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#I just like this gif lol
andrew-minyards-bitch · 57 minutes ago
*in that same universe where Andrew is a judge and Neil is a criminal except now Neil managed to woo Andrew (surprisingly but then again Andrew is attracted to idiots and hot idiots exclusively) and Renee and Andrew are hanging out in a cafe ;)*
Andrew: I know you think my judgement is biased because I like Neil a little bit
Renee: You are literally doodling your wedding invitation right now
Andrew: that’s our joint tombstones
Renee: my mistake
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samwinchesterism · 2 hours ago
people posting about law student sam like he would know fucking anything about laws is so funny. as a person who just graduated law school we don't know anything about anything sam the rising 2L wouldn't be able to negotiate contract terms with demons he just finished googling what "lien" means the night before his secured transactions exam
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witandweathering · 3 hours ago
It’s genuinely funny to realize I dated a guy who wouldn’t watch my favorite rom com with me because he thought it would give him secondhand embarrassment. Yet, he had us cringe-watch Anaconda and Shrek.
I can’t make this shit up. 🥴😂
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akvilenotfound · 3 hours ago
random question but who on the dream smp do you think has the most attractive voice?
for me it's 100% awesamdude.. that man's voice i swear i was hooked from day 1 URGHH i could listen to him talk for hours :')
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idrilearfalas · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
A prompt in two images: Lokius | Loki Series (2021)
Hit me with your best shot, fanwriters out there. Context: Loki and Mobius have been working together for quite some time at the TVA, but nothing has happened between them yet... though it's clear that Mobius adores Loki and Loki is hopelessly devoted to our sweet TVA agent. (I guess a part of me just wants Mobius to look at Loki dressed like that, during a mission, and say "wow")
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snezhnayah · 12 hours ago
okay but i cannot be the only one who just can’t take white girls seriously no matter what the circumstance is right
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gayleafpool · 13 hours ago
i think one of the funniest hot takes i’ve seen on here is the one that nico stopped crushing on percy because he’s shallow didn’t think percy was hot enough anymore
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