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#I see this shit in the fandom
starlatte27 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Its ironic that this person blocked me when... I would NEVER want anyone to be attacked over Stolitz.
Did they make this as a response to the people who dislike Stolitz? Because.... most of us never want to directly attack others in the first place. We are just saying our own thoughts on our own blogs with little to no discourse besides maybe a few direct responses. But thats it!! The fandom has ironically been MORE peaceful since episode 5.
Basically what im trying to say that if ANYONE attacked people over a ship with fictional characters then they’re the worst filth on this hellsite.
These fictional characters arent more valuable than the human lives behind the screen. So again, I find it to be very ironic that this person got pissed at me because in reality.... I actually agree with everything this post is saying! 🤦🏾‍♀️
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spectroscopes · a day ago
that same thing happens to popular f/f ships all the time
Yeah I was tired when I wrote that post and couldn’t remember any specific examples but I was talking to a friend and she reminded me about the homophobic nonsense people engaged in around Clarke/Lexa. I’m not in CW Supergirl fandom but I wouldn’t be surprised if people were that way about Kara/Lena either. Fandom’s so fucking homophobic, lol: “Don’t ship the pair with history and a deep emotional connection, ship these other two characters who have barely interacted instead. You can’t call me a homophobe because that’s also a slash ship, pay no attention to the fact that all the content I create and consume for it is about as chaste as can be.”
Plus people love, love to reproduce the homophobia of canons “no homo”-ing ships like Steve/Bucky (or Fang/Vanille for a f/f example) by having them say they’re “like siblings”. Like when someone says Steve and Bucky said they were brothers I’m immediately meant to go, “oh you’re right: if a homophobic writer had them claim their relationship can only be interpreted as filial then it must be true — how stupid of me to think otherwise”. Same website which likes to make fun of people describing e.g. Virginia Woolf & Vita Sackville-West as close friends pulls the exact same shit all the time when it comes to shipping and doesn’t see the problem.
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littlerockerao3 · 2 days ago
I’ve been posting s&b stuff but the truth is that I’m already done with it and can barely stand it anymore.
#I wish I didn’t read the book/watch the series at all cause now I have an opinion about it and the stuff on the fandom I see#and it’s exhausting#I’ve filtered the d*rklina tag but just seeing the ‘this post contains the filtered tag d*rklina makes me gag#and it’s not because I ship m*lina it’s because it makes me sick to think as d*rklina as actually romantic#cause I don’t know about you guys but it’s already uncomfortable enough when someone tries to force you doing something in the ‘gentle’ way#you know like playing it cool yet insisting and insisting maybe with a smile and going like ‘come on please come on it’ll be fine please’#and shit like that cause I’ve been there and it’s disgusting and it made me feel uncomfortable#therefore when I see someone forcing somebody else doing something they don’t want to do with fucking violence I feel like that’s even worse#with this being said I don’t mean you don’t have to ship it because I said so or because I hate it#but the reason why I hate it ain’t solely because I like other ships it’s because of a personal matter#even if y’all think he loved her that’s not what matter#what matters is the way he showed it#he showed it that way and that is a huge NO for me#cause the way the d*rkling acts towards *lina fucking scares me okay#that’s the last thing I’d want in a relationship and it actually HURTS me to see how people find this beautiful instead#cause I don’t like constant fear okay? I don’t like it.#if you’ve come this far reading then I’m sorry#but the thing is: I don’t give a flying fuck about the d*rkling but d*rklina is the real problem with me
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carelessgraces · 5 days ago
i really hate constantly moving my blogs around but i’m rarely happy with where they are and today i’m unhappy abt where my dragon age blog is, bc it’s too many characters to add to my general multi, but i also don’t want a specific dashboard that’s exclusively or primarily DA for many reasons, including that i never get on that blog. maybe moving it to a sideblog? and just having it super private & only available to friends ( or really, anyone i follow on here - if we’re not friends yet we are POTENTIAL friends and that counts ) so that i can write characters i love, in a universe i love ( enough to have part of it tattooed on me !!! ), without being miserable abt it.
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pechebeche · 11 days ago
yknow. i think the worst thing abt having been harassed out of fandom was how much it poisoned the entire experience of the show beforehand. that was, bar none, the happiest year of my entire life. i was productive, i wasn't suicidal for the first time ever, i actively sought out new experiences and made plans for the future. and i can't think of ANY of it now, a whole year later, without needing to talk myself down from a spiral. im going to spend the rest of my life unable to separate the greatest joy ive ever felt from the crushing isolation that followed it. that sucks. that sucks so bad
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brivaela · 13 days ago
what if i finished and posted a couple of dsmp transcripts I’ve sorta got saved up
I’ve got jack manifold’s monologue from when he learned tommy was dead, I’ve got that time ranboo talked to the egg, and the fundy ghostbur convo from when the adoption fell through............
idk if anyone else cares as much about transcripts as i do but they really make catching up on lore a lot easier imo and i dont wanna just be like, sitting on all of it when i could share it yknow
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discountdyke · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
this whole post is garbage but this take is my personal fave bc they're pretending that this is some new opinion that doesn't exist in the y/go fandom and like as someone who got into fandom thru y/go in 2010 like.... that is very much not a new opinion. ppl have always fought about ships and shit being canon and whatever I mean I don't see it much now bc I don't follow ppl like that lol but to pretend that ppl never did this until recently... wtf??
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lemoncritiques · 14 days ago
Like my full honest opinion on the matter is the fact that, at the end of the day, Starlatte is a very loud and forward person. She often writes lengthy posts about things that I can agree with, disagree with, or be neutral with them.
It’s just the thing is, teens on this website always seem to go through this sort of phase where that is just the whole energy that they put out. They can seem aggressive when they’re not, they can insert themselves and make a big deal out of things that aren’t actually a big deal. They do a lot of shit when they’re in a fandom.
And that’s literally fine? That’s part of growing up? People will grow out of their fazes, and look back and realize things about themselves that they need improvement on.
The fact of the matter is, people NEED to stay in their own spaces. They need to stop making lengthy posts about other people that they are no longer involved with. They need to stop airing their drama on main. They need to not believe things based off a simple screen shot.
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