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#I want some cool & sweet milkshake before sleeping
ghostlyanon · a month ago
Imma go make myself some choco-banana milkshake and then nap the rest of the hours my sleep was due, but since I’m hungry, like this post and ghosty will share a drink or snack with your muse.
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jodfics · 22 days ago
Next Time
Female Reader x Steve Rogers
Tumblr media
Timeline: None
Rating: NSFW
Prompt: Steve likes the odd midnight snack.
A/N: What do you want me to say? It's Steve getting his leg over.
Tumblr media
Y/N glanced out of the diner's kitchen door when the bell rang for a new customer; she didn't have to look too hard once she recognised the blonde man walking in. She brushed off her apron a little before stepping through the saloon-style door, her smile much smaller than she wanted it to be - her huge grin would tip him off how happy she was to see him. "Isn't it a little late for a midnight snack, Captain?"
Steve wasn't shy about his grin and gave a halfhearted shrug, "My metabolism is so quick it doesn't care about the time." There was food in his apartment, and he wasn't particularly starving, but he felt like he needed a reason to see her.
He took his usual stool at the bar of the diner - a spot that meant he could see what was going on during busy periods and was convenient for Y/N to talk and work at the same time. Steve watched her come over with a pot of fresh coffee and pour for him. "How are you, Y/N?"
"Ready for this shift to be over," without really thinking about it, she finished off his coffee the way he liked it, not that she had watched him stir milk into his coffee a million times before. And if she had watched, then it might have been the flexing of his biceps that caught her attention. "Other than that, things have been good. I picked up a big tip earlier, and you remember that test I was cramming for?"
"How can I forget? You looked like you hadn't sleep in a week."
Y/N gave a soft hum as she recalled spilling a milkshake on him because of how tired she was, "Yeeeah..." she could tell he remembered by the subtle way he moved the hot coffee from her reach. "Anyway. I passed - with a distinction!"
"That's amazing news!" His smile grew, "Two more exams, and you'll be fully qualified, right?"
"What am I gonna do when you're too good for this place and leave?" his smile was contagious, and Y/N felt hers grow, beaming at him as he proudly gushed about her success.
Steve Rogers had been coming to her place of work for as long as she had been there. More often than not, he would turn up anytime between midnight and three in the morning, then again after his morning run. Occasionally, he would bring his friend, who was a slightly jumpy brunette but was always polite - even if he did look ready to bolt at the smallest of noises.
His nighttime visits meant they could have proper conversations, and despite what she had initially thought, that Captain America wouldn't have time for a waitress, Steve was sweet. She would talk to him about her Open University course, and he would share stories about his domestic adventures in the modern world.
Y/N rolled her eyes, "Please, Cap. They'll be other waitresses."
"Maybe," Steve murmured over the lip of his cup, "But I don't come here for 'other waitresses' or even the coffee." Steve didn't hide how his gaze swept over her entire body before returning, politely, to her face.
Y/N felt her cheeks starting to burn, not expecting him to say that, and she had to wonder if he meant it. "Stop, you're gonna make my head swell. I'll get your usual, okay?" He gave a nod, and she headed back toward the kitchen to place his order.
The woman would be lying if she said she wasn't attracted to him - Who wasn't?
He might be gifted with the body of an Adonis, but Steve was a genuinely nice guy. It always brightened her day when he came in.
The man was a national hero; he'd been frozen in time, saved the city more times than she could count and helped her out personally. However, Y/N liked Steve. She admired Captain America, but it was Steve Rogers she was crushing hard on.
Her simple understanding of the Super Soldier Serum was that it had fixed all of his ailments and made him a modern-day superman. Still, she doubted it had changed how beautiful his blue eyes were or changed much about his handsome face, and surely he had always had that sweet smile? Had his manners always been so good?
Y/N cleaned up after the last couple who had come in, shaking her head at the balled-up dollar note and the mess they'd left behind. Once she was done with that, she headed into the kitchen to check on Steve's order. It hadn't taken too long, and she set it down for him, "Thanks, Doll."
"What time do you finish?"
Since when?
Her throat cleared lightly, and it suddenly felt a little warmer than the drizzle outside indicated it should be.
"," it wasn't a difficult question, and when his eyebrow raised, she managed to find her words, "About, like... forty-five minutes?"
"I'll drop you home if you like?" Steve had never offered to take her home in the past. She glanced out of the large windows at the dark street, her mind racing to find an excuse to say no. "Don't be polite. It's chilly out there, and the misty rain will soak you as much as a downpour. Besides, I hate to think you're walking alone at this time of night."
The waitress was struggling to argue with any of those points, "I mean..."
The closer it got to three, the more excited Y/N became. She was going on a bike ride with Steve, and it was going to be amazing, even if it was only two blocks away. She was a giddy ball of glee by the time she clocked out and half jogged toward him by the door, "I'm literally around the corner, want me to tell you now or give you directions as we go? Brooklyn's a bit of a maze."
"I brought the Harley... you know the one," He tilted his head to the bike parked under the streetlight, "The one you really like."
He looked almost smug when her eyes glanced out of the large windows to his bike, all shiny and tempting. It wasn't going to change anything if he gave her a lift home, so she 'reluctantly' agreed and finished up her shift whilst he ate.
"I know most of the alleys around Brooklyn, Doll." Steve chuckled and opened the door for her, "Mind if we take a detour?"
"A detour?" She turned on her heel to walk backwards, giving him raised eyebrows and a half-grin, "Are you kidnapping me, Captain? And what's all this 'Doll' stuff? You going Vintage on me?" She was teasing him, as usual, he always let her mess with him a little, but he always gave as good as he got.
Blue eyes rolled, and he shrugged slightly at her words, his cheeks going a little pink, but it could be mistaken for the cold, "Yeah, yeah, I'm older than the Queen... Bucky's been seeing a girl and every other sentence is 'Doll' this and 'Doll' that. I guess I picked it up." He reached out to catch her elbow, gently bringing her away from the curbside, "Careful." She smiled and began walking beside him, "Speaking of the Queen – how's your Mother?"
Her hand smacked his arm with the back of her hand, wincing and shaking it out when she realised his arms were hard as a rock. "One of these days, I'm gonna introduce you to her, and she's gonna beat your ass, Cap." Steve snorted, then looked both ways before they crossed the road to his bike, nodding to her as he went to indicate he was listening.
"I like being put in my place by classy ladies, Y/N." He pulled a clean handkerchief out of his brown leather jacket pocket and wiped down the saddle, "Maybe I'll be your new Dad?"
He offered her his hand to steady her as she straddled the seat, and Y/N tucked her work skirt under her to avoid any accidental flashes. The Captain settled, not noticing how her eyes were clues to the white t-shirt that hugged every part of him; he needed to buy the next size up. With a slight tremble that Steve mistook for her being cold, Y/N snaked her arms around his waist and then she froze.
She's spoken to him about the home drama a few times; he knew her mother drove her crazy, "Maybe I poison your eggs next time you come in?" Y/N suppressed a little shiver, and that's when Steve noticed the goosebumps along Y/N's arms and slipped his jacket off; he draped it over her shoulders, ignoring her protests and encouraging her to put her hands through the sleeves.
It was warm from his body heat, and it smelt like him - clean with that slight spice of his aftershave on his skin. Steve helped her roll up the sleeves so her hands could be free.
Where did her hands go?
Steve turned his head back to her, "You okay?" She was laughing at herself, and Steve's eyebrows drew together; he was a little perplexed, "Have you been studying too hard again?"
As the bike's speed picked up, so did the wind rushing past them, it got caught up in the gaps the too-big jacket had, and she huddled closer to stay warm. With her pressing her cheek to his back and breathing him in, her crush was only getting worse.
"No, I just, uh... where do I put my hands?" Y/N's voice was a little bashful as Steve grinned, taking her hands and pressing them over his stomach, "Not a word... Just rev this thing up and take me on a mystery tour." She could still feel him laughing at her and was grateful when the engine roared to life, the power of it vibrating through every nerve of her body. The cold air cooled her heated cheeks as they rode down the near-empty streets, it was a weekday and just between the night traffic and morning, perfect cruising time, and as Steve rode past her road, she realised he was happy to do just that.
He'd once told her that when he couldn't sleep, he would run or box or just take to the road. He struck her as the kind of guy who didn't like being confined, and she liked that; she liked the thought of him not sitting around getting frustrated like some people did. And though she'd never tell him – she went out on night walks too.
He seemed to sense she was getting a little cold, hardly surprising as her knee-length skirt gave her legs no protection from the wind or drizzle; he turned the bike back toward Brooklyn and asked her to direct him to her neighbourhood. Y/N lived right in the thick of it, apartments all piled together, and as he parked up a short walk from her home so that the roar of the engine wouldn't wake her neighbours, Steve blinked in surprise. "I know this place." Y/N swung her leg off the bike and made to remove the jacket; Steve shook his head at her, parking up properly and getting off. '"I'm walking you to your door." He hadn't planned on taking her out for so long, just a little joy ride to celebrate her passing her test because she liked motorcycles, and he wanted her company.
Steve took hold of Y/N's hand without a word, "Isn't this where you grew up?"
"I got beat up in that alley," he said nonchalantly; he guided her along the houses and up a couple of flights of stairs. "And in that one."
The man pointed over the railing, "Also in that corner, by that house there, oh and… you see that little jungle gym? That's where I met Bucky." He seemed happy to be in his old place, and as he led her a little further, she began to frown. He was walking her straight to… "And this was my home before we moved for the third time." Steve was positively glowing as he presented the door to her.
Y/N gave him an awkward little smile, grabbing her keys from her bag and dangling them in front of him, "Yeah... mine too."
"Wait…what?" The blonde looked stunned, big blue eyes wide as he looked at the door and then to her, then back again. "Really?" She nodded sheepishly, "Don't tell your landlord I lived here in my teens; they'll put your rent up."
"Your teens?" She put the key in the door, the light flicking on above her once the sensor was tripped, "Better not go through the place with a UV light then."
"Are you kidding?" Steve joked, "Not only were we a good Catholic household, but if I had jacked off - I'd get an asthma attack." He'd gotten over his shock and fallen back into their chat easily. "Try not to think about that too much though."
Y/N had already stepped into her place by the time he was saying goodbye, and when she turned to thank him again, her mouth went dry, and she struggled to swallow. Her eyes were wide as saucers as she stared at him like he wasn't human, though she doubted that at this point - he'd gotten wet. Well, damp really, from the light rain and his already tight tee was sticking to his chest like a second skin. Y/N could make out the cold blush of his skin beneath, and his nipples were pushing against the material almost obscenely. "Please take your jacket, Captain; you're in danger of getting arrested for manslaughter."
"What?" She was holding out his jacket, and he took it with confusion written all over his expression.
"You're winning America's wet t-shirt competition, and it's giving me palpitations." There was no point in hiding her attraction to him, anyone with a pulse could see he was human perfection, and he knew it; he was just modest about it. Only now, he was blushing brightly whilst fighting down a smirk, "I probably have a dry t-shirt about your size..."
Steve scoffed, "About my size?"
"Well, I'm pretty sure you shop in the kid's section of GAP. I can hear the cuffs on your biceps quietly weeping at the strain from here." He pulled that face she loved, the one where he looked skywards and sucked on his bottom lip to not smile stupidly whilst his hands sat on his hips – the expression he pulled when he found getting mocked by her funny. "Come on, before the police arrive to arrest you for public indecency."
The blonde stepped in hesitantly, casting his eyes around the apartment curiously, half expecting it to be the same and half appreciating that, of course, it had been modernised. The wallpaper was different, all the counters were new, and the windows were double glazed with PVC frames. His gaze lingered by the bay window to the side; a sizeable battered armchair was beneath it with a pile of books at the side. Steve smiled at it, remembering when he would curl up in a similar chair on sunny days to sketch. It was nostalgic, and he couldn't help looking out of the window to the dark street below, "It's changed a bit...."
"I think the floorboards are original, and the pipes make this horrible noise sometimes." She pressed a towel into his hands, "Are you alright, Captain?"
"Steve," his voice seemed a little far away, and he cleared his throat as he brought himself back to the present. "You always call me 'Captain' I'd like if you called me Steve." He waited for her to nod and then pulled off his damp shirt, "I think we've known each other long enough."
The waitress forced her eyes away from the naked expanse of his chest and stared at the door to the laundry room.
"You know," he started as he tried to find the size label of the shirt, not believing for a moment it was going to fit, "I lost my virginity in that room you're staring at."
A surprised laugh bubbled out of Y/N's mouth, and she stared at him to reply. No sound came out. Instead, she could only stare at his half-naked body - her biggest crush stood in her home - and she threw caution to the wind. "You, um… you want to relive that moment?" It was too late to be shy now, he was attractive, and she'd used him as fantasy material more than a few times. "If I'm misreading the situation, then just say, and we can forget all about it."
She felt his warm hands on her jaw, lifting her head so that he could peer down at her, "How about we try a kiss first?" Steve leaned the rest of the way in and pressed his lips to hers, smiling at her short gasp and pulling her closer to him; her head tilted slightly, and he took it as a sign to keep going, to deepen the kiss and tease her bottom lip with his tongue. Y/N gave him access, whining into his mouth and winding her arms around his neck. It wasn't long before he placed his hands under Y/N's backside and picked her up, encouraging her to wrap her legs around him as he started carrying her to where he assumed the bedroom would be.
Y/N was content enough to have the other's tongue exploring her mouth forever, but Steve pulled away a mere inch to breathe. Her lips were tingling, and her mind was foggy until he began to withdraw, "Where are you going, Ca- Steve?"
"My jacket."
She felt heat trickle down between her thighs at how deep his voice sounded; it was hushed and a little husky. His pupils had blown a little, a ring of blue just visible when he looked back at her hungrily. "I have condoms in the draw next to the bed - help yourself."
"I will," Steve told her as his mouth latched onto her throat, sucking and nipping at the soft skin whilst his dexterous fingers undid the buttons on the shirt of her diner uniform. He pushed it off her shoulders. Then dragged his short nails down Y/N's body, the rough touch making her shiver and moan; Steve felt her hands in his hair, grasping and pulling at the short tufts at the base of his neck, pulling his mouth back to hers. Steve rolled his hips into her, nipping her bottom lip as she tried to rock against the hardness trapped in his pants. "How long have you been wet for me, Doll? Can feel your heat through our clothes."
"From the second you walked in."
"Fuck, you're so cute." Hands were everywhere, clawing and stroking and gripping' divesting each other of the rest of their clothing until there was nothing between them. Y/N breathed out his name when teeth scraped over her shoulder, and Steve cupped her breasts in his large hands, his thumbs playing over her hardened nipples until she was trembling. His teeth pressed into her collarbone, hard enough to sting and leave a light imprint, but it was far from an unpleasant sensation.
Steve's hand slid down her body and gently cupped her sex, his index finger tracing along her slippery folds before dipping further in, swallowing her cry into his mouth as he taunted her by circling her soaking entrance. He took some pride in feeling the tight ring of muscle clench around the tip of his finger as he applied a little pressure, "We're gonna need to open you up, Honey, I'm not gonna fit otherwise."
"T-then you better get to work." She hadn't expected him to play with her like this; for some reason, she thought he would be soft and loving, but he teeth and nails and just the right side of mean. The man bent down and enveloped her nipple, the flat of his tongue massaging the hard nub before using the tip of it to circle and flick. With her arching and her nails digging into his ribs, Steve finally pressed his index finger through the resistance of her entrance until he was at the third knuckle. A strangled cry left her as she pushed down onto his hand, "God, you're so desperate for this? I got you, Doll; just tell me what you need, and it's yours." Steve murmured thickly into her skin as he kissed it, loving how sensitive she was to his touches.
Steve's thumb provided gentle stimulation to her clit as he pressed two fingers inside; he lifted his head to watch her keen and writhe as he crooked them inside, "You're squeezing so hard, Y/N... are you close?" A third finger had her bringing a fist to her mouth to keep her moans quiet. Each time she tried to close her legs, struggling with the delicious feelings he was stirring up in her, Steve would give her thigh a pinch or give her a tiny reprimand, "Keep 'em open, lemme see how well you take my fingers - you gonna cum all over my fingers, Doll?"
"Please, Steve…" she gripped his wrist, begging him to keep going and rolling her head back into the pillows when it became too much. His name echoed off the walls, no doubt alerting her next-door neighbour to her activities.
"Good girl..." Steve sighed and withdrew his fingers, sucking two of them into his mouth as he admired the way her chest heaved and her body shook. "You need anything?"
Did she need anything?
Y/N opened her eyes just enough to see him in the dimly lit room. He was flushed, and his hair was a mess, his cock standing thick and proud against his muscled abs. He wasn't done, but he was talking like he was ready to let her simply melt into the afterglow on her mattress. "I need you to get back here."
"Are you sure?" Steve asked.
"I propositioned you!" Y/N frowned and forced herself to sit up, her hands burying themselves in his hair and drawing him down over her, "Why open me up if you're not gonna come in?" To her relief, Steve didn't oppose. Soon she felt the head of his cock at her entrance, prodding into her before retreating to slide through her folds and against her aching clit – he made her feel as if she were burning from the inside out, "Steve!" Y/N complained, scrambling to grope his ass and encourage him forward. "Please, I want it so bad."
"Alright, alright," Steve smirked against her mouth, "Relax for me, Honey." Breaching her slowly, feeling her opening up around him and practically quivering as he inched inside. Sheathing his cock in slow back and forth motions, filling her a little more each time. Y/N moaned loudly, her head falling back as she held on for dear life and did her best not to come there and then. Every millimetre of her passage was stroked as Steve invaded her, gradually until there was no more to fit. Steve could feel Y/N holding onto him, shivering and twitching; he placed his palm against her lower back and lifted her to slip in just that last bit. "You're so fucking tight... God, you feel so perfect." He knew he could be hard to handle, and he didn't want to hurt her, didn't want her to let him. "Sure you can handle it?"
"Course I can," she breathed, "I got a distinction, remember?" Wrapping her legs around, Y/N tensed around him, shivering as she felt his throb. Steve growled at her, deep and husky, his hand reaching over her head to grab the headboard as he began fucking her in earnest. This was better than his morning run he should have been getting ready for; he didn't care or complain as she scratched him, sweat getting into the barely-there cuts and stinging. It was fast and needy, nothing like either had imagined but still, so, so good. Steve felt her cum around his length, slowing at how strongly her hot walls were convulsing around him - almost enough to make him follow her. His balls tightened, and his stomach clenched,
They lay panting for a long moment, Steve grinning like an idiot up at the ceiling after rolling off to the side, "Not bad for a warm-up, Doll."
"Not yet... You can give me another... Fuck, I know you can, Doll." Steve waited for her to relax, then began to thrust again, moaning as her juices coated him and ran onto the sheets below, "One more..."
One more had turned into two more before Steve jerked into her, deep and hot as he came, moaning her name and pressing his forehead into her shoulder as he held her hips down.
Y/N's head snapped to the side, staring at him in shock, "A warm-up? You just wrecked me!" If he wanted to go again, she wasn't going to say no, "Least let me clean up first... after I catch my breath."
A slightly awkward silence began to creep up on the couple as it dawned on Steve that he had made a mistake; finally, he spoke up, "Shit." He started to sit up, leaning on his elbows as he continued, "I forgot the condom. I - I got kinda excited. Shit, Y/N, I didn't even think! Are you okay?" One of his hands went through his tousled hair, already scanning the room to locate his clothes.
"I've got an implant, Steve, and if I get an STI from you, I'll be surprised." It wasn't ideal, but she wasn't angry at him; she thought it was kind that he was so worried about her, "Hey…" She sat up too and put her hand on his shoulder before repeating it for his attention, "Hey."
"Hey." He answered back quietly as he gave her a slightly forlorn look.
"We'll remember next time, alright?" Steve stared at her, then a ghost of a smile began to appear at the corners of his lips, and the frustrated expression softened. She gave him a tug until he was laid back beside her, snuggling into his side to take a small nap, "Gimme ten minutes and then we can go again."
His arm wrapped around her, and he gave a pleased sigh, "So, next time means in ten minutes - that's forever."
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moonlit-imagines · 24 days ago
Father of the Year (Part 2)
Tony Stark x child!reader
a/n: ask and ye shall receive. i guess. grhshsheh again this is just a take bc i never see tony as a bad dad and i’d like to think that maybe if tony had a kid when he was younger and had less real-life experience he might have kinda been shit. and again. he’s fictional so do not come at me. if you dont like this, go to my tony stark masterlist. i have so many fics about tony being the coolest dad. ALSO W/N STANDS FOR WRONG NAME
part 1 part 3 part 4 part 5
Tumblr media
You had to sleep on your idea regarding taking drastic measures to get your father to notice you, but even on a good night’s sleep and a clear head, it was the best idea of your life.
There was more than one lab in the building and half of them weren’t even in use, giving you the perfect little HQ for your devious plans. And I know what you’re thinking, what if FRIDAY snitches? She can’t because you studied her programming, you knew how to shut her out without setting her off. This was shaping up to be the perfect crime.
You didn’t see Tony for days, but you couldn’t tell if you were avoiding him or he was avoiding you. Or maybe he just forgot you existed again.
The screen that you were working in front of was burning your eyes, you didn’t even realize how long you had been working. Nearly thirty-six hours of plotting and planning, programming and projecting your images into the room to get a better look at your creation. But there was something off, not about it, but about you.
“I’m just like him...” You gulped at the connection you’d just made. You were. Determined to succeed, shutting out the world, ignoring everyone around you. But you didn’t let that stop you, because you would be better than him. Better than his precious sidekick that he acted more like a father to than you yourself.
After a short nap in the dark lab, you took a trip to the kitchen to keep yourself up and going. A banana might do it, maybe some yogurt. Upon arrival to your kitchen, you ran into...
“Hey, w/n!” Peter Parker greeted, seated at the high chairs and eating your last yogurt.
“It’s y/n.” You gritted your teeth and tried not to lose your cool in front of him. You didn’t want to show weakness in front of someone you despised as much as that. And you weren’t surprised he didn’t get your name right. Tony barely acknowledged your existence. You knew it wasn’t Peter’s fault, but there was something about him that didn’t sit right with you, either.
“Oh, sorry. My bad.” He apologized and continued eating your food.
“Is that my yogurt?” You knew the answer, but you figured you’d point it out.
“Uh, might be. Mr. Stark said that I could help myself to anything in the fridge.” Peter turned red in the cheeks and got up from his seat, clutching the plastic cup in his hand. “I’m gonna go back to the lab now. I’m sure your dad needs me.” You rolled your eyes at him and went to go sort through the other things in your kitchen. There was more than enough to eat, you just, I don’t know, had your heart set on that.
“Y/N!” You heard your father’s angry voice from around the corner and jumped, widening your eyes and coming face to face with him. His wrinkles were more present now that he was upset, but the reason was yet to be discovered. “Why the hell did you yell at Peter?!”
“What?” You sort of chuckled at his accusation and turned your back to continue your search.
“He’s in my lab crying about how you yelled at him for eating your food. Are you kidding me, y/n? Are you that shallow?” Your father was spewing lies to you and you knew that he wouldn’t believe a word you said, even if you got evidence from FRIDAY.
“I didn’t yell at your precious intern, Tony.” You settled for one of those protein milkshakes that no one ever drank and walked straight out of the room. “But if I ever did, it’d be for a much better reason than yogurt.”
“And you wonder why I never want to spend time with you.” He shot back as you left the room, laughing at his cruel words as if they didn’t hurt you. You didn’t know what you did to deserve this, but you knew that you had to be patient with yourself in order to get back at him.
So you stomped back into the lab and shut the world out once more, continuing to create an invention that was sure to impress. And it was finally ready for the next phase. Tools were out, materials were staged, and your welding mask was flipped down. Time to begin.
With a few final touch-ups, this prototype was ready to be put into action. It wasn’t exactly an Iron Man suit, but it would do the job. You booted up your masterpiece of a robot and tested out its functionality. Limbs were all in working order. So were the cameras, speakers, and weapons. Controls were perfect. If Peter had made this, Tony would have been praising him for his genius. But you? He’d take a quick look and say, “you might need to work on it some more.”
And it wasn’t done without a spic and span paint job. One that’d grab the attention of all kinds of crowds. No one would get hurt, you weren’t a monster, but egos may be bruised.
You put blood, sweat, and tears into this project. It had to do the job or else you don’t know what you’d do with yourself.
“Launch sequence commencing in three, two, one.” You sent the robot out and watched the feedback play from your own personal screen. It was beautiful, the machine ran so smoothly. Now what was the target? None other than the building you were all in. You knew that you were safe and sound, but they didn’t.
“Mr. Stark?” Peter gasped at the situation unfolding, shocked that someone would dare to attack this place in broad daylight. “What do we do?!”
“Suit up, kid. It’s time for a team-up!” Tony and Peter were already in pursuit, but your robot was not going to be as easy as they thought it would be. It was triple the size of a standard Iron Man suit, using half the energy and still able to pack a powerful punch. And to top it all off, it wasn’t self-aware and wouldn’t try to destroy all life on this Earth.
And you weren’t looking to kill your dad or his little buddy, you swear. It was like there was a lesson to be taught.
“Who could have built that?” Peter asked as he latched to the side of the building, using some of the features of his suit that Tony designed himself.
“Listen, kid. A lot of smart and rich people hate me. This could be the work of anyone. Just stay back and don’t get hurt, okay? That would really suck for me.” Tony explained, beginning to take shots at your bot and watching it dodge each one precisely. You began to almost maniacally laugh to yourself before pressing the button that split your tech into five smaller drones: each limb separately attacked and the torso/head area delivered a devastating blow to a nearby pigeon.
“Whoops.” You chuckled to yourself. “Rest in pieces, I guess.”
“What is that thing, Voltron?” Peter asked in shock, trying to get ahold of your drones and immediately getting shocked once his webs connected him to it. Nothing too serious, just something to throw it off.
“Hi, dad!” You finally revealed yourself through the speakers.
“What?” Tony’s helmet flipped up and his puzzled face was revealed. It was no surprise that your little attack caught the attention of the local news stations, as well. “Y/N? Is that you?”
“Oh, you should see the look on your face. I’ll make sure to send this playback to your favorite news station so you can watch it over and over again.” You teased him and saw him look down to the camera people and reporters a couple hundred yards below. “Aren’t you proud of me? I mean, I did this all myself!” You revealed and began a public broadcast of your own. “Listen up, folks! I’m sure you all know Tony Stark as the billionaire, philanthropist, playboy, and Iron Man, but who knows him as a father?”
“Y/N, cut it out. Right. Now.” Tony demanded from you, but there was nothing he could do, no way he could hurt you, and you hadn’t done anything wrong besides break a couple windows and electrocute a vigilante.
“It’s okay, everyone. I don’t know him as a father, either. It seems he just got stuck with me some years ago and couldn’t get rid of me without damaging his public image, isn’t that right?” There were gasps from the crowd below and you had them right where you wanted them.
“FRIDAY, track where this signal is coming from.” Tony requested and unfortunately did not get the answer he was looking for.
“The source is redacted from my files, sir. I’m afraid I cannot be of assistance.” She admitted and your recording was blessed with a wonderful display from your father once more.
“Y/N, god damn it you selfish little brat! You wouldn’t have anything if it wasn’t for me, do you hear me?!” It was like you were invincible to his words now, and it felt fantastic.
“God, dad, you are on a roll. These are being sent to the ground as we speak. Have fun making a public apology for this one.” You began to pack up your materials and placed your machine on autopilot as you made your daring escape. You had this all planned out in a matter of days, so cash, clothes, new identification, and transportation were all sorted out. Now you just needed to get out of New York.
Tony despised New Jersey, so that’s where your first destination lied.
You’d never stayed in a motel before, but it’d have to do for now. We’re you scared? No, actually. This was the best you’ve felt your entire life.
But there was a knock at the door that made your stomach sink to the floor. And it persisted. You got up from your creaky mattress and grabbed a repulsor you’d made yourself.
Through the peephole, you saw two men. One was a brunet with a beard and a pair of dark sunglasses on, the other was a shorter, bald man.
“Y/N Stark? We know you’re in there. My name is Quentin Beck, and I have a feeling we’re going to be friends.”
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𝐤𝐢𝐬𝐬 𝐦𝐞 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞
𝙙𝙞𝙘𝙠 𝙜𝙧𝙖𝙮𝙨𝙤𝙣 𝙭 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙧 || kofi
he just wants to say four important words to you <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dick has long since garnered a reputation for himself as the marrying type.
He falls hard and fast and loves despite circumstance. It’s not uncommon for him to become swept up in the romance of it all, the pleasure of promise and sweet words and intimacy.
But that doesn’t mean he’s the man his reputation paints him to be.
There are things— mundane, picket fence in a suburban neighborhood type things— that he wants that surely fit the stereotype. He wants a long lasting relationship with a partner that he can trust. He wants kids. He wants a beloved pet and a nice house and warm Christmases with his chaotic mess of a family.
Sure, that makes him the marrying type, but it doesn’t exactly make him the type to marry.
It’s the fact that your day starts later than his does, so you have no reason to sacrifice your sleep for him. But still, you do. You drag yourself out of his arms in the morning, flick on the coffee machine and then kick him awake. Everyday without fail, you’re the first thing on his mind out of sheer routine.
It’s the fact that your day starts later than his does, so you have no reason to sacrifice your sleep for him. But still, you do. You drag yourself out of his arms in the morning, flick on the coffee machine and then kick him awake. Everyday without fail, you’re the first thing on his mind out of sheer routine.
It’s the fact that your day starts later than his does, so you have no reason to sacrifice your sleep for him. But still, you do. You drag yourself out of his arms in the morning, flick on the coffee machine and then kick him awake. Everyday without fail, you’re the first thing on his mind out of sheer routine.
He gets to have the quiet in between moments of sleep and consciousness when you’re both butting elbows at the bathroom sink. Everytime he looks up into the mirror at your diligently tooth-brushing reflection he’s filled with an indescribable warmth from his head to his toes.
He gets to have the quiet in between moments of sleep and consciousness when you’re both butting elbows at the bathroom sink. Everytime he looks up into the mirror at your diligently tooth-brushing reflection he’s filled with an indescribable warmth from his head to his toes.
You’re his best friend.
You’re his forever.
He wants these precious dollops of time to be a staple in his life. He wants the, “Baby, I burnt the bacon,” that goes well with his, “That’s cool. I like charcoal in the mornings,” and the, “Have you seen my blue tie?”
that sets up your, “Yes it’s right here under my butt. I’m keeping it warm for you.”
He wants the goodbye kisses and the “I love yous,” at the door.
He wants you.
So yeah. Maybe Dick Grayson is the marrying type.
The ring sits in a tiny blue box it came in, safely tucked away in two pairs of overlapped Calvin Klein socks in his bottom drawer.
It’s been at least a month since he’d dragged Damian along with him to the luxury jewelry store with your ring size written down on a piece of paper and his heart lodged in his throat. The weight of forever is nothing compared to a sparkling diamond but he knows the value of conventional approaches. This ring is a symbol. It’s a promise. It’s a huge step, if he’s being honest with himself.
Later on that day, after lots of greasy fries and melting milkshakes, he’d given into the desire of asking Damian the question that plagued the darkest crevices of his mind: “Do you think this is a good idea?”
“Well.” Damian chews thoughtfully, his eyes shifting in that way that let’s Dick know that he’s trying to choose the most diplomatic answer over the most honest one. “Do you?”
“A question with a question, young detective?”
“Fine. You really want me to say it?”
“I asked you to—”
Damian cuts him off, “I think it’s a great idea.”
“Yeah, as long as you’re ready. As long as you’re sure.”
See, that’s not really a problem for Dick at this point. He knows he’s sure. He’s been sure for such a long time now that the yearning has become a succinct part of his heart. It’s an ache that sits like a casing around his heart beats like a reminder, not as detrimental as a pericardial effusion but rather a necessary reminder— like a pang of hunger, an unquenched thirst.
It’s not a question of his certainty.
It’s a question of your readiness.
He doesn’t voice this to Damian though because it feels too personal a thought, too heavy a vulnerability to burden a child with.
The weight of the ring haunts him. The box jostles every morning as he takes out a pair of socks, a sword of Damocles kissed by Cupid’s affinity for love wrapped in tender silk and velvet.
Of course there are moments when the burden itself is easier to bear. He knows he should ask soon, but he’s been around long enough in the world to understand that the moment will present itself to him. A bell will ring, a birdsong will sound and he’ll drop himself onto one knee and pledge his soul to yours, forevermore.
Spontaneity grips him now as he watches you from the darkness of the entryway. The kitchen is filled with a liveliness that comes with familiarity. Music chimes from a bluetooth speaker, pots and pans and spoons clatter in your movement. Buttered garlic and onion and herbs scent the air and he thinks. He wishes. He hopes.
He should ask now.
But the moment isn’t right.
He takes you to the ocean on a whim.
It's a weekday. Summer pends on the horizon and the world clings to the promise of heat and brilliant colour. Everything seems brighter in the quiet stillness of a vacant beach. The waves crash in a steady staccato, the breeze licks at his skin in a complimentary melody. Something inside him reminds him that this is what peace feels like.
He isn’t sure if it's the atmosphere or if it’s you.
You keep your hand in his, smiling cheesily at him as you match him step for step. He watches the sand squish between your toes, watches the water kiss your ankles, watches your shoulders drop under the sun’s caress.
He’s at peace. You’re a picture of relaxation.
The velvet box on his pocket grows heavy. The weight of an anchor knocking against his thigh and you— a brilliant sea-vessel on the shore.
Is it the right time? Does he have the right words?
He doesn’t know.
Twilight comes in a slow, happy drip. The waves curve into the shore, like one lover reaching for another. He kisses your cheek, your chin.
“Dick Grayson,” you hum happily. “I’m going to love you forever I think.”
“I think I may love you for much longer.”
You often believe that life is best when mundanity is treated as indulgence.
On your second date, you’d specifically made it a point to inform Dick that you weren’t a fan of flowers but years into this wonderfully crafted partnership you’ve both established, he’s garnered enough knowledge to dissect what you say from what you mean.
The trick isn’t in buying you flowers on occasion. The trick is to pick out flowers with you— to hold your hand in between the flower shop aisles, to lose himself in the image of you surrounded by dahlias, carnations, camellias and tulips. He harps on the petal softness of your kisses. He whispers to you that none of the flowers could ever be as beautiful as you are. He falls far deeper into love than he’d thought possible.
It is here his mind enchants itself with ideas of spring weddings and full, flourishing bouquets of stargazer lilies and daffodils. He can’t fight the image of families clasping hands in congratulations. He wants so badly it steals the oxygen from his veins, he can merely hope to fight the urge to keel over against the baby’s breath as it overcomes him.
In the same breath he sees himself as Theodore Laurence begging for a chance to be loved in the way that he loves you. He sees delusion. He sees pain. It threatens to tear him apart.
But as always, love prevails. How courageous it makes him feel, the act of loving you.
How gracious you are, to accept his love and return similar sentiments to him.
Just as the discomfort sits on his chest like an unshakeable weight, you swoop in with something sweet etched into your features.
“Found anything you like?” he asks.
“No, but I’ve found some that you would. Is it okay if I buy you flowers, baby?”
And just like that, he could melt to the floor.
He can’t think about proposing when he’s far too busy being flustered by you.
When he gets back from his morning run, he’s comfortably sweat-soaked and dreaming about an omelette. He’s greeted by the sight of you passed out on the sofa, mouth wide open, dressed in one of his t-shirts with a blanket draped haphazardly over your limbs. He weighs his options as he approaches you, footsteps light on the carpet.
Fortunately you make the decision for him, eyes blinking open slowly, syrup-like. Morning sunshine cascades through the windows, heaven opens up in his living room and you’re the angel waiting to greet him. He giggles giddily at the sight of you.
You reach your arms out for him, finger wiggling in greeting. He feels love flush through him from the top of his head to the soles of his feet. He presses kisses into your waiting cheeks, relishing in the sound of your laughter.
“You’re sweaty,” you whine.
“And you’re sweet,” he counters. “You’ve never minded my sweat before.”
“That’s different. This is gross, boy-sweat.”
“Ah, you wound me.”
He lets his gravity assist as he drops his weight on you, squishing your body into the cushions. The cracked windows let in summer heat and the sounds of the world below. He can hear the chimes of bells at store fronts. He can hear the crisp lilts of birdsong ring out through the skies. The whole universe stills and in the pause, it’s just him and you.
His soul sinks into the peace, gratefully.
“Dick Grayson.” Your voice is so steady. It’s a siren call and saviour’s breath. “Do you know how much I love you?”
Your lips are at his ear, his hands cradled under your sides. It makes it hard to reply. “I think I have an idea.”
“Good because I have a question to ask you.”
The weight of the velvet box is pressed into one of his palms.
“What is it?”
“Will you marry me?”
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reidsnose · a month ago
laughing gas
Tumblr media
overview: reader takes Spencer to get his wisdom teeth removed
genre: fluff/ humor?
a/n: i put two separate ideas together in this and tbh i kinda love it lmk what yall think :)
he wasn't sure how he got roped into it. he's been dreading it since he first felt them growing in, and he had been able to avoid getting his them taken out for almost 3 years now. they hadn't caused any significant pain until relatively recently and he chose to ignore it. but somehow, you had convinced him to finally go and get his wisdom teeth removed.
you'd seen him wince every now and then when he was eating. you had watched him absentmindedly run his tongue over his molars while he worked, struggling to contain your laughter because of the face he made while doing it. you'd wanted to rip them out yourself as you watched him uncomfortably alternate which hand he was resting his chin on, ultimately deciding it was too painful to rest in anything at all.
Spencer was wonderful at looking after his friends but he sucked ass at taking care of himself.
one day when you finally had enough you sat next to him in the break room, offering half of the cookie you had in your lunch. you knew how much trouble he had resisting sugar, so you used it to your advantage.
you ripped the cookie in half and handed him his. he smiled widely, quickly dropping his grin, however, when you pulled your hand away before he could grab it.
"ill only give you the cookie if you go to the dentist." you bargained.
"what? i go to the dentist! now give me my half of the cookie please," he pouted, reaching for it.
you stood up, holding it farther away, "nope. i want you to go get your wisdom teeth removed."
he rolled his eyes, "i'm fine keeping them in my mouth for now, thank you very much."
"then i'm fine keeping both halves of my cookie in my mouth." you countered, hovering his cookie in front of your lips.
"this is blackmail!" he cried, reaching again for the sweet.
"no this is manipulation, bordering a hostage situation. now are you gonna go or what?" you held the cookie above your head which, counterintuitively brought it closer to him.
"fine i'll go." he gave in, snatching the cookie from your hand and taking a satisfying bite in front of your face, only to regret it seconds later, pain from his back teeth shooting through his jaw.
"your appointments on Saturday, i'm driving you." you smiled, patting his head as you got up and left.
so there he was, sitting terrified in the dentist chair. because he knew the statistics. he knew the chances of complications with the anesthetic. he also knew that you could ask him to run into oncoming traffic and he'd do it with a smile on his face.
he felt his hands start to shake a little as the orthodontist introduced herself and explained the procedure to him.
you saw him ball them into fists to try and hide it, but you were a profiler too. you slipped your hands on top of his and felt him immediately relax. and blush beyond belief. but you both chose to ignore that, chalking it up to nerves.
it only took about an hour before the procedure was over and you weren't sure what you were expecting but for whatever reason, overly emotional Spencer was not it.
within seconds of opening his eyes he saw you were in the room with him and started violently sobbing about how good of a friend you were. his words were muffled from the gauze in his mouth and you couldn't help but laugh which only made him cry harder because "youw smile is like the most pwettiest thing evew!" then when you got your phone out and told him you were taking a video for the team he started crying impossibly harder.
"oh my gosh! the team? awe they in the phone! oh i love them so much!" he left through his tears, going on an almost 4 minute long tangent about why he loved each individual team member.
his little lisp was very difficult to not laugh at but you held it together and once he was done crying, you were ready to head home. getting him to sit in the car took almost as long as getting him to stop crying. he had way less control over his lanky limbs and trying to get him in your passenger seat was like trying to thread a limp noodle through a needle.
"hey y/n?" he asked as you buckled yourself
"yeah Spencer?" you replied.
"what did they do to me again?"
"they took out your wisdom teeth."
"what! but now how will i be smawt?" he took a few deep breaths before beginning to recite random math equations under his breath.
"youve got your brain honey, youre ok youre still a genius." you assured him, keeping your eyes on the road.
"oh thats good then," he looked over at you smiling dopily though his eyes were still red from crying.
you had his playlist set up in your car and one of his favorite classical pieces came on. his eyes lit up immediately and he began poorly conducting to an imaginary orchestra. you couldn't help but giggle, he was high as a kite in your front seat having the time of his life and he probably wouldn't remember it tomorrow.
"awe you laughing at me?" he asked, iverly offended.
"no no i would never." you denied, stifling a smile.
"good. this is weally weally sewious." he said before going back to conducting.
on your way to his apartment you stopped and got him a milk shake since he wasn't allowed solid food which instigated another crying fit. he told you over and over that he would spend his life paying you back for the milkshake.
you decided to stay with him over the weekend to help him take his pain killers and make sure he's ok until he can take care of himself again. you helped him lie down on his couch and turned on some old doctor who reruns.
"i gotta tell you something," he slurred all giggly.
"go for it," you smiled.
"no i wanna write it down actually," he smiled back, eyelids drooped half closed.
"ok ill get you a pen and paper." you replied.
you got it for him and waited for him scribble out his message:
(: n 3^07 !
he gave it to you and then immediately clonked out, sleeping soundly despite leaving you with this weird code. you thought it might be a genius level math problem? parentheses colon factorial three to the zero seventh power? or maybe he just added some symbols and just meant to remind you he had to take his pills at 7?
you opted to ask him in the morning and went to sleep as well on the couch beside him, you were quite exhausted as well after dealing with an essentially cracked out spencer all day.
you woke up to the sound of Spencer whimpering in his sleep. you checked the time and saw it was just a few minutes before he had to take his painkillers.
you knelt down beside his face, lightly brushing his hair out of his eyes to wake him up. his eyebrows were furrowed in pain and his cheeks were swollen and you couldn't help but think about how he resembled a chipmunk.
once he had woken up you gave him his medicine and you could see by the way he was walking and talking that the anesthetic the dentist had given him was nearly all worn off.
once you had him settled in his bed, you asked him about the note he had scribbled for you and you watched confusion settle on his face while he looked at it.
"i remember thinking it was really important," he started, "but i honestly don't know what this is supposed to say."
"i was thinking it might be some sort of math problem or something? you were whispering equations to yourself in the car so i thought maybe this was one of them."
he chuckled lightly, "no this has no closed parentheses, and just mathematically doesn't make any sense."
"oh well. ill ask the team at work tomorrow maybe they will know." you shrugged, "now you need to go back to sleep."
you started getting up, but her grabbed your hand, "can you sleep here too, please?"
he whispered it so gently you thought your heart might melt out of your ribcage. his eyes were big and puppy like. his cheeks all puffy from the surgery.
you smiled, "sure thing chipmunk."
"hey!" he feigned offense before opening his arms and welcoming you into his embrace.
maybe the laughing gas hadn't fully worn off yet? you thought to yourself.
you crawled in beside him, feeling your face heat up in the best way possible. falling asleep in his arms was the most comfortable thing in the world.
you two got ready for work the next morning, soencer still a little groggy, and when you arrived you wasted no time going one by one to your team members asking if they understood what (: n 3^07 ! was supposed to mean.
nobody, not even Hotch understood what it meant. a bunch of profilers and non of us could crack a code Spencer wrote, not even Spencer himself.
but they had seen the videos you sent them and Spencer was not going to hear the end of it anytime soon. morgan would quote it to him throughout the day, laughing so hard he could barely say the words. prentiss jj and rossi joined in too, taking turns saying their favorite parts, even hotch took a stab at it. but it was nice to see that spencer wasn't mad at them for it, he laughed along rewatching the video as well.
you decided to take the opportunity to bring the code to the one person who knows absolutely everything and anything: miss Penelope Garcia.
she looked at it for less than a second, "you're kidding! who gave this to you."
"Spencer did, last night after we came home from the dentist. he was all-" you began.
"Spencer gave this to you?" she smiled widely, barely containing her giggles.
"yes?" you confirmed, not understanding why she was reacting like that.
"ok ok its happening!!" she took a breath as i watched confused, "flip the paper upside down!"
(: n 3^07 !
your smile grew wide. very very wide.
ultra mega super cool taglist:
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calypsoff · a month ago
Sixty Three. Part 2
Tumblr media
The love of my life Mel always coming through, the fact she made me breakfast in bed is just showing wifey material “you think I could get married again?” I questioned “who, you? Girl, we could. We could be in a polygamist relationship? I mean seeing as your man has a bromance maybe we can have ours” I chuckled “thank you for breakfast in bed, was I snoring last night?” Mel eyes widened “you have always done the heavy breathing mouth open business which I am used too, chile yes. You were snoring a lot” I sighed out “I am getting fat that is why, maybe it’s me. Maybe I am eating bad things, but I crave just luxury greasy food!” Mel chuckled “calm down, you are very passionate about food. I get it baby, but then I couldn’t finish off love and hip hop either, you were snoring over it” how shameful “maybe I need to eat healthy, like my chin. It’s becoming double, don’t you think?” Mel rolled her eyes “you are pregnant! Shut up, you’re eating for two Robyn, I don’t care about anything you are saying. You’re glowing, you’re the prettiest bitch I know that is pregnant and glowing, your ankles aren’t even what you’re saying. So now what?” Mel really snapped on me, she has shut down every issue with a quickness. I must have drove her crazy with my whining but it’s true “you’re my wife for life, thank you” I am not even looking for compliments, I just feel that way “when I saw you at the Grammys, just everything about you. You look I don’t know, even more beautiful if that can be a thing. I mean look at this” Mel turned away and then bought her phone into my eye view “no way, you’re such a fan” I giggled, she has my red carpet look as her lock screen picture “so elegant, hand under bump. So protective of the baby” poking my bottom lip out “I am, thank you Mel, you’re the best” that has really made my day, I adore her so much “so are you, your eyes look bomb as fuck too. Seen your eye colour, whoever took the shot, took the money one” seeing that picture, I get it. I do look good.
Mel is actually right; I do look good on the red carpet and I never really posted my look so I thought I would do it now. I posted it an hour ago and it’s hit a million already, that fast too I don’t know how but Mel is right, she is taking me out for dinner. She is such a good wife, she asked, and I said yes because why not. I’ve ate breakfast about two hours ago and I’m here already cooking up steak, I am hungry, and I think it’s my sadness speaking. Chris text me just half hour ago, a text not even a call and the text really made no sense whatsoever, he spoke on I’m good and are you but that’s it and it’s like what? It made no sense to me because I said to him call me when he got there and he never did, I think he’s maybe hungover, so I guess but that video he reposted on his page has gone, like he deleted it just like that “I’m glad you’re here, because I know I’m not losing my mind” I pointed at Mel as I turned away from the pan “why? You might be, they say when you’re pregnant you forget things” I know damn well what I saw “so last night you told me to stop watching Chris right? Remember I watched a video, and the female was like Breezy you can dance or whatever?” Crossing my arms above my bump “yes I do, why?” See I knew it “he deleted that video on his page, I am guessing he reposted it in a drunken state, woke up realised and deleted it” Mel pulled a face confused “why would he delete it? Knowing he put it up for the world to see?” I laughed “he assumed I was asleep, think about it. I have been sleeping constantly early, he knows that so he assumed delete it, so I won’t see and then text me at the same time. So is he playing a game? Why delete it? He knew there was a female speaking, he reposted from her page too, am I looking into this too much? Did he just not want the headache, tell me” I am asking Mel like she knows “I think he just didn’t want the headache; I think you’re right in him just not wanting the argument. He assumed you would be asleep” that really upsets me “I don’t want to seem like a wife that is panicking that my husband will cheat because he won’t but I’m feeling like shit, what the fuck is he doing” I am frustrated “I tell you what he’s not doing, he’s not bout going to stress you out” she says that but I am.
I shouldn’t but I am, I am just thinking why did he delete that video so I had to find out the girl, find out her name on Instagram which was easy because of the fan pages. Chris is one hundred percent high as hell and drunk, he has a picture with the girl too which is expected. He had a very good night, and I am very unsure on what to do, I don’t want to seem like the person ruining his fun, I am thinking hard on this. He still won’t call me; I did think thirst trap but no. And I know the only reason he won’t call me because he knows I will be angry at him; I am honestly very angry him. He’s made is even worse by actually deleting the post, I mean for what “you’re thinking so hard aren’t you? I can tell with the look on your face” nodding my head “I’m not even going to be childish in this, I mean there is so many things I can do but I think I’m going to be silent and then bite when he comes back home, what on earth is he playing at” I need to stop thinking about it, i really do “best way, don’t react. If he rings then he does, he will come home eventually” squinting my eyes, I am so fucking angry “eventually, he doesn’t see how bad he looks. It may be harmless, but it really isn’t Mel, this is not it, Mel I want to fucking cuss him out” looking back at my phone, I am just here like a crazy bitch looking at his tagged pictures. Tapping on the video, from the freeze frame he is pointing and laughing. The video started playing, the video panned to what Chris was pointing at “you keep laughing but tell me, why they call you breezy?” It is that same girl that was taking a video of him, he looked at the camera “y’all heard Chris rap? Drop us a line” Chris busted out laughing “I can’t, Mr Graham is lying, he is lying” he shook his head “drop them bars, come on. He literally did” Chris is showing out, you can tell on his face. He licked his lips “go then Breezy, get on with it” I would rip that bitches’ eyes out “aight, wait” he laughed “I got something, ok. Lower that shit down, a little!” how can he just do this to me, like he is really doing this. The music turned down “y’all hear this, my nigga got bars” Chris bopped his head “yeah my niggas thugging, popping rubber-bands money in my hand, double cupping with that Sprite mix it with Zan” he lifted his cup “we some zombies here to tonight, slow motion yo bitch choosing. She said ‘don't they call you Breezy?’ I told that bitch ‘I'm cooling’ hundred million dollars, got a hundred on my chain” They all cheered laughing “right no, done. Over” Mel snatched my phone “over!” she pointed at me.
I don’t even know how to feel “we just literally got married, I am not going to cry” I said the very words and what did I do, I sobbed out “no, I am not. What the fuck Mel” Mel locked my phone “we are going, just us two. Forget the meal, pack yo shit and we are going Mexico to unwind. I don’t want to hear it, go back pack your things and we are going. And we will have our fun, you don’t need to be sat here thinking of that. That is so mean to you, what if you were alone? What if I wasn’t here, you would be a mess on your own. The blue check got to him, he thinks he can act like that and have you. When it doesn’t work like that” I sniffled “I don’t want anybody to know I have issues, I know these pages are posting it but me, us. We can’t show it, it looks so bad. I might as well stayed with Rakim least he silently just drove me crazy, nobody fucking knew” Mel shushed me “you are carrying my child, just relax. Please gather your stuff, leave the home how it is. Or better yet leave the home a little messier, you know how you dislike him throwing his clothes on the floor. I am not saying anything, but you know” Mel side eyed me, I think I get what she means.
If Mel wasn’t here, she is right I would be here just crying, I would be because first I didn’t want him to go. This was supposed me mine and his time, he mentioned that we don’t have alone time and when we do he planned that. Chris is very much my weakness and I hate that for me “it’s annoying me already” turning to Mel “mhmm well he likes to have his clothes on the floor doesn’t he not? Well there he goes, anyways you packed? Don’t make the bed, leave everything to what it is. A mess, you tell me how you are here doing all these things for him to just go, like that too. And left you alone, you’re pregnant. You needed someone here to make sure you’re ok, it was wrong and he needs to learn. Chris is as you said, not the cheating type but he very friendly and that is trouble but he will for sure realise he fucked up when he sees the home like this. Those pans that you cooked steak on, I hope he can scrub, I just made myself a milkshake too. So we ready” nodding my head, my phone started ringing “poppa” siri said his name, rolling my eyes “he calls you now, but don’t be made. Don’t do it” nodding my head, answering the call “hey” I breathed out “you didn’t answer my text everything ok?” I didn’t answer his text hours ago “yeah fine, just doing nothing as you left me like this” Mel eye-balled me “I will be back twin, it’s just the weekend. I miss you” he hasn’t mentioned the video situation “you too, oh my mom is ringing. I need to answer this” I lied “I will call you later then. I love you” I hate him “too” that is all I said before disconnecting the call, I am going to go Mexico and relax.
The perks of having a jet, you can be in one place to another just like that “you even got me the home I like, oh god. You’re the best, thank you” that is so sweet of her “I mean I rather you let me pay for this, it’s unfair on you” Mel waved me off “be quiet, you always take me everywhere and you pay for everything, you think I can’t do this for you? Don’t be silly, anyways you can have your phone back. I am sure you are bored without it” Mel banned me from my phone “thank you, I still need to keep an eye on him because he is my husband, you know” taking my phone from Mel “of course, just I didn’t want you to dwell on it you know” she has a point “and right on time” Chris is calling, he did say he would call me later. Answering the call “yes?” I rather he didn’t call me, I am not going to question anything including the face he didn’t call me either “I am sure your momma off the phone now” sitting down on the couch “yeah” I breathed out “I am just sat on the side lines, Drake has a basketball court in his home. It’s so dope” he hasn’t even mentioned the partying, he is so full of shit, I can’t believe him “nice, erm I am tired. You have fun there” I swear I can hear it, moving the phone away from my ear and putting on loud speaker, there is girls in the background, I can hear it “sure, are you angry with me? Look I don’t know that blog shit, they are lying” oh he knows “I haven’t seen it” I lied “aight, speak soon then” disconnecting the call, he knows I am off with him, he knows it.
I am not understanding this at all “I am sorry Mel; this is the last time I will speak on this but why is this girl there. She has seen my husband more then I have? She is constantly there videoing and taking picture of him, he is well aware. What is it? I do not like it; I am dropping it now but look. Just you see her story” Mel took my phone “after this stop” nodding my head, I am agreeing but I won’t be keeping off social media “let me refresh this page, she is from Canada. And she has a only fans link in her bio, oh boy” and Mel wants me to be calm, it’s killing me being this calm “her voice is so annoying though, how is she clinging onto Breezy so much, like she is doing the most too. Just watching this, I feel like Chris is just having fun. He isn’t being like anything, but he looks well. Skip, skip this” I really want to pop off, I really do “oh she is zooming in on Chris, mhmm oh ok girl. I get it, I see this girl having an agenda with Chris. She likes him, I see it. She is very much doing the most to get his attention, least they are actually playing basketball” Mel dragged out “so yeah, so shall we just relax?” relax, more like depression “bitch, we are going to a bar. Come, don’t care. I will get drunk on your behalf” Mel is trying her best, she would have been got my ass drunk by now but it’s a little different now.
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{+18} – Cherry Blossom & Tangerines – Trafalgar Law x Y/n – Part 2
Modern AU. Living in Seoul, Sk. Trip to Jeju Do (Island). Everybody is alive. No spoilers. Female reader. No physical descriptions. Everybody is +18, canon ages. Chopper is human.
Tw: anxiety, fear of flying. No further tw warnings. Mostly SFW. Nami x Vivi & and some ZoSan.
A/N: The AU is inspired on Jeju Island, SK. I've made some research on cute places from there, such as touristic attractions and coffee shops. Even though, it may not be 100% accurate, so keep in mind is mostly inspired♥
Word Count: 4K
» List of parts: {P1} {P2} {P3} {P4} {P5} {P6}«
Chapter 2. “Law?!...” I said surprised. “Y/n-ya?...” he asked, also surprised, but before I could say anything else, Luffy came running through the aisle and hugged Law, and I came to the conclusion that he was, indeed, Zoro and Luffy’s friend.
Tumblr media
I moved my stuff out of the way, and after he got rid of Luffy, Law helped me to put my backpack on the overhead locker and then sat next to me.
I remained silent for a little bit, waiting perhaps for him to talk, but he didn’t. The flight attendant announced the takeoff was about to happen, so we fasten our seatbelts as the plane started moving. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye, and I could see how he seemed a little bit nervous. I thought it was my imagination, but when the plane gathered a little more speed through the runway, he began to breathe faster.
I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and I had to ask, “Law, are you ok? Are you feeling bad?”. He directed his gaze at me with blushing cheeks, and after a few seconds, he said “Y-Yes. I just tend to get a little nervous during the take off, but I’m… ok”. Poor thing, he was trying to cover his heavy breathing… “Don’t worry, it's completely normal, would you like me to hold your hand? You can squeeze it as much as you can”, I said kindly, keeping my cool just for him to see how it wasn’t a big deal, and nothing to get embarrassed of. I placed my hand, palm up, over the armrest that separated our seats and waited for him to hold it. He doubted a little bit, but he finally did it, first softly, still ashamed, but then firmly. “Don’t worry, it’ll be over soon, try to focus on your breathing”, I guided him, with a calm speech, and looking directly into his deep grey eyes, smiling kindly. He slowly calmed his respiratory frequency, and a few minutes after the plane was already flying at cruise level, he sweetly let go of my hand. Our palms were a little sweaty, but I couldn’t care less.
“T-Th- Thanks…” He said, looking at the floor. “Don’t worry, you saved me three times the other day, now I owe you only two” I said, winking an eye at him. Law smiled a little, but kept looking at the floor. I was about to point out the fact that he was Zoro’s friend when Nami peaked through our seat backs saying “Oi Torao, you finally decided to come with us!! You normally don’t go anywhere, I’m glad you separated from your books for good!... Oh, and you two must know each other, right Y/n?” she said pointing at us, “Both of you study at the same U and are becoming doctors soon”. Vivi who was next to Nami began to giggle covering his mouth. Suddenly I realized that both of my friends already knew who Law was, and began to suspect that for some reason they wanted to perhaps pair us up.
“I know him from other circumstances”, I said smirking at them, but with an underhand expression of “I’m gonna kill both of you for not telling me”. Law smiled at them, but didn’t say much, and the girls returned to their seats.
“So, your surname must be Trafalgar, right? I thought you were a Donquixote…”, I asked him. “Yeah, is a long story…”, he said with no emotion at all, and I realized it wasn’t a good topic, so I changed the curse of the conversation. “Oh, you were the one who was complemented by Dr. Marco? You are amazing, doc!”.
“Uhum, but I’m not that good. Dr. Phoenix is just an amazing teacher”, he replied. “Indeed, he is”, I said. The small talk came to an end when the flight attendant offered us something to drink. I opted for a glass of plain water, and so did Law. He then grabbed a manga from his little bag, and began to read. “Maybe he doesn’t wanna talk to me…” I thought, put my air pods on and turned on the music. Some minutes after I regretted not having any sleep last night, as my eyes were trying to close...
The voice of the captain announced over the speakers that we will be arriving on Jeju Island in a few minutes. I was being lazy to open my eyes, as I felt extremely comfy sleeping in that position… until I realized I had my head - and almost the right side of my body - over Law’s shoulder. “Oh my… I’m sorry!” I said gaining composure and sitting properly on my spot. Law gave me a smile with kind eyes, and said “Don’t worry, I was asleep too, I used your head as a pillow, I didn’t want to wake you up, though”. Behind us a few laughs from the girls were heard, and I asked, confused, “You… what?. But the landing was already happening and the cabin crew asked us to prepare, so I decided to shut my mouth. I gazed at Law to see if he needed any help with the landing, but he didn’t seem as scared as he was with the taking off.
We all descended the plane, waited for our luggage and headed to the car rental picking point. I’ve booked three cars, so we distributed perfectly on each one. Franky picked the blue Hyundai Venue. Usopp, Chopper and Brook went with him. Law chose a yellow Hyundai Sonata, of course he would, he looks so cool… Zoro, Sanji, and of course Luffy followed him. I chose the white Tucson, for me and the girls.
We left the airport and drove through the streets of Jeju, admiring the beauty of the cherry blossom trees and the yellow flowers on the side of the road. Law’s car was behind us, and sometimes I spied through the rear mirror, just to see his face fully concentrated on the road.
I asked Nami to put the GPS for me, because our Airbnb was a little bit remote from the center and I was afraid of getting lost. The girls and I sang the whole drive to the songs the radio was playing.
We finally reached the house. It was just as the photos, a white two-story house, big enough for all of us. The beach was next to our patio, the typical style of grey rocks of Jeju Do garnished the entrance and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore with a few seagulls squawking made the whole atmosphere unique.
I gave the entrance code to Robin and she opened the door. Luffy entered first running excited and went directly to the garden to see the beach. We followed him, pretty excited too. Inside, the house had a minimalistic style, everything was white and the floor and furniture was made of light wood.
There were four rooms, so the guys distributed in two of them, Robin and I went to another and we let Nami and Vivi have a room for them. We took turns to use the shower and got ready to explore the island right away.
Sanji suggested that we should go first to Dongmun traditional market to buy fresh ingredients for him to cook for us. He became a professional chef a few years ago and works with his father Zeff, on his well-known restaurant, “The Baratie”. His cooking skills are heavenly, and he loves to cook for us, so we agreed immediately.
We arrived after a 10 minute drive, the market was extremely busy, the food stalls offered a variety of typical korean dishes, kimbap, tteokbokki, tteokgalbi and fresh and canned ingredients, such as typical fishes from the island and the famous kimchi.
Luffy, as always, drove by the smell of the delicious food, ran desperately inside and tasted every single sample the sellers offered to him. Nami, Vivi and I, decided to try the famed tangerines of the island. Nami, who is an expert on tangerines, would give us the final verdict on if they are good as people say. The juicy mandarin slices we tried were exquisite, the sweetness mixed with a little bit of tartness made us want to buy bags of them.
I saw Law approaching us, he had separated from Zoro’s group who were trying the variety of Sojus. I called him with a big smile and some tangerine slices on my hands, “Law!! Come here, you should try this!”. He came closer also with a little grin. I stood on tiptoes and said, “Open your mouth!” and without any shame I offered him a big juicy slice of mandarin. He opened his mouth surprised, but accepted the fruit and while taking it, his lips softly touched the point of my fingers. It felt almost as if he was kissing them, or for a moment I wished it was the case… A little drop of juice ran from his mouth through the commissure of his lips, so I immediately rubbed my thumb over it to clean it. He fixed his eyes on mine, and for a few seconds it seemed as if the rest of the world stopped existing around us. He swallowed up the fruit and thanked me still without taking his gaze off me. The moment broke when the old lady at the tangerine selling stall asked us if we wanted a box or a bag for the fruits. I turned to her, and saw Nami and Vivi looking at the lady wanting her to shut her mouth. My cheeks thanked the interruption, though, because they couldn’t get any more flushed.
“A box would be great, thanks!” I told the seller. Law carried the box himself, and we reunited with the rest of the group.
Sanji had already gathered everything he needed, Zoro had bought his alcohol provision for the next few days, Luffy had his face completely stuffed with some meat, Franky had a cola on his hands, Brook a milkshake, Robin a bag of tangerine tea, Chopper of course some candy cotton on both of his hands and Usopp was eating some type of ramyon. We left the market and headed to our temporary house to leave the provisions and decide the plans for the afternoon and night.
“I want to go to Bomnal Cafe, I heard they serve delicious pastries! Can we go there?” suggested Chopper. “We can go there for the afternoon, and then have a picnic with a bonfire at the beach for the night. What do you think, guys?”, I proposed. “BONFIRE! BONFIRE! Sanji, you could also make some barbecue!!” screamed Luffy, excited, and everyone agreed that it would be a great idea.
Some of us headed to the coffee shop, while Sanji, Zoro, Law, Usopp and Franky stayed at home to prepare everything for the night.
The little coffee shop had a minimalistic, all white and grey, and maybe a little vintage atmosphere. We ordered a few pastries, puddings and lattes that tasted exquisite. We sat by a big window that let us admire the beauty of a little garden with cherry trees and a little pond with some fishies swimming peacefully. We were making stories for Instagram, taking photos, having fun. “Oi, Y/n, pose for me!” said Nami and took a photo of me with her iPhone. I didn’t have time to pose properly, so it was a pretty casual photo of me drinking a matcha latte. Brook insisted on me posting it, because he said it was cute. Chopper and the girls agreed with him, so I uploaded it to my Instagram.
Suddenly, a new notification popped up on my screen, “@DrHeartSteeler liked and commented on your photo”. “Hey guys, do you know who is @DrHeart…” I was asking them while opening the notification and realized it was no other than Law. “@DrHeartSteeler > Beautiful… place. Can you bring me one of those when you come back home?”. I hadn’t had the chance to say anything else when my friends began to make a fuss about the comment. “WHEN YOU COME BACK HOME?, Torao what the fuck?” said Nami laughing out loud. Chopper who was a little innocent, started asking why everyone was laughing, and it only fanned up the flames that were blushing my cheeks. “Yohoho… I guess you have to bring him “home” a matcha latte, Y/n, he probably misses you already…” mocked me Brook. Robin, who is the most mature of all of us, simply laughed and looked at me with kind eyes.
“Stop it guys, he is just asking for a latte…” I said, fanning my face with my hand. “Oh, yes, of course. He wasn’t even following your account. Before we left home, he asked Vivi for your user, right babe?…” said Nami and Vivi nodded with her mouth full of chocolate cake. I didn’t want to show the excitement I was feeling on my insides, so I simply replied that he probably wanted to follow me because he was already following everybody in the group. We decided to come back before the sun set, so we could see it on the beach and after buying Law his tea, and some pastries for the guys we left the pretty tea room and drove home.
“Guys, we are home! we brought you some pastries!!” I said, while carrying the papers bags, and Law’s latte on the other hand. Everyone came running to me and grabbed the bags, while Law, who was sitting on the couch reading, looked at me above his manga, as if he was waiting for me to say something. I tried to act cool, so I said “And oh, uhm, Law your matcha Latte. I hope it’s the right size for you”. He smiled at me, left the book on the armchair and stood up. He walked towards me slowly, I didn’t know if he was trying to be sexy or it was just how he was… Because he certainly was, only using black with yellow spots, swim shorts and a yellow open shirt, that let me admire his tattooed chest and abs.
“Thanks, Y/n-ya. When I saw your picture, I craved for…” he made a little pause, and continued while grabbing the plastic cup, “some matcha latte”. Well, now I crave... you… I thought. I gave him a look from head to toe, and said smirking “It’s nothing, now I only owe you only one favor, so, you tell me if you need something more”. “Mh... I’ll keep it in mind”, he said with his low sexy voice and a little side smirk. I smiled at him and went upstairs.
I threw myself on the bed and sighed loudly. My heart was racing, my lower parts were feeling funny and the sexual tension I’ve just experienced was too much to handle for me. “How hot he is, damn it”, I expressed out loud covering my eyes. “Who is hot, Y/n?” asked Zoro, who apparently was entering my bedroom to ask me something. I almost had a heart attack, but calmed myself down and asked him what he needed. He told me that we were getting ready to go to the beach to prepare the picnic and watch the sunset and if I could bring some blankets. I told him ok and he left my room laughing.
“I came here to rest, and I’m getting more stressed than during finals”, I thought, annoyed, while gathering for a few blankets and pillows to bring to the beach. I headed downstairs. Everybody has already left the house and I could see them walking towards the beach from our patio. I was about to leave and closed the door trying not to throw the blankets I had in my hand, when someone scared the hell out of me. “Oi, you almost let me locked in..., let me help you with that”, said Law who was still inside. “God… Law, you scared me… what are you doing? I thought I was alone…”. “Sanji forgot the salt shaker, I returned to bring it to him”, he calmly answered. “Oh, I see… Well let’s go” I said, still breathing fast from getting scared, and handed him a few blankets to help me carry them.
The chilly sea breeze kissed our cheeks, and the sound of the beach began to fill my ears. I was wearing a long silky dress that danced with the wind, as well as my hair. The sun was going down, everything was golden. Oranges, violets, reds, were the colours that tinted the clouds above the sea. Law was walking right by my side, and both were admiring the beauty of the evening lights that bathed the cliffs. I decided to stop, and take a picture with my analog camera, and as I did, Law kept walking a few steps more until he realized I had stopped. He turned around and looked at me, just when I pressed the shutter. “I’m sorry, I… didn’t know…” Law excused himself for appearing in the photo, but I wasn’t mad at all. I gave him a smile and told him, “It’s ok, you are part of the trip, I’ll give you a copy when I develop the film if you want”. “Thanks…”, he said, and we kept on walking admiring the beauty of the sun setting.
We finally arrived at where everybody else was. Law gave the salt to Sanji and helped him with the barbecue. I started to set up the blankets with the girls and told Brook to play some music with his guitar. The boys had already put up the bonfire and some torchlights that lit up our night.
The night was lovely, it was a little cold, but a few beers after I was dancing with the girls barefoot on the sand to “A lovely night” from the movie Lalaland. Suddenly, Robin said to me “Hey, Y/n… it seems that Torao-kun can’t take his eyes off from you tonight”. “Huh?” I told Robin, confused. She pointed to where the boys were cooking and I turned my face to them. Law was indeed looking at me, with a beer in his hand. I smiled gazing at him over my shoulder, and he did too. I turned back at the girls and kept on dancing covering my mouth, giggling a little. Vivi, Nami and Robin also giggled and gave me a complicit smile.
“Dinner is ready, everybody! “announced Sanji and we gathered all around the grill to receive the plates that surprisingly Zoro helped Sanji to serve. I guess alcohol and food made them somehow get along, at least for a few hours. I wonder when they are going to stop the fighting and begin the kissing… fufufu…
The brochettes were heavenly, we ate them sitting around the bonfire while singing “Binks no Sake”, one of Brooks classics. He is the musician of the group, and even started his professional career a few years ago as “Soul King”. He is such a talented guy.
As the night passed Law and I sometimes interlocked eyes, or exchanged little smiles. I took some more photos during the picnic and we kept on dancing until 3 am, when we decided to raise camps and head to our beds.
I was exhausted, yet, the idea of stalking Law on Instagram was on my head and didn’t let me sleep. I covered myself completely with the sheets and searched for his user on my phone. He has no more than 5 photos posted. One of them was with Luffy and Zoro, after training, another one of him and Rosinante -he called him “Cora-san” on the image caption, how cute - when he was a little boy. The rest of the photos were with some friends dressed up as pirates for Halloween and in the comment section they called themselves the “Heart pirates”, ha-ha funny.
I suspired whenever I zoomed the photos over his eyes. I was starting to like this man, way too much... I tossed and turned in bed trying to fall asleep, but I simply couldn’t, so I thought drinking some tea would help me. I went downstairs, trying not to wake anybody up and got to the kitchen. From the big glass door that looked at the beach I saw how the moonlight lit up the waves crashing on the cliffs and the whole kitchen. The scenery and the chamomile tea were slowly fading away the image of Law’s eyes, until I felt someone placing a hand over my shoulder. I slightly gazed at it, and it only took me a few seconds to know it was the tattooed hand of the guy who was keeping me awake. He was wearing black shorts, and a loose white shirt. His hair was more disheveled than ever. What is it with this guy that looks so good no matter what he looks?...
“I see I’m not the only one who can’t sleep”, Law whispered. “Yeah, I’m exhausted but somehow I can’t fall asleep… I guess it must be the bed, I don’t know. Do you want some tea?”, I offered him. “Yes, that would be great”, he accepted.
I was turning on the electric kettle when we heard some noises coming from the living room. I looked at Law and both of us peaked through the kitchen entrance to see what was going on…
“Shitty cook… we shouldn’t….”, “What? are you afraid, idiot Marimo?”. Sanji and Zoro seemed a little drunk and were somehow hugging and walking at the same time. At first I thought they were trying to help each other to go upstairs, so I started walking towards them to help. I couldn’t walk any further because immediately Law grabbed me by my waist, and pulled me back into the kitchen covering my mouth. “Shh… just wait”, he whispered into my ear and let go of me. What I saw next was something we’ve all been waiting for. Finally, Zoro and Sanji accepted how much they loved each other, and went upstairs kissing as two teenagers in love.
I opened my mouth and looked at Law with a surprised expression, that soon turned into a happy face. I started making little jumps in my place. “I knew it!!” I said and Law giggled almost without making any sound. With the excitement I didn’t notice how near we were from each other, until Law softly caressed my face with one of his soft hands. He, of course had the hands of a surgeon, long fingers, soft skin, perfectly cut nails. “Why don’t we do the same as them?” he asked me, and I gasped and stood still in front of him. He slowly approached his face to mine until the point of our noses were almost touching. I got lost into his grey eyes, my mouth was ready to receive his lips. The sweet torture of the moments before a first kiss, I wished I could make it last as much as I could, but at the same time, I wanted him to kiss me, passionately, now, right now.
My eyes probably showed how desperately I was for him to kiss me, that he smirked and finally planted his luscious lips against mine. He explored my mouth with his tongue, with no modesty at all, and as we were passionately kissing he lifted me up and sited me over the kitchen counter.
Without stopping the kissing, I open my legs to allow him to come further and as he did, he slid a hand to my sex…
Part 3
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Phic Phight 2021: Misplaced Mothering.
Prompt: A garden filled with Blood Blossom/Maddie starts growing Blood Blossoms around the house.
Summary: Maddie plants Blood Blossoms around the house with good intentions before she realizes it had been misplaced.
Team Ghost: Complete, 2,129.
   Maddie wiped her arm across her sweating forehead and shoved her gardening shovel into the dirt to shake the neckline of her tank top. The rest of her usual teal hazmat suit was unzipped down until her waist while the sleeves were tied to keep it up. Maddie beamed proudly at the blood red roses with a deep, dark purple stem that spanned across the much-larger-than-normal flower beds. 
   Blood Blossoms, this'll keep those pesky ghosts out, Maddie thought to herself.
   You see, Maddie had been noticing the strange collection of ghosts that had been gathering around their house in the late hours of the night. She hypothesized because of The Portal in the lab. It would be one hundred percent plausible as the true reasoning but it didn't explain the affinity the ghosts had to lurk outside her son's bedroom window. She had made sure to put a slightly denser amount of Blood Blossoms on the lawn underneath his window (the bed there looked engorged and bloated).
   Maddie attributed the ghosts' appearances to her son's lack of sleeping which resulted in the dropping of his grades and of course the withdrawal from the family. Poor Danny didn't even mention it. The boy tended to bottle things up and keep to himself to avoid being a "burden." It was also why it took her so long to notice the bullying her son suffered at school. He just never said anything.
   That's why she waited until her two kids were at their school field trip to New York to put her plan in action, to surprise him. Her husband, Jack, had helped gather the seeds and information to grow them (it was extremely difficult) but they managed. Currently Jack was on his way to getting more so they could incorporate them into their anti-ghost weapons. He would return a day after the kids did.
   Maddie picked up her gardening tools and returned back inside to take a shower. When she got out she decided that the morning of Jazz and Danny's return she would bake fresh cookies with some Blood Blossom petals. Maddie wanted to see if a consistent diet containing the petals would prevent possession or at the very least have ghosts be averse to being close to the individual. 
   Maddie didn't mind using her children as experiments in this case as she and Jack would also be involved. Besides, Blood Blossoms didn't hurt humans.
   Maddie pulled out the Chocolate Chip and Blood Blossoms cookies from the oven as she hummed. Carefully she put the cookie sheet on the second oven mitt that laid on the kitchen counter. She closed the oven and slipped the first oven mitt off and glanced at the clock on the microwave. It read 12:15 PM and Maddie smiled; the kids would be here in five minutes. 
   Soon the cookies were cool enough to be placed in the cookie jar, it was modeled after Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from the original Ghostbusters, and Maddie frowned. Her daughter and son should have been home by now. 
   Ten more minutes past before Jazz opened the door with Danny shuffling anxiously behind her.
   "What took you two so long?" Maddie tried to keep the accusation out of her voice. They were fifteen and seventeen after all; teenagers that could take care of themselves as much as Maddie's heart loathed to admit it.
   "Just a quick stop to share a milkshake at Nasty Burger. We were hungry after the trip," Jazz assured but her eyes flickered nervously.
   Danny nodded in confirmation still behind his older sister although he looked a little less like he was going to crawl out of his skin.
   "Oh, I see," Maddie said before grabbing the cookie jar and opening it with a flair, "well, if you're still hungry I made these!"
   The pairs' faces lit up with excitement before Danny's expression morphed into a frown.
   "What's up with the flowers covering, like, the entire yard," Danny asked with concern before grabbing a cookie.
   "They're Blood Blossoms! A flower with anti-ghost properties that will keep those menaces out and away and also keep the ones coming out of The Portal here for capture. It's a natural ghost shield," Maddie chattered excitedly as she gauged her childrens' reactions to the cookies. 
   Maddie hoped that the herbal taste of the flowers wouldn't put off the sweet taste of the chocolate.
   Jazz's face looked thoughtful as she tried to place it and Danny froze with a vague look of panic after the first bite; his hand numbly held the cookie in his hand and seemed torn between swallowing the bite in his mouth or spitting it out.
    Maddie couldn't help but mildly fidget her fingers. None of the kids had given the exact response she'd wanted….
   Danny carefully swallowed but he didn't chew and Maddie watched with concern. Danny fiddled with the cookie idly as if to stall finishing.
   "It's good, Mom," Jazz said quietly with a polite smile.
   Maddie returned the smile.
   "I got some homework to catch up on, thanks for the cookie," Danny said as he turned towards the stairs.
   "Don't you want more," Maddie asked as she shot up from her slouching position.
   Danny hesitated before nodding.
   "Yeah, I'll take some more."
   Maddie eagerly set a few on a plate and gave it to him before turning to Jazz.
   "Want some, hun?"
   "Of course," Jazz said slowly.
   Maddie gave her a plate as well and grinned at them as they went up stairs to their rooms.
   Maddie opened Danny's bedroom door to collect his laundry. As she grabbed the laundry basket she caught a glimpse of the trash can. The unbitten into cookies sat barely visible underneath balls of paper.
   Maddie watched as her son appeared through the front door with her arms crossed.
   "You're doing your own laundry from now on," Maddie said flatly.
   Danny stared at her, clearly confused, but agreed anyway.
   Maddie couldn't ignore the look of subtle distaste from Danny as she set down a plate of dinner for him, especially at the mashed potatoes which had the most amount of Blood Blossoms out of everything served.
   "Something wrong, Danny," Maddie asked daringly with a slight glare.
   Danny shook his head.
   Jazz glanced between them.
   Jack looked up from his plate.
   Maddie sat down.
   Dinner was silent.
   Maddie had noticed that Danny never ate at home anymore. In fact, his presence was nonexistent at the table. Well, he would take cereal and Spaghetti-Os up to his room while doing homework but that was about it. 
   Maddie knew it had something to do with the flowers but she couldn't wrap her head around why.
   It was supposed to help him so why wasn't it??
   Maddie woke up at way-too-damn-early in the morning to the front door quietly creaking open. Maddie slipped from her covers and grabbed her ecto-gun (the intruder was clearly human and the gun would do nothing against them but it made her feel safer). 
   She barely cracked open her door and watched as Danny still decked in his pajamas headed into his room.
   Maddie knew it was him who came inside but gave a cursory check around the house anyway.
   Maddie's last thought before falling asleep, after struggling to do so for hours, was:
   What the Hell was her boy doing??
   Jack was tinkering with one of their ecto-blasters at the bench in the lab.
   Maddie glanced up at the door at the top of the stairs. Should she confront Danny about his late night rendezvous?
   Maddie glanced at Jack bobbing his head to the song he was singing under his breath and completely absorbed in his work.
   Maddie made her decision.
   Maddie crept up the stairs and closed the door softly behind her.
   She gently tiptoed up the stairs but stilled at the peak. Voices were coming from Danny's room. She pressed herself against the wall and stood by the door with her ears perked.
   "–old you that can't hide it forever. At least not with these flowers around," Jazz's voice leaked through.
   Maddie furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.
   "I'm fine, Jazz, seriously! I'll figure something out."
   "The Blood Blossoms are giving you welts just using your ghost powers in human form," Jazz hissed.
   Danny scoffed.
   "I'm lucky that's all they do when I use my powers. In ghost form it completely paralyzes me. It's almost like getting electrocuted all over again," Danny said with the shudder evident in his voice.
   Maddie all but tumbled down the stairs as she could no longer bear listening to anymore of the conversation. She will get to the bottom of this tonight. Maddie swore it to herself.
   Maddie waited until she heard Jack's even breathing before quickly changing into her teal suit and placing her ecto-blaster in its holster at her waist.
   Almost as soon as she was ready she heard Danny leave his room and waited until he was in the living room before sneaking quickly down the stairs. Danny went outside and as soon as the door was closed bolted and Maddie rushed to follow him with her eyes tracking him through the front window.
   She burst through the door and swung her head around in a frenzy. Her son was gone but Phantom was just taking flight from in front of her neighbor's house. He didn't notice her. A tug in Maddie's gut told her that Phantom would know something about Danny and she raced towards his glowing, flying figure.
   Maddie watched Phantom cap the ghost in the Fenton Thermos. This was it; she would confront the menace.
   Phantom whipped out a phone and Maddie faltered her approach from the bushes.
   "Hi, Sam. Hmm. Yeah, it went well. Not as bad as I thought. Nah, no Val yet. Yep, I'm going to go circle around the school before checking out the mall then I'll turn back to scope out the park and Nasty Burger. Depending on how it goes I'll call it a night," Phantom said, curling his knees to his chest and rocking back.
   Sam? As in Sam Manson? Why would Phantom be calling Danny's friend…, Maddie wondered as her mouth scowled downward.
   Phantom responded to the other end with hums and mono-syllable answers. Before letting out a groan.
   "I don't wanna talk about the Blood Blossoms, it's only been a few days and those flowers are a major pain in my ass." Phantom said with annoyance. A pause. A snort. "You don't have to chew out my mom. Jazz and I will find a way to get rid of them. It'll work out again."
   Maddie's head began to spin. There was no way… no way in Hell… she needed to get home and fast. She needed to see… just…
   Maddie turned tail and tried to keep her breathing even.
   Maddie peered through over the window sill, making an effort to stay crouched. She spotted Phantom (Danny?) land a healthy distance away from the lawn and Phantom disappeared in a white ring to reveal her son. Despite already knowing this Maddie still felt her chest seize.
   Danny started walking towards the door and Maddie quickly ducked behind the lab door.
   Danny's footsteps patted up the stairs and Maddie soon followed.
   Maddie passed out as soon as she crawled into bed.
   "Jack, I need you to listen to me."
   Jack looked up from his ecto-gun and beamed at Maddie despite the tension in her shoulders.
   "Yeah, Mads?"
   "It sounds crazy but Danny is… Phantom. The Blood Blossoms are hurting him… we're hurting him," Maddie said, her voice raised a pitch and started quivering at the end.
   Jack leapt up and gave her a tight hug.
   "Whaddya mean? Danny's a spook? It doesn't make any sense."
   "I know, I know!! But I saw him! I saw him go from Phantom to Danny and he was talking to Sam and Jazz knows! She knows! I heard them talking about the Blood Blossoms hurting him."
   Maddie tried to reel in her outburst and Jack rubbed circles into the small of her back as he tried to wrap his head around the revelation.
   "Shhh, it's okay, it's okay, Mads. We'll fix it. Just like we always do," Jack promised her.
   "So, what happened to the Blood Blossoms outside," Danny asked cautiously as he returned from his study session with Sam and Tucker.
   Maddie smiled up from the soup she was making.
   "Your Dad and I decided that they were unnecessary so we got rid of them."
   "Oh." Danny drew his eyebrows down in confusion.
   Jazz looked up from her book and glanced between the two. She let out a slightly frustrated groan and slapped a hand to her forehead. 
   Maddie wondered what that was about before returning to the soup.
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dreamwritesimagines · 2 months ago
Burn The Witch 11 - The Wild Card [Bucky Barnes x Reader]
A.N: Thank you so much for your wonderful support and feedback my loves ! ❤ Here’s the next chapter, I hope you like it as well and please let me know what you think! ❤ Thank you! ❤❤❤
Warnings: Enemies to lovers, fake dating, mentions of blood, sex, violence, death, manipulation, language, guns, knives.
Summary: Spending time with ex-boyfriends can be difficult.
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
There were so many rules of espionage, and you had memorized each and every one of them right before they had sent you on your first mission. The first three were pretty simple;
Don’t get attached to your target.
Don’t keep any gifts.
Don’t drink too much on a mission, you don’t know what might slip out.
For some reason, you were starting to believe you would break every single rule on this mission.
“What do you mean you can’t get drunk?” you asked Bucky as you took a sip of your cocktail, “Everyone gets drunk.”
“Not me.”
“That’s impossible.”
He turned his beer in his hand, “I mean I get that slight buzz if I drink too much, but other than that, no. It never lasts long and I can’t get completely drunk.”
“Why not?”
He thought for a moment, “You remember what I told you about um…my past?”
“You barely told me anything about your past,” you said, looking down at your cocktail and he sat up straighter.
“Yeah but the thing I said about the Winter Soldier times?”
Well, you knew basically everything about the Winter Soldier, but your cover was this naïve sweet civilian so you had to strain your mind to remember what you were supposed to know about the Winter Soldier.
“They gave you a super serum,” you stated, batting your lashes, “Yes.”
“That’s why I can’t get drunk.”
“Bucky I say this with the utmost sincerity,” you murmured, pouting your lips, “I think they kind of screwed you over.”
He scoffed a laugh and tilted his head, “You think?”
“Yeah!” you said, the slight buzz in your head making you grin and you downed your cocktail, motioning for another one, “And they technically screwed me over too.”
“How is that?”
“Well they—I planned to get you drunk so that I could show you these really amazing drinks of the modern times and also you wouldn’t be so….” You narrowed your eyes, mimicking his deadly glare and he furrowed his brows, an amused light crossing his gaze.
“Oh is that supposed to be me?”
“Yes!” you exclaimed, “Grumpy.”
“That bad huh?”
“No!” you said quickly, shaking your head, “No no, I didn’t say it was bad! I’m just— you know, you sometimes look a little um….”
“Very serious,” you corrected him as the bartender placed another cocktail on the table for you and Bucky stole a look at the drink.
“How many of those have you had?”
“Um…” you looked up, trying to count in your head, “Seven.”
“Do I need to cut you off?”
“Nope!” you said, “My tolerance is very high!”
“Right,” he chuckled, looking at you fondly, “Whatever you say doll face.”
You could swear your heart fluttered in your chest but you tried to play it cool, turning the umbrella in the cocktail.
“We’re celebrating your successful mission and my not so successful mission—“ you stopped yourself as soon as you realized what you had just said and the adrenaline coursing through your veins was more than enough to sober you up just a little. Bucky tilted his head.
“Your mission,” he repeated, as if humoring you, “And what is your mission, exactly?”
You shrugged your shoulders, “Getting you drunk,” you stated, “And…well, getting you to spill your deepest darkest secrets.”
A shadow crossed his face, his smile fading.
“I don’t think you’d like my deepest darkest secrets.”
You dropped the umbrella into the cocktail and took a huge sip, “You think so?”
“I know so.”
“What about some…” you trailed off, “Some shallow secrets. Not that deep and dark.”
“Like what?”
You hummed, “Can I ask anything?”
“Of course.”
You arched a brow, “Liar liar…” you sang, “Okay, I’m going to ask you something but then I’m going to blame it on me being drunk and also you can’t blame me.”
“I would never.”
Even hearing that made that uncomfortable feeling appear in your chest and you heaved a sigh, then took a huge sip of your cocktail.
“How many people are you actually seeing?”
He pulled his brows together and looked around, “Around twenty, why?”
Your jaw dropped, “You’re sleeping with twenty people?!”
His drink must’ve gone down the wrong tube because he started coughing and pounded his chest with his fist.
“Wait what?” he asked when he could take a breath and you tried to wrap your head around the news somehow Chloe had failed to deliver you.
“What are you talking about?”
“What are you talking about?” you asked back, “I can’t believe I wasn’t infor— um, I can’t believe you didn’t tell me!”
“Y/N, what’re you—“ he paused and threw his head back, “I thought you asked me how many people I see in the bar, right now. You know, to check whether I’m drunk.”
“No I mean…” you ran a hand over your face, “I meant how many people you’re seeing as in you know, hanging out. Sleeping with.”
He gawked at you, “Zero people because I’m dating you?” he asked with a small chuckle, “What kind of a question is that?”
You nibbled on your lip, “Oh,” you said, “Sam didn’t tell you.”
He lowered the beer bottle, pulling back slightly.
“Please tell me this is not your way of telling me you’re seeing Sam,” he said, “Because contrary to popular belief, there’s a limit of bad news I can take in a lifetime—“
“What? No!” you exclaimed and thought for a moment, grinning, “Although…”
“I’m kidding!” you giggled, “No, I mean…didn’t Sam tell you how relationships work in 21st century?”
He shook his head, still frowning.
“Well it’s not very uncommon to-“ you cleared your throat, “See multiple people at the same time. Especially if you didn’t put a label on it.”
“A label,” he repeated and you nodded.
“What label?”
“Well technically,” you trailed off, “Until you make it clear that you’re exclusive, you can still date and sleep with other people.”
“How do people make it clear that they’re exclusive?”
“They have to either talk about it or say that they love each other. But saying it during—you know, saying it in bed doesn’t count.”
Bucky scowled, “How do you guys memorize all these rules?”
“I mean I had to learn it the hard way,” you twirled the straw in the cocktail, “I thought I was dating a guy, but as it turned out we weren’t dating. Exclusively that is.”
His gaze on you was questioning as if the thought had just hit him.
“But you’re not. Right?”
“Am I what?”
“…Seeing other people?”
“Oh, no!” you shook your head fervently, “Not at all, I’m—I’m just saying it’s usually how it works.”
“Not with you?”
You shrugged your shoulders, “Not with me, no. I guess I’m kind of old fashioned on that whole thing.”  
He let out a breath and downed his beer, motioning for another one and you let out a giggle.
“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were nervous.”
“But you do know better.”
You hummed, playing with the straw in your drink, “So I take it you’re not very used to the whole concept?”
“Sleeping with other people while dating someone already?”
“Mm hm. You guys didn’t have it back then?”
“We did. We called it something else though.”
You raised your brows, “Oh? What did you call it?”
You scoffed, “No one wanted to keep their options open? Just in case they liked someone else more?”
Bucky shook his head, “If you like someone, you want to be with them. If you don’t, why be with them?”
“You make it sound so simple.”
“Maybe because it is simple?” he asked you, “You guys just…like to make things complicated. From food to relationships.”
You groaned, “For the last time, I’m not going to apologize for my Unicorn Cotton Candy milkshake or my lavender flavored rainbow cereal bagels.”
“Who puts lavender in food, Y/N?”
“I’m not—“ you stopped yourself, pointing at him, “Keep lavender out of this.”
“Lavender is something my ma used to put in closets. For clothes. It’s not for food.”
“I’m not discussing with you because I’m a very mature person,” you stated, “Nope. Not even gonna go there.”
“I’m sorry, I’m 106 years old and you’re the mature one?”
“I mean if you want to exaggerate—“ you started but when you saw the way he was looking at you, you stopped talking and quickly did the calculation in your head, “Oh my God you really are!”
“No wonder you’re so adamant on your taste in food, it’s hard to try new things at your age,” you taunted him and he raised his brows.
“Oh that’s how we’re doing this, alright.”
“It’s okay, I’ve kind of always had a thing for older guys.”
He shook his head as the bartender placed the new beer bottle in front of him and you put your cocktail down, pointing at him with the tiny umbrella.
“Back at high school I really liked this guy, I was a sophomore and he was a senior so you know, it was clear even back then. Too bad he didn’t even look my way,” you pressed a hand over your heart and looked up at the ceiling. “Thomas.”
Bucky frowned, “Why are you looking up, did he die?”
“No, he became a pilot.”
He scoffed a laugh and sipped his beer before pulling your seat closer.
“Well,” he said, “His loss, sweetheart. Can’t say I feel too bad for him.”
You giggled as you pecked him on the lips, “Me neither. As it turns out, there’s an even older and hotter guy.”
“I never should’ve criticized Twilight.”
“What’s that?”
“Long story,” you waved a hand in the air and his gaze went to your lips before snapping up to your eyes again.
“So…” he said, “Does this count as talking about it?”
“Hm?” you said, “What?”
“Not um—not seeing other people.”
You pulled your brows together, “You actually want to be exclusive?”
You tilted your head, “But why?”
“I don’t think I know the correct answer to that question,” he muttered as you took another sip of your cocktail, “Because I don’t want to see other people? I’m…I’m happy with just you.”
You could swear your heart leaped in your chest and a familiar burning appeared in your throat before you tried to pull yourself together. Guilt and another feeling you couldn’t quite put your finger on pinned you to your spot as you reminded yourself this was just a mission.
He was happy with your cover. This whole thing was nothing but a game.
“Good,” you managed to smile as you rasped out, “I’m happy with just you too.”
Juggling your cover job and your real job was proving to be a bit difficult nowadays. Not only were you sent out to the field at some nights, you also had to go back to the base right after the missions to give your report before you could go home. Most of the time you could barely sleep for three hours before your alarm woke you up so that you could go to the milkshake shop.
But two days after your small bar date with Bucky, you were partnered with Julian for the next solo mission. He would be your spotter and even if you kept saying that you worked better alone on missions like these, General didn’t want to hear it.
Thankfully, it was a short mission. Find the target, eliminate the danger and go back to the base. It didn’t even require you to talk to Julian, but it wasn’t from the lack of trying at least from his part.
By the time you were back to the base, you were on your fifth cup of coffee for the night.
“Hey!” Chloe rushed to greet you, completely ignoring Julian. “Dad is kind of in the middle of a meeting right now, but he told me to tell you it shouldn’t take long.”
“Jesus I just want to go back to bed,” you whined, throwing your head back, “What meeting? It’s 4 in the morning.”
“I don’t know, probably some superhero bullshit,” Chloe said as a rookie came to get your bag of weapons from you and Julian. “Sorry.”
“He is a busy man, it’s normal.” Julian told her and Chloe made a face, holding up a hand.
“Julian please don’t talk to me.” she said before steering you away from him, “How bad was it?”
“The worst.”
“I meant the mission.”
“Oh. Yeah it was a success, whatever,” you waved a hand dismissively, “Keith went home?”
“Hours ago.”
“I’m beginning to think the General hates me nowadays,” you mumbled and Chloe squeezed your arm.
“On the contrary,” she said, “He trusts you. You of all people know how rare that is.”
“I didn’t know his trust came with torture,” you murmured, “I’m gonna get another cup of coffee, call me when he’s out of his meeting.”
“Will do!”
You walked away to get to the coffee machine in the hallway, then took the elevator to go up to the roof. After tonight’s mission, you desperately needed some peace and quiet and the only way to get it in the building was at the rooftop.
You pushed open the door to step outside, the chill air filling your lungs and you went to sit by the wall, leaning your back to it before placing your coffee cup next to you. You pulled out your phone and eyed the screen for a moment.
It was highly likely that Bucky was asleep, but you figured he could see your text when he woke up in the morning.
If I ever found a 40s party, would no dancing rule still stand?
You sent the text and took a sip of your coffee. It was ridiculous to talk about it, you knew that but after tonight, you just needed a distraction and talking to him would help.
Or knowing that he was there would help as well.
Your phone vibrated in your hand and you pulled your brows together before touching the screen.
Depends on whether or not you would still wear that uniform. Why are you awake?
You scoffed a laugh and touched his name, then took the phone to your ear.
“Why are you awake?” you asked when he answered the phone and you heard him heave a sigh.
“Just couldn’t sleep,” he said, “You?”
“Um…” you looked down at the blood splatter on your shirt and bit inside your cheek, “Too much coffee.”
“Please don’t tell me you actually found a 40s party.”
“Please don’t tell me you actually like that ridiculous uniform,” you shot back, making him chuckle.
“I’ll have you know, I checked it and that uniform is not era accurate,” you said “None of the pictures online were that short.”
“Oh I know.”
“You’re not going to hear me complain about how it’s not era accurate,” he stated, making you smile.
“Why couldn’t you sleep?” you asked softly and he heaved a sigh.
“Don’t worry about it,” he said, “It happens.”
He paused, “Something like that.”
“Do you want to talk about it?”
“Not really,” he murmured and you clicked your tongue, searching your mind to come up with numerous solutions Chloe had given you when you couldn’t sleep.
“Have you tried chamomile tea?” you asked after a beat, making him chuckle.
“I don’t think that’d be enough darling,” he muttered, “Thanks though.”
“No problem,” you stifled a yawn and of course he heard it.
“Am I keeping you up?”
“Not in the way I’d like you to,” the playful remark left your lips and you shut your eyes for a moment, scrunching up your face.
Yeah, that wasn’t something your cover would say, that was something the real you would say.
“I-um-“ you stammered, “You know what, I’m- I’m going to hang up now. Respectfully.”
He let out a chuckle, “Y/N-“
“I’ll talk to you later, bye!” you said and hung up in a hurry, cursing silently. You slipped a little on the floor, pressing the phone to your lips, shaking your head at yourself.
Way to go, idiot.
You turned your head when you heard the door opening, then groaned when you saw Julian stepping out.
“Julian I’m not in the mood,” you spat, “Go away.”
“You don’t own the rooftop, Y/N.”
“I was here first.” You insisted as he sat down beside you, making you roll your eyes. He reached inside his jacket to pull out a flask and you narrowed your eyes.
“I don’t want anything from you,” you stated, making him shrug and take a sip.
“Listen,” he said, “I know that you’re angry-“
“Angry?” you asked, “Yeah. Fuck yeah I’m angry, let’s wonder why.”
“But I’m a part of your team now.” he continued as if you hadn’t interrupted him, “And like it or not, there will obviously be missions where we have to work together.”
“Doesn’t mean I have to get along well with you.”
He thought for a moment, looking down at the flask before taking another sip.
“Fine,” he said, “Don’t get along well with me, but…this is the mission to get you the handler position, and I know how much you want that. Just let me help you finish this and get that.”
You let out a bitter laugh.
“I don’t fucking need your help,” you said, “I’m finishing this mission and getting that position with or without you. You have no part in it. Not to mention, I wouldn’t trust you with any mission after the last one.”
“Y/N, you would’ve done the same thing I did back then-“
“No,” you cut him off, your throat tightening for a moment before you shook your head, “No. I wouldn’t. I would never betray my partner like that.”
A silence fell upon you two and you turned your coffee cup in your hand, trying to get your anger under control.
“When I first heard that you got this assignment,” he said, “I don’t even think I was surprised, to be honest. Weird, isn’t it?”
“I’m good at what I do.”
“I guess,” he said, “Poor Barnes won’t know what hit him.”
You tried to ignore the familiar discomfort at the pit of your stomach.
“But that’s not the only reason,” he said, “Why they picked you for this. There are a bunch of agents down there who could play the honeypot, but then I realized….”
You pulled your brows together, “What?”
“It’s not just a spy thing,” he said, “It’s you.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Of course they picked you for this, there couldn’t be anyone else more suitable. And it’s not even because you’re very good at your job— did you hear about what happened to Marco?”
You felt a shiver run down your spine.
“Yeah. The idiot fell for his target, ended up dead.”
“Exactly,” he said, “They picked the one person who has no possibility of falling for the target. It’s not even about playing your part, it’s about you. You claim otherwise but I’m one hundred percent sure that you’d do the same thing that I did back on that mission because—“ he paused, making your frown deeper.
“Because what?”
“Because even when we were dating, when we were actually dating, you never felt like my girlfriend,” he said, “You were always the General’s wildcard first.”
A bitter smile pulled at your lips as you bit inside your cheek.
General’s wild card.
Nothing more.
“If you’re like that even when you’re dating someone, you will complete this mission just fine,” he said, “It’s just pretend after all, I know how good you are at that.”
“Don’t act like you fucking know me,” you pulled your gaze off the horizon to glare at him, “You don’t know who I am.”
“Maybe I don’t,” he said, “But then again, neither does Barnes. That’ll work for your advantage in the future.”
You narrowed your eyes, “What is that supposed to mean?”
“Oh come on Y/N…” he trailed off, “The spy who burned The Winter Soldier? After that, you will have proved how good you are at your job. That’s what you’ve wanted all along, isn’t it?”
You were barely aware of the burning at the back of your eyes as your phone vibrated in your lap and you lowered your gaze to see Chloe’s text telling you to come downstairs, then put it into your pocket and downed your coffee to stand up.
“Yeah,” you managed to rasp out, “Exactly. That’s what I’ve wanted all along.”
With that, you walked away from him, trying your hardest to swallow the lump getting bigger and bigger in your throat.
Chapter 12
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yamithediaperdork · 3 months ago
Baby of the family OR Birthday wishes are tricky pt 1 (Power pack)
Baby of the family OR Birthday wishes are tricky
It was Alex's 15th birthday and while he found the party his parents were throwing him to be a little cheesy and childish. He did understand though at a certain level this party wasn't just for him even though it should of been. Being the oldest meant his needs were put on the back burner for Julie or Jack's or Katie's needs, and toss in Katie was STILL wetting the bed at 8 years old (and wearing pull ups for longer car trips) and well, he'd basically had to become a mini adult. it was Katie and Jack who drew his attention now, watching them run around the living room with Jack having apparently stolen Katie's stuffie again. 'You know, for someone who so desperately wants to be man of the house..he needs to stop being such a bully.' Alex thought and went to move over to stop him. "Don't worry Birthday boy, I got this." Julie said, holding up a hand and marching over. his oldest sister and still younger then him, Alex smirked as he watched Julie snag jack by the ear and march him over to say sorry to Katie. having a big sister like Katie would of been sooo cool growing up, he watched Julie interact with Katie and Jack lots and while her and Jack didn't always get along, she tried. "alright everyone, to the table. time for the birthday boy to blow out the candle!" Came Mr.Parker's voice. His parents just knew of him as a nice guy who had recently moved into the neighborhood to help look after his aunt but of course Alex and the others knew the truth. Mousey gentle Peter Parker was really spider-man. And he wasn't even the only superhero at the party! of course with the kids being the hero team known as power pack one would expect a few heroes to show up but mom and dad were actually STILL clueless about the powers. That said Jack being best friends with Franklin Richards, AKA the son of Reed and Sue Richards meant that not only Franklin but Johnny and Sue had a excuse to come over. (the thing while loving birthday party's had excused himself apparently upset when he was told he couldn't go in the bounce house this time, while reed who Alex had hoped would show up had gotten busy with a experiment.) Mix in the other kids who'd been invited and a whole lotta people were singing happy birthday to Alex as his barbie princess cake (He'd made the mistake of asking Katie to pick out a cake for him) was carried over and he closed his eyes and thought of a wish. 'I wish I could be the baby of the family for once. see what it's like to be like Katie.' he thought, then blew.
The party went on for awhile longer but soon guests were excused and some of the family had to get ready for bed.  and by some of the family that meant Katie on her back in the living room, both hands on a sippy cup of warm milk and watching the last of a cartoon movie as Julie got her tapped up in her thick bed time diapers. Of course they didn't WANT to put the 8 year old back in diaper diapers, but without how much Katie flooded the bed there was no choice. heck, the car trip Pull up's were starting not to be enough. the sippy cup was because once it got close to her bed lately Katie seemed to zone out and as funny as seeing her dump a drink on her face was, the clean up was awful and she had started asking for warm milk before bed and no one wanted her to burn herself. "hey Alex, I know your the birthday boy and all, but my show is coming on and if I don't claim the tv now Jack will put it on something stupid and say he was there first just to tick me mind?" Julie asked, scooping up the almost asleep now padded Katie and offering her to him. "heh, I got this." Alex said and took Katie who oddly..seemed heavier then normal. 'must be from all the sweets she packed away.' Alex thought and struggling to not show he was having a little bit of trouble, carried her up the stairs.
with Katie bear in bed, Alex yawned big time and headed for the bathroom. it was only going on 8 pm but he felt just wiped as he paused to look in the mirror. 'no bags under my eyes and I look ok..maybe it's just sugar crash.' Alex thought and shrugged. Normally one to put off his shower till right before bed, Alex started the water running and heating up as he stripped and answered natures call, then got in and started to wash himself. on a silly whim he made use of one of the pink extra soft cloths they used on Katie because of her baby soft skin and also used some of the fruity smelling princess shampoo she had, giggling and picturing a old bugs bunny cartoon as he lathered up his hair.
Downstairs Julie and Jack exchange puzzled faces as the water started up for a shower. Mom and dad were a few doors down meeting aunt May and Alex never went for a early shower unless forced too. heck, you could set a clock to his shower time! "..Maybe Katie sprung a leak already and he's cleaning her?" Jack suggest and shrugged a little. "no way! those new diapers are MASSIVE! even a little pee princess like her couldn't make them leak THIS fast." Julie said shaking her head. "welp, that's all I got. Maybe he just wanted to cover up the sound of his taking a massive dump. you KNOW how much he blushes when we tease him." Jack laughed. "Pffft yeah..mister gruntzilla. I think the whole block knows when he's going he grunts and whimpers so loud. " Julie snickered. "Remember when Katie knocked down the bathroom door convinced he was being attacked because he kept going..oh god..what was it.." "Oh! 'please god please god Oh oH oHHH!'" Julie said, mimicking Alex's whimpers of despair. "Bwhahahaha yeah! That was when he took too much diarrhea medicine because he had to give a speech to the whole school and kept getting the runs." "then couldn't unload for five days. yeah. Mom and Dad were gonna take him to the ER if he hadn't of gone when he did." the middle siblings laughed and shared more embarrassing stories about their respective roomies as the TV show was forgotten.
Alex was swaying back and forth on his feet, having fallen asleep standing up in the shower and only woken up when the cold water hit him. He was shivering a little from that but mostly moved as if drunk he was just sooo tired out of the blue and hauled himself out of the shower and turned it off and grabbed a large white towel and started to dry himself but was doing a worse job of it then Katie had when she was 5. shrugging it off he just wrapped it around him like a damp clock and made his way into his way into his and Jack's room, and headed for his dresser. deciding to go with a KISS solution since he was so tired, Alex just tugged on a pair of old white briefs (he'd been avoiding them lately despite liking their cut better then boxers because Jack kept calling them toddler pants) Tossing the wet towel in the hamper Alex stumbled over to his bed and plopped down, face first and was out like a light before he could even cover up.
around 9 was Jack's bed time and their parents where back, having asked where Alex was and Julie and Jack told them as far as they knew, he'd gone to bed. Making his way upstairs Jack had 'somehow' managed to put off taking his shower and gosh, would just have to get it in tomorrow. It wasn't that Jack didn't care for showers or liked being stinky, just there was ALWAYS something better to do then take a shower. Coming into the room he shared with his dweeb of a big brother, Jack noted that the light was still on which meant Alex had to of been super tired since he was super OCD about turning off lights if they weren't being used. Looking over Jack snorted at the site of Alex on his back, legs and left arm sprawled out in his bed while he was sucking on his right thumb, in just his toddler pants. 'what a doofus.' Jack thought and shook his head. Doofus or not, he was still his brother and Jack didn't want the dork to get a cold.  with that in mind he tugged Alex's Blanket up over him, then as a after thought grabbed one of his own old stuffies (that he was keeping around because they'd be worth money some day. not that he still totally needed ot loved them!) and held out Mr. Fuzzy wuzzy , having it brush on the blonds arm. Alex reached out with his free arm in his sleep, coming out from under the blanket and whined around his thumb. "whoa..too much cake and pop and Alex goes baby brained! awesome!" Jack thought with a grin but then let the big toddler have the stuffie and huggle it. 'I'm going soft in old age.' Jack thought to himself then after changing into just his boxers got the lights and climbed into bed.
In a universe where a god of Myth fought alongside with a world war 2 hero, a man who had built his own battle armor and well, any number of different heroes and villains and forces exist, it was amazing that random wishes weren't picked up by more cosmic being's who might just answer them. and for the most part, it's a good thing that most of these are ignored because Alex was about to learn what happened when a simple wish can get granted, at least to a degree.
Alex hung his head in shame as he showed his parents what had happened the next morning. Having always told Julie, Jack and many many times Katie that they should be honest with their parents if they have accidents, it had been Alex's turn to practice what he preached when he'd woken up this morning in a very soggy bed. Thankfully it didn't smell THAT bad and mom and dad were going to open the windows and air out the mattress in the back yard, but Alex was still SUPER ashamed. He'd of course gone and gotten washed up but came back to find the others in his and Jack's room, and two out of three of them were being less then nice with no mom or dad in site to call them off. "Sheesh, and I thought I dodged having to deal with anything worse then you with a milkshake in you!" Jack said, holding his nose and waving a hand. "Oh puh-lkease. you think this is bad? try waking up in a diaper pail everyday because of pee princess here." Julie said, and jerked a thumb at Katie. "H-hey! don't be meanies!" Katie huffed and then turned to a mortified Alex, patting his leg. "It's OK Alex, accidents happen. but worse case you can come into my room. as Julie uh..kinda smells.." "Kinda?" Julie asked and then shuddered. "and that's all i need, twin pee fountains going off in stereo." "I-it's not that bad!" Alex whined. "and really? Little miss farts rainbows is gonna start giving lip about sleeping arrangements!?!" Katie added as Julie's cheeks flared red now. "we talked about that,m you're not su-" "and YOUR not 'pose to complain about me either. fair's fair." Katie said and nodded her head. Alex gave Katie a weak smile. "heh, thanks for coming to my defense..kinda, Katie bear." Alex said and gave er a hug. He was sure this would prove to be a just one time thing, and as such, tried to put it out of his mind as much as he could when a look out the window showed his mattress being set up in the back yard.
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erwinslut · 3 months ago
begging for you to take my hand
Tumblr media
4.0k connie springer x reader modern/college au - mutual pining, yearning, fluff :)
It started slowly. For you, at least.
Connie Springer was that guy, y’know the one, the motherfucker that thinks it’s still cool to be a dickhead in college. Somehow he got away with it though, he had girls and guys falling at his feet left, right and centre but somehow was never interested in any of them. Not that you cared. Or noticed. Or quietly pined. No. 
Not at all!
Although, there was that girl he was always around. She was pretty, dark haired and funny. She also ate as much as the other basketball players they sat with, Connie was on the team and you were pretty sure she played for the girl’s squad. You’d often peeped her stealing food off of Reiner’s plate, not that he seemed to care. She seemed cool. If only you weren’t shy as all hell. 
It was something you’d never been able to get past. The unnerving anxiety of being around strangers, hell, even acquaintances made your stomach do little flippy things. How you ended up on the cheer squad was beyond you, you blamed Armin’s girlfriend Annie for it all. She hadn’t wanted to cheer alone and had pitched the idea of you joining the cheer squad with her first to Armin, so he could assess it and work out the best way to convince you, and then they’d essentially begged you together. You couldn’t resist them when they were working together, caving after a mere two days of pressuring. 
You didn’t hate cheer, you really enjoyed it, mostly because you only had to be aware of those around you, people you liked and trusted. Pieck and you were spotters for Annie, Pieck’s boyfriend Jean and Eren Yeager’s stupid ass were her bases. They were an interesting pair, you and Pieck gelled instantly through similar interests; including not running your mouths and liking the same book series. The boys however, did not draw breath around the amount of shit they talked. They were oil and water, until it was practise time, or game day. You cheered during the basketball games, that’s how you had come to recognise Connie’s girl, she’d howl from the stands and he’d send her the occasional wink which made your heart stutter just a little.
Stupid fragile little thing.
You were stretching in the quad when it first happened, leaning on Annie’s shoulder as you grabbed your toes and held, nose to your knee. She was telling you about the date she had planned for Friday, she and Armin were driving down the coast to go visit some beach she’d read about online, when suddenly Annie stopped mid sentence. You didn’t notice for a beat, immersed in the sweet burn of the stretch and it was only when she leaned over did you look up.
“Don’t look now but Connie Springer is staring at you.” Huh?! Your head snapped up and Annie groaned beside you, knocking you hard with her shoulder.
“Idiot! I said don’t look!” You rolled your eyes at her, unable to spot him and smacking your head against her shoulder in retaliation. 
“He is not! I can’t even see him!” Annie grumbled something that sounded a lot like curse words before she grabbed your chin in her hand, turning your face around and oh- He looked cute as fuck today. Connie was dressed casually, bright red sweater draped haphazardly around his waist and some loud yellow t-shirt on. God, men did the least! He was alone too, your eyes ticked over his surroundings but no, he was definitely by himself. And weirdly, headphone-less? What kinda maniac was he?
You didn’t quite realise he was approaching you until he was a few feet away, his eyes roving your features and god you were staring!
“Hey Annie! Hey y/n! Are y’all cheering Saturday?” Annie shook her head, she and Armin’s extended date meant they weren’t back till Sunday, the horny bastards. You however, were. You weren’t sure who you were spotting, hopefully it’d be Historia or Hitch, you got along well with the two of them. 
Connie was looking at you, waiting for an answer and you nodded hurriedly, waiting for him to move on but he seemed rather intent on lingering.
“Oh cool! In that case, y/n, would you do me the honour of wearing my number on Saturday?” Huh. Was he kidding? What the fuck? What? Also how the fuck did Connie know your name? Also also. What in the fuck?
Annie could read your expression and knew you weren’t about to give a dignified response so she spoke up for you, giving you a harsh pinch as she did.
“They’d love to! Wouldn’t you, babes?” Your eyes snap up to meet Connie’s, ignoring your flaming cheeks as you nod, silent and processing still. Your heartbeat is roaring and you’re pretty sure your palms are liquid as Connie squats in front of you, digging thoughtfully in his bag before with a triumphant “Aha!” he drags out the familiar green jersey. The Scout’s uniforms were similar to your cheer uniforms, and it wasn’t uncommon for a cheerleader to wear a player’s number, but it was usually only when they were dating. 
“Take good care of it please! I’ll see you Saturday!” Connie smiles, passing you the jersey, his eyes twinkling as he stands. He’s so beautiful. You smile without thinking, letting it blaze across your face. Connie’s eyes crinkle and he tilted his head as he watched you.
“See you then, Connie.” Your voice is small but he hears you, waving as he slips into a jog away. 
Annie is still grinning two hours later, as you’re sitting in a diner off campus, you stirring a straw around your chocolate milkshake and her polishing off the fries you hadn’t demolished. Connie’s jersey was shoved into your bag, gently but shoved all the same and you were pretending nothing had happened. Annie’s smile only broadened when Armin showed up and it was another hour before you could go home and scream into a pillow, nerves fried and stomach a mess.
The thought of the dark-haired girl being his girlfriend was making you uneasy, and not the usual “I’m jealous” uneasy. You weren’t about to be the other person, a homewrecker or even a distraction. It wasn’t fair. To you, to her. But it wouldn’t make sense? She came to his games, she’d definitely see you at half time and if Connie was tryna cheat, he wouldn’t have asked you to wear his number.
But. You laid back against your pillow, one arm beneath your hair as you glared up at the ceiling. With a groan, you rolled over and stood up, beelining for the bathroom before you could do anything cringy, like sniffing the jersey. Which was something you were definitely not wanting to do. Hnngh.
Saturday came around way too quickly. Mostly because you didn’t have class Friday and fucked around all day watching Netflix and occasionally dropping a yoga pose. With no Annie and Armin to hang with, your dinner options were limited. 
Fellow introvert Mikasa Ackerman sent you a text right before you dropped off to sleep that night, asking you to come out for drinks Saturday after the game. The girls played before the boys so you two were friendly, especially with how close you and Eren had to be to work together well. Your little group was tight knit, Mikasa being Eren’s girlfriend was her way in, plus she and Eren went way back with Armin. You pondered your reply as you drifted off, a part of you hoping Connie would be there and a part of you also hoping he wouldn’t. Without Annie as your safety net, you weren’t entirely confident you’d last.
The girls’ games were usually more insane than the guys’. Today proved no different and you were jumping up and down cheering Mikasa’s name more than not. She sent you and Eren little kisses as she jogged by and even smacked her boyfriend’s ass at half time, Historia giggling as they jumped her up into the air. Her girlfriend Ymir played with Meeks, the two were buddy buddy as they were similar height and stature, Meeks was a little more lethal on the court though. Ymir was more lethal off, but you’d learned her bark was worse than her bite and she was soft as fuck for Tori.
Connie was one of the first out of the changing rooms before the boys’ game began, his eyes roaming the squad and then his entire face brightened. He gave you a huge wave and you smiled, wiggling your fingers at him.
“Aw, is that whose number it is! That’s so cute, you guys are adorable.” Tori whispered, you were helping her stretch and you nearly dropped her calf at her words. 
“Shush! It’s not like that!” Tori wiggled her eyebrows at you and you flushed, dropping your head to hide it and she giggled, leaning in to wrap an arm around you.
“Sure, it’s not y/n. Are you coming tonight by the way?” Her abrupt subject changing aside, you were still reeling for the interaction with Connie and it had unsettled you. You nodded, fumbling her leg down as you went for your water bottle. Tipping it back, you chugged it, eyes flitting up to the stands. You swallowed, very fast, nearly choking but the embarrassment of publicly choking was enough to force yourself to breathe. The dark haired girl was in the stands. And she was looking at you. 
She waved at you. You blinked. Huh?
Tori wandered over, following your gaze as she went for her own water bottle. She waved up at the dark haired girl, surprising you and you stared at her, as she slugged water.
“”How do you know Sasha?” Tori asked, her eyebrows wiggling again. Your confusion must have been annoyingly obvious because Tori blinked, placing her bottle down.
“That’s the girl up there. Sasha Blouse. She played earlier, she and Ymir are friends! Sometimes! She’s coming tonight, I think! We’ll have to get her to come back, she’s really funny!” Tori seemed genuinely enthused and you were getting the vibe that Sasha was not actually Connie’s girlfriend, Annie wouldn’t be teasing you about Connie and Tori would definitely have said something by now. She wouldn’t have made the adorable comment if she’d known that they were dating, no, Tori was way too truthful for that!
It was like a weight off of your shoulders, a sigh welled and you slumped a little, heart rate more even than normal and Tori touched your shoulder gently, eyebrows furrowing. The relief that Connie was A. Single and B. wasn’t cheating on his girlfriend by flirting with you was unreal. You hadn’t quite realised how deep you were in when it came to Connie Springer, but this was definitely a realisation, an almost turning point in your self-awareness. You liked Connie Springer. A Lot. Like more than normal. Oh god this was what a crush felt like. Oh dear. Oh no.
“Y/n! C’mon, we gotta do our thing. It’s just this last half and then you can day dream to your heart’s content about Connie.” She was smiling cheekily too, that brat. You shove her shoulder gently, not too hard or Ymir will beat your ass, and follow her back into position, Eren winking at you suggestively as you hurry to drop in behind him and you know he’d heard your conversation. These little fuc-
Connie was lingering by the bar again. He’d lost Sasha and the guys were all running late, so he was mostly alone, with the cheerleaders all grouping together in their little chunks to giggle and gossip together. He kept track of your head, you hadn’t strayed from Historia and Ymir yet and Connie knew you were shy, so he doubted that you would leave their sides. You were missing your usual blonde companions, Armin and Annie were apparently being cute down the coast and he’d been extra pleased to find out you were still coming for drinks. 
Typical introvert behaviour would indicate that you’d be less inclined, but clearly Historia and Ymir were close to you and you enjoyed being with them. When Mikasa and Eren began to close in around you, he realised that you weren’t as friend deprived as he’d initially assumed, you barely hung out with anyone besides Annie on campus and the class you shared with Sasha, Sash had reported that you kept to yourself. 
It had been hard to approach you. Connie had been quietly crushing on you since you’d first joined the cheer squad, you’d been so focused and into it and so supportive and aware of everyone around you and he’d thought you were adorable. It’d progressed to a slight infatuation, he seemed to see you everywhere, whether it was the cafeteria, on the train going home during the holidays or just getting used to seeing you at almost every one of the games he played for the Scouts. 
Connie had a rep. Something Sasha had warned him might chase you away and Connie had stopped then to realise how he might be being perceived. He didn’t really care, if someone loved him they’d love him despite his reputation, but the way it might make you feel he was in-genuine was something he didn’t like. He had only seriously dated one person in his life and that had been years ago, he’d been so focused on school once he’d hit college, that and basketball and he hadn’t really had time to be actively looking for someone to fall in love with. But you, he hadn’t had to do any work. Maybe that’s why you appealed so much. You were so much his type, you were a good person and you surrounded yourself with people Connie liked. Jean liked you, he was a good judge of person, which was why it was interesting that you were also friends with Annie. Someone who terrified most of the campus and yet she clung to you, who he’d barely heard say more than 10 words. 
“You’re being creepy again.” Sasha sidled up, offering him a bao bun and Connie accepted, munching into it before she could change her mind and finish it herself.
“I wanna talk to them but they’re definitely not about to leave that group anytime soon.” Connie gave Sasha a helpless look and she rolled her eyes, hooking her arm through his to actively drag him towards the group, the entire time grumbling about men being the epitome of useless.
“Hi y’all! Mind if we join?” Sasha beams and the group parts a little to allow them in. Connie finds you, sandwiched between Meeks and Eren, they both had an arm around you as you squirm in their grasps. Your eyes meet his and you grimaced, rolling your eyes at their antics and Connie snickered, finishing his bao bun and taking a sip of his drink. He tries not to notice the way your eyes linger on his throat, knowing that acknowledging your gaze means you’re likely to stop looking.
The banter had grown to such heights that Jean had bowed at, not without a sharp closer in Eren’s direction, the darker haired boy looking wounded as he chased after Jean. Sasha tittered softly in Connie’s ear before making her move, she’d been winding up to corner you all night long and a break in the conversation provides her with the opportunity to get into your space, Connie not far behind.
“Hi! I saw you wearing Connie’s number earlier! I hope he remembered to wash it before he gave it to you!” Sasha snarks and Connie groaned quietly. Of course she would use this opportunity to shit on him. Yeah, maybe he’d talked her ear off about how much he liked you on the daily but really Sash? Right now?
“I didn’t exactly smell it before I doused it with my own perfume so I dunno. Maybe it was stinky!” You chime, giving Connie a shit eating grin as you do and it hits him that you’ve already decidedly sided with Sasha and he hasn’t even gotten to speak to you properly yet.
“Oh hi Jean!” And just like that. He got his wish. Sasha spun away, leaving the two of you a little more alone, considering Mikasa, Historia and Ymir all lingered a few feet away, all of them casting occasional glances in your direction. 
“I really liked you in my number.” Connie blurted, tightening his grasp briefly on his glass as he worked up the courage to speak to you normally. Something about being around you unnerved him, you could see through his persona and hopefully his rep. The blush that solidified on your cheeks spoke volumes and Connie absently passed a hand through his buzzcut, watching as you opened your posture a little as you unfolded your arms.
“I liked wearing it! To be honest though, I didn’t think you knew who I was. I didn’t know you knew my name or why you’d want me to wear your number?” He didn’t think he’d heard you say that many words consecutively yet and it fuelled his desire to get you chatting.
“Uh well. I um- I think you’re cute-” 
“And he wants you to have his babies or whatever! Just kiss already!” Fucking Sasha. Connie whirled around, eyes narrowing as his best friend leered at them from where she hung in Mikasa’s arms. Historia looked unsurprised, if a little annoyed and Connie glanced desperately back at you, hoping you weren’t about to hurl a drink at him. Instead, you looked concerned and a little confused.
“Is she telling the truth?” Your voice was quiet and if Connie was right, you sounded hopeful. He nodded, shooting another glare Sasha’s way but she wasn’t paying him any mind, she’d begun to argue with Jean about something and Connie was reminded of why he didn’t go out drinking too much with his favourite loudmouth.
“Well not exactly that, at least not right now but. Yeah, that’s the vibe. I think she’s just sick of me pining over you and this is her final push for results.” He itched the back of his neck sheepishly and you looked thoughtfully at Sasha and then back at Connie finally.
“I’m free Tuesday and I like this coffee shop in town a lot. If you wanted to, yknow, get to the bit before having babies?” Connie’s face must have lit right up because the smile that slid over your features was blushy and sweet and Connie was beyond thrilled.
“I’d love to! I can pick you up if you want or we can take the bus together?” You considered, thinking on it for a moment before you responded.
“I wanna see how you sing in the car before we start dating- I mean, see where this goes.” Connie’s grin was broad and a little shiteating.
“So ya wanna date me hmmm? Do you have any idea how relieved that makes me? I thought you’d turn me down point blank if I asked you ever, who knew you’d be the one propositioning me!” You’re still blushing but you’re also beaming and Connie was feeling more full than he’d felt in forever, everything in him warm and fuzzy and he wasn’t sure he’d ever forget this feeling of relief and pure joy.
Your first date at Levi’s Teashop was actually on a Wednesday. 
In his excitement, Connie had forgotten he had Stat on Tuesday and couldn’t get out of the classes to save his life. You had been amused, utilising the spare day to get through the online content you usually reserved Wednesdays for and was awake bright and early to meet Connie at Levi’s at eleven. He had to be in town at nine to drop Sasha at an appointment but he promised car singing on the way home, which made your stomach skip a little.
He was on time, which was a relief and you were quietly buzzing as you slipped through the door, beelining to where the booth Connie was waving at you from. The owner, a short dark haired man with a sour expression, nodded at you as you passed and you waved at him. 
Slipping into the booth, Connie beamed at you, his half drunk mocha indicating he’d been here a hot minute and you eye the open laptop, the word document he has up has a title, his name and a date and that’s about it. He closes it, grinning at you knowingly as he does before he leans in, invading your personal space.
“You smell good! What do you want by the way?” You blink, smiling at the compliment before you shake your head.
“You’re not buying! I’ll go get my own thank you!” Connie’s eye narrow as he stands beside you, still closer than you’re prepared for.
 “Too bad. I told Levi not to let you pay. So what’ll it be, m’lady?” You rolled your eyes at him and he flicked your nose in retaliation, making you squeak.
“C’mon! You can buy next time if that’ll soothe your conscience.” It did, a little. The promise of seeing him again did send a little thrill up your spine, that you ignored despite the way your cheeks had already begun to heat up.
“I like Levi’s leaf chai’s! And can I have soy milk please?” Connie nodded solemnly, slipping past you to go order with Levi and you watched him from the booth. He’s so beautiful to look at. Connie was a little unassuming at first, you loathed to admit but he was really a beautiful guy. He had to be, to pull off the buzz cut and still be the hottest guy on campus. He was leaning over the counter to chat to who you assume is Levi, casual and confident despite Levi’s generally standoffish vibes. Connie is honestly just right, the Baby Bear to your Goldilocks pickiness with people and you wondered how you’d been so lucky that he’d made the first move. That your little crush had been requited and that you’d had the confidence to accept his advances.
Even if this is just date one, you’re already more comfortable than normal and Connie seemed like a person you could tell anything and he wouldn’t judge. You wanted that in your person, more than anything and to know you might just have that in him was making the butterflies in your stomach whirl into a flurry again. Even if this didn’t work out, you still had him as a potential friend, and that was better than nothing.
As he wanders back, chai pot in hand and cup and saucer wobbling as he walks and he’s smiling at you, his entire face lit up and on a Wednesday, in a cafe. You watched it begin again.
im sorry its been so long! im getting my ass kicked w uni and work briefly picking up! hope everyone is well <3
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bazwillendinflames · 3 months ago
Gravity Falls/LIS2 AU
The last place Sean wants to spend his Summer is in a weird town in the middle of no where, Oregon, reconnecting with a Mother who hadn’t wanted to see them in years in her weird tourist trap. But Daniel is determined to go and his Dad gives Sean little choice but to babysit him.
But soon it becomes clear there is more to Beaver Creek than meets the eye and the strangeness of the town soon unlocks some family secrets and strange abilities. Maybe their Summer won’t be so boring after all.
“Lyla, I will die of boredom.” 
“It can’t be that bad,” she replied, her voice a little tinny still. The bad reception was just one of many reasons that Sean was having an awful time. (In the week and a half since they had arrived, he’d already made a list.) 
“Nope, it is exactly as bad as I’m saying.” 
“I mean, come on, you’re Mom’s there. What’s that like that?” 
Sean scowled. “Number one on reasons this place sucks. All she talks to us about is all this weird mystic stuff she likes. Her store is so weird, it’s all crystals and bad poetry.” 
Lyla snorted. “Really?” 
“Yep. Not to mention this is the whitest town ever.” He glanced out the window, where Karen was smoking, notebook in hand and ducked his head before she could spot him. “There are no cool people.” 
“Come on, you have Danny.” 
“I get enough babysitting at home thanks.” He glanced outside again, wondering exactly how long he could bitch on the phone for and call it a break. “Anyway, this place is just making Daniel weirder. He’s convinced this place is magic or something.” 
“That’s sweet. Hey, we used to play witches when we were kids, remember?”
“Hey, you were the witch, I was a manly wizard.” 
That time Lyla actually laughed. “Sure dude. I’ll believe it when I see it.” 
“Anyway, we were into the Harry Potter books, you know before terf-face ruined them. Daniel is into the ancient runes and fake spell cards Mo- Karen sells.” 
“That’s adorable.” 
“Ugh, only you could find him adorable. That’s only because Daniel doesn’t kick you in your sleep-” 
“Did Lyla call me adorable?” 
Sean sighed as Daniel barged in. Not much had changed since home tehre at least, apart from the fact they now shared Karen’s attic room. (Bunk beds, making the being kicked in the shin at night thing even more annoying.) 
“Hey, I’m kinda on the-” 
Daniel yanked the phone and rolled on the bed. “Hiiiiii Lyla. Do you miss us?” 
“Give me that back.” 
He wiggled out of his grap. “Did you know Sean talks in his sleep, it’s so weird-” 
“You would know about weird,” he grumbled, snatching his phone back, only to find the shitty signal had finally cut out on Lyla. “Dude.” 
“Sorry.” Daniel grinned at him. “Hey, I’m helping Mom restock, can you help me reach the top shelves?” 
He checked the time on his phone. He had almost managed a whole brother-free hour. 
“Guess I should I get back to work.” 
“Cool.” Daniel followed him downstairs, bouncing with energy. “Hey, Sean what does terf-face mean?” 
  Sean was stuck behind the register, although the store was still empty. He wasn’t sure why Karen insisted on such early opening hours when no one else showed up. 
He rubbed his eyes, the early start not helped by the fact Daniel had been reading with a torch all night. He had picked up a weird book from the store or something. Of course he would pick up a late night reading habit once they were sharing a room. 
“I brought you guys some toast.” Karen balanced the plate on the top of some unsold art books. (Her organization was as great as her parenting.) 
“Thanks Mom!” 
Sean poked at a black spot under a thick layer of peanut butter. “Yeah, thanks.” 
“I gotta do some inventory but I’ll be back up for lunch.” 
“Can we go to the cool diner? Chris says the milkshakes are great.” 
Karen smiled. “Yeah. Does that sound good Sean?” 
He grunted in response and her grin flickered. 
“Right, work. You boys got this.” 
“We’re not your boys,” Sean muttered, although she didn’t hear. 
“Why are you so mean to Mom?” Daniel asked, his mouth full of toast. “She’s always nice.” 
“Right, she’s been real nice the first nine years of your life.” 
Daniel looked up at him with big eyes. “Sean…” 
“Fine, I’ll try. Put those eyes away Bambi.” 
He smiled. “So, I was thinking the strawberry milkshakes are Chris’ favourite but I like chocolate more so you could get one and we could share?” 
“Huh, yeah, sure.” Sean had only been half listening, distracted by the newest customer. Waking up early suddenly had its appeal. The girl had matted purple hair, an arm full of tattoos and a guitar strapped to her back. She caught him looking and winked. 
“Are you okay Sean? You just went really red and-” 
“What? No. Shut up.” Sean moved into a more casual position, his eyes still fixed on the pretty girl. His elbow knocked the tip jar and it fell off the edge. “Shit-” 
“Here.” Daniel put it back. “Woah…” 
“Good catch Enano.” 
“Yeah. Catch! I totally caught it.” Daniel smiled a little suspiciously. “Hey, you said a swear, you owe me a dollar.” 
“A dollar? It’s only a quarter at home.” 
“Now we’re away from Dad, you’re supposed to be a good influence.” 
“You get a quarter.” Sean dropped the coin in his hand. “Be cool.” 
“Hey boys.” The purple-haired girl leaned against the other end of the counter, an easy smile on her face. Her voice had a faint Southern tang. “So, I come to this town every Summer and I don’t recognise either of you cuties.” 
“I- we- um-” 
His brother beat him to it. “I’m Daniel.” 
Cursing his stammering, he finally managed to introduce himself. “I’m Sean.” 
“Why hello. I’m Cassidy.” 
“Hi. Um, cool guitar. You play?” (Internally, Sean cringed: You play? Why else would she have a guitar?) 
“Yeah, funnily enough. I’m actually here to hand out flyers for my band’s show. Could you hang it up?” 
“Yeah.” Sean took the flyer. “Your show is this Friday?” 
“And every other Friday. You wanna come?” 
“I’m invited?” 
Cassidy laughed. “Yeah sure. It is a concert. You’re lucky you’re cute, City Boy.” 
“City boy?” 
“It’s on your sweatshirt idiot,” Daniel whispered. Seattle Track Meet, 2015. He was frowning in the general direction of Cassidy. “We’re busy Friday so-” 
“No. Nope, I’m not busy. Ignore him.” Sean flattened his hair. “I’ll be there Friday.” 
“I’ll look out for you City Boy. Nice to meet you.” 
Sean waited until Cassidy had left before pumping his fist. “Yes! She called me cute Dan!” 
“You’re the worst.” 
Daniel pouted. “You promised you’d take me camping in the woods Friday. I already brought us marshmallows and walkie-talkies.” 
“Hey, there is plenty of time to camp in those freaky woods. But I only have one chance with a girl like Cassidy.” 
“Wrong, you have zero chances with any girl.” Daniel stomped off to the corner of the store. “You’re the worst.” 
“Dan- come on.” His brother went back to ignoring him. Sean crossed his arms. “Fine. Be like that!” 
There was the only sound of a raspberry in response. 
  “Nope, I’m totally with Danny. That was a jerk move.” 
“What? Lyla, you’re supposed to be my hype man- er woman. You’re always trying to set me up on dates.” 
“Dude, three weeks ago you were so into Jenn.” 
He sighed. “And Jenn was into Derek Anderson. We had ice cream and everything.” 
“Dude, don’t fuck up your relationship with Danny over a dumb Summer romance.” 
Sean buried his head in his pillow. “You sound like my Dad.” 
“Go to this hippy girl’s show next time. You Danny will do the face.” 
“The Bambi face?” Sean groaned. “I have been facing the Bambi face all week.” 
Lyla scoffed. “Is there anything else to add?” 
“Fine. I’ll go camping. But only for the s’mores.” 
“Okay, brother of the year.” 
“Thanks jerk.” 
Lyla blew him an exaggerated kiss. “Aw, love you too.”
Sean grabbed his backpack, moving to shove in his hoodie and torch. Daniel had already shoved one of the walkie-talkies inside. 
“Calling little wolf, we are back on for camping.” 
There was nothing but static on the other end. Sean pocketed the walkie-talkie and headed downstairs, calling his brother’s name. There was no one in the kitchen and only Karen sitting in the living room, chewing on the edge of a pen. 
“Hey, have you seen Daniel?” 
Karen looked up. “Oh, I thought you already left? Daniel passed by twenty minutes ago with the sleeping bags.” 
“That little-” Sean wasn’t panicking, but he was maybe sweating a little more than he had been before. “Um, right. I just forget a…” he scanned the room and grabbed Daniel’s weird book, “scary story. Classic camping right?” 
“Oh. Have a nice time then.” Karen hesitated. “I know you’re not thrilled to be here. But I hope by the end of the Summer we can understand each other better. 
“Me too.” Sean tried to look as un-guilty as possible. “See you tomorrow Karen.” 
  “Daniel!” He yelled, running head first into the spooky mass of woodlands beyond their store. “Dan, I’m sorry okay. Quit hiding!” 
No answer. Sean went digging for the walkie-talkie, now glowing an eerie blue. 
The walkie-talkie crackled again- “Sean?” 
“Dan.” He let out a shaky breath. “Hey, I’m sorry I ditched you-” 
“Sean, help!” 
He was clutching the walkie-talkie so hard his knuckles went white. “What’s wrong? I’m coming okay. What’s happening?” 
“Creature- help- monster- ahh!” 
Sean scanned the trees around him, suddenly aware he was lost too. Daniel had been the one eager to explore the woods but he had said it was too creepy and now it seemed he was being proven right. 
“Sean- book- monster-” 
He dug around to find the weird book Daniel had been carrying around all week. He had assumed it was from one of Karen’s displays but now he was looking at it, the journal seemed too real to go with the modern witchcraft bullshit she was trying to sell. The cover was dark blue and the pages thick with drawings and polaroids. 
“Dan, I have the book, what do I need to look for? What is this thing?” 
“Page- tree- monster-” Daniel was breathing heavily. “Hear?” 
“I can hear you,” he said comfortingly, “I’m coming.” 
He held the torch in his teeth, flicking through pages until he came across a few marked with Daniel’s doodles and writing. He seemed to be studying telekinetic powers, complete with a superhero sketch: SUPER /DUDE DAN/ WOLF? ask Sean for name ideas
He finally came across the page that looked like a bush drawn with yellow eyes. 
camouflage shape shifters 
Hard to photograph shush ma-
Likes dark 
Under the original writing Daniel had added his own note: babies in woods. 
“Hey,” Sean held up the walkie-talkie, “is it these moss creatures? What well?” 
“Sean!” This time Daniel’s voice was clearer, his voice steadier. 
“Dan. What happened? Please tell me you had a good reason to go into the woods alone without telling me or Karen.” 
“Come on, that’s it? Can you yell at me when I’m not being chased?” 
“Okay. I’m coming, where are you?” 
“Where are you?” 
“By some trees. There’s a sign for a lake?” 
“Go to the lake, I’ll meet you there.” Daniel was cut off by some more static. “Hey, stop chewing that Mushroom!” 
Sean followed the signs, hoping Daniel at least would know a way out. How did he know the woods so well already? Was Sean that much of a shitty brother he hadn’t noticed him running off into these haunted-ass woods? 
The lake slowly came into the view but it was empty. 
“Daniel? Dan?” 
The lake was weirdly normal, just muddy water and a few droopy looking frogs. Still, Sean was still on edge, swinging the heavy torch from hand to hand. The faster they got home, the better. 
His relative peace was interrupted by the rustling of tree branches and heavy footsteps. Daniel came barging through the trees, a small bundle of something wrapped in his checked shirt. Something was chasing him and fast- Sean barely had time to move out the way as Daniel crashed into him. Something big and fast ran past. 
“Sean!” Daniel threw himself into his arms. “I’m sorry, don’t yell at me.” 
“I’m not mad. But you did scare the shit out of me.” 
“Fine, you get a dollar, let’s just go-” 
“No, look.” 
Sean turned slowly, met with amber eyes and a large face of bark and weeds. The creature sniffed at him curiously. 
Daniel hid behind him. “Any ideas?” 
“You have the stupid haunted book!” The creature snorted, blowing hot air in his face. “Wait, the book said-” Sean slowly moved for his pocket, finding Dad’s lighter. 
“Dan, on three, we run.” 
“One-” he reached for a branch, “two-” he flicked the lighter on, “three!” Sean held the flaming branch up the creature’s face, dragging Daniel out the way as it squirmed. “What, the light should have scared it off.” 
“Remember when you said you weren’t going to get mad?” 
Sean turned to him, as Daniel revealed the squirming mass of moss in his arms. 
“You stole it’s kid?” 
“I always wanted a puppy! She’s called Mushroom-” 
Seeing it’s child, the larger creature started inching slowly towards Daniel. 
“Put it down! We can’t keep this weird monster-baby!” 
“We bonded!” The larger creature nudged its nose towards the smaller one, poking his chest with a spikey horn. “Okay, I’ll give her back.” 
Daniel held out his arms, placing the small creature on the floor. It wiggled a loose vine that could almost be a tail and followed its parents into the woods. 
Sean punched him in the arm. “That’s for trying to adopt an actual monster.” 
Daniel rubbed his arm. “Ouch.” 
Sean pulled him into a hug. “And that’s for scaring the shit out of me. I’m glad you’re okay though.” 
“Me too.” Daniel smiled. “Hey, now you owe me two dollars!” 
  After all the excitement, the brothers’ settled on camping in Karen’s yard. 
“So, you found that spooky book in a tree and didn’t think to tell me?” 
“You were being the worst!” 
Sean laughed. “Okay, I deserve that. But, next time you find a weird monster thing, tell me. We’re in this together.” 
“Okay promise.” Daniel threw another marshmallow at him. “Sorry I made you miss your concert. I guess Cassidy wasn’t that bad.” 
“Hey, I saved your butt, that’s more important.” Sean took a bite out a s’more. “Hey, there isn’t anything else you’re not telling me right?” 
“Actually,” Daniel held out his hand, a marshmallow hoovering a few inches above his palm. “Surprise?” 
(A boring Summer suddenly looked so much more appealing.)
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musicallisto · 3 months ago
hii congrats on 800!! can i req a vanilla milkshake for mcu? i go by she/her (i'm straight), i'm estp, capricorn, enneagram: type 8. i'm pretty extroverted but need a break sometimes + i have a lot of friends i love to hangout w. i'm a gifted burnout. i'm mean to people i love + i'm touch starved (but hate being touched). i'm very sarcastic. my hobbies are debate, karate, baking, i like to travel and listen to rock. i love rollercoasters. i'm 5'6, have curly black hair and two ear piercings. tyy
here’s your vanilla milkshake, nonny, and sorry for the wait; I have quite a lot on my plate right now! let’s see what tony stark has in store for you, shall we?
Tumblr media
Of course, Tony is a little bit extravagant in his attempts to sweep you off your feet.
After all, all the other girls have always seemed to like that in him; the fancy suits and expensive gifts and fine dining. Why would your situation be any different?
He quickly understands, though, that for once in his life it isn’t opening his wallet that will get him where he wants; but rather his heart.
He gets to know you progressively, but never hides his intentions toward you - he isn’t the type of man to play subtle. What he wants, he goes for; and at the time being, what he wants is you. To know you entirely, to go past the surface of your beautiful skin he so desperately wants to touch, and to discover the depths of your soul.
And although he tries to play it cool as he always does, he’s a little bit scared, in truth, of how profound and real and raw his feelings are this time. He’s rarely ever felt that for someone else, and he has pretty much no idea where he’s supposed to go after he eventually charms you.
Like most things in life, though, he imagines he’ll figure it out when he gets there. The sincerity of his feelings and his boundless adoration for you should be enough, shouldn’t they?
You see very well what Tony is attempting, and you let him have it. You don’t mind the courting, honestly. Tony has always been a good friend of yours, from your old college days, and even more, he’s grown incredibly charming in the years you’ve been friends. You might even dare say that you’re starting to fall a little for him, too.
Even if you tell him time and time again that you prefer lowkey dates, it’s in his blood to be dramatic, and you know you will never be able to change him.
(Even when you had to partner up for projects in college, he would always HAVE to have the most extravagant final project, even if that took him spending a sleepless week to polish up the details. You’ve always admired his drive, hard work, and his sense for theatrics... even when your incredulous, exhausted younger self found him slumped in the middle of your dorm at three and a half in the morning, surrounded by newsprint and gears of various sizes.)
So of course he privatizes Six Flags in New Jersey for a weekend getaway when he learns how much you love rollercoasters.
You’re both adrenaline junkies, so you’re both going on the fastest, highest rides, over and over again, until you’re both literally out of breath and Tony complains about the pain in his back.
“Tired yet, old man?”
“Pff, you wish. Race you back to the entrance of the ride!”
... And you’re on for yet another ride. But neither of you will complain, of course.
You pull the most horrendous grimaces when the photo is taken in the big drop because you’ve noticed and remembered the moment the flash goes off, and Tony right next to you is just. Screaming at the top of his lungs, holding onto your arm for dear life.
“For someone who flies so much in a state-of-the-art armor, you’re pretty scared of heights.”
“Actually, flying in an armor and being on a rollercoaster are wildly different things, but you couldn’t possibly know that. Not your fault, though.”
He and his stupid engineering degree and scientific pride, but then he has the common sense of a literal five year-old.
You spend most of the day sassing each other out constantly and teasing the other for their supposed “exhaustion”, and how they can’t keep up...
... but at the end of the day when night settles on the park and you’ve finished your second cotton candy, you’re both so tired that you barely make it back to your hotel room before crashing down on the mattress.
It’s a sweet night you spend together, watching the empty park, the stars above the pines, and an airplane’s flickering light in the ink sky, under the covers with the man you now realize you have loved for years.
You’re not cuddling, because he understands and respects you’re not one for physical touch - he isn’t really either, truth be told; he’s comfortable with love when it’s all fun and games, but the real deal makes him insanely nervous -, but he’s holding your hand and pressing it every now and then against his palm, and you’ve never felt so content and peaceful.
The following morning, he’s up with the sun - how the man manages to live off so few hours of sleep will always be a complete mystery to you.
He admires you in your sleep, completely lost the world of dreams, and he wonders how he got lucky enough to be able to love a girl like you, and especially be loved by her in return...
... until he grabs his phone and speaker and plays some loud, guitar riff in the whole bedroom, jostling you awake.
He guffaws and guffaws, far from the composed and snarky little laugh, at your reaction, and your irritated pout. He knows you’ll forgive him soon enough; the day’s plan is so exciting that he merely wanted to wake you up early so you had more time to enjoy it.
Besides, this is your favorite song.
Tumblr media
800 follower sleepover CLOSED!
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ourlover · 4 months ago
aaa, hihi-- so, while late-night lurking in your blog, i noticed that you don't have any izuru content! so, as a hajime + izuru fanatical enthusiast, may i request some general relationship/nsfw hcs with izuru and hajime? :) (also, i'm glad that my little message got to you! i only found you recently, but i always come back to reread your works-- i love them all! <33 )
Tumblr media
but YES! here are some hajime + izuru headcanons!
nsfw under the cut! (it is separate from the fluff so if you want to only read that you can!)
Tumblr media
Hajime Hinata
* very awkward, how you managed to start dating him beats me
* physical affection is something he enjoys a lot, but holy shit does he hate the blush it brings to his face
* hug him dear god he loves hugs so much
* out in public he will definitely have his hands on you somewhere
* whether it’s an arm draped over your shoulders, around your waist, or your hand in his, you will definitely be touching somehow
* i think it just makes him feel cool, being able to proudly show off his S/O to others
* he is quite insecure, though, and sometimes he feels as if he doesn’t deserve you
* just remind him how much you love him daily, it makes him so happy
* omg wait he loves it if you massage his shoulders
* i mean he probably likes a lot of cheesy romantic stuff and is embarrassed about it but you find it absolutely adorable
* i’m talking shit like sharing a milkshake together at diners, big bouquets of flowers, roses, boxes of chocolate, all that shit
* he can be a little snippy with others sometimes, but he always has a soft spot for you
* just a very SOFT boyfriend, all around
* would go to the ends of the earth for you
* i am going to cut myself off now because i could ramble on and on about this guy in a relationship, he is one of my favorite characters of any series JSNDNEH
* praise kink JWJSJ
* i just had to get that out of the way, he loves being told how good he is making you feel
* he likes body worship as well
* hajime doesn’t mind whether he is on the receiving end or not, but it’d be a lie if he said he didn’t thoroughly enjoy it when you kiss every inch of his body and tell him how beautiful he is
* he doesn’t like to sub all that much
* he cannot handle it when you go down on him either AHSHDH he usually has to tear your head off of him before he finishes too early
* i don’t think he is into kinky stuff though
* he likes it best when it is just you and him, connected in more ways than one JSHDHAJA
Tumblr media
Izuru Kamukura
* dude is fucking clueless, but it doesn’t even phase him
* he doesn’t completely understand the concept of relationships, either, but when he met you he couldn’t deny that something new sparked inside of him
* he would definitely let you play with his hair
* if you tell him you love him he’ll probably just be like “ok” 😐
* i feel like he is a tsundere but he doesn’t even know that he is being one he just doesn’t understand how you make him feel
* doesn’t mind you clinging to him 24/7, in fact, he enjoys it
* i think later in the relationship he might be willing to let his guard down a little around you
* like, if you’re cuddling, he’ll fall asleep first
* little things that let you know that he trusts you
* izuru reminds me of a cat and idk how that is relevant right now but i just thought i’d mention it
* i think in his sleep he subconsciously clings to you tighter
* he would die before admitting it, but he loves it when you kiss his forehead
* you can usually pick up on what he enjoys, though, because he will do the same things to you in an attempt to make you feel the joy he felt
* it’s very sweet
* you’re gonna have to teach him a few things, but the love you two share for one another is pure, and that’s what matters
* ok i have seen people say he’s very kinky and stuff but i have to disagree
* sex, for him, is a way to express his feelings without actually having to put them into words
* absolutely focused on your pleasure
* he isn’t very loud, but his face is usually by your ear, which lets you hear some low hums and heavy breathing
* he is very observant, and can see immediately whether you like something or not
* i think he really likes it if you wrap your legs around his hips, keeping him close to you
* likes it when your hands are tangled in his hair
* but yeah, he can last a while too
* afterwards, you get to see a much softer side of your boyfriend than you usually do, as he holds you while you both fall asleep
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kordy-b · 5 months ago
Chapter 24
Elijah looked into the room where Rebekah was taking care of a sleeping Vienna, she turned away and made he way downstairs, “How is she?” Klaus asked from his spot on the couch.
“She’s still resting but Rebekah says she gonna be okay.” He steps closer, Klaus nodded.
Marcella glared into the fire as they continue speaking. Tyler, Stefan, and Alaric left to take care of some business leaving the rest of teens at the manor. An dark cloud came over Marcella as she felt someone sit next to her.
“Hey...” Hayley says softly, removing a piece of hair from in front of her face.
Marcella grunt in response to Hayley presences, the young werewolf sat there awkwardly as they both watched the fire crackled in silence. “How are you doing? Considering what happened in the last ten minutes.”
Marcella glanced towards Hayley, she stared blankly into her eyes causing the young girl to look away uncomfortable. “Great...all things considering...” she responded taking a sip of her drink.
Hayley nodded, they sat in silence again.
Tumblr media
“Look I know you don’t know me as well as the others and I don’t do teen drama. So what’s your problem with me?” She spoke turning fully towards the hybrid, Marcella looked down as she swish her drink around.
Hayley scoffed, stood to leave. When Marcella spoke up, “Its not what you did that is the problem, it’s what you going to do that will be a problem.” Marcella backed the rest of her drink and left to see Vienna. Hayley stood looking after her confused. After she shook it off, she grab her belongings and left.
Keira and Azalea drives into town and parked the car in front of Ice Cream Parlor.
“Any request?” Azalea asked as she turns off the engine and grabs her wallet.
She thought for a minute before smiling. “Surprise me.”
“Okayyy.” Azalea snickered and got out of the car, Keira put her shades on as she grabs her headphone from her bag and relaxed in the car listening to her music.
Keira snapped her eyes opened moving one of her headphones from her ears and looked around the car quickly. She looked out the window to find anyone out of place but only saw civilians go about their day-to-day life. She shook it off and relaxed back in her seat and turned up her music a bit more. As she slowly begin to relaxed again, static starts blaring through the head phone causing her to throw them of her head.
Keira heart starts to beat rapidly as she gets out the car, she makes her way toward the door of the ice parlor.
She turned around quickly, sudden pain shot through her head making her stumble away from the door. She looked around dizzy, and makes her way toward a bench under a tree. She puts her head in her hands as the voices start getting louder.
“Hey...are you alright?”
The voices stop as she look up with tears running down her face, the guy in front of her looks at her concern.
“Yea-yeah just got really bad headache.” She sniffles as she glanced away from the guy to wipe the tears away, he stood in front of her digging in his bag.
“Here.” He handed her a napkin, she looked at him and then at the napkin before grabbing it.
“Do you always carry napkins around in your book bag.” She breathed, wiping the stained tears away.
“Only when I see pretty girls cry.” He replied jokingly, she stared stolid at his his comment.
Tumblr media
“I mean- uh i work at the ice cream shop over there, and I have really bad allergies which cause me to have nose bleed. So my boss allows me to take some home before I leave. “ Keira grimace at the mention of his circumstances, making the boy panicked.
“oh god...sorry tmi, i didn’t mean to gross you out. I leave you alone now.” He says awkwardly, moving away before getting stopped by Keira.
“no,no, it’s okay. Stay. It happens to the best of us.” She reassure him, they both grew silent as Keira finish wiping away the tears and the boy standing there awkwardly.
“I’m Elliot, by the way...” the boy reach his hand out in front of him for her to shake, “...Elliot Thompson.” He smiled as she shook his hand.
“Hello Elliot Thompson, I’m Keira Jean but my friends call me, Kay.” She smiled letting go off his hand. “You want to sit down?” She gestured to the empty seat next to her. He smiled and nodded.
“You new to Mystic Falls?”
“Uh no, I actually I lived here before. I moved away couple months ago for personal reasons.” She says.
“How long have you stayed here?”
“I just moved here, two months ago with my mom and younger brother.” He says
“How you liking it, so far?”
“Ehhhh...Let’s just say being the new kid at new school sucks. I thought I be use to it by now.” He says sadly adjusting his book bag. Keira nodded.
“Yeah, me too.” She whispered, he looked at her for a bit before noticing her necklace around her neck.
“Ahem, eyes up here buddy...” she said, catching his attention. Elliot started to blush and gulp, he opened and closes his mouth trying to get words out. “I wasn’t- I mean I was but not for what you think. I was just admiring your locket.”
She narrowed her eyes at him, “I swear I’m not some kind of pervert...” he said, she looked at him up and down before speaking, “..Mm-hmm...” She hums before getting up as he follows.
“We cool?” He asked nervously.
Keira thinks about for a bit, “...Yeah, we cool..” she smirks, he sighed and smiles at her. Before either of them could speak, Azalea called for Keira.
“Uhhhh...I gotta go but, it was nice to meeting you Elliot..” she smiled, walking away from the boy.
“It was nice meeting you too, see you around.” He waved as she got in the car and drove away, and went to opposite direction smiling the whole way home.
“So are you gonna tell me about the guy, you were talking to?” Azalea ask driving down the road, Keira rolled her eyes, “There’s nothing to tell, he was asking for direction and one thing leads to another, we just started talking.” She replies nonchalantly.
“Uh-huh...” she took a sip from her milkshake before speaking, “ think Klaus mind that we took his black card, to buy all this stuff?” Keira looked in the backseat to all the bags they brought well out, “The man is thousand years old, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t mind us spending a bit off money. ”
Azalea nodded her head in agreement, she and Keira sat in comfortable silence as the music plays through the car. After an hour, Azalea pulled up to the manor and helped with being the bags inside.
As they enter the house they saw broken glass and flipped over furniture in the living room. They looked around in shock to find Klaus and Elijah, along with Damon beaten up badly.
“What the hell happened here?” Azalea asked sitting the bags down on the floor, “That demon bitch, you called a sister is what happened..” Azalea ignored Damon and helped Klaus’s up as Keira just growled at Damon.
“What is he talking about?” Keira asked turning her attention away from Damon to Bonnie as she helps Yasmine with her wounds, “I don’t know, one minute she’s fine, and then next she starts attacking everybody. ” Bonnie whispered the last part, still in shock from what happened earlier.
Tumblr media
“I got her to calm down from now, but I don’t know how long I can keep her like that-oh girls you home early. “ everyone looked at the women come down the stairs towards them, “I thought you be home much later?”
“Uhhh...yeah, we had to cut things short. Do we know each other? You seem very familiar.” Keira asked the young woman before her.
“Oh! Yeah, sorry. I’m still getting used to the fact I’m not in my body. Well, Marcella’s body...” Azalea and Keira looked at each other confused.
“It’s Vienna..” Elijah comment. Both girls looked surprised at the women who claim to be their “sister”.
“How?” Azalea asked confused, “I don’t know, but all I can remember was being locked in a dark room and then being blinded by a bright light. Next thing I know I was here, not in Marcella’s body anymore. “
“Wow...” Keira says walking around Vienna, “...weird enough this body fits you...” Vienna giggled, making Kiera smile
“She’s, Vienna, “ Keira thought.
“As sweet as this is. I want to know what the hell are we gonna do with that thing you have upstairs?” Damon hissed as he glared at Klaus.
“That “ thing ” upstairs name is Marcella...” Vienna defended Marcella as she glared at him.
“Whatever...we need to do something fast before she wakes up and try again. “
“What’s wrong with her?” Azalea asked.
Vienna looked hesitant at first, “She doesn’t have a soul..”
“Called it. “ Yasmine announced, smiling from the floor.
Vienna rolled at her eyes and continued, “The spell that was casted took away her mortality from her body making her soulless.”
“So her humanity is off, all we need to is turn it back on.” Bonnie says as she and others start talking among themselves.
“That’s not what I meant-“
“I vote sister dearest should go first, maybe if we lucky we can see a cat fight break out.” Damon smirked as Yasmine gave him an sarcastic smile.
“That’s won’t work-“
“She’s right. We need someone who can bring her back, like Keira and Azalea or Klaus.” Bonnies said cutting off Vienna.
“If you haven’t notice, witch. She almost grudge my eyes out, I’m out of the question.” Klaus says
As Vienna tried to say something, she another person interpreted her. Getting fed up, she put her whistled loudly catching everyone attention.
“None of those are gonna work, you can’t turn on her humanity if it’s not there anymore.” Vienna huffed
“What are you talking about, it’s not there anymore?” Elijah asked.
“I’m talking about me, as long as I stay here. She won’t be getting any better.”
“Wait! I don’t understand, Marcella told us you were her sister. Are you telling me she been lying?” Rebekah said.
“Yes, but-“
“If you not our sister than who the hell are you?” Keira said moving away from her. Vienna stared hurt at Keira action.
“I’m still me. I’m still the sister, you know and lived with all these years.”
“I beg to differ..” Keira snapped, surprising her family, “..I mean, how can we believe anything you or Marcella say. All you two ever done since we got here is lie to us over and over again. “
“I know and I wish i’d didn’t have to, but-“
“But what ? You didn’t have a choice or we ‘re you doing it to “protect” us?”
Vienna bit her lip in shame at the excuses, she made in the past to her sisters. For years she been trying to take care of her sister, but whenever things felt like it’s was getting too domesticate. Marcella would always find a way to pull back, which would make Vienna send Keira away to stay with her brothers. So, she wouldn’t hurt her.
“You right..” she croaked, Keira looked unfazed as her sister kept talk, “...I lie and make excuse, I been lying to you since the day you woke up. I been lying to all of you for so many years, because I always thought I was keeping you safe or didn’t want get hurt.” She glanced at Klaus for a second.
“Then tell us, no more lying. Just tell us the truth. The whole truth.” Azalea pled.
“Okay...” Marcella nodded, “...the truth to matter is everything you think you know isn’t true. Every since Aisha’s death, I been using my powers to manipulate you minds for centuries. Which mean the memories, you think you have may not be really but fake.”
“Wh-what?” Keira stuttered, Yasmine looked taken back at the confession Vienna made, “what the hell, v!” She exclaimed.
“I think I’m gonna be sick.” Keira said dizzy as she sit on the couch.
“How many times? How many times did you do it?” Yasmine hissed pissed, that her mind was being tampering with without her knowledge.
“Only a few times, here and there from my knowledge..”
“From your knowledge?!? What the-“ Yasmine bite her tongue as she try controlling herself, “It was her wasn’t it. That egocentric bitch!” She shouted.
“Yasmine, please-“
“No! For centuries, We let her control our life and push us around. And she wonder why her family hates her so much and rather you over her. “ she hissed again.
“That’s not true. I know deep down you love your sister and that you care for her-. “ Yasmine started laughing at Vienna’s words.
“You are either really naive or really dumb to think that we actually care about her....” Klaus narrowed his eyes at the young girl tied up as Vienna stared doleful at Yasmine, “...The only reason we haven’t gotten rid of her yet is because of you. If you weren’t here she be caste aside in a heartbeat. Cairo and Avery couldn’t stand her always belittling them, because they were human and not like her. She tortured me and Luka by sticking us in that tomb for ages because we were happy well she was miserable. “
“ you see,V. It’s impossible to love a utter monster like her, when all she do is destroy and manipulate people who try to show her any form of love.” Vienna stood grimly.
“It’s not her fault..” she said defeated.
“God, how many times are you gonna stick your neck out for her. How can you not see , she’s using you too. Like the rest of us.” She huffed and walked into the kitchen with Rebekah and the girls follow behind her.
“Damn, and I thought your family was bad.” Damon looked towards Klaus and Elijah as he whistle leaving to check on Elena.
Vienna looked at Klaus and saw the anger and hurt in his eyes. When he stared back at her, he knew that he was like the others.
“Klaus..” he passed her, “..wait, please. Let me explain.” She grab his arm.
“There’s nothing else’s to say, love.” He pulled away and walked out the house. Vienna felt the tears roll down, she felt like her whole world was slowly falling apart.
She felt Elijah’s hand on her arm, “I talk to him.” She gave him a small smiled as he squeeze her arm before leaving after his brother. Now alone in the living room, Vienna starts to breakdown.
“Awww...poor little V, I always warn you about them. I told they were gonna leave sooner or later, but did you listen No of course not.”
“Shut up..”
“...Because perfect Vienna always has to make everyone like her. How did that kool-aid taste going down?” Vienna cringe when she hears Marcella laughing echoing inside her head. Vienna towards the kitchen before looking up the stair, her hands clutch together tightly making her palms bleed.
“Oh-oh, someone’s anger.” Vienna started slowly walking up the stairs towards Marcella temporary room. As she twist the door knob, she saw Marcella laying in bed motionless. She turns towards the stairs before closing the door behind.
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flowerfan2 · 6 months ago
Part of You Indefinitely - Ch. 8
It’s almost over - after this, Ch. 9 is the epilogue.  Thanks all for reading and reblogging.  I hope my readers new to Schitt’s Creek have enjoyed this!
Tumblr media
Read from the beginning on A03; or go to Chapter 8.  M, 24k.
Summary – An accident sends Patrick to the hospital and terrifies David.  What follows changes their relationship in ways David and Patrick never imagined.  A story of love and its challenges.
Chapter 8
David’s head is pounding when his alarm goes off.  He swats it and turns over, curling up under the blankets.
He’s not sure how much time has passed when he feels someone gripping his arm.  “Leave me alone, I’m sleeping.”
“David?  It’s almost eight, you overslept.”
David scrunches his eyes closed.  He flinches from the touch of Patrick’s hand on his forehead.
“Shit, you’re burning up.”  Patrick’s hand is cool, almost painful on his skin as he rests the back of his hand on David’s cheek, and then it’s gone.  David presses his face into the pillow and drifts off.
The next thing he knows is Patrick shaking him again.  “I know you don’t feel good, honey,” Patrick says, his voice soft.  “But sit up just for a sec, and take some medicine.  Come on.”
David squints one eye open and sees Patrick in his chair, next to the bed.  There’s a glass of water on the nightstand, and Patrick has two Tylenol in his hand.  David shoves himself up against the pillows and takes the pills, his hand trembling as he brings the glass of water to his mouth.
“Drink all of it,” Patrick says, and David grimaces.  His throat is on fire and the water isn’t helping.  He drains as much as he can stand from the glass, Patrick taking it from his hand when it is clear that David is done.
David sinks back against the pillows and closes his eyes.  He falls asleep to the reassuring sensation of Patrick stroking his shoulder.
He dreams about hiking, but instead of climbing a rather tame Canadian hill, they’re in the desert, David and Patrick and far too many cactuses – cacti?  There’s a long road winding in the distance, but they’ve got a ways to go to reach it, and their path is filled with sand and rocks and darting small versions of wildlife that seem to morph between lizards and furry things that might be weasels.  Patrick scolds David for not wearing mountaineering shoes, and tells him to take off his sweater because it’s making him overheat.  Suddenly there’s a cliff, and Patrick is standing close to the edge, pointing out the view, and then he’s gone, disappearing over it without a word.
“David,” a voice calls, and David jolts awake, eyes flashing open to see Patrick’s worried face.  
“You shouldn’t stand near the edge,” David says, grabbing Patrick’s arm.
“Um, okay, I won’t,” Patrick says.  
David blinks, looking around at their bedroom, his eyes landing on the dresser from Patrick’s old apartment, the wardrobe half open with all his knitwear stored carefully inside, the wooden chest at the foot of the bed.  “I was dreaming,” David says, and he tries to take in a deep breath, but his throat hurts too much.
“I got that,” says Patrick.  “Here, drink this.”
David shakes his head.  “It hurts.”
“This won’t.”  Patrick tilts the glass towards him, a straw sticking up towards his mouth.  
David takes a sip and practically moans in relief.  “What is that?”
“Chocolate Nutella milkshake.  Twyla brought us some supplies.”
“She didn’t make it herself,” David says.  It’s not even a question – Twyla’s concoctions are universally terrible.
“No, she did not.”  Patrick leaves the milkshake in David’s hand and points their thermometer at David’s forehead.  “Hold still for a second.”
David lets Patrick take his temperature, not really paying much attention.  When he’s done, Patrick tilts the milkshake straw in David’s direction.  He drinks a little more, then shakes his head to try to clear it.  “What time is it?”
“Almost noon.  Time for you to take another dose.  We’ll alternate until your fever comes down.”  Patrick shakes a few Advil out of the bottle on the nightstand, but David is still confused.
“But it’s Monday.  You have PT.  We have to go.”  David pushes the blankets down and tries to get out of bed, but Patrick stops him with a hand to his shoulder.  David feels so weak he can hardly fight back.
“We’re not going.  Lie down,” Patrick says firmly.
“No, it’s okay,” David says.  “Let me get up and get dressed, I’ll be fine.”
“Nope,” says Patrick, and reaches over to tuck David back in.  “I can skip a day, I already called and told them.  Go back to sleep.  If you’re good, I’ll make you another milkshake for dinner.”
David sighs.  His bed does feel wonderful, and his arms and legs feel far too heavy to get out of it.  But Patrick needs him, he needs to be taken care of.  David can’t just stay in bed all day.
“That’s very sweet, honey, but I can take care of both of us today.”
“Didn’t say that out loud,” David mumbles.
“You did, and that’s okay.  You’ll feel better soon, when your temperature comes down.  Close your eyes.”
Patrick is rubbing circles on David’s back, and David is powerless to resist as sleep overtakes him once more.
It’s another twenty-four hours before David feels like himself again.  He wakes up to Patrick pressing his lips to his forehead and smiling.
“Do I pass the kiss test?”  David asks, smiling back.  He swallows tentatively – even his throat feels better.  He clearly wasn’t as sick as it seemed.
“Yup, you pass,” Patrick says, pulling David into his arms.  “You’re back to your regular levels of hot.”
David squirms and runs a hand through his rather disgusting hair.  “Say that again after I’ve taken a shower.”
“Deal.”  Patrick presses a kiss to David’s lips, and David opens easily to him.  Sadly, Patrick breaks it off all too soon.  
David covers his mouth with his hand.  “Sorry, I must taste awful.”
Patrick laughs.  “You’re not exactly minty fresh, but, um, since you’re not on your deathbed anymore, I kind of have plans.”
David stares at his husband.  “You what?  What kind of plans?”  He realizes that Patrick is fully dressed, and apparently got back in bed just to wake David up with a kiss, like some fairy tale prince.  
“Stevie’s taking me out to lunch,” Patrick says quickly.  He’s looking away from David, but he’s still got his hand on David’s shoulder, worrying his thumb against his skin.  
David may have been stuck in bed with a fever, but he hasn’t forgotten how to read his husband, and while Patrick is obviously feeling awkward about whatever this is, it is clearly important to him, too.  They haven’t been out to eat since Patrick’s accident, and Patrick hasn’t been in the car with anyone other than David.
“That’s great,” he says slowly, choosing to focus on the most critical part of this piece of news – Patrick agreeing to go out in public, despite his embarrassment.  “Where are you going?”
Patrick blinks at him, and then adjusts.  It’s what they do.  “The Thai place in Elm Valley.  With the good satays.”
“Bring me home some masaman curry?”
“Sure.”  Patrick gracelessly rolls to his back and lets out a long breath.  “I was afraid you’d be mad,” he says to the ceiling.  “But Stevie offered to take me to PT tomorrow, if you weren’t well enough, and then since you were feeling better last night I told her she didn’t have to, and she said she had been looking forward to getting together, and I’ve missed her too, so she asked me to have lunch, and I – I just said yes.”
“That sounds nice.”  David rolls to his side and puts their joined hands on Patrick’s chest.
“Maybe. But…” Patrick turns his head and catches David’s gaze.  “I haven’t, since-”
“I know.”
“I didn’t want to go to the café.”
It makes sense.  Everyone at Café Tropicale knows him, and would want to have a chat, and ask too many questions.  “The Thai place is neutral territory,” David says.  David and Patrick love it, the wait staff are friendly but not nosy, and he doesn’t think they’ve ever run into anyone from Schitt’s Creek there.  It’s a good choice for Patrick’s first foray out in the world.  David wishes he had thought of it.
“Yeah.  And I called, it’s accessible.”
David feels a little pang, and thinks of Stevie trying to get Patrick’s chair over a too high threshold, or god forbid up a stair.  They’ve put a few rubber threshold ramps in their own doorways to make it easier for Patrick – it’s ridiculous how hard it is to get around in a wheelchair.  “Good thinking.”
They lie there for another minute, and David can feel how uncomfortable it is.  He doesn’t quite know why, and he’s searching for something to say to lighten the mood, when Patrick speaks up.
“Do you, um, do you want to come?”
David instantly knows his answer has to be no.  It’s hard to say, when it means Patrick will be out there away from him.  There will be someone else helping Patrick in and out of the car, making sure his feet don’t catch and trip him up.  Someone else responsible for his safety, for making sure he doesn’t freak out, for protecting him from prying eyes.
But David has to say no because by agreeing to go out to lunch with Stevie, <i> without</i> David, Patrick hasn’t just decided to risk that Stevie won’t let him down.  Patrick has decided to trust himself, and David needs to trust him, too.
David pushes up on an elbow and waits until Patrick looks at him, and then he smiles and ducks down for a kiss.  “Nah.  You go.  I’ll be here when you get home.”
The look on Patrick’s face is like the sunrise.  “Yeah?”
David wraps his arms around his husband.  “Yeah.  You’ll do just fine.”  
Patrick hangs on tight, and David presses his hands to his back, hugging him for all he’s worth.  They’re strong, the both of them, and they’re going to be okay.
A few days later when they get to the hospital Patrick tells David to park in the lot instead of dropping him off at the front door.
“Everything okay?”  David asks.
Patrick nods.  “Yeah, but, um, I want you to come to PT with me.”
They take the elevator to the second floor (it’s not a very big hospital – David thinks the whole thing could fit in one wing of Sloan-Kettering) and Patrick leads him down the hall to the physical therapy department.  When his name is called, they go into a large room and are met by a tall man with a ponytail and an impressive set of muscles.
“Is this your PT guy?”  David asks under his breath.  “He looks like he could hurt me.”
The ponytail guy is in fact Patrick’s physical therapist, Luis, and he introduces himself and then he and Patrick get to work.  David sits in a chair at the side of the room and watches.  He’s impressed at how hard Patrick is working.
“David?”  Luis beckons him over to where Patrick is sitting on a padded table.
“Yes?” David stands awkwardly next to Patrick, not sure what his role is in this situation.
“This is the part I wanted you to be here for,” Patrick says.
David looks at him quizzically.
“I asked Luis to give me some exercises to work on at home.”
Luis clears his throat, and Patrick frowns.  “I asked him to give me some <i>more</i> exercises to work on at home, since I haven’t been making progress as quickly as I would like to.  And there are some things you can help me with.  So I can learn how to walk again.  If you’re willing.”
“Of course,” David says quickly.  He looks from Patrick to Luis, who has a rather doubtful look on his face.  “Of course I’ll help, why wouldn’t I?”
“I don’t know, I… I wanted to do this by myself.  I didn’t want you to have something else to worry about.  But I realized that by not letting you help, I was just hurting us anyway.”
It sounds like a rehearsed speech, and David doesn’t miss Luis nodding his approval.
“Is there something else going on here?  And honestly, I haven’t seen you do any exercises at home.”
“I don’t do them when you’re home.”
“But I’m almost always home,” David says.  “Oh.  Oh.  That’s the problem, isn’t it?  You didn’t want to do your exercises with me there, and I’m usually there, so…”
“So I don’t do it.” Patrick says.  “But I’m not going to pull that crap any more.  I’m way behind-”
“There’s not really a timetable,” Luis tries to interject.
“There is, there is definitely a timetable, it’s far past time for me to get out of this goddamn chair,” Patrick insists.  “I’m going to put the work in every day from now on.”
“We’ll put the work in every day,” David says, ignoring how ridiculously sappy he sounds.
“Yeah, okay,” Patrick says, blushing.  “Yeah.”
That night at home David pulls out the yoga mat that Patrick has kept shoved under their bed and spreads it out in the middle of the living room floor next to their reclaimed oak coffee table.  
“David – you don’t have to do that.  It looks dumb there.”
David isn’t going to argue that the bright blue synthetic mat doesn’t exactly fit the carefully curated cream and crimson tones of their living room, but that’s hardly the point right now.  “It’s too cramped in the bedroom.  You said you wanted to take this seriously, so we’re taking it seriously.”
It turns out Patrick has a spreadsheet of all the exercises he was supposed to be doing.  David sits himself down on the floor next to Patrick and coaches him through his stretches, using his phone to time him, and occasionally adjusting his position.
“Nice.  That last one was even better.  Concentrate on engaging your core.”
Patrick pauses, sweaty and panting, and looks curiously at David.
“Something on your mind?”  David asks.
“How are you so good at this?”
David raises his eyebrows.  “If you must know… Alexis wanted to make the cheer team when she was in junior high, but she was a disaster.  Mom hired a trainer for her, but he just wanted to get high with our driver.  So I worked up a plan, and made sure Alexis practiced.”
“Did she make the team?”
David laughs.  “No way, have you seen her dance?  But she could do a mean split and broke a seven-minute mile.”
Patrick sits up with a grunt and leans his head on David’s shoulder.  “I should have let you help me from the beginning.”
“You said it, not me.”
It’s a pretty good day, all things considered.  But David’s favorite part is the last set of exercises they do.
Patrick sits in a chair, and with David’s help, pulls himself up to a standing position.  It’s very similar to how David has been helping him transfer in and out of his wheelchair, but this time Patrick lets himself rest more weight on his legs, pausing and holding himself in position there instead of just pivoting to the next step in the process.
Both of them are somewhat surprised to realize that Patrick can almost support himself.  He’s come a long way even if he hasn’t been doing his exercises as much as he was supposed to.  He stands carefully, finding his balance, with his arms looped tightly around the back of David’s neck, their bodies pressed close together.
“Now you’re supposed to lean from side to side,” David says, locking his grip firmly around Patrick’s back.  Patrick tries it, and his knee buckles, but David holds him tight.  “Go on, try again.”  
Patrick sucks in a breath, and then shifts his weight to one side and then the other.  It’s like dancing, almost, but better.  Patrick’s biting his lip in concentration as he works, and when he finishes the count of ten back and forths, he looks up at David, beaming.
“I did it,” he says softly, and David grins back at him.
“Yeah, you did.”  David leans in and kisses him, but keeps it quick – Patrick’s beginning to tremble and it wouldn’t really do to end the day with him collapsing to the floor.
Patrick falls asleep that night almost as soon as his head hits the pillow, but not before they kiss again, sweet and soft.  “You’re the best, you know that?”
David pulls him close.  “So I’ve been told.”
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lovemesomesurveys · 6 months ago
1 - Do you prefer having carpets or hardwood floors? Hardwood, for sure. My house has tile and carpet. I like tile, but hardwood is my favorite. 
2 - When was the last time you took a bath? Is this something you do often or do you prefer taking showers? I haven’t taken a bath since I was a kid; I only take showers. 
3 - How often do you brush your teeth? Do you floss and use mouthwash as well? Once a day at least. I don’t floss or use mouthwash. I find mouthwash very irritating for my mouth.
4 - What’s your favourite way to style your hair? Do you do this hairstyle often or is it too much hassle for you? I only throw it up in a bun or pony tail cause I don’t have the energy or motivation do anything else. Such a waste, too, cause my hair is so long and could be styled in so many ways. I was never good at that, though. My hair never seemed to want to cooperate either.
5 - If you have your ears pierced, do you prefer wearing hoops, studs or drop earrings? Do you change your jewellery regularly? Small hoops or studs. I haven’t worn earrings since like March, though, and prior to that it had been years. I received a really nice pair last Christmas and wore them for a few months, but then for some reason the back of both of them started to like...get sucked into the hole? It was really weird and I had to take them out. Was not fun.
6 - What’s your opinion on clothes for dogs? If you have a dog, have you ever bought any clothing items for them? I think it’s adorable. My doggo has a few sweaters, a pajama shirt, and a “Adidogs” (haha get it?) hoodie. Some dogs absolutely don’t like them and you can tell, in which case take them off. We don’t leave them on for a long time either.
7 - Do you have a real or artificial tree at Christmas? Real. We got ours Thursday and we have yet to put it up and decorate. :/ I’m gonna make sure it gets done today.
8 - When you go to bed, do you go to sleep straight away or do you read or something similar first? “Sleep straight away” haaaa can’t imagine. Anyway, my nightly routine consists of ASMR, scrolling through Tumblr, surveys, watching TV, and sometimes I’ll read until I fall asleep.
9 - What’s your favourite snack to make when you watch a movie? I’m not a snacker anymore, but I do have to get popcorn if I go to the theater. If I’m just at home watching a movie I don’t usually have anything unless I happen to be eating lunch or dinner.
10 - When was the last time you had a milkshake? What flavour was it? It’s been a few years, but I think it was a banana shake.
11 - What will you be doing once you finish this survey? What were you doing before you started taking it? Most likely another one. Prior to starting this one I was eating and watching a YouTube video.
12 - Do you prefer the Beatles or the Rolling Stones? The Beatles. 
13 - When was the last time you played a game of Monopoly? Did you play until the end or did everyone get fed up and start arguing? It’s been yearssss. Haha, I’ve never had a game that ended up in arguments. I always did play for quite awhile, though. There were times we wrote everything down to keep track so we could continue another time. Aw, I kind of want to play now.
14 - Have you ever won money on a scratch card or the lottery? How much did you win and what did you spend it on? I won a $100 once. I saved it and put it towards my Disneyland vacation spending funds.
15 - Have you been on a plane before? Where was the last place you travelled to? Yeah. We flew to the OC earlier this year for our Disneyland trip.
16 - Did you vote for or support Trump? Or were you glad that Biden won the 2020 elections? This election was such a joke.
17 - Do you have anything fun or exciting planned for tomorrow? Nope.
18 - Don’t you love it when you meet a dog or cat and they instantly love you, especially when the owner says “they normally hate strangers!”? Yeah. You can’t help but feel kinda special.
19 - Do you have to wear a uniform at your job? If so, what’s it like? If not, what do you tend to wear for work? I don’t have a job.
20 - Would you rather do a wordsearch or a crossword? Word Search. I love doing those.
21 - How old were you when you stopped believing in Father Christmas? I stopped believing in Santa when I was like 8, I think. It’s still fun to get into the spirit, though.
22 - Do you prefer multi coloured or plain white fairy lights? Both are pretty. I have a strand of multicolor mini lights hung up in my room.
23 - How often do you find you need to cut your nails? They don’t have time to grow because I’m literally always picking/clipping at them.
24 - What’s your favourite colour of skittles? Wow, I don’t even remember the last time I had Skittles. I was never really into them or fruity candy in general. The red ones were good, though.
25 - Do you have a favourite TV detective (eg. Sherlock, Poirot)? What is it that you like about them? No.
26 - Were you ever in any positions of responsibility when you were in school? I was a board member for a club in high school and in college.
27 - Will you be going to bed within the next hour or so? If not, when do you plan on going to sleep? No. Who knows when I’ll end up falling asleep.
28 - What’s your favourite thing to do at the beach? Do you get to go to the beach often? Sit from a close but safe distance from the ocean and watch/listen to the waves crash in and just get totally lost in it. It’s the only time I ever feel like I can relax a little. I love feeling the cool ocean breeze, too.
29 - What’s your favourite scent of perfume/aftershave/body spray? Is this something you wear often or do you save it for special occasions? My favorites are one with patchouli. I do like some sweet or fruity ones. Definitely not anything floral.
30 - Do you need to wear glasses or contacts? How long have you needed to wear those for? Yeah, I wear glasses. I’ve worn them since I was 9 years old.
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missnmikealson · 7 months ago
National Anthem
Tumblr media
October 31, 2020
Everything ached.
Every freaking thing, from her swollen breasts, tender beneath the thin cotton shirt, to her pounding head.
And her back?
Her back cursed her for the decision to lay on the couch.
On top of all of that, the water bottle she clutched had gone cold while she napped.
Not that it had done anything anyway.
Her bloated abdomen reminded her of its rage with each beat of her heart Sometimes being a woman sucked.
It really sucked.
She squeezed her thighs tight to relieve the throbbing pain between her legs. Why did it have to hurt so much?
Part of her, the teeny part that grew loud when her estrogen dropped, wished her birth control had malfunctioned just so she could avoid the pain for a short while, but pregnancy came with its own unique drawbacks. And then they’d have a kid they hadn’t planned for and weren’t ready for. And she’d have to push it out of her body which would hurt even more.
And they weren’t ready for a kid.
No matter how cute the mischievous little eyes would be because any child of Kol Mikaelson would have a penchant for mischief.
She really wanted the throbbing to stop.
With a groan she turned her face into the couch cushion and hugged her cool water bottle tight just to have something to hold.
The elevator dinged. She cracked open one eye and glared at the shiny doors while they slid open. If he started anything with her today she’d light into him like a Christmas tree.
Stupid man. Stupid low maintenance reproductive organs. If he didn’t make a baby he got to try again and again and again. If she didn’t make a baby it was world war three in her uterus.
Stupid man.
Stupid penis.
Stupid man penis.
She was annoyed and she wanted to be annoyed, but when he stepped into the penthouse with a cardboard box in one hand and a large bag in the other intrigue stirred.
She didn’t move though. As far as she was concerned her body had molded to his couch. She lived there now.
“Hello darling,” Kol smiled, setting the box on the coffee table, “I know you’re not feeling well.”
She snorted.
“My apologies,” he sat on the floor, dropping the bag near his hip. “I came home early, saw you sleeping with the hot water bottle, and I know your body hates you and is waging a bloody war.”
She shoved at the pillow once and adjusted so she could open both eyes. Her frown felt a bit like a petulant pout, but she didn’t care because her baby box wanted to kill her so she got to be a little petulant.
“I picked up your favourite pizza, went to the bodega around the corner and got your favourite wine, nicked some of the good candy from Hope’s bucket when I bumped into her and Nik, and I got you some Midol.” He arranged his stash along the glass table. “Now that I think about it, I’m not sure you should mix Midol with alcohol. It is a pain killer, after all.”
She surveyed the contents of the table and then watched him flip over the box of medication to read the fine print. Her stomach fluttered pleasantly in stark contrast to the pain in the rest of her body.
He stole candy from his niece.
He got the pizza he hated and she loved.
He walked up to the counter where some teenager was probably working with a woman’s painkillers in hand for her.
Her heart raced, fit to burst with the words she just couldn’t hold in anymore.
His mouth moved, silently twisting around words that most doctors couldn’t pronounce.
“Kol?” She said his name a little louder, pushing up on her elbow. One of her fuzzy socks was just about ready to fall off, hanging from her toes.
“Yes, darling?” He reached over and tugged the sock back in place.
“I love you.” She had been on the verge of saying it for weeks… months… really since the first night they made love.
And now the words hung between them.
He said it a few nights back when he thought she was asleep, and her heart had nearly leapt out of her chest, but he thought she was asleep so she refrained from saying it back. Even though she wanted to. Even though she had held it in since June.
She saw the grin breaking out across his face, but he was still Kol, and Kol wouldn’t be Kol without at least one smart remark.
“As well you should.”
She laughed, cracking her first smile of the day as she gave his shoulder a light shove. He caught her wrist and brought her arm up, pressing a quick to the inside of her wrist.
Leaning forward he brushed another kiss over her lips.
“I love you, too.” Sitting back on his knees he waved his other hand, making the pill bottle rattle. “Where did we land on the alcohol?”
“I asked my OB that years ago,” she took the bottle and twisted off the cap. Breaking the seal she shook two white pills into her palm. “She said it was okay and that the warning is there, mainly for people who have three or more drinks a day.”
“You’re unlikely to have that in a week,” he took a bottle of water from the bag, watching as she used it to swallow both pills at once. “Shall I open the wine? Or would you prefer to stick with water?”
“Pizza and candy and wine?” She closed the water and pressed the cool plastic to the back of her neck. “You’re being perfect right now, you know that?”
“That was my goal,” he nodded sagely. “I also used my phone to queue up a few horror movies on Netflix.”
“You hate horror,” she smiled.
“I think the tropes are cliché.”
“That’s half the fun of watching,” her eyes sparkled. She tilted her head and pursed her lips, nodding to herself. Yup, she definitely loved him.
“Break out the wine and be prepared for me to get really sleepy after one glass,” she warned, standing up. “I’ll be right back.”
She left him in the living area and walked into his bathroom to clean up. Once she felt a little less disgusting she took a second to run the brush through her hair. Then she returned to the living room where he had brought out napkins, plates and wine glasses.
He selected one of the many films he found as she settled in the corner, sitting sideways to fold her legs across his lap.
She sipped at her wine and devoured three slices of pizza that he wisely chose not to comment on, plus the hot peppers he picked off his own pieces of pizza. By the time they got to the candy the pain killers kicked in and she felt pleasantly numb but aware of every dull throb deep inside of her.
At least three people had met their end by the axeman’s blade when the  elevator dinged. She blinked tiredly, exchanging a confused look with Kol as he paused the movie just at the moment the heroine ran for the attic.
Why did everyone always run for the attic? It made no sense.
“Were we expecting someone?” He frowned.
“We’re never expecting anyone,” Elena shook her head, sucking on a piece of chocolate.
She had barely crumpled the wrapper when someone slipped through the half open doors and flounced into the living room in a flurry of blue tulle.
“Hope,” her eyes widened.
“Hi Elena,” she smiled a broad grin that showed off all of her teeth. “What are you doing?”
“Well, right now I’m watching a movie with your uncle,” she smiled, reluctantly swinging her legs onto the floor.
“Shouldn’t you be getting ready for bed, bunny?” Kol cocked an eyebrow as Hope bounced, clearly on a sugar high.
Elena suspected the three year old would crash long before her head found a pillow.
“I’m not a bunny today,” she shook her head.
“Of course not,” he agreed, “you are a little witch.” He reached out, flicking the brim of her black hat. The blue and purple bow wiggled.
“An adorable little witch,” Elena added.
“A manipulative little witch,” a masculine voice came from the elevator.
Elena looked up, swallowing when Lucien strutted in next to Freya. His cunning eyes surveyed the table and she braced herself for something.
“What’s manipulative?” Hope scrabbled up on the couch, wedging her little body between Kol and Elena.
“Someone who likes to control a situation,” Freya laughed, crossing her arms.
“Oh,” Hope nodded, pursing her full lips. “How come I’m a manipulative little witch?”
“Because,” Lucien crouched, “you used those big blue eyes and cute little pout to trick us into taking you trick-or-treating again.”
“Oh yeah,” Hope grinned. She held up the bag to her uncle’s nose. “Trick-or-treat.”
“I’m sorry, bunny, I don’t have any halloween candy. We ate it all,” he pointed to the wrappers.
“No candy,” Lucien’s eyes flickered over Elena’s ‘comfy’ clothes, “I think that means you get a trick.”
“If I say trick-or-treat do I get some of that wine?” Freya glanced at the table.
“She is in costume,” Lucien smirked. “Are you in costume Elena? That’s not your going out attire.”
“Yes,” she drawled, rolling her eyes, “can’t you tell? I’m obviously a hot mess.”
“Well certainly a mess,” he smirked.
“Careful, Lucien,” Kol warned, sweet smile in place for Hope.
“I only have eyes for one mate,” he held out his hands. His right hand slid over Freya’s velvet clad hip. “And she is the loveliest.”
“Keep your hands off my sister,” his eyes narrowed.
“You do realize we’re engaged,” Freya rolled her eyes, “and also, that I’m older than you are. Don’t pull the protective big brother routine. It only works on Rebekah.”
“Hello,” Hope waved her arms, “it’s trick-or-treat.”
“How about an IOU?” Elena snickered. “You don’t trick us and we’ll bring you candy later.”
“Reese’s cups?” Hope narrowed her eyes.
“Reese’s cups,” Kol promised from her other side, “and a peanut butter blast milkshake with whipped cream on the bottom.”
She considered them, turning her head back and forth, hitting their noses with the tip of her hat each time, before nodding decisively.
“Okay,” she wiggled until her patent leather shoes hit the floor. Then she ran between Lucien and Freya, grabbing their hands to pull them bodily towards the elevator.
And for a three year old she was strong. Of course if they mentioned that to Hope she would roll her eyes and get her father’s exasperated look as she declared that she was almost four.
“I guess that means we’re going.” Lucien remarked. They called goodbye from the elevator, and to his credit they made it down three floors before he opened his mouth.
“We’re really not saying anything about that?”
“They’ll talk about it when they’re ready,” Freya shook her head, adjusting her black hat.
“It’s been months,” he shook his head, casting his eyes to the bouncing child as she unwrapped a bright pink sucker. “Nik made her faster than those two have opened their mouths.”
“Very different situation,” she reached down and hoisted Hope up. Their tulle skirts mixed in a horrible clash of orange-black and blue-purple.
“So we’re not going to talk about what Kol and Elena are doing,” he sighed.
“What are they doing?” Hope mumbled, lips puckering at the tart burst of strawberry.
“Sleeping together,” he smirked.
“Nuh-uh,” she popped the sucker out of her mouth. “They weren’t sleeping. They were watching a movie.”
“Never grow up, kid,” Lucien laughed and reached out to gently tug on a red curl.
“But then I don’t get to be big and stay up late and watch movies like uncle Kol and Elena,” she popped the sucker back into her mouth.
“I’m pretty sure your daddy would prefer you never watched movies like Kol and Elena,” he dodged the elbow before it could dig in his stomach.
“Why not?”
“Because they were watching scary grown up movies,” Freya shook her head. “You don’t like scary movies, remember? They give you bad dreams.”
“What scary movie did she watch?” He whispered.
“Snow White,” Freya smiled over Hope’s head. “That witch was really scary, wasn’t she, sweet girl?”
“Mmhmm,” Hope laid her head on Freya’s shoulder.
“And Kol and Elena were watching scarier movies,” Freya rubbed her back, “you don’t want to watch those, do you, sweetie?”
November 1, 2020
Light refracted off dozens of different surfaces, dazzling anybody who looked long enough at the display cases.
Men in expensive suits lingered near high end displays, examining watches that cost more than midrange cars, or necklaces meant for wives and girlfriends.
As he passed behind one such man he had to fight back the disgusted curl of his lip and the strong desire to take him outside and instil a lesson or five in his perfectly coifed head; the blonde was explaining how the diamond tennis bracelet was meant for his girlfriend while sporting a very obvious wedding band and flirting with the young woman behind the counter.
“Do you think she’ll like it?” He smiled, draping the glittering strands around the associate’s wrist. “It’s to be an apology for working so much lately.”
“I’m certain she’ll adore it,” the woman’s voice strained tighter than her forced smile. Her eyes flickered over the blonde’s shoulder as she replaced the bracelet in a long box.
He had saved his sisters from enough unwanted attention to recognize the desperate need to escape a situation.
If he ever acted like that he prayed someone came along to knock some sense into him. Not that he had to hope for intervention, in the impossible scenario he still had three older brothers who would gladly tell him what an idiot he was and two sisters that would happily slap him up one side and down the other.
“Pardon me, love,” he leaned against the counter, flashing her a dazzling smile as he quickly read her name tag. “You are clearly a woman of exquisite taste, Monique, and I wonder if you might help me.”
She sized him up quickly, likely deciding if he would be better or worse than her current client, and came to a decision.
“Of course,” she turned to the left, calling as she did. “Aiden, can you ring up this bracelet?”
She slipped the box into her co-workers hand and moved along the cases.
“I do apologize if I cost you a commission,” he murmured, meeting her near a break in the cases. His eyes darted to three bracelets displayed on a silk scarf, the middle would be perfect for Rebekah’s Christmas present, but he still had a few weeks before he really needed to think about that.
“Don’t worry about it,” she sighed, relieved when he didn’t try to flirt with her, “Aiden will make sure I get it, and thank you, by the way.”
“You’re welcome, love,” he nodded, smiling, “far be it from me to leave a lady in an uncomfortable situation.”
“Oh no,” she pretended to groan, “you’re not gonna start flirting are you?”
“No, love,” he chuckled, shaking his head, “it’s a force of habit. I tend to call everyone ‘love’. The pet names become more endearing when I’m interested, not that I wouldn’t be,” he held out his hands when she gave him a bemused expression, “if I weren’t happily involved, that is.”
“You’re Kol Mikaelson, right?” She tilted her head. “The Senator running for President?” Her eyes narrowed suspiciously when he nodded. “I didn’t know you were involved. There will be a lot of heart broken women around the country when that gets out.”
“I like to keep my private life private,” he shrugged, “it’s rather hard on a relationship when the paparazzi won’t leave your significant other alone. Though I do wonder what’s going to happen when they find out what I came in here to buy?”
“I’m assuming jewelry of some kind,” she smirked. “Probably the type that very loudly declares intentions.”
“You would assume right,” he followed as she motioned him down a few more cases.
Keys jingled as she slid open a display case, mingling with the chatter of the till spitting out a receipt. A woman’s manicured nails tapped the top of another case a few feet away.
“Something like one of these,” she laid out a tray of precious stones cut in a variety of styles.
He examined them carefully, scrutinizing each one as his stomach sank. None of them were right. His eyes shut for a moment as he sighed, when he opened them he spotted a small selection of rings towards the back of the case.
“Can I see those?” He nodded.
“Of course,” Monique replaced the first set and pulled out a second tray. “Most of these rings are a vintage style, but a couple of them are actually antiques sold to the store.”
She smiled when he picked up one. It wasn’t a classic ring, but the opal’s subtle colours would catch anyone’s attention. Flecks of palest green and softest purple glinted in the bright store lights; several small diamonds  decorated the rose gold band.
“That one came from an estate sale,” she explained quietly. “It’s from the twenties, and just a little art deco.”
“You could at least admit to dating her before picking out expensive jewelry.”
“Of all the jewelry stores in all the world,” Kol stiffened at first, relaxing when the familiar voice clicked. A smirk tugged up the corner of his mouth as he turned. “Why would I admit what everyone clearly already knows?”
“Because we’ve all been waiting for you two to say something,” Klaus held Hope’s hand. “It’s been an unspoken agreement.”
“So Caroline didn’t keep her mouth shut,” he shook his head.
“No, we all heard about the FaceTime call.” Klaus smirked, mirth glittering in his eyes.
“Oh bloody hell,” Kol hung his head.
“What’s that?” Hope pointed to his hand, stretching up on tiptoe to look at the ring between his fingers. “It’s pretty.”
“You think so?” He crouched, holding the ring up for Hope’s inspection. He could sense Monique and the security guard watching him and would have bristled if it weren’t standard procedure and if he weren’t so nervous.
He was pretty sure the butterflies on Hope’s sweater were fluttering in his stomach.
“Uh huh,” she nodded, rubbing the opal with her finger. “I like the colours. Is it for auntie Bex, or auntie Freya?”
“I’ve got other people I buy jewelry for bunny,” he smiled.
“Is it for me?” Hope’s eyes went wide.
“I think you might be a little young for a ring like that, sweetheart,” Klaus barked a laugh and bent, lifting Hope to rest on his hip.
“I’m too little for everything,” she sighed.
“You’ll get bigger,” Kol promised, eyes glinting, “and give daddy heartburn and a headful of grey hair.”
“Never get that big, Hope,” Klaus held the back of her head and looked in her wide eyes. “Stay daddy’s little girl forever, please.”
“Okay, daddy,” she nodded, smirking.
“What are you doing here anyway?” Kol turned his attention back to the ring, the slightest inklings of doubt clung to the back of his skull. “Picking up a ‘thank-you-for-dealing-with-my-sugar-high-little-witch’ gift for Freya.”
“Not enough diamonds in the world,” he rolled his eyes. “I was picking up a Christmas present for Caroline.”
“So you two are on again?”
“I can’t just buy her a gift?”
“You can,” Kol nodded, “but most gifts in this store send a message.” He turned the ring over in his hands. “Do you think she’ll like it?”
Klaus plucked the ring from his little brother’s hand and held it up. He could see it on her hand, sitting proudly like it was made to be there.
“I think she’ll love it,” he hummed. “And I think I’ll hear just how much she loves it from Caroline a few days before finding ring catalogues in with my mail.”
“You’re not going to tell me it’s too soon, or say I’m rushing into things?” Kol tilted his head.
To him it didn’t feel too soon. He had known for a while how he felt about her. He had dreamt of her dressed in white too many times to count, and he had woken up next to her enough times to realize he never wanted to wake up with anyone else. And after she had skillfully bribed a sugar high Hope he had known he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and one day deal with their own children.
Their children with her bright smile and his mischievous eyes.
Man, their kids would be a handful.
He couldn’t wait.
“Too soon?” Klaus scoffed, handing the ring back. “Freya called it that day she shoved you in the mud. You two have been twenty-eight years in the making. So no, brother, I don’t think it’s too soon.”
“Twenty-eight years, really?” Monique spoke up, a dreamy smile on her lips. “And she pushed you in the mud?”
“More than once,” he smiled fondly at the memory. “I’ll take this one Monique.”
“Will you need it resized?” She locked up the display case and set the ring in a velvet lined box.
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interstellar-changkyun · 7 months ago
being students together (ot7) :
shownu | son hyunwoo
Tumblr media
he’s in your economics class and yeah you are super intimidated by him
he’s quiet and handsome and tall and he’s a music production major but he’s taking a high level economics class FOR FUN so he’s smart too
basically all the girls in the class love him and the guys look up to him
you haven’t talked to him all semester but then you’re paired together for the final project
“Hello I’m Shownu, you’re y/n right?” he came up to you after the pairs were announced you were surprised he knew who you were you just nodded and he asked for your number to talk about when to meet and you gave it to him without hesitation
Shownu was all business and you seriously doubted he even liked you
over time you had grown even more fond of him, he was kind and caring and definitely not the scary tough guy you thought he was
you were one year younger than him and he teased you about it pretty often but you didn’t mind especially since shownu insisted on paying for all the snacks you bought while working on the project
finally when you were done he said, “we’re finally done, let me treat you to meat kid” and you definitely liked being younger now
when you went to eat there was a group of drunk guys at a table nearby being rowdy
shownu, despite his big appetite, made sure to pace himself so you could eat properly
it only occurred to you when he literally stopped eating to watch you eat and maybe you were blushing
as you were about to get up to leave the group of men came up behind you, “hey beautiful why don’t you come with us instead.” you cringed at the slurred voice and turned around to glare only for the man to lean in towards your face, inches apart you could smell the alcohol on their breath
almost instantly shownu was standing up and walking over to your side of the table they cowered away as he moved to stand in front of you, you got up then getting ready to pull him back
“i would leave if i were you” shownu said sternly and it made you remember just how intimidating he was they scurried away after that and he turned towards you, his body still tense
“i- thank you shownu” you couldn’t express how happy you were he was here and how kind he was and he seemed confused by your expression, you looked ready to cry tears of gratitude
“don’t mention it, seriously i’d do it again any day”
you expected shownu to stop sitting next to you in class or meeting you between classes after your project ended but he didn’t, instead he became apart of your friend group, still quiet and talking only to you
then he introduced his other friends they were all music production majors but they were fun and shownu loved them like brothers they joined your group too
after a random guy from your class asked you out shownu realized just how much you meant to him and asked you out
wonho | shin hoseok
Tumblr media
let’s be real he’s intimidating asf
but wonho’s the sweetest man alive
he would definitely sit next to you because you’re pretty and then be too shy to talk to you
he blushes when he sees you and when you smile he can’t help but stare
you never notice despite him being right there and stare at him too but he never catches you
your best friend, changkyun, who walks you to class every day notices him watching you as you enter and he’s sure wonho likes you so he tries to prove it
“what if i just ask you out one day?” you smack his shoulder and he yelps in pain
“he doesn’t like me so if you want to embarrass yourself then yeah go for it?”
“maybe i have a humiliation kink.” changkyun wiggles his eyebrows and you just roll your eyes but sure enough the fucker does it the next day waiting a couple seconds for you to take your seat before walking up to you
“y/n i was wondering if you want to get dinner with me i really like you?” changkyun was a good actor you had to give it to him, wonho couldn’t believe this kid but he really hoped you would say no
“i’m sorry i like someone else actually.” you couldn’t think of anything else to say and you immediately regretted it
“oh do you mind if i ask who?” you were gonna kill changkyun you glared at him but could feel wonho looking at you both so you regained your composure
“i-it’s personal” your gaze flitted to wonho and sure enough he was looking at you, you blushed instantly
“i understand no worries.” changkyun said and walked away knowing his work was done
“that was awkward huh? sorry you had to witness that.” you said to wonho without looking at him, trying to cool your cheeks
“it’s okay you deserve better anyways.” his voice was so soothing and you decided you had to be bold or you would regret it forever
“like you?” you looked at him now and he looked so shocked but he was blushing too
“yeah exactly like me.” he smiled a bright grin and you knew you were head first falling for him
Tumblr media
definitely the intimidating but annoyingly smart student that argues with everyone
you don’t mind being quiet and unassuming in class but today is discussion day and you actually liked the assigned reading
Kafka’s Metamorphosis made you excited about reading again so you decide today will be the day you wrack up on participation points
“Okay class lets start off with an open-ended question as we do: does anyone want to share what they thought about the reading?” The professor asked and there was a couple beats of silence before you raised your hand and she called on you
“Personally I really liked how the salesman describes the events of his metamorphosis so matter-of-factly and it gave insight into his general outlook on society.”
“I would argue the events of his transformation made him numb and traumatized him so much that he became nihilistic.” Kihyun was talking to you now, looking at you with his sharp eyes and you couldn’t deny your cheeks flushed under his stare
and then you two started arguing with each other across the lecture hall forgetting there were other people there until the professor cut in, “kihyun and y/n while your discussion is riveting let’s give others a chance to add in,” you huffed and looked away from kihyun not missing his smirk, did he think he won?
when class ended you decided you had to set the record straight, no way in hell were you backing down you stalked over to where he was packing up his laptop
“i hope you don’t think you won,” your were arms crossed and your cheeks were still flushed from the heat of the moment
“no you were right i just kept it going because you look cute when you’re angry,” you closed and opened your both in incredulity
“well then ask me to get coffee and we can argue some more,” you still feigned anger and his smirk turned into a grin and he did just that
you and kihyun’s first d(eb)ate was the same day you properly met and he couldn’t help but squeeze your red cheeks when you were done arguing and you let him walk you to your dorm and kissed him goodbye
Tumblr media
class clown and kinda intimidating too
all the girls in your class are in love with him and you thought he was cute but you had always been in a relationship and you wouldn’t be swayed be anyone besides your partner
he’s funny, cute, smart, and sweet but definitely not interested in any of you nor does he notice the attention
but then you’re breaking up with your partner and you don’t let them see you cry, they had cheated on you after all they don’t deserve your emotions now
you run off to the library, sat down in the old reference book aisle that no one ever checks but you weren’t lucky it seems because lee minhyuk is walking through the aisle until he sees you on the ground and crying
he squats down in front of you, “do you wanna get something to eat?” he doesn’t ask if you’re okay because that’s a dumb question and it makes you giggle because you were hungry and dehydrated from all the crying so you just nod and let him lead you to an empty diner near campus
he orders you fries and a milkshake, strawberry, coincidentally your favorite flavor, and you feel better as you both eat in silence
minhyuk is funny and sweet making you forget about your day, for a while and then you’re telling him what happened and he’s sympathizing, “what’s his name i wanna beat this guy up?!” minhyuk is not intimidating you learn he’s actually just a softie and you make a great friend that day
minhyuk knows you’re not ready for a relationship but he’s always there for you after that day and months later when you get fries and a milkshake like that first day he tells you he wants to date you and you just kiss him square on the lips
Tumblr media
quiet, smart, respectful boy but also sleepy
he always comes in with a 24 oz americano and your class wasn’t THAT early so you couldn’t help but notice the large drink
then you notice how adorable and handsome he is and maybe when you stare off into space during lecture your eyes always land on him, but alas you’re both too quiet to approach each other
one day he comes in without coffee and he falls asleep during lecture but you feel bad because the professor just announced details about the midterm and he definitely missed all of it
so after class you stand up and go to his still sleeping form and poke him a couple of times and he groggily says “wha-what’s happening?” and then he’s blinking and sitting up straight with wide eyes
“uhm you fell asleep and class ended but you just missed all the midterm details so i can email you the details or quickly tell you all of it?” you couldn’t help but giggle at his appearance and you desperately wanted to fix his messy hair
“oh uh- thank you do you mind just walking with me?” he was clearly still disoriented but you agreed since you didn’t have another class for a couple of hours
you and hyungwon walked to the nearest library on campus and you told him everything you could remember and he thanked you profusely
“i never sleep in class but today i didn’t have coffee and ugh i’m so grateful thank you,”
“i noticed,” you don’t know why you said that but hyungwon smiled a lazy and soft smile and you decided you wanted to get to know the caffeine addicted tall boy
the next lecture he brought you a cup of coffee too and sat next to you and as you became friends it wasn’t soon after he asked you out
Tumblr media
like minhyuk he’s the smart class clown but also intimidating
he jokes around with the professors like he knows the entire content of the course and he’s so smart he probably does
one day you’re late to lecture and the only seat left is next to him and he gives u a nod as u sit down
you’re struggling to stay awake and when your head falls out of your hand it’s resting in slightly jooheon is giggling next to you
“hey you can sleep i’ll take extra good notes for you,” and you could cry from gratefulness but instead you just give him a smile and rest on your arms and then he’s waking u up and giggling at your grogginess
it’s the first time you see his dimples and you feel like an arrow shot through your heart and you must be half conscious because you can’t seem to control your body as you outstretch a hand and poke one of his dimples
he’s shocked but just laughs and his dimples deepen impossibly and you’re apologizing and he just says, “you can poke my dimples any time,” and well you just tell yourself you’re still sleepy even though your entire body feels awake now as you do it again and his eyes vanish as he smiles
you’re definitely whipped and he is too and it’s only until one of his friends notices you two being annoyingly oblivious of your feelings for one another and says, “yah just ask them out already!” to jooheon do you two actually start to date
he takes you bowling and you’re grossly whipped for each other
I.M | im changkyun
Tumblr media
the type of hot and intimidating you would never approach him but just stare at him from a distance
sits behind you in class and rarely talks but when he does you shiver just from how deep his voice is
you sit next to your friend and they constantly tease you about how reactive you are just to his voice alone
one day you’re running late and rushing through campus and when you finally make it to your lecture hall you’re almost late so you stumble on the steps to your chair and fall
a all too recognizable voice says, “are you alright?” and then he’s kneeling in front of you and giving you his hand to help you up and your hand is oh so cold but his is so warm and so are your cheeks now because he’s staring right at you
“yes thank you,” and you’re stumbling as you stand up so he naturally grabs your arms with both hands to steady you and you’re so sure your blush is out of this world and changkyun feels like he might have just fallen for you right then and there
after that he notices you more and more until he can’t stop seeing you everywhere what feels like all the time
when he sees you in his favorite cafe in what is his usual seat he just mumbles “fuck it,” and takes the seat right opposite from you and you’re sure you’re imagining it, maybe all the caffeine was battling the lack of sleep and you were losing it
“you know we haven’t properly met,” changkyun introduces himself and you give up on your homework as you begin talking to him, after a while you don’t find him intimidating any more and revel in just how easy he is to talk to
as you’re walking out of the cafe he walks you to your dorm and your hands are cold as you desperately try warming them up, even resorting to blowing on them, and he notices and takes both of them in one hand and puts them in warm pocket and you feel yourself falling headfirst for the seemingly edgy truly soft boy
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samwilsons-pillowpecs · 7 months ago
A Desire for Ice Cream
Tumblr media
Sam Wilson x Female Reader
Summary: A mission goes badly, and Sam’s girl needs to get away and find the ice cream she is craving.
Word Count: 1763
Warnings: None really. Brief mention of smut but there’s no detail. Lot’s of fluff and a happy ending. I checked directions on Google to get to Manhattan to the Grand Canyon, so if anything is wrong, blame that :D
A/N: This is my (bang on the deadline) entry to @buckysknifecollection​ 3K Challenge, congratulations, Ellie! You probably have many more now, which you deserve because you are amazing <3
This is a sequel to Enigma (you can find it on my masterlist) which you don’t have to read first, but it would be cool if you did for some additional context.
Divider by the wonderful @whimsicalrogers​
Tumblr media
The mission goes badly, bullets meet the flesh of Steve Rogers, and she wants ice cream.
 Sam’s head rings, phantom sounds from the melee that was the mission still floating around inside his skull. The moment where a fallen HYDRA agent jumps to his feet and shoots indiscriminately is on a loop behind his eyelids.
 And in the hours after their return to The Tower, where Steve is taken straight away into an operation theatre and pronounced stable, she takes his hand and murmurs that they need to get out of there.
 Sam isn’t stupid enough to think she didn’t care about Steve, or that the danger they had all been in meant nothing to her. The way she holds her body - shoulders uncharacteristically slumped and lips pursed into a thin line - spoke more to him than any number of words.
 Bullets had flown, and only Lady Luck had kept any of them from hitting her or him. 
 Ice runs through his veins at the thought of her in the operating room instead of Steve, and he pulls her to his side as they make their way to the garage and the cars. She doesn’t look at Sam as she walks past the car they own together, and instead heads to the vintage Mustang GT that Tony owns.
 She drives the car, turns the music up loud, and hits the road with not a single glance his way.
 Sam feels that he should be worried, she’s tapping agitated fingers against the leather steering wheel, and humming tunelessly. Sam knows her, knows her better than he even knows himself, but even he can’t tell what kind of emotions are running through her right now.
 The fire of anger isn’t in her eyes. The ice of fury isn’t holding her body in cold lines. There’s some jittery fear in her, so Sam starts with that;
 “Steve’s gonna be okay, baby girl.”
 “I know. Damn super soldier has it easy.”
 Sam narrows his eyes, but doesn’t say anything else, and lets her drive. The I-95 turns into the I-78, and then into the I-81, and the sun starts to kiss the edge of the sky, turning midnight blue into pink tinged with peach,
 “You still want that ice cream, baby girl?” Sam stretches in the seat, and looks up a hotel nearby, “Or should we stop?”
 She doesn’t answer, just takes an exit and - apparently reading his mind - finds the small hotel chain off the highway. They don’t have clothes with them, nor toiletries, but Sam doesn’t question her. 
 This is part of who she is, wild and free, and more than spontaneous.
 Sam leaves some extra money at the desk for the clerk to try and order in some extra clothes, and walks the hallway with the garish red carpet with walls that smell of lemon furniture polish with her, keeping her hand in his.
 It’s no surprise to him that when the door to their room closes behind them she falls on him, pulling at the fabric of his clothes until he’s naked, and she can sink to her knees in front of him. 
 Sam takes her on the bed, wanting the softness of the mattress at her back after seeing her take a fall on the mission. She rides him so soft and whispers so sweet after yelling firm orders at him all day.
 When they get comfy for sleep, it’s peaceful and calm, and she moves his palm to her belly and covers it with her own.
 “I wasn’t scared for Steve. I was scared for you. I still am.”
 Sam didn’t understand what she was trying to say then, but a second later her deep and even breathing filled the room, and he followed her into the inky black of sleep.
Tumblr media
  The next day is a late start, phones filled with messages and missed calls that Sam deals with by telling Tony to leave them alone for a few days, and assuring Barnes that everything was fine.
 Steve was already up and about trying to get back to work, so any lingering guilt Sam had felt disappeared between one moment and the next.
 The I-70 calls to her today, and still she doesn’t tell Sam where they’re going, but at least there’s a smile on her face. The sun beats down, lending a dazzle to the impromptu road trip that they’re experiencing. Sam takes pictures of the scenery, and then finds places for them to stop and stretch their legs.
 Sam can look at the scenery, admit that the country they’re driving through is stunning, but he can’t keep his eyes off of her. She’s glowing in a way he hadn’t taken the time to appreciate for too long a time, easy and giggly and fun. The diner they stop in serves a pretty damn good burger, and she helps herself to his fries, and demands part of his milkshake.
 When Sam asks if she wants some of the ice cream fro here, she shakes her head and scrunches her face in adorable disgust,
 “No, I know this place. I’ll wait until then.”
 “I’m going a little crazy without this ice cream, baby girl.”
 “It’s worth the wait, Sammy. Trust me.”
 He does. Oh, how he does.
Tumblr media
  They keep on driving, stopping every now and then, Sam offers to take the wheel, but she refuses, says the Mustang is a dream that she doesn’t want to let go of just yet. Sam trades the driving with a picture of her laid out on the hood like one of those enticing garage pictures on the next stop.
 They come to another hotel chain just as the sun is sinking down past the opposite horizon, and head to the room they pay for. This one is a little better than the last, and has a tub big enough for them both to sit in. Vanilla bubble bath - helpfully provided by the hotel - scents the air as Sam runs soap into her back, follows the trail of the suds with his lips.
 They make up for so much sitting in the car by pushing the soft beds mattress springs to the limit, and then find an old movie to fall asleep to.
 “Sammy… you know that Steve will eventually stop, don’t you?”
 “Yeah. He’s talkin’ retirement more and more recently.” Sam’s stomach flutters in the dark, and he tries to trace her features in the ambient light, “Why?”
 “You know why.”
 He did know why… but Sam wasn’t ready to think about it yet.
 The next day was an earlier start, but she was adamant. She wanted to get to this destination at a particular time, and no joking around on Sam’s part would stop her from hurrying him along.
 Sam was not a stupid man. She was one of the best agents, with a mean right hook. If she had things planned down to the hour, then Sam wouldn’t mess with that.
 The road took them closer and closer to a spot that Sam hadn’t ever been to, but had always wanted to see. She wouldn’t confirm the destination, but he knew.
 Another stop at another diner, the burgers less good, but the milkshakes were superb. Another handful of fries lost to her and her teasing smile daring him to do something about it. Another selfie taken with his best girl where her smile shone so bright and beautiful, like she held joyful secrets in her soul that made her glow from within.
 The last few hours drive to their destination pass in hazy golden sunlight, fingers intertwined, and Marvin Gaye playing on a loop in the vintage car’s updated sound system. Her hand is warm in his, and her smile dims the closer they get. It’s like she’s lit from within, instead, her whole body easy in the type of smile that doesn’t need to be shown on her face.
 The Grand Canyon is bigger than life when they finally reach it. Big enough to take Sam’s breath away.
 It’s got nothing on the smile on her face when she pulls up next to a cart that is selling ice cream to tourists though. This was the ice cream she had been journeying for almost forty eight hours for, and to hear the way she moaned when the taste hit her tongue was the best sound Sam had heard all day.
 “Want to taste?” She holds the cone of mint chocolate chip out to him, and when he tastes it, Sam finally understands why she was so desperate for it.
 The sun starts to set, lending fire and shadow to the age old landscape of barren scarring that somehow holds more life than anything Sam has ever seen. He sits on the hood of the Mustang alongside her, eating his ice cream with her, unable to take his eyes off the scenery glowing from the setting sun.
 “You know he will ask you soon, right?” She suddenly asks, breaking the silence, “Steve is going to retire, and you’re the most obvious choice.”
 “Bucky will make a great Captain one day, but we both know you’re it right now, Sammy.” Her pink tongue darts out and laps up small green rivers of melting ice cream, thoughtfully, “There will be days like what just happened, where you’ll be in the line of fire, where it’ll be me waiting on the hospital chair, and not Sharon.”
 Sam’s unsure where she is going with this. The possibilities that she’s talking about happen almost daily on their job as it is… it’s not until he sees her right hand resting on her lower belly that he understands.
 “I’m pregnant, Sam. You’re going to be the next Captain America, and I’m going to retire before Steve can take my thunder.” She turns then, pretty eyes sparkling in the fiery light, intertwining her fingers with his, “You’re my everything, and your baby is going to be more, and we’ll both be waiting for you when you come home every night.”
 His woman. His enigma. Taking him to the Grand Canyon to get ice cream after a bad day, and tells him he’s going to be a father amidst the setting sun. One of the best agents in SHIELD, and she’ll become a mother so that he can be a Captain.
 Her lips taste like sugar and mint, and she feels like home and wealth and love in his arms. 
 He loves her, and ignores how she whines when he says she’s not allowed another minute behind the wheel.
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