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#I haven’t drawn for that AU in a while lol
galaxina-the-pyro · 4 days ago
I really wanna draw more for my Mafia AU now, thanks @lyllaotterofhalfworld 😂
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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togetherness23 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
My takes on the unnamed engines of Vicarstown Sheds (87546, 98462, and the Red Engine)
(And a lineup of the Vicarstown Shed engine colors!)
87546- Literally spun a wheel for og livery color, got umber, so there. He’s blatantly rude and a bit pompous- lowkey follows 98462.
98462- Some engine from the LNER, similar appearance to Gordon. He’s horrid, obnoxious, extremely prideful...- lowkey acts as the leader of the big engines.
The Red Engine- Same liveries as James. They’re apathetic, selfish, and.. quite ambiguous. Hardly ever talks- because they’re too good for that.
I’m still thinking about whether to name them or not (if I do, I probably won’t be using the names “Crovan”, “Alfred”, and “Eagle”).
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mary-ellen-carter · 6 days ago
Temeraire Summer Exchange Requests and Offers ✨
Hello! I’m pretty jazzed for this exchange, and wanted to take the opportunity to blab about what I want to see in the fandom! However, please consider these ideas rather than requests. I’m just tossing out my thoughts like handfuls of confetti - make of it what you will!
First, I am but a humble Jane Roland fandyke. My ideal Janefic would be a portrait of the Admiral as a young gender nonconforming woman - something from her backstory would rule. The aerial corps is a socially permissive island in a sea of Regency gender roles - A magnet for baby queers. I want to see Jane coming up as a young butch in a flurry of chaotic queer community gossip. (I see her as a butch/gnc bi woman) We’re introduced from the covert from the perspective of a man in his late 20’s in the midst of a career change. How would the exposition be different from the perspective of a kid? 
Yeah, this one is kind of ambitious lol. 
Talking points: 
Novik, where are the trans men?? We need at LEAST a few trans aviators in the series, c’mon. Writers, feel free to go wild with the trans hc’s! 
How and why do longwings??? Are they just trolling the patriarchy???
However, did I mention I simp Jane Roland? I do not need thoughtful or high minded content. Shippy, cute fluff is also excellent. I’m usually on the aro Jane bandwagon, but I do enjoy rom-com trappings and cliches, and I think that a lot of them could work in a sort of sex comedy context. This could combine well with a Best in Show AU. (See below for that.)
Suggested pairings: Jane/Laurence, Jane/Laurence/Tharkay, Jane/Catherine, Jane/Mrs. Pemberton, Jane/OC, Jane/any adult human except Rankin or Riley. 
Porn is extremely welcome in this house. I’ll drop kinks/prompts/ideas at the very end of my requests, under the cut. 
Possibly the only thing that I would be more excited to see than Jane-centric art or fic is a Best in Show AU.  Can you say dragon crews?? Of course, the Mayflower Dog Show equivalent would have to be something a bit more anthropomorphic-oriented, like a beauty pageant, modeling show, sports competition… honestly you could have dragons in any kind of competition, with all the attendant drama among their crews, and I would eat that with a spoon. Or maybe it could be the other way around, with dragons making their humans wear stupid shiny clothes, etc.  Personally I’m imagining a modern AU where the dragons are still very much dragons. But if you wanted to make it original era, that might be even better! 
Other random requests:
Let’s make Lethabo some fanart! I have this vision of her and her daughters on dragon back at the beginning of EoI when she’s still wearing billowy western clothes, and is looking stoic while her kids are like, whaaaaat?!, and it’s all very Ghibli. Or her being badass with Kefentse in Tswana garb. 
Let’s invent some new breeds of dragon for the americas!
Does anyone want to do some wingfic? (wingart?) We’ve talked in the discord about the mystery of dragon wings/dragon evolution as a 6-limbed species in a world of 4-limbed species. So may I suggest: wings for everyone!
And finally, fic/art about young dragons (Tem, Maximus, and Lily; or buyers choice) playing Pretty Pretty Princess or any other dress up game. Aww, cute! 
I’m offering fanart! I’m down to draw something along the lines of any of my requests, or something completely different! (abiding my DNW’s) I haven’t drawn enough dragons so you could pair me with someone who wants dragons drawn. I love trying to a place’s endemic lizard breeds with its art traditions to create something vaguely canon-compliant! I will endeavor to make something full-color, or at least fulltone if I fail at time management. 
No A/B/O
No soulmate AUs
Nothing under the Ao3 warnings umbrella except maybe consensual non-consent
No whump, though a little angst is alright
No racial slurs, no Riley apologia
Basically, everyone should be having a good time! 
The porn appendix is under the cut for those that are interested in that! Otherwise, that’s it. Have fun! I’m stoked to see everyone’s work!!
The Porn Appendix:
TLDR: Kinky, dominant Jane. All of this was written with the ur-scene of Jane dominating Laurence in mind. But feel free to get creative with any of the ships I listed earlier. Some ideas:
Femdom! Jane’s on top… unless, say...Mrs. Pemberton were to surprise-flip her, which would be amazing and I would be here for that. But if anyone doms Jane, it’s not gonna be Laurence. I think we all know this. 
Leather! If you write leather kink, you’re my hero. Aviators live in leather harnesses, and they’re not gonna pervert that? Jane's strap was made in the covert leather shop. 
Sexy hessian boots and boot worship/licking
Rope play used as a Navy callback for Laurence
Feminization with historical undergarments/Laurence in a shift and stays aaaaaaa
The neckcloth can go if you collar him instead >:3
I love pseudo-historical dildos! My sum knowledge of the topic comes from Sarah Waters and LaShonda Katrice Barnett novels, where they’re stitched out of leather; and porny Terror fics, where they’re imported from China and usually made of porcelain. Who cares if it’s body safe, it’s fiction, and antique dicks delight me. (But I do want to see at least the idea of lube.)
Alluding to/joking about any of the above in a non-explicit fic? Effervescent.
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illusion-reality-steve · 25 days ago
Update: Future plans for this blog
tbh, “plans” is a generous term to describe my ideas for this blog.
Anyways, hello. This blog has been on hiatus and only posts RRFF announcements every week.
Now I’m making an update post to talk about this blog and stuff.
First and foremost, I am no longer going to watch Rainbow Quest, which means it will be harder for me to create content for this blog
Ok, so I have been behind on Rainbow Quest every since the beginning of Season 2. The last episode I have seen was the Time Loop episode.
And well, now I’m probably seasons behind.
And usually, when I am so behind, I get extremely discouraged to catch up on the series and don’t bother trying to binge watch it.
(This is why I never watch any TV shows that friends recommend me if said TV show has 4+ seasons, lol)
While deciding not to watch RQ anymore takes stress away from me, it also cuts me off from any new canon material. This will make it pretty difficult for me to create fanart and posts about RQ if I no longer know what’s going on. Of course, I can always figure out the canon from just listening to whatever the fandom talks about, but summaries aren’t the same as actually watching the content so it probably won’t help me with creating RQ fan-content or discussion (imo).
Secondly, I’m still busy, so I don’t know when I’ll get back to daily posts anyways.
...Yeah. Real life has been busy.
But don’t worry, ISSQ’s still got you covered with daily posts. And I try to post once a week on my RRFF side-content book, Memory’s Meme Hour
Thirdly, because I’m running out of canon material to work on, I have no idea what I should post once I take this blog out of hiatus
If I stop watching RQ, then I’ll have to stop making reaction, theory, and discussion posts on my blog.
I know I can still work on Miteposts, Reality Steve experience Earth posts, and headcanons. And some random thoughts or skits I have about SS or RQ.
And since I spent a good portion of my freetime on RRFF, I might increase the number of posts related to RRFF or writing. But I’m unsure if anyone would be interested in that.
Here’s a list of potential post ideas or big projects I’d like to work on once I have more time:
Mite Steve AU (I’ve actually been working on it more during my hiatus and I’ve made a lot of progress with its main plot! Unfortunately, most of the content I’ve made for it will only be revealed when I start working on the actual fic (if I get to that point), but I might sprinkle in some non-spoilery content on this blog.)
RQ!Mite Steve AU (now, since I’m behind on RQ, I might have to end this AU or make it an extreme AU that doesn’t follow canon at all)
Blue Straggler AU: I’ve actually been planning to write a oneshot for this AU! It would be my first attempt at writing horror, so I will have to do a lot of planning and prepwork to figure out how to write a decent horror story. I plan to make this AU even more terrifying and depressing 8)
Reverse Rewrite AU: Ok, so behind-the-scenes, I’ve actually been working on a Rainbow Quest AU where I rewrite the Reverse Steve arc to address some of the issues I have with it! Originally, I was waiting to catch up with the series so I can expand this rewrite AU and see how the changes I made would impact the future seasons of RQ. However, now that I’m permanently behind on RQ, I’m now unsure if I should finish the Rewrite AU. Can I finish this AU when I barely know what’s going on in RQ anymore? Or would anyone be ok if I still post this AU, as long as I keep the rewrites limited to the Reverse Arc and not talk about anything after that?
Posts about random Steve Saga AUs I’ve created: basically these would be mini-AUs that I can quickly describe in one post, like my Good!Memory Steve AU. These AUs will be free-to-use for anyone who wants to use these ideas.
RQ Fanart/character designs: There’s a lot of fanart ideas I have for the first and second season of RQ that I haven’t drawn yet. (ex: the basic colored Steves, my designs of Rainbow, Galaxy, Time, Elemental, and Void). I may not be able to do anything beyond season 2, but I can still provide fanart of the first two seasons.
Alright, with all of my updates out of the way, I will be going back to radio silence on this blog until the next RRFF update.
So, for the time being, I’d really appreciate it if you reply to this post telling me which post types/listed future projects you would like to see me post more about if the blog returns from hiatus!
Thank you and take care!
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howisavedtheworld · a month ago
beacon | iwaizumi hajime
genre: woah, my first angsty to fluff work on here lol!!! this idea came out of the blue but uhhh iwaizumi hajime x fem! reader :) established relationship <3
warnings: hmmm curse words??? crying, thats abt it tho, mentions of moving 
a/n: i havent been on here in a week so heres some srs iwa brainrot i just went thru for the past few hrs...i highkey feel like this idea was better in my head but i dont think i can write it any better lol. also i know i said i would only write in college au😭but something abt doing domestic things with grown ass man iwa like cooking and talking abt moving in together just, yeah. at the same time i have no idea how old yall are supposed to be in this LOL bear w me i finished this at 4:30 am
wc: 1267 but its the way i wanted this to be a drabble..something is so sick and twisted abt my brain😃
iwaizumi is no stranger to the looks the two of you receive in public: raised eyebrows, pursed lips, confusion always etched into the faces of those who know nothing of the both of you. 
he knows why they do it too. the simple fact that you two are so different. his large figure and broad shoulders tower over many and his face is always seemingly set to anger. the way his brows furrow and eyes narrow constantly, and he never appears to be relaxed. his harsh demeanor has scared basically everyone off. 
except for you.
you are the embodiment of light, your bright eyes match your even brighter smile and you’ve never once shied away from clothes and colors that brought attention to you. and so everyone is drawn to you, your kind energy radiates through your presence, the tone of your voice and how you’re constantly looking out for the next person. 
in sum, you and iwaizumi are opposites. 
but you like it that way, always reminding him that he keeps you “grounded,” that when the walls begin to cave in, he is the person to extend his firmest hand to you. to remind you it’s not necessary to be the savior for everyone around you. 
every time you tell him this, he does the same thing. he blushes and looks away, grumbling something along the lines of, “you are really corny, you know?” secretly, these words always leave his stomach teetering, overwhelming feelings of joy and pride when you affirm your feelings for him. 
that is why when you ask him if he wants to move in with you, he deems it a huge step. he loves you, without a doubt, but he panics.
for a little while, his feelings of inadequacy cloud his judgment and he considers saying no. 
because maybe eventually, you would get tired of him. 
that there’s no way someone like you wants to settle down with someone like him. 
and so, he evades you for some time, asking you, “are you absolutely sure about this?” more times than he probably should’ve. 
every time, you give him an enthusiastic yes, offering yet another benefit of the two of you living together.
“well, it’s cheaper.” 
“we’re already always at each other’s places anyways.” 
“we can commute to work together.”
“iwa, imagine how we could decorate the place!”
“because... i want to spend even more time with you.” 
each reason slowly chips away at his overbearing insecurities, and while he gets more comfortable with saying yes, he doesn’t realize that his frequent questioning makes you yourself fearful that maybe you were far more invested in the relationship than him. 
and so one day, you ask instead, sitting at the island of his kitchen apartment while he prepares dinner.
“are you even okay with living with me? i feel like i’ve been pressuring you to say yes...” your voice is shaky, and his hands that grip the skillet and spatula tighten. 
“it’s not that you need to know right now, hajime. i just don’t want this to hang over our heads, but i feel bad. like i haven’t been really been listening to you, i thought you were okay with it. like why did i do that? i think i just assumed and fuck—i’m sorry, okay?” it isn’t until your voice breaks that his frame whips around to see you shaking your head in embarrassment, wiping away tears. 
in an instant, his arms are around you. your face presses into his chest as you let your built up feelings of anxiety and self-doubt release.
“no. no. fuck no. never that.” a hand begins to warmly move up and down your back and you let out more shaky breaths, trying to stabilize yourself. 
“of course i want to live with you. god, is that even a question? i’m sorry it took me so long to say anything. i’ve wanted to say yes since you’ve asked me, and i’m not just saying that, okay? i just started feeling really insecure about us, like sometimes i feel like you’re too good for me.” 
“hajime, you know that’s not t—“ you murmur into his shirt, and he lets out a breath. 
“yeah, i know. but sometimes we can’t help the way we feel, yeah? i know the weird looks we get from people shouldn’t fucking matter to me. and the fact that everyone likes you so much. sometimes i just feel like i’m the guy that you’re forced to hang out with. like i’m not enough. there’s always going to be something better out there for you, and it’s not me and—“ this time, iwaizumi’s voice cracks. 
“i really don’t want you to get tired of me. you don’t understand how much i love you.” 
and it feels silly, because now you’re both crying from your attempts to console each other. your fingers grasp the back of his neck and you let out a soft sob, shaking your head again. 
hes softly shaking against your chest, and you pull back to look him in the eye. 
they’re stained from tears, and he quickly drops his head into your chest, almost as if he wanted to disappear.
“hajime.” you whisper. “it will always be you. always. you keep me sane, you know? you make this god forsaken life worth living. when it becomes too much, i have you. and it’s all i want. i don’t want—i don’t need anyone else. i would choose you. again. and again. and again. okay?” 
he lets out a loud shudder into your chest, taking a moment to collect himself. 
“i love you.” he finally says when his tear-stained eyes look back up at you. “....sorry i didn’t say anything about moving in sooner.” 
“don’t apologize. i love you.”
he clumsily presses his lips into yours, and it’s full of the passion and love and warmth that he has for you. he kisses you as if you two were just high schoolers again. he kisses you as if it were his very last one. as if the moment your lips weren’t against his, he would cease to exist. he kisses you like he’s in love with you. 
and he is.
a stupid loving smile appears on both of your faces and he leans his forehead against yours, eyelashes touching. 
“i’m sorry about your shirt.” you run your fingers at the fabric of the white shirt now stained with a patch of wet black mascara. 
“it’s okay. the stain will come out in the wash. i’m pretty sure dinner is fucked though, sorry.” he smiles.
you let out a soft chuckle, taking your thumb to stroke across his cheek. “oh that’s okay. we can order in, yeah?”
“yeah.” he nods, one his hands moving to press against your digit on his face. 
“chinese food?”
“i was thinking that. we should look at bigger apartments when we eat, too.” 
“oh, also can it be pet-friendly?” 
you arch a brow at him. “we don’t have pets?”
“not yet. but what if we wanted to adopt like a cat, or something. it’s a precaution we should take, don’t you think?” 
you softly press your lips against his through another soft laugh. “okay.” 
and this is why you and iwaizumi work together so perfectly. in sum, you were each others’ beacons, lighting the way through the darkness. holding out when the other became weak. no weird stares or confusion or feelings of insecurity would ever obstruct that.
in this lifetime, in this universe, you were molded for him as he was for you.
and nothing would change that. 
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hecckyeah · a month ago
Hello Katie <3 #5 6, 9, and 12 please :)
5. What is the perfect environment for you to write in?
Ideally, my favorite local coffee shop, both headphones in with music blasting, tucked away in a little corner where I can watch people but they can’t see me <3 But usually I’m not picky and can hammer out a one-shot pretty much anywhere. I’ve written in the car before bc my family likes taking vacations and driving more than 15 hours at a time lol. If I have my laptop and music, I’m good <3
6. If you’re really concentrating, how many words can you write in a day?
See, this is where adhd serves me well because when I get hyperfocused and forget to eat or stand up all day, I can write an inhuman amount. I think my all-time, will-never-happen-again-probably record is...... like 10,000-ish words? It’s hard to remember. But if I can write between 1k and 3k, that’s a productive day for me :D 
9. Do you prefer to write AUs, canon divergence, or canon-compliant fic?
Usually canon compliant! I like deciphering canon and writing in between scenes. But I do enjoy a good AU/canon divergence once in a while :))))
12. Is there a trope you haven’t written yet but really want to?
Oooh..... I’d have to say enemies to lovers :D I’m way too much of a softie to be able to write a really convincing villain, but I’d love to take a stab at it someday. Also I am NOT a patient person (oneshots my beloved) and writing a long, drawn-out romance sounds kinda painful. But if I ever feel like I can pull it off, I’d love to try!!!
behind the scenes of fic writing
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zenxiety · a month ago
ship questions for aiden x myles
was going to ask about danny/carson or skylla/grace but i know a lot about them already 😂
pre relationship: 6 & 7
general: 2 , 3 , 8
love: 1 , 2 , 9
domestic: 1 , 5 , 9 , 10
love u
I’m realizing we talk about ALL of my stories and tv shows ACCEPT for ENMITY so this might be a wild ride handjsjd (was a hoping for a chance to rant about Carson and Danny?.... always, but Aiden and Myles are great too)
Pre relationship
6. if you had told one of them that the other would be their soulmate, what would they think?
If you told Aiden, he’d probably believe it. He was always very drawn to Myles and his magnetic personality. If you told Myles though, he would think you’re crazy, not only because of internalized homophobia, but also because Aiden didn’t know how to express his emotions so Myles thought he hated him.
7. what would their lives be like if they had never met?
Bro... what kind of question 😰 uh, Aiden would definitely never learn how to soften up, he’d be a raging asshole for ever with massive trust issues and a grunge against the world. Myles would probably continue on mostly the same but would always feel like there’s something missing. He probably wouldn’t have come out to himself and he would just feel... incomplete
2. do they have an official date and how did it go?
Er well... the world they’re in is set during a massive world war and they’re basically fighting every day to live so dates aren’t really a common occurrence for a long while lol!
BUT! In a modern day au I think their first date would be a little rocky. They’d probably go out to dinner and Aiden would be all quiet and stoic and Myles is thinking “this dude hates me why’d he ask me out a date? Bet he’ll murder me, I should send Malia an SOS text.” But Myles being the social chatty box he is would pry conversations out of Aiden and then as Aiden loosens up, they have a much better time!
3. what was their first kiss like?
Lolol! Uh.... so Myles had just gotten shot in the leg I believe or in the stomach I can’t remember but anyway he got shot by an arrow and Aiden carried him to a run down house and was helping stitch his wound and stuff and it’s very much hurt/comfort realness! And then Aiden being the dumbass he is, takes the moment their in and kisses Myles. The thing is, Myles still doesn’t know he’s gay! So it’s really awkward and such. (King should have asked for consent but we give him the benefit of the doubt, he was raised in the wild)
8. who gets jealous easier?
AIDEN! 1000% AIDEN!!
1. who said I love you first?
Hm.. I haven’t thought that far ahead tbh. My immediate thought would be Myles but given the circumstances that they go through, after being reunited and thinking Myles was dead, Aiden would def say it first
2. what are their primary love languages?
Myles is physical touch while Aidens would be quality time. Aiden def wasn’t use to the physical touch at first and it made him squeamish but Myles is unrelenting so Aiden quickly grew use to it
9. who’s more protective?
Aiden Aiden Aiden Aiden Aiden Aiden Aiden
He’d no joke murder anyone who lays a threatening hand on Myles
1. if they get married, who proposes?
Hm, well in the actual world the book is in, marriage isn’t very common, at least not the way we see it anyway, so they wouldn’t get married. But in a modern au, it’d probably be Myles. He’d try and wait for Aiden to do it Bc he heard he bought a ring but Aiden would get SO SO nervous and chicken out every time so Myles would find the ring and just put it on and say “we’re getting married”
5. who’s the stricter parent?
Hm my immediate response is Aiden but only because Myles is such an aloof guy he’d def be the one to make dad jokes and get in trouble with the kids but Aiden isn’t crazy strict either. The small amount of time he remembers with his parents, they were always so strict with him, never letting him leave or do anything and he hated that restriction, so he’d never do that to his own kids.
9. who’s more likely to convince the other to come back to sleep in the morning?
Oh 100% Myles. Aiden, Aka Mr Awake With the Slightest Hint of the Sun, is always looking to be productive while Myles just wants to cuddle
10. who’s the better cook?
Hm.... probably Myles? But also he grew up in a place where his food was prepared for him every meal while as Aiden had to hunt and cook his meals so maybe in that sense Aiden would be the better cook. I could alternatively see him being horrible at it and just not knowing the purpose of eating something with flavor so it can be a toss up!
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tomiyeee · a month ago
9& 16 for the ask!
under cut cuz long lol
9) Thoughts on the redesigns?
vert with a goatee feels fitting. it’d be hard to change the main character much more than that and i’ve already long been warmed up to goatees on characters since, what...ffxv? so i like it. wish they had made his surferness more apparent, but his design is too sexy as is to fit that anywhere without destroying the aesthetic. the tank top’s good enough and it’s cute as hell anyway. 9.5/10
kadeem is vastly different, but both versions look good, tho Acc does have more recognizable features (primarily the hair) which makes that version easier to draw. that’s part of the reason i haven’t drawn much banj/kadeem since they are the hardest for me :( there’s just not much to ‘em. 7/10
lani is certainly a lot more unique in Acc. the hoop earrings are a nice touch, even if they may not be practical as a mechanic. i applaud her for being confident enough to work with large machinery and cars without ripping her ears off. i appreciate that they didn’t go overboard with her hawai’i background, though they very easily could have; she’s just someone who happens to be from hawai’i and i love that bc same hat. wish she couldve been more differentiated from karma, tho that’d probably be better solved on karma’s side than lani’s. blue girl w/pale skin and black ponytail is already taken, make karma a red head or smth. also my friend mentioned giving lani a more neutral, less teku-themed color scheme, like purple and yeah. also ditch the bug eyes, they’re always unsettling to look at on her, tone, and taro. 8/10
markie has an excuse. 1/10
kurt got more boring in both aesthetic and personality. street breed had the coolest uniforms and overall theme, but in Acc kurt has the messiest outfit on teku--everyone else has pretty coherent outfits that u can kinda get the gist of and draw from memory with one glance. his just looks like a mess of colors and graphics slapped onto a skin-tight jumpsuit. what is that shit on his legs. haircut bad too. he’s at least recognizable. 5/10
taro...honestly i think i’ve built up an immunity to acceleracers proportions enough to not have a visceral reaction to seeing him anymore. a lot of it really is just amplified by his disproportionately sexy WR design. i wish they had kept some semblance of his original design for consistency’s sake, but on it’s own it’s not really any more or less fucked up than any other Acc designs. purple lipstick bad. that outfit? burn it. sir you are a millionaire, stop digging in the trash for clothing. go buy urself something nice and buy some clothes for ur friends too while ur at it. 3/10
WR tezla looks marginally better than Acc (or what is the other way around? dont remember) but his full body cast is stupid. chin pistons??? moon shoes??? giant metal mickey mouse gloves??? what are you doing old man?? 4/10
gelorum got worse but more iconic. her WR design looked cooler and fit her vibes better but looked generic; if you saw fanart of her w/o context it’d prob be hard to recognize what she’s from. Acc is much better in that regard but the hair style is weird and the green face lines are cool in concept but could’ve been done better. collar feels out of place, would replace with just a higher collar on the dress. design overall feels very off-balance, with most of the details and non-black colors only at the top and left (with her arm) and the bottom 80% just being a plain black dress. most of the robot parts don’t make sense no matter how you look at it--why just the one robot arm? why the green face lines/forehead plate? why the collar?--and just feel slapped on for the hell of it. good concept, poor execution. 3/10
16) Any crossover/AU ideas?
so many...gonna dump em all here since i realize i dont think ive put these anywhere outside our discord
httyd - i’ve actually posted designs for synkro, bassline, and nightlife as well as a drone as dragons. there’s also a power rage nadder that i never posted anywhere. it’s not a finalized design, just the first iteration that i never bothered to go back n refine at all.
Tumblr media
tf2 - ...yeah
Tumblr media
overwatch - not much thought put into this beyond vague similarities, but still fun to think about :)
Tumblr media
(incomplete) pokemon teams - never got the chance to go thru n find 6 for each of em, but some do have types/themes. asterisks are their aces.
Tumblr media
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n7punk · a month ago
Drawn Into The Music Fic Notes
My brief edit of DITM (plus epilogue addition) is all done now! My notes for this fic are brief, but I’ll talk a bit about it and the changes I made.
Epilogue Life:
The epilogue takes place three months after the actual end of the fic and is just an idea I had that I really wanted to write down. It’s how the world discovers that Catra can sing too, though she sticks to her word of never getting into music. However, her sleep-content hums and a sample of her purring are both laid under the main music for two of Adora's tracks, one on the third album and another on the fourth.
Adora proposes to Catra the day after she wraps filming on her new film, almost five months later. She says yes, obvs. Adora was waiting for filming to wrap, but she was also waiting because she wants to give Catra Possession’s press tour and a few weeks after to really prove to her that she has changed before she proposes.
Rebellion continues to put out an album every year and a half to two years.
Catra actually was only lowkey joking about becoming a housecat in the last real chapter – she has a strict rule of only taking 1-2 significant roles a year, since filming a movie usually takes 2-3 months on average. That way she gets to spend most of the year with Adora. It is not unusual for major actors to only be in two films a year, but she makes it a maximum. She loves acting, but it’s a brutal profession, and they are successful enough that this lets her be choosy with her roles. She starts branching out more into shorter acting roles like music videos, but she never goes back to commercials (bad memories) or switches to TV (long hours).
When she’s not filming and Rebellion tours, Catra travels with them cuz spending time together is important to her. Melog comes with them as they travel and he lowkey loves walking around airports on his leash as long as strangers merely coo at him and don't actually approach.
Chapter 1: to the start where the end awaits
So the inspo for this fic was the scene with Adora and Catra meeting and then talking in the trailer coming to me while I was zoning out, and then the rest of the AU spawned out of that.
I have literally no clue why I went with K-pop influence when I know so little about it. I would put on a K-pop playlist when I was coding so that English lyrics wouldn’t distract me (and I need an active BPM, I literally don’t understand why slow songs exist in any language) and that’s all I know about K-pop. I know there’s a whole culture around it, but aside from a single, like, 30 minute video on K-pop fashion that taught me a few things like how groups are put together and about the fan cafe, I don’t know anything. However, I did roll into this fic straight from a fic about sports and I know even LESS about that, so this was actually progress.
From my understanding, groups are the dominant focus of k-pop/k-pop fandom. Individuals audition and are put together into groups, producing the kind of “manufactured pop” that is often looked down on (publicly) in Western culture. However, this is also found in Western groups more rarely. If I recall correctly, One Direction tried out as solo acts and then were put together as a group and of course that was a massive success here. All of BME’s groups are put together from solo auditions.
In the initial version of the fic, all the chapter titles were K-pop song lyrics, but I changed that to like... actually represent the chapter contents in the edit (though I kept a few that fit well in parenthesis). The fic title is from Oh my god by (G)I-DLE. I’ll have the chapter’s original titles in these notes so they still exist for those curious.
I started editing chapter 1, Office asked to update, I THOUGHT I saved and said yes, turns out I didn’t, so I had to start over. It’s like Word was trying to recreate when I edited all of DITM’s fourth chapter in AO3 back when I was posting it, I was at the very end, and I accidentally hit CTRL + R (which is the shortcut to switch text to be right-aligned in Word) and refreshed the page instead, losing all my edits.
I used to do the final edit of all my fics in the AO3 edit box when I went to post the chapter, but I stopped for two reasons: a) shit like that and b) AO3 posts the chapter based off the time when you opened the “add chapter” page, so during Strange Disease it took me literally six hours to edit chapter one and it was several fics back in the tag by the time I posted it, guaranteeing some people probably missed it because they saw a fic they had already read and thought they reached the end of the “new” posts (the same reason I stopped drafting chapters).
Catra “blinking in shock” at Adora at the award show had nothing to do with surprise at Adora being there - it was about how profound the feelings in her chest were even after preparing herself for them.
In the edit, I downgraded the amount of awards Rebellion was up for from six to five and only had them win four to be slightly more realistic.
A comparison of the fic pre-edit and post can be found here.
The order for being the primary person to accept the awards was: Glimmer, Bow, Mermista, Adora. Frosta hadn’t joined yet (well, she had, but it wasn’t announced until right after) and Perfuma missed her chance since they won four and had five members.
Chapter 2: the once familiar ways feel strange
I know I’ve made my meta posts about how Catra wouldn’t wear a skirt, but Bow picked out the wardrobe for this shoot before they even hired Catra, much less before speaking to her. Catra wears dresses and skirts for roles in this AU, but not in her personal life, and she wears suits to award shows.
Rebellion all followed Catra on Twitter the day of the shoot, except Glimmer, who has already thirst-following her. Catra already followed every member of Rebellion, their official Twitter account, and a few fan update accounts.
I edited and posted Chapters 1, 2, and 3 in one day, on the 19th. I edited most of the rest of the chapters the next day, with Chapter 10 trailing one day after that. It took me a super long time to edit Chapter 1 since it needed the most help, and then Chapter 3 took ages as well because it was where I muddled around for a long time trying to figure out how to do tweets.
Chapter 3: don’t mind the others, fall for me
When Tiffany (@tiffintherink) found out who Adora was on a date with, she assumed that Adora had met Catra on the video shoot and they hit it off, going on a date the next week. She only started to challenge that assumption in Chapter 5 when Adora called Catra her girlfriend, but until that moment she was sure that she had all the answers.
Part of my goal for the edit was making things more screen reader-friendly. I really muddled my way through adding social media into this fic, and while I knew about tweet and text generators as a general thing that exists, I didn’t know any then. When editing, I knew images would by less friendly, even if it “looked” better. Below is a screen shot to show the difference that came from the edit.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Instead of a screen reader coming across a long line of dashes, I used AO3′s built-in lines and made the tweets clear using the blockquotes. The reply/retweet/like symbols all have image descriptions, and should appear on both light and dark site skins (I’m using the default dark skin above) as long as the skin isn’t perfectly black. I changed the usernames and time stamps to be a little more faithful to Twitter, though they still aren’t accurate completely. Time stamps were always clogging up readers and I still haven’t found a solution to that, since eyes just naturally skip over it, but I’m hopeful that a screen reader would have a “skip line/paragraph” button that can be used when the headers come back up repeatedly so it isn’t too much of a slog.
I tried using images with descriptions, but they don’t translate across web/mobile or on light/dark site skins well, so I think this is the best solution. I took so long trying to find something that looked faithful, translated well, and was easy to read and this was the best balance that I could find.
In the original, I also was a little inconsistent about the way I represented tweets, sometimes using blockquotes for replies and sometimes not. With the edit, the only inconsistency should be whether or not I show someone’s name in addition to their username in the replies and that was 100% dictated by if I knew most of the names in the conversation and didn’t have to come up with too many lol.
Everyone’s handles/@s (I wrote this out when initially planning the fic, even though they didn’t all appear): Adora Grayskull @adoragrayskull. Catra @catracyra. Glimmer!! @glimmerbomb. Bow <3 @arrowsandarchery. Frosta the Unconquerable @frostedprincess. Mermista @mermistary. Perfuma @perfumeplants.
This chapter initially had an end note asking for suggestions for twitter handles for Rebellion and Frght-Z fans, but I deleted it considering the fic is long done.
Chapter 4: I have nobody but you, so save me now
Glimmer’s thirst tweets were pretty standard, but here’s a number of them:
“I’m watching that new movie everyone was talking about and the female lead is 😳”.
“Okay I looked her up and. Ma’am. [photo attachment of Catra in Gunmetal, wearing a ripped and dirty tank top as she helps Sea Hawk, who is limping and has an arm over her shoulders. Catra’s back muscles are on full display]”.
(Reply to a fan) “If they didn’t want me to be thirsty why did they include this shot in the movie hm?? [shitty cellphone photo of a laptop screen, showing Catra with her fist pounded onto a table after she has made a declaration, all her muscles tense and flexing as she breathes heavy and glares down the man standing opposite her]”.
“Just found out she follows me on Twitter, so if you see this..... Sorry you’re so hot??”.
A fan replies: “She’s straight though” Glimmer replies: “Yeah so am I. Anyway, Catra, call me 😘” (she is well aware you can “not be out” and also not be straight, even if Catra is a bit quieter about her sexuality at the moment than “not out” Glimmer is).
That was pretty much the end of the tweet spree, but both Adora and Catra saw the whole thing. Glimmer left them up until she found out who Catra was. Glimmer wasn’t serious about the “call me” thing (I mean, Bow), but she was trying to illustrate a point. Literally the entire fanbase who pays attention knows Glimmer isn’t straight, even if she has never said anything about her sexuality.
They named Hordak after the license plate he had when they bought him used. The name stuck even after they updated the plate. Adora names all her cars, and sometimes her friends' cars too.
Chapter 5: you plus me sadly can be dangerous
The thing that made me want to edit DITM was when I was writing ASGNE and went to Chapter 5 of DITM to see if I said what movie Catra and Sea Hawk were in together (I didn’t, but it was Gunmetal). I saw that I had some paragraphs with dialogue starting in the middle, some that were the length of like three normal paragraphs, and just some awkward phrasing that I wanted to fix. If I wrote the fic now, it would be written very differently, but I wasn’t looking to do a full rewrite. As I’ve said before, I mostly want to leave my old fics as testament to my writing progress, this one just has an inexplicable place in my heart and I have reread it a few times, so I wanted to fix it up for those future rereads.
Chapter 6: in so many eyes curious about me
The “different sign” that Catra wanted to make come true was grinding on Adora’s abs. Because there was no smut in DITM, I never wrote it in this fic, but I ended up putting it into TOHT because... I wanted to. I robbed myself of it once already.
Adora is wearing a bodycon dress at the club because in her mind that’s what you wear to club’s. She would never usually wear a dress like that unless she was sure she was supposed to.
Frght-Z and Rebellion have a ton of overlap in fanbase, thanks to having a similar style, being from the same label, being equally queer, and being actively friends so that if you follows members of one of the bands, you inevitably hear about the others. Thus, Rebellion fans already knew not only Catra’s face but her personality before she and Adora were outed.
I didn’t edit the chapter summaries while updating the fic, and so I’m sure there are some small differences between them and the contents of the chapters throughout the fic, but this was the first where I actually noticed the grammar difference.
Chapter 7: felt like heaven but you might not get in it
It never really fit anywhere, but there was supposed to be a scene in the initial fic where Catra went back to Adora’s apartment for the first time since the breakup and realized Adora has exactly No Clothes other than a) what she already had when they broke up (and some of those were gone due to wear and tear) and b) what the record company had gotten her for performances, promotions, etc, and a lot of that shit is rented so Adora only ended up keeping a small portion of it. This scene was just to illustrate how little regard Adora had for herself in general, but that had already been established by the point Catra went to Adora’s place.
There were so many tweets in this chapter it was a major pain in the ass to edit (their formatting is finicky), but I do think the tweets look a lot better now so I guess it was worth it.
the @tiffintherink account started out with the name “#STREAMFOUND”, but the moment that Catra and Adora publicly confirmed their relationship (she waited the day after they were outed for the official announcement) she changed her display name to “CATDORA QUEEN” despite it being known as Catradora to most of the fandom already. She did start the “catdora updates” account before they were outed, but she never interacted with it herself because she knew that would give it too much legitimacy, even though Catra was outed then. She is definitely a fan that crossed a line, but she does still have morals. She’s also in high school.
Glimmer’s profile name is “Glimmer!!” because somebody commented on a stream that she is really shrill so she, of course, just leaned further into it.
Chapter 8: i sing for you to fall deeper into me
One day Catra and Adora are driving out to Vegas together for a performance, and Catra tells Adora to pull over on the side of the road. It’s night, it’s dark, and Catra encourages her to pull up on a flat a bit away from the road so they won’t be so easy to spot. And then they have sex in the back seat, because they both got hot thinking about it, but there was no way Catra was doing that when there was a real risk of getting caught.
Originally I talked about Parallel in the Chapter 8 fic note, but I’m moving it here to keep things cleaner: I only wrote a few scattered lyrics for it since I haven't written a full song since uhhhh freshmen year of college, but because people have been asking: the jist of Parallel is that it is a yearning song about running in parallel to each other and being unable to close the gap. It has one or two lyrics scattered in it alluding to a different way they could be parallel to each other - until the bridge, where it basically breaks down to lets lay parallel "under your love" aka we are always parallel so lets make it the fun kind and top me. There's like three layers of denial going on here and Adora is relying on all of them but literally no one is fooled. She wrote the initial version of the song (which later got cleaned up with a co-writer) in high school when all she and Catra wanted was to be together but the best they could do was kiss in the dead of night occasionally.
Catra’s fur was ruffled when she and Adora reunited because Glimmer and Bow both hugged her several times while they were talking and Catra allowed it. They did talk about high school for the most part, but they also apologized for the ambush and asked Catra for her perspective on Adora’s overworking.
Chapter 9: i want to walk with you on this rough path    
Frght-Z’s lineup is: Scorpia, Lonnie, Entrapta, Darla, and Emily.
The fact that Glimmer (and the rest of the band) didn’t know what Adora’s “casual inspiration” ritual was is really just a testament to how much she lost her inspiration when Catra was out of her life. Adora wasn’t close with Rebellion when they were dating like she was once they bonded through the debut and beyond.
A running theme I put in this fic was Adora needing literally the tiniest encouragement and using it as an excuse to get closer to Catra.
Adora got the tattoo to celebrate, but the edge of the blade runs over Adora’s singular lasting switch scar from Shadow. She has a few small scars that you wouldn’t be able to tell the origin of, but that one is long. As a result, the blade is slightly tilted on her back to better follow the scar, since it wasn’t parallel with her spine. Sometimes the tattoo artist gets comments about their “sloppy work” in not centering it properly, but they’ve kept their mouth shut and Adora loves the piece.
Fan’s took photos of them walking on the beach, and Twitter lost their shit over a) lesbians walking their cat and b) lesbians going on a romantic walk on the beach and c) LESBIANS CUDDLING STANDING UP ON SAID BEACH.
Chapter 10: in a movie only for us, the real hero was you
The pink fae was Flutterina.
Alright I talked a lot of shit earlier about how I don’t know about Kpop but i know LESS about the Oscars. I had to google what the awards were. I couldn’t find a list of their presentation order. I think someone forced me to watch them the year Ellen hosted and I haven’t watched them since. I haven’t even seen a movie 2016. The last time I was in a theatre was 2015 because I hate them. I had to google so much shit about shooting schedules and stuff to write this AU I don’t know why I ever thought it was a good idea, but I do love how it came out
Catra and Adora tradeoff who leads on the red carpet. Catra hangs off Adora’s arm for her music shows, and vice versa for Catra’s film awards.
Chapter 11: Epilogue
The proposal “package” isn’t a ring but rather the ropes that hybrids use to propose in my fics.
There is hot debate amongst the fandom whether Parallel or Possession is hornier. Parrallel has, like, actual references to sex in it, but Possession’s entire energy is EXTREMELY HORNY. a good 90% of the fandom is like COME ON IT’S SEX whereas the other 10% is like no it’s innocent love :^). It absolutely is not and the people who argue that are mostly people who thinks lesbians are fine!!! but lesbian desire isn’t so this has to be about Romance. They are vindicated by the fact that Adora denies the horny implications of the song, mostly to be able to keep looking her friends in the eye. However, exactly 0% of the song is innocent.
I am fully aware that Real Groove by Kylie Minogue came out after I first wrote this fic, but when I first planned the epilogue I never even thought about what the song would be, and I’m really vibing to the song so I used it. It’s got a pretty good rhythm to be recognizable but hard enough to translate to humming that it’s difficult to place.
Things I changed in the edit: all the chapter titles, the fic title, weird phrasing, poor flow/paragraph balance, a few typos (though I know I also introduced more new ones), a conspicuous lack of contractions, filling in gaps (especially in the first chapter), and I removed Catra’s shoes from the epilogue (I have no clue why I wrote her wearing them to the Oscars in the first place but it’s been FIXED now).
Things I didn’t change: literally any story element, a majority of the writing, especially in the latter half of the fic which I didn’t write with my brain on fire, unlike the first 3 chapters.
The original word count for the fic, before I went to edit it, was 36,745. Afterwards, it was 38,161 before the addition on the epilogue, and now it has reached 40k.
I honestly can’t believe this, but I kept the timeline in the original fic file, so I still have it. Just when I was thinking “Goddammit, I wish I still had that”, I found it. This was my first time making a timeline for a fic so it’s pretty rough, but have at it if you’re interested:
4-18: bffs in the foster home together
16-19: secretly dating. Hiding from Shadow and then waiting until their careers are established before they risk it
18: adora signs to BME and begins training with Rebellion
19 & six: Rebellion releases their first album. On the debut press tour Adora collapses and Catra leaves her.
20: Adora realizes she really cant fucking write anymore without Catra, so she writes about Catra.
20 & nine months: Rebellion releases their second album, Heartstrings. Catra listens to it and realizes Adora did care about her the same way all along, but she hears the rumours Adora collapsed after a promotional performance and imagines having to go through that again, feeling the way she does and knowing adora feels the same. She cant force herself to contact adora.
20 & eleven (2 months later): Catra has been living with the knowledge that Adora feels the same for a few months and it is killing her. She goes to the award show knowing Adora is going to be there because she needs to talk to her. Adora basically declares her love on stage. Catra asks her to take it easy, to change things, and promises to be there if she does.
21 & 2 weeks (6 weeks later): Adora actually asks for her vacation
21 (4 weeks later): Adora takes her ten day retreat.
21 & two (2 weeks later, Sunday): the music video shoot for Found takes place, Catra and Adora reconnect.
1 week later (Saturday): Adora and Catra get lunch in a fan’s brother’s diner.
1 day later (Sunday): they talk about it on the phone and then catra gets outed but its fine because shes not in the closet really
1 day later (Monday): adora and catra talk on the phone before filming, then adora goes to the studio to practice for their weekend performances, then she goes to catra’s place to comfort her after the article.
1 day later (Tuesday): the band finds out adora stayed at catra’s place, adora tweets about how gay she is3
days later (Friday): the music video goes up and the shipping begins
1 day later (Saturday): they try to go on a date but the restaurant is swamped so they go back to their hotel and are ambushed by Rebellion.
1 day later (Sunday): adora gives an interview with her first public acknowledgment
3 days later (Wednesday): the interview Catra gave the day before goes up with her public acknowledgment.
1 day later (Thursday): Adora goes to LA for a Frght-Z show and then stays the night at Catra’s apartment.
21 & two months & 3 weeks - 1 day later (Friday): Pictures are taken of Adora leaving catra’s place and make it onto the internet first thing in the morning. She and catra agree to lie low for a day and spend most of it on the phone, just processing.
1 day later (Saturday): angella calls a meeting with the band and Adora explains their past. She calls catra and they make a joint statement.
2 days later (Monday): Catra responds to fan tweet about the acceptance speech
1 day later (Tuesday): adora and catra tweet about their marriage promise
1 day later (Wednesday): Catra calls adora panicking about all the people outside. They decide to move in together
21 & three months & 4 days - 1 week later (Wednesday): they put in an offer on a house and have sex
21 & three months & 1 week & 2 days (Sunday): catra visits the studio and watches adora practice
21 & four months (Friday): they go out with all of rebellion and frght-z to celebrate Catra’s shoot ending
1 day later (Saturday): they walk melog and move into their house
1 day later: They go to the Oscars together.
What’s Next?:
My next big fic is my “Historical” Arranged Marriage AU, In Service of Her Majesty!
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asecretvice · 2 months ago
can i ask if you’re currently writing anything now?
Hello there! Absolutely. The short answer is yes I am. It’s been a struggle for the past month or so after a flurry of artistic activity in Jan and Feb, but I’m trying to persevere. I’m almost done typing up my written draft after which the real editing can begin.
Now the long answer, if you or anyone else is interested:
You know, it’s been a process trying to work through my feelings surrounding this stupid shit (see all of tumblr for details, lol), and I’ve pretty much gotten to a good place. At least a much better one. It’s helped for me to think of the show the same way I think of comic book heroes and the pantheons of the great world mythologies. That is, figures that have platonic forms, more or less, off of which people base their own versions of the stories that surround them. They don’t “belong” anymore to a specific creator but to all of us who need to hear or tell their stories. Being able to look back on these last 15 seasons has shown me that this was already true even if I was too deep in the thicket to see the individual trees. It’s harder perhaps because there are actors involved; seeing the same face, having the same one visible force behind a character can create the illusion that there’s one “correct” way of seeing or viewing that character. While it’s true the actors treated their craft seriously and brought their own unique view to the fore, it’d be foolish to ignore not just the showrunners, but every writer, director, editor, designer, and producer that’s touched this thing. Once you bring in fanworks the possibilities explode. The main characters of this show have achieved this freedom in ways maybe only rivaled by the original Star Trek. A rare feat for television.
If you can relate to Pirandello’s artistic experience, which I do, that characters have a voice of their own with which to advocate for themselves and that they can come out and demand that their story be told the way in which they feel they deserve, then the characters of this show have nothing to worry about. There are myriad creators the characters can approach with their discontent, and the story can and has been retold and retold and retold. This has been a great comfort to me that they’re still vibrant in the minds and creations of others. And yet...I have not drawn comfort from those works myself. I largely, still, don’t interact with them. I’ve been able to watch an episode of the show that has to do with the fic I’m writing, the first time since November, but you know...I didn’t feel much of anything watching it. Everything was somehow at a remove. But that shouldn’t matter, right? Truly, what does it matter if I don’t step back into the fray? I know for a fact that the characters are in many good pairs of hands, and hopefully will be for years to come.
And yet. And yet.
A week or so ago I had a strange experience. See, I almost never dream about fictional characters. I just don’t. Now could it be because my brain actually deals with them first thing in the night, so by the time my last dream rolls around all of that has been dealt with already and I just don’t remember it? Perhaps. But the point is in the seven years I watched the show I could count on one hand the amount of times I’ve dreamt about it. To have done it so recently, and after having not really consumed much content about it except for what crosses my tumblr dash, threw me for a loop. I keep thinking about it, circling it, trying to decipher it.
The one scene I remember incredibly clearly was about Dean. He was extremely depressed and disgusted with himself. Not eating. Absolute skin and bones. Exhausted, hopeless. He was in worn jeans and a worn t-shirt. I watched as he feebly crawled onto his bed to collapse face down; I particularly remember seeing the blades of his shoulders sticking up through his loose clothing as his arms moved, the inherent wrongness of it. How awful I felt for him, knowing there wasn’t much I could do to help, but needing to do something. I sat down on the edge of the bed, put a hand on one of those prominent shoulder blades. He looked up at me blearily from where his face was smashed against an old pillow. “He didn’t look at you and say, ‘There’s a person that deserves to be shunned’,” I told him. “He looked at you and said, ‘There’s a person who deserves to be saved.’“ Meaning, of course, Cas.
That was the end of the dream.
The only conclusion I can come to from a more psychological perspective is that I’m still working through the emotions I was left with. I’m no longer in turmoil, haven’t been for a while, but I still haven’t quite reckoned with this thing I poured myself into for so many years and then felt suddenly severed from.
The creative conclusion is that I experienced a Pirandello-eqsue character visit. Somehow it doesn’t matter that he’s beloved, both by people who enjoyed and disliked the ending he was “officially” given, that his story is still told, or drawn, or edited etc etc by thousands in an unfathomable variety of ways. The relationship I built up with the character over the years via watching and writing is unique to me. And that version of Dean is so bereft he could not even demand his story be told; he merely showed me where I, personally, have left him.
It’s significant to me because the fic I’m working on I started thinking about the night of Nov 5. It’s an AU but entirely inspired by the feelings that were at last explicitly stated in that episode; I delightedly conceived and planned about half the fic and then waited to reflect through the prism of it the twin catharsis the show promised us--and so cruelly denied us. And though I’ve worked on it in the meantime, I’m still struggling with reorienting, rebalancing the fic’s original purpose.
How to jump back in? How to let myself truly feel things about this story and these characters again? How do I reclaim them for myself? I might have found an in with the German dub--indeed, perhaps this was the impetus for my dream--because I actually really loved it and was disappointed in the minimal discussion about it. So determinedly I set about translating the confession scene myself. Disregarding tumblr gifsets, it was the first time I really watched it since Nov. And translation, of course, forces you to not only go sentence by sentence, but word by word. Then I compared it to the original English version...and I have so much to say. A whole essay’s worth for sure. But I thought, “No one’s gonna read it and it’s more about my experience of German as a lover of it, not a native speaker.” So I’ve let it languish.
Maybe that, then, could be a first step. Force myself to truly organize my thoughts and feelings about these things in a way I haven’t yet. Then get back into the podcasts I used to listen to. Watch the actual damn show again. Allow myself to love again.
Breathe life into Dean again.
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g3ck0man · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I haven’t drawn Dib from just the show\movie a while lol I always just draw an au so thought I’d draw og b o i
(please click for better quality)
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astroboy-lele · 2 months ago
what’s your favorite scene from each of your fics ? @.@
oh god, anon! all of them? hmm
read it under the cut bc i dont want to clog dashes!
animal crossing 
“let’s go get food, and then we can sleep.” you suggested, and taeyong agreed, bouncing up and footsteps pattering into the kitchen. you couldn’t stop beaming, and set the switches to the side, sauntering out of the bedroom to join taeyong in cooking.
broken hearts and chapped lips 
the chapstick was the one he used to gently apply each time your lips chapped. each time the cold weather was so harsh it made them cake and crack. it was worn down, almost fully used. a sad smile crossed your lips, as you brought the worn stick up to your mouth. winter would always, forever and always, remind you of doyoung. 
the hands of a shadow
so this was your fate. falling cruel, to the hands of the kind, smiling boy you once knew. to a monster, to someone who would betray you. to the hands of a shadow.
when all else fails, remember me 
“i think, but i probably need more evidence. even so, how would we fix this?” you worried. you really did not want to lose jungwoo, right after you found him. it was like he read your thoughts, moving closer and pressing a kiss to the top of your head. “i’m not going anywhere, y/n, okay?” he reassured your racing mind, one large palm coming up to hold your cheek, eyes searching yours. you nodded slowly, relaxing in his gentle touch.
“when all else fails, remember me,” you whispered, voice cracking slightly. jungwoo smiled.
“of course i will.” 
betrayal at it’s finest 
“hey!” renjun shouted, and you looked up. he captured your mouth in a kiss, and you smiled at the action. when you looked down, however, your mouth dropped at your dead character in the screen and two characters running away from your body. 
just a coincidence   
So he did what he thought he did best. Draw out his feelings. Colors swirled on the paper, brush strokes sometimes pressing down, making the paper sodden and wrinkle slightly, some colors bright and bold, some soft and faded into the background. His pen scraped against the dry paint laid on the paper, drawing arcs and swirls, creating complex patterns overlapping. Renjun brought up a hand covered in blue and orange paint to his face, smearing more paint onto his cheek. He was always a messy artist. Renjun blinked a few times, clearing his vision, and looking at his masterpiece. It was almost perfect. But he felt it missing something. Something important. Something that would further complete it and make it astonishing to him, and you. He sat back, and stared at the paper. He stared until it felt like his eyes would go cross-eyed, and the colors started to mix before him. 
hogwarts! au (god i hate this fic lol)
“what’d you do to get jeno smiling like a creep?” haechan asked. i looked over, and jeno was still smiling, jaemin cooing. chenle and mark were snickering, jisung giving me a thumbs up. renjun was playfully gagging.
beach sunsets
“you’ll get more, baby.” he whispered, winking. i smiled, and kissed him again gently. “i love you.” he blurted out, and my eyes widened. “i love you, i love you, i love you.” donghyuck repeated, as if he couldn’t say it enough. it was the first time he said it, and the boys were whistling.
“i love you more, lee donghyuck.” i smiled, hugging him again. donghyuck laughed happily, and lifted me into his arms.
“i’d drop everything to see you smile again too.” he whispered before you fell asleep.
when thunder splits the sky
nothing happened for a moment and haechan waved his hands over the flower-filled water, mumbling some ancient words. you watched, eyes wide, as the water came out in a stream, winding around the circumference of the small cottage, and then around you and jaemin’s hands. you gasped, as the water was ice cold though it was boiling just moments ago. a daisy settled on jaemins wrist, wrapping around it tightly. a carnation wrapped around your finger, like it’s own special promise to you. jaemin frowned.
when you came inside, your teeth were chattering and you were shivering all over, but it was the happiest you’d felt in a while. nothing was better than dancing in the rain, really, except dancing in the rain with jaemin. that now… that was a hundred times better, but na jaemin was sick, so you’d have to forgo that. practically waltzing into jaemin’s room, you grinned at him, your good mood making you forget all the awkwardness. he was just your best friend, your best friend of so many years. awkwardness who?
it’s a secret
i scowled, slightly annoyed as another post-it note was stuck to my arm this time. i glanced down, and my jaw fell open to see a phone number scribbled out in clean numbers asking for a date and to text or call him. the same little heart drawn in the lower right hand corner. i glanced around, and my eyes locked onto chenles flushed ears, contrasting the pale skin of his cheeks. my eyebrow lifted up, and i picked my phone up off the table, typing in the number and texting a shy ‘hello?’ to them. chenles phone lit up next to me, with the same ‘hello?’ displayed in the screen. my mouth dropped open, and chenle winked, picking up his own phone.
of truth or dare… and pancakes 
“what the FUCK is on your head?” that startled you, plate crashing to the floor with a loud crack. your soulmate. you could recognize those words anywhere, spending hours staring longingly at your tattoo. tentatively, you looked up, and up, finally locking eyes with him. he was stunningly handsome, almost orange hair, black jeans with a simple blue shirt and white sneakers messily laces up. his eyes were narrowed slightly, with amusement or annoyance, you couldn’t tell. your mind raced for an answer that didn’t sound dumb.
my first and last 
jisung was tearing up at the thought of his future not having you in it, so the only time he felt confident enough to ask was when you were asleep. it was stupid, you wouldn’t even be able to reply which would only stress jisung out more, but he wiped the tears away and got down on one knee, getting out the box. “y/n y/l/n, you’re seriously my everything. my confidence, my sunshine on a cloudy day, my stars, and the splash of color in a black and white movie. i don’t know what i would do without you, i’m so lucky to have you. i’m sorry i couldn’t ask sooner, and maybe i’ll do it tomorrow, but i wanted to do it today. on our anniversary. i can’t believe you stuck around for this long, and i’m surprised i haven’t scared you off. but you’re 마지막 첫사랑 [ my first and last ] , and i want you to be my first and last forever, until the day we die. so, will you marry me…?” jisung uttered softly, and gasped when you pressed a kiss to his lips.
let me love u
  “i… i just realized.” you started, inhaling as much air as your lungs would let you. “i realized how in love i am.” even in the darkness, you could see kun’s face fall right after he processed what you said. “how in love i am with you.” you clarified, your words hanging in empty air, barely spoken above a whisper. kun didn’t reply for what seemed like hours, and you were bracing yourself to get heartbroken, when his calming voice whispered, “i’m in love with you too.”
“oh shut up.” the taller boy whined. “and kiss me, i missed you.” he mumbled, and you leaned up to press a quick kiss to his peach lips.
“does kun know about this?” you asked, motioning to the deer.
“uhhh, no. not yet. let me tell him!” winwin begged as your eyebrows shot up.
yogurt lids half-open
“to no longer hating each other.” you repeated. “though it was more me hating you, and you bothering me.” you joked. yangyang’s cheeks were decorated in rose pink, and he pulled his hand away. “see you tomorrow, y/n.” yangyang waved, and walked off. your eyes were trained on his back before you turned and opened your door, trying to calm your rapidly beating heart. since when did you feel this way about the crazy boy? you weren’t sure.
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luvnami · 3 months ago
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐥𝐝 𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐬 𝐭𝐨𝐝𝐚𝐲
𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞 - happy birthday you sexy beast. inspired by that one chapter in horimiya where sengoku confesses to remi lol
𝐛𝐞𝐭𝐚 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐬 - @sugawaaras​ @dearkodzuken​
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞 - fluff/angst
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 - apocalypse au, death
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 - 1445
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 - matsukawa issei x reader
𝐬𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐬 - the day on which the world is to end just happens to be matsukawa’s birthday
Tumblr media
The sun burns through the morning mist, though the numbers in the sky above you do not disappear. 12 hours and 59 minutes left until the end of the world. 
Despite this impending catastrophe, the world itself does not seem grieved. You still walk amongst the hundreds of students that head to school, employees board crowded buses as they are ferried to work, and housewives and husbands still vacuum the floor while a variety show plays in the background.
You would think that there would be something special about death, about the end.
Matsukawa Issei catches up to you. “Hey,” he greets, and nudges you in the side with his arm.
“Happy birthday,” you return. “Isn’t it weird to have your birthday before we all die?”
“Don’t think about it so depressingly,” he laughs, rubbing the back of his neck. “It’s still a normal day.”
What defines normality? Everyone dies at some point. Shouldn’t it be a momentous occasion, however, that the entirety of humanity will be wiped out tonight? Some will be sleeping, some will be awake, watching the earth consumed by the great cosmos beyond.
You shelf the thoughts for another time. A minute, an hour later.
School goes by as normal. Lessons are conducted, albeit with the nagging feeling of this being the last class that one might teach or attend. You wonder if half the students are even paying attention. Your open notebook is filled with scribbles and doodles.
By the time lunch break rolls around, the pages are torn out and crumpled at the bottom of your bag. Matsukawa and Hanamaki come over to your table with bento boxes in hand. 
“Octopus sausages still? What are you, 5?” you tease Hanamaki, who responds with a kick at your shin, leaving you to howl in pain. 
“Not like you’re any better,” Matsukawa remarks at your store-bought onigiri and packet milk.
The three of you sit and eat, exchanging jokes and comments on the previous lessons. You’re surprised that Oikawa and Iwaizumi haven’t appeared from their classes just yet. Perhaps they’re still caught up with the brunette’s fangirls — that’s normal. 
“Is there any place you want to head to, birthday boy?” Hanamaki asks.
Matsukawa swallows his mouthful of food before replying. “Not particularly.”
“Are you going to go for volleyball training?”
“Yeah, of course. Iwaizumi would kill me if I skipped, even if we can’t play for nationals now,” he laughs.
“I’ll meet you afterwards, then?” you say.
Matsukawa looks at you, his gaze softening. “Yeah.”
The bell rings. You return to class, tossing your empty milk packet and onigiri wrapper into the trash. 
It’s evening by the time volleyball training ends. You wait for Matsukawa by the school gate. The weather is still a little chilly, and you shove  your hands deeper into the pockets of your jacket.
“Sorry to keep you waiting,” Matsukawa’s low voice startles you, before he lets out an amused chuckle at your shocked face. 
“Didn’t have to scare me like that,” you mutter.
He smiles and takes your hand in his. You let him pull your hand out of your jacket, before pushing your connected ones into his own pocket.
Dinner is fast, slurped ramen combined with antics from their last training session makes you choke on your hot tea a few times. Matsukawa almost pukes his food from laughing too hard. By the time you’re done, your belly is full and your cheeks ache from smiling so much.
The walk home is much quieter.
“Did you say bye to everyone?” you question.
“Yeah. Oikawa was crying like a baby,” Matsukawa says.
“I would’ve guessed that much.”
You reach out for his hand. He lets you take it, enveloping you in his warmth. 
7.25pm. Two hours and thirty five minutes until the end of the world.
It’s already 8pm when you rush over to Matsukawa’s house, fresh out of the shower with a bundle of photo albums and games to spend the time. He pulls you into his arms when you step through the door. 
He smells fresh, not like the horrible 3-in-1 soap that he uses when he’s rushed. You relax against his soft hoodie, letting him press you to his chest and kiss your forehead tenderly. It’s a minute worth of time that you wouldn’t ever give up.
Matsukawa leads you into his bedroom, where you open up scattered albums to revive forgotten memories. There are photos of you when you were a baby, chubby and waving fists around you. You giggle at a picture of toddler Matsukawa only in a diaper, and he cackles at you, aged five, dressed in the ugliest tutu he’s ever seen. There’s a photo of you both on your first date, awfully awkward, and another of Matsukawa trying to balance a pen on his nose.
Afterwards, you go through a few games of Stress and snack away, guessing what the other third years are doing right now. 
Matsukawa lays on your thighs as you play with his hair, his eyes closed. The time is currently 9.50pm. Ten minutes left until the end of the world.
“Hey, Issei?”
He responds with a drawn out hum.
“Happy birthday.” “Why are you wishing me that again? Weirdo,” he jokes.
“You didn’t even get a birthday cake or something this year. No presents, no party, nothing at all. Don’t you feel a little sad about it?”
“It would all be gone the same day if anyone gave me something. That sounds like a waste of money.”
“Weirdo,” you tease back, and he opens his eyes just to roll them.
“Hey, Issei.”
“What would you do the day before you die?”
At this, he laughs and you can’t help but crack a smile as well. He stares off into the corner of his room.
“Well… I would celebrate my birthday. I would go to school and volleyball training as usual, and then spend the rest of the night with you.”
“Aw, how romantic.”
“What would you do?”
“I’d eat all the candy in the world.”
Matsukawa glares at you. “And not spend time with me?”
“I’ll share the candy with you.”
“That’d just give us stomach aches. I don’t want to die while shitting my guts out, you know.”
The room falls silent. Matsukawa glances at his clock on the wall, and the second hand ticks by, counting down to the very moment of his death. It’s strange, that he isn’t scared. What happens after death, why he’s never questioned the existence of the numbers in the sky, Matsukawa doesn’t really care.
He laces his fingers with yours. 9.57pm. Three more minutes. 
You grip his hand tightly. 
“What do you think will happen when it reaches 10pm? Will the earth blow up? Will we all just drop dead?” you whisper.
“I hope we turn into zombies. I’ll stagger over to Hanamaki’s place to freak him out and then eat his brains.”
“Ew, that’s so nasty, Issei. Even if I was a zombie, I wouldn’t eat any brains.”
“Not even mine?”
“Do zombies have brains?”
Matsukawa smiles fondly at you. He sits up and interlocks his arm with yours, before laying his head on your shoulder. The curls of his hair tickles your cheek.
“What kind of sweets would you eat before you die?” Matsukawa asks.
“Strawberry shortcake. Cheesecake. Tiramisu. Creme Brulee. Macaron.”
“That’s a lot.”
“Well, it would be my last time eating them.”
“Should we have gotten sweets today, then? From that bakery near school, I heard they were having a sale today.”
“Maybe. But it’s too late to regret that now.”
You close your eyes, tilting your head back so it rests against the wall. Your heart jumps in your chest and you will it to slow down, to fall behind the flow of time. As if it could do that.
Matsukawa readjusts your hands so that your fingers are intertwined. He’s silent, stroking your knuckles with his free hand. 
Each second passes like a grain of sand falling through an hourglass’ waist, landing on an uncountable bed of other seconds that have passed. There’s thirty left, now twenty nine, now twenty eight. It’s an undeniable fact that you’ll be unable to turn time back. 
“Issei,” you whisper so softly, Matsukawa has to strain to hear you.
You lean down, tilting your chin to press your lips against his. His eyes flutter shut. His lips are chapped, rough against your soft ones as you kiss. 
Fifteen, fourteen, thirteen. 
You don’t separate. 
Eight, seven, six.
Matsukawa pulls away briefly. “I love you,” he breathes.
Four, three, two.
“I love you too.”
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softpedropascal · 3 months ago
Hello lovely! So a friend and I have been talking about Frankie lately and how damn adorable it would be if he were his kids little league baseball coach. Like, he passes down his old mitt to them from high school days (even though it’s comically too big for them) because it gave him good luck, and of course all the guys would come to support them (possibly Benny or Santi even trying to hit on the single moms because of course they would LOL) could possibly be in the neighbor!frankie universe with Gabi in their future some time? We just thought you’d be perfect to write these random ideas into something beautiful. If you have time or even like the idea of course!! ❤️❤️❤️
I hope you don’t mind me putting this in the mechanic!frankie AU! I think it’s a great way for reader and Frankie to bond a little more!
A/N: You run into your favorite mechanic while out running errands.
[mechanic!frankie masterlist]
Tumblr media
You wandered aimlessly down the aisle of the store, randomly grabbing a box of cereal to throw into your cart as you whistled along to the song playing in your ear. As you rounded the corner, you ran into someone else’s cart. You quickly removed your earbuds to apologize.
“Oh! I am so- Frankie?!” It came out a little louder than you expected, making a few heads turn.
“I thought I was Frankie,” he joked and you rolled your eyes. “What are you doing here?”
“Just picking up a few things.” You looked at his cart. “You look like you’re picking up enough to feed a small army.”
“I kinda am.” He held his jacket open to show you his baseball jersey. “Got a game tonight and we’re gonna have a party after--win or lose. You’d be surprised how much those kids can eat.”
“Wait, are you telling me you coach little league?”
“I do, yeah.” He smiled proudly. “I used my own money to get the league started. I buy the uniforms and everything.”
“You didn’t tell me this last night.”
“Well, I was focused on other things,” he said and you giggled like a schoolgirl. “I had fun.”
“Me too and the food was delicious. Remember, next time I’m cooking for you,” you told him.
“Are you doing anything later?” he asked.
“Oh, wow, trying to get me to cook for you already, huh?” you teased.
“No,” he chuckled, “I was wondering if you’d like to come out and watch the game. Cheer us on a little.”
“I’ll be there. Where is it?” you asked and he told you. “Coach fits you.”
“Thanks.” He stood there silently for a moment. “Why is it always so hard to say goodbye to you?”
“I was just wondering the same thing. How about this? We won’t say goodbye just...see you later.”
“Okay then. See you later.”
“See ya, Coach Frankie.” You winked and pushed your cart past him and he watched until you were out of sight.
Tumblr media
It was a nice day out so you decided to walk. The game was already underway by the time you got there, and you didn’t know it but Frankie had been scanning the bleachers for you. This time when he looked up and spotted you, he beamed and waved then turned back to all the kids that surrounded him. Once he was done, he walked over to the fence and waved you down.
“You made it,” he said.
“Yeah, sorry I’m late. I walked,” you told him.
“No umbrella?” he asked then looked up at the sky. “It’s gonna rain, you know. Can’t you smell it?”
“The weatherman said nothing about rain today.”
“He could be wrong...” Someone called his name and he turned. “I’ll see you after the game, okay? Don’t sit alone. My friends are up there.” He nodded to the group of guys sitting at the very top of the bleachers.
“Okay. Good luck, Coach.” You smiled and made your way up the bleachers.
“So you’re Frankie’s girl, huh?” one of the men asked. “I’m Benny, by the way.”
“Hi Benny. And I’ve met you, Santiago...right?” Santiago nodded and shook your hand.
“This is my brother William,” Benny said. You shook his hand too then sat down to watch the game. It made you smile to see Frankie enjoying himself, surrounded by children who obviously hung on every word he said. You didn’t hear him shout once aside from cheering for his team. At one point you got so into it that you stood up and cheered louder than anyone else. The guys snickered as you cleared your throat and sat back down.
They ended up winning the game and you all went down to congratulate them.
“What a win, Coach Frankie,” you said, giving him a high five.
“I think I might have had a good luck charm out there in the crowd,” he said and you looked down shyly. The guys came over and you stood back while they talked to him. Afterwards, Frankie reminded everyone of the little party he had put together in the park for them so you all walked over and enjoyed pizza and snacks with the team and their parents.
Tumblr media
Frankie told you that you didn’t have to help clean but you wanted to. You weren’t exactly ready to say goodnight just yet. His friends said their goodbyes and his players all gave him a high five and a hug before leaving with their families.
When the last of the mess was thrown away, Frankie turned to you, lifting his cap to scratch at his head. “You mind if I walk you home?” he asked.
“I don’t mind at all.”
“Oops...almost forgot my umbrella.” He sprinted over to where he left it then made his way back to your side.
“You really brought an umbrella? It’s not going to rain,” you repeated.
“Yeah, it is. Here...let me show you. This is what my dad taught me.” He led you over to a tree. “You see when the wind blows and the backs of the leaves show? That means rain.”
“I see but...” You felt a raindrop on your head and Frankie shrugged.
“Told ya. Come on.” 
You two walked slowly through the park, taking the longer way around. “Maybe it won’t rain too bad.” No sooner had you said that than the skies opened up. You squealed and Frankie opened his umbrella as quickly as he could, pulling you under there with him.
“Think we can make it to the bridge?” he asked over the rain.
“I don’t know...” Suddenly he took your hand and pulled you along as he ran under the bridge then leaned against the stones to catch his breath.
“,” he teased.
“Don’t rub it in,” you breathed. You smiled at him and he smiled back. He took his hat off and slicked his hair back before replacing it.
“At least it waited until after the game,” he said. He saw you hugging yourself and shrugged his jacket off before draping it over your shoulders. “There.”
“Thanks.” You pulled it around you tighter and were hit with a delightful smell. You closed your eyes and let yourself be surrounded by it. “Sandalwood,” you said out loud.
“Your smells like sandalwood,” you said.
“Oh yeah. One of my favorite scents,” he told you.
“Fits you. Very earthy and...” Your breath hitched as you noticed how close he was to you. “”
“Very earthy and me?”
“Y-Yeah.” You two just stared at each other for awhile and you felt yourself being drawn to him, your body leaning towards his.
“Looks like it’s letting up,” he said suddenly, breaking the spell you were under.
“Oh...yeah, it does.” You tried to hide your slight disappointment.
“Shall we, my lady?” He offered his arm while he used the other to hold the umbrella. “Not my lady,” he amended, “I meant like...”
“I know what you meant. Let’s go.” You took his arm and moved as close as you could to get under the umbrella with him.
“I’m not used to this, you know,” he said after a few moments of silence. “I haven’t walked through the park like this since my wife died...” His words trailed off.
“Thank you for sharing something so special with me, Frankie.”
Tumblr media
By the time he got you home, the rain had stopped and the sun had started to go down.
“Thank you for letting me walk you home.”
“Thank you for walking me home,” you countered and he chuckled.
“Can I call you tonight?” he asked.
“Of course. You can call whenever you like.”
“Great...awesome.” He walked backwards down the path. “Talk to you soon,” he said before turning away. As he walked along, he noticed he had started whistling I’m Singing in the Rain. He twirled his umbrella playfully and purposely jumped in a puddle.
“What a glorious feeling, and I’m happy again...” he sang to himself.
Tumblr media
frankie taglist: @fakenoods @oldstuffnewstuff @the-bird-suit @lestrange2703 @findhimfives @windfallss @rach7 @surfsup666 @theghostwiththemost-babe @marshmallow–3 @mrschiltoncat @aplaceofpeace @josepedropascal @mitchi-c @jeeperky @allthingsnarcos @laymegentlytorest @stanfordscrush @fangirlingss @nathan-bateman @darthdumbasss @helga1031 @master-obi-wan-kenboneme @heythere80sbaby @deserttastesbitter @dindjstarin @mandodjarinn @frankie-stein18 @funkylittlebisexuall @16boyfriends-and-me @marvelousmermaid @slugbuggie @ladyblogger-margie @queenbbarnes @dodgerandevans @terrormonster55 @queridopascal @hells-bells-x @allmahfeels @elizabeth-von-winken-universe @blackberries45 @darnitdraco @nemo-my-name-forevermore @dindjarinneedsahug
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i hope everyone is where they want to be! let me know if you want to be changed around! join a taglist here!
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mudhorns · 3 months ago
For the WIP game (your titles are amazing, I died laughing at "au au au") please tell me anything and everything about the bobaleia ANH au
LOL my titles are.... incomprehensible. i’ve had to go back recently and actual put titles on docs bc i had too many called ‘hmmm’ or ‘[ship] stuff’ or ‘[thing] maybe’ without any other defining feature and i’d keep misplacing things. funnily enough, i keep being like ‘where did i put that au’ and naturally it’s titled: ‘au au au.’ Helpful. 
YES THANK YOU i love this au ;; I had sent it to you... ages ago, when I was first working on it/struggling with Boba’s voice. i love thinking about twin swaps, but also with an extra edge. I got enamoured with the idea of Leia as a freedom fighter, no matter what, and how would that work if she lived on Tatooine, rather than being a princess of Alderaan? So, in this AU, rather than playing out ANH step-by-step, Leia somehow doesn’t get swept up in the droids/Kenobi, and she’s got a few extra years trying to make a life for herself on Tatooine -- mainly, fighting against the Hutts’ hold on the planet. She starts a rebellion of her own that way, focused on her home community with what limited resources they can muster. She finally gets caught when Boba just so happens to also be at Jabba’s Palace, and he finds himself drawn in. 
This fic is like... mostly done except for the smut/the conclusion bc I can’t decide if there’s a better ending, or if Prince Luke just shows up to sweep her away. Probably that’s what happens but just having her leave Boba at the end feels... sad?? Forlorn?? Not sure. I can’t quite put my finger on it, and I think that’s why I haven’t just completed it. 
Thank you again!! Also, it’s ‘au au au’ bc it’s three layers: 1- padme lives. 2 - twin ‘swap’ but leia is raised by her dad while luke is raised by their mom. 3 - no han it’s din instead bc kenobi hires a mandalorian for equal ground when vader hires boba. this is an elaborate set-up to have both twins making out with mandalorians at the same time and i want leia to be a little mean. as a treat. 
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goddamnitkastle · 4 months ago
The Ring
Happy Valentine’s Day!
So I finished my binge watch of the CW’s Nikita and well, I think we all know by now that I just love ripping off scenarios from other media and making Kastle fics. It’s my schtick and I’m gonna run it into the ground.
So here is an unconventional marriage proposal Kastle fic. Honestly this is probably how it would go anyway so it’s not like it’s beyond the realm of reality.
But first I want to give a huge thank you to my beta reader and editor, the amazing @joanofarkansass. This fic was initially, um, rough to put it nicely. But like a fairy godmother, she made it happen with incredible insight and gentle critique. I am literally indebted to you and I cannot thank you enough.
I also want to thank @evilbunnyking for reading the final draft, their awesome support, and catching every misplaced period and comma. Thank you!
And just a heads up, the canon in this is really screwy. Foggy and Karen know that Matt is Daredevil and Daredevil Season 2 is canon but basically just ignore the rest of the Daredevil/The Punisher Netflix/MCU timeline lol. Frank is a free man and clear of all charges here (yes that is unbelievable but just go along with it please and thank you). This is canon divergence borderlining on AU and slightly self indulgent and well, I don’t care ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Karen pulls up right behind the police cruiser, about a block away from the 15th Precinct. She gets out and knocks on the windshield window, making Detective Sergeant Brett Mahoney jerk his head up at her in fear for a fraction of a second.
But once he sees her he lets out an annoyed sigh and gets out. Karen crosses the front of the cruiser to get out of the street and onto the sidewalk, trying to hide her laughter from scaring Brett.
“What’s got you nervous, Mahoney?” Karen asks as he joins her and pockets his keys.
“What’s got me... oh, you know, about to watch Frank Castle walk out and be a free man. Again.”
“Nelson and Murdock won the case. Unfortunately this was not the sequel to The People vs. Frank Castle that New York City was hoping for.”
“That you were hoping for?” Mahoney cracks, raising an eyebrow at her.
“No. Well, maybe Ellison was hoping for it, but… look I’m just glad he was acquitted and that justice prevailed. It’ll be a more positive ending to write up.”
Mahoney shakes his head and starts walking toward the precinct. Karen follows and falls into his stride.
“Look, I know he didn’t kill that mobster,” Brett starts. “As crazy as that sounds, given his track record. But he gave us a hell of a time when we arrested him…”
“Do you blame him? In the span of two years, he has been charged and put on trial for murder twice,” Karen says pointedly.
“Well, you didn’t hear me say this but… the guys did a great job convincing everyone that Frank Castle was a changed man.”
“He is a changed man, Brett.”
“Believe me Karen, I know. I thought Frank Castle was scary as a man who had nothing to lose. I was wrong. Apparently I needed to deal with Frank Castle when he’s got someone he cares about…”
Now it’s Karen’s turn to jerk her head up at him.
“What did he say?” she asks.
“Nothing incriminating, your reputation is safe... I guess. But it’s all over the man’s face Karen. He really…”
“I know.”
It’s a tense silence but the look Mahoney gives Karen is more perplexed than judgmental.
“Do Nelson and Murdock know?” he asks.
“We kept it quiet for a while but when he was arrested we had to tell them. They’re… slowly coming around to it. Should only take another couple years for them to be sort of okay with us.”
“Yeah I doubt that,” Brett replies sarcastically.
Karen chuckles half heartedly in response.
He quickly sobers up again though. “Well if you’re both happy then… I am glad. You both deserve some happiness after this shit show.”
“Thank you, Brett. That’s really sweet of you.” Karen says, just barely able to hide the emotion in her voice.
“Like I said, you didn’t hear any of this from me. Alright, let’s go get him.”
Just then, the front doors of the precinct building burst open with Matt and Foggy dragging Frank away from a horde of pissed off cops.
“Shit,” Mahoney mutters. He jogs ahead toward the mob with his hands up to stop their hot pursuit.
Karen takes her .380 out of her purse and speed walks toward the commotion. She honestly hopes she’s not gonna have to use it but she’s glad to have the comforting weight of it in her hand. She catches up to Matt and Foggy as they let go of Frank. Matt tilts his head toward her, then lets out a deep sigh.
“Come on Karen, that’s not…” he says as he gestures towards her hand that’s holding her gun.
“It’s just Mahoney, Matt. They’re gonna kill him. We have to help,” Karen insists ardently.
“No, we have to get out of here,” Matt dismisses with a wave of his free hand.
“I’m with Matt on this one, Karen,” Foggy agrees. “You have no idea how lucky we got with this case. And that none of those cops tried to kill him just now.”
“Exactly, because of Brett.” She turns her attention back to Matt, who has his walking stick in a vice grip. “We can’t leave him behind.”
“The cops are just upset. They’d be stupid to try anything. He is their boss, and at the end of the day they have to follow his orders.”
“How can you be sure of that?” Karen argues.
The frustration is palpable between the three of them. Karen just then notices Frank’s silence. She turns to him and takes in his clenched jaw and that trigger finger of his tapping away against his thigh.
“Frank? Are you…”
Just then several loud shouts catch everyone’s attention. Mahoney is on the ground now and a cop has his gun drawn.
“Oh, that’s not…” Foggy gasps.
“Come on Foggy.” Matt grabs Foggy’s arm, leaving Frank and Karen alone.
“Let’s get to the car, Frank. Before this gets a lot worse…”
Frank’s expression had barely changed so when he whips his head toward her she can’t help but take a step back.
“Give me the gun,” Frank commands quickly.
“What? Why?”
“Give me the damn gun, Karen!”
He snatches it from her hands and runs back toward Mahoney and the cops.
“Where are you going?!” Karen shouts incredulously.
“To get your engagement ring!” Frank shouts back.
Karen is stunned and suddenly, the last month comes into focus for her. The jumpiness of his movements whenever she entered a room before he was arrested. His trigger finger tapping away more than usual during the trial. How his bottom lip began to tremble out of nowhere each time she kissed him.
Karen smiles as Frank bolts past Matt and Foggy. He takes on several cops at once, knocking them down like bowling pins. Karen makes her way to the boys as Foggy raises his arms in disbelief while Matt tries to pull him away.
“Unbelievable! Are you kidding me, Castle?!” Foggy yells. “Matt, can’t you do something?”
“I’m in the wrong suit, Foggy.”
“Damn it.”
“Matt is also technically blind Foggy. Do we really want to open that Pandora’s box tonight?” Karen reminds him.
“Come on, let’s get to the car. Looks like we’re gonna have to make an escape. And figure out how we can keep this quiet...” Matt muses.
“We almost got through this damn trial without issue, I swear on the Nelson name…” Foggy groans as he runs his hand over his face.
“Karen, come on,” Matt says as he passes her.
Brett is the last man standing and both men have their guns pointed at each other. Karen is about to join the standoff when Brett holds his hand out and reaches into his back pants pocket. He reveals a ring box. Frank takes it and starts running toward her.
“Go! Go! Go!” Frank hollers at her.
Karen bolts to the car, makes a beeline for the driver’s seat and slams the door shut. Frank joins her a moment later in the passenger seat, flushed pink and his hand wrapped around the ring box.
“I’m surprised you didn’t take me to Metro General. Or get us back in that service elevator at the hotel…”
Frank laughs and Karen is relieved that the last 24 hours haven’t deterred Frank.
“Seriously, what was your proposal plan?” She teases as she pokes him in the arm.
“Just... trust me Karen. Okay?”
The Williamsburg Bridge is shadowed by a deep orange sunset as they walk hand in hand. Frank suddenly stops and Karen’s stomach drops. He turns to her, tears in his eyes as he exhales a shaky breath.
Suddenly Karen can’t catch her breath, everything is about to change and she isn’t sure she is ready for it. “Frank, you don’t have to do this…”
“Yes I do. It’s tradition and I’m a traditional man. And the hell I went through to get this ring to you... I want to do this right.”
He gets down on one knee and Karen covers her mouth with her hand. Frank produces the ring box in his hand and opens it. It’s simple; a small, oval diamond on a silver band. It’s perfect.
“Karen. A long time ago now, in some diner, I told you that you had everything with a man that I thought you deserved to be with. I told you to hold onto it, use two hands, and never let go. But the truth was he didn’t deserve you. And I honestly don’t either. But I will spend whatever remaining days I have to be worthy of someone like you. I love you. Karen Page, will you marry me?”
Karen hoists Frank off the ground, holding his face in between her hands. Any doubt she was holding onto is gone now.
“You had me at ‘Give me the damn gun, Karen.’”
They both laugh as Karen holds out her left hand. Frank takes the ring out of the box, caresses her hand before sliding the ring into place. They crash into each other, their hands wrapped around each other’s necks.
“I love you too, Frank Castle,” she says when they finally break apart. She takes his hand as the darkness settles in around them. But the ring doesn’t feel like the weight of her .380. Rather it feels like it has always been there. Like home. And she’ll fight like hell to keep it that way and so will Frank. They’re in this together now.
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sandalaris · 4 months ago
send your a character impression asks: Seth and Kate if you don't have those already, and Jeff Winger and Annie Edison! ❤❤❤
Seth Gecko
First impression: I think I loved him right off the bat. He’s snarky and quick witted and those are usually the characters I like first. 
Impression now: Not much has changed. I suppose I have more of an understanding for how he handled his demons now compared to my initial reaction to his heroin use. And I definitely think he’s at his healthiest in season three. 
Favorite moment: Oh jeeze, he has so many good ones! I suppose I rather like him in Shady Glen. Just like his whole taking charge of the group and his awkwardly trying to smooth things over when he and Richie busted in guns drawn on that woman and her son. Reminded me of the convo between him and the Dew Drop Inn clerk.
Idea for a story: Nothing new, but I’ve got anther tUA-inspired AU snippet brewing that touches more on Seth’s Bad Ass Normal superpower though.
Unpopular opinion: I don’t know that it’s all that unpopular, but I’m not convinced Seth used again after season two. I’m not convinced he didn’t either, but it’s never been a personal headcanon or something that I’ve felt was a given or anything. I mostly feel that he went back to popping prescription pain pills and probably mixing them with alcohol (not smart) when he was feeling particularly shitty.
Favorite relationship: Probably him and Richie (although he and Kate are a close second.) Their relationship is pretty much the heart of the show and I don’t think I would’ve loved it nearly so much had it not been.
Favorite headcanon: It’s a tie between Seth getting a cross tattoo to represent Kate after season three, and that Seth started questioning his faith after the blood-transfusion-that-shouldn’t’ve-worked. And as a tie into the second one, that he and Kate do not have compatible blood types, something Seth learned after the fact.
Kate Fuller
First impression: That she was a typical, albeit a bit on the mature side, teenage girl, lol. At least for most of season one. I think I probably stereotyped her a bit, because I remember not realizing just how quickly Kate grew unafraid/immune to the Gecko Brothers until my first rewatch.
Impression now: She is so much a “there’s bravery in remaining soft”/”world’s nicest badass”/”do not mistake my kindness for ignorance” character. She has this quiet strength and is unwavering in who she is at her core.  
Favorite moment: Pretty much anytime Kate meets someone new and they inevitably get attached and decide to go to the ends of the earth for her (or they’re evil and decide they want to possess her *cough*Malvado,Tanner,Oculto*cough*)
Idea for a story: I’ve been wanting to write a fairytale!AU, particularly with my favorite fairytale, but it doesn’t fit SethKate all that well. Maybe I’ll just expand on that crack!ficlet I wrote...? Idk. I’ve got too many wips anyway.
Unpopular opinion: I can’t think of one I haven’t named before. I suppose with the increase in purity culture here on Tumblr the fact that I really don’t mind the age gap between Seth and Kate nor do I think it makes any difference if Kate’s underage or legally an adult would count.
Favorite relationship: In show it’s probably her and the Gecko Brothers, but in those inbetween moments I really love her and Scott.
Favorite headcanon: Currently I’m think about how I headcanon that Kate has some lingering muscle memory about swordsmanship from Amaru. Its nothing too exciting, especially since Amaru’s pre-Earth memories -and therefore her memories of learning to use a sword- are fuzzy at best, but her body practiced with one enough during those six months that it falls into place easy enough when she picks up a blade.
Jeff Winger
First impression: Like Seth, he’s that brand of snarky and quick witted that I immediately like. 
Impression now: I don’t know that it’s changed much. I love how the show let Jeff grow but also let him slip back into old habits. People don’t change overnight, and while Jeff didn’t need each lesson hammered over his head repeatedly, he did need to learn not to fall back into his default mode whenever he could.  
Favorite moment: Anytime Jeff shows genuine excitement to hang out with the study group. Like when he showed up early to the apartment for the wedding.
Idea for a story: I’ve had this idea for a while where Jeff never got caught and is an even worse version of himself than he was circa the pilot. And he somehow meets a few (maybe all?) of the study group only they don’t make him a better person so much as he manipulates them into being part of his life as he unwantingly grows attached to each of them. It’s kind of dark for a Community fic, not counting some of the darkest timeline fics, but the idea entered my head one day and has been living rent free there ever sense.
Unpopular opinion: Its mostly unpopular among Jeff/Annie shippers, but I rather like how the Jeff/Britta storyline played out. It makes sense to me that they became friends with benefits and that the sexual tension between them faded as they got to know each other on a deeper level since they were incompatible. Plus, I really like their friendship.
Favorite relationship: I really loved his and Abed’s dynamic at the beginning of the series, but for the bulk of the show it’s a tie between him and Annie (romantic) and him and Britta (platonic)
Favorite headcanon: I fully believe Jeff is demiromantic. Its why he doesn’t think romantic love is real, he so rarely experiences it and only after getting close to someone, something he actively avoids doing, and why he figured that having a friend he gets along with and is sexually attracted to is all that was needed for a romantic relationship.
Annie Edison
First impression: Mainly I just remember not liking her crush on Troy in the first season, lol. I’ve never been that into ships where one side is super obvious and kind of desperate while the other is oblivious and/or sees them as just friends. I was really proud of her when she decided to not let Troy use her grandmother’s blanket (which is coincidentally also the episode I started to ship her and Jeff, albeit mildly at the time) and their friendship later on was wonderful.
Impression now: She’s one of my favorite characters on the show, although on Community I love them all so that’s not saying much, lol. Troy says it best when he says that Annie expects everyone to be better than they are and for herself to be better than everyone.
Favorite moment: I can’t just pick one moment, grr. Fine, the first thing that popped into my head was Annie saying the line about “a C? Why don’t I just get pregnant at a gas station?!” or something like that. Just her absolute insistence that anything less than perfection in herself is some kind of a epic failure in life is just amusing to me.
Idea for a story: I don’t think I really have any off the top of my head that aren’t Community as a whole fics. I’d love to write an AU for the show someday, it lends itself to the concept so well that just about any sort of AU would do. An I still have the FDtD crossover fic that is sitting all messy in my wip folder.
Unpopular opinion: I don’t really care where they went with her character in seasons five and six (I particularly don’t like how it was played for laughs that she started taking pills again between seasons 4 and 5). Her storylines are mostly fine, but I prefer the way her character went in the seasons that came before.
Favorite relationship: I was trying to think of someone besides Jeff, but even not looking at them as a ship I really did love their dynamic throughout the show. 
Favorite headcanon: Annie’s parents where the ones who got her hooked on Adderall, telling her what to say to her doctor to get a prescription or maybe bringing home a bottle themselves, so that she could keep up her perfect grades and do all the right afterschool activities to get into an Ivy League school and make them proud. They were mostly embarrassed that Annie “couldn’t handle it” and tried to quit, saying she needed to try harder and “really, Annie, stop being so dramatic” when she OD’d.
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chaoticspacefam · 4 months ago
🖊🖊 for Ni'kasi and an oc of your choice 👀
Thanks for the ask, Pinky! apparently my brain has decided “gush” means “throw lots of random fun facts at everyone” today so here we go! Here’s your favourite tomato gal! :3
Tumblr media
-She and Saarai were always twins and I’d always intended for them to be close, and the bare-bones basic premise of how I wanted their relationship to work was “Saarai is the brawn and Kas is the brains”. While this is still true, it did evolve ever so slightly in that Saarai is now also the (more reliable) moral compass. Kas isn’t particularly Dark-sided, but she’s not Light-sided either, she’s inherited a lot more of mom’s “I will do what I have to to get a job done even if that means I have to kill a bitch” attitude XD
-When I first came up with the idea for the twins, Kas’s name was originally going to be “Jen” which is the High Sith word for “hidden, or in shadow” (”Saarai” is the High Sith word for “Truth”, for reference ;) ) ; so their names joined together would have meant “Hidden Truth”. I don’t remember where Ni’kasi came from because it isn’t an “actual” Sith word nor does it have particular meaning (though I might try to make one up, we’ll see :P), but the very first time I went to write down solid bios for them I ended up writing “Ni’kasi” instead of “Jen” for her and it’s stuck ever since then.
-Initially, Kas’s colour pallette was a lot lighter, which you can see in all of her screenshots up till now (cause I forgot to change her when I changed the design earlier this year oops :’D) and also in this art piece I ordered of her last year, here:
(art is by @/cerculor on deviantART)
Tumblr media
and the twins were very darn near close to being identical, but I decided that I actually rather liked their dad’s more purple-ish skintone earlier this year and that it was a shame neither of the twins looked a bit more like him, so I changed Kas up a bit and gave her dad’s skintone, jaw spurs and eye colour. She’s got mom’s red-tinted hair and (mostly) mom’s ridge/browstalk structure though :D
-Great with her own kids and direct blood relatives (e.g. nieces, nephews, grandchildren), but kinda iffy with other, random children. She won’t hurt them but she’s very much D’leah’s child in that respect, she’s very “Sith-y”, and liable to be abrasive, unsympathetic and so on. Generally not the sort of presence you’d want around your kids... there will definitely be tears hahahaha
-The scar on her eye was originally going to be caused by D’leah in the same fight that she gets Saarai’s nose, when Ni’kasi got between them to try and break up the scuffle, but I retconned that instead when I re-thought some stuff about that so now she gets it from the Inquisitors after they figure out who killed Ty’s dad and come after them.
-This is also how Kas ends up in the slave pens, after they kill D’leah they throw Ni’kasi into slavery (which is a bit of plot armour/oversight on the Inquisitors part, I admit but shhh XD) and figure y’know “she’s never gonna get out of there again”. A lot can happen, and be forgotten, in 60 odd years tho so eventually they do throw her back into the Academy much to Kas’s surprise.
-She has a lot more scars other than the one on her eye, just that most of them are on her back, or the back of her neck, so you generally can’t see them (I haven’t drawn a scar ref for her yet, it is also on the to-do list lol)
And we random-rolled Aria for this one, so more Tiny Sith nonsense!
Tumblr media
(art is by @/ocellifera on deviantART)
-Aria’s hairstyle and general appearance actually came about because it was based on my second-favourite “portrait” choice for the PC in KOTOR II. She wasn’t how I saw my version of the Exile looking, but I really liked the design (including the little blonde fringe streak) so I decided I wanted to do something with it! <3
-We don’t get to see it much because usually when I draw her she’s back with the Sith and fully into the “Dark side” portion of her story and therefore her eyes are amber, but here you go, a nice glimpse of Aria’s natural eye colour! As mentioned on Myla’s ask, she has heterochromia as well, though her grey is “lighter” than Myla’s as she inherited the grey from dad and the brown from mom (yes I know technically it doesn’t work like that but basically I couldn’t decide which one I liked better so instead of agonising over the choice I went “one of each, problem solved” XD)
-Aria was actually the very first SWTOR-era OC I made, very closely followed by her dad, Roan, and then Vano, then her mom when I worked on her backstory, and followed by everyone else haha. I created her for an RP on an RP site that got a couple of posts in and then died/my partner ghosted me for whatever reason (I’ve never found out nor does it matter really), I was disappointed because I really liked Aria and didn’t get to “do much” with her, so I recycled her when another RP popped up, used that to build her backstory and prompt me to start the Subterfugeverse and then threw her into the Zephyrverse AU RP with my buddy k-christine once she got back in touch and we started RPing again :D -Aria gave me the most trouble (other than maybeee Saarai) in terms of finally nailing down what her sexuality was. I had no idea what she’d be at all when I first made her, other than I knew this binch wasn’t straight hahaha. So first, I defaulted her to bi, but then that didn’t seem to fit her much (I didn’t know pansexuality was a thing at the time), then during my self-projection phase I considered leaving her as just a lesbian but she wasn’t happy with that either and eventually I figured out pan is a thing and she started jumping up and down and screaming HELLO YEAH THAT ONE!! at me. The only thing that was for sure obvious to me was that she’s demiromantic, because while she can get around and doesn’t care who with (insert “will fuck anything (humanoid) with a pulse” joke here), the romantic feelings often attached to that for other people take a long time to develop for Aria.
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theo-oface · 4 months ago
Your ocs.NOW.
My first OC who I haven’t talked about before? I invented her when I was a wee child. She was a scientist named Anna McKeen. I’ve always loved the name Anna. My favorite poem later on in adolescence (and still) is Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe. Just kinda happened that way. I haven’t drawn her yet but I’m thinking about it, she was sort of a role model I invented just for little ol’ me and never talked about her ever. She is very important to me.
Naya Archer: A whole ass queen. Warm brown skin and  a strong attitude. Naya is confident, wealthy and independent. She’s got a noble heart and takes care of her people but sometimes her confidence and self sufficiency is mistaken for arrogance, but she is anything but typical.
Daren Archer: Naya’s bro. Likes fishing and fresh lemonade. Simple dude. Hammocks are a fave and people feel comfortable around him because he’s peaceful and allows people to just be themselves without any expectations.
Unrelated, my drunk ass just added “iwhout” to my laptop’s dictionary instead of correcting it to “without” because I am, in fact, a drunk dumbass.
Sylvester: A cinnamon roll. Been thinking about him lately. He was originally born at work while hanging sales tags. Big flirt, very wholesome, long hair, kinda gay as heck. Sometimes gets mistaken for a woman because he’s pretty, but he doesn’t mind. He will literally find beauty and love in anyone. If you need a pick-me-up, Syl is your guy. He can be a little forward or pushy at times, Daren is good at reeling him in a bit. His intentions are always to make people happy and feel loved.
Max Wild: My Sidestep from Fallen Hero: Rebirth. They are my beautiful non-binary villain and while they struggle with intense feelings of self-hatred and emo-ness they also are very much attracted to their dear friend Ortega and there’s like a lot of feels okay (me avoiding spoilers). Max has tan-ish skin with black hair and grey eyes and they are beautiful but fuck me if they ever hear you say so. They....they workin through some stuff okay. But I love them with all my heart and so should you tbh. They like hanging out with Daren in my impossible headcanons. Somehow gets sucked into hanging out with Syl but he has that effect on people lmfao.
Theo Qalli: Idk if he counts but he’s my dude in a video game and I’ve kind of fallen for this idiot. He has horns and a tail and some thicc thighs thank you @lxdy-starfury​ I can’t get them out of my brain and all he wants to do is pick flowers and smash things with his giant axe and sing songs when he thinks no one is listening he is literally the most beautiful Au Ra in all the land and every time I see him I just djfisodfjwieofwj he’s so gorgeous like jesus christ it should be a crime.
NEW: My detective Van Creed. “Van” is short for their original name, Vanessa, but do not call them that. They have a braided mohawk are are absolutely gorgeous. Prefers they/them because I swear if you call them “Miss”  or “Ma’am” they will yeet you into the goddamn sun they are not a fucking princess fuck you and also fuck you for telling them otherwise they do what they want, fuck you. Definitely has a bond with Ava du Mortain but fuck me if they’d ever admit it. We’ll see where it goes. They’re a sarcastic bitch and fuck you for telling them what to do. Likes to say/think “Fuck you” a lot, maybe that’s obvious.
....Okay I think that’s all of them for now and I should really, really get some sleep it’s after 1am and typing is really, really hard LOL thank you for this ask whoever you are it was a huge blessing and I hope this response finds you well and entertained ;o;
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jardinsdeminuit · 5 months ago
Prompt: "I've never worn anything this fancy before", so could you come up with something involving Yui being forced to get very dolled up for a masquerade ball in the demon world that Karlheinz requested? When she arrives, she catch the eye of Subaru. You can take this in any direction after, but I just want to imagine Yui in a masquerade ball get up lol
This one turned out a lot longer than expected lol. I really enjoyed writing this AU and hope you like it, Anon! Nothing in this is super NSFW aside from the usual vampire content ie. biting, blood, etc.
Pairing: Subaru x Yui
Rating: M
Words: 3.3k
Please note that requests are currently closed!
Tumblr media
I've never worn anything this fancy before. I'd even go so far as to say it's too fancy. The golden, gossamer dress billows out at my hips, and the black and white corset has been tightened to its limit, pushing what little breasts I have up to my collar while leaving my shoulders and upper arms bare. Usually, I wouldn't dream of wearing anything like this in public, but tonight is different. Tonight, I'm going to be rubbing shoulders with demons, creatures from another realm whose beauty far exceeds that of humans, so it only makes sense that I allow myself to be made up to look the part.
I have a copy of the invitation on my dressing table. The letter was sent from the Demon King Karlheinz to the church where I lived, requesting an offering to send to the annual masquerade held in the Demon Realm. The word 'offering' alarmed me at first, though the priest assured me that it was merely a poor choice of words. After all, everyone else who'd attended these events in the previous years had come back safe and sound. So long I'm polite to those around me and keep my head down, there no reason why I shouldn't, either.
It still feels strange to be a part of something so grand. According to the priest, these masquerades have been held for millennia as a means of bringing together the two realms, a night of peace and unity. His parting words ring in my head: Treat it like a beautiful dream.
A knock at the door shakes me from my thoughts. At last, it's time.
“Just coming.” I look into the mirror and give my hair one last shake. Not wanting to make myself stand out, I've kept it in a simple low ponytail and slid a black rose clip above each ear. Then I take the golden mask lying on the table beside the letter and fit it to my face.
I've already met the man standing on the other side of the door. Alwin, who called himself a familiar as he led me to the dressing room, smiles and takes my black-gloved hand in his. His black hair flops over his face as he bends low for a kiss.
“You look absolutely stunning, Lady Komori.”
I thank him and pull back, wondering what kind of thoughts were going through his head in the few seconds my hand was in his. This is the Demon Realm, after all. For as long as humans have walked the Earth, there have been demons to prey on them. That's what I've been taught by the Church all my life. I suspect Alwin sees me as nothing more than prey, that if it weren't for the rules binding him tonight, he'd hurt me, or worse. Did he feel the warmth of my skin through the glove, smell the blood flowing through my veins, and imagine what it must be like to sink his teeth through the material and drink what flows forth...
I stop myself before I can let my mind wander further. I'm safe here. If I believe otherwise, I'll drive myself mad with paranoia by the end of the night.
We walk side by side down the castle corridor. Everything about it, from the deep red carpet to the iron sconces hanging from the stone walls, feels like something from a Gothic novel. A chill hangs in the air. Alwin notices me shiver and looks down at me, his amber eyes lingering on my bare shoulders.
“It's a lovely dress, Lady Komori,” he says. “I'm sure you'll make a wonderful impression.”
I thank him again, but otherwise stay quiet. Anxiety has started to build like a wave in my gut. I know I should try and strike a conversation, if only to distract myself, but my head is spinning too much for me to string words together. I reach up and reposition my mask on my face. It's the kind that sits on the nose while leaving the bottom half the the face open, which I'm grateful for: it's hard enough to breathe in a corset without something covering my mouth. as well.
When we reach the huge door at the end of the corridor, Alwin steps in front with an “Allow me” and reaches for the handle. The faint sound of violin music floats through from the other side. I hold my breath as he bends his head and pulls open the door.
The room on the other side is magnificent. My eyes are immediately drawn up to the giant chandeliers running along the ceiling, which drown the space in rich, yellow light. A balcony runs along the left and ball wall, propped up by a series of golden columns, while the right wall is one big window with panes that stretch from floor to ceiling, almost giving the illusion that we're standing in an open room.
All the opulent décor in the world, however, couldn't compare to the beauty of the people who stand before me. I can't tell for sure how many there are, though I suspect the number is well over a hundred. They stand around in small groups, talking and laughing with one another. Every one of them looks human, and yet there's something so extravagantly inhuman about them. Each outfit is perfect, every hand, neck and smile so flawless it feels as if I've been plunged into a Renaissance painting.
I turn to Alwin, but he's gone. My heart leaps as I realise I'm utterly alone among these strangers. These demons.
Treat it like a beautiful dream.
I hold my breath and take a step forward. A few nearby faces turn in my direction. Like me, they're all wearing masks of varying designs. I keep my eyes on the floor in an attempt to attract as little attention as possible, and somehow, it works. Although the glances keep coming, each only lasts a few seconds before the person turns away. It's as if they haven't realised I'm a human at all.
That is, except for one person. I catch a glimpse of him leaning against one of the columns as I make my way through the crowd. He's dressed in a suit that's varying shades of white and grey, while waves of silver hair tumble to the base of his neck. Despite the mask on his face, I can tell straight away that he's glaring at me.
I look away, but it's only a few seconds before I find my eyes drawn back to him. Everything about his pose, from the slouch to his crossed arms, suggests he'd rather be somewhere else. Yet still, he watches me intently. Furiously, even. Is it because I'm a human invading his domain?
I turn back just in time to avoid walking into a woman in a pale blue dress. My eyes widen. “I'm s-sorry.”
The woman pauses her conversation to look down at me. Her face has a mature, almost motherly look to it. “Think nothing of it, my dear.” She pauses, as if just realising something. “Oh, my. You're the human sent by the church, aren't you?”
“That's right, Madam.” I try not to let my fear leak into my voice.
“'Madam'? How delightful. Clearly, you were raised better than many of the youth in attendance here today.” The woman's eyes slip towards the silver-haired man leaning against the column, and her smile falls a little.
Glad that she's brought up the herself, I nod to the man and ask, “Who is he?”
“Him? That, my dear, is Subaru Sakamaki.”
I freeze. “Sakamaki? Then that means—”
“Yes. He's Karlheinz's son. The youngest, in fact.” The woman raises the glass of wine in her hand to her lips and and makes a noise of appreciation. “Come, enough about him. Let's go and get you a drink.”
My instincts tell me to refuse, my only exposure to alcohol in the past having been small amounts of communion wine, but before I know it, I'm standing with a glass in my hand while the woman introduces me to her friends. Sensing I'm about to be drawn into a conversation, I shoot one final glance back at the column. The silver-haired man is gone.
Subaru Sakamaki... The son of the Demon King Karlheinz. A prince, by all accounts. In which case, why was he sulking alone at the side of the room instead of being doted on by his peers? It doesn't make sense. Then again, this is the Demon Realm, and I'm surrounded by immortal creatures who would tear me apart like a pack of wild predators were it not for the occasion. I doubt it'll be the last thing that doesn't make sense tonight.
I take a sip of wine from my glass. The acrid taste spreads across my tongue, making me grimace. Not for the first time, I'm glad my mask hides the worst of my expression.
Since I don't feel like circulating the room, I keep close to the woman's side as I slowly down my drink. Luckily, she doesn't seem to mind. She even touches my shoulder once or twice while conversing with her peers,  her long, pointed nails scratching my skin a little.
By the time I finish my drink, my head feels warm. It takes me a moment to realise that, for the first in my life, I might be a little tipsy.
“Listen,” the woman says, looking down at me. I strain my ears to find what it is she's talking about. That's when I notice the music has stopped.
“What's going on?” I ask. The people in the centre of the room appear to be moving to the edges, creating an open space directly below the central chandelier.
“It's a dance, my dear,” announces the woman cheerfully. “I shouldn't worry, though. Only those with partners are expected to take part. Come, stand with me.” Without warning, she grabs my elbow and pulls me back. The world teeters a little around me.
“Aren't you going to dance?”
The woman laughs. “Oh my, no. I have two left feet and sadly lack a partner.”
I want to tell her I'm in the same boat with regards to my footwork. Living at the church has given me few opportunities to practise my dancing, and on top of that, I've always been a clumsy person. The idea of dancing properly for the first time in a room full of demons is nothing short of a nightmare.
As a slow, steady waltz begins, several couples take to the floor. I stand back, content to simply watch and let the music wash over me. The heat has begun to spread down the back of my neck, warming my skin and dulling my senses. While a part of me is alarmed at the fact I've allowed myself to get drunk in the Demon Realm and effectively lower my guard, another is confident that so long as I stay next to the woman, I'll be safe until the wine wears off.
My sense of security is shattered, however, when a hand touches my shoulder. I turn and look up to see a figure standing over me. My heart drops. It's him.
“Make I take this dance?” Subaru's voice is deep, with a sharp edge that almost makes it sound like he's growling.
I'm not sure what to say. As panic rises in me, I glance at the woman, but she's too busy staring at Subaru, a wry smile on her painted lips.
“Your Highness,” she says with a bow, sarcasm heavy in her tone. “You honour us with your presence after all this time.”
Ignoring her, Subaru hold his white gloved hand out to me. Behind his mask, I can see that his eyes are a vivid scarlet. “Well?”
I realise I have no right to refuse. Carefully, I place my hand on top of his and allow him to lead me out into the middle of the floor.
“I'm sorry, Your Highness. I haven't done this before,” I mumble.
“That's fine. Just follow my lead.”
Before he's even finished his words, Subaru's hand is on my waist. A second heat that has little to do with the alcohol flushes across my face.
“Okay, now place your hand on my shoulder.”
I don't have to look around to know that the pair of us are attracting a multitude of stares, both from those dancing and standing at the edge of the floor. Their glares burn into my back, hot as burning knives. I want to tell them that it's not my fault, that Subaru was the one to ask me to dance, not the other way around. If I had the choice, I'd be back blending in with the crowd and drawing as little attention to myself as possible.
The moment I do as he says and touch my hand to his shoulder, I find myself being whisked into a sudden spin. My dress floats about my legs, my hair whipping around in its ponytail. For a moment, I think I'm going to trip, but Subaru's hand keeps me locked in place.
“You weren't lying about being out of practice,” he mutters, though it feels like a joke more than a reprimand.
“I'm sorry,” I say again. My eyes drift to his face, and for what feels like the hundredth time tonight, my heart flutters. This time, it's not out of fear. From his pale skin and sharp nose to the slight smirk on his lips, Subaru Sakamaki is utterly breathtaking. Just being this close to him feels wrong, as if I'm little more than a dull, unpolished rock beside a gleaming diamond.
His hand tightens a little on my waist, and at once, I'm keenly aware of every point we're touching, the way his fingers spread across my corset, the grip of his other hand on my gloved wrist. His breath on my hair. What would it be like, I wonder, if he were to lean forward and kiss me?
No sooner than the thoughts enter my head do I force my eyes downward. How can I imagine such a thing? He's a demon. His beauty is a mask for the purpose of ensnaring humans. The Church has taught me as much since I was a child. The thrill of being this close to a man mixed with the alcohol circling my veins has worn down my defences. I need to stay calm if I'm going to get through this.
I fix my eyes on the grey rose attached to Subaru's breast pocket as we sway to the music. Subaru is a strong lead, guiding me back and forth in time with his movements. I try my best to match my footsteps to his. After a minute or so of concentration, I feel myself starting to pick up the rhythm, and then I'm dancing along with him, swaying and twirling as his hands dictate, like a puppet on strings.
After what feels like an eternity, the song ends to a round of applause from the audience. Subaru leans down and whispers in my ear, “Come with me.”
I don't have a chance to refuse. He takes my wrist and pulls me through the crowd, weaving between bodies, until we reach the bottom of the stairs leading up to the balcony. The he drags me up.
“Your Highness, what are you—”
A glance back from Subaru cuts my words off mid-sentence. The mask makes it hard to tell whether he's angry or not, but I don't want to risk it. I have no choice to trust him.
The balcony is empty when we reach the top. Subaru lets go of my hand, allowing me to turn and look out across the huge ballroom with its many visitors and the window beyond. I didn't notice the full moon from the floor, but now I can see it clearly, a pure white circle cut from the sky. It seems strange that even here in the Demon Realm, they have a moon. Perhaps this world isn't so different from the one I know, after all.
Subaru embraces me from behind. His hands travel from my waist up to my breasts, bound by the corset, then slide down and rest on my hips. I suppress the urge to squirm beneath his touch.
“Your Highness...” is all I can manage before he presses a kiss to my neck. I freeze, unsure of whether I should be stopping him or not. Just like the dance, everything about this feels wrong; and yet I sigh as his lips roam my skin, every touch leaving me giddy and aching for more.
“Stop,” I gasp. This isn't how a girl of the Church is supposed to behave. And yet with each passing second, I feel more and more of my body surrender to him. My knees weaken, my shoulders tremble, and at last, his name slides from my lips. “S-Subaru...”
As if waiting for a signal of my submission, Subaru spins me to face him and pushes me back. My hips meet the balcony railing with painful impact, and then he leans over me, arms wrapping around my chest, pinning me to him. I realise what's going on a second too late.
It's no use. Subaru lowers his lips to my throat and plunges his fangs in. A bolt of red-hot pain spreads through me, making me whimper. My hands fly to his head and tangle in his hair, trying to pull him off, but it's impossible. He's latched on tight.
A grunt escapes Subaru's chest as he leans in closer, bending me backwards over the railing. My head is spinning. I can barely breathe from the pain and the shock of. Something trickles down my neck, and I realise that my blood is leaking from the holes Subaru's torn in my skin. It stains the edge of my corset and drips off my shoulders to the floor below.
The moment Subaru's fangs leave my neck, I tear myself from his grasp and make a dive for the stairs, but he grabs me by the hips and drags me back. That's when I see them. The sea of eyes down on the floor, every pair of them aimed at me. I scan the room in horror. Even the woman who gave me the wine stares up, the trace of guilt in her expression mixed with amusement.
“Why is this happening?” I mumble. “The priest said... that I would be safe...”
It's hard to form words anymore. If it weren't for Subaru's hands on me, I'd probably end up tumbling over the railing. The idea almost seems preferable to being displayed up here, like a live theatre act for all the room to see.
“Didn't you know?” Subaru's voice is a whisper in my ear. “You're the offering, Yui. Because of you, the Demon and Human Realms can spend another year coexisting peacefully.”
Offering? That was what Karlheinz's letter said. Yet I was assured that I would return safely, though I'm beginning to see that it was all a lie. Why else would I agree to come here?
As the realisation dawns that I've been betrayed by my own people, I feel the last energy leave my body. There's no use fighting anymore. Even if I had somewhere to run to, a means of returning to the church, what would it accomplish? A few seconds of freedom before I'm forced back into the arms of these monsters as a gesture of peace?
The sound of something rustling by my ear makes me look back. Subaru's taken off his mask, and for the first time, I catch a glimpse of his full face. His scarlet eyes linger on mine. There's a hint of pain inside them, a silent apology for what he's done and is about to do once more.
He's stunning. A white angel of death.
I may not give myself to him willingly, but I don't resist as he lowers his lips to my neck again. I gasp. My vision clouds black around the edges.
At last, I feel beautiful.
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