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#I was about to reblog this post
unripe-starfruiitz · 4 hours ago
venting, feel free to ignore it!! i put it under a read more because i don’t know how to shut up lol 
as of tomorrow (may 6th 2021) it’ll have been a month or so since i cut a friend out of my life because i’d finally reached my limit and worked up the courage to cut it out  of my life for good - and it’s been a little weird because i used to interact with this friend so frequently and to a degree, i feel like it’s intertwined with my presence on social media; which yeah i guess is something i should’ve expected when i’d clog up my mutual’s dashes and TLs with the stupid shit i’d do and say with this person
i’m kind of getting ahead of myself but anyway
it just kind of feels really nice that i don’t have to dread checking discord anymore - that i don’t have to see a slew of messages that are “hey hey hey hey hey @[discord tag] hey hey hey hey” and then a passive-aggressive “nvm” if i didn’t reply fast enough; and then i’d end up ignoring it’s messages anyway; which on my part wasn’t a good look. 
it also treated me like a therapist; trauma-dumping to me and then kind of getting upset when my responses to it’s venting would be lackluster or one-worded - which yeah, isn’t exactly a good thing but what was i supposed to do? i hate to sound callous but, i’m not a therapist; and while i’d vent to this friend i never went past “lmao this is pissing me off” unless the conversation veered into deeper topics. 
this is all i’ve got to say on the matter; i probably won’t mention it again. i’m putting this to rest so i can properly move on. 
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starlatte27 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Its ironic that this person blocked me when... I would NEVER want anyone to be attacked over Stolitz.
Did they make this as a response to the people who dislike Stolitz? Because.... most of us never want to directly attack others in the first place. We are just saying our own thoughts on our own blogs with little to no discourse besides maybe a few direct responses. But thats it!! The fandom has ironically been MORE peaceful since episode 5.
Basically what im trying to say that if ANYONE attacked people over a ship with fictional characters then they’re the worst filth on this hellsite.
These fictional characters arent more valuable than the human lives behind the screen. So again, I find it to be very ironic that this person got pissed at me because in reality.... I actually agree with everything this post is saying! 🤦🏾‍♀️
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shinyswablu · a day ago
god can we fucking stop with the annoying ass shitting on certain fandoms as a whole like yes we get it you hate mcyt or kpop or vlogger or fnaf fans or what the fuck ever but youre literally just being an asshole! ‘im so sorry fans of this thing found your thing’ shut the fuck up! im sorry YOU have a problem with people having fun with something while a few of them are jerks! because nine times out of ten the fans of something you meet will be normal ass people! and all youre doing is making people feel bad for liking and interacting with something! 
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i-don-t-even-care · a day ago
hey! friendly reminder that if you make a joke/sarcastic/etc post that seems like it's obviously a joke to you, please please please remember to add a /j, /s, etc!!!! tone indicators may seem stupid to you but there are some people who genuinely might not be able to tell if you're serious or not!!!!! and adding a tone indicator makes life a whole lot less stressful for people who need them!!!!
ALSO!!!! when people ask you to add a tone indicator, don't laugh, don't act like it's stupid, don't act like they're stupid for needing one, and ESPECIALLY DON'T LEAVE THE TONE INDICATOR OFF!!!!!! if someone asks you to add a tone indicator to a post, you add it and that's it. it's a tiny little / and a letter that take two seconds to add, won't ruin your post, and will allow more people to enjoy your post.
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cyan-skulls · 2 days ago
crazy concept but if you dont know if a friend is ok with teasing them (and need to let them know its a joke) you're probably not good enough friends to be teasing them
crazy concept but some neurodivergent people can’t tell if someone is joking, and no matter how good of friends they are with that person, not knowing whether they’re joking can give them anxiety. crazy concept but i am nd and so are most of my friends and we all use tone indicators for this reason. crazy concept but one vague example from a reblog of a post does not fully encompass me or my relationships with my friends.
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sunforgrace · 2 days ago
like i think the closest thing I’ve gotten to that is reblogging my post with “containment breach” and talking in the tags about the fact that people had started tagging anime men but that wasn’t in aggression at the anime men taggers by all means continue tagging your anime men if that’s what this post means to you go forth. I just thought it was really fucking funny to see supernatural posts leaving the correct biome to invasively enter anime men spaces stealthily. it’s funny I want to get “op is a supernatural blog” -ed. do you know how fucking tickled I’d be if someone bubbled a post about dean winchester with some fucking cartoon guy I’ve never seen? I don’t know why you guys are complaining it’s free “I’d like to study you” entertainment literally brought to your doorstep.
#the only time it was ever annoying was when ** hijacked my post. and well. I think partly it’s because they apparently had a pattern of#behavior doing that#and did it in like. a sort of sense of entitlement way? where they just came in like ‘this is what the post is about now’#and were reblogging tags and commenting like they were op#like it wasn’t the fandom part idc about that (though it certainly didn’t make me more interested in asoue) it was just the bold way they#kind of literally hijacked the post not with a bubble but with ‘this is what it’s about’ and then all their followers and that fandom#treating the post like that was what it was about in the notes#and like it wasn’t a big deal it was literally just a poem by someone else I posted#but I think the thing of it was because it was soooort of about dean but mostly it was about me#and sort of a personal sharing on my part#fjfnfkdkdkd anyways point is I didn’t say anything because. it’s tumblr it’s not that deep#I replied to a few people being like no that’s not what this post was about#but I didn’t reblog like FUCK you asoue fandom I hate you this post is about DEAN and ME#literally the only time I’m gonna come for your tags like that is if you’re arguing with me in the tags and like. buddy one I can read#these two new post button is right there and three why reblog to argue in the tags when? the op is still unedited so it looks like you’re#just supporting and sharing my point?#or if you post some gross shit (ie: w*ncesties etc)#like otherwise I’m ignoring your tags or I’m sharing them because I like them#tag anime men all you want idc man
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its so funny watching ppl reblog my pros of gf post with "this goes for bfs and nb partners too!!!" like 1. i went through the lesbian to mlm pipeline i know and 2. i made that post when i identified as a lesbian. stop derailing lesbian positivity posts.
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peacockdeisy · 4 days ago
God I love these periods I go through where I start like. Thinking about making a new art account on xyz platform and getting into popular art memes and stuff like that (for fun but also bc I have ideas I think people would like), having a name for myself, getting popular enough to maybe make a patreon and sell stuff, etc
And then remembering like two days later that I hate the idea of being anywhere near well known and its a huge slap in the face from reality like. Oh my god if I have gone ahead with that I would've doomed myself. Are you stupid. L'appel du fucking vide.
#Like I was thinking about making a tiktok this time and all those fun art memes that you can do#And like. I was going to use CeruleanBull as a brand now I think I've settled finally on my art name. Simultaneously very personal#And completely impersonal bc I don't want to be associated with my art label if that makes sense??#I dont want people to ever associate my art with me myself unless we're friends/Mutuals/etc#And I was like. Oh I have some cool ideas for animation memes on YouTube! That'd be co#Cool. And I can put up more process vids.... Maybe stream......#And then I realise. Holy fucking shit n o. I'm at the level where I'm kinda proud of my art and I think I'm pretty good but if I get any#Recognition for it I'm gonna end up deleting my accounts. Don't know what this inbuilt fear of fame is in me lmfao but like#I legitimately don't understand how anyone could want to be famous. Like if I make a tiktok..... The two interactions on tiktok are likes#And comments?? And I'd have to REPLY to them??? Holy shit. Legitimately terrifying. And if people knew me and interacted with my stuff....#Like tumblr is good bc it's so hands off. People just like and reblog and sometimes they put nice comments in the tags but you're not#Supposed to reply to someone's reblog of your post so its so freeing. Its like. The only fuckin platform I can relax on. Most of my art gets#Like 5 notes and the occasional ones that get a couple hundred are chill. There's no attention on me it's just on the art#And I think I forget that this platform is unique in this way.... I have less than 100 followers on Instagram and its already more than#Enough and I forget that. I really do#duke's ramblings //
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muslim-flint · 6 days ago
never thought you'd see the tag omg... I know this is stupid but your post truly brings me comfort (it's so silly, it's all pictures inside a glowing box) but that's something I want in my life, it's maybe the lights or maybe the sense of peace which comes with having a kitchen and the power that accompanies it (the power to take care of yourself and feed your loved ones etc), but it's really so nice. anyways I'm embarrassing myself but yes yours is the only valid kitchen post to me 😔💖🫂 I love u <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yes i saw the tag and i think abt it sometimes and it makes my heart warm also im crying i love you too icon!!!!!
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yeleltaan · 6 days ago
"What. does. that. mean?"
“Hm? I assume you’re referring to my thoughts? Well doctor, I think about you a lot, as would any friend or acquaintance you spend lots of time with, and my mind often follows unique, unconventional trains of thought, hence my statement. The logic is sound, no?”
He rests his cheek in his hand, head tilted with amusement. “Don’t tell me you feel shy about it. Maybe my clarity can be a little embarrassing? Well, I’m willing to bet I occupy your head from time to time, too.”
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fandom-thingies · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
@purpleflamed says: “I’d love to hear your thoughts, with the updated a Tommy about to pull a Pandora? While I wouldn’t say his motives are curiosity, there is a constant tension having the prison RIGHT there.”
(This was in response to this post I made a while ago about the prison arc and its parallels to greek mythology)
That’s a good question, honestly. I’m definitely Living In Fear (tm), but as far as whether I think it’ll actually happen...
Tommy losing his last life to Dream is probably (hopefully) the end of his tragedies. It’s a painful relapse into his trauma after he’d finally escaped it, but if the analyses are correct and it being a relapse metaphor is intentional, it’ll probably just end up being a quick last big bad thing before Tommy’s healing arc finally starts in earnest. Honestly, I’m expecting he’ll start dropping off from the main plot a bit in order to let his character recover properly before any more big stuff happens with him.
I could be wrong, of course, but that’s my current projection.
However, Tommy is not the only character currently in a position to pull a Pandora, and in fact there are several characters it would make much more sense for.
In order of how much I’m manifesting, my guesses are:
1. Technoblade
2. Badboyhalo
3. Philza
The reason why I’m guessing these characters specifically is because they’re all currently in a position where, A: Sam would likely be willing to hold them in prison, and, B: they’re clearly set up for some kind of big narrative punishment for their actions.
I’d say Techno is the most likely because c!Techno has faced almost no narrative consequences as of yet for the various things he’s done, as well as having motive to free Dream. (The favor)
Here’s how that sequence goes in my head: Tommy rocks up to the prison to kill Dream, and manages to get to his cell due to Sam being distracted by the simultaneous break-in from Techno. Dream is successfully broken out, and Tommy chases him, but Techno ends up trapped somehow, and someone (probably Quackity, let’s be honest) convinces Sam to keep him locked up.
I’d also consider Bad a likely possibility, as his current arc has been Skeppy whump after Skeppy whump, and now that their relationship has finally deteriorated visibly, as well as Bad being in the midst of a moral crisis due to killing Foolish, he’s in the perfect position to do one more really bad thing before starting his redemption arc.
Here’s how I’d write that: Bad, at the end of his rope, alone, hunted, and uncertain, decides to free Dream in order to simultaneously get back the one friend he knows won’t give a fuck about him doing murders, as well as to get one of the most powerful people on the server to owe him a massive favor. So he and Tommy break in at the same time, chaos reigns, and Dream escapes while Sam manages to lock up Bad. Thus isolated from the egg, it’s influence over him slowly fades and he realizes more and more how far he’s fallen, finally culminating in the eggheads breaking him out only for him to turn around and betray them almost immediately.
And as for Philza? Honestly, I just think it’d be awesome if, in an attempt to get his son back, he ended up fucking everything up real bad. I just think that would be an extremely pog amount of angst and would also give Phil more opportunities to develop his character.
In conclusion: haha bet you didn’t expect a fuckin essay lmao
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