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#I have no time to do like anything
androidemotions · 3 hours ago
god not to like talk about being white trash or whatever but literally thinking about how its like my aunt and uncles philosophy seems to be like maybe if we put on enough of a show we'll stop struggling for money
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xionsroxas · 8 hours ago
i wish i wasnt so obsessed w my weight
#talks#i will never forgive my father for giving me such horrible body image issues (outside of the dysphoria i already have being trans)#its really. disgusting how much family members think they can just say anything and it not be a problem ever#my body issues started when i overheard my father on the phone with someone say in a disappointed tone that id become fat#and i remember i was eating at the time and then i suddenly. didnt want to eat at all anymore.#ive unlearned by now that fat =/= ugly but not for like. myself#(aint that always the case)#on 1 hand im glad ive started finally sticking to my workout routine this year#bc working out is good for u! so im taking care of myself!#but on the other hand. i hate that i started working out specifically bc i wanted to lose a Lot of weight#and everytime i see the number go up on the scale instead of down i want to do harmful things#like try harmful diets/shady weight loss pills/ect ect#i like. daydream abt what it would be like if i was just skinny and i wish i didnt#i wish this wasnt such a huge issue for me#but it is!! and i hate how not just my father but my WHOLE family has contributed to it#whenever i showed care in my appearance id be made fun of#and i ended up not taking care of myself for a very long time#which contributed to me looking worse (imo. just like for myself)#and now here i am! trying to take care of myself but also trying to come to terms with who i am and what i look like#sometimes i come close to it where i think yeah! this is great i look good!#and then theres other times where im like. wow. i need to puke and never eat again. i want a tapeworm in my stomach. i want to get surgery.#and its!! so. depressing. anyways ignore this i just needed to write this down somewhere#im ok. im fine im doing my daily run. im not overly upset with myself rn im just upset by the circumstances everytime i think abt it#but hey! its ok. im taking care of myself. thats the main thing rn. im exercising and i feel great. my endurance has strengthened#to end on a lighter note im proud of myself!#ive always loved running but when i was 7 i developed asthma and so i couldnt run as much anymore#but ive been buidling up my endurance by running (nearly) everyday#and now i can run up to 5 minutes straight without wheezing :) thats great! i never thought id make it back to that <3#weight mention /#disordered eating mention /
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kuiinncedes · 12 hours ago
Lol I wasn’t gonna download tumblr mobile again on this like 10 hour drive but I did it with like 3 hours left 😂 and some of which I might have to drive lmao
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biexboyfriend · 14 hours ago
this is probably a stretch but sometimes i think the whole “bisexuals must have a preference” thing came about bc people are so convinced that we are just straight which is especially targeted at bi women. so like they think bi women are designated to end up with men so they don’t like all genders equally (hence a preference)
i dont think thats a stretch at all i think thats definitely part of it. 'bisexuals have a preference' has been a stereotype for a long time and it definitely comes from ppl thinking bisexuals aren't really bi and are actually just straight / gay and in denial. its something bisexuals have had to work hard to make it clear that not all bisexuals have a preference and vice versa that its not true that to be truly bisexual you cant have a preference ( see the bi manifesto ). its interesting that pansexuality came along and made it so its now, bisexuals always have a preference and therefore are actually just straight / gay and in denial or if they don't have a preference they're actually pan. to me that seems a lot like a new fun form of bisexual erasure, seeing that by this logic bisexuals once again dont really exist / are just confused straights/gays/pansexuals.
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escarlatafox · 15 hours ago
Did Frozen 2 make you hate Frozen in general any more or less? Did it at least sorta solve some of Frozen 1's problems(at least now we know where Elsa's powers come from)? Sorry to bother you on a subject that you abhor so much.
imagine thinking I watched Frozen 2
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