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#I have a seedot from her!
cyberun1c0rn · 3 months ago
Azealia Banks (DARK)
Azealia Banks! (DARK)Azealia was a little “Game-Boy” player. One day she got abducted into her own game. She decided she would become the ultimate Pokemon player! And Then Professor Chaos decided to let her pick her first pokemon. She had a choice between a piranha, a seed, or a dinosaur. She chose the dinosaur; Lavitar. Seedot and Carvanha were returned to the other players… She lived in New York City but somehow, she walked outside and It was 100 degrees; it was Arizona. It was hot. She was instantly sweating. She didn’t know how this was happening. She walked through the desert cacti and one of started moving. She started a battle with a moving cactus; it was Cacnea! The pokedex entry stated: “CACNEA lives in arid locations such as deserts. It releases a strong aroma from its flower to attract prey. When prey comes near, this POKéMON shoots sharp thorns from its body to bring the victim down.” Azealia was so scared that she was going to get pricked by this moving cactus. She chose her lavitar to battle against it… The cactus started off and used Sunny-Day first to make it even hotter. Azealia was confused why it wasted its turn? So she commanded her Lavitar to use Rock-Throw again. The cactus lost 50 more HP. The cactus decided to use Solar-Beam! Now Azealia saw why it wasted its turn! It look out 120HP and the pressure of the beam caused Lavitar to turn into a Pupitar! Azealia was so shocked that her cute little dino evolved! Lavitar continued to use Rock-Throw! The cactus avoided the attack. Now the cactus decided to use Pin-Missle! Azealia was scared shit-less. The cactus exploded needles everywhere.. However, her pupitar was built like a steel shield and he protected her from all the pin missles. Azealia couldn’t believe that she avoided the attack. Cacnea couldn’t grow back needles and could only use that move once. She was so thankful that she didn’t get hurt. Her pupitar used Rock-Throw one last time… Finally the Cacnea was ready to be caught. She threw a Luxury-Ball at the Cacnea!...1…2…3… success! She now had a cactus on her team… Suddenly a road-runned ran past her… “Meep Meep” said the roadrunner; it was running away from a coyote. She was curious as why this roadrunner was red; It was a Galarian Moltres! Azealia thought it was a new pokemon that she could have on her team. The roadrunner let her ride it. The coyote was trying to eat the roadrunner. However, the roadrunner ran all the way around the Grand-Canyon. The cayote was far too slow. The coyote tried to make a trap using a cactus as a sling shot and “Free Bird Feed”. However road runner showed up behind him and said “Meep Meep.” It triggered coyote to get flung him. And the Galarian Moltres got free feed out of it. Azealia couldn’t stop laughing! Now the roadrunner and Azealia became best friends. She decided to catch it with a Luxury-Ball. It was docile and allowed her to catch him…1..2..3…Success.The next moment she was swimming. She was in the movie finding nemo! She didn’t know how this was possible. She was enjoying herself in the water and was Dory… She was at the part where they were about to jump on jellyfishes. “Boing … boing…. Boingggggg” She was having the time of her life, until She jumped on a squid! It was a Malamar. She wanted to have a squid on her team so badly. She threw out her pupitar! It was a giant steel weight. She had it use Iron-Defence and it acted as a weight. The malamar used Wrap around the Pupitar and sunk to the bottom of the ocean with Dory. Azealia reached the bottom and said“… Hey conscience am I dead?”  …The battle continued. Azealia commanded pupitar to use Dark-Pulse. The squid lost 80HP. The squid continued to wrap around the anchor. The squid lost 10HP every turn.. which was practically nothing. The squid used peck while it was wrapped around pupitar. The Pinecone only lost 35HP. The pupitar ended up using Bite and it made the Squid unravel… and it lost 60HP. Now it was time for Dory to catch it! She threw a Dive-Ball at Malamar! ..1…2…3…Success! Now she ended up in her music video “Yung Rapuzel”. She was so confused as to how this even happened. However she continued. She started singing “Who's cooler than this, witch. Maneuver then dip, hip like the ruger, this clip. Bitches zooted and sipped,.I'm suited and zipped. Make a move or get skipped, sis ya "who it, " and hit.Like, who is this b****. Who was fooding this fish let ya hoof n' it slip,.I'll swoop in and split. Take two of this tit, d-do-do-dit dit. Keep grooving this b*****, like ya new with this pip. Stay true to this shit. Macking. moves in this b****, whitey hoot for this sis. If these n***** is rich, if these n***** insist. I'ma dig 'em and dip, take a whiff of this mist. I'm used to this chip. Spit ya fluidest, b***** n*****, you could get bent. Remov-ed and spent.I'm a shoe in this shit shaker, you was just tricked.Perusing his dick.Come feud with this Fif, face two of this lit. He's souping his drip, from the roof of this c***”… That’s when she met a scary monster; Guzzlord. “Guzzlord is a massive, black Ultra Beast. Its main body is primarily spherical with a large, yellow mouth in the center. The top and bottom of the mouth are lined with two rows of teeth; the front row is yellow, while the rear row is black. In the second row of the upper jaw, two teeth curve out of the mouth similar to tusks. The inside of its mouth is a bright blue and its throat is lined with small spikes; its large black tongue is also lined with small spikes. Additional tongues resembling long arms with pincers protrude from its lower jaw even when its mouth is closed. Just above its mouth are two glowing, blue eyes with a yellow, diamond-shaped marking between them. Above each eye is a single, bat-like wing with yellow along the upper edge. There are other small bat-like wings down the sides of its body as well. On the underside of its body are three, fin-like projections that curve up towards its mouth.”… It started eating her and that’s when she threw a Luxury-Ball. 1…2…3… she woke up from her nightmare! She started screaming, “WHAT THE ****!” And her night light next to her started cuddling Azealia. Her nightlight was her pokemon; Umbreon! Azealia still had it from the last Pokemon Olympics. She woke up in her Snuggie. And her Umbreon was next to her lava lamp which was next to the floam castle. She almost tripped on her slinky collection but she realised it was all a dream. 
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itsraiyninmuses · 5 months ago
“I might not be able to understand what you’re going through, but I understand you need someone here for you.” /my bby syph
Comforting Edition {Sentence Starters} || Accepting!
The little woman shudder as she was trying to hide her face of the tears, not wanting anyone to see her break down like this. Having heard the news of her grandfather’s passing from her Grandmother, it really tore her up, so much so that she was shaking more than a freezing Seedot.
She lifted her head for mere moments to stare towards Green with her mismatched eyes, eyes looking a little red from crying. Normally, she would of possibly shooed him off and prefer the company of her Pokemon. This time though? She clung onto him immediately
If he was here to help comfort her, she wasn’t going to turn him away.
Tumblr media
“P..Pl...please stay...”
Syphoria barely could speak up from a mere whisper while komala clinging to him, hiding her face into his shirt.
This really hit hard for her.
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horizonboundtrainer · 6 months ago
Send “📂“ for a random yet completely useless headcanon I have | Accepting at my own peril you sadists
Fuck you bro
I hate you
1. May will raid your fridge at 3 AM. Keep snacks around or she will literally empty your fridge. She's just as likely to go to town on raw carrots as your lunch.
2. May hasn't had a functioning circadian rhythm in years. She could be working out, studying Sarte or breaking into places at any hour of the day. When she gets tired, she just finds a well hidden place to pass out for 2-5 hours at a time ( averaging at about 4 to six hours a day ). This could be literally anywhere—she's not picky about sleeping in strange positions or tied to a tiny ledge a hundred feet off the ground.
3. Most of the team has been taught to read and write. ( Well, when applicable. The giant Gyarados isn't picking up a pen anytime soon ) Some of them are quite terrible at it but in this day and age, there's technological solutions for that.
4. May sometimes downloads one of Metagross's custom Porygon2s onto her laptop when Metagross isn't available. Shirou specializes in hacking, data analysis and future projection; Murasaki in encryption breaking, deception and translation; and Midori acts as an antivirus, a cybersecurity program and PC Box terminal that sometimes "fails" to record a Pokemon caught. Aka-22 is the sole battling Porygon, using its Eviolite to act as a wall and Trick Room sweeper. Yes, she absolutely uses them to get around League mandates.
5. May doesn't trust League issued Porygons or Rotoms at all. She's been spied on by League officials on both Maxie and Interpol's payrolls in the past so she's very much properly paranoid. She also finds the Rotom Dexes obnoxious. No, she doesn't need advice on Potion use—she's been in the trainer buisness longer than most of the Rotoms have been alive!
6. She doesn't trust Alola's ride Pokemon either. Illegal HM usage is just one more crime in the list of the ones she already commits on a regular basis.
7. She's a lazy affectionate drunk unless somebody riling her up for some mischief.
8. She's actually a decent cook. It's a side effect of spending years trying to make questionable ingredients ( MREs, instant ramen, lichen, etc. ) actually taste good with whatever the hell she has on hand. If you give her a recipe, meterials to work with and ban her from making whatever "improvements" that come to mind though? May could probably whip up something rivaling that of an award winning chef... assuming that you don't give a damn about presentation. ( Her "improvements" aren't always terrible either. Heck they even turn out amazing sometimes but she's very much a mad scientist )
9. May gives everyone nicknames ranging from just "kid" or "Zinn" to "Spikes" to "Seedot-head". It's one of her more unusual means of showing affection.
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she-toadmask · 6 months ago
Taking a break from main game because Kabu is hard and doing a bit of Isle of Armor. Currently about to grab the Max Mushrooms for the soup of the second trial. Picked Squirtle and left in the box just because why not. Now Applin finally has a STAB move and Seedot has the moves I want to get on Applin. Once I’ve picked up Kubfu (just to have it for when I return to the Isle) I’ll probably head back to the mainland and work on giving Applin a full moveset, even if not all of the moves end up being useful yet. Then it’ll be time to try Kabu again. I got super close the first time, so hopefully the second time goes better. After I finish the battle I might swap out someone for that Lileep I’ve been planning on. Or I might wait until I get Cottonee so I don’t have to pick who leaves first because it’s turning out harder than I had predicted to decide if I would rather keep the slightly better nickname and better stats of Budew despite its slightly inferior moveset or the wider-moveset but losing its exclusivity thanks to Applin Seedot.
Also I can’t decide for Applin if I should have my final moveset as Rollout/Grassy Glide/Sucker Punch/Draco Meteor or swap out either rollout or sucker punch for the astonish it already has. It won’t get draco meteor for a while so I have time to consider, but I’ll have STAB rock and ghost moves on two of my mons, making Draco Meteor its only exclusive STAB move, not to mention Astonish’s pitiful power of 30 and pp of 15, sucker punch’s varying accessibility, and rollout’s lock-in. Its available status moves are Withdraw, Defense Curl, Attract, and Recycle, nothing really worth taking unless I want to flirt with Charizard or something. I have listed all possible moves, aside from maybe parents passing down their level-up movesets but I’m not certain on that one. It gets Withdraw and Astonish by level-up, Attract by TM, Grassy Glide and Draco Meteor by Tutor, and the others by breeding. Applin’s movepool is tiny, but it has good resistances and is very cute. And I used a friend ball on it so I want to use her.
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jackredfieldwasmyjacob · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Here’s the previous post, about Irony City!
(I swear I didn’t intend it to look so long, it isn’t)
Route 29 is a semi-urbanized route full of construction sites and random buildings, all lined out in front of a really frequented big avenue with palm trees and entertainers. It has a Worker’s Pub and a daycare.
Route 29 isn’t based around a place, but more around the surroundings of big cities, with industrial complexes and building sites. The avenue is inspired on Alicante’s seaside boulevard, though. Here are some reference pics:
Tumblr media
Here you’ll find the Worker’s Pub where you’ll be able to fight some tired workers, a Pokémon Daycare where you’ll be able to breed your pokémon, and a house where you’ll be able to trade a Sandygast for an Onyx.
Seedot (Rose) lvl.12-14
Lotad (Carn.) lvl.12-14
Mordia lvl.12-14
Jamig lvl.12-14
Bonsly lvl.12-14
Psyduck lvl.12-14
Stot lvl.12-14
Flynoy lvl.12-14
Voltorb lvl.12-14
Ybran Exeggcute lvl.12-14
Stot’s line is based on the Sun and Royalty. Stot (Star + Hot) evolves with a FIRE STONE into Helince (Helios + Prince), who then evolves via trade into Solex (Sol + Rex). They are all pure FIRE types.
Tumblr media
Ybran Exeggcute and Ybran Exeggutor are based on dates and the Palmeral of Elche. They are both GRASS FIRE types, and have a new move, BOMB SEEDS, that hit 2 to 5 times and can burn the opponent.
Tumblr media
When you first arrive at the route, Isa will come and challenge you to a battle. She’ll have a lvl.18 starter, lvl.16 mantyke and lvl.16 jamig. After defeating her, she’ll show you around her uncles’ Daycare, and then she’ll go to Metaphore City, hoping to get her next badge. After you find the lost Bagon, he’ll give you 5 hyperpotions, and if you then try to go to Route 31 from Irony City again, you’ll have to find his lost Drilbur in Route 30.
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britishpokechap · 7 months ago
Another day another ride through the Wild Area. Normally he’d request a ride from the Corviknight Taxi’s but honestly he was sick of the air for a while. Besides, he had a perfectly good motorbike that needed a good ride!
Victor leaned slightly to the right, riding the dirt path over the bridge into North Lake Miloch. He rode past several groups of Pokémon, the same Liepard he always rode past lifted her head off her paws as she watched him ride by from the tree branch she rested on. She yawned and rolled over, effectively ignoring him for once. Oswald, who sat behind his trainer and hugged his waist perked up upon hearing the sound of a distressed Pokémon cry over the roaring motor of Victor’s bike. He removed a hand from Victor’s body and used it to pat his shoulder, causing his partner to ease off the bars a little and slow down.  Once they were close to the steps of Motostoke Victor stopped his bike and used his left leg to balance everything as he removed his helmet. “What’s up Ozzy? You see something?” The Inteleon removed his own custom made bike helmet and looked towards where he heard the cry. From where they stood he didn’t hear anything but that didn’t mean nothing was there. He handed his helmet over to Victor before getting off the bike and launching himself into the air with Air Slash. The wind caught under his cape like membranes and sent him up a good couple of feet into the sky to get a better look.  His trained eyes scanned the area below, he didn’t see much at first...some ghost types near the watchtower...Seedot and Lotad...Onix tracks and a few Butterfree, a very aggravated Galvantula spinning a frantic Sawk in it’s web. Okay yeah one of those things didn’t seem right! “Inte!” He called to his trainer, pointing in the direction of the distressed fighting type.  “Okay, fly ahead I’ll be right behind you!” Victor pressed a button on his Rotom phone to return Oswald’s helmet into it’s system before putting his own back on and revving up his bike, turning sharply enough to leave a skid trail and dust in his wake as he followed after the Inteleon. It didn’t take long before the two were on the scene, Victor stopped his bike and recalled it to his Rotom Phone before waiting until Oswald landed by his side.  Once there Victor slowly approached the electric/bug type, keeping his hands visible so it didn’t percieve either of them as a threat. “Easy Galvantula...we’re not going to hurt you.” He said calmly, getting the attention of the duel type.  Galvantula hissed quietly at him, her mandibles snapped together as the hairs on her body sparked occasionally.  From where Victor was standing he could see several little blue eyes peeking back at him on the duel type’s abdomen. “Joltik...?” He questioned, seeing she had babies on her made this a lot more dangerous. “I know you must be very irate I want to help you out if possible madam.” He gave Oswald a look which made the water type nod and approach her alone. Oswald had his hands up in front of him as he seemed to be talking her down from attacking him. After a bit she seemed to be replying back to him and giving him the run down of what happened.  The whole time the Sawk ensnared in her web seemed petrified, he was visibly sweating and trembling despite how tightly bound he was. He was looking at Victor with pleading eyes, clearly scared out of his mind at the thought of being Galvantula food. After what seemed like hours (at least to Sawk) Oswald reported back to his partner, explaining that the Sawk had swatted one of her babies out of the tree when it tried to eat a berry. It came to get her and after easily winning she trapped him in her web and planned to eat him instead. “SAW SAWK?!?” He cried before his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he passed out. Both Victor and Oswald looked over to the fighting type, a bead of sweat appearing on the sides of their head before the brunet turned to face EleSpider Pokemon. He knelt down in front of her, giving a gentle smile as always before speaking. “I see. So you were just protecting your little ones. How about this, you let him go and I’ll take him far away from your tree and your babies. I’m sure berries are easier for them to eat right now anyways right?” “Gal...van...” She murmured, seemingly mulling it over for a moment before she nodded. Lucky for that idiot Sawk she already ate so letting him go wouldn’t be a complete loss.  “Thank you Galvantuala. I’ll have him gone in a few minutes. I promise.” He smiled more when she nodded and began making her way down towards a little sloped dirt path behind the tree. “Okay, Oswald if you could please give me a hand.” The Inteleon nodded and walked over to the electrified webbing, raising his tail he jumped up and swung it, the hidden blade in the tip of his tail becoming unsheathed and cutting the webbing with ease.  He and the Sawk landed on the ground, the poor fighting type grunting in pain as he landed head first while Oswald just landed on his feet. “Oh dear...!” Victor ran over and crouched down next to the unconscious Sawk, pulling out his survival knife cutting through the thick webbing to free him. “There we he just needs to wake up.” Oswald sat beside his trainer, just in case other Pokémon decided to come by and check out what was going on.  As the Champion looked over the blue Pokemon he couldn’t help noticing his karate gi seemed a bit loose and even his muscles weren’t all that toned like they should be on a normal Sawk. He honestly looked very weak, not in a power sense but in a physically sense. “Hm...perhaps we need to take him to the Pokemon Center when he’s more alert.” It’s not like he could carry him and he wasn’t sure if he belonged to anyone. The Karate Pokemon groaned softly, eyes fluttering open as his vision blurred. He could hear a voice! wasn’t familiar. He slowly turned his head and winced as he sat up, placing a hand on top of it. “Saaa....” “Oh! You’re awake! Thank goodness...are you alright Sawk? You had quite the fall just now.” He tilted his head slightly and smiled. “The Galvantuala left for now but we need to go before she returns. You made her quite cross you know, batting away her baby and all that.” Sawk tilted his head slightly, somewhat confused on what the human meant. He did that? He really had been hungry to have done that. His actions became more bashful, looking down at his hands as he lightly messed with his fingers. “S-sa...sawk...” He didn’t mean to bother anyone, honestly he didn’t! “Well I promised her you’d be gone when she returned. It’s a bit odd seeing you here however, Sawk don’t particularly come to these parts of the wild area.” He stood up, followed suit by Oswald who was still keeping an eye out. “If I were you I’d get going before she comes back and sees you.” Sawk made a sound similar to an “eep!” and quickly hopped up off the ground, only to wince and sway a little. He was still dizzy from the fall and all that adrenaline he had was completely gone from him. “Saaa....”  “Ah, hold on!” Victor ran to his side and helped him stay steady, feeling the fighting type rest an arm around his shoulder. “How about we take you to a Pokemon Center? You don’t particularly look well.”  The Karate Pokémon opened one previously clenched eye to glance at Victor, the young man seemed nice...and he couldn’t make it out here on his own always so what choice did he have? After a moment he nodded, sighing softly as he closed his eyes. He felt so weak as his knees buckled causing Victor to frantically flail about to try and recover his balance.  “H-Hey wait a moment! Don’t pass out...!” He cried, this was about to be a long walk back to the center.
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rhnuzlocke · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Chapter Ten: Street Fighting
Slateport was a bustling port city that had slowly taken over the entire cape and began to creep inland. It wasn’t as built up or modern as Kogane, in whose shadow Ren had spent her childhood. Instead it reminded Ren of the more distant Asagi, complete with a towering lighthouse shining above it all.
Ren bought them fresh Carvanha fritters and kumara chips in the crowed market by the fishing docks, then picked up a bag of ginger-coconut biscuits at a bakery as they wove their way south. She’d been missing fish and there was nothing like getting the morning’s catch before noon—even if it wasn’t quite the same as the Koiking korokke and roast yakiimo she used to pick up on her way into town.
Slateport’s beaches were enormous—the largest Ren had ever seen. They wrapped two-thirds of the way around the city and stretched at least a hundred meters beyond the dunes and smooth slate walkway. There were sandbars out further still that people and pokemon had swam to. Ren took off her boots and let her feet sink into the dry, shifting sand. She winced at the scorching heat until it was up to her ankles, but Tāraki flopped down and let out something akin to a purr as he splayed out.
“According to the visitor’s guide, all the battling in the city takes place out here,” Ren told her team.
Māia gave a few experimental flaps on her shoulder. “Excellent! The wind is perfect!”
Panahi clacked her beak in agreement.
“Akahana, you should still be taking it easy, so just let me know if you’d rather rest in your ball.” She nodded. “Iki.”
The Surskit startled out of Ren’s shadow. “Y-yes?”
“I want you to take the lead, if you feel up to it.”
Ren rubbed at her shoulder. “Sometimes it seems like you still don’t think you’re a battler. But that’s my fault for neglecting your training. If you give me another chance, I bet I can prove to you that you can be.” Iki fidgeted. “What’d ya say, little bug? Want to give this a go?”
Iki glanced at Akahana before squaring up to Ren. “Y-yeah, let’s do it!”
Was it hope, or did you see potential in her?
“I knew she could be great. Even though it scared her, she always had such unshakable dedication. It ran deeper than even I knew. She threw her all into every fight. The fear never made her freeze, it only made instincts keener. There was no way she wouldn’t become a top battler.”
I see.
“Is that why I chose her in the first place? I thought…”
Do not doubt yourself. The way you have sought to heal and empower all of those bonded to you—to use your strength to protect even strangers—is why I chose you. It is at your very core, Ren.
“You’re right. I’ve always wanted to do good with my abilities, even when I still wanted to do great things.”
It is my belief that you will do both.
Trainers were scattered all around and battles took place wherever they could find enough open space between the other beachgoers. Much to Tāraki and Māia’s delight, there were more than enough opponents around the right badge level for Ren’s entire team to get some practice between Iki’s bouts.
The matches by the seaside were particularly exciting and informative. Water moves could manifest so differently with a source so readily available, and fully aquatic pokemon could maneuver in in wholly new ways. And Iki could skate across the waves with a speed and grace that blew her movements across dry land out of the water.
But high on the beach, where the sand was loose and drifting, her spindle legs sunk beneath the surface and her speed fell behind the Slugma she was facing. It glided across a layer of glass melted by the heat of its magma, and Iki only managed to escape by turning more sharply than it was able. She zigzagged away from a Rock Throw only to be driven further into the sand by an Ember. Ren could see her trembling.
“Dig deep, Iki! You can do this!”
The shaking stopped as the Slugma surged forward, but instead of ducking down for a Fell Stinger, Iki stood tall and released a rushing stream of bubbles from her open mouth. They burst and hissed upon impact, splattering the Slugma’s viscous skin asunder until is disappeared in a cloud of steam.
The sea breeze cleared it a moment later, revealing a sunken puddle of black rock with magma glowing through the cracks
“Oh,” Iki murmured in shock.
“That was Bubble Beam!” Ren cheered. “You have a water move now! This is gonna change the game for you!”
“Absolutely, little bug!” Ren grinned wide and Iki smiled tentatively back.
The other trainer stood back up from inspecting her Slugma, and withdrew it. “I’m gonna take Mote to the Pokemon Center.”
“Thanks for the battle!”
“Oh, uh, you too.” The trainer almost turned to go, but hesitated. “You said this was your first time in Slateport, right?”
“Then you might not have heard, but they hold tourneys at the Seashore House every Friday. It’s a bar just down there on the west end.” Ren followed where she was pointing and spotted a blue roof a ways off on the beach. “It’s worth a go if you’re still in town tomorrow. I always go.”
Ren threw her an appreciative smile as thanks. “Sounds great! We’ll be sure to check it out.”
“Maybe I’ll see you there then bye!” She said in a rush before jogging off.
Ren turned immediately back to the task at hand. “This is perfect! We just need to do a little target practice and we’ll be ready for thing!”
Iki looked over at the sunken hole where the Slugma had been. “If you say so.”
The pink and orange of sunset painted the horizon and set the sand alight as Ren and her pokemon set out the next evening. The Seashore House was packed when they entered—filled to the brim with trainers and their pokemon. A smiling middle-aged man and a Tentacool bustled behind the long bar serving up drinks while one harried waitress took orders from the seated patrons. Buoys and lifesavers splashed bright color across the slatted wood walls, and the smell of fried seafood wafted powerfully from the direction of the kitchen. The room was buzzing with conversation and pulsing with excitement. Ren felt her heart beat a little quicker and a grin overtake her face.
She drifted outside with the rest of the mingling trainers to find the large stone patio being cleared. She grabbed the end of one of the remaining picnic tables with some of the others and set it down in the sand in line with the rest now encircling the patio.
“Hey, y’all! Listen up now!” A voice boomed from an amp near the side door. The buzz quieted and everyone’s attention turned to a girl who couldn’t have been over twelve, mic in one hand and the other thrown in the air, standing on a crate to see over the sea of heads.
“This is your Master of Ceremonies, your Officiator of Fun and your ultimate Judge of Battle Badassery, KAT KORRAAAAA!”
The regulars roared their approval while some of the new initiates clapped unevenly in confusion. Ren whooped. After an appropriate amount of adoration, the girl lowered her hand and all fell quiet.
“Let me lay out the rules for the new blood and all them that’s just passing through. All matches are one v one, standard League rules. The first tournament is for greenhorns through two badges. Next is for three and four badges, so on and etc. You get the idea. Winner of each tourney gets as many free drinks as they can knock back! Remember, you can only lose once, but you can win again and again so step right up hopefuls, gather round spectators and prepare yourselves for the BEATDOWN!”
Ren waded through the crowd and wrote her name in the bracket beside the building. Spectators filled the picnic tables while pokemon took the edge of the patio for a better view. Ren and her competitors surveyed each other appraisingly.
“I’m seeing a lot of plant, dark, and fire-types.” Ren whispered down to her team. “This is yours to win, Iki!”
Iki was trembling, but she nodded resolutely.
Pride mixed with excitement rushed through Ren’s veins and had her tingling down to her toes by the time her first match was called. Her opponent sent in a Houndour against Iki, and Ren glimpsed Akahana don a matching grin.
Ren had Iki douse the ring with Water Sport to dampen its fire and use the puddle to hydroplane around its jaws. A Quick Attack to each flank had it staggering and third to its shoulder brought it down before it had managed to land a single hit. The swiftness and decisiveness of the victory caused a moment of quiet before Kat shattered it with her judgement and sent Iki skittering back between Ren’s legs.
They faced a Seedot in the next round, which proved tougher. But Ren correctly guessed that its joints were the most vulnerable, and Iki had the precision to follow through with Fell Stinger. The third round was a Numel whose combination of Magnitude and Flame burst had Iki quaking, but once again she didn’t freeze and it succumbed. The fourth was a Cacnea, whose troublesome Sand Attack they beat back with Bubblebeam. It was difficult to land any effective hits without getting in range of its Needle Arm, but they managed to distract and encumber it enough to get a decisive hit on its vulnerable crown.
The crowd grew more and more raucous as each successive tier of the bracket filled until the final battle was announced. A trainer with a mohawk and piercings stepped into the ring with his Boldore opposite Ren and Iki.
Finally a real challenge! Ren felt her body lower and her hands come up like she was preparing for a judo bought, and Iki mimicked the stance in front of her. The other trainer sneered and his Boldore postured to play to the crowd. It was about four times Iki’s size and must have been near ten times her weight. They would have to be quick and careful to beat it, but that was where they excelled.
You seem to think of your confidence as a weakness of late, but to my mind, it is perhaps your greatest strength.
“Thinking I could handle things I couldn’t has gotten pokemon killed! You know that! You’ve seen it!”
I disagree. Look again, Ren. Look harder.
Ren and Iki waited for the opening move they knew was coming, and the Surskit sprang to the side to dodge the rock launched at her. It shattered by Ren’s feet, but she felt rather saw it as her eyes followed Iki’s zig-zagging path around the edge of the ring. Three more rocks narrowly missed before the attack was spent, but by then Iki had lined up a clear shot and hit it square in the leg with Bubble Beam.
The Boldore stumbled in surprise, but then leapt back at her with a Smackdown. Instead of running, Ren had Iki parry with Fell Stinger, which unbalanced and sent it stumbling back.
The crowd roared almost as loud as Ren’s heart in her ears, the pitch of it climbing at her audacity. But Iki paid the price when her own unsteady legs failed to carry her out of range of a Headbutt. The crowd gasped as the force of it pinned her to the ground. There was no getting away this time, and the Boldore raised a leg to stomp her.
But Ren didn’t reach for her ball or call their surrender. Instead her command rang out in the relative quiet as the audience anticipated the end. Iki raised her head and blasted the Boldore point blank in the face with Bubble Beam. It staggered as the first bubbles exploded against it, wobbled as Iki pressed the attack, and collapsed as Ren and Iki’s strength outlasted it.
The crowd went absolutely wild. People and pokemon were jumping and screaming and cheering. Iki didn’t jump this time. Instead, light suffused her and a breeze rushed out from her, quieting the crowd.
Iki emerged from the shell of light looking unlike any of the many Masquerain varieties in Ren’s Pokedex. Her head was crowned with a pointed, golden helm with a plume of red rising from the back. Her false eyes were a stark and hypnotizing contrast of black and white, and her mask was a deep shade of pink. She was amazing.
“What a tournament! What an upset!” Kat yelled over the mic. “Folks, it looks like we have our winner! Give it up for Ren Kosugi and her MVP, Iki the Surskit!” The crowd cheered wildly again and the girl waited for a lull to continue. “Or should I say Masquerain? Let’s congratulate her on that awesome evolution!” The cheering picked up again, but this time with more applause and a few lycan-whistles. “I think we can all agree we’ve never seen a bug quite like that folks! What a sweep! Be sure to collect your reward, Ren!”
Iki’s head was tilted down, trying to catch her reflection in the sheen of water over slate.
“Iki!” Ren called.
Iki turned and looked up, but her eyes found Akahana instead. The Poochyena’s black lips curved upward in a rare smile. Iki’s wings began to beat furiously, propelling her up several feet before she got them under control. Ren ran to her rescue, scooping Iki up and hugging her in her arms.
“You look awesome, little bug! I’m so proud!”
Ren felt Iki press her face into her shoulder. “Thank you.”
In another moment, Ren loosened her grip enough to look down at her pokemon “So do you believe me yet?”
Iki took a moment to answer, but there was hope and happiness in her eyes.
Later that night in their room in the Pokemon Center, Ren was drifting off on a bunk with Akahana already snoozing beside her, when a low whistle pulled her back to consciousness. It repeated, sharper this time.
“Iki!” It was Māia.
Ren cracked an eye open and saw Iki’s red plume jolt in the shade-filtered moonlight.
“The others and I wanted to congratulate you on your evolution,” said Panahi gently.
There were murmurs of ascent all around.
“Of course, dear. You worked very hard, and you did so well. We were all impressed.”
Iki fidgeted in her cushion. “Oh, wow, thank you. I-I mean that’s very kind. I didn’t think I was doing that great…”
“Don’t be ridiculous!” hissed Māia. “That tournament was awesome!”
“Especially that last battle!” Tāraki gushed. “The way you received that Smackdown with your head spike!” He was on his feet, imitating the motion with the frond sprouting from his head.
“That took guts!” Said Māia. “And I would know.”
Iki was quiet for a moment, then ventured: “because your ability is called Guts?”
“Oh.” Then Iki let out a little tinkling sound that might have been a giggle.
Ren pressed her hands over her mouth to stop herself from squealing and giving herself away.
“You see?”
Yes. I see a trainer who cares very deeply about her pokemon and their happiness.
“I—You!—Don’t laugh at me after being so kind!”
Only if you cease mocking your virtues.
“Personally I liked the way you used Water Sport to speed yourself up and Bubble Beam to slow the others down,” said Hakeka. “I didn’t know you were so clever.”
“Ren helped me with—”
The Shroomish interrupted before Ren could: “still, props on the execution.” Iki did not deflect again and Hakeka continued. “Now that you’re talking to us, I’ve got a question for you—if I may?”
“Um, sure. What is it?”
“Why do you hang out with the grumpy Poochyena so much?”
Ren saw Iki rise up off her cushion, false eyes flaring. “Aka is not grumpy! She’s really nice!”
“Yeah, lay off her, Hakeka!” Māia chirped. “Akahana defeated me in battle. She’s super cool!”
“Whoa! Alright, okay. Clearly I’ve been missing out on something.”
Tāraki started giggling, and soon the rest of them joined in until Panahi gently shushed them and made them go to sleep.
Ren wove between the colorful stalls of Slateport’s central market, laden down with bags and Panahi perched on her shoulder. The crowds dissipated as she made her way north to a small park in the shadow of a large, gaudily decorated building. She collapsed onto a bench by a fountain that shot elegant arcs of water from the snouts of patinated copper Horsea, Seadra, and a single Kingdra atop the rest. Panahi hopped down to float in the pool and Ren leaned back to let the mist cool her face.
“I hate shopping.”
“Well I love it!” Panahi declared, paddling around placidly behind her.
“Happy you’re a trainer’s pokemon now?”
“I can no longer deny it has its benefits.”
“That necklace was one pricey battle item, so I’m glad you’re happy with it.”
Panahi huffed. “You think I got this for me? Please, Honey, this is a service to humanity! Just look at me. I’m radiant!”
Ren craned her neck at an awkward angle to watch the Wingull puff out her chest with pride. The cerulean jewels twinkled in their web of delicate silver chains like the warm shallows off the beach. Ren hoped the rest of her team was half as pleased with their gifts as Panahi seemed to be.
Ren sat up as people began to pour out of the building opposite, their excited murmuring overtaking the peaceful splashing of the fountain behind her. Some of them dispersed, but many hung around—in anticipation of what, Ren couldn’t be sure.
“Goodness, that’s a sizable flock,” Panahi commented.
Ren shaded her eyes and squinted to read the golden lettering above the doors. “Oh, it’s a contest hall. One must have ended.”
“Are contests where pokemon put on performances instead of battling?”
“I think so? I’m not so sure exactly what happens. We don’t have them in Johto.”
The crowd suddenly parted to make way for a news crew as a woman in a frilly costume and her equally adorned Altaria emerged. She smiled wide as she answered questions and the pair posed for pictures.
“Must be some life,” Panahi sighed.
Ren turned back to her, and all bubbly satisfaction from earlier was gone. Panahi absently preened  one of her primaries that was nicked by a move the day before.
Ren sucked on her tongue as she fought with herself about what to say. “Ahi, you know you don’t have to be a battler, right?”
“Don’t worry about me, Honey,” Panahi said, brushing the thought aside with a wing. “I don’t mind pulling my weight, even if I’m not as enthused as the chicks.” She yawned. “I could use a nap though.” Ren pulled Panahi’s pokeball off her belt. “Send one of the others out to keep an eye on the shopping,” Panahi instructed sternly before tapping the button and flowing inside.
Ren turned the ball over in her hands. She’d have to think of something. But maybe now wasn’t the time.
Does this Ren seem selfish to you? Impulsive?
“I suppose not. No… I guess I have been a little hard on myself lately.”
Ren stowed Panahi’s ball and tapped Iki’s. The Masquerain emerged in a flash of red light.
“Do you mind being out for a bit? It’s fine if you’re still tired from last night.”
“No, I don’t mind.”
She drifted on whirring wings and landed with the tips on the surface of the pool, hydrophobic coating keeping her afloat while Ren set up her vapor box. She lowered her purchases into it, watching them melt into the wood one by one. Behind her, Iki was staring down at her reflection. She raised her false eyes for a moment and then slowly let them droop. Ren opened the last package instead of stowing it and held it out for Iki to see.
“These are for you.”
Iki snapped out of her contemplation and peered at the pair of polished blue stones instead. “So pretty.”
“They’re mystic water gems. You can wear them in battle to boost the power of Bubble Beam.”
“Oh, that’s so kind of you. Thank you, Ren.”
“I thought we could mount them on your helmet instead of a necklace. What do you think?” Iki tilted her head, watching the sunlight play through them. “I’d like that.”
“Great! The vendor said we could go back and she’d help me attach them.”
Someone passed by them, and Ren’s eyes caught on a dark, tattooed forearm. She glanced up and, even in profile, the broken nose and scared lip were unmistakable. Ren jumped to her feet.
“Josh!” The tall, gangly teen startled and stopped in his tracks, shoulders hunching. “What are you doing here?”
He turned around slowly. “Hey, R-ren.”
Ren’s cheeks puffed out as she bit back whatever she was planning to say. Her eyebrows furrowed in concern. “How do you know my name?”
“They, uh, s-s-said. On the news.”
“Right. Shit.”
“I d-d-d-d—” He stopped, took a breath. “Your f-father is a gym leader?”
“Yeah, um—”
“Wow, your M-m-masquerain is—wow.”
“I know! Isn’t she beautiful?” He nodded and Iki glanced between them, pink mask flushing redder. Then Ren remembered who she was talking to and the warm feeling vanished as quickly as it had come over her. “Wait! Stop that right now! We are not friends, Josh. Remember? I didn’t call you over for small talk!”
Josh flinched and looked down at his feet. “R-right, yes, yeah, of course… Sorry.”
“Good. Now, what are you doing here?”
“N-n-nothing! N-not st-st-stealing! J-j-j-j-j—I’m running some errands!”
“You can’t even lie properly? Why did they hire you?”
Josh swallowed hard, eyes scrunching closed for a second as his adam’s apple bobbed. “Who? What—”
“Cut the crap! You aren’t just some thief trying to make a quick buck.”
“No!” His brows lowered into a scowl, then his eyes widened as he realized his mistake.
“You work for Magma. You’re here for them. What are they doing here, Josh?”
“I’m not—They—N-n-nothing illegal! A n-normal errand! I have to go!” Josh took off running and Ren ran after him.
“Ah, so this is why we’re here?”
You would rather move on?
“I know our first two meetings were important but— I’d rather not dwell on this one. Makes me feel stupid. I should have seen that stunt he pulled on Mt. Pyre coming.”
I had thought his actions there might have gone some way towards mending things. But perhaps you did not see?
“See what?”
He followed you to the peak. He risked his life to make sure you were unharmed and in safe hands.
“Oh… I suppose that makes us even again. But, uh, what did you want ask about this moment?”
Why did you confront him?
“Ah, that’s fair. Of course I wanted my involvement with Magma to be over after what happened in Granite Cave. But it also made it hard for me to [i]not[/i] be involved. I couldn’t just let him go and learn later on that I could have helped but did nothing… Oh, I think I see your point.”
Before Josh had run thirty feet, he stopped abruptly and Ren nearly crashed into him. He pulled something out of hip bag as she recovered her balance and pressed it into her hands.
“This is for you.”
Ren was so startled that took it without thinking. It was something light and flat in a brown paper bag. She reached in and pulled out a TM.
“What—?” She meant to ask him, but he was already gone. “Ugh! What the hell was that? He just—and I—I can’t believe he tricked me into taking this! He probably stole it!” She flipped the TM over and growled in pure frustration. “Smackdown? What kind of joke is this? Why that beanpole son-of-a—”
“Maybe it’s not a joke,” said Iki by her ear.
“Maybe it’s a gift. You did save his life.”
“That doesn’t mean he wasn’t just trying to…” Ren trailed off and took a breath. “You know, you’re probably right.” Ren cast around one last time before returning to her abandoned vapor box on the bench. She stowed it and Iki’s gems in her shoulder bag. “Let’s go get you fixed up!”
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rokkosmysterydungeon · 9 months ago
31 Days of PMD: An Interconnected Series of Vignettes
Tumblr media
Day 09: Humans
Game: Super
Theme: Different Perspectives
Spoilers: Early-mid game
School hadn’t yet started this morning in Serene Village. However, all seven of the students were present already, chatting about, as they are wont to do when the teacher hasn’t yet arrived.
“Hey Madoka! Where’d you come from anyway?”
Madoka was the new student who recently moved into the village. She had apparently been taken in by a semi-new resident, the nuzleaf that the kids knew as Mr. Tachibana, sometime last week. Owing to her lack of relation to Mr. Tachibana, she wasn’t a seedot or anything, but rather, a cyndaquil, and one who was incredibly quiet, at that. She rarely spoke unless she was answering direct questions.
The student who asked this question, Farkas, was a pancham and had a habit of bullying the other students. But you can only bully so far if you barely know anything about a potential target. At least, that’s my best guess for why he was the one to finally ask Madoka this, of all people.
“That’s true, huh?” piped up Daigo, a chikorita who had taken a liking to Madoka and hung around the new cyndaquil a lot lately. They were often Farkas’s favorite target. “We never even asked, did we?”
“Yeah, yeah, that’s enough from you.” Pouncing on the fact that Daigo dared to speak, the bully pancham wasted no time putting them down. “Once you start, you never stop. So don’t.”
Madoka frowned. She really wasn’t a fan of the crud he gave Daigo & the other kids. She really wanted to not answer the question at all just to spite him. But looking around, she saw everyone looking expectantly at her. Even Daigo seemed to want to know, and what kind of friend would she be if she didn’t trust her new friend with the answer to a question like that?
Of course, there was another problem. The matter of Madoka’s amnesia. Mr. Tachibana had found her being chased by a trio of beheeyem with no recollection of why she was being pursued, and the only information that could point to her home was incredibly vague, and also something others likely wouldn’t even believe anyway. She didn’t want to lie, though, so eventually gave the best answer she could, from what she could still remember.
“I’m from the human world. I used to be a human but was turned into a cyndaquil. I don’t remember how or why, so please don’t ask.”
“WHAAAAAAAAAAAT!?” every other kid yelled, all together.
Daigo was wide-eyed. “Madoka, you’re...”
“…from the human world?! Like, a real live HUMAN?!?” finished Eugene. He was a shelmet and a friend/bullying-crony with Farkas. His eyes are bugging right out of his snail-ey skull. “No way! Prove it then! If you were a human before, then tell us what they look like!”
“What.” thought Madoka. “What kind of a question is that?” Her memory, or rather, what remained of it, was very distorted. Whatever caused her amnesia must’ve really done a number on her. She was in the middle of trying to find a decent enough image of a human in her mind’s eye when the bullies started talking again without waiting.
“Madoka, you’re such a liar!” yelled Farkas. “Who would ever believe a made-up story like you being a human! Nobody’s ever seen a real human, they only exist in kids’ stories!”
“Yeah!” added Eugene. “You didn’t even know they’re silver and red giants and fly in from a nebula from space to sav- I mean! Or so I heard from kids’ stories, which I don’t read!” His nervous eyes darted to his pancham friend.
Ran, a deerling, then gave her own two Poké on the matter with a dreamy sparkly look in her eyes. “You know, Madoka. You saying you don’t remember how or why reminds me of my favorite fairy tale, where Princess Meadowpuff meets a human who came down to Earth but doesn’t remember anything until true love’s first kiss at the end and he turns back to his true form!”
Madoka looked towards her, curious as to what this story described humans as like. “There’s no way it’s further off than Eugene’s favorite human story, right?”
“His tall & handsome blue six-legged form adorned with silver hooves and ruby quartz antlers!” Ran revealed with a squeal. She sounded like she’d very much love to be the princess of that story and meet this apparently magnificent, almost certainly geared towards a hooved ruminant audience, creature.
“Whaaat? But Ran, my dad says they’re actually slimey blobs from the mystic 87th dimensionnn!” cried Haru, a goomy and the youngest of all the schoolchildren. Ran usually protected Haru, so it was rare he’d even voice a disagreement with her.
The last of the kids to speak was Katherine, though she usually just went by the shortened nickname ‘Kat’. She was an espurr, and tended to talk with a very flat affect. “The humans of the mythological and fairy tale sense appear to derive from ancient legends of some vulpix. Historians debate about whether she existed at all, as well as probable reasons pokémon of the time would even believe her to not be a pokémon. The actual humans, according to fossil records, were the sole animal known to make tools and have some form of writing. They are believed by archaeologists and literary scholars to have the probable ability to interact meaningfully with us pokémon at our intelligence level, and may have even done so before their extinction. Going back to the fossil records, they were tall animals, owing to their bipedal walking bone structure and long limbs. Artist renderings of muscles and skin that would work with their skeleton typically theorize they had at least some degree of fur to avoid losing too much body heat from their surface area, but not too much or they would be prone to overheating given what’s been hypothesized about their endurance hunting habits. If you need a frame of reference, the renderings tend to resemble pokémon such as machoke, hypno, or gurdurr.”
Everyone stared at her with ‘whaaaaaaat??’ looks on their faces. Kat’s favored reading material was high-level non-fiction books, and she’d always bring up strange, gross, or way-above-their-reading-level facts from them, at times this’d have the most impact.
The only two to actually process the bulk of what Kat said were Daigo, whose smarts tended to surprise even themself, given they’d never remember where they’d learned certain concepts, and Madoka, who even with her amnesia, just had the gut feeling that the image Kat shared was the closest to being correct.
Daigo made a mental note to self to follow up about this with Madoka later, preferably away from school, where Farkas & Eugene couldn’t interfere before she had a proper chance to respond. They wanted to know what Madoka’s truth was, instead of her getting talked over by, well, everyone else.
“In any case, you are undeniably a pokémon right now, Madoka. Your claim to be a human, I don’t exactly believe it, but I can’t say I know enough either way. Because what would you gain from telling such a lie?” Kat concluded.
Madoka herself was wishing desperately that class would just start already. It distressed her to not be believed, and this whole interaction was just getting punched the stomach with that over and over. “Wonder if I’m only feeling this as a human thing? Or if I’d feel like this even if I was always a pokémon? Hhhhh, I wish I could remember better what being human was actually like.”
Eventually, the teacher for this class, a farfetch’d named Mr. Ohsugi, arrived late with Starbucks a cup of coffee in his wing. “Order! What’s all this ruckus about now?!”
What followed was Farkas telling the teacher about Madoka’s “whoppers” of lies and this getting the Principal’s attention and proceeded to give a speech about lies and truth and observation and different angles or something the cyndaquil wasn’t entirely tuned into, because she wanted to just sink into the ground from all the disruption to routine her own truth was causing.
Such was the life of a human, living as a pokémon in the pokémon world.
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espeoncottage · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
1. Dio, Did NOT realize he was a shiny but knew something was off UNTIL I SAW THE SPARKLES. He's the most powerful shiny I have CP wise
Tumblr media
2. Avalina. She is from a community day so I wasn't overly excited to have her, and by the end of the day I was tired of seeing piplups
Tumblr media
3. Dave. Got a shiny eevee in my bathroom by random chance (my favorite way to get shinies in GO), I was a little sad it wasn't a female shiny but I wasn't complaining. Decided to go with random chance for evolution and pray it's something cool and it was!
Tumblr media
4. Erza. Also a community day Pokemon but I was way more excited than the piplups community day. I like shiny Shiftry a lot so it was awesome to have one! (I also have 2 other shiny shiftry's for family, 1 Nuzleaf, and 2 seedots but those don't count because I wanna give them to people)
Tumblr media
5. Ryland. HOLY SHIT was I EXCITED to see this dude, Sneasels is one of my favorite shinies and to actually have one??? HOLY SHIT!!
Tumblr media
6. Squid. I caught him while going to pick up my glasses I think? Wasn't too happy to see him, but ever since I evolved him he grew on me
Tumblr media
7. Loxas. I got him from a research reward I think?? Another favorite of mine!! I would have named him Axel, but I already have a Jolteon called that.
Tumblr media
8. Holly. Before catching her, I've never seen what a shiny sudowoodo even looked like. Now I can confirm that I absolutely love her.
Tumblr media
9. Aster. He was my second shiny pokemon I've ever caught, I don't plan on evolving him because none of the other shinies look great to me.
Tumblr media
10. Autumn. Same situation as Holly, absolutely love this girl! She reminds me of my favorite season ;w;
Honorable mentions:
Shiny rattata, my first shiny ever, he now vibes in pokemon let's go
Alolan sandshrew that I hatched and didn't know was a shiny for months, he's in my Pokemon home
Shiny alolan Meowth, he stays with me in shield now
Another shiny Eevee, but I got it as a guaranteed research reward, so I gave it to a friend in shield
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plaidconnection · 10 months ago
Day 7: Swablu
Tumblr media
Continuing my story from my previous Seedot post.
Every time I see 3rd generation Pokemon, it always reminds me of my high school days and how I saved lunch money for Pokemon games. I even walked going to school and home just to get GBA.
I am thankful though I have this set of mind because until now if I want something I don't usually buy them impulsively especially handheld game consoles, with cartridges, I buy them impulsively now haha
Back to my story, my friend used to go to our house after school and play Pokemon Ruby with me. He even stayed at least 7 pm at our house before going home, that late! Because of how fun we had giving nicknames to every single Pokemon he caught, feel excited and amazed because of the different weather scenes (I even shouted how happy I was because you could see the rain and sandstorm) and of course, the new Pokemon.
While watching I was also forming my own team in my head, it was Mudkip, Ralts, Trapinch, Zigzagoon, Wailmer, and Swablu. It was painful to beat Winona because of her Altaria shooting Dragonbreath over and over again to my team.
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epic-ash-and-sora-fan · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Remember this? Probably not.
Three years ago I hinted at a fanfic to go along with this picture. After three years of development hell, It’s here!
"Thanks again for the oran berries Carracosta," said Nuzleaf as the two pokemon crossed the bridge to their homes.
"No trouble at all, Nuzleaf," said Carracosta with a wave of his flipper. "After everything that's happened in the past few months, you could use a bit of good luck."
"Y....yeah," muttered Nuzleaf suddenly feeling a pit in his stomach He clutched at the bag that held the oran berries. Sure he could use some good luck, but that didn’t mean he deserved it. Not after everything.
“You alright there Nuzleaf?” asked Carracosta. “You look pale.”
"I'm fine," said Nuzleaf, then looked at Carracosta with a smile. "I reckon I'm just tired."
Carracosta nodded.
“Well, alright. I would get some rest then. The kids will be visiting tomorrow right? Don't want to worry Autumn do we?”
Nuzleaf let out a half-hearted chuckle. Carracosta gave him a concerned look. He placed his flipper on Nuzleaf’s shoulder. Nuzleaf flinched at his touch.
“You know, you can talk to me anytime right. I’ll listen.”
Nuzleaf could only nod, but Carracosta seemed satisfied for now.
“Alright then. See you later?”
“Right, see ya," said Nuzleaf as they went into their respective houses.
Nuzleaf let out a sigh, and began to store his berries away and was soon lost in his own thoughts.
He still had no idea how Carracosta was able to talk to him like nothing happened. It has been going on for four months now since the whole Dark Matter incident, yet Carracosta – and everyone in Serene Village for that matter – have yet to throw him aside as he expected. They were being...nice to him. Why? After everything he did, why were they acting like he simply spilt oran berry juice? He felt awkward and...wary around everyone. Especially around a certain little Fennekin. Not long ago, Nuzleaf was able to help Autumn get her partner back, but even now he's barely able to look her in the eye.
Autumn was definitely something special. While she can be a little sassy at times, and a bit of a daydreamer, she does have a considerate heart and was always willing to help if a friend had a problem. She doesn't do things by halves. When there was a job to do she puts her very soul into getting it done. Autumn has always been like that from the moment he met her. He had gotten to know the little fox pokemon and grew quite fond of her...almost like a…
Nuzleaf shook his head violently.
No! Don’t think about that! She’ll never see you that after what you gone and did.
He sighed.
Not that it matters, once what I did hits home they’ll...leave and forget about me. I’ll be alone like always.
"Hey, Nuzleaf!"  
Nuzleaf let out a yelp. His jolt sent the oran berries flying. A couple landing on his head. Hearing a stifled giggle behind him, Nuzleaf turned around to see the subject of his thoughts standing by the doorway looking a tad sheepish.
“Consarn it, child, you darn near gave me a heart attack!” he cried.
The fox pokemon came in and helped Nuzleaf pick up the oran berries.
"You're mighty early," Nuzleaf told Autumn. “I thought you and your little Chespin friend weren't comin' til tomorrow.”
Autumn sighed and looked up at Nuzleaf
“I came early because we need to talk.”
Nuzleaf barely suppressed a shudder. He had a feeling he knew what this talk was gonna be about. He knew it was coming do you prepare for something like this.
"O...oh," he muttered, unable to think of anything else to say.
"I know, I don't really want to either," said Autumn. “But....since.....that happened, things have been weird between us. It's to be expected yes, but I hate things being so awkward, and....everyone at the Expedition Society suggested that maybe talking it out might help. I think I agree.”
Nuzleaf kept quiet, and just stared at the oran berries he was still holding.
“It's been four months Nuzleaf.” Autumn went on. “Honestly, we should've done this from the start. It's getting so frustrating you know. We only ever manage small talk and then it gets all silent and stuff. I don't want things to be awkward between us anymore, I want things to go back to how they used to be, but they can't. The stuff that's's too heavy.”
Nuzleaf's grip on the berries tightened causing the juice to squirt out on his hands. He paid no attention, however. He was too focused on what the fire type was saying.
“But, maybe it will help if we talk it out. Get it out into the open. It won't be pleasant for either of us, but maybe then we’ll be able to get rid of some of that awkwardness.”
Nuzleaf rubbed the back of his head.
“But I'm not sure I should be telling a child something like this.”
“Hey, I am mature for my age.” joked Kaiya. “How about this, I’ll go first. I’ll lay my feelings down could say your piece. The least you could do is hear me out.”
Nuzleaf nodded.
“I reckon I do owe you that much.”
Nuzleaf put the remaining oran berries away then sat down on the steps near his bed, and motioned Autumn to sit next to him, which she did.
"You go ahead and vent child," he said, bracing himself for the worst.
Autumn shuffled slightly then began.
“Back then, on Revelation Mountain, when you...revealed your intentions. hurt. Tremendously. “I mean, you were someone I thought I could trust with anything. I thought I could tell you any of my problems with confidence. I thought......I'd have a home to go back to if joining the expedition Society didn't work out. Nuzleaf....that letter you gave me before I left, everything it said, was.....was it all lies?” Autumn had tears in her eyes at those last words.
“No!....yes......ahhhh I don't rightly know anymore!” cried Nuzleaf covering his face with his hands. That was the worst thing about being controlled by Dark Matter he didn't know if anything he said was genuine, or if it was Dark Matter making him say those things. There was such a blurred line between the two.
"Well, I guess it doesn't matter much anymore," said Autumn sadly. “Anyway, Forrest was furious. He ranted on about how he would never forgive you for what happened. I....honestly wasn't sure. I mean.....I was upset with you, but.....I thought there had to be some rhyme or reason behind it. Espurr kinda confirmed it.”
Autumn paused for a moment then continued. “After learning that it was Dark Matter that was making you do those things...I...wasn't mad anymore. I....actually felt kinda sorry for you. I wished I could help in some way, but I didn't know how. I wish I said something back then in the Prehistoric Ruins, but I guess I was scared...and confused.”
Nuzleaf suddenly felt very ashamed of himself. He looked into Autumn's eyes hoping it was a look of complete honesty.
“I.....I'm sorry for everythin' I said to you back then.”
Autumn nodded.
"Dark Matter took control of you because you had darkness in you," she stated. "At least that's what Espurr said."
"I....didn't exactly have the best childhood," said Nuzleaf quietly. He had no idea why he told the young Fennekin that. This was going to bring up questions that he would've preferred not to answer. Sure enough, Autumn looked at him sadly and the question she asked pushed him past the point of no return.
“Wha......what happened?”
Nuzleaf took a deep breath he really didn’t want to do this, but Autumn already poured her feelings out. Wasn’t it only fair that he did the same? He did owe her some explanation of why he did what he did. Why Dark Matter so easily took control of him.
But, if I tell her she’ll leave for sure.
He shook the thought out of his head. He needed to do this. He needed to tell Autumn the truth Even if it meant losing her.
Nuzleaf jumped when Autumn placed a paw on his shoulder. She was giving him a look that said Talk to me. Nuzleaf took another breath and spoke.
"I was born on the Air Continent. My parents settled down in a mighty nice forest. It had lots of flowers, fresh air and healthy, nourishin' trees. Everythin' a growin' Seedot needed. Life was good for a while, but....then when I was six, there was an accident. A fire type was passin' through the forest and one of the forest pokemon did not like that at all. They harassed the poor pokemon and he gone lost his temper. He let loose a Fire Blast, but hadn't looked where he was aimin' and went and set a tree on fire."
Nuzleaf sighed shakily.
“The fire spread mighty quick and all the other pokemon had to evacuate.”
- - - -
Seedot nuzzled himself closer to his mother as she and many other pokemon ran through the burning forest, trying to filter out the smell of smoke. He did not like this smell. It made him cough. He had no idea what was happening. It had started out like any other day. Then a Houndoom came through the forest and things just went rapidly downhill from there. Flames started spreading rapidly and quicker than a Raichu using Volt Tackle his mother picked him up with her leafy hands and started running out of the forest.
“Mama, where's Papa?” asked Seedot.
“He's helpin' the other pokemon. He'll be along. Keep your face covered, child. We can't have you inhalin' too much smoke.”
Seedot obeyed and didn't dare look up again until he was sure he and his mother were out of the forest. That's when they noticed a group of pokemon.
"Apparently the fire got worse deeper in the forest," said Gloom.
“Yeah, a Shiftry tried to blow the fire away with his leafy hands. Sheesh, had the guy lost all his senses?!” cried Whimsicott.
Faster than Seedot could register, his mother shoved him right into the arms of a nearby Breloom.
“Watch him for me! I have to go help!”
" I have...Oh fine," grumbled Breloom.
“Mama!” cried Seedot.
“Stay with Breloom,” said his mother. “I'll be back with your father as soon as I can!”
And with that, she darted back into the flaming forest.
Neither came back out.
- - - - -
Kaiya just sat t stunned.
Nuzleaf sighed.
“We never encountered a fire before, so I reckon blowin' the fire away made sense at the time.”
"I'm sorry," said Autumn sadly.
"It gets worse. The Breloom took me in and we found another forest to live in. It was alright for a while, but Breloom started payin' less and less attention to me. He would be gone for days, then when he'd return he would not so much as glance at me sometimes. Eventually, it was like I was completely invisible to him. Every darn time I tried to get his attention he would yell at me at best, worst," Nuzleaf shuddered. “I'd get a Mach Punch to the face.”
- - - - -
Seedot ran as fast as his little feet could carry him. He ran until reached his hiding place. A huge hollow tree. He always hid here after one of Breloom’s blow-ups which were becoming increasingly common. Seedot hid inside and sat down. His face still hurt from the direct Mach Punch.
"I reckon, I don't like Breloom anymore," he said sadly.
Things just hadn't been the same since his parents perished in that forest fire three years ago. Breloom wasn't too bad at first, a bit grumpy sure, but nothing like this. He made him a bed and got him enrolled at the local school, (Although nobody liked him at school.)but now Breloom just wouldn't give him the time of day anymore. If Seedot so much as said one word to him he risked another bruise. Seedot sighed. He was hungry. He went back out and searched for a tree that could spare a little nourishment. His parents told him to always be careful not to absorb nourishment from the same tree too many days in a row as he could risk damaging it. Seedot soon found a tree he hadn't used recently and started climbing. Not an easy thing to do when you have no arms. He attached himself to a branch and was now happily absorbing.
"Ahhh, much better," he said.  
It was a good thing that the majority of the nutrients a Seedot needed came from most trees. Breloom didn't acknowledge the little pokemon long enough to even feed him nowadays.
Suddenly a berry came flying towards him, hitting him square in the face. Poor Seedot fell to the ground with a yelp. Seedot sat up his head throbbing.
“Haha, nice one Aipom!” laughed a voice.
“Told ya, Fling would come in handy didn't I?”
“Oh no.” whimpered Seedot. He knew exactly who these pokemon were. An Axew approached him. Followed by a Machop and an Aipom.
“Hey, No Arms! Had a nice flight?” mocked Machop.
“I can't be dealin' with y'all right now!” growled Seedot.
“What's wrong squirt? You scared?” asked Aipom.
“Of course he is!” laughed Axew. “He can't fight back without arms.”
"When I evolve I will have arms, then y'all will be sorry!" shouted Seedot.
Suddenly Machop picked up Seedot by the shell on his head and held him upside down.
“Isn't that cute, guys. No Arms thinks he's gonna evolve.”
"Haha, yeah right. Nobody as weak as you could ever hope to evolve!” cackled Aipom.
Seedot kicked his feet trying to shake himself free from Machop's grasp.
“Hahaha, look at him struggle!” laughed Axew.
“Put me down!” cried Seedot. “Put me down, or I'll....”
“You'll what? Call your mummy?” sneered Machop.
Seedot immediately stopped struggling. He normally didn't let anything Machop said get to him, but that one stung.
Then Machop threw the poor Acorn Pokemon right into a tree. Seedot fell to the ground and let out a whimper.
“Awwwww, is No Arms gonna cry?” mocked Aipom.
Seedot struggled to his feet then he glared at the trio. Right then and there something inside him snapped.
“Ya, know what? I've about had it with the lot of you!” he yelled. “I'm done with y'all, I'm done with Breloom and I'm done with this place!!!”
Seedot then ran off leaving the laughing pokemon behind. Clearly, they didn't take what he said seriously, but he has had enough. If no one was gonna take notice of him here (aside from those three) then he might as well leave. Knowing Breloom, it would take him several days to notice the small pokemon's absence, so Seedot was confident he would get a head start. He didn't stop running until he was far from the forest.  Seedot let out a sigh.
“Now what?”
- - - - -
“I just left. I didn't tell anyone. I ran away and never looked back.” said Nuzleaf.
“What did you do then?” asked Autumn.
“Not much. Just travelled around the continent for a few years tryin' to avoid unwanted attention. I trained up a bit and eventually evolved into Nuzleaf. Soon after I came across a Shiftry lookin' for recruits for a rescue team he was planning to build. I had no other place to go, so I joined. Shiftry was mighty picky about the jobs we took, let me tall ya. We wouldn't take a job unless we were rewarded big time. One day, a pokemon convinced Shiftry to take a little job to save a wee Jumpluff. The job went well until Zapdos appeared. He whooped us big time!"
“Whoa, Zapdos?! You met Zapdos?!” cried Autumn.
"We sure did, young'un. He abducted Shiftry and took him to his abode. It was only thanks, to a fledglin' team that he got outta there."
"Whoa," whispered Autumn.
Nuzleaf shifted a bit before he continued.
“A few months after that, Shiftry decided to disband the team.”
“Really?!” cried Autumn. “Why?”
"I reckon the Zapdos incident, shook him up a bit," said Nuzleaf with a shrug. "It seemed like there was summat else, but he wouldn't tell us. I couldn't help but feel a little betrayed."
"I'm sorry to hear that," said Autumn. “ It sounded cool being on a rescue team.”
Nuzleaf gave Autumn a little smile.
“Well, it ain't much different to what you're all doing now. We mainly just focused on rescue missions.”
"I see," said Autumn. “So you left?”
"Yup," said Nuzleaf. "I decided to get out of the Air Continent altogether. Too many memories there, ya know. I got me a travel pass and rode Lapras to where ever she took me. For several years I just travelled on my own. Then......”
Nuzleaf stopped and shuddered as his breath quickened and he began hugging himself. He hadn't recalled this memory in so long. It still hurt. Even after all these years thinking about this still hurt. Kaiya gave him a concerned look.
"We....we can stop there if you want," she suggested.
Nuzleaf shook his head.
“, if I don't get this out now, I reckon I never will. I....met another Nuzleaf. She...saved me.”
- - - -
Nuzleaf clutched art the small bag he carried as he went through a dense forest. He growled slightly under his breath. This forest reminded him too much of his past. Of how he lost both his parents. How he ran away from his next home to escape the torment of Breloom and the bullies. It bought back feelings he didn't want to have.
Nothing seemed to go well for him since then. He thought he finally had a firm footing on his life when he joined that rescue team. Sure their standards were a bit…iffy, but it got him through the day, it kept him distracted. Then that thing with Zapdos happened. Then the fugitive incident. (He had no idea what that was about. Shiftry never told him the details.) Then there whole Groudon debacle. Not to mention the mess with the meteor and Rayquaza.
Shiftry must’ve finally had enough because soon after, he announced that the team was no more. So Nuzleaf had little choice but to move on. He didn’t say goodbye to his teammates. He….just couldn't look at them...he could somewhat understand why Shiftry disbanded the team but he still couldn't help feeling some...resentment for him about his decision.
He was so lost in his thoughts he wasn’t looking where he was going.
Nuzleaf found himself on his backside and he looked up to see a very angry looking Toxicroak.
“Watch where your going runt!”
"Sorry, lost in thought," Nuzleaf muttered as he picked himself up.  
Toxicroak only glared harder.
“What kind of half-arsed apology was that?!”
Nuzleaf gave the Toxic Mouth pokemon a glare of his own.
“I don’t much care for your tone or language bud.” Nuzleaf started to walk past the offending pokemon. “I’m in a hurry so-” He was cut off when the Toxicroak grabbed his wrist.
“Oh think you’re real funny don’t ya?” He snarled. “Well let’s see how funny you are when I swipe this!”
Toxicroak grabbed Nuzleaf’s bag and with a yank, snapped it off of his neck, sending the poor pokemon back onto the ground.
“Seriously?! This is all you have?!” Nuzleaf heard the poison type pokemon remark, as he got onto his hands and knees. Flashbacks of his torment at the hands of his bullies and guardian played in his head. His whole body shook as he glared up at the pokemon looming above him.
“Give that back…”
“Heh, why? It’s not like you’re gonna miss it all you had was a measly 300 P! That’s not going to get you far you know.”
It was true, but he didn't want to accept the much more generous amount of money that Shiftry, was offering him and his teammate upon disbandment. Whether it was from pride or hatred he didn't know. Still, he got to his feet and lunged for the bag.
“I said give it-ack!”
Nuzleaf eyes widened as a sharp pain shot through his abdomen. He could barely breathe and even started to feel pretty sick. Toxicroak glared at him, his now purple claw against his stomach.
“Just couldn’t walk away could you?” he sneered. “It’s your own fault you got hurt.”
Nuzleaf couldn't speak. He only glared up at Toxicroak as a wave of dizziness washed over him. Yep, he was definitely poisoned. He lifted a shaky hand, trying to reach out for his bag only to be met with purple goop being flung into his face, causing the pain he was already in to worsen, He was then thrown to the side hitting a rock.
“Maybe you’ll think before mouthing off to someone superior to you next time.”
Nuzleaf could barely lift his head up, he could only watch through his blurred vision as Toxicroak walked away. He thought he saw another figure nearby but couldn’t make them out. The last thing he saw before darkness consumed him was the Toxicroak doubling over in pain.
"...ey….hey… hear me?... Come on wake up!"
Nuzleaf let out a gasp as his senses slowly returned. He was sure he’d never been in so much pain before. It felt like his insides were being eaten alive. It only worsened when he tried to sit up causing him to yelp.
“Easy, there, don’t try to move just yet. You’re pretty badly poisoned.”
Nuzleaf partially opened his eyes wanting to find out where the feminine voice was coming from. He saw a brownish blur in front of him which held out what he was able to recognise as a Pecha berry even through his feverish stupor.
“Here, eat this. You’ll feel much better.”
Nuzleaf let her place the berry in his mouth, and he chewed it, the sweet taste washing over him. Once he swallowed it only took a moment for the berry to work its magic. Even outside of Mystery Dungeons, those things work fast.
“Ahh, consarn it…” he groaned as he -successfully this time- sat up holding his head.
“Ah, good, looks like you’ll be fine. You had me worried for a minute.”
Nuzleaf turned to see...another Nuzleaf though clearly a female on if the shorter leaf and voice were any indication. She also had a blue flower tied to her leaf.
“Still,” she continued. “You should take it easy for now. You were in a real bad way when I reached you.”
Nuzleaf just looked down at his feet, fists clenched.
“He….took my bag.”
“You mean this bag?”
Nuzleaf looked at the other wily pokemon in shock when she held up said bag with a smirk.
“How in tarnation…”
“Turns out poison types don’t like Extrasensory very much.” laughed the female. “The fact he was also part fighting type didn’t help either.”
She handed Nuzleaf his bag with a smile. “Here it’s yours right.”
Nuzleaf cautiously took the bag and after checking that the money was still there he placed it beside him.
“Whaaat? Don't you trust me?" asked the other Nuzleaf, albeit in a teasing tone. "Guess I can't blame you considering what happened. Oh, I'm Flower by the way. At least that's what my family and friend's call me. You?"
"Er...just Nuzleaf, never bothered with nicknames," said Nuzleaf as he stretched his limbs to get the kinks out. “Thanks for the help.”
Nuzleaf looked around, finding he wasn’t on the same dirt road he was on before blacking out, but deeper in the forest.
“What are we doing here?”
Flower shrugged.
“Figured I should move you before the bozo woke up. Would cause us less agro in the long run.”
Nuzleaf just nodded.
“How long was I out?”
Flower thought for a moment.
“About ten minutes, fifteen at most. I wasn’t really keeping count.”
Nuzleaf gazed at Flower and smiled for what the first time in what felt like forever.
“ gosh darn saved me back there, so...thanks a lot.”
“You already thanked me silly.” laughed Flower. “’re welcome.”
Nuzleaf soon realised that he was staring so he turned away feeling his cheeks heat up.
“So where were you going before….that happened," asked Flower.
"Just…wherever," muttered Nuzleaf.
"Funny, me too," said Flower. "Could I maybe...tag's pretty lonely just travelling on your own, and two's company, right?"
Nuzleaf stared at Flower in shock. He couldn't help wondering if this was some sort of one was ever this nice to him before. Not since his Mama. However, looking into Flower's eyes all he saw was an earnest desire to banish her loneliness. He couldn't very well deny her something like that.
                                - - - - - -
Nuzleaf looked at the ground smiling sadly. “We got real close. She was a strong one. Didn't take nothing from no one.”
“Did you like her.” Autumn couldn't help but tease.
Nuzleaf blushed wildly but nodded.
“Did.....she like you back?” asked Autumn, more out of curiosity this time.
"She did. She was the one to come out and say it first," said Nuzleaf with a laugh. Hoo, boy, those were good times. We would always hang out, gathering berries, watching the sunset. We didn't need anyone else. Soon enough she started going on about buying a house and starting a family. I was sure excited about that prospect. We were walking along a mountain talking about all the things we'll need......wouldn't you know it........" Nuzleaf's form began to shake violently. "It......was just too darn good to last."
- - - - -
It all happened so fast. Faster than Nuzleaf could react. One minute he was walking beside Flower as she excitedly gushed about their future the next he was pushed aside as thundering sound of falling rocks his non-existent ears. Now Nuzleaf was climbing down the rockslide as fast as he could to the bottom of the ravine. His heart hammering against his chest as fear and dread hung over him.
“Flower! Flower!”
He reached the bottom and searched the area desperately for his companion. His future wife.  
“Flower, where are ya?! FLOWER!!”
His breathing quickened as he searched. This can’t be happening. It can’t. Not now! Not just when everything was finally looking up. He turned to the pile of rocks and saw something that made his heart stop.
Among the rocks was a torn beaten up blue flower.
Nuzleaf’s breathing hitched as he walked towards the flower and picked it up in his shaky hands. It was like a bucket of ice water was poured over him. His vision blurred as he stared at the crumpled plant that once belonged to the love of his life. He barely felt the tears roll down his cheeks as he fell to his knees and let out an anguished scream.
- - - - - -
“I didn't want to believe it," said Nuzleaf, his voice cracking. "I saw it, but I refused to believe it! She… me….for the second time she saved me….and...I couldn’t return the favour." Tears began to spill down Nuzleaf's face. "I couldn't save her!!"
Nuzleaf felt a paw being placed on his arm.
“It wasn’t your fault.”
“Why…? She….already…saved me…it...was….me that owed… I’ll never…’s not fair!”
Nuzleaf felt Autumn pull him in what he figured was her attempt at a hug and he sank into it letting out heaving sobs.
“Consarn it, it’s not fair!”
“I know…” said Autumn sadly. “I know, how much it hurts.”
Nuzleaf clutched onto the fox pokemon. She was right, in a way. She did lose Forrest after all. The big difference, however, was that she got Forrest back. Flower...she was never coming back.
"I...I...just snapped after that," he said. "I...I was cruel to everyone. I conned folk. I….I had pokemon build me a house then called it trash and tore it down for the sheer heck of it. I...knew it was wrong, but…I just didn't care anymore. I felt if the world was going to continue to take and take from me, then I'd respond in kind. I...started hearing voices in my head…tellin' me more bad stuff, I'd rather not mention. I...guess that's when Dark Matter started to take over."
Autumn broke the hug and looked into Nuzleaf’s eyes.
“That’s...when you went after me right.”
Nuzleaf nodded.
“Yeah...Yveltal told me to...get rid of you. Then when Beeheeyem hit you with that psychic move. I got that idea to play hero.”
Nuzleaf’s whole body started shaking.
“A...Autumn I….at first I had every intention to take you up to Revelation Mountain and get you to open up the spring but…”
He sucked in a breath.
“I...I really started enjoyin’ havin’ you around. You would greet me every mornin’ at breakfast then go to school and come home for dinner by nightfall. It was like…it was like…”
Nuzleaf shook his head, unable to finish the thought.
I thought maybe…..we…...could be like this forever…that after...everythin' I could finally be happy, but then you said you wanted to all came crashin' down again.”
- - - - -
Nuzleaf was curled up into a ball on his bed. Once again, he was alone. Autumn was gone. She left. Sure he wrote that letter, but...he still couldn’t help the feeling of betrayal.
WhAt diD I tEll yOu?
Nuzleaf flinched. This voice in his head was becoming a real thorn in his side lately. For a while, he did what this voice told him, but ever since he boarded Autumn he had grown close to her and really didn't want to go through with this plan.
“It….it means nothin’”
WakE uP! ShE lefT yoU! LiKe aLL tHe rEst ShE lEfT. YoU cAn’T tRusT anYoNe iN tHiS wOrLd. Is’Nt it tImE tO desTroy it bEfOrE iT hUrtS yOu aGain?
Nuzleaf curled himself up tighter. They did. Mama, Papa, Breloom,...Flower. They all left him behind. Left him alone. Dropped him like a rotten piece of fruit.
WhY, dId yoU sToP tuRninG pokEmOn tO StOnE? Did yOu reAllY thInK tHaT FenNeKin wOuLd bE aNy diFfErEnt?! ThAt sHe woUld sEe yOu as fAmiLy thAt YoU cOuld cAlL heR yoUr daUghtEr?!
“Shut up…”
YoU hOneStLy thiNK sHe wOuLd sEe yOu aS a dAd aftEr leaRniNg wHat yOu dId. BecAusE sHe WilL fInD oUt. ShE WilL hAtE yOu. ShE wOn’t eVeN waNt to lOok at yoU!
“SHUT UP!!!”
Nuzleaf shuddered as tears flow down his face.
“Don’t ya think I know that already?!”
ThEn wHy pUt it oFf? WhY lEt thIs woRld wOund yOu aGaIn and agAin? IsN’T it tImE to pUt an eNd to it? To gIvE thOsE thAt wrOngEd yoU a tAstE of tHe pAiN yoU sUFfeRed at thEiR hAnDs a huNdRed tImEs fOLD?
Nuzleaf sat up staring at the wall of his house. Why was he putting it off? What did anyone care anyway? Everyone he ever cared for were gone. Left him behind. It was their fault this was happening. Their fault...he spoke his voice filled with resignation.
“Where next then?”
- - - - -
Nuzleaf wrapped his arms around himself and clenched his eyes shut. His voice cracked beyond recognition.
“Every time…. every time….I think it's….all….gonna be okay….They leave me….Mama, Breloom, Shiftry...Flower….N… you!”
Nuzleaf let out a massive sob.
“I couldn't take it! I couldn't take bein’ left behind anymore! So….so I went back to the original plan and took you to Revelation Mountain and….and I…”
Nuzleaf couldn't continue his body now racked with uncontrollable sobs. He felt beyond embarrassed for falling apart this badly in front of the young Fennekin, he just couldn't hold it in anymore. He once more felt himself be pulled into a hug.
"I..I'm so sorry." he heard her whisper he felt tears that weren't his fall against his chest. "I...I had no idea…I didn't stop to think about how my leaving would affect you. If I had even the faintest inkling...but could’ve come to visit, or I could’ve visited you. You didn’t have to let all that pain consume you. You could’ve talked to me. To anyone. You didn’t have to suffer alone.”
“I know!” sobbed Nuzleaf. “I’m sorry!….So sorry!”
He felt Autumn nuzzle him as he cried, finally releasing all of his pent up emotions and pain. Slowly but surely he started to feel lighter than he had in years. His heavy sobs now reduced to sniffles.
“I forgive you.”
Nuzleaf’s eyes widened. Did he hear that right? Surely not. Not after everything he did. He disengaged the hug and stared at the fox pokemon.
Autumn gave him a warm smile.
“I said I forgive you.”
“But….but….” Nuzleaf stammered as fresh tears prickled his eyes. “I...I turned you to stone! I sent you and Forrest to the badlands I-”
Nuzleaf stopped cold at Autumn’s firm voice.
“!” she smiled. “Just accept it, okay.”
Nuzleaf let out a sigh and smiled. “Okay.”
“And no more bottling your feelings up. It's not good for you," said Autumn wagging her paw at him. "I'm always willing to talk if you need to. Carracosta is too."
"How do I know you won't...leave me behind?"  
Autumn gave Nuzleaf a sad look.
“Listen to me Nuzleaf, I will never never leave you. I’ll never intentionally hurt you, and if I do I’m sorry.”
Nuzleaf felt more tears run down his cheeks.
“They all left me.”
“Not on purpose,” reminded Autumn. “Okay, that Breloom sounded like a piece of work and Shiftry’s reasons are debatable, but your parents, Flower...they died. It was a tragic accident in both cases. They didn’t mean to leave. Besides they’re not really gone. They’re still with you in spirit.”
“This is why we need to talk about these things. So we know where we stand with each other. So we know if our actions hurt one or both of us. You’ve been holding it all inside and not letting anyone in. It’s understandable after everything you went through, but it didn’t help in the long run did it?
“No...” Nuzleaf had to agree with that one. He was quite surprised. Autumn was really quite wise beyond her years.
Autumn nuzzled him lovingly.
“Even if I'm in Lively Town. You can come to visit me, and I'll visit you here. Whenever you want. Ampharos isn’t stingy about time off. I’ll….I’ll always be there for you, Papa.”
Nuzleaf let out a gasp. Surely he heard wrong this time. He stared down at the young Fennekin with wide eyes.
“ called me…”
Autumn smiled.
“Papa, yeah...I did kind of adopt me after all. Despite your reasons, it makes you my Papa.”
Autumn then looked really shy and loosened her awkward quadrupedal hug.
“Erm….if you don’t like it though I won’t-”
“No!” cried Nuzleaf. “I mean yes, I mean…I want it I want this!”
Autumn’s eyes light up.
“Really?! You don’t mind?”
Before Nuzleaf could answer he was bowled over by the fox pokemon giving him yet another hug.
“That’s so great thank you! I love you, Papa!”
Nuzleaf was surprised he still had tears to spare after such an emotionally trying day. Yet here was sniffling like a baby once again.
“Don’t go makin’ cry again young’un.” He muttered. “I….I love you too.”
He didn’t know how long with the little Fennekin – his daughter – in his arms, but by the time they parted the sun had set, and Autumn was fast asleep. If this was a dream, Nuzleaf never wanted to wake up. Not only did Autumn forgive him for everything, she even sees him as a dad. As family Something Nuzleaf never thought he could have again. Dark Matter was wrong. Wrong about everything. He never wanted this moment to end. Nuzleaf carefully carried Autumn to what used to be her room and placed her on her bed. She stirred a bit but didn't awaken. Nuzleaf stroked her ears lovingly, embracing his newfound paternal feelings.
"I love you, child," he whispered giving he a small kiss on the forehead.  
His scars ran deep, but maybe now after all these years, they will finally start to fade.
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pokemon-au · 12 months ago
first encounters
Sabre / Litten: An alley stray kid!Nolan befriended before rescuing him one day from drowning in a canal. Follows him like a little shadow ever since.
Princess / Skitty: Nolan adores Skitties and always wanted one. So he saved up and bought her from a specialised Skitty breeder after being on a long waiting list. He also wanted a playmate for Sabre (”This is your sister”). However his two cats bicker often.
Lee / Elekid-Electabuzz:  A wild chance encounter.
Boog / Cubchoo-Beartic: Followed after (intensely stalked) Nolan throughout his journey despite Nolan's protest and eventually caught himself with a Quick ball Nolan was saving up.
Lazarus / Numel-Camerupt: He camped out for Lazarus because he thinks Numels are so! freakin! awesome! Boog causes an accidental landslide that traps a Numel and Nolan stays behind for several days, encouraging it to break free.
Baz / Wartortle-Blastoise: He chanced upon it in the wild where it had a Naruto Rasengan/Chidori (Aura Sphere vs Electro Ball) battle with Lee.
Don / Shiftry*: He lived in the tree kid!Zion would often read under as a Seedot. He was very intrigued by Zion’s books and would try to follow after him to look at the pages. Despite being initially annoyed by his persistence, Zion took a liking to him and they eventually struck up a friendly companionship. When Don was attacked by a horde of bird-Pokémon, Zion took him in and nursed him back to health and they’ve been together ever since.
Aoi / Riolu: Aoi and Naga were street urchins who were drawn to Zion's garden and started stealing his produce to fill their empty bellies. They got caught by Zion's Nuzleaf (then) and Zion punished them. ...but he also fed them and cleaned them. Them living with him is essentially him going "Well, I guess you can stay until we find you a new home, but until then, make yourself useful" They've gotten really comfortable at Zion's.
Naga / Mienfoo: Like Aoi, they raided and ruined Zion’s garden and were tasked with repairing the damage it (as Zion did not have the heart to throw them out as they were kids). From the garden it shifted to chores around the house to earn their keep. Till they find “new trainers”, they had to do their part and Zion felt like he had to set them straight, on the right path.
Ueki / Bonsly-Sudowoodo: Zion found it hiding in his garden one day eating his crops. He tried to chase it off and when he finally cornered it, it started bawling (Fake Tears). This caught him off guard and he faltered. The Bonsly saw an opening and slipped past Zion, but not before throwing a move at him and sticking its tongue out, and then running away. The Bonsly returned in the days of the following week and caused a lot of trouble for Zion until he finally captured it. It took forever because it was devious and clever and it wasn’t afraid to fight back. They even set up traps for it. Aoi and Naga were the main ones who chased after it while Don supervised (it’s surprisingly agile) and it had a lot of fun making them scramble around. It used the Fake Tears trick on Zion again but he wasn't fazed. In fact, he gave it an angry stern lecture and it sulked.
Hagame / Turtwig: The Turtwig lives in his garden and spends most of her time sleeping amongst Zion's crops. He found that she had wandered in and made a home for herself and he was really afraid she’d eat and damage his crops. But he found out that she didn't and actually made his plants healthier so he just left her alone (also mainly because he failed to drive her out) She was always sleeping and once she was asleep, she wouldn't wake up and she was very heavy - so he got Aoi and Naga to lift and carry her out of the garden, left her outside and they shut the gates next day she was back at the same place so this continued on for a while until Zion kinda gave up since she wasn't really being a nuisance. She is also a very clean Pokemon. Zion appreciates that. He feeds and waters her regularly like another one of his plants. She also produces oxygen which boosts health and in turn she boosted the health of his crops xD She’s a grass type Pokemon so idk I guess she was good for the plants too She sleeps a lot and doesn't really bother anyone. Sometimes Zion takes the time out to polish her shell.
Fūrin / Chimecho: Inherited from his great-grandparents together with the house as a guardian.
Kirby / Sylveon: Picked out from a litter of Eevees given away in school a local Eevee breeder (same as Jacob)
Mickey / Marill-Azumarill: He got his Azurill from a trip to the beach. He befriended it and it followed him back
Pinkie / Cleffa-Clefairy-Clefable: Appeared during the night of a meteor shower. While everyone else was out watching the meteor shower, she snuck into Day’s house to steal but got stuck. She literally broke in. Pinkie loves Minior-shaped candies
Benny / Togepi-Togetic: Given to Day as an egg by his god-aunt, Noella as a Christmas gift (in conjunction with Jacob’s Mimi)
Pixie / Cutiefly-Ribombee: Aeriel’s childhood pokemon.
Mochi / Pikachu: He was found entangled and stuck wires and overcharged after a power outage and was very ill with electrical overcharging. Day’s mum nursed it back to health. Because they usually release Pokémon they’ve nursed back to health, Day pleaded for his mum to keep the Pikachu. He now stays as their family pet.
[need to edit and figure out how they met and how to summarise things......but don’t have the motivation or time....but i plan to finish it...wendie]
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pokemonengineerann · a year ago
Entry 2
Things did not go according to plan...
The wild area is incredible!
The Valley Train Station is the biggest in the area for good reason. It’s the last piece of civilization for 50 square miles. There’s a small hotel, a restaurant, a Pokemon Center, and a shop selling first aid supplies, maps, and pokeballs. The Valley Station looks just the way I pictured it-- log cabin on a massive scale. The vaulted ceiling is held up by rough-hewn timbers more than a foot across. The wooden floors are polished smooth by a century of foot traffic. The lights were obviously converted from candles to electricity sometime around the invention of the light bulb and haven’t been updated since. The light, dimmed and warmed by thick glass, only added to the rustic atmosphere. Stepping off the train into the station felt like stepping into history. 
The station wasn’t crowded. The shop was empty and when i saw what they were charging for pokeballs out here, it wasn’t hard to figure out why. A cluster of hikers were refilling their water bottles. Based on the size of the bags I figured there were planning to be in the wild for at least a few days. 
I swear I could feel people watching me. Girl by herself, no pokeballs on her belt, I was ready for someone to stop me with a lecture, but no one did.
I stepped out of the station and was half blinded by the sun. When I blinked my eyes and my vision cleared, the enormity of what I was about to do finally hit. 
I was standing on top of a small hill. Below the wild area stretched as far as I could see. A wide meadow dissolved into a dense, green forest. In the distance, mountains loomed. A gust of wind ruffled my hair and brought with it the sweet smell of honeysuckle in bloom.
All I could do was stare. I didn’t know where to start.
In the distance, I heard a familiar squawk. It was a pidgey. I was sure of it.
With a deep breath, I took took my first step down the dirt path towards the meadow. The sun was high overhead. I had about 5 hours until dark and the last train home.
The meadow was bigger than I first thought. When I made it down the hill and into the field I found the grass and flowers were waist high at least. All I could hear was a steady rustle from the field. I couldn’t tell if it was from Pokemon or the wind.
I fingered the repel on my belt. For the first time I thought, Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. 
10 steps in I brushed a flower with my elbow and it chirped at me. Or more accurately the small, white fairy Pokemon perched on the flower chirped at me.
I may have screamed a little bit. The Flabebe screamed a little bit back. The plants around it started to wave and grow. I know a vine whip when I see it coming and bolted. 
I stumbled off the path and nearly collided with a zigzagoon that wasn’t too happy about my sudden appearance. It snapped at me and I kept running. 
In my panic, I forgot about the repel on my belt and ran head first through the grass and flowers. The rustling on the grass was louder off the path and it was definitely following me. 
I ran until the the grass grew shorter and I tripped over a tree root. I rolled onto my back just in time to see 3 zigzagoon come barreling out of the grass. I grabbed the repel and sprayed the whole bottle.
The zigzagoon stopped short, wrinkled their noses, and then disappeared back into the meadow.
In case you are wondering, repels smell terrible.
At this point, I should have called it a day, crossed the meadow now that I was soaked in repel, gone home, and paid someone to help me catch a Pokemon.
But, I am stubborn and I figured I’d spent enough time researching and preparing for this. I would be fine. 
So, I set off through the forest. I figured I’d meet up with the meadow path if I kept walking parallel to the edge of the forest.
I got distracted. The forest was beautiful. The sunlight filtered through the canopy in golden beams and soft green shadow. The trees were big, too wide for me to reach my arms around. 
I heard a pidgey call in the distance and saw a butterfee pass far over head. Without thinking, I followed it deeper into the trees.
Every turn was something new. I saw a foongus perched on a fallen log and a small herd of deerling in their spring pink grazing in a clearing. 
In the distance, I heard a river, and when I ended up on its bank I could only stop and stare again. Water boiled over rocks to form a wild set of rapids. In the calm pools along the bank, a wooper watched me for a moment with wide eyes before diving under the surface.
Overhead, a braviary soared.
I noticed the sun was already lower than I had expected. I’d burned at least 2 hours already. It was time to get serious. 
I used the river to wash some of the repel off my arms and stashed my repel soaked jacket in my bag. I made sure my pokeballs were in easy reach.
Sneaking up on Pokemon didn’t work out so well. I found plenty of caterpie, but by the time I got within pokeball range, they scampered up into the canopy. 
At one point, a pidgey came flying by. I threw, missed, and lost the pokeball in the underbrush.
Then, I spotted them. 3 seedot handing from a low branch at the edge of a clearing.
The wind was blowing towards me, so they wouldn’t smell the repel lingering on my clothes. I crept closer.
I pressed myself tight against the tree trunk and readied my pokeball.
I froze. Something nudged my shoulder. Slowly, I turned my head. There was a weedle climbing from the tree trunk to my backpack. 
I swallowed hard. My mom was allergic to weedle stings. I’d never been stung, but there was a good chance I was allergic too. But, it would be fine because weedle didn’t sting unless you startled them.
Something shrieked, “SEEEEEEE!” and came hurtling to the ground in front of me. 
I jumped, the weedle went flying, and the seedot hopped to its feet with a victorious, “Dot!”
I’d thought I was sneaking up on the seedot, but they were just waiting for the perfect opportunity to startle me. It’s one of the species’ favorite hobbies.
The seedot blinked at me and I couldn’t help but laugh.
“Very funny,” I told it as I readied my pokeball.
That’s when I heard the buzzing.
I turned to see the weedle I’d launched staring at me with a very large and very angry looking beedrill behind it.
The seedot took off running and I was right behind it.
I was out of repel. It was getting dark fast and the beedrill seemed to be enjoying chasing me through the forest.
In the distance, I saw the trees beginning to thin and put on one last burst of speed. If I could make it to the meadow, maybe the beedrill would let me go.
It wasn’t the meadow. 
I tumbled headfirst into a marshy pond and came up sputtering. The beedrill was bearing down. I swear it was grinning with those mandibles.
I squeezed my eyes closed and threw up my arms shield my face.
The sting never came. 
Instead I heard something a bit like a hose.
I opened my eyes in time to see another jet of water slam into the beedrill and drive it back in to the forest. It took off without a backwards glance.
I turned slowly, careful not to startle whatever Pokemon decided to come to my rescue.
A pair of red eyes stared at me from the weeds.
“I’m not going to hurt you,” I promised. “I owe you one anyway.”
The Pokemon slipped out of the cattails and I smiled. “I didn’t know squirtle lived here.”
“Squir?” the squirtle mumbled. It swam closer, probably trying to figure out what sort of weird human had landed in its pond.
It circled me slowly.
I shivered. The pond wasn’t deep, but it was cold and the sun was definitely setting. The sky was fading for a soft lavender overhead.
“I don’t suppose you know the way back to the meadow?” I asked the squirtle.
“Squirtle,” It replied. It paused in its circling and stood on its hind legs. 
Something rustled in the underbrush and the squirtle whipped around to face the trees, foam bubbling in its mouth. 
That’s when I spotted the mark on its shell, a little pink in heart drawn in purple nail polish.
This is someone’s Pokemon, I realized.
When nothing appeared from the underbrush, the squirtle turned back to me.
“Where’s your trainer?” I asked.
The squirtle tilted its head and then paddled over to me. I held still while it bumped my shoulder with its head.
“Not me,” I sighed. “Where’s your trainer?” I asked again. If squirtle’s trainer was nearby, they’d know how to get back to the meadow and the train station.
Squirtle just headbutted me again.
A heartbreaking theory began to form in my mind. I was sure squirtle weren’t native to this area. Looking at it, the squirtle seemed under sized. Its shell was rough, not smooth and sleek like the ones I was used to seeing at the reserves, possibly the result of a vitamin deficiency. 
As I sat there, it nudged me again and tried to crawl into my lap.
With the squirtle sitting on my knees, I pulled out a pokeball. If squirtle had a trainer, my pokeball wouldn’t work on it. 
Squirtle’s face lit up at the sight of my pokeball and it didn’t try to dodge as I activated the ball.
The squirtle disappeared into the ball in a beam of red light. The ball quivered once in my hand and then stilled. I’d caught my first Pokemon and I was royally pissed. Who in releases a Pokemon in an area they don’t live? This pond isn’t big enough for a squirtle. They need lots of space to swim and hunt for fish. This squirtle is clearly used to people. There is a good chance it was breed in captivity. Most squirtle these days are. 
I cradled the pokeball to my chest. Tears blurred my vision. We were both lost and alone in the woods. 
The sound of laughter and the squeal of braking tires startled me out of my thoughts. 
I turned and spotted a pair of bikers, two girls, on the other side of the pond.
“You okay?” one of the girls asked.
“Any chance you know how to get back to the train station?” I asked. My voice only wavered a little bit.
Turns out the bikers were on their way back to the station same as me. There names were Lily and Abby. They’d been biking and camping across the wild area for 3 days. We weren’t far from the meadow and the path they were on would take us all back to the station. I told them they didn’t need to walk with me, but both insisted on walking their bikes beside me. We talked while we walked. I found out Lily and Abby were a couple years older than me and this was their second anniversary. They’d met challenging the Sinnoh League after high school and fallen in love while training together for the championship tournament. 
Lily was horrified that I’d come to the wild area alone, without a Pokemon. Before she could shift into full on mom mode, Abby cut her off with a light elbow. “I’m pretty sure I remember someone who caught her first pokemon by chasing it around in the tall grass until it was too tired to runaway.”
Lily rolled her eyes. “Abs, I was 8, I didn’t know any better, and it was a beadoof. That’s not the same thing.”
Abby just laughed and Lily shook her head with a smile.
“I guess it all worked out okay, judging from the pokeball you’re hugging,” Lily added with a glance in my direction.
I nodded and told them about the day’s misadventures.
Abby giggled. “Remember when we ran into all of those kakuna last year.”
Lily shuddered. “Yeah. I remember saving your bug-phobic butt from mama-beedrill.”
Abby and Lily saw me safely onto the train and insisted on giving me their phone numbers. “In case you ever want to explore the wild area again,” Abby said. “And in case you want to battle once you get that squirtle trained up,” Lily added. “Most fun battle I’ve ever had was against a blastoise.”
So now I’m riding the train back to campus with squirtle safe in its pokeball. I had the Pokemon center at the Valley Station check it over and they said the squirtle isn’t in immediate danger, but I needed to schedule a visit to my home Pokemon Center. Squirtle and I have one scheduled for first thing in the morning. 
I’m still damp, muddy, and cold, but I’m also excited. I’ve been reading about squirtle on my phone and I think I can make this work. I don’t know what squirtle’s life looked like before we met, but I promise it’s going to have a great life with me. I already love squirtle dearly. The brave, sweet, little thing it is.
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pokemonengineerann · a year ago
New Journal!
So... I don’t really know what I’m supposed to write in this thing, but Ari says all real trainers keep a journal and if I’m going to do this I need to go all in and do it right.
My name is Ann, I’m 23 years old, and today I’m going to start my Pokemon journey. A little late, but better than never I guess. 
I didn’t grow up with Pokemon. Sure, I saw the occasional wild rattatta and caterpie in the neighborhood garden and I watched all the league battles on TV, but no one in my neighborhood owned any Pokemon. Pokemon are powerful, even the little ones. Aka they don’t do well cooped up in small apartments. Pokemon deserve space to roam or extensive exercise and most need specialized care. No one in my house had the time or money for us to keep a Pokemon as a pet. As for going on a Pokemon journey at 10... let’s just say my parents weren’t a fan. With no local gyms or trainer schools, there was no where for me to go that didn’t involve an airplane ticket. I knew early on that becoming a Pokemon trainer wasn’t in my cards.
I never told my parents that the morning of my 10th birthday there was still a piece of me hoping to find a pokeball waiting for me.
The only person I’ve ever told that to is my best friend, Ari. She’s the one responsible for reigniting my childhood dreams of Pokemon battles and adventures to faraway places.
I met Ari when I moved to Celend on the Lake for college. She was my freshmen roommate and we became fast friends. She’s a studying to become a poke-biologist. Ari grew up in the heart of the Unova League, Castelia City. She went on a journey at 10, collected 6 badges, and completed the local pokedex (which was how she earned her a scholarship to the Technological University). 
Ari’s the one who introduced me to the concept of bio-mimicry in engineering. At its most basic, its the idea of finding solutions to man-made problems in nature. 
For example, the stone exoskeleton of an Onyx undergoes a chemical transition when exposed to metal coat. Regardless of whether the Onyx started with a granite, slate, or sandstone based exoskeleton, the resulting Steelix has an exoskeleton with 20 times the compressive strength of aerospace grade steel and 50 times the tensile strength. Understanding how that chemical transformation happens has allowed researchers to convert stone to steel in the laboratory, no Pokemon necessary. This new type of super steel has the possibility to revolutionize building. Imagine being able to pour concrete forms and then transform the concrete to steel. Imagine the applications in civil engineering, bridges, roads, construction. 
Long story short, I fell down a bunnelby hole and declared a concentration in biomimicry to go with my mechanical engineering degree. 
Now, I’m working on my senior project and applying to different companies. The problem is I have a bit of a big gap in my knowledge base. I’ve never owned a Pokemon. Everything I know comes from research articles and trips to the local reserves when I can observe the local species. 
Ari’s been trying to convince me for the last 4 years to get my own Pokemon. The college has a dedicated daycare center and you can take classes on Pokemon Care, battling skills, and contest skills for humanity credits and Physical Education credits respectively. There’s even special accommodations for Pokemon in the dorms. We’re only 4 hours by train from the Unova League, so lots of people spend their breaks challenging gyms.
If I’m being honest, I’ve been relying on a lot of excuses to avoid becoming a trainer. After all these years, I’m a little scared. What if I mess up? What if I’m not a good a trainer and my Pokemon get hurt or they hurt someone else? 
But, it’s time to get over those fears. I have a job offer from the Pokemon Transport Company. I’ll be working closely with a team of engineers and Pokemon to create new methods of transportation. 
I know if anyone reads this, they’ll probably think I’m an idiot for catching a Pokemon to improve my resume. I can already hear the people calling me irresponsible and impulsive, but I’m not. The job is just an excuse. Since I decided to catch my own Pokemon, I haven’t been able to stop dreaming about the adventures I longed for as a kid. I feel like I’m a day shy of my 10th birthday again and there’s a whole new adventure waiting on the horizon. I’m terrified of messing up, because I want so badly for this to go well.
I’ve done my research and selected 3 species of Pokemon that I know I have the resources to care for and I believe will fit well with my lifestyle. I booked a train ticket to the wild area outside of Celend and I have a variety of pokeballs in my bag. I’ve never been to the wild area, but from my research this region is dominated by deciduous forests, clean flowing streams, and pristine wetlands. It shouldn’t be difficult to track down a caterpie, pidgey, or seedot.
Welp... The train is pulling into my stop. Guess It’s time to stop writing about become a Pokemon trainer and actually go do it!
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