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#I haven’t played D&D since the pandemic started
halleluland · a month ago
Anyways if you have a discord server for your D&D group I HIGHLY recommend having a channel just for incorrect quotes
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sugas-sweetheart · 17 days ago
damn you up early thats so brave😳 ahgawf but like please i have been trying to get up early and really DO something for...over 3 months now🙂 so far 2am to 10am has been my solid best buddy :')
hmmm yea haikyuu definitely holds a special place in my heart too, esp since i used to?? play volleyball until the pandemic and just stopped unTIL i watched it(haikyuu) and got motivated to start again :D i left it again tho theres only so much you can do in a team sport alone :')
but some others include kaichou wa maid sama, horimiya(adorablee) anddd uhhh blue spring ride?? honestly idk because up till now i like ALL the animes i've seen and so explaining how i feel about each of them would end up into like a 1000+ word vomit 😬
but aot is amazing...the effort it must have taken to make bruh,,, like some scenes in it literally give me chills. very much a job well done witth the animation,,,imo atleast :D
PLS 2AM TO 10AM LMAO my body clock is so messed up though if I got to sleep at like 1 I’d probably still wake up around 7 <\3
it’s honestly so nice to see people starting volleyball bc of haikyuu! I’ve always wanted to play it,, haikyuu just kinda furthered that but it’s not a very popular sport where I am so I’m lacking in a team or other friends that would play with me so I just never have SO I GET WHY YOU STOPPED look for a team one day maybe! If you haven’t already of course lmao 
Ooo I’ll have to watch a couple of those!! I’ve only been watching anime for a few years but fr I cant think of one that I just didn’t like?? Like as someone who sticks to fantasy and action based things when it’s live action films/series I enjoyed jjk, bnha, demon slayer etc but then sport and romance animes are also sO GOOD??? I really enjoyed Akagami no Shirayukihime (Snow White with the red hair) recently ^^
I’ll have to get to aot this week bc I’ve honestly only heard good things about it so I’ll find somewhere to stream it and start it soon hehe
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lilyhaaron · a month ago
Apparently you can make pinned posts on here now, so I’m going to do just that.
Hi, I’m Lily Haaron, a mid-20s-something from Seattle. I’ve had this blog since like... 2012-2013, but haven’t really used it in any major since. It doesn’t really have a focus and is more just a pile of random stuff I like.
Stuff I do and like:
Programming / Game Design - I am a C# developer and the lead developer of Librarian Idyll, an in-development game about running a magical library. It’s honestly like 80% of what I think about most days.
Art - I’m also an artist, in the past primarily a calligrapher and cartographer, but with Librarian Idyll been branching back into more general art styles and digital art. I am particularly drawn to natural landscapes, both mundane and fantastical.
Sewing - I’ve done cosplay in the past, but in recent years I’ve started to move to making a lot of my own garments. I don’t really know how to pinpoint what my style is, but the closest that someone has come to describing it was “You don’t dress like a child, but you look like you belong in a children’s storybook.”
Video Games - My favorite game of all time is easily Kerbal Space Program, and I wait in eagerness for KSP2. Other than that, I am a fan of production management games such as Factorio, as well as grand strategy, with my favorites being Crusader Kings and Stellaris. I also play my fair share of RPGs, with my favorite being my first - the original Baldur’s Gate.
Non-Video Games - Although not as much in the last couple years, I do keep up with Magic the Gathering, although I’ve backed off from primarily making content about it. I’m a fan of TTRPGs, with my favorite still probably being D&D 3.5, in all its broken glory.
Quick round of favorite other media: - Band - Purity Ring (Song: Pink Lightning) - Book - The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, followed closely by the Hobbit - Movie - Kubo and the Two Strings, followed by Beauty and the Beast - Musical - Jesus Christ Superstar - TV Show - Star Trek: Lower Decks (recently unseating Star Trek: Voyager)
Hiking - Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, I have alsways been surrounded by trees and mountains and love spending time with them. While the pandemic has limited my ability to over the past year and change, I can’t wait to get back to it.
My girlfriend - She’s the best and I love her so much. <3
Other places you can find me:
Youtube - I run a channel called Lily’s Library, which started as an ASMR channel, but kinda just branched out into a hodgepodge of stuff I like, albeit in still an ASMR-friendly manner. I’ve been on a little bit of a break, but shall be returning shortly.
Twitter - Honestly a lot of this is just my interaction with the MtG Community and friends I’ve made there. Also check out the Librarian Idyll twitter (which I also run) for regular updates on whatever I’m currently developing.
Twitch - I haven’t streamed much recently, but I sometimes do impromptu streams for art or random games I want to stream.
I have an Instagram too, but I’ve been moving away from posting on there because to hell with Facebook.
Finally I also have a Patreon, but like, I don’t make content here so I’m not going to plug it hard or anything.
Last Updated - 17 May 2021.
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Twelve Months - Good Omens fanfic
Happy 31st Anniversary of Good Omens! :D
To celebrate this momentous occasion, I have posted a slightly-sad, slightly-sweet Wake the Snake fic on AO3, because our demon has been napping for a whole Twelve Months, and sometimes Angel gets a little lonely!
Thank you all for another fantastic year in this fandom!
Twelve months.
Aziraphale pushed open the door to Crowley’s flat, a simple shopping bag tucked under his arm.
The lights were still off, the curtains drawn in the awful empty room he called a study. Nothing had changed.
He passed through the enormous, rotating section of wall and into the solarium. This was still bright—many of the plants flourishing despite being unattended so long, despite clearly not having enough water. A few had started flowering. They waved their branches at him as he entered, perking up eagerly.
The angel waved back, but first he peeked into Crowley’s bedroom.
He was still where Aziraphale had left him, on his last visit a month before. Bright red hair spilled across black pillows, grown into a stringy mop. Duvet pulled up to his messily-bearded chin. One hand curled up beside him on the bed.
Still asleep.
With a sigh, Aziraphale crossed over to the plants, who greeted him excitedly, unfurling their newest leaves, a few vines hanging down to brush his face.
“Hello, my lovelies. How are you all doing? Look at you, grown at least a foot since I saw you, I’m sure. And you! What beautiful pink buds. Very impressive.”
He didn’t think Crowley would approve of how he spoke to the plants, but the poor things had been so distraught on his first visit, straining to keep upright, trying to hide their yellowing leaves. So much healthier now, much happier for just a bit of attention. He picked up the watering can and gave them all a quick splash. He didn’t know how much water each needed, but it didn’t seem to matter.
“You keep it up, dears. I’ll be back before you know it.”
Picking up his shopping bag again, Aziraphale headed down the hall to the kitchen. The kettle sat on the island where he’d left it, and he quickly refilled it and set it to boil. While he waited, he pulled his latest creations from the bag: a small pumpkin spice cake from a recipe he’d been perfecting since fall, a lemon coconut cake, and a few apple cinnamon muffins.
Two plates—a muffin for each, a slice of the coconut cake for himself and the pumpkin spice for Crowley.[1] The rest went into the refrigerator, where they would never go bad or stale.
Aziraphale put the plates onto a tray, along with forks and napkins. Next he found two mugs and pulled the little tin of his second-favorite tea out of the bag just as the kettle boiled.
For himself, a teaspoon of the expertly blended leaves, steeped for exactly three minutes, resulting in a pale brown tea with a slightly spicy aroma. For Crowley, he dropped a tea bag into boiling water and let it sit until it was almost black.[2]
He carried the tray back to the solarium and selected a bright red-and-gold tulip that was nearly vibrating in its eagerness to be noticed. A moment to assure the other plants that they were still doing fabulously—particularly a self-conscious little succulent that had rather drooped over the winter but was making a fine recovery—and he once more headed into Crowley’s bedroom.
Crowley had rolled over, and now sprawled on his back, sleeping soundly. He’d apparently kicked a bit, too, as the blanket had slid down past his stomach. Aziraphale smiled as he set the tray on the chair he’d brought in some months ago and got to work.
“It’s wonderful to see you again, dear,” he started cheerfully, carefully rearranging the objects on the little bedside table. “I have a few things for you again, I hope you don’t mind.” Just enough space to slide the mug and the little plate. Perfect.
“I received a package from Tadfield again. Everyone wrote a note and then gathered them all together, really quite clever. They’re all doing well, if a bit bored.” The table was nearly overflowing with little items now, brought in by Aziraphale to cheer the place up. Framed pictures of their human friends, quarantining with their families, clustered in one corner so tightly you could hardly see them anymore.
He pulled the latest out of the shopping bag. “Anathema has started a garden,” he explained, pausing to show the photograph to Crowley’s sleeping form. It showed the witch, kneeling outside her little cottage, working on growing several rows of herbs. “I got the impression she was off to a rough start, but she hopes to send us some mint in the next package. Although Newt warned me not to expect too much, as they’d already forgotten which patch is mint and which is oregano.” He set the picture with the others, and slid the potted tulip alongside it. “I’m sure she could use some advice from you, when you’re ready to share.”
“Nnnnh.” Aziraphale spun eagerly, but no, just Crowley shifting in his sleep again, rolling onto his side.
The angel paused to pull the duvet back up to Crowley’s chin, tugging it straight and smoothing a hand down his back. In a way, his friend was nearly unrecognizable, with that hair and ridiculous beard, but in another way looked the same as ever. That was always Crowley’s way, of course, constantly changing yet somehow always the same.
He lingered, taking in the shape of that face, leaning close, lips hovering above his cheekbone—
Aziraphale pulled back, quickly digging into his bag again. “Oh! Ah, the, um, the children have been making projects for their art class. This past month was sculpture, and they sent us some. Look!” He pulled out four little figures of oven-baked clay. “Ah, young Wensleydale has made a very clever model of a train car. Brian’s is…abstract.” He turned the next a few different ways. “And Pepper’s is, ah, either a very complex symbolic representation of the Patriarchy, or…a troll, I think.” They just fit on the edge of the table, all in a line, a very mismatched tableau. The fourth, on the end, was the best, in Aziraphale’s opinion. “Adam made a little Dog, and it’s very well done, don’t you think?” The canine figure posed with one leg raised and head cocked, ready to play, but the shadow it cast was just a little too large, too ominous, for such a small creature.
With a sigh, Aziraphale shifted the row this way and that. “I sent a letter to Warlock, over in America, but haven’t heard back since Christmas. I believe they’re very busy with something. Politics. You know how it is.” When the Dowlings had left England, they’d planned to return for a visit the following summer. A global pandemic had had other ideas.
“In any case, that just leaves Tracy and Shadwell. I understand he’s decided to hate the concept of literacy this month, so no word on how his war with the squirrels is going. And Tracy has declared she will spend the summer making a fairy garden. I thought her sketches looked very promising, and she promised to send us an update in June. I’m sure you’ll find it charming.”
“Hrrrrm.” Crowley sank under the duvet, nestling down a little deeper. Aziraphale smiled, settling into the chair with his plate and mug.
“Things are loosening up again,” he explained, taking a bite of cake. Delicious, if he said so himself. Sharp and not too sweet. “People are getting vaccinated, shops opening up. It’s really a lovely breath of fresh air, at least when you’re not wearing a mask.” A long sip from his mug, then he held it, fingers tapping. “It’s been nice walking through the park again, just in time for the baby ducks. And that record shop at the corner, they’ve had some wonderful new additions. Which reminds me.”
Putting aside his mug, Aziraphale dug through the bag again and pulled out a handful of square plastic cases. “They had a whole shipment of those little records the Bentley likes. Modern music. I picked out the ones with the rudest names. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.” He pulled out the first disc and placed it atop Crowley’s phone. The device blinked in confusion a few times, then obediently copied all the music.
“Of course, it’s not all good news.” He stacked the rest of the discs atop the phone and returned to his tea. “Reopening means the customers are coming back. Yesterday, this one individual spent almost an hour browsing the same three shelves. And then he tried to make off with one of my books.” Another long sip. “Granted, he offered to pay, but still. What sort of establishment does he think I’m running?”
Aziraphale paused, waiting for Crowley to respond, not that he ever did. The demon’s eyelids moved a little, but no more.
Sighing, Aziraphale turned to his muffin. “You know, many times in the last year, I’ve wished you were there. Particularly during reopening phases. You could have posed as a customer, and then I’d be able to tell people I was at the capacity limit. Oh, and the people who would call to try and buy my rarest books. Collectors, or so they claimed, but then they just turn around and sell to anyone for twice the price! I’m sure you’d have some biting things to say about such people.” He smiled at Crowley’s sleeping face. “I’ve missed that, and your jokes. Rather more than I expected to.”
When his plate and tea were finished, Aziraphale set them on the floor and reached again into the bag. “Now, I have been attempting to teach my computer how to use the internet. I think it’s going quite well. Adam and his friends gave me a ‘homework assignment’ to find articles on recent news events, and I made the most wonderful discovery. Did you know that humans now share their news through humorous pictures? I printed out my favorites to show you.”[3]
He flicked through a few. “Ah, to start with, a few months ago there was this American politician with amusing mittens who showed up everywhere for a few days. It was extremely droll.” He leaned closer, holding them up for Crowley to see. “Ah, a few more from America. The murder hornets arrived, though by that point everyone had forgotten them. The election became increasingly confusing, and it all ended in a parking lot. For a little while everything was ‘This-or-That Total Landscaping,’ and before that everything was cake.” He showed a few extremely clever illusions. “I did try to make my own, but couldn’t manage it without miracles, which I felt was cheating.”
Really, leaning like this was starting to strain his back. Aziraphale shifted to sit on the edge of the bed, the better to share his pictures. “Ahhh. Also for a time everyone’s calendars were stuck on ‘March.’ And then earlier this year, a group of people learned how the stock market works, but sadly not how to spell it. The whole situation seemed very much like the sort of thing you’d be involved in. And…Oh, this angel from a television show was sent to Hell for…reasons.” He glanced at the shape beside him. Crowley had curled in slightly, pressing against Aziraphale’s back. “Yes. Various reasons. And then this musician, I suppose, went on his own. Both had many people extraordinarily upset.”
The next few images would really tickle Crowley, if he could actually see them. “The biggest news is that a large ship got stuck sideways in that canal in Egypt. Stopped half the world’s shipping for a few days while they dug it out! I’m sure you would have liked that very much. Exactly your sort of trouble. The humans were all very excited.”
The final photo was another of the ship, an image Aziraphale had made himself, printing out a blank version and writing on it in felt-tip pen. The hull of the enormous ship was labeled, “An eternity putting up with the tedious bureaucracy and frequently conflicting commands of my superiors until I begin to doubt my own judgement and sanity,”[4] while the small digger working steadily beside it was “Crowley.”
Aziraphale watched the demon beside him, not really expecting a reaction, certainly not getting one. He reached over, brushing brilliant hair back from Crowley’s forehead. “I think you’d have had rather a lot of fun last year. Or perhaps you’d have been upset you could only watch from a distance. Or…”
He’d leaned much closer than he’d intended, hovering just above Crowley’s forehead.
“Well!” Aziraphale stumbled to his feet. “I suppose that’s just about everything.” He picked up the tray from where he’d rested it on the floor, starting to re-load it with everything he’d brought in. Crowley’s cake and tea sat untouched, as always, but Aziraphale wouldn’t dream of skipping them. “We’re all very optimistic for the summer. Two months and everything should be just…just tickety-boo. Perhaps we can go for that picnic soon, if…yes…”
They’d made such plans for 2020. All the things they would do now they were free. Plans, and other thoughts carried in their minds, possibilities that would play out in their own time. Not too fast, just a slow, steady exploration of everything they could be…
“Well. Pleasant as that idea is, best not to—to plan too much, as the previous year made fools of us all. I just…” He turned away from the tray and watched Crowley sleep, hands clasped before him. “I miss you terribly. And I wish…very much…”
He picked up his shopping bag. One item still inside. The same one he’d been carrying for months, trying to find the courage to bring it out.
With a shaking hand, he reached in and drew forth a soft hand-made doll. He’d spent much of the winter on it. Simple white cotton for the head and body, wooly curls for the hair, and stiff white lace for the wings. Dressed in waistcoat and bowtie made from Aziraphale’s favorite tartan.
He still wasn’t sure why he brought it. He’d stitched several little toys, particularly a lovely black-and-red serpent with gold button eyes that had watched him from the sofa since November. But this, for reasons he couldn’t articulate, this one was for Crowley.
“I, ah…” He shuffled closer, doll clutched in both hands. “I made, um…” Back to the edge of the bed, one hand fumbling across the duvet. “…thought you might like…”
Crowley’s face stood out in stark contrast to the pillow, pale skin and bright hair. Aziraphale wanted to drink it in, memorize every detail, to hold him over until next month. The curve of his nose, the sharp angle of his cheekbones. His lashes flickering as his eyes moved. His lips, pursed ever so slightly…
“Bless it, Angel, are you going to kiss me or not?”
Aziraphale gasped, pulling back from the bright gaze of slit-pupil eyes. “You—you’re awake!”
“Nnnh. Half.” Crowley shifted, head moving across the pillow, eyes threatening to shut again. “Wouldn’t miss your visit.” One hand reached out, plucked the doll from Aziraphale’s unresisting fingers. “For me?”
The angel nodded. “If…if…you like it…or I could—I could just…”
Without a word, Crowley pulled the doll under the duvet and curled up, tucking it under his chin, a faint smile on his lips.
“If you were awake you—you should have said something! I’ve been going—going off like a fool all this—oh!” Aziraphale could feel his face turning hot as he recalled a few times his tongue had been a bit too loose for propriety.
“Mmmmmh.” The golden eyes were shut again.
“Crowley?” No response. “Crowley!” Aziraphale scowled. “Anthony J. Crowley, if you’ve fallen asleep again, I swear, I’ll—”
He’d do what? The angel fumed, but what could he really threaten? To stay away? Never.
“Alright then, I suppose I’ll see you in June. I’ve had several new requests for extremely rare manuscripts and I need to go pen some responses reprimanding these vultures for their cheek. I can—”
“You can stay.”
He spun around. Crowley had one eye barely cracked open. Gently, he pulled back the duvet, showing there was just enough space for Aziraphale beside him.
“I…I couldn’t.” But he stepped forward, not back. “I have business tomorrow, things to—”
“Just tonight then.”
His fingers brushed the mattress and pulled back as if burned. “You—you don’t really mean this, you’re just talking in your sleep.”
“Nah.” Crowley settled the doll by his pillow, making space. “Why else would I give you my key?”
“I…to…water the plants?”
“They take care of themselves.” Crowley held open his arms, eyes shut once more. “I missed you, too.”
Well. What could he say to that?
Aziraphale took off his shoes and slid into bed, into Crowley's arms. They wrapped around him gently as Crowley wriggled closer. “Mmmm. Y’r softer than the doll.”
“Oh.” He’d been called soft many times, generally as a way to imply he was a failure as an angel. But just this once, it made him feel rather pleased. “Soft is good?”
“Verrrry good.” Crowley twisted a bit, trying to find a comfortable way to rest his long limbs, and finally settled curled up against Aziraphale’s chest, tucked below the angel’s chin with a leg hooked over his knees.
The angel smiled. “And you’re…you’re noodlier than a stuffed snake. Err…”
A chuckle, just a stirring of breath across his throat. “Can’t wait to hear the story behind that.” Crowley nuzzled against his shoulder with a sigh. “Good night, Angel.”
Aziraphale swept the brilliant hair back again and bent down, pressing his lips to Crowley’s forehead. A soft, gentle kiss that made his friend smile a little more broadly. “Good night, my dear.”
Crowley drifted off again, burrowing close, as the angel continued to gently tease the back of his hair. Perhaps, he thought, perhaps tomorrow's work wasn't so very urgent. Perhaps a bit of rest would do him good. And perhaps...
Well. Don't plan too much. But for the first time, Aziraphale felt a bit of optimism about the coming summer and its possibilities.
“Sleep well, Crowley.”
[1] Crowley had invented pumpkin spice, and Aziraphale assumed he must like it. In truth, Crowley despised it, and regretted every autumn how it took over the entire world. He missed apple cider season. [2] Aziraphale had suspected since the early 1950s that Crowley secretly took his tea with several lumps of sugar, but would continue to pretend he didn’t know until Crowley confessed. Considering current circumstances, that was unlikely to be any time soon. [3] Aziraphale’s fax machine, revived after over three decades of disuse, had been somewhat confused to be asked to perform any task at all, much less to print memes onto photo paper with perfectly balanced color; but like the plants and Crowley’s phone, it couldn’t stand to disappoint the angel. [4] It was possible he hadn’t quite mastered this new form of communication.
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bi-demi-eddie · a month ago
Oh my, oh my, *to the tune of Fantasy by Mariah Carey* I have literally no excuse for this one taking two weeks. I’m really sorry
Perhaps the only thing that resembles an excuse is uni trying to kill me before the easter break is even over. (But it’s fine. Like 99,9%. I chose this for myself.)
Tea is my fave, although hot chocolate is better when it’s cold and I need to boost my glucose levels.
Farm from 1500s definitely counts as cottage core >:)  I’ll send pictures haha.
Again, I’m so so sorry that it took me this long (2 weeks, I’m crying), but take this episode review as a consolation:
The start of the episode with Maddie being over 42 weeks pregnant? Well done, actually really like that choice. Extra credits for her trying to induce labour in all ways possible! And also yes to Maddie being stubborn af and just trying to work through labour. Also, the drama of that car pile up, I think it’s safe to say they coming in hot with the cooler rescues. Also really happy that Albert is okay! Like, when he wasn’t in the pile-up I trusted that he would be all right, and my god, I was happy I was right. Also, fuck Fox for putting that thing up on their insta, we’re ignoring that. Overall a real good episode and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.
@stethoscope name: I feel like it should be feminine? Idk, masculine doesn’t feel right.
So, I might have developed a new obsession in like 2 weeks. Prepare for an annoying amount of talking about Formula 1. See, I always followed F1 on the downlow, especially since Verstappen got signed to Red Bull and the whole of the Netherlands suddenly became F1 fans. Did I see the point in watching really fast cars drive 70 the exact same laps? No, I thought that that was boring, I just watched the highlights. After watching the qualification rounds from Bahrein, my TikTok went from rwrb to F1. TikTok made me root for Norris, too (kinda also to annoy said friend, since he is a hardcore Verstappen fan), and I actually watched the full Imola race. I was manifesting a podium for Norris so hard. And guess who came 3rd? Lando freaking Norris. And now I’m just consuming a ridiculous amount of race analytics and memes and YouTube video’s. Safe to say I’m annoying the crap out of my dad and brother. Also; help, this is indeed me admitting that I’m now attracted to rich (not Dutch) boys driving really fast cars, this wasn’t meant to happen.
like i wanna hate him but also he looks so good hnnnnghh HAHAHAHAHAHA, I totally understand the dilemma. Yeah, I do think the actress that plays Margaret is good, just, I think the first two seasons ruined ever possible chance of being able to do a convincing job.
you go hiking in jeans? 😭 oh dear. it’s always cold enough here to use light ski pants to go hiking in. Even in summer? Not only jeans though, when it’s below 0 I definitely slip on some thermoleggings below them. When I go hiking with the dogs in summer I’m always on the 50/50 whether I should just slip on shorts or keep my jeans on because of ticks. I don’t even think I own “light” ski pants... the perils of a sea climate
Yeah, but the “save for web” thing my computer doesn’t want to do. I need to download the newest Adobe zii before I can upgrade, or pay 75 euros for a year (which is not bad, but still more than I’m willing to pay) :’).
It sounds lovely! We ate a lot of eggs, and that was basically it. We had weather on drugs though, that was kinda fun: it snowed, rained, hailed and the sun shone in a span of like 1 hour, every single hour. And then we had like a couple of cm’s of snow that melted before noon the next day.
I’m super glad you found your balance again! I kinda feel like I’m drowning (hence, 2 weeks, I’ll keep repeating it), but I’m just blissfully ignoring it. Just working on my classes and ignoring the 2 weeks of lectures I still need to watch back to make actual notes (I swear I was just sleeping through them and I retained exactly 0.0% and the said 2 classes don’t have books or syllabi and I’m just fucked. Thank god for people putting their summaries online, am I right? 🤡).
Okay so about queen Taylor, I think the whole album is great, haven’t really found a favourite, did listen most to fearless but I have find no freaking fault anywhere. What Is your favourite?
No no no, French/Portuguese breakfasts are like a croissant/sweet pastry and a cup of coffee, that just won’t do. I’m not a big eater, but a croissant will keep me filled for a hour, if I’m lucky. I still have flashbacks of the weird bread the French had and my Dutch ass can’t handle it. The only good French bread are baguettes. German bread though? Yes, please, gimme all the fresh loaves.
Here’s the thing; I’ve eaten more warm lunches on holiday than at home. I used to think hot lunches were weird as fuck, especially since most Dutch people who have a warm lunch, eat bread for dinner? And I’m sorry, I can do most things for dinner, but not bread. I will have at least 3 snacks after that. (Ha, take that, Portugese man, who said all the Dutch eat is bread). Five times? Like breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner? Because I do that too, and at least one snack after dinner.
Did you discover fun recipes? I tried to make vegan pancakes once, and that’s surprisingly easy. (A bit unfortunate I put butter and maple syrup on them afterwards)
Elisa, no. Not even the harry potter movies? Although, can’t really blame you for not wanting to watch/read HP after certain things came to light so I won’t be forcing you to watch them just to get this little reference.
If a crystal ball could tell you the truth about any one thing about yourself, life, the future, or anything else, what would you want to know, and why?
I would want to know when I’ll graduate. That feels like priorty number 1, (cause I just wanna know how hard I’ll need to slap myself to get my master before I’m 27). And perhaps it’ll be fun to know for how long I’ll stay single, just so I can have an idea how much of a recluse I’ll keep being. Which, I know this sounds bad, I like being single! Just wanna know when I’m gonna get married if ever. I think the whole party that comes with marriage usually is a good excuse to get all my friends together and just dance… If not another pandemic, ofc. Oeh, that might also be nice to know, when the next one is coming and where it stems from so I can get my yearly party out of the way before that happens.
This whole answer seems overly negative actually, jeez. What’s up @me.
If you had to either change professions or move to another part of the country (or another country since we’re in Europe, not the USA), which would you prefer? What new career or location first comes to mind?
okay i have no idea how long this has been sitting on my ask box, im so sorry it took me a while to answer, ive had some things to get through so i needed to take my time!! but im here now!! 
hot chocolate is superior. s u p e r i o r. 
yes, send pictures from the farm when you go there!!!
i love your episode review for ep 9!!! WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE MORE RECENT EPISODES 
your stethoscope name needs to definitely be something feminine, something soft that is nice for your patients 🤔 they need to like your stethoscope too!!
about your new obsession: I FEEL LIKE EVERYONE NEAR ME IS BECOMING FORMULA STAN?? so you are definitely not alone in that!! ive seen few F1 tiktoks and god why are the rich boys so attractive??? 
yeah in finland you can always wear light ski pants, okay summer is little on edge because we do get hot days too, but we also have ticks here, so it’s not really safe to go with only shorts. 
wow your weather was on drugs too?? because we got 20cms of snow on friday, and yesterday it was sunny and almost +10 celsius :D 
i love how i have stated like a month or so ago to you that i have balance on my school work. THAT BALANCE HAS BEEN LONG GONE im suffering and drowning with school rn, there is now balance to be found 
okay my favorite from fearless changes every week but currently it is don’t you <3
french bread is so low on fibre!! me, as a finn, im used to eating rye-bread. so when i visited paris and ate their bread i was like???? WHERE IS THE FIBER
our typical eating schedule is a little different, its like: breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and a night snack :D 
i have discovered so many new fun recipes!! my current favorite is chocolate banana bread!!
nope, not anything harry potter related. no movies, no books, nothing. and i get roasted about this on weekly basis by certain people. 
your answer is so nice!! i would also like to know where do i decide to work. (or get to work?). lately ive been thinking that i would maybe like to work with sexual health and young people, but who knows. 
If you had to either change professions or move to another part of the country (or another country since we’re in Europe, not the USA), which would you prefer? What new career or location first comes to mind?
okay if i had to change profession totally out of medical field, then probably a health education teacher. but it’s super hard to imagine myself doing anything other than something in the medical field!! i just fit here i think. and if i had to move to another country, spain or italy would be super cool. or sweden. ive actually been thinking about living abroad sometimes. but i dont know. HOW ABOUT YOU? 
so little update on my life: 
my grandpa died few weeks ago and that’s why i needed a little break from tumblr. it was hard, like the first week, but it has gotten a little easier. i still do get sad and feel down but it’s not that constant anymore. the funeral is next week. 
and what comes to 911, ive been little i dont know, on edge with it? i havent been 100% happy with what theyre doing with eddie and buck. it feels like years since we’ve had them on scenes together. i have loved madney storylines, henren storylines and everything, but i just dont like the direction my comfort characters are going in. and i especially do not appreciate the lack of eddie. I MISS MY GUY. GIVE ME MY BOY. he better get some very well deserved screentime in the last episodes or i will scream. loudly. i just miss him. it sucked that i waited whole week to see the new episode and there was nothing about him. 
as i said earlier, im drowning in school, our thesis is still not ready and there’s only two weeks before the final deadline. i have so many assingments to do and lectures to attend and on top of that im vaccinating folks. i just feel like i have no time 😭 and it’s not like i can motivate myself to do things with summer vacation, because i literally have like 3 days off before i start at the hospital. 
im being a negative nelly right now, anygays, how are you doing? <3 thoughts on taylorbuck and the new episodes? what is your favorite thing to do on summer? 
thank you for having patience with me!! <3 
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alemanriq · a month ago
Hey !! I hope it won’t sound rude or anything but do you still draw Moblit, Nifa, Keiji and Abel ?? I found your account and omg all your work are just so amazing I was wondering :)
Hahahah i read Abel in your ask and all i feel is
Tumblr media
I'm still not over the fact that the last one of my Unrecognized children does have a name.
But hshdjs you're so sweet and anything but rude for asking that n_n I admit i haven't drawn them in a while even if i want beacuse of a mix of things.
- Actually for the past couple of years i ve been dealing with major insecurities about my drawing style, to the point that whenever I'd start to make something i would drop it midway bc it wasn't looking the way i as if suddenly my expectations on my own art became extremely high. Even if i know i ve done drawings i like in the past, whatever i do next has always to look better, and if i feel it doesn't, i never post it. Feels like my hands and eyes just forgot how to get back in track no matter how many drawings i make.
- This also slows down my commissions, and i don't want to post anything before im done with them and then feel bad for that too dhdjd.
- Angst is just not my thing...the fandom became very angsty with latter chapters, there was a point in which anything about moblit/hanji squad had to do w sadness and painful shipping, and it was also reflected in my moblit askbox haha. (Also happened w levihan in case anyone is curious)
- I have even less time now because since pandemic started, i also started a new job that I enjoy, and in which i want to improve because i want to stay and escalate..Before that, i really didn't work this many hours hehhe and when I'm done, i feel too tired to draw, I want to play games or do smth else.
So i cannot tell you guys *when* I will post again as before, but all i can say is that i still enjoy the characters and like to talk about them, i was just never the starter type so if no one interacts with me, i just lurk silently lmao.
I don't want to say ill never post anything about them (or anything snk related) again bc I think that if at least the spark is there, i feel i can be able to get back to do something when i feel is time. I still have my prompts and sketches, I'm still around even if tumblr became kinda less active or there's people that brings back 2013's discussions. I still do try to drop a drawing here and there if i put enough effort (like the one i did of historia now and im starting to hate 😂) and definitelly like to talk to people.
Let's hope is all i can say, sorry if it's not enough :'D you have @ teamfours on twitter though, they make awesome hanji squad stuff :B
I hope you're all taking good care of yourselves, maybe you feel stuck at something too who knows, don't worry, that will also pass.
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solofelt · a month ago
What keeps me Motivated in Life is wanting to raise a Child Genius
For those of you who don't have any motivation or don't even understand what your purpose is in life, I want to tell you my story of how I started building my motivation.
Hopefully it can inspire you to have a specific long-term goal to be motivated towards.
Grab some popcorn because this is going to be a LONG read!
I had a lot on my mind, so I spent 4 hours trying to organize this into a more interesting read... I hope it worked lol
I'm a 22 year old college student who didn't know what I wanted to do in life.
My parents urged me to get a master's in accounting, bachelor's in information systems, and a CPA license, but I didn't know what type of accounting job I wanted and why I wanted to do it besides making my parents happy and to make money.
I generally spent my entire childhood sitting at home, studying, and watching time go by as I binge-watched YouTube videos and played video games +12 hours per day.
I always avoided opening up to people because I thought I was weird and lacked life experience compared to everyone else. (This leads me to believe that I have AvPD [avoidant personality disorder], even though I wasn't diagnosed for it)
It became this loophole:
Socially Awkward —> Binge-watch YouTube - Because of my social awkwardness, I would avoid interacting with people and instead I would binge-watch YouTube videos. Binge-watch YouTube —> Socially Awkward - But because I binge-watched YouTube videos, I lacked social experience and it made me even more socially awkward.
Even though I had friends, I didn't know anything about their families, their secrets, or anything really personal about them. I feel like the only way I was able to make friends with my AvPD was the fact that grade school and high school forced me to with the in-person classes.
But ever since the pandemic started, I realized that with the lack of in-person classes, I lost all of my friends, my social skills, and my motivation in school. This time, I didn't care about anything or anyone since I never knew my purpose and there wasn't anything to really guide me.
I was constantly depressed and I could really feel my life being wasted away from every YouTube video that I watched.
Is this what my life is going to continue to be like when I'm 50 years old..?
Giving My Child the Life I've Never Had
Then, I came across a show called Child Genius on YouTube.
It's about children, mainly between 8-12 years old, competing against each other for a $100,000 college scholarship fund.
My eyes started to open when I saw how comfortable these kids' lives were. They were so curious and knowledgeable. Heck, they even forced themselves to learn materials they weren't interested in because the process of learning was fun to them.
These children also had such loving families that encouraged them to study (even if it's tough love from that one Asian tiger family).
It kind of made me jealous of how much information they knew and how determined they were at such a young age. It made me wish that I was like them when I was a kid.
But instead of beating myself up for not living a comfortable and knowledgeable life like they did when I was a kid, I want to raise my child to become a genius or at least give them the life I never had.
Though, in order for me to raise a child genius, I would need to improve myself first.
Improving Myself
Hygiene / Diet
My hair is a mess
My skin is dry
I'm always dehydrated
I'm skinny, and the list goes on...
I've heard that women likes a guy that can take care of their hygiene, so I most likely can't get a girlfriend or wife if I don't improve my hygiene, right?
I'm also trying to improve my hygiene so I can feel more confident and more motivated to complete my other goals.
To do this:
I'm testing out different skincare, hair, and dental products
I want to make my hair, skin, and teeth more appealing and attractive.
I'm starting to work out
I used to think that working out was cliché and for "mainstream" people, but now I'm doing it to build my muscles and to improve my stamina. I've worked out for 1 month now and I feel a lot more energized every morning.
I'm eating at least 2 meals per day
Sometimes I would substitute meals with sugary or unhealthy snacks, like Honey Buns or Pringles, get full, and then not feel like eating a meal.
Now, I'm trying to eat enough to meals to cover my daily required nutrients before I can snack. If I'm too full to snack, that's okay because meals are my priority in order to get the right nutrients and to feel energized.
I'm trying to stay away from sugar
I think that is one of the factors to my not-so-pleasant breath and low stamina.
I haven't completely stayed away from sugar yet since it seems to be in everything, but I'm avoiding sugary snacks and drinks. Now, I consume less than 30g of sugar every day.
I'm taking vitamin supplements
I took Vitamin B12 supplements for a few days last week and they helped me out tremendously with my energy.
I didn't know that vitamins help so much with so many things (I plan on taking other vitamin supplements soon):
Vitamin A helps with your vision and gives clear skin
Vitamin B gives you energy (which I definitely needed because of my depression)
Vitamin C helps with your immune system, speeds wound heals, and improves muscles
Vitamin D reduces bone loss
Education / Financial Security
I'm trying to take school more seriously now so that I can be financially secure for my child and my family.
Becoming a CPA with a concentration in Information Systems is honestly not that interesting to me, but if these child geniuses can keep themselves motivated in things they're not interested in, then why should I be any different?
Maybe I can trick my brain into thinking that it's interesting or that it has purpose if I can understand the big picture. I don't have to work in Accounting & Information Systems because I like it, I can work in this field because I become more knowledgeable and I'll be able to support my child.
Besides, I've seen a lot of people with a master's degree or PhD in STEM or business who eventually pursue a career in a hobby they truly enjoy. For example, some of these people eventually become an actor, singer, artist, YouTuber, etc.
So I now know my purpose of getting these degrees and licenses, even though I'm truly interested in something else. I'm just getting these degrees to build my knowledge, secure my family, and I'm using it as a backup plan to what I truly enjoy doing.
All of these reasons are what's keeping me motivated in school now.
Social Skills
I need to improve my social skills so I can find that one person that I want to be with, and so that I can a good relationship with my family and others. This is going to be by far my greatest challenge as a person with AvPD...
I haven't made too much improvement in my social skills after watching Child Genius:
I'm still not hanging out with friends
I still rarely talk with people over the phone
I still completely avoid attending social events (I can't attend anyway because of COVID)
But I'm improving a little bit:
I'm replying to text messages more, instead of ghosting people like I always do
I'm also apologizing to the people I've ghosted by telling them I was going through rough times. Most of my friends and family have been quite understanding, to my surprise.
So I hope that these little steps in socializing will not only help me become more talkative, but it could also help me become more open with my emotions and how I feel overall. No one wants to be with someone who's always closed-off.
I finally feel like I have purpose in life.
Trying to raise a child genius is what's keeping me motivated to improve myself.
I hope, perhaps, you can find your purpose in life and feel motivated in the same way that I do—by wanting to raise your child to have the best life you've never had (through improving yourself).
Thank you for coming to my TEDTalk.
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lovemesomesurveys · 2 months ago
do you use song lyrics on your status ? I did when I was younger, especially during the Myspace days.
what movie, if any, would you like to star in ? None, thanks.
do you hate it when people space their question marks, like i do ? I don’t like the space.
you have a formspring don't you ? I did. I don’t know if it still exists, though. It’s been many years.
what's one thing you get told to do, all the time ? My family is on me a lot about making sure I’m eating.
do you have any people that are like siblings to you ? Just my actual siblings.
of course, you knew it was coming, what's your favorite song ? I don’t have a current favorite.
are your parent's strict? No.
what's the next piercing you wanna get ? I don’t want any. 
are you mean to people you don't like ? I’m still civil to people even if I might not particularly like them for whatever reason. I just keep the conversation short and on a as needed basis.
do you hate anyone, like really hate ? Besides myself, no.
what's your definition of love ? It’s hard to describe.
if you could, would you kill someone ? Um, no.
what's something you want more than anything ? To not feel like shit all the time.
have you ever been depressed ? I am depressed. I have depression.
would you ever dye your hair a neon color, all of it, not just some ? No.
have you even been to a drive in movie ? Yeah, a few times when I was a kid. I’ve been wanting to do that again recently, especially with the pandemic and whatnot. There aren’t any near me, though.
what’s one memory you never want to forget ? Ones involving my loved ones. 
if you could go back in time, would you ? Yes.
what’s one thing you look for in a relationship ? Here’s a couple things: patience and understanding.
do your parents like your best friend ? My mom is my best friend, so yes?
say something, right now, to someone not mentioning any names : No.
do you still watch cartoons ? Yeah.
what’s your favorite soup ? Broccoli cheddar soup. <<< Yeah, I’m more of a ramen gal but broccoli cheddar is good.
i don’t eat soup, do you ? On rare occasion I’ll have broccoli cheddar.
do you get most of your ideas in the shower ? My mind is always wandering.
what song can cheer you up, no matter what ? There isn’t one.
are you in love, at the moment ? No.
do you believe in karma ? No.
what’s meant to be will always find a way, agree or disagree ? Not always.
what’s your religion ? Christian. 
have you ever done something just to get attention ? Yes.
who’s someone you can act your complete self around ? My family for the most part.
who’s your favorite band ? One of them will always Linkin Park.
do you want to get married one day, or not ? No.
who do you go to when you need to talk, or be cheered up ? Depends what the issue is, but usually no one.
do you still play guitar hero, like i do ? :) It’s been several years since I’ve played, but I’ve wanted to.
are you more comfortable talking to your mom or dad ? My mom.
what’s your favorite number ? 8.
does the opposite sex confuse you ? People in general confuse me.
lady gaga, what’s your opinion ? I like some of her music.
what’s something you could argue about forever ? I don’t like debating/arguing about anything.
night or day ? Night.
one thing you’re really good at ? Nothing.
do you ever have thoughts about your past? Um, all the time.
have you ever felt so.. neglected? Yes. Especially by myself.
do you want to start life all over? No, not all over. Just a few years back at least.
are you trustworthy? Yes.
really, how many true friends do you have? I don’t have any friends. can you name a few? --
what are some of your must haves? Coffee?
do you like taking surveys or making them better? I just take ‘em.
have you ever cut yourself on purpose? Yes.
your favorite kind of puppy is..? Aww, puppies in general are adorable.
what’s your favorite holiday? Christmas and Halloween.
do you believe in Friday the thirteenth? No.
what is something bad that has happened to you lately? I haven’t been feeling well.
when was the last time you cried? Last night.
do you have any troubles with talking to your parents? Not with my mom, but with some things with my dad.
have you ever talked to a counselor? No, but I really should. 
personally, do you think you’re funny? I have my moments once in awhile.
do you brush your teeth and floss everyday? I don’t floss everyday.
have you ever heard the song down by chris brown? Yeah.
who is your favorite rapper? Megan thee Stallion, Cardi B, Post Malone.
do you even get into politics? Not the last few years.
have you ever failed a state test? No.
do you cuss? Sometimes.
how’s life treating you? Not well. what color are your nails painted? They’re not.
do you have on a red shirt today? No.
how old are you gunna be on your next birthday? 32.
do you listen to owl city? I liked a couple of their songs.
what\'s your favorite color? Pastels, rose gold, sea foam green, coral, and yellow.
do you own a mood ring? No.
what is your opinion on abortion? I am pro-choice.
what is your favorite school subject? I always loved English.
what do you think about Chris Brown saying he loves Rhianna still? This survey is old.
do you like to smile? I mean, yeah?
have you ever heard the song party in the usa by Miley Cyrus? Yeah.
are you allergic to anything? Tangerines.
how’s life? Not well. Didn’t you ask this?
how do you type your smileys? :) :D :( :/ :X
do you buy band-aids with cartoon characters on them? Sometimes, sure.
do you listen to country music? Some.
are you one of them crazy football fanatics? Not at all. I have no interest in sports.
do you take a lot of pictures? No.
what’s your favorite website? Tumblr and YouTube.
what do you wanna ‘be’ when you grow up? I’m 31 and still have no idea.
do you use mechanical pencils or regular pencils more? I haven’t used a pencil at all in years, but I prefer mechanical.
have you ever painted your nails a neon color? Yeah.
do you have an iPod, or any type of music player? I still have my iPod Touch, but it’s been stored away, unused, since like 2012. I’ve used the Spotify app on my phones for music since then.
what do you think life is all about? I don’t know.
list one of your favorite quotes? There’s many.
have you ever felt like you wanted to punch someone in the face? Ha.
do you really have any enemies? No.
do you watch big brother? I’ve watched a couple seasons of Celebrity Big Brother.
was this boring? Nah.
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rosepetalrevolution · 3 months ago
One year ago I cancelled my spring break visit to my parents because my university advised no one leave the county.
If I remember correctly, the last time I’d gone to campus was the before that advisory. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen friends in person since then. I haven’t taken public transit, which I used to take daily. I’ve actually gone to my new campus like 15 times total. I’ve fit all of my life into my childhood bedroom. My cat has integrated herself entirely with my parents’ cats. I’ve started a new kind of medication to try to give me even a little bit of an ability to focus and calm down. I don’t know where I’m gonna be working next year and I almost don’t care because post-pandemic doesn’t feel real yet. I’ve helped students get into graduate programs and survive a terrible semester. I’ve made some important breakthroughs in my mental health. I started playing D&D. I basically stopped drinking. I discovered I have actually wavy hair. It started growing in a bit thinner. I lost my great uncle. I celebrated Christmas in my grandparents’ driveway, with my grandma inside an ice fishing house with a heater and the zip door open just enough for us to see her face. I played some new games, read some new books, watched a couple new tv shows. I’ve gotten better at meditating and worse at singing.
I’m so tired, but the days are starting to get longer and the work feels a little more doable once again.
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investingmade · 3 months ago
Vital Farms (VITL) DD - A non-tech growth play via /r/investing
Vital Farms (VITL) DD - A non-tech growth play
Vital Farms is a certified B-Corp focused on ethically growing pasture raised eggs and butter. They do this by partnering with roughly 200 family farms that share the mentality of putting the welfare of the animals before anything else and engaging in sustainable farming practices. All of the farms are located in “The Pasture Belt”, an area notorious for favorable weather all year long.
Management and employee satisfaction
The company was founded by Matt O’Hayer in 2007. He is the founder and former president of the Organic Egg Farmers of America and is still the Executive Chairman and Director of Vital Farms.
The current CEO is Russell Diez-Canseco. Previous work experience includes McKinsey & Company, H-E-B Grocery, and the Central Intelligence Agency (he also has an MBA from Harvard University).
Other senior management members have extensive experience in the food industry.
The company has a 4.2 rating on Glassdoor (50 reviews), 88% approval of the CEO and the reviews highlight the employees alignment and motivation with the company’s ethical mission. A few reviews complain about managers (not uncommon on Glassdoor) and about the company’s culture.
Industry and competition
Vital Farms is active in the highly-competitive and fragmented US food industry with a focus on retail consumers and a few partnerships with restaurants.
Notable competitors include Cal-Maine Foods (NASDAQ: CALM), Rose Care Farms and other major US egg producers.
Moats and competitive advantages
Vital Farms differentiates itself from competitors by focusing on the ethical side of the production and farming of its eggs and dairy products. Customers and reviewers claim the products are of higher quality and of greater taste due to the production approach they’re taking. Customer reviews and satisfaction is extremely high (their standard egg carton has a 4.9 out of 5 rating on Amazon based on 5,985 reviews with customers praising the premium quality).
Although their eggs are pricier than competitors, consumers haven’t been minding shelling out the difference for the premium quality.
Their marketing is unique and exceptional amongst competitors. To exemplify a part of this, they allow buyers to check out the farm where their eggs were laid in a 360 degree video to see if it’s up to snuff and they have a reward program for filling up a “pasture passport” with the names of 10 different farms.
Their branding and packaging is also really strong and although it is still a small company, it is starting to show strong brand loyalty among its consumers (a significant percentage of first-time buyers during the COVID-19 pandemic became repeat buyers according to the CEO).
Although the company does not have a truly strong moat at the moment, in my opinion they’re well on their way to building themselves one by the customer loyalty they’re amassing and the network of small farms they’re building.
Areas of growth
The company has been willing and adventurous when it comes to expanding their product line into sub-products (Egg bites, hard boiled eggs, liquid whole eggs) and completely new segments (butter). A natural next-step for the company at this point, in my opinion, would be to expand their dairy products further (milk, cream, etc.) to tap into other large markets.
Partnerships with large restaurant chains willing to back sustainable farming practices could also be a catalyst for growth.
One could argue there is also potential internationally for Vital Farms, but I believe this is very far-off the current road-map.
Potential headwinds
As previously mentioned, the industry they operate in is highly fragmented and it’s unlikely Vital Farms will own a majority of market share in their segment. The egg and dairy industry is also notoriously smaller and has a lower CAGR than other high-flying fast-growing industries, so Vital Farm’s TAM and market cap growth is capped unless they manage to go international successfully or tap into new product and revenue streams.
Institutional and insider ownership, short interest
Institutional ownership sits at about 51-52% (including a 4.1% indirect ownership by
Insider ownership:
Mathew O’Hayer (Founder, chairman): 10,650,494 shares
Brent Drever (Board Member): 2,533,512 shares
Karl Khoury (Board Member): 1,780,380 shares
Glenda J. Flanagan (Board Member): 1,603,230 shares
Jason L. Jones (Co-Founder, Ex-President): 640,461 shares
Peter Nicholas Pappas (Chief Sales Officer): 91,972 shares
Jeffrey S Dawson (listed as Chief Accounting Officer): 40,377 shares
Gisel Ruiz (Board Member): 16,500 shares
Denny Marie Post (Board Member): 7,500 shares
Kofi Amoo-Gottfried (Board Member): 4,788 shares
Dale Jason (COO): 246 shares
- Total % of outstanding shares held by insiders: 44%.
Important to note that the CEO does not own any shares and is apparently on a stock-based compensation program.
Short interest is currently 18.85% of the total floating shares
From the latest earning report:
Quarterly net revenue was $53.4 million, up 57% YoY
Quarterly gross margin of 34.38%, up 3% YoY
Quarterly net income of $1.677 million, up 102.29% YoY
Guidance for full-year 2020 of revenue between $210 to $214 million, representing a 49% YoY increase over 2019
Q4 and Full-Year 2020 earnings report on March 24 2021.
Balance Sheet
$112,619 Million in Cash and Cash Equivalents
$145,901 Million of Total Current Assets
$177,593 Million of Total Assets
$26,056 Million of Current Liabilities
$6,480 Million of Long-Term Debt
$35,574 Million of Total Liabilities
Valuation metrics
Market cap: $1.078 Billion
Total shares outstanding: 39.43 Million
PE Ratio: 94
P/S Ratio: 5
P/B Ratio: 7.8
D/E Ratio: 0.25
Free Cash Flow (39 week-period): $8.315 Million
PEG Ratio: ≈ 1.36
Principal financial metrics of closest competitor
Market Cap: $1.955 Billion
Revenue: $1.43 Billion (growth has been very stagnant and erratic since 2014)
PE Ratio: 29.14
PS Ratio: 1.37
Price action
Vital Farms went public on July 31st 2020 and currently sits 36.84% below its 52-week high. It traded sideways after it’s IPO and has been declining since November 2020.
Important to note that the current price held fairly well amongst the recent growth stock correction (only declining ≈ 8.5% from its February peak).
Extremely high institutional and insider ownership (almost 95% of the total outstanding shares are being held by insiders and institutions - including a small 4.1% stake by
Very strong balance sheet with lots of cash and very light on long-term debt and liabilities.
Growing revenues at > 50% per year and management aiming to grow at over 40% in 2021 and 2022.
Net income growing at over 60% YoY.
Profitable, cash flow positive.
High employee satisfaction and brand loyalty and high ratings from customers.
Innovating in existing product lines and opportunity to venture into other product segments.
Brilliant marketing.
Opportunity to invest in a fast-growing non-tech ethical business at an attractive valuation.
Disclaimer: I’m long Vital Farms and have a position of 3,636 shares at an average cost of $27.50 as of the time of this writing.
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roc-thoughtblog · 3 months ago
Sense and Sensibility Readthrough Part 24
Chapter 27, Pages 144-150
Previously, the Dashwood sisters arrive in London. Despite apparently being in town, Willoughby seems to be ghosting poor excited Marianne, who is getting more disappointed by the minute. A consolation Brandon just doesn't hit the same.
Readthrough below.
Chapter 27
Dashwood girls and Mrs. Jennings open this chapter by discussing the consequences of fine weather: namely that it keeps sportspeople from wanting to leave the open playing fields of the country. Sir Middleton might delay his arrival to enjoy a few extra days of sunshine, and Marianne's anxieties are eased by considering that maybe Willoughby too couldn't tear himself from a fine country day.
That the sunshine isn't expected to last much longer also makes her excited for the possibility of it no longer (hypothetically) holding Willoughby away from London. I think Elinor and I both suspect the weather has nothing to do with it.
The Miss Dashwoods had no greater reason to be dissatisfied with Mrs. Jennings's style of living, and set of acquaintance, than with her behaviour to themselves, which was invariably kind.
It's been a while since actively noted an Austenism but I feel like it just got inverted. Usually it's something positive that gets the rug swept out under it; this time it's something negative that got inverted. I guess it's extra appropriate here seeing as the Miss Dashwoods have never really held any particularly positive disposition to Mrs. Jennings before. I like it.
Colonel Brandon, who had a general invitation to the house, was with them almost every day; he came to look at Marianne and talk to Elinor
I would like to do that. The constantly casually visiting friends thing, I mean. Not the looking part. That's a bit odd, though I'm taken to be aware that "can't take my eyes off you" is definitely a thing a that happens to people, so, eh. It's harder in reality though, the constant visiting. Pandemic aside, Mrs. Jennings most definitely has servants taking care of general affairs when anyone visits. If I dropped by on any of my friends though, there's a high probability that I'd be imposing in some way that requires personal domestic effort on my friends' part.
Elinor observes that Brandon's little crush on Marianne is growing somewhat larger than little. Hmm.
Oh! But also, a week into the visit, a card arrives from Willoughby! So he's recieved the communications from Marianne. Despite that though he's made no real substantial response... Marianne's even more highly strung now just waiting for anything. No sitting still, no getting on with anything else in her life. Yeah, I know that feeling, it ain't nice.
Whoop, she got to the point where she snatched a random letter off of a servant just to make sure it wasn't from Willoughby. At this point Elinor can no longer refrain from probing at least a little, but mostly that just offends Marianne who claims to have nothing to hide. While snatching letters from people and pretending it ain't nothang. Nobody is convinced but it doesn't help Elinor extract anything from her.
The Middletons have arrived and Lady M has invited her mother and the Dashwoods over to visit. Sir M has, extremely characteristically, immediately thrown a big party. :'D
Willoughby is of course not in attendance, so it will be impossible for Marianne to feel happiness tonight. The Palmers are there, and Mr. Palmer has apparently forgotten who the Dashwoods are; fair enough. Has forgotten for ONE PARAGRAPH until remembering them AN HOUR LATER dear god this disaster man. :'D
"I thought you were both in Devonshire," said he. "Did you?" Elinor replied. "When do you go back again?" "I do not know." And thus ended their discourse.
This exchange. :'D
I had to go back and check to make sure that the Barton Cottage actually was in Devonshire, because it would've been even funnier if Mr. Palmer just thought they were in some completely irrelevant place altogether. I feel like Jane Austen has to have known somebody who was Mr. Palmer.
Apparently Willoughby was invited to this party, because Sir Middleton ran into him on the street in the morning. He's still not here to even see her. Poor Marianne seems very hurt. Elinor's pretty resolved to get Mama Dashwood's support in intervening now. Marianne is also writing a letter in the morning, which Elinor assumes is addressed to Willoughby, specifically for the lack of any other candidate.
See, when the narration puts it like that, I really start to think she's not writing to Willoughby at all. Maybe somebody else with a W. Or an M, if we're doing the upside down letters fakeout. The Middletons? ... Miss Williams...?
As Elinor drafts the letter to her mother, Brandon visits. Marianne has already vacated the room on account of not being in the mood for company, which is just as well because Brandon seems to want to talk to Elinor alone. ... He probably does that in a general sense anyway, he and Elinor like talking to each other and I sense that Marianne just has zero interest in interacting with him in general, even without considering the current situation with Willoughby.
I haven't really bothered to speculate on who ends up who but it occurs to me that there being three suitors around with varying levels of chemistry for the two sisters, perhaps that is intended to be part of the allure of the novel. It is a romance after all.
Hmm. Nope, can't tell. All three men are rather broadly too absent. Eddie seems too detached to even hold a relationship, and Willoughby is doing his whole ghosting thing. Brandon is the only one who seems to have some kind of normal friendly relationship with either of the sisters, but neither he nor Elinor seem to be remotely interested in each other in any kind of non-platonic capacity, even though they seem to get along quite well. There's too much story left to go.
Oh, anyway, Brandon's come to ask about Marianne's engagement to Willoughby, which is apparently fairly public knowledge. That's not terribly surprising considering I feel like Elinor is the only person who really cares who holds any real doubts. But the rumor doth fly. Brandon's been holding onto some hope that it ain't true, but he's caved after seeing a servant carry a letter in Marianne's writing addressed to Willoughby.
At least I have absolutely zero stake in any situations people are foolhardy enough to consult me on. Such are the perils of appearing prudent. People bugging you for advice on matters that you really can't give.
Brandon is in some serious shambles right now though. He's kind of stumbling over himself, maybe even rambling a little. He's asking Elinor to fill him in on the exact state of the engagement, but it's almost like he's begging. He's desperate for either a last window for... something, or just some kind of absolute closure that will let him move on. He kind of has it pretty bad; even Elinor is in some shock right now, as though she were the one who suddenly had to deal with a rival engagement. Well. I mean, as though she had to deal with one a second time.
Well it's another tough week for Elinor's advice column. She doesn't barely know much of anything about Marianne's current relationship with Willoughby to begin with. To say what she thinks, that there's something odd going on and in no way confirmed, is to give Brandon false hope because for real he ain't gettin no time of day from Marianne. So she lies and just tells him about as much as anyone else probably says, that it's basically confirmed even if she doesn't know any details.
And that's that. Brandon leaves, emotionally, while wishing Marianne well.
she was left [...] with a melancholy impression of Colonel Brandon's unhappiness, and was prevented even from wishing it removed, by her anxiety for the very event that must confirm it.
Imagine being forced to break your friend's heart on behalf of somebody else, and needing to justify it on the a relationship you're hoping will actually even work out. That's a lot to handle.
That's this chapter. I wonder what this means now? Obviously something is still going to go wrong with Willoughby, and we still have a bunch of loose ends with Brandon, so he can't lose relevance yet.
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surveys-at-your-service · 3 months ago
Survey #314
“as above, so below  /  what you reap is what you sow  /  what you give comes back threefold  /  as above, so below”
What do you do for work? I'm currently unemployed. I only get paid now and again to do pictures for people. What would you ideally like to do for work? I'd love if I could just be a photographer. What are you doing in order to achieve this? Practice and shoving my extreme discomfort about it aside and trying to promote myself where possible and not in an overbearing manner. What do you think is the worst being on the planet? "Rapists, pedophiles, abusive people in general." <<<< This. Anyone who disrespects the existence of other and equal people. Have you ever been arrested? If so, what for? No. How big an age gap is between you and your siblings? My immediate sisters and I are two years apart. My half-siblings, I don't know. I don't have their ages memorized, but I do know 5+ years, some even 10. Do/did your siblings cause trouble? Not really, we were good kids. What's your dream vehicle? I don't really have one. Are you good at taking care of your finances? What finances? And I don't mean that happily. What's your favorite comic strip? I don't have one. How many people have you texted today? Zero. Someone cheats. Second chance? Nope, byyyyeeeee. Thoughts on kids? Clay that I'm not playing with. Are you a risk taker? No. What are you listening to? I'm currently going through a phase of playing The Evil Within 2's theme nonstop, jc. Is/Was your high schools dress code strict? Not like, mega strict, but it still was overboard. No spaghetti strap shirts, and I even once got in trouble for wearing a floral mesh shirt, despite having a normal tanktop underneath it. It was weird, like no one had ever had a problem with it before, it was just this one teacher that I passed in the hall. Who was the last person to request you on a social media network - and did you accept? Someone I didn't know, so obviously not. Who was the last person’s vehicle that you rode in? Mom's. Who was the last person to make you laugh or smile, and why? Another current obsession of mine: John Wolfe, another let's player who I think is super funny. He said something that made me snicker before I turned on music and started this. Who was the last person that you took a photo with? My half-sister while she was visiting. Who was the last person to pay you a compliment, and what did they say? In group therapy the other day, one of the other women told me that even if I don't believe it, I bring so much positivity to group and she was really happy to be there while I am. I was so so super flustered but flattered, too. Who’s the last person that you visited in the hospital? My mom, following her surgery. Who is the last person that you lent money to? Actually today to Mom. What was the last food that you ate? I warmed up a burger for dinner. What did the last pair of footwear that you wore look like? They're just black flipflops. What was the last kind of bread that you ate? Just plain white bread. What was the last app that you downloaded to your phone? Oh wow, I never do this. I want to say it was a game for my niece. When was your last work shift? I haven't worked in a long time, so idk. When is the last time that you had trouble falling asleep? This is literally every single night. When was the last time you saw a significant other? I ain't got one'a those. When’s the last time that you took a risk? What was the risk? Well, I did say I'm not a risk-taker... Where was the last place that you went on vacation to? You know, how long does it have to be to be considered a "vacation?" I would say not since I went to the beach with an old friend, but it was literally a day. Where was the last place you got lost? uhhhhhhh Why did your last relationship fail? We need to work on ourselves before we could properly support each other and stay in a healthy mindset. Why did you leave your last job? I couldn't handle the stress of serving people and having so many responsibilities at once. How long has it been since you last visited a doctor? How about a dentist? I literally went to the doctor today because I had a follow-up appointment about my weight gain again. I haven't been to the dentist in a few months; I had a normal cleaning my last visit. How big was the last fish you caught? Oh boy, this is stretching years back. It was probably something small, idr at all. Give me the first initial of your last name? D. Something in your home that’s on its last leg(s)? We just moved here, so nothing that's a part of the house itself. As far as items we actually own, idk. Where do you purchase most of your clothes? I haven't gotten new clothes in so long, idk. I would probably say Hot Topic. Describe your skincare routine. I don't have one, if I'm being honest. I just shower. What’s your typical morning routine look like? I don't have one of those, either. The only thing that's consistent is going to the bathroom, eating, and taking my meds. Even brushing my teeth, the time of day when I do that (if I'm not leaving the house) varies. Then it's time to just binge stuff on YouTube and do whatever on the laptop... Are you still playing Animal Crossing? I've never played it, actually. How has the pandemic specifically affected you? It's caused a lot of stress worrying about my mom falling ill, given her being immunocompromised. It's also held me back from searching for another job (even though I don't know what I'd go for, anyway...), because I absolutely refuse to risk bringing Covid into this house by leaving it daily or whatever. What is your main source of anxiety? Being mentally ill, really. It just affects a lot. Any bands or artists you’ve recently discovered? Not very recently, no. What kind of games do you play on your phone? Just Pokemon GO nowadays. Do you have a specific aesthetic? It varies. I love dark, gothic, and gory stuff, but then I also love everything pink and pastel?????? Pastel gore is especially where it's at. Describe the moment you realized you were falling in love with someone. I'd rather not. What’s your favorite sparkling water brand/flavor? I've never even tried it before. What’s your favorite makeup brand/brands? I don't wear nearly enough makeup to be even remotely familiar with any. What’s your all-time favorite movie? It'll probably always be The Lion King. Do you have any subscription boxes? No, but they're cool. What fictional creature would you like as a pet? On deviantART today I actually discovered a fantastic artist who does a lot of HTTYD fanart, and I would say as a dragon lover, Toothless would be soooo great. Have any local businesses closed that you’re sad about? I'm certain tons have closed, but none come to mind. How do you feel about TikTok? I don't feel anything about it. Did you/do you still have a Neopets account? Haha I've had like... two or three at different stages in my life. What were you doing at 9 o'clock this morning? That's actually when (virtual) group therapy starts. Are you wearing any jewelry? Yeah; my piercings (if you count them) and then two rings that I always have on. Are you good at hiding disappointment? No. I'm bad at hiding my emotions because they're so strong. What happened the last time you cried? lmaooo I was finishing watching a The Evil Within 2 LP yesterday, and like, the last hour or so of the game just rips me apart. I was hoping so bad that my mom didn't pass by and ask what the problem was. What would your parents be surprised to learn about you? Both would be stunned to know the situation I had with Joel/my former best friend's boyfriend when I was around 12. What fictional character do you have the biggest crush on? dARKIPLIER Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world? When all things are considered, like laws, seeing family, etc., somewhere in Canada, or maybe Alaska. Actually, Alaska would be really cool. What after school activities did you do in high school? I didn't have any, if you mean like, school sports and clubs. I did do dance once or twice a week, but it wasn't tied to my school. What’s the last book you really loved? I positively adored The Handmaid's Tale. If you could have been a child prodigy what would you have wanted to be skilled at? My writing was seen as very exceptional for my age as a kid, but it still would've been awesome if it was even better. If earth could only have one condiment for the rest of time, what would you pick to keep around? Uhhh I guess ketchup. I use that the most of all options. What is the scariest experience you have ever had? The night of the breakup. It was such an impossible concept to me that I genuinely thought my life was over, that I'd pull the plug at any moment. Who is a non-politician you wish would run for office? Oh, hunny, Markiplier lmao. Call it a bias all ya want, but he's just a genuinely incredible person that cares so much for everyone and is so serious about equality and just being a good person. Do you think it’s important to stay up to date with the news? It's very hypocritical of me to say, but yes, regardless. Do you own plants? If so, what kind of plants? If not, would you like to grow any? I've never been into growing plants, honestly. Is there a city that you have a particular fondness for? If so, what city is it and why? No, not really. When was the last time that you acted impulsively? Is this a common behavior for you? I dunno, I've gotten better at this. I probably said something I shouldn't have. If you received an allowance as a kid, what kinds of things would you buy with it? Were you more the type to save up for something big, or spend it on little things? I didn't get one. When you cuddle with someone, how do you prefer to position yourself? Would you rather be held, or do the holding? Or both? Are we sitting or lying down? Either way I think I have a tendency to lay my head on their chest while hugging them, and my legs generally curl up. If I'm upset, I definitely feel better and just a greater sense of safety if I'm the one being held, but if the roles are swapped, then I like to be the one doing the holding because I know that's what I want when I'm upset, so treat others how you wanna be treated, y'know. When you woke up today, did you find unread messages from anyone? No. Have you recently told anyone that you miss them? Yes. Can you recall the last time you turned down an offer, of any kind? Mom asked if I wanted to come with her to Ashley's a few days ago, but I said no. I wasn't in a social mood at all. Is there anyone you interact with every day on social media? No. What was the main character's name in the last fictional book you read? Sunny. Have you ever been rejected by a church? No. Is your family nice to you? Yeah. Are you comfortable with your gender? Yeah. What was your favorite Mary-Kate and Ashley film? I don't remember; we had a couple, though. What was your favorite book you had to read for school? The Outsiders. What was your favorite Nickelodeon show? ngl, I don't remember a lot of them and don't feel like looking up a list. Do you still live in the house you grew up in? No. Which Spice Girl was your favorite? I don't remember their names. Do you think you look the best you've ever looked? Oh hell no. Have you been hurt by religion? Yes, honestly. In Truth or Dare, would you rather choose Truth or Dare? I always choose "truth." Have you ever had more than one crush at once? Yeah, I think that's perfectly normal to feel, even for someone monogamous like myself. Just when you establish a relationship, then it's time to make a choice. What social issue do you care about most? This is hard to say with how passionately I hold my opinions, but probably LGBTQ+ rights. It's just... so disgusting to me that I was once homophobic. It's like I want to make up for it. Just the idea of being repulsed by love just because someone has "the wrong thing" in their pants is just... appalling. When was the last time you read a Bible? Many, maaaany years ago I started reading it, but I didn't get very far at all. Do you own a Bible? I personally don't, but I know Mom has one, maybe multiple. Do you discover new music regularly? No; I very much stick to what I know. It's great when I do, though, given that that's how I find new songs to repeat to the grave. What does your first name mean? "Of Britain" or something like that. What country do you live in? U.S.A. Do you believe that gays are born that way? Uh, yes? Who honestly believes a homosexual would *choose* to be in the discriminated minority? People are murdered and abused for simply their sexuality; no sane person would "choose" to risk that torture.
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nctaezen · 3 months ago
Happy valentine day aka both the lovey dovey holiday and our bday bpy himself, I saw your gifset and 100/10!! Amazing work, please frame that gifset in a museum pronto!! It sounds like your valentine's day was fun ^_^
But yes I am from Chicago haha, it doesn't seem fancy to me being in Chicago with how expensive downtown can be at times (but then again, when is downtown in ANY big city not expensive?) But it is a lovely place nonetheless, granted don't come now because its cold like the northpole xD but very much recommended the spring time personally! I do hope you have the chance to come to Chicago when things calm down
Ooohh same lol, I can do my nails like a pro but eyeliner ??? I struggle lol. I watched videos on tips but I still can't figure how to not stop my hand from shaking =/ (if any of your followers know a trick do share! Help this noob anon out, i will pay with cookies!) I can do it decent line but its always thick for some odd reason lol. It starts off good in the beginning with a nice thin line but then I go full raccoon mode xD I have big eyes as well so technically not good for my eye shape but it is what it is haha. I do prefer pencil since its easier but I do enjoy the liquid eyeliner look. My current makeup look is eyeliner, mascara and some lip product. I do eyeshadow if I want to be fancy haha but for sure need to look into getting some better products. The ones I do have my eye on are nyx because we love a good mix of free of animal products and cheap, bare minerals is nice as well as well as color pop! For the pricier end fenty and rare beauty are on my list (especially rare omg the lipstick shades are so, so pretty! Especially the color you mentioned ^0^) but ooh we love pinks and orange shades! We love the soft, spring romantic vibes! For me. I like a bit of everything but i do find myself leaning into red, pink, orange shades with a mix of dark tones like a dark wine shade or even black djaksja. My favorite lippie i own is this beautiful orange/brown color? Idk if that is the right way to describe it but it is a pretty color! Jdkandks @ that large lipstick collection, respect haha. I enjoy the old school lip gloss look because i like pretending to feel like an Bratz doll lol.. bb creams are good and I may go with one in the future since it seems a good product to use if you don't want to dive into foundation and such c:
Now skin care wise, I agree! Not all pricey products are better. You can find good products for half the price that works for your skin! It is a trail and error sadly but eventually you will find something that works best for you c: and ooohh i think i have heard of those brands! I'll look at them later to see what they have so thank you for the suggestion!! Lol maybe that's a good thing the brand isn't around where you live xD but true, it is best to not continue with using the products so I will sadly throw them away. I feel bad since I did spend money but if it isn't doing me good skin wise well why ruin my skin more? Garnier is great for sure! I love their micellar water so I may invest in some of their other products! When I will do that, not sure because my parents are a bit strict when it comes to makeup/skin care stuff *sigh*
Oof I do feel like there have been alot of romance plots so we do need a break with some other plot ideas like a good mystery drama for example like let me feel like Sherlock when watching the episodes haha. But ahh it be like that xD sometimes you start off watching a video or two and then you are spending half the night watching funny edits of nct lol and idk how he can be calm like jaehyun is so calm in the most chaotic moments. Like he didn't even flinch when the boxes exploded in nct world!! Teach us your calm ways jaehyun. But I do love his dad ways from the humor he has or his dad sneeze (I will admit some fans do take the "jaehyun dad" narrative a bit too far sometimes or maybe its just me? Thoughts love?)
Oof until april!? Oh no D: I hope the numbers slow down during then, sending good vibes to your family as well during these times! You also stay safe! As for me, yeah just have been staying inside. Not much to do sadly but I'm being well fed with kpop so not complaining haha
Hey hey! How was your week/days so far since Valentines? 
Well I had a lot to do and I was mainly busy with work (once again). I am remodelling/redecorating my room as well and I still have lots of plans on it, let’s see how the things end up because I will do it all alone (wish me luck).
Happy you loved that set and I hope you will anticipate my Ten set as well (it’s a secret, not secret anymore but I still haven’t started with it yet I have lots of notes and ideas saved, I just need the courage and time for it).
Oh yeah I knew it hehe as far as I know Chicago looks very modern and seems a bit luxurious, indeed should be a bit expensive in the downtown, but even in my country, downtown is something I usually avoid for hanging out because it’s super super pricy. 
I came across a few fun videos on tiktok and there was a girl doing her eyeliner in one go, like less that 1 second and I was like?? she’s not from this world. I had the chance to try my new bb cream and corrector from nyx and so far I love it, it doesn’t feel heavy or itchy on my skin, also knowing it’s cruelty free, it’s something that stands on my top buy makeup brand list. I used to love lipgloss when I was a child/teen, but not anymore, I wear my hair down and if go out. Forget about it, especially since I live in a windy area. And now with masks I can only wear a no-transfer lipstick or simply lip balm. A brand I think I will try soon will be Cerave, I heard only good things about it and Wayv also promoted it in the past. At that time the brand wasn’t available in my country, now it become quite popular and if the lockdown ends next month, I’ll go to a pharmacy to test the products and (hopefully) buy some. 
As for my drama experience, I started to watch Vincenzo since it’s on Netflix it’s much easier to watch but I didn’t expect the whole comedy twist, I thought that drama was based on a dark-crime-mafia plot, yet I was once again fooled by the trailers. Anyway he looks sooo good for his age, I thought he was in his twenties, just wow! We’re a decade apart, and man! he looks so young, maybe even younger, insane! I should drink more ginseng tea for infinite youth haha Anyway the drama is a stay because I love him so much, he is a very talented actor and hopefully the plot will change as the history will go on.
About Jaehyun and that dad narrative, well yes. Things go out of hand for everyone else not only for him, especially in cases when these words are shoved right into their faces, I would never dare to comment anything like that under their social media or even on personal-interactions, it just seems uncomfortable on many levels. If someone looks hot and sexy, this is what he is and this is what we call them for, magazines and articles describe idols a lot these days with these words and that is ok because it means they have an attractive image that everyone wishes to have or achieve, yes I do get jealous sometimes even if they are men so 😂 but those type of whatever role-playing words, no, niet, nein, não, non. Out of question.
Meanwhile a few comebacks happened and I was excited for it, Shinee’s title song is sooo good and I love the savage lyrics. The rest of the album is also amazing, I have like 3 top favorites. Now I am waiting for Wayv comeback that will happen soon, hope SM won’t disappoint with another low-budget MV, I know we are in a pandemic situation rn but even inside the box, a MV can look stunning. SM take notes from “Make a Wish”, that was simply beautiful and almost everything was shot indoor, stunning effects I want to see again.
And I don’t think I had the chance to ask you, how did you like 127′s Japanese album? I love all the songs and there is non I skip when I play the whole album. I love how different hits from their Korean albums, there is something alluring about it, well the lyrics also suggest that so- I couldn’t miss that huge album that looks like an A3 portfolio so I already ordered one, hopefully by the end of the March I’ll get my hands on it, I can’t wait because the pictures are simply stunning!
Hope so far you have been fine, stay healthy and take care of yourself, and hope to hear from you back soon ❤️
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