during basic, not from his friends during his specialized training, and definitely not from any girlfriend he’d ever had during his deployment.
Yet here you are, his girlfriend of two weeks, sending him something like this. Sending him the very embodiment of your feelings laid out on a silver platter for him to touch and feel, for him to see and experience, even 1000 miles away. It’s tough, how rudimentary these feelings must be for any one person, but how smothering they are for him.
It’s torturous, heart-aching, deathly longing, and he loves every minute of it.
His shaking hands tear uselessly at the paper, quiet sniffles following each revelation. A stack of polaroid photos from around your house: a picture of a wonky snowman he assumes you’d made after the blizzard hit, a picture of his mother sitting across from you in a coffee shop, as well as a picture of a lava cake sitting in a to-go package.
There’s two bags of new socks--the comfortable ones he swears by that you had somehow noticed; an entire pile of hand warmers and a new pair of work gloves, labeled with a pink sticky note that says “I know you’ve probably lost a few fingers to the cold out there, so I hope I’m not too late in giving you these,” followed by a winky face.
There’s bags of chocolate Kisses and Valentine’s Sweethearts, Pocky, chips and dried fruit. Somehow, you even managed to cram a few new books around the edges of the package, all of them horribly wrapped and adorned with little sticky notes about what you thought he’d like about them.
However, when he gets to the last package, a big rectangular one tucked into the corner, he can’t hold back the tears any longer.
He cries as he stares down at the package of Oreos in his hands. The two of you had probably eaten through at least 3 boxes of them during the two weeks he’d stayed with you, and as if it wasn’t evident, you knew he couldn’t resist them. The last night before his deployment, he’d spent the night cradling you against his chest while you giggled up at his face with the sound of the TV in the background, stuffing the cookies in his mouth one after the other, just to taste them again when he kissed you.
He lays back on his bed, a hand covering his wet eyes and lungs stuttering with deep sobs as he cradles the picture of the snowman to his chest.
God, he misses you.
He misses you so, so much.
A week before you’d come back into his life, if you’d have asked him how far his feelings ran, he wouldn’t have been able to get very far. Though now, alone in his military quarters, crying over something as stupid as Oreos or snowmen, he’d be able to describe every painful pang that comes when his heart clenches just at the thought of your name.
He wants to go home, wants to share your bed and rewatch that TV show with you in his arms. For as much as he loves his friends with all his heart, he’d leave them without their pilot just to get back to you right now.
And it’s then that the realization hits him.
He loves you.
It’s only been two weeks, and he loves you. He’s away in Ukraine--an entire lifetime away from you--and he loves you.
He’s here, and you’re there, and he loves you.
He spends the rest of the night safeguarding his Oreos from his overeager friends, re-reading the letter over and over again, smiling wider with each word.
And, once again, he wants to come back home to you. And by god if he isn’t going to do it.
Tag List: @pedrosmustache @leonieb
Notes: AHHHHH HAPPY VALENTINES DAY LOVES!!! I give you all this lil piece. Idk if you noticed but the title is a Call of Duty reference. I’m an avid player of the game, so I love it~ it was fitting so it works out!! I hope you all are doing well!! And spent your day really happy~<3
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aognews · 2 months ago
Ringside Seat -- Richard Commey ready to reclaim his place at 135; Joseph Diaz Jr. to solidify his at 130 - Seat -- Richard Commey ready to reclaim his place at 135; Joseph Diaz Jr. to solidify his at 130 A new main event was set late on Thursday as the light heavyweight title fight between Joe Smith Jr. and Maxim Vlasov was canceled due to COVID-19. There won't be a title on the line, but heavy punchers will seize the main event spotlight as Richard Commey and Jackson Marinez (ESPN+, Sat., 10 p.m. ET) square off. Also on the main card, Adam Lopez takes on Jason Sanchez in a 10-round featherweight fight, and heavyweight sensation Jared Anderson takes on Kingsley Ibeh in a six-round battle.Commey (29-3, 26 KOs), hasn't fought since losing his IBF world title by second-round TKO against Teofimo Lopez in December 2019. This is the longest layoff of his career. The former kickboxer and soccer player turned pro at 24 years old and began his career with 17 consecutive knockout wins.Top Rank Boxing is on ESPN and ESPN+. Subscribe to ESPN+ to get exclusive boxing events, weigh-ins and more.8:15 p.m. ET Saturday on ESPN+: Richard Commey vs. Jackson Marinez undercard fights10 p.m. ET Saturday on ESPN: Richard Commey vs. Jackson Marinez, 10 rounds, lightweights "It's been a long and frustrating wait to get back into the ring, and can't come soon enough," Commey told Top Rank recently. "I've kept myself in shape, but once I heard the date, I stepped up my training. All I've been thinking about is winning back my title. I am not looking past Jackson Marinez, as I know he is a tough, slick fighter, so he has my full attention. The road to redemption begins now."Marinez (19-1, 7 KOs) lost for the first time in his career back in August, challenging Rolando Romero for the WBA interim lightweight title. Marinez outlanded Romero in that fight and thought he was deserving of victory."That was pure robbery," Marinez said after the fight "I won the fight. I out-jabbed , outboxed him. You could tell he didn't think he won the fight right afterwards. It's a robbery."The winner of this fight could get into the title picture once again.Betting oddsCommey-Marinez Betting OddsCommey: -300Marinez: +240Commey by KO/TKO/DQ: +100Commey by decision/tech. decision: +240Marinez by KO/TKO/DQ: +700Marinez by decision/tech. decision: +350Draw: +1800Courtesy of Caesars Sportsbook by William HillFull cardRichard Commey (29-3, 26 KOs) vs. Jackson Marinez (19-1, 7 KOs), 10 rounds, lightweightsAdam Lopez (14-2, 6 KOs) vs. Jason Sanchez (15-2, 8 KOs), 10 rounds, featherweightsJared Anderson (7-0, 7 KOs) vs. Kingsley Ibeh (5-1, 4 KOs), 6 rounds, heavyweightsFloyd Diaz (pro debut) vs. Fernando Macias (1-1, 0 KOs), 4 rounds, bantamweightsJahi Tucker (2-0, 1 KO) vs. Eric Rodriguez (1-1, 1 KO), 4 rounds, welterweightsTroy Isley (pro debut) vs. Bryant Costello (1-1, 1 KO), 4 rounds, middleweightsEric Puente (4-0, 0 KOs) vs. Sergio Vega (2-0-1, 2 KOs), 4 rounds, lightweightsJoJo Diaz ready to carry on dreams and defend his goldWinning the junior lightweight world title was only step one of the plan for JoJo Diaz, who looks to follow in the footsteps of his idols and successfully defend his belt in memorable fashion. Rich Graessle/Icon SportswireBy Michael RothsteinJoseph Diaz Jr. began visualizing this future over a decade ago. It was 2007 and he had just become a national champion for the first time, winning the Silver Gloves. Barely a teenager and still a relative neophyte to what he did and didn't know in boxing, he turned to his father, Joseph Sr."Man, dad, one of these days, I'm going to be a world champion."Diaz Jr. didn't know how his road would go, but he understood the work ahead of him. He picked up on the study of fighters -- Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, Oscar De La Hoya -- and saw them not only win world titles, but defend them.He wanted that. He craved that. He told his father this was his goal, to "be a household name and defend my title and have my belt and have fans watching me and have a main event, have sold-out arenas."Joseph Diaz Sr. listened to his son. Let him finish. Then told him he believed in his talent, but if JoJo wanted to reach the pinnacle he set, he was going to have to work. And work. And work.2 Related"Right after I told him that, he was like, 'Well, JoJo, man, you got a lot to improve on and a lot to work on. It's not easy. You see these guys performing and see these guys looking good and doing this and fighting 12 rounds with ease? It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of dedication. Are you willing to do that?'" Diaz Jr. said his father asked him. "I was like, 'Yeah, I'm willing to do that.'"Ever since then, man, we started inching at that goal, inching at that goal."Those efforts carried Diaz to a world title, then into this weekend in Indio, California, where the 28-year-old Diaz Jr. (31-1, 15 KO) will defend his IBF super featherweight belt for the first time against Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov (15-0, 12 KO).This is what he's focused on since he turned pro in 2012 -- walking out last, carrying a world title, needing to win in order to keep it. Saturday night, he said, the moments of the walkout will be so much adrenaline, so much excitement.He visualizes it on his daily runs and in his training sessions. He thinks about what Rakhimov is going to do and what he is going to need to pull off to keep the belt. Defending his title -- walking both in and out of the ring with his belt -- pushes him.Then it'll be fight night. He'll be the last name introduced. And it'll be a decade-old dream realized with a new one waiting yards away."I just wait until I get that feeling, man, where they are announcing me," Diaz Jr. said. "And now Joseph Diaz is walking out as a champion. Man, I just can't wait."All about the hairJoJo Diaz, shown here in a May 2019 fight against Freddy Fonseca, has made dyeing his hair a signature element of his presentation on fight night. AP Photo/John LocherDiaz is unsure about his hair. He knows he's on the verge of it becoming "a thing" for him, a trademark that might start to be expected every fight. A burst of creativity he would be known for, another way to market the potential star and make him stand out.The idea started after he saw rappers and reggaeton artists Bad Bunny and J Balvin coloring up their hair. He thought why not, he'd do it, too. So he dyed his hair for the first time before his fight against Freddy Fonseca on the undercard of a Canelo Alvarez main event.It created a buzz. Diaz liked the look, knocked Fonseca out in the seventh round and decided he was going to keep rolling with it."I feel like I could run with it because I feel like it fits me," Diaz said. "It fits me, and I want to be the type of person that shows to the world I can do whatever I want and I'm happy with who I am. If I want to dye my hair, I'm going to dye my hair. If I want to have braids or do different things, style with my hair, that's who I am."I always like doing different types of things."A couple of weeks out from his first title defense, he was still unsure of what he was going to do. He considered not dyeing the hair -- it's his first title defense and all -- but also kicked around putting together an Instagram poll to engage his followers and fans and see what they thought."It brings excitement and I think it brings character to the fight," Diaz said. "So I'm thinking about doing it no matter what."Which leads to the most important question of all: If he's going to have a dye job, what color might he go with this time? Because whatever he does, he knows it'll be a topic of conversation. This -- whether he does it or not -- is something he's given thought to."My colors are going to be blue, white and silver," Diaz said of his ring gear for Saturday's fight. "But I'm thinking about doing some type of purple or some type of red so it can stand out a little more than my actual outfit."Or maybe some slime green."Betting oddsDiaz-Rakhimov Betting OddsDiaz: -220Rakhimov: +180Diaz by KO/TKO/DQ: +800Diaz by decision/tech. decision: -150Rakhimov by KO/TKO/DQ: +600Rakhimov by decision/tech. decision: +275Draw: +1600Courtesy of Caesars Sportsbook by William HillFull cardTitle fight: Joseph "JoJo" Diaz vs. Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov, 12 rounds, for Diaz's IBF junior lightweight titleTitle fight: Patrick Teixeira vs. Brian Castano, 12 rounds, for Teixeira's WBO junior middleweight titleRonny Rios vs. Oscar Negrete, TBA, junior featherweightsJason Quigley vs. Shane Mosley Jr., TBA, middleweightsBektemir Melikuziev vs. TBA, 10 rounds, super middleweightsAzat Hovhannisyan vs. TBA, 10 rounds, junior featherweightsVictor Morales vs. Jose Gonzalez, 8 rounds, featherweightsDalis Kaleiopu vs. Eduardo Sanchez, 4 rounds, lightweightsWarrington ready to set his own path after vacating titleRather than take a rematch against Kid Galahad, Josh Warrington, right, vacated the IBF featherweight title in order to pursue a fight with Xu Can later in 2021. Dave Thompson/PA via APBy Nick ParkinsonJosh Warrington sees Saturday's fight against Mauricio Lara -- his first in 16 months -- as a springboard to bigger things as he seeks to vindicate his decision to give up a world title last month.Rather than face English rival Kid Galahad in a mandatory defense, Warrington vacated the IBF world featherweight in frustration after the fight he wanted -- a unification fight with WBA "regular" champion Xu Can (18-2, 3 KOs) -- failed to materialize.Warrington, who made three title defenses of that belt before vacating it, and promoter Matchroom still hope the Xu Can fight can happen before the summer, but first Warrington must regain some momentum and blow away the cobwebs against a hungry Lara (21-2, 14 KOs) at Wembley Arena in London. It's the first of what Warrington hopes will be three fights in 2021, after not boxing at all last year due to the disruption and restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.And after the layoff, Warrington (30-0, 7 KOs), 30, can expect a longer fight than his last one -- a two-round demolition of Sofiane Takoucht in October 2019 -- against 22-year-old Lara, who has had five fights in the time the English boxer has been kept out of the ring.Josh Warrington defended the IBF featherweight world title three times, including a memorable 2018 clash against Carl Frampton. Alex Livesey/Getty Images"When you are at your peak, just like a high-flying football team or a tennis player winning tournaments, it's important you make progress," Warrington told ESPN. "Going back to 2019, I was coming off three good wins and it just seems ages ago now. Each one of them was different: one was a quick knockout, one was a points win after a war and the other was a scrappy wrestling match. I thought 2020 was going to be massive, fighting Xu Can, fighting at Headingley, then going over to the US."But then all this happened and it's been really frustrating. You see other people getting out and you think, 'When is it going to be my turn?' You feel sorry for yourself, but other people have died during this pandemic, so you have to put it in perspective. I've been training hard in my own gym working on things and my weaknesses. I'm 30. I was 27 when I won the world title, and it seems ages ago. I want to be out three times this year."Lara has not fought an elite-level opponent yet, but his activity -- and Warrington's inactivity -- should present the former champion with a challenging ring return.Leo Santa Cruz, Mexico's four-weight world champion and reigning WBA featherweight titleholder, is Warrington's No. 1 target. Warrington is also not ruling out a future rematch with English rival Galahad, whom he beat on a split points decision in June 2019."I want to have the fights where you are really testing yourself," Warrington told ESPN."Xu Can has the WBA regular title, and if I can beat him then I could fight Leo Santa Cruz, that's the fight that really excites me. If I did the mandatory fight, I might miss the opportunity to have this fight with Xu Can."With Galahad, the plan was after the unification fight with Xu Can, I would think about what to do with it, fight him or not. I would beat him more convincingly second time around. It was a scrappy fight, the first one, and he couldn't fight any better than that. Now that I don't have the IBF title, I can just carry on with my plan of fighting the biggest names. If Galahad wins the IBF, then maybe down the line we can have a unification fight."Betting oddsWarrington-Lara Betting OddsWarrington: -2000Lara: +1000Warrington by KO/TKO/DQ: -275Warrington by decision/tech. decision: -225Lara by KO/TKO/DQ: +1600Lara by decision/tech. decision: +2800Draw: +2200Courtesy of Caesars Sportsbook by William HillFull cardJosh Warrington vs. Mauricio Lara, 10 rounds, featherweightsLeigh Wood vs. Reece Mould, 12 rounds, for vacant British featherweight titleZelfa Barrett vs. Kiko Martinez 10 rounds, junior lightweightDalton Smith vs. Ishmael Ellis, 8 rounds, junior welterweightsIvan Price vs. Zahid Hussain, 4 rounds, featherweightsIbrahim Nadim vs. Jonny Phillips, 4 rounds, featherweights #Ringside #Seat #Richard #Commey #ready #reclaim #place #Joseph #Diaz #solidify
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sky-on-surveys · 3 months ago
Five hundred and forty.
Beauty survey
Section 1 - Hair
1. How often do you wash your hair? Every other day. Sometimes I skip two days if I have off the second day.
2. What shampoo do you use? I haven’t found one that I love yet, but I’ve been switching between that Neutrogena T/Sal and a Spring and Vine shampoo bar.
3. Conditioner? Pacifica Rosemary Purify. I had to Google it to be sure.
4. What other products do you use in it? Dry shampoo on days I don’t wash it, and hairspray. Sometimes I use a scalp scrub.
5. Do you buy expensive products or cheap brands? I try to buy at least somewhat cheap brands, but I’ve also been trying to steer away from anything with endocrine-disruptors, so I usually have to spend a little more.
6. What’s your natural hair color? Do you like it? It’s like, somewhere between light brown and really dark blonde. It’s fine.
7. Do you dye it? What color? How do you do it (box, salon, maybe some other way)? I’ve dyed it before, but I don’t anymore. Too much effort.
8. Last hair cut? About two months ago.
9. Where do you go for hair cuts? I haven’t found a place that I like yet, so I just choose random places.
10. Most you’d pay for a hair cut? Like, $40? I dunno. I rarely get them, and hairdressers are always rude to me because my hair is so thin and gross, so I’d pay more for them to be...better, lol.
11. How do you normally style your hair? When I go to work, I pull it back in a messy bun so it’s out of my face. Otherwise, I just wear it down. 
12. If you could change your hair texture, what would you change it to? Curly! I love curly hair. Or at least, really wavy and thick.
13. How often do you get hair cuts? Not very often at all.
14. Is your hair healthy? It’s not unhealthy, but it gets oily very easily.
15. Do you have bangs? Sort of.
16. Favorite hair accessories? Hair ties are the only one I use.
17. Ever had your hair an unnatural color? What colors? Red -- like, cherry red -- and I sprayed it green once when I was a kid.
Section 2 - Makeup
18. What makeup products do you use daily? When I go to work, I wear concealer, loose and pressed powder, an eyebrow pencil, and mascara. Otherwise, I don’t really wear anything, unless I’m expecting to see people.
19. Do you buy expensive or cheap makeup? I usually buy cheap makeup unless there’s a sale someplace.
20. Do you ever wear eyeshadow? What colors? Nope. My eyelids are way too oily, and I’m way too lazy.
21. Do you do your makeup all fancy for special occasions? Nah. I just do it the same.
22. What age do you think is appropriate for someone to start wearing makeup? I dunno. I started in middle school, as did most of my friends. 
23. Would you leave the house without any on? Yeah, especially since everyone’s wearing masks now, lol.
24. Favorite color for your lips? I dunno. Lipstick looks weird on me.
25. Has your boy/girlfriend seen you without makeup on? All the time.
26. Where do you go shopping for makeup? I work at CVS, so I get it there sometimes, and Target because they have more “clean” brands. And then like, Ulta and Sephora when they have their big sales.
27. How long does it take you to put on makeup in the morning? Like, ten minutes, maybe?
Section 3 - Body
28. Do you use lotion daily? Nah. My skin isn’t dry.
29. Do you shave? How often and where? I shave my armpits once they start getting hairy, and I shave my pubes, like...once every few years, lmao. 
30. Do you exfoliate with a bath pouf? I use a loofah with a handle, but it doesn’t exfoliate very well -- I have a body scrub for that.
31. What’s your skin tone? Like, fair? Pinkish white.
32. Do you tan or use fake bake products? Nah, I don’t like how they look.
33. Do you have any birth marks? Where? Nope.
34. Favorite part of your body? My eyes.
35. Cup size? It’s like, 40DD?
36. ^ Happy with it? Eh. I’d change other things before that.
37. Are you at a healthy weight? No, lol.
Section 4 - Nails
38. Do you paint your own nails? Nah.
39. Favorite colors to paint them? I used to like to paint them bright colors.
40. Do you have natural or fake nails? Natural.
41. How long do you usually keep them? Really short. I don’t like how it feels to have long nails.
42. What color are they currently painted? They aren’t.
43. What about your toe nails? I don’t paint those, either.
44. Favorite nail polish brands? Don’t use it.
45. What designs do you like? I dunno.
Section 5 - Face
46. How often do you wash your face? Twice a day -- once in the morning, and once when I get home from work, to take off my makeup.
47. What products do you use? Let me think. Uhh. The face wash is baking soda, or something. I use Acure brightening scrub on my face. And a salicylic acid serum from the Honest company at bedtime.
48. Do you ever use face masks? What kinds? Yeah. I like to try different ones -- right now, it’s a charcoal Yes To one.
49. Do you exfoliate regularly? Yeah -- it helps with my acne.
50. Be honest, do you pick your pimples? Sometimes.
51. What do you do with your eyebrows? I’ve been using castor oil on them at night to try and grow them out, but I don’t think it works. I color them in during the day, though.
52. What kind of skin do you have? Oily. :/
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theravenouswriter514 · 3 months ago
Day Eighteen of the 30 Day Writing Challenge
The prompt today is actually a more difficult one for me, because I don’t think a lot about myself. The prompt today is, “Write 30 facts about yourself.”
1. I’ll start with physical features. I have blue eyes.
2. My natural hair color is sandy blonde, but I dye it to a brown-red color. 
3. I wear glasses because my left eye is significantly weaker than my right eye, making it difficult to see things far away. It also screws with my depth perception.
4. This one is kind of funny, my nose is slightly crooked. When I was born my mom told me I looked like I had been into a fist fight. It straightened over time, but it still is slightly crooked. No one can tell unless I come out and tell them.
5. I have two tattoos. The one on my left forearm is an opening set of quotation marks. My best friend has the closing set on her right arm. We got them when we turned eighteen. Then I have a sail boat on my right wrist. My two best friends and I went on a girls’ trip in 2019, during which we all got tattoos pertaining to the ocean. One friend got an anchor, one got waves under the sun, and I got a sailboat. Corny right? 
6. This one is known already by my previous posts, but it is a fact that I am proud of. I have a two-year-old Corgi named Sirius. He is tri-colored, meaning he is black, white, and tan. I’ll put a picture to show him off. 
Tumblr media
7. I have two favorite authors. One classic and one modern. They are Ernest Hemingway and Rainbow Rowell.
8. My favorite flower is a Tiger Lily. They grow outside my old house every summer. 
9. I live in a rural town in Tennessee. It’s home and I’m a proud Tennessean.
10. My favorite super hero has always been Iron Man, even before I knew about the movies. It’s actually for a funny reason. Tony Stark is known to have that great  facial hair, in the comics as well as in the movies. Growing up, and even now, my dad always kept a beard and mustache. I associated facial hair with trustworthiness, because I was a kid and I didn’t know any better. I saw that Iron Man had facial hair, and he just became my favorite. I could trust him.
10. I used to collect snow globes as a kid. My collection wasn’t very big, but I was proud of it. 
11. I’m not a musical fanatic, but my favorite is “Oklahoma”.
12. I played the marimba in high school marching and concert band. Our percussion section won first place state championship in competition my junior year. 
13. The farthest I’ve ever been from home is when I went on a band trip to Chicago. 
14. I got my first college degree in August of 2020. I have an A.A. in English.
15. My writing pseudonym is J.H.Hope. Hope is actually my middle name. 
16. I had braces for almost two years when I was 12 and 13. My mouth was too small for all the teeth in my head. I had to have seven pulled out all at once before I could get braces put in.
17. I was in my friend’s wedding as a bride’s maid in 2019. I’m also going to be a bride’s maid in another friend’s wedding later this year. 
18. My favorite color is olive green. That’s also what color my car is.
19. My sense of style can be described as casual t-shirt and jeans mixed with 80s. I’ll let my readers imagination try and figure out what I mean by that.
20. When I last got my hair cut, I showed my hair dresser pictures of Brooke Shields from the 80s, so now I have feathered bangs that resemble young Brooke. 
21. My friends sometimes think I’m crazy because I give myself essay assignments. I’m not in any classes right now, but I genuinely enjoy writing research and persuasive essays. I’ve written a few essays just for my own pleasure. 
22. I have not fallen victim to the plague on Earth that is Tik Tok. You can disagree with me, that’s fine, but Tik Tok (along with other forms of social media) has turned people into mindless, thoughtless, conforming, zombies. Social media has caused so many people to just stop thinking for themselves. If they see that one train of thought is popular in the media, then they adopt that thought as their own, even if they don’t understand it. We have become the generation of reading headlines and taking them for truth. Do your own research! Stop mindlessly jumping on bandwagons! Another thing is that we now have a whole generation of “celebrities” who are famous for no reason. I’m sorry, but showing your ass on the internet and calling it talent is not a reason to be famous. I have an ass too, but you won’t catch me flaunting it on the internet and begging for people to make me viral. It used to be just the Kardashians who were famous for absolutely no reason, but now that has grown into a whole generation! Lets go back to making people with real talent famous, shall we? 
23. My friend and I have a blog where we post writing advice and feature writers and their stories to help them gain reads. We haven’t been as active lately because we have both been busy with other things, but we will hopefully update it soon. You can find it here:
24. One of my all time favorite Disney movies, if not my top favorite, is “Oliver and Company.” Mostly because Billy Joel voices Dodger the dog, and he is my favorite singer. 
25. I love the “X-Files” tv series from the 90s. I rewatch it from the beginning all the time. I even picked up chewing on sunflower seeds like Mulder does while I’m writing. 
26. I have a collectible action figure of Jareth, David Bowie’s character in the film “Labyrinth,” hanging on my wall. I also have a retro poster of Harrison Ford, a picture of River Phoenix printed on a page from a dictionary, a picture of “Joe Cool” Snoopy also printed on a page from a dictionary, and an antique tin advertisement poster of James Dean advertising “Kist Kola” for five cents all hanging on the walls of my room.
27. I love Red Pandas. They are the cutest animals on the planet, aside from dogs of course. 
28. My sister and I love watching paranormal and ghost hunting shows. We sort of believe in ghosts, but we love to watch them mostly to laugh at and make fun of them. Our favorite is Ghost Adventures. 
29. This one seems like self promotion, but it’s an important fact about me. I am not a huge fan of the Wattpad platform anymore, because the community has turned into only promoting super popular authors or fanfiction. It has gotten increasingly difficult to get any reads on your stories if you don’t write popular fanfiction or your story isn’t already popular. But since it is the only platform with any sort of following, I post there in hopes that my stories will get read. So far I haven’t had much luck. But I post my stories over there, if you like my writing here and want to read what I am actually super passionate about. You can find me at the username J_H_Hope. my pride and joy story is called “Grim’s Cliff” and I would appreciate anyone who reads it or any of my works.
30. I love writing, even if no one reads what I’ve written. I write and write in hopes that at least one person finds it and enjoys it. This one is obvious, but a fact none-the-less. Writing makes up an important part of my life. It is the reason I work so hard in other aspects of my life. 
There you have thirty facts about me. I was really struggling all the way through this one. I wanted to make them interesting, but I’m just not all that interesting of a person. I also don’t enjoy writing so much about specific things pertaining to me. Some of these, especially number 22, make me sound like an old lady. Am I turning 21 or 61 soon? Either way maybe this list was informative and at the least entertaining. Happy reading!
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cynicalhag · 3 months ago
Beauty survey
Section 1 - Hair 
1. How often do you wash your hair?
Twice a week, if that. It depends. Washing your hair is such a process. I don’t have the energy to do it all the time so I use dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is the depressed person’s golden treasure.
2. What shampoo do you use?
I don’t really care. Haircare isn’t very interesting to me. I just finished a Schwartzkopf one and it was ok.
3. Conditioner?
I don’t care about conditioner either. I’m using one from Tresemme right now. It ok. It smells nice.
4. What other products do you use in it?
Hair oil after hair washes, dry shampoo and salt water spray if my hair looks frizzy. I also have a texture and volumizing spray that I barely use. Hair oil and dry shampoo is the only stuff I use regularly.
5. Do you buy expensive products or cheap brands?
I buy regular high street brands. Nothing fancy.
6. What’s your natural hair color? Do you like it?
Brown. It’s ok. I’d like it to be a little bit darker.
7. Do you dye it? What color? How do you do it (box, salon, maybe some other way)?
No. I used to dye my hair a lot when I was a teenager but I’ve had my natural color since 2018 now.
8. Last hair cut? 
I don’t even remember. I kinda wanna chop a lot of it off. It’s getting too long. But I’m not going to a hair salon until I’m vaccinated and the residents at my job are.
9. Where do you go for hair cuts?
I don’t get regular hair cuts. I will probably go to a random hair salon when it’s time.
10. Most you’d pay for a hair cut?
Idk. I don’t have a concept of how much hair cuts are. Last time I cut my hair, my mom payed for it.
11. How do you normally style your hair?
I wear it down mostly. I just brush it and add dry shampoo if it’s a lil greasy. At work, I’m required to have my hair up because of hygienic reasons. Then I use a scrunchie cause normal hair ties tug at my hair and it hurts. I also like the look of scrunchies.
12. If you could change your hair texture, what would you change it to?
I love curly hair. 
13. How often do you get hair cuts?
As you can tell, I don’t have a routine around hair cuts.
14. Is your hair healthy?
Sure. My ends aren’t very nice though. But I don’t dye it and I don’t use heat on it. I might blow dry it once in a while but that’s it. I don’t straighten or curl it.
15. Do you have bangs?
Nope. I had bangs and hohoho it was horrible. I looked horrible and it was horrible to style and maintain. Never again.
16. Favorite hair accessories?
17. Ever had your hair an unnatural color? What colors?
Yes. I’ve had blue, purple, turquoise, lime green, dark green, silver... I think that’s it.
Section 2 - Makeup
18. What makeup products do you use daily?
I don’t use any makeup on my days off, just when I’m working. I use CC cream, concealer, powder, brow gel, maybe a bit of brow pencil and mascara. 
19. Do you buy expensive or cheap makeup?
I don’t buy super expensive products but I don’t buy the cheapest either. 
20. Do you ever wear eyeshadow? What colors?
No, not really. I’d only ever wear eye shadow on special occasions but there haven’t been any this past year, have it? If I do wear it however, I’d wear neutral tones. Maybe a bit of red. I’ve got the ABH Modern Renaissance palette and that is pretty much the colors I’d use.
21. Do you do your makeup all fancy for special occasions?
Sometimes, if I feel like it. But most likely not.
22. What age do you think is appropriate for someone to start wearing makeup?
Idk. If I had a kid, I’d try my hardest to shelter them from makeup and superficial things for as long as possible. But if they start wanting to wear makeup in their teens, I can’t stop them. I’d just try my hardest to tell them that beauty standards don’t matter and that it’s patriarchal bull made to make women in particular spend more money because they feel bad about themselves. I would honestly recommend every parent to stop wearing makeup when they get kids. Make a good example. But yet again, I don’t want kids and I don’t like kids, but this is my opinion.
23. Would you leave the house without any on? 
Yep. I used to struggle with that but I don’t anymore.
24. Favorite color for your lips?
Not a fan of lipstick. If I would wear it, it would be a natural shade. 
25. Has your boy/girlfriend seen you without makeup on?
I’m single. Imagine having a partner that has never seen you without makeup. That would be insane.
26. Where do you go shopping for makeup?
I shop online at Kicks, Lyko, Eleven, Cult Beauty or Sephora mostly.
27. How long does it take you to put on makeup in the morning?
Maybe seven minutes or so.
Section 3 - Body 
28. Do you use lotion daily?
I use hand cream daily. After showering I use body lotion/body butter and foot cream too.
29. Do you shave? How often and where?
I shave down there occasionally. That’s it though. My goal is to get to a point where I feel comfortable to stop shaving completely. Why do women have to shave their bodies when men don’t? Ask the patriarchy.
30. Do you exfoliate with a bath pouf?
I use a body scrub.
31. What’s your skin tone?
Just white? Idk?
32. Do you tan or use fake bake products?
Not really. In summer, I used this body lotion from Dove that had tiny tiny bits of tanning properties. It was ok. I wouldn’t wanna use actual fake tanner. That is too much work and you could end up looking really stupid if you do it wrong. I also don’t feel like being tan is super important to me.
33. Do you have any birth marks? Where?
I’ve got two on my chin and several on my arms. 
34. Favorite part of your body?
I like that I’m tall, so my legs and arms, I guess?
35. Cup size?
75B. I think? I mostly wear sports bras nowadays.
36. ^ Happy with it?
Sure. For a long time, I wanted to have no boobs at all. Like an A cup. I don’t care anymore though.
37. Are you at a healthy weight?
I am a little bit underweight, I think. I’m not sure. I don’t give much thought to weight and stuff. It’s just damaging to think about. 
Section 4 - Nails 
38. Do you paint your own nails?
I don’t paint my nails. I’m not allowed to wear nail polish at work because of -- again -- hygienic reasons.
39. Favorite colors to paint them?
If I would paint my nails, I’d paint them black.
40. Do you have natural or fake nails?
My nails are natural. We aren’t allowed to have fake nails either. 
41. How long do you usually keep them?
42. What color are they currently painted?
They aren’t.
43. What about your toe nails?
They’re not painted either. I don’t understand why people paint their toe nails, especially in winter? No one will see my feet for months, why paint them? It’s honestly also pretty weird in general. Yet another patriarchal invented reason for women to spend money on beauty products: make them randomly wanna paint their toe nails in different colors! So strange.
44. Favorite nail polish brands?
I used to really like Essie when I wore it.
45. What designs do you like?
I’m not interested in nail art.
Section 5 - Face 
46. How often do you wash your face?
Twice a day: when I wake up and before I go to bed.
47. What products do you use? Oooo I love talking about skincare. In the morning, I wash my face with the Ultra Facial Cleanser from Kiehl’s. After that I use a face mist, right now it’s the Moisturizing Facial Mist from Emma S. Then I put on sunscreen. I use SPF all year round. I’m currently using one from Eucerin that’s SPF 50. It’s called ‘Sensitive protect or something. Then I put on moisturizer, and right now I’m using a day cream from Burt’s Bees. And then lip balm, right now it’s one from Lush with key lime pie flavor. It’s really nice.
In the evening, I take off my makeup with my reusable makeup wipes and the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. Then I wash my face with the before mentioned facial cleanser. Then I use a toner. Right now it’s the REN Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA tonic. It’s so nice. The vitamin C has evened out my skin tone so much. After that, it’s te serums. I usually use a hyaluronic acid serum like the Keihl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate but I ran out of that and ordered one from Glossier but it hasn’t arrived yet so I’m not using any hyaluronic acid atm. I’m just using the The Ordinary niacinamide serum. And then it’s time for moisturizier and right now I’m just using a cheap and simple one from Nivea. And lip balm, of course.
48. Do you ever use face masks? What kinds?
Yes, I try to use one once a week but it often becomes every other or every third week. Depending on my skin’s needs, I use a hydrating/moisturizing one, a vitamin C mask or a mild clearing mask. My skin can’t handle intense mud masks, but milder ones with moisturizing properties in them are ok.
49. Do you exfoliate regularly?
Yes, I have a face scrub that I use sometimes. I use a lip scrub very often cause my lips tend to get really crusty in winter.
50. Be honest, do you pick your pimples?
No, I’ve got this spot treatment pen from Glossier that you just put on the pimple every night and after three days or something it’s gone.
51. What do you do with your eyebrows?
I don’t do much to them since they are very Scandinavian and sparse. I might pluck away one or two hairs from the tail of my brow now and then if needed.
52. What kind of skin do you have?
Normal but with some dryness. 
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simply-not-an-egg · 3 months ago
Harry Potter’s Sister Cliches
Alright so I wanted to look up some cliches and see how they compare, if they exist in my line of fics and if they did, how have I done them justice. All credits to this cliche list go to @/Purplemist14 on Wattpad from the third chapter of ‘Everything Wrong With HARRY POTTER Fanfictions’. I may do some more of these, but we’ll see. 
Of course, featuring dearest Willow-Violet Potter along with spoilers for future unreleased books so, you have been warned!!
1. The sister always has red hair and green eyes. Basically the exact replica of Lily.
- Alright, so, I’ll admit, I did fall down the trap of blessing Willow with the red hair and green eyes, and it is mentioned many a time throughout the fics that she looks like her mother BUT here’s a fun fact, if we were to rid her of the red hair, green eyes and obscene amount of freckles, she does actually look quite similar to James, arguably more so than Harry, specifically her smile of all things. In other words, the only reason she looks like her mother is because of the red hair and green eyes. Dye her hair and give her coloured contacts though along with a pair of glasses and she will basically just look like a freckled version of James Potter.
2. Either Harry’s twin, a few months younger or almost a year younger in the rare case.
- Willow is eleven months younger than her brother, although this fits timeline wise. She was also quite obviously an accident - Lily and James wanted another kid, but not during the time they were living in for obvious reasons. Of course she was not told this information, and either way she was loved by her parents and godparents.
3. Either dropped off at an orphanage, taken to Minerva, Remus or Snape, or just completely forgotten about until she starts Hogwarts.
- This is where the first cliche is really broken. Yes, she is initially taken in by Severus (later revealed that this was a plan done by Voldemort, as since discovering the kid existed he was like ‘hey she could turn on everyone she’s supposed to love and serve me’ and so wanted her to be taken in by his most faithful Death Eater) but, contrary to what most fics have, this f*cker abandons her with the only people he knows where to put her and that’s with Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy!! Some people who have not read the series or my previous posts may be confused as to why they would ever even consider taking this half-blooded kid in, but I’ve explained before and will do it again; Narcissa is a mother, she has very maternal instincts which have been seen throughout the main HP series, and Willow, at the time was barely five months old. To add to that she was found practically dead on their doorstep having been left out in the freezing cold with nothing but a thin blanket overnight. Narcissa was prejudiced, most definitely, but completely heartless? No (I mean, she risked her life to save Harry’s life in DH). And she was sure to make Lucius raise Willow the same way they were raising Draco because Narcissa was also a Black; I think she can see well enough and feel well enough what it’s like to be raised different from the other siblings.
She is, upon turning eleven, adopted by Remus but of course, naturally, he is her godfather and therefore rightful guardian, later parent.
4. She has a lightning scar on any other part of her that isn’t her neck, aka, the Girl Who Lived trope.
- Completely eradicated. Voldemort was there to kill Harry, not Willow. It’s as simple as that. Read your canon children or, if you really want to do this trope, please for the love of god develop a suitable plot in which this can take place.
5. Sorted into either Gryffindor or Slytherin.
- Now this one I did use BUT the thing is, the house she was sorted in matches with her personality and traits (Slytherin). So in this case it’s excusable, but if it’s just being done for the hell of it ... yeah, I’m not impressed.
6. Socially more active and is friends with the Trio, the Malfoy gang, the Weasleys and almost the entire school population.
- Guilty as charged, although once again I have done it in a way that makes sense according to canon. She considers Draco a brother because they spent eleven years being raised together; Crabbe and Goyle aren’t even friends of Draco in this fic, as Draco ultimately grew up a little less prejudiced knowing who and what Willow was; yes, Willow is friends with the Weasleys, specifically Fred and George, but none of their relationships are the whole nice straightforward sh*t you read about in every other fic. The three of them have perhaps the most complicated relationship between them ever (toxic to some degrees, sometimes even, especially as the 2WW takes place), something actually realistic that keeps to all of their characters. Now when it comes to the trio, Willow isn’t really friends with either Ron or Hermione?? She was one of Ron’s better mates to begin with, as he was one of the first friends she had, but they drifted apart more as they grew (and also after they broke up because Willow was honestly left pretty heartbroken after that), and Hermione, well, she’s only ever really been a mutual up until Willow’s fifth year and her sixth when they begin to form more of a friendship due to her (Hermione) being so alone all the time, and Willow needing someone that can emotionally support her when need be.
7. Sister nearly always replaces Hermione in the trio.
- Willow barely ever interacts with the trio. I could honestly count all the times they properly interacted on my fingers. 
8. Loneliest person alive, if she’s in Slytherin she’s bullied, and nearly always ends up in dangerous situations.
- In the series Willow is never actually alone, although feels that she is during her later teenage years, due to the simple reason that no one can truly understand what she has to put up with (also she does sorta force herself to be allienated from others, due to wanting to protect them and keep them out of harms way). She is bullied, yes, but once again it’s entwined into the canon, and by her fourth year no one f*cks with her because they all know that if they do she will not hesitate to bite back and hard. Now I suppose she does end up in dangerous situations, but once again, it isn’t always, and when she does it fits the canon. 
9. Always falls for Draco Malfoy.
- I was guilty of this in the very first drafts, 100% but now that I’ve grown and matured and learnt to understand characters more all I can say is that a) they’re basically siblings (covered in a previous point) and b) you honestly cannot convince me otherwise that Draco is one of the gayest beings in existence. Like you cannot tell me this f*cker isn’t at least a very male-attracted bisexual. You just, you can’t. It’s not possible.
10. Or the other love interest is Cedric Diggory.
- Literally ew. I could not, for the life of me, think of Willow and Cedric as a couple. Best buds? Hell yeah. F*ck buds? No way. They loved each other, sure, but it was purely platonic.
11. Lily’s brain, James’ attitude, brightest witch of her age.
- It is true that Willow has higher-above-average intelligence for someone her age but, here’s the thing, she’s autistic! This is never explicitly mentioned until the eighth book, which partially follows her adult life, but, yes, she’s canonically autistic (as is Remus Lupin, Arthur Weasley and, he isn’t autistic, but James Potter has ADHD). Now when it comes to personality and traits, I’d say she’s a healthy mix of both, but there is also that bit of influence from the Malfoys (she is, to say the least, quite prejudiced towards house-elves, for example). There was also a sub-point about knowing hexes and spells and jinxes which can only be found in restricted books, but both Narcissa and Lucius were quite proud to have a kid as smart as her, and if she wanted to learn something, they just let her, which meant there was a LOT of her reading in the library at the Manor about all of the Dark Arts and objects and such like that.
12. Involved in every major event that takes place in the books, and she always saves the day.
- Once again, guilty as charged, although it all works with the established plot and characters and in her case the later things happen from a different and arguably more entertaining perspective (the perspective of a teenaged, forcbly created Death Eater who’s trying her best to save her friends and family while also not accidentally getting murdered by Voldemort in the process). She also never actually saves Harry. I don’t think there’s ever a time where she saves Harry from anything really, especially not the major things that have been mentioned in the HP series.
13. Minerva gives her a timeturner and she goes back to fall in love with Tom Riddle.
- I’ve never actually seen this cliche before, but oh god if this is one that anyone out there uses, once again, please read the canon; Tom Riddle cannot fall in love, timeturners only work for minutes at a time, not to mention if future Riddle saw MC time would f*ck itself up, and also that is a bit creepy imo (the whole MC with Riddle thing).
14. Hermione and Ginny are made jealous individuals who would do anything to rid the sister.
- No chance this will ever happen, nor has it ever happened. That is very OOC, thank you very much, and you ain’t seeing me take characters OOC unless the canon can make up for it.
15. Ron and Neville are never paid attention to; more or less just desperate crushes.
- While it is true that both Ron and Neville are in relationships with Willow at different times, this serves the plot and their character developments. They are also not forgotten about; Neville is barely mentioned after the break up as neither of the two have the courage to interact with one another again (until after the war where they become friends again) and Ron, as I mentioned, slowly drifts out of Willow’s friend circle, after the break up and as they grow older and develop different personalities.
16. Draco Malfoy is OOC.
- Anyone who has read my so far published books knows that Draco, seemingly is a lot better behaved in my series (which, to a degree he is), but all I have to say for this is that once Harry crushed the dude’s heart to bits in the summer before fifth year, this motherf*cker became one of the biggest d*ckheads you would ever meet. Usually he didn’t mean to be, but the dude lost the love of his life, and of course soon after war shit was happening; basically he was more or less going with the flow of things, but yeah, no, Draco sucked, a lot, in the later WV books. Until after the war and his mental state is a little healthier, but until that point, from age 15 onwards, he was more or less of the asshole you see in the HP series.
17. Severus Snape does not hate her.
- Haha, lol. Snape absolutely despises Willow, because she’s never let him live down the whole ‘leaving her on the doorstep to die’ business and you know, she sees enough of how much of a c*nt he is to other students and she may as well give him a taste of his own medecine.
18. All the professors adore her.
- There is only one, and that is Minerva, but even then that isn’t made a major thing until book four. Aside from that, every professor treats her the same way they treat their other students, as they should.
19. Hagrid is not mentioned, or barely mentioned ever.
- The only reason for this in my series is that he is not pivitol to the main plot. If he was, it would be a different story, but he isn’t, so there is no real need to mention him.
20. Cho Chang is either the best friend or Cedric’s possessive girlfriend.
- Too tired to go further into detail with this, but there is a whole-ass character arc I have for Cho in the series, that abides by canon and plot and character and actually does her justice. 
Anyway, this was really fun to do, I think I’ll do some more but we’ll see. I’m tired now - it is sleepy time. Goodnight guys!
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sanakoreanlangblr · 4 months ago
2021 Goals
Heyy! I’ve decided to put my goals for this year here, hoping that that might motivate me further, and maybe motivate someone else as well. Good luck everyone! And please take extra care of yourselves and your health, mental or otherwise! Everything else can wait.
This year has been difficult for all of us. As for me, even now, the upcoming semester is a big question mark. Currently I’m studying in France, and this semester I was supposed to go on an exchange to Taiwan buuuut that’s not happening anymore, as it has been cancelled. So per my school’s requirements I need to find an internship in the place of expatriation, which is a pain now. And that basically just means I have no idea where I’m going to be in the coming year or what I’m gonna be doing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sorry, needed to complain for a bit, as I am going absolutely insane with the stress…
Anywayyyy, I still hope I will be able to uphold most of these goals, wherever I will end up. I tried to not make them overly big, so that I won’t get burned out too fast. But I have a whole year for those, some of these have dates for which I could expect to finish but I will not keep to them very strictly. Whatever happens, happens :))
Also, sorry if there are any mistakes, English is not my first language!
Korean (A2 -> B1)
1. Do 100 lessons of grammar from the HowToStudyKorean website.
I’ve started a few grammar books but in the end decided to settle on this website as I like its explanations best, and it provides the most example sentences when introducing each point. A nice touch is also the fact that it includes a list of a number of new words before each chapter, which gives me some new vocabulary to learn :)
So far I’ve divided the grammar points introduced in lessons into „to learn”, „to revise”, „already know”, and turns out I have:
66 „to learn”
35 „to revise”
32 „already know”
So if I did 3 points a week, I should be done around August.
2. Read 2 little stories per week from “Easy Korean Reading for Beginners”.
There is 30 stories in the first one (I already did 5), so I should be done by the middle of April.
3. Do one chapter per week from “My first hanja guide”.
I just got this book for Christmas and haven’t had the time to fully go through it so we will see how it goes.
4. Do Anki at least three times a week.
Every day would be preferable but I know that would last like a week at most.
5. Have iTalki lesson at least once a week.
That one is not a problem as I have been doing one or two per week for the last year, but I would just like to keep it up.
6. Try writing at least twice a month, and at least 2 pages.
Yeahhh that one is a bit of a bother, as writing still takes me a long time so we will leave it a twice a month and see how it goes.
7. Watch one youtube video per week on Korean grammar or vocabulary.
Generally I would say my goal is to use Korean more, as I know quite a lot but when I’m speaking I tend to go towards the easier words and grammar, which is why I am thinking that writing more could help me. And also I really want to focus on learning vocabulary as that’s always been a pain for me, I’m more of a grammar lover :))
French (A2 -> hoping for upper B1/ beginning of B2)
1. Finish the intermediate grammar book. I’m currently doing „Grammaire Progressive du Français” Intermediate edition, for A2/B1.
The problem is that my grammar knowledge of french is a mess , so going through this book is a bit of an annoyance, as most chapters I technically know but each time I find some nuance I wasn’t aware of... therefore I need to go through it, even the chapters I would have assumed I know :|
So I divided the chapters the same way I did Korean, into „to learn”, „to revise”, „already know”, and I ended up with:
14 „to learn”
34 „to revise”
4 „already know”
So technically if I did 2 points a week, I should be done in June.
2. Read the two french books I got for Christmas (“Les aventures d’Alice au pays des merveilles” and “Le tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours”).
3. Read at least two of the Harry Potter books in French.
I have started the first one this week, and I can tell it’s gonna be a very very slow process. It’s the first book I’m reading in french so it’s a bit difficult and frustrating but hopefully it’ll get better as I go along.
4. Watch at least 4 french movies, with french subtitles.
5. Learn a french song.
6. Read one story per week from „French Stories for Beginners”.
These are quite easy, but they are a nice practice for switching to books later on.
I don’t know if I’m gonna keep this one in, depends on how much my reading of actual books will progress.
7. Get to point 5 on the Duolingo tree.
I use Duolingo mostly as a revision tool, so I’m not really going to focus on it much, but still want to keep it up.
8. Watch one YouTube video per week (on any topic).
9. Listen to two podcasts per month.
10. At least one iTalki lesson per week.
11. Do Anki at least 3 times a week.
I really need to listen to french more, as I’m good at reading and I usually understand that pretty well, and I’m not the worst as speaking, but I am absolutely terrible at listening :| So that’s a priority.
Chinese (tbh I don’t know...end of HSK1/Beginning of HSK2 -> let’s say the goal is HSK3 for this year)
1. Finish the book „Integrated Chinese”
I’m having a tough time to pick a book from which to learn but I guess for now I’ll continue with that one.
Again, I divided the points in the book to „to learn”, „to revise”, „already know”, and ended up with:
47 „to learn”
11 „to revise”
15 „already know”
So doing 2 a week I should be done in July.
2. Learn 15 characters a day
I am way behind on learning characters.. I remember the words well but I didn’t put enough time to learn the characters at the start and now that’s gonna be a bit annoying to catch up on :|
3. Finish the drama „Go Ahead”.
4. Watch 3 Chinese movies, with both English and Chinese subtitles.
5. Have one Italki lesson per week.
6. Learn a children song in Chinese
7. Watch one youtube video per week on grammar.
8. Do Anki twice a week.
Generally focus more on characters. My speaking isn’t terrible (well besides the tones), but I need to work on the grammar a bit more as I seem to mess up the structures quite frequently. I need to put more work outside of my lessons. Since I found out I’m actually not going to Taiwan this semester my motivation has fallen a bit, but on the other hand I now have more time to prepare for fall, at which point I will hopefully be able to go!
Read 20 books.
I have always loved reading but in the past two years the amount of books I’ve read has gone down, which upsets me a bit…  On the other hand the amount of fanfiction I’ve read is tremendous, so there’s that. However I would like to make more effort to read this year, especially since I’ve accumulated a huge pile of books over those few years.
2. Workout regularly.
Right now I’m at home, so that should be easy to do. I don’t really know what’s gonna happen this semester, so we’ll see what I’m going to do about that later.
3. Eat better.
Meaning: cut down on sugar, eat more veggies and fruit.
4. Get a bit closer to my ideal weight
I’m not necessarily focusing on that this year as the previous one has been hell and really managed to deteriorate my mental health back to high school levels... but still hopefully working out a bit and eating less sugar, more veggies, I will be able to lose a tiny bit of weight. But overall I just want to focus on being a bit healthier.
5. Clean out my wardrobe
Sorry that’s a silly one but I’ve been getting to it for half a year now and I’m just too lazy to do that... maybe once I put it here I will have some motivation
6. Take care of my face and hair
So my sensitive skin hates wearing masks and needs extra care these days I need to really focus on it and baby it, to not go back to the awful red mess it was two months ago
As for my hair, I have kind of 3a curls which I haven’t been taking care of properly and plus I damaged them with hair dye (still I refuse to give up ginger hair, I blame Merida). So now during lockdown and quarantine season I finally had some time to read up on hair care of curls, and honestly after a month I can already see the difference, and well I hope for the best :)))
7. Get a tattoo
It’s something I’ve always put off since I either didn’t have the money or time. And now again both are problematic, so I will wait for the decision until I know what my school semester is going to be like. Maybe this time I will find a good moment! (Although honestly saving up for travelling after all this is over is also a great idea :))) )
8. Don’t go to sleep at 5
Yeah so during lockdown and because of online classes my sleeping schedule got so messed up I don’t even know what to do about it anymore. And while my goal isn’t to switch it to 10 pm, cutting it to 2 am at max would be nice
9. Watch 25 movies
10. Sell/donate the things that I don’t need
I’ve accumulated a huge pile of books, movies, CDs, Xbox games, art products - that I need to get rid of - and I’ve been saying that for like three years now, about the same pile of things. I will try to do that one this year!
I hope everyone’s 2021 will be a ton better than 2020! Keep fighting!
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lovemesomesurveys · 4 months ago
try to wrap your head around this
All About Your Head! 1. How often do you get headaches? Have you ever experienced migraines? Do you take anything in order to get rid of your headaches? Are there any natural remedies that you have tried and recommend? I get a few a month. Back in high school I used to get tension headaches quite often, which was awful. No, I’ve never experienced migraines. Unfortunately, I can’t take anything for my headaches because 1. I can’t take aspirin. 2. Stuff like Ibuprofen or Aleve don’t do shit for my headaches. 3. Tylenol doesn’t either and I can’t take it anyway because it has acetaminophen, which the pain medication I take regularly also has and too much of that can be damaging for your liver. So, all I can really do is ride them out but a cold washcloth over my eyes does help. And sleep. Peppermint or chamomile tea can help a little sometimes a well. 2. Do you feel as though you have a good head on your shoulders? Not the past few years. I’ve been a complete mess. I don’t know where my head has been. 3. Are you the type of person who overthinks and overanalyzes? Ohhhh yes. 4. Are you a daydreamer? Do you often get lost in your own thoughts and zone out a lot? Yeah. Especially at night. 5. Do you feel as though you have a good memory, or are you forgetful at times? Do you feel that your short-term memory or long-term memory is better? I think my memory is pretty good. I would probably say my long-term is better. I sometimes forget what I wore or watched on TV recently, but I dwell on shit from several years ago. 
6. Have you ever had a concussion or some other sort of brain injury before? Did you need to have surgery for it? No. 7. Would you say that you are more book-smart or more street-smart? Do you have a lot of common sense? Book smart, I guess. 8. Do you have any sort of mental illnesses or disorders? What do they involve? I have major depression and anxiety that I know of for sure and have been diagnosed with. 9. What color is your hair, naturally? Have you ever dyed it before? My hair is naturally dark brown, but I dye it red. 10. What’s the longest that your hair has ever been? How about the shortest? When is the last time that you got it cut? It’s currently the longest, it goes down past my butt. The shortest was when I had a “bob” cut. I got a trim last February. 11. Have you ever tried to count all of the hairs on your head before? Uh, no. 12. At what age did you start getting gray hairs, if you happen to have any? I swear it was the exact moment I turned 30. 13. Would you ever shave your head for any specific reason? Only if I had to for medical reasons. 14. What are some ways that you style your hair? Do you use any sorts of products in it? All I do is throw it up in a messy bun. I have all this hair and do absolutely nothing with it because I don’t have the motivation or energy to. It would be a lot easier to manage if I just cut it short again, but it took so long to get it this length and part of me still can’t help but think maybe one day I’ll get my shit together and I’ll want to have my long hair if it happens. Sigh. 15. What other words do you typically use in order to describe your head? (ie: brain, skull, noggin, noodle, think-boxer, etc) I usually just say “head”, but I’ve also said each of those except for “think-boxer.” 16. Do you ever experience brain freeze? If so, how long does it typically last for? I haven’t in quite a long time because I don’t drink cold drinks anymore.  Whenever it has happened, though, I don’t recall it lasting very long.  17. When is the last time that you felt light-headed? Have you ever passed out before? I’ve felt that way recently. I think I may have vertigo. :/ No, I’ve never passed out before. 18. Do you feel that you are more of a right-brained person or a left-brained person? I guess left-brained. Not good with numbers, though. 19. Do you feel that you are smart? In what ways? In what ways do you feel dumb, if at all? I feel I’m just very average. 20. Are you capable of doing a headstand? For How long? Nope. 21. When’s the last time you felt like banging your head against a wall? Why? I get in irritable, frustrated moods quite often. 22. Have you ever bit someone’s head off before? When was the last time? Haha my dumbass took this literally and I was like wtf kind of question is this??? As though it’s normal to go around biting people’s head off or something lmao. I get the expression now. Anyway, I don’t lash out or yell at people. I can get short and snippy, but I don’t yell. 23. When was the last time you buried your head in the sand? The past few years, really. 24. When a coin is being flipped, do you usually pick “heads” or  “tails”? Heads. 25. Have you ever fallen head over heels in love? I sure felt that way. 26. When was the last time you couldn’t make heads or tails of something? I can’t make sense of myself or some of the things I’ve been dealing with. 27. Have you ever had to drum something into someone’s head? Yeah. 28. Have you ever dressed from head to toe in only one color? Yeah.  29. Are you the type of person who likes to get a head start on things? I’m a major procrastinator, unfortunately. 30. Are you good at solving puzzles and riddles? Ehh, depends. 31. Are you capable of keeping your head above water? I’ve been drowning. 32. Have you ever given someone a head start in a race before? Has anyone ever give you a head start? Yes and yes. 33. Who was the last person that you weren’t able to get out of your head? It’s been awhile since I’ve experienced that.
34. When was the last time that someone went over your head? There’s stuff that goes over my head sometimes, at least initially and then I’m like, “Ohhh I got it.” 35. When was the last time you headed someone off? I don’t recall. 36. Have you ever given head before? How about received? No and no. 37. Has anyone ever told you that you “hit the nail right on the head”? Yes. 38. When was the last time that you felt like you were in over your head? I’ve felt that way for a long time. 39. Do you feel like your life is headed in the right direction? If not, what can you do to change all of that? No. I’ve felt really lost and unsure these past few years. 40. What was the last thing that you lost your head about? Upset and frustrated about stuff I was dealing with. 41. Do you wear any headbands or bandanas on your head? No. 42. What are your favorite types of hats to wear, if any? Beanies or baseball style caps. 43. Has anyone ever accused you of having a big head before? No. I’m not arrogant or cocky or anything of that sort. I’m certainly not full of myself. 44. Have you ever had to take a head count of people before? For what reason? Yeah, different reasons. 45. Have you ever been headbutted before? I’ve bumped heads (literally) and yeah it’s not fun. Ow. 46. Have you ever had head lice before? When I was a kid.  47. Do you think that it would be interesting be able to read the thoughts of others? Yeah, sometimes. I’d want the ability to be able to turn it on and off, though. 48. Do you ever act on impulse, without thinking? How often? I’m more hesitant and think about stuff first. 49. When was the last time that you experienced a head cold? It’s been a long time. 50. Who is the head of your household? My parents? 51. Have you ever gone down a slide or a flight of stairs head first before? No. 52. Can you be pig-headed or bull-headed at times? I am very stubborn. 53. Do you have an attached or flexible showerhead? I do. 54. Do you often wake up with a bad case of bed head? It’s not too bad. 55. Are you capable of giving answers off the top of your head? I’m the worst. I know I’d absolutely freeze up if I were ever on a game show. I’d suddenly forget everything I ever knew. I’m not good with being put on the spot. 56. When was the last time you experienced a head rush of some sort? I’m not sure. 57. Do you own any bobbleheads? Of who? Yeah, a Chewbacca one. 58. Are you the type of person who plays head games? No. Ugh, I can’t stand that. I’ve known people who do that. 59. Are you an emotional headcase? Yes. 60. When was the last time you laughed your head off? It’s been a long time since I’ve had a really good laugh like that. 61. What was the last thing you had to try to wrap your head around? 2020 was pretty difficult. 62. Do you believe the saying that “two heads are better than one”? Yeah. It can certainly be helpful to have two people thinking and working together to come up with ideas and whatnot. 63. When was the last time you tried to keep your head down? Whenever I go out, I guess. I’m just like ew don’t look at me. 64. What was the last thing that you gave someone a heads up about? I don’t remember. 65. When was the last time you believed something but in reality, it was all just in your head? Hmm.  66. Who is the last person you butted heads with, and why? My dad. We’re a lot alike and we sometimes end up butting heads. 67. Have you ever been called a bonehead before? By who? I don’t think so. 68. Do you have a few screws loose up there in your head? Is there a light in the window but nobody’s home? It sure feels that way. 69. Do you make decisions more with your head or your heart? It depends, but my emotions definitely get the best of me a lot of the time. 70. What are some techniques that you use in order to clear your head? I’m definitely not the one to ask about that. I could use some tips. 71. Do you know anyone who’s a real hot head? Who? Yes. 72. Have you ever had a gun held t your head before, or felt that way? I’ve felt that way, but no I’ve never actually been held at gunpoint.  73. Have you ever had your head examined/scanned by a medical professional before? If so, what sorts of tests were done? No. 74. How often do you walk around with your head in the clouds? My mind does drift and wander a lot. 75. Is your head just filled with all sorts of useless knowledge? My mind is a jumbled mess. 76. Do you worry a lot or have anxiety at all? Yeppp. 77. Have you ever had suicidal thoughts before? Have you ever acted on them before? Yes, but no I’ve never acted on them. 78. Have you eyes ever felt like they were going to pop out of your head? I don’t think so. 79. Who’s head would you like to see on a platter? Uhh, I’m good. 80. When was the last time a lightbulb went off in your head? What was the realization about? Hmm.  81. Is there anything you feel like you could do, standing on your head? No. 82. When’s the last time you put your head in the lion’s mouth? I don’t tend to deliberately place myself in dangerous situations. 83. Where are you headed off to now? I should probably finally drag myself outta bed now... it’s almost 5PM.
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pumpkinpaperweight · 4 months ago
I rank my own fics (and explain why I put them where they are)
just the main 24-- agatha and her merry marxists and eternal/immortal aren't counted, since one was essentially a joke fic and the other was just a prototype of attitw that I decided to post. haven’t included any of my fics either
the otherness came (and I knew its name)-- I am... ridiculously proud of this, the first part especially. I feel like I need to write fics based on theories more often bc it means I go in strong with canon reasoning, and people go “wait that makes sense actually”. also I just really love the sophie vs rhian bits, and the bit where Rhian exposes Tedros at the beginning. and the tagatha bit in part 2. Agatha being under the scims’ control instead of Sophie was a Choice but I love it. I only wish the ending was a bit stronger, and that I hadn’t rushed posting it. 
and so they go on-- my underrated baby. this fic has a sort of hazy feel to it, I think it’s bc it’s basically a bunch of vaguely chronological snippets, not a full narrative, but it works. I’d never written agaster before but I’m so glad I did, bc they have a super interesting dynamic and I got to do agatha being jealous which is fun. I feel like it just sums up everything I was going for with the 1920s au, tbh. it was the right length, too, it wasn’t too short or unnecessarily dragged out.
the witch of woods beyond-- *scream crying* CALLIS I MISS YOU. I love the agatha and callis scenes in this, I always wanted to write the aftermath of their first year and this was so satisfying. agatha and callis as a mother/daughter duo make me so fucking sad and this is the only fic I’ve ever cried at whilst writing. but I love them. 
lizard soup-- the most canon-sounding fic I’ve ever written. very simple concept (tedros and agatha being awkward friends during the first year visiting weekend) but it was the most tedros-y tedros I’ve ever done and I loved doing their conversation in merlin’s menagerie.
idle worship-- not gonna lie to you I just really love the scenes where Agatha a) is a pain in the arse in the carriage and b) fights Pollux. it was kind of what I expected from QFG (i.e her being a shit queen) so I wanted to get that down, and I just like how I wrote her internal monologue a lot. also I gave her maids names! woo! (I actually did a scene with Tedros’s manservants as well but I scrapped it, I’ll tell you about it if you like tho)
Ros Vs-- everyone knew this was coming. yes, I love ros vs more than burn or gmtg. it’s what I wanted alex vs to be when I was like 14, and I just love getting to piss about with my own characters in a more familiar setting. ros is fun! raiden is fun! jade is fun! jackson! seohun! everyone! also I get to make it funny and heartbreaking at the same time bc that’s just the oc fics, babey. technically it’s far, far better than alex vs and I’m really looking forward to future chapters in this, I got some good stuff ready
Gin Mills and the Goods-- hh I struggled with whether I should put this above Burn bc it could have been better written and more tightly plotted, BUT I am still in intense love with the concept and it has some moments I still adore (the bit where Tedros gets shot??? love it. the bit where he goes kinda feral??? even better). in some ways I think it’s better it was looser tho, bc I have a LOT of leeway in terms of adding oneshots to it (as is obvious from the fact it recieved four in one year)
a very witchy wedding-- I wrote this in sept 2018, I was like... just 15, so it doesn’t necessarily hold up everywhere, but this was the first fic I remember looking at and thinking “hey. I’m not a bad writer actually”. is that to do with Val’s comment? maybe. but the bit with hester and agatha in the car is... Hell Yes, and most of the jokes still land nicely. 
BURN-- *gasp* why so low? bc I rushed it :/ I’m really proud of some chapters (the first two agatha ones, the tournament, the wedding, the epilogue) but bc I had nothing better to do in quarantine I just wrote this fic like the devil was after me and I should have slowed down and tightened up the plot a bit hhh. oh well
in death, and at the end of the world-- woo depressing iliad au!!!! I could have elaborated more on the plot and the other characters, I did also rush to get this one finished a bit, but I really like the tone, it sounds like tsoa, and the mourning scene... I was proud lmao. 
soldier on, achilles-- oh ted :( bad times post OTK my man. big fan of the opening scene of this actually and I was happy I managed to flesh out his relationship with beatrix, I always wanted to do that
the envious moon-- I had so much fun with a first-person diary style for sophie, she was exactly the right character for me to try that for the first time with. the plot was kind of wispy and vague and this took me like an entire year to finish BUT it’s funny and it’s nicphie so 
Alex Vs-- took two years to finish and I can’t read the first eight chapters or so because they embarrass me so badly, and there’s no real plot, but alex is my true love so. and it’s funny. and I love Sora/Talib. and I laughed at my own jokes whilst writing curses
all the time in the world-- fun. it’s just fun. suffers from not-much-plot-itis and I feel I made a few questionable leaps in logic but whatever I like siren!tedros so much it fades into the background. possibly I shouldn’t have attempted something so ambitious for the big bang lmao I was restricted by the 10k limit
aphrodite ourania-- hhh once my piece de resistance, now slightly cringey in places, but I do still like it a lot. that weird bit in the middle with the raid on the town is completely out of place and I should have cut it, but DAMN I love the dynamic between sophie and agatha and like, every nicphie scene. and tagatha’s dramatic secret sideline romance that doesn’t even need to be secret. 
the best kept secret-- idrk why I bothered with the Vanessa bit in this it felt like it should have been a separate fic-- I wish I’d shortened the Callis bit and lengthened the Lancelot bit tbh. oh well. Baby Agatha and (furious) baby Tedros were very cute to write and I liked delving into Gavaldon’s previous responses to kidnappings. 
ward eight-- eh this was just a knee-jerk reaction to Red School. I simply wished to cleanse myself of toxic masculinity with flapper!Tedros and do a bit more of Agatha being scary. it’s not too standout but it’s cute 
caught in the middle-- this just has a weird feeling to it and I don’t know what it is? mid-quarantine burnout ig. I like the tagatha scenes. idk. as a whole it feels weird. I can’t really explain it.
hair dye-- I really like Tedros and Callis having An Actual Interaction but I could have delved more into it I think, it was kinda short. oh well shshjs
surgeons supermodels and football feuds-- compared to avww I don’t think it held up as well; it’s still really funny, but it has pre-evil ros (don’t like that) and I remember I wrote it extremely quickly. to be fair it was July 2018 but still. 
hitting on all six-- another weird-feeling gmtg oneshot. really like the prequel-y bit and the dot focus, but again, I rushed it to get it out on time. what I am getting from this is that I need to not rush fics hh
one time for the present, two times for the past-- this was a knee jerk reaction to OTK and although I like it, it’s disjointed and feels like it could easily be replaced with soldier on, achilles and idle worship, which. it kinda was. it reads like a fic ragging on canon and it is lmao
black pearls-- eh it’s cute but it’s not that special sjhsjs, I bashed the entire thing out in like an afternoon just for fun it’s not glorious and amazing prose like TOC or smth. just for fun. 
the countess of bloodbrook-- I don’t know, it just feels odd. anadil backstory good, but I restricted it by setting it all in the dinner and I think I should have stretched it out a bit, added some extra scenes or flashbacks or something. eh. could have done more with hester.  
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totherainbowsend · 4 months ago
ain’t no rest for the wicked
1 - When was the last time you met someone for the first time? A couple of weeks ago.
2 - What’s the longest amount of time you’ve gone without bathing? Without having an actual bath? Months, maybe even up to a year. Without showering, probably no longer than 3-4 days.
3 - Have you ever cooked with crab or lobster? Could you ever bring yourself to kill a live lobster/crab? Nooooo.
4 - What’s your favourite font? What size and colour do you prefer to use when you’re doing surveys? I don’t think it’s possible to pick the size and colour of the fonts on here...well if it is I haven’t figured it out. The fonts I use most of the time are Arial and Helvetica.
5 - Have your clothing choices changed since COVID hit and you started to stay at home more? Well, yes. I’ve been wearing leggings a lot more than before.
6 - When was the last time you went through a drive-through? Years ago.
7 - Which fast food restaurant do you go to the most? What do you tend to order when you go there? The kebab places in my neighbourhood, if you consider them fast food.
8 - Do you own any plaid/flannel shirts? Sure.
9 - If you eat it, how do you like your steak cooked? What sauces and sides do you like to get with it? If you’re vegetarian, what would you have instead of a steak dinner? I don’t eat meat. I’ve tried vegetable-based steaks a couple of times and they weren’t too bad.
10 - Are there any foods and drinks you only have around Christmas? Not really.
11 - Does it bother you when dogs jump up at you? Does it bother you less if it’s a smaller dog? If it’s a dog that I don’t know it would bother me. Though honestly I find smaller dogs scarier than big ones.
12 - What kind of animal did you touch last? Was this animal one of your pets? I don’t remember.
13 - Which colour do you prefer, red or blue? Red.
14 - How would you describe your sense of humour? Have you ever offended someone when you were only joking? Sarcastic, dry, sometimes a bit dark. I also enjoy silly jokes and puns a lot. I’m pretty sure that I’ve offended people unintentionally at some point.
15 - When was the last time you cried - what caused it?
Apart from the other week when I was chopping an onion, I don’t even remember.
16 - What’s your favourite flavour of potato chip? Paprika or Sour Cream.
17 - Do you have a lot of artwork around your house? What kind of art? Yes, a few paintings, figures and vases. And loads of Christmas ornaments, obviously.
18 - When you paint your nails, what kind of colours do you tend to go for? Shades of red, black, gold.
19 - Do you prefer fruit or vegetable juice? What kind of flavours do you like? I don’t drink a lot of juice, but in general I prefer fruit juice. My favourite is cranberry.
20 - What’s the weather doing where you are? Is that typical for this time for this time of year? It’s cold and windy, but not freezing cold. Definitely not Christmas weather as I remember it from my childhood.
21 - Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? How did you meet this person? My uncle.
22 - Are you eating or drinking anything right now? No, I just had lunch and still feel very full.
23 - Who was your first celebrity crush? Which celebrity do you like now? This singer from a German punk band when I was like 12. I don’t have any celebrity crushes these days.
24 - When was the last time you went to Starbucks? What did you get? Last summer. I think I got a Cold Brew and one of those chocolate cheesecake muffins.
25 - Do you have a credit card? How much money do you owe on there?
Yes. I don’t know what my current balance is on there, though. I use it most of the time when I go shopping as it has contactless payment.
26 - What colours have you dyed your hair in the past? What kind of colours would you like to dye it in the future?
Red, black, blonde, plenty of shades of brown. I can only see myself with brown or copper hair in the future. Black would make me look pale.
27 - What’s your favourite Christmas movie? When was the last time you watched it?
Love Actually. I watched some parts of it this year but not the full movie.
28 - What’s your favourite brand and flavour of ice-cream or frozen yoghurt?
I don’t have a favourite brand for either as I just get them from the parlour. My favourite ice cream flavours are berries or dark chocolate. As for frozen yoghurt, I’ve only tried natural yoghurt with toppings on it.
29 - When was the last time you visited the dentist? September.
30 - What time do you consider to be too early to go to bed and to get up in the morning? When was the last time you went to bed/got up at those times? Before 6am is too early for me to get up, and I honestly can’t remember the last time I did that. Since I started working full-time I consider 10pm too early to go to bed and have only gone to bed at that time when I was ill or seriously shattered.
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lovemesomesurveys · 4 months ago
1 - When was the last time you had a roast dinner? What kind of meat or vegetarian option did you have with it? I don’t eat that.
2 - When was the last time you drove or travelled for over an hour? Where did you go? When my family and I drove to Disneyland a few years ago. 
3 - What’s your favourite kind of coffee to order (eg. cappuccino, latte etc.)? Flavored mochas, lattes, or macchiatos or just a regular brewed coffee with cream and sugar.
4 - When you get old, are you going to let your hair go grey or dye it instead? I already get some grays D: I need to dye my hair, I haven’t had it done since February so it’s way overgrown now. Bleh. Anyway, I’ll probably just keep dyeing it red forever. 
5 - What genre was the last book you read? Was it any good? Mystery/thriller/suspense. 
6 - Did you ever wear braces on your teeth? No.
7 - When was the last time you were relieved about something? What caused you to feel that way? I felt good getting my Christmas shopping done early and on time so that everything got here on time without any issues. 
8 - Where was the last place you went that required you to wear a mask? Are you used to having to wear one now? We have to wear one everywhere, but the last place I went to was the doctor. Yeah, I only leave the house once a month for my doctor appointment, but I never forget to grab my mask.
9 - How often do you receive calls from unknown numbers? Do you ever answer them? Eh, I get random spam calls here and there. Sometimes it seems like it happens a lot at certain times and then nothing for awhile. Like, recently I kept getting a call from some random number once a day, I think twice one day, and that went on for almost a week and then it stopped. They left one message, which was just, “Return our call please” and I was like, yeah, no.
10 - What’s your favourite condiment to have with sausages or hot dogs (or the vegetarian equivalent)? I’m so not a hot dog or sausage person, but whenever I have had a hot dog I just put ketchup and mustard. It’s been several years since I’ve had one, though. I will say that Costco hot dogs are actually really good.
11 - Which fictional character can you relate to the most? Is this a character from film, TV or a book? Hmmm.
12 - Do you groom your eyebrows? If so, how? I just tweeze them.
13 - Did you get “told off” for anything the last time you went to the dentist or was everything okay? I had to have some work done.
14 - Would you rather get a starter or dessert? Starter.
15 - Have you ever been involved with the police? Did you find them to be helpful? No, I haven’t.
16 - Are you tired at the moment? Is there a specific reason you feel that way? Yes. I’m always tired, but also it’s almost 5AM.
17 - Are you big on colour coordination? Does that just apply to your outfits or to the rest of your life as well? I mean, I like things to match and that pair well together.
18 - What shoes did you last wear? How long have you had them? My black Adidas. I got them a year ago.
19 - When was the last time you wore make-up? What kind of make-up was it? It’s been almost 4 years since I’ve worn makeup.
20 - Have you ever slipped or skidded on the ice? Did you end up getting hurt? No.
21 - Do you wear glasses or contacts? I wear glasses.
22 - Do you own any photo albums? Are they dedicated to special occasions or just a random selection of photos? We have several photo albums from back in the day. They’re a random collection of photos.
23 - What was the last reason for you using a spoon? I like to dip cookies in my coffee sometimes and I use a spoon to do so because it’s easier.
24 - Did your state/region go into lockdown or similar back when Covid hit in March? What did you do to pass the time while you were stuck at home? Yep. Well, it really wasn’t much different for me since I’ve been a hermit crab for a few years now. I do miss trips to Walmart to go grocery shopping with my mom and going to the movies, though. Now the only place I go is to my doctor appointment once a month.
25 - What’s your favourite meal of the day - breakfast, lunch or dinner? Lunch and dinner. I like breakfast foods, though.
26 - Who was the last person you texted? How do you know that person? My brother.
27 - What was the last thing you put in a sandwich? That I made or that I ordered? Cause I’ve been obsessed with these breakfast sandwiches from this local place and I get scrambled eggs, Monterrey Jack cheese, pesto, cream cheese, and avocado in a croissant and it’s SO good.
28 - What was the reason behind the last time you shouted or raised your voice? I don’t recall. That’s not something I tend to do.
29 - Are you a citizen of more than one country? Would you ever use that advantage to move abroad? No, I’m not.
30 - Do you know how to change a tyre? Could you do it without help? I’ve never had to attempt to change a tire or felt the need to learn how to. I wouldn’t be able to do it anyway. 
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lovemesomesurveys · 4 months ago
1 - When was the last time you met someone for the first time? I met with a new doctor a couple weeks ago.
2 - What’s the longest amount of time you’ve gone without bathing? Well, without having a physical shower I’ve gone a few months after having surgeries, but I had bed baths in the meantime.
3 - Have you ever cooked with crab or lobster? Could you ever bring yourself to kill a live lobster/crab? No and no. I don’t even like seafood for one, but I certainly wouldn’t want to cook something while it’s still alive. I couldn’t do it.
4 - What’s your favourite font? What size and colour do you prefer to use when you’re doing surveys? I like Tahoma, Georgia, Verdana, and Times New Roman. Well, I do my surveys on here, so text posts are whatever Tumblr’s settings are.
5 - Have your clothing choices changed since COVID hit and you started to stay at home more? No. My clothing choices starting changing a few years ago since I started staying home more due to health reasons. I live in leggings and oversized graphic tees. 
6 - When was the last time you went through a drive-through? I personally haven’t in awhile. I get food and Starbucks via drive-thru often, but I’m not the one going.
7 - Which fast food restaurant do you go to the most? What do you tend to order when you go there? If I get fast food it’s usually either Carl’s Jr, Jack in the Box, or McDonald’s. At Carl’s Jr I get their chicken tenders, fries, and a cheesecake. At Jack I usually get their breakfast burrito with a hash brown, but sometimes I’ll get their potato wedges and egg rolls. At McDonald’s I either get a couple breakfast burritos and a hash brown, or a Big Mac and fries.
8 - Do you own any plaid/flannel shirts? No. I used to really be into plaid for the fall, but like I said my style changed over the last few years and I ended up getting rid of a lot of clothes, including my plaid. 
9 - If you eat it, how do you like your steak cooked? What sauces and sides do you like to get with it? If you’re vegetarian, what would you have instead of a steak dinner? I don’t eat steak, but I’m not a vegetarian. Instead of steak I’d get like chicken tenders or boneless wings. 
10 - Are there any foods and drinks you only have around Christmas? The only thing I have around Christmas that I don’t other times of the year is egg nog. 
11 - Does it bother you when dogs jump up at you? Does it bother you less if it’s a smaller dog? Yeah, it actually makes me a little nervous and uncomfortable because they’re bigger than me as someone in a wheelchair. And while they may just do it playfully, they can sometimes be too rough. None of my dogs, including my doggo now, were jumpers so it’s not something I’m used to.
12 - What kind of animal did you touch last? Was this animal one of your pets? My doggo. 
13 - Which colour do you prefer, red or blue? I like both.
14 - How would you describe your sense of humour? Have you ever offended someone when you were only joking? I guess cheesy/corny/punny? Whatever strikes me as funny. And yes, it has happened before. 
15 - When was the last time you cried - what caused it? Recently- depression.
16 - What’s your favourite flavour of potato chip? I don’t really eat chips anymore, but regular potato chips with ranch dip is good. Sour cream and Onion, too.
17 - Do you have a lot of artwork around your house? What kind of art? We have a few different pieces.
18 - When you paint your nails, what kind of colours do you tend to go for? I haven’t painted my nails in years, but my favorite honestly was just black. I liked other colors as well, but black was my go-to.
19 - Do you prefer fruit or vegetable juice? What kind of flavours do you like? Neither, but definitely not vegetable juice. I’m just not a juice person in general. 
20 - What’s the weather doing where you are? Is that typical for this time for this time of year? We’re having normal wintery weather for us.
21 - Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? How did you meet this person? My mom. We met when I was born.
22 - Are you eating or drinking anything right now? I have a Starbucks Doubleshot energy drink.
23 - Who was your first celebrity crush? Which celebrity do you like now? Aaron Carter was my first. And ya’ll know my love for Alexander Skarsgard. 
24 - When was the last time you went to Starbucks? What did you get? I had a peppermint white chocolate mocha on Monday. I’ll probably get one today. 
25 - Do you have a credit card? How much money do you owe on there? I have a few. I’m not saying how much debt I have :X
26 - What colours have you dyed your hair in the past? What kind of colours would you like to dye it in the future? Blonde highlights, black, and red. I’ve been dyeing it red for the past 5 years and still really like it, so I plan to keep it for the foreseeable future. I’m very overdue for a dye job, though.
27 - What’s your favourite Christmas movie? When was the last time you watched it? I have several favorites. I listed them all once in a recent Christmas survey, I don’t feel like doing it again.
28 - What’s your favourite brand and flavour of ice-cream or frozen yoghurt? I like strawberry, mint chocolate chip, and birthday cake ice cream flavors. It’s been a few years since I’ve had ice cream, though. I was never a big ice cream person.
29 - When was the last time you visited the dentist? It’s been quite awhile to be perfectly honest.
30 - What time do you consider to be too early to go to bed and to get up in the morning? When was the last time you went to bed/got up at those times? Well, my sleep schedule is a complete joke, so. I stay up until the early hours and sleep until the late afternoon. 
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amphtaminedreams · 4 months ago
If We Can’t Have the Parties, At Least We Have the Coats: Lookbook no.13
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hi to anyone reading,
It’s been a weird winter, right?
A winter that I REALLY did not need to buy as many clothes for as I have. You WILL save loads of money during this lockdown, I told myself. You WILL. And yet here I am in December, in exactly the same financial position I was in March. You would think that making the switch to an environmentally friendly wardrobe would mean I own less but now I no longer have the guilt of supporting fast fashion to hold me back, I’ve accumulated more clothes than ever. Part of a sustainable wardrobe is also about reducing your consumption so now I’ve mostly made the move towards only supporting transparent companies/small businesses, I can move onto the buying less part. I haven’t thrown any clothes away but still, I am not the clothes rescuer I think I am-more just an overdraft abuser. To add to that, for those of us actually following the rules (half the people I went to secondary school with flaunting their apparently unaffected social lives on Instagram, I’m looking at you) there aren’t actually all that many opportunities to wear new outfits. Not to go too first world problems, but it is a little shit when getting dressed up and doing your makeup is one of the things that you do to help you feel a little better, especially when the seasonal (and situational in these times) depression kicks in.
So yes, I have been extra af recently and combatted this with the decision to start making an effort to outfit plan for the most basic of tasks. We’re talking a full face of makeup and accessories for going into town to get a coffee or to meet a friend for a walk. I mean, I still go to Tesco in my trackies but if I’m seeing somebody else, I am sure as hell going to treat it as a reason to wear something nice. See the winter outfits section of the lookbook as your inspiration to do the same because I can guarantee you the sense of normality forcing yourself to take makeup off at the end of the day brings will actually make you feel a lot better. Genuinely the mark of exceptional times. We’ve also got the few days relief period over Christmas in the UK where we’re allowed to mix with a maximum of 3 other households, and ignoring the fact that it doesn’t really make any sense given that the number of people you could end up mixing with depends on the size of the households and is realistically completely arbitrary (I have a lot of feelings about how fucking moronic half the decisions this government has been making are but then again, what’s new?), I’m sure those of you with big families are gonna be partying. I’m only spending Christmas with my immediate family but I thought I’d put some more festive outfits together anyway. I know, I know, it sounds like I’m just bullshitting an explanation as to why I put this lookbook together when in reality I’m trying to make myself feel better about the damage to my bank account buuuut it really is more a case of being inspired by my Depop finds and if you are trying to quit fast fashion, I can’t recommend the app enough (especially if you know what you’re looking for). As I did in the last lookbook, I will make sure to include the tags of all the people I bought these pieces from but I also thought it might be helpful to make a note of some of the descriptors I used to find them so you can get more of an idea how to find the things you’re looking for too, as well as prices. I did include the names of the shops I bought the few fast fashion items I styled from too, mostly earlier this year or at some point over the last couple of years, on the basis that they may be a useful search prompt if you’re looking for something similar or the exact item-the majority are no longer available (disclaimer: I haven’t bought anything from Boohoo in a longgg time) to buy but you might be able to find an account that’s selling a used version. Don’t be put off by that-I’ve had to wash a couple of pieces but for the most part, that hasn’t been necessary. Charity shops usually wash things before they put them out, so you have nothing to worry about there either-I expect that they’re particularly thorough at the moment considering the COVID crisis.
Enough rambling from me for now! Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Powder Blue Wide Brim Felt Hat/Fedora: £16.99
Structured White Mesh Oh Polly Mini Dress w/Ruched Detail: £27
Black PVC Beret w/Red Flame Detail: £14
Red Fit and Flare Dress w/Satin Corset & Tulle Skirt: £12
Black PVC Vintage Platform Boots w/Red Flame Detail: £27
Tumblr media
White Satin Corset w/Straps: £8
Pinstripe Cropped Blazer Co-ord Set: £12.50
Oh Mighty Strappy Contrast Corset: £27
Contrast Check Cigarette Trousers: £15
Tumblr media
Pink Topshop Gingham Blazer Co-ord Set BNWT: £35
White Strappy Corset w/Suspender Detail: £10
White PVC Beret w/Black Flame Detail: £14
Reworked Strappy Patchwork Sports Cropped Tee: £10
Black Combat Cargo Trousers: £5
Tumblr media
Strappy Tie-dye Pretty Little Thing Corset BNWT: £15
PVC/Vinyl Zip-up Mini Skirt w/Belt Detail: £9
White Satin Cowl Neck Mini Slip Dress: £8
Urban Outfitters ‘90s Style Celestial Print Mesh Babydoll Dress: £15
Tumblr media
UNIF Colour Block Oversized Jumper/Sweater: £25
Topshop Dark Wash Denim Kick Flare Jeans w/Frayed Hem Detail: £16
Tumblr media
Vintage ‘70s Style Brown Faux Suede Western Blazer/Jacket: £15
Black Velvet High Neck Bodysuit w/Keyhole Detail: £4
Topshop Paisley Print Chiffon Midi Dress: £15
Tumblr media
Brandy Melville Cropped Motorcross Slogan Slogan Tee: £13.60
Ragged Priest Gingham Cargo/Combat Trousers w/Utility Style Buckle Detailing: £33
Black Kappa Logo Beanie: £12
White Platform FILA Disruptors in Good Condition: £55
Black Fur Bucket Hat: £8
Tumblr media
Celestial Silver Moon Detail Chain Belt: £18
Black Satin Cowl Neck Detail Midi Slip Dress: £15
Floral Print Platform Boots: £10
Blue Denim ASOS High Rise Mom Jeans: £12
Brown Vintage ‘70s Style Afghan Coat w/Fur Trim: £25
Teal Wide Brim Felt Hat/Fedora: £10
Tumblr media
Topshop Floral Print A-Line Jacquard Mini Skirt: £7
Lana Del Rey Screen Printed T-Shirt: £9.99
Vintage Corduroy Contrast Stripe Trousers w/Kick Flare: £28
Anyone that read to the end, thank you so much as always and I hope this shows just how many in-trend pieces you can find second hand! I know I'm SUPER far behind to the point where it’s closer to the F/W2021 shows now than it is since the S/S2021 collections were showcased but I decided I am going to do a full length fashion week review. I also have a few moodboards planned and my next is gonna be one focussing purely on plus sized fashion as the feedback that I got from my New Style Icons post was that I could have included more bigger girls; I am so, so, SO passionate about body positivity and fat acceptance, especially since I know my own relationship with my body would be so much better if this kind of movement was more prominent when I was younger, so I don’t for a minute want anyone to think it was my intention to be exclusionary in any way. It bears repeating that I genuinely appreciate feedback in any form (as long as it’s not too mean and presumptive, lol) and I hope the next post doesn’t disappoint! It hasn’t been a good year for cinema due to COVID having lead to theatre closures, however I still do want to do another film tier ranking in the new year as that is something I really enjoyed doing last time. Any more suggestions are welcome!
As always, my inbox is always open if you need someone to talk to or just wanna chat about a post:-) I am constantly on the look out for new blogs to follow and people to interact with so any communication is welcome. I’m not sure if I’ll get another post finished before we enter 2021, SO I wanna say that I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and that this shitshow of a year DOES come to an end at 11:59PM on the 31st because THOSE MEMES ABOUT IT TURNING DECEMBER THE 32ND ARE NOT FUNNY! Here’s to our second attempt at our first year of the roaring twenties (because this past year it feels like we skipped them and went straight to The Great Depression, the likely incoming recession denial is real) and to happier times and good health for everyone.
Lauren x
DISCLAIMER: Background in the first 2 images are mine, others are not. I found them on Pinterest so not sure of the artists but if you do know, drop me a message so I can credit them!
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arsonistblue · 4 months ago
BLUE YOU HAVE OCS???? Please tell me everything about them
AAAAAA YES I DO!!!!! I’m writing a book (technically a series) and they’re all my children
It’ll all be under the cut bc this might get long (It did) since I’ve don a fuckton of world and character building, plotting, and meticulously planning the books, and I have a feeling people will want me to shut up but it’s my blog and I get to rant about my book if I want to kjlsdfkjlsdf
(I kinda have to explain some of the worldbuilding to explain the characters)
Most of them are from a different dimension similar to the “human” dimension, called the Middle. They’re also like humans themselves, but they each have a “difference,” which is what they call their power, for lack of a better word. It’s called a difference because, even if two people have the same ability, say, they could both control water, it would still be different for each of them. They’d’ all have a calling, for lack of a better word. And their styles have to be self taught.
There are 6 people, 2 sets of triplets, who are called the Crest. The Crest were an experiment to try and create a solution to help fix a corrupted world that seemed utopian. Sector 13, a rebel organization trying to fix said corrupted world, decided to tweak the genetics of six embryos to make them more powerful. Their idea of this was for these six to have two “differences” rather than the standard one (the thing is, though, they didn’t know just how powerful the six would be). 
Two sets of parents (The Quills and the Clearlys) volunteered to carry the children and raise them. However, word of the Crest got out, and in turn sparked a massive war. 
Okay, onto the characters!!! (picrew link)
This is Alex Clearly. She’s the main character, and a member of the Crest.
Tumblr media
She was raised in an orphanage in the human dimension. She was born in the Middle, but due to being born in the midst of a giant war about her existence, her parents wanted to keep her (as well as the rest of the Crest) hidden away. So they (The Quills and the Clearlys) hopped from safe house to safe house while still in the Middle. However, they were found by a different organization who wanted the Crest dead (or worse), and a bomb was set to their safe house. The Clearly parents thought they were the only ones to survive, but then they found Alex (keep in mind, she’s a baby at this point) and decide “fuck this, she’s going somewhere objectively safer.”
So, they took her to the human dimension to be raised in an orphanage with one of Mrs. Clearly’s old friends (read: bitter ex-friends who don’t necessarily hate each other to death but don’t vibe any more) who was hiding out there. They would’ve set her up at a foster home but they were like, about to die from sepsis so they decided “this’ll work ig.” They did their best ok 
This orphanage, unfortunately, is run by a horrible old woman who (for reasons explained in the book) absolutely despises Alex. So Alex is kind of an outcast in this orphanage because of that. The only adult who actually likes her is Gwendolyn, aka Mrs. Clearly’s old friend. She also has a best friend, Eli. 
Now, given that Alex is part of the Crest, she has 2 powers. One appeared at birth, which was telepathy, which meant she could read others’ minds and emotions. But, because the universe hated her, she couldn’t block them, so she constantly has waves of other people’s thoughts and emotions hurtling at her (this is also me projecting as an empath jklsdflkjds hyperempathy is a bitch)
I’m currently debating whether to spoil what her other power is because you find out a few chapters into the first book 
Yknow what fuck it, she’s a hydrolic. She can control water and it’s awesome
I don’t want to spoil any more of her backstory, so now I’ll give some attributes!
Me, talking about Alex: So there’s this she/they
She’s been Through Some Shit (tm) but she’s a survivor, and taught herself self-defense, how to steal without getting caught (for when she really needed food/supplies), etc
She’s also a badass and tough as nails
However do not let her badassery fool you, she is in fact a Fucking Nerd
Trust issues are rampant
Definitely Not Straight (see the undercut [important note, the undercut does not exist until book 2])
V sarcastic
If you give her dumplings she will love you forever
Definitely said ACAB after the cops took away her Big Burly Guy Friends for Robin Hood antics (read: stealing from the rich and giving to the poor)
said Big Burly Guy Friends were Big Burly Guys, taught self defense classes in their garage. She (at the time, a skinny 7 year old) showed up and asked them to teach her to fight, and at first they laughed, but she learned self defense and every saturday she showed up and they gave her a juice box and some crackers
10000% has adhd
During book 1, she’s 13-14
In just a normal high school AU, she would be a closeted memelord
But would unironically say poggers
She hates rules
A lot
She goes out of her way to break the especially stupid ones
Stubborn as all hell
She’s also super protective and if you hurt someone she loves, you fear for your life
Long story short, she’s a badass nerd with adhd who could kill a man with ease
I love her so much it’s not even funny ok?? she’s my child
This is Eli Marcus. He was Alex’s best (only) friend at the orphanage. He’s also from the human dimension. 
Tumblr media
Eli was at the orphanage since he was five. He was always friends with Alex, and tried to help her with her headaches, though Alex never told him she was a telepath. 
He’s a loyal friend, and always tries to cheer people up
He has a bad habit of forgetting to take off his binder at night, much to Alex’s annoyance
He loves to play the drums. There’s constantly a song stuck in his head, and he taps his fingers on tables or chairs or whatever to try to get them out
It works, then it’s replaced by another song
He probably has adhd too
He has tried to dye his own hair. It did Not work
Alex kept reminding him that he had dark hair but he was just “I am looking Away, I do not see it” so it only dyed his scalp red
So far we haven’t seen very much of him, he’s in the first few chapters of book 1. I’m planning on putting him in book 2 or 3 though!
This is Jazzi LeCiel, one of Alex’s best friends. 
Tumblr media
Jazzi lives in The Middle, and she’s the same age as Alex. She’s a stratic, meaning she can control the air (like an airbender), but like most people, she didn’t discover it until she was around middle school age. Her backstory isn’t as developed since she’s not the main character, and the story is told from Alex’s perspective. 
She’s a disaster bisexual
She would unironically cuff her jeans
Loves causing chaos 
She’s pretty trusting up front but if you break her trust it takes awhile to get it back
Farily petite
Also a badass like Alex, but she’s also a dork jlsfljdfk
I love her so much it’s not even funny 
She’s one of the classic short-but-deadly people. By this I mean she could easily kill a man with her eyes closed and one hand behind her back, and probably would if he pissed her off enough
Very strong sense of community
She’s independent but knows when to rely on her friends and family, something she’s trying to teach Alex (since she always had to be independent)
She’s extremely creative and thinks outside the box, hell, she probably doesn’t even know where the box is
This is Torrent Rush. He’s another of Alex’s friends in the Middle.
Tumblr media
Torrent is about the same age as Alex and Jazzi, maybe a few months older. He’s also a visidem, meaning he can turn himself (and, if he focuses, other people) invisible. (Also that’s not really what his hair looks like, but it was the closest I could find)
Daddy issuuuuuuues
His dad’s a piece of shit
He’s got an older brother, and thus is very competitive
He’s generally very caring and outspoken, also very kind even if you’re a total stranger
Though he has trouble keeping his emotions under control, and when he gets angry or upset enough, he tends to lash out
Someone get this boy some therapy
His favorite color is purple
Idk why I added that, it’s not relevant at all lkjfdskljdfs
He tries to be smooth and he kind of is ngl, but like not as smooth as he could be
He kinda has White Boy energy but he tries to not be like that, you know? Like he was raised with toxic masculinity but he’s trying to outgrow it
tl;dr he needs therapy and a nap
This is Ezra Quill, another of Alex’s friends and a member of the Crest. 
Tumblr media
He’s lived in the Middle all his life as well, and is both a pyre (controlling fire) and a hypnolic (basically he can control other people’s minds and therefore bodies as well). He’s lived at a Sector 13 base for awhile, too. 
Imagine sunshine given human form. You have Ezra
Seriously he’s a cinnamon roll
I love him so much
He has on multiple occasions had fucking butterflies land on his nose. This is not an exaggeration. It happens multiple times
He’s a fucking NERD and will hyperfixate on anything 
He specifically loves baking 
Cracks a lot of jokes but he’s generally very sincere
Also he’s a tol bean???? child what are you doing up there
He’s quite fond of mango lassi and payasam
He plays with his fire a lot, purely to have fun. He loves lighting his hand on fire to scare people (Loretta, mostly) 
He fidgets
a lot
He always has to be moving, whether it’s tapping his fingers or doing that fuckin wave squiggle motion with his arms (he’s also really good at it)
He also hums to himself, but it always ends up with him making random sounds and making Alex think there’s a cryptid toddler in the other room
He loves big sweaters, not just because of how cozy they are, but also because he can slap people (read: Alex) with the long, flappy sleeves 
Next is Loretta, Alex’s adoptive mother and all-around wonderful woman.
Tumblr media
Loretta is a master hydrolic, and teaches at the academy. She’s probably a repressed lesbian too lkjsdflkjdfs
She was a part of Sector 13 from the beginning of their work on creating the Crest, and when she met Alex, she almost cried because of the strong young woman Alex was becoming. 
Loretta will see a child (read: anyone younger than her), say “is anyone gonna adopt that thing” and then not wait for an answer
She had to physically stop herself from making Alex sign the adoption papers she keeps in her pocket at all times the first time they met
If you hurt somebody she loves, run
She has some dark spots in her past, in her present, too, but she’s working to illuminate them 
Also she’s in love with her best-friend-turned-enemy but she doesn’t know it
She is a fierce fighter when she wants to be. Nobody expects it, either. They see her and think she’s more laid-back, some daresay delicate, but she’s anything but. She’s taken down a full grown man while wearing heels
She’s basically adopted Torrent, Ezra and Jazzi too
She adopted Alex, but she also saw Torrent and Ezra and Jazzi and decided they were hers too
“How many children do you have?” “Biologically, legally, or emotionally?” 
I love her sm 
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