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#I just wanted to do my own take on it
bosspigeon22 days ago
your dog is the cutest thing on the planet
She is!!! I am glad you think so!!!馃挄
Tumblr media
Here she is sitting in my overalls yesterday!
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iloveyoumorethansoup23 days ago
Band hall my beloved how I miss you
#I was just thinking about high school aus and how I have never once eaten in a school cafeteria#at my school there鈥檚 this tiny hallway that spans 2 classes which r to be fair larger than average#and it鈥檚 blocked off by 2 locked doors. only performing arts kids are allowed in and the invitation does not extend to friends#so the majority of us just eat in there or in the band room or the choir room#I have had such an odd high school experience#I made waffles in the morning with my mini waffle maker in that hallway#I took naps during classes in the middle of the hallway unbothered in there pillows and blankets and all#when I wanted to skip classes I鈥檇 ask the theatre director if I could organize music or clean the basement or decorate for theatre things#or work on props. I have my own room it鈥檚 the prop room and it has a lovely floor to take naps on#and I鈥檓 the only one allowed in it :)#plus whoever I say can be in it but the only time I ever let people in there is if there鈥檚 a blood drive going on on stage#and we鈥檙e skipping the rest of classes cause we donated blood. also my best friend cause I could trust her to not break the many things#seriously there are so so many things in that little closet of a room that are fragile#I鈥檓 gonna miss theatre there as unorganized as it is#we鈥檙e doing senior wills soon so I have to get everything together and figure out who I鈥檓 willing what to#I also have to get a pink helmet#and make my speech. how do u thank the group that made life worth living again#they made a family for me. also made me gay I mean that deserves a very large thank u alone#but also. the majority of people who did all that have graduated#so. I don鈥檛 know. it鈥檚 a weird time#but I do love band hall and I will miss it#soup talks
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blu-j4y24 days ago
You know, I鈥檝e been thinking about the different ways of how Techno and Phil express love to each other, and find it fascinating how they do it in different ways. Their ways of showing that they love each other are so similar but also contrast in some areas. (I鈥檓 like- 99% sure that this post has been made before but I wanted to write my own version on it because its something interesting to analyze)
Techno, as most of the fandom has agreed on, shows love through gestures, gifts, and promises of protection. The things we point out as Techno showing his affection towards people are things like when he gave the totem to Phil, or promising to protect Tommy during his time in Techno鈥檚 cottage. Offering them things that would protect them or offering to protect them directly. Of course, not all of his gestures are ones of protection, but its a common theme with his gifts. He usually shows that he cares about the person in front of them, and its pretty clear that he does.
Phil, on the other hand, shows his care through quieter things. Smaller gifts and favors that can often fly under the radar. His care is supporting the other person and helping them with whatever they ask. He doesn't have many, if any, grand gestures of him giving heartfelt gifts or speeches about how much he cares, which makes it harder to single out any one instant.聽There are things to be pointed out though, like how he made a bee farm with only a shadow of an idea of what it could be used for but did it anyway without asking questions, taking Techno鈥檚 side after Tommy left him for L鈥檓anberg, promising to help Techno even in house arrest by saying that he鈥檒l be 鈥淭echno鈥檚 hidden sword鈥 and helping Ranboo hide his involvement with Snowchester. Those are all instances of him immediately going to help or support the other person with little to no questioning as to why. These usually aren't acknowledged because the other person doesn't read into it as much or because they weren't there, in the case of him saying that he鈥檇 help Techno even while stuck in L鈥檓anberg.
How these different types of showing and receiving these gestures of love contrast聽is what I find it really interesting though.聽
They both show that they care through gifts and promises of loyalty, but its the presentation, magnitude, and audience that set them apart. When Techno gives people things its usually grand, with a half-speech before or after to cement why and what it symbolizes between them. Contrast that to Phil who supports but barely mentions it, who doesn't verbally give reasons to why he鈥檚 doing the favor or giving support but still does it.聽
Phil does regard Techno鈥檚 gifts with care. Though he doesn't really thank him verbally, really only giving a 鈥渢hanks m8,鈥 he places both the friendship emeralds and the compass in his enderchest, and keeping in mind that he is an efficiency-orientated person and weighs the usefulness of something before its sentimental value (in relation to objects and buildings) but he still puts them in his enderchest, where he puts his most valuable items.
We do get to less of Techno鈥檚 reactions to Phil鈥檚 gifts because, again, Phi鈥檚 gifts are generally more subtle. But we can look at his reaction to Ranboo鈥檚 gift- the remade Axe of Peace- as an example. His reaction was basically making a big deal about trying not to make a big deal. Even with him denying that he appreciates it, he still does (at least in my eyes) makes a big deal about it. He clearly shows his appreciation verbally and does make it known that he is thankful for it.
TLDR: The way Techno and Phil express appreciation is interesting in the way it is similar to and contrasts with each other.
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ruins-in-vanitya month ago
what right should you have to claim me as your own? i know my right, my right as royalty, to ask for anything under the sun. but i dont, and i wont. others ought to be able to ask for more, for what they need, before i ask for what i want. so ask for me, ask to have me and hold me and keep me. so i wont have to be selfish and demand the same. ask for me instead and youll have your wish, and then i wont be just another spoiled prince.
if i cannot ask for my knight, my knight must ask for me. i desire you, and in doing so i grant you the right to have my hand always and forever laced with yours. brazen your desires may be, it is mutual and you must ask for what I cannot.
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adobe-outdesigna month ago
Tumblr media
(High-res version 聽| 聽Support me on Patreon)
Dex Entries
Dragine (Dragon +聽Serpentine + Brine, a type of saltwater) Serpent Pokemon Evolves from Dragonair with water stone
Type: Water/Dragon Height: 22鈥 9鈥 (7.0 m) Weight: 248 lbs (112 kg) Gender: 50/50 split Ability: Drizzle/Shed Skin Friendship: 35
These reclusive Pokemon live in deep ocean caves. Their crystals glow in low-light conditions, which helps them navigate in dark waters.
Their whiskers are very sensitive. They use these to feel the location of cave walls.
Dragine frequently rescue people and Pokemon who become lost in underwater caves. Because of this, it鈥檚 revered by cave divers.
Dragine live in underwater caves, and only surface during the fiercest of gales. They use the crystals on their body to turn massive storms into gentle drizzles.
A Dragonair completely loses its ability to fly upon evolving into this Pokemon. What causes this evolution is unknown, but exposure to a water stone is vital.
Dragine caves are easy to spot, as the entrances are often covered in jewels and gold left as thank-you gifts from divers.
This Pokemon usually has a calm disposition. However, they can become quite dangerous if enraged.
A newly-evolved Dragine has ten crystals on its underside. It gradually grows in more crystals over time, resulting in them forming one new orb about every five years.
This Pokemon channels energy through its crystals and uses it in powerful attacks. Some reports claim they鈥檝e even attacked聽Gyarados who have wandered too close to their young.
Design rational and thoughts on Dragonite under the cut:
Design Notes
People who love Dragonair tend to hate Dragonite. I love Dragonite personally, and it actually bears much more of a resemblance to Dragonair than people seem to realize. It even makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint when you consider that it鈥檚 probably based off of an imugi.
However, it鈥檚 also true that Dragonite feels a bit disconnected from the rest of the line. This is because there are one too many changes made to it, ranging from the baffling color change to the body type. Even the personality changes, going from elegant and calm to friendly and doofy, so it鈥檚 understandable why people would be disappointed by Dragonite.
With that said, I鈥檓 surprised Gamefreak hasn鈥檛 done a branching evo for this line, as it would satisfy everyone. Prefer Dragonite? It鈥檚 still there. Prefer Dragonair? Now there鈥檚 an evo that resembles it more. Like both, like me? See if you can obtain two Dragonair and evolve them differently. Everyone鈥檚 happy.
The idea behind my design is that if a Dragonair evolving is similar to an imugi becoming a dragon after catching a jewel (yeouiju), then this branch is based off the idea that many imugi fail to become dragons and stay serpents. Dragonair both flies and lives in the water, whereas Dragonite gains a flying type, so I figured the evolution should lose its flight abilities and take to the seas, becoming part water-type.
Design wise, it鈥檚 based off a few deep-sea animals as well as Eastern-style lung dragons. It also bears a resemblance to Dragonair鈥檚 beta design, though that was unintentional (I already had started sketching when I found out what it used to look like).
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traumacurea month ago
i know i never shut up about it but the fact that my only remaining parent and her husband desperately want me gone hurts a lot. my mom will never love me again, she'll never help me again, she's only begrudgingly housing me at this point. i'm nothing but a failure to her and she just wants me to stop being her problem already. i've said it before but i'm not even a child to her, i'm just an investment that isn't paying off. she doesn't even hide her disappointment or how much she wants me gone anymore and it really hurts!
#i miss when i was a little kid sick with pneumonia she was so gentle then#it was like i was loved for once everyone was so kind and gentle with me#i just want to be taken care of but i've grown too big no one wants to look after a pathetic adult like me#this stopped being cute years ago no one feels bad for me anymore they just get fed up with my shit#my mom will never love me now i'll never earn my way back into her heart it hurts it hurts it hurts#i just wanted my last remaining parent to love me i wanted her to be proud i tried so hard to make her proud i became a 4.0 student#it wasn't enough i couldn't keep it up i had to take some time off and now she's completely given up on me#i loved her i loved her i really did i forgave her so many times even though she'll never apologize#i wanted her to love me i wanted her to be proud of me i just wanted my mom to love me but she only wants me gone#what did i do wrong? i tried so hard i tried so hard i ran myself into the ground trying to be the perfect child#because i saw what she did to the ones who weren't good enough i saw her give up on them i saw her disappointment i saw it all along#i hoped she'd never deem me a failure like she did to my brother but all my good grades meant nothing in the end#i couldn't keep it up and now i've lost whatever scraps of strictly conditional love she had left for me#i've let her down and now she wants me gone it really hurts i tried so hard to win my way into her good graces my entire life#and i couldn't do it i couldn't earn my own mother's love. i'm an unwanted disappointment of a child and it hurts so much#i just wanted my mom to love me why couldn't i even have that much? why am i not worth anything to the only parent i have left?#my dad was a terrible parent for so many reasons but sometimes i wish he lived bc i miss feeling needed#it was awful and unhealthy and abusive and it fucked me up but i miss it sometimes i miss feeling that needed by a parent#i miss him sometimes i really do other times i hate him most of the time i'm just glad he's gone but i miss him now#i miss having a parent who wanted me around at least some of the time#vent#馃┕#馃憮#馃毈#馃挋.txt
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mericatblackwooda month ago
鈥淲e鈥檒l see each other again,鈥 he said, 鈥淵ou are - truly your father鈥檚 son, Harry鈥︹ (POA)
If you ever need me, send word. Your owl will find me.聽 I鈥檒l write again soon. (POA)
Sirius鈥檚 letters, which were now hidden beneath the highly useful loose floorboard under Harry鈥檚 bed, sounded cheerful, and in both of them he had reminded Harry to call on him if ever Harry needed to. (GOF)
鈥淏ut 鈥斺 said Harry. He wanted Sirius to stay. He did not want to have to say good-bye again so quickly. 鈥淵ou鈥檒l see me very soon, Harry,鈥 said Sirius, turning to him. 鈥淚 promise you. But I must do what I can, you understand, don鈥檛 you?鈥 (GOF)
鈥淎 way of letting me know if Snape鈥檚 giving you a hard time. No, don鈥檛 open it in here!鈥 said Sirius, with a wary look at Mrs. Weasley, who was trying to persuade the twins to wear hand-knitted mittens. 鈥淚 doubt Molly would approve 鈥 but I want you to use it if you need me, all right?鈥 (OOTP)
It鈥檚 so important to me how Sirius makes sure to verbally remind and reassure Harry again and again, without any prompting, that he is there if Harry needs him, to state that Harry will either see him or receive a letter from him soon; basically, that he intends to be a permanent and reliable presence in Harry鈥檚 life and is not going anywhere. The first three letters Sirius ever writes to Harry all explicitly tell him to write him if he needs anything, and at the beginning of GoF Harry has that little debate in his head about who to tell about his scar hurting, and there鈥檚 a reason that Sirius is the one Harry eventually lands on.聽
And then throughout GoF, Sirius keeps reminding Harry in every letter and every time he speaks to him, don鈥檛 forget, make sure to tell me anything fishy that鈥檚 happening! AKA I鈥檓 your godfather and here to protect you from danger as best as I can! Like of course Sirius shows Harry his devotion with pretty much every single one of his actions too, but it鈥檚 so clear that Harry, who never involves adults and authority figures in his problems or confides in them, either because he doesn鈥檛 trust them or feels like a burden or both, needs these explicit reminders in words as well. And Sirius does everything in his power, even as a fugitive, even locked up and depressed in the childhood home he was abused in, to be accessible to Harry as a guardian.聽
#sirius black#harry james potter#dementors and the minister are gonna be after him any second and harry and hermione are yelling at him to GO#and sirius still tries to thank them and ask if ron's okay and tells harry he'll see him again and compliment him!!!!#also the 'i must do what i can' kills me bc sirius wants to help in the war so badly. is so ready to give anything and everything he has#just like he did over a decade ago in the first war. but then he's locked up and unable to do anything useful :((((#'he wanted sirius to stay. he did not want to have to say good-bye again so quickly.' i would just like to say that it is... ABSURD#that harry finds so much happiness and reassurance in seeing sirius for mere HOURS or less#and then we get to ootp where they are finally living in the same house for WEEKS ON END#and even spending christmas together. and yet they get no real bonding moments with each other??????#bc every single scene sirius is in MUST be used to emphasize how allegedly ~irreponsible~ and ~reckless~ and ~unstable~ he is#so they're not even allowed anything like they get in gof or moments of levity. which is STUPID and i HATE IT#probably as much as i hate the narrative in ootp villifying him the way it does#also i started a post in my drafts about the molly/sirius dynamic in ootp that'll probs take a bit to finish but#sirius literally having to tell his own godson not to open the double sided mirror in front of molly bc she'll disapprove#when it's just a way for them to communicate#thanks i hate it!#if you wanted a different home#hp post#my hp meta#anyways people who claim that ANYONE loved harry more than sirius or did more for him are. wrong!
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zackmartin2 months ago
#............................................................................................................................................#............................................................................................................................please dont rea#like seriously dont#i cant afford therapy anymore#and i cant take the medication given to me because it interacts with my pain meds#(so it's like i have to choose to manage one or the other but not both 馃檭)#but n e way because of that I kinda just need to scream into the void a lil bit#it literally feels like not only do i need to mourn the loss of my childhood (which I'm still doing at twenty fucking six mind you)#but now I have to mourn my future too#like I guess i always thought there was an end. that I could finally get to a place where my disease is manageable#and I could move out and have a career and a romantic relationship etc etc#but now it's like that rug was pulled out from under me and i was told like no. this is it.#you'll always feel like a burden to your parents and you'll never be able to control your own life and do what you wanted to do#and the things I used to do to cope just. cant even do that#like I love this fairytale au and i want write it but at the same time like. what's the point#like i want it to exist in the world and if I'm being totally honest i kinda want the attention that comes along with it AJXJSJ#but that just. that isnt enough#and DoD. I feel guilty that it's been so long since i put out a new chapter#but that guilt doesnt have the desired effect of making me work on it it does the opposite#i feel too guilty so i dont work on it and then more time passes and i feel even more guilty and it turns into a vicious cycle#like it all just feels like Too Much#anyway to my friends if you read this: know that it doesnt apply to projects I do for other people#like I am excited and ecstatic to be a beta or make a gifset for someone else oe anything like that#it's literally just my own projects where my brain goes 'no fuck you'#sorry I'm going through a lot this week and this is tip of the iceberg stuff#nikki rambles#nonfandom
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adoranoia2 months ago
Tumblr media
also, someone remind me at some point to draw six when she鈥檚 older, bc my version of her does have a canon聽鈥榚nding鈥 so to speak, along with @wyrding鈥檚 mono, and, it鈥檚 legit. the most self indulgent thing, but it makes me so happy
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rebloggingrexan2 months ago
Second reblogging blog???
I just learned tumblr only lets you queue 300 posts per account, and I really enjoy queueing and reblogging.
Might make another blog for reblogging animal stuff??? Dunno. Just found out about the limit today when I hit it, and I鈥檇 like to keep reblogging a glut of nice buggy and lizard content but also have a lot of fanart stuff here.
I鈥檒l find out how I鈥檓 handling my lack of queueing posts in a....... Let鈥檚 give it two weeks. xD
#me#keeper#(don't take any of the following too seriously please. i'm being melodramatic for my own entertainment)#DAY ONE (1): i am feeling the arid drought and desperation of not being able to reblog wholesome content from onenicebugperday#it is a feeling of tragedy and i do not know how much longer i can last#will i make it to week 2#so many posts i'm smiling at and no ability to share them with the world even if it takes months for them to appear on the blog#just as bad: i am distracted horribly and cannot spam my spam friend at the moment#i must cook#my stomach craves food but cooking is a task that requires herculean strength#so i cannot even queue Villainous fanart to slake my need for frivolity before diving into responsibilities#week 2... how thou dost elude me#even day 2 of this experiment and waiting seems so far away#-swoons dramatically-#DAY FIVE (5): i am purposefully not reading onenicebugperday posts because i do definitely want to favor having fanart here#and i know all the wonderful *i love them* comments will leave me wanting to reblog#i've also wanted to do some other swooning update posts the other days but idk didn't#ye it's a sad to avoid looking at posts you like#but i've only got space to reblog about 10 posts and that's also a sad#DAY FIVE (5) CONTINUED:#i am couch-ridden with my period and want to mass reblog things and shall#but then my queue will be filled#so many sads today#DAY SIX (6): it's probably for the best that i can't reblog anymore right now#'cause it's at least one thing that can't distract me#but it's still a sad#DAY ELEVEN (11): i have come to the likely conclusion -- as i suspected i would -- that NOT having another reblogging blog is for the best#as much as i hate that#i often use the blog as a way to procrastinate and i stare at walls for shorter periods of time than i get distracted with reblogging
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firaknight4 months ago
Tumblr media
Say hello to my new OC, Ixien!
They鈥檙e essentially a fragment of Void Termina鈥檚 body when it disappeared after Void left said body. The body itself broke into 3 pieces, one for land, one for the cocoon, and one for the winged form. Ixien happened to be that winged form.
They go by he/she/they pronouns but genuinely don鈥檛 care what you call them by (they have no idea why the fuck they鈥檙e alive or how they ended up on Popstar), and they鈥檙e a clumsy little baby with too many emotions.
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