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#I haven't been on tumblr for years
lovingboygenius · an hour ago
am i dumb or can i just not send asks on the tumblr app ???
some profiles have the little envelope in the top right and others don’t, i’m so confused why/why not
also can ppl send me asks ?? or do i also not have the button
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freetimeefase · 5 days ago
this is a question for all of the marvel/avengers/tfatws/bucky/etc etc stans out there. 
as someone who is new to this fandom I have a question regarding our boyfriend mr sebastian stan 
do we know if the man can carry a tune? sing a little song? 
and I’m not just talking about “hungry eyes”, I’m talking damn son sing me to sleep because.... a girl would love to know 
anyway... get back to me <3 
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solcages · 28 days ago
#hey everyone! i hope you’re doing okay!!#i’m just ranting right now so feel free to disregard this... i have a feeling it’s not gonna be anything ummm good?#okayyy so now that you—yes you—know what you’re (kinda) getting into... here’s the rant#i’m back at school full time now with sports (lol for only 34 more days 💀) so i’m really sorry for my inactivity today#i do have a queue running so i hope that’s okay with you??? i’m really going to make an effort in my free time to be active#and before you tell me to take a break (that’s very kind of you but) tumblr and my poetry are the only things keeping me sane right now#so i’m really sorry if my poems suck or if i post less often but i’m just... yeah#school has been rough and i’m starting to feel burnt out and my teachers literally all suck. i do not care about them any more. i hate them#i have to much homework and too little time (like they realize that i have other classes and extra curricular a right?)#on top of that (lol i know right?) my friends... *sigh*#well... for years we’ve had a joke that’s literally just them bullying me#and basically everything they say sounds awful even though they’re joking#but today it just really got to me because they kept telling me that they didn’t want me around...#like i haven’t seen them in months and i know they’re kidding but they just kept saying it over and over#but because they’re joking i’m obligated to shrug it off and laugh or smile or do something to hide the fact that it actually hurt#they would stop if i asked but it’s too much of a running joke at this point to do anything about it#someone literally said it’s a trend to ‘hate’ me#it’s like my name. it’s jacqueline. i hate being called jackie but people say it anyways. it’s been years so *sigh* anyway it’s kinda#irreversible#SO BASICALLY. words do hurt. no matter the guise they’re said#andddd the whole quote the the most broken people smiling the brightest or whatever? it’s true.#anyway today was rough and i’m tired#if you’ve read this much (i’m realizing how much and damn wtf am i doing lol) i really appreciate you. thank you <3#to delete later
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writtenmemxries · a month ago
All my knowledge of Supernatural is Destiel-centered. I'm not even kidding, I could quote entire dialogues between Dean and Cas, I remember every moment, whether it is fundamental to the story or a casual scene. I remember everything.
When it comes to the actual plot though, I know nothing. I have a vague idea of what happened in this fifteen-year long show. Like, what the fuck happened in season 8? I remember Purgatory and Sam hitting a dog.
That's all.
What the fuck.
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cardinalnuggets · a month ago
@playchoices can someone, anyone explain to me how the treatment of Ayna Seth in anyway, shape or form aligns with the promises you made in the action plan you released to address the treatment of characters of colour in your app on 16th June 2020? Really puzzled how we can be sitting here just shy of 10 months later living through exactly the same issues with the treatment of characters of colour. Issues YOU promised you were going to change. Issues in a book you have had ample time to edit before release following the publishing of your action plan.
Villianizing a woman of colour isn't cool, it isn't "interesting" and it isn't cute. Honestly I don't even know why I expected better. Your action plan was nothing more than lip service and you need to take ownership of the fact that you are still failing at even remotely offering fair treatment to your characters of colour.
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seventhrounder · a month ago
Helloo 👋 it's been a while (as in almost 2 years hjfjdhdhjd) so if you're wondering who's this random blog suddenly on your dash, can't blame ya.
Been feeling the pull to get back here for a while, and almost did a few times before but the thing that finally made me go like "yes i have to rb this i just gotta" was seeing marner in a high ponytail and that's just so incredibly on brand from me ngl.
I've also realized i'm not really attached to any team (other than team finland), i'm just following the teams where my fave players currently are. So expect to see canes, leafs, panthers, flyers, stars and some hawks, maybe sabres too coz i apparently cannot not root for them. So, a mess basically, just like before 😌 And probs every team at some point but everything will be tagged!!
Anyways insert here we go again meme 🕺🏻
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katyk76 · 2 months ago
I feel like it's my job to raise feminists and yet I was not raised one - becoming one off my own back myself.
Do children inherently have a sense of right and wrong? Do they see already when things are unfairly weighed to one side?
I feel like I did as a child. Not sure why now I've seen more of the world. Surely it must have been ingrained in me...
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mtdays · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
#feelings#ok to reblog#couldn’t find a nice photo on tumblr for this entry#so here’s a photo i took while on break at a film festival in san francisco#soph and i had this idea for a cross country road trip#in about two years i could fly to nc to visit her#and then we could drive back to ca#thought it might be fun#even if it doesn’t end up happening it’s a cool idea to consider#i haven’t been able to be productive all week#given i’ve also been sick with headaches and constant coughing#so feverish me maybe isn’t the most reliable worker#i’ll be doing work tomorrow though since deadlines are coming up#i’ll have to finalize and submit stuff#tomorrow i also want to try and finish a full draft of my essay for art history that’s due next thursday#that’s my one major goal with schoolwork tomorrow#did not watch a single ep of jrwi today#absolutely NOT ready to say goodbye to this campaign and taxi the tabaxi#esp since there’s not going to be an ending just no more content#i am hoping to maybe get through them tomorrow or at least the new pirate one shot#i am really excited for the pírate one#i just watched anime all day today#it was nice and reminded me of uhhh my life since i’ve been watching anime for as long as i could remember#just azn things i guess#growing up with sailor moon and cardcaptor i think set me up to have pretty solid self confidence growing up#same with ranma#i really want this sickness to go away#but it won’t seem to leave even though i’ve had so much medicine#maybe i just need some rest#so i’m gonna sleep early tonight after i post this
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