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#I love pringles
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Pringles are going to super hell for being a gay snack!!!
requested by: Anonymous
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bystandrs · 6 days ago
—  tag.  /  drop.
—  i turned around and saw the sky. it was red.  /  aesthetic. —  i still claim i am not the bad guy.  /  answers. —  so i just stood there‚ inside the jaw of nothing.  /  body. —  what becomes of the boy no longer a boy?  /  development. —  there is always something to be made of pain.  /  edits. —  you’ve got to promise not to stop when i say when.  /  games. —  in the cemetery i understood we keep what belongs to us.  /  gifts. —  there is no other version of this story.  /  mail. —  don’t you walk around like a haunted house‚ too?  /  mannerisms. —  i woke up tired of being the hammer.  /  muse. —  no one sings like you anymore.  /  radio. —  i hold back from everyone a full knowledge of myself.  /  rumors. —  was that it? that horror‚ was that love?  /  wanted. —  to take off all my clothes involved a kind of flaying.  /  wardrobe. —  i’m just a ghost out of his grave.  /  visage. —  tag.  /  ship. au revoir les enfants! that means fuck queue! hold your horses honey. i’ve got coupons for the pringles. ( ooc. ) arc › threads. / arc › muse. / muse › 001.
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heymonty · 8 days ago
It's pringles anon :D
Like I've mentioned before that my bf is like Monty (athletic, spiky hair, taller than me by an inch, and handsome, NGL). The thing he can't do is climbing trees, so it's a win-win situation 🤣
*secretly eating banana 👀*
Aww! Yes, you can say I didn't forget that detail! 💙(¬‿¬) I can imagine he looks real good and I think you are too! (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)
Wow! that's good! I mean, you can just climb up the tree and eat your banana split, like a cheat day, so he won't catch you. 🙊Okay, I'm having this mental image and it's a cute one. aha. Anyway, sorry, you both just sounds cute tbh. *gives you more banana and banana split* enjoy them dear!
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aki-galaxy · a month ago
I’ll accept collective slander of the demon slayer but any individual slander directed at zenitsu can and will be considered a war crime. Anyways who’s your fav so far?
oh god um
do not come for me I can't explain it either!! I feel like it says a lot about me, and I'm not sure I like what it says. he's just funny. like yeah, he would hate my guts because I'm not Lady Tamayo, but I can live with that.
I'm also watching the dub, which may make a difference, because somehow their dialogue seems very flat? they come across as a little one-dimensional, and the characters' voices (in writing, not the voice acting) seem extremely similar. I'm not sure if it varies a lot in the sub but Yushiro was one of the first characters where I was like "ah yes, you have a teensy bit of a personality".
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we-are-all-lost-boys · a month ago
Hey I have 2 sealed pringles cans in weird international flavors and I don't want them. I've got a video up on tiktok trying to sell them but it hasn't really been getting a lot of traction... 1 is a tall can in fried chicken flavor and the other is taller than a snack size can but still p short and it's fish ans chips flavors. I'll add the video in a reblog here soon so you can see them.
Anywho I'm still trying to get rid of them so please hmu if you're interested. I was thinking $5 per can or $8 for both with shipping? Idk for sure I just don't want them....
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the-black-lyte · a month ago
Tumblr media
The ocs in this ( left to right ) are Uvie, Wick, and Morguen!
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aki-galaxy · 2 months ago
ma’am im going to have to respectfully disagree with you on that. orange juice gives me “why is it spicy” vibes yk? I don’t appreciate it v much. apple juice, on the other hand, she’s an icon, she’s a legend, and she is the moment
look, orange juice is fresh. orange juice is fancy. the spiciness is the tang. you can't have orange juice without the tanginess. orange juice is flawless
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imaginarytowel · 2 months ago
the emotional vulnerability that randy shows when he says I'm not as strong as you are sharon, exhibiting that despite his confident demeanor he does in fact cheapen his own belief in his abilities and look down on himself, showing just how much he doubts and cheapens the clear qualities of his own worth deep inside to himself; he actually has a lot more insecurities and less self esstem than he lets on. how he says he can't handle hard times when his whole marriage has in fact been a hard time and yet he's endured through it, had his dreams crushed at a young age, has thus far successfully fought alcoholism and drug addiction, faced death in the face by mickey mouse and hardly even flinched amongst countless other conquests!! I want to grab his face and tell him everything about himself that he doubts
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elovna · 2 months ago
Um I don’t want to sound like a bitch but there’s a difference:
A trigger: something that makes you go into something bad like a panic attack, such as a person who did something wrong to you in the past, excessive hearing of slurs, something that was there with you when something bad happened (that’s not specific, I know) etc.
Not a trigger: something that makes you kind of uncomfortable, a character from a show who’s literally just there, a tv show itself that’s not based on extreme real world events or something along the lines of that, etc. (from my statement from something that was there with you when something bad happened, than that’s understandable.)
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beezz-kneezz · 2 months ago
It’s insane how most people freak out and search “can grapes kill cats” while giving a grape to a cat, but when feeding a cat a Pringle will just chuck it at them with no hesitation.
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princesscallyie · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
All these Topaz ass asks have been very inspiring, anyway I’m drawing her in these. Hody will be there. It’s going to be giving very Prinack energy.
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pjo-fangirl-13 · 3 months ago
Why do my knees get weak when I think of Percabeth?
why does my heart flutter when I think of Percabeth?
why does my stomach dip when I think of Percabeth?
what is this?? I’m in love with their love??
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quiver-full-of-sims · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
As you know, my daughter Izzie is ENGAGED. Her wedding is about 1.5 months away so we went WEDDING dress shopping!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We went to a gorgeous bridal boutique called Becca’s, where, PRAISE the Lord, they had plenty of modest options.
Tumblr media
After trying on a few options, she “said yes to the dress!” Izzie was a bit concerned that the 3/4 sleeves would to be too warm for a July wedding, but we all AGREED that the wedding will be inside so it doesn’t really matter. We are SO excited for the big day!
[A/N: Dress is from the February 2021 Collection by @ancasims. I’m in love 😍🤩]
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