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#I might come back to rename these as proper HCs for now I am just voicing some thoughts
ghostlyanon · a month ago
Tumblr media
When Ghosty uses her abilities and you see her way up high in the sky, you might think that she is capable of flying, but hers is just a fancy way of simply floating about the surrounding space. As she is not bound by the force of gravity nor is she affected by other physical elements, she can simply stay hovering & moving at whatever height she wishes to be. It’s still not the same as flying, just as her diving into deep waters and being unaffected by pressure or staying just above the water surface is not swimming.
As her body is impervious to the physics of her surroundings, it also becomes unable to sense the effects certain actions would have on a normal, solid body. For example, while ‘flying’ she does not feel any whirl or thrill to soar so high up in the air, she is not soaked by water or feels its force or weight on her, she isn’t affected by any level of heat and won’t burn or sweat by its nearness. Palpitations, dizziness, amongst other effects the body normally experiments, are canceled when in her ethereal state. 
That isn’t to say that she can’t take in her surroundings, but rather reacts to them with a more emotional/mental approach. She can be excited to explore a volcano’s magma chamber and not being worried about melting inside thanks to her powers. You could say this special ability is pretty handy when traveling to dangerous or unreachable ( by common means ) places.
But sometimes when she reverts back to her normal human & solid body, she does wonder what is it that people experiment when they do swim, glide or fly; the way their body reacts to their own vessel that IT IS bound by the world’s physics. She wishes to be able to acquire some of those abilities or at least experiment certain things just once... Except sometimes she is too wary to try them out, all too knowing that she would be exposed and unprotected to any damage that could come forth.  She acquires a few fears that might keep her from engaging in activities that might come with a little risk. 
Still, she remains curious and once in a while she might attempt to try something out, would she gather the courage ( and support ) for it. 
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