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#I know nothing about drakengard but this is sending me
something-very-special · 6 months ago
Mailbag time!
Figured I’d have a quick look in here to see if anything wound up in my mailbox without my seeing it and yes, that happened. So it’s time for some MAILBAG RESPONSES!
Asks under the cut. There’s a bit of spoiler-y discussion for Automata so just a heads up.
sweetchcolate said:                                                                            That moment in route C when you enter the Nier library... I teared up. I was so surprised, like "nooo, no way, this can't be THAT library, right?" OH the FEELS! Seeing Popola's office, the room opposite where there are miniatures of the bosses you fought, the ladders and the room underground... But the music, oh the music really did me in: I felt like HOME, like I was playing Nier. I could picture Weiss and him banter, could picture reuniting with Kainé or Emil... Oh man, this moment ._.            
Well all right not so much an ‘ask’ as a ‘statement’, but I and I’m pretty sure everybody who played Automata had some emotions when you get to the middle of the Tower run -- which is a high-octane conga line of trauma, combat, and even more trauma -- and all of a sudden you just... walk into the Library.
No more fighting. Just the Library. A library where you would go to take tasks to help the Village. Where you could go to relax. Where you could go to do some indoor sunbathing (glad they finally fixed that roof). Where you could talk to Popola when the world still made sense. Just sitting there in the Tower, waiting for you to come home.
I’m sure it was a surreal moment for anybody who only played Automata. What’s the purpose of this building? You know it’s important, obviously, but...
sweetchcolate said:                                                                 I just realized that Automata is the only Yoko Taro game where you don't need every weapon in order to get all (important) endings. But man does it take a lot of time/materials to upgrade everything to max (MASAMUME, MY DUDE, STOP ASKING FOR WARPED WIRES AND STRETCHED COILS. PLEASE)            
It is, and I wonder why that is.
Or maybe it’s more that I wonder what the importance of collecting all the weapons was in the first place in the other games? Drakengard is where this tradition started but even in context of Drakengard it felt a bit arbitrary, especially given how you unlocked the other endings (by going to previous levels and doing special missions, effectively ‘changing’ the timeline and leading to a different result-- something that got leaned into heavily in Drakengard 3). It felt like it was just a tradition going forward but now I’m curious where the idea even began.
...actually I’m betting it was just to troll players, because some of those weapon requirements in Drakengard were nuts.
I would hardly say what’s locked behind weapon completion isn’t worth it, though. And once you’ve figured out both how to manipulate Emil into giving you the correct shop and how to cheese loads of money, Automata is definitely the easiest game to do full weapon upgrades in.
Sometimes, when I go to sleep at night, I still hear the wailing of Forlorn Necklaces...
sleepy--mage said:                                                                            Did you hear about Gun Soccer being canon in the NieR continuity??            
I think I heard rumblings about that a few years ago and looking it up, yes. I had heard about that! And I find it delightful.
Anonymous said: Hello, I'm the anon that asked you a question around September 22 and another one around December 10, linking to pastebin and discussing DoD3 and Nier. I'm writing this mostly to say I'm very happy I could find your blog here again, especially since I finished Nier: Automata yesterday, and I'm going to check back on your entries here and those of Rekka Alexiel before writing a big post on Reddit to discuss everything after checking what I missed during this troubled year.
Oh! Yes, I remember that! (I also remember saying “Hey, this is pretty nifty” and bookmarking it for later and then my laptop died so there went that. Hah hah. Ha.)
Thank you for your kind words, and I’m glad to be of service! I’d be interested to see the Reddit essay once it’s done, too, if you’d like to share.
Anonymous said: Do you think that the core inside the Forest Kingdom box in the Route C is the Immanuel consciousness? I didn´t understand why that sphere would be crying "mommy",  did you?            
If I’m recalling properly... yes, I think so.
The Machines are a stagnant species, ultimately. They were programmed to fulfill a purpose and, in the wake of the loss of their masters, were forced to find their own purposes. Many machines ultimately learned (so to speak) from humans and so adopted a central function.
But the Machines are ultimately incapable of moving past that function. In a way this makes them pure being-- they dedicate themselves to a task and see it through and, having fulfilled their singular objective, come to an absolute peace and then explode. Immanuel, of course, was theoretically made to be a king, but the Machines first chose to make him a child, wishing for him to grow to be a prince and then a king, a true ruler.
Their own inability to understand their stagnation -- and how can they, when they’ve known nothing else, and been programmed for nothing else? -- leads in turn to Immanuel being forever an infant, in the understanding that the Machines have, which is itself incomplete and based on surface understanding of human culture. They wished to raise him to be strong and smart, but without capacity for evolution of thought, he can never move past this singular state of existence. Interestingly, because he was made in such a capacity, Immanuel is forever denied the ability to choose his own purpose, instead becoming the locus of purpose for all of the Machines in the Forest Kingdom.
There is a slight inconsistency given that the Forest Kingdom collapses without its leader, with the Machines going berserk when you revisit it in Route C. Then again, as a Machine lifeform part of a segregated Machine network, maybe the consciousness could still be transferred to another core, and the madness in the Machines is a result of the Red Girls corrupting the network themselves. Thus leaving Immanuel, with no understanding of his circumstances, trapped within a core within a chest, with no way of interacting or even perceiving the greater world, trapped in silence and darkness, crying for mommy with no way of understanding what a mommy even is.
I love having upbeat philosophical conversations, please send more.
Anonymous said: Man I just wanted to say, this blog is wonderful and thank you for all the information on your posts!            
And I’ll end on a little ego boost.
Honestly though, I’ve said before and I’ll gladly say again, you guys have been nothing but wonderful. Thank you.
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