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#I’m so happy for you
riquipuigg · an hour ago
Barcelona femeni have never let me down🥺. proud of them
I SAW THEY WON THE LEAGUE!!!! I’m so happy, they deserve it sm 💖💖💖
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selfcarecap · an hour ago
GIRL THAT THING U REBLOGGED ABT PPL TALKING FEAR INTO YOUR PLANS- my dad did that.... he literally asked what my plan b is if “i don’t make it as a performer” and i’m like 🤨🥱 bye
- lovely anon
Why is it always dads who say shit like that tho? 💀
Next time just reply, what if I do make it as a performer? and then you never give your dad any expensive presents even though you’re a rich celebrity 😌 lmaoshsjjs
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bisexualclarkkent · 2 hours ago
Someone that commented on every fb post I ever made about my emotions over not having kids to invalidate my sadness because she too doesn’t have kids but it’s worse in her case because she’s… idk… a Capricorn… announced her pregnancy today
#just like… wow#imagine sharing a dream with someone and then when they express sadness that their dream hasn’t and probably won’t ever come true#you decide it’s time for them to know their sadness is meaning#meaningless in comparison to your own#because you’re a real person#a married white woman with a husband who looks like he could be your brother#but your sad friend is just some black girl you and everyone else refuse to see as human#god I know this sounds mean and bitter and petty (and it is for I truly am the worst person alive)#I genuinely am happy for her because I know how much she’s wanted this#I am#it’s a lovely surprise to announce on mother’s day#I’m glad she’s happy#but I’m bitter because every time I try to voice my sadness I’m silenced by people who want me to know their sadness is more valid#and it fucking stings that that sadness is temporary for others but likely permanent for me#I went through this phase where every pregnancy announcement made me cry honestly just from jealousy#and it was so shameful#I’m still ashamed#I didn’t react like that to peoples faces of course#the crying was private — like my own grief over something I hadn’t even lost#I would congratulate people and feel happy for them but it was so hard to ignore my own longing#then I started to accept that it wasn’t going to happen for me#began the process of making peace with it#and I stopped crying at pregnancy announcements#I felt an appropriate level of happiness for other people having something good for happen for them#I think this is the first one I’ve cried at in like 2-3 years#I was making progress but I just 😭#I’m such a horrible person lol I deserve to feel bad right now#it’s fundamentally selfish of me to react this way even privately#I’m not fucking mature enough for motherhood because this is a sucky way to feel and I suck for it#daily oversharing
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cheeseanonioncrisps · 3 hours ago
I feel like this will be somewhat controversial, but *takes deep breath*…
Elon Musk being a total dickhead doesn't change the fact that if he is autistic then he is allowed to describe his own personal identity however he wants.
Like yes, he uses "Aspergers"— a lot of people use Aspergers. If he was diagnosed before 2013 then that might have been his official diagnosis. Yes, he described himself as "running human in emulation mode"— a lot of nd people describe themselves as not feeling human, or joke about being robots or aliens or something of that sort.
I love the autistic community on Tumblr, but one of it's major flaws is it's assumption that there is One True Way in which autism should be viewed, and that anyone who deviates from that is Wrong and Bad, even if they are autistic themselves.
(Again, not saying that Elon Musk isn't Wrong and Bad for totally separate reasons, but being autistic and not following the party line isn't something I feel people should be blamed for. We're real human people, not Tumblr talking points come to life.)
This attitude can be extremely alienating to people who don't feel 100% happy and positive about their autism (I know I've avoided talking about negative feelings on here before, because I felt like I wasn't Allowed to be feeling that way) and in some cases has literally lead to self-identified low functioning people experiencing harassment from within the community, because they're using Bad Words to describe themselves and thus Letting The Side Down.
Musk is shitty. Autistic people can be shitty sometimes, just like any other group. I am in no way saying that he is Good Representation— but I do think that the idea that autistic people are only allowed to talk about our identities if we are fluent in Tumblr and constantly work to keep up the veneer of Good Representation is a toxic one that we shouldn't indulge. Even if it means losing an opportunity to have a go at Elon Musk.
It's not as if there aren't plenty of other things to have a go at him for.
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thisismahusernameoki · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We made it.......?
We....... made it.......!
We freaking made it!!!
I’ve always believed in you guys!! Thanks so much for all the support and love you guys gave me! Corona has given me list of go downs but also some go ups. Two of them were Liam and this..!
We did it guys.. We hit the 50 followers!!
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sofd-maybe · 8 hours ago
Hey there! I came across your account and I've gotta say that i love your art. Specifically the way you colour. Idk why exactly but i think the colours on your drawings look very good!
Aaaa thank you so much, I’m so glad that you like it!! This was such a nice lil message to wake up to ty!!💖💖💖💖
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gaykey · 8 hours ago
ok this top/bottom discourse went from being unbearably cringey, cliché and wholly unnecessary,
to actually being a healthy discussion about sex, boundaries and comfortability between a new couple i-
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naughtynorris · 9 hours ago
only george and mick to make a haas-williams fight for 17th be something exciting
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maxguevra · 12 hours ago
omg baby jackles in Dark Angel 😍 i feel your pain: damn tragedy there's no HD like wth?! 😭 your gifs look so sharp though. you got mad skills 😎
ahhhhh you don’t know how much this means to me thank you!! 🥺🥺🥺 it really is a pain & there are so many talented gifmakers and HD gifs, to me there’s always a question of whether it’s even worth posting lower quality gifs 😪 but i’m glad i did now! dark angel is really just like that and it’s nice to hear i’m not the only one struggling with this lmao. thank youu, these are the kinds of messages to keep gifmakers going ✊🏼✊🏼 i hope you have the best day!!
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7wanderingpaws · 13 hours ago
Ok. Someone give me holy water damnnn HE IS SO DAMN HOT AND NAUGHTY and for whatttt oh my god I would give him in if I were her LOLOLOL JK!!! But it’s for their good🥺 i think they’re gonna have some sexy times after 👀 The triplets are so cute as well. And I feel Kyunghee she’s so young and might have felt something seeing Baekhyun being such a husband goal to OC. Good job as always 💗💗
Thank you for reading!!! Who wouldn’t give in lol... let’s keep in mind that he made her go commando which by itself was a big challenge for her🥲 doing something naughty in the public bathroom would be too much but she is evolving. Something is, inevitably, going to happen huhu 😋
Yes yes I’m glad you noticed! There was a reason I gave Kyunghee her own scene with him. Who wouldn’t be crushing on him huh...
I’m starting to get a little anxious about updates, as there isn’t that much (big) drama happening in their story - but angst is COMING, wait for it. So I hope you continue to support 🥺 thank you sm for reading!
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