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#I got the pfizer one
teawithswift5 days ago
My legs are really achy from the vaccine
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appropriate-writers-name19 days ago
Had to check myself
Okay so I saw this video while scrolling on the tiktoks, and I was like 馃馃馃馃 I listened to it 100x and couldn't really figure out what I thought about it. I liked a certain part of it, but like the whole thing didn't really sound like a good harmony. Now mind yall, my only real musical experience is from 4 years of highschool band (saxophonist). So I know a thing or two, but I know that the voice as an instrument is a whole different animal so I don't even step my foot where I don't belong. But anyways, after the 101st listen I had decided that I didn't really like the combination, but I checked the comments to see what others thought. Apparently the classically trained and very knowledgeable vocalist were basically saying this is the greatest sound on the app and allat. I couldn't really understand it bc my ears work just fine and it doesn't sound good to me.
So as I was getting angry at all the vocalists basically saying that anyone who thinks this is bad just doesn't know what good vocals are, and I had to stop myself. The reason I had to stop is because as a professional baker I feel the same way about people that don't like certain desserts. In my head I'm like "there is no way you don't like this. it's bc you don't understand what it's supposed to be/taste like, and if you did understand, you would like it". I know it comes from a superiority complex lol, you don't gotta tell me 馃槄
But my point, I had to realize that the vocalists were doing the same thing. They understand something more than me, and honestly have a better gauge on what is considered good vocals and what isn't. Now, I'm not gonna say that my experience of the video isn't valid, it 100% is, but I needed to realize that my opinion is based off of a very limited understanding. It doesn't mean that because classically trained people are saying this is incredible that I immediately agree, I still don't like the audio, but I just know that there is apparently something more that I'm not seeing.
So in all this, and like in all things, it brings me to topics of issues with race. Today on tiktok I saw a post of an African American woman asking for the Arabs to explain why they call people Abeed/Abd(slave), especially when referring to black people. So I check the comments and I saw mostly white passing Arabs explaining that it doesn't mean what the word means. That the definition of Abeed/Abd in Arabic means slave, but we use the word as a term of honor and use it to refer to slaves/servants/worshippers of God. 99% of the comments were saying this, and most of the icons had pictures of white passing Arabs. So enter me, a Black Arab, ready to bust this whole thing wide open. YES, Abeed/Abd IS used as a term of highest honor bc Arab culture is HEAVILY influenced by Islamic culture, BUTTTTTT white passing Arabs do use the term as a racial slur馃き They can and have used the term to refer to Black Arabs as slaves(referring to the African Slave Trade) Arab superiority complex is strong as hell, in both religion and culture. Much like the rest of the world, the need to appeal to white colonizers has infiltrated the Arab world to a point where they call THEIR OWN PEOPLE who are of a different color slurs.... like what in the fuck?? It's ridiculous. BUT MY POINT ONCE AGAIN lol, is that who that woman should have asked were the people who understood the issue: the Black Arabs
Similarly to asking vocalists about the audio, or bakers about desserts, we should ask the oppressed about oppression. You can ask anyone for their opinion about whatever, and they will give you whatever limited understanding they have on the topic, but for an accurate interpretation of an issue the "professionals" should be asked. And the "nonprofessionals" should not be offended that their opinion is overshadowed by people who actually know too.
This goes for white women tbh, yeah I said it馃し馃徑鈥嶁檧锔
I realized that me getting angry about being told that my limited opinion of an audio is irrelevant because I really don't know enough to speak about it was very Karen energy. Unlike Karens, I caught myself before the thoughts left my head and into the comments lmao. I'm not saying my opinion on the matter is invalid, it's just irrelevant. And if you can't tell the difference, then I'm sorry you wasted your time with this post lol, you're the fucking problem. I've just seen a lot of posts on social media of white women speaking about non white women issues, incorrectly. Very much speaking over the people who actually know about the topic. Like sometimes the best way to be an ally is to stfu and listen, not everything(honestly nothing) requires some whitewomansplaining.
Anyways, my point, shut the fuck up and stay in your lane.
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legionofpotatoesa month ago
from other news I finally got vaccinated and booked for a second dose!!!
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kaiba-cavea month ago
Tumblr media
Never been so excited to get a vaccine lmao. First dose done!
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fanboyjacka month ago
i just got vaccinated woohooooo
also if anyone reading this has yet to get the vaccine and is worried abt pain or side effects, most likely all you鈥檒l get is soreness in your arm, minor tiredness, and possibly a slight headache. the shot hurts less than the flu shot, honestly.
(this is pfizer not moderna so idk if moderna entails different expectations :/)
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mrn2electricboogalooa month ago
Guess who just got microchipped 馃槑
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radioactive-spacemena month ago
Got my second shot yesterday!
tldr update: my immune system right now
Tumblr media
Had a mild fever last night, arms still sore like last time so no news there. But I鈥檓 currently living in mild fear of coughing with this headache, even walking fast aggravates it
But hey, all good signs that my body has been so eager to K.O this wee lil鈥 virus! With any luck I can stop being a zombie in a day or two and feel human once more
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flyingfalconflowera month ago
accidentally wrote 2021 as my birth year at the covid vaccination clinic 馃榾
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kiwipitupandstira month ago
research told me that moderna was more painful than pfizer but goddamn it's like having covid.5 w a marble in ur arm
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