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#I just liked the gasp okay
illshineforyou · 28 days ago
Yes that is the *clap clap* moment lol
I’ve always been so confused but writing that out just now I was like “OH?!” 😂
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minty-bunni · 2 months ago
The best games are when you are doing the high school map, the ghost room is the gym, and you get trapped in the gym alone during a series of rapid hunts while your friends are stuck on the other side of the door screaming. Ghost refused to give us any evidence at all too.
We had a few seconds for me to try to find the door and talk between. 4 times in the gym and a 5th as I tried to find the way out of the school in general.
"Oh, I think Bunni is dead." "Nah, I ran in circles and am now lost." "Use shift!" "I am!" *more hunting*
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savnofilter · 44 minutes ago
Kinkay Day 27
assassin!y. shindo
☠️ warning(s): 𝕕𝕖𝕘𝕣𝕒𝕕𝕒𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟, mocking, orgasm denial, humiliation kink, referenced yandere tendencies.
☠️ genre: smut, holiday special.
☠️ words: .6k
☠️ read more: kinktober(uary) | part one | flf
☠️ summary: some part of you should hate Shindo... right?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Don’t pretend you don’t like this now.”
Yo grinned down at your tear-stained face. Your head was tilted to the side away from him to hide the fact you were crying, but not out of sadness. It was out of frustration and anger that you did want to continue. He gripped your jaw and brought you to face him front once again, his grin never leaving his face. You struggled to get your face out of his grip, glaring at him. His eyes narrowed down at you, his already tough grip tightening and making you groan with a defeated scowl on your face. "Alright then. If you don't want to look at me, at least, satisfy the audience with that cute face of yours." 
The unmistakable sounds of subtle 'chings' and text bubble noises sounded from his large monitor, reminding you were here for a real show. 
Since the time that Shindo had properly caught you, he had made you his. Between what you and his company had been clashing with, this was more punishable by death. By day he treated you as if you were a normal couple. Taking you on nice dates, dragging you along as if months ago you weren't trying to kill him and the rest of his family. Now, you were part of them. And you were his pet at night too. As painful as it was… it wasn't. You tried to think to yourself that you didn't love every moment of this but you certainly did. 
Your cunt pulsed around his cock, his hips giving you a sharp thrust to encourage you to talk. You managed to croak a moan of surprise, biting on your lip to keep back the submissive that almost escaped your lips. That one thrust didn't stop there. He had taken a moment's "rest" he'd like to put it—when in reality it was to tease you—just to watch you squirm and get frustrated. With your arms tied behind your back, his hand using your hips to move back against him while his other made you face forward was a dangerous combination. This position offered you nothing but exposure and humiliation. The words being sent were going almost way too fast. Being able to only read a few that managed to pass by that struck past you. Your breathing was deep as you tried to control yourself, but the feeling of it all was edging you onto another sloppy orgasm. 
You managed to rock back against him, a few gasps slipping by a few times as he was able to hit at the spot that made you weak. Yo had hearts in his eyes as you watched you fuck yourself on him, nuzzling your neck as you continued your needy behavior. He was so damn lucky that he caught you when you tried to get away with that murder, and now he could finally have you in his hands as his. The times when he would say, “I love you” you thought he was saying it to taunt you. But little did you know he meant it. It was only but a plus that you got off to people having to witness that he owns you as well. 
His deep pondering comes to a close when he realizes that you’re slowing down against his, the usual signs that you were close. He stops yet again to watch your squirm and whine, groaning from deep inside of his chest. He looks at the camera that streamed all of this go down, his arms wrapping around your front and bending you over as he decided to pick his pace again. His thrusts were slow but sharp, wanting you to feel all of his words as he spoke into your ear.
“Give them a good show, okay?”
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narutogwriting · an hour ago
Before You Go
Pairing: Sasuke Uchiha x Reader
CW: angst
Length: 3.6k+
Summary: You play it through your head. Every moment, every interaction you ever had with Sasuke before he left. Was there something you could have done? Could you have made him stay?
Inspired by: Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi
Tumblr media
Looking at Sasuke hurt. That’s all you could think about for the longest time. To look at Sasuke was to be punched in the stomach, all the air leaving your lungs. It was like someone’s fist tearing through your chest, grabbing your heart and crushing it in their fingers. Looking at Sasuke left your entire existence battered and bruised.
You remember hearing the whispers. Adults whispered a lot, always telling each other secrets. “I’ll tell you when you’re older.” That’s what they always said when you asked them what they were talking about. So much of their conversations were too hard to follow along with. You made a mental registry of all the questions you would ask when you reached this elusive “older” age.
You were nosey, of course; always wanted to hear the ins and outs of things. But the first time you remembered the whispers really catching your interest was when you were seven years old.
“It’s horrible, what happened to the Uchihas.” “I can’t believe he could do that to his own family. “Just tragic.”
Uchiha. A boy in your class had the last name Uchiha. Sasuke. He was really popular, by far the strongest kid in the academy. You never talked to him, but you always noticed how happy he would get when his big brother would come pick him up at the end of the day.
“Did something happen to Sasuke?” You asked, crawling out from underneath the table, earning a startled gasp from you aunt.
“What have I told you about eavesdropping!?” Your mother snapped at you, but she didn’t look angry like usual. She looked worried almost. With a sigh, she pat your head. “Don’t worry too much, okay. It’s nothing. Sasuke is just fine.”
It was natural for a parent to want to protect their child’s innocence. Even at your parent’s age, the Uchiha Massacre was a horrific occurrence; it was too hard for them to process; it would be even harder to try to explain it to you. Ignorantly, your parents thought that if they hid it from you, you would never have to deal with it, but of course that wasn’t true. People talked and word got around. It only took one or two kids in the academy finding out some details for the story to grow and spread.
Sasuske wasn’t at the academy for a month after you heard your parents and aunt whispering about his family, but the next day at school, word was already beginning to get around. Sasuke’s older brother, the one he’d adored so dearly, that he’d smiled so happily at every day, had murdered his whole family, leaving only Sasuke alive.
It would have been better to hear it from your parents, the toned down, soft version of the appalling act as they tried to explain to you for the first time that the world could be a cruel place. But instead, you had to listen in horror while your classmates gossiped, lied, and exaggerated the whole thing, discussing the most traumatizing moment of Sasuke’s life as if it was a new movie playing in the cinema. You’d gone home crying almost every day that week.
When Sasuke finally did come back, he talked to no one, and no one talked to him. He kept to himself, arms crossed and a blank, cold stare on his face that would soon become his signature. You couldn’t believe that such a beautiful smile had ever crossed those icy features.
“Stay away from Sasuke.” Your mom whispered as she walked you home from the academy. When you questioned why, she’d simply shushed you. “Do what I say.”
Parents always know best. That’s all you know when you’re seven years old. They always do and say the right thing, and you always listen because you never have a reason not to. Your mom told you not to talk to Sasuke, so of course you wouldn’t because there must be a good reason not to.
You never told your mother that it was this very command that later shattered your innocence; the first moment when you realized that your mom was not always right.
It wasn’t immediate. You never really talked to Sasuke in the first place, so it was nothing new to ignore him now. But now that you’d been told not too, of course everything in you wanted to go say hello to him.
There is a theory of development that categorizes the age of seven as industry vs inferiority. It’s the first time you’re independently integrating into society and trying to figure out your place. The major question of children this age is “How can I be good or bad?”
And you were no different. This appeared in a lot of ways. When you struggled to hit the target with a kunai, you felt like a failure. When you were corrected by your parents, it felt like criticism and hit you to your core.
But you were moving further than your peers. You didn’t just wonder if you were good or bad based on your skills; you wondered if it made you bad to ignore a person that everyone else seemed to be purposefully isolating as well.
Can I be a good person if I let another person feel miserable?
Sasuke had lost everything, was living on his own in the place his family had been murdered in front of his eyes. Even you could understand that that must be traumatizing. Of course he was angry and cold and closed off. How could anyone fault him for that?
It started slow. “Hi, Sasuke.” You would greet him every day when you got to class. It took him off guard the first couple of times. Once he got used to it, he just “hn’d” in response, but that was okay with you.
Then you started asking him if he wanted to sit with you at lunch, offered him an extra dessert that you would sneak into your pack just for him.
He always told you no, so you would leave him alone and just offer again the next day. Not to be annoying; just to let him know that you were there.
Things changed a few weeks after Sasuke had come back to the academy. You were still saying hi and being ignored, and a few kids had begun to slowly start trying to interact with Sasuke in response. You never really saw him outside of the academy except for this one day you were out with your mom running errands.
You’d never considered how he got food or supplies he needed. You didn’t know where he got the money, but there Sasuke was at the market just like you were. You watched from your mom’s side as he walked up to a fruit stand where there was a group of people examining the different produce. Sasuke reached past someone, grabbing an amaou to put in his bag.
The person next to Sasuke glanced down absentmindedly, but you saw the way their eyes widened as they settled on him, realizing who he was.
“Oh shit,” the guy muttered, dropping his fruit and hurrying away from the stand. One by one, every other person around did the same, looking at Sasuke with an expression of shock or discomfort before speeding off.
You couldn’t see Sasuke’s face from where you were, only his back, but you could see the way his shoulder tightened. He froze completely before his body began to tremble just slightly. Sasuke’s fingers tightened and the fruit was crushed beneath his fingers. He dropped the pulp and the bag with all the other fruit he’d been planning on getting and in a moment, he was gone.
It was the first time you could remember hearing a heart shatter. You just weren’t sure if it was his or yours.
Your mom’s attention was elsewhere, so you took the opportunity to sneak over to the fruit stand, grabbing the bag Sasuke had dropped, examining the produce inside. When back at your mother’s side, you grabbed her hand. “Mom, can I get some fruit?”
Later, you snuck the fruit bag from your kitchen, slinging it over your arm as you walked around the village. You finally found Sasuke sitting under a tree on the outskirts of town. He had his back to the trunk, arms crossed as he stared off. He didn’t look at you, didn’t acknowledge your presence as you approached, but he didn’t tell you to leave, either.
So you slipped down next to him, leaning against the trunk and placing the bag of fruit silently between the two of you as you crossed your legs. With nothing else to do, you began to pick the flowers in the grass, weaving their stems together until you had a small bracelet formed.
What came over you, you weren’t sure. But confidently, you turned to Sasuke where he still sat, staring off with his arms crossed. You reached out, gently taking his arm and untangling it from the other. To your surprise, he didn’t fight you, so you took his hand, sliding the flower bracelet around his wrist.
When you looked up at him, you found that he was already staring at you. He wasn’t smiling, but for the first time in weeks, he wasn’t frowning either.
You hated him. You hated Sasuke Uchiha! After everything, the past five years that you had spent together… Had it all meant nothing!?
It was a blow straight to your heart hearing the words when you had come home. “Sasuke has defected from the village.” Sasuke had left to train with Orochimaru, all for his revenge. He hadn’t been kidnapped or forced to go; he left willingly. Just like that. One day he was there, and the next he was gone.
You hadn’t even had the change to go on the retrieval mission. You just had to have gone out of town that day. He’d already been gone for days by the time that you were home. Naruto was the last person that got to see Sasuke before he disappeared; maybe forever.
Even thinking the words had you in hysterics. You sobbed violently into your pillow, the sounds being ripped from your throat. You sobbed so hard your body shook. Your cries were so vicious that you began to vomit, not even able to make it to the trashcan.
That’s where your mother found you hours after you heard. “I told you to stay away from him…” Your mom tsk’d softly.
You would never forgive him.
Was there something you could have said or done? You thought you’d been a good friend to Sasuke. You’d always tried to be there, listen in those rare moments that he wanted to talk to you. Ever since you’d given him the bracelet…
That moment was so pivotal in your friendship. Not just that you’d given the gift, but that Sasuke had accepted it. It was the moment that your one sided pursuit of Sasuke had become mutual; the two of you were now friends.
And it wasn’t a normal type of friendship really like your other relationships were. This one was quieter, built around so much that was unsaid, only felt. In Sasuke’s loneliness, you were there standing by and sitting next to him through it all.
You couldn’t take away Sasuke’s pain or hurt, but you could walk with him through it.
Or at least, that’s what you had thought. It’d been stupid. You actually believed that you could help Sasuke, make him feel better when he’d experienced the most appalling sort of loss. Maybe that belief had only made Sasuke feel even more lonely.
Did you ever understand at all? No, you hadn’t, and you knew it. You’d tried your best, done everything you could, but you were just a kid too, and you’d never experienced anything like Sasuke had. How could you have known what to say to make it better?
Despite this, the guilt that you felt was consuming, taking up every part of you. You felt as if you’d drown in it, felt the way it filled your lungs until you couldn’t breathe.
You’d been in denial when you heard the news, felt the anger when the retrieval squad had failed. In the weeks that followed Sasuke’s defect, you’d switched between the two stages almost constantly.
Now, finally, you’d moved onto bargaining.
If Sasuke just comes back… If he just came home, you would be better! Whatever he needed, whatever he wanted, you’d give it to him! Somehow you’d have the right words this time. You would tell him exactly what hear to make it all stop hurting. Whatever it took…
And you bargained hard. You bargained and bartered and you petitioned and you pleaded. You begged whatever god that was listening, tried to sell your soul to the devil, if only, if only it would bring Sasuke back!
But if god existed, he wasn’t listening and the devil had no use for a spirit like yours. You were alone, screaming to the sky.
“Sasuke! You’re awake! I was just gonna stop by to see you.”
Sasuke could see that you were in a rush even if you didn’t say it. You were dressed, running your fingers through your hair to throw it up into a bun. There was a dumpling hanging delicately from between your teeth, signaling your quick breakfast you were trying to take on the go.
At this point, Sasuke knew you well.
It wasn’t often Sasuke came to you when he was struggling, at least not outright. There were plenty of times he’d sought your presence to simply suffer in silence, but at least he wasn’t suffering by himself.
This time, he didn’t want to suffer silently. Not right now at least. He’d been thinking hard, struggling all week since Itachi had put him under the Tsukuyomi. Tsunade had been able to bring him back from his comatose state, but hadn’t been able to mend what Itachi had broken and bent in his mind for the second time.
You wouldn’t find out til later, but Sasuke had come straight from the hospital not after waking up, but after challenging Naruto to a fight. Kakashi had broken the two up just before they’d about blown their arms off.
Naruto was surpassing him. That much was so clear, so obvious to him now, but no one wanted to admit it. If even Naruto, the worst of the worst in the academy was getting better than him, at this rate, how would he ever be strong enough to kill Itachi?
Kakashi had lectured him heavily about losing the friends he had left in his mourning of the family that was long gone. It was what Sasuke had wanted to talk to you about. Somehow, he knew Kakashi was right, but when he’d spent the last five years thinking of getting revenge on Itachi, he didn’t know how to reconcile what Kakashi was telling him.
“Stop by? Are you going somewhere?” Sasuke asked the obvious as you finally fixed your hair. You grabbed the dumpling, taking a bite as you nodded.
“To see my aunt,” You said through a mouth full of food. “In the village of the hidden rain.” You tilted your head, peering at him curiously. “Everything okay?”
Sasuke considered the question. You were going out of town, would be gone for a few days at least no doubt. Now probably wasn’t the best time to bring this up, but he wasn’t sure if it could wait until you got back.
As he began to respond, your attention was taken by your dad yelling from inside the house. “Finish packing your bag so we can go!”
You glanced behind you back into the house, rolling your eyes with a sigh. “Hold up!” You snapped before turning your gaze back to Sasuke. “Sorry about that. We’re running behind now, not that it’s my fault.” You gave a small laugh.
Sasuke knew he could have pushed it, and you would have dropped everything to listen to him. Your parents be damned. It’d just been a moment you were distracted from him because of your dad yelling. But now, suddenly, the words left Sasuke. He had nothing to say.
“It’s fine. I just wanted to stop by since they discharged me.” He lied easily, the words slipping off his tongue without dilemma. Even so, you usually would have picked up on it. You would have known that something was off, and you needed to pry.
It was just one time, one moment where you didn’t push him. You were in a rush, afterall, and you’d be back in a couple of days.
It was only hours after you left that the Sound Four had appeared to Sasuke, and minutes after, he was gone.
That moment would replay in your mind constantly in your mind, on repeat until it drove you insane.
You should have noticed. You should have noticed. You should have noticed.
You should have stayed.
Time heals nothing, but it gives you more things to worry about. You never thought it’d be possible, but Sasuke was no longer on the forefront of your mind at every moment. Every day, sure, but you were able to function in society, get stronger and attend to your duties.
You were no longer drowning in the sorrow of missing Sasuke, though that was where you’d been for so long you never thought you’d escaped. But finally, you’d hit the last stage of grief.
Acceptance. Sasuke was gone and there was nothing you could do.
You could have lived out the rest of your life in that acceptance, pushed the dull, ever present pain aside and pretend it wasn’t there, but you couldn’t do that. Naruto Uzumaki wouldn’t let you.
Hope was alive and well in Naruto’s heart and thus he stirred it in yours. “I’m gonna bring Sasuke back. Just you watch.” He’d grin at you.
You didn’t know where in the stages grief you were now, but you believed Naruto. He’d get Sasuke home even if you couldn’t.
You wished he never gave you that hope.
Kiba had picked up Sasuke’s scent. You were almost there. Almost to Sasuke…
That was when the orange masked Akatsuki member intercepted your team, keeping you from reaching Sasuke. You were desperate, feral almost as you attacked the man. To move him, killl him, it didn’t matter to you. You just needed to get past him, to get to Sasuke!
Another Akatsuki member appeared then, taking the attention from the masked man. You were about to make a break for it, but that’s when you heard him.
“Itachi is dead.”
The words settled on you, blood rushing to you ears and drowning out everything else. That was what Sasuke had always wanted; he’d finally done it. He’d killed Itachi, gotten his revenge. This should be a good thing.
You couldn’t explain it, but something was settling in your gut, a horrible, nauseating feeling that this was wrong. This wasn’t how things should have ended. Despite everything you knew and believed, you suddenly had the certainty that Itachi wasn’t the heartless monster everyone had believed he was.
Was it intuition, coincidence, or some unexplained connection you had to Sasuke? Glancing at Naruto, you could see he felt it too.
None of you noticed the masked man had disappeared. You followed Kiba as quick as your feet could carry you to where he tracked Sasuke’s scent, but by the time you got there, it was too late. He was gone.
“This is as far as I can smell him… We lost him.” Kiba told the team reluctantly.
You dropped to your knees, hand clutching desperately at your chest. You couldn’t breathe. It hurt; it hurt so fucking much you were sure you would die. The pain in your heart seized every part of you, knocking the air from your lungs and causing you to convulse.
Dropping to the floor, you began to sob. Those heart broken, anguished cries you thought you ran out of years ago.
How you knew, you couldn’t be sure. But it wasn’t your own pain you were feeling. It was Sasuke’s tears that flowed down your cheeks and his aching regret that filled your heart. Where was he? You wanted nothing more than to be there with him now, to wrap him up in your arms and never let him go.
The team winced as you weeped so brokenly, the sound shattering their hearts.
You’d never understood, not really. As much as you wanted to, despite your best attempts, you never could grasp the layers of Sasuke’s pain. If only you’d been able to. If only you knew the storm that was building inside of him, leaving him restless and agitated, desperate for the carnage to end. You wish you knew that he couldn’t stand it, the way that every beat of his heart left him in pure agony.
Was there a way you could have made his heart beat better?
Every night, you saw Sasuke in your dreams, his back to you as he left. You lived it over and over and over again.
”Sasuke,” You called for the first time, watching him pause, but not turning to look at you. “Before you go… Was there something I could have said or done? To make it all stop hurting?” You waited for an answer that never came. Sasuke stood there for a few more moments before he walked away, disappearing into darkness.
You guessed you would never know.
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triple-hbk · an hour ago
Fic: This Isn’t Everything You Are
Part One
Is he worth all this, is it a simple yes?
'cause if you have to think it's fucked
The blaring of the alarm made Hunter's arm snap over quickly to shut it off.
There was something jarring he hated about the sound, reminded him of his schooldays. He was used to the routine though, as he pushed himself out of bed and made his way to the adjacent room. He made his way over to the bed and switched on the bedside lamp. Shawn was still in the same position as when Hunter had put him to bed.
It seemed like a strange thing to be doing as a grown adult; routinely putting another grown man to bed at night and then setting alarms through the night to check on him.
Making his way over, he got close enough to see that Shawn hadn't puked in his sleep and he could hear him gently snoring. Well, that was something at least.
Just as Hunter was nearing the door there was a gasp from behind him and as he turned, Shawn was bolt upright in bed, peering in his direction.
“whatareyoudoin'?” he asked, muttered in sleep and confusion, the pills and booze not having run their course through him yet.
“I was just checking in on you. Go back to sleep.”
“Checkin'in?” Shawn repeated.
“Yeah. You know, make sure you were comfortable,” Hunter explained.
When sober, they never really went through how the night before had gone. When they all travelled together, Kid was almost always apologetic about his behaviour. Shawn never acknowledged it. Hunter assumed that Shawn probably thought he did get to his room every night perfectly fine, because Hunter never mentioned having to half carry, half drag him to his room every night and he certainly didn't tell him he checked to make sure he hadn't died every night, multiple times.
Shawn looked a bit confused by everything, his drug and booze addled brain combined with tiredness not really processing what Hunter was saying. “Go back to sleep, okay? Everything's fine.”
“I know,” he said as he flopped back down on the mattress. “You're here.”
The smile tugged at his lips without him realising it. 'He knows' he thought to himself.
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Day 8: “Hey, Hey, This is No Time to Sleep”
TW: Death, fear, implied suicide, short.
He let his eyes close every second before a painful gasp and they would fly open. He was a basketball with a massive hole while someone randomly pumped air into it just before it deflated. Mhmm. Great metaphor.
"Rho-" it didn't sound like my name at all, because he said it while sucking in a breath instead of letting it out.
Then he slapped his hand to my arm and squeezed it so hard I let out a little whimper of pain. He gasped again and then again right after, a little quieter, and they just kept getting shorter and smaller, like his soul itself was shrinking. His legs stopped kicking as much and my whispered reassurances went higher and more desperate and louder.
And it stopped. His open mouth went slack and his eyes relaxed.
"Hey, hey, this is NO-" I calmed my anxiety and spoke as quietly as I could, "this is no time to sleep, okay? Okay. Okay okay okay. Wake- WAKE UP!" Panic spiked everywhere. "Okay, okay I'm sorry. You have to wake UP. STOP IT!"
Just a- just a head loll, something. STOP IT.
"Vu-" My throat contracted. I'm not about to cry, I need to be able to comfort him when he wakes up.
Three hours passed, and every rustle of his hair in the wind made me jolt.
It wasn't until five had rolled by that I gently drew my phone out of my pocket and lightly tapped the screen, scrolling up.
"911, what's your emergency?"
"Roman Pérez. hus- myhusbandis in a lotofpain andithinkhemight havebeen- I think he is- was- is- se-seriously injured. Hasn'tmoved- hastmbdfor... for solong!"
"Sir, I will need to know your location."
Twenty minutes later, an ambulance and police car rolled around to find two dead bodies.
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hailtothepumpkinqueen · 2 hours ago
(@sprimkle-kloud I attempted to have Jacqueline comfort Gizmo after a nightmare this time lol)
Jacqueline was right on the edge of sleep, in that place between consciousness and dreaming, when a noise dragged her back to wakefulness. A whimper. Quiet, but close enough for her to register it was coming from somewhere in the room.
She thought it was Romulus at first, whining to get up on the bed. But then it occurred to her the sound was too close and not low enough to be coming from the hellhound. The realization had her fully awake, and she turned towards the source of the noise to confirm her suspicions.
It was Gizmo, curled in a tight ball beside her with his eyes squeezed shut and face twisted into a pained expression. Clearly in the clutches of a nightmare, whispering apologies over and over under his breath.
"Sunshine?" She whispered, reaching to gently shake him awake.
Before she could even touch him, he suddenly shot up with a gasp, shaky hands immediately clutching at the locket around his neck. He was panting like he had run a marathon, sweat plastering his hair to his forehead and whole body still trembling. Not seeming to be aware that Jacqueline was even in the room.
She reached for him again, placing a hand on his shoulder carefully so as not to spook him. Which did not work, as his head whipped around to her the second she made contact, baring his teeth at her defensively. Then he blinked, realizing where he was, and his expression dropped.
"Jackie? I didn't--I...I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.."
"Shh shh shh," she soothed, taking his face in her hands and stroking his cheeks with her thumbs. "Garret, I need you to look at me, okay?"
It took him a moment, but he did eventually look at her, eyes still watery with tears. She pressed her forehead to his, still maintaining eye contact with him.
"Whatever you saw, it wasn't real. It was just a bad dream. But you're awake now, and you're here with me. You're safe. I'm right here, okay?"
He nodded weakly, wrapping his arms around her waist and burying his face in her collar bone.
She gently eased them back down onto the bed, running her fingers through his hair and humming softly in her attempts to calm him back down.
Eventually his breathing slowed, his trembling stopped, and his grip on her relaxed a little as his drifted back to sleep. She followed not soon after, her humming slowly trailing off as her eyes got heavier and unconsciousness took her.
Leaving only the sound of their easy, almost synchronized breathing in the quiet room.
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fnf-brain-rot · 3 hours ago
[Whitty x Boyfriend] Chapter 9 - do you know what love is?
It's been over a week since Whitty started staying at Boyfriend's place. He stopped sleeping completely, and constantly had his head poked out of windows, or the peep hole in the front door. Boyfriend woke up every morning to Whitty cuddling him in bed, nervously wrapped around the smaller for reassurance.
Boyfriend wanted to do something to ease his anxiety.
Boyfriend walked with Whitty into the living room, holding his hand as a guide. He noticed the other has been a lot more touchy as well, which he didn't complain about. He encouraged it. "What do you wanna do today?" The smaller male looked up to him when they sat on the couch. Whitty shrugged. It was obvious his mind was elsewhere.
"You want me to call Gigi so we can hang out again?" Boyfriend then asked, and Whitty shook his head. Just the two of them huh.. Today should be a calm day. Boyfriend gasped quietly to himself, though he startled Whitty. "What? What happened? Did you see something??" Whitty stood up off the couch, and Boyfriend snorted a little. "No no, I had an idea!" He reassured him, somehow coaxing him to sit back down.
Whitty was obviously anxious staying in the same space, so why not have a change of scenery?
It was so chilly outside, Boyfriend wished he had a car. He would be too scared to drive anyway.
They had been walking for what felt like an hour. Whitty knew Boyfriend wasn't a damn machine, so he let him rest on his shoulders. Boyfriend tried his best to behave on Whitty's shoulders, but being so high up felt like a little gremlin was kicking at his insides, no matter how fun it was.
They arrived to their secluded little spot just on the outskirts of Philly. It was quiet outside the city. Whitty appreciated that. "I looked up some peaceful places to go, and there's this hiking trail out here that I found. Dunno if it's safe though." He looked down at Whitty from above. Whitty didn't seem bothered. He never even thought of leaving the city to hide. He always felt trapped within the confines of the looming, steel buildings and brick walls. This, however, is a nice change of pace.
"You wanna get down?" Whitty then asked the blue haired man, and he shook his head. "No, not yet! My feet are still dying!" He whined in response, letting out a bunch of incomprehensible noise after the fact. "Okay okay! I'm not forcing you off! You big baby.." Whitty snurked a little, and Boyfriend tugged on his fuse in retaliation, making him stumble back a bit with an "Ack!"
They eventually started moving again, walking down the trail that dipped lower into a bunch of broken trees and crazy brambles. Boyfriend got smacked in the head a little too frequently with branches, so he opted to get down and walk. What they didn't expect to find, however, was a little lake. It was small enough to be more of a pond, but big enough to call a lake.
Boyfriend would totally go swim if it wasn't freezing right about now. It was around the holidays, the ones capitalism loves so much. "Wow.." Whitty breathed out at the sight. It was cloudy, but faint rays of light beamed down onto the murky water. There were a few large rocks scattered about, and Boyfriend ran to sit down. He didn't care if they were covered in moss.
"The sweet smell of amphibimous creatures." Boyfriend sighed happily as Whitty took a seat next to him, resting his elbows on his knees. He's starting to think he didn't say that right.. " tiny pond animals." boyfriend put his hands on his hips and puffed out his chest, acting like he never messed up in the first place.
"Tiny pond animals?" Whitty parroted him, and the smaller nodded. "Yep! Like frogs, and turtles, and salamanders." He stood up and walked over to the edge of the water body, crouching down. "C'mere!" He whisper shouted to the other man. Whitty mimicked his actions, crouching the same as him. "Listen.." They both looked out to the lake, when Whitty noticed something. There were many tiny sounds around them, from the occasional croaking noise, then the constant high pitched buzz. "What are the noises?"
"The tiny pond animals! And some bugs." Boyfriend smiled up at him. "Watch this." Whitty scooted himself back a bit to give Boyfriend some room. The rapper stuck his tongue out, as if he were focusing on a single spot in the water, then shot out his hands. Water splashed on them both as he tore his hands back up just as fast. "Tadaa!!" He was holding a.. "What is that??"
"It's a frog!" Whitty watched in interest as the frog's neck puffed out. It was fast, but he could still see it. It let out the croaking sound he had been hearing earlier. "It's so small.. and green.. and.. slimy?"
"You wanna hold it?" Boyfriend inched it to him invitingly, and Whitty nodded quickly, holding out his hands to take it. "You gotta hold it tight or it'll jump away. Not too tight though, they're very fragile." He set the frog on his hands, and Whitty held it to the same capacity as Boyfriend had before. It was slimy. "Why is it so slippery?" he asked the blue haired shorty, who laughed lightly. "I think they said it's cause it's mucous. It's uh.. I think it's for protection. Some frogs have poisonous mucous, but those ones are mainly in the jungle." Boyfriend patted himself on the back for knowing so much.
"Where's that?" Whitty tilted his head curiously. "The jungle? Oh, in tropical areas and such. You know."
"Where's that?"
Boyfriend gawked at him. He really didn't know anything did he? "Did you have any sort of education when you were younger?" He quickly asked him. "No.." Whitty muttered honestly. Boyfriend sucked air through his teeth. Even he knew he was pretty stupid, so Whitty being stuck with him of all people might not get him far. Whitty let the frog go, and watched it launch itself back into the water.
"I'll teach you as much as I can then." The smaller nudged his side gently. "Can you tell me about love, then?" Boyfriend blinked at the question, then his face began to go red. "Uh.. What makes you wanna learn about that?"
The day after the carnival, Whitty talked to Girlfriend about feeling weird around Boyfriend. He told her his insides felt funny, and he felt it every time Boyfriend hugged or kissed him, but he also felt the same watching him do that to someone else. He recognized it as a negative emotion, but he wasn't sure what about it was negative.
"Fluttery, huh? I see.." Girlfriend giggled to herself, gently applying the man's blush. Whitty liked the feeling of the brush.  It was soft, and somewhat comforting. "Do you know what it means to like someone?" She spoke softly, lowering the brush to look at him. Whitty shrugged. "To appreciate them?" Girlfriend nodded. "There's two types likes. Platonic, and intimate. Platonic means you like them as  friend, or a brother or sister. Intimate is more like.. a romantic partner."
"Romantic partner?"
"Romance is.. love. You said you were twenty percent human, right?" Whitty nodded. "Then you must have the ability to love someone, not based on numbers anyway."
"But what does it mean to love someone?" Whitty asked her softly, and she laughed a little. "It's that fluttery feeling you get when you and Boyfriend touch. When you see him smile, laugh with him, eat with him, cuddle with him. When you're around him and you "feel weird", as you put it, that means you like him, more than just a friend or a brother."
Whitty took all her words to heart. So he wanted to be more than a friend to Boyfriend. But what does that mean?
Finding a partner is a big deal in society, so he wanted to be gentle on Boyfriend. He didn't want to scare him or make it weird. "It has to do with the affection stuff you taught me, right?" Boyfriend nodded quickly. "Yeah but uh.. That's just the tip of the iceberg. Things other than that are a lot more intimate. Are you sure you wanna.. get into that?" He tried to hide his flustered face with his coat. Whitty nodded, then went back over to sit down on the stone. He patted his lap, and Boyfriend's face got even more red.
He eventually mustered the courage to walk over to him, turning around and sitting in his lap. "No, like this." Whitty lifted Boyfriend up, who clung onto his arms in surprise, and turned him around, forcing his legs apart across his lap. Boyfriend's face flushed a deeper red as Whitty wrapped his arms around his waist, holding him close. Whitty wasn't cold.. he can produce his own heat. Boyfriend appreciated that, as he began to warm up just cuddling him.
Boyfriend would admit, he was kinda touch starved. That would probably be why he was so quick to have sex with Pico.. It's also why he was so eager to show Whitty affection. That and there was no way the guy has never had a damn hug.
"Do you like this?" Whitty asked Boyfriend softly, and the smaller swallowed, then nodded. "Yeah it.. feels nice.. Do you like it?" He threw the question back, which Whitty didn't expect. That feeling again, in his chest this time. This is probably what Girlfriend meant. What it's like to like somebody. Or even love somebody. They made eye contact, and Whitty took his time to finally slow down and look. Boyfriend had such cute little cheeks.. He knew really nothing about societal body standards, but Boyfriend was nothing short from beautiful. His smooth, milky white skin, and the red hot blush that dusted across his cheeks, and his little button nose.
Most people wanted blue eyes, or green eyes, or eyes that change color, but Boyfriend's pitch black irises held more emotion than he's seen in anyone else's. "Yeah.." Whitty smiled, hugging the male tighter. "I really like it."
Boyfriend laughed a little, his own arms wrapped tightly around Whitty's torso, honestly trying to get as much warmth as he could get.
They hung around the area for a good few hours, cuddling the entire time of course, watching the sun move around in the sky. Boyfriend took it among himself to talk to him about how big the world is, and just how many things were on this planet. He saved the 'We're on a giant rock floating in space" talk for another day. He didn't want him to have an existential crisis so soon.
It was around five in the afternoon when they decided to start making their journey back home. Whitty felt enlightened, happy, and.. safe. Boyfriend wasn't the scariest looking dude, he certainly wouldn't be able to protect them if something were to happen. Whitty didn't mind though. He.. loved him? For who he was. He's done so much for him already, now he's gonna do stuff for him in return, and show him how much he appreciates him.
"You wanna stop and eat somewhere? I'm kinda hungry." Boyfriend put a hand on his growling belly, and Whitty hummed in thought. "If you can afford it." Boyfriend playfully glared up at him. "I told you not to worry about money with me." He gently punched his hip, but winced as his hand connected with literal fucking metal. Right, mostly robot. "That's what you get for not letting me worry about your financial situation." The taller laughed lightly, beginning to walk ahead as Boyfriend stood behind to recuperate.
"You fucken-" Boyfriend began to retort, but soon couldn't really hear much. He squeezed his eyes shut as he felt his body hurl itself backwards. He tumbled across the pavement, seeing nothing but white for a good few seconds. Inhaling a gasp, he opened his eyes and looked up at the slightly cloudy sky. What the fuck was that?? All he could hear was a high pitch ringing, which could mean..
He quickly looked down in front of him, his eyes wide with fear. "Whitty?? No no, Whitty!" Whitty's body lay unmoving on the pavement some ways from him. His voice was muffled in his own head. What happened?? Can he just explode at random?? He scrambled over to him, examining his headless body. He's exploded before, but there was an indicator for when he would explode. His fuse wasn't lit this time. What.. What caused it??
They weren't too far into the city, just enough for the lower income houses and some empty lots to be visible. "Jesus christ.. I-It's okay Whitty, it'll be okay,  fuck.." He whimpered out softly. He did all he could, lifting his body by the arms and beginning to carry him out of the open. They sat behind some random building, the ground littered with trash and dirt. It smelled pretty bad, but that didn't matter now.
What mattered was that Whitty woke up safe and sound.
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intheticklecloset · 3 hours ago
Jealous (Yuri on Ice)
Summary: Yurio isn't too happy when he finds Otabek skating with Victor, but Otabek's encouragement turns into something else when he learns his friend is sensitive in more ways than one.
A/N: I've been obsessed with Yurio recently, and I knew I wanted to write a fic with him as the lee but I wasn't sure how to go about it for a little while. This is my first attempt at a Yuri on Ice fic of any kind, and I'm really happy with it. I hope you enjoy it as well!
Word Count: 1,719
“Don’t be mad,” Otabek said, smiling at Yuri’s glare that was laced with a pout.
Yuri grunted and looked away. “I’m not mad,” he muttered, but it was obvious he was lying. He’d gotten to the rink a little later than he’d intended, and upon arrival had seen his best friend skating with Victor. He didn’t know whether they were practicing or actually skating together, and he didn’t care. Either way it had made his blood boil to see the man he’d looked up to for so many years skating with his friend. His, not Victor’s.
Now that Victor had gone – bidding them a way-too-cheerful goodbye as he went – Yuri let his mask of irritation slip just enough to let Otabek see that he wasn’t just angry. He was disappointed, too. Worried. And that bothered him even more.
Otabek stepped closer, wrapping his arms around Yuri’s shoulders in a hug, and the younger teen stiffened at the obvious show of affection. This was the part of friendship that was still new to him; this hanging out, talking to each other, hugging.
“It’s okay, Yuri,” Otabek said, voice softening. “I still want to skate with you, if you want to.”
Yuri scoffed. “Of course I want to skate with you, idiot. Er, I mean…” He frowned, trying to find the words. “Not idiot, just…of course I want to skate. That’s all. I want to skate. With you. Just us.”
Otabek chuckled, pulling away to look his friend in the eyes. “Good. I do, too.”
Yuri shook him off. “Then why were you skating with Victor?”
“He was here when I got here, and you were running late.” Otabek smirked, tweaking his side playfully. “Don’t be so jealous.”
Yuri gasped sharply, taking a step back, eyes wide. Otabek looked at him, confused at first. Then realization dawned and his smirk became a smile.
“Don’t look at me like that,” Yuri muttered, fighting against the blush he knew was threatening to light up his face. “I’m allowed to be jealous. You’re my friend, not his.”
“You’re allowed to have more than one friend, you know. You’re friends with the other Yuuri, and I’m not jealous of him when you two hang out.”
“We do not hang out,” Yuri spat. “That pig and I are not friends.”
Otabek observed him for a moment, then pinched his side again.
Yuri squeaked and stumbled back even further. “Quit doing that!”
“Are you ticklish?” Otabek asked finally, advancing on him.
The way the blonde scrambled away so hard and fast that he slammed himself into a wall was enough answer on its own. Otabek trapped the smaller boy between his arms, pinning him in place with his body and his gaze as he smiled warmly. Yuri was definitely blushing now.
“You are being difficult,” the blonde managed, trying to duck under Otabek’s elbow. The taller boy grabbed the hood of his jacket and yanked him back, snatching up his wrists and pinning them above his head. Yuri sputtered indignantly. “L-Let me go, you – you idiot! What are you doing?!”
Otabek chuckled. “You think I’m being difficult?” He tweaked Yuri’s ribs this time, smirking at the little noise he got in response, followed by a sharp twist to the side. “You’re the one who needs a lesson, my friend.”
“Don’t touch me,” Yuri snapped, eyes widening when Otabek poked a finger into his side and wiggled, keeping up with him even when he tried to jerk out of the way again. He bit hard on his lip, breathing quickly, trying not to laugh. “Don’t touch me, I said! Beka!” Still that finger kept up, wiggling and digging and poking from his side to his stomach, eventually searching out the blonde’s navel through his clothes. Yuri wished he could move, wished he could do something, but Otabek held his arms firmly above his head and just kept standing there, smirking at him, waiting for him to break. Yuri was blushing red as a tomato and he couldn’t do anything about it. “S-Stop! Beka – stop!”
But Otabek just smiled, moving that poking, prodding finger down the front of his stomach to his hip bone, and that’s when Yuri brought his leg up defensively and let out a little huff. Just a huff – not a giggle yet – but enough of a noise to let the older boy know he was getting somewhere.
“Here?” he asked, placing his hand on Yuri’s hip and pressing his thumb into the bone, harder this time, and the blonde let out a tiny snicker. “There we go. This must be your spot.”
“S-Stop it, Beka,” Yuri pleaded, a wide smile on his face that he couldn’t control. He squirmed against the wall, helpless, desperately hoping Otabek would show mercy. He hated the way he sounded when he was tickled, hated how it made him laugh beyond his control, hated that it made him beg like a little kid. “Don’t…don’t…”
Otabek hummed. “Don’t what?”
Yuri glared at him. “Don’t tickle me.”
“Why not? Tickling is fun. Friends tickle each other, don’t they?” The dark-haired teen pressed in again, and again, he got a little snicker. “You’re my friend, and I want to make you laugh since you’re so unhappy.”
“It’s your fault I’m unhappy!” Yuri cried, twisting sharply to the side when that thumb pressed in again, kneading little circles. “Y-You were skahahating with Victohohor!”
Otabek smiled and shook his head. “You’re impossible sometimes.”
“Stop,” Yuri pleaded, the first giggles finally spilling out of him. “N-Nohohot there, please, it t-tihihihickles – Beka, please—”
“I want to hear you laugh,” Otabek replied simply, finding the hollow of his hip and kneading deeply.
Yuri spasmed against the wall, turning his face to the side to hide his wide smile and blush. “Nohohohohoho! Stohohop it, plehehease, I hahahate being tickled!”
“You hate it?” Otabek asked, slowing to a stop. “Why?”
Yuri pressed his lips together, refusing to look at his friend. “It’s humiliating.”
“I’m not trying to humiliate you. I’m trying to have fun with you.”
“Yes?” Otabek frowned at him, confused. “I’m trying to make you feel better, not worse.”
“By making me make sounds I hate? Making me laugh when I’m angry at you? Making me…” Yuri huffed. “Making me beg?”
“If that’s the way being tickled makes you feel, I won’t do it.” Otabek’s voice was serious now, but his grip on Yuri’s wrists was unwavering. “But I think if you let me, I could show you that tickling can be fun if you let it be. You can’t help the sounds you make. I really want to hear them, actually. I won’t think you’re pathetic or weak for laughing when I tickle you. You’re ticklish, Yuri. It’s entirely normal to laugh when you’re tickled.”
“Spare me the lecture,” Yuri snapped, squeezing his eyes shut. “If you want to do it so bad, then fine. Do it. Just don’t blame me if I kick you where it counts.”
Otabek paused. “Are you sure?”
“Yes, you big oaf. Just do it already-eeee!” Yuri squeaked out the last word, his uncontrollable smile returning when Otabek resumed kneading tiny circles into his sensitive hip bone. The blonde tried to collapse, but with his friend holding his arms above his head like that, he only gave him more of an opening to tickle him. “Beka! Let me – lehehet me fall! Let me dohohohown!”
Otabek complied, releasing Yuri’s wrists so he could fall to the floor, curling up in a protective ball that the older boy then had to unfurl, coaxing him to lie flat on his back so he could reach his hips, sides, and ribs easier.
Yuri’s head was thrown back, teeth clenched against the mirth that wanted so badly to burst out of him in embarrassingly high-pitched giggles and squeaks. He shook his head, grabbing Otabek’s wrists. “Nohohohohoho! I tahahahake it bahahahack – stohohohohop!”
“I want to hear the sounds you make,” Otabek said, pinning the blonde’s wrists together with one hand and continuing to scribble and dig with the other. He broke into his own wide smile when finally – finally – Yuri Plisetsky dissolved into adorable giggles. “Like that.”
“Stohohohohohohop,” Yuri whined, squirming on the ground but going nowhere fast. He wished his hair would hide his face, but lying on the floor with his head thrown back like this, he didn’t have a hope in the world of hiding from Otabek now. “Beheheheheka, please, it tihihihihihickles!”
“I know, but isn’t this at least a little fun? I think it’s fun. You’re being really cute. I like this look on you, Yuri.” The dark-haired boy smiled fondly at his friend, letting go of him to seek out the backs of his ribs with his fingertips, blinking in surprise when Yuri yelped and gripped his shoulders, giggles bordering on something stronger. “Oh?”
“Nohohohohohoho!” Yuri was almost laughing now, but still not quite there. He shook his head, kicked his legs, tried to push Otabek away. “Plehehehehehehease! Stop, Beka, I cahahahahahan’t! I dohohohohohon’t want to!”
Otabek took that as an obvious cue to stop for real, so he ceased his tickling and sat back, patting Yuri’s knees affectionately. “No more, I promise. I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do.”
Yuri wrapped his arms around his torso, then thought better of it and covered his face, trying to hide. Still, Otabek heard the muttered “thank you” from behind his palms, and he smiled.
“If you ever want to try again, just let me know,” he said. “In the meantime, why don’t we get out on the ice. It’s why we’re here, right?”
Yuri waited a few moments before removing his hands, back to his usual, snarky self in no time despite the light pink hue that still painted his cheeks. “Yes. Skate. I want to skate. Let’s go.”
The two of them got their skates on and laced up, then headed out onto the ice together. Yuri breathed a sigh of relief, finally at ease, feeling at home, exactly where he belonged. Where he knew he was in control again. Still, though, as he and Otabek skated around and with each other, he had this nagging feeling in the back of his mind that wouldn’t quite let go.
He had a lot to think about.
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okay-j-hannah · 4 hours ago
You Really Like Hugs
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, and Newt Scamander
Warnings: None... just that I would like a hug now 😂
Request: “Preference, 10th, and 11th Doctor and Newt Scamander with a mom friend reader who really likes hugs 💜” @memoirs-of-a-crow
Tenth Doctor
Tumblr media
“I’m fine.”
“You’re always saying that.”
He limped about the console, a smug look on his face. “That’s because I’m right.” And when he caught the raised eye from his companion, he backtracked, “Well, usually right.”
(Y/N) peered at the way he held a stitch in his side – how he preferred to stand on one foot over the other. She mutely pointed at the set of chairs next to her, watching the smugness melt away.
“I really am fine.” He stumbled slightly on his way over to her.
“You keep saying it… but I’ll be the judge on whether it’s true or not.” She couldn’t help but scrunch her brows in a concerned way as she watched him struggle moving.
He kept his classic smile trained on his face as he stood before her, “Time Lords heal faster than you think.”
“And I’ll feel better if I know you’re okay.” She grazed his jacket and noticed him wince, “Move your hand; let me see.”
She didn’t look to see how he stared at her worried glance. He hesitated, not wanting to create more fear after they’d just escaped from it outside. But he reluctantly lowered his hand, revealing a film of blood on his palm.
(Y/N) gasped, a knot twisting in her stomach, “This is your definition of fine?” Her voice was angry despite the sadness in her face.
The Doctor didn’t like being the cause of it, “It’s not so bad. I’ve already started rapid healing.” He spoke quickly, moving to raise his dress shirt. There was a harsh red mark, slightly scabbed over and covered in dried blood.
(Y/N) had moved her hands to cover her mouth as he showed her the wound. And she kept her hands there regardless of knowing he was healing all right. The Doctor frowned, his eyes twinkling as he gazed at her.
“I told you I’m fine. Nothing a new shirt can’t fix.” His voice was soft now, no hint of smugness or exasperation. He knew what she needed without her uttering a word in response.
He held out his arms, twiddling his fingers. She lifted her scared eyes to his warm ones, “You always have me going half mad with worry.” And she fell right into his arms, holding him tight, “I couldn’t stand it if I couldn’t help you.”
Her hands bunched into his jacket, squeezing the life out of him. It made the Doctor smile, “You’re helping me right now.” He wound his arms more securely around her, grinning into her hair.
Eleventh Doctor
Tumblr media
(Y/N) waltzed about the room, drinking and laughing. Everyone around took in her infectious smile and couldn’t help but join in with the party.
The lights were dim, the music raised to an almost uncomfortable level, and (Y/N) was having the time of her life. She twirled around, lifting her drink into the air and cheering towards the crowd of people gathering around her.
They egged her on, bouncing and dancing right alongside her – Amy was somewhere nearby dragging Rory by the arm. (Y/N) beamed, loving the atmosphere of everyone having fun.
Needless to say she was a fan of surprise parties.
The Doctor was under the entryway, observing from afar. He had a stupid little smile on his face as he watched his companion bob and weave through the crowd. He absolutely shined at the enjoyment in her eyes.
(Y/N) was always such a comfort to him, the longest companion he’s had yet. And it was about time he started returning the favor; she needed some more fun after the worry she had taking care of him.
Because that’s exactly what she did – she took care of him. What would he do without her constant fretting and annoying questions? Or without her chocolate chip cookies and welcoming hugs?
He needed to make sure she understood how much he needed her around.
It was almost startling how quickly (Y/N) danced her way over; he didn’t notice her leave the crowd.
“Doctor!” She yelled over the music, still keeping in time with the song. “This is one hell of a party!”
His eyes glittered, knowing full well that if his bowtie could twirl on its own, it would right now. “I’m glad you like it.”
“I love it!” And she flung her arms around his neck, pulling him close.
Though a fan of hugs, giving them frequently himself, the Doctor always paused before returning one from (Y/N). He saw them as an honor, a comfort, and it was always a skip in his heartbeats whenever he received one.
But he wrapped her up in his arms and lifted her lightly off the ground. A goofy smile plastered itself on his face, spinning her around once before putting her down.
“You are such a joy to be around, (Y/N). You absolutely deserve this.”
She graced him with a smile, “And you are such a charmer Mr. Fez Man.” And she settled against his chest, keeping him close. She was completely oblivious to how he rested his head against hers, closing his eyes and reveling in her loving embrace.
Tumblr media
Newt stood there awkwardly in the corner, observant and distant from the rest of the dinner guests. He watched as his brother stole his best friend, capturing every ounce of her attention in laughs and smiles.
He kept his face unreadable, swirling a forgotten drink in his hands. He would never admit it, but he could do with one of (Y/N)’s hugs right about now. But apparently she was too busy falling for his arrogant, idiot brother.
Newt was never a big fan of parties, but made appearances for Theseus’ sake, and because (Y/N) enjoyed going out. She always wanted to check up on her friends and others she cared about.
Of course that’s why she was best friends with Newt – she was always checking up on him. She felt the need to take care of him and all the better because Newt was never good at making friends.
“Merlin, does he ever shut up?” (Y/N) came trailing over towards Newt, eyeing him suspiciously. He knew she was assessing how he was doing.
“My brother is fond of an audience.”
“Yeah, took me only four seconds to figure it out.” She laughed her glorious laugh and then quieted at the lack of response from her friend. But she knew exactly how to handle it, “I thought I’d escape and come over here. I’d much rather hang around you than Theseus any day.”
He couldn’t help but feel the corner of his mouth lift in a hesitant smile, “It’s not quite as lively over here.”
And she gave him a concerned look, waiting for him to meet her gaze. When he didn’t, she took the liberty to wind herself around him, wrapping her arms about his waist. She waited longer still until he returned the hug with light and shaky hands.
“I’m all right, (Y/N). There’s no need for hugs at a dinner party.”
She smirked into his chest, pulling away and feeling him drop his arms immediately. He always did that, trying to make sure he didn’t make her uncomfortable.
“You think that was for you?” she laughed, “That hug was for me. I knew you’d make me feel better.”
Newt flittered his eyes towards hers, gauging if what she said was just for his benefit.
“This hug, however, is for you.” She grinned, pulling him in again and giggling slightly into his chest.
He let out a slightly exasperated sigh, smiling despite himself. He wasn’t as cautious this time as he wound his arms around her shoulders.
Buy Me a Coffee?
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corysmiles · 4 hours ago
(Friendly Giant au) One day after Wilbur is more comfortable with Ranboo touching him he goes to leave for the night like Tommy used to do but then Ranboo just gently squishes him between his hands like 'no it's cuddle time'
Friendly Giant AU
(Anon I took this in a very angsty direction I apologize in advance also I rushed finishing this so I will go back and edit later I promise)
It was a couple months after Wilbur started coming to visit when Ranboo tried to make him stay. Wilbur still didn’t come every day- it was more like once or twice a week if anything- and he absolutely never stayed the whole night. On the nights he did come Tommy would walk him home around midnight which unfortunately meant he wasn’t around the rest of the night.
But Ranboo wished he would stay. He really wished he would stay. Every time he watched the still-cautious man leave his den he had to fight against every part of himself to not pull him back. He wasn’t part of his “family” yet...but he was pretty close.
So one night when Wilbur turned to leave Ranboo just couldn’t resist. He was tired and Tubbo was already curled up on his chest and he just couldn’t stop himself. He didn’t want Tommy and Wilbur to leave...he wanted them in his hands.
Quickly, he slammed his hand down across the entrance and felt the two humans bump into his knuckles.
“Stay,” he yawned.
The two humans backed up from his hand but before they could get away he scooped them up and pulled them against his chest. The feeling of their small movements made his already jumbled thoughts even hazier, and vaguely he registered that he was purring.
“Hey! Let go,” Tommy yelped.
The small human pushed against his hands but Ranboo couldn’t bring himself to free them. They would leave if he let them go...
“Stop being a bitch! Wil’s freaking out man!” Tommy shouted and suddenly Ranboo’s head cleared.
With a gasp of realization he dropped the humans back down and watched as Wilbur curled up on himself. The man’s breaths came in short painful bursts making Ranboo’s heart scream. Meanwhile Tommy rubbed his back trying to calm him down.
He had done that. He hurt him. Ranboo wanted to run away, to leave and not be seen again by the small human.
He knew Wilbur didn’t like being touched and he still did it.
“-ay?” Tubbo asked. Ranboo only caught a little bit, but by the concerned expression of Tubbo’s face he could tell it was a question.
Tubbo carefully jumped off of Ranboo’s chest and approached his older brother, “What happened?”
“Nothing bad,” Tommy reassured, “Ranboo just had one of his moods and it freaked him out.”
“I’m so sorry...” Ranboo whispered.
“It’s fine,” Tommy snapped, “He’s just afraid still...this is hard for him yaknow.”
Ranboo’s ears twitched back in anguish. He had scared Wilbur...
Ranboo turned and gave Tommy a quick nod before pacing away into a deeper part of the den. He couldn’t bring himself to stay and watch the aftermath of what he did. He didn’t mean to scare him.
His feet carried him deeper and deeper into the dark cavern. It got to the point where he had to duck down under the dripping rock...he guessed he’d gotten taller again...great. When he finally stopped he was in front of the small River running through the rocks. The water spit at his feet making him shiver at the cold touch.
Slowly he knelt down next to water. Faintly he could see his own reflection on the ever-shifting surface. It was terrifying.
Sometimes he was able to forget just how different he was from the people he cared so much about, but at that moment, looking at himself in the river, he felt awful. Of course Wilbur was terrified of him, if he was the human he would be scared too. His lips barely covered his sharp teeth and his eyes were cat-like and predatory. Everything about him was monstrous- everything.
A couple minutes later his ears twitched back as light footsteps approached from behind.
“Hey big man,” Tubbo whispered, “You feeling okay?”
Ranboo kept his head down even when Tubbo had sat down beside him. He was so small... with Ranboo kneeling Tubbo barely even reached his foot.
“He’s okay you know. He went home with Tommy but he’s okay,” Tubbo said, filling the silence.
Ranboo hummed in acknowledgment but the reflection in the river told a completely different story. He was a monster and he had attacked a human. It was simple. He had scared him, and because of what he did Wilbur probably wouldn’t come back.
It hurt but he didn’t blame him.
“Boo come on look at me,” Tubbo begged, “Wil’s fine. It’s okay, let’s go back so we-“
“Stop!” Ranboo snapped and beside him Tubbo fell silent.
“Just...please stop Tubbo,” he whimpered, “I hurt him. I knew he hated me touching him and I did it anyway. I knew he didn’t trust me and I still hurt him...I’m a monster Tubbo.”
Tubbo frowned at his friend and climbed up onto his lap. Gently he patted Ranboo’s knee, “You’re not a monster’re just different. It’s not a bad thing, itll just take Wilbur a little longer to be okay with it.”
“It’s because I’m a monster though,” Ranboo snapped, “I am and I know it. Wilbur is afraid of me Tommy barely trusts me and even you were scared when you first met me. I should have just stayed out of it and left you all alone.”
“And let me hang there till I died?” Tubbo snapped, “Let Tommy get fucking mauled or let Michael get eaten?”
Ranboo squinted at Tubbo who stood up with fury in his eyes.
“You really think it would have been better to let us die?”
“No that’s not what I-“
“That’s what would have happened if you didn’t help,” Tubbo snapped, “You’re not a fucking monster Ranboo.”
Ranboo opened his mouth to fight back until he noticed the tears forming in Tubbo’s eyes. The human desperately tried to wipe them off his face.
“Do you think we don’t care about you?” Tubbo asked.
Ranboo’s ears flattened against his head, “No that’s not what I-“
“Okay then stop acting like it’s bad that we met,” Tubbo said, “you’re my friend Ranboo. Your appearance isn’t going to turn me away anytime now.”
A sigh left Ranboo’s lips and slowly he let Tubbo crawl into his hands.
“I’m getting bigger you know...” he muttered after a moment.
Tubbo nodded, “I know.”
“Doesn’t that scare you?”
Tubbo shook his head and patted the palm of Ranboo’s hand, the fingers subconsciously moved to wrap around him.
“No, why would it?”
“I could hurt you,” Ranboo whispered, “I have no idea how much bigger I’ll get.”
Tubbo hummed in response and tilted his head at the giant, “So what? You’re already big, whats a little more height gonna do? It’s not like you’re suddenly gonna try to squish me big man.”
“Of course not I just...what if I can’t help it,” Ranboo sighed, “What if I don’t mean to hurt you and I still do...”
“Then I won’t be mad,” Tubbo shrugged, “And I know you wouldn’t hurt me. It doesn’t matter if we’re like this or I’m like the size of a fly to you, I trust you.”
“Tubbo you dont...I could kill you or- or seriously hurt you,” he whispered, “I don’t want to hurt you.”
“Boo...don’t worry about that now,” he sighed, “If we get to the point where you’re too big I’ll find a different way to be with you, but it’s not a problem now. You make me feel safe Ranboo.”
Ranboo squinted at Tubbo cautiously and watched as the small human wrapped his thumb in a hug. Slowly he brought him up to his face and let his heart have its fill. He was scared still...but he loved having Tubbo close.
“Come on big man you’re my pillow,” Tubbo laughed as he patted the tip of Ranboo’s nose.
Ranboo pressed his nose into the boy knocking him over, “Yeah...okay.”
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theshadowofme · 5 hours ago
Through The Looking Glass
Greetings all,
Today I want to talk a bit about the symptoms and side effects of the wonderful condition I have been blessed with. Yes, that was sarcasm. In order to do this, I want to switch things up a bit and start this one with a video, and then describe what is going on in the video through the lens of my own experiences. Don’t worry, I will still end with a song, but this song and video you are about to watch is probably one of the most realistic portrayals of PTSD that I have seen, to the point that when I watched it, it was like looking in a mirror and not liking what I was seeing.
Also, this will be a bit longer one as the video is about 8 minutes long, so please allow yourself plenty of time. Without further ado, I present to you Morgan Wallen - Cover Me Up. Please watch for the video and not so much about the song that is playing. Even though the song is a good one.
The video starts out with a saying. “It’s not the person refusing to let go of the past, but the past refusing to let go of the person.” This is very true. I would give anything to have some of my memories removed and have them not have as much of a hold over me as they do. I don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night, covered in sweat and gasping for breath, but I do. I don’t want to be that person that flinches at fireworks, but I am. I don’t live in the past, the past floods over me like a tidal wave at inconvenient times.
The video begins with our protagonist returning home. The protagonist is named Patrick, but for the sake of writing, lets call him Pat. Pat is a veteran returning home for the first time. I don’t know where he was, or what he was doing, but throughout the video, you learn that he is coping with PTSD, even though it is never named. In talking to veterans, I have had them tell me that they couldn’t do my job, and I look at them and say I couldn’t do theirs, yet we both end up with PTSD from seeing what people shouldn’t have to see.
Pat is met at the door by his spouse and greeted with a hug. The video moves on to day to day life where you can see that Pat is struggling with finding his place in being back in a “normal” life. This happens all the time with first responders, but instead of every once in awhile, it is on a daily basis. It is incredibly hard to turn off the policing mindset and just be “normal” on your days off or on holiday. Pat’s spouse asks him if he is okay, and after a pause, Pat answers, “Yeah.” You can see on his face that he isn’t, but he doesn’t want to burden his wife with the truth, or share the images that are going through his head.
The next scene is Pat sitting in front of the TV, and the announcer mentions something about Afghanistan. Pat’s heartbeat gets really loud and you can see him go into the thousand yard stare. The thousand yard stare is usually a sign of someone in the depths of a completely immersive flashback. Having lived through those, it isn’t a fun experience. You are literally stuck in a loop of one of the worst experiences of your life, and it is hard to break out of.
The scene switches to empty alcohol bottles and Pat’s wife calling out for him. I would assume that she had only gone to work for the day, but she finds Pat drinking and drunk in the hammock on the porch. She slowly starts to clean up and Pat just sits there and drinks. Why drinking? Drinking is what is known as an unhealthy coping mechanism. We drink to block the memories, to help us sleep, or to numb the pain. I have been know to do this on certain dates to just be able to pass out and get some sleep, to not have a night of terror and flashbacks. The secret is though, that in reality, it only makes you hate yourself more. It is a short term solution that leads to a bigger problem.
The next scene is a house party of some form. In this scene there are two things to look for. The first is Pat having a conversation with a service buddy where they are talking about going back. Going back to being on the front lines. This is an interesting cunnundrum for policing and military. They basically program us to believe that we need to be there for our fellow soldiers or police officers. That our organizations are our families. Our identities become so enmeshed with our jobs, that when we finally leave or retire, we are left adrift without that anchor to hold us. Some of us are able to find our new path easily, but others stay adrift, reliving the past because it was the only time they felt that they belonged.
The other part of the scene is when Pat freaks out over a baby crying. One of the side effects that is quite common with PTSD is tinnitus. A constant ringing in the ears. It provides an annoying soundtrack to your life, to the point that people have to use white noise to drown it out and sleep. What does this have to do with the baby? One of the the things that comes with tinnitus is a sensitivity to loud noises, to the point that your ears hurt when exposed to them. I suffer from this when my kids are around and I know that it annoys them to no end when I ask them to be quiet.
The other part of the scene with the baby is the fact that Pat went from zero to full on angry and yelling in no time. Unfortunately, PTSD takes out our ability for emotional control. It takes away our ability to feel happiness and leaves us with a heighten sense of sadness, anger, depression, and all the other unfun emotions. This leads us to explode at the drop of a hat over something that really shouldn’t bother most people. I dont write this part to make excuses, but as an explanation.
The next scene is Pat and his wife on a porch, where Pat once again says he is fine. Pat’s wife asks him if he wants to talk to someone, an Pat accuses her of wanting to change him. She then says she wants to talk to Pat, but not this version of him. Pat gets upset and says she is talking to him. Where I am going with this is that it is hard for friends and family to accept that the person that they knew has changed, and not for the better. As I once stated to someone, “That person is dead and gone. I can’t unsee what I’ve seen, or undo what I’ve done.” Those things will forever be a part of me and have changed who I am. I can try to control it, but I shouldn’t have to become a nervous wreck because of people wanting to do what I could in the past. A perfect example for this and thousands of others is fireworks. I use to love fireworks, still do, but the explosions that go with them set me into full on fight or flight to the point I am vibrating. Should I have to sacrifice my health to meet an expectation from the past?
The next scene to pay attention to is when they are playing hide and seek in the woods. Pat’s wife goes and hides while Pat is it. He manages to search for about 30 seconds and then starts to freak out because he can’t find her. To me this shows two things that I experience. One is short term memory loss. Simple things are not processed into your memory, which leads you to stress out when you can’t remember what is going on or what is happening. The other one is the loss of problem solving ability. Since I finished work, as soon as my stress level elevates, my ability to problemsolve is gone. Something as simple as you need to put this pin into that hole can’t be figured out unless there are very specific detailed instructions. If something isn’t working right in the shop, I have to walk away, because I can’t solve it anymore.
The final scene in the video is when Pat attempts suicide after hearing that his friend died. Luckily, Pat survives after his wife finds him. But for hundreds of first responders and military personnel each year, this isn’t reality. When life and the past gets to overwhelming, they see only one way out, and that is suicide. Especially when they are unable to access help or don’t have support at home. I have been to that point, but was able to get the help that I needed. After that I vowed never to get there again, and to tell my story to help prevent others from being there.
There are lots of other symptoms, but I wanted to cover the ones listed in the video as it showed them in the most realistic view I have seen. I know it was a bit longer, but thank you for reading. My closing song is one that came up on my white noise generator. When I go to sleep, I put in earbuds and listen to YouTube music videos. It is not one that would normally be in my play list, but the message behind it struck me and seemed to suit todays writing. So here it goes, Enemy by Jelly Roll and Struggle Jennings.
Have a great day and remember to get outside and enjoy the sun.
Cheers everyone.
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fandomficsnstuff · 5 hours ago
Guardian Angel - Part 2
Daryl Dixon x Reader
Tumblr media
(Warnings: Angst, but other than that I don't really think there are any, but let me know if there is!)
You watched Glenn nervously move around Merle to get the tools. Glenn and a small group were going into the city today, with Merle, the thought made you cringe, Merle was impulsive, mean and he didn’t care about anyone but himself, and this was the first time Glenn took a group with him into the city, he had always done this alone,and now his new team had Merle thrown into the mix. You watched Glenn turn to see you watching him, and he gave you a small nervous smile and a wave, trying to tell you he was okay, Glenn was like a brother to you, a younger, stupid and geeky little brother, but a little brother nonetheless. You raised your hand as you waved back, giving him a reassuring smile, you never liked it when he went into the city by himself, and now he went with a group. The city was too crowded, the dead was everywhere, almost quite literally, but before you could get too lost in your head you got up from the stump you had been sitting on, turning around to walk towards the quarry when you were met with a solid chest, letting out a small ‘hmph’ sound as you met is face first.
Stepping back you saw Daryl, and you instantly looked away, both out of embarrassment and also because you didn't know what to say, you hadn’t really talked to him after Merle hit Glenn, that was three days ago, so quite literally bumping into him wasn’t exactly in your plans, even though you missed him. Daryl scoffed seeing it was you, moving to walk around you and further into the forest “watch where you’re goin’” he mumbled on the way and you stared at him in disbelief, he really had the nerve to be like that? Before you even realized what you were doing you were heading after him “hey! Dixon!” you yelled, making him stop and turn to look at you “what? You gonna follow me ‘round like some little puppy now?” you scoffed as you stared at him, your eyes wide, partly in disbelief and partly in anger “excuse me?!” Daryl scoffed at your response “what, you stupid now too?” you barely registered your hand coming in contact with his cheek, but when you did you let out a small huff, realizing what you had just done you slowly lowered your hand, staring at him with wide eyes, tears slowly blurring your vision. As his head turned back to you you quickly gathered yourself, your face now ice cold “you really are like him, you prick” you mumbled, turning around to leave but was caught by the elbow, pulled back and up against a tree, making you gasp as you stared up at him in anger, tears rolling down your cheeks “why you actin’ like this, huh? First you’re all smiles, then you ignore me, then you follow me, then you hit me and then you just walk away?!” you scoffed low “why am I acting like this? Why are YOU acting like this?! Why are you acting like such a jerk? You’ve been mean to Glenn ever since Merle hit him! A-And it’s not like I can just approach you! You glare at me every time I even look at you! And damn it Daryl I hate not talking to you but can you blame me? Glenn is like a brother to me and you’ve been an ass, more than usual! And I put up with it, you know? Because I-” you exhaled heavily, quickly stopping yourself before you said too much, your eyes looking everywhere but him.
“Nah, because what? I’m being an ass, huh? So tell me, because of what?!”
“Because I really like you, you piece of shit!” you hit his chest with the last words, tears having returned to your eyes as you stared up at him, watching his face go from angry, to confused, to sad and then confused again. He took a step back from you, looking down like he didn’t know what to do with himself now, or you for that matter. After a moment of silence you were about to head back to camp but he stopped you before you actually could “I saw a deer the other day and uh… maybe you, you know…” you let out a small sigh as you couldn’t help but smile at him, wiping your eyes with your sleeve “sure” you mumbled, following behind him as he walked back to the spot he saw the deer last.
Looking up at the sun behind the trees you breathed in the fresh air, you had been out at least two hours, looking at the sun’s position, it was something Daryl had taught you. You looked back at Daryl as he studied the ground, brushing a few leaves out of the way before signaling you to come closer, which you did. As he heard you approaching and kneeling down he lightly brushed a few more leaves to the side, pointing at the ground “see that? That’s the one I saw” you glanced at him “how can you tell? I mean, could it be from just another deer?” he shook his head as he got up, and you mirrored his movement, getting up as well “nah, see how it’s deeper on one site of the print? The one I saw was kinda limping, it shows in the print” you nodded, not actually seeing much in the dirt, your eyes going back to the ground to try and see what he saw, unaware of his eyes on you, studying you “you don’t see it do you?” you chuckled and looked back at him “no, sorry” he shrugged with a smile “don’t worry, in the winter, if it starts snowin’, maybe I can teach you again, it’s easier in the snow” you nodded and followed him as he continued to follow the trail you weren’t able to see, but you tried anyway, “sorry about before, you know… for hitting you and saying the things I did…” you almost didn’t notice him stopping dead in his tracks, and you almost bumped into him, for the second time that day.
You looked up at him, seeing him already looking at you, but this time you didn’t look away, and neither did he, “you were right, I was an ass and I’m… I’m sorry, ya know?” your mouth dropped slightly open and you couldn’t help but fake gasp “am I dreaming? Is the Daryl Dixon apologizing?” Daryl scoffed and looked away, but you saw his smile “don’t make me take it back” he mumbled, making you laugh “alright alright, sorry. But thank you, and what I said… not just the mean things but uh… the other things…” you looked down, you could feel your face burn with embarrassment, what were you even getting at? ‘Hey sorry about just confessing my huge crush on you, we good?’ you scoffed low at the thought, and either Daryl didn’t pick up on it, or he decided to ignore it.
“It’s alright…” he mumbled, looking down, which finally gave you the courage to look up at him, just in time for him to do the same, and while you shied away, he didn’t, once again. “You know… at least you were bein’ honest. Besides, ain’t like I invite just anyone to hunt with me” he looked back at the ground as he picked up the trail again, leaving you staring at him with wide eyes, he smirked at you, looking over his shoulder as he kept walking “you comin’?” you beamed as you quickly caught up to him, you couldn’t suppress the giggle that escaped your lips, making you sound like a little school girl who just got a kiss on the cheek from her crush.
You gasped as you saw a deer, which Daryl, oddly enough, didn’t see. Your hands quickly patted his shoulder as you kept your eyes on it, and once he finally turned around, probably to ask you to stop hitting him, that’s when he saw it. He smiled as he looked from the deer to you, watching you stare at it in amazement “it’s so beautiful” you whispered, making Daryl feel slightly guilty for having his crossbow at the ready, Daryl looked back at it before looking back at you “yeah, it is… but, you know we have to-” you cut him off by nodding your head “I know, she’s just so beautiful, please,” you turned to look at him “just a few seconds longer?” Daryl could never deny those beautiful eyes of yours staring up at him like that, so he gave a brief nod, watching you look back at the deer who was unaware of the two of you. You kneeled down to get more comfortable, being as silent as possible, and Daryl did the same, sitting on the ground next to you and you both just watched the deer, though to be honest he was watching you more. He loved the way your eyes lit up as the deer did tiny things such as twitch it’s ears, or how you instantly ducked your head when it looked your way, it was adorable to him, and after a few more minutes, he gently nudged your shoulder “hey, it’s time” he whispered, making you nod as Daryl moved on one knee, lifting the crossbow, ready to shoot, but having you so close to him, he could feel your presence near him, and being distracted, he pulled the trigger, his eyes on you instead of the deer, and when he realized he hadn’t hit it dead center, he cursed, watching it run away.
“Fuck!” you got up as he moved to go after it “it’s alright, we can still track it” you tried to comfort, but he just scoffed “ain’t no ‘we’, I’M gonna track it, you stop gettin’ in my way!” you stared at him as he went off after the deer, leaving you in the middle of the woods, with no idea how far out you were. You swallowed the lump in your throat as you looked around, your hand moved to your boot where you got out your knife, holding it like Daryl taught you and trying to retrace your steps, watching the ground like he had, but it was only when you noticed how none of the woods looked familiar that you noticed, you were further out, probably further away from camp than you had been before, and the thought made you shiver, looking around you felt your heart rate speed up, you tried to retrace your earlier steps once again, maybe you could get back to where you and Daryl had watched the deer, before he-... you stopped dead in your tracks, Daryl didn’t want you there, of course he didn’t, you just got in the way, he said so himself. You couldn’t help yourself as you sat down on the ground, your back against a tree as you sighed.
Maybe if you stayed for a few minutes, you’d clear your head and find your way back, Daryl wouldn’t just leave you out here, right?
---------------------------to be continued---------------------------------
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jackosblogs-world · 6 hours ago
ShinDeku Drabble #2/?
Prompt by @fuck-you-i-am-spiderman
Shinsou wasn’t really paying attention while walking into the kitchen. He was too focused on his phone. Aizawa-Sensei would probably berate him for that.
„You need to pay more attention to your surroundings. You’re gonna be Pro-Heros.“
Yeah, no. Shinsou was at home and he lived in one of the safest parts of Tokyo. And he lived with the Pro-Hero Deku. So if someone would decide to attack them in their home they’d get Detroit Smashed to the moon. Probably. Most likely.
So you can imagine how surprised he was to hear grunting coming from in front of him. As he looked up, he could see his boyfriend struggling to get something off the top of the shelf. Cute. Was the purple haired boys only thought.
„Do you need me to get it for you?“, Shinsou chuckled.
Izuku gasped. „How dare you insult the vertically challenged!“
The taller boy couldn’t stop himself from laughing at that. „Okay then.“
The greenette started struggling to reach the top shelf again.
They just stood there for a few moments, with Izuku‘s head down. Then the smaller one sighed and turned around.
„Help meeee.“, he made the most defeated puppy eyes Shinsou had ever seen. It felt like a shot going through his heart. He smiled at Izuku, reached up and took the item the greenette wanted so much. Before giving it to the green haired Hero though he stole a quick kiss. As he dropped the offending item into Izuku‘s hands he got the most beautiful sunshine smile his boyfriend could possibly make. He blushed a little and put his hand behind his back.
Three years together and he still couldn’t fathom how he got a chance with the sunshine boy.
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rabeswhore · 6 hours ago
make you scream
pairing: billie dean howard x fem!reader
summary: just a normal smutty night with billie dean.
words: 839
warnings: handcuffs, spanking, mommy kink, a little bit of a pain kink, vibrators, strap-ons, overstimulation
Tumblr media
billie always made sure you were comfortable with whatever you were doing, she didn't want to scare you. she made you get undressed and lie on the bed. she cuffed you as well, she didn’t want you to be too comfortable.
"color?" she asked. "green." you whispered and she smiled. "good baby. don't you dare move, okay?" she ordered and you nodded very quickly, knowing she meant business. the last time you moved a little too much, billie didn't even let you cum.
billie started teasing you with her thumb. your little moans and whimpers were adorable and billie cooed at every one. "oh wow baby, already so worked up from just my fingers, hmm?" she raised an eyebrow and you nodded, gripping onto her blouse. "don't cum yet. i wanna have a little fun with you before your first orgasm." she picked up the pace and you cried out, pulling on your blouse harder.
you really wanted to, but you wanted to be good for her. but she saw the way you squirmed, you just couldn't take it anymore. "let go honey, i'm right here." billie reassured and you came on the spot. your back arched off the bed and your breathing was out of control. your hold on billie’s blouse was no more when your hands started grabbing at the sheets.
"good job baby, such a good girl." billie praised as you came down from your high. you went to lay on your side but she turned you back over. "ah, ah, baby. you thought i was done? we just started honey. you came so fast, i think we might have to go a few more rounds, don't we?"
"fuck," you said breathlessly. she flipped you on your stomach, making you have no choice but to bury your face into the pillows. you heard her moving around in the room and the suspense of it only made you more aroused. “what color, pretty girl?” she asked in a lower voice. you flinched and shuddered, letting out the word with a whimper. “green, mommy.”
it was only seconds after she spoke when a hard smack landed on her ass, making you gasp and moan loudly. “i’m gonna spank you ten times. then you’re gonna stay on your stomach while i fuck you with my strap, got it?” you nodded into the pillow and shut your eyes, waiting for the spank. and it did. harder than you imagined. billie was only using her hand, you didn’t think it would hurt this bad.
“eight... nine... ten. oh, good girl.” billie counted to herself and started rubbing your ass. “does it hurt baby?” she knew it did, she just wanted to you whine more. “please fuck me, mommy. please.” you begged, pulling at the cuffs you were locked to. you squealed when billie slapped your ass once again. “you didn’t answer my question, baby girl. i said, does it hurt?”
“yes mommy, but i like it. f-feels good.” you managed to spit out. “uh huh, baby likes the pain, doesn’t she? now get back down. now. and beg me to fuck you.” you whispered. “please mommy, i wanna feel you inside of me. please, please!” you begged, and billie chuckled. “well, since you asked so nicely.” she lubed up the strap and pushed it deep inside, already hitting your sweet spot. “you make the prettiest noises, don’t you? mommy’s good baby girl.”
“mommy’s good girl.” you whispered and billie smiled. “fuck! mommy, can i cum? can i cum, please?! i can’t-” you pleaded but billie cut you off. “shh, go ahead, sweet girl. cum for me." your second orgasm was quick, it almost felt like lightning struck inside you.
"good job darling. such a sweet girl, aren't you?" billie smoothed your hair out and pinched one of your nipples. billie flipped you over to face her and started thrusting into you again and added a vibrator to your clit, and twisted one of your nipples between her fingers. "you still with me baby? one more time, alright y/n?" you nodded, your eyes filling with overstimulated tears.
"i'm gonna uncuff you, is that okay honey? you've been such a good girl tonight." you nodded and pulled the key out of her bra and unlocked the restraints. eventually, your moans turn into sounds that billie's never even heard from you before. "f-feels so g-good, mommyyy." you babbled, the tears finally spilling out of your eyes. "oh, i bet it does. come on babygirl, cum for me. you can do it."
your body freezes at billie's words, almost screaming at your release. billie pulled out you, taking off the strap and vibrator and leaving them on the hardwood floor. "such a good babygirl, come here." she took you into her arms, wiping the remainder of your tears. "mommy's so proud of you tonight. i love you so much, angel."
“m’ tired.” you mumbled, still trying to catch your breath. “shh, i know baby girl. let’s clean you up okay? then you can go to bed, angel.”
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toruoikawas-milkbread · 6 hours ago
Rainy Nights
Pairing: Yūji Terushima x reader
Prompt/summary: When you were unfortunately woken up by a storm in the middle of the night, the last thing you wanted to do was wake your boyfriend up along with you. When you get scared by the thunder and he happens to wake up, what better to do for an inability to sleep than make some tea in the middle of the night?
Word count: 1.9K
Warnings/contents: Fluff
Notes: For anyone who has been waiting for my long ago promised Terushima fic, here he is! Like I said on my Bokuto post I made recently, I honestly wasn’t sure where to take the original Terushima post I was working on, and I really wanted to get something out for him. This isn’t as long as I was going to make the other one, but while I’m figuring out what to do with that one, here’s some Terushima crumbs 😀
Tumblr media
The wind outside was so loud that you could hear it whipping through the trees even over the sound of the heavy rain pattering hard against the windows. The lightning flashing was the only light in the otherwise pitch black room, though only lighting things up for a split second. It made you jump nearly every single time that the lightning struck, however it wasn’t scaring you as much as the thunder was.
You weren’t always bothered by storms, but when they were this bad you couldn’t help it. This was the worst thunderstorm that had been through Japan in months. You were woken up in the middle of the night by it, leaving you anxiously biting your nails and holding a pillow tightly between your arms.
Unfairly, Terushima was sleeping right beside you peacefully, unbothered by the rain or thunder. You were jealous of his ability to sleep through storms like this when you were woken up nearly every single time unless it was only misting. You’d always been unable to sleep when it was raining if there was loud thunder involved. For as long as you could remember, it had always freaked you out.
After about forty minutes of you being awake, curled up on the bed and waiting for the storm to pass quietly, all it took was a small gasp from you as you jumped and made the bed move when the thunder boomed loudly to wake Terushima up. He gave a soft groan, lazily sitting up and rubbing his tired eyes.
“What’s going on?” He asked through a yawn, squinting to see you through the darkness. “It’s not morning. Or is it?” He asked, looking at how dark it was and then at the clock. “No, it’s just raining.” He yawned again, leaning over to press his forehead to your shoulder. “Why aren’t we sleeping?” He asked tiredly.
“I can’t.” You said, shuddering from both your anxious thoughts and the fact that you were rather cold. Even though the blanket was just barely covering his bare hips, Terushima had stolen all of the blankets from you.
“Are you scared?” He asked, leaning up to press a soft kiss to your neck. He could smell only himself on you because of the fact that you were wearing one of his shirts, though when he buried his face into your skin, he caught a fleeting trace of your own natural scent in your hair.
“A little bit.” You said softly, watching the window cautiously. He was too tired to think of much to do to sooth you, so instead of trying to talk to you, Terushima gently pried the pillow out of your tight grasp.
“Come here,” he started, putting the pillow back where it went beneath your head and started to guide you to lay down beside him. He moved the blanket as you hesitantly moved along with him, covering you up and snugly wrapping an arm around you. “It’ll be okay,” he said with another yawn, gently rubbing little patterns on your shoulder while you slowly relaxed into his touch.
You rested your head down on his shoulder, sliding one of your cold legs between his own and wrapping your arms around his torso. He pressed a kiss to your head, closing his eyes again and trying his hardest to fight the urge to go back to sleep. The thunder struck again, making you twitch nervously in his arms and instinctively burying your nose further into his bare chest.
“It’ll be okay, baby.” He softly spoke again, tracing his fingers softly along your spine over the shirt you wore. “When we wake up, the storm should be gone.” He was thankful that tonight was Friday night, because he was absolutely exhausted after the week that he had. While he wasn’t complaining, he’d do anything to make sure that you went to sleep before him and he would even stay up with you until the storm passed if he had to, he was still struggling.
“What if I just can’t fall asleep?” You asked softly, knowing how tired he was and feeling bad that you were the reason he was staying awake.
“Then you can’t sleep. If you don’t fall asleep within the next few minutes, we can go make some tea and stay up together.” You frowned, snuggling closer to the warm man. Did you want him to stay up with you even though he had a busy week and he was dead exhausted? Yes, but you could never ask that of him. You didn’t want to ask that of him. You wanted him to get enough rest because you knew that this weekend was going to be sort of busy. You were meeting up with some old friends from high school tomorrow night for dinner, and not to mention on Sunday you were going with Terushima to his family’s house for a get-together that you had always been invited to.
You felt guilty thinking of Terushima being tired all weekend just to be tired all next week because of a single storm. It was never something he’d complain about or make you feel bad for, but that didn’t mean that you felt good about asking that of him. He often times already had trouble falling asleep because of how energetic he always was. It seemed like his mind didn’t quite shut off most nights and could take hours for him to finally be able to sleep.
“Would it help if I hummed to you?” He asked quietly, his fingers drawing light circles on your shoulders. You softly nodded, closing your eyes and trying to ignore the thunder that still made you jump in his arms. Terushima tightened his grasp on you, quietly humming along to one of your favorite songs. It made a small smile etch onto your face, but even as you listened carefully to his voice, you couldn’t find a peace of mind well enough to pass out.
It was frustrating not being able to sleep. Truthfully you weren’t sure how Terushima handled it most of the time.
Terushima was slowly trailing off, sounding more and more tired by the minute. You were hoping that if you held still enough he might think you fell asleep or he might fall asleep himself, giving you a chance to slip away from his grasp and handle your insomnia tonight on your own. You didn’t want to burden him with your inability to sleep when he never burdened you with his own.
“I can’t stop thinking about tea.” He suddenly spoke, stealing your attention away from your thoughts. “Are you still awake?”
“We should go and make some.” He suddenly moved, slowly sitting up and carefully laying your head back on the bed instead of on his arm. He stretched his arms out, yawning all the while.
“You seem tired. Why don’t I go make it and you can stay here?” You asked, hoping that he might be able to fall asleep on his own while you were in the kitchen.
“Nah, I’m alright.” He persisted, getting out of the bed and reaching for his boxers. You gave a soft sigh while he put them on, sitting up slowly and watching the man stretch until his back popped. “Come on,” he said gently, reaching a hand out for you. “We can come back to bed afterwards.” You grabbed his hand, making your way out of the bed and walking beside him to the kitchen. The tile was cold beneath your bare feet, but it wasn’t unbearable. “Can you get the tea out? I’m gonna get the water started.” He said, reaching for the tea pot and filling it up.
You got into the cabinet, pulling out his favorite tea— Oolong. You never would have thought that Terushima was much of a tea guy, but he shockingly did drink quite a bit of it. He had a cup either with lunch or when he got home from work every day. In the mornings he had always preferred a juice of some kind, specifically orange juice, but he always did like apple juice as well.
“What bothers you the most about storms?” He asked, leaning back against the counter. You rubbed your arms, glancing at the window and watching the lightning strike again.
“They’re loud.” You said, watching the rain pour down the window outside. “I don’t like it. They wake me up and put me on edge.”
“I was scared of them when I was younger, but I think it stopped when I was around 12 years old. I don’t really like them, but I’m not freaked out by them anymore.” He said, looking out the window with you. “I like when the sky is clear and I can go outside in the fresh air, and go stargazing with you at night.” A small smile worked its way onto your face as you glanced over at the man, seeing him still looking out the window.
If you were being honest with yourself, you never believed that you would stay with Terushima. You thought that you were too different and that he would get bored of you. You thought he would find someone more attractive and leave you for them, but he had never made you feel like you weren’t enough for him. He’d always gone the extra mile to make sure that you felt better than perfect for him even when you felt inadequate in your own mind.
He wasn’t the asshole that so many people thought he was. He was sweet and caring and you were so lucky to have him in your life. More than that, you felt so lucky to be the person that he held every night and got to hear his constant “I love you”s.
“Stargazing is nice.” You agreed, glancing at the teapot that was on the stove starting to warm. “I’m sorry that I woke you up.” You said so softly that Terushima almost didn’t hear it over the sounds of the pouring rain. With a soft frown, Terushima took a few steps closer to you and gently pressed his warm hand to your shoulder.
“Don’t apologize. I’d rather be awake with you when you can’t sleep than be sleeping while you’re alone and afraid of the storm.” He gently assured you. With a soft sigh, you leaned into the warm man. He wrapped his arms around you, gently rubbing your back. “I’m serious, I don’t mind. Okay?” You nodded softly, burying your nose into his chest again. “I mean, come on— who wouldn’t want to be awake all night with you?” He asked, pressing a kiss to your head. “You’re the best company a guy could ever ask for.”
“I am pretty entertaining.” You mumbled jokingly. He chuckled, a sound that rumbled in his chest beneath your ear.
“Exactly. You’re entertaining, and sweet, and oh-so pretty.” He said. “I can’t wait to spend more of my life with you.” You held him tighter in your arms, not wanting the warm, sweet hug to end.
“I love you.” You whispered, not seeing the smile that was on Terushima’s face when you said that.
“I love you, too.” He squeezed you lightly in his arms. “So, so much.” He gave a soft sigh in content and buried his nose onto the top of your head. “I always have.” He started, closing his eyes just as the thunder started rumbling again, though slowly passing by overhead. “And I always will.”
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bluekingdedede · 7 hours ago
I see your request are open 👀
Can I get uh... some lazy, early morning smut with our Johnny boy and a female reader?
Well, it turned out a little less lazy than planned, but I hope that's okay<3
Rating: Explicit
Words: 1216
The atmosphere at camp was a lot better these days, a lot more calm, everyone's spirits finally settling now that you were safe all over again. These days, it was easier to sleep through the nights, neither John nor you in need of keeping your attention up now that the worst dangers seemed to be overcome.
You had shared a tent with John ever since you've first gotten closer, preferring your nights spent together and your mornings in each other's arms, no matter how many of your gang-mates would smile upon such behavior. John might not seem like the most affectionate man, but when he was snuggled up to you from behind, his hot and regular breaths meeting the skin at the nape of your neck, you were certain that you had tamed the wolf deep within him.
He wasn't one for rising early, none for waking with the first rays of sunlight, entirely different from you. Your eyes had already blinked open, still bleary from the hours they had remained closed before, your body buzzing from the pleasant warmth enveloping it.
It was an involuntary movement; you, leaning back into the loose embrace of John's arms, your back entirely pressed against his front. It was an involuntary discovery, what you felt next, prodding at your clothed ass.
A light hum left your lips, a drowsy smile shaping upon them. You didn't reach behind yourself, didn't do anything but slowly gyrate your hips, grinding back against John's hardening erection with no rush in your movements. He rarely woke in this state, often too exhausted to properly fuck you at the end of the day, this break now one he might need more dearly than ever before.
You had no problem waking him a little differently than most days, however, keeping the movements of your hips gentle while reaching down to cup your own sex.
He started to grumble and stir after less time than you had expected him to take, his body fully coming to live behind you as the muscles in his arms tensed just slightly. His union suit covered him entirely, but the heat of his skin still burned against your backside, the tent of his underwear barely concealing his cock underneath.
"What're y'doin'?" His voice was a hoarse rumble, panting breaths sounding suspiciously similar to moans. He wrapped his arms around you tighter, burying his face in your hair as his hips stuttered forward in turn. You could tell he was still barely there, his movements heavy and warm, his voice little more than hot gusts of air.
"I'm making you feel good," you whispered back, trapping his cock between your cheeks to grind onto it proper. You took his hand, bringing it to your lips to tenderly kiss his knuckles, leading it down and where you wanted it most in the next moment.
John readily took the hint, slipping his fingers under the waistband of your panties to explore your folds, groaning into your ear when he found you wet and needy already. "All that for me?" He murmured, kissing the skin behind your ear before attaching his lips to your earlobe, nibbling at the sensitive skin in just the right way.
You mewled, nodded, rocking your hips into his touch and back against his clothed cock, biting down on your lower lip to avoid making more noise than needed. Attracting attention was about the last thing you planned to do, no matter how dearly you wanted to scream your enjoyment out into the world, your breath already stuttering in anticipation.
The man seemed to wake gradually, sliding his free hand under your shirt and up to cup your breast, massaging the flesh and twisting your nipple between his fingertips. His ministrations only made your pussy ache for more, the steady motions of his slick-coated fingers against your clit adding to the pleasure pooling in your loins, your own soft gasps soon turning into moans that couldn't be muffled.
"John–" your breath caught in the back of your throat, legs clamping shut around the hand between them, your orgasm seemingly just out of reach. With the desperate sound of your voice, however, John removed his fingers all at once, his gravel voice huffing a chuckle behind you.
"Jus' a second," he muttered, fabric shifting as he opened the buttons of his union suit, pulling his cock from it's confines before hooking his fingers under the hem of your own underwear. He pulled your drawers down, just enough to gain access to your wanting hole, not wasting any time in trying to get them off completely.
Instead, he took hold of his cock, teasingly circling your entrance with the tip, leaning forward to pepper kisses along your neck and shoulders as he covered himself in your juices. "You're really soaked', huh?" He commented, almost sounding amazed that your body responded this way to him, despite having experienced it many times before. "Bet you can't wait no more, can you?" His nose pressed against your neck, cold from the rather low temperatures of early spring.
You reached behind yourself, fingers entangling with John's hair to drag him in, your lips meeting in a soft but undeniably heated kiss. "Less talk," you muttered, tapping his cheek in a playfully scolding manner, the smile returning to your features nonetheless. "More action."
He didn't need to hear that twice, properly aligning his cock to your hole before inching forward, sliding into your wet and pliant pussy without trouble, his hips flat against your ass before you knew it. You gasped at the initial sensation, at the stretch that was more pressure than pain, the delicious and delectable feeling of being properly filled. Even through your tiredness, it felt like heaven, your head falling back against his shoulder as the lazy movements of his hips started.
John took his time with you, making sure that his cock hit all the right spots with every buck he gave, thrusting slow and deep to truly savor the feeling of your tight wet heat around him. His hand was soon buried in your crotch again, lips at your ear to have you hear all the soft sounds his throat was able to bring forth.
The pace didn't remain as gentle for too long, the fingers at your clit starting to circle it quicker, John's free hand holding your leg up to thrust into you more easily. His moans had turned into grunts and pants, the odd curse slipping in between as he got closer and closer to completion.
You felt your orgasm wash over you before it hit him, pressing your hand to your mouth to keep from waking the entire camp, holding onto your partner as you rocked back onto his cock as much as you could. The aftershocks still made your wet channel constrict around his length, every thrust of his underlined by a "fuck" from his lips.
He pulled out at the very last moment, hot cum spurting against your bare ass and lower back, his pants still impossibly loud in your ears.
His forehead eventually dropped against your shoulder, arms comfortably smoothing around you again. "G'morning, sweetheart," he muttered, the smile audible in the sound of his voice. "You wouldn't believe the kinda dream I just had."
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thebonecarver · 7 hours ago
3rd Times a Charm, chap 3
Cassian was definitely attractive but more ruggedly handsome. He seemed to be more of Nesta's type.
"Feyre! Come, I saved us a booth." I followed behind him as he led us through the crowd. He definitely did not lie about his height. I thought. The booth was rounded, so we slid in, the cushions coldness creeping into my white jeans. I was glad I brought a jacket, did they even have heating here?
"So," he said, and I jumped a bit, forgetting he was here. "What have you been up to Feyre?"
I laughed a bit. Cassian seemed like he would be a good friend. Don't friendzone him yet Feyre. "Nothing much honestly. I just finished a commission today! The person picked it up before our date." I did not mention that the man had made me want to cancel our date.
He chuckled at that. "Coincidentally my brother went to pick up a commission today."
"Small Word, so what have you been up to?" I asked.
"Nothing really. Just worrying about what to get my brother for his birthday, and teaching self-defense classes."
My interest piqued at the mention of self-defense classes. "Really? What do you do in those classes?"
He smiled at that. " Mostly basic workouts to get your body in good shape. Then I would train you one on one teaching you techniques as we go on."
Woah. Even though I was not in a bad relationship anymore, I still wanted to take these classes. No more would I be weak like I was with Tamlin. I would be strong and able to keep myself safe without anyone's help. It would help me win when I wrestled the twins at my apartment.
"Hey, um..could I possibly ever join, um your class?"I said a bit shyly. I didn't want to burden him with another person to teach.
He laughed a booming laugh. I blushed and turned away, embarrassed. He must not want to teach me.
"You don't have to be so shy about it. Of course, you can join!" He was laughing harder now.
"I, um thanks." I mumbled that last bit. When he kept on laughing I scowled at him and punched him in the shoulder.
"Ow! That hurt."
I scoffed. "Your probably 50 pounds of muscle, a mear punch couldn't have hurt."
"How rude."
I whipped my head back. "You watched Full House?! " I practically squealed.
He jumped, startled by my scream. A few people in Ritas looked at us, surprised by the scream as well. One lady choked on her wine and was scowling at me while she was cleaning up the spilled wine on her white shirt. Thank god it was white wine.
"Yeah! I thought no one watched it. OKAY BUT YOU HAVE GOT TO AGREE THAT BECKY AND JESSE ARE THE BEST COUPLE." He was screaming too now.
"YES OMG, THEY ARE. Who's your favourite character?" I said
"Hmm this is gonna be basic but Michelle."
"Yea that is basic. Mine is Jesse." No need to mention I had a huge crush on him. He reminded me of Rhys in a way. They both had black hair, tan skin, but Rhys had those impossible violet eyes, that sharp jawline and full lips, and gods when he smirked something changed in m-
"You like Jesse don't you." I blushed furiously. No, I like a man I have only seen once and made me want to cancel this date.
"You do!" He gasped.
"Maybe.." I mumbled.
"I bet you had a crush on Becky!" I snapped back. I did not know if he had a crush on her or not
Though it was barely visible, I could see the hint of pink on his cheeks. I gasped. " You did have a crush on Becky! Though I can't blame you, she is beautiful."
"I know right! My brothers can't see it. They think she looks like a pickle!"
I gasped, eyes wide in shock. "They didn't." I seethed
He shook his head "They did."
"I'm going to need to talk to your brothers!" I said. How could they say Becky looked like a pickle?!
He was dying of laughter, soon I joined in too. I hadn't laughed like this in so long. I was glad I had made a friend today. Friend?! Good luck trying to friendzone him and remain friends. I cleared my throat. You can do this.
"Um, I had a lot of fun, but I, um- think we should just be friends." I sped through the last words.
He looked at me for a minute, with no expression. Dammit Feyre, you've done it now. Know you won't be able to be friends with this man who came for a date wh-
"Thank God!" He had a look of utter relief.
I looked at him with pure shock. " I- what?"
"I don't mean to be rude, your beautiful, but you're not really my type. But as we were talking I realized I really want you as a friend. Is that ok?"
I was still staring at him, my eyes wide. But then I smiled. "That is more than ok."
I got home around 7 pm, and I was now laying in bed in my PJs. Even though this date did not go the way I planned, I was glad I had made a friend. I had even given him Nesta's phone number. But even though today was a great day, I still longed for someone to wrap their arms around me and keep me close. A certain man with Violet eyes. I fell asleep thinking about those very same eyes.
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jatpsmut · 7 hours ago
Hate You, Love You - Charlie Gillespie x Roommate!Reader Blurb (SMUT - 18+)
Tumblr media
Request: Can you do like a Charlie smut where him and the reader are roommates but like they don’t really like eachother. Then like one night they both just really hit a low and hook up and apologize to eachother 👉🏻👈🏻
Word Count: 750 words
Summary: after finding out your boyfriend was cheating on you, you find an unlikely connection with your roommate Charlie who you never really got on with
Warnings: swearing, unprotected sex, slight choking
A/N: brand new requests who dis? had the motivation to write this lil blurb so figured why not just do it hahaha  i already have quite a few requests so i may end up just responding to a few of them with little blurbs/short stories like this to get things out faster so hopefully you guys will be okay with that!  anyways, hope you enjoy this!! 
Tag List:  @happinessinthedarkesttimes​ @carries-flynn @joynersgoatblog @courageous-she @littlemissaddict @gloomybrieyxb @itsyagorlemmalyn @jatpxmultifan @moneybagmgk @emeliii1 @mybradforddream (the strike through means it wont let me tag you)
“Why are you staring at me?” You spat, glaring across the room at your roommate Charlie. You had moved in with him and a mutual friend almost a year ago, and since the day you had arrived, you and Charlie had clashed. Your mother liked to tell you that it was because you were too similar, but you didn’t believe that for a second. 
“Have you been crying?” Charlie questioned. You shook your head. You had actually been crying, but you weren’t about to admit that to Charlie. 
“Y/N.” His tone was stern. “Why were you crying? And don’t bullshit me, I’m not a moron.” 
“You sure about that?” You replied. He rolled his eyes. 
“God, I’m trying to be nice to you, why do you always have to be such a bitch? It’s not a good look.” He said, glaring at you. Your eyes narrowed. 
“Maybe I want to be a bitch. And I didn’t ask you to be nice to me, it’s none of your fucking business whether I’ve been crying or not.” You spat.
“Well if you want to be a bitch, it’s working.” He responded, with just as much venom in his tone. 
“If you want to be an asshole it’s working.” You mimicked.
By this point you were both standing, and it wasn’t until Charlie huffed out a breath in annoyance that you realised exactly how close to you he was. 
“Is it Jake?” He questioned, and you flinched slightly at the name of your newly ex-boyfriend. Realising he was correct, Charlie grinned cockily. 
“What, did you break up or something?” He teased, and your heart sank, remembering the events of that morning, where you had walked in on your boyfriend of four years sleeping with your sister. 
“It’s none of your fucking business.” You snapped, hoping that he wouldn’t notice the pain hidden beneath your aggression. 
“Oh shit, you did.” His voice was surprisingly soft. “I’m sorry.” 
“Why do you care? You hate my guts.” You said, shocked slightly at how vulnerable you sounded in that moment. Charlie sighed, 
“Only cause you hate mine.” 
“You know what Charlie? Fuck you.” You hissed. 
“Okay.” He said, and before you could even think about replying, his lips crashed against yours. You kissed back hungrily, pulling him close against your body. 
“Bedroom?” He mumbled against your lips. You didn’t respond, opting instead to drag him down the hallway into your bedroom, kicking the door shut behind you. 
Clothes flew everywhere as the two of you stripped, and before you knew it you were flat on your back on your bed, completely naked, with Charlie, a boy you claimed to hate, hovering over you. 
“Do you have condoms?” He muttered, lips attached to your neck, sucking dark hickies into your skin. 
“I’m on birth control.” You replied. “Just fuck me.” 
He nodded, moving to kiss your lips again before sliding into you. You gasped at the sensation of him filling you. He was definitely bigger than your ex-boyfriend. 
“You good?” He questioned. You nodded quickly. 
“Move. Please.” You replied, moaning loudly when he began to thrust in and out of you, creating a somewhat rough rhythm, his hand coming up to wrap around your neck lightly. 
“God Charlie.” You moaned. “Why haven’t we done this before?”
“You know why.” He replied breathlessly. 
“Remind me to hate fuck you more often.” You said and he laughed slightly. 
“Can you maybe put a bit more pressure on my neck?” You questioned and he obeyed, squeezing his hand against your neck as he bit into your shoulder. You didn’t even have time to warn him as you reached your orgasm, cumming all over his dick causing him to swear loudly as he came inside of you. You rode out your highs before he slid out of you, flopping onto your bed beside you. 
“So maybe I don’t hate you.” You said once you’d caught your breath, your head resting on his chest. He laughed. 
“Maybe I don’t hate you either. And I definitely don’t hate the idea of us doing this again sometime.” He responded, his hand tangled in your hair, and you briefly cursed your past self for hating him so much when you could have been doing this instead.  
“Sounds good to me.” You mumbled, eyes drooping. 
“Get some sleep.” Charlie whispered, placing a soft kiss on the top of your head. 
“Thank you.” You managed to say. “For everything.” 
But before he could reply you were fast asleep.
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lenaxtmf · 7 hours ago
HIII me again :)) IM READING UR BLOG AND UR SUCH A GOOD WRITER OML?!?€¥£¥££ u should do one where karl meets ur parents and u wear a revealing shirt or something and he teases u under the table while at the family dinner or something 😳😳😳
OMG thank you so much i really really appreciate that! :) <33 and i love the idea 😄
warnings: fingering, public “sex”
dom! karl x sub! f! reader
you were invited to a family dinner from your parents. they also invited Karl since you two were together for almost 2 years. you two dressed up very formally and you bought a dress which was kinda.. revealing. Karl gasped when you showed it to him and you laughed at him telling him it was “only for a family dinner”.
as you stood in front of your parents house, Karl was getting nervous. “Don’t worry, Karl. they’ve met you already and they told me they really like you! it’s just dinner calm down” you said, petting his back. he smiled at you and tightened his bow on his suit once again. you rang the doorbell and 10 seconds later your mom opened the door. “Hey Karl! Hello y/n my darling”, she said smiling widely. she pulled you into a hug and greeted Karl afterwards. you both walked into the house and your mom let you two to the dining table. “your dads still in the kitchen but he will be here in a few.” she told you and you nodded, smiling. she offered the both of you wine and poured it in your glasses. Karl held your hand and you started to play with his rings, while he smiled at you.
while eating the dinner you felt Karl’s hand wander to your thighs. you were just talking to your dad about the food when you felt him pull your dress up a little. you mouthed him a ‘stop it’ when your dad turned to talk to your mom. he shook his head no and began to circle on your clothed clit. you took a sip of your drink to spill down a moan and began to eat again. Karl shoved your panties to the side and came close to your ear. “be quiet, baby. you don’t want your parents to suspect anything, do you?” he asked and you starred in his direction. “no” you whispered back and he began to slowly pump in you with one finger. you grabbed the side of the chair for support and spread your legs wider open for him. he took that offer and plugged another finger in you. you clenched around him and he cleared his throat before taking a sip of water. he got back to circling your clit and pumping one finger in you at a steady rhythm. you choked back a moan and talked to both of your parents. Karl joined in an began to work his finger and a very rough pace. you coughed loudly and your cheeks flushed bright red. he pushed his fingers out of you and patted a hand on your back. “Are you okay, darling?” he asked, trying to sound worried. “yes, i just need to use the bathroom real quick.” you pulled your dress back down and stood up to go to the bathroom. “excuse me mr and ms y/l/n i’m gonna follow her. i think she’s not feeling good” Karl excused himself and went after you. he opened the door from the bathroom and found you sitting on the toilet. “i’m gonna make you come now, baby”
hope you liked it! :) should i do a part 2 of this?😄
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