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The majority of Tumblr users, 36%, are aged 18-34, a coveted market for most companies.
#I think about this at least once a month
luminousxa year ago
When will Ruby do that spin-tornado thing she did during the food fight again. She literally singlehandedly finished that fight from that move alone.
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m1emmz2 years ago
I missed my chance to get peeps during Easter b4 they were sold out and I can't find oatmeal pies anywhere. Why are the best desserts not in stores >: c
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awesomekatelewis2 years ago
Tumblr media
Does anyone else randomly think about Alex Mack singing 鈥淐ellophane Friends鈥?
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baegin-ae5 years ago
The final day of Asexual Awareness week is here! 聽Thanks for taking the ride with me and sitting through all of my little headcanons. 聽I鈥檝e saved the best for last!
Emma Woodhouse 鈥 aro/ace
This is my favorite headcanon, partially because Emma is one of my favorite books, and also because, well, yes we do share a name! Emma exhibits a trait that I do: being fascinated and slightly obsessed with something you don鈥檛 really understand. 聽While I鈥檓 devouring clinical and psychological texts about sex and sexuality as often as I can, Emma is consumed with romance. 聽Her whole story is about trying to set people up based on what she perceives as indicators of love. 聽And she鈥檚 pretty much always wrong! 聽I would argue, because she actually has no idea what love is because he鈥檚 never felt it! 聽So she gets all her ideas from books and second-hand gossip and that鈥檚 why she fails so spectacularly. 聽You might argue that in the end, by marrying Knightly, she鈥檚 clearly proven that she can fall in love, but I can argue not so! 聽I see their relationship as a very strong queer-platonic bond; she obviously does love him, he鈥檚 the most important person in her life besides her father, but she鈥檚 not in love with him. 聽She doesn鈥檛 want him to marry anyone else because she doesn鈥檛 want another woman to take her place of importance in his life. 聽And does Knightly love her? 聽Sure. 聽But in my headcanon he鈥檚 also aware of her aro/ace-ness and he doesn鈥檛 care. 聽Because he does love her and to him the important bits aren鈥檛 whether she鈥檒l give him her heart or her body, but that she鈥檒l be with him in any way she can. 聽So I see their relationship as very strong and loving and their marriage as a good thing and Emma as a wonderful aro/ace darling who marries her best friend and gets the happily ever after we鈥檙e all looking for in life. 聽
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achillesthegreat5 years ago
when i was seven, i had an emotional breakdown because i was 100% convinced that my first grade teacher had spelled聽鈥渇riend鈥 like聽鈥渇reind鈥, and i insisted that i was right, even as my dad, a forty seven year old man, told me otherwise, and i kept crying,聽鈥渨hy won鈥檛 you believe meeeeeeee? ms. meomartino told meeeeeee. she wouldn鈥檛 lie to meeeeeeee.鈥 for like two hours.
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allsassnoclass17 hours ago
Happy happy birthday!! 馃コ Congrats on another rotation around the sun! I went to send a bday message and realized I hadn't responded to your last (idk what the term would be, response to my ask? correspondence? who knows) so i'm combining them like the rebel i am. How did your retreat go? I hope it wasn't too stressful and you were able to have a good/productive retreat. I'm sorry to hear you're also in a bad group project; it is such a frustrating situation when your group doesn't cooperate.
I didn't settle on being a geology major until last semester so it's a little new for me, but I like that it's a science that doesn't always *feel* like a science if that makes sense? Also a lot of our classes on climate change fall under the geology department and that's something I've always been interested/passionate about. Plus, plate tectonics is super wacky and neat! For writing I'm best with shorter, darker works (while I have plenty of longer ideas I do not have the ability to finish any of them lol) and also a little bit of poetry? But not a whole lot bc I think it's a hard line to walk btwn good poetry and sounding pretentious and I don't want to end up on the wrong side lol.
Anyways enough about me! How did you end up picking your major? Are you going to do anything for your birthday? I am sending loads of well wishes and good vibes your way and I hope you have a lovely birthday week -馃挋
hello love! thank you for the birthday message!
the retreat went well! 聽we had a lot of people drop during the week leading up to it so it was a really really small retreatant pool but everyone there seemed really into it. 聽Idk for me it was not nearly as impactful as usual, probably because I was stressed about getting everyone fed and facilitating a good retreat for my small group, but that鈥檚 okay because it seemed to be really fruitful for everyone else and the formation leading up to it was pretty good for me. as for the group project I actually got so angry about it in class today that I talked to my teacher afterwards and he鈥檚 on my side so hopefully things end up okay. I hope your group project also ends up okay!
I'm glad you鈥檙e vibing with geology! plate tectonics are super wacky and neat I agree with you there and I find it really interesting that a lot of the climate change classes fall under the geology department? I wouldn鈥檛 have expected them to be there聽but that鈥檚 cool that you get to study that!
I think the thing about good poetry vs pretentiousness honestly mostly has to do with the level of sincerity. 聽pretentiousness, by definition, includes putting more importance on something than is deserved and thinking that you鈥檙e better than others for it. 聽it鈥檚 performative. 聽if you sincerely believe in and feel what you鈥檙e writing then it鈥檚 not pretentious. 聽there are a lot of people out here romanticizing little things and picking apart specific, small human emotions under a magnifying glass to give them importance. 聽that鈥檚 not pretentious, it鈥檚 actually a good skill/mindset to have in my opinion. don鈥檛 let fear of being pretentious keep you from writing whatever poetry you want to!
I picked my major because ultimately I want to be a theatre director at a high school. 聽I started out as a music business major (which was super fascinating and I kind of wish I had stuck with it) but I would be most successful with that if I moved to New York, LA, or Chicago and I didn鈥檛 really want to do that. I went through a few other major combinations before landing on theatre for my only major and music and English lit for minors. 聽I鈥檒l probably end up going to grad school for theatre ed so it鈥檒l be easier for me to get my teaching certificate. but yeah basically I chose my major because I just really want to direct high school theatre and this is what my school offers that will get me close to doing that.
I did not do anything for my birthday except open the presents my parents sent me! on Friday though聽I'm going to have a little lunch date/study session with a friend who鈥檚 birthday was the 12th! we typically go for walks on Fridays but tbh聽I'm behind in homework and upset about it so he鈥檚 going to pick up lunch for us and we鈥檙e going to just do a little special meal together while still being productive. 聽I did also get to go to the social for our retreat today though! wasn鈥檛 sure if聽I'd be able to make it because I had rehearsal for theatre but I got let out early so everyone there sang happy birthday to me which was neat.
I am receiving your good vibes! holding up a mirror so some of them bounce off and go back to you, too. 聽how has your week been so far? what are you up to?
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fluoresence2 days ago
i am a whore for the "character A shows character B the ropes to sex" trope with all the consent and new experiences and mutual respect and rookie is really hitting that spot for me
maybe its just me expressing my desire for a Respectful Man Friend in a fic dkjsfnk
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jlf23tumble2 days ago
#i have peeped on some truly VILE shit about olivia wilde lo these last few months#and it's typical of the one direction fandom's general misogyny#the larrie fandom's in particular#but will today's news make a difference?#i sure hope so#i hope that it stops some people short#that it makes some people REALLY THINK once more about what they quote know about a situation#or at least slow their roll on the fucking VITRIOL aimed at her for protecting their fave#or you know just living her own life and lorde only knows your fave's involvement#i can't believe i saw with my own eyes someone reblogging a post about her being stalked in the most terrifying way#and the general gist of the reblog was a mix of hahahaha or implying she 'deserves' it or even WORSE oh 'poor harry' end it free him etc#if you are seeing this kind of horseshit on your dash i am BEGGING you to unfollow it#i see it only from lurking and it fucking JOLTS me#to see that just in the mix#i can't even fathom and it's why it's on my list of thou shalt not follow rules#what a fucking toxic horrible vile take#i've always hated the hate that any woman in the one direction sphere endures (and not just girlfriends/beards#but women who have the audacity to interview them or interact with them on social media etc#i truly don't care how old you are if you do it...young fan or older fan#but jesus christ have some compassion just in general#like if you think your fave is in the closet and you're pushing on the person who's helping him maintain it#YOU ARE THE ASSHOLE#not her#never her#ugh i'll shut up but my god am i appalled#on about 28 levels#yes that's for you
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daemoninfluff4 days ago
thinking about how when the night sky is clear and you see many stars you call it a "sternenklare Nacht" in german even though "sternenklar" literally translated means stars clear or, which sounds better, clear of stars so it sounds more as if the sky was free of stars instead of full of them
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thecourtoflaw7 days ago
Thinking about that one time a friend who sat behind me in health class chopped up an antacid into fine powder in the middle of class and snorted it. And then did the same thing with a Smartie (the candy).
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trenchfryyy8 days ago
Wait what's the ship? also I'm so sorry for your experience with.. the weird ship stans who said only polar opposites attract because. what even??? anyways you're not obligated by any means to answer this! have a nice day!
Awe, thanks! Sorry, this took a while to answer.
Since I actually do want to answer this and I'll never gather the courage if I wait, I'll answer in the tags because tags are good and they are a comfort.
You have a great day/night, too!
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weavinglight10 days ago
full disclosure: i do use statcounters. i don鈥檛 have one on shallan (i don鈥檛 think anyway???) but i do have one on sigyn and lily. there was a messy incident back in my early days of rp that included a weirdo and her friends stalking my blog and sending shit to my friends, and stat counter was how i got them to fuck off. lily has it for the same reasons, these people were still a semi-issue when i made her. became useful when someone (who is still in the fandom) was vaguing about me non-stop and stealing my hedacanons while accusing me of doing the same. and then more recently, when some asshole threatened to dox me.
i only check my stats when i鈥檝e been given an indication that someone shady is poking around, so i can make sure. if not, i don鈥檛 look, and have gone years between glances at stats.
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nowendil16 days ago
:/ why can't i sleep when im supposed to
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