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es-kay-zee · 4 minutes ago
i'm opening up requests for headcanons and mtls :] but only for those, i'm not currently taking requests for full fics
i'll probably only keep these requests open for a couple days, or just until i get a few requests, because i don't want to overwhelm myself with too many :]
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feralchaoticbastard · 4 minutes ago
Just uhm.. as a disclaimer? So cards on the table, I'm not enjoying the show too much, because to me Loki feels OOC, the tone feels too comedic and I just.. Idk I'm not enjoying it as much as I hoped I would Anyway, some of my thoughts are under the cut:
Sure there's only two episodes are out so far, but that doesn't mean I can't express how I feel about them, just because we don't have the full context. Because if you want to use that logic you've to apply it to any expression, whether it's negative or positive.
Point is, I want to enjoy the show and I want to be happy and content with it, but I am not. Which is unfortunate, mostly for myself. So if you do enjoy the show I am very happy for you, but I am asking that we don't make people feel bad for.. feeling bad, essentially.
Because I do sortof see it happening. I can't help the way I feel and if you enjoy something and someone else can't, wouldn't you sooner empathise with them and feel sorry for them, that unlike you they're not enjoying The Thing (in this case the series)?
I'm also not interested in being right, I like analysing and discussing and whatnot but I'm not here to go: SEE! He's OOC, so I'M right! Because I'd much rather be wrong
Point is I just don't want this to become an Us VS Them kindof thing where there will be a divide between "positive" Loki fans ((that like the show, or don't want to analyse it (yet) etc)) and "negative" Loki fans ((that don't like the show (yet) and analyse and critique etc))
But I already feel like that is happening because I've already seen blogs popping up and people going: Don't worry I'm a positive blog! And on one hand it is more than okay to signify to others that you won't be analysing or giving critique (yet) so people know what to expect, but on the other it makes me feel like critique is bad.
It just feels like a way of establishing Otherness. EG: "I'm POSITIVE, I'm not like THEM." or "I don't analyse the show yet until it's out in its ENTIRETY, unlike THEM". <Sentiments like that
Which are all fine things, but the way it's being put makes me feel bad for not enjoying the show the way I want to. Or for analysing it already or having critique already. Why is that so bad? Why is praise allowed but critique isn't? And even if people say it is, then why does it feel like it's not?
Besides Ragnarok/Gagnarok shenanigans, generally, analysis, critique etc has mostly been allowed within the fandom but when it comes to the show it doesn't feel like it is. Because then you're told you can't do a proper analysis until the entire show is out; or that you're being too negative; or you just want to be right; or whatever other examples you can think of
And not to stir the pot but I think THAT'S what Nikko meant when she said the FANDOM as an ENTITY feels OOC in the sense that analysis used to be more accepted than it SEEMINGLY is now
And I can relate to that sentiment
I'm glad I've been able to dm with some people, because to clarify: I'm not interested in drama. And while dming them we just had a normal pleasant conversation that didn't need to escalate at all, which I'm grateful for.
So if anyone wants to talk about this I want that to be possible, but as soon as it turns too hostile or feels too much like "drama" or "discourse" I'm shutting it down and possibly blocking people
NOTE: The tone of the text is supposed to be neutral, not accusatory/mad/angry, maybe a bit upset because I have my emotions, but that's it
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brazilwiki · 9 minutes ago
I'm having driving lessons -_-
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stealthandsafety · 9 minutes ago
Do you have a rough idea when the next chapter is gonna be out? I’m LOVING your fic so far!!
alright here's the THING
My ADHD tricks my brain into thinking that I hate writing every. Single. Time.
eventually I force myself to sit down and write and brain goes 'hey enjoy this!' and I manage to write like 2k words in a sitting.
(this is also why it takes me 84 years to answer asks but I will get around to answering them all!)
Percentage wise I'm probably like 15-20% done with the chapter.
I'm gonna try and write some today but I'm also stuck on some bits so probs next week? Maybe.
I'm glad your enjoying the fic tho!! Ty for the support ☺️
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bipperbopperbee · 10 minutes ago
ok so thank Gosh just removing the tag youve blacklisted from the post makes it show up in the rest of the tags-
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bluelightsaber · 12 minutes ago
I’m trying so hard to think of something that will actually make me happy but so far I’ve come up empty. It doesn’t help that I’m always thinking of what my family will think about the career path I pick. I feel like they wouldn’t necessarily discourage me but I know I would disappoint them if it wasn’t a “good” choice. I have 2 siblings, one is going to be a doctor and one is going to be a creative director so I have a lot to live up to :(
oh no :’( I understand pressure from family I really do. it’s so much easier to say things like “this is your life, your life alone, you have to do what’s best for you and your mental stability” vs actually applying that 💔. all of that is true though, it really is your life and you should choose a field solely for you and not how your family may feel. but I understand the stress and anxiety that comes from that 🥺 and just know that it does not matter what your siblings do!! that does not make them any better than you and it never will, idc if they end up being the greatest in their field, that has nothing to do with you and you strengths/weaknesses. it’s natural to compare yourself but the only thing that actually matters is you doing/finding something that clicks with you and makes you happy/supports you 🥺 you deserve that above anything else ok 💐
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amydancepants-peralta · 13 minutes ago
Any PDA headcanons at the ‘rents?
“Okay … so, here’s what I’m thinking. I know a guy. If we play our cards right, we could all have brand new identities by this time tomorrow.”
Shaking her head, Amy scoots herself off of the bathroom counter, and reaches for her shirt. “Okay - One, your guy is clearly Adrian, and we are not hiring him for anything; and Two, it’s really not that big of a deal, babe.”
Jake’s eyebrows lift so high they may as well be on the ceiling, mouth dropping open in shock. “Not that big of a deal? Your mother walked in on us having sex on the bathroom counter, Ames. On the scale of things that are a big deal, this is the biggest of the bigs.”
Amy tugs her briefs back on, throwing her husband his boxers when he pauses his frantic pacing. “Well, that’ll teach her to knock next time, won’t it?”
“How are you so calm about this?”
“My parents had eight children, Jake. They’re clearly aware of the importance of sneaky sex.”
Jake’s eyes narrow, watching as Amy gathers the rest of their clothing from various fixtures in the Santiago family bathroom. “You know, post-orgasm Amy really does live in a life-is-good haze, doesn’t she?”
Amy nods, grinning proudly as she makes her way over to Jake, wrapping her arms around his waist. “Only when it’s a really good one, like before.” Her hands slide a little lower, tracing absent patterns along her husband’s back, and continues. “Why don’t we pick up where we left off, hmm?”
Jake sighs, circling his arms around Amy’s middle, clearly too distracted to pick up on her suggestive tone, and she pouts to herself. “Your mom saw my butt, Ames. My very naked, having sex with her daughter, butt.”
“To be fair, it is a very cute butt. I happen to love that butt.”
Chuckling, Jake presses a kiss to the top of Amy’s head, resting his chin softly there as he groans. “I love yours too. Ugh. My mind just keeps replaying it, like some kind of recurring nightmare.”
Amy smiles against Jake’s chest, maintaining the soothing patterns as she presses her lower body against her husband’s, feeling his only slightly lingering erection. “If it’s any consolation, I think my legs covered a portion of it.” She feels his head shake side to side, followed by a strangled groan: “I can’t even tell if that’s worse.”
She sways her hips slowly, nursing Jake’s arousal before it disappears completely. “They know we have sex, Jake. Our son is literally in the car with them right now. Lets just take advantage of this incredibly rare alone time while we’ve got it, okay?”
Jake pulls away a fraction, giving Amy a tiny smile before pressing a kiss to her lips. “Are you sure I can’t tempt you with a small bookstore in the middle of nowhere?”
Amy raises her brows, the very suggestion of her ultimate getaway tending to the flame that Camila’s interruption had only diminished, and not destroyed. She reaches up to meet Jake’s lips with another kiss, lingering against his skin as she whispers - “Mmm. Very tempting, babe.”
“Wait, is this actually working?"
Amy nods, closing the gap with another kiss. “The secret hideaway, yes. The changing our names and forging new identities, not so much.” She grins, giving her very best version of a suggestive wink. “C’mon, I’ve got somewhere to show you - but you have to keep it a secret.”
Jake gasps, wrapping one hand around hers as the other slaps dramatically against his chest. “Amy Santiago, are you telling me you’ve had a spot for secret sex all this time?”
Tugging him along as they exit the scene of Jake’s Ultimate Humiliation, Amy laughs. “I grew up with seven brothers, Peralta. If I wanted to go anywhere past first base, I needed to get creative.”
“You know, this probably would have been handy information to have an hour ago, babe. Before we got all naked and sweaty in the easily-accessible bathroom, for example.”
“I can’t help it if my husband was looking especially hot this morning! And besides,” Amy pauses, leading Jake out into the backyard as she checks for stickybeaks, “Now, it just means we get to go for round two. And I know how much you love double helpings of the good stuff.”
“Double dessert, sexy stylez? You really are my dream girl.”
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venomandfaith · 14 minutes ago
:0 hi bestie it’s been a hot minute anyway spare song for me pls xxx
Annabel Lee - Stevie Nicks ♥️
send me an :o for a song that matches your vibes
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jade-parcels · 14 minutes ago
Tumblr media
🌊A seaside vacation together!🌊 Pt. 2!
With Childe, Diluc and Albedo! Pt.1 here!
@wowsiepowsie !! I am so sorry!! I deleted your ask by accident!! It just happened to be the same as this one thank goodness!! Tumblr is also being annoying so…I had to screenshot this ask instead of answering directly *sigh* sorry guys ;-; technology isn’t my strong suit 😅
Ajax is used to the bitter cold of Snezhnaya so I’m sure we can all imagine his utter childlike joy as he jumps around in the sand and bodyslams waves as they crash ashore lmao
He’d love to go anywhere with you! And you picked the beach?? Even better!!
There’s so much to do at the beach! You won’t be laying out in the sun for long cause you’ve got a big man-child running around :) he wants to dunk you in the water, give you a piggyback ride, build a sand fortress, dig a hole and stand in it, he just won’t sit still!!
You gotta pay attention to him though cause he’s a ginger…He’s gonna burn real bad. Please…PLEASE slap some sunblock on him (or whatever the genshin equivalent it 0-0) cause he will be miserable the next day if he’s all burnt to a crisp
He’ll lay and relax with you in the sand if that’s what you really want but he’ll be shifting positions constantly and talking a lot. When he comes to the beach…he doesn’t wanna lay around lmao he’s a busy bee
Ajax will catch a fish for you guys and set up a fire so you can cook outside together! You guys can have dinner while watching the sun set over the waves :)
^ watch out cause once he catches a fish, he’ll chase you around with it “Come give it a kiss!!” “Quit it!! That’s so gross!” “Okay fiiiine! Give me a kiss then~” “Not when you have slimy fish hands”
His earlier antics will catch up to him though, he’ll fall asleep the second you cuddle up to him for the night! He wore himself out lol
So overall??? He would LOVE getting to go anywhere with you! He’ll make it loud, fun and maybe a little dangerous :) as a treat
As long as the beach is secluded and it’s just the two of you, he’ll have a good time
He’ll want to lay in the shade instead of tan when you want to cause he’s yet another ginger. He’s paler than Childe is. He won’t just burn, he’ll evaporate lmao
The second you step on that beach you better get this man to take his shirt off. He’s a beefcake, he’s gotta show it off every once in awhile ;)
Diluc does enjoy domestic activities at the beach like searching for pretty shells or laying in the shallow water together. He also wouldn’t mind cuddling too :)
He’s always hot to the touch though, cause of his vision and whatever genetics made his body temperature run hot anyways. So being in the sun too long will kinda make him over heat! So he’ll go dunk himself in the water when he feels hot and will encourage you to come too :)
His idea of a vacation is not running around or being loud. He’s content to lay beside you in the sand all day long! He’d also love to take a walk along the shore with you too, he’s a hopeless romantic after all
As long as you two feel well rested and refreshed when you go back home, he’s fine with whatever you want to do! Ugh what a simp
He’s so loveable…but so annoying
Who in their right mind comes to the beach with a trunk full of mason jars and art supplies? This man. He’ll take sand samples, seaweed samples, he’ll collect a crab or two, strange rocks, all of it and stick em in jars to take back to his lab
He’ll also bring his art supplies to paint/sketch the scenery! And you of course
You’ll be laying in the sand, telling him about a commission you took out here once before and when you open your eyes to see his reaction, he’s fuckin gone lmao
He isn’t far away but he just got up amd walked away
“Albedo!!” “Yes? Is there something you need, dear?” “Why did you walk away??” “I can hear you perfectly fine from here, please do finish your story. I’m quite interested fo hear how it ends” >:/
He isn’t very interested in swimming or sunbathing but if it makes you happy, he will :) though it won’t be long, he’ll lose interest in it pretty fast
When it comes to seashell collecting he’s all in but expect him to bring a few jars with you to fill up with plants or ‘specimen’ of all kinds
Albedo will eventually settle down right before nightfall, pulling you down to sit on a rock beside him to watch the waves “thank you for bringing me here. I know I kept saying that taking a break was not worthwhile but…I think coming here with you today was the best choice I’ve made for myself in a long time” awwww
Now that he’s done ‘collecting samples’ and ‘observing the scenery’ he’s content to hold you in his arms and chat about anything and everything
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lysandthunder · 17 minutes ago
Current selfshipper mood : I love my f/os but I cant stand their fandom. I wish I could carry them on my back and take them so far away from their fandoms :,(
:((( anon i know this feeling all too well. i’m sorry their fandom sucks, just know that your f/os are so grateful for your love and support <3. no matter what, they know they have you and that’s the most comforting thing ever to them <3
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lordendsavior · 17 minutes ago
i hope she's off to announce rescheduled tour dates 🤔
she’s not needed for that, but they should do it and do it fast
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