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#I have lost a lot of motivation for drawing :
xryn-art · 7 months ago
hey xyrn you haven't posted in awhile, you doing okay?
Um...kinda? It's a long story.
I won't go into it too much here, but I've been dealing with some heavy personal stuff irl lately and needed to take a step back from art/fandom stuff to deal with everything.
The situation is ongoing (and probably will be for the foreseeable future) but I'm in a much better headspace now and am slowly finding the motivation to get back into art stuff. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things over the next week or so :)
Thanks to everyone for being patient with me during this impromptu hiatus! <3
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ask-thedominatrix · 8 months ago
just a heads up, i will still be finishing up gala asks and things for the next week or so, since i've been so out of it lately and missed out.
i regret not being able to do everything with everyone that i wanted and while i'm upset about that, it's out of my control so i'm just going to enjoy the little things everyone's given me.
thank you for following and giving my girls the attention and support 💋
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supercalifragilisticshit · 8 months ago
i am too, honestly. she acted like she didn't care but now she does, and it just... feels like a mess tbh. she always lords it over me. and since the roommate is gonna be a guy friend, she obv doesn't like it. she said she wasn't gonna sign the lease til i gave her a key and im like 🙄 greeeat thanks
...but... yeah. it's weird. barely got sleep bc of Snow, she kept waking me up. grandma is throwing a shitfit over everything i do essentially, bc it's gotta be her way or nothing. mm. i keep in touch with some, but with moving, mom and him are basically avoiding me now after what happened last week. we talk through text. no i love you's or anything, it hurts like hell after... everything i've tried to do, tried to be for her. tried to help. she doesn't want it. outside of the guy friend right now, being a fairly constant conversationalist, i... haven't really talked to anyone else. it's so sparse. last night, putting together the bunk bed after i dropped him back off where he was staying, i sat in my car and felt nauseated dread in the pit of my stomach ... my fear of abandonment is so strong that i feel i push people away inadvertently just to make myself prepared for it. i feel like an inconvenience bc of my mom. im at work rn sitting here about to cry bc i hate everything going on. it hurts so fucking much. im sorry you feel you're alone too. being alone with myself feels like the ultimate punishment... and i def feel that
...i know. it's gonna feel like there... isn't a normal after what once was. i feel veeery selfish bc i... really do want to reach out directly. i miss all of our talks and hanging out. you're still one of my best friends at heart. i just... don't want to hurt you more than i have. and i feel like that's what would happen. or... rather is happening, bc of... all of the indirect conversation. im sorry if even this hurts
im glad that's happening, i've wanted you out of there for a long time. hopefully since it's with your mom finally leaving, she'll really change for the better. i want you guys safe in the end, i want you in a place where it doesn't feel you're watching every word you say and what you do. i hope the application goes well for you
and good. do it. don't get roped into it bc that's what she wants. you essentially know what to do, you lived in a dorm before. an apartment is about the same, just a bit more responsibility. i think you'd be good if you did end up having to leave on your own after all. i know you got it in you
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sleepygaymerdisease · 9 months ago
ive been thinking. maybe i prioritize drawing stuff a bit too much
#it’s something i do to feel productive but i should be doing a lot of other stuff rn idk 🤔#at the very least im trying to fix my sleep schedule. and ive been trying to apply to 2 jobs a day. but like huh! i felt really productive#today even though i didnt draw and i think i need to reframe what productivity means in my head. because its a pretty capitalist notion#i dont mean to say that my hobbies are meaningless or stupid or anything like that to be clear. its just that like i used to draw a lot#during classes and stuff to tell myself i was being productive? and relying on that as like. proof that im a smart person or whatever. so im#criticizing my attitude towards art. because in the long term i think defining myself by my hobbies has been a bad idea. i dont have to#prove myself to others. i should be taking care of myself first.#not to keep oversharing but i think ive been depressed for a While and like. idk i should really put more time in talking to ppl? checking#up on friends and family. i want to help people and i think ive thought of that as some faraway goal when i can do that right now. and i#think when i help others i can start to help myself. ill try to wake up early tomorrow again and clean around the house. that usually makes#me kind of angry but i think that i should start scheduling my days again. it really helped me in the dorms to have a checklist of stuff#even though i wouldnt always get the stuff done. and i think that i should start like. planning an entire week instead of going day by day.#give myself some more longterm goals. for example ive been worried about art supplies but i told myself today that i should wait to buy more#until i get a job. and i have some phonecalls to do and i want to cook things and idk. is it dumb to say ive felt a little lost? a lot has#been going on irl and i know i say that all the time but i mean particularly right now.#and i feel like my brain’s been foggy because of it but actually doing stuff today made me feel a lot better.#i still have a lot of stuff to do but i think i can get rid of that anxious overwhelmed depressed feeling one day at a time. at the very#least ill try to clean my room tomorrow. i know that probably sounds like a small thing but like i said a lot of things have felt like too#much. and now i have some motivation. anyway back to drawing. i do have some stuff i plan on drawing of course but i think i should be more#lax instead of treating every drawing like a little project? and that i should give myself the time and the space for irl traditional stuff.#that probably sounds contradictory but i mean like. getting rid of physical clutter (my desk needs to be cleaned off) and mental clutter#(fretting over specific papers/art supplies and costs etc etc.) i also think that ive been purposely a little secretive about what i draw#(not showing wips or telling ppl its contents before i finish) and thats kind of stupid because the anticipation/surprise factor shouldnt#be too big of a deal? for jokes its important sure but i mainly mean like. personal stuff like ocs and things i put more work/time into. i#shouldnt hide it ‘until its ready’ because itll make me anxious. ‘what if they wouldnt like it’ ‘what if its boring’ ‘what if its cringe’#who fucking cares anymore. its not.. my problem??? i should be enjoying myself????#oh yeah the original point of this post is actually that i wanted to list the stuff that i want to do but i was also thinkin a lot. so uh#thanks for getting this far. not sure if theres a tag limit actually. anyway. things 2 draw eventually: alisa gave me epic yugioh stickers#and i like the colors so i was thinkin about redrawin/using the color pallets. i keep thinkin about making a game and i want to make mockup#sprites OR focus on locations! :0 i really want to draw little rpg shops u know with someone at the desk and theres all those cool items :)
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brockymcginn · a year ago
lov to b struck w the sudden energy n motivation to draw somethin only for all of my drawing materials to b @ my other apt 4 hrs away AND for Illustrator to refuse to load on my comp :-)
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aizawa-needs-coffee · 2 days ago
Hiii could I please get a mha matchup? Preferably with a male pls. Pronouns she/her. I am 5’4, an ambivert and a Latina. I have pale skin, mid-length brown wavy hair with bangs, and hazel eyes. I am described as someone who comes off as cold or aloof when I’m around people I don’t know. After getting to know me, I am the complete opposite. I’m just a bit shy at first lol. My friends have told me that I give good advice but like to joke about my stubbornness. I like to make people laugh and try to make the best of any situation. However I have a hard time expressing my emotions. I’m also described as easy going and fun to be around. I love animals especially dogs. I am a hip hop dancer and love to perform. Enjoy reading and playing video games. I love music especially hip hop, rap, & reggaeton. I also love to write music/poetry. I never show anybody though since I’m really shy about it. I really like drawing and painting. I can be playful and love to tease my friends. I also really like to eat and travel. I am a bit of a homebody but I enjoy hiking. I really enjoy having deep conversations. I can’t stand people who bully others and people who are fake. I like to be honest and helpful in any way I can. My style is usually anything comfy/casual and I don’t really like wearing skirts or dresses. I speak English and Spanish (learning Japanese & Portuguese). I would love to learn ASL one day as well. I enjoy watching crime investigations. I don’t really any fears, just not being able to accomplish my goals/dreams. I tend to daydream a lot and I’m also a big procrastinator 😭. I would say my love languages are words of affirmation and physical touch. I’m usually really cold towards the person I like lol. I tend to be a bit jealous/possessive in a relationship, not in an unhealthy way though. Just wouldn’t match with someone who is very flirty with other people lol. What I look for in a partner is someone that is selfless, mature and has depth to them. Also if they are really accepting because I’ve never had that growing up. Thank you so much!! 💘💘💘
Sorry this one took me a hot second to finish up. I had THE PERFECT match for you but they were a girl so my second choice is..
I match you with Hizashi
Tumblr media
Cold and aloof? Stubborn to boot? Present Mic excels at getting past those sorts of barriers with his exuberant personality. He’d be so excited to help you learn Japanese, he’s very good at teaching others difficult languages. The fact he looks punk rock does not mean he doesn’t have a wide range or tastes so you could both basically jam out to anything and everything while spending time together. Hizashi would help you with your procrastination, he’s a very positive and motivational person. You wanted someone that was mature and had a lot of depth well he might come across as a goof ball and you’ll have a lot of fun joking around with him but he’s very mature and down to earth when he needs to be and he’s an incredibly intelligent man, the two of you could get lost in conversation for hours.
“Your accent is a little off, but you are definitely improving” Hizashi nodded as you retried the sentence.
You sighed and closed the textbook, slipping it into your bag before the cashier came over with your order. He grabbed the bags of take-out food and you both headed back to the hotel, a weekend getaway together, one of those rare times his schedule wasn’t an over booked mess.
“Hey, don’t frown babydoll! It’s not easy and you are doing SO well!” He offered you one of his wide grins and you couldn’t help but feel better about it, he was always so patient and such a good teacher.
The two of you got into the elevator together and he happily chatted your ear off about an up coming gig he was excited about, knowing it wasn’t your scene but inviting you anyway, he respected your difference in music taste but never wanted you to feel left out. You opened the door and he walked to table set up by the window.
“So yeah, the plan is tonight we chill, stuff our faces on all this grub, watch some lame TV and tomorrow we’ve got the zoo and that museum of dance you wanted to see… Man I am pumped” He blinked at you when you laughed at his enthusiasm.
“Whaaat?” he joined in with your amusement, walking over toy our side as you started to open bags and place down boxes of food.
“Sometimes you’re like a puppy” You felt his arms around your waist, and you turned to face him, hands on his shoulders as he leaned down to rub his nose against yours.
“Yeah, maybe so but aren’t dogs your favorite?”
“You are my favorite.” You smiled softly at him before he laughed at that, you raised an eyebrow at his amusement. “Man, so corny, I love it” You wriggled out his arms at that and rolled your eyes, still with a smile, the playfulness and teasing gentle and good natured.
“Coming from a man who gives people the ‘finger guns’ on a day-to-day basis? I’m hurt” His only response was to wink at you as he sat down in front of his own food.
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thankuary · 5 days ago
hey it's shrimp. 🍤
personality: i am introverted and i really like my alone time, however, i lowkey love the relationship of being with someone annoying and funny. i like being able to laugh, i have a huge sweet tooth, i have plenty of hobbies that consist of painting, drawing, journaling, etc. i don't talk a lot in general but if i really, really like the person then i will engage in more conversation. she/her are my pronouns. :)
stress: i think i can handle the stress to a certain extent but would need guidance or motivation when some situations get too rough. overall, i think i am capable of overcoming a lot of the stress as long as the people i love aren't hurt.
jjk characters: gojo satoru is my favorite and my least favorite is mahito.
appearance: 5'5", young adult in her early 20's, dark brown hair, lightly tanned skin, brown eyes, and a bright smile. :)
oh shit it's shrimp 😲😲😲 homie, how are you????
"This one!" A noble with snow-white hair, pointed ears, and ocean blue eyes pointed at you, causing you to flinch in fright.
Someone who you assume was his advisor tilted his head at you, observing you and your tattered art supplies with furrowed brows. "Are you sure about that, Satoru? She's a peasant."
"When have I ever been unsure? Just take her and buy all her pieces!" The noble turns around with a flourish, his deep purple cape fluttering behind him. The advisor glances at Satoru once more before gently coaxing you towards him.
A few more people started gathering all your stuff and loading it into the cart attached to the fancy carriage, where the noble disappears into. You were ushered into the carriage and immediately draped with a fluffy blanket.
A maid, you assume, rushes by with a fresh bag of pastries that Gojo snags from her hands. You stare at the croissant in his hands, mouth drooling and stomach churning. The moment Satoru handed you a macaroon changed your life.
From that day forth, you spent your life in Satoru's estate as his personal artist. You were able to buy the things you've always wanted and go to places you've wanted to see.
Satoru even taught you how to read and write, but that didn't last very long. His advisor wouldn't let him after Satoru taught you how to write "penis" in block letters, how to make it all fancy, and told you that was what your commissioner at the time wanted.
You'd spend hours (HOURS) painting him as he poses in the garden he proudly cultivated. And each time you tell him that he doesn't need to pay you that much, he'll double it. You may or may not have exploited that and you're not sure if he's noticed.
Sometimes Satoru would burst into your studio while you're just chilling. You'd get angry at him if he wasn't carrying new food for you to try out.
Only sometimes because he's gone most of the day, if you're not painting him. You're not quite sure where he goes and, at this point, you're willing to admit that you're kind of worried. He comes back to his estate late at night, which gives you time to paint him little things to leave at his door.
You've never been into his room, but you've seen one of your paintings hung up on his wall. Satoru's advisor tells you he keeps most of them in a special place, which you hoped wasn't the trash.
Spoilers, it wasn't in the trash. You have no idea how you got to the place and you even had to call Satoru to come get you because you were lost, but he kept them in what he said was originally an extension of his library.
It was huge. Like... HUGE huge, and it was filled with all the paintings you've done from the day he took you in.
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snowie-dap · 7 days ago
Would you guys be alright with me writing the rest of down to earth? I feel bad I've lost motivation in drawing the comic, but I still have lots for writing the story itself.
I'll most likely put an image or two, or three
Or four
Before and in between writings, but the first two pages will still remain!
Tumblr media
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I'm sorry to say, but in light of recent events, I have lost a lot of my motivation for writing and drawing. A bunch of things have happened and I can just barely get out of bed so I am going to try to push out the 2 story requests that I've gotten already but after that requests will be closed until further notice. I'm really sorry, I'll try to get out of this slp soon. Thank you, dearies.
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ask-hws-kingsland · 7 days ago
So it's The Scandinavian royal twins Birthday/national day.
I may have lost motivation to complete the mermay drawings but I got 8/11 done and I'm at least happy about that, and Luckily I got Denmarks Mer done already so we can have him on his birthday.
Tumblr media
Sorry for my chicken scratch I tried my hardest to be neat.
Now Fact's about the twins(mostly facts about her):
Being that Astrid and Mikkel(Denmark) are twin and the fact that Mikkel clams himself to be the King of Scandinavia, Astrid was the queen. This makes Luka the heir to the queen throne if Mikkel ever decides to swear her in.
Astrid's physical growth was like Russian roulette with growth spurts. She would grow some and then be stunted for a few decades.
When Astrid meet Gilbert(Prussia) he was still that of a child in physical age while she was just beginning her preteen years.
By the time Astrid and Gilbert got married and had Luka, Astrid was 5'2"(157.48cm) and Gilbert was 5'5"(165.09cm). She looked 15 while he looked 16.
If Astrid was still alive she would be full grown and an adult. She would be the shortest of the Nordic's in full height at 5'5"(165.09cm).
Astrid's hair has the same anti-gravity thing that Mikkel's and Luka's hair have, except since her hair is longer it gets tangled so she opts to keep it in multiple braids.
Her personality is a contrast to Mikkel's playful, carefree, humorous nature. She was a bit more serious, stern, and strict since she was the oldest... though since they are twins she also happens to be just as playful, carefree, and humorous as he is.
Berwald(Sweden) inherited her sternness.
Astrid and Tino(Finland) were best friends which is why he try's his best to take care of Luka and as such has adopted her as one of his own children. His other's being Peter(Sealand) and Hugo(Ladonia).
Other then Mikkel, she was closest to Lukas(Norway).
When Emil(Iceland) was first found Astrid knew that he was her little brother.
Other then Lukas, Emil latched on to Astrid and not only looked up to her as his big sister but as his mother figure as well.
Much like Luka protecting him since they're country's are closest, Astrid visited him more then Mikkel and Lukas.
Emil was the reason that Astrid wanted to have Luka in the first place.
Astrid does sometimes ghost's around Luka but she is the only ghost Luka can't see.
Astrid has Suplexed Rome for commenting on how he thinks Luka looks sexy and that if he was still alive he would have tried to bed her.
Astrid has also beat Rome up for flirting with Luka when her and Romano shared a bed together a few times during the world wars.
She has been hit on by Rome, this resulted in papa Scandinavia promptly beating him up.
Astrid and Germania have a good relationship with each other despite never have meeting when they were alive.
Astrid thinks Luka is cute no matter what and loves it when Luka's hair fluffs up.
Astrid thinks Luka looks a lot like Gilbert while Gilbert and the Nordic's think Luka looks like Astrid.
Astrid is as stubborn as Luka is, she is the one Luka inherited it from.
Even though he is sad that Astrid is gone and that they can't celebrate there birthday together, Mikkel is still glad that there is a piece of her left behind. That piece is Luka and her visiting him to celebrate his birthday every year is like receiving a gift from his sister every year.
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thosevesuvianthots · 8 days ago
Now, now,
A star is too grand. A starfish will perfectly do.
🎵 now I know you're not the only starfish in the sea-
Blimey! I absolutely unforgivably forgot to express my adoration for your singing classes and for the love of jazz. It's hard to suppress my inner Julian demanding a duo.
I used to take musical classes as well - long ago, as a child. At first it was a private teacher, who taught me some of Robertino Loretti's repertoire (forewarning your questions, I can sing in Italian but not speak it - like a parrot), as well as some French tunes. Most of it I still remember by heart - and under her protective wings I sang on a concert for the first time as a 6 year old terrified yet proud little demon. I believe it was "Torna A Surriento" I performed then. After my father passed away, I went to a musical school, from which I escaped twice. I was - now, don't laugh too hard - scared, no, crept out, no, I was screaming blue murder in my mind and afraid to move an inch in front of my piano teacher. She was strict, brilliant, wore oversized round glasses (it makes it funnier because now I do too) and had those skeletal ice cold hands. I still remember the flowers she liked. I would draw her pictures of them as an apology and then escape through the window.
Every now and then I used to, er, give concerts, singing mostly in English, Polish and sometimes Latin or Russian in tiny towns and churches (back then I still had a usable soprano) - never aspiring to become famous, just for the money. And, of course... for the thrilling silence after a song ends, and you stand there, trembling and out of breath, in the dizzying silence before the ovations come. It makes you drunk, doesn't it?
This said, I bow and take my hat off to celebrate your enthusiasm and continuous motivation. I ended up being a self-taught enjoyer rather than a professional with a formal education. I lost the chance to earn my living as an opera singer, but ah! I can always sing in the car!
As for the music tastes, please share yours in response, will you? Mine are, least to say, an assortment as perverted as me. Mostly comprising of opera, talented nonames, 50&60's, including some of the 20's as well as rock, my music library depends on my mental state. Unfortunately, for the last year or so, I am only able to listen to lightweight music (mostly rock'n'roll or old loved bands), for emotional involving is, for the time being, too dangerous. It hurts a lot, because music has always been my air to breath, my water to drink, my essence to exist in, and whatever I wrote I always did in a trance state caused by a melodic piece of particular inspirational power. I will risk sharing a Spotify playlist which accompanied my last Sheriarty work - both for me during creation and for my readers during... consumption. Here it is:
As a teen, I was in love with The Rasmus. Mind you, I still am.
Reminiscent, 🧬
Oh, my sweet anon! No epithet is too grand for you. You are a star, literally and figuratively, so you should but accept it. I'll tell you more - I'll start putting it in the hashtags!
Another jazz lover! Mind you, I'm very new on the scene, and have no idea whatsoever what an appropriate jazz repertoire is. But I look forward to my learning. And a duo! You do make me dream.
What a coincidence! Back when I was studying for the conservatory (in which I did get, but didn't follow through due to me moving to another city), I was a soprano in my music school's choir. Alas, I was just an insufferable 13-year-old with no technique, and am discovering just 5 years later the powers and true timbre of my voice. But it's never too late to learn!
I completely understand your terror in front of the piano; I never jumped out of the window, but ever since I started playing (and even earlier, at 8 years old, with the clarinet) I never once practiced - and got my weekly scolding. Well, I know music and piano chords well enough to write my own songs. I only have one original piece, but I look forward to writing more.
Now, anon, after the coffee you promised me, you'll have to grant my wish and perform for me - and our dear lianon, because I can't imagine meeting you without meeting them as well - maybe even duet! I do agree, the applause and the cheering and then the blissful silence as you walk off the stage are intoxicating, and I've been addicted to the feeling of praise since I started doing ballet (which I did for 10 years, along with 3 years of contemporary and modern dance). Music is embedded in my whole being. And I shall sing in the car with my favourite opera singer now!
Ah, yes, music taste - I will listen to anything, as long as I like it. My playlists are of minimum 4 hours of duration and go up to days, if we count the youtube ones as well. Pop is the first genre I ever listened to, and it is very easy for me to sing, so I indulge in it very often. My heart lies with rock, hard rock and metal - and in general, everything with bass and electric guitar makes my knees go weak. Kpop is also a big passion for me, but I stopped stanning after one year or so - I love the music, but the fandom is overwhelming (both negatively and positively). Ambient music and fantasy-sounding tunes are my to-go choice to write, and I love listening to jazz and lo-fi versions of game soundtracks (like Genshin Impact and Legend of Zelda) while studying.
I am unable to listen to music without daydreaming specific scenes to it - some songs are meant to be soundtracks to my imaginary stories, some performances, some just tunes to find inspiration from.
Can't wait to listen to your playlist! Unfortunately, most of mine are on Apple Music; but if you want some good titles, don't hesitate to ask! Never heard of The Rasmus, but you mentioned it, so now I'll definitely check them out.
Every day more intrigued with you, Me <3
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chasingpj · 9 days ago
pairing: leo valdez x gn reader
requested: yes
summary: how leo comforts you when you're feeling down
warnings: implied nudity, depressive tendencies, discusses food and eating and nothing else, i think
category: headcanons, fluff
Tumblr media
when you fall into a bad place mentally, leo always makes sure he's there for you
in my last headcanon that i posted for him, i said that he's really observant and I think that this helps a lot
because he can see the signs of an episode before you get there
he'll notice you might start to falter away from your daily routine
he'll notice if you're messier than usual and losing the motivation to tidy up your bedroom or to have a full meal
he'll notice you'll be less inclined to go out and do things you enjoy as well
usually, before you get to your lowest point, he tries to distract you with an outing to try and lift your mood but often times it doesn't work
when all you want to do is be cooped up in your dark bedroom, he doesn't try to be overly optimistic or push you to get out of bed
he never gets annoyed at you for it because it happens to him too
and when you get like this, he usually asks himself how he would want to be treated if he was having an episode
he'll ask you want you to need and how he can help
if you tell him to, he'll give you space to be alone or he'll lay with you, hold you close to him and let you know that he's there for you
you bask in his warmth, leo being a source of comfort in the fog of your depression
it makes him so sad when you vent to him about things that have happened to you in the past that hurt you
when you cry, it breaks his heart
his grip around you will tighten and he'll soothe you by making you understand that your feelings are validated
he never fails to comfort you with his words
he'll make your comfort food and make sure you're eating throughout the day
he'll offer to watch your comfort movie or show together even if he's seen it many times before
after you've calmed down a little, he'll offer to draw you a bath
if you allow him, he'll join you
the baths are usually quiet especially if you aren't in the mood to talk
you'll feel scattered kisses along your neck and shoulders, the feeling making your muscles relax
you'll close your eyes and lean your head back against his shoulder
sometimes he'll whisper sweet nothings into your ear, telling you how much you mean to him and how beautiful you are
other times, he'll bury his face into your neck, silent, and content in your presence
your naps with him are heavenly
the warm sheets, his natural scent, the sound of his heartbeat along with the gentle rise and fall of his chest lull you to sleep without a problem
even if leo isn't very tired, he'll eventually doze off in the nest of blankets you guys rest in
if he remains awake, he'll leave soft kisses on your cheeks, admire your pretty face and be satisfied that at least for now you're at peace in your sleeping state
he'll play with your hair or make little circles all over your tummy or lower back
when you've let everything out, he'll find ways to cheer you up
he somehow always has a funny story to tell you
he's a pretty good storyteller if you excuse the number of times he'll go off-topic
you sometimes have to bring him back to his original point but you don't mind, you find it to be really cute
he'll get really excited to tell you a story and there are times where he can't tell it to you properly because he's laughing so hard
his laugh is so contagious that even if he hasn't told you the funny part yet, you can't help but laugh with him
he'll show you funny videos that he hasn't had the chance to show you yet
sometimes you just want to hear his voice and you'll let him talk for as long as he wants about something he's working on
you love the way his face lights up at the mention of one of his projects
he's so smart and passionate about what he does and it's like really hot
he'll run into his office and bring out the blueprints to show you
even if you get lost with all the unfamiliar terminology, you'll still listen attentively
it makes you happy to just see him happy
his other ways of cheering you up involve banter and just being his usual silly self
overall, he just knows how to brighten your mood even if he's not actively trying to
his timing for when to comfort you and for when to cheer you up is always on point
and you know how lucky you are to have someone who understands you as well as leo does
taglist: @nct127bee @minamisulemisa @yanfeisluvr @cartocns @Slytherclaw-kitten @idk-bye-no @percysbluehairbrush @Hermioneswifeee @quteez @drayshadow @ashookykooky @anything-forourmoony @loverstyless @natasharomanoffstan
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mi5018mariamurawska · 10 days ago
In this project, I learned about motion tracking and compositing. I have done compositing previously, in college, though this was mostly focused on rotoscoping and compositing photos. This also involved researching Game of Thrones, and Kung Fury for its compositing aspects. I improved my After Effects skills, both in terms of tracking skills, general editing, and sound design. I also improved my animation skills, and compositing objects into scenes.
I enjoyed this project because I found my animation very fun to create. I liked the theme I chose which motivated me to work on it. I also found compositing interesting to learn about – I can now add animation to tracked shots which I’d never done before this project. This opens up opportunities for the future: I can track recorded footage, or 3D scenes, and add animated elements or even just text to them.
For my final piece I took inspiration from my FMP from college, called “Lost”, as well as from my local area. For the most part, I had concepts for what I would animate while I was recording my shots, but I made a few storyboards or poses that I would draw directly onto the video to test what would look good. For example, I changed the fallen tree scene from "Gnomie jumping from tree to tree" to "Gnomie balancing on one of the branches" as I thought it was more interesting. At the time, I also had the stair scene in mind which would've involved jumping, which I ended up cutting later.
I like my final piece as I feel it is fun and has a range of concepts and locations. I like the movements I animated. I do have a few critiques that I would change if I were to redo it: overall, I would have fewer shots but make them longer, as I feel some of the scenes feel quite quick. I didn’t realise how fast 6 seconds go by as it seems a lot longer when actually animating in Photoshop.
Another thing is that I would manually add a shadow under the character in some scenes, such as the first and last scenes.
Although I think the music works fine, next time I would like to do foley to make it more atmospheric and emphasise movements. This way, I could also foreshadow the appearance of the bird at the end.
Finally, with the paper boat scene, I would re-record the footage to be closer to the water since the character ended up being very small in that scene and I didn’t realise until halfway through animation because I was working zoomed into the canvas.
One of the problems I had was issues with the framerate. Since I was animating in Photoshop, and at 25fps (frame delay set to 0.04), the Frame Timeline would play at a different rate than the actual exported video – it would play much slower so the exported video would be much too fast. To rectify this, I had to animate on 3s and sometimes 4s to make movements seem normal in the exported version.
Another problem I had was with my recordings, and how wind either made the tripod shake, or distorted the footage so a lot of my footage was unusable. Another issue was the autofocus changing too many times and, again, making the footage unusable. So, I had to use clips that stayed consistently in focus, or cut them down a bit.
Overall, I quite enjoyed this project a lot, and now that I have finished my final animation, I do want to continue experimenting with compositing and animating characters in shots where the camera is moving as this was a lot easier than I had anticipated. I am quite proud of my final piece, while recognising it has things that I would fix if I were to re-do it.
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