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#I fear for this curious idiot
*Cat is balancing precariously on the (cold) radiator*
Me: Reba either go in the window or jump down you're going to hurt yourself
Me: *I lightly push her in the side towards the window*
Reba: *tips to the side dramatically without falling off*
Reba, eyes wide: you SHOVE Reba?? You SHOVE her body like the STRANGER?!? oh! Oh! JAIL for sister! Jail for sister for ONE THOUSAND YEARS!!!
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diva-1-online · 4 days ago
Nightmare | Mondo x reader (gn?)
Angst(?)at the start-finishes with fluff
You had already heard this. Mondo had already broke down to you about his brother. But this was more than that. This was it.
“I couldn’t keep the promise we made. From one man to another.” Mondo then turned to you and softly grabbed your hand. “And I’m sorry (Y/n). I should’ve been stronger.”
“Mondo.” You whispered, trying to not cry in front of everyone. This was it. The last of him, the last memory together.
“Let’s get this show on the road! It’s-“
“Can I please just have another minute,” you began to beg Monokuma as the class watched tears begin to stream down. Hot tears that nobody had seen you shed before. No one but Mondo that is.
“Hmm,” Monokuma looked thoughtful for a second before grinning. “Nope! It’s punishment time!”
“(Y/n),” Taka placed his hand on your shoulder, leaning in to comfort you. “It’s al. It’ll be ok. It’s just.” You could tell he needed comfort too. Watching his best friend be turned to butter is certainly traumatic yet it seemed that only you two cared. The rest simply ignored you both.
Taka could hardly eat anything without bursting into tears, fearful of accidentally eating his friend. It was up to you to take care of him now. Giving him small plates of fruits and veggies so there was for sure no way he could eat butter, making sure he got to bed and actually slept, always being with him for support. Of course, he had to help you too. It was a mutual agreement.
But some people were just too curious. Was it not obvious you were just helping a friend? To Celestia, no.
“My, (Y/n), you and Ishimaru seem quite close since Mondo died. Could it be you and him are together?”
“Shut up,” you glared to her, wishing, praying, she would just shut up about you two. At the very least she could leave Mondo’s name out of it.
“If I didn’t know better I’d say you and Ishimaru are together now. It’s like you didn’t even care for Mond- OH!” Her voice faltered down as you swiped for her face, barely scratching her cheek.
“You and that ever changing accent need to be quiet. Taka and I are grieving, something people do for their friends. I guess you just don’t have any.”
“Oh, ha ha. Friends? In a killing game? There are none here. And I bet at any chance your new boyfriend will turn on you.” She whispered, clutching your hand to keep it away from her face. You yanked your hand away and quietly walked off, tears burning at your lids.
“Hifumi, might I have a word?” You heard her say, walking into another room.
It was like he came out of nowhere. Hifumi and you had never been on amazing terms but never this bad. Never so bad he would be trying to kill you and Taka.
Well Taka was already dead but.
“This is what you and that idiot boy get for assaulting Celestia!” Hifumi lunged at you once more as you stumbled backwards. You felt your foot twist as you hit the floor, hands covering your face.
“No, I never did that! I swear, please-“
Did you just die?
“(Y/n), cmon.” You felt a large hand over your head, shaking you slightly. Your eyes fluttered open as you saw your boyfriend next to you, worry spread across his face.
“Yea, c’mere babe.” Mondo wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into his chest tightly. “You were crying. Was it a nightmare?”
“Do you wanna… talk… about it?”
Instead of saying any words, you tossed yourself on top of his body, tightly grabbing onto his chest, not letting go. He laughed before laying back down, hands stroking your back to lull you back to sleep.
“Don’t worry babe, I’m not going anywhere.”
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moviekid826 · 6 days ago
sns fic rec II 🤍✨
hiii again!! sharing a few of my fav sns fics again just for fun 😌
Tumblr media
(in no particular order) ((pls remember to check out a fic's tags before reading it))
simmer by moonwatcher
Naruto scrubs at his cheek with the palm of his hand, feeling his face flush with the remnants of anger from the day. “He’s not easy to please. Always has to have the last word. Tries to one up me in the subtlest ways, the bastard.” “Oh?” his mother sounds more curious now and Naruto starts to pout. “What are you thinking?” "Just that he sounds a little familiar is all.”
recently read this and it instantly became one of my fav sns fics ever. everything about it was just perfect. slow burn usually makes me impatient, but it was done so lovely in this fic. i could really feel the way they fell in love with each other 🥺 the writing is also absolutely flawless and moonwatcher's Sasuke was so freaking spot on (i'm usually really picky with Sasuke in fics so!!!)
In Any Lifetime by MadeNew
When Sasuke's thirteen, he wakes up crying for a life lived long ago and a boy he's never met. When he's sixteen, he remembers the boy's name. When he's nineteen, he decides it's time to find him.
reincarnation AU my beloved <3 this was sosososo beautiful. "He’ll always choose Naruto, every time. And Naruto has always chosen him, even when it was beyond stupid to do so." ugh, my heart
The Twenty-Third of July by moonlitmantras
Naruto brings Sasuke a gift on his 18th birthday and the Uchiha clan is there to embarrass the shit out of him.
the Uchihas alive and well, do u need another reason to read this fic????
Last Ones Out by hereforwords
Sasuke just stood there, wondering what expression he was making, numb all over with a distant ringing in his ears. It was only when they were pulling away from each other and Hinata turned and met his eye that Sasuke finally remembered himself and looked down, forcing himself to stop standing so stiffly. (Naruto and Hinata start dating. Naruto and Sasuke try and fail to be okay with it.)
this fic 🤧 sasuke's pain was so raw and real, i teared up multiple times. i'm also a sucker for soft!sasuke and he's so soft in this fic <3 it also gave me multiple cavities lmao, such a good read!!
Tea for Two by Unknown_de_Mordor
Sasuke was pronounced a violin prodigy when he was seven, a genius virtuoso when he was twenty. As far as he was concerned, a jazz violinist shouldn’t hold a candle to him, should he? Then why couldn't he stop being obsessed with Uzumaki Naruto?
i love pining <33333 also i tend to prefer canon fics, but sometimes adult sns in a modern universe hits the spot
Armistice by surveycorpsjean
Sasuke is still here. Or maybe; love hasn't passed them yet.
i don't usually read any sns fics set in the Boruto universe, but this one gets a free pass. there's just something about it... i've probably read it like 10 times. it's really so amazing, and there were so many parts that had me legit screaming such as:
"Sasuke’s sharingan spins threateningly, and Naruto thinks of the Uchiha curse. They are burdened to love so intensely, so completely that the loss of it drives them into madness and power. They’re feared for the strength of their obsessions, scoffed at for their clinginess. Naruto must be wrong in the head, because the mere thought of it turns butterflies in his stomach."
spring days by sanguinedawns
Naruto rolls his eyes, knocking his shoulder into Sasuke’s sternum, “You manage fine on days without me.” Sasuke purposely says next, “You hardly know my woes.” “What now?”
i don't think i'll ever be able to make an sns fic rec post without including sanguinedawns, they're my fav sns author for a reason <3 this fic has everything: soft boys, idiots in love, team taka, STUDIO GHIBLI. such a gem!!!!
for more fic recs, u can always message me if you're looking for a specific fic or feel free to check out my sns fic spreadsheet!! it's just a silly spreadsheet compiled of almost every single sns fic i've ever read. i hope u enjoy!!! happy reading 🧚‍♀️
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musekicker · 8 days ago
For your BlitzDad Au where Blitz isn't vanished, I'd love to know how Blitz reacted to one (or all) of the baby-parents telling him they're pregnant
Jack and Jill weren't a concept yet when I started writing this. So this one only covers Glitz, Orpheus, and Kalamity.
Verosika was the first to call Blitz up. It had been only two months since the last time they had one of their flings. Honestly Blitz did not expect to hear from Verosika again after how he had stole her car and maxxed out her credit cards.
Yet she did call. If Blitz had recognized the number he wouldn't had picked up.
"What!?" Blitz screamed into the phone, expecting another telemarketer.
"What yourself dipshit." Verosika replied.
"Ugh, you." Blitz said. "What the fuck do you want?"
"I want to talk.." Verosika said.
Blitz started to laugh.
"oh honey, you're trying to get back with me? I could think about it but-"
"No you idiot! I'm pregnant!" Verosika snapped.
The laughter stopped. There was a moment of pure silence.
"No shit, Seriously?" Blitz asked.
"I wouldn't joke about this shit." Verosika said.
"And it's..." Blitz said.
"Yeah, it's yours. Why else would I call you?" Verosika.
More silence.
"Give me a second here Verosika..."
The phone was placed down, and Blitz walked to his office door, opened it and shouted out "Loona! You're getting a sibling!"
"What!?" was the chorus of Loona, Millie, and Moxxie.
The baby looked a lot more like her mother. She was pink and had her eyes. Her horns were more like a female imps though and there were white markings on her that as she got older would look more like star shapes.
Verosika was the one to name the baby Glitz, refusing to let Blitz name her because he would suggest stupid horse names, which he would had.
And as much as Blitz and Verosika hated and were vicious to each other, they both able to agree that Glitz would mainly live with Verosika but would have visits to Blitz's place.
About a year and a half later there was another child.
Stolas having Orpheus was a whole thing.
Blitz didn't know how exactly it had happened. But then, Stolas was demon royalty and who knew with them. At this point he had no reason to think this kids just happening thing when Blitz was involved was just a him thing.
This one Blitz learned about in person. The fact that Stolas wanted to talk to Blitz face to face before the new moon itself had told Blitz something big was up. When Stolas made sure all servants were out of the palace Blitz had been close to terrified. He had good reason to be.
"I think I'm carrying a egg." Stolas had said.
Blitz had swore.
"And it can only be yours."
More swearing.
The fear of this being found out was a big thing while Orpheus egg was forming. If this was ever discovered by the wrong people there was no question that there would be deaths. Including the eggs. There would be no mercy.
Blitz was just happy when the egg was laid and that they could get the egg to a safer spot. It was funny to Blitz that his own home was a safer place for a egg then a palace. During that time Blitz had to stay with the egg. That meant no jobs for as long as it took for the egg to hatch. Stolas was thankfully supporting the IMP business and Blitz himself during all this. This had been freely given. A thing that Blitz was thankful for. It gave him time to focus on this new child and Glitz when she came to visit.
The story to Verosika about Orpheus was that he had found the baby abandoned during a grocery run. Verosika didn't quite believe that but also didn't care enough to push into the story.
It would had been easy enough to string together who the hybrid child was related to. Orpheus certainly looked owl like in his general body shape, downy feathers, and owl eyes. Unlike Stolas. Orpheus had only two eyes, a imp tail, and horns like Blitz's.
As his down started to disappear brown feathers made themselves know.
Orpheus, unlike Glitz was a quiet, curious child from the very beginning. Unless he got ahold of any sugar. Then that was chaos.
Blitz still did not link the fact Stolas was able to have a egg to himself. But when it happened with Striker, Blitz couldn't deny the connection anymore.
Striker did not have the decency to talk face to face with Blitz when it came to Kalamity. Just left a note along with Kalamity herself on the door step.
Kalamity looked so much like Striker in her general body shape. Though she had Blitz's coloring. Her tail was more whip like, lashing in the air when she was curious, or just wanted attention.
She was not at all bothered by her new home. Her first reaction to Blitz was to reach for his face and place her tiny hands on his face.
"Bah!" she had babbled.
Blitz caught himself smiling and knowing that there was no way this ever would had played out different, brought Kalamity inside.
Not long after, as Kalamity was playing with her tail Blitz watched his third child with the same parent proudness that he had for all his kids.
"Keeping her too, aren't you?" Loona asked.
"Yeah..." Blitz said.
"Are there anymore possible siblings I should worry about?" Loona asked.
Blitz thought about that question longer then made Loona comfortable.
"I can not promise you there possibly won't be more kids showing up." Blitz said.
"Right. I'm going to make plans to move out if more show up." Loona said
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carelessannie · 8 days ago
starker + nesting? 🥺 (as in a/b/o)
Ohhhh this is one of my favorites, hope you love it 💗💗
Sorry it’s not smutty, honestly I felt like this scene was supposed to be soft so here’s some fluff!
Here’s the link to my bingo card for Inappropriate use of web shooters
Warnings: omegaverse, inappropriate use of web blasters (which actually might be a bingo fill for me, woops), and some light groping (if you can call it that)
Peter stumbles out of his room, vision blurry from sleep as he yawns.
“Tonesy?” he warbles, blinking around the living room, completely empty and quiet. It’s a bit concerning that— so close to his heat— his Alpha would leave him alone like this. Every instinct in his body is pushing him back to the bedroom, back to his makeshift nest, but he has to find his mate.
“Friday, where’s Tony?”
There’s a pause before she answers, “You can probably find him out on the penthouse balcony."
A stab of fear has Peter sprinting towards the balcony access, throwing open the door and looking around wildly for his stupid, idiotic Alpha.
He doesn’t expect to see Tony— fully dressed in the Iron Man armor— shooting long ropes of webbing fluid out of his palms instead of repulsor blasts.
“A-alpha?” he stutters, rubbing his arms as a gust of wind chills his already overheated skin, “Tony?"
The armored mask turns to look at him, and Tony stops firing webs at the underside of the wall. He lands in front of Peter, blocking the oncoming wind, and lifts the mask, “Hey, baby— thought you were still sleeping?"
“S’cold without you."
Tony’s face falls as he looks from the mess of webs and back to Peter, “I... I’m almost done, if you’d like to see."
Peter perks up, “Something for me?"
“Mhm, made it especially for you, baby,” Tony leans forward to dot a kiss on his nose, and gives Peter a light tap on his ass, “why don’tcha run and grab your favorite blankets— I’ll be done when you get back."
It only takes a few minutes to gather the blankets from his nest, promising himself to arrange it even better next time, and skips back to where Tony’s folding away the Iron Man suit. He spends a moment watching— it’s always a piece of art to watch the nanobites at work. To watch his Alpha at work.
Tony stretches out his arms, “Here, give me those. Why don’t you go check it out?"
Peter’s skeptical of the giant wad of webbing, but hands over his blankets obediently. He crawls up the side of the balcony wall, sticking easily to the metal exterior. As Peter approaches, he notices an opening towards the crease— like an upside-down igloo. Curious.
He peers inside and almost loses his breath. No.
“Alpha,” Peter exhales. The interior of the webbed igloo is completely hallow, and the upper rim is transparent, giving him an unobstructed view of the city sky line while also remaining entirely hidden from view.
As he crawls inside, Peter lets himself unstick, rolling onto his back in the center of the structure and giggling joyfully. Tony made a nest for him. And not just any nest, no. His Alpha made him a spider’s nest.
There’s a soft, padded mattress on the base, and small shelving around the walls, already stocked with their favorite heat snacks, water and other necessities.
“Alpha!” Peter throws himself back out of the nest, sliding down the wall until he lands nose to nose with Tony. “I can’t believe... Alpha, you made me a nest."
“Of course I did, Peter— you deserve it.”
Peter throws back his head, laughing in an overwhelming wave of happiness. Oh, he’s so irrevocably in love.
“Join me,” Peter breathes, snatching back the blankets. He races up the wall and back into his nest, secure in the knowledge that Tony is flying close behind him.
It’s easy. It’s perfect. The webbing somehow catches and amplifies their combined scents, wrapping both Alpha and Omega in the comfort of their embrace. It’s the quickest Peter has ever started purring for his Alpha, and promises himself never to leave, ever.
Once all the blankets and pillows are arranged— Peter only going back to the bedroom once to grab more— they lay spooned together, drifting back to sleep before Peter’s heat hits in the morning.
Tony noses the back of his neck, rubbing Peter’s tummy with lazy fingers, “M’glad you like it."
And Peter just wiggles back into the crease of Tony’s hip, excited for the next few days together. He leads Tony’s hand down to cup him between the legs, soft and secure in his Alpha’s grip.
“S’perfect, Alpha. Can’t wait—" he yawns, shaking out his curls and rubbing at his eyes, “— can’t wait for you to knot me in it."
He can hear Tony chuckle behind him, but Peter just shrugs, letting sleep overtake him. He’s not sure why his Alpha is laughing— Peter is dead serious— but the warmth and the comfort take him under, cocooned wonderfully in the safety of their nest.
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alannada · 8 days ago
The Fae Tree Chapter 24
Tumblr media
"Who is Kagome?"
The question made Inuyasha's smug smirk falter. He lowered his head a bit, his ears twitching to dislodge a few petals that landed on his head. The surge of power and pleasure of his tree appearing subsided at the sound of the Kirin's voice. The illustrious Emperor sounded confused and genuinely curious.
"She's Kagome," Inuyasha grumbled and scowled at the fact that the inquisitive stare and tilt of the head of the Kirin didn't shift to realization.
Tumblr media
"You will have to elaborate, little brother," Sesshomaru stated the obvious.
"She's the reason I am here in the first place," the youngest inu glared at his brother before turning to look at the Emperor, who was observing him curiously. "She freed me from the binding spell I was under and is my friend. I want to visit her and stuff, but my family is against that. I will meet her whenever I want, but I'd rather not have to fight my pack to do that."
"Ah," the Emperor finally nodded. "I was under the impression that you were, as many of mixed heritage, struggling with duality of your nature and came to seek my aid in reaching balance."
"No. I came here because I want to meet Kagome and not have to fight my family over it," now Inuyasha glowered. How dared that idiotic being make assumptions like that about him? He'd come here expecting the Emperor to be smarter than that. A part of him wondered how many a yasha had come here over the eons, asking for the shit Inuyasha just went through for no other reason that for being of mixed blood. As he pondered this, the brilliantly beautiful being continued speaking in this slow, thoughtful tone.
"I see. I was surprised you managed to find your balance so easily when you invoked her name, but it makes much more sense if you are emotionally attached to her. Still, the ease with which you merged together again was remarkable. Have you maybe meditated over this matter?" the Kirin asked, flicking its tail and absentmindedly creating a path of dandelions in the grass.
"Keh! I spent a century locked in a room with no company other than mice!" Inuyasha ran his clawed hand through his hair, tugging at the silver tresses in exasperation at the question. "Of course I had been thinking a lot about all kinds of stuff!"
"This one has to admit you seem to have matured a bit over that time," Sesshomaru agreed graciously. "This one wonders for how long you have to be locked away to realize that befriending a human spells only misfortune."
"Oh, shut up!" Inuyasha shook his fist at the elder inu. It took all he had to keep from attacking the idiot or swearing up a storm, but he had to follow the rules set by the Kirin.
"A human?" the Emperor asked, lifting its head, ears perking up and the whole front of its body rising to then fall graciously back to the front hooves, blood root sprouting where they had hit. The pearly eyes focused on Inuyasha, this time lacking some of the serenity; alert and focused. "Explain, young one."
So, taking a deep breath to once again gather his thoughts, Inuyasha told the tale of his reckless escapade into human lands, his capture and time under the seal. Like the previous day he woven a story about Kagome coming to live with her grandpa, finding him and befriending him despite fearing him at first. He described their banters, their games, their conversations. He even reached into his ear to pull out his flute and played some of the tunes he'd played for her, then he told the now keenly listening and silent Kirin about how she and her brother undid the spell. He told them about how he'd taken them for a night run, how Kagome had danced with him around the ookami fire, how she'd refused his proposal. He could almost see her, smiling that shy smile of hers, brown eyes gleaming with mischief and kindness.
As he spoke, neither of the listeners interrupted him. The Kirin observed the young man talking, often with his hands. Inuyasha's scowl dissipated, replaced by a genuine smile, his eyes twinkled as he revisited the memories of his last days of captivity, of the moonlit night. Inuyasha didn't even notice the wince that passed briefly across his brother's face when he mentioned his failed marital attempt. Inuyasha positively glowed and so did his tree, his aura swirling smoothly around him and lifting the ends of his hair to sway it gracefully about him as he played his flute. The Kirin glanced away from the boy only once, when his aura lapped at its hooves. The blood root growing among the grass turned in red camellias.
Inuyasha knew that he had to tell the Kirin as much as he could about Kagome and her brother. He had to do his utmost to describe them to the ageless yasha that never left this forest.  It had assumed wrong about his balance issue, but it was the highest authority among all kinds of yasha, it had to have some wisdom in that deer-like head.  No sane creature could think Kagome was capable of doing something bad. She wouldn't harm a yasha, Inuyasha was sure about that.
Oh, it was just a few days and he now realized how much he missed the wench already. He wanted to go back to her and tell her about meeting the Emperor, she'd be so curious and awed, he was sure of it. He could just imagine himself sitting on the sill of her window at dusk, her sitting on the edge of her bed, brushing her hair before going to sleep, watching him as he told her about wonders of yasha lands. Oh, he'd love to tell her about anything she wanted to, as many times as she wanted. All he'd ask in return would be to spend time with her. He could almost see the amazement in Souta's eyes at the tale about the Tessaiga and other blades his family possessed.
Finally, after a long while, Inuyasha fell silent, his smile fading a bit as he finished his tale and looked at the Kirin, The ageless yasha stood there for a moment, silent and motionless, light seemingly drawn to its coat.
"I can't allow this," the Emperor spoke quietly, but firmly.
"What? Why not?! I told you all about her, how can you possibly..." Inuyasha exclaimed, his ears laying back as he glared at the Emperor.
"She is a human. A kind, gentle human, according to what you told me," the Kirin said. "But she is still a human. She might be harmless to you, for now, but someone else can use your trust for her to do ill things. I can't do otherwise than to forbid you from going to that girl. I have seen too many loosing their life or facing even worse fate by hands of humans."
"She won't do anything! And she won't tell about me, so no one will ever know!" Inuyasha tried to influence the Emperor, his body tensing as if ready to fight. He noticed that Sesshomaru shifted his stance, just in case he'd have to jump in front of the Kirin. Stupid Sesshomaru, Inuyasha was no idiot, he wouldn't attack the Kirin, no matter how much his kuro part wanted to punch its face in. He controlled himself just enough to stay still, and growl.
This whole escapade was a huge waste of time after all. He'd been put through a stupid, unnecessary spell by an arrogant ass, who was now insulting Kagome's goodness and declining his official and polite request. Damn that goat to hell, he'd go see Kagome no matter what it told him!
"But there is a way for her to be allowed seeing you," that was when Inuyasha realized the Kirin had been talking all the time he'd been busy being angry and defiant. Hus ears perked up to attention. "She will be even allowed to enter and travel through the yasha lands."
"Where's the catch?" Inuyasha asked suspiciously after the first twinge of joy at the thought of actually showing Kagome all the places he liked.
"She must be one of us," the Kirin shifted its stance so it could tap one of its front hooves against the ground as it spoke. "You told us she is spirited. Spirited humans are most unhappy among their kind nowadays, they are more attuned to us than they are to other humans. You told me she wishes to cultivate her ki and be a priestess - it is most frowned upon among her kin. But as a yasha she would be welcome to follow any path she wishes, to e a priestess is no shame among us. She will be kin to people accepting her and she will find untold joy in expressing herself without the restrictions human society puts on their females. She will be safe among us and you will be free to be her friend or even mate her if you both so desire."
Inuyasha cursed inwardly at the blush those words brought to his cheeks.
"But... Is there a way to change a human to a yasha? I mean without the human dying first, like my mom did?" he asked, trying to focus on other things than the visions the Kirin's words brought to his mind.
The Kirin nodded, but it was Sesshomaru, who replied.
"It is possible but it requires a very rare ingredient to make the spell work.
"What is it?" he wasn't agreeing to this just yet, he was just asking. He had to know the price. He didn't feel it right to change Kagome with a spell without her leave and without knowing all that there was to be known about the effects of this kind of magic. But this was an option, an option that would, maybe, be to Kagome's liking. So often had she complained about the ways of humans, about her grandpa treating her worse because she was a girl, making decisions for her. He was going to learn and then teach her, so it'd be up to her to choose. Not that it'd change much, if she'd decided to remain human he'd find a way to meet with her anyway.
But the idea of Kagome being free and traveling through the wild yasha lands with him, having adventures and sharing things, it was more than appealing.
"Come, Inuyasha," the Kirin started to walk around the Sacred Tree. "i will show you."
Inuyasha followed the Kirin with a frown on his face, his brother trailing behind them as they encircled the massive trunk of the tree and its roots. On the other side of the meadow, illuminated by afternoon sunlight, stood a wooden well. Curious, Inuyasha approached the structure that reached up to his waist. The Kirin peered inside and the young man next to it did the same, the darkness inside the well silky and much too thick for a sunny day.
"I saw it in your face," the Emperor said softly. "Even when I forbid you to continue your friendship with that human, you would defy me."
"Keh," Inuyasha shrugged.
"So, I decided that I would give you this option, this chance. Whether you obtain the divine water is up to you, I can only show you the way" one pearly pink eye looked sideways at Inuyasha, who nodded with determination on his face. It made sense;, to get something rare and powerful one had to fight for it.
"When I came to be, my tree rising from the foam of the sea along with he Isle," the Emperor continued. "I brought forth into existence three artifacts.:
"One is the Grasscutter, one of father's swords," Inuyasha muttered. It earned him a nod from the Kirin, still peering inside the well.
"Yes. It is most pleasing that he protects the lands for all of us. The second is the mirror, which is currently in human possession and the third is the Jewel of Souls, which was lost for centuries. Each one of these contains some of my essence and power. When you enter this well, you shall find it dry. Yet, you have to draw water from it, the divine water that carries power capable of changing destiny."
"What? How am I to do that?" Inuyasha's ears quivered. He pointed a finger at the well. "You have to know how it works, it's your doing, right?".
"This well was left here by the Kirin before me, from the time before the Isle had been submerged and resurfaced with me again," the Emperor said slowly, almost sorrowful. "From the wood of their tree came this well and I honor my predecessor by valuing their gift. But to know its power one has to venture within and that I cannot do. To learn what lays ahead of you and to obtain that which you desire, the divine water, you have to turn to none other than your elder brother. He'd gone within the well to obtain Bakusaiga and that which comes with it."
Stunned and somewhat dizzy with the revelations dumped on him, Inuyasha turned to face his brother, who was looking within the well as if unaware of their discussion. He felt so young - the Kirin was millennia old and it spoke of things that had happened even earlier in time. He'd heard that the Isle had been destroyed and resurfaced from the sea a long time ago, but it had been always somewhat of a myth to him. Here stood a being that spoke of it as if it had happened a decade ago. It mentioned the Kirin of that ancient land with a hint of melancholy and longing. A part of him wondered if it felt lonely and wanted to meet others of its kind. And then the Emperor casually mentioned his idiot brother as one who'd gone into this old ass well and had brought the sword he was now carrying on his hip.
"Sp? Sesshomaru, what shit is in this well? How am I to get water from it?" he asked, growing more than a bit anxious when his brother just stared at the well.
Golden eyes blinked, as if Sesshomaru was waking up from a dream. Then they looked at Inuyasha, emotionless and calm.
"All sennin are allowed to enter the well as a test of their skills and power," he said. "Some of us pass the challenge that awaits there and carry back this which we most desire or need. Each time it's a different challenge, brought forth by the magic of the well to suit the one entering it. Do not stall, Inuyasha, the evening approaches and this one can smell the rain in the air.'
Inuyasha growled at his unhelpful brother, but before he could yell at him, a horn touched his shoulder. He looked to the side and saw the Kirin twitching its big ears.
"Go. You lack the discipline and tree of a sennin, but you have the resolve. Remember the name of the girl you so adore."
"Feh! I don't adore her, we're just friends!" Inuyasha grumbled, blushing and turning towards the well to hide that. Without fanfare he jumped into the well, clutching at the hilt of his sword and gasping when a blue light flashed out from the darkness that had no end.
Pity Kouga couldn’t see this.
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sukunash0e · 9 days ago
JJK|| Sukuna x Reader [pt.1] (SFW)
AN: A few things to know. English isn't my first language so please forgive me if there are any grammar or spelling errors. This is also my first time using tumblr properly, so I'm still not sure how everything works
About y/n: I'll make a post explaining their backstory soon but for now a simple version: they are a sort of half curse that's lived longer than Sukuna and was with Sukuna when he was alive. (You weren't exactly evil though) Now their just chillin with Yuuji on the porch and he asks them about their relationship.
✧I hope you enjoy it! ✧
Tumblr media
“Don't get me wrong Yuuji, I would help you if I could but I don't think I could do much. Sukuna is a curse Yuuji. I love Sukuna, I truly do and I would sacrifice myself for him in a heartbeat” you sighed and turned your head towards the faintly twinkling stars barely visible now in the cloudy sky, "but he's a curse. I know that"
You looked toward Yuuji who was staring at you intensely. "They don't process emotions the same way we do, I know that, but when he tells me he loves me I believe him because I know he does....just not in the way you or I love. He loves like a curse would love not a human"
"I mean, some humans do love like that too I guess" you mumbled after a few seconds.
"What...what do u mean like a curse?" Yuuji asked, obviously concerned yet curious.
"A should I say this? Yuuji you're soft, loving and wholesome, like a puppy. Sukuna is more of an asshole cat I guess" you giggle at the thought, "his sweet moments are few and far apart. What he means by love is more of a sort of possessiveness than anything else"
"That doesn't sound nice not gonna lie" Yuuji frowned "you aren't a possession"
"I know yuuji"
"Then why?"
You looked back up letting out a soft hum, "mm... probably because I'm an idiot"
You lips turned upwards fondly, "even he calls me one sometimes"
"Are you trapped?"
You raised an eyebrow at him a little surprised before turning back to the stars, "What? Of course not. He gave me the option of leaving many times in the beginning, I didn't really take any of them. And even if I was trapped he literally didn't exist for a 1000 or so years, I had plenty of time to disappear and live my life. Yet I came here instead"
You turned back to face Yuuji but was slightly surprised to see four eyes staring back at you instead. He looked at you amused, "you are an idiot that much is true"
"Hey Sukuna" You smiled widely, still surprised but happy to see him.
"Hello little one" he said simply, "that brat sure is nosy"
"He's just concerned"
Sukuna scowled, "you have me, that's all you need. His concern just irks me"
"Mhm, is it cause he's trying to convince me to leave you" You say jokingly.
Sukuna glared daggers at you, you would have frozen in fear if not for the fact that his hand had grasped your own one tightly. "You're mine, you can't leave. You already lost your chance" he stated simply, a fact.
You chuckled softly and leaned into him, "if I'm yours you better let me say you're mine as well"
"I'm the king of curses, I belong to no one"
"Besides me"
"no one"
"...besides me"
He glared and grabbed your cheeks with one hand, squeezing them tightly. You felt your heart start racing but that didn't stop you from placing your hand on top of his one. His glare softened slightly before he loosened his grip which allowed you to easily remove his hand from your face. Holding it gingerly in your hands you brought it to your lips and placed a soft kiss on his knuckles,
"You belong to no one besides me"
Sukuna glowered at you before sighing, "grr, fine...besides you"
Tumblr media
AN: Part 2 is gonna be more...fluffier. With more Sukuna being soft for you. It's shorter than this though so if you have sometime please go check it out, I promise you won't regret it
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Golden Age! Sukuna x Female! Reader (Amore & Psyche Retelling)
(A/N): hello there, lovelies!
I’d like to tell you that before I say anything else, yesterday my degree license came in the mail so what better way to use my classical knowledge of greek and latin literature to create fanfics.
aside from being an absolute idiot and an hypocrite (if you have ever seen me comment about how much I hate mythological retelling, no you haven’t) I am very happy to introduce this fic, but if you aren’t familiar with the myth of ‘Amore and Psyche’ here comes a whole explanation that you might need.
also before you bit my ass off, I am not using any correct/proper terms and this is much more a funny summary, so please be aware of that.
the only academia I’ll be on here is an academic clown.
so basically the myth of Amore and Psyche is Cupid (=Amore) who falls in love with Psyche, but his mom, Aphrodite (=Venus) obviously doesn’t like the thought of Psyche being considered prettier than her, and even more the possibility of his son dating her.
so, instead of basically owning up to this and growing some balls (I sometimes think about why my love life is non-existent, but then I say this shit about Cupid) Cupid decides to disguise himself as a monster and to ask for Psyche as a tithe to be paid for him to leave her village alone.
Psyche doesn’t have much choice and neither her family, so she is sold in marriage and what is worse is that the palace in which she is staying is completely inhabited by ghost and she can meet her husband only through the cover of darkness.
but one day, tempted by her cursed sisters, she gives in the temptation to spy on her ‘monstrous’ husband, just to discover that who slept beside her is the god of love, himself, and accidentally a small drop of wax from her candle falls onto his shoulder, effectively startling him awake and betrayed by Psyche not respecting him, he flees.
(I really want to say more shit about him, but like... I also want to get laid, sometimes in the future).
in all of this a pregnant Psyche, abandoned by her husband, is taken in by Aphrodite as her handmaiden and let me tell you the goddess decides to do her best to sway her away from her son, meanwhile Psyche is trying to appease her son.
she gets through three trials and in the last one, she is again won over by curiosity falling into a coma, from which she is awakened only by the kiss of Cupid, who has chosen to forgive her and has been blessed by the god for his marriage.
in my fic, I diverge for various reasons from this and I’ll leave some notes at the end of this to explain everything.
this’ll be a series, I have already written all the three chapters and if I don’t have too many problems I’ll publish everything week by week.
in the meanwhile, if you want to support me, please don’t forget to leave a bit of feedback through either a small message, a comment or a reblog, because all those things help me understanding what you guys like to see and where I can work more.
alongside this every comment (small or big) pushes me to write more!
I have talked a lot: so have a nice reading!
SUMMARY: when a feared demon is given the wrong bride, on the day of his wedding, he starts a plan to unmask the bride’s father and the bride, herself, hoping that she’ll reveal herself to be nothing but a meek human.
but strangely the demon can’t help but feel curious about the stranger he brought in his own home.
WARNINGS: golden age! Sukuna and anything that might bring (violence, threat of r*pe to reader, just suggested not acted upon), me taking general liberties with JJK, shit ton of threats, banter, forced marriage.
Tumblr media
Being stuck in an ancient magical cave for an undetermined amount of time, wasn’t for any of the sorcerers - and a curse involved in the whole matter - planned.
But it was what they were doing now.
And what they’d be doing till the back-up arrived and brought them out of the awful situation they had been thrown in.
And honestly help couldn’t arrive faster.
Nobara had started acting angrily and hungrily, meanwhile - although it wasn’t as obvious - Megumi wasn’t happy of the situation they were physically stuck in.
Gojo had brought on with fake cheeriness that on the long run would have brought his company to consider eating him up, if they weren’t rescued soon.
So, Yuji had suggested starting to trade stories, hoping that the general nervousness didn’t destroy them before the lack of food and water did.
And obviously it had been suggested to start with Sukuna, who had probably the most stories to tell, due to him being fucking ancient.
The little mouth of Yuji’s face still hadn’t been collaborative in the slightest at first, refusing to even show up, since he had been thrown in the incident of the collapsing rocks over their head.
Still he didn’t hesitate to mentally curse his vessel and his friends for being ‘reckless idiots’.
“C’mon!” Yuji had protested, and he had been quickly joined by Gojo and Nobara.
 The former trying to coax out the curse with a mellow teasing, meanwhile the latter straight up started - with her usual firey attitude - spewing insults to the monster on her friend’s face.
“… don’t tell me you don’t have a story! Wait… probably your life is just an annoying massacre after the other, isn’t it?”.
Yuji smiled proudly once the curse’s resentment flooded his veins, an obvious reaction to the insulting words, but although the mouth did appear on his face it simply bit Gojo’s finger, who had come too close to him.
“Yuji is right”.
Megumi’s voice startled them all, since he had been silent in his own discomfort.
“… a story would brighten our mood, and you, Sukuna, are definitely the most interesting of this group”.
“Hey!” Gojo had immediately protested, but they had all been shut off by the curse lightly coughing to clear up his voice “… don’t tell me that all we had to do was get Megumi-chan involved because… I’ll…”.
“Shut up, shaman”.
Sukuna’s voice did drop with pure venom, but wasn’t as aggressive as it had been when they had first proposed the option of him entertaining them with a story.
“… I’ll tell this story, because my vessel has promised to let me do what I want for a day, if I do this silly game…”.
“… obviously avoiding anything that involves, killing, maiming and hurting humans…” intervened Yuji, shooting Gojo a slight apologizing look, since he had done something out of his permission that might have costed them heavily.
“… whatever” Sukuna quickly shut off the boy “… I’ll get to use his body for a day, and you’ll get your tale, as the children you are after all…”.
“Well, we are technically children to you…” Nobara muttered, as she shot the curse a small look, unable to take seriously the face on Yuji’s cheek “… you are a thousand years old… and we are just…”.
“Nobara!” Megumi reprimanded her, before she could say something that would get the curse to bark at them “… we appreciate that, oh powerful Sukuna…”.
“I don’t like your tone, youngling”.
Sukuna’s voice was actually less harsh than his words, as a small frowning smile filled his features.
“… and you aren’t allowed to interrupt me, meanwhile I tell this story… I am not some kind of jester for you…”.
“Yeah, that’s Gojo’s role” Nobara commented under her breath, just the be chastised by all her friends, since they doubted that Sukuna would have taken kindly one more interruption.
Even more one coming from her.
“… then I shall start”.
Once upon a time there was a demon that had everything.
So, the sole currency that humans could offer him were brides.
“Let me stop you, immediately”.
Nobara’s tone drilled immediately in the comfortableness of the cave, as all her friends grimaced at the interruption of the distraction Sukuna had been giving them.
“… I refuse to listen about your sexscapades…”.
“It isn’t about that”.
Again, Sukuna’s tone could have been much harsher, but something about it all just made it seem damnably tired, which brought his words to taste more bitter than aggressive.
Either way, his comment managed to shut up the girl, and then the story went on.
The demon had had many brides offered to him.
But the one he had been waiting that day was the one he had been desiring for so long.
He had seen her one day and he had enraptured by passion.
But what was more important was the fact that he had known the father of the bride.
A prideful and powerful sorcerer.
Somebody who had never spared the young boy - that the demon had been - a single glance, and now that he was oh so much more powerful than the man, he wanted to show him that he didn’t want his glance onto him, anymore.
But the white and pure bride that he kept to himself.
There were rumors around the town that the girl he wanted for himself was smart, powerful, and beautiful.
And this perfectly matched his plan.
What he hadn’t planned wad that, that day, when he saw the veiled figure of his wife, he found out that it hadn’t been his desired prize he had been given, but a figure that didn’t match the description he had made in exchange for his safe-keeping of the village.
You were still the daughter of the man he had despised, but you weren’t neither beautiful nor neither powerful.
Or his eyes tricked him.
“You tricked me” he told the man, as he came closer and closer to him with his imposing figure and multiple arms, delighting in the way the human lost the footing on the ground and fell onto his knees “… this isn’t the daughter I asked”.
“You asked me for a daughter, my lord” the father replied.
His tone held an arrogance that his eyes couldn’t match as they stayed on the ground, meanwhile from the demon’s peripheral vision he saw you trying to understand the situation.
Understand whether you should have intervened.
He had thought you might have been scared of him, although you couldn’t see him.
He had asked for his wife to be blindfolded, in hopes that his true form, on the first wedding night, would just bring more dread in her heart.
But you, blindfolded and trembling in the meek clothes you had been given, didn’t seem strictly scared of him.
You were more worried for your father’s future.
It would have been almost touching, hadn’t the demon forsaken all his feelings a long time ago.
“… I asked for the one with tits that make a man dream and an ass that…”.
He had delighted himself with crass words and the reaction they had gotten out of the man in front of him, since they just described wonderfully that he would have treated his daughter as nothing more than a body.
“… I do know that I promised you another daughter, but I find it more fitting to give you the hand of my firstborn…”.
“I don’t care what you find more fitting” the demon had replied with tight teeth, and annoyed by the fact that even after he had gained all that power and techniques, he wasn’t able to shut down the obnoxious man underneath his feet “… I asked you for a specific thing…”.
“My youngest daughter is unfitting for a man of your kind…”.
The man’s words sounded like taunting insults to the demon’s ear, and he was halfway through raising a hand to delete his existence from his face, when finally, something interesting was uttered.
“… my eldest daughter is much more powerful than my youngest, much more appropriate for a man of your kind”.
His eyes finally shifted to your body, then.
He had to admit that he hadn’t taken you in fully, yet and when he had said you weren’t beautiful it was more to spite your father than because it was the truth, because even hidden by the elegant clothes, it was obvious you held a beauty that made you desirable.
He couldn’t feel your power, he had to admit that.
He should have honestly, since he had learned every trick curses knew, and detecting somebody’s else hidden strength should have come easily to him.
But he just couldn’t.
And yet, he couldn’t tell that you were utterly powerless.
You were an enigma, and he wondered whether your father knew about that.
With the eagerness with which he wanted to give you away, he must have been dishonest in his thoughts and offer.
And yet, the demon accepted it.
“… but let me tell you: I don’t like being tricked…” he had grabbed the man with one of his arms, bringing him up to his height by his neck, feeling the exhilarating tenseness of the fear in the man’s eyes “… and I am not stupid… so, if you do end up tricking me, I’ll know”.
And the tighter grip on his neck conveyed the rest of his phrase ‘and I’ll take care of you, in the way I see fit’.
After that final confrontation, his bride had been brought inside by a few of his subjects.
You were demure and shy, but not in the submissive way many of his concubines were, but instead it was obvious that you avoided his eyes not in fear but with the intention to hide yourself for him, which made the demon just more curious about you.
It might have been a tactic to make him interested in you, but he doubted it.
You were genuine in a naïve way that wasn’t stupid, no matter how much he treated you like a silly idiot, as he came to you by that night, the blindfold still over his eyes, since he didn’t trust you to know him yet.
He might be curious about you, but he didn’t trust you in the slightest.
So, when it came the time to finish the wedding ceremony, he shut you off, in the tightness of the darkness of your chamber, obliging you to keep your blindfold, as his figure distanced himself from you.
He couldn’t have given your father the satisfaction of rejecting you.
And he didn’t trust the sudden change of brides.
In the least dangerous hypothesis, your father wanted to offend him with a bride that wasn’t at his level, but in the most treacherous one…
… it wouldn’t have been the first time that a concubine would bring a knife to his unholy bed.
“… my lord”.
Your voice had brought him to still turn as your eyes tried to find him in the darkness of the room
“… will you join me in bed?”.
Your voice revealed how young you were.
And more than fear, your voice was filled with tiredness.
The banquet that he had been held for his newest bride must have tired you out, and he could understand why being surrounded by violent curses might have taken your entire energy.
And yet, it didn’t make him feel any pity for you.
Till proven otherwise, you might be onto your father’s plan.
And the whole innocent front might have been just a lie.
“… we aren’t bound, yet” he looked happily at your shocked face, now aware that that binding with him had been your goal since the start “… and I am not sure that you’ll live for long enough to witness that, my pretty bride”.
He had expected you to beg and plead, cry for the atmosphere.
So, when you had simply sat down on the bed, with a knowing look, he had been shocked.
“… it isn’t in my intention to displease you”.
That was a smartass reply, even the demon was aware of it.
And as much as he wanted to rage at her for it, he felt his whole-body freeze.
And then the idea came.
“I’ll test you” he was glad of being finally able to see surprise in your eyes “… three trials for you to prove that you are a proper match for me”.
‘That your father hasn’t tricked me’.
“… if you find that necessary”.
Your voice would have been thought arrogant, hadn’t your eyes looked right where darkness clouded the demon that had taken you.
“… in the meanwhile you won’t join my bed”.
The demon wasn’t used to rejection and neither understood why this girl suddenly held so much power over him.
“… this isn’t a decision that you have the right or the power to take!”.
“If we aren’t bound, there is no need for us to share the same bed”.
“Did your father send you to me, because you are a ruthless idiot?”.
The demon thought that insults and belittling would have brought you to know your place in front of him, but you didn’t seem to show the ache of his mean-spirited tongue.
“… my father has been asked to provide you a bride, and he has done so”.
He didn’t like how he couldn’t blame you of being arrogant, considering how right your words were.
But this didn’t lessen the fact that they completely surprised him sine it was  compliments he was used to.
“He brought me the wrong sister!” he shouted loudly, moving a bit in the darkness, closer to you, so that maybe you’d finally show fear.
But the sole reaction he obtained was that the hands that held tight the sheets dug themselves on the bed.
“… a little young mouse with no cursed power in sight”.
“I simply obey my father’s orders”.
You held yourself like that was something that should have brought honor to you, but the demon couldn’t help but notice the way you didn’t even believe your words, since they came out less convincing than the veiled insults you had sent on his way.
He wouldn’t have certainly dug out the truth from your mouth.
The trials in the end were the best options, because they would have helped him have actual proof of your father’s oath-breaking tendencies.
“… I could still sleep you, even if we weren’t bound”.
It was his last resource to instill fear in you, because he just wanted you to show a bit of what he had seen in everybody who approached him.
So, he could believe you to be normal.
And that meant that you could be easily crushed.
He had come close to you enough that, although you couldn’t see him yet, you could feel the warmth of his body all around you, in what was a threat of contact that seemed more a promise as the demon held out his hand, close enough to touch the juncture between your neck and head.
The demon could have easily choked to the death the prideful bride, send your body back to her father and then ask for the sister he lusted after.
But as you joined his hand onto the warm skin of your neck, he knew that you would have been happy of such a thought.
And he wished to torment you.
At least till he found out why you spoke back to him so liberally.
And why he suddenly he felt curious about you.
“… you could overpower me easily, my lord”.
It was the first time you addressed him formally, and you had completely changed his title, probably on purpose.
“… and it is in your nature to take what you want”.
“I want to know why your father sent me such a disgraceful offer” he shouted back to your face, obtaining simply for you to lightly shake your hand and release the hold onto his hand, as you turned away from him.
After a few minutes of careful moves, he understood that you were going to sleep.
“… my lord, I’ll be here, in case you wish to join yourself with me”.
It was a taunting comment that would have gotten anybody else slaughtered, had the demon heard them.
But he stood painfully still at the edge of your bed.
His bed.
Awkwardly looking at your figure and understanding that your skin was thicker than he had thought it would be.
He damned your father again as he exited the room.
He had brought him a stupid stubborn mule to him, instead of a daughter.
The first trial happened two days after his marriage to you.
You had kept to your chamber, mostly because he had been clear with his intention of making you feel isolated and utterly terrorized.
So, when you were brought before him for the first test, you looked pleasantly surprised of whatever was around you.
And the demon had just wished that you’d give him the satisfaction of seeing you fearful.
But he would have preferred to kill himself than to beg such a small human.
And you had already a win under your belt, considering that you had efficiently pushed him away from your shared bed.
He tried to reason that if your bed wouldn’t accept him,  he’d disgrace it, sleeping with other women, instead of taking you with the force, as he should have, but he couldn’t help but feel like you had won this round.
So, in the first trial he had been cruel.
‘It is a simple task: sort out the mess on the floor’.
He had given you a few hours to do so, but he already knew it was an impossible task, since he had enchanted the pieces to come back to their original status once they were brought in order.
It was an impossible task, and he couldn’t wait for the sight of seeing you crying and pleading him in front of your failed attempt to solve that simple task.
But when he had walked in the room - after standing on guard next to it, since he didn’t trust you not to have accomplices - he had noticed that all the pieces were in perfect order and each by its own seed.
This was a feat that somebody who didn’t have cursed energy would have found extremely difficult.
And you smiled at him softly, as you adjusted your dress around yourself, muddy and ruined since he hadn’t allowed you more than food and water for the two days spent in his - yours - rooms.
He had exited the rooms screaming in frustration, but that night you had been met with the offer of luxurious trinkets and dresses.
You were forced to have dinner with him, again the blindfold covering your eyes to avoid you spying on him, till you were deemed worthy.
“The trial means nothing!”.
“… you can’t just make them count nothing, when it pleases you…” hadn’t you again refused to meet the demon’s glance, he thought you might have as well just made fun of him “… my lord”.
He clashed his fist against the table with such violence, that it did got a reaction out of you, finally.
You were fearful.
But not of him.
The way you moved seemed more used to the gesture, than an actual reaction to his actions.
His hands shot out again, but this time they were careful in setting up onto the table, meanwhile he adjusted against the seat he had taken in front of you.
He saw you refusing to meet his eyes although your composure straightened.
“Eat without me in the bedroom”.
It wasn’t an order because his tone was calmer now and more somber, and he saw the way you moved to promptly get up from the table, quickly grabbing your plate.
But you stood up, halfway through the door and outside, making him wonder what was keeping you in the same room as a monster, and after a soft breath, you moved lightly to him, not enough to touch him fully, but he could feel your slight warm.
It just reminded the demon how utterly human you were.
How easy it might have been to snap you in half.
But strangely this easiness just made him want to treat you with care.
“… I’ll eat with you, my lord”.
Your tone wasn’t as scared as your reaction had been, although your entire body was still stained by the stench of fear.
“… but you’ll behave”.
“I am a curse, human” he muttered, but without the usual bite, a somber smile appearing on his face, as he took you in.
You badly were able to stare at the darkness through the fabric of the blindfold, instead.
“… I’ll behave, if I want to”.
“Good, then you’ll get my wine in your face”.
You were smiling by now, although he saw the crooked way your smile moved, almost as if that was simply a mask.
“… that doesn’t seem like a scary threat” he took in the way your body moved as you reached down for your own seat “… sit down, woman”.
And you did, with a slight smirk, as your hands fingered lightly the tablecloth to put it down your legs, meanwhile the demon took this moment to realize that you were damnably delicate.
But that didn’t make you in any way vulnerable.
You held yourself up with such strength that he wondered how much it’d take to break you.
And some part of him hoped he’d never have to discover that.
After dinner together, it had come to sleep together.
You still slept separately, and he searched the company of any woman he could find in his castles, and the many concubines that were more than eager to steal his attention away from the newest bride,.
They were oh so scared that you might steal the demon’s attention away from them.
He told them that they didn’t need to worry.
You’d be long gone by the end of your first week as a married couple, but as he saw you emerge from the room where you kept all your toiletries and bathroom tools, he couldn’t help but feel like what he had told those whores had been a simple lie.
Because you were beautiful.
And tempting.
“… my lord, if you want to ask something, you just have to order me”.
He honestly thought that the good result at the trial had made you even bolder than before.
Which meant that he had to come with a better plan for a crueler trial.
One that you wouldn’t have survived so easily.
And yet, he knew that the lack of sleep was getting to him.
The concubines were nice for a while, but sleep, although he was a curse, hadn’t come naturally for him in those nights.
Whereas at first what kept him up till late had been the excitement of seeing you and your father crushed for your arrogance, he now just felt empty.
“Have you reconsidered the option of sleeping together with me?”.
Some part of him wished that he could flash you his aroused flesh.
But he strangely had this feeling of self-consciousness at revealing you his true features.
Which was the last thing that should have been in his mind, considering that he could care less of the opinion of a human.
No matter how pretty you looked in the thick nightgown you had been offered.
Although he couldn’t show himself to you, just yet, he still let mirth and teasing show up in his question, and it was enough to get a flustered reaction from you, although your answering words came back strong:
“… are we bound, my lord?”.
You moved to the small vanity that had been put on the corner of the bedroom and Sukuna took that moment to gently sprawl himself on the bed.
And he immediately noticed how this action was witnessed by you, which meant you tensed up, but you weren’t as scared as you had been at the table.
Violence got to you, not the promise of him taking what he thought was rightfully his.
He could have.
But if he had avoided you at first to humiliate you, now he was enthralled with the spell that your gentle gestures were, as you passed a brush through your hair, attentively and with a gentleness that belonged more to a caretaker than to somebody who didthis  to his own body.
You were the firstborn after all, so he could only guess that you were used to the brush, and how to guide it properly through your sisters’ hair, careful to avoid the knots and the unnecessary pulling.
For a moment, he wondered what it’d feel like to be groomed by you.
You seemed gentle but firm in your actions, as if you had developed the best technique to obtain a wholesome and efficient result in little time, with a minimal shed of tears.
“… this is my bed, human” he felt the need to balance the gentle version of your attentive care for his own hair, with some kind of cruelness from his mouth “… you shouldn’t get too comfortable on it!”.
“I didn’t know I was stealing your place, my lord”.
Again that mocking tone that got on his nerve and steered his desire in a desperate interest in seeing you tamed underneath him.
“… please forgiv…”.
“You are a bold, little idiot” he commented, as he noticed you shifted on the chair to peer into the darkness that surrounded his body to avoid you witnessing, the gloriousness he was.
Or the monstrosity.
“… did you talk this way to your father?”.
“We have cleared out the fact that my father didn’t send me because I was some kind of ruthless runt” you almost copied his voice, showing him that you could go wherever he could.
And he had to admit it did impress him.
“… then why are you here?”.
He had hoped it’d take you by surprise, but you were the one who startled him, after you moved from the vanity in the corner to the bed, uncaring of his presence, already prowling like a big feline on it.
Almost as if he was a ghost – which he couldn’t blame you for thinking – you pushed yourself underneath the thick furs, making sure that you were properly covered as your hair splayed orderly on the pillow.
All it’d take the demon was a slight peak, and he was sure that his self-control would have snapped.
And yet, he kept himself on his side, in the awkward silence that had fallen between you.
It was obvious that you weren’t interested in answering him and he didn’t know what to say, aware that you were both wide awake, although you pretended that wasn’t the case.
“… at least tell me if you are here on your will!”.
It was a silly request, useless for his plans, because whether you were here because you wanted it or not, it wouldn’t have changed his intention to utterly humiliate you.
But it got you to react.
And the demon was almost happy of it.
“I am not here because of my own will”.
He had suspected it, and he wasn’t exactly surprised that a man such as your father wouldn’t hesitate to use his own daughters as pawns.
“… I am here to protect my sisters, still” you added, as if it was obvious, and yet didn’t deepen the subject.
In the end you were speaking with a demon, so only the gods knew what he’d have done with the information you gave him.
“… truly enchanting” he meant to tease you, to get a similar reaction out of you, but you simply tensed again underneath the cover “… oh so very generous of you, little one”.
“Insult my morals all you want, demon…”.
In the blink of an eye you were now facing him, or better the darkness between the bed and the wall, but he swore you could individuate immediately where he was.
“… but you are stuck with me”.
“Not for long” he promised you.
Violence shone in his red eyes, but you, again, seemed not to have any reaction to it, and he wondered for a moment what had rendered you so used to anger and rage that you welcomed it.
“… for how long it’ll take me to complete your silly tasks”.
Fuck, if he wanted to pull onto your hair, till he got you to finally back off on the audacity you were showing him.
He knew that nothing bound him to respect the three trials, since it would have been downright easy to snap your pretty neck and have you thrown in the sewers for your father to know.
But there was a curiousness that made him unable to think of torturing your pretty body before you proved yourself a fraud before him.
Or before your audacity ran out.
“You don’t speak life a wife”.
His tone wasn’t insulting, for once, it was simply a statement.
“… and I am not your wife, yet, as you always tell me” you shot back, wittiness appearing in your eyes and he regarded you with attention, noticing that your cheeks were flushed.
But not solely because of rage.
“… and will you kick me out of my bed, if I sleep with you, before you are my wife?.
It was a friendly banter, the one he knew he was bringing on, and he justified it in his mind with the idea that if he couldn’t win you with fear, he’d try his hand at being friendly with you.
To struck you when you lowered your defenses.
You simply raised your shoulder, before turning, effectively giving your back to one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet.
And such a thought made the curse almost feel bad about himself.
Not that he would have admitted it.
“… keep to your side, my lord” oh, here came the sarcasm “… or I’ll assume that is another trial of yours, to make me sleep in the same nest of a temperamental beast”.
“I am not temp…!”.
It wasn’t useful to argue any further, when you lightly stifled a laugh against his pillow before giving in the softness of a soft slumber.
It was only when he woke up at dawn that he realized how horribly naïve he had been, at sleeping by your side, having forgotten for a moment that you were the daughter of the enemy.
And so, the enemy itself.
And yet, those two images were the farthest away from his mind, as he regarded your efficient figure at the vanity, the following night.
He hadn’t accidentally touched in his slumber, which was as good for his security as your own.
And yet, it was honestly tiring and so infuriating so see himself stuck in the problem he had created for himself.
But, it all come to an even more crashing end, the day of the second trial.
if you have reached here I want to again thank you for reading and I’d like to also suggest leaving a comment or a reblog, if you enjoyed what you read, and if you have any questions, I am absolutely here for it.
in the meanwhile here are a few notes that might make you understand better all of this.
1) the mention of the group being stuck in the cave isn’t actually accidental, but it is a reference to the setting in which the fable of ‘Amore and Psyche’ is told.
in fact, in ‘The Golden Ass’ (the translation of the title is amazing) by Apuleius the fable is told meanwhile the main characters are stuck in a cave and it is a cautionary tale for healthy and unhealthy curiosity.
2) if you have read the small summary I made of the deal, you might have noticed a few differences.
in fact although the start is similar with a forced marriage to appease a monstrous creature, I changed (for plot needs) who makes the reader/Psyche go through the trials.
3) finally, I am aware that Sukuna isn’t properly a demon and I justify this with the use of ‘daimon’ inside of the ancient greek culture, since it wasn’t necessarily negative, but instead meant something divine.
4) the title is a reference to the famous Caesar quote ‘veni, vidi, vici’ (’I came, I saw, I conquered’) which is a way of referencing to a quick victory.
again, don’t hesitate to send me ask if you have any question!
have a lovely day!
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silavut-the-wizard · 16 days ago
Silavut the Wizard, Chapter 37
Silavut is still stalling. The trio of trackers has an unexpected encounter.
Tail Takes the Lead
As they walked, Sehlan told Tail about the sword.
“Hmm…quite intriguing. Have you wielded it since?”
“No…never really had do, plus it’s lost its vitality. I don’t want to risk it.”
“Yes, quite understandable.” He stopped. “Ah! Here we are.” Tail examined the tracks where they seem to have veered off, then circled around again. “Hmm…”
Sehlan and Nara watched him work, curious how he would puzzle this one out. They dared not speak for fear of making him lose concentration.
After several moments, he turned back to them. “Well, seems our saviour’s abductors have tried to throw us off. No matter, just have to analyze the pattern and determine which route they actually used.”
Nara looked at the mess of tracks. “How? There are so many. They go in all different ways.”
“Yes. However, observe.” Sehlan looked on with slight amusement as he explained to Nara how to analyze the tracks. “So you see, the freshest track is the right one.”
“Oh wow, that’s so cool! That’s why you’re the best.”
“Yes, I know,” he said with mock haughtiness. He turned to Sehlan. “Have you learned anything yet?”
She shrugged. “Maybe a little. Though I do have to say, how you found out they went north was impressive. I admit, I could never have figured that one out with such few details.”
He smiled. “Like Nara said, that’s why I’m the best.”
Sehlan chuckled. “I guess so.”
“Well, shall we continue?” Tail started walking, then stopped when they didn’t follow. “Is something wrong?”
Nara wrapped her arms around herself. “It’s getting kinda cold.”
Sehlan felt a shiver herself. “You’re right. Here, I have just the thing.” She rummaged in the packs and brought out the cloaks and handed one to Nara. “This should help.”
“Oh, wow, thanks!”
As they wrapped the cloaks around themselves, Sehlan asked, “Is that better?”
“Yeah! Much.”
“Do you need one, Tail? I noticed you’re not wearing the warmest clothes.”
He was dressed in a lightweight outfit with leather coverings.
“Nay. The cold has never really bothered me. Though if it becomes too cold, for your peace of mind, I may ask for one.”
“Suit yourself.” She re-sealed the packs and hefted them again. “By the way, is there an easier way of doing this? I mean, using horses to make it faster, or something?”
“I never travel faster than necessary. Tracking is a delicate craft. You of all people should know this. Travelling too fast could mean missed markings. Which would then mean lost quarry. Then if you lose your quarry, that could spell disaster.”
Sehlan hated to admit it, but he was right.
“You know, I could carry one of those for you, if you want,” Nara said.
Sehlan looked down at her. “You sure?”
Nara nodded.
Sehlan handed one to her and watched as Nara struggled to adjust it to make it easy to carry. “Not quite so easy, eh?”
“It’s OK, I got it.” She grunted a couple times as she finished shifting it to balance the weight. “There, see? Not so hard.”
“OK, but if it gets too much, let me know and I’ll take it back.”
Tail watched this exchange with amusement. “All settled, then? Good. Let us proceed.”
They followed Tail as he followed the tracks.
At the end of the hall, past the door, was a chamber filled with all kinds of instruments and equipment for things Silavut didn’t want to think about. Just looking at them made him feel queasy. The guards chuckled at his uneasiness.
Oh, I sure hope I can somehow find a way out of here. I really hope the others are OK. Oh, Sehlan, Nara…please be OK. I should have gone with you. Blast it all! I’m such an idiot! He shook his head slowly.
Past the chamber was another door that was opened just before they reached it. As they moved into the next room, Silavut gasped. It was an ornately decorated dining hall with high ceilings. He had never seen the likes of such a grand room. Sure, Trefal had its glamour, but this was far beyond anything Trefal had to offer.
He paused to take in the elegant room. The figure stood patiently behind, unmoving, unspeaking. One of the guards peeked in and said, “Keep moving, friend.”
Friend? Ha! Reluctantly, he started forward again, past the excessively long table and into the next room, which was quite unimpressive. Just a small storage room…with weapons. No, that won’t work. I don’t know what this…person…behind me is capable of. Blast! He kept moving, eyeing the weapons wistfully.
Several hours later, the trio found a small alcove in a weathered rock formation and decided to take shelter there for the night. So much for Trefal, thought Sehlan as they settled in. She and Nara huddled together under the cloaks to keep warm and Tail made himself comfortable a few feet away.
Sehlan looked over at him. “You sure you’ll be OK? You don’t want something warmer?”
He smiled at her. “I’ll be fine. I’ve survived worse than this.”
Sehlan was still doubtful. “OK, if you insist. Just let me know if you do need something.”
“I shall. You two sleep well.”
“You too, Tail. ’Night.”
“’Night, Tail!” Nara called from under her cloak.
“’Night, little lady.”
A few minutes later they were all fast asleep. Not for long, though. They were interrupted in the middle of the night.
“Psst! Hey!” Tail was shaking the bundles of cloaks. “Sehlan, Nara, wake up!”
“Hmm…is it morning already?” Nara asked groggily.
“No. We must move, now. Sehlan, you must awaken. We are in danger.”
Sehlan stretched and yawned. “Danger, what do you mean?”
They heard something moving out in the distance, something not friendly.
“Come on, we must move, quickly and quietly.”
Tail kept watch as the other two hurriedly gathered their things, making as little noise as possible.
“We shall keep to the tracks. Hopefully whatever is out there does not follow. If it does, I fear we may be in mortal peril. Let’s move!”
Tail quickly dashed off to take the lead with Sehlan and Nara in tow.
Damn, he’s quick! Sehlan thought. Then she noticed something interesting. Even through the layers of clothing and the cloak, Sehlan could see the area where Nara’s mark was glowing. She started picking up her pace. Even laden with the pack, Nara was gaining speed.
Tail looked back to see Nara catching up. Sehlan wasn’t going any faster, but she wasn’t falling behind, either. He wondered if Sehlan could keep up with his faster pace and sped up.
By this time, Sehlan was working up a good sweat trying to keep up. Then she saw Tail speed up. Oh no you don’t. She picked up her own pace, keeping the same distance. Nara fell slightly behind Tail but kept her pace.
Nara looked back and saw Sehlan farther behind. She slowed down to let Sehlan catch up. “Hey, you want me to carry that pack, too? I’ve got my energy back. I feel like I can carry anything.”
Sehlan huffed as they ran. “So I noticed,” she said between breaths. “You sure you can handle it?”
“Try me.”
They slowed down so Sehlan could heft the pack over to Nara. Then Nara took off nearly full speed to catch back up to Tail, who was still running full on.
Without so much weight, Sehlan was able to pick up her pace as well and actually start catching up. That’s one powerful magical symbol, she thought as she watched Nara barely break a sweat.
Then they heard it. The unfriendly sound getting closer.
“Keep running!” Tail shouted. It was pointless to be quiet now since they were made and were now being chased.
Sehlan had an idea. “No! Nara, sword!”
Nara stopped in her tracks, dropped the packs, and unstrapped the sword. She went wide-eyed as it glowed in her hands.
“Tail, track that thing! Whenever comes close, tell Nara where to strike!”
Tail, also wide-eyed with awe, nodded. He listened close and waited for it to come closer… Closer… Closer… “Front, now!”
Instinctively, Nara swung the sword and felt it slice through flesh. A low roar echoed across the land. There was a slick, wet thunk as something hit the ground behind her.
They turned to look, but the thing was so disfigured, it was impossible to tell what it was.
Tail swallowed audibly. “Th–There m–m–m–might b–be m–mo–more of th–those th–th–th–things out there,” he stammered, in shock. He had never stuttered or lost his penchant for words, until now.
“Then we better get moving. Nara, keep hold of that sword. Can you hold it and run with the packs at the same time?”
“O–OK. Yeah, I think so.”
“Good. Tail, take the lead. Get us out of here!”
Tail silently nodded and picked up the tracks again. They started running at full tilt as far as they could.
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thegoddionysus13 · 17 days ago
It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything.
I have felt empty for the greater part of two year and since my daily interactions consist of dealing with the most base form of human gluttony I have felt very little joy.  In this time numerous people have, once more, come and gone from my journey.  I’m not totally surprised by this.  Sometimes, I misread peoples intentions, at others, my instincts prove to be correct and the individual simply disappears into the fog never to be seen again.  Then people wonder why I tend not to form permanent attachments.  I always know what’s coming so I plan accordingly.  I’m either the worlds worst cynic, or I’m one of the few people who realizes just how fragile, inconstant, and ephemeral human relationships are.  But which one I am, I do not know.  How can one make an accurate judgement of oneself and be sure that you’re correct?
But, as always, my longing for one person remains. 
How strange is our fate upon this planet that we should have one life, just one attempt at getting a complicated world under control.  Then, through all of that, we are expected to find at random someone who feels for you what you feel for them!  Even if you find that person, for you at least, they may not feel the same as us.  You can’t change that either.  Nothing in the world can make someone feel love, passion, lust, longing, and craving for someone that they don’t have the desire for.  That is why unrequited love is the worst of all feelings.  You will always delude yourself into thinking it could happen while at the same time knowing it will never happen.  That’s how you end up, like an idiot, writing incessantly about it on Tumblr where no one will read it and nobody cares about it.  Or  rather they pretend to care for a time and then loose interest.  So even that brings you no relief in the end.
But I suppose, in a way, that these scribblings never being seen, or cared about gives me the freedom to say what I mean.  There is no fear or worry of what someone will think.  In a way, it’s a curious kind of liberation that the world knows nothing of what you’re doing because that world will never judge, for good or ill, what it is you pour on to the page.  It might even make me a better writer someday.  But it certainly won’t change what is written in stone.
If only I could sponge that writing from the stele of my life and write it anew.  Then maybe a better story could be written.
But the muse is spent now and I must rest.
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othercat2 · 17 days ago
this crossover is Wei Wuxian Raised by Others (Who are Murderbots)
How it ends up in the cultivation world: Mysterious ancient alien outpost that Murderbot is attempting to protect his humans from. Or the traditional bomp on the head or some mystical asshole yeeting him through a portal. Somehow Murderbot finds itself in the Cultivation World.
Intersection A: Murderbot ends up rescuing WWX's parents from whatever the fuck killed them. Cangse Sanren and Wei Changse immediately see that it is not entirely "human" but are more curious than anything else, and it did get injured fighting the Whatever it Was. They invite it along on adventures and make some attempts on helping it get back home. (To the point of asking Baoshan Sanren for help. BS reminds Murderbot of ART, and acquires her own acronym that I can't think of at the moment.) It is a reluctant but responsible babysitter who ends up teaching baby wwx so much about security/situation awareness, mostly by accident because it doesn't realize it knows more than it thinks it does. (baby wwx invents talisman drones, fear him.)
WWX ends up becoming a rogue cultivator. He possibly ends up meeting the Second Jade of Lan at some point and is an idiot about it. WWX's parents think his crush is adorable, Murderbot has no patience.
Intersection B: Murderbot runs into bitty wwx after he's orphaned. Most likely rescuing the kid from dogs. Murderbot has been around for a while, and has whatever the equivalent of a security consultant business would be in Ancient Fantasy China. (Probably body guard/warehouse guard contracts.) wwx inadvertently becomes a kind of apprentice for Murderbot.
Murderbot is mildly freaked out when Jiang Fengmian turns out, because someone is tailing/stalking wwx and what the fuck. Sect Leader Jiang find a very, very angry Murderbot in his room in an inn one night. Things are cleared up, and WWX has a source of decent cultivation manuals and books on talisman theory.
He may or may not end up at Cloud Recesses. He may or may not take the classes seriously. He will be much better at sneaking alcohol because tiny talisman drones.
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unik-world · 18 days ago
Groaning Sixer emerged from his hiding spot, walking over to bee who had a confused expression on their features. Ignoring them all together, Sixer looks to where one of the children were hiding. "Im sorry my idiot friend scared you, " he starts ignoring Bees scoff of annoyance, "but I can assure you he means no harm, nor do I young one. You see were actually wondering if you could help us, A dear friend of our may of gotten lost in the woods." He calls softly, loud enough for them to possibly hear him. "You don't have to be afraid." He calls again, silently hoping they would return while praying to asgores grave he wouldnt throw bee back into that portal. 
They did not reply back. However, they watched behind the bushes and trees, their eyes clear and bright in fear yet curious and in awe.
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dorky-crow · 19 days ago
The Bystander’s Chronicles
Part 1: Clay Gebwin
Chapter 1: Regret & remembrances 
Author’s note: I’ve had to copy paste this over from Evernote, which fucked up the setting, I’ve done my best to fix it but it’s still kinda wonky.
the waves crashed onto the shore, the water reaching far up the beach before receding back out only to once again hit the sand. the only light on this beach came from the lighthouse that shined out into the night, a guiding light for anyone out in the wild ocean.the beach was nearly empty, some late night runners & parties being the people on the sands, no one daring to swim with a storm brewing. a seagull sat alone on the beach, the water reaching his feet, gently washing over them.
the seagull had his face turned to the sky, the sea breeze felt good on his bare chest. he lowered his head to look at the box that he had sitting next to him, he found it in his little brother's room. it was plain white some paint was peeling off, on the lid, there was a name written in blue crayon. Will brushed his hand over the box, he wanted to open it, curious to its contents. he knew that Pendel, his little brother, had very little that could be considered his but  it had been years since he's seen his younger bro and he hopes that this box would have a clue or something.Will took a deep breath as he took the lid off, his eyes shut tight.
his eyes opened, quickly bolting down to the now opened container. inside there was an old DWD action figure, a fashion doll made from different parts, some shells, a small corked bottle of sand, some pens, a book filled with scribbles and at the very bottom was a flyer for Duckburg. Will gently took the flyer and gave it a look over, it was worn in places, has some tears & was faded but it was 100% for duckburg but at last, he had an idea of where his brother has disappeared off to. he put everything back into the box and closed it, holding it snug in his arms as he stood up, brushing the sand off his shorts with his free hand. he shivered slightly as the breeze picked up as he ascended the rocky path up the beachside cliff that ended near his house.
*How am I gonna get to Duckburg?* will thought as he came on to the footpath, *its a least 2 hour drive*. he found himself in front of the gebwin house, it was an old house, in desperate need of some maintenance as the path to the house was cracked & broken, the paint was chipped and heavily faded and the house itself was sagging. with a grunt of effort, Will opened the front gate, the hinges rusted due to the salt in the wind. * a dumb shitty house for dumb shitty people* he thought as he twisted the knob to the door, the smell of his mom's cooking filled his nose along with the smell of his father's cigarettes.
"evenin' son, you have a good time with you friends?" his dad greeted, having believed the lie Will fed him when he left, in truth, Will didn't have any friends they all left town & were able to get into colleges but Will was not so luck, he just scrapped by high school and no school in the country would accept him. "Hey dad, yeah it was good" he gave the older seagull a half hearted smile.
"Will, sweetie, dinner will be ready in 15, ok? I'll yet you know when it's ready"
"thanks mom" he went down the hallway of the house, it connected the living room & kitchen to the five other rooms in the house, he stopped at the first door on the left. it used to be Pendel's room but it was only recently that it had been emptied of it's minimal contents. Will shook his head as he continued to his own room, which was possibly the messiest room in the house.
 old clothes were strewn around the room, a pair of underwear on a shelf, some shorts under the bed, a shirt on a lamp. in the corner sat a rarely used set of weights, the walls of the room filled with posters of famous bodybuilders or wrestlers. maneuvering though a clothes pile, Will opened the door to his wardrobe and pushed the box to the back of the top shelf before covering it with an old tank top.the seagull flopped onto the bed, he was back in thought on ways to leave town, he could always run away like how Pendel did but no doubt he had planned it for months and he had to do it in a way that wouldn't raise his parent's suspicion.
 *c'mon Will, you big idiot, think damn it! there's gotta be someway* if he could get a job in duckburg then that would solve everything. he could move far away from his parents, never see them again and find his little bro again. Will knew his parents abused Pendel when he was with them, what else do you call such blatant favoritism, no, it was worse than that, Will was pretty sure his parent's hoped for Pendel to die. he could remember those days so clear and it still hurt him so, the sound of little Pendel crying his heart out, wanting attention, someone to hold him & say that they loved him. Will remembered the look his father gave him when he tried to enter Pendel's room, how tightly he'd grab him & pull him away from the door, threatening to smack Will if he tried anything.
"sweetie, dinner is ready" his Mother's voice pulled him from his stupor, his mother wasnt innocent either, she also played her role in hurting Pendel, pushing the little seagull away when he tried to hug her, locking him out in the backyard for hours on end. this is why Will needed to get away, he feared the longer he stayed here the more he'd become like them.
"Son, did any of the places you applied to get back to ya?" Frank asked once Will sat down at the table"oh, hush Franky, he only sent them out a week ago, give them some time" Lisa said as she filled the plates with steamed vegetables & crumbed fish, with a sauce boat of cheesy sauce in the middle of the table.
"no, haven't gotten anything back from them, Will lied. they have gotten back to him, all rejected. Will didn't say much during dinner, his mother was the one who was talking the most, gossiping about the other people she knew in town with his dad letting out grunts of agreement every now and then.
"good fish, Lisa" his dad said before drinking the rest of his beer.                   "Fisher sent them last week, thought it would be good to eat them before they went off" Lisa said as she picked up the plates & cutlery. Will's head bolted up, "Fisher? you mean uncle Fisher?"                                                                   "yes, sweetie, he works at duckburg, he's a fisherman, I think you've met him before". he stood up faster than he intended, the chair tipped back and hit the floor with a thud,                                                                                             "that's it!" Will exclaimed, "I can work with Uncle Fisher!"                                "you sure, boy? you'd have to move up there as it's too far to have as a daily commute and where would you even stay?". That last bit was something that Will did not think off, *shit, where would I stay?*                                      "uhh..with Uncle Fisher?"                                                                              "what's that Will? You wanna work in Duckburg?" Lisa called from the kitchen "yeah! I think it would be good and I could find Pendel" *shit, I should not of said that* For a brief moment, everything was quiet, Frank had a look on his face that sent chills down Will's spine                                                                          "who's that? a friend of yours?" Lisa asked, entering the dinning room, drying her hands on her dress.                                                                                       "yeah, a friend"                                                                                              Frank stood up, pulling a pack of cigarettes' from his pockets, "once I'm done with these, I'll give Fish a call"
with the possibility of finally leaving now within sight, Will felt rather giddy. once he returned to his room, he began to pack a suitcase. he pulled the suitcase out from under his bed, it was rather dusty & old but it was good enough for him. "shit, which of my clothes are actually clean?" he looked at the state of his room, he could just wash all of them but that's a bit too extreme, there must be something clean in here somewhere. will pulled open his chest of drawers, finding some clean clothes stuffed in there. he pulled them out & did his best to put them neatly into the suitcase but if he was going to be moving to Duckburg, he'd need more clothes. he did a sniff test on the scattered clothes, the ones that passed were folded into the suitcase, the ones that failed are put into another pile that was bound for the washing machine.
with clothes done for now, Will had to move onto personal objects which was his posters. he moved over to a particular poster, one that had one of his favorite up & coming bodybuilders on it, Buck Corbell better known as the brute. he gently removed the poster from the wall, the blu tack having dried out in some places. he removed some more posters, folded them up and put them into a net in the top part of the suitcase. now there was the box, Pendel's special box, Will burred the box under the clothes, hoping that would be enough to keep it safe.
but what else did Will wish to take with him? he looked over his book shelf, what little books he actually had were mostly about body health, some wrestler bibliographies and old school textbooks, Will pulled the bibliographies from the shelf  and put them into the suitcase. with that, he felt like he had everything he needed from his own room, he zipped up the suitcase. tomorrow, he'd get what he needed from the bathroom but he wasn't even 100% sure if Fisher would say yes, he really hopped his uncle would say yes. with a quick knock, his dad opened the door, "hey- wow, you packed fast son. you that excited to leave?" "haha, a little bit, yeah" Will said with a smile.                                                 "well, it's a good thing you packed 'cause he said yes, he'll be here tomorrow at 10 in the morning"                                                                                       "thanks, dad" Will said, trying to not sound as excited as he felt.                    "you gonna take those weights with you boy? 'cause if you don't we might sell 'em"                                                                                                                 "huh? the weights? yeah, I'll take 'em. be good to be strong for this job"      "alright then, well, I'll bid you good night, be sure to be ready tomorrow."          "night dad"
once the door closed, he couldn't help but cheer to himself, freedom was almost his!                                                                                                                     "I'm comin' for ya little bro and I swear I'll make it up to you" he said as he gazed out the window, the moonless night now seemed to hold more splendor than it did before.  pulling off his shorts & underwear and slipping on a fresh pair of boxers that he kept out for pjs, Will gathered up his dirty clothes & dumped them into the washing machine, adding plenty of detergent and some sweet smelling liquid that should hopefully make these clothes smell not like they've been sitting on a dirty floor for months.
  the breeze has grown stronger in the latter hours of the night, something that Will hoped would continue into the morning, as maybe the clothes would be dry enough to be put into the suitcase.despite his excitement, Will found it difficult to sleep but sure enough, he drifted off and his dreams where pleasant & soothing.
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malibvnghts · 19 days ago
❛  i may have gotten carried away. ❜ admission is followed by a sigh almost immediately, as though stubborn refusal to admit that, no, it had been far more than "getting carried away" that had led him to a situation such as this. brief flash of annoyance passes mien before the retainer scratches the back of his head awkwardly. there's not a thing he hates more than being cornered on being a hypocrite whenever it came to ones own safety. not that him trying to show genuine concern was in any way a help when he never even had bothered to look after himself; fully aware that most of his fellow bears could see right through him. ❛  this has nothing to do with me, though. i asked if you're okay, damarys. ❜ he's not entirely sure of her past, has never dared to ask something potentially insensitive, but he's no idiot, rumors aside he knows something is amiss at times. or maybe he's dramatic, again. but he really does worry and he wants to ensure his fellow students are all doing well.
he waits for a reaction for maybe a moment or two before he can't handle the silence and glances off to the sigh; he feels bad, maybe it was intrusive of him, maybe she had been busy. he should not've assumed that this was the right time. ❛  if it's okay to ask, that is. ❜ ( sumayl @ damarys! )
Tumblr media
            a tilt of her head at his statement  ,  “  well  ,  sir sumayl . . . if you did not get carried away  ,  i’d fear something is wrong  ,  ”  she jokes  ,  she appreciates the other is always will to step up for others  ,  and perhaps one could say that his anger at injustice does seem to be rather over the top . . . damarys believed that sumayl had the intention of being angry for people who could not or were in a position that made it difficult to do so  .               the query startled her  ,  it takes a moment for damarys to process his question  ,  but it seems she took a beat too long as he follows up with an inquiry for her permission  .             “  me  ??  ”  she repeats  ,  ruby eyes meeting the other’s gaze  .  “  i am quite alright  ,  ”  she says  .  physically  ,  that is  .  well  ,  today would be one of her better days  .  mentally  ,  she’s already well used to the rumors and names she’s been called  .  denying them takes more energy than she can spare  .  “  you know i’m already used to the rumors and names  ,  sumayl  ,  ”  she says  ,  offering the male a smile  .             damarys holds out a hand as if to ask sumayl to help her up from her seated position  ,  despite it being her better days . . . she could do with some support  ,  walking back to their dormitory  .  and perhaps  ,  deter other students from picking on her for a bit while she gathers herself  .  her steps are slow and measured  ,  eyes cast on the ground to ensure she does not trip over an obstacle  ,  she had taken to having her dresses hemmed to be a bit shorter so she would not step on them  (  bless lady aella for her handiwork  )  .             “  i appreciate you checking in on me  ,  sumayl . . . but you should take care of yourself more  ,  ”  damarys looks up  ,  “  what would i do if my knight in shining armor is not at his best  ??  ”  the herbalist jokes  , eyes returning to looking at the pathway  .  she’s glad the students have cleared the way  ,  she’s sure if she bumped into any of them  ,  she might stumble  .             “  however  ,  to ease your uncertainty  ,  ”  damarys says  ,  “  there is not a thing you cannot ask  ,  ”  she reassures sumayl  ,  she has no reason to lie to the man  .  he’s proven that he won’t harm her  ,  given she hasn’t caused harm to him nor those around her  .  “  physically  ,  i am doing better than most days  .  mentally . . . i’m still clear minded and able to function  ,  ”  she states  ,  though she’s sure this is not what he is asking of  .             “  are you curious about how true those rumors are of me  ??  ”  damarys queries  ,  everyone’s curious . . . no one has the gall to ask  ,  much too afraid that the poisoner of garreg mach might murder them secretly  .  “  you can ask  ,  i would not mind answering  ,  ”  she reassures him  ,  there’s nothing to hide about her background  .  she just doesn’t share as it seems that it may just add on top of her already negative reputation  .
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personal-lovesick · 20 days ago
Two teenage boys end up finding a dead body. This leads them to multiple dangerous and weird situations including meeting three very unusual girls.
Tumblr media
"WHAT THE HELL am I supposed to do with him?" Stiles shouted into his phone as Derek sat next to him a glare present on his face while the two girls were sat in the back slouched.
"Take him somewhere. Anywhere!" Scott exclaimed in a slightly panicked tone
"And by the way, he's starting to smell" Stiles groaned while pulling a disgusted face as he looked to his right at Derek.
"Like what"
"Like death" Keira exaggerated as her face got close to Stiles' phone before he quickly pushed her face away.
"Um, okay. Take him to the animal clinic"
"What about your boss?" Stiles asked.
"He's gone by now. There's a spare key in the box behind the dumpster" Scott explained as Stiles' sighed from the other side of the phone passing it to Derek.
"You're not gonna believe where he's telling me to take you"
"Did you find it?" Derek asked as if it was one of the easiest tasks.
"How am I supposed to find one bullet. They have a million! This house is like the freaking Walmart of guns!"
"If you don't find it, then I'm dead, all right?" Derek threatened.
"Encouraging words" Eve scoffed from behind Derek.
"I'm starting to think that wouldn't be such a bad thing" Scott scoffed.
"Then think about this. The Alpha called you out against your will. He's gonna do it again. Next time, you either kill with him or get killed"
"So if you want to stay alive, then you need me. Find the bullet" As he ended that sentence, the call had ended as Stiles groaned, driving to the animal clinic.
The three teenagers and Derek had arrived at the animal clinic that despite no one being there, a loud noise was heard.
As they finally walked in they saw the familiar vampire frantically searching throughout the room as if she had lost something.
She spun her head around facing them with a petrified look as if she had been caught. She let out a breathy laugh. "Thank god, it's just you"
Eve raised her brows unsure of what her friend was doing. "What are you doing?" She asked. "What am I doing? What are you guys doing?" She asked them changing the question.
Whereas Keira, Eve and Stiles bluntly looked at the Shirtless Derek who stood looking like a corpse.
As all attention was on Derek he quickly walked past them all rummaging through where Sunny was, before pulling out a sharp object.
"Why the hell have you got that out?" Keira asked slightly curious but still, a bit weirded out.
"You're going to cut off my arm" Keira immediately back away as far as she could while shaking her head. "Hell no"
Derek gave her a deadly glare while she kept shaking her head. "Why me?! Make him do it!" She pointed her finger at Stiles accusingly. "Huh?! Why ?!" Stiles now exclaimed in fear.
"Because you're the one who framed Derek for murder!" She pointed out while Stiles looked at her annoyed.
"Fine, he does it"
Stiles spun his head in Derek's direction with a shocked look his mouth gaping. "Wait-wha-what-"
"Do it" Derek passed the weapon to Stiles who held it as if it would kill him. Only if he were an idiot, which he most likely is.
"Why do I feel like I'm being targeted right now?" He asked looking into Derek's eyes which held a murderous glare.
Before Derek could speak of another death threat, he slightly leaned his head as he felt something rising in his throat.
"Hey, what are you-"
The teens eyes widened in horror as they saw Derek throw up a black liquid that didn't give the idea that Derek was 'fine'.
"Holy God! What the hell is that?!" Stiles spoke as he stared at it in disgust. He looked at the three girls opposite him for help but they stood still in the corner.
He would've attempted at asking for help if it wasn't for Eve's deadly glare piercing into him.
He held the weapon slightly above Derek's arm, it slightly shaking from his nervousness. "Gross" Sunny gagged turning around, away from the disaster.
"All right. Here we go!" Stiles exclaimed with a painful look on his face. As he was about to press deeper into the weapon just standing above Derek's skin, but he pulled away at the sound of Scott's voice.
Scott's eyes widened as he stood in the doorway witnessing the scene in front of him.
Stiles ready to chop off Derek's wounded arm, Sunny facing the wall, and Eve covering Keira's eyes as if she were a child.
"What the hell are you doing?!"
"Oh, you just prevented a lifetime of nightmares." Stiles nervously chuckled as he felt never so happy to see his best friend.
"Did you get it?" Derek asked to which Scott reached into his pocket to grab the said bullet, handing it to Derek.
"What are you gonna do with it?" Eve asked with raised brows as Derek held it inches from his face.
"I'm gonna-" His words stopped as his body suddenly collapsed, the bullet escaping his grasp.
"You had one job" Keira shook her head disappointedly. "What are you doing standing there?! Help us!" Sunny exclaimed as she crouched down near Derek.
While Derek stayed unconscious, Scott was struggling as he attempted at pulling the wolfsbane bullet out of a grid using his werewolf claws.
The seconds passing by felt like minutes as the teens saw Derek's face become paler and fragile. "Oh, god. He's dead, isn't he?" Keira muttered as she blankly looked at Derek.
Sunny sighed as she clenched her right hand into a fist pulling it back until it made contact with Derek's face. Fortunately, it had worked. Derek sat up breathing heavily as he came back to his senses.
Sunny clicked her tongue. "Always works"
As if on cue Scott came running to them with the bullet handing it to him.
"Don't. Drop. It" Keira warned cautiously but backed away from Derek's scary eyes.
They all stared as they watched Derek scoop whatever dust that came out of that bullet right into his arm that weirdly had been lit up.
"Jeez, a warning would be nice" Keira spoke as she pretended to through up.
"That. Was. Awesome!" Stiles exclaimed in excitement as the rest stared at him in disturbance.
"Are you okay?" Scott asked sincerely breaking the tension. "Except for the agonizing pain" Derek scoffed.
"I guess the use of sarcasm is a sign of you back to your lovely joyful self" Sunny smiled as Derek gritted his teeth in annoyance.
"Okay, we saved your life, which means you're gonna leave us alone. You got that? And if you don't, I'm gonna go back to Allison's dad, and I'm gonna tell them everything" Scott spoke attempting to threaten Derek.
Derek scoffed. "You're gonna trust them? You think they can help you?"
"Why not? They're a lot freaking nicer than you are!" Scott yelled aggravated.
"Yeah, I can show you exactly how nice they are" Derek spoke as Scott's eyes showed confusion.
"What do you mean?"
Derek now stood next to Scott in a hospital room where his uncle had stayed for the past few years. If you even can say that.
Sunny lowered her eyes knowing what was to come and she wasn't as confident in showing people what happened that terrible night.
"Who is he?" Scott quietly asked as he stared at the man in confusion. "My uncle. Peter Hale"
"Is he like you? A werewolf?" Scott asked as Derek shook his head. "Was. Barely even human" Sunny muttered loud enough for Scott to hear.
"Six years ago, my sister and I were at school. Our house caught fire. Eleven people were trapped inside. He was the only survivor" Derek explained to Scott.
"So, what makes you so sure that they set the fire?" Scott spoke with furrowed brows lifted at Derek.
"Cause they're the only ones that knew about us"
"Then they had a reason" Scott shrugged. "Like what?" Derek turned to Scott slightly angry.
"You tell me what justifies this." Derek spoke as he leaned forward moving Peter's chair around so now Scott could see the damage the Argents could cause.
Scott's eyes widened in shock at the sight. Sunny lowered her eyes in slight pain, not wanting to stay anymore she turned around leaving the scene.
Leaving the building clueless, she didn't acknowledge what was going to occur in the near future. But she would've wished she did.
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voiceswithoutlips · 20 days ago
Into the Blue - Chapter Two
— pairing: OT7 x Reader — universe: Alpha Beta Omega, A/B/O, High Fantasy — genre: fluff, eventual smut, slow burn, fantasy, polyamory, soulmate!AU — word count: 2.8k — Rating: G — warnings: none — beta: @nottodayjjk​ @taegularities​, thank you babies <3
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— chapter snippet: 
“Well, you are kind of unique,” Taehyung said, letting go of your hand.
“What do you mean?”
“You’re the only human seen on this continent in the last thousand years or so, they’re bound to be scared.”
— A/N: I’m really bad at summaries so I’ll just do snippets from the chapters because well... summaries are too much work ...which I’m bad at. Hope you guys like this chapter, let me know what you guys think <3
— taglist: @ah2002  @vminkook-ownsme  @gee-nee @woopetals @secretbangtnn @taebae19 @missseoulite  @letmebreathepls @sonnymii @oerangdoongi @fangirl-nonsense @fairygirl18  @beginwithamin @3amthoughtsvented  @jinssexytoe @jinscharms  @jinapeno
Ch. 0 Ch. 1
Tumblr media
The ground was covered in soft earth and moss, there was no path to follow. You could tell that the forest was old, the tree trunks so thick that they left no opportunity to peek at what lay behind them.. Almost no sunlight streamed through the thick canopy of leaves that covered the forest, creating a faux ceiling. It took a moment for your eyes to adjust to the dimness of the place. 
You weren’t a nature person. You had grown up in a city surrounded by concrete buildings and fast cars. Navigating a forest was not one of your skills. You had no idea where you were going, but you knew that you had to move forward - there was no point in sitting still and waiting for help. The plane had gone down in the middle of the sea, you had somehow washed up on the shore and you wondered if there were any rescue teams out there looking for you. 
You hissed as you tripped over a broken branch… again. Your palms were covered in scrapes and you could feel your bruised knees complaining at the rough treatment. Your naked feet were covered in dirt and scratched from tumbling on roots. The amount of times you’d fallen was unbelievable. There was a shallow cut on your forehead from when you had hugged the ground, bleeding slightly. You frantically wiped the blood with the sleeve of your shirt as you debated going back to the village; but there was no way for you to know where the way back actually was. 
You wondered if this was what Hansel and Gretel felt when they were lost in the forest, but at least they had left a trail. A howl cut through the silence, another joined in. Your heart was pounding in your chest with fear. Of course there’d be wolves out in the forest, just your luck. Red Riding Hood, nice. You racked your brain, trying to remember that one documentary about wolves that you had watched on a boring weekend. 
You heard a rustling sound on your left and turned around, coming face to face with a wolf. It was black, like the void, sucking in every ounce of light that surrounded it. Its amber eyes glowed softly in the dimness of the forest. The strangest thing about it was that it was the size of a car. You were pretty sure that wolves weren’t supposed to be that big. It lifted its snout to sniff in your general direction. 
Growing up, you had a pet dog named Toto, the grumpiest of the canines. He was a dog with the soul of a cat. You wondered if wolves were like dogs, you had the sudden urge to pet the hound before you. You were curious to know if its fur was as rough as it looked. Of course, you were smart enough not to provoke a wild animal. 
You slowly took a step back, staring straight ahead at the wolf. You weren’t going to run, that’d be a terrible idea - but you weren’t going to stand here and be lunch for some overgrown puppy either. Another wolf emerged from the thicket, this one bigger than the first one. Its lush fur was chocolate brown with soft cream spots that ran down from the base of its throat all the way to its belly. Its blue eyes pierced your very being. 
You gulped audibly, wondering if you should just make a run for it. The black wolf shuddered and you heard a muffled crackling sound coming from its body. Its skin was moving as if it was liquid, receding into itself. Its bones bent at odd angles, moving and shifting. You couldn’t do anything but stare at the horror show in front of you. Even with your limited knowledge about the animal kingdom, you were sure this wasn’t something that was supposed to happen. The scene was straight out of a horror movie. Maybe you actually had died in the plane crash and ended up in purgatory, that was the only explanation for all this. 
There was a man standing where the wolf had been just seconds ago. He was naked with long black hair. Midnight black. To say that he was muscular would be an understatement; the man was ripped, like he had stepped out of some supermodel magazine. His lean muscles rippled as he moved. Your eyes trailed down his body, taking in his strong shoulders, taut abs, thin waist, thick thighs, and a big dick. You blushed at the sight of his apparent arousal. 
“You shouldn’t be alone in the forest, little lamb. It's dangerous out here,” he smirked. His voice was melodious, with a singsong tilt as he spoke. 
Your first thought was, what the fuck. It was like you were starring in a B rated movie about werewolves. “I’m not little,” you said through your gritted teeth; your height had always been a touchy subject for you. “What are you?” you asked, looking up at the looming figure, trying very hard to maintain eye contact with the naked man. If you were going to die, you might as well go kicking and screaming.
He cocked his head to the side, the action reminding you of Jimin. Confusion masked his manly features before it was replaced with the same cockyness as before. “I’m a wolf,” he answered. “You shouldn’t roam this forest, little lamb, the fae here aren’t too welcoming to strangers.” 
Fae. A word you’d only heard in fairy tales. You sighed internally, what the fuck had you gotten yourself into. You were talking to a man that was a wolf just a few minutes ago like it was totally normal. You were two hundred percent sure that you had lost your noodles. The brown wolf padded towards you, sniffing the air. It growled softly at its companion. 
“You’re injured, let's get you back to the infirmary,” he said, swiftly crossing the distance between you. So he was from the cult village? Had they sent him to find you? And how did the wolf thing work? Shouldn't there be a full moon or something...your brain was full of questions. This was not the problem you were prepared to tackle, but now you had no choice. You could run away, but you knew you wouldn’t get too far with your uncooperative legs, you were too clumsy for wilderness. The only option you had left was to go back and try to reason with your captors. That’s what they were, weren’t they? Your captors. 
“Alright,” you agreed cautiously, getting ready for another gruesome journey filled with more scrapes and bruises. The black haired man tutted at you as you turned around to walk. “What?” you looked back wondering if you were going in the wrong direction. You probably were. 
“There’s a faster way, you know,” he smirked. You let out an embarrassingly girly squeak as he picked you up bridal style. 
“What are you doing??!!!” you shrieked frantically, trying to get away. 
“Relax, I can navigate the forest easily, you’ll only slow us down. You were so loud, stomping around like a giant, you might as well have a sign around your neck that says ‘eat me’,” he chuckled. 
You calmed down enough to realize that he was probably right. There must be wild animals about the place and you weren’t exactly stealthy on your feet ...or your hands. “Fine,” you mumbled. You crossed your arms around your torso, refusing to touch the man more than necessary. There was a very noticeable gap between you and him, he was being a perfect gentleman. You wondered what it’d feel like to be manhandled by that strong body, getting pounded by those petite hips. Stop being so horny, you idiot!
He was moving steadily. You had expected to be jostled as he jumped over tree roots and debri, but his pace never faltered. It was like he was gliding through the forest, not even touching the forest ground. For some reason you felt at ease, like you had with Seokjin and Jimin, even though you didn’t trust a single word that had come out of their mouths. 
In no time you were back at the village. The man bounded the steps of the infirmary and gently put you on your feet at the front door. You sighed - you didn’t really want to go back in there, but seeing as you had no choice in the matter, you reluctantly pushed the door. There was another man inside, standing over a table and a bunch of glass bottles. He was mixing different kinds of liquids, measuring them and then putting them aside. 
He must’ve heard you enter as he looked up from his task to take in your disheveled appearance. He was gorgeous with sharp facial features. What's with all the handsome men in this place? “Why are you injured again?” he demanded in a rough voice, a frown settling on his face. 
“Jackson,” the black haired man greeted from behind you. 
“Jungkook, why is she injured?” Jackson asked again. Apparently he was the type to fuss. 
“Uh.. sorry, I fell down in the forest ...a lot,” you answered sheepishly, embarrassed at your own clumsiness. Jungkook chuckled behind you, amused at your quickly reddening cheeks. 
“Sit down,” Jackson commanded, pointing towards a chair. You obeyed, expecting him to grind some herbs into a paste and apply it on your injuries. Instead, he walked over to you, hovering his hands just above your arms. Jackson muttered something under his breath and warmth radiated from his palms, heating up your whole body. You gasped at the strange sensation, the feeling that overcame you entirely new; like nothing you'd ever felt before. You couldn’t believe your eyes when the scrapes on your palms disappeared slowly. You lifted your hand to check the cut on your forehead - it was gone too, you couldn’t even feel a scar. 
“What the fuck...” you muttered as you checked your unblemished knees that were littered in bruises just seconds ago. Jackson stepped back, muttering under his breath about irresponsible behavior. “How did you do that?” you asked.
“Magic,” the older man answered as if it was obvious. You just stared at the two men wordlessly. Jackson had gone back to tinkering with his liquids and Jungkook stood near the door, an amused look on his face, observing you as if you were the most interesting thing in the world. He was still naked, you realized as you looked at him. Jackson seemed unbothered by Jungkook’s lack of clothing, but you weren’t. But before you could open your mouth to tell him to cover himself, another person walked in through the door. 
He was wearing a loose linen shirt and baggy pants. There was a twinkle in his green eyes as he looked at you. His flaming red hair contrasted with his fair skin. He had prominent cheekbones and a sharp jawline. There was a tooth dangling from his right ear. “Kim Taehyung,” he announced himself with a boxy smile. “You look terrible,” he commented, taking in your dirty appearance. 
“Thanks,” you mumbled as you fidgeted on the chair. All these gorgeous men were taking a toll on your heart. 
Taehyung approached you, wrapping his palm around your wrist. “Let's get you cleaned up,” he said, dragging you to your feet and out the door. His hand on yours was warm, his long fingers delicately holding your wrist as if you were made of glass. The grip wasn’t too tight, you could easily break his hold on you if you wanted. 
You looked around and realized you were right in the middle of the village. There were people outside, all headed towards a large set of doors embedded in the cliffside. Some of them stopped to look at you, some looked scared, while others sneered. One woman grabbed her child and hid it behind her, all the while looking at you like you were the most dangerous thing in the world. The people that you made eye contact with instantly looked down and hurried towards their destination. 
“They’re scared of me,” you said as soon as the doors closed behind you. Taehyung had dragged you into a large stone cottage. It was big enough to house at least ten people. You stood in what seemed to be the living room. There was a bearskin rug on the floor. A bench and a few chairs were placed in front of the fireplace, overflowing with pillows and blankets. 
“Well, you are kind of unique,” Taehyung said, letting go of your hand.
“What do you mean?”
“You’re the only human seen on this continent in the last thousand years or so, they’re bound to be scared.”
You looked at him like he was joking. Clearly, he wasn’t. “Bu ..but aren’t you human?”
“Nope,” he disagreed, popping the ‘p’. “I’m a wolf.” 
“But you look human?” 
“Or maybe, you just look like a wolf,” he smirked. 
You didn’t have a comeback for that. Maybe you did look like a wolf. He walked further into the house, beckoning you to follow him. There were several doors in the hallway, but you passed them all and entered the last room. It was a medium sized bedroom, most of the space was taken by a big bed covered in numerous blankets and pillows. The room faintly smelled like spring grass and daisies. There was another door in the corner, one that Taehyung pointed at, “You can go take a bath there, I’ve already put some clothes there for you.” 
You nodded and made your way to the bathroom. You were covered in dirt and a bath sounded like an excellent idea. The bathroom was spacious with a wooden bathtub in the middle of the room. It looked like it was carved from a big chunk of wood. Then again, you had seen how big the trees in the forest were, so you weren’t really surprised. 
You quickly discarded your dirty clothes and sank down in the hot water. It was the perfect temperature, neither too hot nor too cold. You leaned your head back, resting it on the edge of the tub as tension seeped out of your body. It had been a strange day. You stared at the ceiling - it was covered in tapestry depicting some kind of a story. It was woven beautifully, showing dragons and wolves, little fairies on the edges and a magnificent forest. It looked magical. 
Magic. You remembered the fairytales that your grandmother had read to you during your childhood. Tales of monsters and magic, heroes who save the world, and princesses that need to be rescued. You had believed her stories when you were young, hoping that someday you’d find an adventure of your own. Of course, as you grew up you realized that fairy tales weren’t real, there were no happy endings or charming princes. You shook your head at the painful memories. 
Carefully standing up, you stepped out of the tub onto a soft rug. You quickly dried yourself and put on the dress that was placed on the side table. It was an ivory gossamer dress that came up to your ankles. The half sleeves were puffed and the dress was adorned in small pearls. One would’ve thought that the dress would be heavy with all the jewels but it was feather-light. You  stepped outside lightly, wondering if you were going to be barefoot again, but Taehyung was waiting on the bed with a pair of white leather boots. 
“Come, sit,” he patted the spot next to him. You hesitated a moment before you sat down on the bed. It was unusually soft, like sitting on a cloud. He picked up the boots and knelt down before you. 
“Oh, you don’t have to, I can put them on,” you rushed, trying to stand up. 
“Don’t worry, princess, I got you,” he smirked as he took hold of your ankles and slipped on the boots one by one. Taehyung stood up and leaned towards you. He put his hands on the bed, on either side of you, caging you in. You sat frozen on your spot; he was impossibly close. You could even feel his breath on your lips. Your brain had finally abandoned you. 
“You look pretty in that dress,” he murmured against your lips in a breathy voice, not quite touching. You wondered if you wanted to close that distance. Never before had you been instantly attracted to someone as you’d been to these men. Maybe you’d hit your head really hard when the plane had crashed. But before you could come to a conclusion, Taehyung pulled away. 
You mumbled your thanks through your raging blush, wishing for the earth to open up and swallow you whole. 
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kirishwima · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
"...Kenma's coming over"
"He WHAT?!"
Lev, whose  head was resting in your lap, a bag of cheetos on his belly that he'd let cover his black tee with orange dust, wasted no time in jumping up, eyes wide with shock, cheetos be damned-much to your dismay.
"Clean that up" you asked with a sigh as he bent down to grab the snacks that had been now scattered across your living room's carpet, "and...yeah. He just texted me asking if we could talk."
"Oh I'm giving that bastard a piece of my mind that-that-idiot!" he huffed, jumping up from the couch with a frown, wiping his hands on his shirt.
"No, Lev-I...I'll need you to go. I have to talk to him on my own, clear things up."
He held your gaze for a long moment, a silent competition-until he sighed, nodding, bending down to cup your cheeks between his large palms.
"If he gives you any trouble Y/N, if he's being mean or anything-you call me and I'll come throw him out a window! And break his playstation!"
He pretended to huff when you giggled, but you could see the smile on his lips, his triumphant stand as he straightened back up.
"You've been hanging out with Yuu and Ryo way too much" you said, getting up and following him to the door as he got ready to go.
"...are you really gonna be ok?" he asked one last time, standing awkwardly besides the door.
You appreciated it, the way your friends cared for you so much-how sweet, gentle giant Lev would willingly throw hands with someone if it's to keep you safe, even if he's never even hurt a fly.
"I'll have to be", you decided, squaring your shoulders-fake it 'till you make it, isn't that what they say? "My relationship with's already ruined. At least I can tell him what's been on my mind with no fear of consequence now".
Lev nodded, still uncertain-but he trusted you and your decisions, you knew he did. So with one last hug and a bid of goodbyes he left, the thud of the door behind him deafening in your now quiet apartment.
And now, being couldn't help it. The way your gut clenched, bile rising up to your throat. Your breath hitched thinking of all the possible scenarios, of the words you were about to speak, the secret you've been holding onto for dear life soon to be shared with the one person you thought it never would.
It took all of your willpower to simply head to the kitchen, to sip on a glass of water as you waited, mind whirling, the clock not ticking fast enough-until the fated knock on the door came, timid, quiet-not how one expects a life-turning event to begin.
The face that greeted you as you opened up was a hollow one-Kenma was never an overly-expressive sort but right now...he was blank, eyes reddened, the bags beneath them puffy and dark.
He hung his head low, refusing to look at you as you greeted him, his steps slow, cautious as he entered your apartment-as if this wasn't the millionth time he'd been here, as if he didn't know the layout and where you kept what better than you did sometimes.
You nodded to the kitchen, saying you'd pour him some water first-you know him, know he's probably been neglecting himself, has probably not had a sip of water in days, relying on junk and sodas. You wanted to be mad, to not care-but how could you?
He followed you without a word, standing across the counter as you pushed a cup in his hands, waiting quietly until he took a few sips-carefully considering the next words that'd come out of your mouth.
You both started and stopped, looking wide eyed at one another. He hid into his hoodie, taking a deep breath before trying to speak back up-but you simply shook your head, bringing a palm up to stop him.
"Wait-Sorry, just...let me go first, before I lose the guts to. Yeah?"
He nodded, slow and curious.
And was time to get the cat out of the bag. With a deep breath, you let your eyes focus onto the countertop, at your own shaky fingers.
"We...we've been friends for years now, and being your friend-it definitely had it's ups and downs" you laughed, a quiet bitter thing, "You're not always the easiest person to get along with."
You refused to look at his face, but knew he was probably nodding along, maybe hiding his face into his hoodie-but you had no time to comfort him, had to carry on.
"Yet the more I got to know you...the closer we got I couldn't help but realise how kind you really are. You're so funny, real sarcastic at times, but you're genuine, you care for others so much even if you don't show it with words- Kenma, I never once felt like I had to act like anything but myself around you. You...made me feel safe"
You took sighed, eyes shut.
"It's no wonder I fell in love with you."
You heard his sharp intake of breath, making your gut churn.
"I know-I know telling you will just ruin what we had's already in the gutter isn't it? Guess I might as well just-"
Your eyes met his face for a brief moment-enough to make you falter.
He-he was crying?!
Kenma's hands rubbed furiously at his eyes, refusing to look at you as he tried to compose himself.
"Woah hey-Kenma?!"
You reached for him but he shook his head, shoulders trembling.
"I-Tsukishima?!" was all he managed to say.
You sighed, shrugged your shoulders.
"I had to find a way to get these feelings towards you to stop growing. I did like Tsukki, back when I first met him-but it wasn't love. I couldn't lie to myself, not about this."
He didn't say anything. Didn't even look in your general direction, his face tilted away-body tense like a coil ready to snap.
You wanted to do something, anything to soothe him-but what? How could you help when you're the one that caused this?
Tentatively you walked across the counter, nearing where he sat on the barstool-put your hands on his arms, squeezed-to be frank, you had no idea what to do, what you were doing.
You hummed, looking at his face, hidden beneath his sleeves.
"Me too. I love you too-"
That...wasn't what you expected. Your mind tried to catch up to what he was saying, hands falling to your sides but Kenma was quick, grabbing a hold of you, bringing you into his embrace-it was awkward, his arms dug into your back, his head pushed against your chest from where he sat on the stool.
Did you really hear that right?
"I love you-I love you I didn’t know what to do, I just realised it and my brain was a mess Y/N-"
He took a shaky wet breath, pulling away to face you-for the first time tonight, you locked eyes. Despite it all, the redness, the tears, the dark circles-his eyes were bright, a new spark in them, and focused on you, drinking in your face, your features, every single thing he loved and more.
"I’m sorry" he said, and though blunt-you knew this was the most sincere Kenma could be. "The moment I realised my feelings I just…the thought of being ‘just friends’ with you broke me. I didn’t know how to face you. I shut you out ‘cuz I’m a coward-"
You couldn’t help it. He was there, cheeks flushed, a small silly pout on his lips as he apologised-what else could you do but take a hold of his cheeks and kiss him?
For a moment his whole body stilled as your lips touched his, before you felt his become pliant, his arms around your neck; his smile was infectious, the way you felt it against your mouth, how you both shared an incredulous laugh, kissing him again, and again, and again-making up for all time lost to miscommunication.
"Don’t think you’re forgiven yet!" You huffed, staring him down. You couldn’t keep a serious face even if you wanted to, not when he was looking at you with that stupid soft smile, as if you were the brightest moon he’d ever laid eyes upon. He had to bite his lip to stop from giggling like a kid, the mere thought of you being his-his! bursting in his chest like a newfound warmth on a winter night.
"I mean it! I expect a bubble tea at my door every day" you tried, really, but he let his hands trail down to your waist, his thumbs drawing aimless circles on your skin-he leaned back in, kissed you softly.
"With extra tapiocas!"
He kissed you again, his forehead knocking against yours.
"Anything. Anything you want."
Really…how could you even pretend to be mad?
"…You",  you eventually breathed out, "That’s all I want."
His smile was infectious, turning you both into heaps of giggles, the tense atmosphere all but forgotten, all secrets revealed, hearts shed and intertwined.
It’s all as it should be.
Both of you, cuddling on the couch, your head on his shoulder, his arms never leaving your body, as if afraid you’d slip out of his fingers (You wouldn’t-you wouldn’t), his lips leaving gentle kisses at the crown of your head, laughing, teasing one another.
Balance restored, at last.
Love in the Twitch Era // Streamer AU-Part 16
It’s here! Sorry for the delay-but this is the official ‘final part’, though there’ll be an epilogue of sorts soon after :) Thank you for reading my first SMAU, and i hope you enjoyed reading as much as i did working on it <3 
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imaginemalereader · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anonymous request: Imagine getting a call that Street got hurt on the job
A/N: I got two requests about this so I combined them since they were almost identical
“Hey Hondo, what’s up?” You asked, curious as to why he was calling you when the team was on call and especially that he was calling you and not Street.
“Street got hurt, he’s en route to the the hospital now. Can you meet us there?” 
You had always known there were risks to the job, but your heart still sunk as you heard those words.
“I’m on my way.” You hung up immediately and began dashing through the house to find your keys and wallet, sprinting out the door and almost forgetting to lock it behind you.
Your mind was racing as you got behind the wheel and drove through the streets. You pushed the speed limit, driving fast but carefully through the streets. Was he going to make it? How bad was he hurt? You regretted hanging up on Hondo so fast but you weren’t sure you were ready to hear him tell you any worse news.
You screeched into the parking lot and managed to compose yourself enough to not be running into the hospital. The SWAT officers were immediately easy to spot, still in their gear as they lounged around the waiting room.
“Hondo, what happened?” You asked breathlessly.
“He’s going to be okay, take a breath.” Hondo stood up and put his hands on your shoulders, the weight encouraging you to slow down for the first time since his call.
“What happened to him?”
“He got shot on a call, the bullet just hit his arm. He’s in there now getting stitched up.”
You were relieved. You couldn’t decide whether you wanted to punch Hondo or hug him.
“Why couldn’t you have lead with that?” You sighed.
The team laughed and Hondo just shook his head at you.
“I was going to get there. You hung up on me.” He pointed out.
“Yeah yeah fine.” You admitted, drawing another laugh from the group. You wanted to mount a better defense but the relief flooding through you didn’t allow for any complex thoughts yet. Street was going to be okay and that was all that mattered.
Hondo convinced you to take a seat and you managed some light conversation with them while you waited. Still, any time the doors opened you would look for Street. Minutes passed like hours in your opinion. Your mind occasionally drifted, worrying that it was taking too long and that something might have gone wrong and the injury was worse than you had been lead to believe.
Your fears were quelled, however, when Street walked out to the waiting room with only a bandage around his bicep. You jumped up and he smiled when he saw you among the uniforms.
“Hondo called you over this?” He asked, pretending to be exasperated as he pulled you into a one-armed hug.
“Of course he called me in over your dumb ass getting hurt. Had me worried too.”
“In my defense, [Y/N] hung up first.” Hondo added.
“You worry too much.” Street teased, holding you a little tighter.
“Well one of us has to worry about your wellbeing.”
“Between you and Hondo, I think I’m more than taken care of.”
You rolled your eyes and turned to look at Hondo, who was also rolling his eyes at Street’s remark. 
“Hondo, can I take this idiot home?” You asked.
“Of course. Take good care of him, maybe convince him to relax for a couple days while he recovers.”
You nodded and began tugging Street out of the hospital.
“Are you really good?” You asked as you exited the doors, Street’s good arm still around your shoulders.
“Yeah I am. Promise.” He assured you.
“Good. I like having your stupidly adorable face in my life.”
“Don’t be calling my face stupid. I’m wounded.” He lifted his arm pitifully. “But I like having your adorable face in my life too.”
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bex-la-get · 23 days ago
No More Running (OPH Book 3)
Tumblr media
Book: Open Heart, Book 3, Post Chapter 14
Characters: Natalie Cusack
Special Appearances: Ethan Ramsey, Tobias Carrick
Word count: 3417
Summary: With a little push from an unexpected friend, Ethan and Natalie talk things out, post break-up. (Sequel piece to Breathe Again). 
Author’s Note: Catch me writing another fic to a Sara Bareilles song (it’s actually called Coming Back to You, if you’re curious). She’s just got such good music guys, I don’t know what to tell you. But HERE IT IS: y’all asked for a sequel to Breathe Again and I couldn’t turn you down. I hope this makes up for my breaking your hearts last night. Enjoy!
Ethan was miserable. His heart broken, his soul crushed, and his mind racing, he could only replay the last few months in his mind over and over and over again. God, Natalie was right. He had pushed her away when he desperately needed her and as a result, he had lost her. He never thought it could be possible but finding himself alone and without her was worse than he could have ever imagined. He felt empty. Like a piece of him had been ripped away and there was nothing left.
He rubbed his hands on his face and took a big swig of his drink. Jenner whined sadly and he patted the pup’s head. “I don’t know what to do, bud. Fuck, what a mess.”
Just then, there was a knock at the door and both Ethan and Jenner’s heads whipped up at the sound. It would have been comical if it weren’t so sad. Jenner immediately began to whine and impatiently pace while Ethan tried not to let his hopes get up. He knew Natalie well enough to know she wouldn’t be here right now; still, he couldn’t help but feel a glimmer of hope that he would find his favorite redhead on the other side of the door.
Instead, he opened it to find Tobias standing in the hallway, an unreadable expression on his face. “Tobias, hi,” Ethan said. “Uh, what are you doing here?”
“I came to check on you,” he answered. “I heard about you and Nat.”
Ethan cleared his throat. “Er, yeah. Yeah.” Remembering his manners, he opened the door wider for his guest. “Please, come in.”
Tobias entered and gave Jenner a gentle pat on the head before turning back to Ethan. “You okay?”
Ethan chuckled humorlessly. “Not even close. Drink?” Tobias shook his head but Ethan handed him a glass anyway, not really paying attention to what he was doing. 
Tobias looked at Ethan with pity. How far the mighty had fallen. He sighed, took a sip of the scotch his host had given him then put it down. He had come here for a reason and damn it, he was going to do it. He just hoped it didn’t get him punched in the process. 
“Ethan, may I speak freely?” Tobias asked. Ethan just waved his hand absent-mindedly in response. Well, here goes. “Are you a fucking idiot?”
That got his attention. Ethan turned to Tobias, eyebrows raised. “Excuse me?”
“You heard me. You’ve just lost the most important woman in your life and instead of beating down her door begging for her forgiveness, you’re drowning your sorrows in a bottle of scotch. I thought you were better than this, Ethan.”
“Tobias, you don’t know what you’re talking about--” Ethan began.
“I actually do, Ethan. Because I talked to Natalie after she left the party and she was a mess. Absolutely heartbroken over the fact that the man she loved was now a stranger to her. That you didn’t care enough to fight for her.”
“I-- I don’t have to listen to this,” Ethan said dismissively. “Having said what you came to say, I’d appreciate it if you left now.”
“Oh, I’m not done and you’re going to listen to me, Ramsey. God help me, I’ve witnessed you at your best and at your worst and this… this is officially rock bottom for you. So: you’re going to hear what I have to say and if, after all that, you still don’t get off your ass and do something, then I’ll give up. So sit down.”
Ethan, despite himself, listened to his former friend and sat on the couch while Tobias remained standing and began to pace. “Listen: I know you’ve had a lot on your plate this year but Natalie has been there for you every step of the way. I’ve been watching you two since I started at Edenbrook and up until recently, Ethan, you two were always in sync. It was almost scary how well you two knew each other; you read each other’s body language, you communicated without speaking, you solved cases together like you’d been doing it for years.”
He sighed. “And then one day, something changed. You changed. You fell out of sync. She tried to make it work, Ethan. It was obvious how hard she was trying to keep what you had going but you would leave her hanging every time. It’s no wonder she’d had enough by the time of her Board Exams. And now look at you: stuck at home, nursing a bottle of scotch, still terrified of facing your fears, and Natalie’s nowhere to be found. What the hell happened, Ethan? This isn’t you.”
Ethan heaved a sigh and pinched the bridge of his nose. “I don’t know, Tobias.”
“Bullshit. You do know; you’re just afraid to admit it.”
He threw his hands into the air and stood from the couch. “Fine, she’s better than me in every way and it terrifies me, okay?” Ethan turned his eyes to Tobias, desperation lacing his voice. “She’s everything I’ve never been and she has the potential to reach the highest of heights and I’m scared I’m only going to slow her down.” Ethan could feel the tears welling up in his eyes and he wiped them away with the back of his hand. “I was terrified she was going to wake up one day and realize that I wasn’t worth keeping around and she was going to leave just like my mother and I got defensive. I shut down. I shut her out. I thought I was protecting myself but all I did was make myself more miserable. And now she’s gone.” He sniffled and shook his head. He wasn’t going to cry. Not now. Not here. “There. You have your answer. Happy now?”
“No, of course I’m not happy,” Tobias shot back. “You think I want you to be miserable for the rest of your life? We may have a dodgy history, Ethan, but I would never wish you ill will.”
Ethan rested his hands on the back of the sofa and dropped his head. “Why the hell are you actually here, then?” 
“I’m here to help my friends,” Tobias answered. “Natalie is just as miserable without you as you are without her. She’s a good actress; puts on a pretty smile at work and pretends that everything is fine but her eyes reveal how sad she actually is. She misses you, Ethan and it’s clear you miss her.”
“She’d never take me back,” he said, defeated. 
“How do you know? Have you talked to her?”
Ethan looked up. “Well… no. I figured she wouldn’t want to talk to me.”
“There you go again, deciding things for her. She’s a grown woman, Ethan. How about you give her a chance to make her own decisions, huh? Especially about the two of you and your relationship.”
Ethan sighed. “Yeah, you’re probably right. I don’t even know how to begin to fix this mess.”
“Talk to her. And tell her everything you just told me. The more she knows, the better off she is. Even if you don’t get back together, isn’t it better for everything to be out on the table?” Tobias said.
Ethan nodded and ran a hand through his hair. “God, I’m such an idiot.”
“Yes, you are. I thought we had established that already?”
He glared at Tobias. “I thought you were here to help?”
Tobias shrugged. “Hey, I’m just calling it like I see it.” He paused. “Just answer me this: do you love her?”
“Do you love Natalie? It’s a yes or no question, Ethan.”
He didn’t hesitate. “Of course I do. I’ve done a shit job of showing it but… I love her with every fiber of my being.”
Tobias nodded. “Then why am I still standing here talking to you? You need to talk to her now. Because if you wait any longer, she really will give up on you.” Tobias moved closer to Ethan and stared him down. “And I’m going to tell you something right now: Natalie is an incredible woman. And she deserves the world. Don’t fuck this up again, Ethan.”
Ethan’s eyes narrowed and he stood to his full height. “Or what, Carrick?”
Tobias smirked, unaffected by Ethan’s change in demeanor. “Or, I’ll step in and be the partner you couldn’t be.” He noticed Ethan’s hands ball into fists and he stepped back. “Relax, Ramsey. As far as I’m concerned, Natalie’s yours. I’m just letting you know what would happen if you let her down again. So, if you don’t want that to happen, I suggest you get your shit together and talk to her. Sooner, rather than later.” He turned and began to make his way out of the apartment. “See you around, Ethan,” he said, shutting the apartment door behind him, leaving Ethan in between states of fury and confusion. 
Taking several deep breaths to calm himself down, he looked at the clock. It was only seven. Hopefully, she had worked a morning shift that day. He looked at Jenner and sighed. “Wish me luck, buddy.” And with that, he grabbed his keys and rushed out of the apartment, hoping against hope that it wasn’t too late to fix this.
Natalie smiled and watched as her friends joked with each other, reminiscing on the time they all went skydiving with Kyra. Bryce and Raf were currently teasing each other on who screamed the loudest when jumping out of the plane.
“No, bro, you were definitely screaming louder. If I recall, I think I remember you yelling ‘I want to live, I want to liiivvveeee!” Raf said, enacting a very dramatic fall before collapsing to the floor.
Bryce laughed and shook his head. “No man, I’m pretty sure that was you!”
Raf shrugged as he stood up. “I was falling through the air, I’m pretty sure I didn’t remember my own name so who the hell actually knows!”
The group laughed as Raf and Bryce shared a fist bump. Just then, there was a knock at the door and everyone looked at each other curiously. “Did anyone order something?” Elijah asked.
At a group answer of “No,” Jackie stood up and answered the door. When she saw who was standing on the other side, her whole body tensed and her voice dropped in anger. “Oh, hell no.”
“Jackie, please, I need to talk to her,” the voice on the other side pleaded. Natalie recognized it immediately and tensed. She hardly noticed the way her friends immediately surrounded her, as if forming a protective wall of people.
“Fuck no. She’s not interested in hearing what you have to say, Ramsey. Now get out of here before I have the landlord throw you out,” Jackie said firmly, beginning to shut the door. Natalie watched as a force stopped her friend from closing it.
“Jackie, please,” she could hear Ethan say, his voice thick with desperation. “I need to explain, she deserves that much.”
Natalie shut her eyes tightly, and took a deep breath. Her heart ached for him. She could feel the hope she thought she had buried bubble up inside her and wanted to believe his appearance at her door meant they still had a chance. But he had hurt her too many times. Could this really work?
Only one way to find out, she thought. Sighing, she opened her eyes and looked at Jackie. “Jacks,” she said.
Jackie looked at her and the two women had a silent conversation. Natalie gestured with her hand to let Ethan in and Jackie instinctually refused. It took a moment of reassurance that she’d be fine but eventually, Natalie convinced her roommate to let her ex in.
Jackie sighed and turned back to Ethan. “One misstep, and we’re throwing your ass out of here. Understood?”
“Understood,” she heard Ethan respond. 
Jackie opened the door wide and let Ethan inside. Natalie’s heart began to pound as she laid eyes on him. It had been less than a week since their break-up but he looked as if he had aged years. His beard had grown in longer than she had ever seen it, his hair was a mess, and his eyes were almost hollow. He looked like hell… which, if she was honest, was how she felt. 
When his eyes met hers, she looked at him sadly. He was both the most important person to her and a complete stranger. How had they gotten here? What had happened between them?
“Hi Nat,” he said.
“Hey.” It was all she could bring herself to say.
He rubbed the back of his neck, sheepishly. “Could we talk? Preferably without the guard dogs?”
She furrowed her brows then realized what he was talking about: Raf and Bryce had placed themselves on either side of her, both glaring daggers at Ethan. Sienna was at Natalie’s feet and Elijah and Aurora were both standing behind the couch, looking ready to pounce at any moment. And Jackie was standing behind him, glaring at him as if she might incinerate him with her eyes. Her heart swelled gratefully at how protective her friends were. She’d be lost without them.
Turning her attention back to Ethan, she huffed out a breath and nodded. “Yeah, we can talk. Come with me.”
She stood up from her place on the couch and began to make her way towards him, stopping only when she felt Aurora’s hand grip hers tightly. The two women exchanged a long look then Aurora nodded and released Natalie’s hand. Barely looking Ethan in the eyes, she made her way towards her room, giving just the barest of hints to him that he should follow her. When they both stepped into her bedroom, she shut the door and turned on him, crossing her arms over her torso. “Okay, you wanted to talk. Talk.”
“Natalie, I am so sorry,” Ethan said, his eyes pleading with her to believe him. “I’ve been a goddamn fool and I should’ve seen it sooner. I never should have pushed you away, I never should have let my own fears get in the way of us. I’m so, so sorry.”
Natalie’s lips were set into a thin line and her eyes were hard. “That’s a lot of pretty words, Ethan. But your actions don’t match up.”
“I know. I-- god, Nat, I don’t even know how to begin to fix what I broke. But I’m willing to try. Please, give me a chance to try.”
“How about you explain what happened, first. Then we’ll discuss whether or not you deserve a second chance,” Natalie said, sitting on her bed. She gestured to the chair at her desk. “Sit. Explain.”
He did as she asked and told her everything he had told Tobias earlier in the evening. He talked about his fears that the malpractice suit would hinder her progress as a doctor, how his feelings for her scared him beyond reason, and he explained how his abandonment issues from his mother made him fear that one day Natalie would do the same. 
“Why didn’t you just tell me any of this?” Natalie asked.
Ethan hung his head. “I’ve never been the best at opening up, Nat.”
“You were with me,” she argued. “Until you sabotaged yourself, once again.”
He nodded shamefully. “I’m so sorry, Natalie. I’m so, so sorry.” Tears were running down his face now, his hands shaking as he fought to hold himself together. “I know none of this is an excuse for how I’ve behaved. I’ll never forgive myself for pushing you away again, after all we’ve been through. I’m such a fool.”
Natalie felt her own tears well up again and she quickly wiped them away. “Ethan, come here,” she said, patting the open spot on the bed next to her. He did as she asked and she handed him a tissue from her bedside table. After a moment, she spoke. “All I ever wanted was for you to love me, Ethan. And to be open with me the way I was with you. Why was that so difficult?”
He sniffled. “I don’t know; it’s uh… it’s a defense mechanism, I guess.”
“Well, it’s a terrible one,” Natalie said, matter-of-factly. 
He gave a watery chuckle. “Yeah, I should probably work on that.”
“Why don’t you?”
He looked up at her and furrowed his brows. “Why don’t I what?”
“Work on your defense mechanisms. Work on all of what your just told me. Preferably with a therapist?”
“Is this your way of telling me I need to get help?” he weakly joked.
“This is my way of telling you that I care about you, despite everything,” Natalie said, earnestly. “This is my way of saying that if we ever have a chance of making this work, you need to work on your own issues. We’re never going to make any progress if you keep falling back into the same patterns.”
His eyes lit up with a little bit of hope. “Are you saying I have a chance?”
“I’m saying you have to earn it. You need to prove to me that you’re willing to put in the work because I can’t keep doing this, Ethan. You’re either it for me or you're not; and I really want you to be it. But if you don’t want that then you just need to leave. I’m not going to keep playing the same game over and over again. Especially when I keep losing. Not anymore.”
“You are it for me, Nat. And I know I’ve done absolutely nothing to show it but I do love you. With every fiber of my being, Natalie, I love you so much. And I regret that I’ve done everything possible to make you believe otherwise.” He reached for hand and sighed in relief when she didn’t pull away. “I’ve spent so much of my life running away from the important things in life; I convinced myself it wasn’t for me. Then you come along and flip everything upside down and suddenly my world has meaning and purpose and it terrifies me. 
“I meant what I said in Hawaii; I’ve never felt this way about anyone and I won’t ever feel this way ever again about anyone else. But clearly I’ve grown used to letting my fear control me. They’ve become vices.” He squeezed her hand tightly. “I don’t want to be controlled by them anymore, Nat. I won’t be. I’m going to work to get rid of them. Starting right now, I’m done running. I’m staying right here.”
Natalie sniffled and shook her head. “I don’t want you to do this for me, Ethan, I want you to do it for yourself.”
“I will be doing it for myself.” He gingerly reached up and wiped a falling tear away. “I’m so sick of running away, Nat. I’m so sick of living like a damn coward. I don’t want to be held down by this anymore. I want to live without the weight of the world on my shoulders. I want to live without Louise’s influence haunting me. I want to live with you and not be influenced by anything else except my love for you. I want you, Nat. Now and always. And I will work for the rest of my life at being the man you deserve if you’ll let me.”
Her tears were falling freely and she sniffled. “Okay. You get one more chance. But so help me, Ethan, if you ever do something like this again I’m going to kick your ass so hard.”
He gave a watery chuckle and nodded. “And you’d have every right.” He caressed her cheek with his hand and he took a shaky breath. “I’m so sorry, Nat. I’m so, so sorry.”
And with that, the dam broke and the two of them found themselves holding each other tightly as tears fell down their faces. Ethan buried his face into Natalie’s neck, whispering words of apologies and love into her skin while Natalie just clung to him tightly as if he were a lifeline. 
She wasn’t sure how long they stayed there, holding each other and crying. It could have been a few minutes, a few hours, or several days. She didn’t know and she very much didn’t care. He was back, he was hers, and they were going to work it out. She knew they had a long way to go, but at least now they had a fighting chance. And that was enough for both of them.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A/N: Because I know I’m going to get questions about this: I don’t actually ship Natalie & Tobias. I picture them both more as really good friends. However, Tobias does know how to get under Ethan’s skin which is why he made the comments he did about pursuing Natalie. He knew it would give Ethan the extra push he needed. And clearly it worked. Hope you liked it! 😊
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