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#I think we all need a reminder of that sometimes
fatfemmemagic7 days ago
I went to therapy, got some new loose-leaf tea (and a cute little container to hold it!!), Got some candy at the candy store in town (where one of my friends works and I've missed her a LOT), and then went to the local bakery and got a couple loaves of bread (and the nice person behind the counter- who I'm sure is in the LGBTQ+ community bc sometimes you can just tell- gave me a free cookie bc they thought I needed it after my long week since I mentioned it had been a rough week).
I just... Wow. I needed a day like this to remind me that most people are good. Anyway my current favorite song is "Way Less Sad" by AJR bc that's a mood lately 馃挅
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barentsza month ago
#late to the party as always but uhhh yeah the sarah everard case definitely DID make me realise that YES i feel unsafe sometimes#it helps a lot that i have an early rise early sleep schedule so i am rarely out later than like 9 ish [and usually more like 8 ish esp#especially in winter when it's dark and cold - and then i usually have a dog with me which also helps somewhat despite#the lack of intimidation factor of my dog]#and i am not a person who goes out clubbing which also helps#but having said that: we also all know that you don't need to be out late and or go clubbing to get assaulted or murdered#if you present as afab#just a few weeks ago i got really nervous because i heard footsteps behind me#even though: 1. i had my bf with me 2. i had my dog with me 3. it was like 20.30#[reminder to self to mention it to bf and figure out where he stands on this issue]#[consider our literal every interaction thus far i don't foresee problems but i think my being spooked might surprise him so i should say]#of course it was nothing but the fact that i was spooked is just disturbing and stupid?!#the older i get the more feminist i get lol#even despite the fact that i still don't [and probably never will] feel very womanly/feminine/female/whateverthefuckmygenderissueis#when i was talking with that possible education thing they explicitly mentioned the issues that i could run into being female in a#male dominated job environment and then a few talks later the office guy mentioned how he had a trans woman in his portfolio and that#he was so glad he had her and that he was like 90% of the way into placing her somewhere#and i am not a PC person and i don't come from a PC background and all that shit but damn i was so glad that both those things were ment#mentioned you know?#in SOME areas i do think a culture shift is happening#having said that#it is quite obviously NOWHERE near enough#just look at the project rise of murder on women worldwide due to covid#*projected#tbd
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