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#I’m not a person
sparksinthenight · 11 months ago
There's something about being the first person to ever do something
But we're all the first
The first to be the individual people we are
We are ourselves
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gettingsnowedunder · 3 years ago
Oh lord I’m gonna stay in this coffee shop which moves from playing Susanne Sundfør to Happy Mondays to Blur for the rest of my life. Take all my money. I’ve written three reviews this morning I’m not even a human right now.
I’m a being made of sub-par opening lines. Opening lines are so hard.
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dawnblade-disaster · 32 minutes ago
for future reference, I’ll be tagging all personal posts with “dawn talk” in addition to “personal,” if you’re lookin to filter!
info on spoiler tagging for this blog under the cut
previously I haven’t really tagged spoilers on this blog cause if I’ll be honest - I had like 1-2 followers LMAO. but now that I have a bit more I’ll try my best! im not planning on posting much (if any) 9.1 spoilers, but if I do end up posting anything I’ll make sure to tag it with “9.1 spoilers.” 
since im new to this (my last active fandom was silm/lotr and, well, theres not really any “babe wake up new tolkien book dropped” KJSGNKJ) it may slip my mind now and again, so i wanna let yall know it might not be 100% airtight tagging in advance! though like i said, im not planning on posting much on 9.1 atm anyhow.
more generally, what I consider spoilers is anything that’s not released in retail or an official announcement yet (so think like ptr, leaks, datamining, etc. but not smth officially announced at blizzcon or a new patch available in retail already). that being said, i know folks understandably have different definitions of spoilers and should still be able to curate their experience, so if there’s ever anything you’re looking to avoid, please feel free to let me know (I don’t often check ask box so messaging will let me see it the fastest) and I’ll do my best to tag it!
ty for reading this far and happy blogging!! peepoheart
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jefferoni-quotes · 44 minutes ago
If you’re not following my tiktok you should be 🙄
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barrelbastards · an hour ago
So I started watching the 2nd campaign for critical role (I just finished ep 37 I think) and I’m just so irritated with beau. I mean before when all Caleb wanted to do was go to the library she demanded to know his deepest secret- sure she didn’t know what it entailed but seeing someone go into a near catatonic state makes it clear that this is some heavy shit- or she wouldn’t take him and then threw it in his face multiple times when she learned the truth and then when he thanked her for not telling anybody and wanted to do something nice for her as a thanks she said “I mean I still might tell people” and then there on a freaking hostile pirate ship in the middle of the ocean far away from everyone and everything with no means for escape and fjord had literally just said that he would tell them anything else pertaining to his dreams and shit he IMMEDIATELY lies to everyone (pretty obviously) and when Caleb pulls her aside to say something and she gets shitty with him and says that she just likes to know peoples secrets not share them???? Like so the only reason you asked Caleb was just so you could know and now that someone could be keeping secrets that could actively hurt you and your friends you’re just chill??
This reminds me of the scene where they’re all ganging up on nott after they tried framing the people in Zedash. It seems to me that everyone else is allowed to do whatever they want but not nott and definitely not Caleb.
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agonie-poetique · an hour ago
I hate you but I want to call you again
What is wrong with me
This isn’t fair to you, or me, or anyone else
I want to stop
I want you to just cut me off entirely so I don’t have the choice to do this anymore
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thesaltwatersmile · 2 hours ago
Am not okay. I haven’t been for awhile, but up until now, I’ve kept the disheveled parts of me hidden away behind the clean, presentable parts. Not anymore. The mess gets messier, the mountain of mess build up and then suddenly, one day, it all just comes tumbling out to join the mess that is you and was you and now everybody knows and everyone sees. oh, I am the mess and everybody knows and I am cringing and I am trying not to cry but I am so, so, sad inside.
I think I am grieving. I should be grieving. Is this what grief feels like? I feel like I swallowed a rock. Or maybe I’m just trying to confuse myself into thinking about what everything feels like so I don’t actually have to sit in silence and feel whatever I is that I feel. I think I am grieving, but I’m grieving a lot of things, so my thoughts are such a web of mess. I am such a mess of mess. Me, the mess.,,who can’t cry.
Everything is wrong and a mess and I know there’s a bright side and I know God loves me and loves me despite all of this mess that is me and life and grief that I am such a good champ at avoiding, amd the craziness, and these thoughts that spin webs....
But I am so, so, so sad inside right now.
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transdeanwinchesterr · 2 hours ago
making my silly little character playlists
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gothbbymel · 2 hours ago
Another night In pain, can’t sleep, crying my eyes out. I have never felt more alone in my whole life. All of the trauma and my BPD that has resurfaced is killing me. I’m at the point where I can’t even get out of bed anymore.
I fear that I’m never going to get better and this is how I’m going to live out the rest of my life.
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maddieandchimney · 2 hours ago
I just read someone say that they don’t like Maddie because she is selfish and self-absorbed and now I’m like do we watch the same show or 👀
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dtadeancas · 2 hours ago
@gayngle told me that dta dean is disability rep and I’m that steve jobs wannabe looking guy with sparks around him gif because I’m just like that’s DEAN!!! but this dean has a disability but he’s just DEAN!!
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gendertranser · 2 hours ago
I love my hair so much I love that it’s curly and I love taking care of it. For such a long time ppl made me feel like it made me unattractive and unprofessional and I’m just happy I stopped straightening it. The only thing that bothers me about it nowadays is that having long hair means I will be addressed as a girl by other people but having long curly hair also means embracing the little connection I have to my ethnic background so I refuse to cut it for white ppl to stop misgendering me bc I know even if I cut it that wont stop them
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