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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
#I know it's bad lol
mightyasteroid · 7 days ago
It's you. You! In the night                  in the morning                                  in those 2am reflections that are only meant for me me and the books and the heroes and the lovers                 who are all you too, when it really comes down to it And all those beautiful people of the silver screen that you can't bear to watch they still all come down to you for me my consumption, my simple days those beautiful days walking down the boulevard in my best outfit                                                   (where else would I wear it?) My pink skirt                 My blouse                                  My hat                                                   (and who still wears a hat?) all now for you                 with you and more beautiful for it...
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kuu-dandere · 2 years ago
hey comrades what's it called when you go to the kitchen and almost cry in front of the fridge bc you're too tired to open the door, then you settle on sitting there and eating a popsicle but you don't really ~taste~ the popsicle
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sonneillonn · 3 years ago
I want to buy a scale but you know. I don't know if any of you guys knew this but I've never had long term access to a scale in all the years I've had my thing. I've always relied on constant obsessive body checks and shit and it's like an itch I can't get rid of.
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glipathor · 5 years ago
Tumblr media
I got bored in class and drew you paraphanelia
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spnlive · 5 years ago
So if anyone wants to add me on Snapchat my account is: imurgodmother Yes I am deeply sorry but all the usernames were taken
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neon-spirals · 23 hours ago
full disclosure i am a bad person filled with anger and hatred and considering being part of homestuck twitter was basically hell on earth i do get some sort of satisfaction from knowing those assholes are doing just as bad as when i left. BUT. i do wish theyd all like just. get better. being a part of that community must be tiring and even if i hate the staff and most homestuck fans who mainly reside on twitter i still dont really wanna wish something as mentally draining as that fandom on like. anyone.
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mean-gemini · a day ago
Good morning who’s ready for a controversial take ...... I have never actually seen a radfem make an argument against poly relationships other than that the ppl in them are usually annoying kweer types . I don’t rly care abt poly shit and am not interested in it myself bc I barely even have the energy for one relationship but like I kinda don’t get why radfems are So against them. If anyone has an argument for or against I’d love to hear it. I feel like the closest I’ve seen to an argument against it is that men use it as an excuse to be shitty and not have to address the careless ways they treat their female partners but like men do that in monogamous relationships too? I feel like perhaps the problem is just men and having relationships with men at all, not non monogamy itself
#like don’t get me wrong I think at least 90% of poly people are annoying as hell#but I also kind of think there is something to be said abt how like..... a culture that is rly hyper focused on monogamous relationships#maybe leads to relationships becoming rly possessive and toxic and gives us the whole like isolating nuclear family shit#like it gets to the point where ppl act like ur partner should be the only important/most important person in ur life#idk I also don’t think it has to be like one is right and the other is wrong#again I myself am not interested in being poly#but like I’m not offended by ppl who think that’s something we need to think about#I think it is interesting to ask ourselves why we think we can only be romantically involved with one person at a time#I’m sure there are valid reasons#I just think it’s interesting idk I think it depends on the person and the relationship but I just don’t rly get why radfems treat it like#this rly clear cut ‘monogamy good polyamory bad’ issue#when rly it’s like . historically monogamy has been just as harmful to women as polyamory bc its ...... men that are the problem lol#relationships with men will always be harmful to women not bc of the relationship structure but bc of the men#u kno#idk I’ve also known a few poly radfems and I think they’re rly smart and have made very good points about it#does anyone who was on terfblr in like 2016/17 remember marsinlibra and the stuff she would say abt this topic#I thought her points were rly interesting I didn’t fully agree with her but she made me think#does anyone know if she’s still around under a different url or somethin id love to follow her again#she made ppl big mad lol#also one thought that I should have put earlier in the tags : I honestly think if ur gonna date men then like monogamous relationships have#the potential to be even more harmful than poly relationships bc it’s easier for them to isolate you#idk tho I have never dated men seriously or been in a poly relationship so
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se0kluvr · a day ago
hi hello 👋 I am a mess hope you’re all well 🌟
#heyo I’ve been gone lmao I hope ur all oki#I don’t really have any friends on here but I feel like talking to anyone who reads this#but ahhh yeah I’ve been gone. so much has happened man. so many things have changed but also stayed the same#schools has been stressful. i changed my major last year so now I’m studying to be a preschool teacher lol#I was originally doing psychology but it became too much for me so now I’m starting a new career. its been nice but also difficult to#catch up. I was supposed to transfer this year originally but my plans changed 😀 so now I’ve gotta take as many classes as I can#oof also I recently got into another relationship but it’s so complicated and it sucks 😃 he has his own issues tbh and the relationship has#become kinda toxic ngl. he gets jealous way too easily and it’s become a huge problem with us. we haven’t talked#in like a month because he’s been going through some mental health issues which I respect u know but he hasn’t responded to any of my texts#🙃 yeah. i know. i feel like I’ve just been ghosted basically lmao this whole situation is so messy and bad.#I wanna break up with him but I wanna at least know what’s going on with him but he’s not responding to me djdndj#it’s his bday tomorrow so I’m gonna say happy birthday and see how that goes 🤠🤡 if he doesn’t respond by the end of this month I’m just#gonna message him and say it’s over. he really has no right to act surprised after I’ve sent him all these messages#anyways!! that’s how my life’s going babes 🥰 I’ve been in pain#idk if I’m for sure coming back but ill chill for a bit lmao#personal
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