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#I still want to draw more of mine lol
askkagamine-rin-len-02 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
time to say …
((Goodbye cuz im not sure if this is a real Hiatus or might come back even Mod is healthy again huhu;; Becoz Mod have Brain Avm and need a lot of rest in the time being since…. most of the time im asleep and can only use my laptop, phone and pen tab in a minimum hours & for my freelance work only;;, it is a very drastic change for me and in my routine. so now i decided for good to quit askblogging to lessen my exposure infront of laptop and check updates here every single time haha.. tbh i’ve been thinking about it for a long time but i cant just let go easily since i made good friends here but no worries we can still contact each other.. just dm me in my insta or tumblr ( ; 3;) it was a lot of fun hanging out with you guys and to be here being a display of  shenanigans with the twins;;; Goodbye and Thank you!
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ghostmoor · 9 days ago
ok now I can finally do my big SoulStorm review post
In short: I liked it! My feelings are mixed but ultimately I had fun, it does the story the justice it always deserved and it sets the world up to tell the stories Oddworld was always meant to tell that they weren’t able to in the past
Details under the cut:
What I liked:
It LOOKS great. I had a few moments where I really wished I had camera controls because I wanted to swing the camera around and take in the entirety of the landscape and I’m pissed that the Epic games launcher doesn’t have a screenshot button because I wanted to take so many screenshots
Jumping off of that, it puts things into SCALE in a way that Oddworld does great in concept art but never really has in the games before. I felt so dwarfed sometimes by the structures I was climbing around, especially in the end of the game at the heart of the brewery, it was really breathtaking
The outdoor levels. I have beef with certain parts but on the whole I really enjoyed the levels in the mines and the stockyard and shit
For the most part I didn’t care about dying a lot because some of my deaths were VERY funny (see: throwing a bunch of brew around to try and get the attention of some sligs, didn’t work, completely forgot it was flammable, ran right into it while holding a flare and burned to death in two seconds)
The inventory/crafting system! I REALLY really liked this a lot. it opened the game up to having multiple ways to get through a level which is something I really appreciate in any game. Followers being able to use items was also invaluable at so many points
LORE. Lots of updated information and new context for things... also this game actually made me care about Abe as a character lol. Straight off the bat in the first cutscene in SoulStorm they really hammered it home that he’s just some guy who never asked or wanted to be anyone’s leader and he’s being asked to bear the weight of everyone else’s trauma on top of his own and not really being given any choice about it. Like this is stuff we knew/could extrapolate because, duh, look at him, but it hits different when the game actually has the space to visibly acknowledge it. Seeing him CRY during the cutscene in the sanctum was so sad
What I didn’t:
Bugs. Oh my god. OWI I love you but you delayed this game for four years and still released it with very obvious bugs. I had mines that came out of crates only to get stuck in mid-air that I couldn’t pick up, sniper lasers all spawning trained exactly on Abe and killing me instantly, I clipped straight through the floor and fell to my death once, a breakable section of floor that killed the mudokon worker underneath every time I tried to break it to get down and rescue them, mudokons facing the wrong way while walking during the FeeCo Depot level, the disappearing bird portal, probably more I’m forgetting. Fix your shit
Also your captions are bad (and we need them for the radio broadcasts please)
MONKEY BARS. Literally any section of the game with monkey bars is insufferable. If I am angling my R stick upwards and pressing the jump button I should be jumping upwards. This is not rocket science
There were a couple places the story was a little bit of a letdown for me. I enjoyed it but I was expecting it to draw more from Exoddus which maybe I shouldn’t have. Specifically I wish they had acknowledged what was going on in the Necrum mines and with the tear x-traktors but I was thinking about this yesterday and I guess they wanted the focus to be the horror of not what was in the brew but the horror of what it does. Still I don’t think you would actually understand the link between Necrum and the brew if you were coming into this fresh and I’d have liked an acknowledgement of how fucked up it is that they’re making mudokons dig up their dead ancestors for foodstuffs
I feel like I was really mad about this game two days ago but I was also super grouchy and now I can’t think of anything else so I’m ending this post here but I’ll probably come back to it
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advxnturerinlove · 13 days ago
Tell me more about these new f/os :3c -RueBetweenTheStars
AAAA okay so I have. three new ones. at this point
the first f/o is named amelia. she’s from this epic show called infinity train that’s about processing your trauma/ solving problems in your life and i cannot stress enough how much i’ve loved her since her first appearance ( i just kept denying it). She’s this older lady who looks to be in about her mid fifties? she got on the train when she was in her twenties i think bc her husband died and she couldn’t cope with the loss. cut to now and she still hasn’t gotten off the train but she’s very very hot and very blunt. she can be rude but thats okay i love her anyways
the second f/o is named dimitri belikov!! he’s from that YA series vampire academy. He’s got a really strong sense of duty and right and wrong that draws me to him. He’s very serious and has a dry sense of humor at times. He’s russian and half- vampire, but also country music is like his favorite and he reads mostly like cowboy novels. he’s great. his love interest in the books though is 17 (7 years younger than him) so i was like thats it hes mine now
the THIRD f/o is actually someone I’ve been into for a long time, probably since i was a teenager, but am currently discovering my love of again. His name is Adrian Ivashkov, and he’s usually not my type. He’s an alcoholic (which, as I’ve mentioned, is a trigger for me) but he works hard to recover in the sequel series. He also smokes clove scented cigarrettes??? he’s a vampire called a Moroi which basically means a “good” vampire. He can wield spirit as his element, which is really rare but also like... fucks up your brain, which is why he drinks and smokes. he’s an artist too :) i just love him. like i want to wrap a blanket around him and hug him !!
sorry for the rant lol i am just. affectionate
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hyetiny · 13 days ago
I see you've rebranded 👀 love the new username by the way! also I had this crazy idea for a request, since the trope is always hongjoong the artist and reader the muse, how about we switch it up and have hongjoong as the canvas and the reader paints on his body like his hands or back and it leads to smut 👀😍 I'm excited just thinking about it lol thanks if you write it - 🌶
ahh thank you!! i was a bit hesitant with rebranding but it's going good!
also has anyone read the vegetarian by han kang? bc there's a part where a dude paints on the mc for a film, and they end up fucking-
c// fem!reader,dom!joong, dirty talk, unprotected sex, cumming inside, riding, slight possessiveness, praise kink, sexy hand holding (:
Tumblr media
doing a photography major meant you always needed something to draw from, something to inspire you - and that something was none other than your boyfriend, kim hongjoong.
hongjoong was always happy to pose for you, and at this point the entire photography department was familiar with him as the subject of most of your works.
for this particular project, you wanted to try something different, you told hongjoong. that led to you purchasing a ton of body paint and brushes, with hongjoong curiously wandering behind you, wondering what you could possibly have in mind.
when you asked him to take his shirt off, he assumed you wanted to do something completely different than what you were actually going to do. however, he was surprised to see you uncapping the paint, dipping in the paintbrush which then met his skin.
he feels a bit ticklish at first, giggling at the feeling of the soft brush meeting the skin of his ribs over and over again. but soon he grows used to it, falling into a peaceful daydream with your brush painting over the smooth canvas that's his skin.
you both become occupied with the galaxy and flower you're painting over his skin, not even realizing just how close to each other you are. you've leaned in so much that you can feel his warm breath on your face, every small rise and fall of his chest.
you both happen to lock eyes at the same time, and the painting is quickly forgotten. your lips meet his in a passionate burst of mutual energy, and it soon becomes messy. you gently pull him down on the couch while he hastily undresses you, his lips still on yours.
"ride me, baby." he whispers into your ear, and you swear it's the hottest thing you've heard. you shift around to straddle him, deciding to tease him a bit and rubbing your clit in slow circles, putting on a show for him with your exaggerated moans.
he simply tuts, impatiently undoing his zipper and lining up his aching hard cock to your entrance. you give him a wordless confirmation that you're ready, and his tip slips in with no hesitation.
"fuck, how are you always so tight? don't i fuck you enough?" he lowly moans under his breath while you sink down on his cock slowly, inch by inch until his length is stretching you out.
"shit, you fill me up so good." you whine, gasping at just how perfectly he fills you up, reaching all the right places without him even moving yet.
craving more, you start to raise your hips and set a steady pace in riding him. he holds your hands, whispering nothing but filthy praise.
"you love my cock so much, don't you? you take it so well, it's like this little pussy was made to take it. and it's only mine, right?"
you nod furiously. "i'm only yours to fill joong, fuck-" you cut yourself off with a high pitched moan as he moves his right hand to rub your clit painfully slowly.
"i'm giving you five seconds to cum. no sooner, no later, got it?" you nod again, thinking of nothing but how much you want to please him.
"five." you feel yourself getting closer to your high, doing your best to hold out until he gets to one.
"four." hongjoong starts meeting your thrusts, bucking up to fuck into you even deeper.
"three." you grip his hand tighter.
"two." it's overwhelming, just how hard he's pounding into you.
"one." on command, you finally reach your high, letting it go and clenching around him while he fills you up with his seed, holding your hand more tightly than ever.
you take a moment to catch your breath while hongjoong sits up and whispers praises into your ear, gently playing with your hair.
you look down at his ribs and pouts, noticing that your painting has completely smudged on his skin.
"i didn't even get to take my photos". you pout huffily.
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lethimrunsonia · 14 days ago
Where, besides Tumblr, can people find you doing fannish things? (Obviously only mention sites and usernames you actually want to be found at. Don’t expose your secret identities on my account.)
What other names have you gone by on these platforms, including Tumblr, if any?
When did you join the IT fandom? And what got you into fandom, to begin with?
What are your favorite ships, or characters, if any, and why? What do they mean to you?
In what ways do you participate in fandom? (ex. Posting memes, reblogging/commenting on content, writing fanfic, making fanart, creating fanmixes, etc.)
Do you have any in-fandom inspirations? Other members of the community that drive you? (And if you have the time/energy, in what ways do they inspire you?)
Name and link some of your favorite works, please!
Do you have any works of your own that you feel particularly proud of, or wish more people would’ve consumed? Please provide links if possible.
Have you ever participated in a fannish event (ie. IT Week, a fic Big Bang) or applied to be a part of a fanzine? If so, which ones, and can you please link them?
Without any form of bashing or lashing out, what is something you feel this fandom is missing?
I love you for sending this to me omgggg
1. It’s really only tumblr lmao I do have an AO3, under the same name as here. I do have a Twitter for IT stuff but I don’t use it because I don’t use scares me
2. I think when I had a supernatural blog I was angelsfallingdeancatch, and then later when that blog was more geared towards Teen Wolf it was lovemea-malia. That blog still exists but I made the terfs very mad on it lol I also had a witch blog that was like waterwitchesmovingstone that I ended up deleting when I thought I could stay away from tumblr but I couldn’t so I made this blog!
3. I think I joined mid 2019 hay day. I saw IT all over my dash and I was like...the scary clown movie? Really?? That’s what we’re gonna super focus on? And the answer was yes lol
4. So first I was really attached to Eddie, he even inspired an OC in one of my books. I think he’s personality (and Jack’s) are so similar to what mine was when I was young that I felt kinship immediately. Now I’m very attached to a Bill because my girlfriend writes him in our AU and I love him (probably cause I love her) and Stan, because I see myself in him a lot too. Richie means a lot to me because of being closeted and also dealing with immense grief are things I’ve dealt with in my life. I grew up super scary bad Christian, and didn’t even know bisexuality was a thing, and I lost someone very close to me at a very young age. It...your life goes on and grows but there’s always like the huge hole where they used to be.
My fave ships are all of them lmaooo I love how they all interact.
5. I try to make posts, and write small things, and then my girlfriend and I have the @polyamorylosersau blog, and we write this huge AU that I adore. And we also started another AU cause why not?? So lots of fanfics and moodboards. I’m also trying to learn to draw better and better so I post fan art when I’m not too embarrassed.
6. Besides my girlfriend @kitchen-witch-bitch there’s @tonyofthetrees who’s art fucking kills me it also brings me to life, and @wonderwheelzier who’s fics are so so great and inspire me, and you cause you’re so sweet and make me feel brave enough to share thing, same with @calico-fiction and @nblesbianbenhanscom, and so many others!!!
7. Aw shoot I’m on mobile BUT I will make a tag for the fics I’ve loved 💗
8. I mean I’m really proud of the AU, I think it’s really good, it’s also very long but there’s not a huge plot I swear, it’s just tenderness and porn. Maybe I’ll weblog some of my old stuff and see if it gains some traction.
9. No because I’m honestly terrified I’ll not be able to get the things done on time. :( I have bad anxiety like that.
10. More people lmao but I think we just need to interact more is all! I like us a lot.
Now YOUR TURN Goldie. You have to answer the questions (if you want 💗💗)
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sylphrenas · 21 days ago
hi hello yes i’m currently freaking out over follow you by echosmith + juke 
just bear with me okay i’ll try to explain semi-coherently
And I I fell in love at first sight
okay maybe not love at first sight but there was definitely a connection we all know this
Green eyes that fix it all Your heart, it feels it all
well. green eyes. sounds familiar. and luke helps julie heal and move on and she helps him and she learns more about him and learns about all of his pain - “your heart, it feels it all” “i never knew luke was hurting this much”
And I I can't believe that you're mine
this part definitely feels more from luke’s perspective - julie is a human wrecking ball. she’s talented and kind and amazing and the best person ever, and she loves him. 
You take away every breath I can't believe I'm still speechless
again luke’s pov, in pretty much every scene she leaves him speechless and breathless and in love with her. just one instance would be when she tells him happy birthday and he’s just. in shock. for a second. like :o and then :)
I think I found my soulmate Yes I do I think I found the one who Knows me
we all know this one. no explanation necessary. they connect in a way that they’ve never connected with anyone else before, and yes, they are soulmates. it barely takes a conversation or two to form that connection, and it only strengthens from there, and they grow to understand each other on such deep levels in a way that no one else could know them.
I don't wanna think about What it'd be like without you Anywhere
well. not to bring angst into this but i’m bringing angst into this. the end of unsaid emily + roughly half of stand tall lol. she runs away from luke when he tells her about the stamp and the jolts. she draws that explosion and needs flynn to talk her down from her spiraling. she’s terrified of losing luke like she lost her mother, and she doesn’t want to even think about it. in such a short time, t(he)y became such a fixture in her life that she can’t imagine life without (him) them. 
I'll follow you anywhere Wherever you go
i mean. the whole thing with unsaid emily, her showing up at his house and then talking to him after that whole ordeal. also, on a lighter note, them chasing each other around during performances :) they need each others presences because they are IN LOVE and SOULMATES okay
I thank God for you all the time Someone who knows my faults But loves me despite them all
luke came into julie’s life at, to put it lightly, a bad time. he saw her at one of her lowest points, and he helped her get out of that funk and they fell in love and they made it past all of the obstacles like the dance and the stamp and, well, not the ghost thing yet, but they’re making it work. it’s okay. and luke loves her is my point :)
so anyway that’s all thank you for coming to my ted talk :)
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watchmegetobsessed · 22 days ago
I need advice on something kinda stupid, you don't have to answer if you don't want to. so I found this set of juice glasses, they're of different cities-london, paris, and new york, and they have super cute illustrations on them with dogs. I've been to paris and new york, but not london though it's a goal to get there at some point. my mom in the past when upset has broken cups of mine while doing the dishes (we have to handwash as we have no dishwasher). I don't know if I feel comfortable getting the glasses if I can't get another set in case they break, but I can only find extras of the paris and new york cups. should I just commit and get the set of three, or only the glasses I know I can get extra of?? sorry this is kinda dumb but I don't know what I want to do. I've yet to break a cup of mine tho they've only been broken by others.
never think something is stupid if it means a lot to you!! i feel like i get your hesitation! i used get very attached to objects before as well, i wouldn’t use prett ynotebooks i had fearing that what i write/draw into it might not be as pretty as it should be so i always ended up just keeping them blank lol! i think you should buy the cups if they make you happy! you obviously really want to have the london one as well, so you def should buy it. don’t let the thought of breaking it keep you back from getting it in the first place. if you get it and later break it, it still gave you more happiness than if you didn’t buy it at all!
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tinkonka · 25 days ago
i drew my wh oc!!
i’ve decided on the name ivory since the previous one was a trigger name for a friend of mine, gonna talk about her under the cut :D long post !
Tumblr media
her name is ivory, and as it says, she’s a purebred! she’s around 2000 years old but still going strong. very kind personality - picture zizel and lime combined except she’s a little more awkward - and talkative. she displays more of a kind side around humans, and is always willing to discuss things such as negative ad positive emotions, how they impact others and things like that. and no she doesn’t need glasses but she likes them
Tumblr media
she’s a bit of a teaser sort! centuries of interacting with humans has led her to be very adapt with reading faces + recognizing insecurities in other people... so yea she do got the ability to hit it where it hurts. but she only really uses this ability for lighthearted teasing, with rouge being a primary target
Tumblr media
(i drew zizel without a ref lol) as you can see she is very tall. 6′6. and she uses this to her advantage as well - she’ll pick up zizel and put her hand on rouges head (which rouge does not like). if you’re curious here’s a height reference:
Tumblr media
So yeah zizel only reaches her chest. tiny.
another thing to add is that she has these spicy tentacles as you can see in this drawing:
Tumblr media
and these can be hidden at will, though she prefers to keep them out as it’s a pain to keep them secret (similarly to how demons can show a proper form in the day but it’s a nusiance). these tentacles are as a result of working as a guarding monster for a couple hundred years, defending an artifact that the demons enjoy using. as such, she’s out of practice with her human form, and if she’s careless, she’ll begin to transform, and trying to keep the monster at bay can! really hurt! because there’s always the inner desire to have said monster get free (like how demons are naturally breeded to love negativity) and trying to fight the desire isn’t something she has practice with.
Tumblr media
and so, she’ll have these ‘outbursts’ where she’ll leak and black wounds will appear - much like noel when he’s trying to fight his transformation as well.
i haven’t written much for this character yet, but i’m planning on inserting a hater demon into ivory’s story - i think i may have talked about her before? cerise, a 13 year old hater demon who had no happiness similar to lime. since she was still young, ivory had decided to take her under her wing - not out of compassion at the time, but because she didn’t wish for cerise to fall for other demons tricks and how to obey the rules. though advancing the relationship, cerise had admitted to ivory that she makes her feel happy. “i never had any happy memories... but you give me some, even though this place is far from good.” this REALLY threw ivory off. demons causing other demons positive emotions??? what??? this was not her intent. alas, she had grown attached to the younger hater, only for the hater to.... fall for another demons tricks. she was framed for the modification of a sacred artifact, and ivory had no choice but to banish her to the other hell.  ivory still wonders how she is. she doesn’t want to bring her out temporarily, however, because she knows things aren’t good. and in truth, a part of her is scared that cerise would’ve been desensitized and hardened by the deeper hell, and so she decided to try not to think about her. (though she still wanted to honour cerise, so she wears the flower crown that she made for her. (the heart locket was from susie)) im not quite sure how she and susie had gotten to form the pact but if i ever do figure that part out i’ll let you guys know about it :)
miscellaneous headcanons:
 she and zizel are quite close, as they worked together for a short time before ivory had to go to another station. they’re penpals tho zizel will sit in ivorys lap and drink tea and ivory will carry zizel on her shoulders it’s always a fun time
she despises the higher class demons with a PASSION because they’re known for not giving two shits about stuff and she’ll ramble about it angrily
rouge is below her in terms of hierarchy but she doesn’t really mind being berated by the red-head. if anything, it’s funny to her
she firmly believes that showing kindness shouldn’t be strange for demons. she wishes that more demons would help eachother - mainly haters - because she thinks that they can help eachother with their pain. though she doesnt have much room to talk on the matter since she’s a purebred herself
her tentacles (she has about 4) are pointy at the ends, and they’re warm and. sludgey to the touch (like mud). they move involuntarily and tend to just grab things she subconsciously likes (zizel is a victim of this) and whack people when she’s standing next to them. she’s getting better at controlling this though
thinks lime is a tad strange but absolutely adores the cute aesthetic thing she has going on. she values charlottes opinions as well, and likes to talk with her about just anything.
she thinks claire is a bit stupid sometimes but one day she and claire spent like hours talking about feminine things like cute dresses and flower crowns and ivory wished she clda given claire a chance to try on some of the dresses she had kept from her time in the mansion.
absolutely terrified of sirius thinks he’s a tiny gremlin. one time tried to give him a hug bc he was kind and he stomped on her foot not a good time
she’s eh about wilardo. doesnt think that he’s as interesting as the others, but will respect him. he’s okay
she’s not used to like socializing so she talks too much and doesnt know how to continue a conversation and always ends up embarrassing herself
if i can think of anymore then i’ll let you guys know! feel free 2 draw her (i still need to colour her in whoops), give her theme songs... im down for anything :D
if you’ve read this far tysm hi i lov u !! thank you for reading my rambles :D
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writing-in-april · 28 days ago
Made to Match
Frankie Morales x Gender Neutral Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Reader can’t stop stealing Frankie’s hat.
A/N: Hey everyone- this is my sixteenth fic for my 30 fics in 30 days for April!!!! This is just a very fluffy sweet little fic I wrote for Frankie 😌 Side note- I wanted to thank everyone for being so kind after my last post ranting about my emotional breakdown today, thank you- so much it means a lot. Feel free to leave me an anon about anything here- I love hearing from people about anything (I promise I don’t bite lol) Thanks for reading and hope y’all enjoy!
Warnings: Frankie gets a little frisky by gettinbf close to grabbing Reader’s ass & one or two swear words
Main Masterlist Word Count: 1.5k
“You can’t keep stealing my hat!” Frankie shouted at you as you ran away from him with his hat perched on your head. All you did was giggle and scurry away faster.
You ran into your shared bedroom, looking around frantically for a quick place to hide. Realistically you knew Frankie would find you in a heartbeat, he had been trained to track stealthier people throughout his career. You were definitely no challenge considering you couldn’t even keep your mouth shut and stop laughing.
It was funny to see him pretend to get mad each time you’d pluck it off of his head, even though the look in his eyes showed how much he liked it.
The quickest place to hide was in the closet you both shared, choosing to hide in between both of your racks of hanging clothes. You posited that he might not check here, both of you preferred wearing the more casual clothes folded neatly in the dresser. The only thing Frankie regularly wore that was in here was a few of his nice flannels that he didn’t want getting creases in. He was never in here, so he wouldn’t think to check here
It was quiet, definitely too quiet. You bit your lip while holding your breath, afraid that he might somehow hear you. The silence was tense, your mind over analyzing every small noise you heard.
A small creak from the floorboards made you tense up even more, you were sure Frankie was close. That was soon after confirmed to you by a loud shout to scare you out of your hiding place, “Boo!”
Even though you had known he was close you still couldn’t help but let out a short scream, adrenaline now coursing through your veins as a result of being startled. Your shout dissolved back into laughter that infected the room once your mind fully processed that it was only Frankie. He pulled you out from the rack with a gentle grip on your wrist, starting to tickle your sides as soon as you emerged. The sounds of each other's laughter were addicting to both you and Frankie. You did have to eventually beg when tears came to your eyes, “I yield! You can have your hat back!”
He popped it off your head, plopping it back down where it belonged on his head. You draw your lips into the biggest pout you could manage, though you weren’t actually upset of course. It was fun to pull Frankie’s leg even if he knew you were pretending right off the bat.
“But- I look the best in it.” Frankie’s look on his face told you that your fake pout and dramatic words weren't swaying him at all.
“I don’t disagree with you. But, it’s still mine,” He teased, “Besides, mine is too big on you, you need one that fits better.”
Frankie’s passing comment about getting you a baseball cap for yourself hadn’t stuck with you for very long, certainly not 2 months after. You had stolen his hat many times since then, it was too fun not too.
It was the furthest thing from your mind as you filled out some meaningless paperwork at your kitchen table. You were getting bored to tears, filling in blanks that basically just repeated the same information over and over again until you reached the end. You audibly sighed in relief when Frankie came in through the front door, back from work for the evening.
He set down his truck keys on the kitchen table, carefully avoiding revealing something he obviously was holding behind his back. He hadn’t said anything to you yet besides a simple greeting and telling you he missed you. Instead, deciding to stand, patiently waiting for you to finish what you were doing.
“What are you doing?” You questioned not bothering to finish the paperwork for now, standing up as he rocked back on his heels .
“I- Umm have something for you…” He pushed a package in your hand that he had been hiding behind his back after his admission. When he handed you his pocket knife to open the package you tore into it, carefully of course, in case it was something fragile. In the box held a hat, one that looked suspiciously similar to the one sat on his head. You pulled it out of the box, inspecting it in your hands, realizing it was an exact match for his.
“You got this for me?” You squeaked and he nodded in return, while you flipped it over in your hands, looking at every inch. It had a similar patch on the front that had the same ‘Standard Heating & Oil’ on the front. At first looking at it you thought he might have gotten it custom made for you, until you realized it was well loved just as his was. Well, maybe not as much considering Frankie’s hat had fallen apart at the seams until you had fixed it with some new stitching. It must have taken a while to track down a real one with the exact same logo as his. Your curiosity was peaked so you asked, “Where did you get this?”
He shifted his eyes back and forth, getting a little nervous that you might not like it. He did eventually find the words to tell you, “I was looking on um- EBay for one and then I happened to find one at a thrift store while looking for new flannels.”
“I- I love it, thank you so much baby.” You gasped in excitement and leaned forward to press a kiss to his burning cheeks. Something about it being made at a similar time as his made it all the more special, glad that Frankie was blessed with serendipity.
Frankie then shyly asked, “Can I put it on you?”
Almost immediately you answered, “Yes!” Frankie still looked rather bashful at your response, tugging his own cap down before grabbing your new one. Something about you being excited for his little gifts always seemed to make him extremely bashful, like he felt he didn’t deserve your praise. You made it your mission to change that each time he added to the list of little things that made you love him even more.
“This one will fit better on you than mine.” Your eyes went soft, the gesture so sweet that you suddenly wanted to cry for some reason. Frankie was always a very sweet man, each time he did something like this your heart melted into a puddle on the floor no matter how many times he’s done it.
He takes the bill of your new hat and places it on your head, swatting your hands away when you move to push it down so he could do it himself. The hat fits perfectly on your head, almost so perfect that you wouldn’t be surprised if Frankie had measured your head while you were sleeping and adjusted it accordingly. He tapped the top of the bill once while looking down at you with his own hat snug on his head making you giggle.
Moving his hands again to now smooth over the tops of your shoulders he inspected the fit of it with a smile. “It looks perfect- you look perfect.”
Bringing your lips to Frankie’s you then gave him a soft kiss while cupping his scratchy cheeks. It was slightly awkward to maneuver the bills of your caps to be able to have your lips meet properly, the corners of Frankie’s eyes crinkling in amusement as you huffed trying to adjust your mouth on his. You did eventually find the perfect angle to tilt both of your heads without bonking the curved bills together.
Sighing into the kiss, Frankie reciprocated, deepening it a little bit more. His hands were always wandering, trailing down from your shoulders to the small of your back, low enough that he was almost grabbing your ass. You couldn’t seem to stop giggling, something that Frankie loved, even while kissing.
“What are you doing?” You repeated your question from earlier, much more teasingly this time while his hand travelled down further.
“Nothing…” The way the pitch in his voice rose you could tell that was a lie. You quirked your eyebrow up at him in question, silently calling him a liar. He withered underneath your gaze and admitted, “Alright- maybe it’s something but, you just look so good in your hat.”
Teasing him was almost too easy sometimes, you could get him to be flustered with just a few simple words or even none at all, “Mmmm alright I’ll let it go, I do like this hat on me too. Thanks again for getting it for me baby.”
You both kept standing in your embrace like time had stopped ticking by, just enjoying the presence of the other. The hat was an amazing present from Frankie, matching perfectly with him. But, you weren’t going to lie, you'd miss stealing his hat so he would chase you around the house. You brought your head out from where it was tucked in his shoulder to ask, “Can I still steal yours sometimes?”
“Of course, but only if you let me steal yours.” You nodded your head, with a smile of course because there was almost never a time when you didn’t smile when you were around Frankie. Now you and Frankie would always match, like two peas in a pod.
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All Pedro Pascal Characters: (no ones on this one yet 😊 & I’ll create a tag list only for Frankie if anybody wants it)
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kaderp · a month ago
Just copy and pasting a random headcanon the wonderful @dellyduck and I came up with like 5 months ago fjsbfje
Everyone knows Goldie is teaching him how to con, but what if she also teaches him where to draw the line. Cause while Goldie is well, herself, she is shown to have some morals.
Louie: But Goldie, he was offering us three times our price!
Goldie: To cover the abuse of a child, Llewellyn. Put that brain of yours to work!
Goldie goes out of her way to expose the abuser and once she does, once the kid's now safe in the arms of their other parent that won't harm them... Louie can just watch. The kid looked so relieved, so happy... and he had almost ruined it and comdomned them to a lifetime of suffering.
Louie kinda backs away a little, horrified about that realization (Louie is like 16 at this point? Mid teens maybe?? Since he's still learning?)
That's when Goldie decides to take him to the orphanage, although she makes him swear not to tell a soul because not even Scrooge knows.
"H-how did you know what to do with the kid."
"Ya know what, come with me Sharpie, lemme show you where all that money I steal goes."
Louie barely can believe it, and for some minutes he even thought she was joking but all the kids would pass them and go "Hi miss Goldie!"
What if some of the smaller kids (like toddlers) who grew up in the orphanage call her mom. And it really catches Louie off guard cause toddlers don't know better. They just see the one who raised them. Goldie has tried to get them to stop but at one point constantly stopping them was more of a hassle.
At one point, a group of kids approaced and asked Goldie who was with her.
Goldie introduces them and after blinking at him for a second, the group just runs at him and starts pulling him by the arms. They want Louie to play with them.
Louie mouth's 'help me'
but Goldie just chuckles and sits at a desk full of paperwork.
In the end of the day, the kids were basically dead and so was Louie, but weirdly it wasn't as bad as he expected. Some of those kids just wanted to talk or being listen to.
The smaller kids play with his growing cheek fluff and some of the middle aged ones ask if he's related to Scrooge cause of the fluff lol
He's literally holding a two year old while a seven years old is in his ears "Do that mean you reach? Woah~ how's that? Do you get to swim in money? Do you like us?"
Louie is having a love hate relationship with it lmao
"Ow ow ow! Those are attached to my face" Louie attempted to pull away the toddler that was grabbing at his cheek fluff and currently latched onto his body. Another kid was talking his ear off. Something about money? Oh wait no he was switching topics again.
Louie was surrounded by kids and tumbled back on his back while laughing from all the weight of the kids. Just then Goldie came in from a different room holding a small baby with a bottle in its grasp. She smirked and let out a light chuckled upon seeing Louie smothered in children.
"See why I do it now Sharpie?" Goldie adjusted the infant in her arms and waited for Louie to get up. His face lit up at the question, but then fell just as quickly.
"Why do you keep it a secret then? Why not tell Uncle Scrooge? He'd be more than willing to help!" Louie sat criss-crossed and looked up, waiting for a response. Goldie sucked her lips, she didn't know if she'd have an answer that would satisfy him. So she half-assed it.
"Can't I do something by myself? Besides, he has his business and I have mine. Besides these kids are in need." Louie raised a brow. He didn't seem convinced but decided to drop the subject. He'd ask her later.
"Yeah. I do see it." Louie answered her initial question as he smiled and let a toddler grip onto his arm, trying to stand up.
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ronroachie · a month ago
im going to talk about notable content creators ive been interested in through my life and notable memories associated with them.
the first two content creators i can remember watching is ihascupquake and dantdm.
i have a very vivid memory of watching ihascupquake's modded survival series (i dont remember what it was called but i remember a mod that let you get kids and they'd mine for you and stuff) on my dads phone and sitting in a radio flyer filled with blankets and pillows. i think i watched dan a little later, at that point i was a kindle kid.
other notable mcyts i watched when i was younger was logdotzip and minecraft universe. i didnt watch skydoesminecraft till middle school i think, i remember being scared of watching people who would swear since i'd get yelled at by my parents.
i watched a bit of markiplier around this time but not an excessive amount, i mainly watched him for fnaf.
the next notable type of creators were storytime animators. i was really inspired by them for awhile. since jaidenanimations and theodd1sout where the biggest names in this genre of youtube and they where both from arizona. i was really into art around this time and i've always had a bit of an interest in animation. the first time i started drawing seriously was a straight rip of jaidens art style in her videos. i tried a bit of animation but nothing big came out of it. i was really into them for awhile. thanks to joining some discord servers linked with storytime animators i made long time internet friends.
after them i think i got more into commentary channels or reddit channels. i remember being really into pyrocynical, sorrowtv, slazo and soothouse.
i remember waking up late at night feeling sick, i think i had my phone taken away or something and i couldn't fall asleep. i stole my brothers switch or wii u, can't remember, and watched the petscop video. i think this is what first peaked my interest in args and creepy things on the internet (or rekindled it, i used to be really into fnaf so).
i used to be into that reddit crew that quackity was in. thats probably when i first discovered him. oh yeah and wilbur soothouse lol. i recently rewatched some soothouse videos and i didn't realize schlatt was in some of those. i remember reading stuff about their break up (?) when it was happening.
im sure around that time i was into cmc, i wasnt too big of a fan so i never watched lunch club or much of smplive/smpearth.
i discovered jschlatt through him but didn't become a big fan till later. the same kind of happened with wilbur. i cant pinpoint when exactly i started watching him but i think my brother asked me if i watched him, i said yes, then we watched a bunch of ylyl videos together, thats about when he became my current favorite content creator. im kind of jumping back and forth here, when i was a big fan of jschlatt my brother told me that he was in the dream smp. i tried really hard to get into it for awhile, i wanted to watch up to the point schlatt got in to understand what's happening. after awhile i gave up until i decided just to watch the election arc since i heard that he was barely in the smp. when i got into wilbur i watched more of the l'manberg arcs and enjoyed him and tommy. then i watched tommys mod videos and got into the mod gang more, and with seeing slimesicle in the chuckle sandwich too i started to like him alot too.
so now here we are today, i've probably missed some people and skipped over some things, i've just sat here for awhile trying to make my thoughts somehow cohesive. i look back and see how much these people have affected my humor and my interests. i'm also thinking about how i could've discovered creators i love earlier than i did. just something i think about a bit. sorry if this is a mess.
(note: i dont support cmc and i have mixed feelings on schlatt now lol but they're still notable so i mentioned them)
tldr: i have watched too much youtube in my lifetime
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divorcedwife · a month ago
sorry to liveblog about my issues so much lately lol my art only blog is @ dahliasheep if you wanna see my art and not my diary (which i understand 100%)
with that said just a little update about me because i wanna reassure everyone i have worried. dont rb but if you read it pls like
i have never talked about it here too much but yeah i have ptsd. i didnt want to talk about it because i dont wanna burden others with that when most people hit follow because of a funny post or a drawing and not to be my personal therapists (which is why this is under a cut, i wanna give people the choice to see this or not) but also because on some level i was too proud to. i want to be a hero, a savior, not a victim, and on some level i didnt think the two were compatible. which looking now, is absurd, how could i think i would help others overcome the shame of trauma, when IM ashamed to be traumatized? if you wanna help others, you have to help yourself first. it's dumb it took me that long to get there, but i have never been to therapy. my only strategy for all these years has been to look away, and that doesnt solve anything
the revelations of this week triggered many things back from me. everything i'd muted and managed to avoid thinking of came back with a vengeance. all day long and increasingly around night time, i've been shaking, breathing hard, eating has been difficult, sleeping has been near impossible, i had nightmares and woke up in a panic.
but last night, i found a book about the topic of my trauma, a great one. the advice it gave was difficult to accept but exactly what i needed to hear. reading it made me furious and angry, not at myself for still dealing with something that happened over ten years ago, but to the people who harmed me. i went to bed thinking, fuck this, i have lost enough nights to them, this one is mine. no matter what happens, tonight, im going to sleep well. i was determined, and i did, i slept really well. waking up, i read more, tried the breathing exercises. i thought about all i lost, all i still have. im going to read more. for the first time, therapy is something i can consider. it always seemed my two options were think about the trauma and wallow in misery, making everything worse, or else moving on and just pretending it wasnt there. now i see a way forward. there's no shame in having been a victim, i feel it now. the things done to me dont define me, and they havent changed me. im still whole, i'm still a person
one of the other reasons i didnt want to talk about this is that there are people online who hate my guts and will analyze everything i do or say as another proof im evil. as if i was sitting there with a glass of wine, thinking about the best ways to use the worst fucking things that ever happened to me for clout. im afraid my words will be twisted and used against me. someone like that called me disgusting for how i responded to the accusations, and mutuals liked the reply and blocked me. i can only imagine how furious these people would be to read this, and see it as proof that im making it all about myself. im sorry to say triggers arent rational. just because someone didnt abuse me personally doesnt mean i can talk myself out of ptsd responses like that. but i mean, these people already hate me, and the world already hates women and traumatized people, so whatever. if you read this and think im an evil self centered bitch, im not gonna attempt to convince you otherwise. peace
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duran301 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I finally decided to draw my actual OC (the one that is actually me) 531 is an OC of mine, but he isn’t me he is just a character I decided to make a blog of because I thought it would be fun so even tho I made him I am actually not an Assassin I’m a farming Kirin. All of the information is basically about myself since of course this is me so yeah, if y’all have any questions then go ahead and DM me I will try and answer them when I can.
Name: Harvest Duran (yes I gave him my last name because he is me so I wanted to name him after me lol)
Species: Kirin
Cutie Mark: None (I’m a Kirin I don’t have a cutie mark lol)
relationship stat: Nope (I’m a single guy)
Parents: (For now I will this one blank because that will definitely take some time to draw, but he does have parents that are still alive)
Specially: Farmer and Welder
Description: Like most Kirin he can turn into a Nirik except for his Nirik side is some what special (this has to do with something I actually kinda have irl, don’t like to talk about much, but I chose to be a Kirin specific because they have another form) not to get into to much detail, but his Nirik side is more let’s say alive than others. Harvest is a hard worker and is willing to take on even the most toughest of jobs, he has his own farm as well as he goes out and helps with construction work when he can, he especially loves to do the welding jobs. He loves his friends and is always willing to make new ones (as long as they respect his Nirik side again his Nirik side is a bit special) He is energetic and can be so crazy to the point that he might temporarily collapse for a few seconds and then get right back up as if nothing ever happened, even tho he is crazy and out going he can also be calm and understand, if a friend needs to talk to somepony he is always their to lend an ear. He loves pizza and especially loves chocolate (I have a bit of a high metabolism which allows me to eat a lot of junk food without getting fat). He can be a bit overprotective (Nirik side) and will get into a fight to save a friend even if he knows he might loose, he has a few scars from a few fights but he hides them with magic (if only I could do that irl) He is also a bit of a dare devil and will take on basically any sort of challenge if it involves money (I have gotten over $300 from all the dares I have gotten over the times)
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kumeramen · a month ago
Ooooooh now you got me really good! do you read minds or something? at the moment i am soooo addicted to Itasaku and you go and put more of your wonderful drawings for us aaaaaaaaaahhh !!!!! I have a question for you, how do you think it would be a dynamic between ShisakuIta? I've read fanfics about these three and I really fell in love, it's a shame that I don't have so many stories about them 😔 Have a nice day dear! ❤️❤️
LOL it must be coincidence! I actually drew ItaSaku for a friend and I thought one ItaSaku art is just not enough, so why not make another. I'm happy to fill your ItaSaku cravings by the way!
On the main question, the ShiSakuIta dynamic. If you mean by in a form of polygamy relationship, I think whatever dynamic people portrayed them to be must be great and beautiful either way. It's a pretty bland answer I know, but to be honest, I like mine vanilla. More than two people in relationship ship is just not my cup of tea 😌
But, if their dynamic were to put in different way, like ShiSaku with one-sided ItaSaku :
I think there would be tension at the same time light, playful and bratty moments
I gotta say Uchihas are extremely jealous individuals especially when it's comes to their significant other and both Shisui and Itachi are just no better
Well, Shisui, apparently has the worse of the worse jealous case though..👀 This guy won't allow it to take over his rational thoughts and affect of his friendship btw, he'll just brush it off with a fake smile~
Brushes the jealousy off as he can, he can't help it... In the end, he failed anyway 🤣 Surprisingly, the one being playful among them is Itachi who likes to riled Shisui's angry jealousy up
Itachi be inviting Sakura to tea and dango sometime not just because he loves her company but also to enjoy Shisui's reaction. Poor Sakura is nervous on what to do about the situation and just have to surrender it all with a deep sigh
But Itachi riling up Shisui is for a good reason! All he wants is to see his two favorite people be happy togetherrr
There's more but that's all the basic part I have in mind. I still have so many things to sort out. Thank you for the lovely ask, have a wonderful day too 💗
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jellys-toy-collection · a month ago
Can I just say, your photography gives me life!!! What are your secrets (if you’re comfy sharing) cause mine just always looks off. I think the friends I use just aren’t good subjects, I can’t get them to pose as well as yours do. Do you do any editing after? Or is it just a trial and error thing? Do you have fancy camera equipment or just use what’s available? I hope you don’t mind all the questions!! Sorry!! ❤️❤️
omg I’m SO so sorry I took forever to answer your ask!! I’ve been very busy and stressed D:
I don’t mind all the questions at all though and it makes me happy you like my photography so much!! ❤ c: I’m not sure I have many tips, it’s definitely a whole lot of trial and error. Once you practice a lot and figure out what angles and settings your plushie friends look best in it gets a lot easier. But it’s always good to practice with other friends too, because some plushies are just really stubborn and hard to pose. When it comes to posing, sometimes I have to help them out. Like if Henry wants to hold a pop can sometimes I will have to use a loose rubber band to help him hold it, or give him something small to lean on if he’s going to be standing for awhile. I don’t use one myself because Henry is pretty easy to pose, but I know a lot of people will make wire stands for their plushies that can help them stand or pose more easily too.
Also I think colors can really make a picture and that is what I focus on a lot. I try not to have to many colors that clash and try to match Henry’s outfit, picnic, blanket, food, ect so it all looks good together and doesn’t draw attention away from the plushies.  Filters can also help even things out but I try not to over do it with those.
other than that I don’t edit my pictures much except for messing with hues or lightening them up when needed. I’m not very good with photoshop and stuff lol. The programs I use are fire alpaca and fotor (the desktop version, I’m not sure how the app is) which are both free! c: For my camera I have always used a canon rebel t3i which is a bit old and a lot cheaper now, but still holds up amazingly! I think a good camera def makes a difference but you don’t need a super expensive one either! I really hope that all makes sense and helps a little!! and I’m sorry again for taking so long to respond ❤❤
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ssurveys · a month ago
What were your favorite things to draw when you were a lil kid?  I knew I wasn’t an artist the moment I started experimenting with pens and markers, and the only image I liked to keep - and was capable of - drawing on repeat was your usual kid’s portrait of a house with a sun and clouds lmao. I never learned how to draw anything else.
Do you think there is something with or around you, like a spirit, angel, ghost or something else? How does this make you feel?  No, never.
Imagine you’re a stranger looking at yourself. What things would immediately catch your eye?  Probably the way I’m scowling at stranger-me staring at me-me.
When did you feel the most confident in your life? Not sure when I’ve felt the most confident, but I typically feel so whenever I get something I’ve been desiring and working hard for, like getting a job offer or being accepted to my dream college or passing a really difficult exam.
Do you think love is needed to have good sex? For some people, no. For me, loving one another is an absolute must. < Yes, hits the nail on the head for me.
Do you think, or want to, die in the city you currently live in? I don’t think it would matter where I die, as long as it’s not from a terrible freak accident.
What is the strangest thing you have ever encountered?  That time I went to Singapore and a sex toy shop was casually blatantly standing in the middle of Orchard Road for families to stroll pass. It’s not objectively strange, of course, but it was definitely a big culture shock. Putting up sex shops in the Philippines is basically a game of who can find the best spot to hide them in.
Favourite soft drink? I never drink soda, so I don’t have a favorite.
What do you like to put gravy on? Fried chicken or steak.
Have you ever gone canoeing/kayaking?  Yes, in Palawan.
What is one thing you know about your family history you’re proud of?  I come from a line of datus from both precolonial and colonial Philippines. The most exciting part about it is that it technically makes me a princess, or at least our local version of princesses haha. I’m also distantly related to one of the three women who sewed the first Philippine flag.
Who depends on you the most? Kimi and Cooper, surely.
Are you related to anyone famous or historical, if so who?  See two questions above. Coming from my datu ancestors, my relatives also continue to serve in the local government of our family’s province until today. Not that I’m particularly proud of them or show this off whenever I want because they are all very vocal Duterte supporters and regularly engage with him and his family, so *barf*
Would you ever donate a kidney to anyone, and who?  If it ever comes down to it, I’d offer one of mine to my dad, Angela, and either of her parents.
What is the main quality you think makes a great parent? They recognize when they’re wrong and know to acknowledge it and apologize.
What three things do you think of most of each day? Tasks I have to do for work for the day, tasks I have to do for the rest of the week, and financial concerns.
Does/did your high school have pop machines?  No, of course not. Are there schools that are ok with selling soda? :/
Do you know anyone who’s won the lottery?  Not that I know of, but then again these things are shared in secret so there’s always that chance of possibly knowing someone who won the lotto at some point.
Have you ever slept in a water bed? Never slept but I’ve played on one.
How often do you use Flickr?  I haven’t visited that site since I was like 11. Not even sure it still exists.
Who is the last child that you took a photo with?  I think my cousin Toffe, but it was most likely a family photo that the two of us happened to be in. I don’t have a lot of photos with my younger cousins and kids in general.
How often do you wear hats? Never. I always think about getting a bucket hat of my own but I just never go through with it.
Would you ever get a nature tattoo? I never even entertained the thought before. But considering Hayley’s albums and songs have like a million references to flowers, it sounds like a good idea now :)
Is anyone in your family sick at the moment?  My paternal great-grandma was recently confined in a hospital but she’s been discharged. I have a grand-aunt who suffered a mild stroke a couple of weeks ago and is currently recovering.
Where do your siblings work, if anywhere? They are both still studying. If I had to guess, my sister would probably end up in the film, media, or advertising industry, if not a freelance artist.
Where is your favorite place to buy groceries?  If I had the money for it I’d get my groceries at Marketplace, but I’m content with getting ours from SM or Robinsons for now.
Who do you generally talk to the most? Probably my immediate family and my team at work.
Is anyone saved in your phone under a nickname?  Not anymore. I use nicknames on my friends more frequently on Facebook Messenger.
Whose birthday is coming up?  One of my cousins’ birthday is on March 31.
Have you ever ordered from an informercial? No, never.
When, where, and why did a needle last pierce your skin?  Around a month ago when I was embroidering. I usually accidentally prick myself from time to time.
Have you been to an escape room? Was it a success?  Nah, not really my idea of fun. I’m a little weak at problem/riddle-solving :(
How many followers do you have on Instagram? I literally never use my Instagram except to lurk and look for influencers to potentially tap for work. The account was initially my one-photo-a-day-in-2020 dump, but I stopped in April last year and now we’re in 2021 it doesn’t even serve a purpose anymore lmao. But for some reason Bea asked for my account and still followed me (and is the only person following me), which I’m sure she already regrets.
What’s the most recent music video you watched? Thoughts?  Continued the next day. Jessi’s What Type of X. Killed it as always.
Have you ever recorded a cover of a song? Never.
What makeup products are your go-tos?  None.
Are you going to school this year?  No, not anymore. I did that for the very last time in 2020, and I don’t see the point in going back for an MA because I feel like I’m already covered.
What is your favorite water activity? I’ve only ever tried kayaking, but that was a very pleasant memory.
What are your favorite video games? I’m not a super passionate video game fan who’s always up-to-date, but I do have a soft spot for games I bonded on with my family when I was a kid, like Grand Theft Auto (very inappropriate for a kid to be playing, I know lol), Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Mario Kart, and Smash Bros.
Do you like jello? I never got over the texture, so no.
When was the last time you gave someone "the finger?" Not sure when exactly but it happened recently, maybe a week or two ago. I suddenly thought about my ex and flung both fingers around just for myself lol.
Have you ever held a snake?  Yes, I got the chance to hold and take a photo with one on my trip to Bali. I was the only willing one in the family.
Most unique place you’ve ever been to?  Baker’s Hill in Palawan is what I would imagine seeing if I ever took drugs and had a trip of some sort. Most random place ever.
If you were a superhero, what color would your cape be?  Continued from...I don’t even know anymore. Just know it’s been nearly a week since I first started this, lmao. Idk maybe gold.
Have you ever slept out on your porch all night?  We don’t have a porch. We do have a rooftop and I’ve fallen asleep there a couple of times. I only do so when the climate is cold, though.
Do you like horror movies?  Sure, but I haven’t watched any in years. Just have never been in the mood for it for a long while now.
What’s your favorite Coke product?  Blech, I hate soda.
Watergun or water-balloon war?  Water gun. I’ve never been hit by a water balloon but I imagine it hurts?? so I wouldn’t want to experience it if I never had to.
Do you know anyone that’s afraid of elevators?  I know my sister and grandma are claustrophobic but they’re not ~deathly~ afraid of elevators.
Is there anything in your room that belongs to a boyfriend, or a friend of the opposite sex?  I don’t think any of my guy friends have lent me stuff that I got to take home, so no.
Who’s your favorite Beatle?  I was never a fan. I remember pretending to be, back when liking The Beatles made you look all cool and hippy and trendy... but I honest to god just couldn’t get into their music.
Have you ever texted an ex whilst drunk? How’d that go?  Yeah just once, super super way back when I was still thought remaining friends with her was the way to go. It was fine, I didn’t message anything horrific and we were both chill about it the next morning.
Do you have to stand on your tip-toes to kiss your boyfriend?  I don’t have a partner anymore but yeah, I used to. I think? Maybe? I barely remember anymore. I definitely did have to tilt my head up quite a bit, though.
Have you ever been tackle-hugged? I can’t remember if I’ve received one. I’m usually the one who gives them.
Have you ever rejected someone’s kiss before?  I don’t think I’ve been in this situation before.
Is your mood or the overall tone of your day often affected by the dreams you had the night before?  Just for like the first half hour of waking up, especially if it was a nightmare or a triggering dream. The more I wake up the more the dream fades away, and the sillier it feels that I was affected by it.
Do you think that there are any positive aspects or outcomes of suffering from a mental illness? If you have a mental illness, do you think it has changed you for the better in any way?  No. Sugarcoating mental illness doesn’t sit well with me at all. I know I’ve learned to be gentle and understanding towards other people because of the emotional abuse I’ve received in my own relationships, and I absolutely hate that it’s because of mental illness. I shouldn’t have had to learn to be kind because I was treated shittily first.
What is your opinion on celebrity culture and celebrity worship? Have you ever been guilty of putting a celebrity on a pedestal? Do you think it’s somehow more acceptable/understandable to obsess over certain types of celebrities (musicians over YouTubers, say) than others? At what point do you think an obsession like that crosses the line?  I sometimes think it’s silly when fandoms fight and defend their favorites as if they know them personally, but I’m heavily into my fair share of celebrities and I honestly don’t see anything wrong with it. As long as you’re not hurting anyone or doing anything stupid like stalking your favorites, you do you.
If you were to pursue a career in photography and had the opportunity and means to photograph whatever you wanted, what would most like to photograph?  People.
Is there a certain type of clothing (outerwear, activewear, loungewear, etc.) that you enjoy shopping for more than others?  Cute tops.
Are you ever afraid to post your ideas, artwork, photography, etc. online for fear that they will get stolen or not credited?  No, because I am not even creative in the first place and can’t make any form of art to save my life.
When is the last time you did something sexual? Last night.
Who is the last person you showered with, if anyone?  My ex but that would’ve been ages ago. It was super rare that we absolutely had to shower together.
What do you think when you see roadkill on the side of the road?  Sad and kinda disgusted if the guts are out, but also relieved that they don’t have to suffer in pain anymore.
Have you ever had an ex that just didn’t understand that it was over?  Yeah, me. Luckily I came to my senses a few months ago and have felt better and been better ever since.
Are your fingernails currently short or long?  They’re unequal lengths because I’ve been either biting or picking at them over the last few weeks, but for the most part they are long enough to need to be clipped.
Would you rather have big or small dogs?  Big.
What is your favorite sports drink? I don’t drink any of them, so none.
What was the last compliment you gave a guy?  I told my dad the dinner he made tasted excellent.
Does your jaw ever crack, pop, or lock?  I don’t think my jaw has ever made a sound before, hahaha.
Have you ever thought of how you would give your kids “the talk”?  No, but I think it’s also relevant to note that I live in a very conservative country where sexual intercourse is never discussed, especially within families; and that it’s virtually unheard of to hear of people until my generation to have been given the talk. I had to find out all by myself, and I remember being very confused when we were being taught the reproductive system in fifth grade because they only taught about the organs and their functions, and never anything deeper than that.
Luckily the last conservative generation was Gen X, and younger generations have been a lot more open-minded. And if I had to guess, I’m fairly certain Millennial parents would be more willing to give their kids the talk.
Do you ever feel like you’re missing out on something?  I mean, my 20s, thanks to Covid.
Do you ever write/draw on windows that are fogged up?  Yes.
If you were married, and your spouse’s parents became ill, would you let them move into your home? Of course.
Have you screamed in a pillow before?  Probably.
What do you like more, acoustic or electric?  Electric.
Did you actually have a cookie jar?  No.
What’s worse, having someone mad or disappointed in you? Disappointment is more gut-wrenching. I feel more hopeless and helpless when someone feels that way about me.
What do you bite on more, your tongue, lip, or nails?  Definitely my nails. Lip-biting isn’t a habit of mine and I only ever bite my tongue accidentally.
Do you think that knowing when and how you’re going to die would ruin your life?  No. I would find that comforting, actually.
Do you have a favorite bromance? From TV or a movie.  J-Man and Channy’s from Friends.
Do you find flea markets and thrift stores enjoyable?  Sure.
What color is your wallet?  Pink, but I def have to buy a new one soon as I’m still using the one my ex gave me...
Have you ever been somebody's photography subject? No, and I would hate to be. I don’t like being in front of the camera.
Nicki Minaj fan?  I like a lot of songs by her but I’m by no means a fan.
Have you ever seen the Niagara Falls?  Nope but I would love to.
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ryuichirou · a month ago
“Please, ask me about my favorite manga...”
Okay, then. What’s your favorite manga, Ryu-san? 👀
+Anonymous said:
What’re some of your favourite manga? :)
I love you guys… :”3 You always make my dreams come true haha. I hope I’m not forgetting anything, these are the ones that come to mind first:
Shingeki no Kyojin by Isayama Hajime – the most obvious thing in the world lol Of course, it’s a very dear manga to us, but even if we forget all the sentimental value it has, it’s still an amazing manga both story-wise and art-wise. For some reason Isayama is still considered a bad artist, which is a shame, because not only has he gotten much better with time, he also does the thing that I love very much: he draws whatever he wants even if he isn’t sure how to draw it. The very first chapters are so bold in that regard. And the way Isayama draws expressions is amazing: he draws faces that I’ve never seen in any other manga.
Do I even need to talk about story and characters after all the meta posts we’ve written over the past year… And the fact that we haven’t gotten tired of it despite the fact that we’ve reread it 1000 times already is very telling. There’s just so much stuff going on, so many details and elements that you can miss when you read it for the first time… rereadability is one of the greatest things about SnK.
Litchi Hikari Club (and Bokura no Hikari Club) by Furuya Usamaru  – another favourite of ours and an obsession of mine. I have volumes both in English and Russian, some Japanese magazines with chapters/mangaka’s art and artbooks… LHC is such a bleak story. It’s dark and messed-up just for the sake of being dark and messed-up, and I love it: it’s theatrical and morbid. It also manages to still be comedic and entertaining. Plus, the story behind the manga creation fascinates me (it was based on a stage play from an underground theatre ok I won’t go into details now lol), it’s like an entire phenomenon for me haha. I think this manga started my obsession with gakuran uniforms and student caps.
Uzumaki and Tomie by Ito Junji – I genuinely enjoy all of Junji Ito’s work whenever we reread them, but Uzumaki and Tomie are my faves. It’s very fun to watch how Ito-sensei takes one simple concept (spirals in “Uzumaki” and ehhh idk a beautiful but deadly girl in “Tomie”) and takes it further and further with every chapter, making it more and more creepy and grotesque. He’s extremely creative.
Berserk (Golden Age Arc) by Miura Kentarou – not to spit on everything that went before and after the Golden Age, but let’s be real: the Golden Age is special. The art of Berserk is absolutely stunning. It’s one of those mangas that belongs to museums honestly: every page is worth looking at for hours. The level of details and design of characters and the world… unreal.
The relationships between Guts and Griffith are also so beautifully written, we didn’t expect them to be this painful and deep. Talk about misunderstandings and breakups with consequences, geez. Griffith’s story build-up is just... amazing. The whole eclipse thing is wow, and the events that happen before it are as well. It’s like its own story within the whole story.
I also want to mention Maruo Suehiro, because he is another horror/guro author we like a lot, but I can’t pinpoint one manga of his that could count as a favourite just yet…
Hetalia by Himaruya Hidekaz – it’s stupid, it’s funny, it’s educational (in “it makes you interested in history and politics” way, not in the “it tells you what exactly happened” way). It doesn’t take itself seriously, it’s here to have fun and make its character as gay as possible, which I appreciate a lot. I feel like Hetalia influenced the way I draw comic strips and my humor in general. But maybe I’m just imagining it lol, it’s hard to tell at this point.
Gravitation by Murakami Maki – I’m forever obsessed with Gravi. Of course, a portion of it is just out of nostalgia, but we actually read the manga fully a couple of years ago, and god it was much better than we anticipated. It’s extremely stupid and fun (how many BL mangas have tom and jerry style slapstick comedy??), but at the same time sometimes the jokes are surprisingly clever. Nothing is too serious though, every character is a clown to some extent, and this is exactly why all of them are so fun to watch. The relationships are also… surprisingly well-written in my opinion.
It’s an old school BL, but I still think it’s a bit different from other BL mangas from 90s-early 00s… Also the fact that Murakami-sensei draws smutty doujins of her own manga under a different pseudonym is still the most awesome thing I’ve ever heard; I’ll forever respect her for that.
And ofc Yuki Eiri is a bottom for us, like... duh.
Otome no Teikoku by Kishi Torajirou – it just makes me a bit happier when I don’t want to think and just want to look at girls having crushes on each other. I usually hate yuri manga with school setting, but this one slaps me in the face with how good the cast is and how unusual some of the themes in it are for a yuri manga. I feel like the author actually wants his characters to be interesting and not just gushes over how pure and innocent they look when they hold hands, and it makes a huge difference.
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konpithepuppy · a month ago
[TRANSLATION: Myojo 05.2021]
Scans not mine
Neither an English nor a Japanese native speaker
Feel free to correct me, thanks
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Very comfortable indoor pride
Playing instruments, playing games, the modes of indoor living of 6 people who seems good at spending time at home were checked! With 3-people discussion, the pride they have in their rooms got them the stay home king determined!?
Rinne: If you talk about indoor type, isn't that Banasan (Yabana)?!
Yabana: If you talk about paleness of the skin, then Konpi (Konno) is also an indoor type, but what type are you really?
Konno: I like going out to have fun, I also love going shopping if I have time. To be stuck at home everyday is impossible for me.
Rinne: Rinne will feel bad too if Rinne stays at home all the time. Recently, my younger brother teaches me game when I am at home.
Yabana: Konpi has a younger brother too and I wonder if he is an outdoor type. I have a younger sister, and she is the type who likes to draw more than to play outside.
Rinne: When you talk about indoors, a scene where someone is staying in the house all the time and making a bomb or something then the police will come comes into my mind (LOL).
Yabana: That is probably not "hikikomori" but a "tatekomori"! What crime drama us that~?! In my room, since I can just sit down and I can reach everything everything like my personal computer, guitar, bass, keyboard, all of my music instruments, it is super~convenient that I can stay in there all the time. (T/N: hikikomori = homebody; tatekomori = barricading oneself while being besieged)
Rinne: Bana-san's room looks like a music studio. Somehow, you seem like you are eating cup ramen every day.
Yabana: I do eat cup noodles.
Konno: And then, it looks like your [Yabana's] partially consumed plastic bottles were scattered around.
Rinne: And those trash will pile-up and explode LOL.
Yabana: It won't explode! Moreover, I don't have half empty bottles. But since I have around 3 plastic bottles that I have emptied, then I guess I can't deny that.
Rinne: But you know, if you leave a half empty juice bottle for several days, the content may explode.
Yabana: Throw it properly (LOL). I don't like going out that much but I want to see the actual thing when I go buy things.
Rinne: Rinne also wants to see the actual thing when buying! Since I wrongly bought a ladies wear on the internet.
Konno: Hu~h! Why? You liked the design?
Yabana: Ah! The one with a drawing of a tiger? You looked like a body builder who is doing a muscle training in the coast of America (roar of laughter).
Konno: Oh that sort (LOL)!
Rinne: It was small that I can't wear it, so I gave it to a kouhai.
Yabana: Even though it is fun to be absorbed at something that you like doing at home, this doesn't bring quite a good image for you two. More than hating to go out, I just find troublesome having to dress up to go out.
Konno: You declined Taiko's invite too.
Yabana: That's a story in the past. He suddenly told me late at night, "Let's go to theme park tomorrow!" so there's no way I can go. If it's a date then I'll think of it as an event like a formal event and I will go tho.
Rinne: "Formal event" (LOL). Well then, a date at home is good for you, Bana-san, right? Rinne doesn't know what should Rinne do tho.
Konno: I think it's okay to stay at home once in a while. Like watching movie.
Rinne: Konpi didn't have the image of watching a movie!
Yabana: Certainly. Since he is always watching YouTube videos.
Konno: I go to cinema too, I even go alone.
Yabana: Well then, if you have a spacious house, what will you do in a date at home?
Rinne: We'll play hide and seek!
Yabana: What you want to do for indoor and outdoor are the same!
Motodaka Katsuki x Nakamura Reia x Sasaki Taiko
Reia: As for me, since staying indoors has gradually increased, I've been playing games at home all the time, everyone in my family also plays a competition game.
Motodaka: In the past, we play shogi in a tournament style at our home and I win by a landslide!
Sasaki: If I'm at home, I am watching television at my room all the time. There are also time when I don't open the curtains in my room all day long.
Motodaka: Huh? Why?
Sasaki: Coz it is troublesome to do it.
Motodaka: What~ that is not good. You need to get some sunlight.
Sasaki: It's just that, if the room is always dark, there will be molds, right? That's why before I go out, I hurriedly open the curtains then I make sure to hurriedly close it.
Reia: Opening then closing it right after?
Motodaka: That doesn't make sense (LOL)!
Sasaki: The curtains in our house are automatic. I open the curtains in the morning, then I will set a timer so that they will close in the evening.
Motodaka: That's amazing! Isn't that great?! Well, my room doesn't have curtains in the first place.
Sasaki: Huh? You don't have one? What do you do when you're going to sleep?
Motodaka: We have a curtain in the room where I sleep, the whole family sleeps there together.
Reia: So it's a type where the children sleep in between their parents. Isn't that wonderful too?!
Motodaka: That's why I settle down in the L-shaped sofa in our living room. Since you can fall asleep when you extend your legs on the vertical part of the sofa, that spot is also popular in our family. I hug my tuna stuffed toy while watching television there.
Sasaki: For real!? Just how much do you love fishes!?
Motodaka: Moreover, it's not like with the ones that look cute that are being sold at aquariums, this one is a real thing. Santa-san gave this to me last Christmas.
Reia: Santa-san knows Katsuki's preference! I often unconsciously place cushion between my legs at home.
Sasaki: It calms you down when you place cushion between your legs, right? I also hug a long body pillow. I have a rule in which even though I didn't go out for the whole day, I still must take a bath. Lately, I like nigori-yu bath powder.
Reia: That's quite a taste, right?
Sasaki: I don't want to see my body when I take a bath so I use nigori-yu (LOL).
Motodaka: We are using carbonated bath powder in our house lately.
Reia: We're the same! But we have a lot of varieties. I haven't used nigori-yu even once tho. Speaking of baths, I change the showerhead. There are 4 types of water current [that you can choose from].
Motodaka: Is that a showerhead where the water becomes like a mist?
Reia: Yup, that.
Motodaka: There's also something like that in the garden in my house.
Sasaki: That's a hose (LOL)!
Motodaka: Yup (LOL).
Reia: When you use that showerhead in the bathtub filled with hot water, the water will turn into a thick white silky bath with bubbles.
Motodaka: Really? That's great!
Reia: Also, I have a new automatic trash bin, and I plan to buy a big television and sound bar. Since my father likes latest appliances, I get informations from him so I came to like those appliances too.
Motodaka: Isn't Reia's room amazing!? That's an ideal house.
Reia: Do you want to come to my house to have fun?
Motodaka: Can I? I want to go!
Sasaki: I want to go too. That seems fun!
Reia: Well then, let's gather at my house next time~!
Motodaka & Sasaki: Ye~s!
How do the rough samurai-tachi's on stage spend their time at home? A close-up of their sumikko life! (T/N: sumikko)
Samurai-tachi's Indoor Mode of Living
Konno Taiko
In contrary to my beautiful skin that doesn't seem to take ultraviolet rays, I am active. In my room, heavy bass sounds can be heard. I play western music with the speaker of my choice.
Sugeta Rinne
Even during day-off, I absolutely get up by noon. I am into bathub with television, jacuzzi, and bubble bath powder. I am the type who take long baths and I stay in there for an hour.
Yabana Rei
Mainly, I live in a sloppy instruments room surrounded by music instruments and music equipments. It is troublesome to dress up for the sake of going out but I make distinction between pajamas and loungewear.
Motodaka Katsuki
I love eating that I search for cooking videos when I have time. If there is a drama series that I am into, I'm the typo who will watch it until the end in one go, so there are times when I don't sleep and just keep watching the drama.
Nakamura Reia
I am a gamer. Thinking of how I can live without taking a break from gaming, I purchased an AI speaker. I am enjoying the high tech lifestyle where electricity and air conditioner can be operated through voice.
Sasaki Taiko
Because I have a refrigerator that I got from a friend in my room, I don't have to go to the kitchen even though I am thirsty. I also have my diligent side where I vacuum my futon without fail everyday.
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queensofthesexlines · a month ago
Master Paul, is another caller who says he is a Dominant Master, he 'became' my master many months ago and soon after also became Scarlet's Master.
We have had many laughs together and no doubt alone with this caller .
One Sunday early evening I had been logged on about a hour and had nothing but waste of time 1-3 minute wankers, then the following call came through,
Me: Hello My name is Roxy ,what is yours?
Caller: Paul but you will call me Master
Straight away I clearly knew I had do all he asked with no back chatting and be sure to suffer what ever pain was thrown my way .
Me: Ok master
Caller: what are you wearing
Me: a red lace bra ,matching thong, red Suspenders and black stockings master
Caller: (moans and groans) you are just my type do you know that Roxy
Me: thank you master
Caller: I heard your intro but tell me what you look like .
I explain In as much detail as possible, drawing him in knowing I was pleasing him, hearing his tiny moans whilst in my sexiest voice explaining my every detail lol
Caller: Get on your knees
Here we go I thought
Me: Yes master anything you say, I’m on the floor master
Caller: is your bathroom on the same level as you ?
Me: yes master
Caller: good crawl to the toilet
Me ok master
Caller: tell me when your at the bathroom door
Me: ok master
Caller: arse up in the air higher do you understand
Me: yes master
All the time I’m sitting watching tv drinking my cuppa and dunking biscuits in my tea
Then the thought of dread came across me I bet this is one of the callers that like to hear you wee or poo how was I going to fake that . So I quickly messaged the girls through our works group chat,
'Ladies, SOS!! I need you, this caller is sending me to the bathroom what if he wants me to use the loo ? Tricks needed'
Caller: Hurry up
Me: almost there master
The girls reply quickly,
'fill a cup up with water but be quiet make sure to turn the tap on slowly so it’s no more than dripping so he doesn’t hear the tap'
Thanks ladies I knew what I had to do for peeing no reply for taking a shit, dam! I will just have to explain I don't need to go
Caller: You're taking your time are you there yet?
Me: yes I've just got to the door
I hadn’t even left my room
I get up and run to the bathroom
Caller: let me here you open the bathroom door
Me: ok
I open the door
Master: on your knees
Me: ok master
Buy I’m now using the cup in the bathroom and filling up with water at this point thinking his next thing would be me peeing for him
Master: lick the toilet seat clean
Me: what the fuck!?
Master: are you mouthing me off?
Me: kind of master!
Master: now lick the inside of the toilet rim
I'm now gagging and making licking noses
Master: I want it shining
Me: yes master
Master: is it clean yet?
Me: not quite master
Hoping to keep the caller on the line I drag the fake toilet licking out as long as possible
Master: hurry up
Me: yes master almost done
Master: hurry up now
Me: ok master I think I’m done, oh no a tiny bit more
I carry on pretending but even the thought of this is now making me gag
Me: I’m done now master
Master: well done, you are being a good little slave
Me: thank you master, I aim to please
Master: well I’m very pleased with you
Me: why thank you master
Master: now do you need to pee
Me : oh yes master
Smiling now to myself as having prepared the cup of water
Master: pull down your panties and pee for me
Me: ok master
I now start making out I’m doing as I’m told
Me: I’m ready master
Master :good hold the phone close to the loo I want to hear you piss
Me: ok master
Master: mmm that sounds amazing
I’m now slowly pouring the water out of the cup and surprise myself at how much it actually does sound like I’m having a piss
Master: pee faster
Me: ok master
Master: well done you good little sex slave
Me: thank you master
Master: now do not wipe yourself but flush the loo
Me: I haven’t quite finished pissing yet
Just wanting to add the minutes up
Master: ok
Master: is that it all done
Me: yes master, I’ll flush the loo now
Master: now on your knees and crawl back to your bedroom
Me: ok master
I walk back to my room and start rolling myself a ciggie
Master: arse up higher in the air
Me: ok master, sorry master
Master: now where do you keep your pegs
Me: in my kitchen under the sink
Master: well crawl to the kitchen and get ten now and hurry it up
Me: yes boss
Master: Are you being mouthy again
Me: no master sorry master
Master: just for that, get an extra five pegs
In my head I am imagining he wants the pegs on my nipples but being a little Naive I had no clue what he wanted me to do with all of them
Master: hurry up
Me: yes master just getting the pegs now
I open my bedside draw making out I’m counting the pegs out
Me: master I have them
Master: good slave now you crawl back to your bedroom and take all your clothes off
In a very Stern voice now
Master: do you understand?
I’m thinking, I’m not bloody thick I think I understand the simple instructions like taking my clothes off
Me: oh yes master I understand (trying my best not to sound Sarcastic)
Master : Are your clothes off
Me: not quite master
Master: hurry up
Me: yes master
I Fumble around making out I’m undressing myself just to add up the minutes
Master: hurry I said
Me: yes master
Master : are you now undressed
Me: just my bra to go master.......all done master
Master: right now place one peg on each nipple
Me: ok master
Master: NOW
Me: I am master
I'm whining and moaning and making out it hurts, telling him I have a peg on each nipple
Me: done master and it hurts
Master: can you handle the pain
Me: just about master
Master: good, now put a peg on top of each of the first two pegs
Me: ok master
I moan and groan some more
Master: now place five pegs on each cunt lip
Me: Are you for real
Master: 100 percent, now do as I say and stop mouthing me off
Me: ok master
I’m moaning like it hurts but secretly thinking I'm glad my partner doesn’t get kicks like this
Once I had completed dragging out the minutes as much as I thought I could he makes more commands
Master: on the floor leave the pegs on and crawl around your room
Me: ok master
Master: you are a good fucking slave now bark like a dog
Me: no way
Master: did you say no to your master
Me: yes I did
Master: are you sure your saying no to me
Me: yes master
Master: right now spank each arse cheek ten times
Me: ok master
I grab the nearest thing to me which was my remote control and a colouring book and start hitting the book with the controller
Master: harder
Me: ok
As I beat the colouring book harder I break the bloody remote so now I’m pissed off but the caller is still on the line so I grab my hair brush and I can still hear him barking at me to spank myself harder
Me: I’m hitting myself as hard as I can master, my arse is so sore
Master: good, now bark
Me: no master
Master: another ten spanks
I check my log and I only have 3 mins to go before I’m logged off however this doesn’t end the call for you that goes on until your call is complete.
Me: ok master
Master: harder, faster, hit that arse, hit that arse, hit that arse, harder, faster, harder, faster
Me: yes master
This goes on and on, over and over he repeats the same demands until I eventually give in, I want to log off so I give a sad attempt at a bark
Master: now that’s better you will learn you never disrespect the master
Me: ok master
Master : you are becoming a good little slave
Me: cheers
Master: I will call you again tomorrow
Me: ok master
Master : what time are you on
Me: from 6 onwards
Master: I will call at 6:15
Me: ok master
Master : goodbye slave
Me: goodbye master
The next day he called again and the following day repeating the same stuff we did on the first day
He became a regular of mine but I soon introduced bird to him and that’s when our 'threesomes' began
I will leave bird to explain about some of them
This will not be the last you hear of master Paul I have so many more stories, including how he falls in love with me and Bird, yes the man has issues. He tells us this is serious and it’s not just phone sex for him he’s actually grown feelings for us!
Thanks again for reading, much love as always. Keep your eyes peeled for more......Secrets of a Sex Call Centre Agent 😜
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miss-ali-lawliet · a month ago
Hope this isn’t too many for the OC ask thing and feel free to ignore any if you don’t want to answer buuuuuut can I get 3, 7, 10, 17, 25, 27, 50, 63, 66, & 77 for Ana? :)
Oh wow! Thank you for the ask, I'll do my best to answer them all!
3. Reason behind their names? Nicknames?
Uhh, not really to be honest! I just love the name, Analise Monroe, and just think it's a really pretty name. Always been a favorite name of mine, but never really made her into an actual oc like this.
She does have nicknames! Depends on the people, but she has Ana (her most common name), Anne, Miss Monroe, sometimes Ana Banana by her family or something like that. L tends to simply call her Ana or her full name, but she likes to try out random nicknames for him so he simply returns the favor. So it varies!
7. Romantic relationship? Who? How did they meet?
The person she's going to be in a relationship is with L (not so surprisingly) but for the most part they are just really close friends. Even when they officially get together, they still treat each other basically the same way but are more open to affection. They met at Wammy's House though when she went to do some tests to see if she would be a good fit to learn there, mentioned it briefly in a past post but it was a complete accident.
10. Some talents? Hobbies?
She can play piano and sing pretty well, mentioned before but she's pretty good at art, she is also very skilled in self defense and fighting in general. Mainly does well with her speed/agility and flexibility, but despite her almost fragile/feminine look she's pretty strong! Makes sense for her detective Alias Ace, which is known to be the more 'brutal' kind of detective, probably comparible to a harsh anti hero sort of vibe. Will get into that at another point though lmao.
Already talked about hobbies and stuff before though! So next question!
17. Where was she born?
Her mother is from England and her father is from America for a brief insight, but her mother went to America where she met her father. So she was born in America but they moved to England very early on in her life.
25. Biggest flaw?
Oh this is a good one! Honestly her biggest flaw can be that her feelings can get in the way of things at times. She has her logical side, but sometimes she finds herself thinking more with her heart on some things that with her head. It's something she's been working on though.
Some flaws she's gained from her work though and the environment she grew up around is that she can be pretty dishonest and doesn't trust new people too much. But in comparison to someone like L, probably not as much and the reason she does so is for safety reasons in general. She tries not to judge others too much, but when it comes some people/things it can be hard to change her way of thinking and can be seen as quite cold or ridiculous when she acts like this, but there just needs to be a good reason for this type of behavior at least lmao
Another big flaw is that she tends to care a bit too much about others rather than herself when it comes to things. She's just stubborn and thinks that if others deserve anything a bit more than herself, then she pushes her own wants and needs aside for the time being for the other party involved, as cheesy as it sounds lol.
27. Biggest strength
Similar to her one flaw with thinking with her heart with her head, it could also be seen as one of her strengths! She's just pretty empathetic and when she has her eyes on something, very rarely does she back down. She's just a very hard worker and does whatever she can to achieve her goals and does her best to get a job done.
50. Clothing style?
She would like to wear whatever is more comfortable, and she does so for the most part when she's not going around in public or around others that aren't close to her. She does her best to look presentable for the most part, trying to wear what may be considered attractive but also does her best to keep her comfort in mind. So for the most part around new people or others she does her best to just dress well, but she doesn't worry too much about make up unless it's necessary for the occasion. Just depends on how she's feeling and everything.
63. What never fails to make her smile?
She smiles at a lot of things, especially just random or small things that might seem silly to others. Also another thing that sounds cheesy, but she tends to smile the most when she's around L, whether they're sitting near each other in comfortable silence or if they're eating some cake and having a conversation. He just never fails to make her smile, and the same could go to Watari who she absolutely adores and sees as an older familial figure to her.
66. Where do they live? Do they like it there?
Since she lives with L they tend to move around a lot for work and usually reside in one of the many places L has bought/rented out, but I imagine them having a home in Winchester, England where they go whenever they aren't working and just try not to think about work and cases.
Regardless of where they go, she's not really picky! She's content with it as she's just thankful that she has the opportunities that she does because of L and her own side of work. But yeah for the most part she's happy as long as she's with L and Watari, finding the feeling of being with them more of what home should feel like rather than when she lived with her parents and felt stagnant for the most part.
77. What's their most prized possessesion?
Oh! Interesting to think about! Hm.
Well I don't see her being too materialistic, but she tends to hold things given to her by others or things that remind her of others very close and dear to her heart. Mainly by her parents, L, and Watari. So even if it may be small, if it reminds her of them and makes her smile then she does her best to make sure the item is put somewhere safe.
I see her having a sticky note or two that L gave her in return for her many little messages or drawings that she gives him, and I see her having something like that on her at all times. Will probably have to think more about it honestly!
Long post thank you again!
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