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#I need a fix {fic}
gaviiadastra · an hour ago
I liked this section enough that it got added to the notebook. 4 pages later....
Tumblr media
Argument Snippet - Virgil and Gordon - part 4 of this
Scenes from Gordon’s Bedside/Music Makers Chapters
Tired as he is, it only takes less than a second for Virgil to notice the prone form on the ground as he walks through the faintly lit lounge on his way to the kitchen. And that dryness in his throat, from earlier is nothing in comparison to the fear lodged in his throat as he chokes out syllables that are supposed to be Gordon’s name as he kneels beside the figure.
His hands are trembling as they reach out to search for a pulse at his neck, and with his other hand he pushes back the strands of golden hair to reveal his brother’s face: pale, flushed cheeks, closed eyes.
Tear streaks.
“Virgil?” Gordon’s voice his groggy, but he stirs underneath Virgil’s hands.
“Gordon! What’s wrong?”
“Go away,” he mumbles. “I’m sleeping.”  
Virgil retracts his fingers sharply and sits back on his heels.
He was just sleeping. His heart is a jack hammer in his chest, and Gordon was just sleeping.
He sighs as he tries to get his heart rate under control. But then….
“Out here?” It’s a very long distance from Gordon’s bedroom to the lounge, and there’s no sight of his chair. Or his walker.
“I had no choice,” Gordon says weakly, opening an eye to look at his brother. “Good a place as any.”
Virgil’s heart clenches at the pain behind the words. Sleeping, yes, but still hurt, and the lack of movement below him tells him exactly what happened. Gordon had followed him.
Their fight had been hours ago.
He feels his hackles rise again. “Goddamn it, Gordon, this is exactly-”
“Virgil! Not now! Please, not now.”
“Why didn’t you call me?”
“I tried! You left.”
“You weren’t listening!”
“Shut up, Virgil,” he snaps. “God. Just – I don’t know - go get Brains or something. Leave me alone.”  The biting words quickly turn into a pained cough, a gasp as the spasm hits, and Virgil feels the fight leave him. He reaches out to rest his hand on Gordon’s shoulder blade and hates that his brother flinches at his touch.
“Gordon. I am sorry. Let me help,” he says softly. “I am not leaving you here.”
“Why not?” Gordon responds bitterly. “You did earlier.”
“I know.” It surprises him when he says it, and Gordon’s not innocent either, but he can’t deny that he ran, retreated, and made himself scarce in work that couldn’t be done safely with a phone distracting him. “I know, Gordo.”
“It’s not fair. You can’t just leave when you know I can’t follow.”  Even so, it’s obvious that Gordon still had tried, and it’s a stab to the gut to think about how long his brother had been stuck in the lounge, to realize that he is so used to this level of pain that he can sleep through it. He looks up at him, eyes glazed with pain when he pleads, “Please don’t do it again. Please don’t leave me alone.” Then with a twist of the knife, “You’ve always been the one that stays.”
He is the freaking worst brother in the history of existence.
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loupe-hon · 10 hours ago
Today's the day i got to find out how close I was with tango and impulse's estimated coordinates in Unstopped lmao
Tango's were -202, 70, -667
Tumblr media
which put me floating above zed's storage area. pretty close but not quite
Impulse's were -244, 66, -227
Tumblr media
which.... was not close at all jhsdgjfhfdg
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onlydreamofmysoul · 2 days ago
Fire Alarm
A quick little wolfstar au for your timeline!
Sirius woke up to the alarm.
(Could one even call it ‘waking up’ if you had barely gotten to sleep?)
Either way, it was all Sirius could think about as he stumbled in around in the dark, tripping as he tried to put on a pants and shoes at the same time and falling face first onto the floor before joining the rest of the very begrudged residents of the apartment building in trudging down the stairs, all while the fire alarm blared somewhere above their heads. They poured out the front doors, into the cold night air, and it was only then that Sirius realised he was shirtless.
“Fucking fuck.” He muttered, crossing his arms over his chest in an attempt to maintain a semblance of heat. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”
The elderly woman who lived in the apartment next to him was glaring at him, like it had been his idea to set off the alarm in the first place. Sirius wasn’t sure of she was annoyed because of the extremely late hour (four in the morning to be exact), Sirius’ lack of clothing on the upper region of his body, or the fact that just yesterday; he had announced to her that he was a raging homosexual after she had attempted to set him up with her granddaughter, but either way, Etta in apartment 6B was not a member of the Sirius Black Fan Club.
If the cold and overall shock of the whole experience hadn’t woken him up, the wails and flashing lights of the fire trucks would have. Sirius gave up any hope of going back to bed anytime soon.
“I suppose there goes my plans to stay in bed until the last possible moment,” Came a voice from behind him, and Sirius turned to see him. Apartment 7C. He lived directly above Sirius and could occasionally be known to be playing the piano in the middle of the night, but that was all Sirius knew of the man.
(Oh, and that he now knew for a fact that it’s possible to be completely head over heels for a stranger).
“Remus Lupin.” 7C said, holding out his hand. Sirius blinked.
“Oh uh,” Remus had long slim fingers, the type of hands that must have inspired the first person to make a piano to create such an instrument. Sirius shook his hand, conscious of the fact that while Remus’ skin was as soft as a cloud, Sirius used more hand sanitiser than he did oxygen, and his skin hated him for it. “Sirius Black. I think I’m in the apartment under you.”
Remus smirked, his eyes glittering and the scar across his face shifting as he smiled. “I know.” He grinned, a gust of wind rippling through his curls. “You like to play music on that record player of yours at very strange times.”
“Says the midnight Mozart.” Sirius countered and wondered if it were possible to see a person's heartbeat through their bare chest when Remus laughed and Sirius’ traitorous heart thundered in response.
“So,” Remus said, pulling off his green jumper to reveal a knit cardigan underneath. “Here,” He offered the jumper to Sirius, who just stared at it for a moment. “It’s cold out.”
Sirius nodded his thanks and shrugged on the sweater, the fabric soft against his skin. It smelled faintly of lemons and peppermint and Sirius had to stop himself from breathing it in.
“Did you just get back from work?” Remus asked, apparently not bothered that Sirius’ brain had decided to take the night off, eyeing Sirius’ blue scrub pants.
Sirius sighed, rubbing his face. “Yeah, maybe an hour ago? I was only meant to be on shift until twelve but then there was an incident involving a stethoscope, a pillow case and a bedpan, that I would really love to forget, that resulted in me having to stay a little later than planned.” He met Remus’ eyes for the first time. Amber. Well now Sirius was really fucked. “Nurses are too underpaid for this shit.”
Remus chuckled, even as he looked sympathetic to Sirius’ cause. “Well, my Mum was a nurse for forty years. How about I take you out for coffee and I swear I can tell you a story that will make the last twenty four hours seem like paradise.”
Sirius smiled for the first time that night (but not the last, he suspected) and nodded. “Yeah,” He said, toying with the cuffs of his borrowed jumper. “Yeah I’d love that.”
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spartanxhunterx · 7 days ago
Oh man I love finding plotholes in my Fics…
Adrienette happening in Gattinera during copycat cause Adrien isn’t chat noir and therefore heard Marinette’s message: :)
Me, with a bag of concrete mix: Sorry buddy, gotta fill this hole so you never see the light of day.
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youre-only-gay-once · 9 days ago
At this point I'm actually considering writing some of this
My mental Season 16
Basically, heaven is... not old heaven. But it's still heaven. It's like heaven jail for holding people. That's the updated heaven. And pretty much everything is an illusion. That's where God sent Sam and Dean. (God now being Jack. But Chuck wasn't actually God, God just kind of possesses people when he needs to and now he's possessing Jack so Jack isn't actually God. And God is controlling Amara now so he's really powered up) Cas is still in the Empty because God's still God and didn't get him out, the ''Cas helped'' was just a cover. Charlie's (actual Charlie, not apocalypse Charlie) in heaven ('cause season 10 unfortunately) and she pulls an Ash and hacks heaven. She has a radar set up to see who pops in and sees Dean and starts working on a way to get through to other heavens. By the time Sam pops up she's just about got it figured out. She hops into their heavens (even though Dean thinks Sam and Bobby are there in 15x20 they're actually illusions. Sam saw basically the same thing in his heaven.) and gets them. That leads them to find out that it's not changed that much and God is still very much controlling everything. (Heavenwise these guys are pretty dependent on hackers) So they have to get out of there (the impala stops working once they realize that stuff's not right. because it was just an illusion. all the illusions start messing up. god did change heaven but like most updated products it just made it worse ) Charlie rigs up a portal that spits everybody (they picked up some people from other heavens including Bobby and Eileen) out. And they land in whatever year would be long enough ahead to be accurate (2050?? I need to get a timeline down). It's... very polluted and grey. And they just sort of look at it (you know they spent a few years up there so it's changed even since Sam put on his wig and died)
That's the first episode in my brain so it kind of just ends there and goes to the next one.
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tony-zivalove · 11 days ago
My birthday is 5 days away and all I want is an EO or Tiva smut fic. Is that too much to ask?
I've read through ALL the fics on ao3.
Pretty please?
Tumblr media
Anyway, happy Thursday to all you beauties.
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rainbow-needs-help · 12 days ago
My mother came home to see me crying into a bowl of cantaloupe bc I finished aot and I have no idea how to handle it
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eden4312 · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
ahaha heyyy I uh. wonder what this could be for
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heartsywritesthethings · 15 days ago
The City Boy Who Never Sleeps
Author: GA!Babe
Fandom: Banana Fish
Summary: In a wonderful au where the ending is happy and everyone is just fine. Sometimes you just gotta exist and cope together. (2097 words)
Eiji laid on his side, watching the twinkling lights of New York City through the window of their secret apartment. When he had first come to New York, he had never thought that this project would have pulled him out of his shell as much as it had. 
Not only did he find a reason to continue on, a reason to get up in the morning...but he found love. What had been a simple tagalong to get an in depth story of life in the biggest gang in America had turned into a whirlwind story of love, death, resurrection, betrayal, and drugs.
But now, it was all over. He would be leaving America soon, actually this time. After the multiple threats to send him back to Japan when things got too dangerous and sticky, he was actually heading home. And Ash was coming with.
"No," Ash whined in his sleep, twisting again in bed. 
Another nightmare. 
They were basically a package deal with Ash Lynx. All of the trauma he had gone through, it would be concerning if he didn't have nightmares regularly.
"Please, stop," Ash moaned right before a soft thud as his pillows hit the floor.
Eiji's heart was breaking as he listened to the blonde relive the worst parts of his life in the safety of his sleep. He wanted to help, of course he did, but Ash was... complicated, especially when it came to comfort. The last time Eiji tried to help Ash wake up from a nightmare, he had almost gotten punched in the face. Not on purpose, of course, but it was quite dangerous to wake up the gang leader in the middle of a traumatic nightmare.
"Leave me alone," Ash whined.
Eiji sighed and pulled himself out of bed. It hurt too much to hear him like this. Maybe if he started making breakfast, something American, then Ash would wake up naturally and the horrors of his life would fade away as he ate some of Eiji's cooking.
Never mind the fact that it was the ungodly hour of 3 AM or that Ash had not liked his cooking the last time. 
Eiji softly padded off to the kitchen, keeping the bedroom door open a crack in case Ash needed help. He opened the fridge and frowned. Of course, none of them had gone grocery shopping since they would be on a plane by tomorrow. So, there wasn't much in terms of variety... or food. Eiji closed his eyes and shut the fridge door. 
Okay, well, nowhere would be open right now, and even if places were open, it's not like he could just leave Ash alone in this apartment, especially when he was already having a bad night. What could he do?
Eiji took out his phone and began texting their friends Kong and Bones to bring some food if they were up.
Much to his dismay, they both responded relatively quickly. He pinched the bridge of his nose and groaned. Does no one sleep properly in America? Sure, he was also awake now, but still. 
That definitely sounded louder than a couple of pillows. Eiji set his phone down and as he was turning towards the bedroom, Ash was already bursting through the bedroom door.
He was beyond disheveled, the sheet still tangled around his pale legs, his blonde hair sticking to his sweaty forehead, and a gun hanging limply in his hand. 
"Eiji," He breathed, relief washing over his entire body. In just a few steps, Ash had closed the distance between them and thrown his arms around Eiji's shoulders. Almost automatically, Eiji's arms settled around Ash's waist and pulled him closer. The blonde stuck his face in the crook of Eiji's neck and inhaled deeply. 
Goosebumps ran up and down Eiji's skin. He pulled Ash closer and noticed that he was shaking ever so slightly in his arms. He pressed a gentle kiss on Ash's shoulder, almost afraid to do so. He didn't want to kiss anywhere that would bring terrible memories flooding back from all of Ash's time being used and abused by Dino.
But...if he were to fall into his fear, he wouldn't ever kiss Ash again and that was out of the question.
"Ash, how are you feeling?" Eiji whispered despite already knowing the answer. Ash just shook his head.
"Are you hungry?" Eiji asked, pressing another kiss to the side of Ash's head.
"For your cooking? Pass" Ash huffed.
Eiji had to mentally restrain himself from shoving the blonde away. He's struggling. He needs comfort. Just because he's an asshole doesn't mean he should be left alone. 
"Your friends are bringing food soon." Eiji said through gritted teeth.
"Mm good. You read my mind," Ash said and kissed Eiji's neck. Eiji rolled his eyes and flicked Ash in the ear.
Ash yelped and jumped back, covering his ear with one hand and pouting. How this man ran the most powerful gang in all of New York City was just beyond him sometimes.
"Why'd you do that?" Ash whined, rubbing his ear with the butt of the gun he still held in his hand. 
"You're being mean." Eiji said simply and crossed his arms over his chest. 
"Mean? You're the one who flicked me." Ash scoffed and finally set the gun down on a nearby counter. "You're the mean one."
"I can get meaner." Eiji warned with a raised eyebrow, mischief brewing in his mind. It had been a while since he had seen Ash smile...maybe there was a way to fix that.
"What are you thinking?" Ash asked, looking his Japanese boyfriend up and down. Something was brewing in that boy's mind.
"あなたはくすぐったいですか、アッシュ?" Eiji asked, not wanting to immediately let Ash know his plan.
"Uhhh...?" Ash responded, not sure what any of that meant. It was very rare for Eiji to speak to him in japanese, but whenever he did, it meant that playful trouble was about to ensue.
Eiji pounced, wiggling fingers ready to make contact with Ash's sides. 
And then... he didn't make contact. One second Ash was standing right there and the next he wasn't. Eiji didn't even get a second to think before he was swept off of his feet and landed -- surprisingly softly -- face first on the floor. Ash sighed as he straddled Eiji's waist, as if this whole ordeal was just another day. 
"Now, I have a feeling as to what you thought you were doing, Eiji, but I just don't understand why you thought you would win," Ash said, smirking as Eiji huffed and wiggled in frustration underneath him. Maybe jumping onto New York's more powerful gang boss wasn't the best idea. 
"Let me go," Eiji sighed, pressing his forehead against the cold wooden floor. This was quite humiliating. Bones and Kong would be here any minute now with the snacks he had asked for not too long ago and if they were found like this it would be... embarrassing at best. 
"Tell me what you said in Japanese." Ash said, pressing a hand against Eiji's back. 
"There's... no translation." Eiji lied, his face flushing pink. He was suddenly very aware of his position here and how helpless he was underneath Ash.
"I'm sure there is, Eiji. I'll let you think about it." Ash said and for a moment, Eiji felt as if he was going to get out of his whole ordeal without any sort of consequences.
And then Ash's fingers began wiggling against his sides and Eiji felt his entire body go rigid. 
"Are you ticklish, Eiji?" Ash asked teasingly. Eiji groaned and grit his teeth together in an attempt to hide his bubbling giggles. The wiggling fingers tickled over to his ribcage and Eiji began kicking his legs desperately. 
"You seem to be struggling for your words there? I can help with your english if you need," Ash teased, noticing how much Eiji was struggling to hold in his laughter. It was kind of cute actually and it definitely helped with his post-nightmare mood. 
There was one thing though, he did want to see Eiji's smile. In a quick fluid movement, Ash flipped Eiji onto his back.
"Hello there," Ash said and gave Eiji a quick kiss on his nose.
"Are you going to let me go now, Ash?" Eiji asked, trying his best to look as cute and vulnerable as possible so that Ash would have to release him instead of unleashing ticklish hell upon his poor ticklish self. 
"Sure thing, Eiji, once you tell me what you said in Japanese," Ash said sweetly. And Eiji's stomach dropped. Should he just tell Ash what he asked? Would that help or hurt his predicament?
"I don't know the translation, sorry Ash," Eiji said with a very overdramatic sigh. He was very bad at lying.
"You're cute," Ash said with a shake of his head. "But if I have to kill you, I will."
That would have been absolutely terrifying coming from the Ash Lynx. In fact, Eiji was absolutely terrified of him right now. Sure it was a different type of terrified, but still. 
Ash began wiggling and pinching his fingers up and down Eiji's soft sides. Eiji squeezed his eyes shut and his face scrunched up as he struggled not to laugh or giggle.
"You look like you're really struggling there. Would you like my help finding the English words?" Ash asked as Eiji weakly tried to fight back. 
Eiji didn't know what was worse, the actual teasing or Ash pretending not to be absolutely taking him apart right now. 
"Does this tickle, Eiji? How about here? I can't tell," Ash asked as he poked, pinched, and prodded at Eiji's ribs and sides. Something was bound to make him crack. 
Then, it hit him. He took both of Eiji's wrists and held them above his head with one hand.
"W-wait, Ash, I-i was just going to--" Eiji began desperately as his most ticklish spot was suddenly available for Ash to fully exploit. Ash pressed their lips together, stopping Eiji from speaking. Sure, he wanted to know what Eiji said, but he was having too much fun tormenting his boyfriend to stop now. 
With his free hand, he began spidering his fingers underneath Eiji's arm. Immediately, the trapped giggles began to flow from his lips. Those giggles quickly turned to laughter as Ash began kissing his neck as well. 
"Ahahahahaahahahash!" Eiji laughed, his feet kicking against the floor as the ticklish feelings overwhelmed him. 
"Your laugh is so cute," Ash hummed though he hoped that his soft musing would be lost amongst the laughter in the air. 
"Ahahahasshu! Quihihihihihit it! Teihihhihihishi!" Eiji laughed, unable to keep translating to english as the ticklish feelings took up every thought in his brain.
"Did you forget how to speak English, Eiji?" Ash chuckled, a little proud of himself. 
He took his hand away from Eiji's wrists and stuffed them both under Eiji's arms. With a screech, Eiji's laughter jumped up several octaves and tears of mirth pricked at his eyes. 
And finally, Ash stopped. Eiji was left as a giggly puddle on the floor, attempting to catch his breath. When he opened his eyes, he saw not only Ash standing above him, but also Bones and Kong. They were all looking at him fondly.
Quickly, Eiji stood up, his face turning bright red. 
"We brought some Mickey D's." Bones said in a sing-song voice as he pulled up several greasy brown bags. Eiji wanted to make a comment about how any sensible restaurant should be closed at this hour, but decided to keep to himself.
"And I'm going to beat you in smash this time around, boss!" Kong said excitedly, taking a bag from Bones and then hopping onto the couch. Ash chuckled and took a bag from Bones as well then settled next to his friend.
"You alright?" Bones asked in a low voice so the others wouldn't hear. If it were possible for Eiji to turn a deeper shade of red, he would have. Bones just laughed and handed over a bag of food. Eiji begrudgingly took it then went to take a seat next to his boyfriend. 
As the game loaded up, Eiji wrapped an arm around Ash's waist and sighed.
"Would you like to know what I asked, Ash?" Eiji asked, his voice barely above a whisper. As tilted his head in curiosity, but his gaze remained on the game.
"Are you ticklish, Ash?" 
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ruthlesslistener · 17 days ago
Hey I'm really enjoying until dawn shall break! That was an interesting idea about how Vespa should've been a dreamer instead of lurien could you please share more of your thoughts about that? Also in your story is palewatcher a thing or will it become a thing?
Haha, I'm glad you're enjoying my fic so far! But the credit for that theory fully goes to my friend @dooblebugs, who came up with it. I love discussing lore with my pals, and the 'Vespa should have been a Dreamer' theory was so good that I almost forgot it's not officially canon, so I suggest asking them about it (because they did all the digging).
As for Palewatcher, it'll become a thing later on, but it'll def. be more of a sideline thing since the story is primarily focused on Hollow and them recovering with their family. I've got some ideas for asides I want to do that may or may not make it into the final story that are p. rich with PK and Lurien interactions though, so dw, it'll show up :)
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butterfly-winx · 17 days ago
i was reading through the uts post again and i was wondering how would sign languages work? can they be translated through the normal uts or is there a separate spell specifically for unspoken languages? -💞
Hmm, I know sign languages are not "verbal" languages per se, but I kind of counted them under the "not written language" aspect, so they are absolutely covered by the UTS. It is kind of one way though, because if you were to answer a hearing impaired person with verbal language, they wouldn't be able to hear it and the UTS couldn't work. The workaround is to know the rudimentariest of signs in any sign language of choice, because if you sign them and speak your intended meaning at the same time, then the UTS will translate flawlessly for the hearing impaired person.
For unspoken, dead languages people will have to use their own noggins unfortunately. Magic users focusing on language magic can craft spells to make it easier, eg enchant a book to read its contents in any translation. The point is, you'd need to be an expert to make a really well working spell, so it's beyond the scope of your everyday magi's skillset.
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lizowski · 18 days ago
wait do posts w links show up in search results now
i saw a post w a link in my search
so was it all bullshit
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itsrapsodia · 20 days ago
my favorite type of Post Episode 6 fics are the ones where Geralt apologizes to Jaskier and they start travelling together again, but something is broken in their relationship and it's up to Geralt to build that trust back up and show Jaskier that he cares, and he missed him, and still misses him now because he can see how Jaskier is holding back and putting a lot of walls around himself (some old ones that they'd gotten through the first time, some new that are eating Geralt inside, like the fact that Jaskier wont touch him anymore unless he absolutely has to)
eventually he manages to and they end up better and stronger than before, but Jaskier deserves not only a good apology, but to be shown that Geralt wants to do better too.
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