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#I just......... am not a fan of cry it out idk
illshineforyou · 28 days ago
Anytime I ever ask my baby’s doctor about helping him sleep longer stretches they’re just like “oh he sleeps short stretches because he knows if he cries you’ll respond so he hasn’t learned to soothe himself” like no dip???! Of course I’m gonna respond to my baby??? You want me to just let him scream himself to sleep every night????? Sir what??
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be-kawhiet · a month ago
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lyralumina · 5 months ago
You seem to like macross a lot (I love your tags about macross delta). Do you have a couple that you love the most for all these series, oav and movies ?
Oh geez um, I actually got back into Macross because of the pandemic but the first Macross series I ever watched was Macross Frontier back in middle school so that was 2013 and I did watch Macross Delta soon after. I only recently went all the way back to watch Macross DYRL (Ai Oboete Imasu Ka?, which is regarded as canon over its actual anime series), Macross 7 (all of it with the spin offs included) and Macross 2: Lovers Again. I did rewatch Frontier and Delta and its movies because I lost self control by the time I finished watching Lovers Again. Hmm interesting question because I love them all a lot. They’re all so enjoyable and amazing in their own ways like HHH IT’S SO HARD TO PICK A FAVORITE. I guess I’d have to say that, Favorite Series: Macross 7/Macross Frontier are tied. Favorite Movie: Macross: Ai Oboete Imasu Ka?  Favorite OVA: Macross 2: Lover’s Again
Tumblr media
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satohrvs · 5 days ago
Idk if my message went through cause my internet sucked, but since he doesn’t have a technical age....
Can I request a sub Mahito x dom reader smut.
He would be such a brat and I live for it.
I just wanna peg his pretty ass into oblivion and just wreck him.
I wanna watch him cry and scream as I deny his orgasim a few times and have him beg.
I wanna break him and watch his pretty face turn red.
Since I’m kinky asf, he would totally have a praise kink and be really into roleplay.
Also I have a mommy kink so yeah...
As to how this all occurs, it’s up to you! And sorry if you got this request from me more than once, once again my internet was pretty crap
Oh my god I really hope this is alright because I just absolutely despise Mahito 😔😔 but I tried to push these feelings away somehow.
I hope you enjoy this hun 🥰
Tumblr media
Sub! Mahito x Dom! Reader
This includes content not suited for minors
Includes - master and servant talk/orgasm denial/mommy kink/pegging
A cup of coffee was placed next to you on the table by Mahito, who was currently staying at your place.
Since the the two of you started dating, he insisted on staying at your place, and who were you to say no to that pout of his?
But the time with him turned out to be better than you expected it to be, and he was surprisingly thankful for his new living space. 
“Well aren’t you a nice little servant?” you spoke, jokingly, as you placed a little bit of sugar in your beverage. 
You could see Mahito pause his movement before clearing his throat. 
“Servant?” He giggled, trying to cover up the rush of excitement that filled his body at your words. 
You watched him closely, surely something had happened that got him all excited, and you were sure you knew what it was, ready to use it fully to your advantage.
“Don’t tell me you like it when I call you that?” You smirked, turning in your chair to face him completely.
He swallowed hard before shrugging his shoulders, still an attempt to show that he wasn’t affected.
“I was just surprised”
“Okay, then I order you to leave. Your master has to work now” you winked at him, working to slowly get him to admit he was turned on, even though it was painfully obvious.
Mahito still stood where he was as he spoke; “come on. You know I get turned on when you call me that”
“How am I supposed to tell? You said you were just surprised” you stated, crossing your legs and still looking at him with a exaggerated oblivious look. He sighed, a small pout forming on his face. It was clear that he was becoming impatient, so he decided to finally voice his thoughts;
„Please Master... call me Servant once more“ he finally slipped into his role, bright eyes staring back at you as a small grin graced his features. He pushed all your buttons just right, so you stood up and gestured for him to follow you into the bedroom.
You could practically feel the excitement radiating from his body as he entered your shared bedroom. He stood by the bed, waiting for your next oder like the obedient servant he was.
„Get on the bed, now“ you spoke, watching as he lowered his body onto the matress, expectantly staring up at you.
You began to undress him, relieving him of every arcticle of clothing covering his pale skin. Your fingers traced over the marks covering his body, touching every sensitive spot you know he liked.
He was sighing in content, feeling your digits on his body and your face hovering dangerously close over his, breath fanning over his parted lips.
„Touch me more“ he spoke, Mahito was craving for your touch, desperate to feel your skin on his, but he completely forgot the place he was in. A slap to his thigh was the thing that snapped him out of his daze.
„What was that for, (Y/N)?“
„Know your place. You don’t tell me what to do here. And thats Master for you“ you ordered.
His breath hitched in his throat when he watched you get up and move away from the bed. At first he was scared that you would leave him here since he disobeyed, but soon, you came back with a very familiar item placed in your hand.
He gazed at the strap on in your hand as you walked towards the bed again, hips swaying with each step you took. You also began to undress yourself, exposing more and more of your body to Mahito, who was watching every single movement like a hawk, admiring your soft curves and features.
You threw the fabric to the side and stepped into the strap to secure it around you.
„Look at you getting all excited, I havent even done anything yet.”
You could see his cock begin to harden. You got in the bed next to him, laying on the bed, he still had to do some preparation.
„Well. Serve me first. Suck“ you gestured to the toy.
„Hey come on. Im not gonna-“
„You wanna get fucked or not? You’ll have to be a good boy if you want to“ you spoke, and he hesitantly crawled further down to take the toy into his mouth.
The dildo was covered with his spit as he sucked on it further, his tongue licking over the shaft.
„Prepare it real good, honey, so I can fuck that tight little ass of yours thoroughly.“
His breath got caught in his throat and he gagged when you began to fuck up into his mouth.
Small tears formed in the corners of his eyes and he looked up at you, generous as you are, you let him take a short break to speak.
„Im ready!f-fuck please...“ his dick was dripping precum on the sheets, forming a small wet spot on the soft sheets. You tapped your finger against your chin, pretending to think about your answer, even though you already made up your mind.
„Okay Servant. But one more condition. Ride on this cock like the needy little thing you are“
A faint blush coated his cheeks but he still complied, positioning himself over the dildo before looking at you confirmation. When he saw you nod, he lovered himself onto the toy, taking him slowly until you completely bottomed out.
„Hngh-ah!“ at first he felt nothing but pain, he felt like he was being torn in half by the sheer girth of the dildo, but at the same time he felt unbelievably good, shaking on top of you while youre grinning up at him.
„I want you to call me Mommy, can you do that for me?“ you cooed and thrusted up into him. His head fell to the side with a breathy moan as the pain he felt slowly contorted into pure pleasure.
„Yes, let everyone know whos making you feel this good“
He started to bounce up and down on the strap, grabbing onto your shoulders for support.His nails dug into your skin, creating small crescent marks on your skin from the pressure.
Every time the toy reentered him, a loud pleasured moan escaped his throat at the intense sensation. Sounds of skin slapping against skin filled the room.
„Ah! My legs...“ he sighed when he started to feel a growing pain in his legs from all the harsh moving they had to support. You let out an exagerrated sigh, before turning the both of you around, so Mahito was underneath you, hair fanned out over the pillow, blush coating his cheeks and eyes glossed over. He looked ethereal.
His lips parted with every desperate sound he made, head falling back into the pillow as you set an even pace to pound into his walls. His hole was clenching around the toy, seemingly pulling it even further in.
His mouth fell open in a silent scream as the toy started to kiss his prostate, touching the sensitive spot with each following thrust.
„s-shit! Mommy! G-Ah!“ his eyes closed tightly as he felt his incoming orgasm, the familiar sensation in his body started to grow, threatening to push him over the edge any second now. And you could definetly tell from the way his moans got louder and louder- and his breathing staggered.
The only words that left his mouth were „Mommy“ or „more!“ and mumbled incoherent phrases.
You grabbed his dick tightly, denying his orgasm- and Mahito started to wiggle in your grasp. „Why- just- ngh!“ he cursed as he glared up at you, mad at the feeling of his orgasm dying down.
„You couldnt even fuck yourself until you came on this dick before your legs gave out, its pathetic“ he let out a small whine as he looked away to the side, seemingly emberassed by your statement.
He was about to talk back when you started to move again, tight hold on his erection never loosening. The headboard of the bed hit the wall with your fast movements, pounding inside of his tight ass with fevor.
Mahito felt your thumb touch his leaking tip, rubbing the precum over his sensitive head.
„Can I cum now-ngh..“ he blinked away his tears when your tight grip on him still didnt falter. His head thrashed around as yet another orgasm was denied from him. His cock was now painfully throbbing and your pace only fastened, dragging along his walls and hitting his prostate in the most pleasuring way possible.
„Okay okay... god youre so impatient.“ you rolled your eyes and hesitantly let go of his erection, building him up to another fast approaching high.
It only took him a few more thrusts to feel the familiar feeling slowly build up again.
Your mouth lowered to play with his nipples, wich pushed him over the edge when he felt the sensation of your tongue over his sensitive buds.
He came with multiple high pitched moans of your name, body trembling in bliss as you continued to fuck him through his high.
„Thank you Mommy- I need more of you-!!“ he was still craving for your attention-, the intense feeling of your harsh thrusts.
Tears were building in his eyes, rolling down his flushed cheeks.
Who were you to deny your little Servant?
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bokutosgreatestkinnie · 8 days ago
part 2 of bsd characters except it's conversations/things me and my friends have said
Chuuya: piss on the principal and say "transphobe" and leave
Fyodor: I heard piss
Dazai: oh. my. god.
Fyodor: We are obsessed with piss or making fun kf it
Dazai: Make it a soliloquy for when its a rainy day and i want to feel like a badass widower, and then you can cum
Chuuya: hey what the fuck?? its two am
Margaret: my humor is dry but my pussy is wet
Chuuya: At least I haven’t been called twink here, my old friend used to call me that constantly. Not a bad thing but
Higuchi: isnt a twink something for gay men
Akutagawa: Twink is a weak ass bottom
Ranpo: fan behavior
Yosano: growls
Kunikida: not the fan behavior-
Chuuya: heh bottom
Dazai: we both know perfectly well it's not like that.
Akutagawa: are you deaf aside from a coward?
Hawthorne: i have to shit so fucking badly but i’m in church
Mark: shit on the pastor
Lucy: burn the church.
Steinbeck: arson😩😩😩
Hawthorne: i think i might literally shit my pants
Lucy: burn the church
Steinbeck: burn the church
Hawthorne: it’s like squeezing out my ass hole
Mark: poo on the pastor
Poe: run to the bathroom in all seriousness
Margaret: IM CRYONGE
Hawthorne: i cant their praying rn
Hawthorne: so i can’t really run
Mark: waddle
Margaret: tears will start running out of my eye sockets if you shit yer pants
Lucy: say “UwU pastor sama i have to take a poopoo, please let me go shitty witty in the toilet, I’ll pray to sky daddy tonight nya”
Poe: NO
Mark: NYA?????
Margaret: thats it here comes the tears
Gin: HC my wifi has a praise kink
Gin: “Such good wifi” Works better
Akutagawa: i have a praise kink
Gin: wha
Akutagawa: i also have a degradation kink
Gin: same
Akutagawa: idk how that works but
Margaret: I’m gonna ride Jesus like the wind
Dazai probably: it's cunnilingus but for buttholes
Kunikida to the ADA talking about someone (for the scenario let's say it's Fyodor):holy shit he is the single most annoying person ever AND IVE MET YOU GUYS
Kyouka: fuck you and your privileged shoes!
Kenji: the square is the sandwich.
Dazai, texting Kunikida: my ass is made out of armadillos.
Kunikida: no i'm not gonna write a box of condoms.
Q: you made my teeth wiggle! bitch!
Yosano: silence twinkymalinky
Dazai: What are you doing step bro
Chuuya: help me get out of this fucking washing machine dazai or so god help me i'm telling mom what a slut you are
Chuuya: bitch person
Q: bitch person
Chuuya: yes i can't call you bitchboy you're nonbinary
Dazai: bitch enby?
Chuuya: no, bitch person
Mori: Bitch human
Kouyou: that would be assuming Q is human
Q: im not sure at this point
Dazai: Bitch god
Chuuya: bitch being
Mori: yeah
Atsushi: I hate it here.
Akutagawa: good.
Nikolai, as a joke: list of Fyodor's kinks - tear kink - piss kink - scat kink - mold kink - dirty water kink - electricity kink - mommy kink - cockroach toilet flushing kink - marking kink - horse kink - hussie kink
Sigma: jesus christ
Dazai: sounds about right
Fyodor: IHY
Chuuya: i'd step on someone if they steal from me
Elise: no spray febreeze in their eyes
Gin: no you gotta K.O them
Higuchi: i dont like confrontation but i dont mind having to use violence
Hirotsu: im pretty sure the devil is scared of you
Ranpo: genuinely think that the one lyric in the song up by cardi b is "i said my face bomb ass tight rack stuck and shat light" bc i haven't looked up the actual lyrics and at this point i don't think that looking them up will stop me from continuing to sing these lyrics.
Yosano: you.
Yosano: ok
Lucy: ok 2013 humor i didnt ask for your input
Atsushi: what else am i supposed to say?? good for you?? break a leg?? don't die?? what the fuck
Ranpo: we ate ,,, lamp
Ranpo: *lamb
Poe: l
Poe: lanp
Ranpo: ??
Poe: lap
Ranpo: lamnpl
Ranpo: we ate goat
Tetchou: psst
Jouno: Oh no
Tetchou: gay
Jouno: What about it
Tetchou: nothing just gay
Jouno: Stares
Jouno: Same
Tachihara: i have never had boba
Tachihara: it looks funky
Gin: It tastes amazing
Tachihara: do you like swallow the balls or bite them
Gin: Either way
Tachihara: shit that sounds weird out of context
Yosano: it's wonky! it is- it's fucking wonky! none of this is straight and i can relate to that!
Louisa: my only experience with boba was when i once went into a boba shop and ordered,,, coffee
Poe: You
Poe: What
Louisa: yeah,,,
Louisa: ok so kind of a long story
Louisa: i was in a coffee shop before but i accidentally ordered a drink that wasn't coffee but i wasn't gonna ask my friends to go back to the coffee place to get coffee and they wanted to go get boba so i saw there that they also had coffee and i was like "Oh i'm gonna get that"
Louisa: it tasted like black tea with milk
Louisa: not coffee
Louisa: so it was an absolute scam
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swift-fated · 10 days ago
I really don’t know much about Michael Jackson. I’ve always been a fan of his music though. But I remember watching a documentary about him when I was little and what really stood out for me was how sad he seemed. So very lonely. My grandmother watched the same show and said he wasn’t doing anything wrong, he hung around kids because he didn’t have a childhood and was trying to recapture it. The song “Childhood” has hit different for me ever since.
:( I know
I didn’t know much about MJ either as a child but I never felt like he was a creep or a perverted person, and this is coming from someone who has been a victim of an ACTUAL pedophile, actually not just one but many. I swear on my life, Michael Jackson was NOT one and I will just never believe it. Michael did always seem so sad and so lonely; I can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice. I was watching that Oprah interview and it actually made me cry, listening to him talk about how his father would beat him if he wasn’t up to par because Michael entered show biz when he was like 6. He said he had never had a sleep over, never had a birthday party with friends, never had friends... it makes me so fucking sad I literally am about to cry typing this. Michael loved children, he truly just loved kids. He was not perverted or evil. What a rarity Michael was. He was so misunderstood by everyone, by the entire world. I truly believe Michael was just a very innocent soul and very naive... no one thought he was weird until after the allegations broke. And no, Michael NEVER slept in a bed with random kids. The bedroom people talk about was the size of a two story house. It was gigantic, and there were dozens of beds in the room because it was this giant sleepover room for the kids. It had a huge theatre screen that played cartoons and movies. Michael said whenever he did come to the ranch (nearly 3000 acres of land), the children would just follow him around everywhere he went. But many many eye witnesses stated that Michael would typically sleep on the couch or floor, never ever in a bed with random kids. And it wasn’t like Michael would take the kids from their parents; the parents were allowed to sleep in the room too! It was a giant sleepover room, for everyone, not just the kids. Michael spent the majority of his career and life taking care of children, spent millions upon millions toward charity, spent over 14 million building Neverland, all for kids. He wanted to build a giant children’s hospital before he died. He wanted it to have a game room and movie theatre. Michael created his own organizations for sick children and children in need. They would take thousands of terminally ill children to Neverland just so they could spend a day there enjoying themselves. I mean these kids were dying. Michael just wanted them to live happy childhoods. That’s literally all he wanted. It made him happy to make others happy. But Michael would never ever have done the things those 4 people accused him of. It’s sickening. Why is it seen as bad that Michael loved kids? That doesn’t make him a sick pervert. If anything, I think that’s a very attractive quality. He was an amazing father and possessed amazing parental qualities. And more than anything, he was just a good man and a pure soul, and he deserved much much better. :( if anyone doubts Michael, just listen to this video, and if you still think he was guilty, idk what to say... I see his innocence just in his eyes.
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mrsnijimura · 10 days ago
WAIT I HAVE AN IDEA- we all know the great Rohan and how famous he is. but what if when his fans found out about his secret relationship with reader, they all get jealous. sending hate towards them and such to the point where they think they shouldn’t be with Rohan anymore because of the hate they’re getting. IDK I LIKE JUST THOUGHT OF THIS-
anon, you are a genius and i am honored to be in your presence and help you display your idea.
-It was only a matter of time now before people found out
-You just now started living with Rohan because your apartment was shitty and his house was huge
-So people very quickly found out about it
-Reader first noticed it when they were walking around Morioh, they were getting glares and whispers while simply trying to pick up their groceries
-Next came the hate mail
-Reader would always get Rohan’s mail from his mailbox while he was working and unfortunately, reader found the hate letters first
-They would make anyone nauseous, they were rude and foul and disgusting
-They would make fun of Y/N’s physical appearance and their mannerisms
-Y/N couldn’t help but cry
-This happened for weeks and it never seemed to slow, in fact it only got worse
-People would even confront Y/N IN PUBLIC
-It was just...too much, Y/N was now even doubting their relationship with Rohan
-Rohan walked in once when Y/N was reading the hate mail
- “What’s that?”
-You shrug it off as nothing but Rohan quickly knows when you’re lying
-Snatches the letters from you quickly, it was almost like superhuman speed
- “Where’d you get these from?”
-Everything came spilling out, you told Rohan about your doubt with the relationship and all the hate you’ve gotten
-Rohan is quick to pull you into a hug, shushing you and stroking your hair
- “Dear, they’re horrible, ugly people. Don’t let them tell you all those lies, I could never love someone as horrid as them, I only love you.”
-Rohan will spend the entire day off, reassuring you and promising you that everything will be alright
-He even puts in his next chapter a picture of you two, talking about how happy you two were together 
-And of course threatening anyone who got in the way of your happiness
-But it was nice not be be kept a secret anymore
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kuroolongtea · 14 days ago
jin i just think its so funny how our relationship can be summed up as one person telling the other that they will Take Care of themselves & then just completely disregarding that promise 2 seconds later,,,,, like why are we like this LMAO ;;; i still have like. 3 group projects, an essay, 3 exams, & weekly hw to do until the end of my sem TT;; I PROMISE I WILL GET PROPER REST SOON AHHH BUT SAME GOES FOR YOU MAAM
jin pls do urself a favor and. don’t read the jjk manga💖 avoid the mental & emotional heartbreak that is jjk........ the anime is really great until shit hits the fan for the next season TT;; BUT AHHHH I HOPE YOU AND YOUR FRIEND ENJOY THE LAST FEW EPS OF JJK IT WAS SO GOOD🥺
but omg!!! i’ll start akatsuki no yona then bc i trust your taste (,: pls my brain is literally on Brrrrrrrr mode all the time so!!!! i would love to analyze more shows & characters 🥺 ALSO SPEAKING ON KNY. IDK WHEN YOU’RE SEEING IT BUT I WATCHED IT LAST NIGHT AND AHHHHHHHH THE MOVE WAS SO GOOD?? i watched it in xd and MAN was that such an experience.... the fight scenes, TANJIRO MY MF BABY!!!, & MOST IMPORTANTLY THE SOUNDTRACK?? WAS SOOO GOOD?? ahhhh i don’t want to give any spoilers in case you haven’t seen it yet but if you have!!!!! let me know what you think!!! (also having watched it i KNOW you’re gonna hate akaza but like. GIVE HIM TIME PLS I BEG HES A BEST BOY I SWEAR)
also jin...... i cannot believe you have a CALICO CAT??? PLEASE I LOVE CALICOS THEY REMIND ME OF KOI FISH TT;;;;;; i am in love with your cat & would like to request godmother rights 💖 -🌸
HELLOOOO MY LOVE SORRY IT TOOK ME A FEW DAYS TO GET BACK TO U BUT I GOT SOME SHIT TO SAYYYY 😭 also i’ve been spending a lot of time with family so i just haven’t rly been on tumblr BUT I FINALLY WATCHED THE KNY MOVIE AND I’M JUST T_T 
ok BUT FIRST OF ALL..... B4 I GET INTO THAT..... what do u mean 3 group projects + an essay + 3 exams ..... what..... i am sort of kinda resting and every day is an uphill battle but that’s still nothing compared to what you have on your plate what in the world 😭 PLEASE for the love bokuto’s thighs get some rest dear i’m OTL (also have i ever asked for your top 3 hq boys ... do enlighten me)
GRRRR I FEEL SO CONFLICTED ON WHETHER OR NOT I SHOULD READ THE JJK MANGA.... my friend and i are making progress on the anime but she’s also been busy with school (we will get to the end, worry not) so i still have some time to decide ;_; i’m really excited to watch more bc i KNOW it’s gna be good but i also don’t want to be so left out of the manga experience since there are so many spoilers left and right BUT I ALSO DON’T WANT TO BE IN PAAIIINNNNN T_T jjk and kny s1 both have the same energy iykwim >.>
AND AAUUUGGGGHHHHH I’M ABOUT TO WATCH AKATSUKI NO YONA W ROWAN SOON (HOPEFULLY) AND HONESTLY I’M JUST SO EXCITED FOR MY FRIENDS TO EXPERIENCE IT!!! it’s been years and the soundtrack still gives me chills and makes me cry fr idc idc it’s just so good and i will Die on that hill. idk if i’ve mentioned this already but yona might be one of my fave female protags, and u know how indecisive i am ab that kind of stuff T.T 
ANYWAY . SO I HAVE FINALLY WATCHED THE KNY MOVIE ON FRIDAY AND OH MY LORRDDDDDTTT WHEN I SAY I PACKED TISSUES IN ADVANCE BC I KNEW I WAS GNA CRY.... YEAH..... MY MASK WAS WET AND I WAS ALWAYS BLOWING MY NOSE JUST BC OF HOW MUCH I WAS FEELING OTL there’s so much to unpack?? tanjirou best boy ofc (can u imagine ? the trauma of having to kill urself over and over without hesitation...... jesus) AND ZENITSU COMING TO NEZUKO’S RESCUE MADE ME GASP OUT LOUD HE’S SO COOL AND FOR WHAT!!! I KNOW HIS SUBCONSCIOUS IS A BLACK SPACE BC HE’S NO THOTS HEAD EMPTY BUT STILL 😭 and inosuke caring ab tanjirou T.T yes king u go pluck the hair out of the man who hurt ur friend T.T and the fact that nezuko is included in his dreams is soooo T.T 
AND I KNOW U SAID I WOULD HATE AKAZA AND I DO FOR WHAT HE DID TO BIG BRO RENGOKU (ANOTHER BEST BOI UGH I COULD CRY FR ((WELL I DID CRY SO))) BUT FOR SOME REASON I ACTUALLY RLY LIKED HIS VIBE ALSKJDNLADKS maybe bc he didn’t want rengoku to die...... idk honestly if u had me choose, i would choose a villain who fights and enjoys fighting strong/worthy opponents over villains who are evil just to be evil any day. like they’re not mutually exclusive but the fact that akaza rly recognized rengoku’s strength (as he should) just made the fight scene so much more enjoyable (though painful) T.T also it’s funny bc the friend i said you remind me of (who i’ll refer to as ella) absolutely ADORES rengoku but she wore her akaza shirt to the theater ASLDKJCNASKLJ
ANYWAY YES THE MOVIE WAS SO GOOD AND I JUST . I CAN’T REMEMBER THE LAST TIME I WAS SO INVESTED IN SOMETHING.... i think kny had some rly high expectations to meet bc of s1′s reception, along with everyone else in the world who’d watched the movie already and was raving ab how good it was. it’s rly easy to put even higher standards onto the movie but honestly it did not disappoint fr. the orchestral version of homura that played at the beginning of the movie already had me tearing up LMAO ugh and ur so right the fight scenes rly were such a treat for us we were so spoiled thank u ufotable
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moon-mars-ikemen · 22 days ago
Hi! Are your matchups open? Cause if so, I'd like to request a BSD match-up if that's okay 🥺
To describe myself as best as I can.... lmao. I'm an Aries! I am a bisexual woman. I like to think that I'm a friendly, polite person. I'm pretty shy and introverted but I do break out of my shell when I'm around people I care for. Then you'll see the more... dumb side of me LMAO meaning I love to laugh and the stupidest shit will get me going. I curse like a sailor (when its appropriate i wasn't raised in a barn ya know lol) and i have a pervy sense of humor too (definitely not gross but i appreciate naughty humor even if i do get very flustered) i banter with my friends because its fun (but i have those who dont really like banter so im always more chill around them) i just like to be considerate of others... but that also stems from my introversion and hating confrontation (i will cry please dont yell at me) but i always like to be kind to people... tho my temper isnt that nice and it goes as quick as it comes 😬
I am a creative person, i like to do journaling, i like photography and taking pictures, i love watercolor painting, drawing and writing, cooking and BAKING especially omg. I love listening to music and dancing when the beat goes off. I'm very openminded when it comes to... a lot of things really. Im also a huge fan of like, true crime i guess. I just like watching docs and shows about killers etc. Like I said, i like a lot of things.
Idk if lookS really matter buuuut i am 5 foot 8, i am a plus size girl. I do have tattooes and piercings (septum, lip and tongue 👀😳) my style of dress changes because... idk i like floral dresses but i also like fishnets and ripped jeans so LMAO
Uh, i hope this is all okay! Again, thank you so much!!! I hope you have an awesome day 😍❤
Thank you for requesting dear! And OMG I love your style. I love tattoos and piercings, I want to get me some but... I’m too scared >.<
Well actually looks don’t really matter, on the characters I write and for me at least, I think one should love the person for the personality, because the person is a kin-soul and they feel at ease with each other. Regardless of gender, nationality, identity. Love is just love, always. You just have to feel it, live it and make it yours.  So yeah basically I love everyone (if they are free spirits like me and not assholes ofc lmao) and my characters do too.
Picture is from Pinterest
 Also (sorry for that but I have to) Friendly reminder: matchups ended for this month, read the pinned post and the request rules, you find everything about matchups written there :3
 Hope you enjoy! 
I match you up with:
Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald
“She is my hidden gem...her value to me is invaluable”
Tumblr media
 ✠ Why? You are total opposites, well baby I chose him for this exact reason!
✠ You are Aries a fire sign, so a strong and independent woman with lots of interest. You are a proper volcano of passion, you are truly unstoppable.
✠ On the other part he is a calm and collected Libra. A very refined but determined man, a man that is intrigued by mysteries and to him you are a very rarity. He has never met a woman like you. You are so strong and so passionate about everything you do. He likes to see you happy and energetic around people you’re comfortable with.
✠ He actually wishes to be a bit more like you, be more unconventional and not so linked to traditions and customs.
✠ Don’t worry for your pervy sense of humour, he is a grown man so he can totally understand, rather he can retort perfectly. And he likes to win your pervy jokes challenge, seeing you flustered makes his day.
✠ He looks curious at your banter moments, chuckling a little because you are still cute and he can’t quite understand how you manage that.
✠ Being an innate leader, he is able to manage your temper swings perfectly, he never yells he just tells the right thing at the right time to calm you.
✠ His hobby is actually exploring your hobbies, he is very dedicated, trying to follow you and enjoying those moments you share very much. Especially when you start telling him everything that you know about one of the hobbies, your enthusiasm is like a drug to him, he could listen to you talking forever.
✠ What he loves the most though is cooking with you, when you bake something together he feels at ease and his heart becomes full of joy and adoration for you and the family he has created with you.
✠ Do you want to see him laugh to his heart’s content? Well then dance! He loves your dancing it makes him happy for no particular reason.
✠ Being also a fan of true crime you watch films and docs together and always bet on someone, whoever wins doesn’t wash the dishes.
 Being with you has taught him that what matters the most is not wealth and power, but it’s a decent and normal life with the one you care about instead.
 P.S your piercing and tattoos are a plus to him, they make you sexier in his view. He tries not to stare that much, but it’s hard for him not to. Bear with him it’s just that you are too beautiful and a continuous surprise.
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cassthecri · 23 days ago
i am a big fan of ur part 5 avdol but it was a bit odd of u not to include the fact that he and polnareff would lock lips immediately. keep up the good work man
omg im literally so honored im glad u enjoy it thank u so much,,,
as for polnareff and avdol immediately smooching the hell out of each other, i didn't mention it cause i thought it would be obvious!!! however since u prompted this;;;;
like they first meet up in the colosseum (avdol is helping bruno and Not Trish in) and avdol is like “hUHH????? JEAN PIERRE POLNEREFF???” and pol like jumps two feet out of his wheelchair before going “wtf avdol???” and avdol gets upset obviously. not full crying but teary-eyed like “I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! YOU WENT MISSING LIKE TWO YEARS AGO AND WHEN SPW INVESTIGATED THEY ONLY FOUND A CONCERNING AMOUNT OF YOUR BLOOD SPLATTERED ON SOME ROCKS YOU DIDNT ANSWER ANY CALLS OR SHIT WHAT THE HELL???”
and polnareff is like “IM SORRY I HAD TO LIE LOW THE LITERAL ITALIAN MAFIA BOSS WAS AND IS AFTER ME” doppio blinks while watching them meanwhile avdol like takes some deep breaths to try and calm down (he fails) and is like “i mourned you.” all shakily and polnareff’s own face falls then and he is like “i mourned you too you know, don't forget that” and then avdol crumples and he rushes up before pulling pol in for a hug 
IDK if they’d kiss right then. they both know there is a time and place for these things. but they cling to each other for a , Long While. rest of the buccigang is kinda in awe (once they catch up) cause they’ve never seen avdol lose his shit like this before. doppio then tries to snatch the requiem arrow and things get fucky wucky like in canon only avdol doesn't let polnareff fucking die. idk how that goes down avdol probably gets one of his prosthetic arms in the way so all that’s destroyed is That and not pol’s innards. he is never letting this stupid Frenchman out of his sight again
also regardless of if they kiss earlier or not, when they return to their og bodies after silver chariot requiem chills out, avdol pulls pol into a kiss then cause even if it’s kinda Not the time, he cant... he’s been in love w this dude for coming up on uhh (does the math) 12 years now and he just found him again after he thought he was dead but they might die any moment now so he just uhh yeah. yeah. yeah. this got long anyway stan avpol!!!
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larrywhispers · 24 days ago
I m curious why ur tags said 'zayn and harry wrote song Golden..'. Can u please elaborate ur thoughts, not to stir up any UO but was just curious, if u feel it will lead u for getting unnecessary anon, please ignore.. thank u!!!
Idk , it's only random thoughts come and go at least in the past ! But I guess not anymore .. Zayn always sang about someone already in a relationship who doesnt love him (romantically) and has hope they will be together and sometimes being so angry toward that same person .. Also he put some hints in his video and lyrics that are interesting as :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- Zayn has a big a$$ tat on his hand that for me looks exactly like Lou in English and the other side Lou in Arabic
Tumblr media
Even Fearless by Louis I guess maybe some verses about Zayn as he trying to tell him (are you happy now after what u did by leaving us this way) and Zayn on the other hand wrote as a reply to it Unfuckwitable in which he tell Louis (yes I am happy with the life I designed now thats what I needed & I don't need fake love & friends !! and u never loved me (romantically)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Its Like Louis always loved/loves Zayn as a friend but Zayn wanted more than friendship or at least wished for that but he knows it ll never happen like in I Won't Mind was so loud :
Tumblr media
then in same song
Tumblr media
And recently , Zayn posted this pic in the Anniversary of Walls (album 90% about Harry) ! And Zayn felt the need to promote his merch same day by posting this ugly with shady caption :
Tumblr media
And Louis who can't bite his tongue , few hours later replied to a fan dragging celebrities who promote their merch , and Louis was like :
Tumblr media
(which doesn't make any sense cuz Louis has about 7 merch in one year , so he literally wanted to tweet this for a certain reason , & yes I guess it was shade on what Zayn posted same day , especially that Walls & Louis were trending WW the day before for the anniversary with like 3 trends , so everyone knows this day was the Anniversary day and Zayn wake up to post this sh*t thing wearing his merch with shady caption which prove that he wasnt giving a sh*t about promoting anything , he just wanted to do that same day of Walls Aniversary )
Back to ur question hehe ,
I guess Harry choosing same exact name of two songs Zayn wrote , one of them clearly about Louis so I guess he wants to prove a point here "Louis (aka Golden) is mine" ...
Harry seems like he always talk about Zayn when he is asked in sarcastic way as if he is bitter from something Zayn did !
Also you will find Harry getting mad when he saw Louis doing the zouis sign in one of the m& g in 2015 .. & kicking Zayn' face off stage ! Its like Harry feeling betrayed or smth ! especially that Harry isnt that aggressive or hateful person at all !
If u want to see Harry' gifs & more of this love triangle theory , check out this post
(ps... For anyone doesnt agree & will send me anons crying on my asks .. DON'T & keep ur opinion to urself , I said what I said and I am free to say whatever I want , its Ramadan and I am entertaining myself , go away ✋🏽😤 )
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hopelesshawks · 27 days ago
im actually crying rn. idk if you know me but ive literally been such a die-hard fan of your History Of Us series, and when it ended, i swear im dying inside-- its such a good story! keep it up teehee! also if your dont mind i want to request a History of Us request of Todoroki being jealous of Y/N and shinso's friendship since its been hinted in the series?? thats all lol xx love ur writing! remember to stay safe and take breaks <3
Ahhh I’m so glad you enjoyed it! That makes me super happy to hear 🥰
Your wish is my command: one jealous Shoto coming right up. Takes place after the events of History of Us (but could be read as a stand alone)
Look Shoto is very secure in you two’s relationship. He knows you’d never do anything to hurt him and he trusts you with heart and his life.
But he also probably, maybe is just a tad bit possessive. After all, your love story was over a decade in the making and much of that time was spent ripped apart so excuse him if he gets a little defensive at the idea of you two being pulled asunder again.
He hears you laughing in the lounge almost as soon as he enters the common area. You’re talking animatedly to Shinso about something, your beautiful smile on full display as the other man leans nonchalantly against the back of the couch behind him. Shoto feels something small and ugly rear up in his chest at the sight. He logically knows that the two of you are just talking but the small, ugly thing making itself at home whispers “does she laugh like that with you?” Shoto finds his legs carrying him towards you before he’s even made the conscious decision to, and next thing he knows he’s standing behind you and carefully slipping his arms around your torso. It soothes the monster wreaking havoc in him somewhat that you immediately lean into his touch but you’re also continuing the conversation with Shinso, your only greeting being a quick squeeze of Shoto’s arms. You’re talking about some movie Shoto doesn’t recognize and the amused smirks Shinso keeps shooting his way definitely aren’t helping things.
Shoto’s about to get genuinely irritated and say something when suddenly Denki comes running into the lounge. “Sorry I’m late!” he tells Shinso with a sheepish grin before turning to you and saying “Thanks for keeping my boyfriend occupied while I finished getting ready.”
“It’s no problem! You two crazy kids have fun,” you laugh as the other two wave and make their way out. Once they’ve gone you spin around in Shoto’s arms so you can look him in the eye. “You forgot Shinso is dating Denki,” you say. It’s not a question but Shoto replies anyway. “I forgot Shinso is dating Denki,” he confirms with a sigh causing you to snicker. “You’re lucky you’re cute when you’re jealous,” you tell him. “Am I?” Shoto asks, genuinely curious. “You are, but maybe don’t make a habit of it,” you confirm with a soft smile. “Fair enough,” he agrees. “That movie Shinso and I were talking about, it’s called ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ and it’s by Taika Waititi, I think you’d like it. Watch it with me tonight?” you ask. “I’d love nothing more,” Shoto replies easily. “Good,” you grin before leaning in to press a quick kiss to Shoto’s lips. “I love you,” you tell him brightly, and he’ll never get tired of hearing the words. “I love you too (y/n).”
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On my baseball blog, I made a post about things I hate about baseball, because of my url. Might as well do the same with hockey, here we go:
Starting with the obvious, hockey culture. As a whole.
Gritty. No I'm not sorry. I used to find him so annoying, and though I could tolerate him a little now, sometimes he still makes me angry.(EDIT: I'm just gonna say all mascots. I'm sorry for the gritty slander, I don't know what I was thinking😔)
The lack of personality of every player, except for maybe a few.
Defensemen most of the time.
Refs. We saw this coming.
Kyle Dubas, for so so many reasons. I could make a seperate list. /j
The way my dad and I could predict trades without predicting them. It's complicated.
When I first really got into hockey, Andre Burakovsky got traded to the avs, and when I found out I was insanely happy, only to burst into tears after finding out Tyson Barrie was traded to the leafs.
I am now a leafs fan as a result.
When the avs played the stars in the playoffs, the avs broadcast did a close up of roope hintz doing a hair flip, and that's how I fell in love with him. After the avs lost, I was just. Why.
Every gray reverse retro jersey makes me angry.
Free agency.
Marc-Andre Fleury is not a Pittsburgh Penguin.
God forbid I read the name Wayne Gretzky on my dash, because I WILL start crying because of a cursed mem or something stupid
I can't take myself seriously wearing my Aho jersey because I look like a six year old child wearing their parent's coat or something. You can't see my hands.
I refuse to believe anyone can be as tall as Zdeno Chara. Like how THE FUCK.
Alternatively, I am 2 inches taller tha Nathan Gerbe, and that is HILARIOUS.
Ball Arena
Let's play a game: Do I blame the goalie or the defense for that stupid goal???
I miss seeing my friend at school every day because he's a wild fan and he once said that the Avalanch didn't have hands  proceeded to show me a picture of an actual avalanche. Please learn to shut up, ANDREW.
Let goalies score more goals, cowards.
Captainless teams make me forget they exist.
There was a time in my life where I was terrified of Zach Hyman. I don't know why.
A team is trailing by one with a couple minutes left in the period. They have an empty net. The winning team ends up taking a penalty, so now the losing team is on the PP with an EN only needing one more goal to go into OT. HOW IS THAT LEGAL?!???!?
My grandma probably has a crush on half the players(do I count this?? It's funny sometimes)
The Tkachuk brothers. I don't hate them, I just hate that I like them now (In other words, I somewhat simp for them)
Anyone who hates the storm surge. You hate having fun, don't you?
When I was little, I thought orange and blue were so cool, because the Senver Broncos, my home football team. First off, THEY SUCK, and second, the Isles and Oilers ruined that for me.
I get along with a lot of bruins fans for me being a leafs fan lmao
Every player ever being interviewed sounds the exact same, change my mind.
This list is too long, I think something is wrong with me.
The expansion draft is set out to kill me.
Just like in the baseball list, every team, no matter who is just trying to hurt me as much as possible.
I will actually cry if a player from a team I don't even like gets traded. I don't follow the team, I just don't wanna see them in a different jersey, because it's weird.
Half of the nicknames I have heard give me so much pain. Imagine your nickname being lil jizzy.
I'm stopping the list here, maybe I'll add on, idk
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soranociel · 29 days ago
Which of anime boys would/wouldn't you date and why?
tagged by my lovelies @cafedanslanuit and @kojinnie
I'm tagging @jeankirstins, @colossalnova, and anyone who wants to do it!
Boy oh boy this is gonna be both a little too detailed and vague at the same time but who tf cares. a lot of buts and ifs coming so yesh. Warning : all yes, me being hella desperate and taking things TOO LITERALLY
since allie put mysme characters imma do the same!
KIM JIHYUN - abso-fucking-lutely. I am just gonna assume he's all fine after the Rika thing so of course. He's such a soft mature person and he's a very good character, definitely didn't like him much more after knowing he has some dark back story I.. I like that, I don't know, the feeling of being with someone is kinda sweet to me it feels like being nurtured or something?!?! I feel like he'd never raise his voice at me:((( and I'd probably cry because.. I hate yellings and he's such a soft spoken person.. And he paints in the ending so I'm totally yessing to that too, I love him. Always been my number one since playing it for the first time.
jumin han - UHM HELL YES?!? I love him, honestly, maybe I am materialistic but oh to be spoiled by this man, I'd feel bad but at the same time kinda good. I'd work but he probably wouldn't let me. And oh my god, I love his cold ass self to others but extremely loving in his own way to MC. I'm sure everything is served to him but I'd like to offer him some domestic shits sometimes because I think it's sweet to do things together like laundry, cooking, idk maybe I'm a hopeless romantic. God I love him so much please. The only thing I'm scared about is our social background difference like that's scary tbh but other than that it's all fine. But oh, to make people jealous of me dating this fine man😜(1)
zen ryuu - YESSSS!!!! sweet, sweet, man. He'd treat me with respect and with so much love I bet. He all flirty asf but he'd definitely get all blushy if I flirt back, hella cute. We'd go for a run together ig. Only one thing, he's an actor.. I support him with all of my heart but I am extremely insecure and the jealous type so that's gonna be challenge maybe. And oh my god he's like so fucking pretty, I'm afraid gossips shits will like say bad shit about me like I'm way out of his league or something so yeah. I'd still date him tho fr.
i haven't watched knb in years but they opened the gate to me watching anime so
akashi seijuuro - UHHHHB EYEYEYYESSSSSSSS. He seems like a harsh cold guy but when he doesn't have that heterochromia iridium, he's the sweetest. He's similar to Jihyun I guess. So maybe the reasoning is the same but I'm lowkey afraid of our social background difference lol, and his crazy side I guess..
kise ryota - OFC?!! himbo blond. First of all, tall af, so hell yes. Second of all, very funny and cute so he'd probably keep my mood up a lot. I don't have many reasons I just really like him fhsjsj, my fear is the same with Zen though, he's so pretty dating this bitch?! his fans would probably hate me. But also, oh to make people jealous that I'm dating this fine man😜(2)
aomine daiki - yes(: strong tall man again😔 he's a perv (horny) but he respect women so that's good because I'm thirsty too. He's all big and tough but he has such tender feelings I love him so much. Basically ☠️💀🖤💣 outside and ❤️💜💕💚💓❣️ inside.
i had only finished watching the s4 of hq after years so im sorry if i get their characters a little wrong because memories gone but this is still gonna be VERY LONG. I love them all.
sugawara koushi - ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE. YES. I had just discover my love for this man I know I'm late but PLEASE. I love soft men who's kinda more mature than me, fuck idk if it's daddy issues but it feels nice when someone cares for me but like.. older vibe.. hdjsjJJHdjs PLEASE IDK WHAT IT IS ITS WEIRD. but yeah, I love him so much and he probably doesn't raise his voice much and be so patient with me so:(( it's cute, he's also very positive and I'm not so, we're a match, duh.
hinata shoyo - my sunshine. God, I absolutely love him. I think I'd be happy if he's around even though I'd bully him for fun. But.. I don't know if I can romance him or imagine having romantic something with him😭😭 I love him with all my heart though, but he's baby😭 I wanna be babied I'm sorry Hinata:( but we can try so it's 50/50. I'd probably say yes to see what would happen and just can't say no to him, don't wanna break his heart😔 please Hinata I LOVE YOU edit : yes i would.
kuroo tetsuro - y.. yes.. I guess.. Because He's fun to be around and funny. He acts like an old man (dad) sometimes and I find it kinda funny and lowkey sweet especially when he tells Kenma to like, stop playing games or something. He likes chemistry though while I fucking hate it so idk about that. Oh also, tall🥰🥰 and cat🥰🥰 love it. But he's with Alisa now right? So yeah, nevermind it's a no because I can't imagine dating him now
kenma kozume - DBJDKSKSKSKSK. I JUST FOUND MY LOVE FOR HIM TOO. But it's the same as Hinata, sometimes I can't see romancing him, but rather wanting to be his best friend because being friend with someone who's not very open with just anyone feels special. But maybe we can be friends to lovers trope? 😳😳😳 No really, it's probably 70/30 of would and wouldn't. He's absolutely adorable and CATs, yes. ... Also I feel like he'd be soft with his lover but he's a gamer and I'm afraid he'll be one of those gamers who don't spend time with anyone anymore but I'm sure he's not like that 🥰, at least he doesn't seem to be the type to rage I guess, but I wanna be close to him when he plays games though,,
bokuto koutaro - HELLOOOO. YES?!! Thick tall man:( yes. Yes. YESSSS. I absolutely adore this man, his energy is absolutely needed in my life. I feel like he'd react in the most over the top way over whatever I do whether it is affections thingy or normal daily thing and that'd make me feel so validated. I can be loud like him but I can be calm too so we'd be balanced probably. And I feel like he wouldn't judge my appearance and accept me for who I am?!?
akaashi keiji - no because I wanna marry him instead👉👈 BECAUSE SHSHSJSJSJJS he's perfect fuck I love him so much. As mentioned before I absolutely love soft-spoken men and also.. Tall n strong🥰🥰 but for real, I can be kinda like bokuto sometimes, loud but watered down and I think he can handle this dramatic ass and love me.. He probably wouldn't raise his voice at me either. He's an overthinker and me too but I speak it out so I guess we'll be fine. He also doesn't talk much? But I'll make him. Please I love him so much.
iwaizumi hajime - absolutely not. I WOULD MARRY HIM TF. I know I said I love soft spoken men but angry men who actually cares and shows it kinda differently is cute. Also he's strong😔 I'm sorry I love strong men who can lift my fat ass up. He'd probably nag at me because I am bad at taking care of my health, so hopefully he can help me change JDJSJ. I haven't read the manga but he's a trainer now so... 👁️👄👁️ Here I come, he can be my personal trainer for free🥰
osamu miya - DUJEJSJS HELL YES. Please he had me when he said "I wanna treat people good," to Atsumu even though I know that's like a bare minimun but that made me like him more than his twin. He also had me when he was talking about food during the match against Karasuno. I was like, yeah, that's my man. We'd bond over food I guess, and I love onigiri too so aren't we already like, awesome af. He seems like he doesn't talk as much as Atsumu but I can be talkative so we'll be balanced or something!! I don't know what's with me but I wanna run my fingers through his hair so bad whenever I see it, I wanna dye my hair like him too!
kita shinsuke - oh my. When I first saw him, I just, I don't know, it feels peaceful and calm? Then knowing about him made me feel so soft and I respect him so so much. I love him. The way he gave Atsumu some things to bring home when he's sick? I almost cried kinda. He's sweet. However.. He's a routine based kinda guy and he seems strict, I don't know if I can keep up with that. He's also brutally honest and I'm scared of people like that. It's 50/50 for me. I'd probably say yes because I cannot slip up a chance of someone liking me ESPECIALLY SOMEONE LIKE HIM?! So yeah, I probably would, because why the fuck not I'd say yes to all these men I'm not even joking I'll take anyone😭
okay um this one's gonna be a little chaotic(?)
saitama - yes,,, he deserved so much fucking love. I wanna tell him he's done so much good and that I AM HIS FAN. I'd send him letters pretending I'm his fan or something. I am so sick of him not being appreciated so let me appreciated you, Saitama. We both also love discounts so we'll be great lmfao.
genos - don't ask anything, he's awesome ok. I think yes because why the fuck not, he's kinda like a himbo but a cyborg. He'd do the cooking and the cleaning like he did for Saitama so it's all good🥰 I feel like he would analyse whatever the fuck I'm doing so he knows me better like he used to do with Saitama. I wanna tell him not to overwork himself though because for real this man always getting his ass beat most times:/ sorry bby
zombieman - again, don't ask, he's fine as fuck. Yes yes. Again, he's strong, tall... and he's soft-spoken. He looks way better in the manga though just saying. Idk much about his personality because like, I don't know he just fought and he didn't give up at all because ofc he's a hero and he doesn't die. I just like him, okay, he's so fine.
my absolute loves of aot men
reiner braun - absolutely. I am just assuming everything is alright too about Reiner just like Jihyun. I think we're similar af though.. Idk if that's a good thing or not.. Hey, again, strong tall man who's fucking soft? Say no more I'm so in love with him. He's probably love-starved and so am I, I'll give him so much love I swear😔 he also probably wouldn't raise his voice at me.. We'd probably be new at this whole dating thing but I'm willing to explore everything with him❤️❤️
jean kirstein - without a doubt. He seems like a traditional very romantic lover who'd open the door and pull the chair for me😭 he's probably very cheesy but I would very much enjoy that and everything he does. Since I'm a hopeless romantic, we'd be good ✌️🥺
jjk is so hard because i love everyone but i guess
yuuji itadori - my sunshine (2). I love him, I fucking do. If I could flip the world upside down just to see him happy, I would. If I can sacrifice myself to make him happy, I would. Anything for this beautiful baby. No bad vibes from him, just a good person. However, he's waaay younger than me. I'm not dating a 15yo😭 but even if he's older, maybe I can consider even though it's the same as Kenma where I can't really think of romancing him. Then again, he's still younger than me and a baby, I'd rather be babied but somehow babying yuuji kinda cute so 70/30 JDJDJSK I LOVE YOU BBY
yuuta okkotsu - y.. yes.. again I love soft men and he's got me and we're kinda similar so I guess that's not bad? I'm scared of Rika though and might overthink about it way too much... Either way it's still a would but 80/20 I guess😭
gojo satoru - sighs. where do we even start? FIRST OF FUCKING ALL. If this fine ass perfect man likes me I would get suspicious like is he gonna use me does he want anything for me because HE COULD'VE HAD ANYONE. If he's annoyed by my trust issues then definitely no but.. Listen, God, I love him so much. He's more than a fucking tall handsome man who's also the strongest jujutsu sorcerer. I know he's all cocky and shit but I love how he cares about his students so much, I love him so much. He's a kind person I think and I could use his talkative ass dramatic ass energy in my life. I'd definitely bully tf out of him but behind closed doors I wanna be babied so bad😔😔 only one thing, the Gege Akutami said he ain't loyal so idk about that, I'd get his credit card if he cheats I guess.
geto suguru - sighs. Same as Gojo, HOW?!? He looks like he'd be popular with girls so I'd be suspicious too but the again.. Listen.. If he's not all crazy calling people monkeys, I absolutely would. I just.. I want him to feel genuine happiness. I want him to be happy. I'd like to talk with him and find a way for him to be happy other than killing all humans. I feel like he'd be soft and would treat me right. Also tall man🥰🥰 I was never really into long haired men but Geto, my beloved is special and he can help me take care of my hair :( I'd like to braid his hair too.. Idk all the cute shit and he probably gives good hugs n cuddles too.
toji fushiguro - sighs. Fuck this is the fucking hardest. First of all, he's twice my age so why date me. But I would still. There'd be so many considerations I need to take though.. The age gap, his kids, and me being afraid of being not mature enough. I don't think people would notice much about our age difference because he looks younger than his age, but oh my god what would my family say?! What would people say because people here are kinda judgy?! but oh god if I date him I want his kids to like me but they're almost my age😭 so that's gonna be hard. And if anything, I don't want Toji to end up 'raising' me because I'm immature. I do feel like he doesn't seem like an old soul but like fun dad(?) LMFAO idk I feel like he's kinda youthful so idk. If he can convince me and not give up and willing to just work everything out, we'll date or even get married fr🙄🙄 GGGAAAH ITS HARD THOUGH. I just wanna make him happy and if it can be thru me I'd be happy too. I love him. I wanna love him and be loved back. So it's a would, if he convinces me idk😭
PLEASE THIS IS SO FUCKING LONG. At this fucking point I'd literally take any love I can get and date anyone. Yes I'm a desperate hoe.
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jaegerbombb · a month ago
can we cry together? like i was so happy for eremin moments because we have barely any and then they have to mention mikasa. like i love her and wanna marry her but let eremin have their moments.
It’s not even about ships for me tbh. I knew since the beginning that there was a pretty 50/50 chance in eremika becoming canon so I wasn’t exactly surprised but... well... it was so out of place.
Eren did the rumbling because she family-zoned him? He wants to “keep her all to himself”? He was talking like some sort of yandere incel out of nowhere I was so confused... especially considering he had never really vocalized or expressed such thoughts before. The even worse part is the way he compared Mikasa to Ymir, who is apparently in love with sir King Pedo Fritz (supposedly they are parallels). Made me want to vomit in my mouth.
Both girls were done so dirty in terms of development. It’s like he took all that development he gave Mikasa in 138 and ripped it right from her. Every single aot girl got done so dirty actually- I’m upset.
And Eren becoming a fucking bird? A BIRD? I’m sorry I laughed when that happened- idk if I was supposed to feel sad or touched but it was just so cheesy.
Anyways, Eren’s motives were ass and his POV turned out to be shit. Jean and Connie died only to be revived. Everyone is happy blah blah everyone forgives Eren for some reason blah blah and the alliance + paradis doesn’t seem to feel guilt or experience any kind of consequences/backlash for the shit that’s happened.
The ending was rushed, simply put. It’s clearly a ploy for fan-service but oh well, I guess when things get popular that’s what they do; try to make the most money possible and resort to lazy writing.
I’m sorry if I sound so upset in this reply but MAN I am still so disappointed in this ending. Never watching shonen again.
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star-puff · a month ago
before i begin, i would like to say that the fic would be featured on my spotify wrapped if it was a song i would listen to it on repeat u have outdone urself this time but im not even surprised anymore. it’s legit disrespectful how well u write at this point..
now i will scream. first of all. “No matter how lowly you think of me”—he opens his mouth to protest, but you barrel on without pause—”I’m not fucking stupid, Oikawa.” BITCH U GOOD? everything fine where u are???? i think im about to forget things so ill spill it all out ok u know the dread that filled me as i slowly approached the last part i looked like that tiktok trend where u were shaking ur head about to go insanw that wwas me i was abt to get violent at 2:07 am what in the actual fuck was that meg i cant believe i /!&3 u took it and u didnt hesitate and u didnt hold back u rlly did me in good idk how u execute so properly (execute hehe i hate u i hate me) this is better than all the twilight books combined and i say this as a person who owns a twilight blanket in spirit im about to go mad U KNOW WHEN I TOLD U I HAD AN INKLING ABT WHO WAS [redacted] TURNS OUT I WAS RIGHT . i want a spinoff of the spinoff im being downright demanding but idk but what did tooru do to u u straight up maimed his character emotionally LET HIM BREATHE u write him so prefectly why does anyone else EVEN BOTHER ESP THE UGLY UGLY UGLY PART her ghost staying w him and him being ANGRY like let him rest OK IM ANGRY AND IM NOT IN LOVE W YN THE FUCK BITCH ALSO FUCK I WANTED A TENDOU REFERENCE BUT NOT THAT THE ACTUAL FUCK DID I JUST READ 🧍🏻‍♀️
FHALSKSLDKFSDF please i’ve been laughing over this ask all day the pure emotion in this 😭😭😭 ok before i go under the cut i just want to say that speaking of spotify, i do have a spotify playlist for this fic and the main one is arms tonite by mother mother <3
OK SO BASICALLY . i think we all know that i am indeed Not okay, why else do you think this fic got finished in the first place JSDFLKSDFJ but in any case i’m glad i could Execute it well and now it is out of my mind and into the void forever <3
girl when you told me your inkling about who got [redacted] I WAS LAUGHING MY ASS OFF CAUSE I’D ALREADY PLANNED IT AT THIS POINT HSDFLKDJS and while i am decidedly Not a twilight fan the fact that the comparison was made from a diehard twilight fan is [hug emoji x3]. i think the spinoff of the spinoff might happen it just might it’ll be like a short fic, only one Scene probably but it’ll encompass the conclusion of both atwhf!reader and oikawa’s character journey, and how they both play a part in finding their individual catharsis [hug emoji]
AND HHHHHHHH bitch characterization compliments literally turn me into a pile of goo how dare you 🔪 “why does anyone else even bother” stfu i’m going to Kiss you and Cry. and ok i Told you that it was just going to be Sad and Angry Oikawa for the entirety of the fic should you even be surprised at this point </3 and i think you’re right i literally never give mister tooru oikawa a break. him and tsukki, my angst ride-or-dies <3 i just its very easy to access That Part of his character,, there’s so much to explore i think . it can very easily be molded to fit other narratives . ALSO IS THIS YN SLANDER JDSFLSD i quite personally like this yn. i mean she plays more as a motivation and plot device than anything else since this is an Oikawa-Centric story, but you know. vibes . i think she provides a very good Lost Lenore trope for him <3 but honestly i think he would have gone insane Without her ghost haunting him because quite frankly he’s Very Alone, and at the very least if he can’t feel her warmth anymore, he can at least hear her voice </3
 but yeah . rip tendou :”) he will be missed, even if he caused the massacre of karasuno <//3
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lilred8220 · a month ago
How Maya feels about the Obey me! Character and other stuff! Also HC!
Aka, how I feel about all of the above 😂
I found this picture tho, sadly I have no idea who made it😅 if you know, let me know.
There are also some spoilers from the beginning to lesson 46 cuz that's where I am currently at have been warned.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My MC Headcannon
Now, if a jar is low, it doesn't mean she doesn't like them, this is for romantic/sexual love/attention kind of feelings. (minus Luke, who's more like a little sibling to her).
As for the race and place, this is just how she generally feels about them.
And yes, she's not the biggest fan of humans or the human realm. Also I always basically scream, "Fuck the human realm, I wanna stay!" When given the choice to stay in the Devildom. She never felt that she really belongs there, no matter what she did to try and fit in.
When she got flung in the Devildom and spent some time there, she FINALLY felt like she belonged. She finally found a place to call home.
She was definitely crying when she had to leave at the end of the exchange program though, she kept a strong face for the brothers. She definitely was crying for a week after she left.
When she was in the human realm after the Devildom the first time, she became pretty depressed. She even started to eat less, started losing weight and would stay in her home most of the time.
Getting the calls from her family in the Devildom definitely helped her not be as depressed. Especially when she got a call from her boyfriend crush*cough*Mammon*cough*.
Returning to the Devildom basically cured her of her depression though, she knew she'd have to go back but, she would do her damnedest to stay this time. Definitely thought it was funny but, sweet that the brothers tried to "kidnap" her though, if they told her from the beginning their plan, she would've just gone with them, no kidnapping required.
Definitely cried when she left again. She didn't even realize it this time though. She only noticed when the brothers, Diavolo and Barbatos all looked at her with a surprised and sad look before she left.
Going back to the human realm a second time wasn't as bad as the first time. She was still depressed but, she had Solomon there to keep her company and motivate her.
It definitely helped knowing that all this homework and lessons the Solomon was dumping on her was all to summon her beloved brothers and her biggest love crush.
When she found out the brothers were in the human world and didn't tell her, she was a bit upset. It was the main reason why she told them to stay. When she found out they been there for and a week, she was really upset. However, she couldn't be mad for long because, she was more excited and happy to see them again.
She practically threw herself on Mammon when she saw him again. Definitely thinking about telling him how she feels because, she knows the tsundere boi isn't gonna ask her to be his girlfriend anytime soon.
As of where I am currently in the game, she is just glad to have everyone she cares about with her again. Getting her license is definitely something she wants so she can always see them whenever she wants. Definitely will summon Mammon the most or go with his idea of just staying there for good if she calls him there.
Welp, when I get further in the story or catch up, I'll definitely add on to this....maybe....idk, we'll see.🤷🏻‍♀️
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x-exo · a month ago
Hehe but why would I not do such nice things and reblog your amazing creations like ??? I must share, I must show love
Dhkadnsk I felt that xD and then shortly after we got wonho's comeback and I screamed because oh my gosh yesss!! This song is just flippen amazing, I really love that 80's vibe we are getting (it reminds me of songs my parents listen too from that time) and the dancing. I LOVE how just smooth he is dancing, apparently he wanted to appear like water for the dance and he pulled it off. I'm proud for both boys, they put out amazing works of art that has me both dancing and crying in the club
Exo wise, kyungsoo is amazing like you said, the way he is casual about his solo album talk is making me laugh but be excited like I'm curious what style he will go for? Sehun has a movie coming out soon I think (catboy for the win lol) and lastly chanyeol. Welp it seems to be an exo trend where the boys surprise us with something good and then they say "peace out" lol. This makes me laugh a bit, idk I'm weird cx but while I do wish we could have a bit something more from chanyeol (or him address the chaos from a while back) i hope he will do well at the military! It was going to happen soon for him and soon baekhyun so now nor never right?
Yeah I couldn't send an anon :c asks are on but not anon, not sure if it was a glitch on my end. But for mingyu, its getting a bit more chaotic if you have been catching up (I know you said you are taking a break which i support! I will miss seeing you active but take a break for sure! Your happiness and health is important and this news with mingyu is alot. Come back when ready of course! I'll be here and others as well!) But one thing for sure is pledis DID their job and put out an announcement! They confirmed one of the accusations to be false, they are working on getting things more cleared up and in the meantime mingyu is on a hiatus. Its a good step and I'm guessing for the more series stuff they are getting evidence and talking with everyone they can and put it out like starship did for kihyun. As a mingyu stan I'm happy one part is cleared up BUT this isn't far from being fixed which is what I'm seeing many fans say "oh we should have believed him in the first place" and I am sitting her confused because like no, it isn't? We don't know any of these idols, they are meant to just entertain us with music really as you said. They still need to clear up the first set of comments so I'm happy things are being done, its far from being finished so I'm staying in the middle still. All I know is there's the issue with mistranslations that also are causing problems
Ok i wrote alot I'm so sorry dnakdba but I hope you're doing good!! I may hope off on anon sometime in the future! Dont wanna bother you with shoving myself into your dms lol. Ps fudge kakao m as well
sorry again for taking ages to answer 😔😔 i’ve been away from here for a while but omg thank you again for being so nice :’) 
I’ve been OBSESSED but like OBSESSED with Wonho’s Devil OMG it’s literally one of the best songs that have been released in the last few years HIS MIND ??????? i love it so much wow also CHANGKYUN all his songs are so good and mysterious and sexc and so him i love them so much (all the content i’ve been getting from him these past months... chef’s kiss!!)
Chanyeol is finally in war and Baekhyun is leaving next month! I’m happy they can take a break and focus on other things other than being idols tbh and they’ve prepared things for when they’re away! I’m really looking forward to every 27th of every month omg pcy and his big ass brain! i wonder what’s he prepared! also he’s got a station coming out tomorrow which i’m v excited about (even though sm for some reason won’t give him his well deserved solo but that’s to discuss another day smh...) ALSO DID YOU SEE OBSESSION XIÜMIN???? MY GOD the concept was tailored for him omg i’m so glad he knew we wanted him in there and he delivered!!!! 
As for the mingyu thing...things have been kind of “cleared” out now but i feel weird still idk i’m still waiting for him to say something on the matter tbh idk if it’s ever gonna happen but..yeah but at the same time i miss seventeen and gose so much i hope they come back soon
HOSHI!!!!!! omg hoshi ???????? i’m in love with spider and the mv and the concept it suits him so well AND THE CHOREO???? i can’t wait for studio choom and to see him perform it live on music shows (i think he’s going to attend a couple???) he looks so good and seems so happy to be releasing his music! nd also the seventeens hyping him up at any given chance??? we love to see it! 
but anyways i hope you’re doing well too! and hope out of anon whenever you want to ☺️ also we got the songs back!!! yessss but still fuk kakao m for being petty
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fanficsandfluff · a month ago
The Snyder Cut: Headcanons (mostly of the tickly nature)
Tumblr media
Bruce Wayne (Batman) ~ Batfleck, my love
He’s such a lover boy, and I can say that though I don’t exactly know how to explain what I mean. You just gotta understand.
He cares so strongly about EVERYONE. e v e r y o n e. Alfred, fucking loves the guy, jokes with him. The fucking “This is Alfred, I work for him.” MY MAN, STOP!
I think he just really wants to get along with everyone and wants everyone to get along in general.
But he lowkey crushes on Diana (at least in his mind, he’s keeping it lowkey, but we all see what’s happening)
I love the idea of this big hunk of a man getting soft with someone like Diana. 
She makes him genuinely laugh this one time by saying something funny, and then they’re both laughing together. 
Bruce definitely has one of those laughs where he throws his head back and shit and you can see his like Adam’s apple bobbing and everything.
But that’s if he’s really laughing.
And he has loud “HA”’s that are like really short but loud and then he kinda just snickers to himself for a while, holding his stomach.
And dude, the scene in freaking uhh… i think it’s BvS I’m not 100% (maybe i fucking imagined it who knows) where she like comes over to him and is fixing his wound….. tickle scenario hand picked from the gods right there
I can see a whole, “Woah!” from Bruce when Diana traces her fingers on some sensitive skin. And that Gal Godot smile is on her in an INSTANT. 
Bruce will laugh if he’s with the right person. Like I headcanon that if he’s being tickled, he will laugh if it’s done by Diana or Barry, then like he’ll be forced to laugh if it’s Clark bc he overpowers the poor bat, but then he just has these hilarious bouts of angry growls and chuckles if Arthur is going after him. 
I can’t even write about Batfleck being a ler because I will literally explode, so I’m done here 
Tumblr media
Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) 
I know the GIF isn’t from ZSJL but just let me live, ok? (Also I couldn’t find the one of Gal wiggling her fingers YOU KNOW THE ONE I’M TALKING ABOUT)
First off, Gal is the most horrible queen of giggles. I’ve seen those blooper reels. My god, girl, how do you keep getting hired?
Diana will start tickle fights without a doubt.
She’s already very trustful and I also feel pretty handsy with people, especially those she may feel close to. So if she’s playful, you best watch out.
Her favorite targets are Bruce and Barry. I will not take criticism. Diana attacking Barry and reducing him to panicky shrieky laughs is my #1 thought. It’s not even living rent free, I’m commissioning it to be there.
Diana is one to laugh with her victims. She will wreck them and have a great time doing so. 
She’ll be ticklish if she wants to be, but it isn’t often she gets pinned and tickled or anything like that.
The guys try to stay away from her or not go after her with tickles for fear of retaliation.
Tumblr media
Arthur Curry (Aquaman)
So…. my man isn’t really ticklish. I really don’t think he is, I feel like his Atlantean genes make his skin a special kind of hard, if that makes sense?
He’ll try and act all cool and ‘whatever’ around the League cuz that’s kind of his persona.
But he slowly gets to like them more and more and his playful side starts to come out.
He’ll tickle Barry out of pure annoyance. Like if Barry makes any kind of comment, he’ll just point his finger out and get that glint in his eye and Barry is sprinting for the hills.
Here’s my favorite headcanon: Arthur will tickle Bruce because he knows it pisses him off when he does it. Bruce will fight back and keep Arthur in his sights at all time and curse and growl at him. And Arthur thinks it’s hilarious.
Arthur as a ler will taunt and tease until the cows come home
“Huh, big guy? What’s that? Ahawww that’s what I thought!... Not so fast/tough/etc. now!... I will wreck you.”
Tumblr media
Victor Stone (Cyborg)
Unfortunately… not ticklish. :(
But this boy has the sweetest laugh you will ever hear, and I will die on that hill. 
Now that he has friends (superpowered friends, no less), he can slowly come alive and be himself. 
I can see Victor not getting involved in tickle fights at first, but at a certain point he’ll be all like, “Okay, step aside so we can do this right” and just PIN THE SHIT OUT OF WHOEVER IS BEING TICKLED. His extra robot arms are killer!
Okay, when he laughs for the first time in front of the group, there’s that cliche moment of pause where everything stops and everyone just stares and listens to him. It’s so rare to hear him laugh because the poor kid barely even smiled around them in the beginning. 
Now hear me out on this…
Okay, so half a face. Great. Weird. We love it. But you can see all of mischievous Victor when the guy SMIRKS. You see his eye squint and you can swear his robot eye gets a gleam of a different color. 
Wait honestly as I was writing that, the thought of Victor’s eye and like his apparatus changing color based on his mood is golden.
Me sitting here, lowkey wishing Victor’s robot body had some kind of cuddly mode like Baymax lmfaoooo 
Like the defense mode his body went into when he was around resurrected Supes, but for cuddles and being cute.
Tumblr media
Clark Kent (Superman)
I was debating even including any headcanons for Superman bc I don’t care about him much, honestly.
I am v happy they kept in the whole ‘him staring at Flash through the speed storm’ scene bc I laughed so hard at that the first time i saw Josstice League in the theater. 
Also I didn’t really like the black superman costume??? I’m not a comic buff, so I’m assuming that’s why. I am like the one person who missed the color from the Josstice League cut. Don’t miss the stupid red sky in the finale, but I miss every other ounce of color that was just SUCKED right out of the Snyder Cut.
Clark and Bruce are besties now, I don’t make the rules. Bruce bought the man his house back. By buying the bank. He’ll take care of him.
And I’ve always simped for those two ever since BvS, bc I’ve already written like two fics where they tickle each other. 
Clark overpowering Bruce to tickle the shit out of him makes me so happy lol. Big strong boy Batfleck looking thiccc over here… but put him against Superman and he’s donezo. Because as mentioned earlier, I do think Bruce is pretty ticklish. 
But Clark can have his lee side when he’s feeling nice
He’s got that mighty chuckle, almost like how Thor might laugh. 
And he really likes getting involved in tickle fights with the League. He knows all of them are sorta afraid of him on the daily anyway, but have that power added to a tickle fight and it’s fun as hell. 
He’s gotten taken down by them ONCE. And I mean exactly (1) O N C E.
They all teamed up. Bing, bang, boom. Pinned him to the floor and they each took an area of skin and fucking SQUEEZED AND WIGGLED. They were trying to incapacitate him as quickly as possible. And dangummit, he laughed a lot! Like Clark realized just how ticklish he could feel if he wanted to feel it. 
And don’t even get me started on Lois, he’s big on getting her to giggle and she likes toying with him and running her hands all over his body (bc who wouldn’t?)
Tumblr media
Barry Allen (The Flash)
I waited to write about Barry last because I have so much to say about this character....
and then I fell asleep and waited until the next day to write anything down about him so now I’m totally not in the mood and I forgot all the salient points I was planning on making.
fuck you, michelle.
I got a weird relationship with this character. He was mad annoying in the Josstice League. Thank goodness they trimmed his bad jokes down.
But now....
when he got hurt at the end and he was like crying and shit oh my god I wanted to hug him
His character got so... good
And I’m now at the right age where I can think about myself in a relationship with this character with no changes or shame
We both out here trying to find that one good job after college and everything
And then he got this whole found family schtick with the Justice League!!! Lookit him!!! Thriving!
He has total little brother energy
like, pesky little brother. Bothers everyone, looks over people’s shoulders while they’re deep in thought or concentrating on something.
Asks a lot of questions.
All the more reason for the gang to want to tickle the shit out of him.
Barry just reads like a super ticklish lee. Like his whole character.
Maybe touch starved because he said he needed friends, and I don’t think he has siblings??? (sorry if i’m wrong about that, comic fans)
I already named some of my fav headcanons about him getting tickled by like Diana and such, and I’m sticking with it.
Barry does flee. He runs away with super speed.... but sometimes he just kinda wants the tickles so he lets them have at him. 
The chase is all part of the fun with tickling Barry, though. That’s what makes it so entertaining. And Barry isn’t afraid to be a little shit about it either. He will super-speed around his pursuers and poke their sides and tickle them back really quickly before they even know what’s happening. 
Barry doesn’t exactly hold back his laughter lol. He’ll protest and scream and squirm like crazy, but once he’s actually tickled, he loses it.
Pure boy. With funny ass facial expressions.
And it really doesn’t help that I never realized just how hot Ezra Miller is, even though I heard he’s not a great person irl. Oh well.
Please please let me know if y’all have things to add, to squee over, to question me about... please. anything. i’m here for you. thanks for reading, guys!
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shdwwlkrsblog · a month ago
Idk if there are any creepypasta fans are here on tumblr but if there are any let me know you still exist bc why not
Anyways a story here
Warnings : blood , murder , death , swearing , mental illness , angst?
Jeff the killer x reader
Meeting an childhood friend
" 5 new victims with a smile carved in their face , police officer humbelbee ( i just needed a name) thinks it was the Jeff the killers work here " the woman in the tv said before the tv switched to a reporters camera who showed and officer and another interviewer " hello I'm live here we're the victims were killed with officer humbelbee who got a message for everyone living in y/t/n (your town name) " she said handing the microphone to the officer " hello and i need everyone to listen to me , this is the 3 time this week that Jeff the killer murdered people and we need to be extra careful because It doesn't seem like he's done . That's why I want everyone living in y/t/n and the towns near it to close all doors lock it as good as you can and block all the windows and stay inside , if you need to get food don't go out early in the morning or at night and never go alone , if you encounter Jeff the killer don't try to fight him and try to run to the next police station . He is too danger- " the black that now colored the tv interrupted him . You got enough you couldn't stand it anymore . Your old childhood friend jeffrey turned into a killing machine , killing all those innocent people . It was to much , it hurted but you tried to ignore it and looked at the clock at the wall showing 16:26 ' shit i wanted to get some food but now it's too late' you cursed yourself for not going earlier and walked into the kitchen checking your fridge but to your bad luck it was empty . ' do i really need to go now ?' you asked yourself feeling fear coming up in you 'what if he attacks me?' then a bit of hope ' what if he still knows who I am ?' but the hope was crushed when you came to the answer that he won't ' he ain't the same , he is crazy , a monster but not jeffrey' you thought a frown forming on your lips as the thought of jeffrey back then
"Hey y/n wanna meet after school ? " A male voice spoke behind you and you turned around to see Jeff standing there "sure jepp when are you free? "( Let's use jepp as the nickname you called him) you asked looking up at him 'how can he be so tall we are only 13?' you thought asking yourself if you were short or he was tall but we're in tripped by him punching you into the shoulder " hey I said I'm free at 1 pm " he laughed " you look like an idiot rn " and now he held his stomach bc of laughing " oh ok 1 pm then " you said , you didn't get what was going on but then you noticed liu coming up behind Jeff " oh I see the 2 love birds have fun " he joked earning a "no stop it" from both of you , you noticed your face heating up . Yep you had a crush on Jeff , a huge one but you didn't want to break your friendship so you keept quiet and brushed it off like it was nothing " hahaha okay well we need to go or we won't get our bus " you said trying to sound normal but liu noticed it and gave you his 'i see a bird in love ' glance but stopped when Jeff yelled a " what the fuck are you waiting for idiots?" And as response he got a " Jeff language you know mother will kill us if we swear " from liu " yeah whatever" Jeff yelled And ran towards you grabbed your wrist and pulled you to the bus station " com'on y/n we need to be faster than him " he yelled and liu and you laughed
(quick scenario from back then bc i wanna try to change my writing style to something good )
(end of scenario )
Years have passed since then , and you do still have a crush on him but not Jeff the killer , that monster . No you love the old Jeff . You shook your head trying to get that thought out of your head and looked at the clock 18: 19 ' i shouldnt spend that much time thinking and better get groceries ' you thought and wanted to slap yourself for wasting that much time but you figured out going now wouldn't waste more time and a self-slap would . You looked out of the window 'its 6pm and it's turning dark? Oh yeah it's winter' you thought as you walked quickly through your house grabbing the keys and some money . When you grabbed everything You looked at the clock again seeing only few minutes passed and you grabbed your selfprotection-knive 'bc i don't want to die ' you thought while stuffing it into your jacket . You made your way outside walking along the street only a few people were outside but the were walking quickly. Noone wanted to be caught by Jeff and get killed . After some minutes off walking to arrived at the shop and quickly got in and grabbed the food you wanted Payed and left the shop . When you left you got the feeling of someone watching you but you ignored it and just walked faster . When you walked pass a abandoned building someone aggressively trapped your arm and pulled you into it . The figure pressed you against a wall you wanted to move but stopped when you felt something cold and sharp at your throat and the figure started laughing in a deep and crazy voice . When you got a closer look you recognized the person , it was Jeff . But you got no time for that because he pressed the blade a bit stronger at your throat "jepp stop please" you begged and the figure immediately let you go . When he stuffed his knife away he asked "y/n!?" "Wait you still know who I am?" You asked surprised 'he remembers me does that mean he's still the old Jeff?' you thought happyness filling you "ofc how should I forget you ? Y/n i am so sorry for what happened but will you still be my friend?" He asked you hardly saw it but did he cry? But you tried to ignore everything that happened , all the people he killed . You loved him , you wanted to be by his side . You wanted to say yes but the sound of police sirens interrupted you . Jeff quickly picked you up and ran outside to the nearest forest ' since when did he become so strong?' you asked yourself while clinging at him and praying that he won't drop you . Jeff stopped when you both were far enough and set you down . "Are you ok?" He asked his voice filled with worry he was still the old Jeff for you , and you accepted him even if he was a murder . " Yeah and we are still friends jeff i don't care if you are a murderer i still love yo-" you stopped when you realized what you said and blushed , Jeff didn't say anything for a while " I'm okay if you don't love me just don- " your apologizing was interrupted by Jeff lips crashing into yours for a short time " i love you too y/n" he said and you guys kissed again
I'm not such a big fan of kissing but wanted to make a good and happy ending
Tell me if you liked it or not , the next few days (and if this story get some likes ._.) I'm going to try to be active and make more story's
Ask box open
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