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mcdvck · 3 minutes ago
im so. unhappy with my life right now. im not happy with what im doing and i feel so stuck. every day i need to drag my feet through mud and it's such a chore and for what. whats the point. whats it all going to amount to. i try to think of how people usually respond to this, try to tell myself you're gonna be okay, you're gonna be fine, it's gonna work out. but how? is it really? when is it going to work out? how long do i have to keep pretending and forcing myself? it's so so tiring and it's not worth it because i know i'm never gonna get anything i'd be happy about out of it. i feel so stuck.
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ironxkid · 4 minutes ago
((yeah, as a heads up, I’m probably gonna be. Scarce for... idk, a few weeks? I’m pretty certain I know what’s going on, but I think I have an old health thing acting up again and it drains literally all of my energy - like, I’ve been trying to write for hours and I just can’t. If it is the health thing, which I’ll figure out this week (hopefully Monday or Tuesday), then it’ll just take some time for a change in medication dosage to kick in before I can get up and running again
I’m still gonna be lurking and I’ll write when I can, but I’ll just be kinda. sending in memes and possibly focusing a bit more on headcanons, but not a whole lot on ic and ooc chatting otherwise
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mudwingprincess · 12 minutes ago
woah, whats this? an urge to make an animatic thats not for omori?
dont support this dude, they're apparently homophobic and just a shitty person, i like the song and theres a difference between liking a song and supporting someone
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coollyinterferes · 19 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Keep Pushin’ - REO Speedwagon. A solid 85% of REO songs fit him one way or another tbfh (Araki really knew what he was aiming for here), but I’m gonna go with this one here.
All The Way - Judas Priest. His rowdy/rebellious side vibes, basically~ plus some casual gay innuendos~ Same for other JP songs like Reckless though the latter is more about PB/OgreStreet!Speeb.
Wot’s... Uh The Deal - Pink Floyd. The more I listen to it, the more it makes me think of the many changes in his life, how he started looking at the “Promised Land” from the outside and, eventually, he grew up to be the man on the inside looking out and yet, by the end, there’s still a vague sense of.... sadness?
Breaking The Law - Judas Priest. “Feel as though nobody cares if I live or die, so I might as well begin to put some action in my life”. Plus, even after he left Ogre Street, he never stopped breaking the law if he (or his loved ones) could benefit from it like, not even in his older years like with Lisa Lisa’s case or his ties with the mafia. He simply became a lot stealthier and much more sophisticated about it.
El Extranjero - Enrique Bunbury. Mainly because of that sense of feeling out of place, as some kind of “foreigner” even in his own homeland. Also, the first verses make me think of him after Jonathan’s death: “A boat in the port awaits for me. I don’t know where it might take me to. I’m not looking for glory, I just want to alleviate this sorrow. // I’m leaving and I’m not thinking about coming back. I’m not worried about what I leave behind either. All I know is that everything I have left, in one pocket I can take it with me.”
Fight - Motörhead. "Fighting to the last, fighting to the death. Your last dying breath. You must stand and fight.” That sums his whole life very well.
Bonus: Pretty much any song performed by Youji Ueda, his seiyuu and voiceclaim for my muse, regardless of the lyrics fgghjkj. Some examples here and here.
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lustyargonianmaid · 28 minutes ago
wip saturday :)
no one tagged me but i wanted to share some self indulgent writing. is lucien evil? yes. is he possibly manipulating her? absolutely. is it super sexy? IT IS TO ME.
his skin was akin to fire, spreading heat from her core to her limbs and rising to the surface of her flesh. he nipped lightly at her bottom lip, before sucking it into his mouth to sooth the swollen skin. he moved his fingers faster, deftly grazing her g-spot with every stroke. maeve moaned into lucien's mouth as the tears pooled in the corners of her eyes, slipping out and falling down her temples and soaking her hair. she flinched at the sensation of the tears falling, her cheeks burning hot with shame. lucien pulled back a moment and wiped a falling tear from maeve's eye gently with his thumb. "look at me." she let out a sob, unable to control it, as she took in his expression - tenderness and genuine concern. it was overwhelming. the tears started falling freely and lucien met each one with a kiss, wiping them from her skin with his lips.
"please, don't stop." maeve was breathless, savouring every kiss lucien gave as she shut her eyes tightly. her heart pounded so hard she felt it was going to burst open in her chest. she reached down between the two of them, unlacing his trousers with a sense of urgency as his tear stained lips met hers again. "please."
"mmm, say it again." he whispered against the corner of her mouth, pulling his fingers out of her.
"please." she moaned again with a heavy sigh, lamenting the absence of his hand between her legs as he freed himself from his clothing and pressed his length against her.
tagging some friends to post some wips! @tommymillers 💘 @petitexreine 💘 @deputyrook 💘 @starions 💘 @starsandskies 💘 @jackiesarch 💘 @minilev 💘 @nihildep 💘 @alistairs 💘 @leopardmuffinxo 💘 @gcthamqueen 💘 @theknifegame 💘 @red-nightskies 💘 @redreart 💘 @elf-hame 💘 @teamhawkeye
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pamesjatterson · 33 minutes ago
*hugs u* (or if you don’t want that rn then *sits by you in a comforting manner*)
Gosh thanks <3
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gojo-x-reader · 40 minutes ago
I know I said I would have more time to write but I accidentally got addicted to Genshin impact 😳😳 anyways add me if u want lol: UID 611098912
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exolder · 47 minutes ago
since its the day: please remember to tag mothers day content for me, positive or negative. thank you!
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softieyn · 47 minutes ago
the problem with don’t (by eaeon ft namjoon) is that it gets stuck in my head incredibly easily but i also sob every time i listen to it
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vocalintel · 54 minutes ago
I don't want to pursue the topic at length but Rose of Versailles is not about "inherent womanhood". Rose of Versailles is explicitly about the abolition of traditionalist, conservative views of society and how this relates to the narrow societal roles that Oscar is forced into as a noble, a military officer, a man, and a woman.
The liberatory climax of the story ties Oscar's resolution to live as neither a man nor woman, but as themself (insofar as its necessary to use pronouns in reference to Oscar, which is an eternal point of contention). This is paralleled to the storming of Bastille and the freeing of prisoners. It is a complete rejection of both male and female societal roles, not an "acceptance" of innate femininity.
The reciprocation of Oscar and André's relationship is not about Oscar "giving in" to heterosexuality or "inherent womanhood". It is the end of a long, complicated arc wherein André finally learns to accept Oscar as a person rather than try to force them into being a woman.
I can accept that the majority of my fan theories and readings are from my own perspective, but that is literally the basic text of the work.
It is not about "inherent womanhood". It centers far more on how restrictive and unhappy the social categorization of gender makes Oscar.
Riyoko Ikeda wrote and published Claudine...!, a manga with an explicitly transgender protagonist about his troubles being misunderstood and prosecuted around this time. It is clear that she understood complicated matters related to gender identity, gender dysphoria, social gender, and so on and so forth. Riyoko Ikeda was well-versed on contemporary gender politics and an active Communist at the time Rose of Versailles was published, so it draws parallels between these themes.
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g-a-y-g-o-y-l-e · 55 minutes ago
me, a caveman: nail polish artwork is like, a Job that people make a living doing very intricate and experienced things with, and also im working with shitty lighting and a lot of old poorly-kept bottles. it makes sense that my nails never look like, figuratively polished, but i might as well look up how professionals do it anyways
the internet: youre just missing like seven different self-care steps, dumbass
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aquariusshadow · 56 minutes ago
so im very awkward and im bad at the social thing but to everyone who decided to follow me, like my random shit, etc, for reasons i cant fathom....hello! hi! im down if anyone wants to chat, or say hi, or ask me random stuff etc
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