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#I think I’m connecting dots lol
illshineforyou · 28 days ago
there’s a gasp in ybwm??
Yeah! It was right in the bridge! Like:
“Oh, I remember you driving to my house/In the middle of the night/I'm the one who makes you laugh/When you know you're 'bout to cry
And I know your favorite songs/And you tell me 'bout your dreams/Think I know where you belong/Think I know it's with me”
And it always made me feel good because I have horrible breath control and I was comforted knowing that I’m not alone but present Taylor was like rip to you but I’m different now lol
Plus it felt dRaMaTiC 😂
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paopukuma · 4 days ago
Watched Boo York, Boo York for the first time a few days ago. Some thoughts (mainly on characters) because it was so cuteeee!!!!!: WARNING FOR SPOILERS
• Really fun moments for a lot of the characters
• my first experience with Catty’s character, and I love her and her passion. She’s fun, playful, and really connected to her music. The fact that she gave up fame because it became less about her connection to music and letting it reflect her was really profound to me.
• Catty and Pharaoh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• this dude was hecka cool, his design was everything and I have to be honest, I loved the (w)raps (lol!).
• Elle made me fall in love with the robot aesthetic again!!!!!!!!!!! She’s so fun!!!!!! I didn’t know she was a dj but I think that’s so cute!!!!!!
• Mouscedes was adorable, she’s so funny and a total boss. She kinda reminds me of Dot from Warner Bros., but I can’t pin exactly why
• Luna was also super fun (a lot of the characters were fun!). Her personality was really cute and quirky, and I admire her optimism even as her rise to her goal takes some time and working in less glamorous positions. I think the subtext is really important as a life lesson, that even if it doesn’t happen now and it takes some working up to that point, you can still get to your dreams some day.
• The songs were pretty cute, and I love Pharaoh’s duets with Catty. Did I mention I love them?
• speaking of love, Cleo and Deuce are such a powerful duo. I love how she lifts him up, while he expresses how much he genuinely cares about her. They’re more than just “the popular couple,” they really care about and appreciate each other. Even though Deuce was hesitant because of feeling as though she was leagues above him, Cleo was all too eager to bring Deuce to Boo York with her and her family. She is PROUD to be dating him. (I Know they had their ups and downs and that was a big part of the plot, but it only reinforces that they’re a strong pair and I think the difficulties would help them grow).
• The video game joke was silly but in a funny way, I was just shaking my head and laughing at the mansters each time they joined the ghouls in the basement? Underground hidden room? (I’m not sure)
• Ghoulia and Abby just casually saving the world, nothing to see here people, let them be awesome mvp’s okay
• Ghoulia is so cute (the lipstick game check though, like what a Queen)
• I love Ghoulia’s character. She’s a zombie, literally the monster stereotyped as slow and unintelligent and literally brainless, yet she’s one of the smartest if not THE smartest character in the franchise. She’s so sweet, maybe a bit shy, but she’s articulate with her work and so on top of things. Plus her cherry aesthetic? Yes please!
• Abby was more minor, but I always appreciate her character. She’s so beautiful and fun to watch. Very down to earth and playful, but helpful and supportive.
• I already knew about the after credits scene, but the way they revealed it was so cheeky I just can’t 😹
•speaking of, Astra is so adorable. I love her design
•I loved that ending!!!!! Cleo and Deuce dancing together took my heart 💙
• fun, quirky, campy, adorable—it made me want to watch it again, or something like it. I’ll probably be watching another Monster High movie soon ^w* 13 Wishes is on my must watch movies list so I might head into that next
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matan4il · 5 days ago
Hello! I wanted to tell you that I love the posts you make and how you appreciate every detail of Buddie that I haven´t noticed. I wanted to ask you, do you think Buk already has feelings for Eddie? Maybe it´s a feeling of mine, but this season I see Buck sad in general. Could he be affected by spending less time with Eddie and Chris because of Ana? I think they have put Ana in the moments when they were Buck and Eddie (and Chris). Thank you very much and sorry for my English.
Hello and thank you so much, this is incredibly sweet of you! I hope it’s ok to send a hug! I’m really happy you enjoy my meta posts... Also, your English is absolutely awesome and you rock for speaking a foreign language! Never apologize for it, lovely. *hugs*
As for Buck, I do believe he already has feelings for Eddie, though I tend to think he’s not consciously aware of their nature. That he just classifies them as thinking that Eddie is amazing and hot and he wants to spend as much time with Eddie as he can and he cares about Eddie so much... without connecting all the dots and realizing this is more intense than just regular friendship. I have to emphasize: this is just my take based on canon, on how fully he’s immersed himself in the life of Eddie and Ana. Which is in part why I can’t believe they’re not all still hanging out together. Maybe less often, def off screen, but the supermarket argument pretty much established that these three want and need to be together. Ep 408 also reassured us that Buck’s importance not just to Eddie but to Chris as well hasn’t changed. I think it’s not been said explicitly, that they still hang out, and we haven’t seen it in the eps, which is why we feel this absence, but 911 has in the past hinted that Buddie hang out and share a lot more than what is shown on screen, so based on everything we know of them, I have to believe this is still true for them.
Buck has been sadder this season, but I think is starts before Ana came back. He’s getting to articulate that he does want a relationship again, after denying it in 312, following what he saw with Red back in ep 316, then going through the whole Daniel reveal and fallout. But hey, maybe whatever happens in the finale will remind him that we’ve seen him at he’s happiest when he’s with Eddie and Chris, so maybe that’ll help him move in that direction. ;) I hope I helped? Please don’t hesitate to let me know! xoxox
(more under the cut)
Hi Alice! Your recent asks have me wondering about Taylor. Do you think the friendship episode was supposed to be something of a mini redemption arc for Taylor? 🤨 it’s interesting to me how, despite Buck’s close relationship with Bobby, we’ve never really heard how he felt about her terrible intentions in her first appearance (unless we did and I forgot?). It seems everyone sees the error in her ways except for Buck and I dislike how that whole thing has been swept under the rug for many viewers who’ve become captivated by her sassiness. Maybe I’m being harsh, but personally, I don’t feel that being sad about covid is enough to erase her cruel intentions, whether she’s a career-driven independent woman or not. Do you think the show will ever address her past directly? I know she hasn’t had too much screen time overall and in my opinion I’d rather it stay that way (because I don’t want her to be endgame and I feel absolutely starved for screentime with our mains! There’s too many characters now lol). If you get around to this ask, then thank you so much!! 🥰
Hi Nonnie, of course I’ll reply to your ask! If I ever don’t, I either haven’t had a chance to answer my recent asks yet, or I didn’t get it. Never hesitate to check in with me if I don’t! *hugs*
I actually have used the words ‘mini redemption arc’ myself when talking about Taylor. It’s not the most classic redemption arc, those usually entail the antagonist facing what they’ve done wrong and directly making up for it or indirectly doing so by making some meaningful sacrifice/proving themselves to have learned and changed in a big crisis.
Taylor didn’t get exactly that. I think the show didn’t wanna bring up what she did wrong in 206 and kind of brushed it aside in 208 already (when Buck sleeps with her despite how much he cares about Bobby and when Buck mentions her to Bobby, who doesn’t say anything in particular about what she had done to him... though we don’t know if Bobby is aware that she was gonna air her piece about him). Back then, the show didn’t need to redeem her anyway, she was still an antagonist. In s4, I do think she got something close to it, because the show doesn’t want us to think of her as an antagonist anymore. So if in s2 her career came before everything, including Buck and possibly a human life (Bobby’s), in s4 she’s shown to now care about saving lives and justice, about Buck, and her job is no longer her main priority.
I hope the show does re-visit what she did, but right now, I tend to think it won’t. They’ve had two eps since her return this season to address the stuff from 206, but they haven’t touched any of it other than indirectly, by showing us she’s changed. It may be to make it easier for us to side with her if Bobby confronts her about those things at some point, but the way they haven’t shown him saying anything about that in 208 or in 408, when Bobby and Taylor were both present at the same call... I’m sorry, Nonnie, I hate to feel like I’m disappointing you. If it helps, I don’t think she’s endgame, as I mentioned in my 411 meta and I’ll delve a bit into why in my next reply... Hope it’ll make it better! xoxox
Not an ask but! I kind of like how they are developing Taylor right now. I really really disliked her in the beginng, partly bc of her character partly bc she was Buck's LI. But now i really don't mind her being here. At least for a while. I dont at all think that she and her are engame but she might stick around longer than Ana bc she's definitely a more interesting character and her and Buck's relationship is also way more fleshed out than Eddie's and Ana's is
Hi Nonnie, It’s a great ask even without including a question. ;) Thank you for sending it!
I agree that she and Buck aren’t endgame, and that she has more potential than Ana and I can see Taylor being around for longer, too! To expand on the endgame angle, as I mentioned in my 411 meta, I feel like a big question in fandom right now is whether Buck and Taylor will get together romantically. I currently tend to think they will at some point. Beyond something I had mentioned to @yelenabelous (that men and women with a past are never treated as fully platonic on TV), there’s also the indicators of character investment and integration.
Because Taylor and her relationship with Buck ARE more fleshed out than Ana and her r/s with Eddie, but they’re still not at the level of making her a character in her own right on 911. She’s still there as a satellite of Buck’s. Yes, we have a much greater sense of her personality than Ana’s, and yes, with one appearance less than Ana, the show has already invested more in telling us about Taylor, who she is and how she’s changed since s2. But how much do we know about her? Other than her dreams from a young age regarding her career and her history with Buck, not much. What are her likes and dislikes outside of work? What’s her romantic past like, has she dated seriously before and got burnt or will dating Buck be a totally new experience for her? How about her family, does she have any, is she in touch with them? And other than in 206, everything scene she’s been in has revolved around Buck. She also hasn’t been integrated into the larger ensemble. Think of Albert, for comparison, who has ties to several people from the team and who has hung out with the 118 a few times on screen. He’s a character in his own right and as such, he’s a long term one.
Ep 411 could have used Buck and Taylor teaming up on a case to allow him to get to know her better (as we saw with Buck and Abby when searching for her mom in 103), but the show didn’t go there. We also could have seen more of an interaction between Taylor and Athena (along the lines of Maddie and Athena getting to know each other in 205), but we didn’t get that either.
It feels like just enough development to make her an interesting LI, not enough for her to become a long term LI who will be Buck’s endgame. That might change at some point and we’ll also have to see how she’s treated in 412, if they’ll raise the levels of investment and integration when it comes to her. But yeah, this is why I’m currently thinking Buck and Taylor will get involved as more than friends at some point, but they won’t be endgame.
At what point? Looking mainly at the pace of things (so I’m going off almost nothing, which means I am warning you to not take this as anything other than conjecture), I would find it interesting if they did a contrasting parallel, where Eddie and Ana, who’ve been calmly sailing along as a couple through most of the season, will hit a rough patch towards the end of it, while Buck and Taylor, who are doing the ‘just friends’ things will get together at roughly the same time.
But again I’ll stress, much like Jon Snow, I know nothing. ;) I hope this was still helpful in some capacity! xoxox
I was so inarticulate in my last flirting ask 😭. Thank you for answering. I meant more like the casual touching is less (like no tailpipe rescue), not no touching or no flirting. But like in the *kitchen scene* if they'd touched it would have been done. Like they're careful to keep the casual touching flirting minimized. And my little pining heart is hoping we'll see how it's just not right with who they're with now... and then one of them whump and they'll be like, we shouldn't have waited.
Oh no, Nonnie, you’re great and your ask is fine! Sorry if I missed what you meant! *hugs* Please don’t be too upset due to me being thick! And OMG, yes. The kitchen scene was so charged already, actual physical touch would have made them (and our TV screen, lbr) spontaneously combust! And God yes, I would love the scenario that you described SO MUCH. They and we deserve all the epic pining that will finally explode because they can’t contain themselves anymore and the very touching of their hands sends sparks flying! Thank you for this follow up ask and big hugs to you! xoxox
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campcampfanfan · 5 days ago
What do you think everyone's favorite video game would be
Ok, I’ll try with this, but fair warning, I only play the same three games over again lol.
David- Animal crossing, Ofc
Gwen- Fnaf
Max- Is it bad I think he’d be the toxic 12 year old on COD?
Nikki- Any Mario game
Neil- Minecraft, but only to play with redstone
Nerris- Zelda
Harrison- Pokemon
Dolph-League of Legends, see if you can connect the dots
Space Kid- Wii Sports
Ered- Tempted to say Cyberpunk, but really its GTA
Honestly, I’m throwing in my ocs because I can and want too.
Arizona- Skyrim
Zoe- Any Marvel Game or Halo
Emma- Overwatch
Nora- The Sims, because she can run a vet’s office
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forks-in-a-drawer · 5 days ago
Sixth and final commercial break! Sorry that this took longer to compile; as usual the last few minutes drops a bombshell that sends me into overthinking.
-Jeanette’s brother’s crush is Kate’s step sister?? What in the Romeo and Juliette is going on
-Yikes watch Jeanette regret telling her bro to go for it
-Speaking of, I don’t even know her brother’s name lol. He and Jaime and Jamie’s friend (whose name I don’t remember either) all look alike and I’m struggling to keep track of who’s who
-Ok Kate’s stepsister being in the chat room is both good and bad. Good because it shows she cares about Kate and it means Kate will get the chance to vent and feel supported in the way she needs/feels comfortable with BUT what if her stepsister turns against her? What if it’s used as evidence to disprove her? I hope Kate isn’t too trusting of who she thinks is another survivor because she already got burned from trusting Harris
-Oh no and her stepsister told Jeanette’s brother about her username (maybe not directly but what if he connects the dots?)
-Did I see boxes of tampons when Kate woke up in the basement? Harris gives me conflicting feelings as to whether he’s stupid or not. Like he didn’t expect Kate to fight back and looked incapable of winning a physical fight against her but at the same time he knew how to poison food and manipulate her psychologically from the start? And back to the tampons, did he panic and buy everything because he’s never held a girl captive before or was he very extensive in his planning? Sorry if this makes no sense lol. Kinda like how Joe Goldberg in You was both so bad at being bad but also so good at being bad?
-Couldn’t someone see into the basement through the windows? I suppose it would be weird for people to creep onto private property and peer into basement windows though without a reason
-I really hope the tapes aren’t destroyed. Kate doesn’t need another thing to go wrong
-Also I hope the tapes don’t contradict Kate.
-Also also the tapes reminded me of 13 Reasons Why and at first I was like oh nooo not this again but then it’s said that it’s her therapy tapes and I was like ohhhh ok so it’s legit and it’s not an unhealthy coping mechanism or an aesthetic choice that glamourises suicide notes like in 13RW
-WAIT ANNABELLE IS REAL? I mean was I wondering why she picked that name for her ghost story? Yes. Was I still shocked? Also yes.
-OH NO WAIT WAIT I HOPE IM WRONG EVEN THOUGH I LOVE BEING RIGHT BECAUSE THIS WOULD BE TOO TRAGIC. Is Annabelle another grooming victim? Is Annabelle the name of a gun that Harris was going to use to kill Kate and himself to avoid consequences a la murder suicide? Did Kate give birth during her drugged induced time being held captive?? Did she need all those tampons? If they even were tampons, I need to go back and pause. Was she so malnourished and/or stressed that her period stopped? Or did that bastard rape her and get her pregnant?! But then what happened to the baby? I may be totally off, but then again Kate’s family and the town are acting way too causal about what happened so anything is possible especially with this show
-Wait if Harris’s story about his dad was true then it means he also died via gunshot, albeit it wasn’t self inflicted in his case. Is it bad that I hope his story about his dad is true so that it means Harris died of the very thing that scarred him? Because that would be ironic poetic justice.
-GUYS IM SO SORRY MY MIND IS MAKING TOO MANY CONNECTIONS. What if Harris killed his dad? And that’s why he didn’t want to participate in the shooting because he didn’t want people to know he could handle a gun and be capable of using it for violence? I want to know his backstory just for the sole purpose of then having even more reasons to hate him. And don’t worry, this blog will stay a Martin Harris hate blog. He can NEVER be redeemed.
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zannolin · 5 days ago
i saw your tags on the post abt vilifying c!wilbur and yes! i'm so so tired of going on twitter and seeing people call c!wilbur vilbur and revivebur nonstop. this is relevant to both but ESPECIALLY with calling him vilbur it reduces him down to one trait and ignores the incredible complexity of the character. of course he did bad stuff i'm not going to argue against that but there's so much to him and i wish people would acknowledge his character as a whole instead of examining each era as if it's a one dimensional different person. he's complex!!!!!
yeah! one thing I think people forget is like. it is a canonical issue. fandom and characters actively try to separate c!wilbur into multiple people. it’s not just “alivebur” and “ghostbur”; c!tommy more than once (or at least once but I can’t get receipts don’t quote me on this; I just remember that it happened notably because I promptly meta’d about it in the dsbi server and wrote it into a couple fics from tommy pov) referred to c!wilbur in the pre-pogtopia era (”l’manbur” if you will) as “the real wilbur.”
I think it might not have been such a problem if not for the characters time and again denying ghostbur as being an actual version of c!wil (ghostbur himself included). that really granted the fans a loophole to run with, and denying mental illness sure is a trend on twitter dot com. people in this fandom, I’ve noticed — particularly on twitter — like to oversimplify things, try to reduce it to something easy to absorb, and maybe that’s the fault of the character limit and the way it makes communicating nuance very difficult without a lot of tweets, and our attention spans often don’t want to deal with that (especially since, fun fact, websites like twitter are intended to keep your attention by bouncing you around to a lot of things, rather than draw you in for extended dialogue and critical thought, so that Really doesn’t help). sometimes things get broken down a bit too far and it turns into “wilbur bad, ghostbur good” or the like.
remember doomsday? remember how complicated it turned out to be, with techno being technically right that l’manberg was corrupt and probably needed to go, but going about it in completely the wrong way? how everyone was right in some ways and wrong in others, but it got broken down into bits and the “people are above the government!” / “I’M A PERSON!” / “SO ARE WE!” speech was cut off before the “so are we”? it’s so easy to overlook things and be selective with the information you want to remember and present because it makes your life simpler and takes less effort (both to say and to hear) and that’s where a lot of these problems come from, I think.
that and, again, it just makes it easier on people if they can dismiss wilbur as a character and focus wholly on ghostbur who has never done any “wrong”, at least by the server’s standards. (but they’re wrong, really, that ghostbur is without fault — his denial of being wilbur and by extension is denial of things wilbur did and refusal to discuss them inevitably caused so much hurt to others, namely fundy, but also tommy and phil even if they both wanted to separate ghostbur from alivebur — phil because of his guilt, tommy because of his anger and his desire to let himself be attached to ghostbur without having to address the things wilbur did to him. overall, ghostbur’s entire existence was often more unhealthy for the people of the server than anything else. he stagnated as a character every time he actively chose to forget the things that were too difficult for him to want to deal with, and oh, doesn’t that sound familiar? sounds a lot like a fandom we live in, lol.)
and need I remind people that ghostbur himself once acknowledged his connection to wilbur, if not implied that he was in fact wilbur? when he revisited pogtopia on the first of cc!wilbur’s two canonical ghostbur dsmp streams (well, 1) canonicity is now somewhat questionable in the sense of the sbi family dynamic is no longer canon, but the rest holds up in the story, and the fd was canon at the time as cc!wil and cc!phil were roleplaying it; and 2) sorry I’m not going to provide a clip for this, but it was on Nov 24th, right at the very end of the stream) he said “fundy needs a dad, for sure. and I need to make up for what I did.” note the terminology. what I did. if only for a moment, he claimed responsibility and acknowledged he was, in some way, wilbur.
also, there’s the fact that he does have all of wilbur’s memories, but chose to forget the bad ones because it was easier and more convenient (again, I laugh at the similarity to the fandom sometimes). additionally, wilbur started remembering the things ghostbur knew after he was resurrected — he literally said so, on tommy’s stream, stating he remembered ranboo and that the things were coming back to him, all the things ghostbur knew. they can’t be completely separate entities if they’re intrinsically linked like that.
and you know, side note, I find it really interesting that wilbur seems to be the only ghost like this. we never got to see phantommy (lmao) despite knowing he did exist, based on what ghlatt (glatt? eurgh) said to quackity in quackity’s first lore, but we do see schlatt’s ghost and he seems fine? sure he’s desaturated like ghostbur, but all his memories seem to be intact, and it’s heavily implied when he’s asleep in “limbo” he’s awake/running around in the living world, and ghostbur was gone for wilbur’s appearance on january 20th and the entire time tommy was dead. obviously you can attribute that to cc!wilbur being unable to play two characters at once, but it seems relevant because tommy made a point to ask where ghostbur was when wilbur was talking to them at the bench. and it’s curious that wilbur didn’t seem to have a physical form that time, was only a disembodied voice. I’m devolving into theorizing territory here, sorry, but I find it interesting.
either way. I really do want people to stop and think about 1) why they’re immediately referring to wilbur as “vilbur” despite the fact that he hasn’t done anything indicating he’s going to be a villain still just yet (all his statements were innocent, joyful, in-character, justified by the fact that he doesn’t yet seem to remember the six months of being ghostbur, etc; yes the “are you trying to make me feel like I did in pogtopia” statement was unfair, but it wasn’t said with villainous, hurtful intent! doesn’t excuse it, but don’t take that and run with it as hard evidence) and 2) just why they prefer “ghostbur” to “alivebur”, why they’re so quick to separate them into different people, and the things that entails. maybe you don’t mean to, but a part of the message you are conveying is that people who don’t have baggage and issues and mental illness are more desirable and “better”. also (tw for brief discussion of suicide/suicidal ideation) maybe consider the messages you’re conveying when you (even jokingly) say that you would rather let the previously suicidal and just now seeming to heal and happy to be alive man die again just to get ghostbur back. that’s....that’s kinda fucked, dude. both in general and fucked to see as someone who has struggles with mental illness myself and projects very heavily onto wilbur as a character and hopes he gets a shot at healing because of it. I’m aware I’m preaching to the choir here a bit but I mean, it’s always, always beneficial to stop and check yourself and consider your biases and just why you have them.
wow okay sorry I just totally went off for way too long and you did not ask for a meta but you got one! lmao. basically I just feel a lot of things on this matter and I could talk about for a long time. I guess I did since I just spent an hour writing this answer wheeze.
thanks for the indulgence.
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domreaderrecs · 8 days ago
omgggg your earlier post about reading mm erotica 😭 i grew up strictly reading mm fics and stuff as it was the only media where i saw submissive men.. and i could never figure out why i liked it so much until a couple years ago when i discovered femdom.. i remember always feeling guilty indulging in mm content because i thought i was fetishizing gay relationships but turns out i was just self inserting myself as the dom
yesss exactly and like when i started to get into fandoms and stuff, i used to specifically seek out content where my bias or favorite character was the bottom/sub and i still didn’t connect the dots 🙃 and i’m just like you lol i used to feel so guilty thinking i was fetishizing gay men and their relationships but once I realized what femdom was everything made a lot more sense
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coldercreation · 15 days ago
Hi! I just wanted to thank you for your awesome stories. They are so cute, my heart hurts. And I adore the deep dive into Nats psyche. Some of that stuff hits too close to home and has made me decide I need to go back to therapy- even though I am “doing fine” or whatever ;D. Was not expecting that from what I thought was just going to be fluff! You are an amazing writer, and I hope you keep getting joy from it so we can keep getting joy reading it!! <3
Oh myy. Okk, first of all hello, hi, thank you! It makes me so happy that you’ve found the stories amazing and cute and thought provoking! :’) Second... It’s messages like this that make me feel like my writing is actually even a little bit worthwhile? meaningful? useful? I don’t even know lol but maybe you get the idea😭
Writing can be such a solitary process, and even though I’m enjoying it a lot, it’s all too easy to fall into thinking: ‘Wait, is there even a point to doing this? I’m spending so much time, but will anyone else actually really care? Does this matter?’ But then I try to remember that if even a little bit of the joy I get from writing transfers through to someone else, then it does matter. Or if someone can relate even the tiniest bit, and feel less alone, and more seen, heard, understood, comforted? Heck yeh! 
It’s really cool that you’ve liked the deep dives into the psyche! I find things like that really interesting to research and write, but I also get worried that it’s too confusing to read, or it’s ‘too’ niche of a topic. So thank you for telling me! Much appreciated!! I try to keep things real when writing, not just because I enjoy it that way, but also because I don’t see a lot of these things in the media. Maybe reading about this stuff could help somebody connect some dots. They can take literal decades to connect sometimes, especially when we don’t have enough examples available. 
I’m glad that some of the things in the story were able to be a reminder to take care of yourself and reach out for support. Really proud of you<3 ( Certain someone will also be going to therapy in the future part of the story, so look at yous doing so well! :’3 ) 
Thank you love, and take care x
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thatoneao3writer · 21 days ago
I haven't been on Tumblr, but I've been thinking about this AU a lot-
And I have a LOT to scroll through since im back :,) (and a lot to draw-)
But I still have questions and stuff!
.What's the PPsat (Pummel Party Saturday) like in this AU?
.Since Puffy is an Alien, does she still ask as much questions as Skeppy and Sapnap?
.I have this headcanon that they all still post on YouTube, but in different ways;
Now I don't have a great imagination when it comes to writing stuff but most TT would post very different stuff; Ant has probably been an internet meme because of something he posted once, Ponk posts once a month about updates on his citrus plants(and sometimes posts random 3sec vids where something blows up with absolutely no context), Puffy and Bad don't post but they still comment on the other Titan's videos occasionally, and Sam ACTUALLY posts decent content out of all of them, like how to's (like a dAd) or tips on coding or something idk
.Has Sam ever told Punz that Sam Nook isn't.. human? It's so funny to imagine that Punz thinks that Sam Nook is just Sam's cousin
.I see Hannah as a wild card, one day she's trying to blow up the Capitol and the next she's going around pranking government officials. Seeing that Sam doesn't quite like the government because of that whole lol-we're-gonna-brainwash-you-into-a-government-hero thing but he stills has to do his job, he and the Titans purposefully delay saving the day just because- they bicker with Hannah more than they fight 🤣 the only reason why they don't leave her be at this point is because citizen eyes are on them
.I need to know who DreamXD is in this AU p l e a s e
Your AU is a gold mine for ideas, thankyou for it :)
Welcome back Narwhal!! :D
PPsat is game night! I've actually been trying to think about some hcs for said game night to make a separate post for it, so keep your eyes pealed ><
Nahhh, Puffy doesn’t ask as much questions as Skeppy and Sapnap because as a space pirate, she had to learn all the different cultures of almost every planet. So if she crash lands or something, she won’t be a sitting duck. 
skucvdscgvs ‘like a dAd’ basically summed up Awesamdude’s character in three words XD
Ooohh! I was gonna say Punz knows Sam Nook is a robot, but now that you gave the idea of miscommunication, it’s canon now that Punz just thinks Sam Nook is just Sam’s cousin >< Sam never told him that Nook isn’t a human because the Titans had always had Nook, he just got an upgrade and he thought everyone would manage to connect the dots. Spoiler alret, not everyone did XD
The Hannah one is canon now as well >< I love it so much lmfaooo
I’ve mentioned once before that DreamXD is a powerful demon... but, I’m changing that and turning them into a god. The god of dreams and manipulation. Similar to demons, gods don’t have gender, so DreamXD uses they/them pronouns. v!Dream is a huge fanboy and decided to take the name and make it his own but with a little twist. DreamXD is actually the reason v!Dream managed to control his manipulation power, they’re also the one who gave it to v!Dream in the first place because they were bored and decided to bless the kid who would always pray to them.
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hellsbellschime · 23 days ago
So Aerys lay down wildfire to burn down the whole city thinking he is a real dragon and will be unharmed. His ancestors already had indulge in similar fire mishaps. Dany had 3 fire breathing dragons. Grrm: You can connect the dots. Dany stans: Obviously it's Jon Connigton gonna burn down the city. There is no proof for Dany doing this. Grrm: 😔.
LOL I mean I’m still not over the fact that Dany stans are like “her burning King’s Landing in the show is not proof that she’ll burn it in the books”. I’m not even trying to be mean, but the lengths that they will go to in order to figure out some way that the one person who loves fire and has three giant firebombs and always talks about burning shit will somehow not be the one burning shit in the very end is hysterical, like I get that GRRM is known for subverting tropes but Jesus Christ.
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goldensunset · 24 days ago
oh and i actually went and watched avatar the last airbender over spring break. yes. me. at long last, after all these years of either never getting around to it, never getting into it, or refusing to watch it purely out of spite for everyone who raved about how it was the best show ever.
i loved it. it really does hold up even after all these years as an incredible story with incredible characters. but it did make me realize how im older now than most people were when watching it for the first time and i didnt get to grow up with this show, so i’ll probably never have that nostalgia and deep-rooted love for it like most people do. for the most part im too old for cartoons now- not that i’ve stopped liking things i’ve always liked, but that i don’t have any interest in getting into new ones that come out. but ive been told forever how good and serious this story was, and if it’s stood the test of time, it must be true. i dont have any inherent like or dislike for cartoons, i just want a good story. sometimes i get that in media aimed at adults, sometimes i get it in media aimed at children. this is all just to say that i watched it for the first time so late in life that i don’t think it’ll have any long term fundamental impact on who i am as a person lol.
there werent many things left to be spoiled for me given how ive made no effort to avoid the content online, but in a way i actually thought that was fine. you know a story is good when you dont have to rely on huge plot twists to fuel your interest. you should be able to watch it again and enjoy it. and if you know the bare bones of the story already before watching it for the first time like me, you actually get a totally unique viewing experience where you know where it’s going but not how, why, or when, so you sit through it with anticipation and trying to wildly connect the dots you already have. 
anyway blah blah blah shut up who cares i’m late to the party
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one-leaf-grimoire · 25 days ago
"the knight who pierced the king's heart"
Chapter 4
Summary: Julius searches for a way to tell Lisa the truth. They both learn more about each other.
Pairing: Julius x Lisa (oc)
Warnings: Lisa fails to connect many dots lol
Note: Shorter chapter but I think it's still pretty good... also as you will see this is definitely not a slow burn romance lol.
Link to full work on Ao3
They sat there together long after their lunch was gone. The atmosphere was startlingly quiet, the busy town below them seemingly miles away. The only sounds that pierced the air were their voices, as they talked and talked and talked and talked-
“Fuegoleon is probably going to kill me when I get back,” Lisa muttered to herself, cracking a grin despite that prospect. “He’s grounded me basically because of this-” She twitched her cast-encased arm. “-so I can’t go on any missions or patrols or SHIT.” She groaned, shaking her head. “I had a big list of chores to do around the base today but… er… I’m here so I’m not doing them haha.”
Julius nodded along, staring down at her as she talked. He didn’t want her to stop, there was something just so pleasant about her voice that lulled his mind into a frame he didn’t even know how to describe. Julius was used to being the person people listened too, but for once it was nice to sit back and let Lisa talk. Surprisingly, he felt very calm, even though Lisa was sitting up against the tree, her arm pressed into his. It was a casual touch, yet it felt so intimate. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get you in trouble-”
“No, it’s not your fault. I kind of like being in trouble, anyway.” Lisa giggled a little to herself. “It keeps things interesting.”
Julius giggled along with her, drawing a quick glance. She blushed and quickly looked back towards the town. “I think I understand… I get in trouble a lot too. My ad- My coworker is always yelling at me for not taking things seriously.”
“Hmm.” Lisa looked back up at him, narrowing her eyes a little. “What do you do, anyway?”
Uh oh. Julius swallowed nervously. “Well- er-” He initially planned to figure out how to gently break the news that he was, in fact, the KING, to her, but over and over again he found himself stumbling over his words. “I… I’m a librarian.”
Lisa snorted with laughter. “Librarian? You don’t seem the type.”
“What?! Why not?”
“You’re so strong! I felt up your muscles last night, remember?” Julius opened his mouth, but couldn’t make a sound as heat flushed to his face. Lisa laughed again at his reaction, shaking her head. “You must work out~”
“Yeah… you could say that.” Julius did not think about his physical shape very much; he knew he was in good shape at least. But all those years swinging around a sword as tall as he was must have had an effect along the way. “Are you strong? I don’t think I’ve had a chance to check yet~”
“Of course I am! I’m a knight, I didn't get this position by sitting around.” The flirtatious aspect of his words flew right over her head. “I don’t know how good I’m going to be with this bum arm, though.”
The two of them fell silent for a few minutes after that. Julius kept stealing glances at her, missing the glances she shot at him.
I should say something… before she leaves again. I don’t want to wait-
“Take this off.”
“This goofy-ass hat!”
Before he knew what was happening, Lisa was crawling nearly on top of him, grabbing the brim of his hat. Julius opened his mouth to protest, but it was too late, Lisa pulled it off and had a full view of his face.
She blinked once, then twice… then…
She broke into a grin.
“I knew it!”
Julius’s heart stopped.
She recognizes me?! At least she’s smiling-
“I knew I didn’t just dream your hair! It looks just as soft as it did last night!”
Julius was frozen, his adrenaline still high even when he realized that somehow, she did not realize who he was. Did she not look at my face at the tournament? I thought she looked in my eyes… maybe she passed out from her injury afterwards and forgot about it all? But still, this is strange-
Any coherent thought was blasted out of his mind a moment later, when Lisa just went ahead and ran one of her hands through his hair. Julius almost gasped out loud; this was the last thing he was prepared for. He blinked a few times, still getting over the shock as Lisa finally sat back, a satisfied look on her face. “What do you do to get it that soft?”
“You… you really don’t mind getting up close and personal, do you?”
“No… do you mind?”
“... no, I don’t.”
“... Well, that was obvious…”
Her free hand was still resting on his shoulder, keeping her upright. Julius slowly realized what she meant by that last comment; both of his hands had automatically moved to her waist, to steady her and hold her away from him when she suddenly moved closer. Lisa blinked slowly, her gaze still locked onto him.
He couldn’t look away.
Those eyes… they were black and empty, with no pupils to be seen. Yet Julius couldn’t look away; he felt like he was being sucked in, closer and closer-
Her lips- they look so soft-
But, before she could lean in any father, Julius’s grip tightened, halting the movement. Lisa gulped nervously, her hand quickly retreating from his shoulder. “S-Sorry-”
“Oh, no. don’t be. Um…” Julius cleared his throat as he let up on his grip, letting Lisa sit back away from him again. That was close… God, I wanted to kiss her so bad- Part of him was absolutely giddy about how things were going. Not only did they spend the entire afternoon together, but she almost kissed him. But… he couldn’t do it, not knowing that there was still a secret between them. The last thing Julius wanted to do was take advantage of her.
“One second… I want to show you something.”
Steadying his hands, Julius finally reached up and started to pull the bandana off. In a moment, it was gone, and Lisa’s eyes widened as they fell upon his mark… the mark passed down through his family that signified that he was the king.
“... whoa…”
To his surprise, once again, Lisa’s eyes lit up.
There… she must know now… everyone with any knowledge of royalty knows that this is my crest-
“You’re just like me!”
Without hesitation, Lisa reached up and pushed back her bangs, revealing a mark on her forehead as well. It was a different shape, and Julius could have sworn that it was glowing light blue. Oh, that’s cool- But- did she seriously not recognize me at this point?! That much was clear, and Julius was shocked. So… she has absolutely no idea who I am?! Yikes, every one of my plans failed-
“What’s yours? A birthmark?”
Julius finally snapped back to attention, and nodded. “Yeah… everyone in my dad’s family has it.”
“That’s cool! So is mine!” Lisa grinned, obviously very excited to meet someone else with such an oddity. “I’ve had mine ever since I was born. My dad always thought it was cool but my mom said it was ugly! That’s why I grew out my bangs to cover it.” She shook her head a little, her smile fading at the memory. “Is it ugly?”
“No, not at all.” Julius smiled comfortingly, instinctively reaching up. Lisa found herself leaning towards his hand, as if it were a magnet and she were an iron filling. “I think it’s really neat…” His intrinsic curiosity was spiked, wondering what on earth her mark could be from. It was almost unearthly. But he quickly forgot about all that as Lisa reached forward as well, her fingers tracing over his birthmark.
“We have something in common,” she said, her voice low. “Even if it’s small… maybe we were meant to meet.”
Julius nodded, her touch sending sparks over every inch of contacted skin. “Yes… maybe we were.”
Their gazes crossed again, and this time, Julius did not stop himself. They both leaned in, their lips pressing together timidly. Lisa’s eyes were open to gauge his reaction, millimeters from him. But after that first, tense moment, she closed them, letting her lips loosen and melt into his. Julius wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer, right into his lap, and let himself sink into that blissful darkness as well.
I’ll figure all that out next time… for now… I just want to enjoy being with her.
Maybe the date didn’t go as Julius expected; and Lisa didn’t even expect to have a date at all. In a way, Julius felt relief rising in his chest. Without any idea of his status or power, Lisa had looked at him with a smile, laughed with him, and told them that they were meant to meet each other.
For the first time… someone saw only Julius, and they still stayed with him.
NEXT TIME: Julius has still not found a way to reveal his identity to Lisa, and at this point, he might not... that is until a chance encounter throws all his plans out the window.
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hongism · 25 days ago
I feel like it’s y/n for the quote about “my crew” or at least, I’d love to see it be her lol I think she’s come along way and she’s starting to view herself as part of this little found family- not all the way- but getting there. I think a lot of her wanting hwa to ask her to stay is because she doesn’t want to leave the crew, her crew, her new family. She’s a badass, but she’s a sentimental bitch deep down. *insert Caly telling me I’m wrong and I’ve connected zero dots*
ohohooho heheheh hahahah huhuhuhu hihihihi 👁👁🍿 maybe you just 🔨 whacked the nail right on the head or maybe you’re onto something or mayhaps we’ll have to wait and see for the confirmation heheheh u are most definitely connecting MANY dots 👁👁🍿
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divinebangtan · 25 days ago
...most of you sent multiple asks but they are do I say this...intertwined? 😂😂 I hope I’m able to figure out who said what lol.
Oh and because I saw something about that...please don’t tell me what an ascendant is- 😑 I’m not gonna say anymore cause that really is enough...but I felt a little offended just now- 😂😂😂. Please excuse me...I’m having some emotional...emotions these days- lmao...I’m learning-
The reason why I am asking and talking about physical features, is because in this case that we are discussing; Tae...first of all with BTS I often notice how the perception of BTS V or whatever...well it can get things mixed up. If you ask me, we really don’t know them as well as we think we do-
But that’s another story. I happen to just want to discuss physical features relating to astrology, cause it’s a literal habit of mine, to study every other face I get to see and I think I can say that I have learned quite a bit through simple observations and connecting the dots. I would just like to talk to someone who has the same knowledge/can add to my knowledge. That’s why I asked about physical features...
Another reason why in this case I would first and foremost like to analyse the physical features, is because — to add to what I was saying earlier — regardless of how much we know them, or not at all...their physical features are probably most reliable to analyse...between that and characteristics of the personality. connection to Sag Rising for Tae I am especially curious about physical appearance, is cause I wouldn’t know anything about that..and I too am a very curious person, who just wants to know everything, always 🤠 (still a Scorpio Sun and Rising though lmao 😂).
~ Luna 🦢
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shiny-armin · 26 days ago
I’m glad Band Cell managed to connect the dots, unlike a certain redhead *coughs* - Lol true. But I think I might shake my head at 1146 more. He is a older then her by more then a few years (cell wise) it seems. You'd think he'd have a better memory and be suspicious at least like 3803 briefly was. But then I remembered he's actually the dumb one when it comes to anything besides biology facts/his job. Bless him but he's a big oblivious puppy.
oh my god you had me at ‘then I remembered he’s the dumb one’ PLEASE. He sounds like a smartpants but then... head empty, only a cute rbc and germs. I don’t know why, I always thought he remembers but doesn’t want to freak her out, idk. It’s difficult for her to fish out his face from her memories since, well, all myelocytes look very similar. And if it turns out he actually forgot... SHE’S GOT STRAWBERRY RED HAIR YOU HIMBO, HOW COULD YOU???
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quinnfebrey · 27 days ago
okay bestie, it’s cactus anon and i’m back. buckle up cause i did some research for this.
my first inclination was to separate the twins but i actually don’t think we have to. i think rachel and nora could both be daughters of athena. nora obviously has the wisdom and book-smart part down, but i think rachel has her stubbornness and would have her sense for battle strategy. for example, the way she took charge and tried to get them to hike to the top of the island, look for shit in the airplane, and attempted (and failed) to direct people once she was put in charge. i don’t feel like i have to explain nora’s very much lol. if i was to split them up rachel would be nike for obvious reasons. nora, however, would be either athena or hecate. hecate is an option because nora is all about deception and pulling the wool over the girls eyes, much like hecate herself.
miss fatin of course would be aphrodite. that bitch can already charmspeak the hell out of anyone and she isn’t even in the percy jackson universe. imagine what she could do fully charged. she’s hot and she knows it, exactly as a daughter of aphrodite should. also, piper is canonically much more than just a pretty face. she’s just as intelligent and capable as her counterparts, and i think fatin is similarly complex. people would read her as just the pretty aphrodite girl, but she could kick some serious ass. alternatively, and this is just cause i think it would be hilarious: dionysus. cause, y’know, partying, but that would be reducing her to just someone who likes to party, and fatin is too complex for that.
martha is a textbook demeter kid. her connection to nature is undeniable and i think that is what makes demeter ideal. she’s so sweet and loving and giving and i just feel like it fits. i love marty so much. i don’t have much else to add lol i just know in my heart this is right.
i think dottie would be a daughter of hephaestus. now i know what you’re thinking, why not apollo because of how she helped her dad? first of all, i’m saving apollo for someone else, but also dot was really forced into that role. alternatively, on the island she is extremely resourceful and level headed. she keeps track of supplies and helps build shelter. i just feel like she’d be a kickass hephaestus kid, i really do. imagine her piloting the argo or riding on festus. you know she’d kill it.
leah would be athena. she’s booksmart as well and spends all her time on the island trying to uncover what’s really going on. that bitch has athena’s wisdom running through her veins. she’s on another level, no one else was anywhere close to where she was with uncovering the truth. athena 100%.
now for the apollo kid. shelby is a daughter of apollo through and through. she’s got that sunny disposition, the blonde hair, she’s good at singing, she volunteered at the hospital. i could go on and on. also she’s like, sooooo good at medicine (the pill scene). plus both apollo and shelby are gay icons so it just feels right.
last but not least, my comfort character, toni shalifoe. this one was the hardest tbh. i thought maybe ares cause she’s got anger issues, or perhaps nemesis because of the incident at the movies. hear me out: hermès. i know, i know, it’s boring and toni is anything but, just listen. hermès is the god of “gymnasiums, athletes, thieves,” and other shit that doesn’t matter. that’s so toni. i think she would be a great hermès kid. picture her as a divine pickpocket. hermès kids have enhanced theft abilities, money manipulation, can pick locks telekinetically, superhuman speed, sometimes telekinesis (yes i did read the wiki for this). so that’s why i think she’d be a luke-level-powerful hermès demigod.
TLDR: nora: athena or hecate; rachel: athena or nike; fatin: aphrodite; martha: demeter; dot: hephaestus; leah: athena; shelby: apollo; toni: hermes
oh my god this is so long i am so sorry for all of this but also i had such fun so here you go bud, please give me your thoughts i’m so excited to hear them. :)) —🌵
OH My god cactus i feel so bad i kept putting this off so i could give it a good response and then totally forgot omfg i’m so sorryyyyyyy
BUT THIS ASK opened my third eye on my GOD
nora and rachel as athena kids YES it really does show both sides of athena and how she’s soooo smart and calculated and how it can come out in multiple ways
fatin as a daughter of aphrodite is so chefs kiss and truly i can totally see her charm speaking like piper to get a bunch of free shit and never realizing she was doing it bc her parents are hella rich and stuff. i can also 100% see fatin using her looks to make people underestimate her which feels like a piper thing to me
martha demeter yes but may i offer you martha as a hunter
dot as a child of hephaestus i LOVE because YES the caretaker role was forced on her and not something she enjoyed or even was necessarily good at. i can so see her in class just like building shit out of paper clips or on the island passing time by building little cities out of twigs and generally being a hella mcgyver with their resources to get things done. her in chb universe building weapons and rachel and toni testing them on each other (while leah and shelby are like.. you do want them to live, right?) is something i never knew i needed until now
leah daughter of athena so true. i can see an enemies to lovers leatin right there 😩🤘🏼
the pill scene as a reason why shelby is a daughter of apollo is kind of sending me but i could totally see it. for some reason my brain wants shelby as a daughter of hephaestus even tho it makes no sense but i love the apollo casting
TONI JACK OF ALL TRADES what a god tier take?? hermes is also the god of travelers and lost people and shit and like. imagine toni helping new young campers that don’t know where they belong yet feel better their first night and showing them where to sleep and eat and helping them pick their activities 😩
cactus anon i love you 💚
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starryspidey · 27 days ago
Last Night
w/c: 2.7k
Warnings: Swearing, sex mentions, drinking/ getting drunk, nudity lol
Summary: You wake up with Peter next to you in bed and apparently, according to Mj, Harry and Ned you both started dating last night. But the last thing you can remember was going to a club, you have no idea how you got to where you are now.
A/n: let me know what you think
You woke up to the worst headache you think you’ve ever had. Your head was pounding and it felt like your brain was throbbing, trying to burst through your skull.
You didn’t remember much of last night. Going out with Peter, Mj, Ned, and Harry was always fun; Mj would always find the perfect underground club, Harry would always get you all in, Ned would always somehow find the perfect drink, and Peter would always act extremely funny when he got drunk.
With your eyes still shut, you shuffled under the covers and moved the pillow to rest on top of your head. You were too sleepy to care about the movement next to you, until an arm wrapped around your waist and a head breathing near the crook of your neck.
You quickly lifted your head up, not remembering sleeping with someone, in fact you didn't even remember much of last night except entering the club and having your first shot. Your quick movements woke up the person next to you, they lifted their head up and faced you, and laying beside you was your best friend Peter Parker.
Correction: your shirtless best friend Peter Parker.
You could see Peter’s mind was racing, probably thinking the same thing as you, what's going on, where are we, how did we get here. He was staring at you then you saw his eyes glance down to your chest.
Correction: your naked chest.
Your eyes went wide and slammed back onto the bedding, and gathered the sheets to cover your chest. Sure Peter has seen you in a bra from accidentally walking in on you changing but he always quickly slammed the door and never brought it up again; but something told you that you could never bring this up again.
After a few seconds you realized that you were completely naked. You looked at Peter and could clearly see through the bed sheets that Peter did not have any pants on either. You had no clue what to say, and Peter’s blushed face looked like he had no idea what to say either.
“Hey love-birds, we got some water and ibuprofen for you two.” You turned your head and saw Mj walk in with two glasses of water and Harry followed from behind the Advil bottle with a smirk on his face.
You looked around the room and saw the lavish bedding and decorations and knew you were one of Harry’s guest rooms at his apartment. “So, last night was fun wasn’t it?” Harry asked.
Mj set the cups down and hit Harry on his shoulder, “dude leave the couple alone, they just woke up and have a hangover. Ask him about it when you guys hang out later.” Mj then shoved Harry out of the room and then gave a small wave and shut the door.
You turned your head to face Peter and gave out a heavy sigh, “what the fuck was that? We’re a couple now?”
“I have no idea and I’m gonna be honest with you,” Peter took a deep breath in and slowly breathed out, “I have no memory of last night.”
“Me neither.” An uncomfortable silence took over the two of you as your mind raced, trying to connect the fuzzy dots of the past night and both of your actions.
Peter was the first to break the second silence, “did we… have sex last night?” And you noticed how he couldn’t help but blush at the question.
“Judging by the dryness of the sheets I don’t think we did. We probably were close to passing out when we got home so we just got our uncomfortable closes off and just fell asleep.” You said. “But I’m not sure.”
You reached over and grabbed the bottle and got over two tablets and took them with some water. You handed the bottle to Peter and he just shook his head, “I’m not hungover, Spider-man speed healing, remember?”
“Sorry I guess I can’t think straight because I’m literally in bed with you and I’m still thinking about how Mj just called us love-birds and a couple!” You yelled a little too loudly. You saw Peter’s face winced and immediately felt bad. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to get mad, I’m just really really confused right now.”
Peter sat up, sitting on the side of the bed with his legs hanging off the bed. “No no, I get it. I’m super confused too. I’m gonna put on some pants, so look away.”
You put a pillow covering your face, “get me some clothes too.”
About a minute passed and Peter cleared his throat, “you can look now.” You moved the pillow and sat up, making sure the sheets covered you.
Peter tossed some clothes over to you and then turned around. You quickly got up and threw on the clothes. “I’m dressed.” Peter hesitantly turned around. “Should we go out then?”
Peter just nodded and opened the door, you both walked down the hallway and into the kitchen and was greeted with Harry and Ned smirking with Mj scrolling on her phone. “So, last night.” Ned was trying his best not to laugh, while on the other hand, Harry wasn;t even trying to hide it.
“What's so funny?” Peter asked from behind you.
“It’s just nice you two are finally dating.” Mj answered as she looked up from her phone. Your eyes went wide, causing Mj to raise an eyebrow, “you guys do remember getting together last night, right?”
“Yea, yea, of course.” “Obviously.” You and Peter answered at the same time and both gave sheepish smiles. Peter put his hand around your waist and put his head on your shoulder.
“Good, because it would’ve been hilarious if you guys didn’t remember last night. Even Harry had to join in with us to get you out of the club last night.” Mj gave a little laugh and got up from her seat. “Come on Y/n, it’s our turn to get the coffee’s. Let’s go before it gets too busy.”
She grabbed your hand and pulled you to the front door, you quickly got on your shoes and left the apartment. There was a cafe right across the street from Harry’s apartment, so you all made it a tradition to go get the coffee’s from there after a night of clubbing. Mainly used to try and get rid of the hangover.
“I am so happy you and Peter got together, I could not handle the two of you acting all scared of your feelings.” Mj laughed again. “All of the ‘does he like me?’ and ‘would he ever care about me?’ got so annoying.”
You nodded your head, remembering how often you would vent to Mj about your feelings towards Peter. But apparently Peter now felt the same?
“So I remember the club and stuff but did Peter and I have sex last night?” You tried to ask it so you would sound like a terrible person but there was no other way to rephrase it.
“Oh god no,” Mj shook her, like she was trying to get the idea of you two together out of her head. “I would not let you two go at it when I’m in earshot”
You let out a shaky sigh of relief, which you hoped that Mj didn’t catch onto.
“Dude, aren’t you happy? You literally got together with your dream girl and you look terrible.” Ned spoke up.
Peter froze up, unsure what to say. “I’m uh-, just a little hungover.” Peter replied.
“I thought Spider-man could not get hungover?” Harry piped up. He was texting someone on his phone so he didn’t even look up.
“I’m just overwhelmed so, maybe, it’s like my version of one.” Peter answered. His mind was racing of what to do and what could have possibly happened last night. His mind went back to the morning, when he woke up and what he saw.
When Peter shuffled around in the bed earlier, he didn’t even realize that you were next to him, he kinda just knew. And for some reason he thought it would’ve been the perfect thing to do, the perfect couple thing to do.
But there was still something nagging at him in the back of the head, “did Y/n and I have sex last night?”
Ned and Harry just started laughing which did not calm Peter’s thoughts. They quickly caught on and stopped laughing. “No, no. I would never let you two have sex in one of my rooms. And you were both too tipsy to do anything then annoyingly make out.”
Wait, Peter and you made out last night?
“Where back!” Mj yelled and entered the door with you following behind her holding some drinks. You both handed everyone their orders and started to drown yours.
“Perfect timing lady’s because I just got something that will brighten everyone’s morning.” Harry smiled and put down his phone on the counter then turned it so everyone could see it. “Now one of my friends who was at the same club as us yesterday sent me this video and I think we all need to watch it.”
You looked at the screen and it was of you and Peter, drinks on your hands, near the bar at a table at the club. Harry pressed play and the first thing you could hear was the obnoxious music.
Until you heard your voice, “PETER YOU WANNA MAKE OUT?” Your words were slurred and by looking at the video you were both really close.
“I’M IN LOVE WITH YOU SO YEAH” Peter’s words were not as slurred, more rushed than anything else. “WAIT DO YOU LOVE ME?”
“YEA.” You then started making out with Peter.
Correction: half drunkenly making out with Peter the other half trying to not to fall over.
You quickly took the phone and paused the video, then deleted it before you embarrass yourself further. “Let’s not watch this.” You looked over towards Peter who seemed to have had the same realization, and all of the memories of the past night started to flood your mind.
~About 10 hours earlier~
“So I found this place and Harry called ahead so we should be able to get in quickly.” Mj quickly hurried you all in her short black dress, making sure not to trip.
Harry went up to the bouncer and he let you all in. The club was loud and dark, with people already drunk and sweaty all around. Peter found himself right next to you and you felt a little more comfortable with him next to you.
“I’m going to the bar, do you guys want anything?” Ned asked, and he pointed to the bar with an array of drinks behind it.
“Whatever you think is best Ned. Peter and Y/n, go find a table. Harry and I gotta meet up with some people in return for being able to get in.” Mj yelled as Harry pulled her away. You looked over to where Ned was standing but he was already heading to the bar, leaving you and Peter alone.
You and Peter wondered around the club until you found a high table and leaned down on it. You were staring off into space, and your eyes just subconsciously decided to land on Peter. “What are you thinking about Y/n?”
You didn’t want to tell Peter that you were thinking of him, and how it's not possible for him to be as in love with you as you are in love with him. “Nothing much, just had a bad day. I just don't want to get into it.”
Peter nodded his head, “yea I get it, I’ve been having a sucky time too.” Peter quickly stood up straighter and reached for your hand, “No, Y/n, we are not gonna be all sad and depressed when we are at a cool club! We are going to do what every other person does and that is to drink our feeling’s away!”
Ned, then came over at the same time as Harry and Mj, holding a tray of shots. You and Peter quickly drowned the shots, one after another. And soon enough you and Peter were drinking which led to the two of you getting extremely waisted and which then led to you blurting out that you are in love with each other, and then making out.
You and Peter ended up half making out and half dancing on in the middle of the club with a lot of other bodies dancing around you. In your drunken haze you felt someone pulling at your arm that was not around Peter’s neck, then another person coming in between the two of you.
“You two are not going to have sex in the middle of the club, the two of you need to get home before you both vomit.” As you focused on what was going on, you saw Ned in between you and Peter and Mj pulling at your arm, and behind Peter was Harry pulling on his shoulder.
Peter let out a low groan and you and Peter were pulled out of the club with Ned pushing the two of you. “My car is right here, and everyone can stay the night in one ofthe guest rooms.” Harry and Mj helped push the two of you into the back seat of the car, and Ned sat down in the passenger seat. Harry sat in the driver's seat and Mj reluctantly sat next to you.
You and Peter were making out in the back seat, not caring that Mj was right next to you and fake gagging at the two of you as you were barely sitting on your seat and more on Peter.
The car pulled out right outside Harry’s home and Mj shoved the both out of the car. You both stumbled out of the car, you leaning on Peter a little more. Your friends started pushing you into the elevator and then into Harry’s penthouse.
“You two, need to go to sleep and don’t even think about having sex in my home.” Harry grabbed each of your shoulders and looked each of your in the eyes and you both nodded.
Peter and you were dragged into separate rooms, Mj helped you partially unzip your dress and get you to drink some water and left some clothes for you, then left the room and shut the door. You got rid of all of your clothing then got into the bed, but you couldn’t sleep.
In what felt like an hour, you heard a knock on the door followed by the door cracking ajar, “Y/n are you asleep?” It was Peter’s voice and you mumbled a no and you looked over to Peter who was also fully naked only holding his spare clothes, clearly still tipsy, because the Peter Parker you know would never go into someone's room naked. “Can I sleep here, I can’t fall asleep by myself.”
You moved the covers, signaling that he could, he dropped the clothes on the ground and happily got into bed with you. He wrapped his arm around your upper waist, and not in a sexually way, more in a romantic couple way, And you both passed out soon after.
~Present time~
Everyone had finished their coffee’s and were standing around getting ready to go. “Hey Y/n, can I walk you to your place?” Peter asked. You nodded your head and you both left Harry’s place.
You walked down the street and started to think about everything that happened in the past 10 hours. But you still had one question, “did you mean it, that you loved me?”
Peter clearly stiffened at the question, but then soon relaxed when he looked back towards you. “One hundred percent. I will always mean it. What about you?”
“I meant it too, I love you.” You confirmed.
You saw a big smile come onto Peter’s face, and you couldn’t help the smile that came onto yours.
“Would it be ok if we kiss, because I really want to kiss you again and not be drunk.”
“I would really like that, Peter.”
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vidalinav · a month ago
One of the main selling points for nessian was that cassian saw nesta so when sjm made him so obtuse to her suffering,really weakens his character imo.
Yeah... I mean. I think so too. Because there’s definitely a difference between ACOMAF/ACOWAR Cassian to ACOFAS/ACOSF Cassian. It’s very odd to me.
I know someone commented on one of my posts that they didn’t think Cassian lacks emotional intelligence like I claimed and I wrote a giant analysis so to speak, about emotional intelligence and Pre-ACOFAS Cassian and Post-ACOFAS Cassian, but I never posted it because at that point I was like ehh... wtf cares. I’ve ranted enough. It doesn’t matter in the slightest. It was way too long. 
But there was a time I remember before ACOFAS, where a lot of the fandom was like the IC treat Cassian like he’s dumb. Like he’s just the comedic relief, or he’s just the person who sleeps around, who would sleep with Feyre yadda yadda, who don’t really validate his own feelings either, because with Feyre he was this lovable person who was very charismatic and I dare say emotionally intelligent. But with the IC, he was set in a role. There was a good amount of dialogue in ACOMAF about how they perceived Cassian, and it could of been friends speaking to friends, but it definitely didn’t seem like it. 
But in ACOFAS and beyond, it really felt like the ignorance set in. Like he was made to be the dumb character. I don’t know if that was because conflict needed to be made, because the whole of the IC was  unempathetic and that was a theme. I don’t know what it was. But there are many instances that I feel ACOWAR Cassian wouldn’t have been like that. There are so many times where Nesta is so obviously hurting that I don’t see how you wouldn’t connect dots and then change your own behavior accordingly, if nothing but being more sympathetic or even pitying or considering that Nesta is a victim of circumstance. But the theme as I’ve said many times in nicer ways of ACOSF, was “we’re not going to change, you’re going to change.” 
Prime examples of Cassian’s lack of emotional intelligence was “Starving won’t bring your father back to life” HHAAHA I have to laugh, and then being given the evidence in three books that Nesta is a prideful, private person and then knowing she is suffering, knowing that she has suffered some sort of assault, which he himself has acknowledged and then bringing her to train in front of a bunch of men who are misogynistic and who’s own women won’t train either, and then being like WHY NESTA? WHY AREN’T YOU TRAINING? Why sit on that rock? and then not even asking her. LOL. Stupid. 
And then... the fire. He literally notes in his own POV at least twice that she stays away from it, or she asks to move away and he doesn’t connect that she has some problem with it... until she explicitly tells him. MmmK. 
And then with the marriage vs. mating bond, he notes that she is uncomfortable, he says “what spooked you?” or whatever so he knows that she’s obviously troubled in some way and she’s literally trying to tell him, and he’s like.... nah, I’m going to keep pushing and then he’s like “shackled.” Oy. 
And in ACOFAS, the whole scene with the present for solstice and her “bullshit behavior” when they literally didn’t talk to her the entire time. They didn’t even try, and he’s over here like “I hope you try next year” or whatever. HAHAH. Cue maniacal laughter. 
Like I understand you certainly wouldn’t know what goes on in Nesta’s head, but... is he that stupid to not connect dots from what he already knows? Especially from the male who visited the families of soldiers who died, who mourned them, who felt guilty, who understood Mor’s discomfort in the triangle to be the buffer, because he explicitly says that he played the buffer in ACOSF, so he was aware of the situation, who was actually a lot nicer and sweeter and patient with Feyre, offering in turn to train with him, because he understood the poverty, what she did, the killing of the fae, how that might have affected her, who literally kept going back to Nesta even after she was like get away from me in ACOWAR, because he understood that she had been violated, and no one else validated that except him. Where was the validation in this book? 
Where was that Cassian?
He was kind I admit after moments of stupidity in ACOSF, but that doesn’t make him emotionally intelligent. Caring is not the same thing as empathy. But yeah... I really don’t understand why that was his MO in ACOSF, obliviousness... I would have appreciated it more if it was Cassian showing explicitly that he cared about Nesta and understood her pain, even if he didn’t understand why she was pushing him away, if it was less of Amren telling him to keep reaching out his hand, and him just being like No I need to reach out my hand, because she’s been through a war and I have known war all of my life. I’ve been through that aftermath many times. I’ve seen what it does as any kind and charismatic general would. But unfortunately no critical thought went into this book and the Cassian in ACOWAR is no longer.
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eremiie · a month ago
i’m so confused on how ppl said it’s a bad ending💀 if you’re that mad about eren dying because he was trying to save everyone then i don’t think you should worry this anymore. ppl think that he’s selfish for whatever reason and don’t even realize that he has feeling and he’s not going to be some emotional character. correct me if i’m wrong but he was emotional throughout the whole story so would he just not care out of nowhere.
the reason he did this wasn’t just for himself. it was for everyone but most ppl don’t understand that. and why are ppl disrespecting isayama like he even cares😒 that man is making money i’m pretty sure you won’t have to disrespect his work in order to get your point across. and you didn’t like the ending how else would it end??
ok that was my little rant 😞
i hope i didn’t spell anything wrong or get anyone confused bc i typed really fast
aot 139 spoilers
exactly... the way people really thought s4 eren was this new big bad eren that wasn’t a “crybaby” and shit anymore... nah, this is still that season 1-3 eren, he’s just putting those emotions at bay because he’s determined to fight for freedom. freedom period. and that freedom isn’t even for himself it’s for his friends, for everyone who will live after him because he’s just that selfless, not selfish at all.
people who say it’s a bad ending just lost the point of the story when season 4 started, they got too wrapped up in what wasn’t important and they forgot that everything isayama writes down is relevant, important for later. they don’t understand the full scope of eren’s character, and they don’t understand the full plot, they aren’t connecting the dots. like bro, s4 eren is the most out of character if anything— why did y’all believe a word he said or anything he was doing LMAO??? 
this was a good ending, a tragic hero died and it’s truly an amazing story, one that really sticks because how it differentiates from typical shonen mangas.
and that’s another thing, a lot of people expected aot to turn out like any other shonen where the mc is the character who wins and is op because they’re the main character... ummmm pls expand ur taste lol
and yeah isayama literally doesn’t care, and probably doesn’t take the time of day to translate y’alls shitty comments gn, he is on vacation rn i think actually LMAO
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